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#joining the new avengers was like...
kamamo1 · 11 days ago
Look I know that Doctor Strange has been in plenty of superhero eventsband started the Defenders, but I can't shake the feeling that he's slumming it whenever he's put on superhero teams
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ziracona · 7 months ago
When I played UD the first time my bro and I 100% called during the first scene what was going on with the killer plotline, except we thought it was 400% more extreme and somehow tied to the supernatural side too, but we both figured it out/guessed it and just were like “Honestly Same Though” bc sibling love u know, and spent all our energy trying to make right & praying buddy boy would decide to be merciful. Best playthrough energy I’ve ever had.
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worstloki · 7 months ago
Loki: I want to wake up with you for the rest of my life
Sigyn: I wake up at dawn
Loki, basically nocturnal: I'll make the sacrifice
#🥺🥺🥺#oh i'm sorry what was that marvel i couldn't hear you over the sound of headcanoning sigyn and loki happily living together as space pirates#the guardians crashed into thor why can't we assume sigyn crashed into loki in the middle of a getaway#oh oH OH AU where Sigyn's got the soul stone and she's running from space cops#the soul stone storyline was trash and shouldn't have worked anyways all it did was validate abusive relationships so we're cancelling that#Infinity War still happens but Thanos doesn't have ALL the stones so he goes to space to join the space cops and chase sigyn down too#so sigyn and loki are on the run and the avengers are chasing thanos who is with the space cops chasing sigyn (and also loki)#we're going to assume that maybe sigyn IS the soul stone kinda like the whole Avatar deal where it gets passed down the universe at random#or maybe she just ate it idk#so anyways they totally delay the snap and are ride or die for each other after 1 week of sharing a ship#if Thanos ever catches up to them and tries to snap Nemesis turns up and slaps him into oblivion#the Avengers show up and see Loki and go ''YOU!'' and Loki goes ''me?'' and Nemesis is like ''YES YOU'' and hugs him because Sigyn#maybe they kiss and there's no way the Avengers are attacking Loki after Sigyn the Infinity Stone Vessel just slapped Thanos into nothing#and they live happily ever after The End#end credit scene since this is a marvel blog and endgame sucked#anyone who wants can claim Loki is bad and point out his 'evil' traits and she just goes ''nah he's just like that and isn't it great''#it's because she's the only sane smart person Loki has properly gotten to interact with so anyways they live together in New York now#they're the friendly neighbourhood resident couple that you can ask for help taking down the latest city-destroying creature#The Avengers call on them for help every now and then and when they do they can't stop pointing out how sickeningly sweet they are#they're healthy and poke fun at each other and respect each other's boundaries and match aesthetics and mess up each other's hair okay
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worstloki · 8 months ago
has anyone considered a marvel ice skating AU yet
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companionjones · 9 hours ago
Same (5/8)
Fandoms: Marvel, MCU, The Avengers, Doctor Strange, BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Fem!Reader x Doctor Strange
Summary: In this chapter, we head back in time a bit to see Stephen and Reader meet, and what happened right before Reader met Sherlock.
Warnings: A bit of angst, but I think that’s it
Author’s Note: Head’s up, I’m not done writing all the parts to this. So if you’re following this story, there might be more or less chapters than eight, and there might be changes in chapters after I post them.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 (original chapter posted)
Tumblr media
    Stephen spotted you as he descended the main staircase in New York’s Sanctum Sanctorum. “I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong address.”
    You were standing in the foyer. “Nope. I know where I am. You’re Dr. Strange.”
    He nodded. “That I am. May I ask who you are?”
    “Y/n L/n,” you happily answered. “Well, I’m better known as S/h/n.”
    Strange reached the bottom of the stairs. He narrowed his eyes. “What do the Avengers want?”
    You shrugged. “We’ve heard about you. We know you’re powerful, and we think you’d be able to do more good as a member of the team. What do you think?”
    “Uh, I’m good,” he turned you down with a bit of a sarcastic tone. “I do all the good I want to here.”
    “Okay,” you chuckled. “It was nice meeting you. I hope we see each other again. Have a lovely day!” You have a cheerful goodbye, and left a business card on a table on your way out.
    The next time you saw Strange, ironically, it was after he joined the Avengers. “Look who it is,” you smiled as you entered his quarters at the Avengers Compound. He still lived at the Sanctorum, but Tony still made a place for him at the compound. Because of course he did.
    Steven was still unpacking. He glanced up at you, “I will be splitting my time between here and the Sanctorum.” He sighed, “I realized I could help more here.”
    “Good,” you giggled. “My room’s down the hall.” You gestured to your right. “Third door on the left...Welcome to the Avengers, Dr. Strange.”
    A couple months passed, and Stephen settled into the routine of working at the Sanctum Santorum during the weekdays and visiting the Avengers Compound on the weekends. The doctor was also on call for any disaster the Avengers might need him for.
    Whenever Strange was at the compound, it was a sure thing that you’d be with him. The two of you had quickly become inseparable. You often asked him questions about his abilities. “So there really are infinite dimensions out there? Like there are infinite yous and infinite mes?” You had one of his pillows in your lap, and you were sitting criss-cross on his bed.
    Steven was sitting in a chair by a window. His right ankle was resting on his left knee. A book was open in his lap. Strange casually answered you, “Yep.” He then inhaled deeply, thinking. “I could show you some...other universes, that is.”
    “Wait, really?” Your eyes went wide. You set the pillow down next to you. You were already ready to go.
    Strange chuckled. “Yes.”
    “Can we...go now?”
    He looked at you. “Now?”
    Steven sighed, “...Sure.”
    “Oh my god! Yes! This is so exciting!” You jumped out of his bed as you giggled.
    Strange chuckled at your antics. “Alright. Stay right next to me. Usually, travelling between dimensions can be very jarring. I’m going to use a method I discovered, where we travel using the ring portals.”
    “Is this called ‘The Strange Method’?” You tried your absolute best to hide your smile. You failed miserably.
    He gave you the side eye. “Are you done?”
    “Yep,” you chuckled. You saw that Stephen was smirking a little, too.
    “Alright.” He opened a portal. “Shall we?”
    Steven showed you several dimensions. Some were normal-looking, with only a few differences from your reality; and others were down-right bizarre with bright matter and creatures you did not recognize.
    While the two of you were in one of the visually familiar dimensions, Strange got a call from Wong. He was needed back at the Sanctum Santorum for something.
    “That phone works in different dimensions?” you questioned in a laughing tone.
    Stephen laughed, too. You had gotten him to loosen up quite a lot that day.
    He replied, “Be nice. Me, Tony, and Bruce spent weeks getting this phone to work.”
    “I see...Stephen, could I stay here while you go deal with that?”
    That surprised him. “You want to stay here?”
    “Just to have lunch. It’d be pretty cool to eat in another dimension. This one has the same food and money, right?”
    Strange nodded. “Most things are the same here. Are you sure, Y/n?”
    “I am. Are you okay with this?”
    A bit distracted, Stephen repeated your words, “I am...Okay, I’ll come back in two hours exactly.”
    “I’ll meet you right here,” you promised.
    Stephen was still a little hesitant. “You’ll...stay safe?”
    “Of course. Do you know a safer person?” you asked, then remembered exactly who you were. “Bad example. I’ll be fine, Strange.”
    He sighed heavily. “Okay. Two hours.”
    “Two hours. I’ll buy you lunch, too,” you smiled.
    He still seemed unsure.
    “I’ll be fine,” you told him again.
    Stephen searched your eyes. “Okay.” He leaned forward to kiss your forehead. “I’ll see you in two hours.” He stepped away from you and ducked down an alleyway.
    Two hours. That was all it took for everything to change. You met Strange where the two of you agreed. It was so hard not to spill all your thoughts to Stephen once you saw him again.
    “Hey, Stephen,” you greeted him quietly, “How’s the Sanctum?”
    “Fine,” he replied, “Wong was just worried about something in Hong Kong. It was nothing. We fixed it.”
    “Good,” you nodded.
    Strange furrowed his brow. “Did something happen?”
    You had to physically push your answer out. “Yes.”
    Immediately, he was worried. “Are you okay?”
    “Yes, I’m fine.” You put a hand on his arm. “I promise, okay? It’s just...I think I want to stay here?”
    He resteadied his feet. “What?”
    “I know it’s sudden.”
    “You’ve only been here two hours!”
    “I know! I know...Let me show you something.”
    You walked Strange a couple streets over, to Baker Street. There, the two of you spotted two men entering address 221. One of them looked exactly like Stephen would without a beard.
    “Would you look at that,” Strange commented on the sight.
    You explained, “That’s Sherlock Holmes, and his friend there is John Watson.”
    “Watson looks exactly like Agent Ross from the CIA,” Strange pointed out.
    Your eyes widened. “Oh my god, he does!”
    Strange wondered, “Why did you take me here?”
    “Those two men want me to move into the spare apartment in that building,” you revealed.
    Strange was understandably confused. “And you’re just going to do that?”
    “Well...if I’m being honest, I’ve been thinking about leaving the compound for a while now,” you admitted, “And Sherlock...”
    “What about Sherlock?”
    You sighed, “He’s an extremely clever man, a detective. Stubborn, too. Sherlock convinced me to go along on a case with them when I helped them chase down a suspect. We solved that case within the hour. Sherlock asked me if I wanted to partner with them officially.”
    Strange wasn’t convinced. “What is it about Sherlock specifically though?” he questioned roughly.
    You ducked your head and rolled your lips. “I guess I form attachments too easily. Even to people who don’t feel the same. I mean...that’s what happened with you.” You swallowed at your confession. You turned your gaze back up Stephen.
    The doctor almost looked hurt. “Is that why you want to leave? Because of me?”
    “What? Like you could ever feel the same way.” You laughed bitterly, but then you caught his eye again. What you saw made your heart drop.
    So many emotions were hidden in his eyes-too many emotions.
    “Oh, Stephen...” You placed a hand on his cheek. Your voice was raw. It was too late for the two of you then. “ I think I need to go.”
    He put his own hand on yours to hold it in place.
    “Tell the others I’ll come back once a month to check on things. Never come to the flat, okay? If Sherlock saw you...I don’t know what that would do to him...”
    Strange smirked, “Flat? Going British on me already?”
    “Maybe I am,” you chuckled, “And I’m sorry I didn’t grab you lunch.”
    Stephen joked, “I’ll hold that against you forever.”
    “If it’s any consolation, I didn’t have lunch either,” you chuckled.
    He laughed a little more. “I’ll come back for you on the 30th so you can visit the team.”
    You nodded, then leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek. “Goodbye, Strange.”
    “I’ll see you soon, Y/n.”
Author’s Note: Thank you so much for reading! Boy, I am so glad I was able to build on Reader and Stephen’s relationship. Fill up that heart and reblog if you liked it! I would also really appreciate a comment, if you have the time. If you would like to read more, I have more MCU and Sherlock fics over on my page. You should check it out. Thanks again! Have a nice day, night, or whatever time it is for you! <3 <3 <3
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vdlest · 9 hours ago
Let me take care of you
Tumblr media
TFATWS!Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader
Joining forces with John Walker is the last thing you, Sam, and Bucky want to consider, but after seeing the powerful force of the Flag Smashers, the three of you left with no other choice.
The original plan is to take out the flag smashers by you, Bucky, and Sam but after discovering how powerful they are, the three of you left with no other choice but to agree with the proposition of John Walker, which is he'll work with you. You hated the idea of working with that guy, knowing that he has some attitude and you hated his guts as well. He thinks that he can be the new Captain America just because he can wield the shield.
But what you hate also with him is the way he hit on you, acting like he's single and not married. Obviously, you don't care about it and you have no interest in him anyway.
"Hey," Sam called your attention while you're busy cooking for dinner, "Walker's gone to have a meeting with some officials, but he said he'll be back just in time for dinner," he said.
You groaned, "Great, I'll just put poison on his plate so our problem with him holding that shield is done," you joked.
Just like what Sam said, Walker is gone for a while, leaving you, Sam, and Bucky in the safehouse. Ever since Steve, Tony, and Nat disappeared in this world, you are always joining Sam and Bucky on their missions, and you enjoy it a lot, knowing that you'll get a training under them on the side. You learn a lot from them, from fighting up to things about life, and you are amazed by how they live their lives, especially Bucky. He's trying to get used to the modern world even though he's clearly having a hard time surviving and understanding this modern world.
"We just have to endure the next few days with that douche, then after this mission, we're all going back home!" Sam exclaimed. He's excited to go home because of his sister's birthday celebration, you and Bucky are also invited by the way, "Hey, where's Bucky?" he asked you.
You turned your head around to glance at Sam, "I think he's out for a wa--"
Before you could finish your sentence, you heard the front door shut. Seconds later, Bucky is walking inside the kitchen, joining you and Sam. He's holding two brown paper bags.
"There he is," you said, moving your eyes back to your cooking.
"Where have you been?" you heard Sam asked Bucky.
"I bought bread for tomorrow's breakfast," Bucky replied.
"Oh, that's great. Anyway, I'll just make a call," Sam said before leaving you and Bucky in the kitchen.
You saw on your peripheral Bucky is fixing the supplies he bought, you thought he'll disappear after he finished doing that, but to your surprise he walked towards your side, handing you a box of God knows what.
"What is this?" you asked him, moving your eyes from the box he's handing you to his eyes.
"That's a medicine box, treat your bruises and your cuts," he said casually.
You accepted the box, "Thanks, Bucky."
He gave you a small smile, "Welcome," he answered. "Do you need help? Or anything?" he asked you.
"Oh, no," you shook your head, "I'm almost done anyway, but thanks for asking."
After making sure that you don't need his help, he excused himself and went to the living room. You're all alone now in the kitchen and you can't help but smile at the idea of Bucky being so gentle and soft with you.
You've known Bucky as the grumpy old man trapped in a young man's body, but you knew he was just having a hard time dealing with his own life, especially after he gained his freedom. You would see him being hard-headed and being hot-tempered at times, but not with you. He'll be soft with you when he's talking to you. No matter how busy he is, he'll take his time to help you or accommodate you in any possible way.
Your heart says there must be something special blooming and brewing between you and Bucky, but your mind says you should never jump to a conclusion and assume anything. It's hard to get hurt, especially when you and Bucky have a great partnership in every mission and have a good friendship.
But sometimes you'd see yourself smiling from ear to ear as you think of the sweet and gentle gestures he's making towards you.
After dinner, Sam made the dishes while you, Bucky, and John are in the living room, discussing what action should you guys take in dealing with Karli. John kept on insisting that once you caught her, Karli should be taken down immediately, but you and Bucky, as well as Sam, think that maybe violence is not the solution after all.
"You want to take it easy on her?" John asked, sitting across you, "She's the one who put herself into this situation in the first place. So she might as well pay the price."
"Pay the price?" you scoffed as you glare at John, "Do you really think violence will put an end to another violence? It won't. Karli is young, she's confused, she's longing, she's lonely. We should hear her out first."
"Then, what?" John asked.
You're about to answer John when Bucky interfered.
"Then we will take it from there," he said. Your eyes moved to where he is sitting and you saw him resting his eyes.
Bucky can actually understand why you want to give Karli a chance to explain and let her side be heard. Everybody deserves a chance, just like Bucky.
"Yeah, we will take it from there," you repeated, looking at John again, "Anyway, the point is we should not take it so hard on her."
"Hard on her? Come on, sweetheart, she killed lots of people alre--"
"What did you just call her?"
You and John's gazes when to Bucky, whose eyes are now open and giving John a deadly glare.
"Call who what?" John asked, puzzled by Bucky's interfered question.
"What did you just call her?" Bucky asked as he points his finger towards you, "What did you call y/n?" he repeated, this time he mentioned your name.
"Sweetheart?" John shrugged his shoulders.
Bucky stood up, "She's not your sweetheart so don't call her that. You understand me?" he is now in front of the sitting John, glaring at him still, "You don't get to call her with that nickname especially when we all know you're already married!"
You are confused with what's happening to Bucky, why he suddenly exploded like a timed bomb when he heard John called you with the nickname sweetheart. You are annoyed by the fact that John called you several nicknames for the past days you are working with him, but just like what Sam told you, you just have to endure the remaining days of his douchebag presence then you won't work with him ever again.
"Bucky, calm down," Sam finally entered the living room upon hearing Bucky's sudden explosion. He taps Bucky's shoulder to calm him down.
"Yeah, Buck, it's fine," you stood up and made your way towards him.
"Why are you so mad, Barnes?" John queried, sounded like he was taunting Bucky even more, "What? You jealous or something?"
You glared at John, "Shut the fuck up, Walker. You might want to stop your idea of taunting Bucky, you won't like what he can do to you," you warned him. "Bucky," you sighed and moved your eyes to Bucky, who's still fuming mad, "It's fine. Just calm down."
His eyes met yours when you squeezed his shoulder.
You already saw Bucky mad as hell, but this is the first time you saw him this mad involving you in the situation. You thought by squeezing his hand, you could finally calm him down, and you are surprised you actually did. You actually did calm him down.
Bucky gave you a slight nod before he stares at John again, who's still being a douche and giving Bucky a smirk.
"Let me tell you this once, Walker," he slowly walked closer to John, you followed him, just to be ready to stop him and calm him again, "We agreed to work with you because our force will be stronger and we can take them down easily, but you don't get to puppet us, you don't get to command us, and that includes not calling y/n with any fucking nickname you want. You understand?"
John chuckled, "And if I don't?"
"Then I will fucking make you."
Your eyes went to Bucky's hands, you saw his hands clenched like he's ready anytime to punch Walker on his face. John must've seen it too, he got a little surprised when he saw Bucky's hands.
"Bucky, enough," Sam said, trying to pull Bucky away from John, "Y/n, go and walk with him," he asked you.
You immediately grabbed Bucky's hand, "Let's go, Buck," you pulled him away as fast as possible.
When you and Bucky left the safehouse, he did not let go of your hand. You were the one who pulled him first, but this time, he's the one pulling you with him as you both take a walk outside. You didn't even dare to take your hand away from him nor even dare to speak, you're too scared of his silence and the way he clenches his jaw.
But when your feet are dying already from a so long walk, you finally had the urge to speak up.
"Barnes, I am not a super soldier like you, okay?" you said as you stopped from walking, making him stop as well, "Can we just take a rest for a while?" you asked him.
He sighed, "I'm sorry."
"No, it's okay. I just really want to take a rest for a while," you told him. You have no problem taking a walk with him, whether it's a long or short walk.
You two saw a bench not so far away from where you two stopped, the both of you made your way on the bench and sat down there. You were in the middle of stretching your legs when Bucky suddenly grabbed your legs and put them up on his thighs, making your body twist in his direction.
"What are you doing?" you asked him.
"You said you're tired so I'm just giving it a quick massage, that's okay with you, right?" he's already massaging your legs and even if you feel embarrassed about it, you're too tired to resist, so you gave him a nod.
You watch Bucky as he massages your legs and the back of it, his massage gave you relief and felt relaxed even for just a second. But the confusion of his sudden outburst a while ago kept bugging you. He was so angry at Walker and the only time you'd see him that mad is during a failed mission, clearly, this one's not a failed mission.
"Buck," you called him, he glanced at you with both of his eyebrows up, "Why did you do that?" you asked him.
"Do what?" he innocently asked, avoiding your gaze 'cause he knows what you're referring to.
You sighed, "Why did you yell at Walker? Why were you so mad at him for calling me nicknames?" you asked him.
"Do you like being called nicknames like that?" he asked you straightly.
"Then that's why I did it," he gently put your right leg down and massages your left leg, "I can see how uncomfortable you are whenever he'll call you with a nickname."
"But you were so mad at him, Bucky," you countered. You are not yet satisfied with the answer he gave you, "I saw how your knuckles clenched when he was taunting you. Your eyes are like a fire of a ball, ready to attack John anytime you wished. The moment you heard him call me "sweetheart" something triggered you."
He said it was nothing, he was just really tired and exhausted, and he got pissed when John called you another nickname as if he's not married. You knew he was lying or hiding something. When he said it was nothing, that he was just tired, his eyes weren't looking at you because you knew he was lying. His eyes and attention are both fixed on massaging your left leg, so when you pulled it away from him, his eyes went to finally meet your gazes.
His eyes are puzzled by what you just did. He can't tell if you're mad at him, annoyed or if you are now feeling okay that's why you took your left leg away from him.
Bucky shrugged his shoulders, "What?" he asked you.
"I don't believe you," you said as you glare at him. You stood up and started walking away from him.
Whenever Bucky will do something so soft and so gentle with you, you would find yourself confused about what you should feel for him. Should you follow what your heart says? Or should you believe what your mind tells you?
After a few seconds of walking away from where you and Bucky were sitting, you heard him calling your name, he was also following you on your way back to the safehouse but you're too pissed and too annoyed to care about his yellings.
"Y/N!" he shouted behind you, "Can we just sit down and talk first?!" he asked you.
"Just let me be, Bucky!" you yelled back.
"Y/N, I said let's talk!"
His voice was louder when he called you this time, and you could sense that he's pissed. This might be the first time you'll see him annoyed at you.
You stopped walking and you turn to face him, to see how annoyed he is with you.
When you faced him, you kind of expected his annoyed face just like when he and Sam will argue over pathetic things, you expected to see his fuming mad eyes like what he did when he confronted John Walker a while ago, and you expected him to approach you and held your arms harshly.
But none of those things happened.
"What is your problem?" he nicely asked you as he walks towards you, "Did I do something to offend you?"
You swallowed before you answer him, "Why are you like that to me, Bucky?" you asked him, crossing your arms in front of your chest, "Why are you treating me differently? Why are you different when it comes to dealing with me?"
His eyebrows formed a frown, "What?" he asked, very confused.
"Bucky, come on," you groaned and shook your head, "I am tired of guessing what's on your mind, I am tired of trying to read your mind."
"Then don't. Just ask me what you want to know! Just tell me!" he exclaimed, getting more confused about where this conversation is going. "Can't you just tell me what's gotten into you and our conversation turned into an argument? We were talking about John Walker and his fucking stupid nicknames to you, and now here we are, arguing on something I know nothing about!"
You walked closer to him and pushed him, "That's my fucking problem, Bucky! When you are mad or annoyed with Sam or other people, you are turning into a beast! You are ready to fight them! You are ready to attack them! But when you're mad or annoyed at me, just like now, I don't and I can't see the same intensity in you, your eyes, and your actions!" you growled.
"And that's a bad thing?" he asked sarcastically.
"Yes because you're God damn confusing me!" you swore.
"Where are you getting confused with?"
You look at him in disbelief. He still can get the point you're making, he is still as clueless as a preschooler.
"For Christ's sake, Bucky, I am getting confused about what I should feel for you! I am getting confused about what should I think of how you treat me! I am fucking confuse about how you think of me and how you feel for me!" you exclaimed.
It was a good thing that there are no any other people in the area. You could shout as much as you want, no one will notice you anyway.
Realizing that you just admitted to him that you have a blooming feeling for him, you looked down and shook your head.
"You really want to know why I'm different from how I treat you, with how I deal with you?" you heard him asked. "Then, look at me and listen," he commanded.
Something pushed you to oblige him. You took a deep breath before looking up at him.
"You know I had no one, I had nothing after the blip, I didn't know where to start, I didn't know who to talk to. Not until Sam offered me to join him in his missions and you knew how often we argue over little things, I was about to go on my own way 'cause I don't understand Sam and his ways, not until you joined us, not until you helped me realize things about Sam, about life, about you. I understood him and his decision to let go of the shield, but without you, I don't think I would understand it. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't understand how to enjoy little things, little details in life. I don't think I'd able to go through life without you, without your help," he cleared his throat and paused for a second, "I guess what I'm trying to say is you become the light in my world. I treat you differently because you're indeed different in a special way. Even if you annoy me sometimes," he chuckled and shook his head, "I can't stand getting mad or annoyed with you in just a second. Just by a simple glimpse of your face, your innoncent, and charming face, my annoyance, my anger, it's fading in thin air. I don't like it when John or any man calling you nicknames like sweetheart, honey, darling, or whatever because I don't like it, period. I guess you have this effect in me that I can't resist and I don't want to resist it anyway."
His long speech didn't bore you at all, even though you hated speeches, but this one? It's different. It's different because it's Bucky.
"You and other people may see me with a strong persona, with a hard heart, but not with you. I want to take care of you. I want to be part of your life. I want to be there with you all the time," his vibranium hand cupped your right cheek, "I like myself whenever I'm with you. I'm at peace, and I'm free."
The coldness of his vibranium arm was what you felt in the first few seconds of him cupping your right cheek, but as time passes by, you felt its warmth, just like how you felt his soft heart at that very second.
He was right. He has a strong personality. You were so afraid of approaching him before because you thought he'd shout at you, but he did not. It turns out that he has just having trouble connecting to other people, but not with you.
Your hand moved on top of his vibranium hand, "I would love that," he frowned, confused in which part you were answering him. You smiled at him, "I would love you to be part of my life. I would love to have you beside me all the time. And I would love to have you take care of me," you said.
"Then I will," he slowly pulled you towards him and claimed your lips.
The last time you felt love in your life was when you were still in high school, and it was a bad break-up. A bad break-up that leads you to stop believing in love anymore. But when this vibranium-armed man came into your life, even if you barely knew him, you still did not think twice about getting to know him or even like him.
His kiss is soft, but you could feel his hunger, his longing, and you don't know if that longing or hunger is meant for you. But you don't care, because you could feel his care and love as he deepened the kiss he's sharing with you.
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gxldendxys · 10 hours ago
the sacred timeline (or, a nexus events prologue)
Tumblr media
loki x avengers!reader
summary: The tale of the God and the Avenger, how it was supposed to happen time, and time, and time again.
word count: 5.1k
a/n: this is the prologue to nexus events, but can also be easily read as its own individual work! similarly, i wrote it as a platonic fic, but if you want to find subtextual romance you have my express permission to do that too. ok tbh i go crazy about the “and aren’t we all a little bit in love with our friends” type stuff so it might not be all that subtextual. alternatively, if you’re a nexus events stan bc of mobius and are like “ok but where is he?” i PROMISE there’s good good mobius time coming wednesday! anyways i DID make myself very sad while writing this which doesn’t usually happen when i write so ? be warned ?
The life that you had ended up in hadn’t been your first choice by any means. You were one of the last few of the generations who grew up without superhumans as a commonplace fact of life. When kids used to say that they wanted to become superheroes when they were older, it was still akin to proclaiming that you wanted to be a princess or a pirate. There had been historical superheroes, certainly. You had spent too much time in various history classes studying Captain America to ever deny that, but it wasn’t the sort of thing that you could feasibly make your life plan. Rather, it was just another dream for kids to outgrow, something that their parents would humor them for until they reached the age where practicality started to actually mean something. 
Practicality meant something to you, it always had. You were focused, the sort of person ready to keep their head down, do what needed to be done, navigate the world in whichever way you deemed appropriate. You certainly weren’t looking to join the Avengers, but standing in the meeting room on the helicarrier and looking at your new companions, you weren’t entirely sure that any of them had been looking for it either. 
Natasha more than the others, likely, especially given the fact that her partner had been compromised by some mind control powers that, if you were being honest with yourself, had you shaking in your boots. Tony and Steve too, in their own ways, having each chosen a life of heroics for their own individual reasons that you weren’t sure they would ever quite be able to see eye-to-eye on. Thor would’ve had no reason to meddle in the affairs of men had it not been for the fact that his brother was currently locked in a high-security cell aboard, and Doctor Banner was probably the only one out of the group who had been actively running away from the opportunity. 
And then there was you. You hadn’t been doing much of anything when Fury had sought you out, and to this day, you wouldn’t be quite sure just why he had. Sure, you had had some involvement in fighting for things you believed in in unofficial capacities in the past, but you were hardly a trained killer like most SHIELD operatives, nor a proper superhuman like Steve or Bruce. You were just a person, trying to make their way in the world, like so many other people before you. And yet, when Fury had asked you to join SHIELD, you hadn’t turned him down. Instead, you had donned your new jacket with pride, trying to ignore the voices in your head that told you you weren’t meant to be there. You were strong enough and smart enough, and even in the arenas you might’ve been lacking in, you could make up for it with a stubborn sense of perseverance and need to do good by the world. 
That, you were sure, was enough to make you a hero. 
And for the most part, you were right. It was easier to rise the ranks of the organization, make it through the intensive training and harrowing missions, and do what needed to be done when you believed so strongly in what you were fighting for. If you could save even one life, you had always told yourself, then everything else would be enough. If it was one more person in the world who could go home to their family, their significant other, their pet, that was all you needed.
So when you ran into Loki the first time around, when you saw him threaten that brave, defiant old man in Stuttgart, you knew that nothing would stop you until you had brought those he had already hurt to justice. Besides, though you weren’t on the same terms as he and Natasha, you were friendly with Clint, and you weren’t exactly fond of the idea of Loki using him as his own personal marionette. His status as a god be damned, he wasn’t above humanity.
When you were offered the chance to talk to him while he was locked in that cell, it took a great amount of deliberation for you to decide that you would, in fact, try to hold a conversation with him. You would try to get him prepped for interrogation, you had told yourself, or at least try to keep him busy long enough that he wouldn’t try anything. But even if you wouldn’t admit it to yourself, you knew that somewhere in your heart, you were hoping that if he just had somebody to talk to, he might change his tune. 
You were a lot younger back then. 
“Oh look, they sent me another member of the cavalry. Let me save you some time, this won’t end with you gaining any more information from me and, judging from your status as a particularly weak-minded mortal, it’s likely you’ll get your poor, insignificant feelings hurt.”
“Alright, calm down man, I was just going to see if you needed somebody to talk to,” years of SHIELD didn’t leave you that susceptible to a couple of mean words, so you pulled up a chair in front of the cage, watching as the god sulked towards you. 
“What could you and I possibly have to talk about? You’re of no interest to me, you’re just another target I’ll have to send your old SHIELD friend after.” 
“I don’t know, what does anybody talk about these days, the weather? Seen any good movies recently? Oh actually, I don’t think Asgard has movies, huh? I guess media’s a bad one, even though you seem like a theatre fan, based off of your… demonstration earlier.” 
“What could you possibly know of what I’m interested in? If this is a game to try to get me to reveal my intentions through a chat, I’m insulted that you think I’m that easy to figure out. Or I would be insulted, if your existence was of any importance to me.” 
You raised your hands, leaning back in your chair and looking at the god with a smirk on your face. Clearly, all that your politeness was doing was irritating him, but you could work with that. 
“You know, I saw this great play the other day. There’s not a lot of free time in my line of work, but we’re still based in New York, and a friend of mine wanted to go see the new Death of a Salesman revival. Have you ever heard of Arthur Miller, or is he too America-focused to have made it to Asgard?”
“I really don’t know how you can stand to hear yourself talk. Listen to you, droning on about something as inconsequential as Midgard theatre practices. If not for this glass that was standing in between us, I could cut out your tongue and feed it to you for your insubordination.”
“Well,” you sighed exaggeratedly, standing up from your chair and turning to Coulson, who had been watching from the back of the room. “I guess it’s a good thing that the glass is there then, isn’t it? Coulson, could you tell Natasha I think he’s ready for her now? He seems sufficiently riled up.” 
And with that, you waltzed out of the room, head held high. 
You kept your head held high through all the bickering, all the back and forth arguments between the people who were supposed to have formed a team, but when Loki managed to escape his glass prison, you weren’t able to keep up the same level of confidence. Coulson was dead, another life that you had failed to protect. The Hulk had been unleashed, and most inconvenient for you, you had the misfortune of running into Loki on his way out of the helicarrier, and he had left you with a parting gift. 
A knife to your thigh, a scar that would last the rest of your life, and that insufferable face he made when he thought he had won something. You had used all of your energy to escape the situation, to run away from the madman who was now loose in the world once more, but you would remember the look in his eyes for the rest of your life, you were sure of it. That would be the impression that Loki Laufeyson left on you. 
You had no kind words to say to the man in chains on the floor of Tony Stark’s apartment, no sympathetic glances as you stood in the elevator, weapon still clutched in your hands. Your leg was killing you, but you wouldn’t let pain flicker over your face for a second. You had been through too much that day to ever show any weakness around him. 
Loki’s legacy would be the scar on your leg, and the fact that when you closed your eyes at night, you heard the screams in New York, you saw the ashen faces of those who hadn’t been the lucky few you saved. If that was the last you had to see of Loki, it would be too soon. 
It had been pure happenstance for you to stumble upon him again. 
You had been aware of Stephen Strange’s existence for a few years at that point. After New York, you had decided to take a step back from Avengers business to monitor the few cases of gifted people that had been established in the SHIELD database. It was there that you learned of the doctor, but, as was the SHIELD way, he never bothered you and so you felt no need to bother him. 
You stopped paying attention to the SHIELD way as soon as you found out that the organization that you had dedicated so much of your life to had been HYDRA all along. Even still, you continued to put your faith into the Avengers, because what else did you have to put your faith in at that point? You put your faith into the Avengers, and you faced the travesties that occurred in Sokovia, and every step of the way, you found yourself growing a little more desperate to fix everything, yet a little less sensitive to the sheer quantity of bodies that seemed to follow you at all times. 
When Maria Hill contacted you to ask you to check up on Doctor Strange as a favor, you accepted it with relief. It was a break from all the other missions you had been on recently; you would just be having a chat with an unhostile party, something you needed all too badly. 
And yet, things never tended to be that simple, did they? It had been two years since Sokovia, and five years since you had had the misfortune of laying your eyes on the trickster god who just so happened to be falling through the ceiling of the sanctum as you entered. 
“I’ll come back later,” you squeaked, turning on your heel and preparing to bolt from the door, but tragically, Thor had spotted you. 
“Fellow Avenger!” He yelled, and you faced him sheepishly. 
“Good to see you again, Thor. Your brother… not so much.”
“Who, that one? He hasn’t been doing much more than watching theatre for the past several years, can you believe it? He’ll cause you no harm.” 
To this, Loki just glared, and you glared right back. 
“I still have the scar on my leg, asshole.” 
“I’m not going to apologize,” he sneered. 
“Well, I hate to interrupt this happy little reunion,” it had been a bit too easy for you to forget that Strange had been there, “but you really should get going, you know, Ragnarok is coming and all.”
“Wait, Ragnarok? What the hell did I walk into?”
“Ah,” Thor replied with a solemnity entirely unbefitting of the man you had worked with before. “The prophesied destruction of Asgard. Actually, we could use your might. Perhaps you walking into this Sanctum that we have been transported to was prophesied in turn.”
“It wasn’t prophesied,” Loki huffed. “We were just unlucky.” 
“It’s almost like you want me to help you. I’m a creature of spite, keep talking and I might just be your travel companion,” you turned to Thor, making it very clear which god you were addressing, “in all seriousness, though. I’d be happy to help, but I’m not too sure what I can offer in the matter of stopping an apocalypse.” 
“Your idiot friend is right, Thor, so let’s just be on our merry way now, shall we?”
“Loki,” Thor scolded in a tone befitting an older brother. “That’s no way to treat our guest who we just invited to Asgard.”
“Asgard will be gone if we don’t move quickly, so… Shall we?”
“Just a moment, brother. Please, I have seen your might first hand, and I ask for your assistance, from one Avenger to another. Asgard may just be depending on you.”
They were depending on you. Your Achilles heel, the quickest way to get you to comply. The promise of helping others. And sure, you had failed in that mission in New York, failed in Sokovia, but who would you be if you didn’t at least try, if you ignored a plea for help all together? 
When Doctor Strange opened the portal to Norway, you walked through, having long since forgotten why you were even in the Sanctum in the first place. Maria Hill would just have to wait. 
You had turned away when Thor and Loki had spent their last moments with Odin. It was not your place to intervene, and if you had been having any doubts about joining the two of them, those were only exacerbated when you saw the familial conversation. This hadn’t been your issue, you should’ve never come along, even if Thor had asked you so nicely. But there was no walking back now. Now, you were briefly stuck in Norway, Thor had his hammer destroyed, and their viscerally angry sister had arisen from a prison that her father had stuck her in. 
So yes, you were intervening in family manners you had no right to be intervening in, but at least Hela had now tried to kill you, so it was personal enough that you didn’t feel all that bad about it. 
What you did feel very bad about was the fact that you were hurtling through space, something you had never before done, and the viscerally angry sister was still far too close to you for comfort. Most frustrating of all, when Hela threw a dagger at the same brother who had thrown far too many daggers at you, he had knocked you off course, sending you both crashing out of the safe confines of the Bifrost. 
That was the story of how you crash-landed on Sakaar in an ungraceful heap with the Asgardian God of Trickery and Mischief, and it was a story you would remember forever. 
The other details were more pleasant, but equally hurtful to remember. 
You remembered the choice words that you had screamed at the god and that he had screamed in return when you found yourselves in a junk heap, and you didn’t remember who relented first. What you did remember was that before you could make the wise decision to lower your voices, you were being approached by a group of scrappers. What you remembered was them escorting you to the Grandmaster and watching Loki talk his way into his good graces. You remembered claiming to be his lover so that you wouldn’t get thrown into the fighting ring. 
You would never know why Loki had gone along with it, and it was a question that would haunt you until you died. You would never be sure why he had nodded his head, accepted you into his good graces, called you beautiful in public. You supposed it was the fact that the Grandmaster had been a sucker for romance, and the longer you kept up this act, the less likely it was that he would ever question Loki’s true intentions. You assumed that you had become a new feature in his smoke and mirrors act, that your shared instinct for survival would allow you to put aside the animosity you felt every time you looked at him or every time a pain shot through your thigh when you walked. 
There was little time to discuss the implications of your situation, for as soon as you had been introduced to the Grandmaster, he had swept you around his palace, taking you from party to party, introducing you to all the people he deemed the best and most interesting. He had taken you to watch his Champions fight, and you would forever be proud of yourself for not showing complete surprise when you watched the Hulk barrel his way into the ring. 
It was only when you had been led to your room for the night to, as the Grandmaster had put so eloquently, “do what couples do” that you realized just what you had walked yourself into. 
When the door had closed behind you, you and Loki stood watching each other far longer than you should have. You kept your hand on the doorknob and an eye on anything that would have made an improvised weapon, and you could tell that magic was brimming out of him, ready to be unleashed at any moment. Still you stood, and when neither of you moved to attack, you let yourself relax, just enough. 
You walked over to the bed, falling down in a huff. 
“I’m surprised you haven’t killed me yet,” you remarked. “We weren’t exactly friendly, once upon a time.”
“You haven’t yet tried to kill me either.”
“True, but I’m not exactly known for betrayal, unlike some people in this room.” 
“Well, the Grandmaster thought we made a lovely couple, and I will keep up whatever scheme keeps me alive until you become expendable.”
“Threat aside, tell me then, what are some things I should know about you? I mean, couples should know each other’s embarrassing childhood stories, after all.”
“Well, if you must know, there was this one time with a horse. More specifically, there had been a war occuring, and Thor had dared me to sneak onto the horse that was going to be used to in turn sneak into a city.”
“You were in the Trojan horse?” 
“...Yes. I was in the Trojan horse.” 
“Huh. I guess you used to use your powers for actual mischief as opposed to, you know, trying to take over earth.”
A glare. You smiled in return, and were eerily reminded of your conversation on the Helicarrier. 
“I deal in chaos.”
“Chaotic is one word for what that was.” 
The room was filled with an uneasy silence, and it became very clear to you that the chances of falling asleep in a room with him were minimal to none. Somehow, you suspected that he felt the same way. 
“I didn’t necessarily hate you on the helicarrier,” you said, watching as his brow arched. 
“And I thought I told you then that I didn’t care about your opinions of me.”
“No? Then why do you remember our conversation?” 
“I’m a god. I have a good memory.” 
“Really? I would’ve thought with all that time being alive you would be more susceptible to forgetting the little moments. I must have really stuck out to you.” 
You watched in delight as he huffed, standing from the chair he was sitting in. He began to busy himself with investigating the room, opening every cupboard, looking out the window. 
“Anyways,” you continued, not letting yourself be discouraged, “I didn’t hate you. I hated what you were doing, certainly, hated the way you were doing it. But you? I just thought that you seemed like there was some way of reaching you, I just hadn’t been able to find it. I haven’t felt that way about anybody I’ve fought since that day.” 
The last part was quiet, barely more than the sound of your breath, but you knew he had heard it. 
“I was ready to kill everybody on Midgard, if I had to, yourself included, and you were worried about reaching out to me?” The sentence was said mockingly, as if he was in on a joke and you weren’t, but somehow, you suspected your words had shaken him more than he was letting on. 
“That’s what I said, and isn’t that crazy? You’re right, you were ready to kill everybody who stood in your way, you said some nasty things about my tongue, and through it all, I was ready to give you a second chance, because clearly, nobody in your life ever had. I’ve thought about you a lot since that day. Obviously, I have to, I see your handiwork everytime I wear shorts, but it’s more than that. You were a starting point for so much for me, but you also broke something in me that day. I’ve just gotten so much more tired since meeting you the first time, but everything has seemed even more incrementally terrible than you. It’s strange, but I still wonder that if somebody had just been able to talk to you, the world might not have gone to shit. We would have never known about aliens, and superheroes wouldn’t be needed. I know you hate the Avengers, but don’t you ever think about the fact that without you, we would never have existed in the first place?”
“How dare you be so insolent as to speak to me that way?” His voice was dripping with quiet venom, and you were briefly concerned that you would find yourself at the wrong end of one of his daggers, but he didn’t move. You stood up, grabbing a towel and making your way to the bathroom, ready to get the stench of Sakaar off of yourself. 
“Just talking to you the way that couples talk, babe.”
Something changed in that conversation. Neither of you were sure how long you would be stuck on Sakaar for, and after having had that chance to talk as honestly as you assumed you could speak with the god of lies, your allyship became more explicit. You weren’t sure that you would consider yourselves friends, but you found yourself enjoying his company more and more. To keep up your ruse, you spent most of your waking hours together, and the man had a slew of incredibly entertaining stories to occupy you with during all the time spent sitting and looking pretty for the Grandmaster. 
He told you a variety of embarrassing childhood stories about Thor, clearly ecstatic to have somebody who wasn’t dismissing them as mere sibling jealousy, a lie told by Loki to harm his brother’s spotless, heroic reputation. He told you about the dawn of time itself, and all the empires he had watched rise and fall. He even told you about the theatre productions he himself had started, and you smirked victoriously. This was a man you had pegged as a theatre kid since the second he had opened his mouth around you, and you were remarkably pleased to be proven right. That was something else the two of you shared in common.
Every single word he told you might have been a lie. It could have just been a string of pretty stories, carefully tailored to get you to trust him and let your guard down, but there was the nagging sensation in your heart that this is what he had been waiting for all along. He had just needed somebody to listen to him, somebody who didn’t roll their eyes when he started to talk, somebody who actually thought that he was interesting and a worthwhile person to spend time with. He hadn’t been expecting to find that person in an Avenger, the very person who was supposed to hate him, but you hadn’t been expecting to find somebody that you genuinely cared about in the trickster either. 
And you did. It felt like an extension of the sympathy you had felt all those years ago, and it was easy to let your brain tell you it was a mistake, tell you that you were being foolish. But for a simple two weeks on Sakaar, you let yourself begin to see him as a friend, as your companion in one of the largest schemes you had ever tried to pull off, and you enjoyed it. 
In a lot of ways, that was the simplest two weeks of your life, which was a ridiculous thing to say when you were trapped on an alien planet with no means of getting home. Still, the food was good, the company was surprisingly pleasant, and you even found yourself starting to abandon the idea that he could backstab you at any moment. 
Of course, a tiger didn’t easily change his stripes, and when Thor made his way to Sakaar, you quickly realized that your hopes that you could befriend this man who had already caused you so much harm were just that: hopes, nothing grounded in reality. You watched him betray Thor again, and your heart ached despite itself. Had you truly been such a fool to think that he would just be your friend now that you had spent a measly two weeks in Sakaar together, had you truly believed that the very same being who had caused you so much grief, such an intense devastation could be somebody who mattered to you?
Yes, that same voice in your head that you had tried to extinguish after your encounter with him the first time told you. Yes, that was exactly what you had believed. 
And so when you were fighting on the Bifrost Bridge and you saw Loki approach with a battalion, you almost wept out of sheer relief. You had Thor, and Loki, and the woman you had now known to be a Valkyrie by your side, and things looked as if they might be okay, just for a bit. You felt happy in a way that you hadn’t when standing in a circle with the Avengers all those years ago, you felt like things might just be fine.
This was the cosmic purpose you had so desperately been searching for all your life, certainly. If being a hero on Earth had become more crushing than fulfilling, then maybe you could find a life for yourself amongst the stars, and as you stood on that ship, the vessel that was acting as a temporary Asgard, you thought that just might be possible. When Loki approached you one night, you thought that you just might be able to do it with another friend. 
“I am sorry,” he had told you in that moment you held onto so desperately all this time later, “and for what it’s worth, I didn’t hate the time I spent talking to you.”
“That’s about the closest thing to praise I think you could give a lowly mortal,” you teased, but the smile that was spread across your face revealed just how much it meant to you. 
“Well, it’s the least I can do, after all you’ve done for this planet that means nothing to you.”
“Everything means something to me in some way, really. I mean, I have a decent track record of being able to help people, but I won’t stop until I’ve saved more lives than have been taken around me, and if I have to go to space to do that, well. Here I am.”
“Here you are,” he said, voice soft. “Don’t you ever get tired of it?”
“I’m tired every single day of my life, but aren’t we all?”
“I’m not actually sure if that’s true. I’m not so sure everyone is this tired all the time.” 
“Well, as the god of lies, don’t you have jurisdiction on what’s true or not?”
“No,” this time, it was his voice that was almost too quiet to hear, but still, you listened, “no, there’s a lot that I don’t know the truth of.”
“You and me both, my friend.”
He never corrected you when you said that word. Instead, you had stood in silence, watching as space stretched around you, before he had gone off to find Thor. And to this day, of all the lives that you wished you could’ve saved, he was the one that hurt the most. 
You knew that death was permanent, gods, you knew that better than anybody. Even still, there had always been the small belief that even death couldn’t stop the huge, monumental feat that was being alive, that even something so permanent wouldn’t stop somebody from getting up and having breakfast the next day. You knew that this was denial, but sometimes, you had to deny. Sometimes, there was no other way to get through. 
When you watched Loki suffocate under Thanos’s hands, you cried, and you screamed, and you denied. Surely, just like all the other times he had escaped death, he could do it this time too. Surely, this was just like when he died with the dark elves, surely, this was just like when he had leapt off the Bifrost, surely, surely, surely. Surely this wasn’t happening, surely your entire body wasn’t restrained, surely you could go help him. Help your friend, help this person who you had cared about in some capacity since you had seen him in 2012, help the man who had so much growing that he could do, and he was going to. 
To this day, you thought about that last conversation that you had had with him on the spaceship constantly. It kept you up at night, alongside the screams of the New Yorkers, alongside the Mad Titan’s final act, when he had turned so many of your remaining friends to dust. Some days, you wished you had never had it. You wished that you could’ve remembered Loki for the stories that he told you of his childhood, for all the times that he betrayed you, for the time he had thrown a dagger into your thigh. But though you remembered all of those things in turn, now the legacy that you carried with you was that of a man who wanted to change, who had realized that he was more than the cards that had been dealt for him. 
That was Loki, you were sure of it. Not the tricks, not the lies, not the cruelty. That was your Loki, and you weren’t sure you would ever quite recover from the loss. 
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enkugog-blacktooth · 11 hours ago
Knights of the realm crashed thru the iron gates of the doomcaber keep with a large flaming burst of magic!
Slaying all in their path the orcs of doomcaber were caught unawares as the onslaught proceeded males, were slain as were the wolves the huts burned brightly only to allow Enkugog to awake and see the slaughter from his chamber window, quickly he charged out to fight only to have the entry of the keep give and fall on top of him..
Upon waking up and pulling himself from the rubble, and remains of the slaughter and siege, enkugog witnessed his home burned to the ground, the farms, charred remains the fields nothing but ashes, the keep razed to the ground, most of his warriors, slain. The women enslaved or left hung on trees raped and slain, the children left lying in the mud or taken...
Rage and sorrow filled the eyes of enkugog blacktooth as he sat on his knees roaring in pain for his people were gone, his home ruined, and once again left alone to pick up the pieces, the days of the doomcaber clan were over... A small orc child approached enkugog, saying chieftain... What do we do now? As the young orcling reached out to be held.
Enkugog picked up the child and replied i dont know for once my child.... I simply do not know...
The child started to cry, why would humans want to do this enkugog??
Enkugog teared up replying "hate does terrible things child we orcs know hate most as once a time we were slaves to it, but now for those orc clans that arent ruled by terror of an evil power, we are scattered to the winds, but like this dirt, the ancestors tell us we too can continue to grow, be better.." * enkugog takes a handful of ash and dirt* for my clans blood i will have my revenge... Enkugog growls, " child do you know what happened what did you see? * The young orcling told him a couple orcs unlocked the gates allowing the spell to crash thru them.... Can i come with you chieftain?
Enkugog smiles and nods aye lad or at least till we get you to another orc village where you'll be taken care of... * Enkugog hands the boy a hand axe and a pauldron bearing the doomcaber clan's sigil* never forget where you come from child, and never forget what humans are capable of... We shall one-day return, one day train hard and train well, one day i will call for you to join me once again to avenge our clan, our family
Xx end of RPxX
I regret to announce my clan has been decimated and several of my officers betrayed the orc clan and turned against me, but like all things change happens and sometimes good can come from it and i hope that this too shall help me grow, for those of you that follow my blog you know my clan is part of a real world larping group that in reality fell apart today, ironically in the most orcish way possible, infighting between warriors, the remaining members including my self agreed to this story as an understanding that we shall rise once more and start over, the orcs still loyal to me and my house will start a new clan which i hope will be better than ever before.
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lowkeyorloki · 13 hours ago
masterlist ♛
Welcome to my masterlist, where you can find my published works! Every fic opens in a new tab.
In each section (one-shots, headcanons, and multi-chapters), the most recent works are at the top. This means the further you go down, the older the fics become. I have written multiple drabbles on this blog, but they are not included on this page. Just search ‘drabble’ on my blog and they’ll come up.
As of 2020, my imagines do not use any type of pronouns or biological descriptions (i.e, breasts or genitalia) unless the fic is smut. This is to make my work as inclusive as I can.
Last updated: June 21st, 2021
🌶️ means the fic contains smut. PLEASE only consume if you are 18+
⭐ means the piece is one of my personal favorites
Enjoy 🐍
Harsh - 🌶️⭐
A sequel to Gentle that can be read alone.
You return to Prince Loki’s chambers.
Episode One Drabble
Mobius shows Loki the reel of his life, and Loki sees what he missed with you.
Gentle - 🌶️⭐
Your fellow chambermaids have often spoken about their experiences in the dark haired prince of Asgard’s sheets, but when you finally meet Loki in that way, it isn’t what you expect.
You’re sick, and Loki wants to make you feel better.
Break Up
How a perceived breakup with Loki goes…
Loki tells you he’s sorry.
Thorns -🌶️
Author lowkeyorloki finally writes a sex pollen fic.
Happy Birthday, Loki
You know Loki’s birthday isn’t easy for him, so you ask what no one else has before: what he would like to do.
Grace Period - ⭐
Loki is in love with you, but you’re a mortal and he’s a god. You both need time to adjust to that.
Anger Management -🌶️⭐
Loki hates you. He’s begging himself to keep it that way.
This fic has been expanded into a multichapter called The Archetype on my ao3.
Stolen - 🌶️⭐
Loki takes and takes and takes. Then he finds you, with nothing to do but give.
Chaos And Control - ⭐
You’ve been assigned by the other Avengers to be Loki’s babysitter, essentially. They should have assumed your feelings for him would be complicated.
Loki’s Angel
It would have been better if you were like Steve or Thor, super-powered, but still normal. But you weren’t born that way. You were born with wings. A Jotunn! Loki fic.
The King And Queen Of Asgard - 🌶️
You and Loki are the new rulers of Asgard. You’re in the bathing chambers when Loki appears to… assist
Library Card
An AU in which you’re a librarian, and Loki fingers brushing yours as he hands you his card makes you blush
The Difference Between You And Me - 🌶️
Loki hurts the reader during sex, and she promises him she wants to continue
Love Is Not A Victory March
Loki catches you playing the piano, and decides to join
A Mortal Occurance
In a scene of domestic bliss, you and Loki ponder one of the Midgardian greats
Glass Warrior- 🌶️
You’re so beautiful, and so breakable. Loki would never forgive himself if he hurt you.
You begin to question the nature of your relationship with Loki as he calls you sweet names and looks at you with soft eyes.
Stay Kind
As you lay dying in Loki’s arms, you work up the strength to tell him one final thing.
Wounds- ⭐
You’re injured, and Loki shows a new side of himself as he nurses you back to health.
True Form
You’re intent on seeing Loki’s Jotunn side, even if he doesn’t want you to.
Release - 🌶️
A sensual situation from our favorite god’s point of view.
lbd - 🌶️⭐
After a fight with Loki, you wear the smallest dress you can to an Avengers press event.
Aftermath - ⭐
Loki always hated weakness. Because of this, you try to remain strong- even after being kidnapped.
Wine Drunk
The Asgardian wine Sif gave you is stronger than anything Tony Stark has in his liquor cabinet.
Tell Me You Love Me
You know it’s hard for Loki to be vulnerable, but sometimes, you need to hear those three words too.
An Heir
You have an honest conversation with Loki about the possibility of children.
3:33 In the Morning
You comfort Loki after a nightmare.
Loki experiences jealousy over a certain one of your past lovers.
Loki’s Perspective - 🌶️⭐
We always read about your first time with Loki through your eyes, but what is Loki thinking?
Phantom Pains
Loki can’t get his encounter with Thanos out of his mind.
Not the First, But the Last - ⭐
You ask Loki about his previous loves on Asgard.
A Different Loki
After Loki’s death in Infinity War, you awake to see him standing next to your bed… and it isn’t a dream.
Snapshots - ⭐
Having moments with Loki isn’t all that it seems.
The Wading Pools
Loki takes you to one of his favorite places in Asgard.
The Other Brother - ⭐
We all tell the story your romance with Loki through his eyes or your own. But what does it look like to the only other person who loves Loki as much as you do?
Loki returns from the events of Ragnorak after leaving you without a word, and finds you look different than he remembers.
Not His Tricks, Not This Time
After having a dream that may be telling of the future, Loki begins to train with you and become protective.
A Proposition
Loki is at a bar trying to forget you when a woman approaches him.
Loki awakes looking as perfect as ever- except for his bedhead, that is.
His Eyes - ⭐
After having a dream that may be telling of the future, Loki begins to train with you and becomes protective.
Through Loki’s Eyes - 🌶️⭐
Loki is so guarded around you. Now you can find out why.
Erstwhile- ⭐
You’re different than all the other girls Loki has been with. You’re sure of it.
Professor! Loki x You
A fun AU where Professor Laufeyson invites you to dinner, as he knows how bad the dorm food can be.
Burdened With Glorious Purpose - ⭐
Loki doesn’t have anything he came down to Midgard for. But he has you.
Villains have started to get wind of how much you matter to Loki, and soon enough, one takes you.
Loki gets candid with his love for you.
You’re engaged to Thor but in love with Loki, and it’s hard for both of you.
The First Time - 🌶️
You lose your midgardian virginity to Loki.
After Thor’s banishment in the first “Thor”, you confront Odin about lying to his second-born son.
Hate Unguarded
You promise Loki his Jotunn form does nothing to deter you.
What Now?
You ask Professor Laufeyson what will become of the two of you now that classes are over.
I Can’t - ⭐
Loki never wanted to fall in love with you. He isn’t sure how to handle it.
Loki is a god, and you were always immortal. This was always going to happen.
Shrouded Secrets - ⭐
This is what being in a forbidden relationship with Loki entails.
Loki patches up you, his Asguardian lover, up after a battle.
Soulmates (?)
Loki doesn’t believe in soulmates. He does believe, however, in choice.
The Battle of NYC- 🌶️⭐
You’re an Avengers, tasked with protecting the citizens of New York as Loki and the Chituari attack. You find Loki on the ground- but fighting doesn’t seem to be where your head is right now.
What Loki Learned For You
Deaf! reader x Loki request where he learns sign language.
Sleepy Mornings
Loki is cuddly when he first wakes up.
A fic inspired by the slander that was Infinity War to MAKE EVERYTHING OKAY.
Get It Together, Laufeyson
Loki isn’t sure how to tell you his true feelings, so he goes to Thor and Valkyrie for help.
I Thought You Were Dead
Loki is overcome with relief after you return to Avengers Tower.
The Throne - 🌶️⭐ (for a version with he/him pronouns, go here)
Loki sits on the throne of Asgard, and it’s everything he ever wanted- you decide to make his fantasy even better.
Loki and Lightning
For Loki, lightning brings less than pleasant memories.
Mythology Nerd
As someone who has loved and studies Norse myths for as long as you can remember, you’re thrilled to meet Loki- not that you would want him to know that, of course.
I’m Not Like Thor - 🌶️
Years of being compared to his older brother have taken a toll on Loki.
Thor’s a Flirt - 🌶️
…and he really should have known better than to court you in front of Loki.
You and Loki gradually grow closer and closer.
Loki x Plus Size! Reader - 🌶️
Loki is more than willing to show you how truly beautiful you are.
Five Kisses
Five different types of kisses, each to prove your love.
Charity Event
Stark is always forcing the team to smile for the cameras, but the world hasn’t been accepting of the love you found with Loki.
This is the fic that put me on the map! Loki struggles with nightmares, and you help him. You help your own.
Friday Nights - 🌶️
Loki comes to your apartment every Friday- in multiple meanings of the word.
Kiss Me
Both you and Loki know he loves you, but he won’t say it.
As you and Loki grow closer and closer, he notices the shift in his true emotions towards you.
Ceramics Artist! Loki
Loki x Mortal! Reader Headcanons
Types Of Kisses Loki Gives You - ⭐
Loki’s Most Common Words + How He Says Them To You - ⭐
Frost Giant/Jotun! Loki x Human Reader Headcanons - ⭐
Ways Loki Tells You He Loves You- Without Actually Saying It - ⭐
Loki As A Father Headcanons
Gradual Friends To Lovers Headcanons
Sad Loki Headcanons - ⭐
Does Loki Want Kids?
Random Yet Heartfelt Misc. Loki Headcanons
Loki Gets Headaches After NYC - ⭐
Sensual Loki Headcanons - 🌶️
Misc. Loki and Loki x Reader
Loki’s Vices - ⭐
Domestic! Loki Headcanons - ⭐
Random Loki and Loki x Reader - ⭐
Loki’s Jotunn Form Provides Him With High Levels of Stamina - 🌶️
Friends With Benefits to Lovers With Loki - 🌶️
Loki After An Argument - ⭐
Loki’s Favorite Positions- ⭐🌶️
Being Pregnant With Loki’s Child Would Include
Does Loki Like Vocal Girls?- 🌶️
Losing Your Virginity To Loki (Established Realtionship) - 🌶️
Dating Loki Headcanons
These are all stories I started when I was a lot younger. They won’t ever be completed, but I have left them up because people enjoy the little there is!
Betrothed: 1, 2, and 3
You and Thor are engaged, but it’s Loki you’re in love with.
Lugh: 1 and 2
Loki died, leaving you to raise your child he never got to know about alone. But then, Loki shows up on your doorstep, and neither of you know where to go from there.
She Shall Have
She Shall Have is a multi-chapter I started on tumblr but moved to ao3, where it is now updated every Saturday. It is the fic I am the most proud of, and I am SUPER passionate and excited about it!
Chapters 1, 2, and 3 can be found here on this blog. It is continued on my ao3, where I write under the pseud lowkeyorloki. Check it out and come say hi!
Loki Themed Asks- ⭐
You should also check out my ao3 ;)
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simpfornatasharomanoff · 13 hours ago
hiii i love your writing and I have a request for Nat x Supersoldier!R? I was thinking something pre-relationship or even during dating where Nat is trying to gain the courage to ask reader to be her girlfriend? maybe she asks tony for advice or if its a good idea since tony and r are best friends? thank you so much!
A/N: Thanks for the request! This one worked my brain so much lmao. My requests are open but not for much longer, so if you have one, send it through my ask box soon! I’m also going to be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! THIS WASN’T EDITED/LOOKED OVER SO I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR ANY MISTAKES!!!
Here’s my Masterlist! There’s a link to join my taglist!
Warnings: Use of weapons (Let me know if I need to add anymore!!!)
Word Count: 3,227
Summary: Natasha has liked you for the longest time. She finally decides to act on her feelings, but not before confronting Tony, your best friend. 
The Failed Mission
You used to be tiny. Not just tiny, but short and weak too. People picked on you and made fun of you because it was easy. That all changed for you, and it happened quickly. It was two years ago, but you still remember it like it was yesterday.
You’re walking to work, well, for the second time today. When you arrived at work the first time, your boss told you that you were getting a promotion.
You were so excited to find you were getting a promotion.
Your boss claimed that all the higher ups worked in a different building, so he had informed you where it was.
That’s where you’re heading now. As you reach the building, you falter. The building looks… Well, run down.
Nonetheless, you still need to work, so you approach the building slowly. As you reach the door and go to open it, people start yelling at you.
“Don’t move!”
“Move and we shoot!”
You immediately freeze, but move your eyes to look for the people. You see them on a balcony above you.
“Is this our new test subject?”
“Test subject?” You question. “I got sent over from the Hydra machinery office! My boss told me I got a promotion. He… he told me to come here!”
The door in front of you opens, and a man walks through. He smiles at you. “I’ve been waiting for a new test subject. I’m glad I’ve finally got one.” The man snaps his fingers and two men in padded armour come out from behind the man and grab you.
“Bring her to the injection area immediately!” The man says.
“Yes, sir!” The two men hold your arms - each holding one - and they start to push you forward.
“No! Please!” You plead. “Let me go!”
The men don’t listen, they continue to push you forward. They eventually push you into a room with a singular chair in the middle. They quickly sit you in the chair and close restraints around your wrists and your ankles. They leave the room, leaving you in silence.
You look around the room. There’s nothing else in here, just the chair you’re sitting in.
The man walks into the room, smiling evilly at you. “Hello, Y/N.”
“Let me go!” You cry out. “Please! I didn’t do anything!”
“I know you didn’t,” The man says. “I’m just gonna give you a quick shot,” He holds up a syringe. “And then we’ll run some tests.”
You eye the syringe. “W...what is that going to do?”
The man smirks at you. “Ah, you’ll see.”
The man sticks the syringe into your upper arm.
You immediately feel pain. You scream, the pain being too much to bear.
“Earth to Y/N,” A hand waves in front of your face.
You shake your head, clearing your daydream. “What, sorry.”
Tony, your best friend, looks at you. “What were you thinking about?”
“Nothing,” You say, picking the weights back up.
Tony watches as you go back to doing bicep curls. “Were you thinking about Natasha?” Tony asks, a smirk on his lips.
The dumbbells fall out of your hands and you stumble to catch them. You fail at catching them and they fall to the ground with a loud bang.
The other Avengers in the training room look over.
“Sorry,” You say with a tight smile. “They slipped.”
You bend down and pick the dumbbells back up. You set them down on the rack and turn back to Tony. “No, I was not thinking about Natasha.”
“Oh yeah?” Tony asks. “Then what were you thinking about?”
You sigh. “The day I became this,” You gesture towards yourself.
You’re not tiny anymore. Infact, you’re built. You’re tall and you’re strong too.
“I mean, I love my path,” You say, grabbing your towel from the nearby bench. “I just.. I don’t know. That day still haunts me.” You use the towel to wipe your sweat off your forehead. “I love being an Avenger. I just sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t become a supersoldier.” You place your towel over your shoulder.
Tony nods and tosses you your bottle of water. You catch it and take a sip. “I think we all think like that,” Tony says. “We all wonder what our lives would be like if we weren’t an Avenger. We all used to live normal lives.”
You nod, “Yeah, I know.”
“But, think of it like this,” Tony says. “You wouldn’t have met Nat if you didn’t become a supersoldier!”
You chuckle and lightly shove Tony. “Shut up!” You joke.
“Your job is to take down the Avengers, do you understand, soldier?”
“Yes, sir,” You salute the man.
“Good. Follow me.” The man starts walking, making his way out of the current room you two are in.
You quickly follow after him, making sure to keep up. He leads you to another room, but this room is filled with weapons.
“I was going to give you a weapon, but I figured I’d let you choose,” The man says.
You look around the room, looking at all the weapons that are sprawled across tables and the walls. There’s shields, swords, guns and daggers. You walk up to one of the tables. You run your hand on the side of the table as you walk by it. You lift your hand off the table and grab one of the daggers. You flip the dagger in your hand, catching it with ease. You place it in one of the holsters on your upper thigh.
You eye the other weapons, trying to decide which one you want. You grab a pistol and slide that into the holster on your other upper thigh. You grab a machine gun next. You pull the strap of it over your shoulder.
You turn back towards the man, the man who turned you into this.
“Are you ready, soldier?”
You smirk at him. “The Avengers will fall.”
You’re standing in the kitchen, standing in front of the stove. You push vegetables around in one pan and you flip three pieces of chicken in another pan. Being a supersoldier means that you eat a lot more than usual. It took a while to get used to eating so much more food than you used to, but now, you eat all the time - foods high in protein of course.
“Cooking some food, cooking some food. I’m gonna, gonna eat it soon. I’m hungry, yeah I am, that’s why I’m cooking some food. The food smells good, of course it does, because I’m the one who’s cooking it up.” You sing, making the words up as you go.
“Nice song.” Natasha’s voice startles you.
“AH!” You turn around, pointing the spatula at the redhead.
Natasha smirks at you. She puts her hands up in mock surrender. “Oh no! A spatula! What ever will I do?”
You roll your eyes but smile at Natasha. “Haha, very funny.” You turn back towards the stove, continuing to push the veggies around.
Natasha moves to stand next to you. She looks at the stove. “Chicken and veggies again?” Natasha scrunches her face in disgust. “I swear that’s all you eat!”
“I gotta stay in shape somehow,” You shrug. “I don’t want to lose my physique,” You flex your biceps.
Natasha’s eyes glance at your biceps for a moment. “I don’t think you have to worry about that.”
You move to the side to open a cabinet. You grab a plate. “Do you want some?” You ask, looking at Natasha.
Natasha smiles, “Sure, I love your cooking.”
You grab another plate and set both of them next to the stove. You plate the veggies and the chicken, giving Natasha half the veggies and one piece of chicken and giving yourself the other half of the veggies and two pieces of chicken.
You turn the stove off and grab silverware before moving to the kitchen table with both plates in your hands. You set them on the table and turn to Natasha. “Lunch is served,” You gesture to the table. You sit down and Natasha sits opposite of you.
“So, what was that song you were singing?” Natasha asks.
You scoop some veggies onto your fork and shovel them into your mouth. “Just something I came up with on the spot,” You shrug.
“Well, I thought it was cute,” Natasha smiles at you.
You smile, “Thanks.”
“So, what’re you doing tonight?” Natasha asks.
“I’m not sure yet,” You reply. “I might get another workout in.”
“Well, if you want a break do you want to watch a mov-”
“You made lunch? And you didn’t save any for me?” Tony comes up behind you. He puts an arm around your neck loosely and uses his other hand to tousle your hair.
“Hey!” You laugh.
Tony stops, his laughter filling the air. He pulls away from you and grabs one of your pieces of chicken from your plate.
“I don’t think so!” You say, snatching the chicken from his hand.
“Oh come on, Y/N!” Tony whines. “Your cooking is amazing!”
“Well, I didn’t cook enough to share with you,” You say.
“But you cooked enough to share with Natasha?” Tony asks, raising his eyebrows.
“No, not really, but I like Natasha more than I like you,” You say with a smirk.
Tony gives you a knowing smirk. “Riiiiight. Well, I’ll leave you to it.” Tony turns and walks away.
You turn back towards Natasha. “Sorry, what were you saying?”
“Huh?” Natasha asks.
“You were asking about my plans for tonight and then you started asking something else,” You say.
“Oh, right. I forget what I was going to ask,” Natasha says.
“Well, if you think of it, let me know!”
You’re sneaking around the Avengers tower, still surprised at how you got in undetected. You’re on the seventeenth floor and you hear all the voices of the Avengers coming from somewhere nearby. You make your way closer and closer to the voices, grabbing your machine gun in preparation to take the Avengers down.
You peek your head around the corner and see the Avengers. They’re sitting in what looks to be a conference room. You raise the machine gun, setting the butt of it into your shoulder. You aim the gun and you hover your finger over the trigger. You look down the top of the gun, Captain America’s head in your sight.
You press your finger down and pull the trigger. The bullet whizzes towards Steve, the glass of the conference room breaking. But just as the bullet is going to hit him, he brings his shield up to protect himself. The bullet hits his shield and falls to the ground.
All the Avengers are on their feet, looking in the direction the bullet came from, looking at you.
“Who is that?” Iron Man says as his suit starts to cover his body.
“I’m more concerned about how they got in here!” Black Widow says, pulling her guns out from her holsters.
You aim your gun again, looking down the top of it. You see Black Widow in your sight. You pull the trigger, watching as the bullet soars towards her. Captain America puts his shield in front of her, blocking the bullet.
“What do you want?” Iron Man asks.
“To take down the Avengers,” You smirk.
“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to talk to me?” Tony asks, looking up at Natasha who is standing in the entrance of his lab.
Natasha uncrosses her arms and looks at Tony. She takes a few steps into the lab. “I was just figuring out if I really want to ask you.”
Tony sits down on top of one of the tables in the lab. “Come talk to uncle Tony,” Tony says, patting the spot next to him.
Natasha is hesitant, but she moves towards Tony and sits down next to him.
“What’s on your mind?” Tony asks.
“I-” Natasha stops as she tries to gather her thoughts. “You and Y/N are best friends.”
Tony nods, “Yeah. And you and Clint are best friends.”
“What?” Natasha asks, furrowing her eyebrows.
“Oh, I thought we were just pointing out the obvious,” Tony says.
“I’m… just bear with me, I’m gathering my thoughts,” Natasha says.
“Okay,” Tony says.
“I need some advice,” Natasha says. “And being as you’re Y/N’s best friend, you’re the best person to ask.” Natasha takes a deep breath. “How would… Do you think it would be… I want to ask Y/N out.”
Tony stares at Natasha for a moment before bursting out laughing.
“Oh god,” Natasha puts both of her hands to her face to cover it. “I shouldn’t have even said anything.”
“You’re joking, right?” Tony asks, containing his laughter.
“Yeah, totally joking,” Natasha lies.
“Look, you want my advice,” Tony says. “Do it.”
Natasha pulls her hands from her face and she looks at Tony. “Actually?”
“Yeah,” Tony nods. “Y/N is head over heels for you and you’re blind if you can’t see it.”
Natasha smiles and Tony. “Thanks, Tony. I really appreciate it.”
“Wait, can I record you saying that again?” Tony asks.
“And you ruined the moment.”
“How did you get in here?”
You stare at the wall in front of you. The Avengers overpowered you and immediately threw you in this room and tied you to the chair. Now, they’ve been taking turns asking questions, but you would never compromise your home, your life. Iron Man tried first, but he got nowhere. Then Captain America tried, and he got the same response - silence. Now standing in front of you is Black Widow.
Black Widow bends down to meet your eyes. Her emerald eyes pierce your E/C eyes. “Who sent you?”
You stare into her eyes.
“If you talk to us, we can help you,” Black Widow says.
You continue to stare into her eyes, still not saying anything.
The door opens and you quickly move your eyes to see who walked in. Iron Man walks into the room and he hands a folder to Black Widow. She takes the folder and Iron Man walks back out of the room.
Black Widow opens the folder and her eyes scan whatever is in it. You watch as she looks through the folder.
Black Widow looks back at you. “Y/N Y/L/N. Went missing one year ago. Your roommate said she saw you leave for work but you never returned.” Black widow tilts her head as she looks at you. “You lived a nice happy life living with your best friend right here in the city. You had a job that you loved.”
You continue to stay silent as you watch Black Widow. You clench your hands into fists and she notices.
“Awe, am I hitting a nerve?” Black Widow asks. “Let’s continue, shall we?” She looks back at the folder. “So, you were five foot three and tiny. Now, you’re what? Five foot nine and built?” Black Widow looks at you. “You know that reminds me of our very own Captain America. Small and scrawny to tall and built.” Black Widow sets the folder down on the floor. “You had your life stolen from you.”
You try to pull your arms from the restraints.
“Just talk to us and we can help you,” Black Widow says, her eyes meeting yours again.
Realizing you aren’t going to talk, Black Widow heads for the door.
Black Widow looks at you over her shoulder.
“It’s Hydra.”
“Where did you go?”
You pull your water bottle down from your mouth and throw it at Tony. “Where does it look where I was?” You ask, wiping sweat off your forehead with the back of your hand.
“I don’t know, maybe you were grocery shopping,” Tony says with a shrug.
“Oh yeah, I went to the grocery store and came back with nothing, oh and I came back a sweaty mess!” You glare at your best friend. “I went out for a run.”
“Well, I just had the best conversation and you’d be pleased to know it!” Tony says with a big smile.
“Okay, so tell me,” You say.
“I wish I could, but I cannot do that,” Tony says.
You roll your eyes, “Then why did you even tell me?”
Tony smiles. “Because it’s exciting.”
You narrow your eyes at Tony. “Oookay?”
“Anyway, gotta blast! I’ve got a busy schedule!” Tony says before running off.
You watch as Tony runs away, so confused at the conversation you just had with him.
“Try again!”
You grow angry, “You know what?” You point your finger angrily at Tony. “No! I’m done with people trying to control me and tell me what to do!” Your finger connects with Tony’s chest and you glare at him. “You don’t control me!”
“Hey,” Tony puts his hands up in surrender. “We’re just trying to help you!”
“I don’t need your help!” You shout.
“No! I’m done listening!” You shove Tony, sending him backward and into the wall behind him.
Tony stares at you.
“Hey, wh-”
You spin around and punch whoever showed up behind you. Though your punch doesn’t land. Instead it was caught. Your breath is heavy as your eyes meet emerald ones. Your fist is still being held in Natasha’s hand.
Natasha looks behind you. “Tony, why don’t you-” Natasha nods her head towards the door.
“You don’t need to tell me twice!” Tony bolts out the door.
Natasha finally lets go of your hand and you drop it to your side. She keeps her green eyes locked on your E/C eyes. You find Natasha’s eyes calming and you feel yourself calm down.
“What happened?” Natasha asks.
“Tony is trying to teach me to control my anger when fighting,” You say. “But it didn’t work.”
“I can see that,” Natasha says.
“He.. he kept telling me what to do and it reminded me of when I was at Hydra.”
“We aren’t like Hydra,” Natasha says. “We aren’t trying to control you, we’re trying to help you.”
“I know,” You say. “It’s just hard to get used to trusting people after what they did to me.”
Natasha nods. “I know exactly what you mean. But I promise, we’re only here to help.”
“Thanks.” You sigh. “I guess I should apologize to Tony.”
“Hey, do you have a second?”
You look up from your phone and see Natasha standing in the doorway of your room.
“Yeah,” You set your phone down next to you on your bed. “What’s up?”
Natasha looks at you. “I was wondering if maybe,” Natasha fumbles her hands. “You wanted to go on a date with me?”
“For real?” You ask with a smile.
Natasha nods. “Uhm yeah. Unless you’re going to say no, then I was just kidding.”
“Nat, I would love to!”
“Really?” Natasha asks.
“Yes! I have liked you since like forever,” You say.
Natasha smiles at you. “How about dinner tomorrow night?”
“That sounds like a plan,” You smile at her.
“Awesome,” She points finger guns at you.
“So, you asked Tony for help, didn’t you?”
“I was desperate!” Natasha says with a laugh.
You smile, the one mission you were glad you failed was the one Hydra sent you on. 
Taglist: @peggycarter-steverogers @womenlovingwomen-imagines @b-5by5 @natasha-danvers @crispykidcookiebasketball @kaitlynroseb @millennial-teenybopper @diaryoflife @haughtlikehell @feescher @marvelwomen-simp @d14n4ol @lilclownx @ymzki-haruki @feescher @hi-i-1 @tbpandtswiftfan @claudiaatje @midnight-lestrange
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bornbshell · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
@coulsonx​​ asked: 💘 you know whomst
Tumblr media
send me 💘 + A SHIP and i’ll tell you—
where they first met and how
SHIELD. jessica was being pulled in about a particular situation that involved her and a few avengers getting into an altercation (relation to kilgrave’s influence on her and the ordered hit placed on daredevil and confusing him for scarlet witch). agent coulson was greeted with a very fed up and pissed off jessica that wanted nothing to do with SHIELD for having the audacity to ask her to join the agency in the aftermath of the incident. the information that was given to him did not seem like it was enough to fully grasp exactly the root of why she vehemently denied joining the avengers and SHIELD. although she didn’t apologize, she did feel apologetic for coming off strongly towards an agent that was simply doing his job.
how long their ‘flirting’ phase was before feelings got involved?
oh, their flirting phase never ended and it never will. jones and coulson refuse to believe that it ends when their feelings were finally said and admitted to one another. she usually starts it off with something small and subtle, coulson eats it up and goes bigger with his teasing. it’s really sweet and playful.
who fell for who first ( if applicable )
coulson was the one that caught deep feelings for jessica first. a little bit later down the line before not speaking to each other for several years, she caught feelings for him. it was the only time where she felt like she would never see him again so she bottled up her emotions in a jar and locked it away for ten years.
where their first date was and what it was like
the carnival along the piers in new york was a simple enough date. she disliked the loud crowd so they went just when the crowd was dying out, letting them enjoy some intimacy, she got to spend time with coulson in a better mindset as they never had a first date until they started talking to each other again. and for once, the date actually went well. she got to crack a few smiles and laugh genuinely with him. he took her home and gave her a small prize that he won for her. it was sentimental and very sweet.
who asks who out and how ( with a sign? spelled out on a cake? just a simple ‘will you go out with me’? )
this one’s very equal. coulson gets creative when he wants to. sometimes, it just comes out as a what if question. he’ll shoot her a text to go to dinner or asking her to attend some gathering as undercover (a rare occasion as he does his best not to get her involved out of protection) jessica, on the other hand, doesn’t like to beat around the bush. she’ll just ask if he wants coffee with her or take a walk at night or go to some theater to watch a movie. jessica is very lowkey and simple.
who proposes first
oddly enough, the proposal was initially a joke between them. jessica was the one to ask coulson seriously after a long time of just toying around with the idea (even if the subject barely came up, it was still a joke to them both)
if they keep / kept their relationship secret or let everyone know right away
at first, it was a mutual agreement for their relationship to be private. they don’t like being distracted from their work and they both didn’t want to hear any backlash or comments about their intimacy. slowly but surely after civil war and after all the dust was settled, growing closer to each other was the only subject left for both of them to really work on. at that point, jessica did not care of coulson went around telling everyone that he was in a relationship with her. 
where the proposal happens and how ( kiss cam at a baseball game? on a hillside surrounded by ducks? at a disney park? )
it happened on one of their midnight strolls, passing by central park (much farther from her apartment). although hand in hand, she didn’t have a ring on her like she wanted to. it felt like summer outside, slightly humid with a little breeze. they stayed out for a few hours just laying in the grass to look up at the stars, far apart from anyone who could pass by. she felt the need to take a moment and ask if he would marry her.
if they adopt any pets together
on the farm, they have plenty of feral cats, a few goats, chickens. a nice sized patch of land to have their pets run around.
who’s more dominant
jessica seems to have the dominance a good chunk of the time when she wants to claim it and coulson isn’t not afraid to let her have that role. however, it would easily switch over to coulson for his authoritative nature.
where their first kiss was and what it was like
just outside of her favorite bar, in the alleyway when she likes to grab a drink if she doesn’t want to be in the apartment. it was actually slow and sweet at first, they were both cautious enough to test the waters with each other until they just consumed each other.
if they have any matching couples stuff ( mugs? sweaters? pillowcases? )
i don’t think they do it on purpose. she leans towards wearing dark colors anyway so there’s a chance that they’ll end up being matchy-matchy. like they both have a love for wearing band tees so it won’t be surprising if one of them is wearing the other’s shirt. (jessica wears oversized band tees so it fits coulson anyway.)
how into pda they are
they both love their privacy. coulson will sneak in a hand hold and it won’t bother her too much but she does get nervous and she’ll reel back into her shell. it took a minute for her to be completely comfortable with just holding his hand in public. it was nothing against him, she’s just very shy about who’s in her business but at the end of the day, they both believe it’s not anyone’s concern to butt in.
who holds the umbrella when it rains
coulson because he’s the tol one and jessica is too stubborn to carry an umbrella.
where their usual ‘date spot’ is ( if applicable )
anywhere that gives them intimacy, whether it’s in some restaurant that overlooks the city or at each other’s places. there’s no particular ‘date spot’ per say.
who’s more protective
jessica is more protective of coulson, regardless of his skillset. ofc she’s physically stronger but verbally cuts through anyone who wants to step to him, even if he can handle himself perfectly fine.
how long it is before they sleep together ( can be as in ‘had sex’ or as in ‘shared a bed’ )
literally -- it took them a week. and that’s the longest she’s waited to jump into bed with someone because she has a lot of respect for coulson.
if they argue about anything
about each other’s sleeping habits, jessica potentially relapsing, each other’s safety (that’s a big one), secrets that unveil themselves that hurts the other emotionally (i.e jessica finding out that coulson died and came back to life) they don’t have shouting matches but they do have heated arguments.
who leaves more marks ( lipstick, hickeys, scratchmarks etc. )
coulson at first but it shifted over to jessica very quickly.
who steals whose clothes and how often
jess is the thief who takes his shirts, hoodies, dress shirts, etc. whatever she finds to be comfortable and reminds her of coulson? it’s hers. it mostly happens if she’s run out of clothes to wear which is some of the time. coulson hide ur pjs.
how they cuddle ( spooning? facing each other? )
coulson is the little spoon to her big spoon. there is nothing in the entire world that she loves more than to hug from behind and just bury her face in his neck and back. she feels at home and very safe around him.
what their favourite nonsexual activity is
playing uno is their top favorite because it means that they have to dare each other to do stupid things like prank call the avengers tower.
how long they stay mad at each other
they may need a little space for a day or two, depending on their schedules. they’ve never gone more than a week from not talking to each other. if coulson is overseas on a mission, it never hurts to make a phone call just to see if she’s okay and vice versa.
what their usual coffee / tea orders are
jessica likes her coffee semi-sweet while he drinks his straight black.
if they ever have any children together
they raise danielle together and have a few pets when they leave downstate for upstate. it’s possible that they would have another child together just to really settle down but danielle is all that she and coulson are focusing on.
if they have any special pet names for each other
‘sweetheart‘ is a big sarcastic pet name. jess and coulson are comfortable being assholes to one another for the sake of being funny. there’s really no special nickname for them.
if they ever split up and / or get back together
they have broken up and gotten back together ten years later. it wasn’t very harsh the first time, they simply understood that they both needed to fix themselves before anything serious were to happen. on jessica’s end, it didn’t seem that way and she took it bitterly, feeling like she invested in a little more than she thought she did. they didn’t / couldn’t reach out to each other sooner due to certain circumstances.
what their shared living space is like ( messy? clean? what kind of decor? )
together at the farm, it’s an organized clutter. not very messy but you’ll see items that are always used readily placed to be picked up again. there’s no specific style to their farm other than it’s a farmhouse so there’s a flare of country living but much more modern for the both of them.
what their first christmas / hanukkah / etc as a couple was like
hm. their first holiday felt like more pressure than what there needed to be, at least for jess. i think in celebration of holidays, it’s very subtle and fun in their own way. it’s the only time where jessica doesn’t really celebrate because she had no one to celebrate it with / didn’t care of it as much. ever since she had danielle, her perspective changed a lot. add coulson into that mix and she’s way more optimistic and considerate of the people that surround her.
what their names are in each other’s phones
for coulson it’s just ‘jessica’ and for her it’s ‘super agent’ because she’s cute like that.
if they have any ‘couple traditions’ ( buying a new mug for their collection every year? baking every friday evening? )
make out in some alleyway, apparently LOL i think after they move to upstate, they take danielle to downstate at least a few times a year so she can get the best of both worlds.
who falls asleep first and who wakes up first
it depends on who’s more tired and who’s willing to wake up with the sun. jessica definitely sleeps in but she’s not always the first to fall asleep. sometimes she’ll wait for coulson to sleep first before she drifts off just in case he wanted to stay up and get his mind off.
who’s the big spoon / little spoon
coulson is the little spoon most of the time. jessica likes to be big spoon because he’s very comfortable to hold.
who hogs the bathroom
neither of them, i don’t think?
who kills the spiders / takes them outside
they’re both spider killers. danielle is the one that takes them outside.
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Online_Pdf books ~ The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi | By Phil Szostak
 The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Tumblr media
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 Synopsis : Written and directed by Rian Johnson (Looper,?The Brothers Bloom,?Brick) and production designed by Rick Heinrichs (Fargo, The Big Lebowski, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Captain America: The First Avenger), Star Wars: The Last Jedi,?like every chapter before it, owes its visual language and fully imagined cinematic landscape to an incomparable art department: the Lucasfilm ?visualists.??The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi?explores their vision and illuminates their creative process in stunning detail. Featuring concept art, costume sketches, and storyboards, this?book takes fans on a deep dive into the development of the fantastic worlds, characters, and creatures?both old and new?of?The Last Jedi. Exclusive interviews with the filmmakers and with the Lucasfilm visualists?provides a running commentary on this unforgettable art, and reveals the inspirations behind moviemaking magic at its finest.
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aliwritesfic · a day ago
Our Black Hearts (F!Reader x Jack 'Whiskey' Daniels)
Summary: Jack Daniels had long given up on avenging his murdered wife, instead choosing to travel west through the ruins of the United States to a small town called Deepwell. It's a fresh start, where nobody knows him. The thought of vengeance was almost out of mind until he found out about the towns book club and the gossip trade that happened there. So he joins, and figures it can't hurt to keep an ear out for news of the man who killed his wife.
Overall warnings: Death, violence, a lot of swearing, drinking, trauma, PTSD, angst
Warnings for this part: Drinking, mention of dead loved ones, smut, P in V sex, oral (F & M receiving), somewhat rough sex
Wordcount: 2.4k
Tags: Post-apocalypse AU, casual lovers, revenge
Part 2 (coming soonish)
The book club was a group of the only twelve people in the town who could read more than the few basic words that were usually taught. It wasn’t like an old-world book club, were people would gather to discuss the books they read – it was more of a book exchange, but the members preferred the word club. Of course, there were discussions, but they were seldom about books. They met once a week, usually on a Wednesday but sometimes on Fridays, and mostly talked about news they had heard from passing traders, letters given by couriers from family. This was how Jack got most of his information.
Jack Daniels was the newest member of this club. He was the newest resident of the Deepwell township, having come through one scorching hot Tuesday afternoon on the back of a trader’s caravan. He had taken one look at the dingy little town with its long-abandoned homes and decided that this was as far as he was willing to travel. Of course, he had to speak with the self-appointed Mayor, Lucy Jonas-Green, so she could assess his “suitability”. The interview had been a short one, consisting of only four questions, the grizzled old woman glaring at him through narrowed grey eyes.
“You good at shootin’?” Question one.
“Best I know.” It wasn’t a brag if it was true, Jack reasoned.
“Got any skills?” Question two.
“I’m good at buildin’ shit, I can stay awake for two days if I need to, I can read and write some stuff . . . I’m pretty good with a whip.”
“Why here?” Question three.
“Got sick of travelling.”
“What’s your name?” Question four.
Lucy Jonas-Green had deliberated for exactly one minute, during which time Jack grew increasingly uncomfortable under her gaze. He felt like she could see directly into his soul, like she was deciding exactly how shit-stained it was. The only indication of her approval was a slight nod of the head. At that, a young boy, probably no older than thirteen, rushed over to greet him. The kid was chatty, but harmless.
It was through this kid that Jack first found out about the book club. He hadn’t been interested at first – just because he could read didn’t mean he liked to read. But at the mention of it being the towns main source of news from across the Fallen States, the chance of hearing something about the group that attacked Black Ridge was too good to pass up.
So now, he sat with the book club, a yellowed, mouldy copy of 1984 in his hands, ears pricked for any mention of a merc group led by a man with one eye and eleven fingers. A few months before he had finally settled in Deepwell, he had given up on his search and his quest for revenge. There had been no mention of him anywhere along the eastern townships, so Jack had headed west, deciding to leave the cruel memories of his wife behind. Now, he figured it couldn’t hurt to just listen.
But for weeks now, nothing. Whatever hope had rekindled itself in his chest was dying away, making room for cruel acceptance. Another meeting concluded, and Jack tucked the book carefully in his jacket. As much as he didn’t enjoy reading, he had a healthy respect for the leader of the book club and the threat of slitting his throat should something happen to the books she shared with the group.
The sun was low in the sky as he stepped outside, casting long shadows on the cracked pavement. People were beginning to move as the sunset, the harshest of its rays now dulled by the horizon. Electric streetlights slowly flickered on; the entire town was powered by recommissioned solar panels that someone much smarter than Jack had rigged up a decade ago. Jack considered his options for the night: either he could go back to the house he shared with a small family and scrounge up a meal of whatever was left in his room before a trader came through town tomorrow night, or he could go to the only bar in town, order several of whatever alcohol was in stock and a bowl of the ‘stew of the day’ which was usually just a root vegetable and some unidentified meat. Jack chose the bar.
The bar was the largest building in Deepwell, three stories tall and enough beds to sleep the entire population of the town twice over. The place smelt of stale booze and dust, a smell that seemed to be common over the entirety of the Fallen States. A jukebox in the corner played old world tunes on a loop.
“Evenin’, Jack.” The owner of the bar, Marcus, nodded his head in Jack’s direction. Jack nodded back and took off his hat – an old-world style that someone had once called ‘cowboy’. “Just the usual?”
“Yep, and keep the drinks coming,” Jack sat down at a small table close to the exit, his body always slightly angled to run at a moment’s notice, an old habit that he couldn’t seem to shake. A bowl of steaming stew was set down in front of him, along with a glass of murky amber liquid.
That’s when he noticed he was being watched. A woman sat in the corner, staring at him over a half empty glass of whiskey. Jack raised a brow and realised his recognised her. She was in the book club, too, but he didn’t remember her name. Everyone seemed to call her Chase. Jack was surprised she didn’t break her gaze when his eyes met hers, and against his better judgement, he put his hat back on, picked up his bowl and glass and walked over to her.
“This seat taken?” he asked. Without waiting for an answer, he set his food down on the table and sat.
Something about Jack Daniels intrigued you. Maybe it was the hat, or the facial hair he somehow managed to keep contained to a thick, neat moustache. Or maybe it was just the most annoyingly handsome person to ever come through Deepwell. Now he sat across from you, sipping on bathtub whiskey.
“Chase isn’t it?” he said after downing his glass.
“That’s what they call me,” you said. “What do they call you?”
Jack smirked. “Depends who you ask. Some like Dirty Bastard, others Motherfucker. For a while I was known as Whiskey. But you can call me whatever you like.” He finished with a wink.
“Jack it is,” you said with a roll of your eyes, but you would be lying to yourself if you weren’t a little charmed. “So, what brings you to book club, Jack?”
“Why, my love of old-world literature, of course.”
You leant back in your seat and tilted your head. He was lying, that much was obvious. But why? What was the point of lying? You looked into his eyes, a deep brown, and wondered if he was worth the trouble. He might be worth it for the night, you thought.
“Let’s pretend for a moment that I believe that,” you said, and Jack looked mildly surprised. “What’s taken you so long to come up and introduce yourself? You’ve been in town what now? Three months?”
“Two and a half,” Jack corrected, “and what gives you the impression I don’t care for literature?”
“Answer my question and I’ll answer yours,” you countered. Was this flirting? You hadn’t done it in so long, and the most practice you had was when you were working in the town garden, daydreaming about the heroes of the romance novels you kept in a safe in the corner of your room.
“Well, well, well,” Jack leant forward on his elbows, his gaze unreadable underneath his ridiculous hat. “I don’t have a reason for you, doll, but if it makes you feel better, I haven’t introduced myself to most people here.”
You settled for this explanation, knowing that Jack had been somewhat of a recluse around town since he had arrived. You decide to answer his question. “I know you don’t give a shit about books. It’s obvious you care more about the goss. Your ears practically twitch. What are you listening for?”
Jack deliberated for a moment; you could see on his face that he really was conflicted about telling you. He finished his mystery stew and finally speaks. “I’m looking for a man, have been for a few years now. He killed my wife, and I wanna kill him.”
“A simple revenge,” you said. “What makes you think you think news will turn up in Deepwell?”
“I didn’t,” Jack said, “I’d given up when I first came here. Figured it was best for my soul to do so – but then I heard about this club, and I guess it can’t hurt to keep an ear out for rumblin’s of a man with eleven fingers and one eye.”
“Eleven fingers?” Your stomach dropped, but you kept your face neutral.
“And one eye,” Jack nodded.
“Did you find out his name?” You asked. Maker don’t let it be Elijah. Don’t let him be alive. Jack shook his head.
“Naw, but eleven fingers and one eye, how many people could be runnin’ ‘round the Fallen States like that?” Jack shrugged, something akin to grief flittered briefly across his face, and you realised he was right. Having only one eye wasn’t unusual, a lot of people were missing some body part or another, but eleven fingers . . . you couldn’t deny the coincidence.
“Anyway,” Jack smirked at you, “you haven’t asked the most important question of all.”
You raised a brow. “Oh? And what’s that?”
“Are we takin’ this back to yours or mine, doll?”
~ Jack’s body is hard against yours, a sharp contrast to the softness of his lips. His shirt is off, discarded on the floor of your small bedroom. He kisses hungrily down your neck, his tongue darting along your collarbone. A moan escapes your lips as he slides his calloused hands along the bare skin of your stomach, roughly tugging at the frayed waistband of your jeans. His fingers find your wetness, easily finding your sensitive clit with his thumb. You groaned, head lolling forward into his sweaty neck.
“You like that?” he whispered into your ear; goosebumps raced along your body. His thumb made careful, slow circles along your clit. “Tell me you like it.”
“I like it,” you whined, bucking your hips in pleasure. A low groan escaped Jack’s throat at your words, spurring him on. He forces your pants off completely and discards them in the growing pile of clothes on the floor. He drops to his knees and pulls you closer, lips trailing delicately along your inner thighs. Then without warning, his tongue is lapping up the wetness of your clit, two fingers pumping your tight hole.
“Jack,” you whimper, the need for more sending you crazy. His dark eyes met yours over the top of your stomach, his tongue still working your clit. You’re hungry for him, the look of pure lust in his eyes spurring you to places you had never thought about. You sit up and place a hand on his shoulder, shuddering as another wave of pleasure rippled through your body. The look in your eyes must’ve told him what you want to do, because he stood and stepped back, allowing you room to get on your knees in front of him.
He undid his belt buckle with fingers still slick from your pussy and pulled his pants down. His cock sprang forward, making your mouth water with how fucking big it was. The head glistened with a bead of pre-cum. You leant forward and licked it off, before taking as much of his length in your mouth as you could. He groaned, his fingers tangling through your hair.
“Fuck, deeper,” his voice was husky with desire, and you happily obliged, taking him so you could feel him almost at the back of your throat. His fingers in your hair tightened, a pleasant pain on your skull. He groaned and pulled your head back, staring into your eyes. “I need you.”
You tugged him towards the mattress, pushing him on his back. You climb atop, feeling strangely dominant. His cock slid against the wetness of your hole, head entering before you pulled your hips away, a teasing smile on your lips. You go on like this, letting him enter a little further in you each time, enjoying the tortured look on his face, enjoying it even more when his eyes snapped open as you let him in completely. He moaned loudly, holding onto your hips tightly.
“Doll,” his word was muffled by his mouth on your tit, teeth latching onto your nipple. You rocked back and forth, clenching around his cock as an orgasm threatened to rip you from your body. Jack seemed to realise this, and flipped you both so you were on your back and he was standing, still inside you. He pulled you so your ass was off the mattress, your legs wrapped around his waist.
“Maker, you’re so fucking sexy,” he fucked you hard and rough, his dark gaze never leaving yours. His thumb was on your clit again, teasing you as an orgasm ripped through you. You moaned his name, your pussy clenching tightly around him. He grinned devilishly down at you, leaning forward to kiss you as he continued to thrust. He tasted of you, driving his tongue into your mouth. You met this eagerly, whimpering against his lips as yet another orgasm moved you.
“I can’t hold on,” Jack groaned, and before you could say a thing, he pulled out of you, hot cum spurting onto your stomach. He slumped next to you, obviously spent.
“Holy shit,” you muttered, scanning the room for something to wipe the cum up with.
“Holy shit is right, doll,” Jack said. Sweat beaded along his brow and he cracked open an eye to watch you wipe up with a shirt that was so full of holes it was unwearable. Silver moonlight filtered through the dirty window, casting shadows across his beautiful face. You laid down next to him, feeling a small shiver run through you as he curved his warm naked body against yours.
You would tell him, you decided. You would tell him you knew who he was looking for, and that you might know where to find him. But in the morning, so as not to mar the beautiful just fucked haze that enveloped your mind.
Tagging @sharkbait77 because she's lovely and I'm nervous about this one.
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ladyblogger-margie · a day ago
Wherever we go, what glitters is gold
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Mobius M Mobius (MCU)
Summary: At Sam and Bucky’s wedding, Loki must confront his feelings for Mobius. 
Word Count: 3251
Warnings: There’s some making out and tooth rotting fluff and yearning. 
a/n: I write MCU fanfiction like the Avengers are actually all friends with each other and I’m OBSESSED with lokius right now. This is based on this prompt post from @screnwriter about characters dancing together who won’t admit their feelings. 
Tumblr media
Loki rolled his eyes as he watched the DJ announce Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes as husbands, welcoming them to their own wedding reception. How he even ended up invited to this Midgardian wedding in the first place he’d never fully understand. But being here with Thor and Valkyrie was the closest he’s felt to Asgard since he joined the TVA so he figured it would have to do.  
“What happens now?” Loki asked Thor, not bothering to whisper. This earned him a stink eye from Hope. 
“We celebrate,” Thor said simply before he headed to the bar, not even bothering to wait for Loki to follow him. 
Loki looked around, bored. He really couldn’t understand why he was invited, certainly there didn’t seem to be many other guests enthused to see him. He considered following Thor to the bar, but realized his brother was caught in conversation with Hope and Scott and Loki was not interested in facing down another death glare; he didn’t trust himself to rise above it and had promised Thor he’d try not to make a scene. 
Suddenly he looked up and saw another guest who looked lost and out of place. He could feel the shock and confusion crawl across his own face as he watched Mobius look around the party with his hands stuffed in his pockets.
Loki froze in place, Mobius hadn’t mentioned he’d be coming. Though to be fair, Loki remembered he hadn’t mentioned it either. He debated going over to talk to his partner; he internally flinched at the word - his work associate from the TVA. 
Mobius looked up suddenly and cocked his head to the side when he saw Loki. Loki ducked his head immediately and turned away. He bumped straight into Natasha, someone he hadn’t seen since his rather impolite visit to New York. 
“Loki,” she said, her tone and expression unreadable, but she had a sly smile on her face which lowered Loki’s defenses. 
“Miss. Romanov,” Loki purred in return.
“Vodka,” Nat said, as she passed Loki a shot glass. She tipped her own in his direction, “To new beginnings.”
Loki nodded and tapped his glass to hers and followed her lead in shooting it back. Midgardian alcohol had no effect on him, but he accepted the gesture for the olive branch it was. 
When Nat slipped away, Loki was left alone again, deliberately trying not to turn back to see if Mobius was still looking at him. 
Loki wasn’t sure if he was ready to talk to Mobius after what happened on their last TVA mission. They were out in the field and they had an extended period near a Nexus that forced them to stay in a hotel together overnight. Normally that would be fine, as stunning as it was at the TVA, Loki always enjoyed the chance to get out into the world. 
But this time, the hotel room only had one bed forcing Loki and Mobius to share, something they had never done before. It shouldn’t have been a big deal, Loki shouldn’t have been so aware of the heat from Mobius radiating against his skin, but yet, it gave him a strange, unfamiliar sensation deep in his chest. 
Loki had asked him when the lights were off and the rain pounded on the windows, “Why did you bother working so hard to keep me on as part of this team?” The question had plagued him for ages now, the answers Mobius always gave never seemed to provide the whole picture. 
Mobius paused for quite some time, his hands folded across his chest in the dark. He paused for so long that Loki wondered if he had fallen asleep and missed Loki’s question entirely. 
“Because I think you’re worth the effort,” Mobius replied with barely a whisper, so much softer than his usual voice; within the words was something Loki couldn’t quite name. 
Loki’s breath caught in his throat. 
“Anyway,” Mobius said, in his normal tone this time, “Big day tomorrow, good night.”
Loki felt Mobius roll over and tug most of the blanket with him as he did. Loki didn’t protest the pull despite the fact it left his leg fully exposed as he lay there lost in his own thoughts. 
“Why do I care what his answer is anyway?” Loki asked himself, furrowing his brow. It was a question he’d asked himself repeatedly in the past, yet refused himself the indulgence of the truth. 
Until that night, laying next to Mobius when Loki finally allowed himself that indulgence. 
“Oh,” he breathed out, relieved at the revelation, and mortified at the reality. 
“This isn’t good,” he thought to himself as he lay awake all night, desperately trying to ignore the gentle sound of Mobius’ sleepy breaths and the feeling of Mobius’ leg pressed against his own. 
The next morning Loki solved the Nexus without Mobius and hadn’t spoken to him since. 
So, seeing him today at this Migardian wedding was the last thing he wanted, or expected. Yet he found himself unable to resist checking if Mobius was looking at him too. 
He looked up as saw Mobius in conversation with Doctor Strange and took the opportunity just to watch. Mobius didn’t look that much different than he normally did at the TVA. He wore a suit and a tie, his grey hair neat and orderly. The biggest difference was the general sense of unease in his shoulders and the pocket square sticking out of his breast pocket. 
Loki was constantly amazed with how Mobius always seemed so genuinely interested in other people. He tried to push down the jealousy that came with that to properly give the other man his due. Loki would never admit that he wished that level of compassion and interest was reserved only for him, but rationally he knew the only reason he was not incinerated and even part of the TVA in the first place was precisely thanks to Mobius’ tendency towards compassion. 
Mobius had started to talk with his hands and shoulders now proving he was fully engaged in the conversation, and Loki couldn’t care less what it was about or what Doctor Strange was contributing, he just wanted to be part of whatever Mobius was doing. 
Suddenly the music changed and all of a sudden Thor was dragging Loki to the dancefloor to dance along to a high tempo number that had seemingly the entire reception grooving along together. Despite himself, Loki found he was actually starting to have fun, also relieved to have the distraction from his own inner turmoil. Nothing cleared the mind like a good dance.
The music was unfamiliar to him, but he was going to have to look it up later because dancing to it was addictive and delightful. The whole crowd was full of energy and the party was in full swing and Loki was just starting to think that maybe it wasn’t a mistake to come to this little swaray afterall. 
Suddenly he got knocked in the back and he was ready to be snarky about it, but he was stopped in his tracks when he turned to discover it was Morbius who had bumped him. 
“Sorry,” Mobius yelled, not sounding sorry at all as he tried to be heard over the music. 
Loki grinned at him, “I always figured you’d be a clumsy dancer.”
“You haven’t seen my moves yet,” Mobius countered. 
Loki, before he could stop himself, reached over to fix Mobius’ tie which had become askew in the excitement. He did his best to ignore the snap of electricity through his fingers as he brushed across Mobius’ chest and then to his collar to straighten that as well. 
Mobius had a softness in his eyes that Loki had seen before but dared not speculate about. Loki let his fingers linger a little longer than was necessary as the crowd danced around them. 
Then the music changed and it slowed way down without so much as a warning. “This Is How You Fall In Love” by Jeremy Zucker and Chelse Cutler rang out over the speakers with Loki’s hands still on Mobius’ lapels. All around them couples were pairing off to dance to the incredibly romantic song. Surprisingly, it seemed no one was actually leaving the dance floor. 
Loki looked around and saw that Thor and Jane were dancing next to Sam and Bucky and Scott and Hope. As his head was turned, Mobius cleared his throat and reached his hand out. 
Loki smiled and gave a slight nod as he took Mobius’ hand in his and wrapped his other hand tightly around the shorter man’s waist. Mobius’ other hand slipped neatly to Loki’s lower back. Then they stood frozen in place, unsure of who would take the lead, but neither quite sure how to ask. 
The lyrics ran through Loki’s ears:
This is how you fall in love 
Let go and I'll hold you up 
So pull me tight and close your eyes 
Oh, my love, side to side
At some point the pair just starts to sway. Not the stylish, flooring clearing style Loki was used to, this was a clumsy, simple shuffling of feet, and despite the simple movement Loki found his heart racing. He kept his eyes firmly away from Mobius’ face and maintained a distance between their chests ensuring there was no way Mobius could feel his racing heart beat. 
In avoiding Mobius, Loki instead locked eyes with Thor accidentally. His brother tilted his head towards Loki’s partner and gave an enthusiastic nod. So enthusiastic, Jane noticed his reaction and turned to see what he was looking at. When she saw Loki and Mobius dancing, she smiled wide and gave him a thumbs up. 
Loki thought he liked her better when she was slapping him in the face. 
The music continued back to the chorus for a final time:
This is how you fall in love 
Let go and I'll hold you up 
So pull me tight and close your eyes 
Oh, my love, side to side
Loki felt Mobius’ hand brush across his lower back in time with the song and he looked hard up to the ceiling, unsubtle and clumsy attempting to hide the flush in his cheeks. The song wrapped up and the DJ came on the microphone and announced that dinner was about to be served and that everyone should take their seats as the toasts would take place during dinner. 
Loki dropped his hands from Mobius and darted away towards Thor, ripping his brother away from Jane and marched him over to their table. 
“You didn’t tell me you were courting anyone from work,” Thor said as Loki shoved him into a chair, “He’s sitting next to you, why didn’t you lead him to his seat?”
Loki looked panicked and the name cards at the table and realized Thor was right. He looked up and saw Mobius walking to the table, arm in arm with Jane, his head thrown back in laughter. Loki was temporarily distracted by the exposure of Mobius’ throat and he desperately tried to ignore the flash of an image of his lips on that exposed flesh that ran uninvited through his brain. 
He shook his head, “We just work together.”
Thor raised an eyebrow, “And you haven’t run out on him yet?”
Loki laughed, “Oh no, I’ve run out many times.”
“And yet he remains your loyal friend,” Thor said simply, a smug look on his face that inspired an eye roll from Loki, but left him without a response. 
Jane and Mobius reached the table and Loki pulled out Mobius’ chair for him and earned a sweet smile for his effort. 
Loki didn’t break eye contact this time, instead he kept his eyes on Mobius’ face, studying it, looking for a hint of annoyance, frustration, but instead, all he found was that same softness. He also saw an eyelash stuck to his crooked nose. 
“Hold still,” Loki barely whispered, grasping Mobius’ wrist to hold him in place. He tried not to overthink the rapid rate of Mobius’ pulse beneath his fingertips. He, just for a moment, imagined that Mobius’ heart was racing for the same reason Loki’s was doing the same, but he knew better than to delude himself. 
Loki reached up with his free hand and delicately plucked the stray eyelash free from the bump of Mobius’ nose and held it on his long finger in front of Mobius’ pouting lips. 
“Blow,” Loki’s voice was raspy as the rest of the reception guests melted away. 
Mobius smiled, their blue eyes locked on eachother. He only looked away to blow gently across Loki’s finger, sending the eyelash away. 
“What did you wish for?” Loki asked. 
“If I tell you, it won’t come true,” Mobius said and he looked down to where Loki still had his wrist firmly in his grip. 
“Right, sorry,” Loki said, dropping his hand. 
Mobius took his seat and Loki stood awkwardly behind his chair, debating if he should just bolt rather than continue to make a complete and utter fool of himself. 
Then Sarah Wilson stood up with a microphone to give her speech and Mobius pulled on the sleeve of Loki’s suit and tugged him into his seat. Loki took his lead and sat down and listened to Sarah tell an anecdote about when Sam was a small child. 
Her words didn’t resonate with Loki though, he was lost in the fact that Mobius hand was now sitting on the table so close to his own that he could feel the electricity flowing between them. Every single one of his senses are lit up and absorbing only Mobius, oblivious to all else. 
After Sarah finished her speech and got a hug from her brother, she passed the microphone to Scott Lang who was clearly holding back tears. 
“Sam asked me to be his groomsman after I beat him up that one time at the Avengers base, and frankly I’ve never been more honored to be friends with someone I’ve been in a fight with,” Scott began, sending a ripple of affectionate laughter through the room. 
Loki allowed himself a glance in Mobius’ direction and was surprised to find Mobius was looking at him with that same soft smile. Mobius turned back towards Scott as Loki’s eyes lingered on Mobius’ face a moment longer. 
Loki turned his attention back to Scott’s speech having missed most of what he said. 
“But that’s just it isn’t it?” Scott said, clearly reaching the end of his speech, “Love is just finding home in another person, it’s as simple as that.”
Loki felt a lump in his throat rise at Scott’s words. He’d spent most of his existence alienated in his own house, and then Mobius showed up and gave him a home. Mobius felt like home to him, and apparently that’s all that love is, and if Mobius built Loki a home, did that mean that he loved him back?
Loki looked over at Mobius whose hand was still on the table and eyes had turned back to Loki. Loki took a deep breath and reached out, metaphorically and literally to Mobius. He intertwined his long fingers with Mobius’ on the top of the table, and gave it a gentle squeeze. 
Mobius' face lit up as he squeezed Loki’s hand back with a smile and nod. Loki felt an overwhelming wave of joy and relief, hand in hand with the man he loved. 
Scott gave up the microphone and people were instructed to head towards the buffet. Thor and Jane walked to the line without hesitation, joining Valkyrie already there. Mobius got up without releasing Loki’s hand. He tried to lead Loki towards the buffet, but Loki pulled him back, nearly pulling him over in the effort. 
“Don’t you want to eat?” Mobius asked. 
“Let’s get out of here,” Loki suggested with a devilishly charming smile. 
Mobius nodded and allowed Loki to lead him out of the reception hall to the garden out back. 
Loki pulled Mobius close to him underneath a leafy tree, soaking in the soft look in Mobius’ eyes now that he knows what it means and relishing in the reality that he is about to get everything he’s ever wanted, ever secret yearning about to pay off. 
He traced his thumb across Mobius cheekbone before he delicately gripped behind his head and tipped Mobius face up towards his. Mobius licked his lips and collected Loki’s jacket in his fists to pull them closer together. Finally, Loki pressed his lips gently against Mobius’, the pout of his lips as soft as Loki had imagined, the taste of them intoxicating and inviting. 
Loki pulled back, blinking, and searching Mobius' face for a reaction. 
“Finally,” Mobius breathed, refusing to let go of Loki’s jacket. 
With a guttural moan Loki pushed Mobius’ back against the tree trunk and pressed their lips together far rougher this time and Mobius kissed him back with a similar enthusiasm. 
Loki’s brain stopped overthinking everything and finally just let himself go, let him feel and think nothing but Mobius against him, the brush of his lips, the feel of his hands sneaking under his jacket and groping around the fabric. Their breath was hot and intertwined with the cool night air that smelled of fresh flowers and summer breeze. 
Loki pulled Mobius’ head to the side and exposed the side of his neck. Loki only hesitated long enough to acknowledge his good fortune to be in this moment before his teeth were rough against the tender flesh. He sucked, nipped, and pulled leaving a deliberate mark there. Now that he had Mobius, he wanted everyone to know. 
After he was content with the mark he left behind, Loki kissed Mobius’ jawline gently until their lips came back together, raw and well worked. Loki felt Mobius’ moustache tickle against the skin of his upper lip and never wanted the sensation to stop. 
Finally Loki tilted his forehead to rest against Mobius’ and they caught their breath, just looking into each other's eyes the sounds of the reception in the background the only signal that they weren’t alone in all of time and space. Loki couldn’t keep the smile from his face, and was so happy to see Mobius’ own kiss-swollen lips pulled back in a matching smile. 
“Wow,” Mobius said, his hands calm against Loki’s lips. 
“What now?” Loki asked. 
Mobius looked around, “We should head back to the party probably, that’s good manners, right?”
Loki chuckled softly, “I suppose.”
Loki stepped back and turned towards the reception, but Mobius tugged his arm and dragged him back into his embrace. 
“Maybe not right away though,” Mobius said with a conspiratorial smile. 
Loki licked his lips and let Mobius back him up against the tree and slip between his legs. 
“Surely no one will begrudge us a few moments longer,” Loki agreed, bracing himself against the trunk of the tree as he slunk down to be eye level with Mobius. 
Mobius pressed his plump lips against Loki’s neck and Loki begged the gods of time and space to never let these few moments end. He felt Mobius tug on his throat with his teeth and hoped a hickey would appear on the skin of a god. He wanted everyone to know who he belonged to. 
But if it didn’t, perhaps that would be as good a reason as any to keep trying, for all time if necessary. 
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★ ┈┈ (personal post, don’t reblog)   steve rogers. introduction post!!
Tumblr media
after months of hinting about this, i’m finally doing it.
timeline: to be quite frank, i don’t care about the avengers movies outside of the first one. i don’t like the plots, i don’t like the overall relationships, so instead of dealing with that, i’m putting steve in the agents of shield timeline because i love aos, their timeline is great and i think this will be a better place to develop steve.
captain america: the first soldier && avengers (first movie) have no changes. in captain america: the winter soldier, instead of natasha coming to present him with the file about bucky, its coulson (who reveals then he is alive).
steve is angry. here it is again, another horrible lie told by SHIELD. sure, coulson actually died and sacrificed himself in new york, but steve understands in that moment that fury manipulated them at that moment so they would become a team. used a man’s death to create a weapon (the avengers). 
coulson’s offer is simple — join shield and they will give him every resource to track bucky down and in turn he will help them create a better shield and help them in more dangerous missions. he says no at first, still angry, and a lot more interested in finding bucky than rebuilding shield. he never liked shield, he only joined because he saw it as a part of peggy’s legacy and he felt it he owed it to her. a part of him though wants to accept coulson’s challenge, to rebuild it as a group that protects people from threads and doesn’t chase things for their potential to one day be used as weapons.
after a week, he tracks coulson down and accepts the offer. with a few conditions: (i) he is not agent steve rogers, they will share the director title. coulson can do more of the administrative stuff, but he can’t make any big decision without him; (ii) the technology department will be heavily monitored so they don’t have the resources to create weapons of mass destruction; (iii) they will help all the agents whose identities he compromised.
the last item is important to him. while he doesn’t regret his actions, he still feels guilty that innocent people were caught in the crossfire and he wants to help them. 
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loving-all-for-loki · a day ago
Voiceless Love: Chapter One
New Beginnings
Bucky x reader, Loki x reader
Warnings: fluff
Word Count: 1513
AN: This is going to be a shorter one, but the next chapters will be much longer. Thank you for being patient while I set the scene.
Tag List: @caffeineoverloadandstudying
“Rise and shine, boys." Fury announced. He had gathered everyone into the meeting room in an 'emergency call'. 
“Do we have to do this at 4 a.m?” Natasha complains.
“Yes, now listen. About three weeks ago, S.H.I.E.L.D took notice of this girl in Indiana and saw some strange things happening around her. They looked deeper into it and realized she could be a new asset to the team. They recruited her and informed her of what’s going to happen, so with no further adieu, I’d like for you all to meet the newest avenger, Y/N L/N. 
You walk into the meeting room with terror in your eyes. Steve and Tony recognized your fear and gave you gentle smiles. Banner waved along with Thor and Natasha. The rest simply said hi. Loki and Bucky however had given her more of a stoic look, one filled with wonder and intrigue.
“Y/N will be joining you all from now on, please make her welcome.” Fury announced. He then slid your member folder over to Tony to look at. Upon reading the file, he noticed in small handwriting near important information: selective mute. Tony looked up and met eyes with Steve who gave him a quizzical look. He circled the writing and slid the file over to Steve who saw the same thing. 
Tony stands up and walks over to you, placing a hand on her shoulder.
“I’ll show you your room,” he says with a gentle smile.
The two leave the room and silently walk through the hallways. Tony kept looking over to you, wondering what would have made this girl like this. You catch him staring and he quickly looks away, but you can’t help but feel off. The looks from the billionaire are unsettling, almost unwanted. 
“You’re going to love it here.” He says, “Everyone is nice, except maybe Reindeer Games, but you can ignore him.”
He looks down at Y/N and sees her smile. There's a sense of accomplishment in making her smile, hoping he can break down her walls a little and make her more comfortable. 
“You’ll love Steve and Bucky, they’re gentlemen. Natasha is nice behind her tough exterior and I don’t think Bruce could have a tough exterior if he tried.
Y/N looks at Tony and silently chuckles, her walk starting to become less alarmed and stiff.
“Thor is just a giant puppy, so don’t let his energy intimidate you,” he chuckles.
They get to the end of the hall where Y/N’s room is. He stops in front of it and opens the door for her.
“Here’s your room. I don’t know how much Fury told you about this Tower or us, but my room is across the hall and Steve is right next door. Feel free to come to us anytime if you need help or have questions. We also have an A.I. system named Jarvis. Normally we would speak to him for assistance, but in your case, I’ll start working on a tablet for you to have a way to type to him.”
You walk into the room and look around. There’s a great big bed, an empty bookcase, and a small desk. Turning around to look at Tony, who is smiling at the whimsical girl, you walk back to him and give him a tight hug around his waist. 
“I take this as a thank you?” You nod your head, making Tony lightly chuckle and hug you back. “I'm sure you have some boxes of your stuff? I can help you move it.”
Nodding your head again, the two walk towards the elevator to find Steve and Thor walking out with boxes in their hands.
“I assume these are hers?” Steve says, “ The receptionist called and said there were moving boxes being dropped off.”
They look over to you and you nod her head. You take some of the boxes from Steve’s hands and walk back towards the hallway. Steve and Thor look at Tony and let out a little shrug before they follow the Y/H/C hair girl. 
“How long do you think it’ll take for her to warm up to us?” Steve whispers.
“I’m not sure. If I’ve learned anything from midgardians, they can be very stubborn and closed off.”
“You just learned that from Bucky didn’t you?”
“It only took me two minutes with that man to learn something.”
They enter the room, but Y/Np pushes them out quickly.
“Wait Y/N, don’t you want your-”
You grab the boxes from Thor and set them down yourself before grabbing the rest from Steve. You close the door on the boys without smiling or any kind of thanks. Steve, puzzled, goes to find Tony. 
He finds Tony in the lab working on a suit for Y/N. Papers are all over the places of images of her doodled all over. It’s similar to Natasha's suit but more angelic and wings made of blades.
“These are cool designs.” Steve states.
“Yeah, I’m trying to make something based on her powers and the file Fury gave me.”
“What are her powers?”
“She was infused with some kind of fluid meant for someone else when she was little and it healed her but gave her healing powers. There’s not a lot on the record, but from what I gathered, she didn’t choose it nor did she know what happened until like three years ago when she noticed her car accident wounds healed on their own.”
“That’s strange.”
“I think it was some kind of superhuman juice like the kind they gave you.”
Steve remembers that day like it was yesterday, the way everyone looked at him in awe, but to not have known that happened to you and everyone looking at you like a freak must have been a different feeling.
“Why are you here?” Tony questions.
“I was wondering if there was anything in her file about behaviors. When Thor and I tried to help her move, she wouldn’t let us into her room.”
“Maybe she has something to do with privacy, did you ever think about that?”
“Yeah, you’re right. I’m probably overthinking it.”
Hours pass by and the sun goes down. Feeling restless and unsettled, you start to unpack her boxes more. Photos of your family and friends from high school, stuffed animals, plants. Knowing it will never feel like home hurts. You'd give everything to go home, even your spot on the avengers.
You spread her blankets out along your bed. Being used to a twin-sized bed, it’s funny to see the small blankets on the queen-sized bed. She chuckles to herself, letting out a little whimper.
“It’s good to hear you, Y/N.”
You get freaked out by the unknown voice. Looking around, there's no one in the room or the doorway. 
“Sorry to scare you, Y/N. I am J.A.R.V.I.S. A pleasure to meet you.”
Not knowing how to talk to it, You leave it alone and don’t respond. Fearing the sound of an unknown intelligence is scary and makes you wonder if anyone can hear the conversations it has like maybe Tony has some kind of audio peeping tom headset.
After unpacking all of her things, your stomach rumbles. You debate about leaving your room and getting a snack until another rumble from your stomach settles the debate. You carefully open the door, trying to not make a sound and wake up Tony across from her. No one lurks in the hallway, so you quickly grab her blanket and sprint down the hallways towards the kitchen. 
The light is off in the main room. You struggle to see anything and almost run into the island counter while trying to find the cabinets with the snacks. You silently open every bottom drawer, but none of them are filled with snacks. Not being able to quite reach the top cabinets, you climb on top of the counter and go through them to find a box of Cheez-its in one.
Wondering who would even eat Cheez-its in this team, you start munching on them while sitting on the counter, your legs swinging off the side. Surely, it had to be Banner who ate these because everyone else looks too much like a gym junkie to eat something like these, except maybe Thor. He seems like a snacker.
Jumping at the sound of a low, but gentle voice coming out of the dark, you look around but don't see anyone, so carefully you hop down from the counter and cautiously walk toward the hallway while facing the main room.
“Oh, sorry I just realized you can’t see me in the dark,” the voice chuckles. The voice comes out of the darkness and reveals a long brown-haired man with a metal arm, “Nice to meet you, I’m Bucky.”
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Hi! How are you?
Can I please request a wanda and reader?
a/n - hey lovely!! it was an absolute joy to write this, tysm for the request! also, the title has nothing to do with the taylor swift song, i just thought it was nice:) enjoy<3
Getaway Car - Wanda Maximoff x reader
Tumblr media
"You are adorable," you smiled softly.
You and Wanda were on a road trip together, traveling from the Avengers compound in New York all the way to Disney World in Florida. You could've taken a flight, but honestly, the two of you have been working so much lately you wanted the long drive together so you could talk before you got there and would be distracted by the park.
And talk you did. It was a very long drive, which gave you and Wanda all the time you wanted to catch up on recent missions, and have some quality time belting out your favorite songs.
Right now, it was your turn to drive, and Wanda was curled up in the passenger's seat, a blanket on her lap, and very sleepy.
"I said, you're adorable," you repeated with a giggle.
"Oh," she smiled bashfully, "thank you. You are too."
"Thank you, babe," you chuckled softly, flashing a grin her way before returning your eyes to the road ahead of you.
After a while, you could hear the sound of her even breath, letting you know she's fallen asleep. You smiled to yourself, turning the music off so it wouldn't wake her.
You continued driving for the next few hours. You had slept before her, so you were able to stay awake quite easily, and finally, you got to the parking of your hotel.
Leaning over, you pressed a soft kiss to Wanda's temple before gently nudging her awake.
"Wake up sleeping beauty," you whispered.
Her eyes opened, a confused look painted across her face at first, but when she saw you she relaxed and smiled.
"We're here."
Grinning, you quickly left the driver's seat and went around the car to open her door for her, offering her your hand, which she took with a soft smile. You helped her out of the car before pulling her close to you, pressing a kiss to her lips.
Wanda sighed blissfully. "I really needed this getaway with you."
"Me too," you smiled, "now let's go so you can sleep on an actual bed."
She laughed, letting you lead her inside the hotel.
hope you liked it!! today had been the last day of wlw weekend , and i have another oneshot i won’t manage to get out today because i want it to be the best version i can put out:) and the nat x reader carol au is also in the works for the next week hopefully hehe. take care and i’ll see you tomorrow with the last fic<3
Taglist: @horny-nd-bored @shannon124 @perfectlyharolds @wintersoldierslut @iceebabies @sleepingpapermouse @steverogerswasalwaysworthy @holtzkinnon @angelicl-y @stydia-4-ever @thatoneperson5000 @fangirlfree @kaitcordx25 @bequeening @steve-barry-damon-logan @itscrazycherryblossomcollection @hollandxmarvel @stargazingfangirl18 @readsreblogsfics @onetwo3000 @beritmetal @harrystylesholland @jazbot2000 @anobscurename @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @peggycarter-steverogers @evansphnx12 @starlightcrystalline @procrastinatingsapphictrash @imvivian  @sleutherclaw @farzanam2004
if you wanna join / be removed from a taglist, comment/message me! much love <3
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mossybank · a day ago
Scott Lang with a superhero S/O
gif by @thorodinsson
Tumblr media
Scott Lang x GN!Reader
A/N: for the best dad in the mcu on fathers day <3 i'll have some ahs stuff out soon!.. Just been in a marvel mood this past week lol
Tumblr media
The two of you met when you joined the avengers, he was fucking around in his tiny form on you almost stepped on him causing him to go back to normal size in panic and accidentally headbutt you
"Hey, watch where you're—" He'd be cut off by your heads colliding, both of you gripping your own in pain, but when he looked back at you he felt all annoyance slip away and instead just stood there mouth agape and staring in awe
Luis had to put up with Scott rambling about you for at least two weeks before he worked up the courage to ask you out for coffee
The two of you have a tally of who saves who's ass the most, it's mostly a light hearted competition but the winner gets to pick what happens on date night so the two of you can get pretty competitive over it sometimes
Scott tends to get pretty distracted on missions with you there too though so you often end up being split up
The media absolutely eats up your relationship, there's so many videos and photos of the two of you being lovey-dovey mid mission and you have a niche following of shippers online
There's a few people that ship Scott and Hope though, 'it's the Antman and the wasp! They're a team, they're perfect for each other!', but what they don't know is that Hope is actually the one who convinced Scott to ask you out for real
She's an absolute angel and a beacon of hope amongst the online toxicity, you know she'd never get between you and Scott
Luis gave Scott a lot of advice but it was absolutely abysmal and a sure fire way for him to get rejected lol so Hope came in clutch when it came to getting you two together
She definitely invited you out to hang out a few times and threw in some subtle questions about Scott to gauge whether you liked him or not
Cassie absolutely loves you and is always telling you how thankful she is that you're keeping her daddy in check on missions
She also loves that you teach her little fight moves for fun and show of your powers to her if you have them
Scott will literally shout from the mountain tops how much he loves you
The two of you have probably almost gotten frisky in your hero costumes before which would've earned a slap on the wrist from Hank because there's no way he's letting Scott use the suit for that
The avengers also lowkey, jokingly, hate you guys because you're just always so lovey with each other
They're just jealous because you're absolute couple goals though, let's be honest
The guys always tease Scott on how soft he is for you, I mean he'll genuinely bend over backwards to do anything you want
Scott teaches you the names of every single one of his ants and expects you to remember them too, he honestly acts as if they're your children
I imagine the two of you having a little piece of each other on your costumes to remember each other when on separate missions, just like a little nod to each other (a bit like the mind stone shaped cutout on wanda's new costume!)
He proposes to you by bringing you up to the roof top and telling you to look down at the ground, his ants eventually grouping up to form the sentence 'will you marry me?'
It's kind of weird but it's so sweet and totally Scott, there'd be no way you could say no
Tumblr media
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Tags— @amourtentiaa @tatestripedsweater @tatesimper @evanmybeloved @mxlti-fand0m-imaginess @crssjjh @peterskindacool @emoevansupremacy @thatspookyagent
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clydethaoutlaw961 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Madame Masque
Madame Masque (birth name Giulietta Nefaria but legally renamed Whitney Frost) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. An occasional love interest and enemy of Iron Man and the daughter of Count Nefaria, she originally wore a golden mask to cover up her disfigured face and continues to do so after her face was healed.
Over the years, Madame Masque has appeared in various forms of media, including animated television series and video games. Most notably, a version of Whitney Frost appeared in the second season of the Agent Carter television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, portrayed by Wynn Everett.
Madame Masque was born as Giulietta Nefaria, the daughter of the master criminal Count Luchino Nefaria, in Rome, Italy. Her mother died when giving birth and Luchino wanted his daughter to lead a respectable life, so he gave the child to Byron Frost, a wealthy financier and an employee of Nefaria, and his wife Loretta Frost.
Tumblr media
Frost called the child Whitney and raised her as his own. As a young adult, Whitney was a debutante and socialite, and became engaged to politician Roger Vane. Following the Frosts' deaths, Count Nefaria approached Whitney and revealed her true parentage, as he wishes for her to inherit his position as head of the Maggia, a Mafia-like organization based on the East Coast of the United States. Whitney at first refused, but when she tells Roger about her father, Roger ends their relationship out of fear that her connections to a known criminal would hamper his political prospects. Heartbroken, Whitney accepted her father's offer to join the Maggia and was trained by the Count in strategy, criminal activities, and combat. She turned out to be a brilliant student and when her father is imprisoned, she becomes the new "Big M", the leader of the Nefaria family of the Maggia. Her role as Big M brought her into conflict with Iron Man, an old enemy of Count Nefaria.
Whitney was forced to flee after a raid on Stark Industries. The plane she escaped in crashed and Whitney's face was badly scarred, but she was saved by the criminal Mordecai Midas and started to work for him. Midas is obsessed with gold and gave Whitney a golden mask to conceal her disfigured face. She also starts using the alias of "Madame Masque."
Madame Masque meets Tony Stark (Iron Man's alter ego) and the latter shows concern for her despite her scarred face. She turns on Midas to save Stark, but leaves him because of her criminal past. Unable to forget her feelings, she assumes the identity of Krissy Longfellow, Stark's personal secretary. Both come to know each other's true identity and start a romantic relationship. Their happiness is short-lived as Count Nefaria is dying due to a failed attempt to gain superhuman powers. Whitney hires the Ani-Men to bring her father to her and then asks Stark to find a cure for her father. Count Nefaria threatens Stark, and he is forced to fight the Ani-Men as Iron Man. Whitney is unable to choose between her father and her lover, and when Nefaria's life-support system is damaged in the fight, she goes insane with guilt and grief. Whitney returns to the Nefaria family and regains her former position as leader. She resumes her vendetta against Iron Man and his friends.
Tumblr media
At one point, Frost becomes paranoid and starts to create physical copies of herself, known as bio-duplicates. One of her bio-duplicates, who is simply referred to as "Masque", turns on her creator and becomes an ally of the Avengers. She also creates robotic servants known as the Inner Guard and names them individually after notable historical traitors: Benedict, Brutus, Fawkes, Quisling, Monmouth (based on Benedict Arnold, Marcus Junius Brutus, Guy Fawkes, Vidkun Quisling, and the Duke of Monmouth) and two other, unnamed members.
Benedict successfully recaptures Masque for Whitney. Masque tries to convince her the Avengers are benevolent and that she should reach out to Stark again, but Whitney is still too fearful to do so. She continues to be a criminal figure of importance, until her father returns from the dead, now with superhuman abilities, and destroys her base. She reluctantly assists the Avengers and the Thunderbolts against the Count, but she secretly plans to betray and destroy both sides, her increased paranoia causing her to believe that she can trust no one but herself, despite moments of doubt such as when Stark unmasks in her presence but lowers his face-plate back when preparing to talk to the rest of the Avengers.[volume & issue needed] Masque again tries unsuccessfully to convince her to side with the heroes, then joins the battle in Whitney's place. Masque obtains a weapon designed to disrupt Nefaria's powers that Whitney had prepared for her father, but is slain by Nefaria before she can use it. Madame Masque is shocked by her duplicate's nobility and sacrifice, with Iron Man's dismayed reaction at what appears to be her death compared to Nefaria's glee forcing her to recognize that Masque was right about the Avengers. Whitney joins the battle and plays a key role in her father's defeat, her weapon causing him to begin leaking ionic energy until he finally collapses. She renounces her criminal past, and MACH-II of the Thunderbolts offers her membership, but she declines, departing to parts unknown to consider her future. Before leaving, she asked MACH-II to thank everyone for her, especially Iron Man.
Tumblr media
Madame Masque is hired by the Hood to take advantage of the split in the superhero community caused by the Superhuman Registration Act. She becomes the Hood's second in command (and his lover) and helps him and his forces fight the New Avengers. She is taken down by Doctor Strange and taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. A group of Skrulls disguised as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents try to learn her true face so they can replace her with one of their own. The Hood frees her and kills all the Skrulls except one. In an unknown location attended by most of the Hood's army, they learn from the Skrull agent that the Skrulls plan on taking over Earth, believing it to be rightfully theirs. Madame Masque rejoins the Hood's crime syndicate and takes part in an attack on the invading Skrull forces. She is among the Hood's army as they assist the heroes in their final battle against the Skrulls.
During the "Dark Reign" storyline, Norman Osborn puts a bounty on Tony Stark's head, and personally calls Madame Masque over to Stark Tower, offering the locations of Iron Man's multiple armories to help her find Stark. She tracks Stark to Russia, which Pepper Potts had also done. Masque captures and tortures Pepper before demanding that Stark tell her his true feelings to her real face. Stark admits that even after years of fighting, he still loves her, to which Masque reciprocates. However, when faced with a direct choice between Pepper or Masque, Stark chooses Pepper. As Stark escapes to Afghanistan, Masque and Pepper fight hand-to-hand. Masque is defeated and imprisoned in a discarded Crimson Dynamo suit while Pepper disguises herself in her mask and costume to falsely report her own death to Osborn and turn over the Rescue armor, which is added to his personal collection of Iron Man suits.
Tumblr media
Madame Masque escapes, and later participates in a surprise attack on the New Avengers, a trap set up by Osborn. Later, when The Hood attacks Doctor Strange in order to become the Sorcerer Supreme, she tries to help him deal with his possession by Dormammu, taking off her mask and confessing her feelings for him. When Osborn calls off the hunt for Stark after learning that he is in a persistent vegetative state, Masque decides to take matters into her own hands, and hires the Ghost to eliminate her old lover, a task at which Ghost fails.
Masque, along with the rest of the Hood's gang, joins in helping Osborn, in his Iron Patriot armor, with the Siege of Asgard. However, Loki retakes the Norn stones from the Hood to help the Avengers and Asgardians battle the Void. Masque helps the Hood slip away. The Hood is pessimistic, knowing that his gang would simply sell him out. Therefore, Masque seeks out Count Nefaria for help. The New Avengers track her and the Hood using their contact John King. After a battle with Nefaria, the New Avengers capture all four villains and bring them to Maria Hill.
Tumblr media
During the "Heroic Age" storyline, Hood escapes from prison and makes a play to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet, for which he recruits Masque. Hood is able to use the Reality Gem to heal Masque's disfigurement, but she continues to wear her golden mask.
She appears in Madripoor for the auction of a videotape showing Hawkeye assassinating the dictator of an unnamed Asian nation. However, the real Madame Masque is shown to be tied up and gagged in her hotel room; the "Masque" attending the auction is actually Hawkeye's partner Kate Bishop disguised in her costume. After the tape is destroyed, Masque vows vengeance on Hawkeye and Bishop. She attempts to capture Bishop by luring the girl to her home in California, where she drugs her. The teen manages to escape, and Masque swears to take revenge once again.
In the pages of "Avengers Undercover" Madame Masque appears as a member of the Shadow Council's Masters of Evil in Bagalia. She works as Baron Helmut Zemo's right-hand woman.
As part of the "All-New, All-Different Marvel" Madame Masque starts a quest to retrieve different magical objects in order to empower herself. During her journey, she is pursued by a mysterious group of ninjas. Iron Man catches onto her motives when she tries to steal a duplicate Wand of Watoomb from Castle Doom. Upon discovering the artifact she had stolen is fake, she kills her informant in a hotel in Montreal. Iron Man later confronts Madame Masque in the hotel room and tries to reason with her. Startled by his presence, Madame Masque unleashes a surprising display of enormous magical power. Upon traveling to Mary Jane Watson's nightclub, Jackpot, in Chicago, Madame Masque confronts her former business partner Belhilio and kills him. She then faces off against Iron Man and Doctor Doom, which results in the nightclub being completely trashed. A furious Watson hits her in the face with a microphone, knocking her mask off, and Doctor Doom discovers that Madame Masque has been demonically possessed. Iron Man is able to hold her down while Doctor Doom successfully performs an exorcism. By the time Iron Man regains consciousness, Doctor Strange arrives and informs him that he will take Madame Masque away to metaphysically fix her and will later hand her over to the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Tumblr media
As Iron Man hovers over New York figuring out what people want from him, one of the flashbacks to his recent fights shows Iron Man being shot point-blank in the faceplate by Madame Masque.
Madame Masque is among the crime lords competing with Mister Negative in obtaining the Tablet of Life and Destiny in order to win the favor of Mayor Wilson Fisk.
Powers and Abilities
Madame Masque has no superhuman powers, but is an athletic woman and a skilled hand-to-hand combatant in various martial arts and an expert markswoman. She is a master strategist and organizer, although she suffers from mental instability and is believed to be criminally insane. She has access to advanced technology like her bio-duplicates.
As leader of the Maggia family, Madame Masque commands unspecified numbers of Dreadnought robots modified from the original designs stolen from HYDRA.
Tumblr media
Madame Masque wears body armor of an unknown composition with a gold metal faceplate, underneath which her face was chemically scarred. The faceplate is hard enough to deflect bullets without causing her any permanent injury. She carries a .475 Wildey Magnum revolver and other handguns, in addition to weapons that fire concussive blasts of energy or sleeping-gas cartridges.
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