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#julie and the himbos
incorrect-jatp-cast · 2 hours ago
Owen: What tea is this?
Sonny: Oh, I just boiled some Gatorade.
Owen: *spits*
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juliesphantom · 7 hours ago
Luke: I’m telling you! Molotov cocktails work! Any time I had a problem, and I threw a Molotov cocktail… BOOM! I had a different problem.
Reggie: he makes a strong case.
Alex: *sighs*
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Okay so it is absolutely hilarious how Steve Bacic, who plays Trevor Wilson in jatp previously played Dr. Sexy in Supernatural because this could fit in-universe because Trevor is famous it wouldn’t be a long shot to make a famous musician act in a few shows.
Imagine: Flynn introduces Carrie to this weird show called Supernatural and you know it’s not really her style but her gf likes it, so she’ll watch it with her. Suddenly this shows up on the screen:
Tumblr media
Carrie: DAD WHAT
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gaylebcovington · 12 hours ago
au where Reggie’s bi awakening was Mat Baynton as Dick Turpin
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sk8rwillie · 13 hours ago
alex: i’d argue that god would most definitely want us to dress in all denim outfits
alex: why else would we have discovered them
luke: absolutely
reggie: so be it
luke: denim is gods will
julie: what the absolute fuck
reggie: you must be new here
alex: welcome to gods favorite group chat
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 14 hours ago
Charlie: Hey, how are you doing?
Owen: *freaks out*
Owen: *doesn't know whether to say "good" or "okay"*
Owen: *mixes both* I'm gay.
Charlie: I know. We're dating, dumbass.
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jatpsometimes · 16 hours ago
returning from hiatus, at least to some extent, I present the people of tumblr with bald JATP and bald Caleb!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 18 hours ago
*Doorbell rings*
Charlie: Do you wanna get that?
Maddie: And interact with people? No thanks.
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 22 hours ago
Charlie: Due to circumstances beyond my control-
Maddie: Impulsivity and inattention to detail...
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incorrect-jatp-cast · a day ago
Owen: Okay, you see Charlie and Jeremy in the road. What do you hit?
Maddie: Charlie, definitely. Can't hurt Jeremy.
Owen: The breaks, Mads. You hit the breaks.
Charlie: Maddie would really hit me???
Jeremy: HA!
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toomanyfandomshelp · a day ago
carlos and the phantoms
in my head, after the glowy band hug, people can see the ghosts, so here are some cute (and one extremely sad) carlos interacting w the phantoms hc’s!!
- they all become older brothers to him, but in slightly different ways.
- alex is the responsible older sibling, helps him with his english homework, teaches him how to cook, always makes sure he has a jumper when he leaves the house in case he gets cold
- reggie is the chaotic, crazy older brother. carlos and reggie pranking tia victoria, reggie teaching carlos the bass just to annoy julie, because he insists on coming to rehearsals and learning reggie’s part ‘just in case’,
- carlos took a while to warm up to luke cuz you know, he’s not blind he was watching the edge of great performance, and he’s very protective over his big sister
- but luke accidentally discovered carlos in the studio one day, sitting at the piano, quietly crying whilst staring at his mother’s sheet music
- carlos reluctantly tells the story about how he had a fight with his mum the morning of her death. his last words to her were ‘i hate you’
- luke’s heart aches as he comforts him because his story is so similar, and is horrified that regret and guilt and sadness he carries, carlos carries as well
- from then on, luke vowed to teach carlos the piano everyday, to help him feel closer to his mum, and maybe help him heal with music, like music helped heal julie
- you cannot tell me that the boys don’t watch scary movies with carlos
- bonus points if they all get terrified and he’s just sitting there, rolling his eyes
- ‘you guys are literally ghosts that’s basically your cousin why are you screaming’
- carlos competing with flynn over who is the bands biggest fan
- carlos making posters for their performances
- learning to old sunset curve/trevor wilson songs to impress the boys
- inviting reggie to a father day lunch with ray, and remembering the pure happiness and delight in reggies eyes
- because he understands that not everyone is as lucky as he is in terms of family
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li1-dess · a day ago
Damn it Carl
Me: Looking for prompts for my One-Shots fanfic
The ghost in my room: *Messing with my fan*
Me: Carl I'm busy
Carl: Starts playing with my router
Me: Carl no.
Carl: *sighs* goes back to playing with my fan
My wifi: *Goes out*
Me: Caaarrrlll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Carl: *Mumbling* turns my wifi back on
Me: Thank you
Carl: *upset because I keep ignoring him*
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incorrect-jatp-cast · a day ago
Jadah: *gesturing to Booboo and Owen* Are they in love?
Charlie, who is literally dating Owen: Yes. Very much so.
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gaylebcovington · a day ago
JatP characters as Call Me Kevin quotes
This isn’t the first time I’ve combined my obsessions, one of them being very niche, and it certainly isn’t the last. Some quotes taken from the CMK wiki and others directly from videos.
Willie, innocently, with a lighter in his hand: Yo, shit’s on fire, how did that happen?
Reggie: I wanted to be a bishop when I was a kid, but then I realised how annoying it would be always moving diagonally.
Luke at the HGC in episode 9: I’m stuck on the stage again, guys, I can’t get off.
Julie after a butterfly lands on her head: You see how it landed right on me though? I’m a bit of a Disney princess. I’m kinda known for that.
Caleb, wondering what to do about JatP: Crucifixion is an option.
Carrie: Here's a trash bin. You just put yourself in it if you feel like it, you're all trash to me, I just need your money.
Alex: It allows me to fulfil the male fantasy: being socially accepted.
Flynn: *dropkicks a toy baby*
Luke: Move like a bee, sting like a... uhh... bee.
Alex: Yummy, yummy, let’s destroy religion!
Julie, freeing the boys from their stamps: I have ascended. My love-meter is full.
Luke when Julie already knows their songs: How do you know this?! Did I accidentally plagiarise this?
Reggie: Hello, this is the only k-pop song I know - I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known—
Nick: The trick to women, right, is when they say “no” you respectfully accept their answer and you go away.
Willie, playing guitar: I commit arson on a regular basis.
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