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#jimin drabble
kooktrash · 14 hours ago
fuck flowers ❀ jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
summary: the relationship you have with Jungkook is very up and down, hot and cold, left and right. but he thinks that flowers make everything okay, but they don’t.
student idol!jungkook x female student!y/n
warning(s): ANGST, couple fighting, kook’s not the most present boyfriend, you’re kinda mean but also still making points, FLUFF,
✨this is just a Drabble with no smut, but you can request flower kook headcanons in my inbox✨
- Now, if anyone were to listen to you rant about your boyfriend, they’d say to dump him. To drop him like it was nothing if there really was that many problems with each other. Because who would want to stay in a relationship where there’s constant fighting and a lack of trust? They’d ask, what did he do this time? And your answer would be that last night was your birthday and he didn’t say a single thing, didn’t give a single gift, and instead went drinking with the guys.
After two years you’d think he’d remember your birthday but all he did was show you he didn’t. On top of that, when he got too drunk he called you at 3 in the morning asking you to pick him up. Of course you went but you didn’t expect to find some girl on his arm trying very obviously to get his attention. Now, he was slurring his words telling her he had a girlfriend, which is the least he could do, but he didn’t stop her from touching on his chest until he spotted you.
And honestly, fuck Jungkook. If he hadn’t gotten you mad over the fact he forgot your birthday, you wouldn’t be failing to concentrate on your exam. The questions below you floated off the page moving everywhere. But right now, you couldn’t even be completely mad. Not when a delivery driver came in with a bouquet of roses, looking down at a picture before making their way toward you and setting them on the table.
A bouquet of roses with a small note stuck inside. You apologized to the other students and your professor as you quickly snatched the note and read it to yourself.
“to the most beautiful girl in the entire world. happy late birthday baby -Jungkook”
You rolled your eyes, shoving the card back in it’s tiny envelope and into the bouquet. To anyone else this would’ve seemed like a good apology—except he did this every time. He’d fuck up and send flowers to you thinking that’s what you want. He never gave an actual apology, never spoke the words just assumed it’d be okay with flowers. At first it was cute, always receiving flowers from your boyfriend but it was only because he didn’t want to apologize.
He didn’t even mention the girl from last night either. And as you went to your next class, you took your phone off ‘Do Not Disturb’ and found your phone blowing up.
kookie: hey babyyyyyyyy
kookie: hellooooooooooooo
kookie: gimme attention :(
kookie: r u mad?
kookie: OH SHIT
kookie: happy birthday 🎊
You rolled your eyes, putting your phone back on ‘Do Not Disturb’ waiting for your next class to begin. You weren’t entirely surprised when another bouquet of flowers arrived, this time a mix of pastel colored flowers.
At work it wasn’t anything different. It was the usual honestly, Jungkook figured if he suffocated you in flower arrangements then you’d forget about the girl and his failure to remember it was your birthday. You wouldn’t typically make it a big deal, actually you haven’t done much for your birthday in years. The thing that bothered you, was when you tried asking him to go to dinner with you he went on about how he’d already made plans with Jimin and Taehyung.
Every customer that walked in for some latte or americano asked about your four bouquets, asking if there was a special occasion or not. The few times you did explain you’d get the, ‘Oh that’s cute. I wish my boyfriend did this.’ ‘Just forgive him, obviously he cares.’ ‘He’s a keeper.’
You let the bouquets fall onto the couch, pulling your hair out of the pony, rushing to your room for a shower. You washed away the long day, letting yourself cool down. Some may say you’re overreacting with Jungkook. That he obviously realized what he forgot and that the flowers are his way of apologizing.
But you couldn’t take it anymore. Jungkook was always doing things like this. You barely saw the guy nowadays, and the only day you ask him to stay in with you he goes out for drinks and to flirt. This isn’t the only time he’s messed up in some way. Like the first time you broke up, when he was talking with some girl texting her every night. Or when he spilled coffee all over your Interior Design presentation after you asked him not to put a drink on it. Or the time when he called you a stuck up bitch for not wanting to go out drinking with his friends—even though you told him you had a fever and weren’t going to get out of bed anytime soon.
Well that time was the only one where he actually apologized, coming to your side for the night and staying in with you. But the next day he had no problem calling you a bitch again for not going out.
“You could’ve at least put them on the table,” you overheard from the living room. Jungkook appeared in front of you, carrying the bouquets to the table. “What? You’re still not talk to me?” He rushed out turning toward you with an arched brow.
“When’d you get here?” You asked pulling the towel off your head. Jungkook didn’t say anything, walking toward you with open arms and an evident pout on his face, “Why are you still mad?—“
“Oh god don’t start with that now,” you moved past him, hanging your towel on the closet door and moving to look for vases so he wouldn’t cry about it. “Baby you know I’d never—I fucked up. I didn’t mean to forget your birthday I just...”
“It’s funny you think that’s the only issue here,” you scoffed busying yourself with your flowers pretending you can’t see his dad expression. His eyes lifted toward you, round doe eyes slowly hardening.
“You’re not jealous of that girl last night, right? I told her I had a girlfriend,” Jungkook said, another argument spewing between the two.
“No I’m not jealous,” you groaned turning the faucet off and putting the bouquets in carelessly. “I’m mad that you’re always such a fucking asshole. If I am asking you to stay in with me, why can’t you do that? You always give me shit for not going out but you don’t hear me telling you half the shit you say. On top of that, you’re letting some girl touch up on you while your girlfriend is celebrating her birthday by herself. Do you know how fucked that is?”
“I do know! Why do you think I’ve been sending you flowers all day! I fucked up I get it but cut me some slack here I’m trying!” Jungkook said, tone changing as he filled with anger toward you now for not taking his apology.
“Fuck flowers!” You shouted, foot stomping the floor in a mini tantrum, “I am so sick and tired of getting fucking flowers. They don’t mean shit to me anymore. You can’t fix all your mistakes with roses. I don’t even like roses!”
Jungkook took a step back, listening to your harsh words. You turned your back to him, “You know how annoying it is, to never hear your boyfriend apologize for shit? There’s always an excuse or someone else to blame. A-and then you send these stupid flowers thinking it’ll all be okay and you’d get here and find me waiting around for you.”
“And to make matters worse, everyone’s always like ‘Wow what a great boyfriend’ ‘He must really love you’ ‘You don’t have a reason to be mad at him’ so fucking annoying,” you huffed in annoyance, “I can never be upset about something. I’m always overreacting or being mean. I can never have time to calm down. I ask you for space and you don’t listen. You never listen and I’m getting tired of the fights.”
“So it wasn’t just about your birthday?” Jungkook asked. Your face dropped, relaxing for a moment in realization, mouth slightly open, “Please, leave.”
12 days
That’s how long it took for you to speak to Jungkook again. Even during class, he’d find himself checking his phone for you. In between studio sessions and practices he could only think of you. Because he was beginning to see where you were coming from. He’d do something to make you upset, and instead of wanting to talk about it he’d send flowers. Or he’d choose not to bring it up and pretend it never happened.
You were opposite of him. You loved talking things out. At times you’d go overboard, letting your anger get the best of you, but only because you wanted to squash things. At times it made Jungkook anxious, wanting to be happy again and not argue but you wouldn’t let it go. To make sure that didn’t happen he always sent flowers in place of a conversation. If he could avoid conflict he would. He didn’t even second guess it when you’d pretend it never happened too. Instead you’d thank him for the flowers and move on. He couldn’t believe how much he ignored. Like the way your eyes would shift at the sight of them, feeling silenced by his manners.
Or when he’d be playing video games, too focused on his friends to see his girlfriend trying to sleep in the back. Or too excited to get to drinking to see how his girlfriend wasn’t feeling well. He looked past a lot of things about you and he wished he didn’t.
He thought, that because he knew the patterns your beauty marks took on your skin, he’d be able to know everything else about you. But when it came down to it he barely tried to anymore. He didn’t question why you stopped telling him about your coworkers or ranting about an essay. He didn’t question why you always put the roses on the windowsill where you couldn’t see them, but the pretty tulips would be everywhere in sight.
So it wasn’t just because of your birthday. Or the girl from the club. Or the stupid apology flowers he’d send. But because he was absent. A shitty boyfriend who always seemed to have better things to do—like going out without his girlfriend on her birthday.
He missed you, and he didn’t know when you’d talk to him—if you were to ever again. He sat in his room, fingers tapping his notebook trying to put his feelings into words. He had to do something, anything to make you talk to him.
kook: I know u are probably still mad at me
kook: but I miss u and I realize I’ve been a shitty boyfriend
kook: I know this isn’t what ur looking for but I wrote something for u.
kook: maybe you’ll want to see me?
‘STILL WITH YOU’ - BTS JK for loml’
He was nervous. He could feel his heart fall to his ass when he saw you. From the second he buzzed you in to the moment he opened the door to your prettt face he couldn’t breathe normally.
“I’m sorry.” He rushed out, “I’m sorry for being a shitty boyfriend. I’m sorry for forgetting your birthday and leaving you all alone. I’m sorry for being inconsiderate of your feelings and always trying to avoid my mistakes. Please don’t break up with me.”
You were silent, driving him crazy as he reached for your hand, “I promise to be a better boyfriend to you. I haven’t been away from you like that... ever, not being able to call or text you whenever I wanted. I missed you, and I couldn’t express myself enough that’s why I wrote that song. I know it’s not what you’re looking for b—“
“Shut up and hug me you big dummy,” you shut him up, a smile spreading on his face as he pulled you in abruptly, instantly crushing you in his arms. “I’m sorry,” he kiss your hair, “I’m sorry,” and your forehead, “I’m so sorry,” your nose and then cheek.
“You’re so annoying you know that?” You scoffed trying to keep a serious face but you couldn’t. He nodded kissing your ear and above your eye, “Yes, I’m so annoying.” “And you’re an asshole and sometimes I just want to choke you,” you went on but he only nodded and pulled you tighter.
“I hate you,” you giggled as he kissed below your ear lightly, “You love me.”
“I love you baby,” he smiled, nose pressing against yours, “So I need you to get your pretty ass back to your place, and pack your swimsuit cause we’re having a belated beach birthday celebration.”
“What?” Your brows furrowed. He nodded brushing his fingers through your hair, “I rented a beach house this weekend, just you and me, nobody else. And maybe I’ll give you another birthday surprise there,” he winked. You rolled your eyes, “You did all that? What if I would’ve came to tell you we needed to officially break up.”
He smiled as he held the door open for you as you put your shoes back on. Tilting his head he spoke, “Then I would’ve packed your cute butt into my suitcase whether you liked it or not. You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”
Your eyes shifted to the welcome mat for the first time today. It was changed from floral themed to plain black. Your brows furrowed, “You get a new mat?”
“This?” He pointed to the mat, “Yeah, my girlfriend apparently fucking hates flowers, so I got rid of everything floral.”
You looked to meet his teasing gaze, pushing his shoulder playfully as he chuckled, “Go pack up. I’ll pick you up in thirty and you better be ready pretty girl.”
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bangtanloverboys · 15 hours ago
summer nights // pjm
Tumblr media
summary - as the days grew colder, you weren’t ready to say goodbye to your dear human friend
paring - human!jimin x mermaid!reader
genre - fluff, angst; mermaid au
prompt - “just don’t leave me yet”
word count - 339
warnings - kinda sad, but not?
authors note - mermay mermay mermay
bts ghostie drabble marathon
Tumblr media
“Tell me another story,” you leaned back down onto the rock you were currently resting on, eyes focused on Jimin who was resting on the sand below. He’d spent the last few hours on the beach telling you various stories he’d grown up with, along with stories about his own life as well. 
“Y/N, it’s getting late. I gotta go.” He huffed, gesturing inland. 
His statement elicited a frown from you, “Why do you always have to go? Why can’t you stay?” You hated the fact he would always leave, sure he’d come back the next day, but you missed him. 
“I wish I could stay, but I told my family I’d be home after sunset.” He mirrored your frown, “But I always come back don’t I?”
“Yeah, but summer is almost over.” You explained, leaning up onto your elbows. “You return to your school, don’t you?” 
You watched as he deflated at your comment, knowing it was true. Your friendship was completely accidental, having rescued you from a net you were trapped in. Instead of calling anyone and profiting off of you, he genuinely helped you; trying his best to make sure that you were alright before you swam back into the ocean. He was nothing like what you were told humans were like, so needless to say you were intrigued by him. After carefully watching him over the course of a few days, observing the way he’d return and speak out into the open sea, not knowing if you’d even hear him. From then on, it was history. 
But with summer coming to an end, you slowly realized that he was going to be leaving you soon. He’d become such a close friend in such a short amount of time, you weren’t ready to see him off. Thus you soaked in as much time as you could with him, risking coming even earlier and earlier in the day to see him.
“Please, just don’t leave me yet.” You pleaded.
Slowly, he nodded. “Okay, one more story.”
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blue-sidez · a day ago
how do u think they’d react if you asked them to spit in ur mouth …..
sighh, one of my favorite kinks lately...
seokjin — a bit shocked to be very fucking honest. he wouldn't understand why you'd want him to do that but, i mean, to each their own, right? he would try, for your sake. if it doesn't make him uncomfortable, he'll do it any time you ask. but if it does make him uncomfortable, he'll tell you it's not something he wants to do again.
yoongi — he never thought about doing it, really, but if you're into that then he'd gladly indulge you. i think he's the type to like the idea of making you take whatever he gives you, you know? like he gets to do whatever he wants you'd be ready to please him right away.
hoseok — would laugh at first, an embarrassed look on his face as he tries to smile to hide the fact that the request turned him on more than he'd imagine. i've said it before, he's a freak, so i totally see him doing it often, but i don't think it'd be a must to him.
namjoon — proud of you. «that's my girl!» i think 99.9% of us agree that joon is a dom, am i correct? to hear you ask for something so dirty... he'd get so excited, but he'd try not to show it until you're about to do the do and then, and only then, he'd show you how much he loves this side of you.
jimin — a bit confused? he wouldn't understand how you came with that idea, but if it's what you're into, then he's into it too. i mean, you share saliva every time you kiss, right?
taehyung — hawt. you want him to spit on you? something that supposedly has nothing to do with sex? on god?? so eager to try. he wouldn't come up with the idea, that's for sure, but taehyung is an experimentalist, he's gonna try everything at least once. hawt.
jungkook — a bit shy, but only if you catch him off guard. if you ask him to do it while he's trying to rip your clothes off then fuck yeah, he will. but if he's not feeling so dominant and you ask then i think he might get a bit flustered. nothing that a little bit of grinding and praising can't fix, though.
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blue-sidez · a day ago
their favorite place to cum on you? (not inside) 💓
my asks are always full of ‹ cum › this ‹ cum › that. you fucking cumsluts 😭
seokjin — oof, your back. fucking you from behind and then pulling out and cumming on your arched back is just— a vision. it looks so pretty yet it's so naughty... like jin!
yoongi — depends on the position you're in, but most of the time, on your ass. his favorite thing is fucking you from behind, making you cum and then pull out to spill on top of your mighty ass. i've mentioned yoongi is an ass guy, right?
hoseok — face, definitely on your face. ooh, to spill his cum on your face, gathering it with his fingers and making you suck on them... yeah, he has a thing for cum-eating.
namjoon — tits. tits all the way. try to squish your titties (even if they're small) and look up at him as you wait for his cum and it will drive him absolutely crazy. the sight of his cum dripping down the curve of your boobs... it'd be ten times better if you're sticking out your tongue to catch some of it.
jimin — your inner thighs. such an intimate place and so close to the place he must avoid. he's able to see his cum dripping down and staining the sheets at the same time as he sees your pussy clenching at the empty feeling his cock left.
taehyung — to taehyung, nothing beats cumming inside you, but if he had to choose another place... it'd probably be your stomach. to see his white cum on your skin, imagining getting you knocked up with your belly full and round, carrying his children... have i mentioned tae has an impreg kink?
jungkook — now, here's the thing: all the boys would ask where to cum the first time you guys do something nasty, they'd all want to make sure you're comfortable. however, jungkook wouldn't stop asking you where you want him to cum after your first time(s) together, he will actually ask every single time he's about to cum cause he's such a thoughtful guy. now, if you were to ask him where he wants to cum... on your chest, more specifically, right in between your tits. and if you were to gather some of his cum with your fingers and bring them up to your lips, he'd go absolutely feral. 'nough said.
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blu-joons · a day ago
He Meets Your Friends For The First Time ~ Park Jimin
Tumblr media
Your smile grew as you led you friends into the studio where Jimin and the rest of the boys were sat. His eyes snapped around as soon as you walked in, feeling his cheeks turn a dark shade of red.
“Don’t look so scared,” you laughed as you walked over to him whilst the rest of the boys introduced themselves to your friends, “they’ve all been dying to meet you, so there’s nothing to worry about.
His head nodded, but as he saw how well your friends instantly got on with the boys, he only hoped that he could live up to their expectations. He was keen to make a good first impression on them all and get on well with them too for your sake.
As the first of your friends, Mijoo, walked across, she was quick to pull Jimin into a hug, feeling how scared he was, but choosing not to say anything. As her eyes met yours, you knew what she’d picked up on, as you had done when you greeted him a few minutes prior.
“I’m sure you all know Jimin,” you spoke once they’d all greeted him, “Jimin, this is Mijoo, Sora, and Dara, they’re all so excited to finally meet you.”
They’re smiles were a huge comfort for Jimin as the rest of the boys left you all to it as they had planned, tapping his shoulder as each of them passed him to reassure him to smile.
You invited them all to take a seat in the studio knowing that Jimin had some time before their next rehearsal began. You sat as close to you could as Jimin to make sure that he knew you were there, feeling his hand rest against your thigh gently.
“Y/N has told us all about how you’re an incredible dancer, so we have high hopes for your show whilst you’re in town,” Dara smiled, instantly unnerving him.
“We’ve been told that we have to be on our best behaviour for your show,” Sora interjected, smiling widely in Jimin’s direction. “She’s shown us plenty of videos of you though, I think she’s just as big of a fangirl of you as she also is a girlfriend.”
You reached across and pinched her arm, but her tale was enough to bring a clear smile onto Jimin’s face, making the most of listening to all of their embarrassing stories.
“We’re not scary friends though,” Mijoo defended, “we’ve not got a list of a hundred questions that we’re going to ask you or anything like that, it’s not an interrogation.”
He let go of a sigh, “I was worried that I’d end up being questioned.
“We have a few things to ask,” Dara spoke, “but nothing that will scare you off.”
“That’s only because Y/N has already been through her questions and taken most of them away.”
Your head nodded proudly, hearing a small thank you be muttered from his lips. The last thing Jimin needed when he was already terrified was a thousand questions being tossed at him.
As the four of them began to get comfortable with each other, it didn’t take long for embarrassing stories of you to be shared from either side, much to your bemusement.
“Did she tell you about the time that she fell down the stairs because she was drunk?” Mijoo chuckled, screaming when Jimin’s head shook with intrigue.
“And he doesn’t need to know about it either,” you tried to argue, but you were silenced immediately and told to be quiet so that Mijoo could share.
You could feel Jimin’s judgemental eyes staring back at you as she shared the story of how you’d toppled down a flight of stairs in a club. You were convinced you were sober, and you could do it, but your heels and intoxication seemingly didn’t agree with you.
“You’ll have to come out with us whilst you’re in town and see Y/N when she’s properly drunk,” Dara cheered, “then she’ll change your opinion.”
Jimin was quick to come back with his own story about the time you’d fallen onstage in front of all the fans because you were dancing too hard in the wings which your friends loved. Each of them toppled over onto the floor with laughter, except for you.
Despite much of the conversation revolving around you and your humiliating times, seeing Jimin settle around your friends and the four of them get on so well was a huge relief for you. Knowing that they were getting on was all that you could have ever hoped for.
“I have to admit Jimin, we were worried that you’d be a stuck-up celebrity when we first heard about you,” Mijoo admitted, “but you’ve actually turned out to be a really great guy.”
Dara chimed in too, “we thought that you’d be trying to steal Y/N away from us and take her around the world, and that would be fine, if you promise to bring us too.”
“Will you shut up,” you smirked, “no one is going anywhere around the world.”
“One day you will,” Sora argued back at you.
Your head shook at the three of them as the rest of the boys reappeared having spent their break grabbing lunch at a café down the road. You and the girls moved to the side of the studio so that you could watch their rehearsal.
“Do we really get to see these superstars up close?” Mijoo whispered, unable to take her eyes off the seven boys in front of you. “I can’t believe that you get to spend so much time with these guys, they’re superstars Y/N.”
You nudged her arm lightly, “keep your voice down will you before you really end up scaring them off. You’re supposed to be creating a good impression of yourselves.”
“Jimin loves us,” Sora boldly stated, hitting your shoulder, “he was laughing with us and joking with us, there’s no way that he could hate us now. We made a good impression like you asked, so now we get to do what we want.”
“If you cause any trouble whilst you’re here, no one is going to the concert,” you strictly warned them, “at least not with backstage passes at least.”
Their eyes widened and their mouths shut, turning to face the boys as they started getting prepared. As they did, Jimin waved you across to join him on the other side of the studio to join him for just a moment of the two of you.
The smile was still wide on his face from how well he’d managed to get on with the three girls who continued to stare at the other members as they warmed up. You could only apologise for how excited they were and how irrational they were acting.
“I promise, they love you,” you smiled as he looked back to you, “I think they’re all just a little bit too excited right now about all of this.”
“Don’t worry, they’re not the worst people we’ve ever encountered,” he teased, kissing your forehead.
“I’ve told them to calm down whilst we watch your rehearsal,” you informed him, “there’s nothing to worry about with them guys here.”
“Y/N, they’re your friends, I would never complain anyway. A little bit of excitement isn’t going to kill anyone.”
“You promise you’re happy with them being here?”
“Of course, it’s not a problem at all.”
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blue-sidez · a day ago
MTL to ask for a strip tease ?
btw, i don't edit the writing of these asks at all so, naturally, there might be a lot of mistakes. sorry~
hoseok — i know a lot of people joke saying if you were to give him a striptease/lap-dance, hobi would probably criticize your dance moves like he does to the boys 😭 but i think he will be nothing but encouraging to you, telling you how sexy you are and how you should be more confident in your own body. he will be over the moon if you say yes. he'll try to keep quiet, but, as expected, he will make a lot of sounds of awe, surprise and satisfaction, letting you know you're doing an amazing job and giving you so! many! compliments!
namjoon — he loves himself a very sexy and confident woman. enough said. his hands will roam all over your body, making you sit on his lap and helping you grind on him, taking a hold on your hips. just feel him up, whisper dirty things into his ear, give him a hickey here and there and he will burst in no time. a whole dom breaking down for you.
taehyung — he wants to try literally anything with you. if you're comfortable enough to give him a striptease he will shower you with compliments. will play hard to get and keep his hands to himself, eyes completely focused on you, one eyebrow raised as he licks his bottom lip before biting it slowly. if you ask, he will totally give you a striptease too, after all, he's the master of seduction and he knows it. a taese.
seokjin — what can i say, visuals just do it for jin. he loves it when you wear lingerie, loves to see your face when you cum and loves to see the way you squeeze your boobs and play with your nipples as he fucks you. and, of course, if you give him a striptease he will get as hard as wood faster than an 11-year-old searching "woman boobs" on google images for the first time. very vocal, a lot of moans and whispered praises. he wants to touch you but loves it when you deny it to him.
jimin — he's so touchy. praise kink level 10000. the type to man-spread and focus on every little thing you do. his eyes could certainly pierce through your body... or your clothes, the latter being your pick, of course. groans, grunts, low moans, he'll want you to know he's enjoying himself. he'll want to see you work it, though, so he'll keep his hands to himself the entire time. very satisfied 10/10.
yoongi — he'll wait for you to bring it up first. you say you're comfortable with that? fuck yes! he's probably the type to guide you through it. i mean, we been knew he gets off on obedience. he's a little shy about the whole situation, though, but he won't let it show, no sir. his eyes will challenge your every move, and it'll almost make you feel like he's bored, but you know he's the opposite. he won't touch you at all, not until you're done, at least, but when you are, he will pull you close to his body and show you just how hungry you make him feel. totally expects you to do it again sometime.
jungkook — he won't ask you to do it, but he will be so on board if you offer to do it as a gift to him. though, unfortunately, the poor boy won't be able to keep his hands to himself. he will do just about anything to touch you, to help you take off your clothes piece by piece, to see more of your skin. won't have patience at all, he thinks you're so sexy he just can't stay still. he has to do something. a very pleasant but torturous moment.
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vantaenims · a day ago
warm on a cold night | jimin
pairing: jimin x reader
genre: roommates au | fluff
word count: 1.4k
warning/s: alcohol consumption and making out.
summary: You’ve come to learn that there is a far better option than beers and blankets to keep you warm on a cold night.
Part of BTSGhostieMarathon (AU #4)
all rights reserved © vantaenims - do not repost, translate, or claim as your own.
a/n: Try to listen to Warm On A Cold Night by Honne as you read this.
It’s 3:17 a.m. and you can’t go back to sleep, blaming it on the heavy snowfall that caused the power outage in the whole complex, voiding you for any source of heat now that your heater’s no use. On the other side of the room, you see Jimin still wide awake as the night owl he is and you figured that it’s probably best to join him on his bed to share body heat rather than dying of hypothermia.
And that’s how you currently find yourselves wrapped under your joined comforters, sitting side by side with a can of beer on each other’s hand as you mindlessly talk about anything that comes up to your mind and you think, given the time and the alcohol in your system, it’s inevitable for your conversations to turn senseless and foolish.
“What does it feel like to be kissed?”
Jimin widened his eyes in surprise as he turned to look at you, “You’ve never been kissed before?”
“Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” you scrunch your face in disgust as you sip from your beer, never liking it’s taste in the first place but Jimin suggested that it helps in making you feel warm, reason why you’re willing to bear it’s taste for this reason alone.
“It’s just surprising is all.”
“Okay then tell me” you said, adjusting yourself to sit in front of him.
Jimin shrugged, “It feels good.”
“Oh come on, I’m sure a kiss isn’t just good”, you rolled your eyes.
“And how could you be so sure about that?” Jimin raised his brows in a teasing manner as he inched his face closer to you, prompting you to push his forehead away with your fingers, making him laugh.
“Well, based on the novels I’ve read, a kiss feels surreal. You know how they say that as soon as your lips touch, your mind immediately goes blank like nothing else seems to matter and then from there, you feel the fireworks or the butterflies going crazy in your stomach.”
“Then there you have it”
“But is that really how it feels?” you tilted your head to the side as you knit your brows together.
“Yeah? I mean, it all comes down to who you’re kissing with to feel those kinds of things you just said.” Jimin said as he tucked in a few strands of hair that managed to fall on your face behind your ears.
“But from your experience, how would you put it on your own words?”
Jimin squeezed his eyes shut, smiling as he ran his fingers through his hair at how persistent you were being though he could tell, just from your facial expressions itself that you are actually curious to begin with and that you’re not just trying to annoy him on purpose but you’re making it hard for him to be patient with you when you’re acting like a five year old with so many questions.
“Look, I’m not particularly good at words, okay?”
“So that’s all you have to say? That a kiss feels good?”, you scoffed, ticking Jimin off, “You make it sound so disappointing when you say it like that.”
Jimin sighed out of frustration, “Would you mind if I just kiss you?”
Well, that seemed to shut you up; on the contrary, you don’t look too surprised as Jimin expects you to be, more so when you’re looking up at the ceiling as if you’re actually trying to consider his offer he deems to be too forward now that he realized it but before Jimin could even speak up to take it back, you beat him to it.
“What?” Jimin blinked.
“Kiss me” you said it so casually like it’s no big deal for you.
“Wait, are you sure?”, Jimin tried to reason out, “It’s your first kiss.”
“I mean, come to think of it, I’d rather entrust my first kiss to you than any other guys i know” you shrugged as you took a big gulp of your beer before getting Jimin’s can and yours to set it on his bedside table.
“Oh” was all Jimin could say but his smile grew wider once your words clicked into his mind, “Is that so?”
“Don’t get so smug about it. It’s just going to be a three second kiss” you try to downplay it a little but it seems like Jimin’s too far up into his own ass to act otherwise.
“Isn’t that too short?” Jimin quipped but you stopped him from getting any ideas as you held up three fingers.
“Three seconds.”
Jimin nodded, scooting closer until your knees touched and he turned to look up at you, smiling to himself to see that you have already closed your eyes. All he has to do now is to lean in and kiss you but he didn’t do that, choosing to admire you first.
His eyes fell on your closed ones, specifically to your long eyelashes he could adore all day with the way how it perfectly kisses your cheeks, your flushed cheeks rather now that he noticed it and he’s curious to know what caused it, could it be the cold? the alcohol? perhaps the anticipation? But as much as Jimin wants to take his time, he finally let his eyes trail down towards your lips he never imagined he’d get to kiss one day.
“What’s taking you so long?”, you peeked with your one eye open, “If i didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re more nervous than me.”
Indeed, he is.
Jimin chuckled as he held your chin in between his thumb and index finger, wetting his lips as he eyed your own.
“I’ll kiss you now” he warned.
You sucked in your breath as soon as he pulled your face closer and felt his lips on yours. Your mind went blank that you weren’t able to kiss him back but before you could, Jimin had already pulled away, prompting you to open your eyes in disappointment – it wasn’t surreal!
“That’s it?” you said unamused.
Jimin broke out in a laugh as he shyly covered his face with his hands, bending forward in the process until his forehead eventually landed on your shoulder and you can’t help but giggle at his action.
“I told you it was too short, didn’t i?” Jimin defended.
“Fine. Six seconds then” you smiled, closing your eyes right away.
“Okay” was all Jimin could say as he cupped your face, caressing your cheek with his thumb but he was quick to replace it with his lips, planting a sweet kiss just right there then he moved down to the corner of your mouth, letting it linger there for a while until he moved to hover his lips right above yours just to tease you.
“Jimin…” you whined as you clutch the collar of his sweater in your hand, causing your lips to brush against his very lightly.
“Patience, my dear” Jimin smiled, eyes fluttering shut as soon his lips touched yours.
Instinctively, his hand moved towards your nape to reel you in closer as he proceeded to slowly take your lower lip between his before switching to your upper lip, softly pressing it ever so gently and lovely with his plush lips that had you melting into him but Jimin once again broke the kiss before you want him to and god, was it still too short.
“More” you whispered as you rested your forehead against his with your eyes still closed, lips still tingling from the kiss.
“Hmm?” Jimin hummed, watching you open your half lidded eyes as you dazedly look at his eyes then down to his lips.
“Kiss me more.”
Your hands bunched up around the comforter, tugging him forward to pull him in for another kiss. With haste, you tried to mimic the way Jimin kissed you earlier but you’re evidently inexperienced, making the kiss quite sloppy and messy with the way your saliva is all over Jimin’s chin.
“Allow me” Jimin giggled as he took control, giving you that once again head spinning kiss but he threw you off this time, opening your eyes in shock when you felt his tongue swiping over your lower lip and as soon as you parted your lips open, you knew you were done for.
Eventually, Jimin wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you onto his lap whilst still kissing you fervently and it just feels so addicting that it leaves you craving for more but you knew you can’t just give in, not when your friendship’s in the line.
“We should–”, you paused, panting for breath, “stop if we still want to be friends.”
“Do you want to be just friends?” Jimin asked as he softly nuzzled his nose against your neck but you didn't speak up and he had to look up at you to see that you were shaking your head no, “Good, because neither do i.”
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blue-sidez · 2 days ago
what's a hidden kink they don't want you to know because they're shy about it??
a very hard question, me thinks.
seokjin — i don't think there is anything he wouldn't tell you. i think he's a very confident man, with the right person, of course. but if there is one thing that he maybe, perhaps, mayhaps, doesn't want you to know, i think it's that he wants you to ruin him, completely. he's sort of a masochist and that's not surprising to anyone really. so leave scratches down his chest, bite all over his neck, give him bruises, hickeys, maybe even slap his face a few times, pull his hair. oh! and choke him, definitely choke him. he expects amazing aftercare later though, he's only human and he has feelings, okay?
yoongi — oof, anal. now, you have to understand, he will definitely ask you to try anal at some point, but what he really doesn't have the courage to ask you... is to have a threesome with another guy. yup, him fucking your ass and the other lucky bastard busy with your pussy. he doesn't wanna make you feel uncomfortable but, yeah, double penetration, yup yup. he beats his meat to the thought when he's away from you.
hoseok — hoseok is a dom, a very prideful dom. like, hoseok? subbing?? never! unless... unless you bring it up first, of course. he wants you to put up a fight, he will NOT let you have your way that easily, but something about you fighting and winning control over him just— gets him going, you know?
namjoon — go heavier on the bdsm. sensory deprivation, pain play, bondage, degradation, heavy dom/sub dynamics... the whole shebang, you know? the reason he doesn't wanna tell you is because he doesn't want you to feel pressured to please him. he doesn't want to hurt you (unless you want that), he doesn't want you to feel uncomfortable, he doesn't want you to have a bad time even if it's just for one second. he's gonna ask you if you want to try things one kink at a time.
jimin — for you to eat his ass, or finger it. anything that has to do with you playing with his ass. he will NEVER ask, but, i mean, if you were to slide your tongue on his rim while giving him a blowjob... that wouldn't be so bad, right jimin? haha. not bad at all, right? haha.
taehyung — very hard to tell. just like jin, i think there's nothing he wouldn't tell you. like... nothing. if he wants to do something to you, he's gonna tell you. if he wants you to do something to him, he's gonna tell you. simple as that, there's no place for shame in a relationship that's based in trust.
jungkook — overstimulation. on him. for you to suck all the cum out of his dick and then give him a handjob until he cums again, no matter how long that takes. if you keep teasing the head of his cock after all that... boy will be in paradise. thrusting his hips up, abs flexing constantly, whines and screams coming out of those precious lips... take a hint and dry him up, please.
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blue-sidez · 2 days ago
mtl best at eating you out
oof, here we go...
yoongi — he and tae are the best at it, but yoongi is a show-off when it comes to what he can do with his mouth, so i think he would eat you out in so many different ways. his tongue is one of the 7 wonders of the world and his stamina to eat you out... no one beats him. won't even need to use his fingers, his tongue is all you will ever need, but if you ask him to... i mean, just look at his fingers.
taehyung — he puts his heart and soul into it. could give you orgasm after orgasm with his tongue, never gets tired. he practically makes out with your pussy. the type to love the taste of you, licking every single drop. unlike yoongi, he would use his fingers... expertly, if i do say so myself.
jimin — everyone says jimin is a people pleaser and i would love to say he's not just to create a debate but i can't even deny it. could eat your pussy for hours if you let him, there's nothing he wouldn't do for you and your pleasure. plus, his plump lips and long tongue are the IT combo.
jungkook — very experimental. sucks on your clit, your lips, fucks your hole with his tongue... what doesn't he do? the type to look at you throughout the whole thing, watching you so immersed in pleasure boosts his ego and feeds his heart. pays attention to everything that makes you moan.
namjoon — intense. oh, the things he comes up with to make you feel good... phenomenal. not much to say, he would prefer to murder your pussy with his dick but that doesn't mean he's gonna go easy on you. no sir, he's the type to eat you out until you're sore and then he would still fuck you.
seokjin — gives your pussy the best french kiss you've ever had. wraps his pillowy lips around your clit and sucks the life out of it. he enjoys all of his meals, that's no surprise. very passionate. he's in the zone.
hoseok — hoseok is a certified freak. just because he's last doesn't mean he's not amazing at it. but i think he would prefer to finger you, like... abusing your g-spot and making you squirt kind of fingering. would also finger your ass if you let him, but let's not get carried away. certified freak.
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blue-sidez · 2 days ago
who in bts would let you peg them? 🥵
from oldest to youngest in no specific order.
yoongi — he would get very shy but he wouldn't let it show. he's the type to say “if that's what you want”. i think he would enjoy it. would try to not make noises, but... you could say he's challenging jungkook for the main vocal position. a baby, me thinks.
jimin — yes, please! would never bring it up first, so you'd have to take the first step. would get suuuper embarrassed, cause he doesn't want you to think he's less of a man because he's interested in that. but jimin has worked too hard for years to get rid of fragile masculinity. if you make him. feel comfortable then he's going to enjoy the hell out of it.
taehyung — he would let you try, not thinking he would like it that much, but he would very much enjoy it. i think it'd make him feel like you're closer than ever, you know? exposing himself and showing you such a vulnerable side of him, completely trusting you... yeah, he's gotta be in love to do that. but would still prefer your pussy, that's for sure.
jungkook — he's the biggest switch to ever exist. a bratty sub and a ruthless dom... or something in between, depending on how you're both feeling. just like jimin, i think he would feel super ashamed of wanting to do it, of getting so fucking hard at the thought of you fucking him, but if you're in a relationship with him then that means he trust you enough to try everything. i think he would really, really like a good pegging. once you hit his prostate he's never coming back. he would fuck you and also expect you to fuck him. a win-win situation.
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yzkyzkuniverse · 2 days ago
HEY 😃 So, I decided to create my own prompt list !! 🤩🤩yeyy✊✊🤠🤠🤠🤠 I put anything and everything that came to my mind lmaoo don’t ask💀💀💀
I did not put them in any categories : angst, fluff, etc… Because I thought it’d be more challenging lol idk.
Of course you can ask for a specific genre if you want any ;) 
You can also use my prompt list if you want to do your own drabble game but please tag me :)
Some prompts have curss words or involve mature themes ?? so?? yeah —warning— lol.
that’s it… LESSSSSSGETIITT 🤪🤪🤪🔥🔥🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
“Fuck me like you paid for it.”
“I don’t just like you, I love you.”
“Damn dat ass fat.”
“I just got one question… What that mouth do?”
“Honey, I love you but please shut the fuck up.”
“Can you shut up?!”
“No thank you, honey.”
“I am so thankful that you’re dumb.”
“You want me to… Lick your foot?”
“Baby, pass me the salt.”
“Throw that ass back.”
“I want some of that raw shit.”
“My penis is stucked in the vacuum, please send help!”
“I am not crying… I’ve got something in my eyes.”
“Are you available tonight?”
“Can I take you on a date?”
“Is this your wife? I thought she was your sidechick.”
“Care to explain?”
“Babe, babe, bae, baby, bebe, bebe,… BBAAAAAAAAAAAABBYYYYYYY—”
“Yeah yeah, keep playing with the pregnant woman.”
“Three days? What the heck?”
“Is this yours?”
“I’ll keep it just in case.”
“Are you mad?”
“Why are you yelling?!”
“This prank was the worst thing you did this week, I swear.”
“Get away from me, you weirdo.”
“Well, smells like cum and sex in here—OH my God! Did you fuck on the balcony?”
“Tie me up daddy.”
“I like to be stepped on.”
“I like your non-existent beard.”
“How love have you been hiding this from me?”
“You don’t get to choose.”
“Don’t do it.”
“You’re the only tight thing I want to get in, baby.”
my crackhead ass don’t know tf she doin’ but yeahh🤓🤓that’s it! Have a nice day I’m out lol🤙🏼🤠
(You can also check out my Masterlist hihi🤭🤭)
Love 💕💕
Tumblr media
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blu-joons · 3 days ago
Board Game Cheat ~ Park Jimin
Tumblr media
Your eyes rolled as Jimin landed on yet another empty street on the game, holding his hand out for you to pass him a card as he counted up the money that he had to pay for the card to add to his growing collection.
Your head shook, throwing it across to him in frustration as he added to his pile of double figures whilst you still sat with only three cards to your name.
“You’ve got to be cheating at this, there’s no way one person could be this lucky,” you vented, laying the money he passed over back into the bank which you took care of.
“You’re just terrible at rolling the dice,” he laughed, poking his tongue out at you, “and you keep landing on all my properties.”
You scoffed loudly, “can’t you just give me a few of your properties instead?”
Jimin’s head shook, moving his cards so that they were well out of your reach and safe in his hands. “This isn’t how Monopoly works Y/N, you’ve got no hope of beating me now. You can just give up if you want to call it a day?”
Rather than speaking, you picked up the dice and rolled it, refusing to admit defeat to Jimin of all people and the smug smile that he had on his face.
“I’ll turn it around you just wait and see.”
As you rolled the dice, you finally landed yourself on a property that was yet to be bought, picking up the money and placing it into the bank and taking the card to add to your pile to make it four.
“Congratulations,” Jimin sarcastically spoke up once the street was yours, swiping the dice and rolling for himself. You didn’t even to look, knowing what was happening by the exaggerated sound of him counting out his money.
You snatched it from him as he handed it across, as you looked at where he’d landed, you picked up one of the houses and threw it against his chest. “I hope your house burns down in a fire or something,” you sighed as he placed it down.”
“I don’t think they get housefires in Monopoly,” he teased, watching as your brows furrowed together and your frustrations continued to grow. “I did warn you that I wouldn’t go easy on you. I’ll give you a moment to think whilst I go and grab a drink.”
As he left the room for a moment, you noticed that he’d taken all of his cards with you. Your eyes fell on the lack of cards you had, and then to the board, noticing a street available in between two of the ones that he already had.
Your eyes looked back once again to see that he was still busy, flicking through the cards with the street names on, sliding out the one with the name on, adding it to your pile without Jimin knowing.
You just managed to add it to your pile before Jimin returned with a glass of water in his hand, and a smug smile still etched upon his face. “Who’s go is it?” He asked as you took the dice and rolled it, landing on yet another free street and placing the money down for it.
Once the street was yours, you passed the dice across to Jimin as he rolled, counting on to his new destination. You watched intently as he landed exactly on the street that you’d claimed as your own whilst he was in the kitchen.
“Neither of us has that, so I think I’ll take it.”
“That’s where you’re wrong,” you smirked, lifting the card up.
“I swear you didn’t have that one a minute ago, because they’re the same colours.”
Your shoulders shrugged innocently, holding your hand out for Jimin to pay up the rent that was on your property. He did it all with a quizzical expression on his face but didn’t argue too much knowing he was still very much in the lead.
“I really don’t remember you getting that one,” he whispered, “I must have been daydreaming.”
Your head nodded back at him, “you need to pay close attention to everything that happens in these games otherwise all your tactics will go out the window.”
It was almost impossible for you to hide your smile as the game continued, your next few rolls brought you a few more places whilst Jimin tried to hold onto what he had and keep his lead, frustrated as you began to catch up.
“How come you’re suddenly getting all the luck?” He frowned as yet another roll left him with nothing, “are you sure you haven’t just rigged this or something?”
“How?” You challenged as his shoulders shrugged, unsure as to how you’d suddenly managed to find some form. “You were the one that said this game all just relies on the roll of the dice, and now it’s finally rolling on my side instead of yours.
His eyes fell on the pile of cards that you had in front of you, “I’m still not sure that you’ve won all of those, you must have done something when I went to the kitchen or sneaked a card or two in whenever I’ve blinked.”
Your head shook, “I can’t believe you’d think so lowly of me. Now who’s the sore loser, just roll the dice otherwise we’ll never finish this game.”
“It just makes no sense,” he continued to mumble as he picked up the dice and rolled it, moving his silver statue across, finally landing himself on a street that was yet to be claimed.
“See, I told you things would get better.”
His eyes rolled as finally it was your own turn to be the arrogant one, “now I appreciate how annoying I must have been to you.”
The two of you continued your game of cat and mouse as you moved around the board until eventually Jimin ended up bankrupt, bringing your game to an end, and ultimately leaving you as the winner of it all.
“I actually have a confession to make,” you smiled as Jimin tipped the board down to start putting it away. You reached into your pile of cards and lifted the questionable one out. “I took this for myself whilst you were getting a drink as a reward for dealing with your smugness.”
“So, you did cheat? I was right all along?” He yelled.
Your head nodded as he reached across and pushed gently against your arm, “you were having too much fun winning that I had to do something to stop you getting too carried away with yourself. I didn’t think that it would change the game that much.”
“You made me think I’d gone crazy by wondering where that card had come from,” he groaned, running his hands through his hair, “I should have known better, I know exactly what you’re like whenever we play a game together.”
As angry as he wanted to be, his arms still wrapped around you, impressed that you’d managed to play the game for so long without dropping your act or admitting what had really happened to him.
“Does this still mean that I won the game?” You joked.
“Absolutely no way, we’re calling this one a draw.”
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taetaespeaches · 4 days ago
“Are you sure you want to take a nap right now, Dear?”
jimin x reader (oc) genre: smut; fluff word count: 3.5K
a/n: hi lovelies!! This is a week late but I hope you all enjoy it. Jimin is just full of surprises and very much in love with Dear/reader. And the feeling is mututal. I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :))
Tumblr media
Arriving at your empty apartment after a long day and knowing Jimin would not be joining you later that night was, well, shitty. Everything was so quiet. Dragging your feet to your bedroom with a huff, you eyed the plush bear sitting on the bed.
Jimin had given you the stuffed animal early on in your relationship and it served as a decent cuddle buddy during your boyfriend’s long tours. But it wasn’t Jimin.
Tours were never easy, especially for you and Jimin. A history of insecurities following you both had riddled your minds with doubt in the past, even leading to a temporary separation. However, this tour, though difficult and lonely as always, you both felt more secure.
Communication was consistent between you, allowing you both to address any fears or anxieties as they happened. Though he was miles and miles away, he felt close. You could breathe this time around.
But fuck, you missed your boyfriend.
Stepping out of your work clothes, you slipped on one of Jimin’s t-shirts. It was losing his scent, but if you focused enough, you could still smell the man on the clothing. Walking to the bed, you tapped on the phone screen to check the time. 5:34 pm. Pouting, you mentally counted the hours until your scheduled facetime call with the man would commence. What were you meantd to do with the remaining three hours and twenty-sex minutes?
The group’s tour was coming to a close soon- just a couple more weeks. He was in Japan before the last week of shows started, filming a few things in the meantime. At least with him being just on the other side of the Sea of Japan you were existing under the same position of the sun. Time zones get confusing when he’s traveling nonstop.
Lying across the bed, you held your phone out in front of you as you went to shoot your boyfriend a text.
You: You better be taking care of yourself, my love. I’m gonna take a nap, I’ll text when I wake up. I love you. Can’t wait to see your face in a bit!
Locking the phone, you set it aside on the comforter, grabbing the little bear to cuddle up next to as you tried to get comfy. Definitely not Jimin, you thought. You weren’t sure if you would get any sleep, but it would pass the time. As the end of tour neared, the days became longer.
Absentmindedly, your eyes closed as you tried to lose yourself in slumber, you spun the promise ring that was situated on your finger. It was just a simple piece of jewelry, but its presence on your body served as a reminder of the promise you and Jimin made to each other.
A promise to wait for one another when he was away; a promise that feelings would never lessen through the distance; a promise to trust each other and the relationship, to communicate, to not lose a fight with personal insecurities. A promise that he would always return home. Home to you.
As you opened your eyes to look at the ring, spotting the little PJM engraved on it, a light smile graced your features. Your relationship with Jimin had always been complicated, ever since the start. The obvious attraction was pushed aside for two whole years as you tried to find yourself so you could be your best, for you and for him. But he waited. He cherished your friendship instead, giving you the best of him every single day.
It was hard not to allow the few months you had difficulties as a couple to taint the entire union. Both of you, dealing with your own insecurities, had been pulling away because you thought that was what the other person wanted, only to later find out you both wanted to be closer. Always responding to each other but never communicating. Tours were scary. It had brought out the worst in you both before, but you refused to let it happen again. As he was away, you would always be there waiting for him. Just as he had waited for you years earlier.
You found that physical distance was much easier to combat than emotional distance. You could handle the miles, because you knew he was never really very far. And he’d always return home.
Lost in memories of your relationship, appreciating every challenge as they got you to this point of security, you were suddenly ripped from your thoughts by unexpected disruptions coming from your front door. There was no knocking, but it sounded as though the barrier had been breached.
Heart racing, you sat up in the bed, listening as quiet footsteps approached the bedroom. Reaching for your phone, you prepared to dial for help when suddenly your name was called out, just before the door opened to reveal him. Stunning as ever, smiling brightly, tired eyes only adding to his cuddly presentation, slim fitting sweatpants hugging his legs as the top half was shrouded in a baggy sweatshirt.
“Jimin,” you breathed out, tears instantly filling your eyes.
“Are you sure you want to take a nap right now, Dear?” He teased, that mischievous grin greeting your orbs as a smile curved on your lips.
“What the hell are you doing here?” You asked him in disbelief as you leaped off the bed, Jimin rushing to you with open arms, both of your smiles bright, expressing nothing but pure love and joy. Your bodies crashed into each other less than gracefully, your arms wrapping around the back of his neck as his own secured around your waist, pulling you impossibly close to him.
The first thing to hit your senses was the feel of him. The man buried his face in your hair as you nuzzled yours against his neck, the warmth of him filling you with comfort. You could feel his heart beating through his chest, melting into the pulses of your own. It was amazing how much a person could feel like home. The second was his scent. The one that was fading on the very shirt you wore. The fragrance, so distinctly Jimin, could make you cry if you focused on it for too long.
“I missed you so much,” he whispered in relief. Relief to have you back in his arms, to not be oceans or continents away. Tightening your grip around him, you didn’t respond, not trusting your voice as tears dropped onto the clothing covering his shoulder.
You didn’t know how long you stood there like that in your bedroom, holding onto each other for the first time in months, simply feeling one another’s physical existence. You missed existing with him. The weight of the ring was pale in comparison to having him in your arms, his body joined with yours.
Eventually, you pulled away just enough to be able to bring your hands to the sides of his face, holding him there so you could appreciate his features up close.
“Oh, Dear, don’t cry,” he cooed, his mouth forming into that smile you adored so much.
“But I missed you too,” you finally replied, a light breathy laugh leaving your lips at his chuckle that left his pretty lips and greeted your ears. And just like that, those pretty lips were on yours, kissing you needily, passionately, wantingly. The meeting was hot, burning almost. It was controlled but fervent in how his lips caressed your own, the man trying to express every bit of emotion he felt for you through the action.
His hands slid under the bottom of your shirt, his shirt, the man smirking against your mouth.
“Is this mine?” He teased, you smiling as you shook your head at his sudden cockiness.  
“Shut up,” you told him, reattaching your mouth to his, his tongue instantly meeting with yours. You relished in the taste of him. No promise ring or facetime call could ever fully take the place of the reality of this man. When his hands folded over the hem of the top adorning your frame, you instantly raised your arms above your head, allowing him to pull it from your body needily, his lips only leaving yours long enough to tug the clothing over your head. His hands slid up the exposed skin of your sides, reaching the curves of your breasts, the man sucking in a breath of air at their bareness.
Lightly clamping your teeth on the plumpness of his bottom lip as he pulled away, your eyes met his dark ones as his tongue ran over his lip. Breaking eye contact, he glanced down at your chest, a smirk curving on his mouth as you returned the expression with a warm smile.
“Fuck,” he breathed out in a whisper, you chuckling as you ran a hand through his soft hair at the back of his head. “Always fucking braless,” he lightheartedly complained as though your tendency to exist in a free state caused him such anguish. Giggling at him, he smiled lovingly.
Within an instant, he was pressing hot kisses to your collarbones, working his way to your chest. Arching your back, you pressed your chest toward him, the man greedily taking one of your nipples into his mouth. At the moan that left your lips, he began backing you up towards the bed, pushing you onto it as soon as your legs met the edge of the mattress.
Looking up at him, you watched as he pulled the sweatshirt from his body, fluffing his hair, making him look both adorably disheveled and sexily undone. Next came his pants, the man wasting no time in removing his clothing so he could finally be with you.
As he removed his underwear, you eyed his body appreciatively, drinking in every inch of skin upon him. Every muscle, every pore, every blemish, every bit of flesh, you craved for it. You wanted him.
Jimin quickly grabbed a condom from the bedside table drawer, smiling when he saw they were exactly as he left them. It had been too long. Turning to face you, he let out a breath of disbelief as you slid your own panties down your legs. Reaching for him, your hand gripped the bare skin of his upper thigh, tugging for him to meet you on the bed. However, the man resisted, instead dropping to his knees as he began placing sweet, gentle kisses to your knees, trailing them along the insides of your thighs.
Propping yourself up on your elbows, you watched him near your center with hooded eyes that stared your body down.
“Chim,” you breathed out as he left a chaste kiss to you.
“Shh,” he smirked. “Let me love you the way I’ve been craving.”
The words elicited a moan from you as you dropped your back to the bed, allowing him to show you just how much he missed you.
Jimin was very attentive. So in tune with your body, he read each moan and gesture from you like it was a manual, responding to each reaction perfectly as he programmed it all into his mind to bring you the utmost pleasure. With his skills, along with the fact that you hadn’t been touched by him in months, it didn’t take long for you to come crashing into your first orgasm, the man shooting you a stunning smile as he crawled up your body, an aura of pride enveloping him, making him all the more sexy.
“I would say don’t get cocky but you’ve earned it,” you joked and complimented through your breathlessness, just before Jimin’s lips greeted yours once again, the comment causing him to smile into the kiss.
“I really missed you,” he mumbled against your mouth, you pouting at the confession, your hands squeezing at his hips.
“Don’t leave again,” you teasingly begged, Jimin smiling almost bashfully while he sat up on his knees to situate the condom onto himself. Lowering his frame to yours once again, he kissed your nose sweetly, a soft smile gracing your features as you looked into his eyes.
“I love you so much,” he admitted just before pecking your lips. “So much.”
“I love you,” you told him as he guided himself into you, your arms gripping onto his back as he stilled for a moment, allowing himself to get used to the overwhelming feeling of you before moving. “So so much,” you damn near whimpered, your lips just barely brushing against his.
The man brushed the hair out of your face just before he kissed you hungrily, caging your body between his arms as he began dragging his hips, hitting deep within you and eliciting a moan into his mouth.
“Shit,” he breathed out, breaking the kiss, his exhale shaky as he brought his mouth to the side of your face, kissing your cheek as he continued his movements, allowing you to feel all of him. “I could never forget how you feel but fuck it almost feels like the first time,” he confessed in a hushed voice near your ear, a small chuckle attached to the words. Giggling in response, you dug your fingertips into the muscles on his back.
“I know,” you agreed simply, bringing your mouth to his shoulder as you bit him lightly, the man breathily laughing at the action, turning toward you to meet your gaze.
“I don’t know how you’re home right now, but I’m so glad you are,” you told him softly, the man smiling happily.
“Me too,” he responded just as you clenched around him, nearing your high. “Grip me like that again and I’m not gonna last.”
“Good,” you grinned, the man chuckling as he kissed you again. Resting his forehead against your own, he squeezed his eyes shut as he continued rolling his hips against yours, your skin becoming dewey in the heat of the moment.
Jimin reveled in the feeling of your body underneath his own, your chest rubbing against his, your hips bumping against his own as you lifted them off the mattress in an attempt to have more of him. The man moved his hand down to your hip, holding you down with a smirk on his lips as your leg wrapped around his own, digging your heel into his thigh as you desperately chased your approaching high.
“So close,” you moaned, Jimin whining near your ear, his tone breathy, a bit of strain withheld in his vocal cords as he attempted to hold off on cumming just yet.
“Do you have any idea what you do to me?” He asked, almost pleading for mercy, the words followed by a sexy whimper.
Pressing kisses against the side of his face in response, the man turned so his mouth fell on your own, the meeting messy, full of teeth and moans as he reached his high just before you.
It felt as though you were floating as Jimin kissed down your jaw, leaving wet marks across your neck. The man began trailing his lips across your shoulder and down your bicep just before you wrapped your arms around his head. Nuzzling his face against your chest, he closed his eyes, settling into the feeling of your frame, both of you breathless and content.
At some point, Jimin rolled off of you, both of you lying face to face on your sides. Sharing in the intimacy of being together, sweet kisses were passed back and forth, both of you relishing in the touches granted upon each other’s skin.
Few words were spoken between you, but rather you simply existed within each other’s presence. Eventually, you found yourselves cuddled up with Jimin behind you, spooning your nude body, his hand intertwined with your own in front of your chest.
His fingertips were toying with the metal band of your promise ring as your eyes locked on the identical jewelry positioned on his own finger.
This is home.
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure when you and Jimin dozed off, nor how long it had been, but you could feel the rumbling of the man’s stomach when you awoke. He probably hadn’t eaten since very early that day. Jimin’s arm was still draped over your hip, his chest pressed snugly against your back. You were tempted to ignore the man’s hunger, as well as your own, and stay in his embrace for longer. But your desire to nurture him won out as you very carefully lifted his arm from your body, crawling away from him as quietly as you could as to not disturb his sleep.
Grabbing the sweatshirt he arrived home in, you slipped it over your head, fitting it onto your body before grabbing a pair of underwear from your dresser. Tiptoeing out of the room, you made your way to the kitchen to prepare food for the man sleeping in your bed.
You didn’t get very far into the cooking, however, before Jimin’s voice cut through the quiet of the apartment.
“You’re such a little clothing thief,” he playfully complained as he entered the kitchen where you were stood in front of the stove. Turning to face him, you were happy to find that his upper body was bare, his lower half covered with the same sweatpants as earlier, the clothing hugging his hips just right. Giggling, you open your arms for him, the man walking right into them, wrapping his own limbs around the back of your head as yours snaked around his waist.
“It smells like you,” you defended, the man smiling against your cheek just before pressing a kiss to the spot.  
“What are you making?” He asked, peering around your body to see the boiling noodles.
“Just some ramen,” you told him, placing a kiss on his neck. “Thought you might wake up a little hungry.”
“Thank you,” he grinned, turning his head back to be face to face with you. The man nudged your nose with his own causing you to scrunch yours in response. “I’m starving,” he chuckled, a smile stretching across your own face.
“Yeah I know, you woke me up,” you teased, gesturing down to his belly, the man giggling just as you kissed him softly. “Can you grab some bowls?”
The man wordlessly answered by detaching himself from you, retrieving some bowls, along with utensils. He stood close by as you transferred the noodles to the bowls, trying to get away with placing more noodles into the bowl that you handed Jimin, only to be met with a knowing scoff. You both moved to the island where you seated yourselves, facing one another, your knees brushing his own, his hand taking solace on your bare thigh.
“How was tour?” You asked him excitedly just as he scooped some of his noodles from his bowl to your own, making a point to ensure you ate just as much as him. Rolling your eyes at the action, he smiled proudly. “And how the hell are you here right now?”
“Magic,” he teased, you sighing, Jimin giggling as he dropped his head toward his chest. Looking up at you with his stunning smile and warm eyes, he bit his bottom lip just slightly. “I just wanted to surprise you,” he told you. “We still have a couple shows in Japan next week, that was true,” he interjected in a playful, unnecessary defense. “So I’ll have to leave in a few days just for a week but-”
“Wait, you don’t have to film stuff this week?” You questioned, watching as Jimin shook his head.
“No, that was all an elaborate lie to surprise you,” he grinned, almost guiltily as you gasped.
“What the fuck?” You expressed your confusion. “Is everyone in on this then because Tae even said you guys are filming this week, and all the girls-”
“I told you it was elaborate,” he interrupted you.
“You’re insane,” you told him in shock. “Amazingly, wonderfully insane.”
Bringing his face to yours, pressing a series of kisses to your cheek, you couldn’t help but smile and let out a breathy laugh. “I just love you,” he defended his actions. “I am amazingly, wonderfully, insanely in love with you.”
“I’m really happy you’re here,” you told him sincerely.  
“Me too, Dear,” he rested his forehead against yours. As a pout positioned itself on your lips, he pulled away from you to look at your expression. “What’s that face for?” He smiled affectionately.
Giggling at yourself, you shook your head. “Nothing, I just like you.”
The man’s smile widened even more as he looked to his bowl, scooping up a bunch of noodles and shoving them into his mouth. “The feeling is mutual,” he mumbled through his mouthful of food, you laughing wholeheartedly at him.
Sitting with Jimin, eating ramen, you could not be happier that he was home. He told you stories about tour that you had already heard through a screen, and you told him all about the happenings at your work that he had also already heard. And he acted as if your stories were as exciting as his own, or maybe he really found them to be as interesting.
It was easy and comfortable and you were both in bliss just simply being together. It had been months since you got to exist with him. And existing with him, well, that was your favorite thing about existing at all.
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7deadlysinsfics · 4 days ago
Dream Glow —drabble
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝒟𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓂 𝒢𝓁𝑜𝓌 --(18+)
✎ 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘣𝘪𝘢𝘴 𝘹 𝘺𝘰𝘶
✎ 𝘥𝘳𝘢𝘣𝘣𝘭𝘦, 𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘩𝘦𝘥 𝘳𝘦𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘱
⚠︎︎ 𝘯𝘴𝘧𝘸, 𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘥 𝘴𝘦𝘹𝘶𝘢𝘭 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘵
Tumblr media
There is no other place in this world where you feel safer than in his arms. With his chest pressed against your back while feeling his soft breaths fan the delicate skin of your neck as he sleeps soundly.
Soon, he will wake up and turn you around to claim your lips with his soft ones while his eyes are still closed, and his hands press your body closer to his. He will caress your cheek, his beautiful dark eyes finally looking into yours as a smile decorates his sleepy face. He will tell you how much he’s missed you even in his sleep.
His fingers will slowly descend along your naked body—still deliciously sore from sex last night—to pleasure you slowly, delicately until a soft whimper escapes your lips. You will feel his erection against your mound and want nothing more than to feel him inside of you again.
Whispers of I love yous will spill from his lips as your warm walls envelop him tightly. You will moan with satisfaction as his girth fills you up, your shuddering breaths letting him know the effect he has on you. He will look up at you as if you were the only being left in this universe, slowly riding him to his orgasm until he spills his warm seed inside of you while his fingers—drawing circles on your throbbing nub—bring you closer to your ascension.
He will take care of you and then lie down next to you again to bask in your post-coital glow. He will think how lucky he is to have you like this; your head on his chest and limbs tangled together under the soft sheets as the morning Sun rises to welcome yet another beautiful day.
There is nowhere else you’d rather be than here in his arms, after lazy incredible sex, while listening to every beat of his heart and knowing that each one belongs to you.
Tumblr media
all rights reserved ©️ 7deadlysinsfics
do not copy, repost, translate or modify any of my works
Tumblr media
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kookscrescent · 4 days ago
Prompt List
I've created this random list of prompts in hopes that it will spark some inspiration and some creativity in me again. Some of them I've come up with myself, and some I've seen in various places and really liked. Please feel free to leave me an ask with 1 - 2 prompts for a short drabble or maybe it will inspire a longer fic who knows and please specify the member and genre of your choice, if you don’t have any that’s fine too - it just makes it a bit easier for me to know what you want:)))
❀ Fluff
"Seriously, fuck you for being so goddamn beautiful!"
"How come every time you smile I get butterflies in my stomach?"
"I could spend all day just looking at you."
"Kiss me."
"Rest your head on my shoulder."
"Just sleep."
"I love you."
"I'm right here if you need me."
"I promise I'm not letting go."
"Let's just get married! Like right now!"
"Kiss me again."
"Can you hold my hand please?"
"You are home to me."
"You're lucky you're pretty."
"Please be mine."
"You look absolutely stunning!"
"I can't take my eyes off of you even if I tried."
"I fell in love with you the moment you bit my head off for almost running over your foot."
"I trust you with my life."
"It's you and me forever babygirl."
"I feel like my heart might leap out of my chest."
"Let me see that beautiful smile."
"That's one of the many reasons why I love you."
"You are the brightest star in my sky."
"I missed being in your arms."
"I missed you."
"You're my person."
"We only need each other."
"You're the greatest blessing in my life."
"Let's go together."
☹ Angst
"You can't go in there!"
"Please, don't."
"You look hideous!"
"Please! You have to believe me!"
"Stop running away from me!"
"I'm not going to have this conversation with you when you're drunk."
"I hate you!"
"Please don't go. Stay. Please."
"I wish I could go back in time."
"I wish I didn't love you."
"Fuck fuck fuck fuck, that's not fucking good!"
"You are such a fucking asshole!"
"You're giving me a headache."
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"I swear I didn't do it!"
"Are you okay?"
"Why are you bleeding?"
"Why don't you just shut up."
"Fuck you."
"I didn't realize I needed your permission."
"Do I look like I give a shit?"
"Who asked for your opinion. I sure as hell didn't!"
"Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."
"Yes, but the difference is, that I'm going to remember this in the morning and you are not."
"We can't do this any more!"
"You put me through hell and back, and you still have the fucking nerve to lie to me!"
"You're drunk."
"Everyone has bad days, but tomorrow will still come."
"Don't tell me you love me if you don't mean it."
"I just want to see you smiling again."
❥ Smut/Suggestive
"Why aren't you wet yet?"
"This isn't really the time or place to have sex."
"But I want to do it now."
"You'll get your hoodie back when I get my virginity back!"
"When was the last time you had sex?"
"Can I sit on your lap?"
"Let's try something different tonight."
"We both know we can't resist each other much longer."
"Was it always this big?!"
"Wait, they have flavored condoms?"
"You know what happens when you tease me like that."
"Baby... baby, slow down."
"Make me."
"I can't take anymore."
"I want to do it again."
"Why is your dick poking me in the ass?"
"You're ready to go again?!"
"Fuck! I'm not on the pill!"
"Listen, I'm trying my best to be a gentleman here, but if you keep looking at me like that, bad things will happen."
"Thank god we had lube."
"Is there a reason you're naked in my bed?"
"Is there a reason why you're not lying naked in my bed yet?"
"I'm not going to have sex in your brothers bed."
"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're trying to seduce me."
"Do you have another date with the hot tinder guy?"
"How big are we talking?"
"Seriously? Right now?"
"How can you be pitching a tent right now? It's so inappropriate!"
"Is that all you've got?"
"I bet he's compensating for something."
"Do you have condoms?"
❋ Miscellaneous
"What are you going to do if I say no?"
"Well, the sun's out, so my bun's are out."
"We're out of milk."
"Why would you tell my parents?!"
"Why did you buy me a pink flamingo floaty?"
"It's seriously annoying."
"What are you doing?"
"No no, it's fine... it wasn't that expensive."
"Okay, but that's kinda creepy."
"It's just around the corner."
"Did you borrow my One Direction cd again?"
"Okay, but I really need that back by the end of the week. I have exams coming up."
"Did you fail the exam?"
"Is it working?"
"I think it's the engine. I see a bunch of black smoke coming from the hood of the car."
"But why are you dressed like that?"
"But do you really need to wear socks?"
"Are you sure you don't have a fever? You look really clammy."
"Go back to sleep. It's 4 in the fucking morning."
"I love your mom! She's fucking fantastic."
"Is that a cow?"
"Better yet, why wouldn't you want to dance naked in the rain?"
"Why is the music so loud?"
"Have you seen what's going on in the hallway?"
"When did you get back in town?"
"I like sunflowers and ice coffee."
"That really isn't something you should be saying out loud."
"It's been fun, but I gotta get home and do... anything else than this."
"Let's just forget that this ever happened, okay!"
"I forgot to lock the door."
"Oh look, it's raining."
I'll add more if I stumble across some that I like or I suddenly think of some myself.
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blue-sidez · 5 days ago
— bts reaction to: their s/o uses the safe word.
genre: mature content [18+] minors dni, fluff and a little bit of angst.
warnings: use of safe word, face-fucking, sensory deprivation, use of sexual toys, rough spanking as punishment, degradation ( !!! ), oral sex (f & m receiving), overstimulation, breath play (choking), edging, orgasm denial, aftercare. color system + tapout system.
disclaimer: every kink in each scenario was previously discussed and consented.
request: ‹ Hey I love your work ! I'm glad I found your account. Do you think you can do something like their reaction when their s/o says the safe word ? :) Thank you ! (Sorry if there's a mistake english is not my native language) ›
note: anonnie, don’t worry about your english, english is not my native language either and i understand what you mean perfectly !! i hope you like this reaction <3
word count: 3.4k
lower-case intended | unedited.
Tumblr media
“open your fucking mouth,” you oblige right away, opening your mouth and sticking out your tongue, right on time to welcome seokjin's throbbing cock in.
the situation gives you butterflies and you can’t help it because you’re so excited. you've wanted seokjin to fuck your face ever since he admitted he thought about it very often, but he was sure he'd certainly end up hurting you and that was enough to deny you. he has no problem going from vanilla to making you cry for his cock, that’s for sure, but he might have some trouble controlling himself. either way, you don’t mind, not even one bit,you do as he tells you to as soon as he pronounces the words. you aim to please and seokjin thinks that’s sometimes a blessing and a curse.
you wrap your lips around him and raise your hands to hold the base of his cock but he pulls it out of your mouth and slaps your cheek with it. “hands on your back. you don’t get to touch me,”
he grabs your hair and pushes you down on his cock, forcing you to swallow him as you try to breathe from your nose to prevent choking. he pulls out then in with so much force he hits the back of your throat and you gag, your muscles closing in around him and making him push his head back with a groan. he grips your hair in a messy makeshift ponytail and fucks your mouth so hard it makes you roll your eyes back.
“look at you. you’re swallowing my cock and taking everything i give you, hmm?” you swallow around him and he hisses. “such a pretty girl,”
his left hand keeps pushing you down on his cock as his other one moves to grip your nose, cutting your airflow and making tears fall from your tightly closed eyes. by now you’re positively drooling, and the mess between your legs is no better than that. you try your best to keep going because, god, you’re horny, but even as seokjin lets go of your nose and you can, sort of, breathe again, you’re already light-headed and you honestly don’t know how much more you can take.
you know you have to back out when seokjin starts fucking you so hard he hits the back of your throat each time. raising your hands seokjin gives you a glare, thinking you're about to disobey him, but instead, you use your hand to tap on his hip with weak, shaky fingers. his hips stutter as he understands your actions right away, pulling out of your mouth and kneeling in front of you to look at your eyes.
“too much?” he asks, wrapping his arms around your trembling body to prevent you from wobbling any further. you nod your head and remorse flashes his eyes. “shit, i’m so sorry, baby. i told you this was a bad idea… are you okay?”
you close your eyes and nod once again, letting your body rest on his arms in the uncomfortable position you’re in as you try to catch your breath.
“let me take care of you now, alright?”
noise cancelling headphones, satin silk blindfolds and thin ropes that yoongi expertly tied on your wrists to prevent hurting you... yoongi decided to get only the best of the best as soon as you told him you’re interested in sensory deprivation. what you like, he likes, what interests you, interests him too, what pleases you, pleases him as well. it’s as simple as that.
but you didn’t expect to feel so anxious and self-conscious. still, you try your best to focus on the feeling of his hands running up and down your body, playing with your boobs and pinching your nipples, parting your legs and teasing your previously wet pussy with some sort of toy (you guess). he’s sending shivers down your spine and you feel excited cause you’re trying something new, but why doesn’t it feel as good as you thought? why are you trembling and feeling ashamed of yoongi having a perfect view of your whole, exposed body?
he pushes his middle and ring finger past your hole and thrusts them in and out a few times before curling them right under your g-spot. you whine and try to find him with your tied up hands to no avail. you hear nothing, you see nothing and you can’t touch anything. it makes you focus solely on the tightness at the mouth of your stomach, the way you feel ashamed and so exposed. this isn’t how it’s supposed to feel.
you’re grateful at the fact yoongi insisted on not using a gag on you, saying you should be able to voice out what you want and feel. “yoongi, please…” you can’t tell if he responds to your words and that makes you all the more nervous. “red. red, please, this doesn’t feel right,”
you can’t hear him but you can tell he moves away from you as the bed dips. he takes the headphones off your head to later raise your head with his hand as his long fingers loose the silk fabric covering your eyes, taking it off and allowing you to see his face. he looks calm but fingers work fast on the knots of the rope around your wrists.
“i’m sorry, baby, didn’t feel good?” his voice is soft and understanding and it makes your heart skip a beat. you shake your head as your hands bring him closer to you, his forehead leaning on yours. “it’s alright, it’s all good. i’m very happy and proud of you for telling me, you know that, right?”
you close your eyes and nod your head, feeling his lips pecking your cheeks, eyelids and finally kissing your lips. he pulls the bed cover over your bodies and holds yours close to his chest. there’s nothing in the world that can hurt you if yoongi is around.
“why can't you do as you're told?” he pushes you on his lap and pulls down your leggings and underwear in one, swift motion. “you have to be a fucking brat, don't you? you couldn't wait until i finished working?”
his hand collapses against the space between your ass and your thighs with a loud slapping sound. you know this is not gonna be a normal, pleasurable spanking session cause he's started off trying to hurt you right away. your heartbeat rises quickly and your stomach twists in fear, still, you can't help the electrifying feeling between your legs.
you did a bad thing. hoseok’s a loving and caring boyfriend, but he has established rules that he expects you to follow. one of them is « you will not distract me when i'm working » and you've always been a good girl, you've always followed his rules perfectly, but lately it seems all hoseok does is work, spending no time on you. you're only human, and you have needs, needs that hoseok must attend to if he doesn’t want you to be a brat. he has neglected you, so you don't see how you're the only one being punished here.
another hard spank makes you jolt in surprise. you bite your quivering lip and convince yourself you can take this punishment like a champ, after all, hoseok is finally paying attention to you, even if it's not the way you expected. he gives you three spanks in a row and you try your best to breathing, but a cry is threatening to escape your lips and you're too petty to let him know his punishment is working.
“you've always been good for me,” he speaks up. tears spilling from your eyes, spank after spank affecting you faster than you hoped. “so what the fuck is this attitude, huh?”
along with your tears you also start sobbing, your pride wounded and your cheeks aflame. it hurts so much you can barely feel anything else, arousal slipping away with every spank.
“stop, please,” you sob, hiding your face with the back of your hand. “hobi, stop,”
“oh, now you want to stop?” he spanks your thighs this time, a cry coming right out of your throat. “cause you stopped when i told you to, right? that's not how this works, sweetheart,”
oh, but you need him to stop. you've never had to use your safe word but the pain on your behind is so big you can't help but scream. “hobi, stop, please! red, fuck, red! stop,”
and hoseok stops right away, taking in your sobs and the way you're crying hard. he turns you around and lays you down on the couch of his studio, cringing at the expression you make when your ass touches the surface.
“oh my god, baby, i’m so sorry,” his dominant voice is already gone, replaced by sad whispers. “god, i hurt you bad, didn't i? i'm so, so sorry,”
you flinch when his hand comes up to touch your face and you can see the panic on his eyes, but you can't bear looking at him any longer, trying to focus on anything but him. “please, just take me home. i wanna go home,”
“alright, i'm gonna take you home, okay? come here,” he helps you stand up and fix your clothes, tears coming out of his eyes when he sees you close yours in pain. “i didn't mean for this to happen, baby. you know that, right?”
you can't find it in you to reply, instead, you nod your head and throw your body to rest your head on his chest. you're hurt and sad, but you know that he won't ever hurt you as a punishment anymore and that's all that matters.
“you’re such a filthy whore,” his words ring in your ears, mouth full of his cock and hands playing with his balls.
as soon as he came home he told you to get on your knees. you assume he had a bad day at work or something, this wouldn’t be the first time he takes out his anger and frustration on you, something you told him he could do anytime he needs. you love how rough and dominant he gets when he’s angry. though, to be fair, he’s always that way when two have sex, but when he’s angry it’s a whole new level and you never know what to expect from it.
“little cockslut, i bet you’d suck on anyone’s cock if they told you to,” his voice sounds so deep you ignore the feeling of your stomach tightening. “look at me, slut,”
you open your eyes and look up, his bored and annoyed expression making your heart clench. tears gather in your eyes and you don’t know if it’s because you have most of his cock down your throat or because you’re starting to feel uncomfortable. he bites the inside of his cheeks and you suddenly forget what he said, a shiver running down your spine. you begin sucking in your cheeks as your flat tongue caresses the veins of his cock, making slurping sounds and gagging at how hard you’re working on him.
“shit, if you keep that up, you’re gonna make me cum, but isn’t that what you’re good at?” he’s pulling your hair so hard your head starts to hurt. ”that’s all your worth, huh?”
alright, that’s another type of hurt, one that you shouldn’t tolerate. you’re deciding whether you should stop giving him head or keep going, but he looks so close to cumming you can’t bring yourself to steer away from the second option. tears drip down your face, you suck and drool all over his cock and now your throat starts to burn at how violently you’re bobbing your head.
“such a dumb bitch, all you know is how to make me cum, isn’t that right?” and that’s when you have enough. “you’re nothing but a toy,”
“stop! red, stop it!” you stand up and ignore the wobbling of your knees, you push him away and raise your voice, a stern look on your face. “you’re not taking out your anger on me, you’re just trying to hurt me,”
you walk away from him and head to your room. you can feel him following you in rushed steps, hearing the sound of his belt as you assume he has pulled up his pants and underwear.
“baby, i’m sorry,” you try to shut your bedroom door on his face, but he quickly stops it from closing with his hand, entering the room right after you. “shit, sorry. i didn’t mean what i said,”
sure he didn’t, but he still crossed the line and you can’t allow him to get away with it. you know hurting you wasn’t really his intention, he’s a thoughtful and caring man, still, his words hurt you and they keep playing on your head on repeat.
jimin takes pleasure in giving more than receiving. loves to fuck you in positions he knows you enjoy the most, doesn’t waste time pumping his fingers in and out of you, going straight for the kill rubbing your g-spot and he loves eating you out. any time, any place, every time that you want it. he’s proud of his performance, actually. his plump lips devouring your cunt as his long and relentless tongue plays with your clit...
you’ve never had to use your safe word in your 3 years of relationship, having agreed on it as soon as you started having sex. he knows your limits and you, his. but now, with his head between your legs, it’s starting to become too much.
he’s been eating you out for what seems like hours, giving you orgasm after orgasm and keeping his stamina as high as when he began. your body is shaking, your thighs crushing his head and your nails digging deep on his arms wrapped around your thighs to prevent you from moving your hips. it feels so good, you don’t want him to stop, but white spots are clouding your vision and spasms are taking over your body. you want to cum one last time but it doesn’t seem like your body will be able to take it.
“minnie,” you whimper. he hums, not pulling away from you and sending painfully pleasurable vibrations to your core. “minnie, ‘s too much,”
he pulls away for a second to catch his breath and say. “hang in there, baby. just one more time, you’ll feel so good,”
and that’s the problem, you feel so good your whole body is threatening to shut-down. you can barely talk, let alone breathe properly. you’re stumbling on your words and mumbling what seems like nonsense. “minnie, ‘m serious… can’t,”
he continues his task and you force your arms to move and wrap your hands on his hair, pulling him away from you. “red,” you whisper, jimin’s face frowning in confusion until he remembers what the word means. “please, minnie…”
he pulls away from you right away, gently letting go from your thighs and cupping your face with his warm hands. “shit, i’m so sorry, baby. are you okay? crap, i forgot what that means,”
he looks so worried you can’t help but waste energy on a genuine smile, bringing your hand up to weakly grab his as you close your eyes. “never thought i would want you to stop eating my pussy”
it isn’t the first time taehyung wraps his large hand around your throat while he buries his cock in so deep your head throbs at the sensations. it’s a pretty common thing that you both can’t seem to get rid of since the first time you tried it. you love how it makes you light-headed and you like the feeling of taehyung squeezing your neck, and he just loves having so much control over your body doing just one, small and simple task. your life is metaphorically and literally on his hand(s). now, neither of you are into hardcore sadomasochism, but you do love some soft breath play.
his breath is hot on your neck and you delight yourself on his baritone voice whispering dirty yet sweet things in your ear. you gasp for air as you clench on his cock, your mind travelling through space far away from the mundane earth, allowing you to only feel taehyung. that’s all you feel: taehyung.
“you’re looking so pretty, angel,” his thumb digs deep on the skin of your neck, right on top of your jugular vein, making you breathless and on the verge of panic. “so, so good for me,”
he hasn’t seemed to notice and you convince yourself it’s fine, that you can take it because you’re both so close to your orgasm it won’t matter once you get there. but air is barely filling your lungs and you feel yourself quickly drifting away from your high. suddenly, all you can feel is taehyung’s thumb pressing on the wrong place on your neck.
your hands go up to claw on his arm as you try to whisper your safe word. “t-tae— red…”
he takes a second to hear what you just said but, as soon as he processes your words he’s ripping his hand away from your neck, stopping the pace of his hips and looking at you with worried eyes. “fuck, baby… are you— are you okay? holy shit, i’m so sorry,”
you close your eyes as you take as much air as you possibly can before opening them and looking at him with hooded, droopy eyelids. “i’m okay… you used your thum— thumb,”
“god, i’m never touching your neck again,” he lifts his upper body up with his arm as his hand. he cups your cheek, caressing the skin and looking at you with remorseful eyes. “i’m so sorry,”
“i’m fine now,” you say, your breathing finally going back to normal. “now you can say that you literally took my breath away,” despite the amusement and lightness in your voice, taehyung glares at you. “too soon?”
the evening had started innocently enough between you and jungkook, watching an animated movie while munching on high calorie snacks. honestly, you don’t even know how or when you found yourself laying on your back on your shared apartment’s couch, your lips sucking the sensitive skin of jungkook’s neck while his hand was busy underneath your pajama pants. he has been teasing your cunt for what seems like hours, but every time you get close to your orgasm he stops his actions and ignores your annoyed whines and grunts.
“let me cum, goddamn it,” frustration paints your voice as jungkook denies you of your high for the 5th time in the past hour. blood boils in your veins at his stupid smirk. “let me cum and i'll let you fuck my tits,”
he laughs at your offer. “very tempting,” he resumes his assault on your clit and you yelp at the suddenness. “it'll feel good, baby. you're gonna cum so hard,”
you sure hope so cause, honestly, it's starting to hurt. your puffy clit is overly sensitive, but jungkook's fingers rub insistently on the nub. his teeth bite your neck and his tongue soothes the bite, his thumb and index finger closing in around your clit and twisting it softly in the most painful yet delicious way. the soft cotton of your pants is certainly soaked with your arousal, you're so turned on your head gets dizzy. you move your hips to try to escape from his touch, but jungkook forces them back on its original position to keep playing with your pussy as he pleases.
“jungkook, please,” you whimper, you rest your hands on his shoulders, trying to find something to hold on to.
“i'll let you cum this time, i promise,” he's not looking at your face, head buried in your neck, but if he did, he would see how uncomfortable you are.
“you don't— fuck, you don't get it, kook,” the pitch of your voice goes higher and so does the pain between your legs. “it hurts,”
he continues moving his fingers, only slower this time. “safe word?”
“red,” you sob.
“shit, baby,” he pulls his hand off your pants and moves his head away from your neck to look at your eyes. “are you okay? was it too much? i'm so sorry, baby,”
you nod your head, a thin layer of sweat covering your body as you try to even your breath. jungkook mumbles apologies, leaving gentle kisses all over your face and resting his forehead against yours. he hugs your shivering body and kisses your cheek one last time.
“i'm sorry,” he looks at you with worried eyes. “i'm gonna run you a bath, alright?”
“okay,” you smile. “we're still gonna fuck, right?”
“god, you're the love of my life”
Tumblr media
© blue-sidez — do not translate, re-distribute or copy my work.
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sugakittyy · 7 days ago
New Information
Hii, i have been gone for.. A year or even more now i think?
But here I am! I know that there aren't that many people who still roleplay but i hope this text reaches the few people left!
You can legit roleplay everything with me. I do everything :D.
And the best news -probably one of my dumbest ideas- is
I want to start writing!
Yeah, its as dumb as it sounds. If any of you knew my old drabbles i am sorry. They are horrific but i got older and i think better. I will probably write smut mostly and dark themes (yandere, psycho, and gore) since i am more comfortable with it than fluff.
I am going to write full reactions, drabbels, or oneshots. I don't think that series will be long (since i am a piece of shit and get bored easily) so yeah thats that. Ah and I almost forgot, English isn't my first or second language. Please don't judge or make fun of it. I am just having fun on here.
Sooo please just request anything and I swear i will getter from time to time!!
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writedreambangtan · 7 days ago
BTS Masterlist
Kim Namjoon:
Tumblr media
Head canons:
Mood Boards:
Kim Seokjin:
Tumblr media
Head canons:
Mood Boards:
Min Yoongi:
Tumblr media
Head canons:
Mood Boards:
Jung Hoseok:
Tumblr media
My valentine [female version]
My valentine [male version]
Head canons:
Mood Boards:
Park Jimin:
Tumblr media
Head canons:
Mood Boards:
dancer!jimin moving mood board
Kim Taehyung:
Tumblr media
A beautiful morning [female version]
A beautiful morning [male version]
Head canons:
Taehyung as your boyfriend in whole
Mood Boards:
Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
Reunion to Love || Jeon Jeongguk Extended Oneshot
Head canons: 
Mood Boards:
Tumblr media
A new beginning
Head canons:
Mood Boards:
How you met
How you cuddle
Most to least:
A new beginning
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moonibub · 8 days ago
bts x y/n fanfiction recommendation list (part 1)
 - Mostly Jungook fanfics but some for others too, also it’s mostly smut (always check the warnings and tags)
I’m making this on the 9th of march (happy birthday Yoongi <3). It didn’t took me almost two months to finish it tho, i posted it already on my prev acc and deleted it by accident lol so this is kinda more of a repost.
I have a secondary blog where I reblog all the fanfics I read, check it out if you want: moonibub-rec
Written finished serie(s):
bitchin’ by kinktae
puzzle by kimvvantae
effortlessly by gyukult
for science by boymeetsweevil
bunny boy by parkmuse
bandslam by ironicarmy
tantalizing by littlemisskookie
four letters by littlemisskookie
just friends by kinktae
it’s all fun & games by cupofteaguk
from home by gyukult
Written ongoing serie(s):
falling into you by kookingtae
monster by btssmutgalore
in spite of myself by kookoosbunnynose
aphrodite in war by jungblue
clandestine by junghelioseok
rewrite the stars by cupofteaguk
netflix & chill by 1kook
rough edges by kjhmyg
ego by suga-kookiemonster
Written oneshot(s)/drabble(s)/etc.
it takes two by junghelioseok
oh my god, they were (quarantined) roomates by ot7always
the jorts by gukslt
bulls eye by gguksgalaxy
frost impressions by fortunexkookie
press start by softyoongiionly
chasing butterflies by ddaenggtan
blizzard by curly-bangtan
what are best friends for? by lovelyyyoongi
won’t you be mine neighbor by btsarmy9593
if i told you by gukyi
late fee by 1kook
cyber sex by floralseokjin
in your arms tonight by angelguk
middle of the night by  angelguk
sweets&ink by extravaguk
hot boy bummer by jungkxook
chewie & choco boy by rookiegukie
holidating by yeojaa
extra cheese, please by vankoya
cabin fever by jeongi
other half by whatifyoulivelikethat
card swiped by 1kook
Social media au(s):
tiger flower by v-hope (fav jk sm au)
strawberry kisses by kimnjss
only for love by lysjeon
like me by  lysjeon
fan identity by tteokggukk
hold tight by dejayoonw
press start by lovelyyyoongi
leibniz by moononthejoon
ardent by gukooky
mary’s song by minsugapie
risk it by kookiesjoonies
cherry pickers by  kimnjss
kiss marry kill by firebettercallnct
stay and cook by  firebettercallnct
mark my words by bangtann-bangdamn
roomies by firebettercallnct
feeble by bensdump
game over-restart? by minty-minmin
breath by bloomsuga
i hate that i’m in love with you by prkchimins
taste of lies by firebettercallnct
stole your shirt by firebettercallnct
if i killed someone for you by firebettercallnct
star-crossed haters by hxseok-honee
an honest lie by dayinseoul
love maze by sighobii
bad time for a good time by urlocalkpoptrash
stealing your flowers by smaubts
friends by  smaubts
waste it on me by bts-reveries
focus by taegiconic
not my fault by writerforkpop
we live with a ghost by  smaubts
soulmates by smaubts
crinkle by worldwidebt7
Social media au(s):
roses by bloomsuga
misunderstandings by smaubts
Social media au(s):
bubbles by dreamcatcherjiah
now you see me by minsugapie
do it again by kimnjss
by my baby by kimnjss
thinking of you by smaubts
call me baby by smaubts
black or white by worldwidebt7 (ongoing)
Social media au(s):
daydream by smaubts
Social media au(s):
can we be friends by smaubts
Social media au(s):
wonder by smaubts
let’s hold hands by smaubts
Social media au(s):
kinda hot by kimnjss
is this love? by smaubts
sounds by smaubts
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blue-sidez · 8 days ago
— bts reaction to: cumming inside their s/o for the first time.
genre: mature content [18+] minors dni.
warnings: unprotected sex (don't forget to use a condom unless you have a serious relationship and know that both of you are clean!), creampie, cockwarming, dirty talk (no degradation), slight impreg kink, blasphemy (just one), femdom, noona kink, baby-making, pussy-slapping, cringy humor.
request: ‹ I would love to read a reaction of bangtan cumming inside their so for the first time 🥺 ›
note: i've been having a hard time lately, so i've put on hold most of my WIP's. i hope to get back on the writing train soon.
word count: 3.7k
lower-case intended | unedited.
Tumblr media
“psst… yn-ah,” you try your best to ignore your boyfriend. “you awake?”
« just let me warm my cock inside your kitty. we will sleep, i promise. » we will sleep your ass. you know what he's gonna say, you know damn well cause you can feel how hard he's gotten.
“seokjin, go to sleep or i swear to god we're going celibate,” you warn and he whines.
“i will make you cum. it's gonna take less than ten minutes,” if your eyes were open you would've rolled them and even then he wouldn't notice. perks of being the little spoon. “i promise,”
“your promises mean nothing,” he sighs in defeat, but moans when you roll your hips back and forth. ah, if only the sex with seokjin wasn't so good.
he lifts your leg with his and his fingers find your clit, rubbing slowly around it before pinching it softly. “i'm not wearing a condom, do i pull out or…?”
you know he's been wanting to cum inside you for a long time, but even if you're on the pill you've never wanted to risk it. “just fuck me. we'll cross that bridge when we get there,”
he wastes no time and thrusts in and out of you, hitting you hard and deep each time, his fingers working slowly, the way he knows you like best. you feel him in so deep, your walls closing in on his cock and making you feel it pulsing, making you feel every vein. he's moaning in your ear and you'd lying if you said it doesn't make your insides tingle. he's fucking you so good, so hard, just the way you both like, and you can't bring yourself to tell him to pull out, even when you feel his abs flexing and his cock twitching. he's cumming and you want to feel him cum inside you.
“cum inside me,” you blurt out and his cock twitches violently. “fill me up, please,”
“fuck, you're a dream come true,” he says and flips you on your stomach, his hands holding on to your hips and fucking you harder and faster.
you're so wet it makes the slide of his cock smooth, the noises of your bodies connecting fill the room along with groans and moans. you're both gasping for air, you whine and seokjin lets out short but loud moans. the position has him hitting your g-spot with each thrust, bringing you into an overdrive.
“gonna cum— fuck, i'm gonna cum,” he's gritting his teeth, his voice low and breathless.
you're practically yelling as your walls throb erratically around him. something on your lower stomach snapping and making you shut your eyes.
“feels so good,” he says, his thrusts begin to slow down and focus on reaching deeper into you. he lets out a long moan when he spills his cum in your wet heat. “fuckfuckfuck,”
your breathing starts to get back to normal as he rests his chest on your back, some of his cum leaking out of your hole and your stomach flips at the feeling.
“baby, i'm never gonna be the same,”
running out of condoms can lead to one or two things; one, go to sleep horny and frustrated, or two, fucking raw and deal with the consequences later. you aren't on the pill and you know very well this could lead to pregnancy, so why don't you and yoongi give a fuck about it?
baby? baby comes second, fucking comes first.
“you're gonna let me cum inside you, hmm? gonna let me stuff you full of my cum?” yoongi's grip on your hips is almost bruising, but you don't seem to care when all you can focus on is how he's pounding on you like he's got something to prove. “my dirty girl, i bet you want me to knock you up and show everyone how you let me cum in your sweet pussy,”
your insides clench at his words, you want nothing more than for yoongi to fuck a baby into you (but that could also be the horny demon on your shoulder whispering its ideas), you want it more than anything.
“you'd like that, wouldn't you? i'm gonna fill you up so much you'll be dripping my cum as you walk. you've always looked amazing in white,” he smirks and bites his lips, focusing his eyes on how your pussy is taking his cock.
he leans away from you and one of his hands squeeze the plump flesh of your thigh while the other goes down to play with your clit, caressing your folds and gathering your slick before his thumb starts working on your clit again. you run your nails down his back as his pace gets quicker, practically slamming in and out of you.
“i’m gonna cum, baby,” he groans and his eyes break their focus on your pussy to look at you in the eyes. “are you sure about this? i can still pull out, but i’m not gonna last forever,”
you nod your head as you bite your lip, your hair a mess and you part your lips in silent moans. “wanna feel your cum,”
yoongi groans at your words, placing his hands on your hips and using them to fuck you harder. you’re lightheaded, at the verge of your climax, and you can feel yoongi’s is close too, his cock twitching inside of you.
“fuck!” he says through gritted teeth as he feels you clench tightly around him when you reach your high. “you’re a fucking sin,”
he leans his head on your shoulder and stills his hips, shooting spurts of hot cum in your pussy. how will you go back to using condoms when you’ve already experienced this? the answer is: you won’t.
“i’m gonna start birth control,” you say as you gasp for air.
“fuck birth control, let’s make a baby,”
“baby, we shouldn’t be doing this here,” you can detect the panic in hoseok’s voice, making you roll your eyes. “i’m serious!”
“then why are your fingers fucking me?” it’s true, he’s acting like you’re committing a sin by asking him to fuck you in your old bedroom at your parent’s house while he has a whole hand up your cunt. hypocrite. “if you don’t want to then stop,”
he looks at you ashamed and resumes his job scissoring his fingers inside you to prep you for his cock. you smirk and push him up, your lips finding his in a passionate kiss. his hands stills as he focuses on making out with you, his tongue dancing with yours as his other hand holds your jaw. he bites your bottom lip before leaning away from you by a couple of inches, his breath mixing with yours. he indicates you to turn around with his finger and you oblige, your knees on the hannah montana bed cover and your head resting on the pink pillow.
“should i… where should i cum i don’t wanna do it on hannah montana,” his voice sounds serious and it makes you laugh.
“uuuh… mom does the laundry so i guess you should cum inside me,” you say. the truth is, you and hoseok never use condoms, he has always had the control to pull out in time. that and the fact you’re in birth control allow you to not use the piece of rubber.
“baby, you're really offering yourself as a cum dump… that's hot,” he groans and you whip your head back to look at him with your eyes furrowed.
“do not call me a cum dump!” oh, but you are. there is nothing you want more but to let hoseok cum inside you again and again. you won’t say it out loud, though.
he breaks eye contact as he begins rubbing the head of his cock over your folds then you finally feel him filling you up slowly, his cock heating you up even more. the tight fit makes you close your eyes. he starts off slow, his dancer’s hips moving in smooth, deep thrusts. he rolls his hips and you swear you can feel him everywhere. he begins to move faster when you start clenching around him, both of you a moaning mess. sex with hoseok is always incredible, relieving and loud.
“fuck, baby, i’m gonna cum,” he says and you’re surprised, he has great stamina and would sometimes spend hours fucking you. “i got too excited when you said i could cum inside you,”
you’re about to laugh when his index and middle finger find your clit, taking you by surprise and making you roll your eyes in pleasure. he’s fucking you faster and harder than ever before, determined to make you cum before he does. and that mission proves to be easy when your thighs start shaking and your nails dig on hoseok’s arm, cumming faster than you usually do.
his hips work efficiently and you can practically tell he’s pushing his head back, moaning loudly as his own climax begins to explode. “holy shit, baby, i can feel your pussy throbbing,”
his pace doesn’t decrease, milking your orgasm as his begins. you feel his dick twitch a couple of times before he spills inside of you, his hot cum sending butterflies to your stomach.
you and namjoon went from talking about nature and life to talking about sex, specifically, ways to make sex more intimate. these situations aren’t rare between the two of you, you’re both comfortable talking about anything and everything with each other, sex being a recurrent topic.
“you know what i think it's intimate?” you begin, balancing an anti-stress ball on your hand. you have his full attention, you always have. “cumming inside. that's like-- a whole 'nother level, don't you think?”
“yeah, i agree,” you feel the bed dip as you guess he’s fixing his position. “we should uh— we should have that kind of intimacy too, don't you— don't you think?” he sounds nervous, which is rare of him. he’s always confident in the words he uses and you know that very well.
“very smooth, joonie,” you smirk and throw the ball away, turning around and crawling to where he is. you look at his eyes with a smile on your face, the kind of smile a high school girl in love gives to her crush. “but okay,”
he looks surprised, taking a second or two to close his eyes as your lips find his, groaning and then cutting the kiss short by leaning away from you a few inches. “really?”
you roll your eyes and nod in agreement. his lips crash on yours and now you’re the one surprised, kissing him back with as much fervor as him. neither of you waste time to take off your clothes and positioning yourselves, namjoon between your legs as your arms rest on his, one of his hands on your hip and the other lining up his cock on your hole. he pushes himself in and both of you moan at the same time, so connected you feel the pleasure at the same time in the same way. you open up your legs a bit more to give him space, his hips thrusting out and then slamming into you. you could say that namjoon knows your body better than you do, knows exactly where and how to make you feel on the clouds.
sex with namjoon is not always earth-shattering like in porn or erotica, sometimes is short and messy, and that doesn’t mean it’s bad, you both know everything about each other, every kink, every whim, every sweet spot. you’ve experimented everything except letting him cum inside you, and your stomach tightens at the fact that you’re finally gonna feel his cum the way you’ve always wanted.
his pace is relentless, as it always is, but this time you can see the fierceness in his eyes. he’s determined to make you cum as fast and as hard as you can. you know exactly what that look he’s giving you means. his pubic bone hits your clit with every thrust and you feel him so deep inside, your toes curl and you cry out. his grip on your hips begins to hurt, but you couldn’t care less, not when he’s nailing you harder than the romans nailed jesus christ.
“you gonna cum, baby?” his deep voice wakes you up from the cloud of pleasure he’s put you on, only now noticing how your thighs are trembling and how your fists are closed tightly. “you’re such a masterpiece. i can’t believe you’re gonna let me paint you,” poetic sex is also very common with namjoon and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
you cry out his name and his thrusts hit deeper inside you, his cock rubbing your g-spot insistently. you feel yourself cumming, your mouth repeating his name like it’s the only word in your dictionary. he stills his pace and groans in your ear, spilling inside of you and letting out an airy laugh of disbelief.
“you know, intimacy is the key of love,”
you’re only human. you’re only human and you bet that every single dom out there would bend their rules for park jimin too. park jimin and his angel face, park jimin and those puppy eyes, park jimin and those pouty lips, park jimin and the cutest whines.
“i can't cum again. please, i can't cum again,” he cries as you slide down on his twitching cock. you comfort yourself on the fact that he’s begging— maybe you’re not going soft on him, you’re torturing him by fucking yourself on his cock… kinda. “noona—”
“you can and you will,” you say as you bottom out, rolling your hips and making him whimper. “no safeword, no stopping,”
he whines as he brings his hands to hold on to your hips. he knows he’s not allowed to fuck you, not allowed to move or attempt to thrust his hips up. he’s overly sensitive and your heart swoons cause you know he’s only doing this because he loves being good for you. “you’re gonna cum one last time, okay baby? just one more time,”
“but, noona, i’m not wearing a condom—” you hush him up as you begin to move up and down on his cock in a fast pace, not wasting time on torturing him since he’s been so good all evening, doing whatever you ask for. he whines as he realizes you’re gonna let him cum inside you and suddenly you can feel him gain strength. “noona, are you really letting— ah! letting me cum inside you?”
you nod and he throws his head back with a moan. your hips work fast, aiming to make you both cum as fast as you can. a feeling of pride overwhelming you at the fact that jimin’s hips are still and he’s biting his lip to resist the urge to touch you or help you ride him. you place your hands on his chest to bring you closer to your climaxes. jimin moans out loud, whimpering and whispering how good it feels. his cock twitches inside of you and you make an effort to push off your orgasm, decided to make him cum first.
“noona… noona, feels so good!” he’s a mess but he still doesn’t attempt to move.
you smirk, pleased with his obedience, and start playing with his nipples, bringing him to the edge, feeling his cum painting the walls of your cunt and making you feel whole. you ride off his orgasm until your hips stop moving, leaning down to place a kiss on his plump lips.
“that felt so good. what can i do for you to let me cum inside again?” you try not to laugh, but he looks so hopeful you can’t help but to chuckle. his eyes go from excitement to confusion. “noona, you didn’t cum,”
“eat your cum off my cunt and we’ll be even,”
“i’m cumming, fuck. i’m gonna fill you up as many times as it takes to get you pregnant,”
after a year and a half after your wedding, and a lot of begging from taehyung, you finally decided you’re ready to become a mother. you thought taehyung, being the romantic he is, would light up candles and spread red roses all over the bed sheets, but instead, he ripped off your clothes and practically told you you’ll be leaking his cum for the rest of the week. and it’s only monday.
you’re arching your back as taehyung pounds on you from behind, one of his hands on your shoulder and the other on your hip, using it to impulse his pace. “you’re gonna look so beautiful, your stomach round and your tits full of milk. carrying our baby,” his words are dirty but they still make your heart flutter. “i’m cumming, baby,”
his cum leaks out of your pussy and taehyung pulls out, looking at the mess and groaning. he gathers the scattered cum with the tip of his softening dick and pushes inside of you again. you can feel how he’s not hard anymore yet he resumes his thrusts with a growl.
you can feel yourself getting wetter at his actions. “gonna fuck you til i’m hard again and then i’ll cum inside,” his thrusts are merciless and you’re begging him for more, crying out his name and grabbing the sheets in a tight fist. “i'm gonna make sure you'll get pregnant tonight, you hear me? i'm gonna cum inside you over and over, and you're gonna go to sleep just like that,”
you whine as you cum for the third time, your arms giving out and your head falling against the pillow. taehyung readjusts your hips to keep ramming into you with all the strength he has. you’re drooling on the pillow and you keep begging, at this point you don’t even know what you’re saying, the only thing you want is for him to cum inside you again.
his now hardened dick twitches and spurts of cum fill you up. the noises your pussy makes every time he thrusts into you are so loud you’re sure you’re leaking everywhere. “you’re creaming all over my cock, baby. i’m never using a condom again,”
“how can you not have a condom?” your hair is a mess and you’re pretty sure your lips are puffy and red. you are not about to be left horny and needy for the rest of the day.
jungkook is currently on a world tour and you’ve basically taken a plane to a foreign country and sneak past the guards of the hotel to visit him. you did this out of love and support, you did not expect to have sex —really, you didn’t!— but as soon as you crossed his hotel room’s door he said hi and pushed you to his bed.
“why would i have condoms if you're not around? who else am i suppose to fuck? my hand can't get pregnant or give me stds!” part of you feels annoyed, but another part feels honored and loved.
“you're a fucking dork,” you say, sighing and resigning on having your panties wet for nothing. “but you're so sweet,”
he smiles widely, showing you his bunny teeth and then looking down at you with piercing eyes. “what if i pull out? i fuck you, make you cum and then i spill on your tits or something.
“has anyone ever told you you’re the epitome of romance?” you kiss his lips as you weigh the options. you trust jungkook to pull out before he cums, but you know you could still get pregnant with his precum. fuck it. “okay but you gotta pull out in time,”
“yes, ma’am,” his lips find your neck and he bites on the flesh to later soothe the bruising spot with his tongue.
he leans away and helps you out of your clothes, getting off the bed to get rid of his own. he parts your legs and smells your scent, something you found deeply embarrassing at first but now it only makes you wetter, it turns you on to see how horny he gets. he wastes no time and laps your cunt, drinking every last drop of your slick and fully on making out with your clit. your hands grip his head by his hair as you push him even closer to you, if possible. he groans against you and pulls away with one last kiss on your clit.
“can’t wait to feel you,” he says before thrusting all the way in your pussy. “fuck. fuck, you’re so warm and wet. fuck, i’ll never be the same,”
you want to call him dramatic, but the feeling of every vein and ridge of his cock is something you don’t ever want to miss out on again. his thrusts are sloppy but consistent, his eyes are screwed shut and you know he’s trying his best not to cum already. he positions you higher up, your ass resting on his meaty thighs as his thrusts are now hitting your g-spot easily. his fingers find your clit and draw figures on it, making you squirm underneath him. he’s groaning and whining and you’re no better than him, practically screaming with every thrust he makes. he slaps your clit and you clench tightly around him, he resumes his task on your clit, more insistent this time.
“you have to cum, baby. i’m not gonna last much longer,” you’ve never seen him so out of control, he always knows exactly what to do and when to do it, but now he looks as helpless as you. “your pussy’s so good, god,”
“cum inside,” you demand, you don’t know if it’s because you’re horny or because you’ve dreamt about him filling you with his cum countless times before, but now that doesn’t matter. “shit, i want your cum,”
“don’t play with a guy’s emotions like that, y/n,” he opens his eyes to look at you and you force yours to connect with his, showing him you’re serious. “fuck, are you kidding me? holy shit, i love you,”
you close your eyes and hold your orgasm until you feel him getting dangerously close to his. then, and only then, you let yourself go, everything feeling so much more intense as he cums inside. he takes his time to slow down his thrusts, ravishing on the feeling of your cunt full of his cum.
“best. girlfriend. ever.”
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