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#juniper nyux
homeformyheart · a day ago
The prompt 'don't leave' for traveller x June! 💚💚
thank you for the request, alya! I hope this little microprompt does them justice (it gives me some ideas for a wip I have at least xD)
author’s note: thank you, @anotherbeingsworld! this is a little more than ten sentences, but whatever xD. this was a great chance to explore a little bit of their dynamic to inspire me to do work on my post-nightmare comfort wip featuring these two. it also took me forever to settle on a traveler name that would be shippable. hope you all enjoy! copyright: all characters, except my oc traveler, are owned by wanderlust games @andromeda-six series/pairing: andromeda six – juniper nyux x f!traveler (raynie peg’asi) rating/warnings: k+; none   based on/prompt: microprompts // 1. don’t leave word count: ~200
raynie woke up to the sound of loud knocking against her door and she rubbed her eyes sleepily. “come in,” she called out, eyes widening in surprise when june appeared before her.
“your door was open and i heard screaming,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.
it was raynie’s turn to flush. “sorry about that, i should’ve remembered to close the door.”
“i’m just glad you’re okay,” he said, relief visibly leaving his tense shoulders.
a faint blush tinged his cheeks as he glanced at her thin tank top before looking away, making a concerted effort not to stare.
“i shouldn’t intrude on you this late at night, um, excuse me.”
“wait, don’t leave,” she called out, tucking a stray hair behind her ears shyly. “can you stay with me until i fall asleep again? you know… because of the nightmares.”
june hesitated for a second before nodding and making his way over to the bed, removing his weapons and shoes before climbing in next to her, taking extra care to stay on top of the blanket. raynie snuggled against him, laying her head on his chest, the warmth of his body and steady heartbeat lulling her quickly into a dreamless sleep.
from these microprompts (always accepting)
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silverdreamsstudios · 6 days ago
Ryona: If you took a shot for every time you made a bad decision, how drunk would you be? June: Maybe a bit tipsy? Aya: Drunk Bash: Wasted Nico: Dead
Original post from here by @incorrect-andromeda-6
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silverdreamsstudios · 8 days ago
Traveler and Cal banging on the door: June! Open up right now! June: It all started when I was a boy Cal: That's not what we meant- Traveler: Let the man talk
Original post from here by @incorrect-andromeda-6
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silverdreamsstudios · 13 days ago
June, on the phone: Yes, one cake please Baker: Sure, and what would you like the cake to say? June, to Traveler: Do we want a talking cake?
Original post from here by @incorrect-andromeda-6
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crowtrinkets · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Can I offer you a meme in these trying times?
I got my vaccine and I feel like ass so doing stuff is hard lmao
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nakukatti · a month ago
Tumblr media
First blood // 2021 // My character Arctura for the @andromeda-six game (and in the background there is a teeny tiny June coming to the rescue)
"Blood... There is so much of it."
"...It reeks of copper"
"Did i do it..? Pull the trigger"
"I did, didn't I"
"What will they think of me now...?"
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freckled-lili · a month ago
Audio is from @prozdvoices‘ video here.
Damon can sure be eggrevating.
I was up ‘till 4 am making this, and I almost didn’t upload it because I was too embarrassed. But this was fun to make, if very time consuming. :’)
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femmeshep · a month ago
help i just finished episode five of andromeda six and i have so many feelings about june and vexx
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freckled-lili · a month ago
Traveler: June, eat a Snickers®.
June: WHY?!
Tumblr media
Traveler: Because you have a mental breakdown and smash evil labs when you're hungry.
June: Wow! I feel so much better now!
Tumblr media
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crowtrinkets · a month ago
They way I pressed kiss June lightening fast
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qwint · a month ago
The playlist for Bash is finally on its way and will probably be the list that’s the most like me, mainly cause we’re alike in personality and well, life.
So I’m having the time of my life right now cruising through music, writing and chugging red bull like my life depends on it.
Oh and I’ll probably throw in songs in the other playlists along the way to so don’t be surprised if you suddenly hear a song that was not there in the beginning!
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qwint · a month ago
Here it is, songs that makes me think of June.
It’s nice having different playlists for every character route I’m playing and I’ve already started lists for the other guys too.
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alexaplaysgames · 2 months ago
Can you Hear me, When I cry Myself to Sleep?
Fandom: Andromeda Six
Pairing: none
Warnings: non-graphic descriptions of human experimentation.
Description: June and Jules, and a laboratory childhood.
Notes: apparently I hit my drama bone when writing this one! Also this is a quite a bit more vengeful than I imagine June to be. But I do it for the angst.
I wrote this a long time ago and kinda hate it but we’re gonna post it anyway.
Taglist: @amlovelies @writersgonefishing @oatssss @kimberrrrr @femmeshep @serana-spring
The small, frail voice resonates through the endless dark.
“Go to sleep, Julian. They don’t like it when we don’t sleep.”
“Why?” Jules asks, and June can imagine his face, wide-eyed curiosity on features exactly like his own.
So juvenile. So sickly pale. A puzzle, one that would be achingly beautiful if it weren’t missing too many pieces.
June doubts that his twin is truly unaware of the answer to his own question, but he’s learned that this is a way of dealing with the things he cannot comprehend. To ask questions as a way to evade answers. Keep turning and turning to avoid running headfirst into the truth.
“I don’t know,” comes June’s response, dismissive. He rolls onto his side, pulling his blanket over his head. “Stop talking. They’ll hear.”
Silence. June shivers under the single, wool blanket. The labs are always freezing. The cold air bites at his bandages, amplifying the ache that has settled in his bones.
“Do you think we’re going to die?”
The question makes ice of June’s abused veins, freezing solid the little blood that hasn’t been extracted, mixed, tested, or analyzed.
“I don’t know.”
Words that taste familiar on his tongue. This time it’s not a lie; he has no clue whether their parents plan to kill them here. But he suspects. He suspects, based on the whispers he overhears when they think he’s unconscious. He suspects, based on how Jules’ skin looks paler every day, peeling from his thin form like pastry crumbs. He suspects, and he hopes he’s wrong, that Jules is going to die.
He’s only nine years old, and he’s struck by the realization that he’s going to be all alone. June always thought he had nothing to lose. As it turns out, he was wrong.
Jules speaks again. “But mom and dad wouldn’t do that to us... right? They wouldn’t...”
Would they? If they did, would he feel hurt? Could he mourn a life he never had? Miss a family he’s never known? June often wonders if this is simply how life works. This is, and always has been, his one and only reality.
“June. June, I’m scared,” Jules whispers, voice quivering like it does when his lower lip trembles.
Me too, he wants to say, I’ve always been scared.
There are no white coats to silence him this time, no gloved hands to shove another pill down his throat and tell him to shut up.
Before June can open his mouth to reply, or tell him to be quiet again, the white coats are there, pumping tranquillizers into their veins.
I told you they would hear, he thinks feebly.
Why do you never listen?
The white coats used to scare him. They look like people, but their faces are empty. He used to call them puppets, and wondered who pulled their strings. But June rarely feels scared anymore. He just feels hollow.
He understands the white coats now.
June tries to ignore the way Jules screams and thrashes and takes it, silently, jaw clenched and eyelids growing heavy with the weight of the drug.
When he wakes, the white coats are there to take him again. He bites back a retort when they bind his wrists and call him Subject A-645 instead of Juniper.
He doesn’t want to outweigh his usefulness with disobedience, after all. It didn’t take him long to learn you only live as long as they need you. Bleeding and beaten is better than ending up a nameless corpse, mourned by no one and forgotten by everyone.
Besides, he doesn’t have a name, not really. Juniper is just the product of a sad little boy trying to find happiness where there was none.
When it’s all over, when they’ve drained him dry of blood, sweat, and tears, he’s tossed back into the room like an empty can. Used and fragile and crushed.
His skin itches, scratched raw, and his stomach twists with the knowledge that each time, it leaves him feeling a little less weak. Each time, afterwards, for just a moment, his body thrums with something. He knows that he doesn’t like it, whatever it is. He hates what they’ve done to him. But it’s not like he’s ever had a choice.
And he knows that it’s not killing him like it’s killing Jules.
It’s making him stronger.
It’s terrifying, to consider the way it’s changing him, so June pushes the thoughts from his mind. The first thing he notices is that Jules is gone. The sheets on his bed have been hastily removed.
June’s mind swims with thoughts, explanations, questions, but mostly just frantic repetitions of no, no, no, no. Because he can’t think straight. Because he’s scared, because, because-
Because he’s still a child. Or he should be. Should have been. But he’s only ever been an experiment, as disposable as a plastic cup and as faceless as a mannequin.
“Where’s my brother?” he screams at the wall, the one he knows hides the white coats behind their one-way glass. Sitting with their coffee cups and their notes, perched on thrones sewn of bones and skin, he imagines. Unaffected by the misery and fear, pouring out from between cracks long sealed shut, that roll off of him in waves.
“Where’s my brother?” He repeats, softer, kneeling next to the bed, tears staining Jules’ mattress and mixing with the blood that soaked the fabric long ago.
That’s when he sees it. The bracelet, lying in the partial shadow of the bed frame on the cold, white stone floor.
Jules’ bracelet.
“Now we are connected,” Jules had whispered, eyes wide and his expression prideful as he gazed upon the matching bands of leather.
“Whatever happens, we’ll never, ever be apart.”
With trembling fingers, from rage or fear or sadness, he doesn’t know, June picks up the bracelet and ties it around his own wrist, pairing it with his own.
It is then that he decides it was rage, after all.
One day. One day I’ll use what they’ve made me to make them pay for what they’ve done.
And through his tears, his eyes glow a brilliant green.
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