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desertrose3000 · 4 hours ago
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What is something you can show, but can't see?
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wheeler90s · 19 hours ago
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^ω^ ) ノ*.✧ kaiba + katsuya headers !
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krazyperson6art · a day ago
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Blonds Have a Sleepover
I got the urge to draw more of my random crossover with my three fav characters XD I'm not entirely sure what happened to cause two grown men and a teenager to have to share a bed for a sleepover, but here we are XD
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ygotravelzine · a day ago
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Time to stamp the passport of.... Asagi!!! @asagi-s-garden
Asagi’s work features Atem, Kaiba, Yugi, and Jou on a Florida vacation, and will be available in full in “Wish You Were Here”, the Yugioh travel zine!! You can set sails for our zine on JULY 10TH!! Only ONE MONTH away!!
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yazuriha-clow · 2 days ago
One more montage I made about what it would be like if Miho had been included in the yugi group no yugioh Duel Monsters.
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Tumblr media
Montage image 2.
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bdeblueyes · 2 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Anime & Manga) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Jounouchi Katsuya | Joey Wheeler/Otogi Ryuuji | Duke Devlin Characters: Jounouchi Katsuya | Joey Wheeler, Otogi Ryuuji | Duke Devlin Additional Tags: Tumblr Prompt, Tumblr Ask Box Fic Series: Part 5 of Tumblr Prompts & Ask Box Requests Summary:
Jou woke up with a smile on his face. He woke up with an arm draped over the slender figure in the bed next to him, soft, warm skin under his fingertips, and legs tangled together under the sheets. He also woke up with a twist of hair, soft as silk, tickling his nose. 
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yazuriha-clow · 2 days ago
As I really like the character Miho Nosaka, I made an anime version montage, in which the symbol of friendship has one more female hand besides Téa, I put it as if it were Miho accompanying them. ^_^
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I really wish Miho had been included in the yugi gang at yugioh Duel Monsters.
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lunatic-fandom-space · 2 days ago
Okay, serious question to all people who ship Seto/Jounouchi
Did you guys name your ship after that time Seto called Jounouchi a loser dog during duelist kingdom?
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ygotravelzine · 2 days ago
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Time to stamp the passport of.... Auroblaze!!! @auroblaze
Auroblaze’s work features the main gang visiting the Leshan Giant Buddha Temple and will be available in full in “Wish You Were Here”, the Yugioh travel zine!! You can set sails for our zine on JULY 10TH!! Only ONE MONTH away!!
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pyro-sea · 4 days ago
3, 6 and 13 for JouKai
For JouKai I have for you..!
3. Most common argument?
Dueling strategies. It’s never a bad argument, but at least once a week Jounouchi and Kaiba get into it about which of their very different dueling strategies are better. The arguments get pretty heated during tournament season, especially if they get paired against each other in the brackets. Kaiba thinks Jounouchi’s gambling strats have no place in a proper tournament, are cheap wins, too reckless, etc etc, and Jounouchi thinks Kaiba’s power-push strategies are too rigid, too brickable, a crutch for a proper well-rounded approach, etc etc.
You’d think that if they were paired together in a tournament (or even a casual duel), there would be no argument. Right? Wrong. They still rib each other for their plays, critique each other on-field, but it’s Jounouchi and Kaiba. It’s what they do. It makes them both duel better out of spite, and they both know that. Opponents know they’re fucked when Jou or Kaiba are yelling at each other, and one just says, “Fine! Fuck you, I summon-”. That’s it. The moment one of them snaps in the argument, the duel is over, because they played the winning move.
6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?
Jounouchi loves Kaiba’s hands. They’re nice to hold, and gotta be dexterous with how many stupid card tricks Kaiba can do. Kaiba fidgets with his hands a lot. From nervousness to idle energy to boredom. He’s so used to typing, shuffling, drawing, playing, organizing, etc that doing nothing with his hands feels weird and wrong. Jounouchi is more than happy to hold Kaiba’s hands, swing them while they walk together, even just watch and admire as Kaiba taps on his while he thinks.
Speaking of keeping his hands busy... Kaiba’s favorite feature of Jou is his hair. He loves to comb his fingers through it, braid it and unbraid it, pull it. If you headcanon Jou as a bottle blonde and not natural, you bet Kaiba is offering to help Jou rebleach his hair. It’s always late at night that Jou remembers to, but Kaiba is up anyway and is more than happy to comb bleach through Jou’s hair and stay up with him while it cures. Bottle blonde or not, Kaiba loves the bright color. It reminds him of spring.
13. Who reaches for the other’s hand first?
Jounouchi, most of the time. But sometimes Kaiba is gaming and Jou had to bring work home, and there’s a long match queue, and Kaiba just leans back and reaches over and holds Jou’s hand until enough people join the raid session. Sometimes they exchange words, but usually they just continue to enjoy each other’s company with the ambiance of the game’s idle music and Jou’s one-handed typing.
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draconicmaw · 4 days ago
Yugi: You have to admit that Jou is spectacularly talented.
Kaiba: He is spectacularly talented...
Kaiba: ... at getting on my nerves.
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foreveratem · 4 days ago
7, 20 and 28 c:
Thank you for the ask !!!!
7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other? OOH. OOH. They're best buds, and best buds are affectionate with each other, yeah? When Yugi realises, he starts getting really blushy whenever Jounouchi throws an arm around him and playfully manhandles him. He feels like he needs to stop Jounouchi from being so handsy, like he's somehow taking advantage or something. But he doesn't want Jounouchi to stop roughhousing with him etc...
When Jounouchi realises, he can't stop himself from habitually instigating affection, but when he does he's so much more... careful. Because yea, Yugi's still his friend! But because he's aware of these feelings, he just can't help but see Yugi as precious in a way he didn't before. The last thing he'd want to do is actually hurt him!!
20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship? They're all very supportive;;; Honda gives them both the shovel talk (except Jou's is very violent-sounding but weirdly proud, and Yugi's is more like "Don't hurt him, but also don't hurt yourself, okay?")
Anzu calls dibs on Maid of Honour for Yugi and also gives Jou a shovel talk, because don't you think I don't remember first year, mister! I'm glad you're better now, but if you ever hurt him on purpose I swear to god I'll-
Yami/Atem (perhaps in his own body, if he's around, bc the lovebirds need some privacy) is either very awkwardly happy for them or expresses his happiness for them/blesses their relationship in a very 'ancient spirit with magical powers' kind of way.
Bakura is also very supportive!! But they later learn he had a betting pool going about when they'd get together... (which he won.)
28. What do they do when they’re away from each other? Yugi is very pouty and misses him a lot. He's not clingy, definitely not! But going to school or even hanging out with the rest of his friends just isnt the same without Jou :(( and no one else gives hugs like he does
Jou gets kind of nervous when Yugi isn't around in situations he usually would be. He's a little trouble magnet, and any time he's away from Jou's side he's half convinced Yugi is running straight into trouble if he's not there to stop him or at least back him up!!
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sent-to-the-graveyard · 4 days ago
haafu jounouchi/joey is actually super interesting. what’re your thoughts?
I’ll be honest, this hc of mine is 50% projection (as half-asian myself), 40% being unable to unhear dat Brooklyn accent, and 10% justification of how Joey is blond in his childhood flashbacks.
I like to think Joey was born in New York, briefly grew up there and has dual citizenship — but under Japanese law he would have to choose one by his 22nd birthday. Joey is his “western” name (a lot of East Asians have one) but Katsuya Jounouchi is his real legal name.
Tumblr media
I actually have this whole narrative of how he’s mixed on both sides, but that’s even more convoluted, so just take my teen + adult reference pics and we’ll call it a day 🤣
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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danieco · 4 days ago
devotion w/4 17 19 20? : D
Aaaaah thank you!! 4 and 20 were asked earlier (so feel free to send a couple more if you'd like~)
17. Who says I love you first?
Ooooh imagining either way is SO juicy but I'm gonna go with Anzu. She's good at knowing what she wants, trusting herself, and being direct.
19. Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?
Jounouchi tells Shizuka first (his only family he'd care to tell) because he's like oh god oh god do I get her flowers?? Roses? What do girls like please Shizuka tell me what girls like and she's like "Dummy. I love you. But you know Anzu, you know what she likes," and he's like "Oh yeah she's not a girl, she's Anzu!!" and Shizuka is like okay I know what you meant but girls do NOT like that actually, don't say that in front of her.
They tell their friends together but there's still a split second where everyone's like "Is this a prank? Are they serious?" But they're holding hands and they're serious.
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danieco · 4 days ago
6) What is their favorite feature of their partner’s? + 20) What do their family/friends think of their relationship? + 26) What would be their theme song? -- for Devotionshipping if you'd like.
Yaaay thank you!! (I got 6 earlier. ✿)
20 - Shizuka affectionately calls Jounouchi a "big dummy" at the beginning of Battle City so I think she would see Anzu's energy/vibe and be like yeah that is EXACTLY the girl for him. I think Anzu's family would be surprised but trust her judgment (plus, Jounouchi would be an old friend by that point, and he's literally helped save her life if you count YGOR, so they probably already appreciate him). Their friends would probably be even more surprised but perhaps none as much as Jounouchi himself, who is basically the last to know.
26 - The entire Dirty Dancing OST. I'm kidding--but someday I WILL share my devotionshipping playlist. It's really hard to choose so for now I'll say "Gameboy" by HBD.
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