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#jatp memes
Okay so it is absolutely hilarious how Steve Bacic, who plays Trevor Wilson in jatp previously played Dr. Sexy in Supernatural because this could fit in-universe because Trevor is famous it wouldn’t be a long shot to make a famous musician act in a few shows.
Imagine: Flynn introduces Carrie to this weird show called Supernatural and you know it’s not really her style but her gf likes it, so she’ll watch it with her. Suddenly this shows up on the screen:
Tumblr media
Carrie: DAD WHAT
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alexspinkhoodie · 15 hours ago
Random JATP meme of the day:
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As they should
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siriuslypotterthings · 17 hours ago
I have noticed something. The Fantoms are depressed as fuck. I mean unsaid Emily and stand tall weren't enough for you, you are creating even sadder story lines for S2. I mean wtf!
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arsenicpuppy · a day ago
Ok hear me out on this one
SO in JATP, nobody except Jullie and see the ghosts rright, so when she's tallking to llike- Lluke and she's in schooll orr arround otherr peoplle and she just is llooking at the ghosts, that woulld make 1 of 2 things happen I think.
1- someone thinks she's starring at them and they'rre llike- "wow is Jullie a bitch orr what?"
2- peoplle just think she's zoning out / starring at nothing
Honestlly, I'm down forr both of these
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willexxmercer · 2 days ago
i already know exactly how this is gonna go over but willex ok have fun 👋
Tumblr media
Send me a ship!
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invisibleraven · 3 days ago
For the fandom ask game! Julie and the Phantoms please 😊
✦ alternate universe idea
I mean for JatP, you gotta go everyone is alive au's/the boys come back to life somehow because otherwise when you think about it, this show is an absolute tragedy.
Maybe that's boring to just have them live like normal teenagers who are trying to make it as a band without all the ghost stuff. But one of my favourite stories in this fandom is there's a fire burning in my bones, and the conclusion of that, that's what I want. For the whole band to have the ability to live a full life, full of love and happiness.
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arsenicpuppy · 3 days ago
So me and my frriends arre watching jatp and lliterrallly in wake up therre arre drrums?? But wherre do they come frrom?? So theorry: allex is just secrretlly pllaying drrums behind the shed orr whateverr~ idk tho its just an enterrtaining thought yk?
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willexx · 4 days ago
alex, trying to flirt: i like your shoelaces <3
willie: thanks i stole them from the president
alex: you what now
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ourstarscollided · 4 days ago
Hey Netflix, I’d like to offer you this on the 9 month anniversary of JATP:
Tumblr media
That’s it. Should be enough, right?
Image IDs under the cut.
Bonus meme under the cut that might be a mix of something too real and also something that makes me happy to be a part of this crazy corner of the internet.
Tumblr media
For real tho. Seeing everyone still make content for this show even after nine freaking months makes this whole “no renewal announcement yet” just a little better. Honestly thought the fandom would lose steam at a certain point, but we’re doing pretty well on our own and I think that’s just really lovely. I’ve made some wonderful friends and also got back into some hobbies that I hadn’t found creative energy for in years, and for that, I’m thankful 🧡 so like, yeah, it’s been 9 months, but this community of people is something I didn’t think I’d find again as an adult and that’s been the coolest thing.
[image id 1: trade offer meme with "i receive season 2 of jatp" on the left and "you recieve less threats of no substance about me fighting a streaming service" on the right as the trade offer. the guy in the middle who is making the offer is labeled as “someone who just really wants their comfort kids’ show back”.]
[image id 2: hard to swallow pills meme with the first panel showing a finger pointing at a bottle that says “hard to swallow pills”. The second panel shows a hand holding the pills and is labeled “it’s been 9 months since jatp was released and there is a real fear that it won’t be renewed even though the fandom has stepped up and has been creating content to keep the hype around the show alive” with a finger pointing towards the pills.]
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thedeathdeelers · 5 days ago
hmmm okay another idea i just low key came up with:
flower shop!julie & busker!luke
so basically julie’s mom used to own a flower shop called Rose (hah), but after she passed away tia victoria took the reins (at ray’s request)
julie used to always help out, she loved being surrounded by the flowers, loved watching her mom dancing around the shop singing as she gathered the flowers she needed to prep another one of her popular creations. and soon enough julie was joining in- her mother told her she had a gift
but once rose passes away, julie avoids the shop like the plague. that is until victoria basically begs her to help her out, because she’s drowning in work and she simply cannot find anyone as talented as her or her mother to hire etc
so 9 months after her mother’s passing, julie finds herself standing behind the counter in her mother’s much loved flower shop, staring down a bouquet of dahlias about to have a breakdown when she heard music coming from outside. a song her mother used to always sing- interest piqued, she heads outside and finds a busker has set up right next to their shop and is singing and she’s kinda mesmerised
basically it becomes a thing - the busker, ie luke, keeps coming back after that first day, he notices julie straight away and every now and then goes into the flower shop with an excuse of needing flowers but it’s mostly to talk to her.
her aunt at one point asks her to tell the busker to move down a few shops because he’s scaring away potential customers but julie just smiles and tells luke to play louder
he walks in one day telling her he needs a bouquet - the prettiest most special bouquet she’s ever made, and to make sure to include dahlias and roses. julie throws him a quizzical look but gets to work
she hands over the bouquet, he pays for it and walks out
only to u-turn and walk right back in, handing her the bouquet and asking her out
mic drop
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sunsetcurvesoldout · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
New short film dropping.. keep an eye out
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