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justjuke · 50 minutes ago
*PREMIERE* Slacker - Mezcal by Sound Transitions
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alexspinkhoodie · an hour ago
Alex: I know you love them.
Luke: I am not in love with Julie!
Alex, staring at Luke: I never said who...
Luke: *realizes*
Luke: Shit. Well, anyways-
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Just occurred to me that Dan let someone he hates (Juke) have their account back to silence the old Rescon and now Juke is staff and he's still getting his ass exposed like aaahahahah bro must be fuming.
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justjuke · 2 hours ago
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hey-there-juliet · 2 hours ago
Hi Vi! Please may I request "You have a beautiful soul." with Juke?
Hiii!!! Thanks for the prompt! I absolutely loved this one. All I could think about was ✨soulmates✨.
Random Drabble Day (13/23)
Note: and they were soulmates. omg they were soulmates 😍 Thank you @homeinabookshelf for betaing this for me!!!! And @thedeathdeelers this one is for you because of ✨soulmates✨, lmao. I hope you guys like it!! ♡
Luke had felt it the first time she had accidentally walked through him. The light, the peace, the goodness that emanated from Julie's very soul like a lighthouse, guiding him to shore after years lost in the dark. 
He'd felt it and he'd known it, even if he didn't dare admit it to himself. They were friends, or they were starting to become friends. There was no use in freaking her out by saying anything, so he let the thought go.
It didn't stay gone for long though, for the very next day it happened again, on stage in front of an amazing crowd. Julie's soul didn't emanate peace then. Instead it was brimming with excitement, freedom, and joy. That light was brighter than ever, and the irony had not been lost on him. It was a fleeting feeling, his own soul too busy connecting with everyone around him to focus on that moment. He did think about it later, though… a lot. Her soul had been singing, filled with life in a way he didn't think anyone else had experienced except him. He should've known Julie would get it; what music really meant.
After that, it was all in the little moments. Moments when their souls brushed together; like comets crossing paths in the dark, wide universe. Never really touching, but still being affected by each other's stardust. 
It was his shoulder going through hers as they sat side by side on the piano bench. It was in his hand going through hers as he reached for the pen, scrawling his unfortunate handwriting next to her neat letters. Or when he reached for her hand and in the brief moment they passed through each other, he could feel how much her heart ached for him.
When he was dying… Well, when he was dying again, not existing didn't necessarily sound like a bad thing. It wouldn't be painful, and it wouldn't be lonely, mostly because he wouldn't be at all. But the thing that tugged at his heart strings the most was the thought of leaving her behind, of giving up the fragile but amazing future they could have together. It was the thought of giving up on that feeling of home every time Julie looked at him. Worse than the thought of not existing was the thought of not existing with her.
Then she hugged him, and the universe went quiet.
Months later, once they were together, and safe, and happy, and alive, Luke would tell her about being a ghost. He'd tell her about how he agonized over not being able to touch her just as often as he rejoiced in it. 
And when he'd tell her, "You have a beautiful soul." Julie would believe him. After all, he had no-hands on experience.
tag list: @williexmercer @sunsetcurbed @angelofarts @emeraldrain55 @burntchromas @jatpfs
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hey-there-juliet · 2 hours ago
Hi Vi! Dragon again because I have one personality trait - Julie finds Luke and Aurora napping in the studio? Bonus points if you can use finally beautiful stranger by Halsey - it's been stuck in my head all day
So this is very cheesy 🙈 My creativity is running out, I'm so sorry, dhskdhdksjhdjs. ily angieeeee, thanks for the prompt 💜💜💜💜
Random Drabble Day (12/23)
Note: Thank you so much @homeinabookshelf for betaing this for me. Idk what I'd do without you 💖 dhdkdhdkdk Kinda silly lil fic, but enjoy!
It wasn’t the first time Julie had found Luke napping on the studio’s couch and it certainly wouldn’t be the last, but this was the first time she found him cuddling with a fire-breathing dragon. Aurora was curled up over the guitarist’s hip as he lay on his side, both fast asleep. 
Julie stepped closer slowly, trying not to wake either of them, and pulled her phone from her pocket, framing them both on the camera and snapping a picture. She didn’t expect for the flash to be on or for the ‘click’ to be so loud though. She watched with wide eyes as Aurora’s opened and she grumbled, exhaling smoke through her nose as she settled again. Luke grumbled too, eyes opening just a slit to glance at her.
“Julie,” he called, his voice hoarse from disuse. “Sing to me,” he breathed out, lazily reaching an arm out to her.
She sent him a soft smile, but pocketed her phone and approached the couch. “Scootch.” She tapped his side, and Luke woke up long enough to plaster himself against the back of the couch, leaving just enough space for Julie to squeeze herself in next to him. Once she was comfortable, he laid his head on her shoulder and wrapped an arm around her waist so she wouldn’t fall.
Aurora crawled over to lay on her stomach, and between the two of them, Julie was starting to feel a little overheated. She didn’t mind it though.
Raising a hand to pass her fingers through his hair, she started humming, then singing. “Your eyes, so crisp, so green. Sour apple baby, but you taste so sweet. You got hips like Jagger and two left feet.” Luke grumbled, snuggling his face closer to her neck. 
She couldn’t help chuckling softly before continuing. “I wonder if you'd like to meet. And I said, beautiful stranger, here you are in my arms.” She felt Luke’s breaths deeping again as sleep started to take over her. She blinked languishly,  fighting against a yawn and losing. “And I know that beautiful strangers only come along to do me wrong and I hope…" Julie's voice lowered until she was barely singing at all. "Beautiful stranger, here you are in my arms, but I think it's finally, finally, finally, finally, finally safe for me to fall...” she trailed off, unable to keep herself from joining Luke and Aurora in the land of dreams.
tag list: @williexmercer @sunsetcurbed @angelofarts @emeraldrain55 @burntchromas @jatpfs (if you want to be on my tag list, just let me know ♡)
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Calling Kina "unstable" like it's an insult is so tasteless. Love how Juke & their minions will virtue signal you into the ground for accidentally using a term they think is offensive but then will actually use someone's mental health as an opportunity to bully & attack them. Like "Lololol Kina you have DEPRESSION" ??? But hey it's okay to be a bully if you're always telling people how woke you are, right?
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hey-there-juliet · 4 hours ago
Hi Vi! Back again for Aurora content - can I please have Julie and Luke going on a date and leaving Willex to look after a "dragon, Willie she breathes FIRE" "it's okay Hotdog, she's cute!"
Angie, your dragon is a troublemaker 😍 dhskdhdksjs /pos. Hiii, thank you for the prompt! I don't know if I'll be able to do all of them, but I'm trying, ily 💜💜💜
Random Drabble Day (11/23)
Note: In their defense, i think Willex are absolutely capable of babysitting a dragon, this was purely for the drabble’s purposes 😂 Thank you so much @homeinabookshelf for betaing this for me. You're an angel 💖
“Just don’t let her go anywhere near our instruments,” Luke warned them for the thousandth time.
“Or the furniture,” Julie added.
“And don’t let her eat the plants.”
“Especially the flowers.”
“And don’t-”
“Guys!” Alex cut them off. Honestly, one would think they were leaving their newborn baby behind for him and Willie to babysit instead of the band’s new most adorable dragon mascot. “We’ll be fine, I know how to take care of Aurora.”
Julie sighed, pushing her bottom lip out. “Oh, I know. She just hatched though, I feel bad leaving her on her own.”
Alex did his best not to feel offended, instead exchanging an incredulous look with Willie, who was trying very hard to hold in his laughter.
“Jules, they’ll be fine,” Luke said, pulling his girlfriend by the hand toward the studio’s doors. “Come on, we haven’t hung out in weeks.” He pouted.
“Alright, fine,” she agreed, allowing herself to be pulled. 
“Bye, guys. Have a nice date!” Willie called after them, waving at their backs.
Before the couple could even get out of their sight, Julie turned about again. “And call us if anything happens! Anything!”
“Will do,” Alex promised, and then sighed in relief once he heard the wooden gate that led them to the house slam shut. “Finally, I thought they’d never leave,” he said lightly, meeting Wille’s mirthful eyes and joining him when he was unable to keep himself from laughing any longer.
“Tell me the truth, Hotdog,” Willie smirked, pulling Alex closer by the pocket of his hoodie. “You just wanted to get me alone,” he teased.
“Willie!” the blond said, feigning being scandalized. “Not in front of the chil-” As Alex turned to glance at the previously sleeping dragon, he was absolutely shocked to find the couch empty. “Oh, shit!” His wide eyes turned back to meet Willie’s just as surprised gaze.
“Oh, no,” the skater let go of his boyfriend’s hoodie, and rushed toward the couch to check it again, just to be sure. Alex was hot on his heels, curse after curse leaving his lips.
“Did you check under the couch?”
“I did.”
“And inside the piano?”
“In the loft?”
“There too. She’s gone. She just disappeared,” Alex paced. “Oh, Julie is going to kill me.”
“No, no, we’ll find her! She couldn’t have gone far, she can’t even fly yet, can she?” Willie asked, still frantically searching every inch of the studio. For all of his laidback attitude, he knew the lecture he’d be signing up for if Julie, and - worst of all - Reggie came back to find he and Alex lost Aurora.
“Not very high and not for long, no,” the blond said, stopping his pacing and taking a deep breath. “You’re right, we’ll find her, everything will be fine.”
“For sure.”
“Unless, you know, she goes outside and Carlos or Ray find her.”
“Well, I mean… that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?”
“She’s a dragon! She breathes fire,” Alex said, just before turning around to look at Willie. Instead, he caught sight of the smoke coming from underneath the coffee table.
“Yeah, but it’s okay, Hotdog. She’s cute, how bad can it be?” Willie shrugged, trying to keep up his optimism.
“Yep. So cute. Look at her, adorably setting the rug on fire.”
Willie spun on his heels faster than he had ever been on his skate. “Oh, shit.”
Alex sighed, admitting defeat but still amused at his and Willie’s inability to babysit a dragon for even five minutes. In his defense, the only babies he had babysat until then had been human ones. “You get the fire extinguisher, I’ll call Julie.”
tag list: @williexmercer @sunsetcurbed @angelofarts @emeraldrain55 @burntchromas (if you'd like to be added to my tag list, just let me know ♡)
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justjuke · 4 hours ago
Footwerk Dakiti Wrimix by little urges/lil erizo
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alexspinkhoodie · 5 hours ago
Luke: Your smile? It makes my day.
Julie: Your happiness? I live for that.
Alex: A room? Get one.
Reggie: Hotel? Trivago.
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It is Kalia's discord. It's moderated by Otachie, Lilith, Juke and Kozmotis, last I checked. I don't think it's ever been marketed as official, but it is certainly the biggest one I've seen, at about 30 users. I've seen a good amount of things suggested in there implemented on the site, including the change log, so I wouldn't agree that it's not helpful. It's just not accessible the way the forums are.
I wouldn't trust anything that is moderated/ran by Lilith or Juke
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justjuke · 5 hours ago
hell sim by Clean Slate
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All the personal attacks on Kina and Hell for telling the truth is clearly just Schemes, Juke, and Lilith trying to change the subject and divert attention away from the actual issue at hand (Dan and staff corruption).
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justjuke · 7 hours ago
Let Me See Some Footwork by Bobby Brown
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I need so much help with #AO3. Not posting, just as a reader. Someone please take pity on me? Some of these amazingly talented writers make me cry, and I *need* to be able to save and go back and re-read and rip my heart out all over again.
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Y'all (ahem clearly Schemes and or Juke) are attacking Kina as you did before on the previous blog when she exposed Dan. Again missing the entire point that DAN CHEATS/SPAWNS THINGS IN FOR ANYONE WHO GIVES HIM MONEY/THE TIME OF DAY. But that's fine go off.
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hitchell-mope · 8 hours ago
Luke: If I say I love you, will you say it back?
Julie: Yes
Luke: I love you.
Julie: It back
Reggie: Why is Luke crying face-down on the floor?
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juke-fic-recs · 9 hours ago
100 Bad Days by @pearlcaddy
Select Tags: Alternate Universe - University, Living!Phantoms AU, Banter is My Love Language so It's Jukebox's Too, Drinking, Sexual Content, Grief/Mourning, Pining, Angst with a Happy Ending, but also fluff, Aged-Up Characters, Enemies with Benefits to Bandmates to Lovers
Julie is a voice major and Luke is a townie with a major chip on his shoulder when it comes to music school students. Their first meeting is a disaster and hooking up definitely makes it worse, but Luke can’t seem to stop being a disaster or hooking up with her. Please send help, he’s honestly such a mess.
The Enemies with Benefits to Bandmates to Lovers AU that I’m pretty sure no one was asking for.
@sanssssastark says: Where do I even start with this one? Pearlcaddy writes in the description that it's, "The Enemies with Benefits to Bandmates to Lovers AU that I’m pretty sure no one was asking for," but it's for damn sure the fic we wanted and needed. The writing is visceral and compelling, the music is so expertly selected and seamlessly woven in that it feels the Unofficial Juke soundtrack, the tropes are immaculate and the steaminess hits just right. Truly a Jukebox classic.
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