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lostinthestacks · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Shelf Confidence Book Photo Challenge
April 1: A Pirate’s Life
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superheroesincolor · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Expanse #4 (2021)  // BOOM! Studios
Bobbie and Avasarala make their final moves in the battle to save humanity, but any victory may come with a cost neither of them is ready to pay.
Story: Corinna Sara Bechko, James S.A. Corey, 
art: Alejandro Aragon, Variant Tigh Walker
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lostinthestacks · a month ago
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All the Books March 21
11: Third Book in a Series
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superheroesincolor · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Expanse Origins #3 (2017)  // BOOM! Studios
Bobbie has fallen for the same bait that has taken down so many before her, but have her enemies trapped her... or are they trapped with her? Meanwhile, Avasarala has been left for dead... and her last hope is a distress call traveling across the stars quickly enough.
Story: Corinna Sara Bechko, James S.A. Corey, art: Alejandro Aragon
Get the books here / watch series here
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elenajohansenreads · 2 months ago
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Books I Read in 2021
#12 - Babylon's Ashes, by James S.A. Corey
Mount TBR: 11/100
Beat the Backlist Bingo: Multiple points of view
Rating: 4/5 stars
I think it's a brave, interesting, and ultimately wise choice for this series to take an entire book to step back, broaden the scope of the narrative, and say, "This is where we are. This is how bad things have gotten. And this is how we got that way." After several years, several seasons of slightly different story in the television adaptation, and five big chunky books, I was grateful for the returning characters and their contextually important reminders of what went before. I never felt like the story was deliberately summarizing past events to fill word count; there was always a reason, always a goal. But sweet baby Jesus, how long has it been since Anderson Dawes was important to the story? Thank you, authors, for gently reminding me how what he had done before still matters, and for doing the same with other characters we haven't seen in some time.
After the literal explosion of Nemesis Games, this much more contemplative tone has obviously rubbed some people the wrong way, given what I'm seeing in other reviews. And this definitely did take me longer to read than previous installments in the series, the pacing was a bit plodding. But it takes a lot of ground--or space, if you'd rather--to cover the demise of one societal system to make way for something almost entirely new. To wrap up a war that I actually thought was going to consume the rest of the series (I haven't read the teaser for the next book and probably won't, as I don't own a copy yet and don't want to hype myself up too soon.)
But a fast-paced action-fest couldn't spread itself over the 19 different POV characters (across 50 chapters, the prologue, and the epilogue) to give as grand a picture of every moving piece of the puzzle. That is by far the most of any book I've ever read, and conventional writing wisdom says it's a huge no-no, yet here I love it, and it's not actually as complex as it seems. Three "main" characters still carry most of the story (Holden, Michio Pa, and Filip, basically representing the three important ships or sets of ships.) The rest of the Roci's crew gets a chapter or two where it will do the story the most good, otherwise they simply do their thing in Holden's chapters. A few key figures from the past appear to give the perspectives of those outside the Roci--Namono/Anna for the consequences for Earth, Avasarala/Dawes/Fred for political maneuvering, the four entirely new characters who each get exactly one chapter but cover the goings-on on Medina station for us. Prax turns up a little bit to do his science, and that was nice to see, I quite liked him back in the day. Even Marco has his say, which I wasn't expecting but am definitely glad was included.
While the umbrella of hard sci-fi still encompasses this entire series, it's interesting to look at how each individual book tackles a different flavor of secondary genre, and in this case, it strikes me as going for the truly epic: this was trying, and quite nearly succeeding, at being as broad and far-reaching and complex as your Victor Hugo or your Tolstoy. Concerned with the big picture, always, but also always digging into the small things, the hearts and minds that make these decisions and mistakes that drive history.
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chicoryandbananas · 2 months ago
Who gets it when I say Show Naomi and Book Holden are my dream power couple? Show Holden isn't bad. He's just....You know Show Avasarala's line last season about Don't stick your dick in this, Holden? That great line just didn't really make sense in context of Show Holden who is noble and caring and kind of humorless; not the stubborn, fallible, goofball he is in the books. Book Holden is the guy that line was aimed at, with Show Holden it seemed kind of unfair? How are you going to throw so much spicey wit at someone who can't fight back?
And I do love Book Naomi but, my god, Dominique Tipper grew Naomi miles beyond the page. She gorgeously fleshed out and enlivened a character whose motivations and emotions never quite lined up in print. Dominique Tipper can convey years of triumphs and tragedies in a few lines and expressions. Her Naomi makes you feel proud and breathless.
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nyriad · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The context is Twitter users being Twitter users and having a meltdown over anything they consider to be too ~SJW~ for their sci-fi, but the result is Ty Franck/James S.A Corey continuing to be my favorite
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audiobookpl · 4 months ago
James S.A. Corey - Expanse tom 7 - Wzlot Persepolis
Tumblr media
Wzlot Persepolis to siódma część bestselerowej serii „Expanse”. Na tysiącu połączonych siecią wrót gwiazd zasiedlonych przez ludzką ekspansję, nowe kolonie starają się znaleźć własną drogę. Wszystkie planety balansują na granicy między zapaścią a cudem, zaś załoga starzejącego się okrętu Rosynant ma pełne ręce roboty przy utrzymywaniu delikatnego pokoju. W olbrzymiej przestrzeni między Ziemią a Jowiszem planety wewnętrzne i Pas zawiązały ostrożny i niepewny sojusz, wciąż nawiedzany przez upiory historii i uprzedzeń. Tymczasem na utraconym świecie Lakonii ukryty wróg ma nową wizję dla całej ludzkości… i siły, by ją narzucić. audiobooka czyta Maciej Kowalik KLIKNIJ ABY POBRAĆ
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elenajohansenreads · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Books I Read in 2020
#156 - Nemesis Games, by James S.A. Corey
Around the Year in 52 Books: A book by the same author who wrote one of your best reads in 2019 or 2018
Mount TBR: 134/150
Rating: 5/5 stars
I had no idea the stakes would be raised so high in this installment of the series. I got to the midpoint climax and was so shocked, so anxious, that I had to set the book down before I gave myself a panic attack. I washed a sinkful of dishes and played around with my art journal for a while to calm down.
I know I gave the first three books five stars, but this is a bonkers six-star book. I honestly thought, when the early chapters were splitting up the crew on seemingly unimportant personal errands, that this was going to be a disappointing story, and I could not have been more wrong. Everything quickly goes tense, then it gets worse, then we have four different stories of survival against insane odds while trying to reunite our scattered crew.
And all the while, the mystery of what the protomolecule is quietly doing offscreen ticks along in the background as more human-focused events take their toll on the solar system. The epilogue only ratchets up that mystery.
I usually don't care about spoilers in my reviews, but with the TV adaptation of this chunk of the story dropping in just over a month, I don't want to reveal anything more than the vague upheaval I've already mentioned, so instead I want to talk about Amos. In previous reviews I've said Avasarala is my favorite character, and for large values of "favorite" that's still true. (And she's only got a minor role here but is still in top form.) But I've always loved Amos, first because he gets all the best one-liners, and as a show-watcher first, I was impressed with the actor's performance. But this chunk of the series manages to reveal some, but not all, of his backstory on Earth while also pitting him against unlikely odds mostly on his own--he doesn't have Naomi or Holden there to be his moral compass. Because we've known that all along, that Amos is staunchly amoral and deliberately chooses someone to serve as his external conscience. But here we really explore that, and his (relative) solitude creates a different version of himself, one that we've only seen glimpses of, a version that I found both incredibly compelling and downright fascinating.
So now Amos is my "favorite" character, as much as I can say I only have one. I was also glad/surprised to see some familiar faces reappearing, as well as finally meeting Drummer in the books, where she's been in the show much longer. Her role here was so minor I'm wondering why it was expanded to the point where she replaced Havelock; maybe book six will tell me more about her, because I do like her in the show just fine.
I'm excited enough to want to soldier right on, but a) I think watching the upcoming season of the show will help me better understand the gravity of everything that's just changed (even with any changes/omissions the show makes) and b) I've got a reading list to finish by the end of the year, and more Expanse sadly isn't on it. Maybe if I finish early. Maybe as a Christmas present to myself. We'll see.
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barentsz · a year ago
Tumblr media
Finished this one last night!
I’ve been a bit burned out on the series, but tbh that’s mostly because this was the last novel I needed to read before catching up to the series (aka, I was *technically* re-reading).
Also, I didn’t care that much for the plot of this particular book - it was one of those settings with a lot of angry people stuck together and where every little happening gets blown up widely.
It’s a technique I find ok in some instances, but in this case it was at least 2/3s of the book and it just got boring, which is why it took me so long to finish it. (The first two books I finished within days!)
I think there’s a new season out of the series, so I need to go buy the next novel before I can’t help myself and watch it, and have to play catch-up again.
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