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im-a-puma · an hour ago
Bleh, I dont like how it turned out, I tried my best
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overworkedunderwhelmed · 5 hours ago
You’re all just not ready for Adrien to teach all his modelling secrets to Juleka and it shows.
In the not-too-distant future, the modelling pair of friends can be relieved as their significant others are just beaming on the sidelines, especially because at this they all know this is the one other model they all can trust to be polite and respectful and ensure one another are comfortable.
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leethetree0 · 18 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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Their cute cooperation in Gang of secrets made me draw this.. Especially when akumatized Juleka called her akumatized girlfriend 'Princess'.. And I was glad that Guiltrip happened to be basically about this couple!
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flo-cetic · 19 hours ago
i have now decided that i headcanon Luka as trans. Since him and juleka are now canonically twins i imagine he was assigned female at birth but early on realised he’s trans because he could easily compare to his sister and therefore started transitioning quite early. also since their mom seems very cool she never had a problem with it and they are a happy lgbt family with a trans bi son, lesbian daughter and aro ace mom. thank you for coming to my ted talk
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imthepunchlord · a day ago
What would be Marinette Agreste-Cheng's reaction to the reveal that Juleka dreams of being a model?
If she learns about it, she’s be a little surprised and a little intrigue as she didn’t think Juleka would be interested in it. She’d readily offer to give her tips and allow her to model some of her design if Juleka would like. Far as Marinette knows, she could be a future star model to work with her, best to check her out and help her shine. 
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Thomas does realize that he is under no obligation to put in lgbt rep, right? He could've just said "we have no plan to do so" just like how he obviously had no plan to give chloe a redemption arc, right?? idk man the way he put this expectation to begin with & not bother to push that far all while keeping young lgbt viewers hopeful feels kinda scummy? he obviously want to seem more progressive than he actually is but, well, yknow. given his track record of everything on this blog
Exactly. If he actually cared enough about representation, he’d tell the censors in other countries to suck it and make Julerose canon anyway. Astruc thinks he can say the bare minimum about promising LGBT representation and then back off while blaming the censors like it’s out of his hands. I’m just saying, actions speaks louder than words.
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tbf every single "couples" in miraculous are never thoroughly stated in text that they were dating like alynino are just suddenly together offscreen. but at least through every visual, you can tell they are in a romantic relationship. the kissing (or attempted) was to correlate with romance, but when rose does it in reflekdoll, it was immediately followed up by them referring as "bffs" & "sisters". im sorry if thats a french thing but ppl outside france will understandably get miffed by this
I’m not entirely sure if this is a France thing, but things could be worse. Rose could always say something like “I love you, Juleka. No homo though.”
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symphonic-scream · a day ago
Hashtag let Juleka be edgy 2k21
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Juleka and Luka draw on the walls of their room when they’re bored sometimes because anarka lets them do literally whatever they want to decorate their shared space as long as they are both comfortable with it and so they have like graffiti and just little random doodles and if they run out of space they’ll paint over it or figure out how to get some of it off
I love it
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Juleka has a bunch of like heart charms and pink flower small accessories like pins and patches and things like that for her bags and her phone and belts and stuff that rose gave her and rose has a bunch of bows with skulls on them black cat stickers and charms that are cute little bats and black hearts that juleka got her
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Alya: you ever have a feeling your forgetting something
Alix: yeah I feel like we’re missing something
Mylene: I wonder what
All of them:......
Everyone: S H I T
Meanwhile juleka texting rose who’s in her house recovering from being sick again
Juleka: Holy shit they forgot me
Juleka: this is hilarious
Juleka: d a m n it’s raining and this is the only train that stops around this area so I gotta walk this sucks
Juleka: nvm life is great existence is a blessing and Lila just Venmoed me 20 bucks
Juleka: gonna go get Starbucks what do you want
Rose: lmaooooooo can I get hot chocolate 
Juleka: coming right up
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Silhouette of Tiger Juleka my beloved-
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Two separate but related possibilities of Julerose's canon stance, not just in our world but within the Miraculous universe:
1) They've been together for so long that everyone things that's just Normal. No one, not even Luka, realizes that Juleka and Rose are dating. They don't realize for Years.
2) Everyone assumes they're dating but they're like. Not. They never started dating. Juleka is too embarrassed to admit it so eventually they just start dating and pretend they had been all along.
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bee-tales · a day ago
hi unless you're disabled please dont salt about how rose used positivity to combat her illness because it was a coping mechanism and something she does to feel better and less miserable so just please
if you wanna criticize something then criticize how there was no julerose kiss
i obv cant speak for all of my fellow invisible illness people, but i can speak for myself and i feel like people in this fandom need to listen to those in marginalized groups before spouting salty bs
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mirabugtm · a day ago
Idky, but I’m in a julerose mood.
Like, I’m a sucker for the goth x happy dynamic. Bonus points for the purple and pink mix. They’re so cute and I wish I saw more of them.
One day I wanna write a drabble with the both of them and none of you will stop me.
Okay, end of mini rant XD
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Maybe talk about the episode, i mean if you are either unsure to or if not to, since it isnt your thing to speak of as you said before. But i am genuinely curious, is the tweet that bad??
Basically, a fan asked why Juleka and Rose were referred to as “good friends” in the episode and were shown to not be interested in each other romantically, and Astruc chalked it up to not making Julerose canon because he doesn’t want the show to get censored in other countries, even though he implied in the same thread that they would be dating if not for the censors.
As someone who talked about Dana Terrance fighting to ensure the main character of her show was bisexual, I’m not exactly happy about this.
The problem is that unlike other episodes in Miraculous Ladybug where I can simply point out plotholes and bad morals, the concept of LGBT representation is very complex, and as cliched as it sounds, I worry that as a straight white man, I could unintentionally overstep my boundaries and say stuff like I know everything about the LGBT community.
It’s easy to point out the fact that the people at Disney don’t really care about representation given their track record, but I don’t know if I can speak for other people in the LGBT community by saying that what we get from Juleka and Rose in canon isn’t good representation, or how it could possibly be, dare I say it, queerbaiting.
This is just a very delicate subject that I am not sure how to properly approach.
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I’ve hit a little fork in the road
So I finally sat down to watch “Guiltrip”, and while I thought it was a good episode overall, there was an aspect of the episode I’m not sure how to talk about, mainly the relationship between Juleka and Rose. 
In addition, Astruc posted something on the matter that really.. well... Let’s just say it’s one of the few things he’s posted on Twitter that actually pissed me off.
The thing is, because the tweet is about LGBT representation, I’m not really sure if I’m qualified to talk about it, as I don’t want to speak for the community.
Should I stay away from the topic and just talk about the episode, talk about the topic in the episode review, or make a separate post about representation in Miraculous Ladybug?
I’m honestly not sure how to approach this, so I could really use some guidance here.
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