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#jo x laurie
fairychamber · 4 hours ago
Laurie Didn´t Care Who He Was Going To Marry #Shorts
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stilinskislyds · a day ago
My friend and I are corny! Re-enacting Little Women scenes at the place they filmed it!
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colouredinblack1312 · 4 days ago
About “Little Women” (2019)
Can't believe I finally watched Little Women (was about time) 😉😁😊 And I felt like writing a few words.
First, I'd like to say that I haven't read the book and I honestly didn't know who ended up with whom... (not at all ashamed to admit that...nope... 🙈😁) I mean I have seen posts on my tumblr dash, but they were from somewhere in between the movie or towards the end of it and didn’t “spoil” the most significant parts and the ending (which I’m now grateful for)...
Alright, so...maybe it was a chemistry thing (I do think that Amy/Florence and Laurie/Tim have chemistry, but Jo and Laurie’s just stood out to me, tbh), but I was rooting for Jo and Laurie for a bit - loved their scenes and their banter/the playfulness - and didn't quite buy Amy and Laurie getting married so fast at first (I mean they kissed and then the next scene they were married, right? One more scene in between there could’ve helped, I guess.). It took some reflecting to realize that Jo and Laurie didn’t work out because they have more of a childish love and both needed to “grow up” (in their own way). While Amy and Laurie have a more mature love (to articulate this as simply as possible; I'm not good at deep movie analysis, at least not after watching a movie once 😉😁). When I saw the “you’re beautiful” scene (not to forget when he opened her apron) I was like: “ooooh...someone catching feelings there?” 😉😁😊 And then the “I’m looking at you” and the “second choice” scenes I was like: “Ooh...yep, those I might have seen on tumblr” lol
But despite all those moments, Jo and Laurie’s scenes kinda stood out to me (even if it was just friendship/platonic love; or maybe I just prefer the guy pining over the girl rather than the over way around, though it depends on the relationship dynamic). Even the Jo and Beth scenes (well, maybe it’s because it was really sad that Beth died). I’m aware it’s subjective and I might think differently when I watch it another time.
Oh, and one more thing: I almost forgot about Friedrich until he showed up again towards the end. Not really sure I buy Jo ending up with him, tbh. Sure, there were glances at the beginning and they showed their first meeting - with obvious glances, too - but is that whole relationship more obvious in other movie versions? Or in the book? Maybe I should just read it... 😉😁😊
Anyways, it helped reading other people's thoughts and opinions to understand the relationship dynamics more (especially if you only ever watched one movie version 😉😁😊)
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deepwhispersmeri · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I’m happy as I am, and love my liberty too well to be in a hurry to give it up for any mortal man.” I like good strong words that mean something. Don’t try to make me grow up before my time. I do think that families are the most beautiful things in all the world! 
Jo March
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mskrianna · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝— Послушай. Ты встретишь прекрасную достойную девушку. Она полюбит тебя всей душой и будет с тобой блистать в свете, а представь меня в такой роли. Я же нелепая, неуклюжая...
— Я люблю тебя.
— ...и невзрачная. Ты будешь стесняться меня.
— Я люблю тебя с нашей первой встречи, Джо.❞
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love-geeky-fangirl · 23 days ago
Laurie: I think I've fallen for you
Jo: Then get up!
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justmeandmyships · 25 days ago
I just wake up with love for my babies Amy and Laurie, so naturally I go to their tag and what I found? A bunch of haters crying and hatingon Amy because Laurie didn’t end with Jo.
Grow up.
How can you ship a couple which characters you don’t understand?!!! Jo NEVER LOVED Laurie as something romantic. SHE TRIED TO MARRIED HIM WITH ALL HER SISTERS UNTIL SHE GOT IT.
It’s unbelievable that even in 2021 we still can’t grab around the idea of Women not wanting to be with ANYONE. I mean it is that hard?!!!
Respect Jo and who she was
But if you want to keep loving Jo and Laurie, at least don’t do it on Amy tags.
Btw i will tag this on Jo’s tags so you know how annoying you are!!!!
Thanks. Grow up. It’s 2021. Jo and Laurie never happened, will never happen. Bye
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mentalthisone · a month ago
I don't know if I'm going to receive a lot of hate because of this but I'll try anyway.
I would love Jo and Laurie to end up together, really with all my heart.
But it wouldn't be very cool if Jo find out she was acexual? Like I know the story isn't modern but I think it would fit perfectly.
Yah that's it.
Acexual Jo
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johermione · a month ago
⛰💎 for the little women fic! (I’m specifically thinking chapter 3 but if you wanna talk about the others I’d love to hear that toooo)
I'm so glad you of all people are asking me this because I've always had so much fun reading your little women thoughts! And when you actually read my writing and LIKED IT, I was over the moon about it so: thank you thank you thank you.
💎- What was your favorite part?
Ok, so I'm going to focus on chapter three. My favourite part was probably the last scene, the one after Meg's wedding. I wanted to point out the last real moment in which Jo and Teddy were Jo and Teddy. I always like to play with the concept of time in my writing which is one of the many reasons why I enjoyed Greta's version of the story. I also love telling stories about these "in between" moments, seemingly irrelevant moments, moments that happen when nobody's watching. And Jo and Teddy are all about that (while Laurie and Jo are something else, I made sure to draw a line between Teddy and Laurie and I'll dive deeper into that in future chapters). They're all about these little happenings. I loved how you phrased it: "all the ways in which they bleed into each other". That was basically my idea for the fic. I wanted to highlight how there are no clear lines when it comes to them. Also, in the end of chapter one, when I described that photograph found in Jo's house, I purposely described the two figures vaguely. As in, Teddy could be Jo and Jo could be Teddy and nobody would know the difference because they are one and the same. That's why the waistcoat thing in the movie always gets me and that hug after Jo sells her hair.🥺 They practically look the same in that scene and the waistcoats are switched perfectly: Laurie is wearing the one that originally belonged to Jo and Jo is wearing the one that originally belonged to Teddy (which is super interesting because she wears the same one the last time she actually sees Teddy, the time she shatters his heart and watches as he fades gradually, right there in front of her, but I have a chapter especially reserved for the proposal scene, so let's save those observations for later).
⛰️-  What was the hardest part?
For chapter three, there were no hard parts. Writing about Jo and Laurie is easy as breathing for me. I guess I just spent too many days thinking about them. Chapter three was actually the easiest chapter to write. The one I struggled with was the Amy chapter, but I really did my research and a fair share of thinking for that one. Which was like, super fun and interesting!
Thanks for asking again!
PS. I could write about this forever, but I'm currently working on a new story, so I feel the urge to get back to that. Feel free to ask me anything about the fic or even request I tackle a certain topic!
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johermione · a month ago
Thanks for asking!!!!
Favourite thing about them: the enormous amount of love he has to offer. I feel like Laurie is all in all an emotion driven creature which makes him feel everything in a big way. As I stated in my fic, he loves with his whole entire being and I think that's a wonderful characteristic, even though it can be hard to deal with at times.
Least favourite thing about them: his laziness. Luckily he got to interact with Amy which resulted in immense character development for both of them.
Favourite line: "I think the poets might disagree."
brOTP: Jo and Laurie, although I never know how to label either them or the way I feel about their relationship. They're like this undefined bubble of uniqueness, madness and creativity and being one of my favourite relationships like ever, it feels strange putting them under a title (especially considering how, both individually and together, they defy the rules of society). Also, Beth and Laurie's dynamic has a very special place in my heart.
OTP: Amy and Laurie
nOTP: Beth and Laurie? Jo was crazy to make such an assumption.
random headcanon: HE MAKES FLOWER CROWNS AND ALL IN ALL LOVES FLOWERS, also that thing I wrote about in my second chapter: I firmly believe Laurie lights up a bunch of candles when he's feeling down solely for the dramatic effect.
unpopular opinion: I think Laurie has been idealised for decades now and that's gotta stop. He's a wonderful and complex character and there's no need to idealise him in any way. Pretending his flaws aren't there or excusing them, makes him seem like a very flat, boy-next-door type of character. People also need to acknowledge his mischievous side because Laurie is a dandy (as stated in the book itself) and a troublemaker. Laurie has a smile and a personality for every occasion. I often say there are a million people living inside of him. And people often choose to acknowledge only one of those personas of his.
Song I associate with them: closure by ts and with or without you by u2
Favourite picture of them: all of them?
Tumblr media
But I especially like him in this scene. Look at that warm smile🥺.
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