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#jawline 馃敧
rudystree6 days ago
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can i please read a 10 page paper on how this man has the most amazing features?
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ssen-unnie989 days ago
When I get to my ugw:
(The lowest I鈥檝e been to is 50kg and most of the things I鈥檓 listing is something I have experienced and I miss it so, so much!)
1. I have two pair of size 00 skirts I was able to wear a year ago (now folded nicely at the bottom of my dresser 銋犮厾)
2. Finally feel pretty and more confident
3. Feel good and look good in whatever I wear
4. Don鈥檛 always have to wear baggy, oversized stuff to hide my body
5. Guys and girls impressed by how skinny I am
6. Random people complimenting me
7. My family not commenting on what I eat/how much I eat
8. People usually guessing my weight at a lower number than what I actually am
9. Hating myself less and maybe actually loving myself
10. Not hating what I see in the mirror
11. Smaller face
12. Outline of my ribs
13. Flat stomach
14. Thigh gap!!!!
15. Slimmer legs
16. 24 inch waist???
17. Being able to fit into my shorts and have them be a bit baggy
18. Feel lighter - literally
19. Slender fingers
20. Don鈥檛 have to try on the clothes (I know xs and size 0 fits me and there has been occasions when a size 0 has been a bit loose on me)
21. The skinny friend
22. I鈥檓 lighter than what most guys bench so, they pick me up with ease
23. Eyes look bigger
24. Jawline 馃敧
25. Cameras adding on 10 pounds? No problem, I actually think I look good in photos/videos
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shu-sakamaki17 days ago
馃槾 Shuu Sakamaki 馃槾
Element : 馃└馃└馃└
Commons location : 馃泴馃泙馃彌馃彨
Strength : 90%
Brain/Strategy : 110%
Rapidity : 100%
Dangerousness : 1000000000 %
Woah ! You've encountered a Shuu ! This is a really rare breed of Pokemon that you can meet once in a lifetime ! You need to be careful, even though he's seems asleep most of the time, he is a very dangerous creature. Be wary on his lands !
Appearance : tall, blonde, tour Eiffel dick, blue eyes, fattest ass in the universe, strong jawline, wavy hair
Color pattern : 馃煥馃煢猬滒煙
Diet : notpussy, blood, fear, rare steak, tears of the innocents
Weapons : 馃敧 馃棥 / 馃Ψ馃Ψ / 馃 / 馃崋
Special Attacks : Blood sucking (-70 pts)
Public Indecency (-60 pts)
Assaulting innocent girls (-100pts)
Lewd : 鈾/10
Manipulative : 10/10
Violent : 8/10
Patient : 3/10
Quiet : 10/10
Fucking teasing your ass till you cry : 12/10
Sensitive : 4/10
Kids friendly : -鈾/10
Weaknesses : intense fire馃敟, pussy power 馃惐
Forgot my Adorableness score. I鈥檓 adorable, you know? In fact, that is what I鈥檓 known for.
Tumblr media
((... Is it...?))
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vic-m25 days ago
Tumblr media
The jawline is unreal 馃敧馃ぉ馃ぉ
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gagmebucky26 days ago
Oh. My. God. You watching criminal minds is like all of my obsessions combining into one on your blog
okay Me thoughts whilst watching cm:
matt simmons and luke tag team me challenge
garcia, my sexy beautiful bisexual queen whomst lights up my life
spencer reid鈥檚 characterization over the seasons is 馃槼馃槼馃槼馃槼馃槼馃槼馃槼馃槼馃槼 because season 1 through like season 8 is my beautiful baby boy, sweet and kindhearted... he needs to be protected 馃敧馃槨 then he fucking goes to prison and afterwards he is noticeably more gritty and fucking like edgy and when I went into the criminal minds tag, i was like I鈥檇 never be able to write a spencer fic because he鈥檚 too sweet but god... in these latter seasons, 馃槼馃槼馃槼
jj/aj cook鈥檚 jawline is unfucking real in the latter seasons (12-15) esp when you compare it to it in earlier seasons
derek morgan is the most open bisexual without saying he鈥檚 bisexual (his rapport with spencer and garcia my horny bisexual heart 鉂わ笍)
tara and Luke鈥檚 friendship is SO funny/cute 馃槶 when she was like 鈥淭heres proven sex positions that make ugly babies.鈥 And Luke鈥檚 like 鈥渁nd where鈥檚 the proof鈥 and she鈥檚 like 鈥滒煒 your mom鈥 i laughed SO ugly
emily pretiss... She.
also luke and garcia鈥檚 playful enemies to lovers vibes... god tier
also it kinda sucks that the last few seasons are the ones where we can really see the group operating outside of the fbi as a family 馃槗 like when they鈥檙e playing cards together, the day off and they鈥檙e all hanging out w each other, the wedding party
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himitsu-luna27 days ago
helloo, leaving him here in case you have blunt knives at home :
Tumblr media
use his sharp jawline to cut 馃敧
*me, hiding all the knives I have at home*
Ohh Ohh omg That's just what I needed, how did you know that? *nervous laugh* hohohoh
I'll keep him, yes, ofc, to cut some fruits aka banana aka me here ohohohh
Tyvm for your consideration, sis hohhoohho <33
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harrysdimplesa month ago
the fact that you can still see his jawline through the mask 馃敧
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liawaelti2 months ago
Jawline said 馃敧馃敧馃敧
god said 鈥渁nother w盲lti? make the jawline sharp鈥
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