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#jon snow
missdrake6 minutes ago
Hi!馃挅 I just found your blog, it's very good and you are so lovely! Can i request preferences with Joffrey, Jon and Ramsay about what would they do when they have a crush on a lady who always reads in a corner lonely and doesn't notice their obvious crush to her (actually don't even look anyone around her) practically, she is someone like who replies your questions with one or two word but not because they are shy, they just don't give a shit about everyone around them. What would they do to win heart of someone like this? (Sorry if it's too long read the rules but i just feel that i couldn't tell myself correctly, sorry :/)
Note: Hope this is how you want it to be, unfortunately Ramsay and Joffrey aren鈥檛 fluffy since it鈥檚 not in their character聽
Ramsay is honestly confused on why he鈥檚 interested in a lady who keeps their nose stuck in a book all day. It could be because of their wealth or that he likes a challenge. He gets annoyed when she answers his question with one or two words, continuing to ask until she gives him a proper response. Personal space doesn't really matter to him. Meaning Ramsay will sit or stand next to the lady, being too close to her liking. He might ask about the story she鈥檚 reading, but tune it out completely, as his eyes wander to places he shouldn鈥檛.聽
Joffrey, like Ramsay, is confused on why he鈥檚 interested in the lady who does nothing but read all day. He had an easier time pursuing someone like Sansa. Doesn鈥檛 matter how wealthy her family is, Joffrey is the king, she wouldn鈥檛 be able to reject him. Joffrey would invite her to attend feasts and festivals, having her sit near him. To make her at least take some liking to him, Joffrey would ask about the books she read, but obviously not seeming interested. Whenever he鈥檚 at the balcony, he makes sure to look for the lady sitting in the corner.聽
Jon is the most accepting out of the three. Jon already doesn鈥檛 know how to act around a girl. He mostly watches the lady from afar and it has to be Robb who pushes him to talk to her. He tries, he really does, but Jon feels like leaving when they don鈥檛 seem interested in the conversation. Though the time he truly bonds with the lady is when they鈥檙e both alone. Jon isn鈥檛 a lover of books, but it鈥檚 clear she鈥檚. He would ask about the story she鈥檚 reading and have her explain the plot. Eventually, she comes to enjoy Jon鈥檚 company the more he comes around.
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starrnobella2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Title: Waking Up in Winterfell Square Filled: I3 - Jon Snow Daily Ship - Your Crossover Ship Pairing: Hermione Granger & Jon Snow Rating: General Audience Major Tags: None Summary: Ghost saved her life from the cold. Jon brought her to warmth. Now Hermione has to figure out how she got here and if she can trust them - however that can wait until morning. Word Count: 1171 Link: Created for @hermiones-haven
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asingleoutlier2 hours ago
of ash and petrichor
Chapter 4 up!
Word count: 27,058
Petrichor; from the Greek word 'petra' for stone, and 'ichor' for the blood of the Gods.
Sansa Stark, daughter of Eddard and Catelyn, abandoned the Seven after her father's head rolled to her feet at the Sept of Baelor. She is haunted in dreams by men and burning swords plunging into her heart.
The spirits of the forest watch from Winterfell's Godswood, guarded by the young Three-Eyed Raven. A Dragon Queen arrives with two of her children, half-mad with grief over her lost third. Resurrected, Jon Snow is preparing for the Dead to march on the North. Their sister, Arya Stark, Faceless, is back from West of Westeros.
(of fire and blood, the Weirwood whispers, a prophecy of fire and blood.)
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seriouslyobsessed3 hours ago
Fanfiction Recommendations
A Song Of Ice And Fire/Game Of Thrones
鈥he many faces of the years that have changed us By chocolatecarstairs
"If you had to pick, who would be Old Westeros' Sexiest Man Alive?"
"Umm, Gendry. Gendry Waters. Oh, Gods, that's so embarrassing!"
-in which Arya has had a crush on her older costar for ages, and now she finally gets to act it out.
鈥eading between the lines By SomewhereBeyondReality
"Everyone knows what I鈥檓 from 鈥 what I am. I was never stupid enough to think a lady would want me." Arya Stark hears she is to be betrothed to bastard-turned-Baratheon-heir and isn't happy about it. Gendry thinks he knows why. (He doesn't).
AryaxGendry Week 2018. "That's not what I meant."
鈥layground Love By TheScarletGarden
A fluffy three-chapters story based on the prompts "Best friend's brother prompt. Dany and Arya are best friends, but Dany has a massive crush on Arya's older brother Jon" from anon and "Kiss #64: Being Unable To Open Their Eyes For A Few Moments Afterward" from Elegantfirepoetry (although you will have to wait for the last chapter for the kiss that was promised).
鈥e Ship It! By TeamGwenee
A series of one-shots and drabbles about Brienne and Jamie, from an outsider's perspective.
鈥valuation By ddagent
The student evaluations for the history department are in: Doctor Lannister and Doctor Tarth need to bang. Now.
鈥he beast of Casterly Rock By ChocoNut
For years, there have been rumours that Casterly Rock is haunted. To Brienne it is no more than a tale to be enjoyed over a drink and then brushed away. But when her father wanders into forbidden territory, she finds that she is a part of this story.
鈥nk on a pin, underneath the skin By janie_tangerine
Brienne seems to think about it for a moment, then she gets rid of her leather jacket, again, and while this time she鈥檚 wearing a regular blue t-shirt, he can properly see how exactly her arms are covered in ink, differently from last time.
Holy shit. He can barely see skin at this point, or better, he can, but it鈥檚 not smooth or uncovered for more than a few inches.
鈥淟et鈥檚 say,鈥 she sighs, 鈥渢hat I got one every time I felt in your specific situation.鈥
Or: in which Jaime really needs a tattoo removed and Brienne owns a parlor.
鈥hat for Destruction Ice By Darkmagyk
The Lady of Winterfell is unmarried but not a maid. She stalks around the keep and the grounds with the same grey eyes as Lord Rickard before her.
She sits in the great hall and hears petitions with the same steely look on her face that Lord Brandon had done when his father was away.
She trains in the yard now. To be a woman of war. The turn of her lip just as Lord Eddard鈥檚 had once been, determined and dutiful.
And in all these things, a boy trails after her, learning, watching with the same grey eyes.
鈥he Cowardly Lion By NoOne0_o
Tommen wants to be brave like Arya Stark. He asks her to teach him how.
鈥ogether, that's how it must be By irene123
Theon is Sansa's soul mate. Sansa never wanted someone like Theon to be her soul mate.
He was annoying before she was able to hear his thoughts. After, she was certain that it would be worse.
[She had heard all the stories, about how it happened the moment you turned eighteen, to the minute. How from that point on the moment you saw your soul mate your souls connected and you could hear their thoughts, see their memories. She had read all the stories she could find, the ones they talked about in school. She was fascinated by it all. She couldn't wait for it to happen to her.]
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nooneeverlookedforagirl5 hours ago
Let me give you the Game of Thrones we all wanted. Not just me and you, but D&D too. They wanted the unexpected and the thrill, we wanted the characters. These are not mutually exclusive.
Arya Stark kills the Night King, but not alone.
Jon makes it to his last little brother just in time to see a battered and bloody Theon cut down defending him. The Night King is injured, but not defeated. He has no interest in meeting Jon head on, so he sends the wights to do so while he advances on Bran.
Rhaegal, wounded but loyal, appears to burn the wights who would have stopped him. Jon has no time to be in awe of the dragonfire which saves his life, only time to charge straight at the Night King and fight. This is why he left his black brothers to die, after all, for Ned Stark's last son. He could not save Robb, could not fight beside him, but he will give his life for Bran if need be.
Yet the Night King cares nothing for honor. Wights gone, he summons his generals. Two White Walkers rush to his defense, preparing to kill Jon, but they do not make it across the courtyard before it is filled with wolves. The largest of them, a she-wolf as large as a pony, leads her pack in the charge. Nymeria cannot kill the White Walker, but she and her pack rip them limb from limb, the screams like nothing Jon has ever heard.
Cruel and careful, the Night King uses his distraction to knock him off his feet. As the killing blow comes down, Jon sees something behind the Night King. Silent as any shadowcat, Arya has snuck into the godswood, into the battle. She drags her blade across the White Walkers throat, and he turns into a rush of blood and a shattering of ice shards.
All of his wights fall with him, but there are other White Walkers yet remaining. Somewhere beyond the walls of Winterfell, Rhaegal and Drogon obey their mother, and turn their wights into nothing more than ash. Relieved of the great burden of the living dead, the men rally to kill the remaining White Walkers. Grey Worm kills one and Sandor another, while Brienne claims two. Under the watchful eyes of the ravens, none escape.
The Starks do not notice this. Jon hugs Arya tight, there in their father's godswood covered with the fallen dead, and cries for the first time since he woke from darkness. Arya, who might have been No One except that she could not forget Jon Snow's smile, pulls him back to Bran and holds him tight.
This is how the dawn is won.
Afterward, the Starks rally their men to march North. Cersei awaits them, enthroned in Kings Landing, and she has hurt them too much to forget. Sansa, afraid and angry, whispers in Tyrion's ear before he goes. She has known no benevolent monarchs and no merciful women once they have their power. Lysa, Margaery, Cersei, all of them turned against her. So she gives up the secret she has sworn to keep, for the offer of a crown on her brother's head. Arya and Jon head south with the army, but Sansa has sworn never to leave the North again.
As they march south, Daenerys frees Riverrun, naming Edmure and his new daughter her rightful rulers, and meet with the remaining 30,000 men from the Vale. Anya Waynewood remembers Queen Visenya's visit to the Eyrie; she does not need a reminder of why the Vale kings knelt to the Targaryens. When they reach Kings Landing, the Reach awaits them, some 10,000 men rallied from the shadow of Highgarden and Horn Hill.
Plans are formed and ravens sent, but when the armies are gathered the queen remains on Dragonstone. In her place are Jon and Rhaegal, landing before the city and calling the forces to attention. Sansa was not wrong. Tyrion and Varys would sooner a man sit the throne than a woman, birth and expulsion aside, and so would most of the realm. Their greatest challenge had been convincing Jon, reborn without purpose, conqueror of the White Walkers, King in the North, Jon, that he deserved his father's throne.
Tyrion presents an impassioned plea, including a warning of the threat the coldness between his sisters and the queen carried. Sam, crippled yet alive, gives him papers supporting his claim and his late father's writings, which name his son Aegon as the Prince Who Was Promised. Varys, the Mad King's most trusted advisor, is quick to support these claims. After all, why would a Stark bastard be brought back for nothing? He had won the Dawn. He had defeated the Army of the Dead. Now his throne awaited.
Aegon. What better name for a king?
So it is that Jon names himself Aegon VI Targaryen, recognizing Lyanna Stark as his mother, and takes Kings Landing in a bloody battle. When it is done, there is a new Sack of Kings Landing, the city half afire and the Red Keep in ruins, but there is a new king.
Ned Stark had tried to save Cersei's children, but she has no more of them. Jon condemns her for usurping the throne, destroying the sept, and the murder of his father. Rather than executing her, he sends her to the dungeons she had fostered to die as Unella and Tyene and Falyse Stokeworth had.`
Then he turns his gaze to the rest of the realm, demanding obedience. Both Targaryen and Stark had suffered too long under lesser houses. Under Tyrion's guidance, he uses Ellaria as leverage against Dorne and names Bronn the Lord of Highgarden. When the Reach rumbles with the Florent's threat of rebellion he burns Brightwater Keep to ash with her lord inside, and gives the land to Melessa Tarly for her son's service.
A king needs a queen, and Daenerys had been rejected by his advisors. Alys Waynwood and Jynna Mallister are called to the capitol to see the king, although Jon refuses to entertain any of Tyrion's cousins. Both of them are rejected, and Jon insists a Northern girl be summoned, one who worships the Old Gods. The Faith doesn't like that, but aren't in a position to protest yet.
Cersei's screams can be heard from the dungeons, and Tyrion can't bring himself to go down and see her. The sister that he had fought so hard to help would blame him for this fate, he knows. He bars Jaime from the capitol, shipping him back to Winterfell and his lady knight with a hundred men as guards.
House Yronwood, now wed to Oberyn's last daughter, have no interest in rejoining the realm. Jon threatens to kill Ellaria and send them her head, but what does Yronwood care about a bastard who had murdered Doran Martell, when compared to a man usurping the name and throne belonging to Elia's son? She is not Sarella's mother, and Jon will not wed their princess.
When Yara Greyjoy declares her independence behind their own, Jon prepares Rhaegal for a war. They fought against Robb and weakened him, what does Jon care for their houses or Daenerys' promises? The Iron Islands will belong to the Iron Throne or they will be dust and ash.
Daenerys isn't dead.
Varys poisoned her, but she is a Targaryen and they have always resisted poison and illness better than most. For many days she is too weak to get out of bed. When at last she can stand, Grey Worm admits to her that Rhaegal is gone and Jon Snow rules in Kings Landing. He sits on her throne, but she cannot fight against her son.
For some time she is forced to stay on Dragonstone to recover. It is during this time that a ship full of Dothraki arrives. It is largely young men eager to join her men, but two women are on the ship as well. Ornela, the khaleesi who had helped her in Vaes Dothraki, and Jhiqui, Irri's sister. Her bloodriders, Aggo and Kovarro, who had joined her after Drogo's dead, had called for them.
Together they support her while she recovers from near death. They bring her food and wash her hair, they find food testers and sleep next to her at night. Once she had led her people across the Red Waste and fought for their freedom, but now they are her strength. One night, Dany sits with Grey Worm and tells him he is free to go if he wishes to. Her stoic war commander had refused, promising to see her home first.
But where was her home?
The darkness that has encompassed her life is finally broken by the arrival of a Volantene galley arriving in her harbor. Jon is not brave enough to war against her, knowing that Rhaegal would lose a fight against his brother, but Volantis was not afraid. They had sided with Yunkai against her, sending ships and men to their aid.
It is not the soldiers of the Old Blood that have come to Dragonstone. It is an old woman. Her spine is bent and her white hair so thin Dany can see her scalp. Her face is covered in scars, but her eyes are bright and black. She has come not for Daenerys Targaryen, but for the Breaker of Chains, the woman those in the Bay of Dragons still call Mhysa.
She calls herself Vogarro's whore, but the slaves in Volantis call her the Widow of the Waterfront. Nothing she has can help Dany. Instead, she brings a plea from the slaves of Volantis. She says that they are waiting. She begs her to come soon. Slaver's Bay may be no more, but the Free Cities still thrive. Children are bought and sold every day.
And so Daenerys rises from Dragonstone and leaves the Iron Throne behind. If she is not to be a queen, then let her be a conqueror, a rescuer. Grey Worm and his men rally to her side.
Her fleet is reduced, but so are her men. She takes them all, refusing to leave any of her people where the Westerosi might find them, and she summons Drogon from his nest in the hills. With him comes Rhaegal, her son responding to her call despite his rider. When they sail east, two dragons go with her.
Volantis, as Slaver's Bay before her, falls to fire and blood. Daenerys frees the city and gives rule over to her people, the freedmen who fought for their own freedom when the dragons came to their aid.
Months later, a ship with the last Lannister sails into Volantis' bay.
Daenerys is not there. She has gone north, to Pentos, to an old friend and to strangers. The Unsullied who remain in the city are no friends to the Sunset Kingdoms, and least of all Tyrion Lannister.
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dwellordream5 hours ago
I am oddly fond of the Jon is raised at Barrowton au, something about it has warm vibes
Horse boy movie
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nathansamers-blog6 hours ago
In case you missed
Kit Harrington just said that if Sansa told him about the army he would instantly got on board and not that Jon didn鈥檛 listen, but she talked to him with riddles and almost got him killed. Also she鈥檚 annoying and he just doesn鈥檛 get her (because she makes no sense)
Now I Stan KITN
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an-oranophobic-maniac6 hours ago
What is Kit saying about Sansa? I can鈥檛 bring myself to watch anything GOT related.
I feel you anon! I am like you too but today YouTube suggested this video, in which GOT celebrates its Iron Anniversary and released videos from each cast where there were additional things that got cut before. Here in Kit's video he had said Sansa could have told him about Knights of the Vale before the battle and her hiding it almost got him killed in the field. Imo that's not true. That's Kit's own opinion of Sansa. But that punch line was hilarious.
If there is one thing I agree with him about sansa, it's the fact that neither he or Jon snow does not get Sansa馃槒馃槒
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fineosaur7 hours ago
concept: nights watch gang as characters from satc
pyp and grenn as samantha and smith
Tumblr media
edd as carrie
Tumblr media
jon as miranda聽
Tumblr media
and satin as charlotte聽
Tumblr media
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myrhaelyablog7 hours ago
okay but Rhaegar 'I suppose I have to fulfill male expectations BC of duty and prophecies, but all I'm interested in is reading and girly things like singing and playing the harp' would gain many brownie points from Jon by his definite approval of and interest in Sam
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heavenlystarsworld8 hours ago
This is now a Jon snow x satin flower Stan blog.
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yeveria-roleplays8 hours ago
I鈥檓 finding it really hard finding roleplay partners. I really want a good Jon snow omegaverse roleplay. It doesn鈥檛 even have to be omegaverse. I want a mostly canonical story with Jon snow. With my OC. That鈥檚 all I want. But I can鈥檛 get people to roleplay with.
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rhiawriter11 hours ago
Summerhall Part 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淵ou came,鈥 Daenerys breathed.
鈥淚 did.鈥 Jon dismounted and began lowering to his knee.
鈥淧lease don鈥檛,鈥 Daenerys said. He stopped. 鈥淐an we just be ourselves this week. No titles?鈥
Jon nodded but seemed unsure of how to proceed. Their roles were their shields against everything else that lay between them. What were they to each other without their titles?
There was a blur of white as Ghost bounded into view, sniffing and licking Dany across her cheek.
鈥淕host, off,鈥 Jon ordered. The wolf slunk back to his master鈥檚 side and sat on his haunches.
鈥淚 never could understand why people found that wolf so terrifying.鈥 Dany wiped the wolf鈥檚 saliva off her face with a laugh.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e seen him in battle,鈥 Jon defended his wolf鈥檚 fierceness.
鈥淭rue, but off the battlefield he acts like a pup.鈥
鈥淥nly with you,鈥 Jon said. Dany tried to reconcile the wolf鈥檚 boundless affection, with his master鈥檚 cool politeness.
鈥淲ould you like to walk through the hills?鈥 Dany asked.
鈥淎ye.鈥 Jon tended to his horse and then the pair set out into the hills behind the ruined palace, Ghost prowling ahead of them. The sun was bright, bouncing off the piles of stone and making Summer Lake glitter. The birds sang brightly in the warm summer air.
Read the full story on AO3.
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anxiouschildsstuff11 hours ago
Ik I'm late to the party but I watched GOT in just 7 days and I'm so sad rn!
The finale wasn't just bad it was heartbreakingly horrible.
Totally unexpected and shocking.
Daenerys and Jon deserved so much better.
Even Cersei did deserved a better wasn't the kind of death I wanted Cersei and Jaime to have.
The kind of they deserved should've been like Cersei was executed by Daenerys and Jaime should've had a heroic death in which he keeps up his word or something.
And the night king deserved better than what he got!
Also why in the actual fuck would they make BRAN the ruler of the seven kingdoms!!?
And in the end the targaryens ( Jon and Daenerys ) should've ruled and they should've announced North as an independent kingdom.
Mygawd I could write a better alternative ending then the writers in the final season.
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fivesguy14 hours ago
Tumblr media
I'm finally at the point where I'm over my dissatisfaction at the Game of Thrones ending and begun to actually create stuff I like better. (Fanart and Fanfiction both)
I drew this when I came up with the inspiration for a fic which I subsequently wrote.
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weasley-adoptee16 hours ago
Who you should fight: Game of Thrones Edition
Your wish is my command, Anon.
JON:聽Damn, you really do aim high. If you want to fight Jon Snow, there's nothing really stopping you. He wouldn't want to fight you, but he would accept your challenge honorably. Perhaps you would win, perhaps you wouldn't. Jon doesn't really like violence. He was victorious in the battle of the bastards, but only with the Knights of the Vale showing up at the eleventh hour. And he would have given his life to the Army of the Dead if Benjen hadn't shown up to save him. So you might win, it's possible. Just be prepared for the Starks to send their regards if you do. With Bran's visions, there would be nowhere you could hide. With Arya's faces, you'd never know she was coming.
SANSA:聽Look, it's not exactly wise to fight a Queen. Something to keep in mind going forward. You would almost certainly defeat Sansa, since she has almost no experience in actual fighting, but that doesn't mean your troubles would be over. Expect the Starks, the Northerners, the Knights of the Vale, and Brienne to rise up and hunt you down. So if you want to fight her, be prepared to run for the rest of your life. But really, why would you ever want to fight her in the first place? Between Cersei, Joffrey, Ramsay, and Littlefinger, hasn't the poor woman been through enough? If you go through with this, you'll be fighting a sexual assault survivor. Think about that for a second. And then don't fight Sansa.聽
BRAN:聽Okay, okay, how about you just don't? This isn't about whether or not you should fight Bran, because to be honest - you can't. Bran is gone. Everybody forgets this but Bran is effectively dead by Season 7. So no, you couldn't fight Bran if you tried. All you could do is fight the Three Eyed Raven, and seven hells, why would you ever want to do that? Could you kill him? Maybe. He can always see you coming, but he doesn't carry weapons and he's paralyzed from the waist down. But who are you, the Night King? If you kill Bran, the world ends and the long night begins. Don't be The Night King. Don't fight Bran.聽
ARYA:聽Ahahaha...sure, go ahead. If you've got some sort of death wish, feel free to try and fight Arya Stark. I'd give some line about how the Starks would come after you but frankly, it wouldn't come to that. Arya wouldn't be in any danger and they'd be well aware. You do know this is the girl who slayed the Night King, right? The one who single-handedly wiped out House Frey? Realistically, the fight isn't even going to happen unless she's in the mood. If she is, expect her to toy with you for about ten minutes before running you through with Needle. If she isn't, then you won't ever even see her. You'll just get a knife in the back from whatever face she's wearing.
DAVOS:聽Seriously? You're going to fight an innocent old man who doesn't even have all his fingers? What are you hoping to gain from doing so? Does beating up old men give you satisfaction? Well, it shouldn't - unless we're talking about Pycelle. But we're not, so put those weapons away! Look, if you choose to fight Davos, you're very likely to win the fight. And in doing so, I suppose you could reunite him with his son and his surrogate daughter in the afterlife. But just do not fight Davos under any circumstances. For goodness' sake, what did he ever do to you?聽
THEON:聽In terms of physical combat, you could probably win this fight. Theon isn't shown to be nearly as strong as his sister, and he's also suffering from PTSD. So there's a very good chance that you could defeat him. But Yara is going to literally cut you into pieces if you do. With everything Theon has been through, don't you think he's suffered enough for his actions? Ramsay tortured him so much that he forgot who he was for a while. He castrated and flayed Theon. Kept him as a slave for three years. And even now, Theon is still recovering from what he went through. He still hates himself for betraying Robb. Just let the poor man heal in peace, won't you?聽
YARA:聽Go ahead, fight Yara. She's not exactly the nicest person, so she could use a good wake-up call or two. Her only real redeeming quality is that she loves her brother. On the other hand, she's Ironborn so she might just enjoy the fight. There's also the question of whether or not you would win, or even escape with your life. To which I say - don't expect anything. Yara is ruthless, and she doesn't play fair. She commands the Iron Fleet and they're loyal to her. This woman was her Uncle's prisoner. I think it goes without saying that she's tough. I doubt you could win the fight, but feel free to try.
SANDOR: This is the only character that would probably enjoy the fight, so go ahead and spar a little with Sandor Clegane. Don't actually hurt him, because he's obviously been through enough. But enjoy a nice, friendly bout with the guy and let him get off some steam. Of course, I say that under the assumption that you COULD harm Sandor. The guy came close to beating Brienne, and his final Clegane Bowl with Gregor ended in a draw. Plus he's like...huge. So not a good chance at winning. Even if you use his weakness, fire...well, he's won a trial by combat where fire was involved. Don't be a jerk, don't kill Sandor. You'll wind up on Arya's list for sure.聽
BRIENNE: To be honest, you aren't going to defeat Brienne unless you have exceptional skill and training in combat, and even then. The odds aren't in your favor. She's packing Valyrian Steel, and some heavy armor as well. Has Brienne ever lost a fight onscreen? I don't believe she has. Her weaknesses are emotional, not physical. In a fight, you don't stand much of a chance. Especially if she's trying to protect someone she cares about or honor a vow. That's her berserk button, so don't mention oaths. Or Jaime. Or Sansa. Really, Brienne is one of the most wonderful people in this entire series so why would you want to? Hang out with her instead.聽
GENDRY:聽This one is just a bad idea overall. The dude has all the skills of Sandor, without any of the discipline that Brienne has. Remember how the Rebellion was what Robert referred to as his glory days? How he ousted an entire dynasty because they had offended him? The Baratheons are known for their uncontrollable tempers, and we haven't seen much of this in Gendry, but it's there. Put a war-hammer in his hands, and you will never be safe. Just聽look聽at the guy. Have you seen how buff he is? Besides, Arya would聽definitely聽kill you, even if Gendry doesn't. He's such a sweet, upstanding guy to begin with. I don't understand why you would even want to. Don't fight Gendry.
JAIME:聽I suppose you could. The guy only has one hand now, so in terms of combat prowess, you would probably win the fight itself. Assuming Brienne doesn't get to you first. Either way, expect to deal with Brienne, and that's not someone you want coming after you with a vengeance. Even if you defeat Brienne, you still aren't in the clear. Tyrion may not be one for physical fights, but rest assured the man will make you pay for harming his brother. Someday, when you least expect it, you will pay. To be fair, Jaime does have some crimes he needs to answer for, but he also saved King's Landing. Really, just don't fight him. He already feels badly enough about his past.
CERSEI:聽Always fight Cersei. Always fight Cersei.聽 This shouldn't need to be explained. Think about everything that she's done. All the people whose lives she ruined. Whatever terrible fate you can inflict is one that she deserves. Yes, she's pregnant, but don't forget - the witch in Season 5 warned her that she would only ever have three children. That baby isn't going to live no matter what happens. I suppose you'd have to get rid of Gregor Clegane first, so bring Sandor with you for a double knock-out. Other than that, I don't see anyone coming to Cersei's defense. That's just how awful she is. Jaime might try, but I think Brienne and Tyrion would be able to restrain him. Yeah, just. Just fight Cersei.聽
TYRION:聽Damn, why would you want to fight Tyrion? So he made a few judgment calls that turned out poorly. He was always trying to do the right thing, and all of his decisions were well-reasoned. His entire life has been constant suffering. Do you really want to add onto that? Well, if you insist, you'll almost certainly win the fight. Being half the size of the average man and consuming alcohol on a daily basis would render Tyrion one of the physically weakest characters on the show. You could probably get away with it as well. I mean, Jaime would come after you, and hell hath no fury like a Lannister scorned. But like I said, he's not the strongest either. Just watch out for that golden hand.
DAENERYS:聽Should you fight Dany? I suppose it depends on your point of view. She's definitely committed monumental crimes, but she's also saved countless people. You have to ask yourself if such a divisive person deserves to live or not. Really, we could argue that point until the cows come home. The real question is - could you fight her? Ultimately, the answer is yes...if you get close enough. You'd have to get past her armies first, but once you do, she has no experience in direct combat whatsoever. An easy kill. That you could celebrate for ten seconds before Grey Worm or Drogon rip you apart. You can only ever tie with Daenerys, there's no winning.
MISSANDEI:聽Stop, stop right there. What are you thinking? You know this is how we got S8E5, right? This is what pushed Dany over the edge, so, just consider that for a moment. What would possess you to ever wish pain on such an innocent soul? Missandei deserves the world. She deserves to be free and happy. And you want to fight her? Go ahead. If you could actually land a blow or two, you might win rather quickly. But Grey Worm will rip you limb from limb before that happens, if Dany doesn't issue an angry "Dracarys" first. Actually, if they don't get there, then I will personally climb through the screen myself and fight you for threatening her. She is the purest of cinnamon rolls.
EURON: I will literally pay you to fight him. The man is begging for a punch in the face.
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dearxstorm16 hours ago
Lyanna Stark and her son Jon Snow! Both are roughly around the same ages 14-16!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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riderj12317 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Countdown to 1r0n anniversary (68/73) - favourite moment in every episode: Jon becomes a dragonrider, the flight of dragons, and Jon and Daenerys having their private moment - Winterfell (8x01)
You completely ruined horses for me. - Jon Snow
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xxunderlandxx19 hours ago
A Rant About Ghost
Or The Lack Thereof.聽
Not only was there a severe lack of Ghost in Season 7 & 8, but was anyone else disappointed by his size?聽
I mean Ghost has been wandering north of the Wall for years, relatively by himself. No doubt getting into any number of fights with Shadow Cats and Snow Bears and elk. He鈥檚 an apex predator, with very little competetion. And in the books, Direwolves are said to grow as large as ponies鈥攆rickin horses! C鈥檓on!聽
Also, why didn鈥檛 we get at least one [1] scene between Dany and Ghost? WHYYYYY?! What about Ghost sleeping in Dany鈥檚 bed and Jon scolding him and Ghost refusing to move?聽
What about Ghost refusing to leave Dany's side because he can聽鈥榮ense鈥 boatbaby-that-wasn鈥檛? What about Ghost being so accepting of Dany, and the Northern Lords see this鈥攁 living symbol of House Stark and the Old Gods鈥攁nd they conclude聽鈥淲ell, if the direwolf likes the Dragon Queen, than that's good enough for us.鈥
What about Sansa feeling insecure and jealous because Jon is the only one with a direwolf anymore and it lend more credibility to his Stark-ness. Surely, that's a more compelling point of contention than whatever the writers were trying to pull.
What did we do to deserve this miserable fate?聽
Tumblr media
Even the Jon / Ghost scene in 8x06聽鈥淭he Iron Throne鈥 was just a rerendering of the scene from 4x05聽鈥淔irst Of His Name鈥濃攚e couldn鈥檛 even have an original scene. :鈥(
Tumblr media
(Although I鈥檓 willing to concede that Ghost is well rendered in the finale; look at how beautifully majestic he looks)聽
Also; who's STUPID idea was it to put Ghost in the calvary charge in 8x03聽鈥淭he Long Night鈥?! What possible use is Ghost going to be against literal dead men? He doesn鈥檛 even have some cool direwolf dragonglass armour!聽
...Shit... Is Ghost going to die in the books? He can鈥檛 possibly survive the Long Night...聽
Then again, I doubt he鈥檚 gonna survive the body swap with Jon either.聽
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