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#john seed
rainbowdelicartz12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ya'll remember Chucky old pals John and Eddie right? Well thanks to Glen, they're plushies now! These versions of John and Eddie only really resign in my Bride of Chucky Alternate Ending and my Vacation Slides AU, they're also in my Glen and Glenda Magical Girl/Boy AU as the must-need "annoying animal mascots"
Info about them is under the cut!
John Bishop - January 14th, 1948, Childhood friend of Charles Lee Ray (Chucky), over the years he had become Chucky鈥檚 mentor and surrogate teacher (both in VooDoo and in life), died on November 11th, 1988, though thanks to Glen messing around with VooDoo magic by putting souls into plush toys for company, he had transferred John鈥檚 soul into a plush panda, thus John coming back to life in the body of a stuffed animal, along with him came Eddie, whose soul was transferred into an orange tabby plush. Ever since then, John and Eddie have stuck together since then as the old role John used to have with Chucky (except Eddie is more of a cowardice wuss about it), coming back to life in stuffed animal bodies making them have a strange but strong friendship
Eddie Caputo - December 20th, 1952, Childhood best friend of Charles Lee Ray (Chucky), was always the cowardly small n meek lackey to Chucky, died on November 10th, 1988, thanks to Glen, along with John, his soul was transferred into an orange tabby cat plush, he鈥檚 pretty much still the same meekly, cowardice man but now has become more of a smart ass thanks to being friends with the calm, dry and deadpan John
Enjoy friends!! 馃寛馃寛
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strafethesesinners16 hours ago
鉁岋笍Cooper x John??
Woo I鈥檓 sorry this took a minute
John about Cooper: (probably speaking to Joseph)
Tumblr media
Cooper about John:
Tumblr media
And one just for fun
Tumblr media
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curlywurlyfrieza day ago
Tumblr media
鈥淪in constantly flows from you like a never ending sea, will you ever be clean woman?!鈥
鈥淵ou know, we both will never be free of sin John, don鈥檛 act like you don鈥檛 crave it.鈥
*proceeds to be choked* 馃槍
What happens when you put two hot-headed, prissy, horny heralds in a room. I dunno you tell me 馃憖馃槒
Fun fact my girl Zo毛 is like John鈥檚 mirror image in personality. This works out well for them as they think the same on many different things, but also means they clash, A LOT 馃槼
I commissioned @redreart to draw my Farcry 5 baby and a certain someone and OH MY GOODNESS, LOOK AT HER, MY CRAZY GIRL! Your art is so stunning 馃槶 I cannot wait to commission you again you talented human 馃挅
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mrspaigeomegaa day ago
Kate loves Pop Punk music!!!
Kate (driving; blasting American Idiot by Green Day): *singing loudly* Welcome to a new kind of tension. All across the alien nation, where everything isn't meant to be okay
John *sitting in the passenger seat; silently cause Kate told him driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cakehole*
Kate *singing loudly*: Television dreams of tomorrow, we're not the ones who're meant to follow. For that's enough to argue *drumming fingers on steering wheel*
John *looks over at her; also trying to restrain himself from singing and head bobbling*: Do we have to listen to this??
Kate drumming fingers on steering wheel*: YES! *singing* Well maybe I'm the-
John *changes radio station; Oh John starts playing*
Kate *slowly turns her head towards him*: How dare you!!!!
John: I don't like that part (cuz Billie Joe says faggot)
Kate: Oh! So you have heard that song before!?! That song came out in the mid 2000s. When you were probably in high school!
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cutiedi3a day ago
* when he was first adopted without his brothers he didn鈥檛 understand it
* he thought for the first few years they were coming back
* every year on his birthday when he was away from his brothers he wishes for his brother to show up at his part
* when he was a little older her ran into joseph as a walmart and was to shocked to even talk to him
* Joseph nor Jacob could recognize him when the family was back together
* joseph carved the sins into john as a punishment when he continued to sin with joseph鈥檚 warning
* has scars all over this body from his adoptive and biological parents
* women were in love with johns money and not really him
* so when they got to know him and his past they ran away
* John was very depressed and had a failed suicide attempt as a teen
* he鈥檚 deadly afraid of fire
* when the barn was burnt by jacob he hardly had enough time to escape
* he now has a small burn on his arm and when jacob sees it he鈥檚 filled with guilt
* for hours john would go to the church when no ones around and preach beautiful words wishing he was the head of the project
* sometimes his family is outside listening to him
* it鈥檚 usually about expectance
* as a teen he experimented with boys and found out he鈥檚 bisexual and when her got his first boyfriend he had sleepovers with him
* when his family found out John was beaten and sent straight to church
* john is a great pretender
* he can convince someone the skys green but can鈥檛 begin to believe he鈥檚 worth saving
* he knows eden won鈥檛 ever let him in
* cries every time someone points out the self harm scars in his wrist
* jacob keeps a close eye on john incase john does end up overdosed
* jacob thinks joseph is super in fair to john
* joseph is very degrading to john and john sees joseph as the father he never got
* misses his birth dad even with the abuse he cause
* he has nightmares about his birth mom
trans John headcanons
* John was never happy as a child
* when he looked in the mirror and saw little Joanne the little girl of the family he cried
* he was treated differently for he was a girl at birth
* always cooking and cleaning hardly ever wiped
* but when he began to wear joseph鈥檚 clothes and wanted to cut his hair his father beat him bloody
* never again
* when they moved out to the farm he grabbed scissors and cut his hair braided by joseph into a short style
* jacob always knew joanne wasn鈥檛 really joanne
* jacob supported John and always was lending him clothes
* joseph also supported john buy fixing the mess of a hair cut john did and helping come up with a name
* of course they slipped up a lot but john didn鈥檛 mind
* his foster parents were very transphobic and this led jacob to burn the barn down after john was beat
* when they were separated and john was adopted he was forced to let his hair grow and get girl clothes
* when he turned 18 and went to college he started testosterone shots
* soon he was growing a beard and no one knew he was once joanne
* after her graduated he fulling transitioned
* when he met his brother again they didn鈥檛 know what to expect
* when they saw him they were proud to call him John Seed
* he leads more people to join the project knowing its lgbtq+ friendly
* openly trans within the project
* all members support him and he led very many others like him to join edens gate
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cutiedi3a day ago
Do you guys want more fc5 headcanons? if so send some suggestions!
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sxlvxtion-losta day ago
John and Jacobs plane as well as any peggies plan and lets just say pretty much most of the planes in fc5 are made by a company in game called聽 AdjudiCor FBW. Theres a wiki link here to it.
Tumblr media
I only realized this the other night while replaying the far cry game because I had always assumed the planes were your spitfires. The only thing is the snout of the the fc5 planes are different to a spitfire, its like the planes are a nice mix of the Mustang and Spitfire war planes.
Then it finally occurred to me.
What if this company named Adjudicor is a loyalist to Edens Gate and controlled via the Heralds such as John and Jacob since they both own customized versions of the plane and every Peggy seems to own these.
In IRL the team did indeed make these planes to be inspired by the mighty spitfire and the Hurricane as well as a few other aspects from old war birds. Which is listed down in the trivia part of the wiki page.
You see war birds are very hard to obtain and even then getting parts for them when they need repairing is like trying to find a blood diamond. In other words its very costly and probably would be like digging through Johns pockets via the millions.
So it makes sense that Edens gate would have certain factories/industries and company's working for them to be able to provide planes such as Affirmation and Pack Hunter that are designed for Hope County and Montana environment but also to reduce the major cost it would have on the cult if they did get old war birds in.
Cause ouch, I鈥檓 sure even John would feel that pinch in his pocket despite how beautiful war birds are.聽
I just thought this was really interesting fact that I never even noticed until recently. Not to mention the fact that Jacob has one beautiful red war bird is amazing. I mean come on Johns got style but Jacob flying a plane? now that's scary and exciting all at once.
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adelaidedrubmana day ago
I was thinking about your tags in that post about why there are flowers on the bodies in John鈥檚 and Faith鈥檚 regions (at least I think there in the Henbane). I wonder if it鈥檚 connected to like, their overall messages? Like they all seem to be meant as warnings but the ones in John鈥檚 and Faith鈥檚 regions usually have writing that says like 鈥渨e love you鈥 or 鈥渟ay yes鈥 鈥渨elcome to Eden鈥檚 Gate鈥 etc where Jacob鈥檚 are just straight up 鈥渟acrifice the weak.鈥 Idk I鈥檓 just musing.
Oooh yeah I really like the theory that it's because the bodies in Jacob's region are supposed to have a slightly different message than the ones in John and Faith鈥檚. Because I was thinking how it's sorta symbolic of the fact John and Faith's roles are both much more focused on presenting a pleasant outward image to lure people in compared to Jacob. I've also noticed in Jacob's region like not only do the bodies not have flowers, they have flies buzzing around them, so maybe the flowers are to cover the stench? And the presence or absence of them could be symbolic of the fact that John and Faith are literally "covering up" the gruesome aspects of Eden鈥檚 Gate, whereas Jacob is really not trying to hide the cruelty at all. (In a way, Jacob is the most honest of all the heralds, probably all the Seeds period imo.)
And I totally hadn't connected it how the bodies read different with the different herald's slogans. Like you said, they're all warnings. But in John and Faith's regions maybe they're also recruitment tactics. Which is consistent with John and Faith's roles compared to Jacob. Like Jacob honestly doesn't do any recruitment compared to them, he has that one "Only You" Uncle Sam style poster but that's all I can think of that鈥檚 directed at drawing people in. None of the general recruiting stuff has his slogans. Like in the Eden鈥檚 Gate Outreach Center in the Henbane, which is supposed to be their propaganda center, you can find stuff with both John and Faith鈥檚 slogans.
Tumblr media
But I鈥檝e searched around and never found anything with any of Jacob鈥檚.
Anyways the only other explanation I can think of for the fact that Jacob doesn鈥檛 have flowers is maybe they just grow less in his region? Because there is also a note you can find at the Eden鈥檚 Gate Greenhouse in the Holland Valley (which is just off the road leading to John鈥檚 ranch and filled with bliss flowers) that mentions expanding the bliss fields to the valley.
Tumblr media
Which is kinda interesting in its own right considering John is the only person who mentions having any moral objection to the bliss, and Jacob uses it way more than John does. (And still, it鈥檚 not that big a county, I鈥檓 sure he could go pick a couple bouquets if he really wanted to.)
Also sorry to keep rambling and go completely off topic but another detail I鈥檝e noticed with the bodies, which you can sorta see in the photoset I reblogged earlier, is that the bodies in Faith鈥檚 region tend to have more like, animal bones and antlers on them as well. Which is interesting because that鈥檚 kinda more John鈥檚 aesthetic, there are some bodies in the little arts and crafts area of his bunker decorated just like the ones you find around Faith鈥檚 region. Which makes me wonder if he鈥檚 decorating them for her? (Not to say Faith isn鈥檛 totally capable of mutilating a body.) But also the ones in John鈥檚 region feature the flowers slightly more in that they tend to be the ones with the bliss petals shoved in the abdominal cavity. So maybe they just got switched in the code lol? Who knows.
Finally I promise I鈥檓 a normal person and I don鈥檛 just go staring at the game鈥檚 mutilated corpses all the time for fun, I studied them a little to describe for a scene in my fic and they鈥檙e kinda a motif in it. In part to work as symbolism for the differences between the heralds so this has actually been really useful lol. Deputy Jestiny will also be observing the fact Jacob doesn鈥檛 use flowers when first entering the Whitetails and cracking a joke along the lines of, 鈥淗uh. Guess he lacks his siblings' 鈥榙elicate touch鈥.鈥
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seedhoea day ago
Kiss, Marry and Kill with the seeds go!
bro i love all the seeds, you can't make me choose 馃槶馃槶 but here:
Kiss: Jacob
Kill: Joseph (sorry joe)
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seedhoea day ago
gimme more head canons about Ana & Jackie and their Seed spawn pls
When Jackie found out that she was pregnant with Jake's kid, she was absolutely terrified
She locked herself in the bathroom for a while, and was having a panick attack, trying to process the fact that she is pregnant.
She was not ready to be a mom. She wanted to wait until her and Jacob's relationship was fully stable.
She didn't tell him, because she was worried about how he would react, but was also worried about him as a whole.
Jackie seen what Jacob is capable of, and she'd be lying if she said that the idea of him being a father worries her.
She was going to hold off on telling him for a few weeks until she felt ready. But she started showing strong symptoms, having morning sickness most mornings, nausea, headaches, and hell, Jacob even noticed that her moods switched very often and she started having cravings.
Then it became unavoidable when he questioned her about it, and she ended up coming clean, not being able to look him in the eye for more than a few seconds.
but oh boy was he happy. He was so happy, he hugged her so tight and started laughing, kissing her face all over, something extremely unusual for him. But nonetheless, she was relieved
He loved seeing her walking around carrying his baby. But she hated being pregnant since most of her clothes started getting too small for her, and her cravings got more intense. But she was also experiencing more contractions and back pains that had her bed bound for hours
Overall those 9 months were very rocky and hard on both Jaqueline and Jacob. They had their ups and downs, and had lots of arguments that even ended up with them sleeping in separate beds.
But they made up eventually, like always. And before they even knew it, their baby was born
You know how i said Jackie is small? yeah...Well that wasnt something she considered when she was having a baby with a man thrice her size was
The baby comes out chunky, and somewhere around 8-10 lbs. It was a boy, and he had obnoxiously bright red tufts of hair that resembled his dads. Jacob was definitely proud.
Jacob would hold his baby boy and look down at him with the most happy and proud look you've ever seen鈥 not even his brothers saw him this happy before.
Their son sleeps in a small crib right next to their bed because 1. jacob is overprotective over his spawn 2. so its easier for jackie to take care of him when he starts crying in the middle of the night.
Jacob's nightmares/ night terrors lessen by a lot after his son is born. He actually does get some sleep sometimes. But when he doesn't, it's mostly because of the baby, rather than his PTSD.
He wouldn't let anyone outside his family see his soft side because "it makes him weak", but really he just wants to bond with his family in peace
Whenever Jackie is too busy or sick to take care of the baby, Jacob brings takes care of him for the day. He even brings him to meetings with him
Okay but like can you imagine Jacob doing one of his PowerPoint slides while holding his baby in one arm?? And maybe even has his little carrier thing on the floor next to his chair in case he gets sleepy??
he even lowers his voice while talking so he won't wake him up
Jacob is actually pretty excited to introduce his baby to his siblings.
Joseph is so happy with the baby, he holds him with a smile. He loves how he resembles Jacob so much, and he even thinks that he is a gift from god. Faith absolutely adores the baby, and she even brough him some new plushies and clothes. John also brings stuff for the baby (stuff that he may or may have not stolen from the Ryes) And when he holds the baby he feels happiness and joy, but isn't showing it much. spoiler: this is the moment John gets baby fever
But anyway, Jacqueline and Jacob do live pretty peacefully with their baby for a while. Jacob, for the first time in what seems like years, can finally settle down and be happy
You know how i said john got baby fever from seeing Jacob's baby? He suggests it to Ana, and she agrees
She wanted to wait a bit until everything was settled in term of getting her work sorted out when EG finally takes over Hope County
except she ended up getting pregnant, on accident, a bit earlier than anticipated (The seeds really don't know what a condom is huh)
It was a surprise, not unwelcome, but a surprise to say the least
To say that John was happy was an understatement, he was absolutely joyful, so much so that he couldn't even process the news Ana just told him. He ended up having a very delayed reaction
"John, you oka-"
In short, John couldn't get his hands off her, and kept smooching her and hugging her close for the rest of the day.
Ana and John agreed to keep it a secret from everyone else until they found the right time for it
But John being John couldn't contain his excitment, and he may have ended up telling a few of his men. Which promptly ended with the whole county finding out that the youngest seed and his wife were expecting
His siblings were very happy with the news, though they didn't like that everyone else in the county found out before they did.
Joseph is now fully convinced that god blessing his family for all their suffering.
During the pregnancy, John continues to spoil Ana despite her telling him not to spend too much of their money on her, but rather on the baby and the project. That was ignored though.
lol Ana ended up looking like Mrs Puff in that sponegbob episode where Mr. Krabs spoiled tf out of her
John absolutely goes all out for the baby. He sticks the ultrasound pictures on the fridge, even the earliest ones where the baby still looks very teeny tiny. basically makes a big deal out of it every time
He may or may have not thrown a huge, very decorated gender reveal party for the baby (which may or may have not started a small fire and burned some poor farmers' crops. Thanks John)
Like Jacob and Jackie, they find out that they're having a boy as well.
The baby shower is even more exaggerated. There's lots of cake and decorations, and gifts, and John even films it so they could look back at it in the future with their son.
He contantly zooms in on his family members and points at them, talking about them as if he's talking to his kid
"Thats your uncle Jacob there, He could be a jackass sometimes but he means well" and jacob just gives him a "don't start" look
"This is your aunt Faith, she's nice, but not really though." Faith initially smiles at first but her smile disappears very quickly
"Your uncle Joseph here loves you so much, and he can't wait to see you. We're all excited to see you" And Joseph smiles and waves at the camera
Months pass, and the baby is here!
John demands to be with Ana when she goes into labor so he could assist and comfort her. She holds his hand pretty tight though, almost breaking it
Thankfully, the baby was surprisingly small, and the labor was less painful compared to Jackie's. Still fucking painful though.
John straight up cried when he saw and held his son for the first time. Ana was laughing, but also cried with him. So they were both looking down at the baby and crying tears of joy. Just a wholesome family moment
John is actually a very good dad. He takes care of the kid, holds him when he's fussing, plays with him, and hands him to Ana whenever he thinks he's hungry
One night she woke up to the sound of the baby crying, only to go and find John already in the baby's room, carrying him and rocking him around. Made her heart melt to say the least
John and Jacob's kids definitely play together on the weekends when they're a little bit older. And because of that Jacob and John actually get to see each other more. They definitely brought the whole family together even closer 馃挄
But yeah, that was too long. I got too invested lol. Thanks for the ask @scungilliwoman
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fantaworks2 days ago
Tumblr media
When sad, just draw John Seed.
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yourefave2 days ago
Headcanon john seed:
John bonded with Rottweiler dog when he was 10 who saw his parent abuse him he bite the dad neck and killed him and bite mom hand .
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lulu29922 days ago
What John Seed鈥檚 clothes say about him
People generally assume John is a self-centered man who only wears luxury clothing and that he must have a well-stocked closet. While, at first glance, this assumption makes sense, I think his outfit tells a different story.
Firstly, his clothes are surprisingly dirty for a man who supposedly cares a lot about his appearance. There are mud stains on his shirt, pants, coat, belt, and shoes. There even used to be blood on his shoes but it was removed in an update. Secondly, his shirt looks like it's been mended in several places. If he really owned plenty of shirts, why would he bother repairing and wearing this one, again and again?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From Eden鈥檚 Gate's point of view, Greed is a sin, so I believe John is actually way less materialistic than people assume. And even though he owns one of the biggest, most luxurious houses in Hope County, one of the guards stationed at Seed Ranch says he hasn鈥檛 been seen in it in a long time because of how busy he is.
John鈥檚 duty apparently comes before his comfort. He doesn鈥檛 hesitate to devote most of his time, money, and energy to the Project. He seemingly restlessly performs Cleansings, Confessions, and Atonements. He invests so much of himself in the cult, often at the expense of his (and others鈥) well-being, that Joseph has to beg him to slow down. The toll work has taken on him is reflected in his outfit.
Anyway, what I鈥檓 saying is I don鈥檛 believe John is as self-absorbed or as obsessed about his appearance as he seems and, because of the cult's rules, he probably doesn鈥檛 own as many clothes as people generally think he does.
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johnseedfanclub2 days ago
WIP Day pt2 hoes
Tagged by @muse-1498
It had probably been almost two fucking hours since Angel been walking around like a lost puppy. And to be quite frank, Angel was getting pissed off too.
鈥淲here the FUCK is Falls End.鈥
Angel had crossed through fields, flowers, and brush but he was no where near home. Angel was starting to get tired. Luckily he spotted a friendly face.
Angel ran as fast as his feet could take him. Right before he tripped and fell face flat into the ground. At this point he didn鈥檛 even fucking bother getting up.
鈥淛esus H. Christ!鈥
Sharky quickly ran over and helped Angel to his feet. Angel was more than happy and lucky to have bumped into him. Another hour and the peggie search party would鈥檝e left him with 20 holes in his chest.
鈥淎ngel are you alright? What in the fuck happened to you?鈥
Angel looked like absolute shit. He was sweating like a fucking pig, not to mention how he smelled like one. His uniform was slightly ripped after making his trek throughout Holland Valley and he struggled to keep his eyes open. Not to mention he kinda smelled like weed and bliss.
鈥淢an you have no fucking idea. Honestly I have no fucking idea.鈥 Angel slurred out
鈥淣o offense amigo but...You look like shit.鈥 Sharky admitted
鈥淚 fucking feel like shit.鈥 Angel said with a chuckle
鈥淗ave you been smoking?鈥
鈥淵ou look like you have鈥
鈥淢hm...鈥 Angel groaned in return
鈥淚鈥檓 guessing you need a ride home huh?鈥 Sharky finally asked
鈥淵ou have no idea鈥 Angel breathed out
鈥淵ou said that twice鈥 Sharky laughed as he lead Angel back to his car
鈥淎t this fucking point speaking is taking too much fucking effort. I feel like I鈥檓 running a marathon when I stop talking.鈥 Angel breathed out
鈥淯h huh鈥 Sharky looked at Angel suspiciously 鈥淵ou been hanging with Connor?鈥
Angel turned his head slowly and blinked 鈥渨ho?鈥
鈥淐onnor, he like sells weed n鈥 shit. The only way you looking like that is if you were smoking with him鈥
鈥淐onnor......鈥 Angel tried to bring himself to remember the man from a few hours earlier 鈥淥h shit yeah...the blonde one? Scruffy hair?鈥
鈥淵eah that鈥檚 him alright鈥 Sharky laughed 鈥淗e definitely got you good that鈥檚 for sure鈥
鈥淟iterally.鈥 Angel huffed out a pathetic laugh
Angel opened the door to Sharky鈥檚 car and slumped himself into the passenger seat, while Sharky walked to the driver鈥檚 side. Sharky took one good look at Angel and burst out laughing.
Angel turned his head slightly and smiled dopily at sharky, his eyelids fighting every signal in his body that wants them shut. 鈥淲haaat?...鈥
鈥淵ou look absolutely fucked dude鈥 Sharky tried to bring himself to stop laughing
Angel couldn鈥檛 help but laugh with him 鈥淢an- fuck you. I鈥檓 fucking new here you could鈥檝e at least warned me about the fucking locals鈥
Sharky started the car and started heading for the road 鈥淒ude. Everyone knows Connor! What do you mean? If you don鈥檛 know him you gotta know of him.鈥
鈥淗e fucking sells weed dude. I鈥檓 a whole ass deputy. I don鈥檛 think I鈥檓 on his customer list.鈥 Angel rolled his eyes slightly
鈥淗e sells weed to cops.鈥 Sharky look at Angel and gave him a smirk
鈥淲hat the fuck?鈥
鈥淗ope County is fucking small man we have one small jail in Henbane. Why do you think all these crazy cult fuckers came here?鈥
Oh right. Fucking Eden鈥檚 Gate. The reason why he鈥檚 stuck in here, all fucked up, in the first place.
鈥淲hat do you mean?鈥 Angel slurred
鈥淗ope County is a small remote area dude. We鈥檙e far from everything and everyone. Think about it, Missoula is like what..? Three hours from here? Maybe four?鈥
Holy shit he鈥檚 right.
鈥淭hese peggie fuckers, which I鈥檓 assuming how you鈥檙e fucked up in the first place, chose this place 鈥榗ause there鈥檚 not a lot of people here and there鈥檚 a enough space to do whatever the fuck you want.鈥 Sharky explained 鈥淵ou see me and my trailer park and no one has said anything yet. Not enough people or neighbors to complain about it鈥 he added
鈥淔uck.鈥 Angel sighed 鈥淪o this ain鈥檛 gonna be easy huh....?鈥
鈥淥hohoho. Absolutely not. Rumor has it all the other cops that had run-ins with them peggies were taken in or killed.鈥 Sharky warned
鈥淭hen what about me?鈥
鈥淲hat do you mean what about you?鈥
鈥淚 dunno...few hours ago I was locked up in a bunker with John-鈥
鈥淛OHN FUCKING SEED?!鈥 Sharky yelled as he suddenly hit on the brakes 鈥淵ou. Had a fucking run in with John Seed and LIVED???鈥
鈥淛ESUS CHRIST- YES.鈥 Angel looked at Sharky panicked 鈥淲-Why what鈥檚 wrong?!鈥
鈥淭hat man has fuckin taken people off the road and 锟 tortured them. He has them confess their 鈥渟ins鈥 tattoos fucking words into their skin and then cuts it right off ya. -SHEEEEK鈥 Sharky made a ridiculous noise that Angel couldn鈥檛 help but laughing at, along with the terrifying things he was saying about fucking John.
鈥淵ou sure you talking about the right man? Because my dude shrivels up like a raisin and fucking cries if you say his Gucci belt is fake.鈥 Angel let out a wheeze that Sharky did not want to join in on
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not funny Angel...鈥 Sharky said, shaking his head as he started up the car again 鈥淵ou could鈥檝e gotten your ass killed鈥
鈥淪ays the man who plays with gas and fire.鈥
鈥淗EY.鈥 Sharky gave Angel a reproachful look. 鈥淔ire and a sadistic man who gets a hard on from gutting people are two COMPLETELY...different things鈥
鈥淪harky he鈥檚 literally five foot, eight鈥 Angel looked at Sharky, annoyed 鈥淵ou could literally step on him鈥
鈥淣ot with the amount of fucking guards he has! He has a whole militia protecting him.鈥 Sharky barked at Angel as if he was scolding a child
鈥淏ullshit.鈥 Angel dismissed Sharky鈥檚 comment which he shouldn鈥檛 have taken for granted 鈥淚 could literally take him out without any effort. You don鈥檛 underestimate me now do you?鈥
鈥淎ngel, you鈥檙e high as shit, we鈥檙e not gonna argue about this.鈥
鈥淔ine. Whatever. One day you鈥檒l see me fucking around with the fucking Nuts.鈥
鈥...Do...Do you mean the Seeds?鈥
鈥淵eah yeah whatever the fuck they are.鈥
A few minutes later Sharky was able to drop Angel off.
鈥淵ou sure you鈥檙e gonna be alright on your own?鈥 Sharky asked concerned
鈥淵ea.....yeah I just wanna get some fucking rest. You get home safe now.鈥 Angel nodded with tired eyes
鈥淎lright call me if you need anything brother.鈥
鈥淲ill do.鈥
Angel opened the door and shut it behind him, double checking the locks. He wasted no time walking up the stairs and stumbling into his room and plopping himself onto his bed with a sigh. He wanted to take a shower but had little to no energy to do so. Even walking upstairs nearly took the life out of him. He thought that he鈥檒l get to it later, it was early anyways. He should probably get some sleep. But one thing started to cloud his mind.
Aw s h i t....
鈥淲here鈥檚 Missy?鈥 Angel sat up slightly.
So much has happened in the last few hours he had no fucking idea what happened. Last thing he knew it was fucking evening when he, Pratt, Hudson, Missy, Whitehorse, and Burke went to arrest Joseph. Then he ran, got knocked out, woke up to John鈥檚 ugly lanky ass. He smoked with Connor, at that point it was fucking morning probably, God knows. And he was chased around for hours before Sharky found him. A day hasn鈥檛 passed and it felt like a whole series of unfortunate events.
鈥淒id they get her too..?鈥
Last thing he needed was to lose Missy. He loved Missy, she was like a mother to him. She helped him out of the psychiatric hospital, gave him a home, and helped him get a job. She was his main source of help, protection, and a way to get out of here. Without her, he鈥檚 as good as fucked.
鈥淭his whole transition has been a FUCKING NIGHTMARE鈥 Angel used the last bit of energy on his pent up rage 鈥淚 HATE BEING A FUCKING COP.鈥
At least he got that out. Now he鈥檚 definitely too tired to do anything. So he decided he鈥檒l figure it all out later. He鈥檚 a big boy. What could possibly go wrong?
(Everything. Everything could go wrong.)
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Even dead, John's body is causing problems. Wtf even happened馃槀
#i just wanted to put him in the truck #i always carry him around after he's dead
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Okay but hear me out :
John seed would be type guy would have rose in his mouth while wiggling his eyebrows at his partner
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the seeds are still in my head rent free
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Tumblr media
I got the chance commission the amazing聽@minilev鈥嬄 to draw my peggy oc Brooke and John during a confession session. I absolutly love everything about it! I鈥檝e been a huge fan since I joined fc5 fandom on Tumblr and I鈥檓 sooo happy I鈥檝e managed to get a commission! Thank you so much for this^^馃挅 !
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