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#jo march
fairychamber · 3 hours ago
Laurie Didn´t Care Who He Was Going To Marry #Shorts
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stilinskislyds · a day ago
My friend and I are corny! Re-enacting Little Women scenes at the place they filmed it!
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fairychamber · a day ago
Jo March Moment Of Clarity #Shorts
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artsying-ifer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I might mostly post about the 2019 film but rest assured the 2017 little women miniseries version also lives in my brain rent free
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hippolyte14 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Crochet Jo enjoyed finding a good climbing tree and smelling the first flower of spring!
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snowglobetay · 2 days ago
me collecting characters who I feel connected to: you’re ace and you’re ace and you’re aroace and you’re aro ... and you’re all mine now
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snowglobetay · 2 days ago
me collecting all the badass, independent female characters i’ve felt such a connection to my whole life: now you’re ace and you’re ace and you’re aroace and you’re aro and you’re all mine
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adoralupin · 2 days ago
Interact if you’re a fan of at least one of the following. Would like to make some mutuals
She-ra and fue princesses of the power
The owl house
Carmen Sandiego
One day at a time
Little Women
Im not okay with this
Stranger Things
Taylor Swift
Phoebe Bridgers
Everything sucks
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gxlxcticvibes · 3 days ago
So di essere tutto ciò che più si allontana dalla perfezione. Una ragazza quasi più orgogliosa di Mr Darcy. Ribelle quanto Jo March. Una che spesso finisce per rifugiarsi in una vita dipinta di superficialità come Jay Gatsby. Per non parlare del suo essere così insopportabilmente cinica, il suo livello di cinismo supera addirittura quello di Lord Henry. Anche se nel suo profondo, proprio come lui, mette in discussione le sue stesse affermazioni così fredde e sicure. Autodistruttiva e diffidente quanto Heathcliff. L'unica forma di ironia che conosce è il sarcasmo, un po' come la nostra amatissima Elizabeth Bennet. Dedita ai piaceri della vita finisce assiduamente per errare alla Dorian Gray. Non ho mille motivi da darti per scegliere me, perché non ci sono mille motivi che fanno di me la scelta migliore. Te ne darò uno solo. Ti amo.
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fairychamber · 3 days ago
Laurie and Jo Making Fun Of The Feminine Girls #Shorts
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anxiousdumpling · 3 days ago
happy birthday saoirse ronan <3
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sketchy-panda · 3 days ago
Will you draw Jo March from the 2019 little women?
Tumblr media
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fairfowl · 4 days ago
So many Little Women fans who talk about Professor Bhaer have not read the sequels and fail to take his and Jo's relationship in these books into account
Either he's viewed as a consolation prize or as something that's forced onto Jo by a patriarchal publishing industry.
"Poor LMA, she just threw something together"
"She wanted an odd match to spite the Jo/Laurie shippers"
Professor Bhaer is set up to be Jo's match, he's made for her.
If Jo describes herself as ugly Bhaer is too, if he's poor so is she. They're both intellectuals who are out of step with the values of society .
In Little Men one of the main themes within Jo and Fritz's relationship is that they make each other better. Jo moves them forward with her adventurous spirit while Fritz makes sure that she thinks things through.
The decisions about their children and their school are made together as a partnership and done so in a way that reflects LMA's own politics and values (many of her novels carried lessons for life within their stories, teaching of the virtues of simple clean living and intellectualism as well as equality between men and women)
Bhaer is not second best, nor is he a shackle to Jo
If anything I speculate that when LMA realized that Jo had to marry, she made her the best match possible. Not her rich handsome childhood best friend, but a man who was like her in all of the most important ways, and different in ways that would challenge and temper her as an adult
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glitterywildeflower · 4 days ago
She was shiny
liquid gold running in her veins
She was the sun
bright and fierce, warm and kind
sparkly eyes that had you enchanted
Infectious laugh and magnetic persona
she glowed as if her skin had been infused with starlight
she was celestial, she was seraphic
She was Charis.
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colouredinblack1312 · 4 days ago
About “Little Women” (2019)
Can't believe I finally watched Little Women (was about time) 😉😁😊 And I felt like writing a few words.
First, I'd like to say that I haven't read the book and I honestly didn't know who ended up with whom... (not at all ashamed to admit that...nope... 🙈😁) I mean I have seen posts on my tumblr dash, but they were from somewhere in between the movie or towards the end of it and didn’t “spoil” the most significant parts and the ending (which I’m now grateful for)...
Alright, so...maybe it was a chemistry thing (I do think that Amy/Florence and Laurie/Tim have chemistry, but Jo and Laurie’s just stood out to me, tbh), but I was rooting for Jo and Laurie for a bit - loved their scenes and their banter/the playfulness - and didn't quite buy Amy and Laurie getting married so fast at first (I mean they kissed and then the next scene they were married, right? One more scene in between there could’ve helped, I guess.). It took some reflecting to realize that Jo and Laurie didn’t work out because they have more of a childish love and both needed to “grow up” (in their own way). While Amy and Laurie have a more mature love (to articulate this as simply as possible; I'm not good at deep movie analysis, at least not after watching a movie once 😉😁). When I saw the “you’re beautiful” scene (not to forget when he opened her apron) I was like: “ooooh...someone catching feelings there?” 😉😁😊 And then the “I’m looking at you” and the “second choice” scenes I was like: “Ooh...yep, those I might have seen on tumblr” lol
But despite all those moments, Jo and Laurie’s scenes kinda stood out to me (even if it was just friendship/platonic love; or maybe I just prefer the guy pining over the girl rather than the over way around, though it depends on the relationship dynamic). Even the Jo and Beth scenes (well, maybe it’s because it was really sad that Beth died). I’m aware it’s subjective and I might think differently when I watch it another time.
Oh, and one more thing: I almost forgot about Friedrich until he showed up again towards the end. Not really sure I buy Jo ending up with him, tbh. Sure, there were glances at the beginning and they showed their first meeting - with obvious glances, too - but is that whole relationship more obvious in other movie versions? Or in the book? Maybe I should just read it... 😉😁😊
Anyways, it helped reading other people's thoughts and opinions to understand the relationship dynamics more (especially if you only ever watched one movie version 😉😁😊)
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quillsink · 4 days ago
Okay please tell me I’m not the only aspec person who related a huge amount to Jo March when she kept talking about how much she hated romance and just wanted to be friends with Laurie and then was so disappointed when she got married
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