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#joe serafini
green-frog · 21 hours ago
So I just watched the hsmtmts marathon on Disney Channel and HOW AM I MORE EXCITED FOR SEASON 2!!!!
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rjstannie · 5 days ago
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Get your friends together on a zoom call and watch hsmtmts the cast might join some calls!!! Tweet the link to them and they might join!!!
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lovethephantoms · 8 days ago
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joe_serafini_ - it’s may!!! 🤩 #hsmtmts2
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lovethephantoms · 14 days ago
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lovethephantoms · 14 days ago
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tibsaugusto · 26 days ago
we're a month and a day from having new Nini Salazar-Roberts, Richard Bowen, EJ Caswell, Ashlyn Caswell, Carlos Rodríguez, Seb Matthew-Smith, Kourtney Greene, Gina Porter, Big Red, Benjamin Mazzara and Ms. Jenn content 🛐🛐
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rickythewildcat · 27 days ago
Here me out, Seb as a drag queen Ms. Potts.
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fandomsandfanfic · 27 days ago
HSMTMTS Season 2 Thoughts
I need to rant to someone, so why not actually post something for once and gush to the internet?
- I really, really, really, really hope EJ is beast
- the Redlyn! content
-The lack of seblos content made me die in sideeee. 
- Give me seblos jokingly screaming ‘Gotta Go My Own Way’ to each other on karaoke night
- Just more Joe/Seb singing in general that boy has pipes. 
-Can Nini! Not! Give up her dream! for her high school boyfriend!
-My poor boy EJ with his 0 words of dialogue in the trailer
-The Glee/Camp Rock 2 vibes were very much there
-Big Red was seen with a spotlight which means he hasn’t lost his tech roots!! (As a drama kid who has done both stage managing, tech, and cast, sometimes all at once I’m very glad he hasn’t forgotten his roots)
-Okay so here’s my controversial dream casting that I made before the trailer:
Lumiere: Gina
Cogsworth: Ashlyn (We give her a power ballad again that she writes)
Belle: Kourtney
Beast: EJ
Lefou: Ricky (oop)
Gaston: Seb
Just think of how hilarious he would be! He would get so into it! And play a new kind of Gaston that we’ve never seen before
Mrs Pots: Nini
Chip: Andrew Barth Feldman’s character that i’m forgetting the name of although I can’t recall if he goes to North High or not
Tech: Big Red but comes on in a big dance number to show us his tap dancing skills.
-Then here are my predictions after the trailer:
Lumiere: Carlos
Cogsworth: Seb
Belle: Kourtney
Beast: EJ
Lefou: Big Red
The only way I will allow for him to be cast as a big part is if Ms. Jen just puts him in without asking/him auditioning.
Gaston: Ricky
He’s probably beast but I really don’t want him to be so I’m banking on the trailer trying to throw us offff. 
Plumelle: Gina
Mrs. Potts The new scary blonde girl who’s name is escaping me all though again I can’t recall if she goes to North High or not right now and am too lazy to fact checkkk.
-I think that’s it. But please comment and let me know your thoughts if you want. Thank you for letting me rant
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friendsofkorra · a month ago
Anyways I fixed the new hsmtmts poster.
Justice for seb
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whereisthebuzztv · a month ago
Catch Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Sofia Wylie in “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” Season 2 Trailer
Catch Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Sofia Wylie in “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” Season 2 Trailer
Photo Courtesy of Disney by Rogers Erickson Today, Disney+ revealed the official season two trailer and key art for “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” premiering Friday, May 14. In season two, the East High Wildcats, who are preparing to perform “Beauty and the Beast” as their spring musical, face off against rival school North High to win a prestigious and cutthroat student theater…
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rant4hsmtmts · a month ago
Any episodes listed are episodes mentioned by the actor to watch out for!!
NINI- Olivia original song... she didn’t say much other than that, but to be fair anything she says might give away spoilers about whether or not she goes to the arts school
RICKY- He sings the perfect gift and he sings a song live in the premiere where he had to run around the entire time???
GINA- Has a lot of character growth, deciding whether to stay or go, sings a solo song (yes Sofia!!) ( if the solo song is Home from BATB it’s time to get your tissues)
EJ- New side of EJ behind the facade
KOURTNEY- EPISODE 3, 6 & 8 - See a new side of Kourtney (hopefully one who is on stage in the role of Belle!!!)
CARLOS- Working our how he fits into a new group of friends and how he relates to each of them
ASHLYN- Get to know her on a deeper level, some really lovely emotional moments!
SEB- EPISODE 5 - grows into himself with relationship with Carlos and as friend and confidant with others (oooh people are going to sebby for advice)
BIG RED- EPISODE 3 - more backstory (including Salt Lake Slices his parents pizza shop I imagine!), explores his talents & learns to believe in himself, growing confidence
MISS JENN- mid life crisis... lol just kidding.. she looking at who she was, who she is and who she wants to be, plus her smug ex boyfriend and a love square
MR MAZZARA- finding his new calling as he is no longer in opposition to arts, finding footing he thinks he’s terrible at the start, really good character growth
And to end with the words of Dara Renee
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silverscreenmusicals · a month ago
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‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Season 2 Cast Photos
Image Descriptions, left to right:
Olivia Rodrigo (dressed in a flowery light blue dress, hand on chin)
Joshua Bassett (dressed in a silver jacket, dark blue jeans and white sneakers, squatting with his hand on his chin)
Sofia Wylie (dressed in a shoulder-less light pink sweater and white jeans, left arm folded with right arm on her thin, black necklace)
Frankie Rodriguez (dressed in a white shirt with pink flower pattern, with pale pink jeans, smiling with his hands in both pockets, leg bent on wall)
Dara Reneé (dressed in bright pink jumpsuit, smiling with her hands on her head)
Joe Serafini (dressed in a dark brown blazer, cream sweater, and grey jeans, smiling, leaning on wall, with hands in pocket)
Matt Cornett (dressed in a blue jumper with white and red strips on the shoulders, and cream pants, smiling whilst holding his hands)
Julia Lester (dressed in pale pink jumpsuit, featuring a black belt across the waist, smiling with her right hand on her leg and her left hand holding the gold chain from her belt)
Larry Saperstein (dressed in blue collard t-shirt with white stripes, and dark blue jeans, smiling with his left knee leaning on the wall)
Season 2 premieres May 14th, 2021 on Disney Plus!
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