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screamin-amuseum · 38 minutes ago
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let your colors blind their eyes - intro
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@willexxmercer @chickwiththepurpleguitar @oldsmobile-hotdogs @lyxchen
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screamin-amuseum · 40 minutes ago
because i have no self control,
introducing: let your colors blind their eyes
a willex smau in honor of pride month even though pride month isn’t happening yet. like i said, no self control
intro | part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six | part seven | part eight | part nine | part ten
the whole thing is done and in my drafts and i’ll post one part a day!!!
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metaorigin · 43 minutes ago
no i can not stop imagining jukebox duet of enchanted’s so close
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amp-in-the-rain · an hour ago
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Idk how to make this look better but anygays
This Pose and Willex
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mouse-fantoms · an hour ago
Ok I’m sorry but why is the one in the least amount of clothing the sweatiest one there
Tumblr media
You have someone who’s in two layers, also someone who’s in two layers (but INCLUDING a leather jacket as one of those layers) and then one who’s probably in pants that look like they don’t let in a lot of air in them
But no, it’s the sleeveless one who’s sweating up a storm
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nottheleastbrave · 2 hours ago
Ray's pleased little "Yeah!" after Tia says "spaghetti, again" reblog if you agree
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nottheleastbrave · 2 hours ago
Luke: *is actively trying to become a rock star and playing a major venue with his friends in the band that he talks about constantly*
The Pattersons: Our son is MISSING.
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lukeslostsleeves · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Madison Reyes really just gets it
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reggiesaswiftie · 2 hours ago
Artist Willie head canons
His least favorite paint is oil because he doesn’t have the patience for it to dry
They prefer to study poses which is one reason they absolutely love drawing Alex
They also have an entire notebook filled with just works of Alex and he always gets excited when Alex asks to see them
If he draws landscape(which is rare) it usually has meaning behind it and they challenge themselves with only using a few colors
He doesn’t use erasers. Some of their best works come from “mistakes”
He has attempted to make his own paint but just can’t get the consistency right
They like using charcoal cause he’s good at shading and blending with it (he prefers to use his fingers to blend unless it’s small details)
He bonds with Julie over their countless collections of doodles
Willie has adhd, and one thing he did absentmindedly back when he went to school, was draw in the margins(and outside) when it was hard to focus in class
Sometimes he’ll paint little flowers or themed things on Reggie’s nails for him
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Tumblr media
The ten (10) day Writing Period for R3 starts NOW! You will have these next ten days to write us a fic following the prompt below, including the theme and the four tropes! The fics must be below 10,000 words (with an extra 500 word buffer to close out a scene if you need it, making the MAXIMUM word count allowed 10,500 words).
This challenge is moderated, so once you submit, your fic(s) will not appear in the collection until we have had a chance to skim and approve it. Your fic(s) will also remain anonymous until we announce the winners at the end of this round! You can shoot us an ask/message if you’re uncertain about it! Please do not post about your fic(s) on your tumblr, or re-share your fic(s) outside of AO3 until we have revealed it!
For Round 2, please write a fic with the following:
Theme: Canonverse
Trope 1: Secret Places
Trope 2: Neighbors
Trope 3: First Kiss
Trope 4: Time Jump
More in depth definitions of the tropes and the theme can be found here! Please take a look at this list, and if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask!
Writing Period Begins: May 16th at 12:00 am EST
Writing Period Ends: May 26th at 3am PST/6 am EST
Voting Period Begins: May 27th at 12:00 am EST
Voting Period Ends: May 29th at 11:59pm EST
*All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) unless otherwise specified!
The voting for this event is based on the USE of the theme and the tropes by the author. There will be a theme poll, an individual poll for each trope, and then a "best overall" poll, for the best combined use of the prompt. We will also have two bonus polls, including Most Unique Pairing and Most In Character!! When you vote, PLEASE rank ALL fics that were included, we have previously had trouble with our polls glitching when people only rank some of the fics.
Don’t forget the rules! Include the ALL the tropes, and follow the theme! You will be disqualified if you don’t!  Also, no rape. no incest. no underage. no negativity!
The AO3 collection can be found here, and the name of the collection that should be entered when submit your fic is ‘TROPED_JATP_1’ !!
AO3 Link:
If anyone would like to write for this round, but would not like to be entered into voting, we would still LOVE to read your fics! Please upload them to the Non Anonymous TROPED Collection here:
Trope/Theme Explanations:
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aroacethetic-shitpost · 2 hours ago
my troped round 2 fic hcs!
hi everyone!!! the authors for troped round 2 were just revealed, so i can finally post all the headcanons for my fic that i didn’t manage to squeeze in there! it’s mostly just role hcs but i just want it known that i have thought about everyone’s place at this shittily named camp
crews for reference (from youngest to oldest age group):
girl’s crews: squirrels, foxes, swans
boy’s crews: crayfish, moose, bears
i know it’s convoluted but when i say everything is based off of my old summer camp i mean everything
Counselor positions (team, crew, activity they run)
Luke - Blue Captain, Moose, music, obviously
Julie - Red, Fox, arts and crafts
Friendship bracelet QUEEN (flynn too, ofc)
Facilitates the tie-dye activity as well, which willie likes to crash
Flynn - Red Captain, Fox, archery
Willie - Red, specialist so no crew, sailing/waterfront
sailing here acts as a substitute for skateboarding - the same sense of freedom, the same hair blowing in the wind
Carrie - Blue, Squirrel counselor and it’s v cute, volleyball
Reggie - Blue, Crayfish (slightly older tho - 2A), drama
Bobby - Red, Bear, going feral in the rustics, gaga ball
Alex - Blue, Moose w/ the boys, canoeing (he was on nature hikes but then someone had an injury so he had to get switched to canoeing?)
Nick - Red, Crayfish, basketball or frisbee
Kayla - Blue, swan, dance
Mrs. Harrison is like the head administrator
Ray is there too. Also admin?
Carlos is there for a few weeks as a CIT causing just absolute chaos. having such fun in the yurts (where the cits stay)
Also the boys play gaga ball any chance they get
bobby is the best obviously but luke gets very into it
so does reggie but he also forgets to shield his legs properly which results in him losing lmao
alex is rlly hit or miss the further he gets the more nervous he gets
i haven’t played gaga ball in years
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fairygclds · 3 hours ago
jatp still hasn’t been renewed yet
Tumblr media
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r0s3mm · 3 hours ago
Luke Patterson's masterlist 🎸
The title is pretty self-explanatory 😊 These are all stand-alones unless stated otherwise
Tumblr media
Luke Patterson x oc!Olivia
Tumblr media
386 days 
At the First Note 
Luke’s Untitled #1 
Tumblr media
Luke Patterson's taglist
@smol-book-nerd - @walkingonshunshine
shoot me an ask or dm if you want to be added to the taglist💛
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wr0temyway0ut · 3 hours ago
Porcupine Day
Summary: It’s been fifteen years since Trevor broke up with Ray and Rose and they’re... not fine, but managing. But when Trevor to adds insult to injury and buys the camp across the lake from the one they once owned together, the two camps become locked in a bitter rivalry. With neither side willing to set aside their pride and work out their issues, the universe decides to settle their fates itself.
Link in reblogs!
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mouse-fantoms · 4 hours ago
One of my favorite jatp moments is,
“Anything, Julie you know that”
That scene is so sweet and makes my heart feel happy.
Thank you so much for sending this <3 🥺💕
I love that moment too!
And their outfits in that can we just-
Tumblr media
I just love this Juke outfit combo like idk what it is I just- they look (even more) pretty 🥺
The way that he even says “you know that” makes me think that’s in relation to something that happened during a songwriting session of theirs. Like how, they might not have known each other that long but in those writing sessions it feels like they have.
Then you think about how after the Orpheum and the boys all in the garage (presumed to be dying again) and Julie is pleading with them to do something, anything!!! for her and Luke says no in the “No music is worth making Julie if we’re not making it with you” before when Julie asked if Luke could do a favor he said “anything you know that” but that time... it wasn’t anything bc he was stayin right there even if it meant dying rather than join some other band bc he already has Julie and that’s enough
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bisexualreginaldpeters · 4 hours ago
here’s a thought: julie singing in spanish
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