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liardelphi1 · 52 minutes ago
I had this idea for fanart of Julie and I was all like 'Oh this is something I can actually do' but when I about to draw my hand is shaking? I have doubts in my artistic ability but I wouldn't say I draw like a fucking 2 year old. How am I supposed to stop my hand from shaking?? Help?
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Reggie, texting Julie: A theif.
Julie: Thief?
Reggie: Theif.
Julie: I before E except after C.
Reggie: Thceif.
Julie: No.
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caspianjames · 4 hours ago
 Interlude - Wake Up
“Favourite moment from the meet and greet,” Reggie said quietly into her ear, snapping Julie out of her thoughts. She hummed in thought, stifling a yawn. She hated being like this - when her body was tired, but her brain was wide awake and racing.
 “There was this little girl,” she said quietly, “I don’t know if you guys saw. She’s a ten year old named Maria. Anyway,” she shifted so she could tilt her head to look at Reggie. Her back was against his chest, the back of her head leaning against his shoulder. One of his arms came around her and was playing with her hair near her own shoulder on the other side of her body. His other hand was linked loosely with hers. He stroked his thumb across her knuckles absently. In the dim room his face was all angles and shadows, half-closed eyes and long lashes. She wanted to kiss him - badly. He hadn’t kissed either of them yet, though, and they’d hardly even been dating for two days. She and Luke had already agreed not to rush it or pressure him - he’d tell them when he was ready.
 “They were at the Orpheum that night we played there. Her dad said they were visiting family and Maria really wanted to see Panic, so they got tickets. She said that seeing us open was the first time she had ever seen someone with hair just like hers perform.” Reggie squeezed her tighter and twirled a finger in one of her ringlets. “When they heard about the meet and greet they came just to meet me.”
 “That’s really cool,” Reggie said. “I never thought there would be people that look up to us.”
 “I know,” Julie responded quietly. “I mean I knew people would, sort of. But I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t be just about the music.”
 “Everything’s about the music,” came Luke’s voice from behind them. Julie didn’t bother turning to look - she could hear him shuffling toward them in his bare feet.
 “Everything’s about the music but you still won’t let us write a country song,” Reggie sighed. Luke came into view rolling his eyes. Of course, instead of sitting down on the opposite couch or even the perfectly good coffee table between the couches, he sat directly on top of Julie.
 “Oof,” she huffed out a breath of air in surprise. “You’re heavy.”
 “I’m well muscled,” Luke said, much too smugly for two o’clock in the morning.
 “Well I don’t remember telling your muscles they could sit here.”
 “Reggie would appreciate it.”
 “Reggie is right here,” Reggie said. His face was buried in Julie’s hair. “And Reggie feels like he’s on the bottom of a dog pile.”
 “Don’t call your girlfriend a dog,” Luke said, but he maneuvered himself so he was sitting near Julie’s feet, facing Julie and Reggie instead of sitting on top of them.
 “I was talking about my boyfriend, actually,” Reggie said, which made Luke grin one of his big, surprised smiles. When he caught Julie’s eye, she couldn’t help but smile back.  
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*if you’re not the kind of person that likes to read fics that’s okay!! the SMAU will also stand alone from the interludes, but the interludes will give you some insight into the character’s backgrounds and julie’s thoughts <3
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Random ask of the day: What is your favorite outfit in Jatp?
bestie how do you expect me to choose
but probably julie's outfits like the ep one outfit looked so comfy and the blue alice in wonderland vibes dress or the rainbow crop top or the stand tall outfit or the one in the gym class scene or the one while she's singing finally free
i cannot choose :pensive:
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latinposeidon · 6 hours ago
It’s like three in the morning but I’m thinking about the female gaze again. And this time it’s about Julie and Luke’s relationship coz that’s probably the most prominent example of it in the show.
The entirety of their relationship is built on mutual respect for each other’s abilities, genuine admiration for one another, and their abilities to relate to each other’s struggles with death and losing a mum in one way or another. There’s no insta-love and their connection isn’t based on physical attraction. Julie and Flynn are the only ones who ever talk about people being cute, Luke and the guys exclusively talk about their relationship in terms of their chemistry.
And the romantic moments between them, again, aren’t based on physical attraction. There are no drawn out shots on the characters’ bodies to show how attractive they are to one another (I can also talk about when these shots are used because I have just as many thoughts about that if anyone’s interested). Instead they’re shown through the eyes and the hands and always following a scene where they connect emotionally. Like when their hands phase through each other after Unsaid Emily? That is peak female gaze romance.
I may not want juke to happen because I personally have issues with the age gap, but it is genuinely one of the first m/f relationships I’ve seen that’s almost fully built on respect and admiration and I give it so many props for that
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willexxmercer · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Livin’ in Paradise: A JatP SMAU - Part 37
Feat. luke what did you do?
Taglist in the notes!
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Okay so it is absolutely hilarious how Steve Bacic, who plays Trevor Wilson in jatp previously played Dr. Sexy in Supernatural because this could fit in-universe because Trevor is famous it wouldn’t be a long shot to make a famous musician act in a few shows.
Imagine: Flynn introduces Carrie to this weird show called Supernatural and you know it’s not really her style but her gf likes it, so she’ll watch it with her. Suddenly this shows up on the screen:
Tumblr media
Carrie: DAD WHAT
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sunsetphantomscurve · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have a new fic coming up with @sunsetcurbed (it’s still in the early planning stages) but have some no-context gifs that to tell the story because I’m super hyped about it!
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latinposeidon · 8 hours ago
I'd love to see the in-universe conspiracy theories about the band. Like they're this random super young hologram band that showed up out of nowhere and opened for Panic!, only to end up being better than him (you can't convince me that JatP wasn't the best part of the night, you just can't). There's gonna be the obvious industry plant rumours, but the theories are gonna go off the rails so quickly coz people won't actually believe the hologram story.
Just imagine Flynn and Julie going on the jatp twitter tag and seeing someone go 'lmao imagine if they're ghosts' and absolutely shitting themselves because goddammit people aren't supposed to know
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ace-bookworm · 9 hours ago
Goodnight besties! I just had a Julie thought so sad I’m not sure I can ever share it!
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wr0temyway0ut · 9 hours ago
Just Headstones With Old Names
Summary: Julie’s cuddling with her boys when the question pops into her head. She’s laying across all three of them with her head in Luke’s lap and her feet in Alex’s, humming contentedly as Luke runs his fingers through her hair, and the thought just comes out of nowhere.
“Have you guys been to your graves?”
Or, Julie finds out that Reggie’s headstone has the wrong name on it. She and the boys decide to fix it.
Link in reblogs!
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missmitchieg · 9 hours ago
Hey, that SPAAAaaaark near the end of Bright, am I right
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liardelphi1 · 11 hours ago
Rewatching TOSOH as I usually do, and there's a part where Flynn said she registered Julie and the Phantoms on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter (I think on other platforms too) honestly I want to know what gets posted on there because I doubt Julie is running all those accounts and you know Flynn's would have a lot of things to say about Luke since Julie has a crush on him
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hitchell-mope · 11 hours ago
Julie: Could you ever see us as more than just friends?
Luke: YES! I’m so glad you asked! I can totally see us as dragons! Hang on, let me find the picture I drew...
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