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#joey wheeler
millennium-keyblade · 2 hours ago
Yu-Gi-Oh Characters as Reductress Articles, Part 1
Jonouchi: How to achieve personal growth when all your flaws are adorable
Mai: 5 trends men hate and how to do them most effectively
Anzu: 4 ways to berate Siri without being anti-feminist
Kaiba: Wow! Man so busy he can’t send text from phone he stares at 10 hours a day
Yugi: How to overcome the insecurities instilled in you by Wii Fit
Atem: How buying and training my own hunting falcon made my ex super jealous
Ryou: Here’s why I ate the silica gel packet
Honda: Nice! This man’s hobby is spending $40
Mokuba: Why we should tax the rich except my big brother because I think I’m in the will
Yami Bakura: I’m not a plant mom- I’m a plant evil stepmother
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wheeler90s · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
^ω^ ) ノ*.✧ kaiba + katsuya headers !
like or reblog ♡
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krazyperson6art · a day ago
Tumblr media
Blonds Have a Sleepover
I got the urge to draw more of my random crossover with my three fav characters XD I'm not entirely sure what happened to cause two grown men and a teenager to have to share a bed for a sleepover, but here we are XD
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gayduelistproblems · a day ago
Gay duelist problems #4
sorry this one took so long guys ^-^;
Tumblr media
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ygotravelzine · a day ago
Tumblr media
Time to stamp the passport of.... Asagi!!! @asagi-s-garden
Asagi’s work features Atem, Kaiba, Yugi, and Jou on a Florida vacation, and will be available in full in “Wish You Were Here”, the Yugioh travel zine!! You can set sails for our zine on JULY 10TH!! Only ONE MONTH away!!
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yazuriha-clow · 2 days ago
One more montage I made about what it would be like if Miho had been included in the yugi group no yugioh Duel Monsters.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Montage image 2.
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yazuriha-clow · 2 days ago
As I really like the character Miho Nosaka, I made an anime version montage, in which the symbol of friendship has one more female hand besides Téa, I put it as if it were Miho accompanying them. ^_^
Tumblr media
I really wish Miho had been included in the yugi gang at yugioh Duel Monsters.
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z-iridest · 2 days ago
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Rebirthing
Prolouge- Sacrifice
Tumblr media
Emerald green eyes were wide as they gazed out onto the horizon, watching the flames that were roaring toward her kingdom... The flames of war that were burning to harm her people, consuming everything in it’s path like warriors with a lust for blood. With a shout in her native tongue, the woman raced for the palace doors, grabbing her weapon along the way. As she raced for the doors, a small child peeked out from the corner, afraid for what was about to happen to her mother... 
A fierce glare was on her face as she ran, barking orders to the guards that stood at the palace gates in horror of the inferno burning toward them. At her shout, the guards moved, as if being released from a curse that had prevented their movements, evacuating everyone to the safety of the palace per her command. Though her companions attempted to stop her, the woman ignored their calls, racing to meet the flames that threatened her people. Smoke filled her lungs as she grew closer to the flames, the smell making her eyes water. Her legs pumped hard, pure adrenaline rushing through her veins as a spell left her lips. A blazing phoenix ripped from her body, blazing to life and flying toward the flames alongside the woman. With a battle cry, she hit her knees and drove her blade into the ground, magic spreading throughout the area behind her. As her eyes stared down the flames that burned toward her, she knew that this spell would be her last, able to feel the magic of the barrier her council had put up behind her to protect the kingdom if her plan fell through. Her final spell, her final act as Queen would allow her people to thrive... Allow her daughter to live... She clutched her sword with both hands and bowed her head as she allowed the flames to consume her, her phoenix rising behind her to prevent the flames from burning any further. The “Phoenix Queen”, as history remembers her, was burned to ashes by the very flames sent to destroy her kingdom. The last anyone had ever seen of her was her sillouette in the flames as she burned: Her head bowed, both hands clutching her sword with her mouth remaining closed. As the phoenix raised its head, the everburning flames dissipated, the phoenix fading with it. All that remained of the Phoenix Queen was the bracelet her husband had given her, and the sword that her father had forged for her. It was these items that were given to the princess who had lost her mother, all unaware of the prophecy that was already being fulfilled...
In the darkness, her flame shall rage, burning evermore, she will not age. But should the Shadows ever return to scorn, the Phoenix Queen shall be reborn...
Taglist: @euphorically-bisexual
(Let me know if you guys wanna be added to the taglist ^.^)
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ygotravelzine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Time to stamp the passport of.... Auroblaze!!! @auroblaze
Auroblaze’s work features the main gang visiting the Leshan Giant Buddha Temple and will be available in full in “Wish You Were Here”, the Yugioh travel zine!! You can set sails for our zine on JULY 10TH!! Only ONE MONTH away!!
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propheticfire · 3 days ago
Yugi: Apologize to Joey.
Kaiba: Ugh, fine. Unfuck you, or whatever.
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thebladeblaster · 4 days ago
Pokémon: the Dark Circuit (aka Vanguard Descends season 2)
Tumblr media
Chapter 10 The Sneaky First Match! The Legend Q4 Is Born!
Aichi’s current team
Level 90 Takuto (Solgealeo) steel/psychic
Sunsteel Strike
Flare Blitz
Solar Beam
Psychic Fangs
Level 93 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock
Stealth rock
Stone edge
Play rough
Level 91 Llew (Golisopod) water/bug
Sucker punch
First impression
Level 95 Gancelot (Lucario) fighting/steel
Focus blast
Stone edge
Meteor mash
Dragon pulse
Level 100 Soul Saver (Haxorus) dragon
Iron tail
Dragon dance
Scale shot
Level 100 Alfred (Aegislash) ghost/steel
Sacred sword
King’s shield
Iron head
Shadow Claw
From his seat in his booth Gin watched on with interest as the pairings were announced. The first match was team Q4 vs team Ninja.From the entrance to the battleground stood Misaki, Kai, Shin, and Kamui. Strangely, Aichi was currently missing.
“What’s with that weird name?”, Misaki questioned.
“It’s short for Quadrifoglio which is Italian for four leaf clover, the ultimate symbol of luck.”, Shin explained.
“I like it!”, Kamui replied.
“I’m a bit worried. Aichi still hasn’t shown up yet. Do you think there’s any foul play from Team Asteroid?”, Shin questioned.
“It’s nothing like that. He’s just running late.”, Kai replied, with his eyes closed and crossing his arms.
“How do you know?”, Kamui asked.
“Because I was training with him. His final test has been taking awhile. Takuto wants to make sure he’s really ready.”, Kai replied.
The others gasped in shock hearing that Kai trained with Aichi.
Back in Kakusa many recognizable faces gathered around their TVs to watch the Circuit. At the Sendou household along with its usual residents was Mr. Mark, Miwa, Naoki, Mikuru, and Chrono. They watched the screen intently and Shizuka did a prayer for her son.
“I thought this was a tournament of 4 why do they only have 3 guys?”, Kamui questioned.
“The fourth person is as a alternate just in case and another person to switch out to. You technically can compete with just 3.”, Shin explained.
On the opposite side to team Q4 was team Ninja. The tallest of their members had cyan and black hair with grey eyes. He wore a fishnet shirt with a red scarf and a silver necklace. Another was a redhead with slicked back hair and red eyes. He also wore a fishnet top along with a purple and grey jacket. The shortest one who was even shorter than Kamui had blue hair covered by his hood and yellow eyes. He had a white hood and a gold part covering his mouth. Underneath it he wore an orange shirt and red arm warmers on his arms.
“Where’s your leader 003v? He’s not scared is he?”, the tallest one taunted.
“Hey, Aichi isn’t scared of anyone! He’s just late! That’s all!”, Kamui replied.
“Well then which one of you has the courage to go up first against a world class team.”, the redheaded one asked.
“I’ll be glad to kick your dory cuts!”, Kamui said, raising up his fist.
“Sorry butts you mean.”, Misaki corrected, making Kamui sweat drop.
“Whatever! I, Kamui the great, am gonna take you losers down!”, Kamui announced.
“We’ll see about that. I’ll be your opponent. I am Crank, a master of the grass type”, the shortest one said.
“I’m master of uhh...the winning type!”, Kamui replied as he walked up to the battlefield causing Misaki to face palm.
“Remember Kamui you only get to select one Pokémon in this battle so be careful. If you get defeated then one of us is up next against Crank.”, Misaki said.
“For team Ninja we have the master of grass, a veteran in this circuit, Crank. And for team Q4 we have the whirlwind fighter hailing from the Kakusa region, Katsuragi Kamui!”, MC Miya introduced.
“Go, Ludicolo!”, Crank called out.
“Go, Buster!”, Kamui called out.
Leon narrowed his eyes from his booth.
“003v us somewhere near here, but it seems he’s learned to suppress the energy his Psyqualia gives off.”, Leon thought.
He could feel him very vaguely somewhere near the arena. He didn’t know why he hadn’t appeared yet though.
Back to the battle…
“Buster use blaze kick!”, Kamui commanded.
Buster kicked off, launching a flying flame-covered kick at Ludicolo.
“You must really be a fool! Ludicolo is also a water type! Ludicolo ninja arts of hydro pump!”, Crank said.
Ludicolo shot a torrent of water at Buster.
“Oh no!”, Miwa said, watching the match on the tv.
“Buster!”, Kamui called out as he did Buster twisted mid air away from the water.
Buster then landed briefly, kicking off the ground and delivering a rising flame kick to Ludicolo’s face.
“Ninja art of hydro pump!”, Crank ordered.
As another torrent of water was shot Buster spun out of the way of the attack.
“Wow, Kamui’s Blazekin sure is fast.”, Emi commented, as she watched.
“My! My! It looks like Crank’s mon can’t even touch Kamui’s! We’ll our rookies get actually win over our veterans team Ninja?”, MC Miya said.
Buster was very light on its feet, easily dodging the watery blasts sent its way.
“Buster use thunder punch!”, Kamui commanded.
Buster moved swiftly like lightning before Crank could give his next order Buster struck Ludicolo with its lightning punch. Ludicolo stubbled a bit but as it tried to right itself and was hit by another punch. With every hit the was a crackle of thunder following it.
“Ludicolo ninja art of-gah?!”, Crank gasped in shock as Ludicolo fell to the ground fainting.
“Heh! Is that all you got world class losers?!”, Kamui taunted as he did Buster bounced around punching the air.
“Why you little…”, The tallest one grumbled.
“Don’t worry Jack I’m gonna teach that cocky brat a lesson.”, the redheaded one saint, putting his hand on his shoulder and smirking.
“I’ll be your next opponent. I am Lizard master of the water type.”, the redheaded one introduced.
“All you’ll be is another loser!”, Kamui replied.
Many of those back at the Sendou household sweat dropped at Kamui’s confidence.
“Let’s just hope he can continue to back it up. At least they got one win so far. That’s good.”, Shuka commented.
“Woah, that Blazekin is so rad. I should catch something like that.”, Naoki commented.
“I wonder where Aichi is though…”, Shizuka thought.
Somewhere near the area…
“Takuto!!! Takuto!!! Wait the match has started should we be-AHHH!!!”, Aichi screamed comedically as he ran from the sun lion shooting beams of light at him.
“You must be completely prepared, Aichi now fight me!”, Takuto said as Solgealeo.
Aichi looked over at the restraint bracers nervously. They seemed to be upgraded, their gems were now black and there was another one around his neck.
“But, you shut off my powers, how can I fight you without my Pokémon?!”, Aichi questioned, before squealing as he narrowly dodged another beam of light.
Back with Kamui…
Lizard walked up to the arena pulling out a Poké ball. Jack crossed his arms smirking, ignoring the sulking Crank.
“I don’t understand. I’m a veteran how did I lose to a rookie kid like him?”, Crank questioned.
“You can still redeem yourself, Crank.”, Jack whispered to him, causing Crank to turn to him and nod.
“Up next for team Ninja we have the master of the deep, Lizard!”, MC Miya announced.
“Go, Greninja!”, Lizard called out.
Buster faced the water Pokémon who got in a fighting stance.
“Greninja ninja art of spikes.”, Lizard ordered.
“Buster use thunder-“, Kamui was saying before he was caught off.
“Ninja art of smoke screen!”, Lizard cut him off.
Greninja made a hand sign and smoke filled the arena.
“What the heck now I can’t see!”, Kamui complained.
“This isn’t good. Greninja will likely be able to find Buster. But, Buster can’t see him.”, Yugi commented.
“How can Greninja see but Buster can’t?”, Jonouchi asked.
“Think Jonouchi, think. Why would he use this strategy if he didn’t have a way to find his opponent.”, a new voice said who entered.
He had black hair in a ponytail and green eyes. He had a black shirt with a red vest and pants. He wore dice earrings and had a red headband. He also had black makeup on his face under his right eye.
“I don’t remember asking you Ryuji!”, Jonouchi grumbled as Ryuji smirked at him.
“I thought you’d graduate from being a Lillipup before this tournament began. I hope you don’t hold us back.”, Ryuji teased.
This made Jonouchi growl.
“Hey! Hey! Settle down guys!”, Honda said, getting between the two and raising up his hands.
Kamui squinted his eyes trying to see through the fog.
“Oh no! Lizard has already set up his specialty! This could be the beginning of the end for our rookie team!”, MC Miya announced.
“Greninja use ninja art of water shuriken!”, Lizard ordered.
Kamui could hear a loud splash and a stumble from within the smoke clouds which was likely Buster getting hit by the attack. Kamui growled in frustration at not being able to see what’s going on.
“Buster use thunder punch! Punch around till you find him!”, Kamui ordered.
They could hear Buster swinging but no impact while instead hearing loud splashes and stumbling.
“This isn’t good.”, Shin commented.
They could hear feet running and a loud thunder crack as Greninja was sent flying out the smoke.
“Darn! He got a lucky shot!”, Lizard said angrily.
Out from the smoke Buster pulled back a fist ready to strike Greninja again.
“Greninja use hydro pump quick!!!”, Lizard ordered.
At almost the same time the lightning punch and torrent of water connected with their intended targets. Both Pokémon fell over fainting.
“Darn. I hoped I could sweep the whole team! You did good, Buster. Who’s tagging in next?”, Kamui said, returning Buster.
“I’m up next.”, Misaki said, before they high fives signaling Kamui tagging out.
“Oh my oh my! A double knock out! This battle just keeps getting more thrilling! The rookies may really win this match at this rate! All who’s left for team Ninja is their leader Jack, master of the inferno! However he’s the strongest of them all! If anyone can pull of a comeback victory for his team it’s him!”, MC Miya announced.
“So, fire type huh.”, Misaki thought.
“For team Q4 we have Tokura Misaki, the Kakusa region’s own Psychic type gym leader! She’s been rumored to have mystic powers which she uses to completely dominate her opponents!”, MC Miya announced.
A tick mark appeared on Misaki’s head after MC Miya announced the rumor. Kamui and Shin nervously stepped back from Misaki.
“I don’t have any powers, you moron!!! Just photographic memory!!!”, Misaki yelled in annoyance at the commentator who nervously flinched.
Yugi and his friends sweat dropped from the stands hearing Misaki’s outburst.
“Woah, she’s as feisty as she is beautiful.”, Ryuji commented, cupping his chin.
“She would break you in half Ryuji…”, Anzu replied, still sweat dropping.
The two competitors brought out a Poké ball.
“Go! Incineroar!”, Jack called out.
“Go, Sakuya!”, Misaki called out.
Sakuya winced as her feet dug into the spikes laid in the previous match.
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sent-to-the-graveyard · 4 days ago
haafu jounouchi/joey is actually super interesting. what’re your thoughts?
I’ll be honest, this hc of mine is 50% projection (as half-asian myself), 40% being unable to unhear dat Brooklyn accent, and 10% justification of how Joey is blond in his childhood flashbacks.
I like to think Joey was born in New York, briefly grew up there and has dual citizenship — but under Japanese law he would have to choose one by his 22nd birthday. Joey is his “western” name (a lot of East Asians have one) but Katsuya Jounouchi is his real legal name.
Tumblr media
I actually have this whole narrative of how he’s mixed on both sides, but that’s even more convoluted, so just take my teen + adult reference pics and we’ll call it a day 🤣
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yugiohz · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
anyway.... joey wheeler....... 💚
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danieco · 4 days ago
devotion w/4 17 19 20? : D
Aaaaah thank you!! 4 and 20 were asked earlier (so feel free to send a couple more if you'd like~)
17. Who says I love you first?
Ooooh imagining either way is SO juicy but I'm gonna go with Anzu. She's good at knowing what she wants, trusting herself, and being direct.
19. Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?
Jounouchi tells Shizuka first (his only family he'd care to tell) because he's like oh god oh god do I get her flowers?? Roses? What do girls like please Shizuka tell me what girls like and she's like "Dummy. I love you. But you know Anzu, you know what she likes," and he's like "Oh yeah she's not a girl, she's Anzu!!" and Shizuka is like okay I know what you meant but girls do NOT like that actually, don't say that in front of her.
They tell their friends together but there's still a split second where everyone's like "Is this a prank? Are they serious?" But they're holding hands and they're serious.
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