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#jatp fics
merihn · 5 hours ago
Today I have surpassed the word count of my longest solo fic ever with the fic I'm currently writing. Lovingly dubbed "the fruity fic" by @floating-in-the-blue, it has officially reached 11k.
The previous holder of the title, Rose-coloured boy only got to 7.3k. This fic isn't even close to finished so I may yet pass the combined word count of the Rose-Coloured verse, which was 14k.
I'd love to share a little snippet with you guys in celebration:
Tumblr media
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rumaan · 5 hours ago
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom: Julie and The Phantoms (TV 2020)
Characters: Julie Molina, Luke Patterson (Julie and The Phantoms), Reggie Peters (Julie and The Phantoms), Alex Mercer (Julie and The Phantoms), Flynn (Julie and The Phantoms), Carlos Molina
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Sports, Footballer!Luke, Euro 2020, Fluff and Humor
Summary: On the biggest night of his football career, Luke gets subbed into Julie Molina’s band as a last minute replacement
“Hey, Hollywood, the gaffer wants to see you.”
Luke rolled his eyes as Jack ducked back out of the dressing room. Didn’t matter that he’d been based in the UK since he was seven and had chosen to represent his dad’s England rather than his mum’s native country. Being born in Los Angeles and living there until they’d all moved to Birmingham for his dad’s career meant his nickname since being signed by the Villa academy at thirteen had been Hollywood. He didn’t even have his American accent anymore - except for when he wanted it.
Now he was sitting here, part of England’s 2020 squad and was about to take part in his first ever international tournament final - the first international final England had been in since the World Cup win in 1966. Well, he was on the bench, but he was just twenty-one and had only been called up to represent the national team three months prior after a breakout season for Aston Villa. He’d also had a good tournament so far - coming on and doing well, getting a goal in the semi final and a couple of assists through the rounds. Things were looking good - even if he did have a whole new bunch of players calling him by the stupid nickname.
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chvrliegillespie · 11 hours ago
Cupcakes for Ray
Summary: They both freeze as the metal tin crashes to the ground, the late hour making the sound seem even louder in the dim kitchen. Julie’s eyes dart to the staircase, but when she doesn’t hear any footsteps or doors opening, she slowly relaxes before turning to look back at Reggie. He had calmed down as well when he realized no one was coming to bust them and had bent down to pick up the dropped tin, but he quickly freezes again mid-reach when he notices Julie’s unamused stare.
“Reggie, what are you doing?”
Julie catches Reggie making cupcakes for Ray for father’s day and decides to help him
words: 3k
rating: gen
about 5 and a half hours later, i finally finished my first jatp fic! i got the idea when i saw this post and originally i was just gonna write like a quick 3 sentence post which then turned into this. it’s a bit late for father’s day but i hope you enjoy!
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chickwiththepurpleguitar · 13 hours ago
this is sappy and short, and I’m getting it posted just under the wire, but. I wanted to do something cute for Father’s Day. Hope you enjoy :)
Taglist under the cut:
@whenweremarried @sunsethimb0s @pink-flame @penguin0613 @fighttoshine @sunsetcurvecuddles @apples-bees @reggiescrookedteeth @brightattheorpheum @queenmolina @jandthephantoms @lexilucacia @sapphossidechick @acnhaddict @shrimp-colours @sunset-bobby @lenacarstairspotterstewart @conversationaltreestump @burntchromas @pattersonflannel @julieandthequeers @joyandthephantoms @it-tastes-like-lizard @jatpfs
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ruzek-halstead · 14 hours ago
new chapter alert!!
fic summary: julie molina, a new student to uc berkeley, secures a job at a tiny, run-down grocery store, where she meets a group of people who inadvertently become some of the most important people in her life. 
there's nothing like suffering in the workplace with your co-workers to solidify a bond.
a look into julie's life in a brand new city, as told by the customer service experience throughout the months.
chapter summary: kiss me, i'm irish? it's st. patrick's day and the gang celebrates in style (+ julie makes a realization or two)
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wr0temyway0ut · 15 hours ago
Even If Your Love Was Unconditional (It Still Wouldn't Be Enough to Save Me)
Summary: “That’s PFLAG in front of us, right?” Alex asks, nodding at the group of people congregated in front of the band’s float. They’re mostly middle aged and older, all wearing shirts that read “Free Mom/Dad/Parent Hugs.” They don’t have a float of their own, probably so that they can interact with the parade goers more easily.
“Yeah, I think so,” Willie nods.
They start going on about the other floats, but Alex isn’t really listening, because one of the PFLAG women has just turned around, and Alex is seeing his mother’s face for the first time in twenty-eight years.
Or, my trans take on the "Alex finds out his parents have changed" fic featuring the music of Laura Jane Grace.
Link in Reblogs!
And here is the playlist that goes along with it:
Tumblr media
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caspianjames · 15 hours ago
Hey there bestie, enjoy the prompt: Boggie (romantic) ❄️🥧🎼
Have a good day/night Cas!! 💜✨
here you go bestie ty so much i hope you like this!!!<3333
“Dude, snow is cold and you freeze every time you’re outside and cold fingers are horrible for guitar playing,” Luke exclaimed, throwing himself back on the couch in the studio.
Reggie snorted. Trust Luke Patterson to turn everything into a debate. “But just once,” Reggie whined. “Just one winter full of snow.”
Unlike Luke, Reggie had spent his whole life in LA. And sure, they had snow sometimes. But it wasn’t build-a-snowman or sled-down-a-giant-hill or build-a-fort kind of snow.
“Okay, Reg,” Alex said, always the calming force between Luke and Reggie, “when we start making money from gigs - like properly - we can go spend a winter wherever you want.”
“Somewhere really snowy,” Bobby said. He was sitting across the studio from them, gently strumming his guitar. He smiled when Reggie caught his eye and Reggie tried to ignore how it made his heart flutter.
“Like Vermont,” said Bobby, at the same time as Reggie said, “Somewhere like Canada.”
The room was silent for a minute.
“I mean, those are pretty much the same place,” Alex said. “Mountains, trees, maple syrup..”
“He has a point,” Bobby said, cracking another smile at Reggie. Reggie had to look away, scared his expression would give him away if he kept his eyes on Bobby for much longer.
They wrapped up band practice not long after, Luke calling them all a lost cause as the snow debate continued. They lingered, as they always did, reluctant to go home - Reggie to the arguments, Bobby to an empty house, Alex to parents that tried to set him up with girls every other week, Luke, who couldn’t even bring his guitar home with him because it would be confiscated.
Reggie escaped to his room as soon as he got home, trying to avoid the empty feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was always there when he arrived home from being with the band, when his parents stopped talking as soon as he walked in the door and started shouting again as soon as he got to his room, as if that somehow meant he didn’t hear everything they said.
He was lying on his back on his bed, algebra book abandoned on the floor when the horn sounded outside his window. He knew who it was because Bobby was the only one of them who had a car - perks of rich parents who were never home, Reggie guessed. Not that he would know. The more important question was why was Bobby at Reggie’s house at 11pm on a Friday night, three hours after they had just seen each other? Reggie didn’t like (or did he?) the way it made his stomach flutter and his heart race.
“I’m going to Bobby’s,” he called to his parents. They were both in the living room, sitting in stony silence. Neither bothered to look up and answer. Sometimes it was nice to pretend that they cared where he was going or what he was doing anyway.
“What’re you doing here?” Reggie asked the minute he was seated in Bobby’s passenger seat.
“I have a surprise for you,” was all Bobby said, and Reggie tried to pretend that didn’t make his heart do a somersault in his chest.
“Okay,” he said instead.
They rode in silence. Bobby seemed - well, Reggie wasn’t the best at picking up social cues, but Bobby seemed almost nervous. Which was strange because this was Bobby, and Bobby was never nervous. He was the most self assured person Reggie knew - other than Luke, maybe.
“C’mon,” Bobby said when they got to his house. He practically dragged Reggie up the stairs. He was going toward the rec room, Reggie knew. It was Bobby’s safe space in the house, where he spent most of his time even when the rest of the house was empty. Also, it had foosball and air hockey.
But that wasn’t what the room looked like when they entered. It took Reggie a moment to realize because he was focused on Bobby, wondering why the other boy was wringing his hands together and fiddling with his bracelets as if he was nervous. So it took him a second to look up and see the room in front of him - the paper cut out snowflakes hanging on the ceiling and stuck to the walls, the white sheets that covered the ground with what looked like…packing peanuts? The way the hockey and foosball tables were pushed against one wall and used to prop up a white sheet over what must have been an umbrella, to look like an igloo. There was Christmas music playing quietly in the background. Reggie thought it was coming from the igloo, but he couldn’t tell for sure.
Reggie was nearly at a loss for words, which rarely happened. “You made snow?” He finally asked. “For me?”
“Yeah,” Bobby said, and Reggie was certain he sounded nervous now, like he was worried Reggie wouldn’t like it. “I know it’s not real snow, but you can make snow angels in it, kind of. And we can keep it like this all winter, and Luke can’t even complain about it being too cold for guitars. And I thought we could like, get styrofoam balls or something to make snowmen with except I don’t really know where to buy those so…”
“You made snow for me,” Reggie said again. It was all he could say, really. Bobby made snow for me. And the one thing he couldn’t say, but couldn’t stop from thinking either. I love him so much.
It seemed to bolster Bobby’s confidence anyways. “There’s more,” he said. “Give me a second.”
Bobby turned and disappeared from the room. Reggie stood awkwardly still in the doorway for a moment before making a decision. He bounced to the far corner of the room and dropped to the ground on his back. He spread his arms and legs out and moved them back and forth. It was sort of weird - the packing peanuts didn’t pack down like snow did, but they did spread out when he moved. When Reggie stood up, though, he was impressed. It did look like a snow angel.
Since Bobby still wasn’t back, Reggie made his way to the other side of the room and crawled inside the igloo. Bobby had put fairy lights lining the inside of the umbrella, and there were blankets and pillows on the ground and Bobby’s small TV in one corner.
Bobby came back as Reggie was making himself comfortable, carrying something that smelled amazing.
“I thought...well you like pie,” Bobby said as he crawled in carefully. He was pushing a tray ahead of him with two mugs balanced carefully on one end and a pie with two forks on the other. “And pumpkin pie is wintery. chocolate.”
“I love pie,” was all Reggie could think to say.
And then Bobby was leaning much too close and Reggie wasn’t moving away and when their lips met finally the only thing that Reggie could think was that maybe they weren’t good with words, him and Bobby, but maybe that didn’t matter because nothing had ever felt more right than kissing Bobby for the first time in the packing-peanut snow and fairy-light-umbrella igloo with Mariah Carey's new Christmas album playing in the background and the smell of pumpkin pie and hot chocolate in the air. And if he died tomorrow at least he’d have this moment forever.
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peterpatter-fic-rec · 19 hours ago
I've got a little confession I don't know what I'm doing but if you want, you can play along by Goblinofthewords
Rated G | 1,360 Words | 1/1 Chapter | Published 6/19/21
The first time Luke saw the sticky note, it fell on his face in the middle of the night and he screamed thinking it was a spider...
How a simple game of leaving post it notes around turned into something more…
Recommended by Anonymous: an adorable little fic about Reggie and Luke pranking each other with cute sticky notes!! (and a little bit of torture for Alex who always has to put up with their shenanigens hehehe)
Content Tags: Sticky Note Au, Friends to Lovers, Prank Wars, Fluff, Sunset Curve, Sunset Curve as Found Family, Alex Mercer Has the Brain Cell, Artist!Reggie Peters, Bisexual Reggie Peters, Pansexual Luke Patterson, Mutual Pining, Awkward Flirting, No beta we die like Sunset Curve, Oblivious Reggie Peters, Oblivious Luke Patterson, 1990s Timeline, Imagine having a cohesive plot- could not be me, Post-it Notes, Sam Tsui’s music is still being featured
Read It Here On AO3
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juke-fic-recs · 20 hours ago
Some Killer Queen You Are by @pearlcaddy
Teen And Up | Multi-Chapter | 27.8k | Complete
Select Tags: Temporary Major Character Deaths, Alternate Universe - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fusion, Banter, Angst with a Happy Ending, Pining, Mild Fight Scenes, Suggestive Themes, Depression, Brief Drinking, Grief/Mourning, 6+1
“Can I just point out—when I say I’ve been dying to kiss you, I literally had to. So I’d like credit for my commitment.”
Six times Luke couldn’t hold Julie’s hand, and one time he could.
In 1998, Rose the Vampire Slayer and her Watcher Luke Patterson die saving the world. 17 years later, the ghost of Luke comes back to find that he has a new calling: protecting and mentoring the new Slayer, Rose’s daughter Julie. But it turns out that the only thing harder than being a Watcher is being a ghost Watcher who’s only corporeal to demons and is in love with his Slayer. There really needs to be a quick-start guide for this.
Buffy fusion fic, but you don’t need to know anything about Buffy. Basically just a vehicle for exploring a different take on Luke as a ghost and the “they can’t touch” thing.
@nottheleastbrave says: As a Fandom Old I obviously have a lot of feelings about Buffy, so this fic really hit me where it counts. Excellent world-building, A+ banter, and probably my favorite version of Luke Patterson outside of actual canon. My preferred kind of angst is fantasy-adventure-angst, and this really delivers! Plus, the happy ending feels incredibly well earned. Do yourself a favor and read this immediately, and then read every other fic in the series. You’re welcome. 
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juke-fic-recs · 22 hours ago
last names and fake IDs by @thedeathdeelers
General | One-Shot | 1.1k | Complete
Select Tags: Canonverse
Anonymous says: Julie looks through Luke’s wallet. Fluff ensues. This drabble is short but it’s so sweet and funny. A perfect missing moment from canon.
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peterpatter-fic-rec · 22 hours ago
Looking Back, Moving Forward by PJO_Connoisseur
Rated G | 16,642 Words | 1/1 Chapter | Published 10/13/20
After Luke demonstrates his chemistry with Reggie, Reggie is left re-evaluating their past together, his feelings, and what he wants.
Recommended by @merihn: This fic is amazing. An exploration of Luke and Reggie's relationship in the past and present. It's so beautifully written, I just love it so much.
Content Tags: Friends to Lovers, Introspection, Memories, Idiots in Love, Bisexual Reggie, Pansexual Luke Patterson, Pining, Angst with a Happy Ending, Reggie is a bi disaster, Everyone Needs A Hug, Found Family, Friendship, Past Alex/Luke Patterson, Alex has the braincell
Read It Here On AO3
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weneedglitter · 22 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Julie and The Phantoms (TV 2020) Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Alex Mercer/Willie (Julie and The Phantoms), Bobby | Trevor Wilson & Alex Mercer & Luke Patterson & Reggie Peters, Flynn & Julie Molina & Nick & Willie & Carrie Wilson, background Julie Molina/Luke Patterson, and some bobby/reggie and carrie/flynn on the side Additional Tags: would be solidly teen rating in any other fandom, One Night Stands, Implied/Referenced Sex, but literally nothing on-screen, Sunset Curve (Julie and The Phantoms), the author takes advantage of rom-com tropes, deliberately incorrect lyrics, alex has no game whatsoever, Flirting, Aged-Up Character(s), cause they have jobs and apartments and stuff
Carrie finally moves, only to laugh open-mouthed at the ceiling. “Oh my god! He fell in love with his one-night stand!” She points at Willie. “You dumb bitch!” What? Willie makes a face. “No I didn’t, what are you talking about?” “You did, bro,” Nick tells him, head on the table for some reason. “You totally fell in love with him.” - When Willie hooks up with an on-tour drummer passing through town, he's expecting a few hours of fun and some good memories before he moves on with his life. His friends have other ideas. Fortunately, they're willing to pull out all the stops to give Willie a chance to reunite with Alex, as long as they can tease him about it for the rest of time.
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charlies-gillespie · 22 hours ago
truth or dare | charlie gillespie
Tumblr media
paring: fem!reader x charlie gillespie
summary: reader and Charlie play truth or dare with their friends … (26) “truth or dare?” “dare” “i dare you to kiss the person you love most in this room”
requested: yes
length: medium
rating: PG
warnings: mentions of drinking & being drunk
!! NOT MY GIF !!
tag list: @mrsbrookegillespie @screwunsaidemily @herbrutals @marvelousmendess
You knew playing Truth or Dare when drunk wasn’t a good idea. Especially when you’re with your boyfriend and his friends. They were a good group and you loved everyone, but Truth or Dare with them got crazy sometimes.
It’s Owen’s birthday so everyone decided to get together to celebrate. Of course, there would be some drinking since it was Owen’s 21st birthday. You never drink, and neither does Charlie. Everyone else, who was of age to drink, always does when there’s a party. You and Charlie played the ‘parents’ when everyone’s been drinking.
Tonight was no exception.
It’s half past nine when Owen shouts to everyone in the apartment, “Let’s play a game!”
One of his friends that you don’t know that well calls out, “Truth or Dare.”
Both you and Charlie, who sit on the couch with cups full of soda, look at each other with that look of ‘oh boy, here we go’. A wild game of Truth or Dare doesn’t sound like the worst idea either. You’ve been kind of bored since you don’t drink.
Owen points to his friend and says, “Yes, it’s my birthday and I say that everyone has to play. Including the party poopers sitting on the couch.”
Charlie jumps to your defense and his when he states, “Just because we don’t drink doesn’t mean we won’t play Truth or Dare and have fun playing. We just may not have any exciting truths or dares.”
“Anyway,” Owen says when Charlie’s done talking. “Everyone gather around in the living room. As birthday boy, I get to go first.”
You scooch closer to Charlie and your boyfriend wraps an arm around your shoulders. “Okay, um, Jeremy, truth or dare?” Owen asks after looking around the room at everyone.
Jer says, “Hm. Truth.”
After a second of thinking, Owen says, “Who would you switch lives with? It can be anyone, real or fictional.”
Jeremy spends a second thinking of an answer before saying, “Reggie. Dude seems pretty cool and rocks on the bass. Okay, Booboo, truth or dare?”
Booboo says, “Dare. Some of you are boring so I’m spicing up the game.”
“Prank call the most recent person on your call list,” Jeremy states.
So, Booboo pulls out his phone. He clicks on something then puts the phone on speaker, clearing his throat.
Kenny Ortega answers the phone and says, “Booboo, nice to hear from you.”
Then Booboo says, “I quit.” He says it with a straight face too. “I quit Julie and the Phantoms.”
The other line is quiet before Kenny says, “You can’t quit Julie and the Phantoms, Booboo. You’re a very important character in the show. We need you.”
You have to cover your mouth so you don’t laugh. “I’m sorry, Kenny,” Booboo says, his voice obviously slurred. “But I quit.”
Kenny asks, “What can I do to change your mind?”
“Nothing,” Booboo says, voice monotone and face straight. “I quit.” Then he hangs up the phone. The room breaks out in laughter as Booboo quickly types something on his phone. You know that’s Booboo telling Kenny he’s not actually quitting.
After sending the text, Booboo looks up at everyone before saying, “Mads, truth or dare?”
Madison says, “Truth.”
Booboo thinks of a truth he can ask before he actually asks, “What’s the app you use most on your phone?”
“TikTok,” she states. “Okay, um, Jadah. Truth or dare?”
Jadah says, “Dare. Definitely dare.”
Mads thinks of a dare before saying, “Tell us your last text to your mom.”
Everyone in the room kind of laughs as Jadah pulls out her phone. She taps on it for a second before saying, “Going to Owen’s for his birthday. Be back soon. Yes, I promise I’ll be safe.”
That’s a pretty normal text.
“Okay, um, Charlie,” Jadah says. “Truth or dare?”
Your boyfriend says, “Dare.”
Jadah glances at you and says, “I dare you to kiss the person you love most in this room. Platonic love or romantic, I don’t care.”
Charlie makes a “pfft” sound before he tilts your head toward him and bringing his lips to yours. You gasp softly but end up kissing him back.
It’s only been about five months since you and Charlie got together and started dating. Neither of you have used the ‘L’ word with each so you have no idea if it’s a romantic type of love or platonic.
When Charlie pulls away from the soft kiss, you ask, “Was that because you platonically love me or romantically love me?”
“Romantically,” he admits.
A smile lights up your face and you tell him, “I love you romantically too.”
The entire room goes “aww” as you and Charlie share another kiss, yet this kiss feels a lot different than the kiss you both just shared two minutes ago.
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pearlcaddy · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Some Killer Queen You Are Part 1 of Julie the Vampire Slayer Rating: Teen Tags: Temporary Major Character Deaths (no one will stay dead who isn't dead in the show), Alternate Universe - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fusion, Aging-Up Characters, Banter, Grief/Mourning, Depression, but also fluff cause I just can't stay serious for long, Angst with a Happy Ending, Mild Fight Scenes, Suggestive Themes, Pining, Brief Drinking, 6+1
Summary: “Can I just point out—when I say I’ve been dying to kiss you, I literally had to. So I’d like credit for my commitment.”
Six times Luke couldn’t hold Julie’s hand, and one time he could.
In 1998, Rose the Vampire Slayer and her Watcher Luke Patterson die saving the world. 17 years later, the ghost of Luke comes back to find that he has a new calling: protecting and mentoring the new Slayer, Rose’s daughter Julie. But it turns out that the only thing harder than being a Watcher is being a ghost Watcher who’s only corporeal to demons and is in love with his Slayer. There really needs to be a quick-start guide for this.
Buffy fusion fic, but you don’t need to know anything about Buffy.
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juke-fic-recs · a day ago
belong with you by @plasticheartswriting [plastic_hearts]
Teen And Up | One-Shot | 1.2k | Complete
Select Tags: Aged-Up Characters, AU - they met on a dating app, Everyone Is Alive, Fluff            
On their third date, Luke has a very important question for Julie and she has one that is equally as important for him.
Anonymous says: Listen. It's very important that we discuss certain in-real-life things as if they were canon, and one of those things is the fact that Charlie Gillespie has a pull-out bed. This story is short and sweet!
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Happy First Father's Day
Owen Joyner X Fem!Reader, Owen Joyner x Daughter!OC
Summary: It's Owen's first father's day.
A/n: Okay bitches it's fathers day so go to your father figure/ actually father/ some random man on the street and say Happy father's day. (Dont actually walk up to a strange man on the street and say happy fathers day that's very dangerous)
Tumblr media
You and Owen are engaged and have a 7-month-old daughter, named Bellamy. It's Owen's first father day and you were excited to celebrate it with him. You let him sleep in and hurried to get your daughter out of her crib. Then you brought her to the kitchen to start making breakfast. She was in her highchair.
"Okay baby girl. What should we make daddy?" You asked pulling the pan out. She just cooed and stuck her hand in her mouth. "Okay." You chuckled grabbing eggs.
It wasn't long before breakfast was done so you quickly moved your daughter to your bed next to her dad before hurrying to get breakfast. You sat the tray on your side of the bed before gently shaking him.
"Baby wake up." You whispered. He groaned looking at you.
"What? Is belle crying?" You shook your head.
"Happy father's day!" You smiled. He smiled sitting up looking at bella was was sitting next to him smiling.
"Hi there Girlie." He pulled her onto his lap. "Ooh breakfast."
"Wow." You laughed handing him the tray.
"I love you." Owen smiles up at you before he began eating, sharing of his food with the baby on his lap.
"What do you want to do today baby?"
"Hang out with bella." He said before adding: "And you. Mostly bella though."
"She stole my man." You scoffed feigning offense.
"You made her." He shrugged feeding her a bit of the scrambled eggs. "Thank you for breakfast."
"Your welcome babe." You smiled. "Belle helped make you a gift. You can have it after breakfast." You said sitting down next to him.
"I want the gift first." He pouts. "I think Bella wants to give it to me now."
"Nope Babe." You laughed. He finished eating, sharing his food with Bellamy before finally you went to get the gift.
"Hand it over!" He said excitedly from his place on the couch. He had moved after breakfast.
"Here you go!"
"Yes!" He opened it up smiling. He pulled out a sign that said "I ❤ you daddy from the top of my head to the tips of his toes. love always, Bellamy." But the heart was made out of her footprints. "Aw!!" He cooed.
"Do you like it? Bella worked very hard on it." You smiles.
"It's perfect." He took Bella from you bouncing her a bit. "Thank you, baby girl."
"Your welcome." You did a silly voice pretending to be Bella.
"I love you." Owen leaned over and kissed you.
"I love you too."
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shrinkthisviolet · a day ago
for the fake fic title ask game: "for the hopeful and the heartless" (- thinkingisadangerouspastime)
Ooh I love this one! Hmm let’s see:
“What makes you think we can save him?”
“Because we have hope! And rebellions are built on hope!”
“...did you just quote Star Wars at me, you dork?”
When the gang finds out that Nick is being possessed by Caleb, they know they have to save him. But they’ll need a little help from Carrie and her dad to make it work.
This would be a JATP S2 speculation fic, featuring hijinks, a Carrie redemption arc, a Trevor redemption arc, a friendship of a trio of girls, Juke, some Willex, and possibly the Molinas finding out about the guys 👀 I kinda wanna write this fic for real 😂 but I feel the same way about all of the fics I’ve made up in this ask game.
If anyone hasn’t seen Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix, I highly recommend it! Please check it out!
Send me a title for a fake fic, and I’ll write a fake summary!
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