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#joanna Robinson
vindicativemistletoe · 2 days ago
This is a really interesting podcast that you can listen on Spotify, there are a lot of crazy theories but its really intesting to listen to !! :)
Abviously there is a lot of spoilers there ( and a mild spoilers on ep 2 but not a big one )
And a short nice ITV with tom Hiddleston
Enjoy :)
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tencomments · a month ago
Tumblr media
1. The strength of both of the Disney Plus/MCU series has been the character development of the main roles. Although they had their moments in the films, the Falcon, Winter Soldier, Wanda, and Vision are just supporting other characters who were the actual stars. In both series we got to know who they are better, what motivates them, and where they loyalties lie.
2. Falcon/Winder Solder is the most like an MCU movie in terms of impact on the their fictional world, film locations and action sequence. It might even be fun to see the show (or an edited version) on the big screen.
Tumblr media
3. But as a six episode TV series, it had too much time to tell its story so it meanders and had too much filler.
4. A weakness in the MCU films has always been the villains - very few have equaled the impact of their hero opponent. Falcon/Winder Solder has not one, not two, but FIVE villains. And none of them were as interesting as either Sam or Bucky.
5. John Walker: Because of his history in the comics, most fans knew he’d go bad (it you didn’t guess just by looking at him you’d figure he was a baddie). After murdering one of the Flag Smashers in the most gruesome and violent scenes in all of the MCU’s history, its odd the producers decided to give him a semi-redemption in the final episode.
Tumblr media
6. Karli and the Flag Smasher: I think we were suppose to be sympathetic to their cause, but Karli advocated violence and murder from the beginning, willfully and premeditated killing people, regularly telling her followers they must be willing to kill or die; and nearly shooting the Falcon point blank.
7. Sharon Carter: Steve Rogers’ former love interest and (if he married Peggy) his niece. But apparently after Civil War, Cap forgot all about her. And so did Sam and Bucky. It’s pretty disappointing that a character that was a part of Team Cap would have been abandoned like this by her friends. (Unless of course she’s a Skrull!)
Tumblr media
8. Zemo: I thought Daniel Bruel was a terrific character in the “Civil War” and it was good to see him again - at first. But oddly they turned him into a reverse Batman (with a faithful Butler, ZemoJet and even a Cowl; and the comic relief of the show. Talk about ruining a great character.
9. The Contessa: Julia Louis-Dreyfus was only in two brief scenes but they are obviously setting her up as villain in a spin-off like “The Thunderbolt”. But any true menace is offset by making her comic relief.
10. While watching the show I listen to 2 different podcasts about it: “Still Watching” with Joanna Robinson and Richard Lawson, and “Almost Cancelled” with Peter Waddell. One podcast was very sympathetic to Karli and her cause, the other thought she was boring; one podcast though Sam Wilson shouldn’t wear his new uniform after Labor Day, the other thought it was perfect; one podcast thought Sam’s speech in episode 6 was hammy and over the top; the other found Sam’s speech inspiration. My point? TFAWS elicited different responses based on your perspective. Me? I neither hated it, nor loved it but I’ll go see the new movie that Marvel recently announced was in development.
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theothermissbridgerton · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
From left to right Regé, Nicola, Joanne, Ruth, Ruby S? Julie, Bessie, Jamie, Naomi, Ned, Phoebe & Jonathan
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badgaymovies · 5 months ago
Hellraiser (1987)
Hellraiser (1987)
CLIVE BARKER Bil’s rating (out of 5): BBB.5 United Kingdom, 1987. New World Pictures, Cinemarque Entertainment BV, Film Futures, Rivdel Films. Screenplay by Clive Barker, based on his novel. Cinematography by Robin Vidgeon. Produced by Christopher Figg. Music by Christopher Young. Production Design by Michael Buchanan. Costume Design by Joanna Johnston. Film Editing by Richard Marden, Tony…
Tumblr media
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watchingalotofmovies · 10 months ago
Still Breathing
Tumblr media
Still Breathing    [trailer]
When artist and street performer Fletcher thinks con-artist Roz is the woman he has seen in a vision, he has no idea she sees him as her next victim.
It's difficult to decide if this is unbearably cheesy, or hopelessly romantic. The pureness of Brendan Fraser probably makes many viewers vote for the latter. But you have to be in the mood for it.
Joanna Going looked very attractive wearing all those pretty dresses.
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Jonah Magnus begrudgingly becomes a trans ally after putting himself in the wrong body “as a joke” and suffering
Concept: Dramatic Bastard Jonah “Hubris” Magnus decides to put his eyeballs in a female body for one of these bodyhops because he “thought it’d be fun”  (and also perhaps make that snippy young librarian Gertrude stop commenting on the fact that the Institute has never had a female Head and that she feels it’s high time they got their heads out of the Dark Ages and stopped ignoring half the population) and it BACKFIRES HORRIBLY 
(long post under the cut)
For one thing, half of his (actual, unstated) reasoning behind the switch was to spice up his third marriage with Peter, but Peter is Too Gay to Function(TM) and just takes one look at the new body and immediately books a year-long voyage to Siberia and leaves the country without so much as touching Jonah. 
And then Jonah has to deal with having a female body to take care of and absolutely no idea how one works because despite serving the Watcher he is, also, Too Gay to Function(TM) and has not prioritized information on how to handle having a coochie. He didn’t think it would be a big deal. He was wrong.
See, up until now Jonah Magnus has always picked young, twink-ish bodies that have at least a superficial resemblance to the young Jonah Magnus, and has assumed that being able to adjust to the slight differences just fine and even enjoying the changes means that he’s immune to dysphoria. 
Jonah Magnus is convinced that gender dysphoria is bullshit and that he’ll like a female body just fine because he wore drag once and had a fun time. Jonah Magnus has not thought this through. Jonah Magnus has not considered that “wearing drag as a man who enjoys being a man but also likes dresses” is actually different from “actually not being a man or comfortable in a man’s body”. 
Jonah Magnus figures out the difference very quickly. 
Jonah Magnus, King of Denial, writes it off as “needing to adjust to the new body” until he catches himself wishing he had that Leitner that makes you disappear bc he doesn’t want to be seen, or to have to see himself, in this body and he just wants it to disappear. 
The first barista at Jonah’s favorite coffee shop to call him “ma’am” gets to watch a grown woman visibly flinch at being properly addressed and then rush out of the store. The barista then violently remembers something embarrassing that happened to her in high school, and spends the next week suffering from nightmares about her worst memories. 
A man makes the mistake of catcalling some academic-looking librarian dame. She gives him a freezing look and suddenly he’s having violent flashbacks to all his worst experiences at once. He falls down on the street and has a nosebleed and eventually has to be picked up by the police and brought to a mental hospital because he’s raving like a lunatic. 
Jonah “Cannot Admit I Made a Mistake” Magnus, still trying to convince himself this isn’t that bad actually, catches himself making a mental schedule for showering As Little As Socially Acceptable so he doesn’t have to see himself naked. Jonah Magnus is usually fastidiously clean, and can’t stand the feel of going more than two days without a shower. Jonah Magnus suddenly prefers that to seeing himself naked any more than necessary. Jonah Magnus finally admits that he made a mistake. Jonah Magnus is starting to understand what the words “gender dysphoria” and also “male privilege” mean and he’s hating every moment of it. 
And then he forgets to take the birth control that this body was on and its period comes back with a vengeance and he does something he never does and calls Peter, screaming about how he’s LITERALLY DYING and Peter is like “you know women have periods right.” 
“Yeah they bleed every month” 
“...Jonah you serve the Eye. How do you not know basic human biology” 
Jonah “Too Proud to Admit that the Information on Coochie is Buried Under Years and Years of Occult Secrets and Sexy Robert Smirke Moments” Magnus: “I KNOW!! I JUST--IT’S COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL THAT IT HURTS THIS MUCH” 
“Yes it can” 
“All of these are things I’ve heard my sisters say.” 
“NO IT--wait really” 
“They talked way too much. Really weren’t suited for Forsaken. I was so glad when they left. Partly because I was a squeamish little boy who really didn’t want to hear about their girl puberty issues any more” 
“Hang on, I’m NOT dying?” 
“Probably not. Do you have any painkillers? Get in a hot bath and wait it out.” 
“HOW LONG???” 
“Euuughgjs I dunno maybe like a week? Ask a woman” 
“You.... didn’t think about this BEFORE you stole the body?” 
“Jonah Magnus, world’s greatest occultist and scholar, forgot to do his research?” 
“I said I don’t know. A week sounds right but I could be totally wrong. Ask a woman.” 
“Go to the library” 
“Oh, yeah, there should be stuff for that. You’re in, uh, the former body’s apartment right? She’s probably got like, what are they called? Feminine pads?” 
“Okay, have fun getting the bloodstains out of everything you own.” 
“I don’t know. Rather impressive really.” 
He caves and goes to young Gertrude and is like “listen if you tell anyone this I’ll destroy your life but I’m actually an ancient bodyhopping bastard and this is my first time in a female body and I’m in hell please help me” and that’s how this Gertrude finds out who Jonah Magnus is
Elias Bouchard gets snagged for the next transfer because, yeah he’s kind of a weird pick for next Head of the Institute and people might talk but Jonah is Desperate at this point and Elias more or less fits his MO as far as physical traits go at least 
Peter is so relieved to have A Husband when he gets back that he doesn’t even complain about Elias picking a blond just because he knows Peter doesn’t like it. And for once Elias didn’t even do it on purpose, he was just in a hurry to get out of the Hell Dysphoria Body and took the first option he saw. 
The formerly-plagued-by-nightmares barista at Jonah’s favorite coffee shop stops seeing the increasingly depressed-looking woman who’d been coming in, but now there’s a nice young who smiles like the sun when she calls him Sir and it’s such a nice smile that she feels a deep sense of warmth and contentment and only thinks good thoughts for the rest of the day. She falls asleep content in the knowledge that all her friends love and appreciate her and that she makes the best coffee in London and for the next week she has pleasant, restful dreams that she can’t remember but that she wakes up from smiling. 
Elias Bouchard quietly starts offering trans-inclusive health benefits to employees of the Magnus Institute. Martin Blackwood, Broke Trans Guy In Need of a Job, instantaneously appears on the doorstep. 
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twh-news · 3 days ago
Still Watching: Loki - "Glorious Purpose" with Tom Hiddleston | Vanity Fair Podcast
Joanna Robinson, Richard Lawson, and Anthony Breznican are Still Watching Loki, the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe series on Disney+.
This week, Tom Hiddleston joins the podcast to talk about playing Loki since 2011's Thor and bringing the character into his own series. Robinson and Lawson break down the first episode, "Glorious Purpose," then Breznican joins to go deep into theories and comics lore.
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uhlikzsuzsanna · 3 days ago
Still Watching: Loki - "Glorious Purpose" with Tom Hiddleston - Vanity Fair Podcasts (2021.06.09)
*** The podcast contains spoilers about the first episode! *** 
Tom starts talking at 41:00 
This week, Tom Hiddleston joins the podcast to talk about playing Loki since 2011's Thor and bringing the character into his own series. Robinson and Lawson break down the first episode, "Glorious Purpose," then Breznican joins to go deep into theories and comics lore. 
Joanna Robinson, Richard Lawson, and Anthony Breznican are Still Watching Loki, the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe series on Disney+. Source: Vanity Fair Podcasts, 2021.06.09
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on-the-heath · 3 days ago
Hi! Do you have recs for readings on book history or manuscript studies? Codicology and paleography are my new fave topics and I can’t get enough!
hello! i am so sorry for taking forever on this. partly why-- besides, like, life-- is that codicology and paleography are not my areas of expertise (i tend towards the 16th-18th centuries) so thank you for giving the me the opportunity to dive into them!!
Book History:
DF Mckenzie, Bibliography and the Sociology of Texts
Alan Galey, "The Enkindling Reciter: E-Books in the Bibliographical Imagination"
Sarah Werner, Studying Early Printed Books
Kate Ozmat, “Rationale for Feminist Bibliography”
Joanna Brooks, “The Unfortunates: What the Life Spans of Early Black Books Tell Us About Book History” Early African American Print Culture eds Lara Langer Cohen and Jordan A. Stein  
Codicology and Paleography:
David Rundle, ed Cambridge Studies in Palaeography and Codicology (series)
Malte Rehbein, Patrick Sahle, Torsten Schassan, Codicology and Palaeography in the Digital Age
ASG Edwards "What is Palaeography For?"
Sébastien Barret, Dominique Stutzmann, and Georg Vogeler, eds. Ruling the Script in the Middle Ages: Formal Aspects of Written Communication
Jane Roberts, Pamela Robinson, "Paleography and Codicology" (The entire book, A Companion to the History of the Book eds Simon Eliot and Jonathan Rose, is a great resource)
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cursedcleopatra · 7 days ago
Tagged by the beautiful stunning show-stopping @damestamp to post 13 songs I’ve been into lately so here they are in no particular order 💕
BANKROLL by Brockhampton
Que du Love by Angèle
Blanche by Yseult
Who’s She by Eloise
Démons by Joanna
bloodbath by CVLTE
Mirror by Porter Robinson
Mi Amor by Hamza
Hard 4 Me 2 Love You by Sinead Harnett
King of Everything by Dominic Fike
If You Can’t Hang by Sleeping With Sirens (a childhood favorite 😌)
Dans la zone by Yaro
One Hundred Sleepless Nights by Pierce The Veil (another childhood favorite)
I’m gonna tag: @blonica @mcrubs @theoceansleepstonight @chocolatefudgebrownies @belle-bete ❤️💕
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fallingconfetti · 15 days ago
opposites attract .
a / n : got inspired based on "big time move" but also this gif set that you can find here ( x ). honestly it's been stuck in my head how james was the one who protected logan instead of kendall or carlos which i feel like says a lot. considering when we talk about kendall being the protective one and carlos being the one who would run into danger without realizing it. but instead it was james, our pretty boy and perhaps i'm biased because james was / is still a fave of mine along with logan. i may do more if you'd like to see them or you can tell me about your ideas on any of their friendship dymanics, however i will stop rambling and give you logan's pov about his friendship with james. all errors are mine as this has not been beta'ed. enjoy.
Tumblr media
They say opposites attract one another and that could factor in with his relationship with Camille but it was also another relationship that fit into that category as well when Logan thought about it. His relationship with his friend, James was always different from the other two from their mutual tight knit group. He knows what people's first impression of his friend can be like and honestly, he was the same way until he really got to know of the pretty boy.
Logan always considered himself to be the logical, smart one along with being the voice of reason in their group of four with dreams of being a doctor. Then he'd look at James who was opposite from what he was and had vastly different dreams than his own. Sure, the smart one would look to Kendall who was their so proclaimed leader but he would look up to James as well.
James who could do music theory and carry a tune like nobody else, it was like a gift that he got from the heavens above. Logan would never admit it but even when James jumped on the table to sing, he loved hearing his friend's voice. Even if it was another Smokey Robinson song or whatever pop song that played on the radio. Being a world famous popstar was James' dream and even with slim chances of that ever happening, Logan wanted to believe his friend could do it. He didn't want to see him miserable because what Brooke wanted for him instead.
Brooke Diamond was a fearful woman that hated being told 'no' to her face and was James' mother plus the one who changed his name to Logan after she said she hated 'Hortense'. Logan would notice how Brooke was never there for any hockey game or choir concert despite James calling and trying to have someone there for him after his parents' divorce. In comparison to Joanna, his own mother who was a real estate agent would come to see him play even Mama Knight who worked two jobs was able to see Kendall play. But Brooke was always away and Logan knew James would try to put a brave face when their eyes met.
But James had more than just his pretty face and voice to show for, Logan knew first hand. Remembering when the wrestling team was coming for him after spurting out Latin but you'd think Kendall, their leader would come or maybe even Carlos who ran head first in danger to stop them. But if you guessed any of those two, you'd be wrong. It was James. James who even went to check on Logan after the altercation and saying that 'he couldn't hurt him, they were friends'. Pretty boy James who valued Logan's friendship and wanted Logan to be his friend than to hurt him which surprised Logan in different ways.
The ebony haired male knew then that if you were friends with James that you were with him for the long run and he showed his loyalty to you. Logan knew the true James underneath who'd protect his friends along with Katie just like Kendall would. Or how he dropped an acting role when he saw how distraught Camille was, Logan had heard about. Maybe even the times when James played wingman to help set up his friends with a girl they liked.
So yes, while they had their differences and fought against one another, Logan couldn't help but smile in thought of them both. He knows that they had times of being a great team together and yeah, opposites can work like them.
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marleneoftheopera · 28 days ago
1400 Followers Audio Gifts!
To thank you all for following me, being so wonderful, and just surviving a pandemic, here are some gifts from me!
I know I originally said I was going to do 10, but I got a good amount of requests and wanted to add in a few extra favorite audios of mine too. So you get 20! Sorry if I did not post your request; there were many!
If any need to be taken down, do let me know!
Here is the link to all of the audios, cast info is below!
The Phantom of the Opera
Michael Crawford, Rebecca Caine, Steve Barton October 10, 1987; London Listed as being Michael Crawford and Steve Barton's last before heading to New York to start rehearsals for Broadway. Beautiful soundboard audio. This is the complete version; there has previously been an incomplete one traded out. 
Eiji Akutagawa, Kyoko Suzuki, Kanji Ishimaru September 22, 1991; Osaka Always here for Japanese love.
Hans Peter Janssens, Susanne Duwe, Michael Shawn Lewis, An Lauwreins, William Lynn Dixon, Marc Meersman, Arnst van Looy, Stephanie Tscheppe June 2, 2000; Antwerp, Belgium Final show in Belgium. Very nice cast all around.
Hugh Panaro, Adrienne McEwan, John Cudia, Patricia Phillips, Jeff Keller, George Lee Andrews, Marilyn Caskey, Larry Wayne Morbitt, Heather McFadden June 16, 2003; Broadway Hugh in his second Broadway run. Adrienne has become a favorite of mine and I think she never gets the credit she deserves, especially having been in the show for so long.
Hugh Panaro, Susan Owen (u/s), Kyle Barisich February 20, 2012; Broadway A lovely audio. Susan has such a sweet, light quality to her voice.
Hugh Panaro, Samantha Hill, Kyle Barisich, Michele McConnell, Greg Mills (u/s), Tim Jerome, Nathan Patrick Morgan (u/s), Carly Blake Sebouhian (u/s) April 6, 2013; Broadway More Hugh. You can never have enough Hugh.
Peter Joback, Emmi Christensson, Anton Zetterholm, Karolina Andresson, Glenn Kjellberg, Rolf Lydhal, Sindre Postholm, Sanna Martin, Tehilla Blad, David Ingham, Samuel Jarrick, Martin Kagemark, John Martin Bengtsson February 1, 2017; Stockholm I loved this production so much.
Ben Forster, Celinde Schoenmaker, Nadim Naaman, Charlotte Vaughan (u/s, last Carlotta show), Sion Lloyd, Mark Oxtoby, Paul Ettore Tabone, Joanna Strand (u/s, last Madame Giry show), Daisy Hulbert August 31, 2017; London A few days before cast change. One of my favorite audios as of late.
Fred Johanson, Hanna Liina Vosa, John Martin Bengtsson, Hanna Leena Haapamaki, Dardan Bakraqi, David Lundqvist, Anders Wangdhal, Lana Zuzic, Gisela Sjostedt, Lars Hijertner, Marco Stella, Tobja Halsell, Peter Loguin January 26, 2018; Gotheborg From the non-replica production. With John as Raoul this time!
Scott Davies, Kelly Mathieson, Jeremy Taylor, Lara Martins, Sean Lloyd, Mark Oxtoby, Jacinta Mulcahy May 31, 2018; London This is labeled as having Ben Lewis, but if you listen it’s really Scott.
Tomas Ambt Kofod, Sibylle Glosted, Christian Lund, Martin Loft (u/s), Monsieur André, Anna Vaupel (u/s), Rasmus Jupin, Elisabeth Halling, Imogen-Lily Ash, Jesper Paasch, Kim Hammelsvang, Paul Frederiksen, Paul Frederiksen (u/s), Mia Karlsson (u/s) February 13, 2019; Copenhagen Compared to other audios, you can tell that Sibylle has really settled in the role and improved wonderfully. She sounds absolutely divine. An absolutely gorgeous cast.
Jonathan Roxmouth, Meghan Picerno, Matt Leisy September 3, 2019; Tel Aviv One of Meghan's last shows on the World Tour before she joined the Broadway company. Jonathan and Meghan sound particularly stunning on here, they keep getting better which is insane because they are already so good.
Tim Howar, Amy Manford (alt), Jeremy Taylor, Ross Dawes, Alan Vicary, Kimberly Blake, Paul Ettore Tabone, Jacinta Mulcahy, Georgia Ware September 7, 2019; London Amy Manford's last show, the last matinee for the 2018/19 cast. Just to be clear, this audio is different from the other that is NFT. Pretty nice quality too!
Love Never Dies
Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Joseph Millson, Liz Robertson, Summer Strallen, Niahm Perry, Adam Pearce, Jami Reid-Quarrell June 2, 2010; London A gift for all my Rierra/LND London fans out there.
Tomas Ambt Kofod, Louise Fribo, Christian Berg, Oscar Diez January 18, 2013; Copenhagen, Denmark This is an overlooked and gorgeous production. Also, after 'Love Never Dies' someone in the audience shouts "wow" and I think that captures it perfectly.
Emma Kingston (Eva), Ramin Karimloo (Che), Robert Finlayson (Peron), Anton Luiting (Magaldi), Isabella Jane (Mistress) July 4, 2018; Tokyo Emma as Eva and Ramin as Che. Some great casting there.
Annakathrin Naderer (u/s Anya), Thomas Hohler (Dimitry), Thorsten Tinney (Vlad), Mark Roy Luykx (u/s Gleb), Theresa Holter (Young Anastasia), Patricia Nessy (Lily Malevsky-Malevitch), Masha Karrell (Dowager Empress Maria), Katja Hentschel (u/s Tsarina Alexandra), Kirill Zolygin (Tsar Nicholas II/Count Ipolitov), Helena Thordal Christenson (Olga Romanov), Alexandra Yoana-Alexandrovna (u/s Tatiana Romanov/Dunya), Laura Robinson (u/s Maria Romanov/Marfa), Mariana Hidemi (Anastasia, age 17/Paulina) August 10, 2019; Stuttgart I have yet to listen to this one yet, but I always love spreading love for foreign productions of shows.
Les Miserables
Kyle Jean-Baptiste (u/s Valjean), Earl Carpenter (Javert), Erika Henningsen (Fantine), Chris McCarrell (Marius), Samantha Hill (Cosette), Brennyn Lark (Eponine), Max Quinlan (u/s Enjolras), Gavin Lee (Monsieur Thenardier), and Rachel Izen (Madame Thenardier) August 13, 2015; Broadway A really great cast and Kyle deserves to be heard. He was brilliant and it is such a shame he passed so early on in his life.
John Owen-Jones (Jean Valjean), Michael Ball (Javert), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Fantine), Matt Lucas (Thenardier), Katy Secombe (Thenardier), Bradley Jaden (Enjolras), Craig Mather (Marius u/s), Shan Ako (Eponine), Lily Kerhoas (Cosette) Earl Carpenter (Bishop/Bamatabois) October 16, 2019; Staged Concert, Gielguld Theatre Gorgeous.
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Sheridan Smith (Narrator), Jason Donovan (Pharaoh), Jac Yarrow (Joseph), Femi Akinfolarin (Brother), Casey  Al-Shaqsy (Wife), J.R. Ballantyne (Brother), Thalia Burt (Wife), Richard Carson (Reuben), Michael Cortez (Guard), Vanessa Fisher (Wife), Matt Krzan (Guard), Kelsie-Rae Marshall (Wife), Emily Ann Potter (Wife), Georgina Parkinson (Wife), Michael Pickering (Simeon), Harriet Samuel-Gray (Wife), Carl Spencer (Brother), Joshua Steel (Brother), Jack Wilcox (Brother), Blythe Jandoo (s/w Wife), Hannah Taylor (s/w Wife) July 17, 2019; London Jason coming back to the show as Pharaoh this time!
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lovebarefootblonde · a month ago
Tumblr media
Chapter four of 12 Rounds goes up tomorrow morning! Here’s a peek at the new update:
Jax leaned his head back against the wall of the elevator, squeezing his eyes shut before blowing out a heavy breath. His knuckles burned and throbbed. His jaw wasn’t much better. Or the side of his ribs. He’d taken one too many shots to the kidneys tonight, and his best bet was a hot shower, a beer or two, maybe some room service, and a good night’s sleep.
They had to hit the road early tomorrow morning anyway, and he just didn’t feel like hanging around the basement any longer than he really had to. The party was still raging, that was for sure, but all he wanted right now was some peace and quiet.
He could find that here.
No one batted an eye when he left. No one studied him with suspicion as he walked away. He could really just come and go as he pleased. Peace and quiet was waiting for him in his hotel room, and right about now, it felt like a gift.
He’d just rounded the corner of the hallway and was in the process of slipping his keycard out of his pocket when he stopped right in his tracks.
The flaming red hair was a dead giveaway, but it was the way she leaned casually against the door of his hotel room that set him on edge. He wasn’t so sure he liked how she was smiling at him right now - with her mouth curling up one side of her face as her eyes flicked up and down the length of him, looking at him like he was good enough to eat.
She obviously sensed both his uneasiness and his hesitation, and so she pushed off his room door and slinked - fucking slinked - a little bit closer to close some of the space between them.
“I think you got the wrong room, darlin’,” he called out warily. “Hap’s down the hall in 413.”
“Oh, I know where his room is,” she smirked at him again, coming to a stop about three feet away from him. “I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced,” she held out a hand, “Joanna St. Claire, but you’re welcome to call me Jo.”
His eyes dropped down to her extended hand, and he found himself hesitating yet again. Whatever this woman was after right now, it couldn’t be good. But when she tilted her head to the side, sizing him up as her eyebrows lifted in challenge, he didn’t really have much of a choice.
He slid his hand into hers to give it a light shake and pulled it back as quickly and as nonchalantly as he could. “Jax Teller. Nice to officially meet you. How’d you know where my room was?”
Jo shot him an exasperated look, as if to say, Come on, really? And then she just sidestepped his question completely. Not like he was really all that surprised.
“I heard you had a good fight tonight. Congratulations.”
“Thanks,” he replied a little uneasily as he crossed his arms over his chest.
Her mouth curled into a sly smirk. “Happy’s expecting me, in case you were wondering. Liv’s at home right now, in case you were wondering about that too. Our employer did not request the pleasure of our company for tonight’s fight, so I dropped her off at our apartment after our last set and made my way back here for some more playtime.”
Jax rubbed his mouth to hide his laugh, despite the way his knuckles screamed. She wasn’t telling him anything he didn’t already know, for the most part. If Putlova had asked Liv to be on the floor before, during, or after the fight, she would’ve been there. And he’d been looking for her too.
Then she startled him by holding out a folded piece of paper, gesturing with her head for him to take it.
“Got a present for ya.”
His eyebrows dipped into a frown. He just didn’t know what to make of all this - was Mrs. Robinson trying to seduce him, or did she have some other ulterior motive? After a beat of indecision, he reached for that piece of paper, only for her to pull it back at the last second.
“You got a girlfriend back home in California, Jax?”
His eyes narrowed, and he exhaled one measured breath before he left himself to respond: “No. I don’t.”
“How ‘bout an old lady? Isn’t that what biker wives are called?”
“That’s right,” he nodded tightly. “But no - I don’t have one of those either.”
Jo’s grin turned just a touch menacing now, and he had to bite back the urge to take a step back. “You like to mess around in your clubhouse? I’ve heard some of the parties they throw at the clubhouses in Reno and Indian Hills are real ragers - nothin’ but blow and booze and pussy, right?”
He huffed out a laugh, shaking his head as some amusement finally lifted his lips. “Sure, our parties can be real ragers. I used to mess around like that - not the blow part, just the booze and pussy part, but I haven’t been real interested in that kinda thing since I got out of prison.”
Her heavily-lined green eyes squinted at him, taking that all in, scrutinizing every word and every inflection for even the smallest sign of disingenuity. 
“You’re not lyin’ to me right now, are ya, Jax? Just tellin’ me what you think I wanna hear?”
“I’m not really sure what you wanna hear,” he huffed. “But I’m not lying.”
Jo just shrugged, holding one hand up in defense as she held out that piece of paper again with her other one. “Alright, alright. Here ya go. Take your present,” she tipped her chin to her outstretched hand, “Go on now.”
While he still had no idea what was really happening here, he slipped the paper from her hand and unfolded it. Ten digits were scrawled across it, and then his eyes shot up to find Jo smirking at him again.
“That’s Liv’s number.”
And God help him - his heart pounded in his chest. What was he? Fifteen again? Shit, even at fifteen, he hadn’t needed to play these kinda games, if that’s what this really was. Definitely hadn’t needed a girl’s friend to pass him her number because he was too chickenshit to ask for it himself.
“She know you’re givin’ this to me?”
“Nope,” Jo’s eyebrows jumped into her forehead with a little more sass than he liked at the moment.
“You’re not lyin’ to me right now, are ya, Jo?”
She huffed out an amused laugh, but now, she tilted her head to the side with an impressed air, like she’d sized him up and didn’t mind what she saw. “No, Jax. I’m not lyin’ to ya. She’s got no idea I’m even talkin’ to ya like this right now.”
“So why are you?”
All he got in response was a cocked eyebrow and another feisty smirk.
“Is this her real number?” he tried again.
Jo just lifted a shoulder as she started to backpedal down the hall. “Only one way to find out,” and then she shot him a wink before turning her back to him so she could slink over to Happy’s room, “Have a nice night, Jax.”
And then she just walked away. She just walked away, leaving him standing in the middle of the hallway with Liv’s phone number in his hand, daring him to do something about it.
You can catch with the first three chapters here:
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;; mom muses of mine you should totally love:
joanna beauchamp
cassandra bianchi
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seb-bill-and-tom-oh-my · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Joanna Robinson a senior writer for Vanity Fair interviewed Sebastian today.
The audio will be on the Little Gold Men podcast soon.
Source: @jowrotethis @littlegoldmen
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denimbex1986 · a month ago
'I interviewed Sebastian Stan today on Zoom and he was so worried the video of him in his Tommy Lee tats would leak out and he was just anxiously awaiting the official photos so he could stop hiding. Three hours later here it is.'
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