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Can I have a full oneshots or Drabble, with JJ from outerbanks where she finds out he had a praise kink and uses while they are having sex, really soft cute lovey dovey stuff
pairing: jj maybank (18+) x fem!reader
warnings: smut → praise kink, super soft!jj
word count: 782
•:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:• ☾ ☼ ☽ •:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•
requests for the sleepover are open🖤!
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smut night masterlist
you knew jj had a thing for being praised. It started off small at first, like if he got a test back with a good mark, or when you calmed him down during a rough night with his dad. Comments like "you're doing so well" or "i'm proud of you" really made his heart swell with so much love, he didn't really know what to do with it.
Tonight was no exception. The two of you sit on his bed in the spare room of john b's house. His fingers plays with yours, the softness of his touch only made you feel more at home. You listen to the sound of his mellow voice as he describes the events that he and john b witnessed at Lana's, Scooter's wife, house.
"do you reckon we should tell someone?" he asks, snapping you out of your daze.
"look, those guys are bad news. If we tell someone, it's just gonna end with someone dying."
"so that's a no?"
"yes it's a no, idiot," you giggle, buying your face in his neck. The two of you stay like this for a while before you decide to press gentle kisses on his neck. He hums at the feeling, tilting his head back to expose more of his neck.
"you like that, don't you?" you purr into his skin.
"mhm," is all jj can muster up, his fingers clasping around your shirt. You move to straddle his hips and cup his soft cheeks, capturing his lips with yours. He kisses you back with such force, you couldn't help but smile into the kiss. Nothing will ever beat the feeling of him wanting you.
"where's all this coming from, hey?" the cockiness that you had gotten so used to over the years finally made its way to his lips.
"nowhere. Just thought you need something to help you relax," you purr in his ear, taking his lobe between your teeth. jj sucks in a breath. god, the things you do to him. "which is exactly what i want you to do, so just relax, okay? I got you."
"yes ma'am." His arms fold under his head, watching as you pull at his cargo shorts. Your hand wraps around his cock, the sultry stare that is accompanied with an alluring smirk, only makes jj feel weaker under your touch. A soft breath leaves his lips before he pulls his bottom lip between his teeth, eyes drawn to your hand which pumps him up and down slowly.
"i swear you'll be the death of me," jj sighs, tilting his head back against the pillows as you take him in your mouth. A muffled chuckle surpasses through your throat. His hands grip at the bedsheets, trying to calm him down so he doesn't take your head and just fuck into your mouth. He, as much surprise as it was to everyone else, including you, likes when you do what you want to him. jj likes the way you take control, the way you want it to last as long as possible. Sex with you is exciting to jj.
A stifled groan passes through jj's bitten lips as you lean back up, collecting the silva that drips from the corner of your lips with your thumb. He could've sworn that was the hottest thing he's ever seen. But then again, everything you did he swore was the hottest thing.
You lean over to his nightstand pull out a condom before rolling it on his cock.
"Come here," jj smiles lovingly at you, turning you over so he can hover over you. He pushes in, both of you moaning in pleasure.
"did i already tell you, you did so well back at Lana's?" you ask, feeling his breath hitch in his throat. "always such a good boy."
the praises that slips through your moans is something jj will never get used to.
"[y/n]," he breathes against the crook of your neck. He couldn't think of anything to say. He was never good at thank you's. jj presses a gentle kiss on your heated skin. Your nails claw down his back and your eyes roll back in such pleasure, you're sure you're close to already cumming.
"baby, you feel so good," you moan, stomach tightening at the sound of jj moaning in response to your praises.
"keep doing that and i'll cum," he tries to joke, but you only tangle your fingers through his hair, whispering sweet-nothings in his ear.
this. this is what jj's always wanted. you're the type of girl he's imagined ever since he could remember. it was in that moment that jj knew you'd be his forever home.
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Can you do reader and JJ having rough sex from JJ’s pov?
pairing: jj maybank (18+) x fem!reader
warnings: smut → rough smut, choking, jj being a little teasing shithead.
word count: 279
•:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:• ☾ ☼ ☽ •:•.•:•.•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•
requests for the sleepover are open🖤!
request guidelines here✨!
smut night masterlist
Words cannot describe how gorgeous [y/n] looks with her hair dishevelled, eyes closed and mouth letting out the sweetest moaning sound while I fuck her. My hand clasps around her throat, squeezing ever-so-gently. her pulse thumps under my fingertips, her pussy clamping down on my cock as she lets out a strained moan.
My hips move faster, wanting to completely fuck her brains out. this is what we've both needed for a long time.
"jj," she whines, her small hand gripping at my wrist and pressing my hand harder onto her neck. I smirk, slowly my thrusts as I lean down to plant a kiss on her forehead.
"you're such a good girl for me," i coo, feeling her pussy, once again, clench around me. I moan, leaning back on my knees and grip her hips, roughly pulling her closer to me. I slam into her, hearing the gorgeous sound of [y/n]'s loud moans. Her hands stretch down to my thighs, scratching at the skin.
"you want to cum, don't you?" I chuckle at the state of her.
"jj please... I've been so good," she pleads, eyebrows knitting together as she focuses on not cumming. She knows she's only allowed to cum with my permission.
"then cum, darling. If you feel you've been good, you should be allowed to cum, right?"
"jj please don't tease me," she whines, almost sobbing at this point. My thumb gently circles her clit, knowing it'll push her over the edge.
And that it did.
"jj!" she whimpers, the walls of her pussy throbbing around my cock as she cums around me.
"see, that wasn't so hard, was it?"
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olreid · 3 hours ago
personally i am waiting with bated breath for more outer banks blogging
LMAO you're right.. my true calling
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izanis · 3 hours ago
babe I’m begging for some mitsuya content,,,. I’m feeling mmm overstim, to the point where he could tap your clit and you’re squirting just a little, you’re so sore and tired but he keeps telling you to shhh because he has to fulfill his promise of making his pretty baby feel good
JJ — IM?? PUSSY CRYING RN. just,, soft dom suya who only cares abt pleasing his baby
“c’mon baby, keep em open for me,” he mutters. the heat of his breath against your ear is enough to have you squirming in his grasp and with the way he’s holding you— arms trapping you with his chest flush against your back, there’s no escaping him.
“look at you. d’ya love it that much? hm? crying and creaming all over my fingers .. you must be feeling good, princess”
your fingers sink into his wrist— nails digging small crescent shape marks into his flushed skin when you sob out a “t-too much”
“awh, it’s too much?” he coos, voice soft n endearing completely opposite of his long fingers that rush in and out of your abused little cunt, “but ‘m not done yet, baby. nowhere close, so endure it, yeah?”
at your heightened cries he pulls his fingers out, taking a second to admire the way your slick creates webs between his digits before negotiating, “how about,” he repositions your limp body so that your straddling his waist— bare cunt pressing against his dick, “ you ride my face? you can go all night long. use me. would that make you feel better, baby?”
at your drunken nodding he smiles, “hop up, wanna make my princess feel good”
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rosemilkicedtea · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hhehehhehhehhr hoo
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free-range-tiddies · 4 hours ago
Madam Tiddette, as much as I love your tags
Tumblr media
really😭😭I’m supposed to be sleep and I can’t stop laughing rn🙈🙈🙈
Somebody had to make the joke 😂😂😂
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dailudannos · 4 hours ago
What’s one aspect about Danny Phantom you love a lot or could think about on the top of your head? (Ghostly-shenanigans)
mmmm ghosts having character development and more than 5 lines
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notkageyamasprincess · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
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everybodyscupoftea · 5 hours ago
the apology
pike jj x reader (ft. cody, tyler and zach)
Tumblr media
*taps mic* this is overdue *sprints away*
also this is part four of a series. check out the first three on my brooke mini series masterlist here!
warnings: i out of practice holy shit
JJ knew, realistically, that even though Tyler, Cody, and you had a positive reaction at the party to his and Brooke’s breakup, the three of you probably wouldn’t just forgive him right off the bat. And he was right. 
Though that night had gone well, the next morning was...uncomfortable to say the least. He woke up in his room, hungover, and climbed out of bed with a groan. Cody’s Keurig was making noises, and there was a mug full of steaming coffee sitting on the counter next to it.
The boy in question walked out of his bedroom, yawning and rubbing his eyes, and jumped when he saw JJ standing by the sink. “Shit,” he breathed out, clutching his chest in surprise.
“Sorry,” JJ smiled, a bit uncomfortably as silence fell over them.
Cody mixed sugar into his coffee and set the spoon down on the counter. Turning to walk back into his room, he called over his shoulder, “Help yourself if you want, Maybank.”
And then JJ didn’t see or hear from any of them for the rest of the day. Late afternoon, he did hear the two of them laughing as they left, the door slamming shut and leaving him alone. Again. It was almost like nothing had changed, and he felt something in his chest squeeze.
Kie was the one to give him advice in the end. She was one of the smartest people he knew, and when he realized he didn’t really have anyone else to talk to, he called her.
“JJ,” she answered, surprise coloring her tone.
He felt bad, realizing he hadn’t called his friends in a while. With a grimace on his face, he responded, “Um, yeah. How have you been?”
Kie snorted and he heard rustling in the background as she settled down somewhere to chat, “I’ve been alright. You?”
JJ shrugged before remembering she couldn’t see him, “I’ve been okay. Definitely could be better, but could be worse.”
She sighed, “I’m assuming you aren’t calling me to catch up.”
“You’d be right,” he winced at the admission, “I kind of need advice.”
“Oh,” she sounded surprised again, “what’s going on?”
JJ paused, wondering the best way to go about the conversation. Eventually, he answered, “Brooke and I broke up.”
“I hope you dumped her and not the other way around. That would be embarrassing.”
Chuckling, JJ joked, “Fortunately for my pride and reputation, yeah, I did the breaking up.”
“Good,” Kie sounded proud, and JJ preened a bit, it was the first time he’d heard someone use that tone about him in a while. She continued before he could, “So now what are you going to do?”
“Well, I was hoping you could tell me.”
Kie made an unreadable noise, and he could almost picture the look on her face. The one she used to make all the time when the boys did or said something dumb, “They’re your friends, I don’t know them like you do.”
“But how do I apologize?” JJ asked and quietly added, “I haven’t really had to do it much.”
“Ah,” Kie joked, “character development at long last. An apology, JJ, is just the start. It’s an admission that you fucked up, so it validates their hurt instead of dismissing it, but an apology isn’t all you have to do. You have to prove to them, through actions, that you won’t do the same thing again.”
“But how?” JJ insisted, biting his bottom lip in thought.
“Befriend them again. They aren’t your best friends anymore. Make the effort to get back there with them.”
“I think,” tears rose to his eyes, much to his horror, “I think I’ve been replaced.”
“By Zach?” Kie asked, a sympathetic tone in her voice.
“By Zach,” he confirmed, hurt worming its way into his chest again, “and I can’t say it’s not deserved.”
“It’s a little deserved. But the four of you clicked before, and you can do it again.”
“That’s true,” JJ murmured, “I think I can do this.”
“You can,” Kie reassured him, “and I fully believe you will.”
He smiled, confidence returning slightly, “Thanks, Kie. You’re the best.”
“I know,” she was smiling too, “now, go woo your friends.”
JJ was pacing around his room on a Friday afternoon. He knew there was game night that night, and he didn’t really want to bring the mood down, but he figured it would be the best time to try and apologize to his roommates while they were there at the same time. With a little help from Kie and Pope, he’d written up his best apology, and while he paced, he read it over and over under his breath, committing it to memory as best as possible.
He sighed, tapping his finger against his chin nervously, praying time would move just a little bit faster so he could just get it over with. JJ got so caught up in his thoughts, the suite door swinging open violently and banging against the doorstop startled him. Sighing again, he steeled himself when he heard their voices, loud and clear.
“Come on, dipshit,” Cody said to Tyler, “it’s been a long week and I want a drink.”
“Please,” Tyler responded, voice right outside JJ’s shut door, “we just got here. At least take your shoes off first.”
“Fine,” he could hear the playful annoyance in Cody’s tone, “shoes are off, now beer me.”
“What about wine tonight?” Tyler asked, walking toward the mini fridge across the small common area from JJ’s room. 
Cody yelled out incredulously from further away, “Vodka or beer are always the move!”
“I asked Zach to buy and chill some wine for me and I got it from him earlier today to bring here. I’ve been in the mood for a good red all week.”
Cody scoffed, “Is this book club now?”
“Considering we have buffalo wings and not finger sandwiches, and I’m drinking wine out of a coffee mug, I’d say it’s not book club,” Tyler sassed back. 
JJ held in a snort and straightened his shoulders, swinging the door open when there was a lull in the conversation. The two of them looked startled at his sudden entrance, and Tyler, standing closest to JJ, crossed his arms defensively.
“What’s up, Maybank,” Cody said, extending the first olive branch.
“Can I talk to you guys?” JJ asked. “Before the drinking starts.”
Tyler snorted and motioned for him to continue, face scarily similar to the last time he punched JJ. He cleared his throat, glancing down at the written apology before deciding, fuck it, may as well wing it.
“I was a shit person and an even shittier friend to you guys. I thought I could balance a relationship and our friendship, and instead I let Brooke pull me away. I know it was my fault, and I take full responsibility for letting it happen. And now that I’ve learned, I want to promise that it won’t happen again, if you guys can forgive me. I could see it, how she treated you guys, but I didn’t want to believe it, and I’m sorry.”
Cody spoke up, “Why did you do it?”
“Why didn’t you do anything, even when you realized?”
JJ shrugged, “I don’t know. Maybe by the time I was ready to admit it, you guys were already so distant and I didn’t want to be alone.”
Tyler nodded, though JJ thought it looked a bit reluctant, “Okay, I guess that’s understandable. But we probably would’ve been more forgiving back then.”
Cody nodded, agreeing, and JJ smiled sadly, “Yeah, well, you know what they say about hindsight.”
Tyler snorted, “It’s definitely clearer than whatever the hell you’ve had for the past year.”
JJ’s lips quirked up, “That’s true. I’ll, um, I’ll let you guys get back to it.”
“Maybe wine isn’t that bad,” Cody told Tyler, going back to their earlier conversation as JJ shut the door to his room behind him again.
It was actually Pope’s idea for him to apologize to Zach. JJ originally protested because Zach wasn’t really involved until Pope explained that he’d probably heard a lot of bad shit about him from Tyler, Cody, and you. Which was true.
“Plus, getting Zach on your side will probably help with winning the others over.”
JJ sighed, “Yeah, I guess. But what would I even say to him? Wouldn’t it make more sense to explain rather than to apologize?”
Pope hummed thoughtfully, “Maybe. You could still apologize, though, for him constantly having to put in the effort to stop them all from decking you in the face.”
“Maybe that’s more of a thanks bro thing rather than an apology.”
Snorting, Pope agreed, “Yeah, you’re right about that at least.”
“I guess it would be smart,” JJ finally admitted, “it’s not like I was the nicest to the guy anyway.”
“Jealousy is unbecoming on you, JJ,” Pope joked, “but I don’t think it has to be as formal or detailed as your other ones. Less to apologize for there, you know.”
So JJ didn’t stress about it, and truthfully he didn’t really seek Zach out, not thrilled about having to talk to him one on one. He knew that you’d probably spoken pretty poorly about him to Zach, so he was sure he didn’t have the best reputation in the other boy’s eyes.
He could practically hear Kie’s voice in his head telling him to suck it up and just fucking do it, and when he did quite literally run into Zach in the quad, he realized maybe he wasn’t as ready as he thought.
He should’ve planned this out more, he thought to himself a little desperately as Zach sized him up, an unreadable glint in his eyes. JJ licked his lips nervously, “Oh, uh, hey, bro.”
“Hey, bro,” Zach repeated, smirking slightly at JJ’s obvious nerves.
“Do you have some time?” JJ spit out, deciding to just bite the bullet and face the music.
Zach tilted his head and sized him up, “Sure, I don’t have class for another hour.”
And somehow, JJ found himself sitting across from Zach at a Subway on campus. The other boy mentioned needing food after a morning workout, and JJ followed him in a daze, surprised he was even getting that much time with Zach.
Much to his surprise, Zach paid for his food and led him to a table despite JJ’s protests. They ate in silence, or more like Zach ate and JJ picked at his sandwich, stomach rolling from nervous anticipation of the likely uncomfortable conversation about to take place.
“Hey, so I wanted to, like, apologize?” JJ started, wincing when it came out more like a question than a statement.
Zach set his food down to give JJ his full attention, “For what?”
He sounded genuinely curious and not mocking, which surprised JJ a little. In the back of his mind, he faintly remembered Tyler saying Zach was a really good guy, and JJ finally believed him. JJ inhaled sharply, tapping the table with his finger while he gathered his thoughts, “I know you and I weren’t really friends, and we probably won’t ever be that close, but I’m sure that you heard a lot of shit about me.”
Zach snorted, “That’s an understatement.”
JJ huffed out a bitter laugh, “Yeah, well I can’t blame them, it was deserved.”
“I think so,” Zach spoke bluntly before softening his tone and continuing, “but I don’t think it’s unsalvageable.”
Blinking rapidly, JJ found himself speechless. Zach went back to eating to let JJ come up with a response. After a minute or so, mind still whirling, JJ asked, “Are you serious? Because it feels pretty impossible.”
Zach smiled gently, “Dude, they missed you. All of them.”
He heard the unspoken emphasis on you in particular. Which, to be fair, was the apology he was most dreading. It was going to be...hard to say the least. Zach’s reassurance went a long way in soothing him, “You think?”
“I know,” and Zach sounded completely serious. Before JJ could respond, Zach held a finger up, “Just don’t do it again because though I play a sport with a three strike system, life doesn’t exactly work the same way. They might not give you another chance.”
JJ gulped, “Right,” he said faintly, “yeah, thanks for the advice.”
Zach nodded and went back to his food, staring pointedly when JJ didn’t immediately move until he picked up his own sandwich. It was uncomfortable, but in the end, he was glad to have cleared the air with Zach.
When JJ finally got to you, he was pretty sure you were expecting it. The two of you actually hadn’t shared a class that semester, so it was harder to find you, but after some begging, Zach told him where you’d be on Tuesday afternoons.
The weather wasn’t great, so he was able to catch you in the business building lobby, trying to wait out the worst of the rain before walking to your dorm. You were scrolling through your phone, lips quirked up in a small smile as your eyes scanned the screen, and something in his chest clenched at the familiar, nostalgic expression.
Walking up slowly so as to not startle you, JJ cleared his throat. Unfortunately, he hadn’t noticed the headphones you were wearing, and he was forced to tap your shoulder which did startle you.
“Sorry,” he mouthed as you pulled your headphones out, vaguely annoyed at the interruption.
“JJ,” you greeted, crossing your arms. He was thrown off guard at the similarity to Tyler when he apologized to the boys, and it took him a few seconds to continue.
“Is now a good time?” he asked eventually.
You looked out at the pouring rain wryly and shrugged, “Not going anywhere anytime soon, so yeah, I guess so.”
JJ nodded, bouncing on his toes a bit before tilting his head toward an empty bench, “Let’s sit.”
At your lack of reaction, he actually got worried that he’d crossed some sort of line, but you eventually followed him over, sitting down next to him but with a good foot of space in between the two of you.
JJ would’ve preferred apologizing in a more private space, but something in him felt that it was time, and he didn’t want to ignore it. Even as the lobby filled up with more students, it felt like there was a bubble around the two of you.
“So,” he started, rubbing his hands together, “this is overdue.”
“I’m kind of offended I’m last,” you told him.
Desperately, JJ tried, “Saving the best for last, right?” doing his best to save what already felt like a failed attempt.
You hummed, “Fair enough, I suppose. So, let’s hear it.”
His mouth went dry, and JJ swallowed a few times to get it together before continuing, “Right. So, there’s a lot to apologize here I think.”
“You think,” you snorted, cutting him off again.
“I know,” JJ corrected, finally catching his train of thought, “I’m so sorry. And I know that words will never make up for it. I know that I treated you poorly and so did Brooke. You’ll never get an apology from her, so I guess I should also apologize for bringing her around and enabling that mistreatment.”
You looked impressed, and it was encouraging, so he pushed on, “It’s not fair or realistic for me to expect that you’ll immediately forgive me and things will go back to the way they were before, I know that, but I want to try to get back there.”
To his horror, your eyes filled up with tears, and he scrambled to come up with something to say, but you answered before he could attempt damage control, “I’d like that too.” You punched his shoulder, a little firmer than he anticipated, “I missed you, Maybank.”
“I missed you too,” he murmured, massaging his shoulder with a smile, “thank you for the chance.”
“You’re still on thin fucking ice,” you told him, holding your finger up, “and I fully expect apology iced coffees at least twice a week. I know you asked Zach where you can find me.”
JJ laughed, pushing your finger away, “Yeah, that’s fair.”
“Consider it payment for emotional damage.”
He nodded, “Deal.”
It was a long, rocky road that he was trying to manage, some of the jokes he made not quite landing when they all spent time together. It was clear there were a lot of inside jokes that developed without him that went over his head, and they were immediately followed by an awkward silence before someone changed the subject.
A lot of nights he still wasn’t invited to group activities, but Cody, Tyler, Zach and you eventually started asking him to go places with them. Whether it be grocery trips or dinner at the cafeteria, he slowly started getting invites, though he never really expected them.
One Friday night as he was loading up Netflix on his laptop, a knock at the door startled him. JJ called out, “Come in.”
You pushed the door open, wearing a Duke baseball t-shirt with an excited smile on your face, “Hey, we’re going to the game tonight, you busy?”
JJ looked down at his laptop and pajamas with a grimace, “Definitely not.”
“Wanna come?”
Something in his chest lifted, and he felt twenty pounds lighter at the invitation. He jumped out of bed, “Definitely!”
“Sweet,” you answered, “get dressed, we’re leaving in ten!”
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cowboylikereid · 5 hours ago
Tolerate It | S.R
Summary: You and Spencer haven’t been the same recently. After three months, you find out why.
Pairing: Spencer Reid X Fem!Reader
Category: angst
A/N: this is my first time writing angst so yay!
Content warnings: Mentions of death (Haley), cheating, cursing
Inspired by this song.
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure about the moment it happened but ever since it did, nothing’s been the same.
You met Spencer around the time Haley was taken from Hotch. It was a sudden thing. The two of you clicked in a way no one else on the team seemed to connect. While you weren’t technically part of the team, they still treated you like family.
Spencer was the one to make the first move. He stumbled over his words as he asked you out. He knew a lot about the world but love was a different territory. He was relieved when you said yes, even though he knew you were going to say yes. The date was everything you could have hoped for. He picked you up at your door and you all went to a nice restaurant downtown. There were wrinkled noses from laughing and memories of inside jokes that you’d hoped would last a lifetime.
Ever since that night everything about your relationship just kept going up. It was pure love and adoration for the both of you. The team saw how happy Spencer had gotten and knew you were the cause of it. They knew he wore his heart on his sleeve and they knew it would be safe with you.
Slowly, things stopped being so sweet. You didn’t notice things immediately. You knew about his headaches and you knew he needed space when he had them. There had been a time when he’d need you but times change. You weren’t sure about the moment it happened but ever since it did, nothing’s been the same. 
“Spence,” you call gently from the kitchen. He was laying on the couch mindlessly watching something on TV. He hated TV. He always preferred to read or get the news from the paper. He doesn’t answer you but you know he heard. “Do you want anything to eat?”
“No,” he hums. Without another word, you go back into the kitchen to put away the food you’d fixed. Suddenly, you’d lost your appetite. It’s been like this for the past couple of weeks. He didn’t love you like he used to. He didn’t need you like he used to.
“How are your headaches?” You ask, scrubbing that had been left in the sink. When you go back into the living room, he has a book in his hands. It was a book you’d seen him read a lot recently.
“They’re getting better,” he replies blandly. His eyes scan quickly over the pages he’s read hundreds of times. The author was Thomas Merton. You only recognized the name from the other books he’s read. 
“Any cases recently?” All you wanted was for him to talk to you like he used to.
“Nothing too different.” Another bland answer. That’s all it was between you two. It used to be flirtatious bickering or inside jokes. You used to love listening to him ramble about statistics. There’s no quick flirts thrown across the room or spur of the moment dates to the park. There’s no rambling. Just silence.
You knew that simply talking about what was making you upset would help. The person who usually comforts you and plants a million little kisses on your head sits across from you, silent. With what energy you had left in you, you stand and grab your coat. He only glances up as you leave.
The air is cold as snow starts to fall lightly. DC was always your favorite when it snowed. Everything just seemed so quiet. At the moment, you’d rather hear anything else but silence. When you sit in your car, it’s slightly warmer. It’s not until you turn the car on that you feel a warm embrace. Switching the radio on, you start your drive.
“Hey,” the bright woman smiles at you from the other side of the door. “Come in, come in, you must be freezing.”
“Hey, Pen,” you smile sweetly.
“Sit,” she gestures, smiling lightly. “Guys, Y/N is here,” she announces. Derek and JJ come out of the kitchen. 
“Where’s Pretty Boy?” Derek asks. You and Spencer were attached at the hip. Wherever you were, Spencer was sure to be nearby.
“He’s actually why I’m here,” you mumble. Maybe it was something in your voice or maybe it’s the fact that they study human behavior for a living, but they sit on the couch across from you. “Has he seemed, um, different to you all?”
“He’s seemed good,” Penelope answers, confusion in her voice.
“He seemed happier than usual,” JJ agrees, a cup of hot coco in her hands. The words make your heart hurt more than you thought they would. So it was you that was upsetting him, not work, not something going on with his mom, and not any other possible factor. It was you.
“Wait,” Garcia whispers, noticing your silence. “Wait, what’s wrong, is he okay?”
“I need to go,” you croak, standing abruptly. Derek grabs your hand gently. 
“Y/N, what’s going on?” He asks gently. You wipe under your eyes before stuffing your hands into your pockets.
“He won’t talk to me,” you tell them. “He’s been distant and I thought it might’ve been his headaches but he’s happy when he’s not around me.”
“Y/N, you know he loves you,” Derek reminds. His words sting.
“Does he?” You question before you can process it.
“Has something happened?” JJ asks.
“I don’t know,” you shrug. “I thought we were good, hell, I thought we were great but apparently I was wrong.”
“Do I need to talk to him?” Derek proposes. You shake your head. The team saw you as a little sister. Derek always joked that if Spencer ever hurt you, he’d hurt him. At least someone’s word is true.
“No, I need to do this on my own,” you explain. JJ brings you in for a tight hug.
“It’ll be okay,” she assures softly. You give her a squeeze before pulling back. You repeat the actions with Derek and then Garcia. Garcia is a little more hesitant to let you go.
“I’ll see you all soon,” you grin sadly. They say their goodbyes and watch you walk out.
It takes every fiber in you not to break down as you drive home. When you arrive, you’re frozen. It’s like the cold has seeped in and taken over. Everything hurts. You’re telling yourself not to overthink but at this point it’s become a part of you. Keep driving and don’t look back. You take the keys out of the ignition and go back into your apartment.
By some miracle, it’s colder inside than it is outside. The flowers Spencer got you a couple of months ago are wilting in their vase. He’s sitting in his same spot, reading the same book.
“Can,” you croak. He looks up at you, not realizing you’d come back. “Can we talk?”
“What’s wrong?” He could’ve at least feigned concern but he didn’t. His voice is stoic. 
“What’s happening with us?” You force the words like the lines from a TV script. 
“What do you mean?” He puts the book down on the coffee table.
“You haven’t noticed?” You breathe. “You haven’t noticed the way we’ve grown distant? The way we don’t kiss or go out like we used to? Nothing?”
“I’ve had a lot on my mind recently,” he excuses. 
“You always made time for me,” you remind, “and I know it sounds selfish but I feel like I’m losing you, Spence.”
“You’re not losing me, Y/N,” he shakes his head, picking up his book again. 
“What were the last words I said to you before I left?” You question, leaning against the doorframe. His eyes search for the words but he can’t come up with them.
“I was focused on reading, Y/N, you can’t expect me-” he excuses.
“If I’m doing something wrong I need you to tell me.” He sighs and sets the book back on the table. His hands run through his hair.
“You’re not doing anything wrong, Y/N,” he groans.
“Then why won’t you talk to me?”
“I do talk to you,” he objects.
“No,” I bite back, “not like you used to. You’re not who I used to know. What happened to the jokes, the rambling, the flirting?”
“I just haven’t felt like flirting,” he shrugs. Fire burns in your stomach.
“Bullshit,” you hiss.
“Y/N, there’s no need to-”
“I want you to see this from my perspective,” you interrupt. “I cooked a meal today and you said you weren’t hungry, I try asking you about your headaches and you barely speak. You used to always love telling me about whatever was going on at work.”
“Not much has been happening at work,” he deflects.
“Derek says you’ve been pretty happy. Hell, happier than usual. Yet, here, you’re a completely different person. Why is that?”
“You talked to Derek?” He questions. He stands and walks into the kitchen. You know he’s trying to get out of the conversation.
“Yeah,” you reply, following him. “You clearly won’t talk to me so I went to someone who would. Why aren’t you happy here?”
“It’s nothing,” he mumbles. You grab his hands. Their usually comfort is gone. You’re not grabbing them to pull him close, you’re grabbing them to somehow keep him from slipping away from you. It’s too late.
“It’s something, Spence,” you strain, tears filling your eyes. “If this is all in my head, tell me now. If there’s something more I can do, tell me and I’ll do it. Tell me I’m wrong.”
He looks at you blankly. There’s no love or adoration in his eyes. He pulls his hands out of your grip.
“Is there someone else?” You blurt. The thought had lingered in the back of your mind but you didn’t want to admit it to yourself. So, you pushed it back and hid it for the last three months. The look in his eyes tells you all you need to know. As hard as he tried, Spencer couldn’t lie to you. You knew him too well. “Is she the one who told you about Thomas Merton?”
“I’ve read his work before,” he speaks. His voice is weaker now.
“But you’ve never had his books. I’ve reorganized that bookshelf a million times and I’ve never seen his name.”
“I’ve read a million more books than you know, Y/N.”
“Is that it?” You question. “Am I not smart enough for you?”
“It’s not that-” he begins.
“Then what?” You question, reaching your breaking point. “I do everything I can for you. I sit and listen, I hold you when you have nightmares about a case, I wait for you to come home at three in the morning. What’s she doing that I can’t?”
“Y/N, stop,” he demands.
“What’s her name?” You interrogate. He rolls his eyes and tries to walk past you. “What is her name, Spencer?”
“Maeve,” he mumbles. You couldn’t believe it. All those nights of laying awake at night, trying to read him, trying to read what’s going on in his mind. All of that for it to be another girl. He senses the hurt. It bounces off of you like radiation. “You wanted to know.”
“And you didn’t care to tell me?” You tried so damn hard to keep yourself from boiling over but every word made it worse.
“I figured it would be-”
“You figured it would be easier to let me find out like this? To find out you were cheating on me after three fucking years? What kind of person does that?” He parts his lips to answer but you speak before he does. “A coward.”
“I’m not a coward, Y/N,” he hisses. You scoff.
“Really?” You counter, crossing your arms over your chest as if it’ll protect your already broken heart. “Because I know damn well the Spencer I knew would have gone to the ends of the world for me because he knew I would do the same. Do I take up too much space and time? Am I sleeping where she should be?”
“Y/N, stop.”
“No,” you shout. It’s the first time you’ve ever raised your voice at him. You’ve reached your breaking point and he could tell. “What’s she like, Reid?”
The name took him back. His team called him Reid. You called him Spence or Doc as a joke. Reid was a new word for a new man. A man who didn’t love her like he used to. Hell, he didn’t love her at all. “I don’t know.”
“How do you not know?” You grit. “She made you stop loving me so what is it? Is she smarter? Prettier? Does she understand what you’re saying when you talk about statistics?”
“I,” the next words would shatter you. “I haven’t met her yet.”
Your mouth hangs open in pure shock. “All of this over a woman who you’ve never met?”
“I was planning on meeting up with her soon,” he explains.
“Were you going to tell me or leave me to continue filling her spot?” Your words are barely above a whisper.
“I’m so sorry,” he attempts.
“No,” you scoff. “No, you’re not. How long has this been going on?”
“Three months,” he confesses.
“Three months,” you repeat. “You traded in three years with someone who you claimed was the love of your life for someone you met three months ago?”
“I didn’t see her like that then,” he attempts to explain. You shake your head.
“I’ll come get my stuff when you’re out on a case.”
“I’m leaving, Spencer,” you shrug. “You’ve seemed to have tolerated me enough so I’m making it easy for you.”
“Please don’t.” He picks at his nails. “I don’t know what to do.”
“You made your bed with her so go lay in it,” you bite. You can see the hurt behind his eyes but you didn’t care. He didn’t care about breaking you so why should you care? Without another word, you grab your bag and leave, slamming the door behind you. The sudden change makes the picture of the two of you fall, shattering it and leaving it in nothing but ruins.
This hurt me to write lol. =D
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iamvegorott · 5 hours ago
Wilford is known throughout the small town for having a strandge husband. His husband usually stays in the house but has been seen talking and making friends with villedge children.
whats strange about the man is no one knows where he came from. he came home with Wilford One day and they got married soon after. He doesn’t speak and children claim to get strange toys from him. Others claim he’s a demon and claim they’ve seen him with hundreds of eyes.
no one knows for certain but they do know not to bring up rumors in front of Wilford who’ll claim there is nothing wrong with his husband. Whatever the case the man has proven to be harmless. - Ego Cryptid Files
This sounds like the summary or voice over for like one of those cryptid shows where they explain the lore/tell a story about the cryptid they're talking about
That was probably your goal and you did it so well!!!
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godjo · 5 hours ago
crazy how Hunter highlighted in the tags that they don’t mean harm to any shorter fic or headcannon writers yet yall still came at them sideways?? SHUT UP!! SIT DOWN!! NO ONE FUCKING CARES!! plus Hunter is very far from flopping. come off of anon so we can see what we’re really dealing with here, I’ll be the judge and determine if you really have the right to say that sick shit
Tumblr media
anon really woke up and chose not to use their reading comprehension 😭
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mistuhhh · 5 hours ago
may i have a pendulum reading? if i decide to, will the necessary steps to be with A be worth it? - S
I got a yes!
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teumie · 6 hours ago
ik u love talking n these ask games so 23, 55 & 60 ! spill your thoughts my beloved
23. Spell ur url w songs uve been obsessed with
Trauma by svt
Everything by the black skirts
Up no more by twice
Magic by txt
I wish i was stephen malkmus by beabadoobee
Eat my love by bibi
55. Ur fave lyrics
Answered already but i also loveeee the lyrics to our summer by txt
60. Ur favorite on stage outfits
OOOO i have so many . I love any of the icsm outifts i just think theyre so cool i also love the cry for me outfits omggggg for boys im rly loving the 0x1 outifts rn !!!!
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