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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#jerome valeska
slashingdisneypastaan hour ago
Jerome all faceless and red with the wrappings around his head never fails to remind me of the friggen Nogitsune from Teen Wolf.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Gotham鈥檚 Joker lore is actually funny in a weird way.
You have Jerome then he dies then he鈥檚 brought back from the dead and then he created a toxin to turn people insane like himself which he uses on his twin brother Jeremiah, this only happens after Jerome dies a second time. So now you have Jeremiah then he gets tossed into a vat of chemicals and ten years later comes back.
So essentially in this Batman canon there is a nonstop parade of psychotic clowns and that鈥檚 funny to me.
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persephoneblck13 hours ago
No right being this cute
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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denwamacska15 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈥淥h? I didn't know room service was still working.鈥 He doesn't take you seriously, shrugs his shoulders like it doesn't matter. Then he looks at you, gets closer. 鈥淲hat's for dinner?鈥
His grip is firm, stronger than any attempt you could make to defend yourself. You have only one answer to his question, because entertainment is exactly what you both are trying to achieve. 鈥淛erome.鈥
- Valeska - A Gotham Story聽
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winkyo17 hours ago
i have this idea,basically canon,that Bruce once had a crush on Jerome.he really liked Jerome for the thrill he gave him.
but then Jerome died.Bruce made friends with Jeremiah for unknown reason(by unknown i mean he didn't know it himself).
he treated Jeremiah as a real friend.but Jeremiah fell in love with Bruce(also for unknown reason maybe because he put his repressed feelings for Jerome onto Bruce).and we all know Jeremiah can be really executive and manipulative,let alone his passionate true Bruce grew fond of Jeremiah as well in a sexual way.
but noble virtuous Bruce loved Jerome and he considered his feelings for Jeremiah filthy and inappropriate.
so he struggled in this dilemma like in 绾㈢櫧鐜懓銆
"绾㈢櫧鐜懓(red rose and white rose)" is a Chinese generally tells a story that someone has one lover but he can't forget the last one.they are like a red rose and a white rose.when you get one,you'll feel the other one is better and this one is just ordinary.well not as simple as i described above,actually the lyrics are really touching and infectious.I don't know if there is any translation i didn't find any and my English is so poor that i can't translate it.
but It's a great song by Eason.and there is a video on bilibili about them with this song.
Eason also has this incredible song called 鏂痉鍝ュ皵鎽╂儏浜(Stockholm lover),also my favorite.yes you can tell by it name.
these two songs are so suitable for them three.believe me,you listen to them,you'll get inspired and cook food尉( 鉁匡紴鈼♀潧)because they have inspired so many writers in my country i don't see why it can't inspire writers here.
and any similar songs recommended?I'd love to listen to them_(:蟹銆嶁垹)_
and i want food(锛泈锛)
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gotham brainrot time oop-
i just spent an hour and a half figuring out which class/subclass each member of the legion of horribles are and now you all have to see what i made Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin - Mastermind Rogue Edward Nygma/The Riddler - Inquisitive Rogue Ivy Pepper/Poison Ivy - Nature Domain Cleric Victor Zsasz - Swashbuckler Rogue Victor Fries/Dr. Freeze - Glacial Heart Cryomancer Bridgit Pike/Firefly - Pyromancer Sorcerer Jerome Valeska - College of Whispers Bard + Undead Warlock multiclass Jeremiah Valeska - College of Manipulation + Artillerist Artificer multiclass Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow - Fiend Pact Warlock Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter - Mind Twister Mesmerist聽
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Jerome is sexy but Jeremiah was sexier and I say this knowing they are both played by literally the same actor. Just with dyed hair and lipstick.
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valeskaduha day ago
Jerome to Y/N: Mommy.
Jeremiah to Y/N: Bitch.
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theunquenchablethirsta day ago
"Do I like him or does he just have a Kubrick stare and a kill count?"
Tumblr media
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valeskakingdoma day ago
Could I request a part 3? Jerome keeps the reader as his hostage for popularity and attention. Reader is really fond of the attention she gets as well and eventually sleeps with Jerome again? In the end she sees how Galavan kills him and is really sad?
Requested by @violentvaleska
So guys, here's part 5!!
Credit gif: @jokersbabe27
Tumblr media
Jerome x female reader (part 5)
Warnings: mentions of violence and murder, depression
Word count: 3378
*Later that day at the charity*
"Already excited for my show, doll?" Jerome grinned through his magician costume. you hated that costume. It hid Jerome's beautiful face with a shitty beard, his hairs were under a stupid wig and a black cylinder. And that tuxedo...gosh, you hated it thought not as much as the wig or the fake beard. The worst on it was his name...'Rodolfo'. You were disgusted by that name.
No magician in that universe would ever call himself like that! It sounds so ridiculous!
"Of course! Though I already know you'll be amazing as always." You smirked pressing a kiss on his cheek "Give them the best show they've ever seen!"
"That ain't be a problem for me" Jerome grinned "Even Hundini wouldn't have seen such a great show." You giggled at his comment.
"Without further ado, please allow me to present you the Great Rodolfo!" Immediately, Jerome walked on stage, everyone was applauding - even you. You were excited for how he was acting as a magician. Of course, you knew he was doing it well anyway. Jerome was professional. He could play every role in this Earth perfectly!
"Ha! Greetings ladies and germs," Jerome walked on stage "I am indeed the Great Rodolfo! Please ogle my lovely assistant. Ohh, for my first act, I'll require a volunteer. Let me see. Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, goose!" Jerome pointed at Bruce Wayne, the richest orphan in Gotham that was hated by every villain - really, everyone wanted to kill him.
"Hello, young man. Does this handsome gentleman have a name?" You heard Jerome saying after she went out to the crowd to bring him back.
"Bruce." The boy responded.
"Bruce! Well, Bruce. This won't hurt a bit." He clapped two great blades together "Is there a doctor in the house?"
Jerome sticked one of the blades in the box along with the other one. The audience gasped, them applauded him.
While watching you were astonished about Jerome's well, acting. Nobody noticed it was him. Neither Bruce nor the other guests recognized anything. Almost unbelievable for you.
"Some people say Bruce has a split personality." Jerome laughed loud while Barbara brought the little kid back to his actual place "For my next illusion, I'd like to call to the stage esteemed Deputy Major Harrison Kane."
Barbara pushed a rolling table, covered with a tarp, forward that it stood in front of Jerome. She pulled the tarp back and you could see any kind of knives laying down there. You were thinking about what was coming next. Is Jerome still playing with him or is he about to kill that guy?
Barbara bended down making the others noticed the next illusion was incoming. But a mistake happened, her mask fell down.
They're fucked!! You thought panicking. If anyone of the guests recognized them, they all would have a big problem. People would call the police, others die, the police finds you and eventually become informed about Theo, as well.
But Barbara kept being professional. Nobody made a move to start panicking or to call the police. Everything stayed normal.
"By the way, nobody is getting out here alive." At first the crowd laughed because they thought he was just joking - of course, he did not. Jerome killed the Deputy and the gunfire started. People were screaming and hiding in hope they weren't the next victim.
You flinched a little in surprise, although you might have expected it. Who would Jerome not kill expect you? He killed his mother, now the Deputy was just a matter of time to see who was his next victim.
For you, that all was pretty exciting, but also a big feeling of unpleasantness came over you. This situation reminded you of the day Jerome kidnapped you. You had flashbacks. You fear, you uncomfortableness, the nervousness, the wish to go home...everything came back - you knew best how the victims felt right now, and.
And as the last time, something told you that this situation wouldn't turn out well.
You wanted to be with Jerome right now. You just wanted to hug him, you wouldn't care whether he liked it or not, you just needed it.
But you couldn't go to him. You promised him to stay backstage to watch his marvellous show. And you knew, as everyone else knew what would happen if you broke the promise. His mood would change again and you needed to see whether it would turn out well for you or not.
You just stared at your lover. Finally he took the cylinder from his head as the wig, his black mask and the beard. Finally he presented himself again. You couldn't help but smile. You saw him being excited, being happy. He was the star in the show as he was the boss. You loved to see this: him standing there calm and managing everything while around him was pure chaos.
He was so professional you thought.
Out of nowhere, another woman was brought on stage, it was Lee Tompkins.
She was handhuffed, her gaze expressed fear and panicking.
They probably have taken her from behind as she was about to call the cops to tell what was going on.
You saw Jerome gazing at her with a smile - immediately, you hated her. You hated how you Jerome looked at her, how he smiled at her. It looked the same as every time he was smiling at you.
"Hey, darling" You felt shivers down your spine and jealousy came over you as he said that, you hated when Jerome was acting kinda flirty with other women. You always got the feeling they'd be much better than you but you also that your thoughts are wrong "I need to borrow your phone for a moment. We wanna tell Jimbo how the show's going on, don't we?"
And so he called him:
"Sorry Jimbo, it's just little old me!" He said nothing for a moment, then "Are you outside? You are, aren't you?" He cackled" Oh, goody!"
"Breathe, James. I haven't touched a hair on your girlfriend's pretty head." See for yourself. This is live television after all." You heard Jerome laughing after he responded to 'Jimbo'.
Then Jerome and Barbara tied Lee up on that big wheel pretending to shoot her head. It was all to entertain the crowd, to make them love. No one loved though - besides you. You loved their show. It entertained you and you loved to see your lover in action.
"True, but not the point. Hey, let's talk about what I want." Jerome walked down the stage closer to the camera "$47 million, a helicopter, obviously, the dry cleaning I left at Mr. Chang's be careful, the man is a crook, and mm, I don't know, a pony. Uh, you got ten minutes or I start killing people. Remember this is being broadcast to every home in Gotham, so, don't let people die. Bye!" Jerome laughed into the phone as he hung up "I think that went well." Jerome looked at you giving you a wink with a smile.
"Enough! You need to pack up your pathetic little sideshow and leave!" You suddenly heard Theo yelling from the other side of the stage. You were confused. What was he doing here? He told them to do this! Or did this still belong to the show?
"Is that right?" Jerome asked with a smirk.
"It may be presumptuous to speak for all citizens of Gotham. But we are sick of you! You're a small, vicious man with a pathetic need for attention. Enough man, for God's sake, enough!"
You were even more confused about Galavan's words. Something was in the bush. In his tower he spoke in high claims of Jerome that he was the star in the show, that he trusted Jerome most that he'll do it. What was wrong now?
"I'm curious what your leverage is here, Mr.?"
"Theo Galavan"
"Well, Mr. Theo Galavan, if you don't sit down, uh, I'm gonna shoot you. In your face."
"I know there is some human decency left in you. If you need a hostage, take me. But let these people go home! To their families, to their children." Before Theo could continue his speech, Barbara knocked him out with a some kind of pan. You giggled for yourself, almost laughed loud. It looked so stupid for you how he fell on the ground. It was like in a real blockbuster.
"Boring" Barbara stated.
"Right" Jerome cackled loudly, then he made his way to you with a big grin in his face. Automatically you grinned, too.
"How do you like the show doll?" Jerome grabbed your hands and pulled you close to him. You felt a slightly blush spreading over your cheeks as he pressed his lips against yours. His hands grabbed your cheeks softly to intense the kiss.
"I love it! It's very exciting" You grinned wrapping your arms around his neck while he wrapped his arms around your waist "But I'm much happier about you not wearing this cruel costume anymore. It covered your face, I hated it."
Jerome just chuckled about your comment and kissed your forehead.
"I have an idea," You just raised your brows looking at him in interest "Wanna be the star in my show?"
"Of course I do!" You smiled wide before he pressed his lips against yours quickly, then you both walked out. Gasps filled the room, all eyes were on you. They all knew who you were. You were the missed girl everyone was looking for. They either thought you were dead or that you were left at a lost place. But now you stood there - healthy, happy, self-confident.
"I know what you all think: That's (Y/n)! What is she doing here?! Where has she been?! I tell you all a secret: She was with me all the time." Jerome grabbed your face soft making you giggle "She's gorgeous, isn't she? Always has a pretty smile in her face."
Barbara pulled a next man up on stage positioning right in front of you and handed you a gun. Then she placed an apple on the man's bald.
"You know how to hold a gun, doll?" Jerome grinned wrapping his arms around you from behind. You felt his lips and his warm breathe touched your cheek. It was giving you chills in arousal.
"I'm not that stupid, Jerome." You made sure the gun was loaded. You positioned yourself to keep stable and pointed the gun at the apple. That was what Barbara and Tabitha have taught you over the days you were at Galavan's.
The man in front of you was shivering with wide eyes, his sweat was dripping down his forehead. His eyes expressed fear and you could see he wished you didn't kill him.
"Hold very still." Jerome growled at the man, then he covered his eyes with one hand "I can't look! Someone tell me how it turns out."
You inhaled deeply and concentrated on the apple. But as you pulled the trigger, just water came out and splashed into the old man's face. At that moment, you thought that Jerome jerked you around with tell you time the star.
Jerome just sighed in annoyance grabbing your gun and gave you a new one assuring you that he didn't know the gun was fake.
"Damn! Turn around." The man looked at you in fear and turned around. With his eyes he literally begged you not to shoot or at least to hit the apple. He was about to stop moving as you shot the apple from his head. The crowd gasps in shock and relief that the guy wasn't dead yet.
"Whoo!" Barbara cheered happily. You knew she was proud of you that you didn't blame yourself and missed the apple. You were proud of yourself, too. You shot without hesitation, not even thinking of missing the apple and accidentally shoot the guy.
Every one else kept quiet tho.
"Well, clap!" Jerome shouted kinda aggressively to the crowd - then they did it. Nervously and fast. He laughed slightly pressing a kiss on your cheek "Well done, doll."
"Thank you, Jerome." You grinned. He took the gun out of your hands and placed it on the table with the knives. Then he kept staring at them for a while, you could see he was thinking about something.
"Do you know how to use a knife? Just wondering." Jerome smiled at you.
Before you could answer though, you saw Lee kicked Barbara in the stomach making her grunt.
As Barbara looked up at Lee, you could see fury was written in her face. She was angry, mad...these words just described a very small part of her feeling. It was incredible how much hate a person could express.
You looked at Lee. You could see she didn't give a fuck about her consequences.
"Haven't been ten minutes," Jerome hissed holding Barbara's arm tight that she was unable to stab Lee "We need to buy you a watch." Soon as Jerome turned around back to you Barbara punched Lee in her face. The crowd and you all gasped in surprise. Jerome instead, just looked at you shaking his head in disappointment what made you chuckle.
"Well, I think it's time for tonight's first official victim. You all know and love. Poor rich boy...Parents murdered in an alley, and my favorite volunteer: Where is Bruce Wayne?" Jerome claimed waiting for the little boy's appearance - he didn't come though. Everyone looked around for the boy hoping he would come. They, as you, knew what would happen if he did - someone will die.
"You know, I'm an orphan, too, Bruce? I killed my parents, though." Jerome spoke to the microphone, then stepped away from it "Where are you hiding?"
"Bruce!" Jerome screamed in anger making you flinch a little - you were always surprised about his temper. It came rapidly and was gone after a few seconds "Where are you buddy?!"
"That little kid's afraid of you, Jerome." You giggled wrapping your arms around his torso kinda in hope to calm him down a little. You had no idea his temper could ride that fast. "Give that boy some time to realize how much fun he's gonna have with you."
"We don't have time, right now. We have a plan to follow." Jerome grumbled looking around for Bruce and slightly pushing you away from him. In your eyes, Jerome was聽 a mix of an infant and a monster or the evil itself. His impatience reminded you of a child that didn't get his will. And his eye expression expressed fury, evil and the strong wish to kill the kid. It was fascinating, and almost frightening.
"Kill his butler!"" Barbara suggested.
"Alright, last chance Bruce but it's about to get very butler-brainy out here." Jeromekept looking around. While that, some of Jerome's colleagues grabbed the butler's arms right pushing him forward to Jerome. He was an older tall man in a black tuxedo looking very concerned for the little boy - understandable.
"Brucey!" Jerome yelled looking through the crowd but the boy still didn't appear "I'm bored. Shoot the butler." Jerome turned to you with a grin, not even really paying attention to what was happening around him. He just wanted you.
"Stop!" Bruce claimed panicking and ran fast in front of the stage to his poor butler.
"Let's get this started, huh?" Jerome gasped pulling Bruce back while pointing a gun at his head "You! Check behind the curtain! Make sure no one's playing silly buggers"
One of Jerome's colleagues nodded and walked to the curtain. He moved it aside the entrance,聽 he got shot.
"Drop the knife!" James Gordon shouted pointing a gun at Jerome, but he just laughed and pressed the young Bruce Wayne in front of his body, a sharp blade was pressed on his throat almost cutting his thin skin.
"I don't have a clean shot!" Gordon shouted.
"Stay calm, Bruce." The butler tried to encourage the little boy after he took a gun, as well, pointing it at Jerome. He totally ignored what Gordon said. His mind was all around Bruce.
"It seems like we've got ourselves a pickle." Jerome stopped laughing but pressing a knife against Bruce's throat. "What do you say Brucey boy? Wanna boost our ratings, huh?" Jerome cackled insanely again "Smile."
"I said enough!"聽 All of a sudden Theo appeared behind Jerome. He looked mad, very mad. Again you got that feeling of uncomfortableness. And again you got that feeling that something bad will happen now. You saw it on his gaze. This devilish grin. Something was in the bush.
And you weren't wrong. Shortly after Jerome turned to him slowly, Theo stabbed a knife into his neck.
Everyone gasped in shock, you were the loudest though. You heart dropped, you couldn't move for the moment, your legs became weak, cat got your tongue - you weren't able to breathe normal. You felt poor as you stared at Theo's hand that pressed the knife in Jerome's throat deeper and deeper - and that all right in front of you. Your whole body shivered, you were about to throw up every minute.
Tears built up in your eyes and some even streamed down your cheeks. This couldn't be real, this mustn't be real! You couldn't loose him, not now, not again, not forever.
Things have happened not quite perfect and you were mad at him, you didn't want to be with him, you even hated him for a moment, you were afraid of him... everything. You could say for one moment he was your biggest fear in your life because you were scared he'd kill you every minute, or every time you did something wrong. But that faded, it was forgiven, your love was refreshed. It was stronger than the night you two met for the first time. Your connection was stronger than ever before - you knew you belonged together. Why else did fate decide to let you two meet again? Why else would you fall for him again? Why else did he all you his doll, his girl, his queen? That weren't just was more, a lot more.
You knew Jerome couldn't show love as usual people did, but you knew he loved you. His soft side towards you, him trying to make you smile, him protecting you when Greenwood teased you or harassed you..,that was all real. He didn't act at all!
All the memories came up. His smile, how you two hold a conversation for the first time at the circus, you felt the warmth on you hand again when you remembered how he held your hand. You could feel his arms wrapping around your body, and you could hear him calling you 'doll'.
And all this was gone forever now.
"I know, I know." He pressed Jerome down to the ground "Im so sorry, Jerome. You have real talent. But now you see, the plot thickens. Enter the hero." You saw Theo grinning slightly.
You could kill him for what he has done to him - and to you. He took all your joy away, he ripped your heart in two and three it away that it shattered in thousands of pieces. He had to die in your eyes. He just deserved it. You wanted revenge. You wanted to make him feel what he has done to you. You wanted to make him feel how you felt - sad, broken, shocked.
"I was gonna be.." With his last breath and his last courage, he looked up to you still having a grin in his face. His mouth opened shortly as if he was about to say something to you, but too late.
He was dead - dead as your happiness, your joy, you will to live. Your heart felt so heavy that every beating was exhausting you, as your breathing. The world was spinning around you. You body and your psyche couldn't handle what has happened just a few seconds in front of you.
He died, your love, your everything - your Jerome. And he will never come back.
And you died - inside.
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valeskakingdoma day ago
Could I request a part 3? Jerome keeps the reader as his hostage for popularity and attention. Reader is really fond of the attention she gets as well and eventually sleeps with Jerome again? In the end she sees how Galavan kills him and is really sad?
Here's part 4!!
Had to split it in two again...I'm sorry. Post the other half right after this one here!!
Gif credit: @bonniebirddoesgifs
Tumblr media
Jerome x female reader (part 4)
Warnings: smut
Word count: 1877
*Days later*
Living with Jerome wasn't as bad as you actually thought. Yes, his possessiveness and always playing the boss annoyed you a lot but you've learned to ignore it.
You literally zoned everything out that made you feel uncomfortable or that annoyed you. And it worked. You were a lot calmer than before, you didn't start panicking immediately when Greenwood or Dobkins were staring at you. You stayed calm because sooner or later they would end up arguing with Jerome if he got aware of it because he hated people staring at you.
You even found 2 new friends: Tabitha and Barbara.
They both were kind to you and helped you how to defend yourself against all these strange lunatics. They treated you how to use a gun, how to fight with or without weapons. You weren't a pro but you got it fast.
It was just a little ordinary for you that they both kept fucking behind Theo's back but it didn't matter to you. You did that with Jerome as well, well, it was more or less behind Theo's back. You both weren't really quiet and you both did it pretty often...and the bites and marks on your neck were pretty obvious because your neck was full of it.
Right now, you were relaxing in your bed watching the news:
"Breaking News
Since a few days (Y/n) (Y/ln) will be missed. Her friend (Y/bff/n) (Y/bff/ln) told that she was about to visit them after watching the cruel claim the Maniax' shot caller Jerome Valeska was giving us. Her friend said she tried to call (Y/n) several times but she didn't pick up the phone. Her friend's afraid that either the Maniax have kidnapped or killed her.
If you see her or have an idea where (Y/n) (Y/ln) could be then please report to the GCPD. Every information can be useful!"
You turned the TV off.
You smirked for yourself. Yes, it sucked that you couldn't be with your friends not could you go out - but you loved this big amount of attention. You were the person peope were looking for. Everyone's eyes were on you as if you were a famous person.
Suddenly your door opened - Barbara.
"Hey darling- ugh, is Jerome still in the bathroom?" She sighed frowning "He should hurry up. Time is running!"
"Calm down Babs," you giggled a little "Wanna watch the news with me? I'm in the TV! My friend is missing me."
"Yeah, I've seen that already." She gave you a short smile "We just need to be careful now. Don't want cops chasing my ass."
"Understandable." You nodded " know, somehow I like this attention. All eyes on me...I never really had that. I was just a simple girl, you could even call me a ghost because no one really noticed me...and now the whole city knows me because I just 'disappeared'. I feel famous and happy."
"Probably because you're famous, somewhat." Barbara gave you a grin flickering her tongue.
"May be, I just know I want more of it. I love being the head of missed people, and I love being the headline." you chuckled letting out a sigh in happiness.
"Wow, Jerome's really got a big effect on you, darling." Barbara scoffed.
"Why's that?"You frowned not understanding what she meant.
"Sweetie, days ago you've been the most anxious and shy girl amongst us. You were frightened by everything that was just moving...and look at you now. You're a smart, calm, sassy ass that reaches for fame - as he does." You both chuckled.
"I could tell you the same with Tabitha. She has to be a master in bed for calming you down after a stressed day. I mean, on the one you're bitching around and after Tabitha 'talks to you in private' at night, you're a sunshine in the next morning." I laughed loudly making Barbara blush.
"Says you! I think I don't need to remind you that the whole city can hear you." Barbara mocked with a laughter.
"At least just the city is hearing me." You laughed louder "I'm sorry, I had to."
"Hey ladies,"Jerome came out of the bathroom before Barbara could respond. He was聽聽 just wearing a claret gown, his hair was still wet from the shower "I see, we're in a good mood, doll, aren't we?"
"As always," you grinned "Just had a very nice conversation with Barbara."
"Yeah," Barbara grinned, it faded though as she faced Jerome "Now hurry up, ginger. We don't wanna be late." She left quick.
"She's a feisty one, I like that," Jerome just let out a sigh with a short grin closing the door "But I hate being bossed around. I am the boss!"
He made聽 his way to you slowly. Then he grabbed your hands pulling you fast out of the bed that you stood close to him. You immediately wrapped your arms around his neck while wrapped his around your waist.
You knew this rough undertone on him. He tried to be kind in front of you but actually he was pissed of being commanded - especially by a woman.
"I know and she does, too. She doesn't mean to be a bitch," You assured him with giving him a smile "She's just stressed. Probably needs a quick fuck or something to calm down."
"Hm," Jerome just hummed and shrugged, not really paying attention to what you were saying. Instead he grabbed your ass harshly pulling you close to him. You could feel his bulge growing against your leg "Talking about a quick fuck..."
Before you could even answer, Jerome pressed his lips against yours. His hands grabbed your cheeks and pressed your face even more against his to intense the kiss. His light chuckle in the kiss only made let you blush after you let out a little moan. He pressed his body against yours to close the gap between you two. Your lips parted this time to let his tongue explore your mouth and you couldn't help but moan as he slipped his tongue into your mouth fighting for dominance. You r hands wandered up tangling hour fingers into his hair, gripping and pulling his head further down, deepening the kiss.
He pressed you against the wall and slid a knee in the space separating your thighs to position his body between your legs. His hands gripped your ass lifting you up to wrap your legs around his waist. He lowered his head down to leave a bunch of wet kisses on your neck, you pulled him in closer with your hands and bit your lip in arousal. He licked and bit at the soft skin of your neck, leaving his mark there making you gasp. His lips found yours again and once more.
Your shirt was ripped apart from your body by his eagerness to fuck you and he could feel a strip of your bare skin against his. You arched up into him more and suddenly your hands left his head so that you could the knot of his gown. You shove the gown down from his body, now he stood naked in front of you; his errection was strongly pressed against your crotch.
He unclasped your bra hastily and without pulling away from your mouth he tossed it across the room. With your bare breasts against his chest, you felt a rush of heat slowly spread throughout your body.
You tightened your legs around his waist and pressed him even more against your body. You became horny from the wild make out session; you wanted him right here, right now.
His hand reached down and shoved the button of your pants through its hole impatiently. Eagerness was written in his face. He couldn't wait anymore to finally inset his hard member into you, feel the warm and wet walls on his skin, making you moan and scream his name until you cum.
He slid his hands down to your panties, ripping it off from your legs and throwing it behind him. He moaned quietly when he felt just how hot and wet you were for him. You didn't want to wait any longer and neither did he, it was becoming unbearable. You both wanted, even needed pleasure to be satisfied.
Instantly and without any kind of hesitation, he shove his member into your wet entrance. You let out a gasp followed by a moan, your body stretching to accommodate him.
He slowly pulled out before thrusting back in with a sharp snap of his hips.
Your whole body felt weak with every thrust he did into you as every time you had sex with him. You were completely understand his control, he could do everything with you. Your body shivered slightly through this pleasure he was giving you. Every thrust hurt more, each of your moans became louder, Jerome became faster. Your head was dug into the crook of his neck, your nails were dug into his shoulders leaving marks while you tried to adjust just fast pace and the pleasure.
"Oh God, Jerome!" You cried out loud while scratching his whole back down.
You felt his nails were dug deeper in your ass and his grunts made you shiver in pleasure with every thrust. And again he drilled his long hard member into you making sure he hit your g spot every time he entered your cunt.
He loved hearing you moan, you say he was addicted to it. You moans were giving him chills, aroused him. He couldn't get enough of it. If he could he would fuck you non stop, just to hear all these sweet moans of yours.
You moaned louder as he speeded up. You were hot and tight around him, you heard him swearing with a moan as he felt your walls clenchinh more on his member.
He groaned your name out quietly and you responded by rocking your hips up to give him all the pleasure he needed now.
You bit your lower lip nervously as a knot was built in your abdomen - you knew you were close. You moaned uncontrollably caused by all the pleasure which didn't even give you the chance to hold anything back - you really couldn't as hard as you tried to. You couldn't handle it all. It was too much for your body. You legs started to shake with each of Jerome's thrusts.
Gripping onto his back tighter, you buried your face in the crook of his neck to stifle your cry as you came all over him without any warning. He gasped lowly as you covered him in your tight and warm wetness. Your legs were twitching and your chest heaving. He thrust his hips several more times until he couldn't hold back any more, releasing into you. A soft moan escaped your lips upon the contact, you held him close and kept your head underneath his neck, breathing heavily with him.
"Didn't know you needed it that much right now." You said under gasps still trying to calm down from your high.
"Dont think I'm done with you, doll," Jerome grinned "I just wanted to let you breathe"
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nostalgic90sa day ago
I used Picrew to create the Valeska twins! But I had to use photoshop to add some of their freckles and bits of shading in the clothes. This could apply to an AU where Jerome and Jeremiah grow up together at the circus (hence the lack of scars). I was going to add text and circus themed backgrounds but I'm a perfectionist and it would take me ALL DAY to decide on which font I want, or which images to use for the background. *BONUS* I also created Bruce Wayne :3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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valeskabitcha day ago
My friend just told me I鈥檓 obsessed with Jerome Valeska. Like no shit Sherlock...
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The Final PUNCHline - Chapter One
It was love at first sight, simply put. As summer raged on, the need and want for the classic seasonal amusements grew. So to fulfil this need, you ventured to the circus one day. You were quite excited to see all the performances and amusements. The circus was the prime place for summer entertainment, and you were going to explore it all.聽
You skipped through, looking at what the circus had to offer. But nothing really spoke to you. But soon, your eyes fell on a ginger boy doing magic tricks. You stopped to watch him. He was doing a card trick, but at the climax of the trick the poor boy dropped everything. The older teens standing around and who had been watching laughed, making fun of the poor kid. All the ginger could do was pick up his deck of cards and hopefully try again.聽
You walk up to him, wanting to comfort the poor thing. You could see how sad he was, even from far away. 鈥淚 thought you did good.鈥 You say.聽
The ginger shook his head. 鈥淚 messed it up, those kids laughed at me.鈥
鈥淭hey鈥檙e just jerks.鈥 You say. The ginger boy finally looks up. He weaky smiles at your kindness. 鈥淚鈥檓 [Y/N].鈥
鈥淛erome.鈥 The boy said. 鈥淒o you wanna see the trick for real?鈥 You nod excitedly. Jerome brightly smiles as he reshuffles the cards, mentally preparing himself for the trick at hand. 鈥淥kay. Pick a card.鈥 You pick one out, studying it closely. It was a joker. 鈥淥kay, now put it back in.鈥 You do so. Jerome closes his eyes as you place the card back, even turning his head to the other side. You laugh at how cute he was. You could see the boy鈥檚 cheeks flush at the sight. Jerome shuffles the cards again. He soon opens his eyes, a bright smile on his face. 鈥淥kay, now I鈥檓 gonna break the deck in half and your card should be the only one not broken, 鈥榢ay?鈥 You nod. With his bare hands Jerome manages to break the cards in half. You stand there stunned. You鈥檝e never seen anything like it. And just like he promised, only one card remained. Jerome offers it to you and you smile widely when you pull out the same Joker.聽
鈥淲ow! You鈥檙e really good!鈥 You exclaimed.聽
Jerome magically puts the deck back together, taking the card back from you too. 鈥淭hanks. I don鈥檛 get to perform too often, so it鈥檚 nice to have a trick go right for once. I鈥檓 usually locked up inside, doing chores for my mom.鈥澛
鈥淢aybe you have a future here.鈥 You suggested.聽
Jerome shrugs. 鈥淢aybe. Oh! The show starts soon. You should go!鈥 Jerome starts to shove you in the direction of the circus tent. You laugh, removing his hand from your shoulder. Just the slight touch made fireworks go off in both of your young minds.聽
鈥淥h, well it was nice meeting you Jerome.鈥 You say.聽
Jerome smiles. 鈥淚t was nice to ya you too.鈥
You leave the boy standing in his spot. He watches you enter the tent, his heart fluttering at the sight of you. He was in love for the first time and he couldn鈥檛 have been more excited about it. All throughout the show, you couldn鈥檛 help but think about Jerome. He was so cute, and even a bit handsome. Even with all the terrific acts happening in front of you, all you could think about was Jerome.聽
You still found him after the show in his same little spot. He lit up upon seeing you and jumped up from the ground he was sitting on once you got closer. 鈥淒id you like it?鈥
鈥淚 loved it!鈥 You reply. 鈥淏ut sadly, I gotta go home soon.鈥澛
Jerome frowned. He titled his head down, starting to sulk. 鈥淲ell, I guess this is goodbye, huh?鈥
鈥淐an I write to you?鈥 You ask quite quickly. You hated seeing Jerome frown, and you鈥檝e only known him for an hour and a half. 鈥淪o we can keep in touch.鈥
Jerome nods. His smile slowly returned. 鈥淵-Yeah, of course! Wow, I鈥檝e never really had a real friend before. This is great!鈥澛
You frown internally from hearing his words. How could such a lovely boy not have a single friend? You find a piece of paper and you scribble down your name and home address, and Jerome does the same. He hands you the joker card, the one you had picked out from before. (Little did you know that this would be something you鈥檇 treasure forever).聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 you need the card for the full deck?鈥 You asked.
Jerome shrugs. He shuffles the cards in his hand as he speaks. 鈥淓h, people don鈥檛 really care for the joker. No one but you anyway.鈥
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jeromeinfloridaa day ago
Tumblr media
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