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#julie and the fantoms
li1-dess · a day ago
Hey Fantoms!
I was scrolling through youtube looking for a female cover of Unsaid Emily. In my opinion, a lot of them completely change the point and sing to soft. This doesn't mean they aren't good, it just means I don't really care for them.
I did find one cover that I fell in love with. The voice is amazing, the beat is on point, and it was over all my favorite cover so far.
I also found a duet and loved it as well, so I'll give the link to that one as well.
Cover Link:
Duet Link:
Please go show these amazing singers some love, they deserve it!
I hope yall loved this as much as I did!
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li1-dess · 2 days ago
im having a crisis
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philharmonic-cheddar · 4 days ago
Luke Patterson cover Pretty Lady by Tash Sultana challenge
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0bsess3d · 4 days ago
also im probably going to start writing for julie and the phantoms. but i don't have any ideas at all, so if you have any suggestions lemme know in the asks.
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julieandthepodcasters · 11 days ago
Our first Pride Month episode is out! This week we talked about LGBTQA+ headcanons and theories about Julie.  We’re going to cover all four members of Julie and the Phantoms this month. Next week will be Alex’s turn so please send us any headcanons, theories and thoughts you have about him regarding Pride a the queer community.  Hopefully next week it will finally be all four of us again. 
Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈
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mouse-fantoms · 14 days ago
With one day away from pride month, we’re still sitting here with no official renewal announcement of a show where in which none of the characters are straight
Let’s show Netflix what we’re made of
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girlstalkmichael · 16 days ago
I was hoping the show was trending because it was finally renewed but It turns out we are clowning as usual
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skywalekersart · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
90SJATP | Part I: The Boys of Summer / Wake Up (5/5) 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
We're finally onto the fun part! Sunset Curve in the house! Like, quite literally. By the time I drew this, I got acquainted with everyone's features enough to have fun with their expressions and poses... I hope it comes through! Also, this was supposed to be my last "comic" for this AU... but then all the enthusiasm I received in the past weeks made me come up with a longer plot that I'm slooowly bringing to life. So yeah, this is actually just the beginning. In case you missed the rest of it, there's an IG guide with the story in chronological order, and a 90SJATP-dedicated carrd with all info among the other fun links! And if you don't want to miss future updates, just hit me up to be added on the taglist! Thank you again a billion times for taking your time to follow this silly lil AU of mine! Part II coming soon💖
90SJATP: carrd | tumblr tag | instagram tag | instagram guide | spotify playlist
taglist: @hey-there-juliet @grimhildelove @boggie-brainrot @thedeathdeelers @gaylebcovington @chickwiththepurpleguitar @lady-ofmagic-andstars @we-are-all-flynn @you-are-constance @ not-the-droids-ur-looking-4 @peregrer @corporeal-terrestrial @floating-in-the-blue @booknerd3108 @juliesghosties @justxfolio @teenagepeanutbird (let me know if you want to be added!)
home ✧ instagram ✧ more... please do not repost or edit
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julieandthepodcasters · 18 days ago
This week we shared our favourite Julie and the Phantoms fanfictions on the podcast as suggested by this anon. We had help from Dani, who you can find on twitter and youtube. 
You can find the links to the fics we talked about in this google doc or under the cut.
Inga’s Recommendations: @meggie-jolly When Peter Parker Meets the Phantoms by MerthurIsMyOTP Rest Upon the Hollowed Ground by HearJessRoar (hush, my dear) it’s been a difficult year by @futureoutoffocus wheelies and art stealies verse by @pawprinterfanfic 100 Bad Days by @pearlcaddy
Essie’s Recommendations: @crazyfangirl100 the mysterious haunting of los feliz by @wouldbflat safe like spring time by foundfamilyvevo curse my vivid memory (for never forgetting you) by @loverofallthingssmart Picking Up the Pieces of My Life (Without You on My Mind) by awkwardanxiousasexual To The Wick by fiddlepickdouglas
Angie’s Recommendations: @futureoutoffocus follow you down to the sound by @bananaleaves soulmate, dry your eyes by @nancywheeeler How to be a heartbreaker by thessalonike (starblessed) been dreaming that you feel it too by @blush-and-books Searching for a Piece of Art by @pearlcaddy
Dani’s Recommendations:  'Cause I'm Not Too Far And You're My Favourite Place by @sunset-not-straight This Time Around by @chickwiththepurpleguitar Undead Study Group by Trinamarie13 and we breathe in together by foundfamilyvevo Remember, A Child is Listening. by Creazy
Laila’s Recommendations: @incorrect-jatp-quotes keys to the cage (and the devil to pay) by HearJessRoar YEARS I SPENT ON THE EDGE OF DISAPPEARANCE by @the-anxious-gay-drummer I really wish I hated you by nerdfighter721 Midnight Troubles by ruzekhalstead 1, 2, 3 (All Eyes On ME) by @incorrect-jatp-quotes
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julieandthepodcasters · 25 days ago
We’re back from hiatus! And we’re back with a JatP playlist each.
Essie ( @crazyfangirl100 ) and Inga ( @meggie-jolly ) choose songs that reminded them of different dynamics, ships or people from the show. (Careful, some of them might make you tear up.) Laila ( @incorrect-jatp-quotes ) made a playlist full of Willex songs, which probably won’t surprise you if you’ve been a listener for a while. Angie ( @futureoutoffocus ) couldn’t join us, but she still made a playlist full of songs Luke would love in the 21st century. 
Do any of these songs scream JatP to you too? What are your favorite songs that remind you of JatP?
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charliesfantom · 28 days ago
Kinda late to the party lol
We showed them the power that we have for like the millionth time...I’m so proud of everyone! I’m sooo happy!!! Netflix better get its shit together and renew jatp now that they won a fucking MTV award!!!
Also I would much rather Madison had accepted the award as a 16 year old woc and the lead of the show! She could have become an even bigger inspiration for young poc! It would have been amazing!
Absolutely no hate to Charlie tho! It wasn’t his choice. MTV chooses who does the acceptance speech! Don’t be pissed at him for something he had no control over! Be nice🦋🧡
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i have new followers, send me your JATP opinions!! idc how unpopular it is I just wanna hear it <3 I’m open to new headcannons/ideas even if they aren’t the same as mine so don’t be scared lol
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