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#jealous steve rogers
moonlighttfoxx · 4 days ago
The girl with the golden eyes:  Chapter Seven
A/N: Sorry this took so long. It’s been crazy couple of weeks and I kinda was stuck with this one. When I started writing it, I had a pretty basic idea. If you have any suggestions or ideas, I’d be always open to hear them. I will try to update more often, but I have this trip coming up next week, sooo no promises. Thanks for reading guys! :) 
Warnings: Jealous Steve appears again( I kinda love him Lol)
Tumblr media
You opened your eyes to a terrible headache. Shit. How much had you drunk last night?
You threw the covers away, trying to mentally prepare yourself for leaving that bed. You knew the moment you lifted your head off the pillow, your headache would only get worse. So you decided to give yourself a few seconds before you do that. Instead you thought it’d be a good idea to try to remember exactly what had happened last night.
There was alcohol. Obviously. You played some game. Oh that damned game. You had to make out with Nat, because of it. Not that you minded. You had to twerk at some point (Bucky’s dare). You had to give the Captain a lap dance… oh, Jesus! You had grinded against Steve’s crotch. You had wiggled your ass for him, you had pushed your boobs literally in his face. His red face. He must have been so embarrassed. Probably almost as you were right now. How were you supposed to face him after that? He already hated your guts. Damn! You wouldn’t be able to look into his gorgeous blue eyes. Blue eyes? The bluest of eyes… ‘You have the bluest eyes in the world, Captain’
Those words suddenly rung in your head. For a moment the awful headache was replaced by them. And then you remembered. You remembered all of it. Your confession about Brock being your first and only, your confession about being horny lately… and the worst of all… you had drunkenly kissed Captain Steve Rogers. If you closed your eyes, you could still feel the taste of his lips, of his tongue. You could still feel the warmth of his hands over your body and the desire it had awoken. You could still feel the hardness of his cock pressed against your belly. You remembered it all.
You were a lot of things at this second. Aroused. Embarrassed. Hungover. You wished to forget everything that had happened last night and at the same time you wished to remember it till your last breath.
But hey, whatever happens at game night, stays at game night, right? So you figured the best you could do, is pretend nothing happened. You didn’t have to talk about it with anyone. It would be your little piece of heaven. A little secret, shared with Steve. A drunken mistake you would never ever repeat.
 Steve was on his way to the common area. He was secretly hoping Y/N wasn’t there. He knew she probably didn’t remember much, but still that wasn’t very helpful, because he remembered. He remembered everything. Every little detail. Her ass wiggling for him. Her boobs, shoved in his face. Her lips, pressed against his. How could he forger that? If anything, he was thinking about her even more now.
As soon as he entered the room, he saw her. She was on the couch with Bucky. They were watching a movie. Bucky was sitting with his legs stretched out on the coffee table in front of him and Y/N was lying with her head in his lap. Steve could see Bucky’s hands were buried in her hair and his fingers were moving up and down her scalp.
‘Hey, Stevie’ Bucky greeted him, not looking away from the TV. Steve murmured a quick ‘Good morning’ in response and went to grab some coffee. ‘Won’t you join us?’
Steve sighed. What excuse could he possibly have not to join them? And plus that was his almost every day routine. He’d grab some coffee and sit quietly around the coffee table with the TV on. He’d rarely watch it though. It was just background noise that for some odd reason made him feel relaxed. So, they’d know something was up if he didn’t join them. It’d be weird. Therefore, he slowly dragged his ass to the armchair near the couch and sat on it.
He took a sip of his coffee and put it on the table. Then he casually glanced at Y/N. She had her eyes closed, but he could tell she wasn’t sleeping. Firstly, because of her breathing. And secondly, because she greeted him with a short ‘Morning, Captain’ the moment he sat down next to them. He could see her outfit now. It involved casual wide black shorts and a white tank top. No bra again. And to top it all from the position she was in, he could see the curve of her butt and the red lacy bikinis she had chosen to wear. That was the problem with the wide shorts. God. She was going to be the death of him. Steve swallowed hard and tried to focus on something else. Bucky’s serious expression. Or the steady movement of his hands, buried in Y/N’s hair.
Suddenly a soft moan escaped her lips, leading Steve’s thoughts in a certain direction. A direction he was definitely trying to avoid. And her moan didn’t help him one bit. If anything, he could feel his pants getting tighter by the second. Damn it.
Steve noticed the look he got from Bucky. The moment their eyes met, Bucky raised an eyebrow at him and it seemed like something mischievous crossed his mind that very second. Great. He knew. He must’ve smelled Steve’s arousal. The captain hurried to avoid his eyes and shifted uncomfortably in the armchair.
‘Do you like that, doll?’ Bucky whispered.
‘Mmm… yesss’ Y/N answered. Steve looked at her again and he could see that her nipples had gotten hard and very visible underneath her tank top. As if they were begging for attention. As if they were begging to be pinched and licked and sucked. Steve could feel his cock getting harder and harder.
‘How much exactly do you like it?’ Bucky asked.
‘Oh, very very much’
‘You know, I can see that’ he said smirking.
Y/N opened her eyes and looked up at him.
‘Huh?’ she asked.
‘I love girls like you. Even if you’re trying to be subtle about it and hide it, your body kinda gives it away’ he said as his hands slowly slid from her head down to her shoulders until they reached her breasts and teasingly grazed her erect nipples through her top. She gasped seemingly in surprise, but Steve could tell she liked it. He could smell that sweet sweet scent in the air once again. As much of an effect it had on him, he didn’t like it one bit. Not when it was for Bucky.
‘Bucky!’ she half screamed, quickly glancing at Steve. But Bucky didn’t stop, instead his smirk just grew wider.
‘I know you like that, doll. Again, your body gives it away. I can smell you’ he said and drew a deep breath. ‘You smell so fucking good. I can’t help it, but to want a taste of it’
Steve knew Bucky was right. She liked it. And she did smell good.
‘Bucky’ Steve said sternly. It was very hard to keep his voice down. It was very hard to play it cool, especially when all he wanted was to rip his friend’s hand off and punch him in his stupid smirking face.
Bucky looked up at Steve.
‘What?’ he asked.
‘Stop that’ Steve said, his voice was low.
‘Why?’ Bucky asked, his smirk re-appearing once more.
‘It’s disrespectful and it’s not appropriate. You wanna keep doing that, at least take it somewhere more private’ Steve said, using his Captain voice.
‘Why do you care so much Stevie?’ Bucky asked. ‘You know; to me it sounds as if you are jealous. Are you jealous, Stevie?’
Steve was about to answer, but he was interrupted by Clint, who had just walked into the room. He was fully dressed. It was obvious he didn’t go there for coffee and chit chat.
‘Hey, guys’ he greeted. ‘I know it’s early, but Furry wants us for a meeting. He has a mission for us. It’s urgent, so you better get dressed and let’s go’
All of them rose to their feet, heading to their rooms. While walking through the hallway, silently following Y/N and Bucky, the captain couldn’t help but wonder if Bucky was annoying him on purpose. Deep down Steve was certain, that his best friend was testing him, pushing him, trying to get a reaction out of him. The only thing he didn’t know, was why.
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niffala · 6 days ago
Forgive Me Masterlist
Pairing: Steve Rogers & Mutant OFC
Summary: Is it too little, too late?
Warnings: Angst, heartbreak, jealousy, hostage situation, some fluff
A/N: This is a sequel to Dirty Secret… Please forgive my poor writing and any mistakes.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 (end?)
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rodrikstark · 14 days ago
Hi Love! do you still have spots? I was thinking sick Steve being a baby but then I thought maybe he can't get sick so maybe meeting the team for the first time? Congratulations for 1K, angel !!!
steve rogers x reader (fluff)
a/n: thank you sweetie!!! ooh okay here’s a concept: what if we sorta combined baby boy!steve + meeting the team so i can do what i do best: HURT/COMFORT
Tumblr media
you grip your car keys tight in your hand, anxiously running your thumb along the rough edge until the door to the quinjet creaks open, revealing steve and his friends, sam and natasha.
involuntarily, you whimper at the sight of steve’s bruised eye and the obvious way he can’t put any weight on his right ankle.
earlier, you had gotten a call from steve’s number, but heard natasha’s voice: he can’t talk ‘cause he’s got a major headache but he wants you to know he’s okay.
then, sam’s voice: i’ll send you the address of the hangar if you want to pick him up.
you open the passenger door of your car as they approach.
"hey." natasha reaches out a hand—the one not holding up steve—to greet you. “nice to finally meet you.”
you nod at her. “same here. steve's told me a lot about you.”
"good things, i hope." sam laughs, patting steve on the chest. “she’s cute, man.”
"back off, wilson." even though it’s playful, steve's retort sounds weak to your ears.
your face falls a little. “are you sure he’ll be okay?”
his friends rotate until they face away from the car, then carefully back up until they can lift steve onto the seat. sam explains, “he’ll need a couple days of bedrest, if you can manage to keep him still for that long.”
you cross your arms and lean against the car, studying your stubborn boyfriend, who sways slightly without the support of his friends. “of course.”
natasha takes on a fake motherly voice, pouting dramatically and poking at steve's ribcage. “he’ll also need lots of hugs and chicken noodle soup.”
steve lets his temple hit the headrest, and despite how much he’s hurting, he chuckles. “fuck off.”
you look at steve's two closest teammates, fighting the tears that build in the back of your throat. "thank you for bringing him home."
sam nods as they make their return to the quinjet. "any time."
steve's head lulls backward slightly when you step into the space between his knees.
“hey, soldier.”
he gives you a dopey grin. “hey, you.”
you brush some damp hair off his face. “feeling any better?”
steve shakes his head sadly. “it might help.” his gloved hands scratch at your waist, coaxing you closer.
you tilt your head, gently squeezing his biceps in confusion.
“some chicken noodle soup.”
the bashful way he scrunches his face makes you giggle. “soon as we get home. how’s that sound?"
“so good,” he whispers. you gather him in your arms, pressing your lips to the crown of his head as he smiles into your collarbone.
— — —
part of my 1k follower celebration!
— — —
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moonlighttfoxx · 25 days ago
The girl with the golden eyes: Chapter Six
Tumblr media
‘I need another drink!’ you exclaimed, getting up from the floor, staggering a little.
‘Don’t you think you should take a break? It’s late’ Steve said quietly.
It WAS late. A little past 1 am. Nat had already called it a night like half an hour ago and Bucky’s been dead asleep on the couch for the past hour. Old man. He wasn’t even drunk. He couldn’t get drunk, because of the serum, he just had the schedule of an old man. You on the other hand were completely hammered.
‘Nooo. I’m perfectly fine’ you answered pouring another glass of vodka. Taking your drink in your hand you went in Steve’s direction on the armchair next to the couch in slow unsteady steps. You stopped right in front of him. If you weren’t drunk, probably you’d consider it a little bit too close: you were almost in between his legs. Your breasts were right at the level of his eyes. ‘Don’t I look fine, Captain?’
You could see him swallowing hard as his eyes travelled up, stopping on your perky breasts only for a brief almost unnoticeable moment before they reached your eyes.
‘Yeah, perfectly fine’ he answered. He stood up from the armchair, now looking down at you. Your breasts were almost touching his t – shirt covered abdomen. Oh, this position was all too familiar. ‘But how about I take that from you, huh? And then maybe you can go to bed’
He reached out, slowly taking the glass from your hand, his eyes never leaving yours. His fingers brushed against your own, which for some reason caused a light electrical shock all over your body. You bit your bottom lip, trying hard to suppress a moan.
‘But I don’t wanna go to bed just yet’ you said.
‘Okay. Just do me a favor and drink something different than alcohol’
‘Will you stay with me?’ you asked. Steve nodded.
‘I suppose I can stay a little longer’ he said as he bent slightly so he can reach and leave the glass on the table behind you. Now his face was inches away from your breasts. ‘Sorry’ he said once he straightened up again, a slight blush creeping to his cheeks.
‘I don’t mind one bit’ you answered, smirking a little. ‘Let’s sit down and talk’
You grabbed his hand dragging him to the floor where you sat during the game of Truth and Dare. You sat opposite of him, crossing your legs underneath you.
So, there he was. On the floor, sitting opposite of the woman he claimed he loathed. It was just the two of them and she was wasted. She was unusually chatty and relaxed. He didn’t want to admit it, but he liked it. Her. That way.
‘You know, Captain’ she started suddenly, breaking the silence. ‘That make out session with Nat tonight was the most action I got in months’
‘Oh?’ Steve asked, finding it hard to believe.
‘Yeah… and I’m so horny. I just wanna be pounded hard. I want to feel something else besides my fingers down there’
Jesus. She was so fucking drunk and she had such a little dirty mouth that was making Steve fucking hard all over again. He swallowed hard one more time.
‘Well… I… um… I’m sure a lot of guys are willing to help you with that’
‘Yeah… maybe. But I don’t want just any guy. After Brock… it’s hard to trust anyone’ she confessed heartedly.
‘Brock? As in Brock Rumlow?’ Steve asked and Y/N nodded. ‘You slept with that guy?’
‘Well… yeah’ she answered, looking down. Was she embarrassed? ‘He found me and recruited me. He taught me everything. He is very keen on shiny little things, you know. And… he made me one of his shiny little things. I was so fascinated at the beginning with everything he offered, including sex. He was… my first’
Steve’s eyes widened a little.
‘But you were part of Hydra till recently. Does that mean you’ve never been with anyone else?’ he couldn’t help but ask. He didn’t want to seem interested at all. But he was.
‘Yep. Only one guy my entire life. How pathetic is that?’
‘I wouldn’t say pathetic. And plus… who am I to judge anyway?’ Steve said, looking her in the eyes, almost smiling.
She chuckled.
‘You have the bluest eyes in the world, Captain’ she blurred out. ‘And I love the beard. It suits you. A lot.’ She reached out, touching his face. She ran her fingers through his bearded cheeks. ‘I wonder how it would feel in between my legs. Oh, man… I’m sure I’ll be regretting that in the morning’
Steve laughed. He could have told her he wondered the same thing. He could have told her he had spent the entire afternoon thinking of his head in between her legs. But he didn’t.  
‘No worries. Whatever happens at game night, stays there. So you can tell me whatever you like and we won’t discuss it ever again. I promise’ he said.
‘Thanks. But I think I should call it a night. I’m not going to risk sharing all the naughty thoughts I have that involve you’
‘Naughty thoughts, huh?’ Steve asked. Only if she knew his thoughts. And only if she had any idea of how hard she made him only with her presence and nothing else.
‘Yes’ she admitted, getting up and Steve followed. Both of them left the room, leaving the lightly snoring Bucky behind them on the couch and slowly started walking towards their bedrooms. They fell into comfortable silence.
Eventually they reached Y/N’s room.
‘Well, this is me’ she said, stopping. Steve stopped too. They were facing each other again, her breasts almost touching his abdomen. The same old position. Appareantly it was becoming their thing.
‘Yeah’ Steve whispered. ‘Well… good night, I guess’
She nodded, but Steve could see her mind was elsewhere. He wondered about the thoughts that had invaded her mind space. He wanted to know what she was thinking about, but he wasn’t going to ask. Instead he turned around, ready to walk off.
‘Hey, Captain’ she called him. He stopped and faced her again. He expected her to say something, but she didn’t. To his surprise Y/N grabbed a fistful of his t-shirt, pulled him closer and smashed her lips against his. Steve was stunned at first, his thoughts going wild for a second, but soon enough his instincts took over. The same instincts that kept him on his toes for the past couple of weeks. The same instincts that were telling him to ravish her and make her scream his name.
His lips started moving against hers and he gently pushed her against the door. Steve felt her tongue licking his bottom lip and he gladly opened his mouth, his own tongue meeting hers. Y/N pulled his body closer to hers hungrily, desperately. Flesh to flesh. He let his hand roam from her waist up to her breasts. He could feel how hard her nipples were. He pinched one of them over the fabric, which made her moan in his mouth. The well know sweet scent filled the air around him and captivated all his senses, blurring them. Oh, that drove him crazy. He was rock hard again. And he knew she could feel him. But for the first time he didn’t care. It was all for her. She had to know.
Seconds later they parted to catch their breaths. They stood there for a moment just looking at each other, breathing heavily. Her lips were swollen from the kiss and the color red painted her cheeks. That was the most beautiful sight Steve had ever seen. Y/N all flushed, all wet. For him.
Y/N smirked at him.
‘Well, Captain, remember: whatever happens at game night, stays there’ and with those words she turned around and entered her room, closing the door behind her.
Yep. Steve was left there. In front of Y/N’s bedroom in the empty hallway. Alone. Flushed. Panting. Rock hard.
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sabrecmcstonyficrecs · 28 days ago
Do you know of any fics like the ones where Steve is jealous of Rhodey/Tony’s jealous of Bucky, but with Tony being jealous of Sam? Or Steve being jealous of Bruce? Thanks in advance!
There are a couple of jealousy rec lists, as you pointed out.  Check out High School and AVAC Jealousy recs,  Jealous Steve and Tony recs, Post-CACW Jealous Steve and Steve Jealous of Tony Dating Someone Else, but here are a few others that you might like:
Jealous Steve
amore mio by halfasgoodatanything: tony is touchy and affectionate with others, and steve wants him to just love him. and love him in the way he loves him.
Good Enough by nowalee: Watching Tony flirt with yet another person is maybe making Steve a little bit jealous. Or a lot. Luckily, Natasha is there to give him some harsh truths and offer advice. Or, Steve is jealous, Tony is insecure, and Natasha is done with them.
In Which Steve is Jealous But Claims Not to Be by misbehavingvigilante: Things are complicated with Tony.Steve knows he’s not always the easiest person to get along with so maybe some of that tension is because of him, or at least he admits that on his more charitable days. They don’t really argue all that much, which should mean that their relationship has no complications, but somehow it does regardless.Somehow, Thor doesn’t seem to have the same problems with Tony.
Flirt with Me by holmesintardis: In his own way, Steve finally comes to grips with Tony's incessant flirting. Tony can't say he doesn't love Steve's methods.
Everybody Wonders (What It Would Be Like to Love You) by SoldiersShield: “...Is that what this is about?” He asks slowly. Steve blanches. “Oh my god. It is.” Tony has no right looking as giddy as he does. “Steven Grant Rogers, are you jealous?” --Or: Steve and Tony have been dancing around each other for a while now, and Steve's rather content with it. Attending a gala together just might change that.
Friends at Last by kitteekatz69: Tony seems to get alone perfectly with all of the other avengers, and is best friends with all of them. No one ever invites Steve to do things and he begins to feel sad and like no one wants him around. Tony subtly reveals his feeling for the super soldier and Steve becomes a bigger part of the group.
Turn a Little Faster by @ishipallthings: Tony and Natasha pose as a couple for an undercover mission. Steve doesn’t find this distracting. Not at all. And yet, it all goes downhill from there.(Five times Steve is distracted thinking of Tony, and one time Tony distracts Steve on purpose.)
Hold Fast, Dear Captain by RoseGoldAmpersand: Tony remembered Doctor Stephen Strange from the more wild nights of his youth, but he was pretty sure Strange hadn't worn a cape back then. At an Avenger's gala, Tony reunites with his ex-lover and a jealous Captain America sets out to remind his partner exactly who it is he belongs to.
Hair Triggers and White Knuckle Dreams by Ace_Valentin_21: Stephen Strange knew exactly what he was doing when the he left the Avengers’ shared room one bed short.(Or, Tony volunteers to share a bed. Steve isn’t too happy about that.)
A Certain Affinity by miobambino: "They were like that a lot nowadays, ever since they got back from their little kidnapping escapade. Sure, they’d been close before then - they all had - but now… it was different. They were close, close. Squishing up next to each other, whispering to one another, playing with each others hair, apparently.Steve inwardly grimaced at himself. He was being bitter and petty, he knew that. But he couldn’t figure out why, though. His teammates were getting along, which is only a good thing. Especially considering how they started things off way back on the helicarrier. But since when were Tony and Nat this cosy?"Aka Steve is jealous of Tony and Nat's friendship, gets the wrong idea, and requires a little help from Nat herself to get some well-needed perspective.
practice makes perfect by starklystar: “Marry me.” Tony’s words are muffled by the food in his mouth, but Steve’s sharp ears pick them up anyway, and he freezes as he hears Rhodes huff.“For the five hundredth and sixty first time, no.”“Honeybear, light of my life, these waffles are to die for.”Rhodes’ eyebrows rise. “I thought we agreed: no more dying.”“Spoilsport,” Tony nibbles on some more of the waffles.Was that – did Tony just propose to Rhodes? For the sake of waffles? What did that make Steve’s pancakes?------------Or, 69 times Tony proposes, and the one time Steve says yes.
Jealous Tony
Yours, As Always by j_gabrielle: Yours, as always. Nothing else but that. Completely and utterly impersonal, devoid of any and all emotional connotations. In a way, Anthony admires that of his husband.
tell me that you love me by idacarvalli: Tony’s not jealous. He swears he’s not. It’s just that Sheriff Steve Rogers has been hanging around that gal Sharon Carter a little bit more than Tony would have liked. But he’s not jealous. He’s really not.
They say love is pain, well darling, let’s hurt tonight by Moonlight511: Basically just Steve and Tony being insecure before finally talking to each other..
What do you see (when I look at you) by General16: Wherein Tony faces both of his biggest fears: Loosing Steve to someone younger and slowly growing older. The new omega and his asshole alpha do not improve his day at all.
What are you Raw_Ramen_Noodles: Tony sees Steve flirting with a woman across the ballroom at the charity fundraiser they’re attending and is surprised to find out how much Steve liked the possessiveness he exhibits when he marches across the room.So they have sex. It’s all good
Selfish Secret by ABrighterDarkness: He felt a heavy roll of animosity and jealousy roll through him strong enough to make his teeth ache as he watched that familiarly muscled arm drape over someone else’s shoulders.  Tony could feel that comforting weight across his own as crystal clear in memory as the visual he was being treated to.
forgotten stars and faded dreams by crownedcriminal: When Tony snapped his fingers, he really wasn’t expecting anything other than immense pain and death.And that is exactly what he got.So Tony watched his closet family cry while he drifts away and looks Steve in the eye one more time before he sees him fall to his knees and suddenly Tony’s soul drifts from his body.Tony knows he is a ghost. Steve doesn't, and his mourning only drags Tony closer.
overheard your heartbeat (calling me yours) by starklystar: "Tony - ""I wish I could promise to come home this time," he feels the armor crawl back down his arm, continuing unnoticed over Steve's red gloves, then up the blue uniform as Tony fights to keep Steve's gaze firmly fixed on him. The last eyes Tony might get to see, and he wants to be lost in them. In the end, his entire life boils down a few simple things: "JARVIS, take care of him for me."----------Or, Tony overhears a phonecall where Steve proposes, a battle happens, and a paper ring settles some misunderstandings.
i know you best by maguna_stark: “You two seem close.”Steve looks momentarily thrown off by the non-sequitur, but he recovers fairly quickly, continuing his work with the band-aid.“Who?” Steve asks as he scrutinizes his handiwork on Tony’s finger to make sure the wound has been properly covered. “You and Peggy.”Steve stands up, balling up the wrapping of the band-aid in his fist and turning around to throw it in the trash can. “Well, yeah. We’ve known each other for a while. She’s my first friend here,” Steve replies as he pumps some liquid soap into his hand.“You should ask her out,” Tony whispers almost inaudibly, but Steve’s ears pick it up anyway. The man freezes, his frothy hands pausing mid-motion under the running water.“What?”“I’ve seen the way you look at her. You look good together. Besides, I know that she’s totally your type,” Tony says, trying to infuse every bit of sincerity he can muster into his words, because he means it. He wants Steve to be happy, even if—He swallows, fighting a wave of nausea rising up in his stomach. Even if it’s with someone else. 
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rodrikstark · a month ago
everything and beyond (2/?) TEASER
steve rogers x reader (fluff)
summary: you pine after steve, and he pines after you. part 2: saying goodbye
(part 1)
a/n: a STEEEEEVIE pov!! will probably post this on wednesday. :) thank you for your lovely comments in response to part 1! very overwhelming! 🥺
Tumblr media
   “My, uh, ex and I were really into watching scary movies, so.”
   Steve remembers sitting in the common room with Sam and Tasha a few months ago to discuss logistics for some reconnaissance in the city, something about weaponry formerly belonging to SHIELD. You came downstairs and rushed to Tasha’s side so you could discuss the newest horror film in theaters.  
   The movie’s premise sounded terrifying and disgusting, but your eyes were alight with joy, so he listened anyway.
   “Curfew’s at 10,” Sam warned lightly. “Don’t be out too late.”
   “Call us if you need anything,” Steve murmured, unable to adopt that fake paternal tone that indicated Sam was teasing. 
   You stuck your tongue out at Sam, then Steve, before waving goodbye and letting your then-boyfriend whisk you away from the Compound.  
    “You need to get laid, Rogers,” Tasha had laughed. “Your eyes are starting to get green.”
   Handsome guy, kinda rich, definitely a dickhead. What was his name...?
   Then, he remembers. “You and Russo broke up?”
— — —
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moonlighttfoxx · a month ago
The girl with the golden eyes: Chapter Two
Summary: Steve is still trying to figure out his feelings and trying to put those weird insticts under control. 
Warnings: smut, jealous Steve, Bucky
A/N: It’s a little bit more descriptive. 
Tumblr media
After what seemed like a century with Hydra, taking a break was exactly what you needed. Natasha had come in the right moment to save you from Hydra, but mostly from yourself and all these relentless thoughts of devastating guilt. And you couldn’t thank her enough. You were tired of being Hydra’s pet, you were tired of helping them in their sick cause and most of all, you were tired of being Brock’s pet, his little precious trophy.
You were also thankful to your new teammates. You expected them to be a little harsh on you and frankly, you wouldn’t blame them. If you were in their shoes, you wouldn’t trust a person who used to play for the enemy’s team as well. But they were nothing but kind, sweet and gentle with you. They were doing their best to make you feel comfortable and a part of their team. Almost all of them at least.
It’s been a couple of weeks since your first encounter with them. Now you were an honorable member not only of their compound, but of their regular movie nights, game nights and their lives in general. It was so simple, so cozy, so friendly. You’ve never felt so relaxed and peaceful in your life. And getting to know each one of them was truly a blessing. They were all incredible in their own unique way. You’ve grown closer to them – to some more than to others, but that’s just human nature, isn’t it? You can’t click the same with everyone.
Besides Natasha, who you had so much in common with – your childhood, your interests, your personalities (she was as much of a strong independent girl, who wanted to have fun as much as you were), over the past days you grew incredibly close to Bucky. You knew the reason: both of you were unfortunate enough to have spent a part of your lives in Hydra’s grasp. That was the first thing that brought you closer. You found yourself able to share memories and fears with him that you thought you’d never open up about to anyone. Then the Hydra talk eventually turned into a movie talk, a book talk, intimate thoughts and sex preferences conversations and absolutely everything you could think of.
You knew what this looked like on the outside and you were sure that everyone thought there was something going on between the two of you. But that definitely wasn’t the case. As good as you two got along on almost every level, you knew Bucky wasn’t the type of person you saw yourself with, not for something serious at least. Truth be told, you wouldn’t mind having him as a stress release buddy if it ever came to that – pure physical act, ending with multiple orgasms instead of feelings. He’d be a perfect fit for that, you were sure. And boy, did you need multiple orgasms…
You smiled at the thought while doing your morning ritual after getting out of bed. It was an early morning, so you thought you might go and do some sort of breakfast. Not that you could really cook, but scrambled eggs were one of the few things you could make.
Wearing only a grey t – shirt, a few sizes too big, almost reaching your knees (it was Bucky’s after all, after escaping from Hydra, you didn’t have a lot of personal belongings, so he was kind enough to offer you a few of his shirts after you mentioned how much you enjoyed sleeping in baggy shirts) and a pair of pink bikinis that were neatly hidden underneath Bucky’s shirt, you made your way to the kitchen through the quiet hallways, ready to start making the breakfast.
Steve was walking down the hallway, sleepily rubbing his eyes, when his supersoldier sense of smell was attacked by the delicious scent of something being cooked. Something that made his stomach growl. He took a deep breath inhaling it. It was something fried, maybe eggs. It had to be eggs mixed with something sweet. That was weird. Eggs and something sweet? He took one more deep breath. Lilacs. Fuck. That meant only one thing: Y/N was there. Probably she was the one cooking the deliciously smelling meal. Maybe he should come back later? It was way too early to deal with all the weird reactions of his body. NO. His body didn’t control him. NO. He was in charge. Hiding and avoiding her would definitely not solve the issue. He took one more deep breath for a totally different reason this time and stepped into the kitchen.
His eyes immediately found her. She had her back to him mixing some ingredients in a bowl. It was clear that she hadn’t heard him. She was completely oblivious to his presence in the room. She had her usual sleeping attire – a baggy t-shirt and nothing else. Nothing he could see anyway. Oh how much he hated that attire! He hated everything about it. The way it hugged her thighs and especially the way her pointy nipples were poking through the fabric. He couldn’t see them yet, but he had no doubt they were there just like every other morning. What happened to the good old bra, huh? Didn’t she own any? How inappropriate was that – walking around in a house full of men with her perky breasts completely braless! It was so fucking infuriating! For him at least.
Still standing at the door, he saw her reaching up into one of the cabinets. She couldn’t really rely on her height, when it came to reaching… well anything. She was short indeed. She stood up on her tip toes, obviously hoping for a better access, but the only thing she really enabled was Steve’s eyes access to her butt. He was wondering what she was hiding underneath those stupid baggy t – shirts. Well, it was a perfectly round, small, seemingly tight bum, just waiting for him to put his hands over it, squeezing it, spanking it, painting it red. Oh, he was sure he could cover it with only one of his big hands. He felt a familiar tug in his boxers. Damn it! Not again.  
‘Do you need any help with that?’ he asked huskily. Y/N jumped a little, startled. She turned around, facing him. Yep. There they were – those nipples, poking through her shirt. That certainly didn’t help his pants situation.
‘No… well, actually, yes. Could you, please?’ she smiled, her cheeks getting a little redder. Was she blushing?
Steve walked over to her. She didn’t move contrary to his expectations, which didn’t give him any other option, but to position himself right in front of her. Her pointy nipples almost touching his t-shirt covered upper abdomen. She was looking up at his face with those big golden eyes. Jesus. That image was certainly going to hunt him through yet another cold shower. The only thing he was praying for right then was for her not to move any closer… or else she could feel him… she could feel just how hard he was for her.
‘Uhm…’ he cleared his throat. ‘What is it the thing you need again?’
She seemed flushed for some reason. That’s when he felt it or to be more précised that’s when he smelled it. Smelled her. Lilacs and something even sweeter. He couldn’t tell what that smell was. He didn’t care what it was, but he couldn’t mistake the pheromones filling in the air around him, accessible only for a superhuman like him. She was turned on. She was wet, he was sure of it. Was that for him? Was she wet for him?
‘Pepper’ she whispered at first, but then continued more confidently. ‘I need pepper. Someone put it on the top shelf’
He reached out, careful not to touch her, grabbed the needed ingredient and locked his blue eyes on hers once again.
‘There’ he breathed.
‘Thanks’ she answered taking it slowly from him, not breaking the eye contact.
‘Good Lord, what’s that heavenly smell?’ Bucky’s voice interrupted their unofficial staring contest. Y/N jumped a little once again and moved away from Steve, turning her back on him and continuing with her cooking.  Steve also moved a few steps back and looked at Bucky. He could see his nostrils flaring. The winter soldier was breathing in the wide mixture of smells in the kitchen. He was a fellow supersoldier after all. Steve could see the realization hitting Bucky’s face and his eyes darkening seconds after that. Oh yeah, he had smelled her. Bucky knew. Now there was another smell, filling in the air around Steve: the smell of Bucky’s desire. He smirked and moved closer to where Steve and Y/N were. Moving past Steve he positioned himself next to her on her right and gently traced his metal fingers along her upper arm. Then whispered in her ear: ‘What’s that heavenly smell, Y/N?’
Steve knew what smell his best friend was referring to this time and it had nothing to do with breakfast. He was well aware of it. For some reason Bucky’s thoughts, Bucky’s desire, Bucky’s body close to Y/N’s, his fingers moving up and down her arm aggravated Steve, it drove him wild. All he wanted to do is tear Bucky away from her. A low growl threatened to escape from his mouth as if he had lost all control over his body, his instincts taking over his brains. But fortunately Y/N’s giggle was the thing that brought his focus on her and that was all he needed to stop the uncontrollable growl from escaping right on time, enabling him to quickly regain his control.
‘Scrambled eggs. They’re almost ready. I’m making extra anyway, so both of you can have a bite’ she answered.
‘Mmm… I would love to have a bite, doll…’ Bucky whispered, smirking. ‘Wouldn’t you love to have a bite, Steve?’
Bucky locked his eyes on Steve’s, still smirking.
‘Yeah. You have no idea, Buck’ Steve answered coldly.          
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ana-benn · a month ago
Public Relations
This is Steve knowing how thirsty these hoes be....
It's me...
I'm these hoes.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Dom/sub relationship, smut, Steve Rogers, pining, angst, jealousy
Pairing: Steve/Stark!reader
Title: Public Relations
As Tony Stark's daughter, and personal PR specialist you'd weathered a lot of storms.
As the chief PR strategist for the now defunct SHIELD, you'd learned to keep a level head and roll with the punches.
As Steve Rogers girlfriend? Well that's where you'd learned to let go of the control and let the Captain take over. He was firm, and left very little room to wonder who was in charge at any point. Even your dad and Nat had stopped teasing you about dating the 100 year old virgin.
In all honesty Steve was probably the kindest man you'd been with, and he made a point of making sure you were comfortable and satisfied. You trusted him with everything inside of you. It was sometimes difficult to find the hard dominant edge to him, but you were in love and every part of him balanced out every part of you.
Today though? Today you were in the conference room of a prison staring at the hard eyes of your boyfriend with your dad in the corner and an assassin of mythological proportions 20 feet below you. You were here as the Avengers PR manager, NOT his girlfriend or his submissive, though that hard edge in his eyes as you stared at him and he stared back was definitely one you'd seen on a few occasions.
"Steve, General Ross agreed to let you walk out of here a free man. Just sign the papers and we launch the story that you didn't sign so you could get close enough to the Winter Soldier to bring him in. Sam's agreed to go along if you do!" You plead with him.
"What about Bucky?"
"Steve, he bombed the UN!" You said exasperated, you'd been going through this dance for over an hour.
"No he didn't! He was halfway across Europe," Steve ground out.
"Okay, but you can't fix that from prison," you reasoned.
"Did you read this thing y/n?"
"Of course I did. I'll admit it isn't perfect but people are scared. Just sign it Steve." There was a new weariness to your voice now. You knew this wasn't a battle you would win.
Just as that realization dawned on you an alarm went off.
The next few hours flew by. Steve, Sam, and the Winter Soldier broke out. General Ross issued an ultimatum about getting them back, and your dad suddenly seemed to age 10 years.
One thing was abundantly clear though:
As far as the Government was concerned, Steve was no longer an Avenger.
...........3 months later.............
You'd spent the last three months in a fog.
The first month was spent caring for your dad and getting him back on his feet, before Pepper came in and took over. Then you'd gone back to you and Steve's two-bedroom apartment and burried yourself in work. Now since you'd been home you found yourself slowly purging Steve. It hurt too much to see the photos, or have his clothes hanging next to yours. So you'd taken to putting his things in the spare bedroom. Out of sight, but still there. You weren't sure if he'd ever come back to get it, but it felt wrong to throw it away.
Your moods shifted constantly. On one hand you missed the quiet talks and late night conversation, on the other you wanted to hate him for hiding the man who murdered your grandparents. You felt sick at how easily he'd turned against your father. Still you found yourself stealing his clothes and spraying his aftershave on his pillow when you couldn't sleep. Needing his scent and familiar things to bring you comfort.
More than that you found yourself feeling more overwhelmed and anxious all the time now. There was no break from being your business persona. You were constantly being a strong woman on her own, being thrown to the wolves each and every press day. There was no one for you to lean into and hand the reins to anymore.
You missed demanding kisses with rough hands. Sharp thrusts and teeth in your soft flesh. Being completely at someone's control without fear and in complete bliss. Your body knew the difference too, you couldn't even get yourself off anymore, you needed to be dominated.
Which is how you found yourself out to dinner with a guy Pepper knew from Stark Industries. Quinton was a nice enough guy you supposed, but had none of the power behind him Steve did. You knew it wasn't going anywhere after the third time he apologized for talking about the project he was working on with your dad, but you didn't want to be rude.
So you small talked your way through dinner, and gave him a brief kiss on the cheek as you walked to your car. Thanking your foresight to drive separately, and avoid an awkward ride to your apartment. You made the drive home, and as soon as you turned on the light you yelped out loud.
“Steve, what the hell are you doing here?” you said as you made your way to the open blinds. “You should not be here. You’re literally wanted by the UN.” 
“Who was he?” came Steve’s tight reply.
“Who was who Steve? Friday, disengage Stark monitoring software and erase the last three hours of feedback,” you said. “Authorization, Y/N Stark,” Automatically moving to protect your fugitive boyfriend.
“Don’t play with me kitten,” Steve ground out. “The douche at the restaurant.” 
“What, did you follow me? You're talking about Quinton? You disappear for three months with the assassin who killed my grandparents and you’re jealous of a blind date?” you questioned, temper rising. “You don’t get to be jealous. Not anymore, I gave you an opportunity and you didn’t take it.” 
“Really kitten? You think you call the shots now?” Steve said, standing up and walking towards you. “You think I don’t know what you want? What you need? What you’ve been craving?” 
With each step he was backing you towards the wall, “You don’t know what I want Steve. You left remember,” you said, hating how weak and broken your voice sounded. 
“I know kitten, and I’m sorry for leaving you, but I’m here now,” Steve’s voice softened. His eyes darted to your lips, and before you could register who kissed who his hands were lifting you up to him and you lips melded in an earth shattering kiss. 
As your hands settled on his head you felt his bulge press into your core, “Steve,” you moaned.
“I thought I didn’t know what you needed,” he smirked as his lips moved to your neck and his fingers worked their way under your skirt. “Now beg for me kitten, or I’ll have to make you.” His fingers began teasing your wetness under your skirt.
“Please Captain, I’ve missed you,” you whimpered. "Don't tease me, please, you don't know what it's been like."
“I know kitten,” he murmured as he plunged two fingers into your core. You groaned as he began pumping into you. “Such a good girl aren’t you honey. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”
“Oh God, Captain..... I....I’m going to......” you moaned out embarrassingly quickly.
“Shhhh, I know. I’ve got you, cum for me. I want to feel you,” he said as he pulled your long awaited orgasm from you.
As you were coming down you felt Steve enter you, pulling another groan from you. You hadn't even been aware that he'd unbuckled his pants.
“That’s it kitten, you take me so good baby,” his hips pounding you in your entryway. “I’m going to make sure you remember who owns this pretty little pussy. You knew that before you even tried to go on that date didn't you? Who makes you feel like this?”
“Steve!” you cried at a sharp thrust.
“That’s right honey. I do," he growled into your neck.
He was quiet after that, focusing more on marking any exposed skin with his lips and teeth. His hands, frustrated at working around your panties chose to just rip your clothing from your body. You moaned at his raw power, pawing pitifully at his shirt wanting his skin on yours.
He separated his lips from you long enough to pull his shirt over his head. He immediately reaffixed his lips to you, and brought a hand to your clit. He worked your body, focused now on bringing you to the edge. As you fell over he held you tight to his body, as he moved back towards your shared bedroom.
You noticed his throat tighten at his side of the closet being empty, and an unidentified look in his eyes at the sight of his aftershave and t shirt on your nightstand. Your hand found his face, bringing his eyes to yours, "I missed you."
His lips reattached to yours. You both knew a real conversation needed to happen, but for tonight you needed to surrender and Steve needed to lay his claim. There was a hunger in him for you that he needed to satisfy like a panther reclaiming his land. He was all hands and teeth, with soft words and possessive demands. By the time you dozed off on his chest that night, pure exhaustion settled deep in your bones, you knew no matter what came next you knew you weren't going to let Steve leave again. You needed each other, and this dance you'd learned together optional. You belonged together, and that was all you cared about.
Tags: @beauvibaby
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magicforjournals · a month ago
Green Dress - A Story About Loki Inquiry
Loves!! Question for y'all!
Should I include a jealous Steve Rogers in Green Dress? We had a glimpse of jealous Bucky, but he won't push the boundaries of his friendship with the reader. Do you think Steve should? Almost as if he's claiming her??
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rodrikstark · 2 months ago
some reasons why jealous!steve is so hot
Tumblr media
the jaw clench, first and foremost. you all know what i’m talking about. the silent broodiness, the tension, the angst. very attractive. 10/10
steve could snap a man in half. he wouldn’t, okay. but he could. nothing better than a beauitful, strong man. incredibly hot, 11/10
he’s the captain, right? you like when he uses his authority, when he orders you around or intimidates guys who try to talk to you. sometimes you need someone to boss you around. love it, super sexy. 15/10
his jealousy can come from a very genuine place; it doesn’t have to necessarily be something dark/toxic/controlling. steve didn’t have a lot in the 40′s (including luck with the ladies!!), so it makes sense that he would be protective over what he has, and be a little insecure in a relationship. overall, i enjoy how jealous!steve can fit into any kind of fanfic genre you like, fluff, angst, dark, smut, whatever. 25/10
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rodrikstark · 2 months ago
for a character and a love language Steve Rogers and jealousy 😛 (idk if that counts as a love language but feel like we deserve this)
steve rogers x reader (fluff and angst)
a/n: i want you to know that you can absolutely shoehorn jealous!steve into any prompt i give you and i'll do it i swear to god. sorry this got a lil angsty :\
Tumblr media
scott gently takes your hand and puts it under the UV light. “how long again?” 
you shrug. “like, two minutes. you can start on my other hand in the meantime.”
he starts to paint a thin layer of blue on your other fingers. “thanks for letting me do this.”
a small, sad smile twitches on your face. “cassie’s a little old for you to be doing her nail polish, right?”
he focuses on his work, careful not to get any varnish on your cuticles. “yeah, but after i came back, there’s all this new stuff she likes now or stopped liking from before, and i need to get caught up.”
you sense movement behind scott’s shoulder and glance up at steve, who shifts uncomfortably in his chair while reading a book in the far corner of the room.
he hasn’t turned a page in a while. not since scott burst into the room, specifically asking for you to practice gel nail polish on.
the timer chirps and scott gingerly pulls you out to inspect his work, which is a little sloppy, but it’s his first time. “ah! what a graceful hand, my beautiful lady!” he says, with a terrible posh accent.
the dull tap of a book closing and a chair scraping on the floor interrupts your giggling.
“lang,” steve says sternly. “i think dr. banner needs help inspecting the gauntlet.”
scott nods, getting to his feet quickly at steve’s order. he gestures for you to put your other hand, only partially painted, under the lamp. “i’ll be back.”
you reset the timer.
steve takes hesitant steps toward you, not sitting down in front of you until scott shuts the door. 
you hum quietly to yourself, admiring your nails as you wait for steve to come up with an explanation as to why bruce suddenly needed scott for something.
“they’re pretty,” he murmurs. “i like the color.”
you bite the inside of your lip to keep from smiling too big. “i can teach you to paint my nails, if you want.”
with a shake of his head, he says, “leave it to scott. he did a good job.”
your hand has to stay beneath the light, but you still fidget self-consciously under his heavy gaze. “steve.”
his jaw relaxes at the fondness in your voice; you hadn’t even noticed how clenched it was.  
very typical of him, to get a little jealous.
“i’m sorry,” he mutters. “i couldn’t take another minute of that.” he grasps your free hand, intertwining your fingers. “him touching you, and making you laugh—”
you giggle. “well, that’s—”
“talking about kids and family and—” he cuts himself off, standing up abruptly. “sorry.”
you panic.
steve walks back to his chair to grab his book, sniffling quietly. he starts for the door.
luckily, the timer goes off. frantically, you free yourself and block his way, two firm palms against his chest. “hey.”
“i’m never gonna be that.”
you almost scoff in disbelief. “you don’t..." your heart crumbles at his devastated look. “steve, you’ve never—"
“you deserve something like that, and i can’t give it to you.” he shifts his weight, about to move past you in that stubborn steve way.  
flustered and at a loss for words for how to stop him, you stand on your tip-toes and gently flick his forehead. “you’re so stupid, rogers.”
the absurd action makes him chuckle, despite himself.
“we are trying to get half the universe back and you really think i’m dreaming about some perfectly normal, nuclear family life?” you wipe at a tear that has trickled down his cheek. “no. fuck that. normal went out the window a long time ago."
he looks down at his feet. 
your fingers tenderly press against the underside of his jaw until he meets your eyes. “fuck that shit.”
he nods, swallowing. "fuck it."
“you’re all i’ve ever wanted, steve.” your voice breaks. “and you’re all i have left. we’ve gotta focus, baby. don't push me away."
steve cups your elbows, tugging you forward until he can kiss the top of your head. “okay, yeah. you're right."
“yeah, stupid.” you throw your arms around his neck. “i love you.”
“i love you too.”
— — —
part of my 600 follower celebration :)  [requests closed]
— — —
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kinanabinks · 2 months ago
Love His Koala Bear!!!! Can I ask how would Steve handle a guy trying to take advantage of his drunk lil Koala bear??
thank you so much !!!!!!
you can absolutely ask that and i am more than happy to answer!!
(btw i have a LOT of koala!steve asks and i am slowly but surely getting around to them all i promise)
content warning: violence + sexual comments
for steve, watching you drink is like the act of drinking itself
it seems like a great idea beforehand, and it's really fun at first, but then there's the hangover
for steve, the hangover phase is around shot number 9 which is usually when the only thing you want to do is get up and dance
what a headache
it's fine when you're drinking at home, or at an intimate gathering, or even in a private booth where he can just watch you dance from afar with your friends and he doesn't need to be concerned at all unless you trip over or something
but it's the worst when you're in a densely populated bar
you are stubborn as FUCK when you're drunk. you will literally not hesitate to hit steve if he refuses to let you onto the dancefloor
he thinks it's adorable that you believe it actually hurts him
sometimes though, when he's tired, annoyed at something else, or maybe even just a little drunk himself, he'll let you go
and he always regrets it every single fucking time
one time, one of your friends from work tags along on a night out
daisy is SUPER fun and loves a good flirt
she goes onto the dancefloor with you and steve stupidly thinks she'll keep you safe
minutes into it, he looks over to see the two of you talking to not one guy, not even two guys, but a group of five guys who have cornered you
daisy doesn't mind bc she's sexy and single and the guy with red hair is saying all the right things rn
you're a little intimidated but the alcohol is helping
so with liquid courage coursing through your blood, you take part in their conversation and answer their questions
they're harmless enough at first
but then they get a little touchy
nat’s the first to notice. she looks at steve and sighs, “oh, no”
he’s already on his feet and making his way over to you
“no, thank you,” you say, attempting to move back but hitting a wall as the two guys in front of you each rest a hand on your hips
“come on,” one of them coos, smirking down at you. “it’ll be fun. you can suck my cock while dave here fucks you, nice and good”
steve hears this, and is almost numb with white rage
the sound of the bar drowns out. all he can hear is his blood pumping through his veins
he grabs each of the guys’ shoulder and spins them around. he punches the one that spoke to you, making the other guy jump on him
you gasp as the three of them engage in a fight
he punches one, elbows the other, then kicks the first one in the groin
“bucky, go help!” maria says, pulling on his metal arm
bucky just smirks and continues drinking his whiskey. “something tells me steve doesn’t need my help.”
and he’s right.
steve easily takes on the two guys, recovering from their hits with a devilish smirk on his face. he holds up the first one by the collar. “i can do this all day,” he says smugly, before socking him in the jaw
you stand by with wide eyes
by the time the bouncers come over, the two guys are on the floor bleeding and moaning in pain
steve holds his hands up in surrender before the bouncers can throw him out. he grabs your wrist and drags you out of the bar
“that is why you don’t dance without me,” he mutters, smoothing down his messed up hair
you’re still in shock, your heart racing.
“you okay?” steve asks, wrapping his arms around you and giving you a concerned look. “did they hurt you?”
you nimbly lift up your fingers to wipe the blood from his lips and shake your head. “i’m fine.”
he smiles before kissing your fingers. “good. let’s get you home.”
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kinanabinks · 2 months ago
Ooh koala!steve making every guy you go out with dissapesr leading to you thinking there is something wrong with you and you going to him and crying in his arms😶😯
check out my masterlist if you haven't already read the koala bear series!
as always, dark!steve content ahead so beware - toxic friendship, possessiveness, and threat of violence
another cute outfit gone to waste. another two hours spent getting ready gone to waste. because another date has just stood you up
a few months ago, you made it your mission to put some effort into going on dates. your ma is concerned that you've never brought a guy other than steve home, and you just want to prove to her that you are capable of finding a nice boy
tonight is the second date you've planned, and the second time it's gone to shit.
the first was theo andino. he was cute, and you met him at a cafe where he bought you a hot chocolate
little do you know, steve also met him a few days after you did.
"so you're the guy who asked y/n on a date?"
theo turns around before glancing back to the dumpster and throwing the large trash bag into it. facing the stranger again, he lets out a nervous laugh. "uh, who are you?"
steve smiles back at him. "steve rogers. and you're theo andino; coffee boy."
"uh," theo rubs the back of his neck. "how do you know me?"
stepping out of the shadows, steve walks closer to him. "stay away from y/n. don't contact her, don't look at her, don't even fucking think of her. you understand me?"
theo is shaking; he can see that steve could kill him with his bare hands. "o-okay, man, okay. i understand."
the second one, the one you were supposed to meeting tonight, is paulo. you met him at a party, and you were both a little tipsy, but you could tell he was funny and knew how to hold a conversation
steve almost had an aneurysm when he saw paulo's hand on your waist, but he held himself back. for then, anyway
after dropping you off at home, steve went back to the party. he saw paulo leaving so he grabbed him and shoved him against a wall, a grave look on his face
"woah, what the fuck, man?" paulo yelled, failing to push steve off him
"you're new to town, so i'll let you off with a warning this time," steve spat maliciously. "but if i ever see you putting your hands on y/n again, i'll break your fucking fingers."
to steve's surprise, paulo smirked. "so i just gotta make sure i touch her in private, is what i'm hearing."
steve tightened his grip around paulo's collars. "you think you're smart, huh?"
"what are you; her boyfriend?" paulo asked with narrow eyes.
"y/n's mine," steve told him sternly. "stay the fuck away from her."
"are you her boyfriend?" paulo repeated, scanning steve's face.
"it doesn't matter what the fuck i am!" steve yelled. "if i see you with her, i'll slit your fucking throat and watch you bleed out."
you aren't sure why paulo didn't show up to the restaurant. you wait twenty minutes and miss call him three times before giving up and trudging to the one place you know can make you feel better.
"i just don't understand," you cried. "thats the second time that a guy has just completely ghosted me. they didn't even have the decency to cancel."
steve wrapped his arm around you and cuddled you closer to him, before pulling the duvet over both your bodies. "listen to me, baby: those guys are losers. they were stupid to lose out on a chance with you. you are an absolute diamond; don't waste your worry on dirt."
hot tears ran down your cheeks as you snuggled up to his side. "it just makes me feel so stupid. i get all excited that a guy actually finds me interesting and cute enough to ask out, and then i'm left to stand there waiting for them."
"hey, now," steve said with a frown, cupping your face and making you look up at him. "do you not realize how cute and interesting i think you are?"
you laughed softly, allowing him to wipe away your tears.
"you are the cutest little thing i've ever laid eyes on," he promised, before placing a peck on the tip of your nose. "and you're so smart, and so fun, and so fucking interesting, that i've known you since i was 5 and i still get excited to talk to you. i'm still finding new things to learn and love about you, every single day."
"what did you learn today?" you queried with a raised eyebrow, sniffling.
he looked at you for a few moments, his left arm tightening around your waist while his right hand held your face. his eyes were filled with adoration and awe as he scanned your face, biting down on his lip for a few seconds before answering you. "today i learnt that you are absolutely fucking gorgeous when you cry."
you snorted at his words and shook your head. "oh, please. with this runny nose?"
his right hand moved up to cup your other cheek, his thumbs stroking your soft skin. "with these red eyes, these puffy cheeks, and these swollen lips." his mouth brushed against yours, and he had to hold back a shudder. "you are unbelievably stunning."
"and you're a charmer, mr. rogers," you giggled, feeling better already.
"you love me?" he asked teasingly, to which you rolled your eyes.
"you know i do," you replied with a small smile.
he narrowed his eyes playfully. "show me."
with a soft laugh, you placed your lips to his in a tender kiss. "does that prove it?"
"i think another three will help me believe it," steve mumbled, his lips already on yours before you had a chance to say anything.
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rodrikstark · 2 months ago
lend me your hand (we'll conquer them all) 3/6
steve rogers x reader (fluff & angst) [PACIFIC RIM AU]
summary: steve is not jealous.
word count: 1.5k
warnings: swearing, drinking
(part 1) (part 2) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6)
Tumblr media
    You try to remind yourself: you and Steve are maintaining this façade at the recruitment camp for a good cause, ultimately. Yet, you resent how the stiff bed digs into your back every night, and find it disgusting to share a bathroom with so many people. Also, the cafeteria food sucks; you stab aimlessly at most of your meals, sensing Steve’s concerned gaze on you from across the table.
   Others have their eyes on you, too. In this initial stage, the Jaeger Program constantly takes note of which candidates interact, and how. Then, they will assign you a partner for the next phases of recruitment. This surveillance—this gross feeling of being monitored—annoys you the most. 
   But, on the bright side, the Program hosts social gatherings, hoping to get a more authentic assessment of the group’s dynamics.
   They provide plenty of free alcohol, and you have plenty of cute guys to talk to that aren’t Steve.
   “What’s a guy with your accent doing in the big city?” you ask coyly.
   One of the potential recruits, this huge guy named Thor, leans against the bar. “Born and raised in Australia, but I’ve lived in New York for the past five years,” he explains.
   He nods to the bartender, then hands you the drink you ordered. “Thank you,” you say shyly. You tilt the plastic cup to your lips as Thor watches you.
   “Where are you from?” Oh, his accent makes you melt.
   By now, you’ve rehearsed this question with Steve enough times to answer with confidence. “Chicago, originally. I haven’t lived in New York as long, maybe only a year.”
   A big grin grows on his face. “I bet there’s plenty of things you still haven’t seen in the city.”
   Your cheeks warm, and you take another sip. “You wanna show me some time?”
   Over Thor’s right shoulder, Steve appears. Because he stands about fifteen feet away, he looks almost comically small as he glares at the back of Thor’s head, which is covered in all his gorgeous, long blond hair. Then his eyes flick to you, jerking his chin and signaling you to follow him.
   You scowl into your drink.
   Thor asks, “Are you alright?”
   You sigh airily. “I’m fine. Excuse me.” You duck around him, grabbing a beer from the end of the bar as you stride to meet Steve in a darkened corner, away from Thor and the rest of the crowd.
   Steve looks great tonight. You actually hid your face the second he stepped into the room, because you thought the JP officers would have noticed, and found it suspicious, just how much his appearance flustered you. He wears a blue shirt, your favorite one, which somehow makes his eyes shine even more ridiculously blue. It also stretches over the muscles of his arms nicely. 
   Those arms cross in an annoyed gesture. “Will you cut it out with the flirting?” he hisses.
   You laugh, handing him the beer. “You jealous, Rogers?”
   He blinks at you, clearly pissed. “You’re supposed to be compatible with me. What if they pair you with Odinson?”
   “Would that be so bad? I mean…” You let your gaze wander above his shoulder, in the direction of the Australian, whose deep, hearty, laughs you can hear over the background music.
  He grabs your arm, hard enough to be uncomfortable. “Don’t. That’s not funny.” His gaze flickers back and forth anxiously, like he thinks you’re actually serious.
   Irritated, you yank your forearm free and whisper, “Can you relax? We’ve done everything right.”
   You and Steve have interacted as much as possible these past several days, just shy of arousing suspicion in the JP officers. He staked a claim on you pretty early on, always taking a spot adjacent to you in the cafeteria, even requesting other candidates to move if there was no space. Once seated next to you, Steve made sure to ask you a bunch of questions. Not necessarily about your fake backstory—the lines you’ve rehearsed—but what a normal friend would ask. So, things he already knows, has memorized after years of knowing you. “What’s your favorite Jaeger?” and “What kind of music do you like?”
   And you did your part by trying to compliment him often. In any other circumstance, Steve would have a field day teasing you for the genuinely kind words you said to him, but now he can’t do anything but smile bashfully when you tell him you’re impressed with his knowledge of Jaeger Program history.
   Worst of all, Steve would touch you. A playful nudge, a solid thigh pressed along yours when you sat side-by-side, a gentle hand at your waist when he walked behind you. He has never touched you this much. It made your face hot, made you trip on your words when you’d normally feel perfectly comfortable around him.
   But overall, not a single mis-step, at least as far as you knew. And still, somehow, Steve finds a way to irritate and criticize you.
   He turns his head sharply, his lips pressing together. He pries open his beer bottle with a quiet pop, his hand flexing and unflexing.
   You roll your eyes. “You know what I don’t get sometimes, Steve?” 
   “What?” he asks flatly, taking a swig of his beer.
   “Why the fuck do you want to kill Kaiju so bad?”
   The song changes to something loud and cute and poppy, and you wish you could be singing along, giggling with Thor or Sam or Riley or whoever you want, and maybe have fun for the first time in weeks, for the first time since Steve has started drilling you, constantly, aggressively, and annoyingly on combat technique and interview etiquette. He doesn’t usually act so paranoid, let alone put up all these boundaries around you.
   “You really care so much about killing ocean monsters?” you press on, your tone purposely mean and mocking. “That you’re willing to be such an asshole to me?”
   “Look,” he snaps. “If you get paired with someone else, it’s all over. I’m trying to make sure that you didn’t waste your precious time by coming here.”  
   You fume. “Like you weren’t just cozying up to Maximoff.”
   You cringe at how jealous you sound. You don’t care how close he was sitting to Wanda several minutes ago, how he laughed at whatever she said. You don’t care that he hasn’t glanced at you twice all night despite the fact that you know you look good in your dress, Steve only giving a shit once you started chatting up Thor. 
   You don’t care.
   He pushes a hand through his blond hair, which you can tell he styled all special for tonight. “Jesus fucking Christ.”
   “Just tell me. I mean, killing Kaiju, do you think it’s going to make you feel like a man, or—?”
   You stop. At the far end of the room, you see one of the Jaeger Program officers staring directly at you, then turning to his colleague to say something.
   Steve tenses. “What?”
   Shaking your head, you say, “Nothing.”
   He lets out a frustrated exhale. "It's not about killing Kaiju. People are dying. If I can be a pilot, if I can stop it… why shouldn’t I?”
   It’s a good enough reason that you force yourself to count to ten, trying to calm down. You can’t let your own feelings get in the way of his abnormally strong sense of duty, his headstrong impulse to throw himself into the literal jaws of death.
   You think about Romanoff. 
   Frankly, you haven’t really stopped thinking about Romanoff, and Yelena Belova, especially since people here tend to hype up the glory of Kaiju-killing.
   “Don’t you ever worry that you’ll get hurt?” you ask, barely audible above the music.
   You glance down at your feet, studying the black heels you wore, which have pinched your feet all night. You thought they were cute. You wonder if Steve liked them, or if he would dismiss them as impractical and make you feel like shit.
   “What do I have to lose?” Steve mumbles. 
   Your breath hitches as you glare at him. You can’t read his face.
   You bite your lip, willing yourself to focus on that small physical pain instead of the little rip Steve Rogers just tore in your heart. “Right. I forgot.” You tilt the rest of your drink into your mouth and swallow it all in one go. Coughing at the burn, tears forming at the corners of your eyes, you mutter, “This is all about you.”
   Before you or Steve can say anything else you’ll regret, you push past him, swatting at his hand when he tries to grab you again.
— — —
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rodrikstark · 4 months ago
Can you do a jealous Steve Rogers?? I’d die
cherry (drabble)
jealous!steve rogers x reader (fluff)
word count: 100 exactly :)
a/n: DAMN nonnie why are you coming into my inbox like this trying to expose my KINKS!! jk, jealous!steve rogers is welcome at my blog at all times. thanks for the request! title from harry styles
Tumblr media
  “Wow, interesting—Oh! Okay,” you yelp, waving feebly at the recruit as Steve steers you away with a firm hand on the small of your waist.
  “Little shit,” Steve grumbles, a possessive hand lowering to your hip.
  “Aw, he’s a baby SHIELD agent,” you whine, as if you were just talking to a puppy. You try turning back towards what’s-his-name, but Steve doesn’t let you. “He didn’t know any better.”
  Veering into an empty hallway, Steve thuds back against a wall and pulls you flush to his chest. “Don’t call him baby.”
  You kiss away the pout on his face.
— — —
part of my 200 follower celebration :)
— — —
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holacia2 · 4 months ago
Old Man
Holacia Note: Sex is an adventure and one night may not be the same as the next. Keep your relationships exciting my friends ✌️
Summary: You make fun of Steve finishing before you and he sets out to change your mind. 
Steve Rogers x reader
Word Count: ~1600
Warnings: 18+, sex, quick joke of Bucky x reader
Tag List: @drabblewithfrannybarnes​ 
Tumblr media
“Oh fuck, you’re so tight,” Steve panted as you rocked your hips above him. 
The warm flood of his spend filled you as he grunted into your dimly lit bedroom, and you stopped pumping him, a smirk on your face. You leaned forward to bite him on the side of his neck, reminding him that he still had a job to finish. 
“Yeah, yeah, I know.” His apology was short as his thumb found your button quickly, working you until you reached your climax as well. 
The next morning you woke up in his arms, a warmth rushing through you as you saw his face relaxed as he continued to sleep in your shared bed. You began to pepper kisses onto his chest and neck, leaning over his wide form to reach along the width of his clavicle. The shift in your weight began to rouse him, and you felt his hand moving up and down your back. Your ears heard the low hum in his throat, reveling in your early morning affection. You grinned as he continued to rub your back and you playfully nipped his neck and memories from last night came back. 
“You’re an old man, mi amor,” you sang to him like the cartoon princesses of your childhood movies. 
“It’s not my fault you feel so good. And I got you in the end, didn’t I?”
“Yes, but you’ve never come before me,” you pouted, finding his open blue eyes in mock disappointment. 
You couldn’t help but poke fun at him. After all this time together, Steve had never once failed you in bed. Not to say that last night was some sort of failure. If anything, it just occurred in an unexpected sequence. You huffed out of bed and wandered to your closet to begin rifling through your clothes and start getting ready for the day.
“I’ll just have to find some younger guy to satisfy me the way I like now that you’re some kind of old buck.” 
“Hey now,” the sternness of his voice beaming straight to your core across the room. “Don’t say his name while we’re talking about our sex life.” You look over your shoulder to see him sitting up on the bed and smile. You didn’t mean Bucky, but decided to keep the joke going along. I mean, you weren’t blind. 
“Well now that you mention him...” your eyes twinkling mischievously. 
“He’s just as old as me.”
The two of you stare at one another until you can’t take it any longer and throw your head back in laughter. He joins you at the closet to grab his fresh clothes of the day (an old man outfit, no doubt) and swats your ass to go change.  
A blur of patients, scrubs, and bodily fluids. You remember walking into work and it felt like you blinked the shift away. You spent your day on your feet, working through your lunch hour as emergencies walked through the door. Upon returning to your safe haven, you tossed your bag onto the kitchen table and shook your jacket off. Steve meets you at the kitchen to greet you back home as the two of you fall into your evening routine. Some music, prepping dinner in the kitchen, and pouring wine. You love having such a different career than Steve as it made for interesting dinner conversations. He asked you about your patients, you asked him about the latest batch of agents. The night leads to a bowl of ice cream for sharing and a true crime documentary - how does Netflix have so many of these? - when the pair of you call it a night. 
You take your time in front of the bathroom mirror, finally taking Nat on her skin care recommendations and squeeze the puffy face cleanser onto your fingertips. Once your skin has been properly pampered, you plop onto the comfy mattress next to your cap. 
You turn towards him to cuddle but he slides right next to you and captures your lips in his. His hand cradles the side of your face, tangling past your ear and into your hair to keep you well anchored to his mouth, not that you had thought of leaving anytime soon. 
“You’ve been unhappy with my performance? Calling me an old man?” He asks in between kisses. 
“Yeah, that’s right,” you reply, slightly out of breath as he begins to suck harder on the column of your neck, instinctively hiking your leg over his hip. 
He pulls back to see your face more clearly, a determined look on his face before moving down your body, grabbing your hips and positioning you firmly on your back, nipping your stomach and pulling your pajama shorts off. You watch him settle in between your legs, his breath hot on your already slippery entrance, his hands settling on your hips. His pink tongue wets his lips and all at once, he lunges forward, latching onto your pussy. His nose swiping at your small button sends sparks throughout your body and you whine at the pleasure he’s giving you. His tongue, the sharp tongue of his that speaks his commands at work, is working his most important role as it dives within your channel, rubbing the walls of your cunt and the sensitive skin of your lower lips. There’s nothing in the world like Steve’s full attention on your pussy, and the obscene sounds coming from between your thighs is heaven. The slurping only turns you on more, and Steve can only continue to feed on you like a hungry animal, striking your cords until you come loudly on his mouth. 
You’re out of breath and you notice your chest working hard to bring oxygen back into your system. Your fingers run through Steve’s hair - were you tugging on his hair the whole time? - and pull him slightly upwards to encourage him back to your upper half. His upper arms carry him back to the head of the bed to float above you. 
“Hey you,” you whisper to him, your eyes taking in his messy hair and the wet shine across his mouth, the sexy artifacts of your glorious orgasm written across his face. 
“Hi yourself, doll.”
Somehow while your super soldier had been eating you out, he had slid out of his sweatpants. The realization hits you as he pushes the head of his cock through your cunt, your inner walls stretching to accommodate. He leans down to kiss you hard on your neck once more, surely leaving marks for you to admire tomorrow. You buck into the thrusts of his hips, moaning into his mouth as he kisses you deeply again. Despite your pussy being a perfect warm sheath for his dick, Steve encases your whole body - his hips rutting down to keep you positioned on the bed, his forearms acting as guardrails for your torso, one hand gripping your hip as the other clutches your neck just enough to know who is very much in charge, his muscular form blocking your body from the outside world as he brings you closer and closer to paradise.
The rope within your lower abdomen snaps and you scream his name in euphoria as he continues to pump in and out of you. He slows his rhythm as you catch your breath once more. You smile like an idiot in love, kissing him and he kisses you right back. Wrapping your arms and legs around him, the pair of you continue to softly share kisses until Steve decides to take action once more. 
He rolls onto his back while remaining inside of your pussy, your breasts pressed on his strong chest, and entices you back to his lips before pulling away.
“I want to make you come again.”
You sit up slightly, exhausted and confused. He reaches towards the point of your connection and begins to massage your clit with his thumb, grinding into you deeper still. You squirm, the sensation building, your tender sex humming once more. It isn’t until he takes hold of one of your boobs, pinching at your nipple that breaks the coil for the third time. Your eyes shut and you chant his name into the room, not once thinking about the looks your neighbors will be giving you and Steve the next time you meet. 
The big man underneath you swells with pride, holding you steady as your strength leaves you tumbling off his form. 
“I told you I wasn’t an old man.” 
You laugh at him and weakly smack at his pecs, exclaiming that it’s his turn to come tonight. You ask him how he wants to finish and he raises an eyebrow before asking you to turn around. You shake your head and dismount as gracefully as you could off his impressive cock only to find yourself sinking back down on his length. Holding his thick legs for support, you start to pump quickly. The biggest downfall of this position is not witnessing your favorite person reach ecstasy but you hear the dirty words he grunts as he admires your backside, feel how hard he tugs your hair back. He warns you and the moans escaping his lips gives you the last push as you come once more together. You fall forward between his muscular legs, ass tilted up and in full display for Steve while still keeping him inside you for just a little longer. Steve’s fingers trace the outline of your ass cheeks only to smack them in satisfaction. 
“Still think I’m an old man?”
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myra-barnes · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagines Steve jaloux de te voir flirter avec Brock Rumlow...
Imagine Steve jealous of you flirting with Brock Rumlow...
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