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angrybirdcr · 30 minutes ago
White Wolf🐺
**Red Riding Hood AU**
Werewolf! Bucky Barnes x WOC! Reader One-Shot
Tumblr media
//You can also find me on AO3 // Wattpad A/N: A mix of fantasy, tooth-rotting romance, sexy times times and Bucky Barnes. This was written with a lot of love for three different challenges. Please check them out in the links below! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.
@awesomerextyphoon // 27 Fairytales Challenge
@wkemeup // 9K Followers Challenge
@simsadventures // Sim's 6K Mixed Adventure
Special thanks to@tuiccim for putting up with me and being a wonderuful BETA! 💖
**DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment purposes only. I ONLY own the rights over my own original characters // Pics are taken from the internet for reference only and they’re not meant to be a literal interpretation of the details hereby described (included but not limited to, to reader’s appearance) // Dividers by me
**Please DO NOT post any of my works on any other platform or site. Feel free to like, comment and/or reblog. Thank You!**
Tumblr media
Word Count: 6.2K+
Prompts (Included on BOLD)⁚
Red Riding Hood AU
"You have bewitched me, body and soul." (Pride and Prejudice, 2005)
Better Love- HozieR
Summary: There’s a tale about a white wolf roaming the woods, but you don’t believe in them, until the day you do, when a man enters your life to protect you from evil, carrying with him the biggest secret of all. 🐺🐺🐺
WARNINGS: 18+. Adult situations. Clear mentions of sexual harassment (Rumlow being an absolute jerk), Red Riding Hood AU, Cabin in the woods, brief allusions to magic/fantasy, This is pure fluff and soft romance, implied sexual content, soft!Bucky! YOUR MEDIA CONSUMPTION IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY
Tumblr media
They say that every forest comes with an enchanted tale and mystic monsters that haunt those daring to get inside, yet someone always believed that those stories were only meant to keep the treasures within safe from those wishing to harm the beauty in them.
It was that same naivety that drove her to ignore the tales about the creature that roamed the woods at night. She was not oblivious to the many beasts that surely inhabited the vast mountain expansions, but she bore no fear. There was a pull like no other that beckoned her into the darkness that everyone warned her about, yet she failed to see it. Her love for the woods was greater than any words could deter.
He was lonely, always staring into the blackness at some distant star and thinking about the time that seemed to escape between his fingers. Each day that passed was eclipsed by the ache of knowing how alone he was, how close or how far he could be from her and fearing the day that he would die being nothing but an unknown soul to the one he loved. He howled to the moon and confessed the longing he was dreaming of.
Yet it was written in the stars, that they would soon find each other. 🐺🐺🐺
Tumblr media
They kept telling you stories trying to scare you off from constantly roaming “the forbidden” wilderness, but you refused to let fear cloud your better judgement. It surely didn’t stop you from enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounded your grandmother’s cozy cabin near the woods. She was the only one that understood you and she always encouraged you to live your life to the fullest, even if your happiness lay in the hidden solitude of nature.
Every Friday you ventured into town where every shop owner happily greeted you. They were accustomed to seeing you with a bright smile as you gathered everything that your grandma loved, from the sweet fruity filled pastries to the colorful threads for her devoted knitting and tailoring. An enviable skill that you proudly wore in the form of the most beautiful carmesi cape, one that she made you from the softest fabric to keep you warm whenever you had to go out. You hoped that one day you would make her proud by displaying the same dexterity, in the meantime you delighted her taste buds with your homemade berry’s jam that she forevermore beamed about.
There was only one thing that you always dreaded about your shopping day and it had a name, Brock Rumlow.
Just the thought of the name itself made you shudder. He was the kind of man whose reputation kept everyone as far away from him as possible. His playboy ways and drinking habits were well known across the nearby towns and the fact that he had set his eyes on you made your hairs stand on end.
Today was no exception.
You smelled him before you saw him, that cheap whiskey mixed with tobacco and hints of the metal dust from his work as a blacksmith. Coming from anyone else you wouldn’t mind it, but from him you hated it so much. When he finally made his presence known, you were met with that typical dark smirk that made your insides churn.
“How are you, gorgeous?” He chuckled, eyeing you up and down, as if he was undressing you with his eyes. It made you extremely uncomfortable and all you wanted was to run away. But it was as if he could sense your unease, as he immediately blocked your exit with his towering figure. “Where are you going today? Let me guess, visiting the old lady?” He disdainfully said, making you clench your fists at your side.
“I’m doing okay, Mr. Rumlow. But I must be going, if you'll excuse me.” You said, trying to move past him.
He didn’t like it.
“Mr. Rumlow?” he said with indignation, stepping in your path. “I thought that I told you to call me Brock, darling...” The way he called you unnecessary pet names endeared him to you even less..
“I'm sorry, I do not wish to offend you, Sir, but I do not feel comfortable with you. Please, let me go.” You plead, fearful of the darkness that surrounded his eyes as he refused to give up.
“Are you afraid of me?” He said, moving closer to you and licking his lips.
“Please!” You begged him, afraid that no one would hear your pleas. But, right then, an unfamiliar face appeared from the shadows.
“I believe that the lady politely requested you to let go.” His piercing eyes locked with yours, but you didn’t feel any fear. The intensity of his gaze sent a wave of utter peace through your body. A warmth that disappeared as he icely stared at the man making you tremble and it sent a shiver down your spine. Brock dismissively looked at the unknown man, refusing to back down.
“Why should I listen to you?” Brock sneered at him.
“Because if you don’t, then you’ll regret it so very much.” He darkly chuckled, and, for the first time, you swore that you saw Brock flinch and cower away as he took in the impressive opponent in front of him.
“I’ll see you again.” He huffed. You released a breath, that you didn’t know you were holding, as you saw him walk away.
“Thank you,” you softly said. “What’s your name?” You marveled at the smile that adorned his face.
“You can call me Bucky, miss,” his voice brought a different kind of comfort that you didn’t think was possible, as you watched him extend his hand to you.
“Thank you, Bucky,” you said, unknowingly biting your lip. You gasped as an electric current travelled through your body as your hand connected with his. A shift in the air stroked you like thunderbolts and his smile grew impossibly wider, making you think if he felt it too.
Little did you know that he did.
You could have sworn that Bucky’s eyes darkened as a low growl rumbled from his chest. The idea of you being the source of such a reaction, if your eyes and ears didn’t fail you, was as amusing as it was thrilling and it made a heat pool beneath your cheeks.
He was stoked.
He had spent the last century of his life looking for you. He had almost lost hope of ever finding his mate, yet here you were, right in front of him. No words could explain the wide array of emotions that swamped him. He was glad that he chose to follow his instincts, which spellbound him to step into the town for the first time in decades.
“I really appreciate what you did, Rumlow can be a bit overwhelming at times and he doesn’t like no for an answer.” You explained, not even sure yourself why you felt the need to do it in the first place. But he seemed pleased that you did, and that filled you with unexplainable satisfaction.
“It was my pleasure to be of assistance to you,” his captivating smile called to you like a moth to light. “Does he do that often? Harass you like that, that is.” He asked with a frown and tight lips, as if saying that troubled him.
But you couldn’t figure out why.
“Hmm, yes, sometimes,” you all but whispered, a weird freeing sensation engulfed you by admitting that out loud. You had never told that to anyone else, in fear that they wouldn’t believe you despite his reputation, but with him? It came out so easy. “He’s like that with most unmarried ladies that cross his path. You’ll see, he’s the kind of man with a bad reputation.” You said, seeing his jaw tense at your words. You had never seen him before, nonetheless there was this mystic air surrounding him that was so bright yet so dark that you could not stop yourself from liking it and feeling safe with him.
“I see… Well, as long as I’m around I’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again.” He firmly said, not leaving room for any discussions about it. His sudden possessiveness, although unexpected, was warmly welcome by you.
“Very well, Bucky. Thank you again,” you said, loving the way that he seemed to soften every time that you called his name. “Are you new in town? I hadn’t seen you before,” he nodded. “Okay, and are you planning on staying?” For some odd reason just the thought of his answer being negative, made your heart ache.
“I wasn’t going to stay. But I have the feeling that after today, I’ll never be able to leave.” He said, stepping closer to you. His earthy smell of fresh rain and sandalwood swathed you like a comforting blanket.
“In that case, welcome to town.” you beamed, reaching into your basket to give him a small jar of your homemade jam. “I made it myself.” You shyly said, all hints of apprehension gone with the wind the moment that he showed you his pearly whites.
“Thank you, doll,” you felt a wild flutter inside your stomach at the mention of such a cute pet name for you. “Do you mind if I walk you?” You nodded, feeling happiness overcome you as he walked beside you, in between laughs and heartfelt words.
That day was the first day of many others. You didn’t mind the curious and somewhat judging eyes of the other residents as you walked around with the handsome stranger. You were grateful to have met such a kind gentleman and that since his appearance in your life you hadn't seen Rumlow again.
There was no denying the connection that you felt with him too.
So, you kept meeting him.
Day after day your feelings grew stronger. Each time that he spoke his voice was carved in your memory like intrinsic designs on wood. Each casual touch of his set your skin on fire like blazing embers. And the way that his eyes bore into your soul awakened a passion that felt like molten lava in your veins. An invisible pull that made you feel closer and closer to him with every passing minute. Just being in close proximity with him awoke an unexplainable chain reaction in your body that made you crave him, his presence, his voice, his touch... everything about him.
But it wasn’t just you who was affected like this.
Since the moment he met you, your smell was impregnated on every pore of his skin and imprinted on every cell of his brain. Every flicker of your eyes enchanted him till the point where he just couldn’t stop gazing into them. He felt the bond building like a brick house, one touch and one look at a time. And the sound of your words fell on his ears like a sweet melody as he struggled to restrain the urge to hold you in his arms and never let go. He wanted you beyond any reason and he needed you like the air that he breathed.
But nothing lasts forever, and every tale must come to an end.
Tumblr media
A few weeks passed.
Sadly, Bucky could not join you in town today. It made you feel worried and empty, as if something was missing. But what was worse was the fact that his absence would undoubtedly leave you to face Brock by yourself once again. He was like a hunter stalking his prey, lurking in the dark just waiting for the right time to pounce on, and knowing that you were the prey here made you shake in fear.
“Finally, I found you alone again...” the dark glimmer in his eyes formed a lump in your throat before you tried to run away from him, but he was too fast for you. “Oh, no honey-- you already escaped once. Today you won’t be as lucky...” He had threatened you before, except that this time he didn’t try to back you into an abandoned alley, nor to inappropriately touch you in plain sight. Instead, he made sure to catch you miles away from anyone that could try to help you even if you chose to scream. “You will be mine.” He said, making his dark intentions known to you very clearly. You felt paralyzed, dropping your basket to the ground with a loud thump.
But you weren’t going to make this easy on him.
You ran into the woods.
The same woods that everyone feared, but that right now seemed to be your only chance at escaping from an otherwise dreadful fate. There was a calling beyond your understanding that told you that it was the best choice, that somehow you would be safe there.
Darkness covered the expanse underneath the sky, as a cold wind sent goosebumps over your skin and a rush of adrenaline into your veins. You kept running as the leaves crunched beneath your feet, the rustling of the trees and the endless chilling sounds hidden in the shadows heightened your fear and desperation. Each step was marked by labored breathing as your heart pounded in your chest. Your mind clouded with panic, making you lose track of the trail that you were looking for, yet you let the forest lure you to its heart with a mystifying force. The branches scratched your arms as you pushed your way through the thick bushes while constantly looking back in fear, a fatal distraction that made you trip on a concealed root, falling with a loud cry. You panted for air as you frantically crawled on your hands and knees, ignoring the burn of your scraped skin. The only thing in your mind was getting away from him, but all your attempts were to no avail as you saw him closing in, causing you to scream at the top of your lungs.
"Where do you think that you are going, sugar?" His taunting voice rang in your ears sending disgusting shivers to crawl on your skin.
You whimpered as you tried to stand up, discovering your ankle throbbed in excruciating pain which stopped you from fleeing. You heard his sickening snicker, painting a horrifying image in your mind of what was yet to come.
"Please, no..." you cried, using a nearby tree as your support to stand up.
You closed your eyes, hoping that if you did the impending nightmare wouldn't become a reality. Just when you felt his presence a hair away, a cold breeze swirled your hair as he was forcefully removed from you; an angry snarl resonated through the space.
Your blood curdling scream echoed in the trees, scaring the birds away. You squatted, pulling your cape around you as if trying to shield yourself from the new threat that made its unexpected entrance.
Until the noise was no more.
You faintly heard the rushed sound of boots scrambling away followed by a soft whine that made you slowly open your eyes. You were rewarded by an imposing sight, a gorgeous white wolf with yellow-rimmed blue-eyes stood in front of you. You were immediately bewitched by his penetrating gaze and your heart wildly beat at the undeniable connection.
You reached to touch him without hesitancy, the wolf seemed to understand you as he lowered to the ground to be at your level. You thought that you heard him whimper as he watched you groan in pain, he gently nuzzled and licked your ankle before he laid his head on your lap. You lovingly ran your hands over his soft fur reveling in the soothing purring sound emitted by him.
“Where did you come from?” You softly asked, watching him move away from you. It was then when you noticed his eyes again. They were the same eyes that had enamored you since the first time you saw them.
“Bucky?!” You asked in astonishment, slightly tilting your head to the side. It couldn’t be, could it? “It’s not possible, I must be imagining things.” You shook your head in denial. But somehow you knew that it was him.
All doubts were washed away the moment that you tried to stand up by yourself again. The pain you felt seemed to amplify ten folds as the adrenaline began to wear off. The loud pained moan you let out evoked a distressed whimper from the white wolf, before he got out of your sight. You tried to ignore the burn in your ankle, but it was too much and you stumbled down. You closed your eyes and waited for an impact that never came.
A pair of strong arms held you up, the electrifying familiar touch made your eyes bulge to meet the owner of those mesmerizing blue eyes. Except that right now there was not a single layer of clothing on him to stop you from directly feeling the warmth from his skin.
“It was you-- it was you...” you repeated. Your hand moving on its own accord to caress his face. “You’re real, you’re here…” it was easy for you to put two and two together. “You’re him--the wolf, it's you.” You said in awe before everything went black as your body fell limp into his arms.
“It’s always been me.” He whispered. “I got you, my love, I got you.” He tenderly said, picking you bridal style as your head comfortably rested on his naked chest. Your lavender and roses smell filled his nostrils, burning his lungs and making his heart skip a beat.
Tumblr media
You softly moaned feeling the comfortable silky sheets beneath your fingertips. You slowly opened your eyes, panicking at the unknown environment and remembering the previous night's events before finally setting your eyes on the man looking at you.
“You’re awake,” Bucky said, slowly moving towards the bed. You noticed the way that he was careful enough not to make any sudden movements that could unsettle you. “I was really worried about you.” He said, lowering his eyes as he took a seat on the edge of the bed.
“Last night in the woods...” you stuttered. “You were there, you saved me.” You looked into his eyes with adoration, taking him by surprise.
“Wait… you’re not scared of me?” He asked in a pained voice, thinking that you would reject him and ask him to never contact you again.
“For saving me? Why would I?” You genuinely said. Unsure of the reason behind his uneasiness and the shock at your reaction.
“You saw me-- what I did, who I am...” something deeper than your understanding called you out to him. The way he diminished his own heroic actions made your heart ache, you soon found yourself interlacing your hand with his.
“You did it to stop him...” you softly said. “He’s never gonna try to hurt me, or anyone else I’m sure, all thanks to you.” You caressed his cheek with your free hand, earning a soft purring sound that reverberated from his chest. “It’s well known that the forest is always guarded by magic beings.” You simply said, referring to him being a shapeshifter. His eyes went wide as saucers at your calm demeanor, he truly was waiting for you to scream at him, to freak out and try to hurt him even but not this, this incredibly calm and rational way.
“Which still doesn’t explain how you knew that I was there and that I needed your help.” You furrowed brows, hearing him sigh.
“I was always with you, even when you thought that I wasn’t,” he said, taking you by surprise. “But even if I would have attempted to stay away from you, you called to me.” He said, gazing into your eyes.
“What? Call you? How?”
“You’re my mate.” He adoringly said, with so much emotion behind his words that made your heart pick up its beat, stirring the jittery feeling in your stomach.
“You might refer to it as a soulmate. You are the only person that will ever complete me.” He said, making you feel like the most valuable person on earth. “I knew it from the moment that I met you and each day that I spent with you strengthened the bond between us,” you attentively listened to him, without realizing how close you had drawn yourself to him. “As soon as you felt fear, I felt it too. My wolf took me to you.”
“Wow!” You exclaimed as your mind twirled with excitement around the idea of having a soulmate. “So, I’m your mate, what happens now?” If he was your soulmate, then that meant that you were destined for each other, wasn’t it? So, why were you seeing fear in his eyes?
This is the part that he knew would come, but he wasn’t ready to face it. You had seemingly accepted him well so far, but what if it was too much for you and you didn’t want to commit to this? What if the mate pull wasn’t as strong for you as it was for him? But all caution was thrown out the window as he heard the enticing sound of your giggles.
“Is this why I can’t seem to stop touching you every time that I’m close to you?” You said, moving your hands to cup his face. His eyes widened at the feeling, as you watched him take a sharp intake of air.
“Doll...” he shakily said. “You don’t know how I feel when I’m with you” You locked your eyes with his visibly darkened ones. But it wasn’t the same darkness from Brock’s eyes, no, Bucky’s eyes reflected the desire that he harbored inside him, only matched by yours. His hands soon found themselves sneaking around your waist, making you gasp.
“Is it the same as I feel with you?” You gulped, feeling your heartbeat rise and heat rush beneath your cheeks. You could see his inner struggle too, as if he was restraining himself from fully falling into the pull you were both feeling.
“Can I kiss you?” He huskily asked, you couldn’t find your voice. You nodded as you felt his lips graze yours in a tender kiss. Thundering bolts fluxed your veins as a flame ignited on your core. He tightened his hold on you to feel you closer to him. And soon, you were completely lost into the heat of the moment.
Until a whimper escaped your lips.
He let you go as if you were on fire, his eyes filled with worry as if he had been the one to hurt you. He released his breath only when he watched you smile, shaking your head.
“It wasn’t you. I twisted my ankle, remember?” You said trying to calm him down. The way that he sighed and his shoulders relaxed was the sign that he recalled it.
He carefully moved away, lifting the sheet that was covering your legs, furrowing his brows at the evident swelling there. He had applied some ointment on your cuts and ankle while you were unconscious which helped you a great deal but it still hurt. You weren’t a werewolf like him, so it would take you longer to heal.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t get to you sooner.” You saw the anguish and regret haze his mind as he rubbed some more of the soothing ointment with a grimace.
“Hey, it’s okay...” you softly said, reaching for his hand. Truth was it did hurt you and you weren’t going to run away any time soon but it wasn’t as bad if you kept it immobilized, and you were sure that you could even stand up if he let you. “I’m okay,” You said louder, making his eyes connect with yours again. There was regret swirling around the undeniable affection for you, you knew that he blamed himself over Rumlow’s actions but there wasn’t anything that you or he could do to change the past. You could only try to show him your commitment.
“Can I see him again?” You asked, beaming at the memory of the majestic creature that fiercely defended you.
“Huh… what?” He stuttered, visibly confused at your request. You couldn't be asking him what he was thinking, were you?
“Your wolf. I want to see your wolf again.” You requested sincerely, your lips tugging up at the corners admiring the beautiful smile on his face.
“You do?” Bucky breathed. You eagerly nodded, loving the way that he quickly rose to his feet and the smirk that played on his face. He tilted his head to the side, licking his lips as you felt heat rise to your cheeks.
He slowly took his shirt off without breaking eye contact with you, his hands carefully undoing his belt, soon followed by his pants but you’re enthralled by the yellow specks that started covering his deep blue irises, making it feel as if you were staring into his soul. It’s just a fraction of time until the man in front of you gives room to the wolf within.
A white wolf.
The gorgeous creation that you owed your life to and that had you wrapped in a dizzying spell. You knelt to his level, extending your hands to confidently caress him, showering him in affection to show him that you were not afraid of him.
“You’re stunning,” you whispered, enjoying the happy purring that vibrated on your skin, so much that you lost track of time. Only awakened by his shifting back, cheeks burning in appreciation of the fine specimen now standing next to you. He promptly got his pants back on, not wanting to make you more flustered.
“You know, I never imagined that this would ever happen to me,” you said, resting your head on his shoulder as his hands softly entwined yours. “To find this kind of connection with anyone,” you grinned, feeling warmth spread from your heart all over your body. He seemed to sense it too, silently asking for your permission before pulling you into a searing kiss until you both ran out of air. “I’m glad that I found you.” You breathlessly said.
“No, I’m the lucky one.” He chuckled. “C’mon, doll, you need to get some more rest.” He stated, making you notice how late it was. You nodded, getting back into bed and taking his hand for him to cuddle with you. Rejoicing that his soothing heartbeat immediately lulled you to sleep.
Tumblr media
You woke up to the sun welcoming you into a new day and the enticing smell of coffee and breakfast being served. Your hand absentmindedly touched the empty spot next to you, making you lazily open your eyes to realize that Bucky was up, causing a smile to form on your lips.
“Good Morning, Doll!” Your stomach somersaulted at the sound of his morning voice and the contagious happiness that radiated from him. You stood up, glad at the absence of any pain in your ankle, whatever magic ointment he used on you did its job, wonderfully.
“I didn’t know what you prefer, so I made a few different things.” He said, anxiously scratching the nape of his neck.
“It’s wonderful, Bucky,” you hugged him. “I love it.” You took a seat to devour everything that was placed in front of you, not missing the obvious pride filled look on his face. You could swear that it was the best meal that you ever had, maybe it was the fact that he made it all for you or that he had saved and used the jam that you gifted him a while back. But maybe, just maybe, it was the way that he stole glances at you throughout your meal.
“I’m glad that you liked it.” He said, washing the last plate.
“How not to when the chef did such an amazing job at it?” You teased him.
“I’m so happy to see you standing without pain,” he grimaced at the memory of you being hurt. “I’ll never let you get hurt again.” The promise in his voice caused you an overwhelming amount of indescribable emotions. You let his arms circle around you as you looked outside the window, the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the leaves as the wind danced with them in tandem… It was magical.
“Why weren’t you afraid of the woods?”
“I knew that there was no reason for me to fear,” you turned in his arms, intently gazing into his eyes. “I didn’t know that you would be there, but I knew that somehow the same magic that inhabits these woods would feel my desperation and that something unbelievable would happen, or so that was my hope.” He leaned on your caressing hand, doting in the mate bond that grew stronger with your presence in his lair, your home.
You had no idea how mates worked but judging by the way your body reacted to him whenever he was close to you, you had a very clear idea where it was headed. The fact that he kissed you with so much passion that you didn’t realize when you had walked to bed and that now you were laying on the silk sheets, making you gasp in awe. The compromising position made your dress ride up, exposing your legs to him. It was an open invitation for him to show you with actions what his words failed to express. And you let him, moaning in satisfaction as his hand roamed your skin with expert feather-like touches, making you throb for him.
“I see the question twirling in your mind, doll,” he said, licking his lip. “I can smell you too.” He smirked. Did that mean…? You felt warmth flood your cheeks.
“Your arousal, yes...” you hadn’t been aware of just how affected you were by his presence until he mentioned those words. “What is it that you want to ask?” He retook his place next to you, his fresh breath pricked your skin, sending shivers to every nerve of your body.
“If we are mates, does that mean that we...” you bit your lip, evoking a low growl from the depths of his chest. The alluring lust returned to his orbs once again.
Is this what he meant when he said you called to him?
“Do you know how much self-control It required to stop myself from ravishing you when I met you?” His voice was hoarse. “To stake my claim on you...” he marked each word with a caress of his finger over the exposed skin on your neck down your cleavage, causing goosebumps along the lines he traced. “You have bewitched me, body and soul,” you heard the longing and need in his voice. “Do you understand what this means?”
There was no doubt in your mind about the weight of his words, yet you welcomed it with arms wide open. You wanted it as much as he did. “I do, Bucky.”
“Are you sure that this is what you want? Once you’re mine, there’s no going back, there’s no undoing...” He risked it all to save you, by showing you his real self, but now here you were in front of him nodding to what he dreamt of for the last century of his life.
His mate, his soulmate.
“Yes.” you said without hesitation. He searched into you for your permission, satisfied with the eager nod that you gave him.
The moment that you felt his lips on you, you could not stop the moan that escaped your lips even if you had tried. You gripped his strong biceps as he kissed you, softly yet passionately, as his muscles twitched beneath your fingertips filling you with a sense of power and pride. But as his lips moved down the valley of your covered chest, you felt his hesitation in pulling up your dress. You pushed him away, letting him watch as you knelt on his bed and unashamedly did it for him.
His eyes roamed your body up and down with hunger, a strong emotion only overpowered by the love and adoration that shone through. “You’re beautiful” He said, taking the hand that you extended to him, pulling him closer until your hands tangled behind his neck and he captured your lips in a sweet dance that connected your souls in a perfect symphony.
You smiled in the kiss as you felt him carefully push you into the mattress, making sure that he did not set all his weight on you and avoiding your injured foot. Your naked breasts created an unbelievable friction against his chest that hardened him at a maddening pace as you enjoyed the breathtaking sensation of his hands sprawled behind your back.
The rumbles of his chest sent you delightful vibrations that made your toes curl. You unconsciously opened your legs letting him settle in between, the feeling of his manhood pressed against your covered core made you buck your hips in desperate need. He growled, biting the shell of your ear, as he provided you with firm trusts that had you mewling in no time.
“Sing for me, doll.” He said, calling forth moans that you didn’t know were possible. You pulled his hair, deepening the kiss as his hand began to travel lower and lower each time.
“Bucky...” You moaned, as his hand played with the edge of your underwear, pulling them down at a torturously slow pace, until they were gone. He grinned at the warm wetness that he gathered on his fingers as he found your hidden treasure, otherworldly waves of ecstasy tightly embraced you before an unexpected free fall set your body on fire.
“I need you.” You cried in blinding passion, as your hands worshipped the rippled muscles of his back before reaching the strips of his sweats. His hand halted your movements, as he adoringly looked into your eyes.
“You’re perfect.” He said with a husky voice, kneeling in the bed as he removed the only layer of clothing that was in between you.
“I love your voice.” You said.
“It’s only to praise you.” He smirked, as you drank every ridge and crevice of his perfectly sculpted body, pushing you impossibly under the profound seas of euphoria. He lowered himself down, ravishing the source of your addicting essence with great reverence.
You chanted his name like a melody of devotion that reached the marrow of his bones. The sounds that fed his lust and swelled his chest with great pride. The pressure in his loins at an almost unbearable point, and as if reading his mind you rewarded him with his coveted prize before tasting yourself into his luscious lips. An unleashed rapturous sensation that engulfed you both in synchronic heartbeats.
He stared at you through the windows of your soul.
“I love your eyes.” You said, feeling him pressing at your entrance. You gasped as you felt him stretch your walls with a pleasurable pain.
“They’re only to see you.” He grinned, his rough hands fondled your breast with raw urgency but at the same time with the delicacy that made you writhe beneath him.
“I love your hands.” You said between moans and ragged breathing. Each perfectly aimed stroke inside you took you to unimaginable highs as he showered you in the love that he felt bursting inside his heart.
“They’re to worship you.” He whispered in between kisses. Groaning in delight as your legs rested around his hips. The increased speed of his ministrations drowned you both in an all-consuming passion that was only concealed by the majestuous songs of the forest
You loudly moaned as he took you to heaven, blurring all lines away as his hand worked to extend that reverie into oblivion. His now unrelenting pace announced to you his impending pinnacle, instinctively tilting your head to the side making room for him to stake his claim on you with his mark.
He groaned as his teeth sunk into you, all pain ebbed away as waves of pleasure shook you and your nails traced half-moon indentations all over his back. An action that heightened his own share in the bliss. He let out a satisfied sigh as he peppered your neck in soft kisses while he thrusted in the last aftershocks. Before taking your lips prisoners with his love.
“Did I tell you how much I love your lips too?” You breathlessly said, tangled in his arms and enveloped by the soothing beating of your hearts.You felt the smile on his lips before you saw it.
“They’re only yours to taste.” He teasingly said. Causing you to clench around him in sweet payback, he groaned as he twitched in immediate response to your newly found joy.
“Did you practice those lines?”
“No, but they’re as true as they get. My beautiful mate...” he said, the fluttering in your belly going wild at his loving gaze upon you. He tightly hugged you, so your head rested on his chest and your hand drew patterns in his skin, feeling complete.
“I love you.” You both said in unison, falling once again into the unbridled throes of passion.
Tumblr media
That day the forest witnessed the union of two souls that had finally found each other.
Some say that they were never seen again, choosing to peacefully live the rest of their lives in the same woods where their love bloomed. But others think that they moved away, looking for others like him. They also said that he fathered many children, forming their own pack that thrived beyond everyone’s expectations, reveling in the happiness of having his own family.
Everyone talked about them.
But nobody ever really knew.
They simply all agreed that they found each other and went on to create the most beautiful story ever written into their books.
That’s the tale of how the White Wolf found his mate, becoming the legend of those enchanted woods. 🐺🐺🐺
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you for reading! I appreciate it!
Thank You for the support! 💖💖💖
Tags:@cevansgirl @patzammit @icanfeelastormbrewing@connie326 @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123
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Somewhere Only We Know (Bucky Barnes imagine)
Tumblr media
Request: @the-craziestone story about Bucky x Reader, where Bucky is really obsessed with Reader - But not in a creepy way, more like he's really really in love with her and he can only see her, like she's his world Anon: can you do something with reader gifting Bucky Barnes the 3 Lord of the Rings books? They were published after WWII, and reader knows he liked The Hobbit so she thinks it's something he'd like
Words: 2789
A/N: this is pure fluff with no warning, also I changed a tiny bit the second request to fit the story - enjoy ;)
He couldn’t explain the sadness he constantly felt every time he was walking through the streets of the city he used to know by heart. A stranger in a strange land was the best way to describe him. More than seventy years had passed, and he hadn’t witnessed any changes. While he had been a puppet deprived of freewill and controlled with the sole purpose of killing, he had missed the birth of a whole new world. Now, as he strode around the streets, he could easily remember each of their names, but none of them were familiar anymore. His mind remained in the 1940’s and in the middle of the noises, surrounded by the sound of first responders vehicles, the children running around and cars piling up on the road, he was a stranger in his own home. It was an unsettling feeling, a pining melancholy that reminded him in every step he made that his Brooklyn didn’t exist anymore. 
He was furious in a way, but mostly confused. Haunted by memories he had gotten back a second ago, and they didn’t fit this new reality. He wasn’t even nostalgic, but the loneliness was getting heavier every day. He could still picture the park he used to take his sister, the alley where Steve had gotten beaten up one day, the bakery his mother used to go to every morning. Treasure of souvenirs he would keep forever. And although the park, the alley and the streets names were still here, he was left alone walking down Brooklyn. 
“Hey, Miss Y/L/N !” He heard a voice shouting. “Where do I put those ?” 
His head mechanically turned to a young boy carrying a heavy box of what looked like antics. Without thinking he crossed the road and when his eyes laid on the small shop, he gasped. There it was, one small piece of his past still here. It was an old bookstore he used to go to with his sister. The man, a friend, an immigrant from France with a thick accent, would let them stay for hours. Bucky loved reading to Rebecca. They would sit inside and she’d insist to hear The Hobbit. François, the man owning the store, would make coffee and stay with them, relating the stories he had heard around the world, telling them all about the France he had known. It was all still here. ‘Au Nom de la Rose’ was still here. 
He didn’t hesitate a second and rushed inside the place, an honest smile on his face. His eyes roamed over the room and he took a deep breath. It was just like he remembered, a place filled with murmurs and whispers floating above his head and through the roof, indistinct conversations between friends, huge windows bringing in a powerful light at this hour of the day, plants in almost every corner. Even the atmosphere was the same, this powerful smell of imagination coming from the laying books on the shelves, begging to be read, mixing with a distinct smell coming from the dust. The small couch and the old table he used to sit by with his sister were also there. The wooden pieces had many rough and sharp edges but looked just as smooth and clean as he remembered. Finally, his eyes landed on a woman there. He watched her rearranging a bouquet of daffodils, breathing in the perfume of the vibrant flowers as she tended to them meticulously. 
For some reason, he couldn’t look away. She felt familiar, like he had known her all his life, yet he had never seen her before. When she turned around he took an instinctive step toward her. She noticed, raised her head and that was the moment their eyes met. His breath caught in his throat when she smiled at him. He stood, frozen on the spot, staring at her. He couldn’t comprehend that instant connection. There was an inexplicable sense of excitement yet weird feeling that they had known each other forever, that they were meeting each other again after a long journey. He was transfixed, almost stuck by the confusing mixture of emotions but oddly comforted by them - all at the same time. 
“Can I help you ?” She asked him.
He surprised himself thinking there was something eerily calming about her voice, that he could listen to her for hours.
“Do I know you ?” He quickly wondered out loud, mentally facepalming himself for his lack of tact. 
“Shouldn’t I be asking that question ?”
“Why ?”
“You’ve been staring at me for the past five minutes” She grinned.
“I’m … I’m sorry” He apologized profusely. “I didn’t mean to…” 
“Look weird ?” 
He could swear his heart skipped a beat when he heard her laugh.
“This place is beautiful”
“Thank you” 
“How long have you been working here ?”
“Forever” She smirked. “The store belongs to my family. Passed on from generation to generation” 
Bucky raised an eyebrow, surprised.
“You’re related to François Y/L/N ?” He questioned.
She tilted her head, crossing her arms.
“Now I’m intrigued” She told him. “How do you know about my grandfather ?” 
“We’ve met,” He answered without thinking. He rapidly realized his mistake when she narrowed her eyes in utter curiosity. “I … I didn’t mean … I mean … It was … It was a long time ago”
He gulped, hoping she wouldn’t push it. She looked him up and down, assessing him. 
“What’s your name, weirdo ?” She inquired, giving him a skeptical glance.
“Bucky. M’am” 
She smirked.
“Let me guess, a soldier ?” 
“How … ?” 
“You all have the same manners, and the same eyes”
“What do you mean ?”
She was now standing in front of him, staring at his face with the most adorable smile he had ever seen.
“You carry the sadness and the horror you’ve seen” She replied honestly. “My father was a lot like that too” 
Her answer had the effect of a punch in the gut he hadn’t been expecting. He felt naked under her gaze, a stranger with the power to see through his soul.
“I’m Y/N” She introduced herself, raising her hand to shake his.
It was rare for him to smile truthfully but the unexpected happiness slowly growing made his lips twitch before he could even acknowledge it.
“Hi, Y/N” He greeted her.
She chuckled, amused. 
“Hi, Bucky” She murmured. 
After that encounter, he made a point of coming back as much as he could. He stayed for hours sitting on the couch, reading the same book over and over again. They shared quick words but he didn’t dare to start up a conversation, too afraid he would say something he shouldn’t, something that would scare her. He was content like this. There was no Winter Soldier, no war, no fight, no one else than Bucky. Being next to this girl was in itself a medication for him. It made no sense but she was so bright and radiant. Like a magnet, he was sucked into this invisible gravitational pull toward her.
By the second week of him coming into the store, she started to notice the small marks of attention. He would come so silently she wouldn’t hear a thing, bringing a fresh cup of coffee he would lay on her counter when she wasn’t looking, replacing the daffodils before they could fade, carrying the heavy boxes filled with new books. When she wasn’t working, she would grab something to read and sit next to him. They would exchange a smile but wouldn’t talk. The proximity was enough. Their presence was louder than any word. A quiet routine they were slowly creating. 
By the fourth month, nothing had changed. That day was no different. Rain was pouring outside and the store was empty, except for Y/N and Bucky. Just as usual, he was reading in a corner while she was working. New stacks of books had arrived and she was methodically putting them on the shelves. Standing on a ladder, on the tip of her toes, she was so focused on the task she had failed to notice the soldier walking up to her. 
“Do you need any help ?” He asked her. 
Surprised to hear his voice so close to her, she lost her balance and slipped. She yelped as her ankle hit one side of the ladder and automatically closed her eyes, anticipating the fall. She tried to brace herself but before her body could touch the ground she felt something cold holding her waist. Suddenly, instead of laying on the floor, she was against his hard chest, in a protective embrace. She recognized his arms around her and shivered at the odd coldness. He immediately felt it and was quick to put some distance between them, making sure his metal arm was no more on her body and only his human hand was steadying her. 
“Are you alright ?” He questioned. She pursed her lips, trying not to show that she was hurt when she heard how worried he sounded. 
“Yeah, it’s fine. I’m fine”
He looked skeptic but didn’t say anything about it.
“I didn’t mean to scare you,” He told her.
He took the books scattered on the ground, putting them away, and helped her walk to the couch.
“You know, if the goal was to literally make me fall for you, I’d say you did a pretty good job there” She flirted, making him chuckle. 
He sat on the table in front of her and grabbed her calve, gently laying her leg on his thigh to assess the damage. From the corner of his eyes, he could see her blushing. It made him insanely happy to know he wasn’t the only one affected by their closeness. 
When he clasped her ankle, she cried and instinctively pushed him back. 
“Fine, huh ?” He repeated her own words.
She huffed and rolled her eyes.
“It’s not a big deal, Bucky. I’ve got to get back to work”
“You’re not moving from this couch” He ordered.
“Is that an order, soldier ?” She ironically threw at him.
“You bet it is”
She watched him, intrigued, as he piled up some books on the table and put her ankle to rest on it. 
“No moving around, got it ?” He made sure she would follow his advice.
“Aye, aye, Captain”
He chuckled 
“I’m not a Captain” He spoke as he continued what she had been doing earlier and started putting the books on the right shelves. 
“Would you have preferred Sergeant ?” 
He instantly stopped what he was doing and slowly turned around to stare at her.
“What did you say ?” He asked, more scared than ever.
Up until that moment, he had avoided telling her who he was. Becoming part of the Avengers meant his identity wasn’t a secret anymore, and although he had done a terrific job staying hidden among the mass of people, it wouldn’t have taken more than a little push to find his full name. 
He stood in front of her, frozen, not having a clue how to react.
“Sergeant Barnes, isn’t it ?” 
“I… “ He tried to say anything, but as the rain kept pouring outside, slowly turning into a thunderstorm, he blankly stared back.
“Would you have told me ?” She whispered.
She humorlessly snorted. 
“We’ve known each other for more than three months, Bucky. I see you practically every day. Be honest, eventually would’ve never come” 
“It’s not like that”
“I’m not mad, don’t worry” She sadly smiled. “I just wish… I guess I wish you could trust me” 
He rubbed his jaw in frustration and made a step toward her. Without breaking his gaze, he slowly took the glove off, revealing his metal hand.
“I didn’t want you to be scared,” He admitted in a broken voice. 
“Of you ?” She was surprised. “Why would I be ?”
“I’m not a good man, Y/N”
“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that ?” 
“You don’t understand…”
“The red box under the counter, can you take it for me ? And turn the sign of the shop, we’re closed.”
He gave her a puzzled look, but did as she said anyway. He locked the front door and took the box she asked for before walking to her and putting it directly in her hands.
“Sit” She instructed him.
He didn’t dare to stay near her and sat on an opposite chair.
“I found this a little after you and I met” She told him, motioning to the box. “It was in the basement, hidden under old junks my parents had kept over the years”
He let her speak, not understanding where this was going or why she was telling him about that. 
She slowly opened the mystery box and took a small envelope out of it. It looked old, so old the paper had turned into a deep shade of yellow.
“My grandfather wrote this” She confessed. “In 1957. It’s addressed to Bucky and Rebecca Barnes. I believe it belongs to you” 
She handed him the letter that he took with shaky hands.
“How did you… ?” He started to ask.
“It was a long shot,” She explained. “The first time you were here, you said my grandfather's name like it meant something to you. Like you really knew him. When I found the box, and the enveloppe, I didn’t make the connection with you. But your name was all I needed to start my research. My parents kept pretty much everything from my grandparents so it didn’t took me long to find a photo with you and him” 
He wasn’t moving at all when she showed him a picture François had taken of them right before he was enlisted. 
“I wanted to wait for the right time to tell you, I guess. I mean, you have enough ghosts as it is”
“Still not scared ?” He inquired.
“Not one bit”
She softly smiled and motioned for him to come closer. When he sat next to her, she moved the box from her lap to his. 
“We were friends, François and I” He recalled, his eyes glued on the letter. “He was married to Eloise. This bookstore was their treasure. He kept repeating that I shouldn’t go to war when I could stay hidden under the pages of books that would take me around the world without risking my life”
She took his metal palm between her fingers when she heard his voice breaking. He almost tried to remove it but she tightly entwined their hands together.
“Maybe he was right” He muttered under his breath.
“Or maybe you and I were meant to meet almost a century later” She shrugged.
He chuckled before turning around the enveloppe to open it. Y/N gently laid her head against his shoulder and let him read in silence. She didn’t move when she felt his body shaking with tears but only held his hand harder.
“They’re originals, from 1954 I think. He kept them for you” She told him as he slowly took what was in the red box. A set of three old books. “Why Lord of the Ring, though ?” 
He laughed,sniffing, before brushing the tears off his face and staring down at the woman. At that moment, he felt like the journey was done. His soul had stopped the search it had been on for a time that felt like forever. Like a century. 
“My sister and I, we used to come here often,” He said with a smile. Sorrow had finally been replaced with happiness. “We would sit on this very couch and she would make me read the Hobbit. She used to love that story so much.”
“How many times have you read it ?” The woman smirked.
“Enough to remember every single word” He exaggerated, making her giggle. “When I told François I was living, he said he would send me books to help me travel away from the war, even just for a moment. I guess he kept them, hoping I would come back. Even after I was declared dead” 
“Maybe deep down he knew you weren’t”
“And he planned this whole meeting with his granddaughter ?” He ironically added.
“Oh no, that was beyond him. That was fate, Barnes”
“I was meant to find you” He agreed, a deep feeling of love and utter contentment forming in his heart. He bent his head down and let all he needed to say be spoken through the kiss they shared. 
“Will you read it to me ?” She playfully requested.
Overflowing with happiness, he smiled and kissed her forehead before opening the old book. There it was, the only choice he needed to make. The only home he had yearn to create. Her. 
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writingsutlac · an hour ago
Bucky Barnes Imagine
Tumblr media
Warnings: faws spoilers but the imagine is not based on it (I guess it was ep. 3)
Summary: After the Blip, the reader is ignored by Bucky, and s/he confronts him.
Word Count: 940
Notes: The gif is not mine. I might have forgotten about MCU, so if there are any mistakes about the universe, please forgive me. Love you <3
You were helping Sam and Bucky with the Flag Smashers, and right now you were in Madripoor at Sharon’s place. At first you didn’t want to include yourself to the mission because of the awkward situation between you and Bucky. Before the Blip, you two had been really close and even your relationship had been evolving romantically. Unfortunately, you both had vanished because of the Blip. After you had come back and everything had been normal, Bucky had not been feeling the same way in contrast to you. He didn’t want to see you.  Actually, he did not say it verbally, but you understood it from his behaviours. Anyways, you were here mainly because of Sam who is a very good friend of yours.
It was late at night, and you were sitting in the room Sharon gave you. Madripoor was a really strange and unsettling place. It was really hard to fall asleep in a place like this, so you were sitting thinking and listening to your favourite songs to make yourself relaxed. Then, your stomach cried out craving for food. You decided to go to the kitchen and look for something to eat. Usually, it was not a habit of yours to seek for food in someone else’s kitchen, but you were really hungry. You went down to the kitchen hoping Sharon would not be bothered.
You started making yourself a P&J sandwich. While you were trying to open the peanut butter jar, you were startled by a voice coming right behind you.
“You need help?” Bucky asked delibaretly showing his shining vibranium arm.
“No, thanks” you said opening the jar. “I can handle it.”
You could see a slight smirk on his face, which annoyed you. “Stress eating huh?” he asked. You were surprised as you didn’t expect him to start a conversation. “I know that you normally avoid eating at night unless you are stressed.” You were again surprised by his claim of knowing you and this sentence being the longest he said to you since the beginning of the mission.
“No, I’m just hungry” you said taking the knife and some peanut butter with it. He raised his eyebrows at your response. Then, he grabbed a slice of bread and a knife and started making himself a sandwich too. You two just stood side by side making your sandwiches in awkward silence. You could feel the heat coming from his body, and his scent. Things may have changed but his scent stayed the same you thought to yourself. The things having changed could not make your heart more broken than right now.
“So, how are you?” he asked pulling you out of your thoughts. “You are asking this now?” you snapped not being able to hold yourself. “It’s been a long time since we saw each other again due to the mission, and you are asking me this now? Well, I’m fine if you really care.” The second you finished your sentence you felt regret with what you said. You didn’t want him to think that you cared about him enough to get mad at him.
“I- I did not mean to upset you. I’m sorry” he apparently didn’t expect you to react like this. You just shrugged your shoulders to his apology. However, you could not stop the anger growing inside, and your eyes got watery. You managed to keep yourself from crying. You just wished to finish your sandwich and go back to your room. You reached for the jelly jar for the final touch to your sandwich, but at the same time Bucky reached for it too causing the jar fall to the floor and break.
This triggered the growing anger towards Bucky inside of you. All this time you had wondered why you two were not together and blamed Bucky for this. All you wanted to say to Bucky revealed with the falling jar.
“Why did you do this-” You whimpered.
“It’s just a jar. No big deal, I can clean it up” He said softly trying to calm you down. He looked confused as you started crying.
“To us?” you looked at him waiting for a proper answer to your question. You hated yourself because of crying in front of him, even if your tears were caused by anger. You didn’t want to look helpless to him.
He slowly hugged you and placed his chin on top of your head. “Oh, Y/N” he sighed. You suddenly realized how much you missed his touch. Giving in, you wrapped your arms around him slowly.
“I cannot tell you how much I regret what I did” you heard him sniffing. “I’ve been coward all this time. After the Blip, even the possibility of losing someone…” he breathed out deeply “even I was the one who was lost, the thought of being the one who lost someone made me so worried that I kept myself from you. I couldn’t resist losing you”
“But we came back. No one is lost right now” you said wiping your tears away.
“I know. But the Blip, then Steve, all these things affected me terribly. I became too afraid to lose someone” You hugged him tightly as you wouldn’t let him go. All this time you had thought that he didn’t want you, he didn’t love you. After hearing his worries, you understood him completely. His life had not been an easy one after all.
“I missed you so much” you mumbled inhaling his scent while you rested your head on his chest.
“I missed you too, Y/N” he said placing a kiss on top of your head.
Feel free to share your thoughts and feedbacks!
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chloelucia13 · an hour ago
Made of Ashes
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!reader
Prompt: Faking your death wasn’t an easy thing to do, but SHIELD said that it had to be done. But you couldn’t stay out of the life you were born to have, even if it was risky. Even if it brought you face to face with the people who still believed that you were dead. Based off of “My Tears Ricochet” by Taylor Swift
Warnings: ANGST, a teensy bit of fluff, language, violence, gore, discussions of death (obviously)
Word Count: 5.1k 
A/N: We did it, boys, we’ve found another hyperfixation. Let’s see how long this lasts. Anyway, my tag lists and requests and DMs are always open! Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Death was never a foreign thing to you. It seemed to linger, its presence permeating every interaction and movement as if to remind you that you never know what could happen. 
Just because it wasn’t unfamiliar didn't mean that it wasn’t miserable, though. You’ve lost so many friends, family, and everything in-between and it never seemed to get any better.
You knew how painful it was, but you could never imagine the pain that you felt when you witnessed your own funeral. When you watched the people you love grieve over you while you were only feet from them but couldn’t comfort them.
You had watched their tears streak down their faces as they stared ahead at the closed casket, their cheeks glistening under the rays of sun that shone down on them. You watched their hands tremble as they showered individual roses onto the gleaming mahogany lid before returning to their seats with their heads bowed low. You watched the light sheen of sweat build on their skin that made them wonder if this heat was comparable to what you had felt.
They were told that you were caught in a building that Hydra had bombed, pinned underneath the falling debris as the flames rose as engulfed you. They were told that your body couldn’t be found, that it was most likely hidden under all of the rubble or turned to ash. They had to bury an empty casket.
The word had spread fast, and the wake that they’d planned on being a small gathering became flooded with familiar faces from around the galaxy. Basically everyone was there, eyes damp and hearts heavy.
In a car tucked away from the wake but still in view of it, you and Maria Hill watched their grieving in silence. “This is all for your safety,” she had explained to you, but the guilt of what she had to do was still lingering. You had nodded along to her word, but your mind was in another place. 
It was stuck in a whirlwind of panic, hurt, and confusion as you stared at the man who kept his distance from the crowd of Avengers, but his shoulders still shook with sobs as your casket was lowered into the ground. The man who gave you heaven and gave you hell. The man you swore you’d love until you died, even if you were already dead to him in his mind.
And to him, it was true.
You and Bucky had met when he was still the Winter Soldier, when he had dragged Steve from the water and dropped his limp body directly at your feet. You remember staring at him in a panic, unknowing of what he would do to you. He had stared you directly in the eye and gave you a nod before walking past you, leaving you with a seemingly-lifeless Steve.
That small, but meaningful, interaction had led you on a manhunt of sorts, devoting your free time to finding this “Bucky” that Steve spoke so fondly of.
After a couple of months, you came across a reported sighting of the Winter Soldier in Bucharest, though the man was not hostile. Immediately, you booked a flight there and, without telling another person, snuck off to find this supposed Winter Soldier.
You found him at a small market in the middle of town, your eyes locking with his as he lifted his gaze. The panic he felt from being seen was evident, but that panic seemed to melt away as a smile grew on your lips. He was still on alert, though, as you crossed the street and walked over to him. It was clear that he recognized you, but your gentle demeanor gave him a strange sense of comfort.
That first meeting had slowly built up to monthly visits that lasted for days at a time, the two of you nurturing a relationship that was kept hidden from the word, especially the Avengers.
The day that Bucky’s past life came rushing back, the two of you were on one of your monthly “dates,” as you’d jokingly called it.
The blue of his eyes had drawn you in for a moment too long, prompting a chuckle from him. You rolled your eyes and pursed your lips, turning your face from his so he couldn’t detect the blush blooming on your cheeks. “What, I can’t admire the beautiful sight before me?” you defensively hummed in Romanian, crossing your arms over your chest as your examined the baskets of fruit in front of you.
“I never said that,” he teased, playfully bumping your shoulder with his before turning to the woman running the fruit stand and asking her a few questions.
The woman handed Bucky a bag of plums and you both thanked her before walking down the street. “Plums?”
He nodded, shrugging slightly. “I figured we could make something with them.”
“I think there’s still some phyllo dough in the fridge.” He nodded, but his attention was clearly elsewhere. You followed his line of sight and saw a man sitting in a newspaper hut staring worriedly at Bucky. You touched his right arm and the two of you exchanged a glance before making your way over to the man. The moment he noticed the two of you stepping towards him, he retreated back before running out of his hut.
Bucky pulled the newspaper the man was reading off of the surface it rested on and held it out in front of him.
“Winter Soldier Cautat Pentru Bombardmentul Din Vienna”
“Bucky,” you spoke slowly, forcing yourself to tear your eyes from the paper so you could look up at his visibly shaken face.
“We need to go,” he grumbled, placing the paper face down and gripping onto your forearm.
The two of you walked at a hurried pace down the street that led up to his apartment, trying to seem as inconspicuous as possible despite the fact that you both were shivering with fear.
After climbing the multiple flights of stairs with no one in sight, the tension slowly began to dissolve from the naive belief that they may not have tracked him down yet. His grip had loosened on your arm, as well, signifying that the fear had began to die down in his mind as well. The two of you silently slipped inside and closed the door behind you, letting out a soft sigh of relief when you could see that the apartment was empty. That breath hitched in your throat, though, when a pair of heavy footsteps echoed through the stairwell just outside the door. 
You nodded towards the bathroom door and he quickly pulled you into the small room, closing the door and tucking your form behind him. The creaking front door swung open and shut, and a shadow passed across the crack of the bathroom door. You gripped tightly onto the arm of Bucky’s canvas jacket and he placed his hand over yours, giving you a gentle nod. He led the two of you out of the bathroom and into the open space of the studio apartment, keeping your eyes trained on the familiar figure standing at the fridge that made your stomach turn.
After speaking out to what was most likely a voice in his ear, he turned on his heel to face you two.
You could tell from the look of pure bewilderment on his face that he absolutely was not expecting you to be there. “Y/N?” Steve questioned.
You gave him an awkward smile and a wave. “Hi,” you hummed with a simple nod.
A wave of emotions crossed over his face and he let out a sigh. “We don’t have time to talk about this right now.”
After the chase that led you, Bucky, Steve, and King T’Challa in prison, and the prison break that took place afterward, Bucky had kept his distance from you. He became cold, calloused to you. You figured that it was due to the stress of being framed for a crime he didn’t commit and the man who did commit it trying to tap into the Winter Soldier, but that didn't mean that it didn’t hurt. You’d spent months working on a relationship with this man who you loved more than you’d care to admit, all for it to be gone within moments.
But it didn’t go away, even after everything was taken care of and Bucky had came back to you.
The bright smile on your face couldn’t be suppressed when Steve and Bucky had came into view, both of them clearly exhausted from everything that had occurred. That exhaustion was tucked away, though, when Steve saw you standing there, and he quickly headed over to you and pulled you into a tight hug. You took his affection gratefully, the two of you chatting with equally wide smiles.
After about a minute or two, Steve told you that he had something to do before quickly slipping out of the room, leaving you and Bucky alone. Bucky stood a good distance from you, avoiding your gaze and keeping his stance rigid. It was obvious that he was still hurting, but you figured that your presence could cheer him up.
“Bucky,” you sighed, hurrying over to him and reaching out for a hug.
He turned away from your embrace, keeping his eyes on the ground and his face emotionless. 
“Buck?” You dropped your arms to your sides, brows furrowing in confusion as you attempted to search his face. He gave no expression, and you gave up on his face, instead glancing at his robotic arm that was no longer there. “Oh my god, your arm.”
“It’s fine,” he huffed, stepping away to stare out the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the landscape of Wakanda.
He was shutting you out, acting more rigid than he did when you two first met. Your lips pressed together as you walked over to the windows, keeping a few feet of distance between you two. “It’s beautiful here-”
“God, do you ever take a fucking hint?” 
You jumped from the tone of his voice, giving him a look of shock while his face, still, stayed flat. “What?”
“I don’t want you here. I want you to leave me alone.”
His words made your heart sink to your shoes, but there was a pestering itch in the back of your mind that made you push him further. “You don’t mean that.”
He stepped forward until you were backed up against the glass, placing an arm on each side of your body and caging you in. “Don’t I?” He let out a huff, eyes trained on yours which were brimming with tears. “You’ve ruined whatever chance I had at being normal. You found me, you led everyone to me, and you got me sucked back into all of this bullshit.”
You shook your head. “I just wanted to help.”
He scoffed. “You sure helped a lot.”
You blinked back the tears and clenched your jaw, giving him a look of spite. You averted your gaze for a moment, eyes catching on the small black cord that peeked out from his shirt. The cord that was so familiar because it was a necklace you’d gifted him. You let out a huff before shoving his arm out of your way and stomping away down the expansive hall.
On your way to your room that T’Challa had given you the key to earlier, you ran into Sam, who immediately noticed the anger and pain radiating off of you. “Whoa, whoa, cool it on the stomping there. You might just smash through the floor,” he teased and gripped your arm with a smile, but it fell when his eyes searched yours. “What’s wrong?”
“Go ask Bucky, because I sure as shit have no clue.”
Months after you’d left Bucky in Wakanda, your “funeral” had taken place, and it pained you that you were never able to resolve the issues that had divided you two. 
You tried your hardest to live your life as normal (well, as normally as you could while staying as underground as possible and basically living a completely different life than the one you previously had), but that plan had crumbled and turned to dust like half of the planet. You’d lost Hill and Fury, the  only people who knew that you were still alive and were actively working to keep you safe. At first, it was horrifying to know that no one would be watching your every move as you’d grown so used to it. But as time went on and you realized that you had to be somewhat present in society, you had finally felt the freedom that you’ve been held from for years.
You lived life under the new identity that Hill and Fury had previously given you (Sandra McMahan, 27, unemployed, living in Boston, Massachusetts), but you couldn’t give in to the normal life that was at your fingertips, so close yet so far away. Instead, you launched yourself headfirst into researching all of the people who turned to dust. It was clear that it was a result from something that the Avengers fought due to the multiple sightings of spacecrafts that were documented on Stark’s databases, but it proved to be much more devastating than you could’ve guessed.
All of your friends were either dead or missing, and you couldn’t help but feel the immense guilt from the thought that you could’ve saved them.
Five years had come and gone in a haze of misery and loneliness, each day blurring into the previous day and the next day. You tried your hardest to participate in a society that was struggling to cope with the devastating loss that had occurred, but most days you had failed to get out of bed.
You still vividly remember the day of the blip, when the billions of people who’d vanished into thin air had reappeared just as quickly and in the same exact state. You remember the amalgamation of cheers and cries as people were reunited with their loved ones, all while you watched them from your 10th floor window in your dingy little apartment.
All alone.
The databases were updated at that point, displaying who had come back. Of course, there were still a few people whose status never changed, and no matter how long you refreshed the page in hopes that it would switch from “missing” to a blank spot where that word once sat, it didn’t. Instead, it changed from “missing” to “deceased.”
Hill and Fury had tried to get back in contact with you, but you ignored their messages, instead choosing to look deeper into the reappearance of one man.
You’d watched Bucky from a distance, lingering in the shadows as you went along with all of daily activities. Going to the grocery stores, spending Wednesdays at an asian restaurant with a man you didn’t recognize, and attending this weekly therapy appointments. His routines were, well, routine, until the day that he and Sam traveled to the Raft to break out the man who nearly landed Bucky in that same prison. They’d escaped successfully, and their movements brought you to Madripoor, a place that instantly settled a heavy weight in the pit of your stomach. 
The dress you wore in that dark and musty bar was itchy and the stares you earned from it made your skin crawl, but you bit your tongue and kept a straight face as you tucked yourself away into a dark corner. The doubt that itched in the back of your mind of how the three men would show kept growing stronger and stronger, only for it to shift into pure terror as Bucky and Sam walked in with that bastard. 
Bucky’s face was as still and hollow as it was the first day you met him, that hauntingly empty look that made your insides churn. But that churning was incomparable to the bile that bubbled in your chest as he attacked men at Zemo’s word, his actions harsh and merciless.
Silently, the three men were led into a back room by an armed man, and once the trio disappeared into the room, you overtook the man and disarmed him. You gripped the gun in your hands and stood just outside of the room, still lingering within earshot.
Zemo and who you assumed to be Selby discussed some sort of contract that had to do with the super soldier serum, of which he offered Bucky as payment for information on where to get the serum. The discussion was cut short by Sam’s phone ringing, which snowballed into a situation much bigger than they were expecting.
As Selby ordered for them to be killed, a gunshot rang through the air and Selby’s words were cut short. After attacking the guards that surrounded the room, the three men escaped out the back door, and you followed them. The road leading out from the bar proved just as treacherous as another spray of gunfire sounded from all around, and you all sprinted down the narrow street and into an attached back alley.
You shot down the two motorcyclists that had followed them in and stepped out of the shadows, gun trained on Zemo as your hands shook with fury. “Disarm him,” you spat, finger hovering over the trigger.
“Y/N?” Sam spoke, voice laced with shock.
“Power him down, Zemo,” you continued, ignoring the shocked looks from Sam and Bucky. “I will not hesitate to blow your fucking brains out!”
“Drop the gun” Bucky roared, making you jump. 
“Well, this is too perfect,” a woman’s voice echoed, standing in the space next to you and aiming her gun at Zemo. “Drop it, Zemo.”
Zemo slowly lowered his gun to the ground and held his hands in the air, retreating back as the other two men walked forward. “Sharon?” Bucky spoke.
“You cost me everything.”
“Sharon, wait-” Sam pleaded.
The four of them bickered while you stepped back and lowered your gun to your side, trying to catch up with everything that was going on while also trying to comprehend why Bucky was with Zemo, why he acted like he was the Winter Soldier.
Sharon’s offer of refuge seemed to draw everyone in, but as they all began to walk, Bucky turned to you and gripped both of your biceps in his hands, forcing you to drop your weapon. He backed you up into the brick wall and tightened his jaw, the rough material scraping against your exposed back. “Bucky,” you cried out.
“Who are you?” he hissed, pulling you close to him before swiftly slamming you back against the wall, knocking the breath from your lungs.
“Bucky, it’s me. It’s Y/N. Please.”
“Y/N is dead.” Sam appeared behind him and rested a hand on his shoulder, but he shrugged it off. “Who. The fuck. Are you.”
“Bucky, we don’t have time for this!” Sam snapped. “She’s coming with us, let’s go.”
You silently pleaded with Sam but he walked away, allowing Bucky to wrestle both of your arms behind your back and walk you to the car.
*** As Sharon and Sam and Zemo conversed, Bucky dragged you into the first room he saw and threw you inside, locking the door behind him.
You let out a hiss of pain as you pushed yourself up into a sitting position, glancing dow nat the rug burn on your palms before looking up at Bucky. “Buck, come on, it’s me,” you begged, watched as he leaned against the wall that faced you.
“Don’t call me that,” he hissed, lips pursed tightly. “Who are you and why are you here? How did you find me?”
You spoke slowly, “Bucky, it’s Y/N Y/L/N. We met in Bucharest, we were... We were best friends, until...”
“What, until I went to Wakanda or until you died?”
“They made me fake my death, Buck, it wasn’t my choice. They made me hide away from everybody for what they said was my own safety. They said that I could be used by Hydra to get secrets about everyone, about you.” You let out a trembling sigh. “I’ve been hiding for seven fucking years. I’ve been alone for seven years.”
He looked away from you, gliding his tongue over his bottom row of teeth before pulling his bottom lip between his teeth. 
“You cut your hair,” you spoke after a moment’s silence.
“You came back from the dead.”
“So did you.”
He shot a glare at you, standing up straight and walking over to sit in a chair on the other side of the room. Hesitantly, you rose to your feet and walked over to him, leaving about 10 feet of distance between you two. “How did you find me?”
“Stark’s databases. They said that you were getting court-mandated therapy in New York City, so I went there, and I guess I just followed you from there.”
“Why...” He cleared his throat. “Why didn’t you talk to me?”
“Well, first of all, I couldn’t. I didn’t want to risk you getting hurt because of my selfishness.” You sat in the chair adjacent to his. “And I figured that it would be best that I stayed away from you since you despised me.” 
He let out a sigh, mouth opening to defend himself. 
You shook your head. “Do you know how much that hurt me?” you cried out, lower lip quivering. “I-I thought that you cared about me, but you didn’t, did you?”
“I can say the same fucking thing about you!” he snapped. “When I came back from the blip, I saw you everywhere! I thought that you were haunting me, that my guilt was just making you appear, but it was actually you!”
“I didn’t want to do that, okay.” “What, you didn’t want to haunt me? You made me miserable!”
“That’s just what you said the last time I saw you.” You pushed yourself out of the chair and faced away from him, not wanting him to see you cry. “You were one of the only people I had. After you left, I wanted so badly to go see you. I could’ve gone anywhere, but the one place I wanted to be was with you. And then I had to hide away from the world, and I had no one. And I had to live with the fact that I would never be able to fix things between us.”
“You’ve really got some balls to say that shit.” He gripped your arm and spun you around to face him. “Fuck you, Y/N. Fuck you and everything you did.”
You yanked your arm from his grasp and stormed away. “I don’t think I’m the one to blame here, Bucky.”
You slammed the door shut behind you and walked past the room where the other three were gathered. “Hey, where are you going?” Sharon shouted.
“Outside,” you grumbled, walking out into the open courtyard in front of the house. 
Sobs bubbled in your chest and past your lips, collapsing onto the front steps with your head held in your hands. Your shoulders shook and though you tried to keep the noise to a minimum, you couldn’t hold back the hiccups of air that you tried to breathe in.
Heavy footsteps clicked on the pavement behind you a few minutes later, and you hastily swiped away the tear tracks that soaked your cheeks. “Sam, I’m fine. I’ll be in in a minute and you can interrogate me all you want,” you choked out, wrapping your arms around your knees.
“Not Sam,” Bucky’s gruff voice rumbled behind you, his form settling beside you on the steps.
You pursed your lips, eyes trained on the concrete path ahead of you. “Why did you go to the wake?” The words tumbled from your mouth before you could stop them.
“I... I saw you at my wake. Why were you there? I thought I was dead to you.”
He shook his head. “You were never dead to me. You... God, you were the only thing keeping me going. You were all I had.”
You finally lifted your gaze to his face, locking eyes with him. “Then why’d you hurt me?”
A sigh left his lips. “After that chase in Bucharest, I... I guess I realized that you being with me wasn’t safe. And then when Zemo was able to get the Winter Soldier to come out...”
“So you hurt me to keep me from getting hurt.”
“What, am I wrong? God, when you push people away you really go for the heart.”
“It’s not like it was easy for me! When I saw how badly I hurt you, it felt like a part of me died inside.”
“But you still had every goddamn piece of me in your hands. Was that not enough for you?”
He stayed silent, searching your eyes for a moment before directing his gaze to his shoes. You scoffed and pushed yourself to your feet, turning on your heel to leave.
Bucky reached his left arm up, the cool metal curling gently around your wrist as he also stood up. In one fluid motion, he spun you around to face him and pressed his lips into yours. You froze in shock, but before you could even decide how to feel about his bold actions, he pulled away and searched your eyes. 
You let out a shuddering sigh, trying to gather your composure as quickly as possible. “Bucky, I would’ve died for you.”
“That was the last thing I wanted. It still is.” His cool fingers loosened their grip, delicately gliding along the back of your hand. “And when I found out that you died, I blamed myself. I told myself that if I hadn't hurt you, if I was with you, then you would’ve lived.”
“My therapist, she made me create a list of people that I need to make amends with. I-I’ve gotten through most of it, but there’s a few names that I still need to get through.” He dug in his back pocket, fishing out the small pocketbook and turning to the last page. “I wrote your name down. I-I knew that there was no way I could ever make amends with you, but I felt like I had an obligation to.”
You stared at your name scrawled out on the page in his messy handwriting. It was the only name on the page, placed right in the center. Tears welled in your eyes and you let out a shaky breath, unable to find the words to say.
“You don’t have to forgive me, and honestly I don’t expect you to, but I just needed-”
He closed his mouth, his sweet blue eyes following your movements as you closed the book in his hands and settled both of your hands on his cheeks. You could see the stress melting off of him as soon as he felt the warmth of your touch, his shoulders dropping slightly and a hint of a smile threatening to crack on his lips.
“Bucky Barnes, you are the most stubborn son of a bitch I’ve ever met,” you sighed, giving him a small smile. “And I know it’s because you’ve been hurt more times than you can count, but if I can take away some of that hurt, I’d do it a million times over and never regret it.” The tip of your nose brushed against his, and you heard his breath hitch in his throat. “I forgive you.”
With a gentle tilt of his head, his lips bumped against yours before quickly locking together. Your fingers drifted down his cheeks and his throat before clasping together behind his neck.
He stole a few more quick kisses before pulling away completely, his tongue darting out to wet his lips before permitting a smile to rest on his face. You mirrored his smile and carded a hand through his hair. “Y’know,” you breathed, “I really dig this haircut.”
He arched a brow. “Really, I thought you liked the long hair.”
“I did like the long hair! It just... This is more you. Not the Winter Soldier, not HYDRA. You.”
You felt his arm pressed against your body as he tucked his book into his jacket pocket before both arms tenderly snaked around your waist and pulled you close to him. He pressed a chaste kiss, then two, then three onto your lips before letting out a small sigh.
“I’ve got clients coming in half an hour and I’d prefer not having people with targets on their heads making out on my front step,” Sharon shouted from the front door, giving both of you a pointed look before stepping back inside.
“I should leave,” you hummed, dropping your hands to your sides and beginning to wiggle yourself free of his grip.
“Y/N,” he breathed, fingers catching onto yours and weaving together. “Stay. Please. I... I just got you back, I don't want to lose you again.” Your eyes locked with his and he held the stare for a few moments before clearing his throat and shifting his gaze to the ground between you two. “Besides, I think Sam and Zemo might kill me if I don’t go back in there without you.”
You giggled. “Oh, that’s the reason you want me to go in there with you?”
“Yeah!” His voice was nearly drowned out by your laughs, but he persisted. “I swear to god, if looks could kill, I would’ve died before I could’ve even gotten out here to talk to you. Fucking Zemo even said something about ‘when you’ve got a woman like that, you should never take hurt them.’”
You grinned. “You think he’s wrong about that?”
He shook his head fervently. “No, no, not at all! I just... I guess I’m out of practice with this whole... talking thing.” He let out a breath and squeezed your hands. “I need to catch up on the seven years that I’ve spent without you, and there’s no better time to start than now.”
You bit down on your lower lip to suppress the smile that was close to splitting your face in two. “I don't know, Bucky, but that sure sounds like some good talking to me.”
He rolled his eyes, but a smile finally began to settle on his lips. “Shut up.”
You pressed a final, sweet kiss to his lips before slipping from his grasp, giving yourself a moment to admire the purple light that caressed his skin. “Come on, let’s head inside before Sharon loses her shit.”
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ladyfallonavenger · 5 hours ago
Just Us
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 3k+
Warnings: No smut but my account is 18+ NSFW, so no minors. Heavy, heavy angst, loss of child, mentions of suicide attempt, grief, fluff and happy ending.
All of the work is my own and not beta read. Mistakes are my own too. Please feel free to like, reblog and/or comment as feedback is really appreciated.
This is a part of Sweetlyscared's writing challenge where the challenge was to write angst, I used the phrase ‘I can’t lose you again’ around the idea of grief where there is comfort and pain. The actual idea had no particular characters at the time but the idea was in my notebook and was something I wanted to do around losing a child. There were personal reasons around this which I won’t go into but I feel better for writing it.
Tumblr media
She couldn’t believe she was standing in the living room of the compound again. It had been two years, two painful years. Hopefully she could now start patching things together and get her life on track once more. Y/N was grateful to Tony and Pepper, Tony had ensured that she’d had somewhere safe to go without being located. She knew it could put him and Pepper in a difficult position if he was asked but he didn’t care. She was like a sister to him with only a few years between them. Sure, they had moments where they squabbled but after what had happened, he knew he needed to help her even if it meant lying to the friends he called family. He just hoped they’d understand.
Pepper was sorting out a room for Y/N while Tony stayed with her in the common room/living room of the compound. He knew the others were due to arrive from a mission in the next few minutes and he wanted to morally support Y/N as she was confronted with the family she left behind. The sound of familiar voices sounded jovial but exhausted. By the sounds of it, it was another successful mission. As they got closer the voices stopped abruptly. Shock and happiness on their faces as Y/N stood up to greet them, tears in her eyes as she realised how much she’d missed them. Nat was the first one to run to her and embrace her tightly. Though she wasn’t known for being emotional, she’d missed Y/N and was just glad to see her again, it was followed by Sam and Wanda who didn’t want to let go of her, Steve joined in on the group hug.
“I’m so glad you’re back Y/N” Steve’s eyes were full of happy tears.
“How is he?” Y/N asked with a lump in her throat.
“How about you ask me yourself?” Bucky spat from behind Steve as the group hug broke up. Y/N walked towards Bucky, his expression was that of a wounded puppy.
“Bucky, I…”
“Don’t bother ok, it’s been two years and nothing. Suddenly you’re back and expect everything to be like it was”
“I don’t expect it to be like that. I’m sorry I left but…”
“Save it ok, I’m not interested” he shrugged off turning around and leaving to head to his room. Y/N turned to look at the others. It was awkward. She didn’t want them to take sides. Nodding at all of them in thanks for accepting her return, she headed to the elevator on the other end of the building to head to her room. Tony observed, he felt her pain but also understood Bucky would be angry as he’d spent a year and half trying to find her without the knowledge that Tony had kept her in a safehouse off the grid at her request. Steve sighed and looked at Tony, suspicious by his silence given how close he was to Y/N. As the others left to get cleaned up, Steve and Nat remained and kept their eyes on the flamboyant man of action.
“Why did you not tell us?” Steve grimaced, he was angry. Tony refused to make eye contact with him.
“She made you promise didn’t she” Nat surmised. Letting out a deep breath Tony nodded.
“She’s practically my sister and she reached out to me. I couldn’t refuse” Tony defended as Steve ran a hand over his face exasperated.
“You let Bucky try and find her for over a year knowing all along where she was. How can you justify that?” Steve hissed trying to refrain from saying or doing something stupid.
“I had no choice” Tony snapped.
“You had so many choices available to you. C’mon Tony you always have options open” Steve came back at him.
“She was completely broken and damn near suicidal. That loss shattered her”
“It left Buck devastated too, or are you conveniently forgetting they were engaged as well” Steve had to stop himself yelling. Nat got in between them to stop the altercation getting physical as she noticed Steve’s fists clench.
“Steve I know you’re angry at Tony but he did what he thought was right, not for himself, for Y/N. If she was in such at state then he did the right thing. At least this way she can now talk with Bucky. But if he lost her to death too then you’d lose him” she explained. Steve shook his head and retreated a little. He knew that Tony was acting out of care but Steve was torn especially after all of the hours he’d spent with him, the tears, frustration, confusion and anger. The situation was out of their hands now and only Y/N and Bucky could work on this.
It had been a couple of hours since it had all kicked off. Bucky decided he needed to try and see her. He knocked on her door and she let him in. He looked around the room, it felt sterile with no personal touches. Y/N sat on the end of the bed. He sat next to her. The silence was uncomfortable. Both staring at the floor wondering who would talk first.
“Why?” he breathed barely audible. “Why come back now?”
“The anniversary is coming up and it was time for me to try and start finding my way again” Y/N’s voice was solemn.
“When I woke up you left the ring, a note that said sorry, just sorry and no other words. What did you expect me to do? I came back to this world as man fucked up and then you pulled this on me”
“I’m sorry, I wasn’t coping. I couldn’t handle it and…”
“I LOST HER TOO OK!” Bucky suddenly shouted as he stood up. In all the time she’d known him, he had never raised his voice when talking to her. She glanced up at his tear stained face. The fear in her eyes tore at his heart. She’d never been scared of him before but there she was almost looking like she was shrinking into herself, eyes red and puffy. “You didn’t even bother to spare me or her a second thought, you left. You abandoned me when I needed you. I… I can’t do this” he said leaving the room. His words tore right through Y/N’s soul. You abandoned me when I needed you. That was the problem, when their daughter was unfairly taken from them, their communication seemed to stop. Both were processing and yet neither were talking. That’s when she began to feel the guilt, see the blame, realise there was something bubbling under the surface that made her feel like she was no longer worthy of his love... or living.
Bucky was storming back to his room, his face like thunder as he barged past anyone in his way, including Steve. He wanted to stop him, talk to him but he knew reaching out to Bucky at this point was less than smart. Bucky was hurting, he was angry and he was confused. It was easy to be someone watching from the outside to make judgements, the truth was if Steve had been through what either Bucky or Y/N had, he knew it would kill him too. In fact just the thought of what happened was enough to bring him to tears.
“She’s so beautiful” Nat cooed as Bucky walked Y/N in protectively with little Rebecca. Y/N beamed as she cuddled her daughter and sat on the sofa. Bucky sat next to her, no space between them as he put an arm around Y/N. He’d never felt so much love or pride in his life. His fiancé and 3 day old daughter in his arms. Life was perfect in his eyes and he was grateful for it. They were the family unit he’d always wanted. Steve asked if he could hold his niece, handing her over, Y/N cuddled up to Bucky.
“I love you so much" he muttered pressing a kiss to her temple.
“I love you too" she chuckled noting how sappy he was being. It was a moment of happiness that was going to fall apart very quickly.
Two days had passed, Y/N had been cleaning up and hadn’t heard Rebecca making any noises since her last feed nearly two hours ago. She went to check on her and that’s when their world collapsed. She screamed out for Bucky who came running. Frantically, they ran her down to the clinic where Bruce and Helen did all they could to no avail. She’d slipped away from them in her sleep. Upon investigation it was found that she’d had a heart defect that was near impossible to spot. But it didn’t change anything. That’s when their world had grown dark. Bucky started spending most of his time in the gym or going on missions. He barely said anything to Y/N. When he looked at her all he would feel is pain. He was supposed to be the family protector and he couldn’t protect his own daughter from death, his fiancé from heartbreak. He wondered if it was karma for his actions as the Winter Soldier. He wondered if Y/N blamed him like he blamed himself. He wondered if it was why she barely spoke to him.
Y/N felt ashamed. She failed in every way a woman possibly could. She’d let down her fiancé by giving him a child she couldn’t protect. A child with a heart defect that she didn’t even realise was there. She had produced a baby that stood no chance, she was a failure as a woman, a partner and mother. She felt the pity from people around her but Bucky, well he couldn’t stand to be in the same room as her, let alone look at her. She felt anger radiate from him, the looks that he did give her were filled with emotions that displayed how he couldn’t stand being around her. The very last time they stood together was the funeral, but even then the cracks were so visible. Bucky walked away from the grave and her without so much as a word. Steve felt torn then, he wanted to support both of them. He saw how Y/N visibly broke graveside when Bucky walked away from her. He chose to follow Bucky and try and talk to him. All he got was silence. His grief internalised as he tried to move forward.
That night Pepper insisted that they both stay at the compound. Tony had an off feeling after the funeral. He’d never seen his surrogate sister look so fractured and wounded. He wanted to be angry at Bucky but knew grief was a fragile thing. Unable to sleep, he went to common room and saw the balcony door open. Y/N was sitting on the railing, debating the drop. She felt like she’d let Bucky down so much that he didn’t want her around. Tony rushed out there in panic. Lump in his throat and tears in his eyes, his heart lurched at the sight of someone he cared about so much feeling there was no other choice.
“Y/N, please" he begged tilting his head to the side.
“What’s the point Tony? He hates me and has every right to" she answered, tears tumbling.
“He’s grieving just like you"
“He hasn’t been near me since she died, I know it’s because I’m a failure. I hate me too"
“Sweetheart you’re not a failure and he doesn’t hate you"
“He won’t look at me, speak to me or be in the same room for more than a minute. I’ve lost them both because I’m inadequate. No one needs me" Y/N’s words filled Tony with panic as she leaned forward a little.
“I need you!” he exclaimed.
“You have Pepper” she reminded him.
“Yeah but Pepper is my love, you’re my sister" he was filled with fear seeing her so willing to give up.
“Tony we both know that I’m not really your sister, you don’t need me weighing you down" she replied with an emptiness he’d never witnessed in anyone. Tony climbed on the railing too. “What are you doing?” Y/N asked.
“If you won’t listen to me, maybe you’ll believe me when I jump with you" he told her. He was now crying as well.
“You have people who love you and will miss you Tony" Y/N lectured.
“And so do you!” Tony came back at her, “you have so many people who love you" he reiterated. He’d already sent a silent signal through Friday to Pepper who was making her way down to the common room. He slid back onto the balcony as Y/N tried to get her head around his words, she was so numb she’d become unaware that Tony had pulled her back too. When she was standing, she looked at Tony, her eyes red and puffy and yet still leaking tears of sorrow,
“Help me Tony, please. I can’t stay here and I can’t cope” she pleaded falling apart in his arms. They sat on the balcony floor. Her sobbing until she fell asleep. That was when he agreed to help her. Talking it over with Pepper, he set up somewhere to stay and a therapist to visit regularly. Y/N didn’t know what to say to Bucky except sorry, which she left in a note, the ring on top because she figured he didn’t want or need her. Hours later she was in a safe haven to start a road to recovery leaving Bucky to realise that his silent treatment was the worst thing he could have done.
Y/N had woken up quite early, she was still feeling the effects of Bucky walking away the previous night. She knew that it was the second anniversary of Becca’s death and she’d be heading to the cemetery later. She went into the common room with a mug of coffee. Nat was sat there reading the newspaper. She glanced up at Y/N, smiled and set the paper down.
“Do you need me to come with you today?” she asked Y/N. She shifted over to sit closer and turned to face her.
“Thanks Nat, but I think I need to do this one alone" she explained. Nat nodded with understanding and placed a hand on Y/N’s free one.
“I saw the video footage in Friday’s archives, what happened the night you left. I’m so sorry I never saw how bad things were" Nat kept the lump in her throat down as far as she could as she fought the tears pricking the corners of her eyes.
“You don’t have to apologise” Y/N assured with a soft smile.
“Does Barnes know?” Nat asked. Y/N shook her head vehemently.
“I don’t think it would make a difference. I mean I abandoned him right?” Y/N asked standing up. She knew she had to start getting ready to face the pain of the day. She hadn’t noticed the annoyance on Nat’s face that came as a result of the self blame. She made her way out to get ready while Nat sat there planning on dealing with Bucky’s actions. The first thing Nat did was message Steve and Tony.
Bucky was sat in his room, he hadn’t slept, he looked exhausted and felt worse. He still couldn’t shake the look of fear on Y/N’s face from his mind. He felt stupid but he was also just so angry. They had fought to be together. They were so in love and he just couldn’t work out why she gave up so quickly. He thought back to when she had told him the good news. It was his birthday and she presented him a box. He opened it and found a t-shirt reading “Happy Birthday Daddy!” on it. Underneath it was an ultrasound photo. He felt so overwhelmed with happiness and brought Y/N in for a warm embrace. He started listing baby books to read. After that he’d spend at least 2 hours a day talking to Y/N’s tummy, pressing soft kisses to it, rubbing it gently, getting excited about the kicks and the responses to his voice. Tony honoured his request for less missions and simpler ones. He didn’t want to be away from Y/N for long. They were pretty much joint at the hip. He showered Y/N with love and affection. Foot rubs, back massages, breakfast in bed, spa days and anything else he could give her to keep her relaxed and happy. What Y/N loved most was their talks, the intimacy of it all and how he made her feel like she was the most beautiful person in the world when she felt like a blimp.
His thoughts were interrupted by Steve, Nat and Tony entering his room. Usually they never did this, but they felt intervention was needed. He stood up in a defensive stance.
“Relax Buck, we’re not here to fight" Steve offered.
“What’s with the group bust in?” Bucky asked not convinced.
“We just need to talk with you" Steve spoke calmly.
“Look Barnes, he might be all calm but I’m not. We need to talk about Y/N" Nat demanded.
“Not interested, besides it’s not yours or anyone else’s business ok. I told her last night she abandoned me and I got nothing from her. It says it all" Bucky replied trying to keep it together.
“Will you listen to yourself? This is not the Bucky I know" Steve interjected to avoid Nat going all ninja on Bucky. Bucky noticed Tony’s silence. Even he knew this was uncharacteristic of Tony. They locked eyes, Tony’s were glassy as he was confronted with memories once again. He knew what Bucky was asking without speaking.
“The night she left, she had to go. She needed help. She was going to take her own life. I had to talk her down from the balcony railing" he choked the words up. Nat placed a comforting hand on Tony’s shoulder.
“W... why?” Bucky asked struggling to take in the news.
“You locked her out, you said nothing and she thought you hated her" Nat spoke trying not to say anything that would hurt too much.
“She thinks it even more now Buck. If you still love her, still want her, you need to make things right" Steve advised.
“How?” Bucky asked realising how fucked up things were.
“Today’s the anniversary, I think you know what to do" Tony said turning to leave. Nat followed. Steve lingered for a moment to check Bucky was ok, he asked Steve to give him some space which Steve did. He only hoped Bucky would figure it out soon.
The sun was shining, the air fresh and yet a heaviness hung in the atmosphere. Cemeteries were great places to sit and reflect when you needed silence. However, they were also places that confronted people with their own mortality. The realisation that our lives are finite. Some much longer than others, but eventually we all meet our end. Y/N sat at Rebecca’s grave, she placed a bouquet of white orchids and lilies on the grave and picked up the little Teddy bear that held a heart saying ‘Daddy’s Girl’ on it. She ran her thumb over the embroidered words. Tears threatening to spill once more. She knew he’d put it there to mark Rebecca’s second birthday. She held it to her chest.
“I miss you my little angel. I still don’t know why you had to be taken. I’ll never understand life’s plan, but I also know that I’ll never stop loving you or your dad”
“Even if her dad has been a real idiot?” Bucky asked startling her. She turned a little and looked up at him in his dark coat. He knelt down beside her and placed a bear with a white rose on the grave. Y/N placed the one she was holding back next to the new bear. They sat saying nothing at first, just staring at the stone with Rebecca’s details on them. Bucky slowly slipped his hand into Y/N’s. The silence was comforting and at the same time constricting, things needed to be in the open.
After fifteen minutes of silence and holding hands, Bucky stood up, kissed the headstone and promised Becca he’d be back soon. Helping Y/N up, he watched her do the same. Taking her hand in his, they went for a walk by a canal. Finding a bench, they sat together.
“I’m sorry” Bucky aired breaking the silence, “I know it doesn’t make up for me being a complete jerk but I hope it’s a start" he confessed.
“Why the sudden change?” Y/N asked.
“I felt like shit for scaring you and I never let you explain. I made assumptions which I’ve been corrected on" he revealed. “I shut you out, I just wish you’d have told me, shouted at me, something. I felt like I’d let my family down and that it was karma for my past. I blamed myself and thought you blamed me as well. Tony told me how it hit you, what almost happened. I can’t believe I almost lost you too" he said with a rogue tear rolling down his cheek. They finally looked at each other properly. “Tell me it’s not too late doll. Tell me you still want me, us" he beseeched.
“Bucky, it will never be too late, you’re the only one I’ll ever want. I thought you hated me, blamed me for being inadequate as a woman, a mother" her admission like a knife in the heart as they embraced each other tightly and crying into each other’s shoulders.
“I was an idiot”
“We both were" she sobbed not wanting Bucky to let her go. After minutes of being in such a tight embrace. They pulled back to look at each other. She could see the smile in his eyes once again, the look he’d give when he didn’t have to say ‘I love you’ because it was there. He could see her adoration for him, the gaze that always said that she was his forever. He pulled her to him and, with one glance, asked for permission. His lips brushed over hers in a soft kiss, their lips melding as it deepened unhurried and relaxed, soft and making up for the loss of 2 years worth of kisses. He broke the kiss gently and ran a hand over the contours of the side of her face.
“Doll, I know I screwed up, but I still want you. I want to be yours wholly. I can’t lose you again. Can I put that ring back on your finger?” he quizzed pulling out her engagement ring. She nodded, unable to speak because of the tears of joy. He slipped the ring on her finger once again and felt like he was given a new lease of life once more.
“Bucky, promise me we won’t do this again, I couldn’t take it" she expressed wanting him to know how she felt. Wrapping his arms around her, he pressed a dainty kiss to the tip of her nose.
“Never doll, I know that life will throw us curveballs from time to time but all we need is us, each other to get through it. No lies, no secrets, just us" he confirmed.
“Just us" she repeated. Bucky nodded as he stood up and pulled Y/N to him. Deciding they needed to get something to eat, he started leading the way to one of his favourite cafes, both happy in the knowledge that life was looking up once again with that glimmer of happiness and all they needed was each other if they were going to move forward.
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sergeantxrogers · 5 hours ago
| black shirts and soggy cereal |
Summary: Bucky was your best friend, until he saw you wearing his shirt.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Word count: 1.7k
Warnings: Fluff?? (it’s a friends to lovers kinda), making out, implications of smut but no actual frickle-frackle
"God, I fucking hate Sundays," you muttered to yourself, huffing as you slammed the drawer shut.
At your place, Sundays were laundry days. Meaning, you had a limited amount of clothes to wear while you waited for the washer and dryer to stop. Therefore meaning you had nothing to wear. Literally nothing.
You dragged your bare feet across the hardwood floor of your bedroom towards the huge closet in the corner. Sighing, you opened it and stood in front of it, your arms crossed against your bare chest, hoping something would've magically appeared since the last time you checked. Since all your casual clothes were in the wash, all you had on you was your underwear. Chewing on your bottom lip out of habit, you started pulling out items of clothing and throwing them on the floor at your feet in frustration.
Blue crop top? White blouse with the fancy little buttons? Your favorite jean shorts that were just a little too short to be considered appropriate by your parents?
None of those were lazy-day clothes. You frowned at the pile that had formed on the floor, feeling a breeze of cool air send goosebumps across your arms and stomach.
Great, it's fucking cold too.
You knew it was Bucky's turn to use the dryer, so it was full of just his clothes. Deep down, you hoped one of your band tees or sweaters had somehow made it's way into his pile of laundry and was washed and dried with his clothes. It was worth a shot.
Opening the door to your bedroom when you reached it, you peeked out into the hall to find it was empty, and you hurried across to the bathroom, shutting the door behind you. Sure, Bucky was your best friend, and sure, he'd been living with you for over a year, but you weren't planning on flashing him anytime soon.
You whispered a small yes to yourself in victory when you saw the dryer was finished, and you opened it to dig through the pile of clothes. Your victory, however, was short-lived, after you rummaged through the pile of Bucky's abundance of black shirts, black sweats, black socks, the occasional pair of boxer briefs (did that man own anything that wasn't in black?), and you realized there was nothing of yours there.
With your hand resting in the warm clothes, an idea came to mind. He wouldn't mind, would he? He wouldn't think it was... an invasion of his privacy, right? If there was one thing you wanted to avoid in life, it was making Bucky uncomfortable in any way.
Another chill ran down your spine and made up your mind, tugging out a random oversized shirt and pulling it over your head. You sighed happily when the warm fabric enveloped your body, and you glanced at it in the mirror. You couldn't help but laugh to yourself when you saw the Captain America shield right in the middle of your chest. If there was a bigger Cap fanboy than Bucky Barnes...
You decided you could deal with the rest of the laundry later, because right now all you needed was a nice cup of tea. Leaving the bathroom, you made your way to the kitchen, your eyes finding Bucky sitting at the island hunched over a bowl of cereal.
"Morning, Bucky," you said, moving past the island and walking to the stove. You picked up the tea kettle and filled it up with water, turning the stove on after setting the kettle down.
"Mornin' doll," he said back, slightly muffled from the spoonfuls of cereal he was shoveling down his throat, not bothering to look up at you. You rolled your eyes. The man always ate like he had been starved for 6 years.
"You plan on going anywhere today? Or are you just gonna stay in?" you asked him, turning to lean against the counter.
Bucky shrugged, and turned around in his seat, and froze. Only then had he seen you, and when he did, he felt like his heart had stopped.
He swallowed the mouthful of cereal harshly, eyebrows raised slightly at the sight of you. He couldn't help the way his eyes dropped to trace the shape of your legs, crossed in front of you.
The hem came down to your mid-thigh, swallowing your frame.
You were wearing his shirt.
And as far as he could tell, you were wearing nothing but his shirt, and for some reason the thought of it made something stir deep inside the pit of his stomach, a feeling he hadn't had in a very long time. Eyes wide and spoon dropped in the bowl, a million thoughts raced through his mind at the sight of you, many of which his Ma would’ve beaten him for thinking of, but most apparent of all were the ones along the lines of I need her to be mine.
Your brows furrowed at his frozen stare.
“You good, Buck? Sorry, I was cold and had nothing else to wear- I didn’t think it would be a problem...,” you trailed off, immediately starting to regret your decision. 
Bucky slowly rose from his seat, shaking his head.
“You look... No, it’s not a problem, I just-”
You held your breath as he walked over to you, standing up straight when he finally reached you, standing less than a foot away. His figure loomed over you, and blocked the window across from you, the early morning light shining behind him, framing his messy hair. An angel.
His hands rested on the countertop, trapping you between them. You opened your mouth to say something, to mention how weird it was, but the look in his eyes and the way his tongue darted out to lick his lips had the words dying in your throat. 
You barely registered the kettle boiling behind you, afraid to tear your eyes away from his, worried that he would disappear. None of it felt real. There was a sense of comfortability and familiarity hanging in the air around you, as if it was teasing you, pulling you in to go even further. So you did.
You hadn’t even realized your hands reached up to rest in his hair, or his hands gripping your waist, until his desperate lips met yours.
When you were a kid, you used to love going to the beach. You loved swimming, adored it. Your favorite hobby, however, was playing a little game of endurance with yourself. You would take a deep breath before submerging yourself completely underwater, counting the seconds. And you would stay there, your hair flowing around you, until your lungs felt like they were on fire and the pressure in your head became too much. And when you would finally shoot up, the first gust of air that would enter your lungs as you heaved and gasped, wiping water from your eyes, was your favorite part. 
Bucky’s kiss felt like that first rush of air. It felt like oxygen to your burning lungs, and you hadn’t even realized you were underwater until he pulled you out of it. Lips soft, tongues warm, teeth hard and clashing, hands reaching to grasp whatever they could find: it was fresh air. He pulled away first, bringing his hands up to your neck to get a better look at you.
“Gorgeous... my gorgeous fuckin’ girl,” he muttered, almost to himself, stroking your pulse points with his thumbs, and you were sure he felt your heart pick up speed at his words.
Before you knew it, his hands were grabbing your hips and pulling you up to sit on the counter, and he stood between your thighs. A chill ran down your spine when you felt one soft, warm hand and another cold, smooth one run down from your hips over your thighs, and slowly come back up again. Breathing heavily, you gripped his shirt and your head fell forward onto his shoulder when his fingers started tracing circles dangerously close to your panties. 
“Bucky...,” you whispered in his ear, but that was all you managed to say before his hand went to the back of your head and pulled you in for another kiss, this time shorter, and sweeter. 
His lips tasted like coffee, and that cherry chapstick you started forcing him to wear because “they’re drier than the Sahara, Buck!”, and they felt like they were perfectly made to fit against yours. Your fingers traveled down to play with the hair at the nape of his neck, and his hands that were still on your thighs went up, bringing the shirt up slightly with them, to lay on your hips. 
“Now, tell me princess,” he started, resting his forehead against yours, “why we haven’t done that earlier.”
Your cheeks flushed at the smirk growing on his face, and all you could do was give him a little shrug, at a loss for words.
“I probably should’ve worn your shirt earlier,” you replied, and he smiled as he watched you absentmindedly reach for the stove to turn it off. 
“Yeah, probably.”
His metal hand made it’s way underneath your shirt to settle on your bare waist, leaving goosebumps in it’s wake, his thumb stroking your skin back and forth. His other hand traced patterns on your back and you buried your face in the crook of his neck, humming quietly. 
You sat like that in silence for a while, until his hand dropped from your waist to the hem of your panties, hooking his fingers underneath. Your heart skipped a beat and your head shot up to look at him, his pupils wide and dark.
“Poor thing... you must be so uncomfortable sitting on that cold, hard countertop,” he cooed at you, tracing your jaw with his fingers.
“Let Bucky take care of you, hm?” he said, quieter this time, and you just nodded, lips parted at the feeling of his fingers teasing your underwear.
That was all it took for Bucky to grip your thighs and wrap your legs around his waist, heading for his bedroom. 
It was only a few hours later, when you came back to the kitchen, that you saw his forgotten bowl of soggy cereal on the kitchen island, spoon still resting in it. 
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strwbrrybucky · 6 hours ago
summary: Bucky still struggles with nightmares, and after opening up to you for the first time in forever, he wants to make sure you’re his forever.
word count: 1753
warning: mention of PTSD, fluff at the end
a post!tfatws bucky x y/n <3
Tumblr media
It had been a few months since the Flag Smashers were caught, and Sam became the new Captain America. Things has been quiet, for a while and it was starting to drive you crazy but you didn’t question it. You and Bucky hadn’t gotten any down time since the whole thing, and you were grateful for the time you could spend with your boyfriend.
You both had decided that you wanted to take a vacation, specifically to Hawaii. You both had never gone, and with getting Bucky more comfortable going out, you thought it would be fun to wave jump with him, and snuggle up in a cabana at night. It sounded perfect for the two of you.
Bucky was, nervous to put it lightly. He hadn’t really gone out after the whole incident with Zemo and the Flag Smasher. He felt too vulnerable, and the thought of people thanking him after he helped him out of the truck that was due to explode, he couldn’t shake the guilt he felt for every awful thing he had done. It ended up eating away at him at night to where he’d wake up in a cold sweat, and you had to calm him down.
Even though they were on vacation, the nightmares made no exception.
Bucky had sat up right, chest heaving up and down and a layer of sweat across his forehead. He had another nightmare, about Hydra. He thought he had processed it enough that it would go away, it would stop. But the PTSD never stopped chasing him, and he wasn’t sure what to do anymore.
Looking over at your sleeping figure, he quietly sneaked out of bed and pressed his feet to the hardwood cold floor. The back door was left open, a huge breeze from the ocean making its way into the bedroom, and lulling you to sleep instantly with the sound of the waves crashing. Bucky smiled at the thought of you curling up to him and passing out the second your head hit the pillow. He wished it was that easy for him.
He stood up, grabbing his t-shirt and pulling it over his head and walked out the back door that met the sand that led to the ocean. The sand between his toes made his sign out in content, finally understanding why you loved the ocean to much. It seemed to calm his thoughts down, his breathing got right on track and he got lost in the waves.
He didn’t know how much time had passed when he left your hand gently touch his shoulder. Looking up, he saw your sleepy face looking at him in confusion, his sweater hung on your body like a dress. You looked absolutely adorable and he hated he woke you up.
“Hey pretty girl, what are you doing up?” He grabbed your hand and pulled you into his lap, your head meeting his chest. You listened to his heartbeat thump softly under your ear. You rubbed your eyes and played with his dog tags. There wasn’t a day he went without wearing them.
“I missed you. I woke up to an empty bed. Why are you out here so late?” You looked up through your lashes and met his soft eyes, adoration swimming in his blue eyes. He loved you, inside and out everything about you and he didn’t want to lie to you. He knew you asked constantly about his nightmares and he felt he was ready to tell you. He kissed the top of your head, breathing into your hair as he smelled salt from the ocean and your fruity shampoo and conditioner. You smelt like home to him.
“I couldn’t sleep. I had another nightmare.” He sighed, looking down at you watching you rub your thumb over his name on his dog tags. You got out of his lap and sat neck to him, knocking your knees into his, holding his hand.
“Wanna talk about it? I’ve been told I’m a good listener.” You leaned into him smiling as you pressed a soft kiss to his clothed shoulder. You were shocked when he opened his mouth and actually opened up.
“It was about when I was captured by Hydra. I thought the PTSD nightmares had subdued, but obviously not. It’s the same nightmare every time when it comes to Hydra. It goes in flashes, one minute I remember I’m strapped to the chair, being told my memory will be wiped again, and the next I’m towering over someone innocent killing them with no feelings running through my mind at all.” You rubbed his hands with your thumb, gripping tightly to reassure him you were there and listening to him. He continued.
“It leaves me feeling, guilty. I see those I’ve killed innocently and I reach out to save them but, it goes dark. I remember every person I killed that didn’t deserve it.” Tears fell from his face as you reached up to brush them away. You hated seeing him in pain, hating knowing there wasn’t anything you could do except be there for him when he’s feeling vulnerable.
“I know that’s not you anymore, Buck. You’ve grown, you’ve changed. You’re not him anymore.” You refrained from saying the Winter Soldier, it was something you both agreed on not bringing up unless he talked about his past. This was the first time in a long time he had been able to speak about it without getting frustrated and walking out of the room.
“I know, I just think back to when I was in Wakanda and got this new arm,” He moved his vibranium arm and shook his head. “I know it took them everything they could do to help me get the Winter Soldier out of me. But when we were back there trying to catch Karli, they disabled it.” You looked up at him, confused. He didn’t tell you that part, and you didn’t know his arm could even come off.
“What do you mean? They turned it off?” He shook his head and looked out to the waves before him, watching them crash against each other.
“No, they had a way of taking my arm off completely in case I became the Winter Soldier again. I didn’t know it could do that, and some part of me felt guilty that they didn’t even trust me. But I can understand their precautions.” He trailed off as he cried again, tears falling down onto the sand below him. You stretched your legs out and brought his head into your lap, rubbing his forehead and wiping his tears.
You knew he felt guilty, but you didn’t realize how hard he had thought about this everyday. You’d do anything to take the pain away from him, but you knew it wasn’t that easy.
“I’m sorry, baby. I can’t begin to imagine how that must have felt.” You ran your fingers through his hair, watching him close your eyes and breath out to your soothing touch. This is where he felt most at home, in your arms, you skin against his and calming him down. He wasn’t sure how he got so lucky to land you, but he didn’t want anything else.
You rubbed your arm across his shoulder, under his neck and cupping his cheek with your hand. He leaned into your touch, kissing your palm over and over again. The love you felt from him was tremendous.
“I know you’d never do anything to hurt me or anyone else.” He looked up at you and kissed your palm a few times, another year escaping from his eye. It rolled down onto your exposed thigh, as he rolled over and pressed a kiss right where his tear fell.
“I love you, my pretty girl. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You smiled as he looked back up at you.
“I love you, Buck. You’re my world and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else except with you.” He sat up and brought you in for a quick kiss before standing up, holding out a finger and telling you to wait before he disappeared back into the small hut you two were staying at.
You looked back out to the ocean, listening to the waves and wondering what in the world your boyfriend could be doing. You were glad he had calmed down, and you were hoping he’d be able to keep opening up to you like that. It made you feel important, like you could protect him like he protected you.
You heard footsteps approach you from behind, a soft voice in your ear. “Close your eyes, pretty girl.” You did as you were told and closed your eyes, feeling a him sit in front of you, knees against yours.
“I know this is a weird time to do this, right after I bawled my eyes out about my PTSD but, I was going to do this on the trip. Open your eyes, doll.” You opened them to see him sitting there with a small black velvet box in his hand, holding it out to you. He opened it to reveal a small ring in the shape of a heart, diamonds along the side and a rose quarts in the center.
“You are all my moon, my stars, and all the planets in my world. You make me want to be better everyday and I can trust you with every part of me. I feel at home when I’m with you. You are everything and more that I could ever dream of having in s girl. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. Will you do me the honor of being mine forever?” You smiled widely as he bit his lip nervously, and tears fell down your face as you shook your head yes.
“Of course Buck. Nothing would make me happier.” He smiled with you, pulling the ring out of the box and holding your delicate fingers, slipping it onto the correct one. He set the box down and grabbed your face with his hands, pulling you in for a deep, passionate kiss.
You felt all the love from his lips meeting yours, your salty tears coming in between as you both kissed, never feeling happier. It was a feeling you would never forget. He pulled away and set his forehead against yours, rubbing his thumbs against your cheekbones.
“I love you, pretty girl.” Breathlessly said as he pulled you in for another kiss.
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wintverstan · 7 hours ago
Can I call you dad? || b.b.
pairing: bucky barnes x F!reader
summary: You and Bucky have been dating for eight months. One day your four years old daughter has an interesting request for Bucky.
A/n: soooo this is my first one shot. I basically had to rewrite half of it cause tumblr deleted it. Soon i’ll start to write for the requests you made. I hope you like it 💓
warnings: an asshole ex boyfriend leaving during a pregnancy (?), mention of pregnancy, pure fluff, bucky being a sweetheart.
word count: 1.7K
Tumblr media
You and Bucky had been dating for more than eight months now. You two had met while you were working in your little bookstore almost a year ago.
It had been a couple of months since half the population had returned after the blip. A couple of months since the great Tony Stark sacrificed himself to save everyone. A couple of months since Steve was back in the 40s to live the life he deserved with Peggy leaving Bucky alone.
A week before the snap, you found out you were pregnant. You told your boyfriend, who was out of town on the phone. He said nothing, hung up and never showed up again, making his intentions about the baby clear.
A week later the snap happened. You lost your parents and some of your friends. You were alone. It was just you and this baby. You were just a twenty-three years old girl, but you knew this was the beginning of your new life.
Fortunately, you still had your best friend, Leila, she was there when you threw up in the morning from nausea, she was there when you found out you were having a little girl, she was there when you went into labor, she was there when you decided to call your daughter by her middle name, Allison, to thank her for everything she had done for you.
She was also the one who convinced you to follow your dream of opening your own bookstore, guaranteeing that she would help you with Allison.
After the blip, and therefore your parents’ return they helped a lot too, wanting to spend most of the time with their granddaughter and giving you time to focus on the bookstore.
Opening it was the best decision of your life. It was there that you met James Buchanan Barnes.
That day you had to take Allison to work with you since none couldn’t keep her.
Yours was not a bookstore with many customers, but that day you would have had a restock and you didn't know where to leave your daughter. Unfortunately for you your colleague, Sophie, just called you and told you she got the flu so she couldn't come and stay in the shop watching Allison.
Your only solution was to take her with you to the restock. So you called the publishing house to let them know you were going to be late since you had to take your daughter with you.
After you finished serving a customer, you turned to Allison who was playing peacefully on her carpet with some bricks you gave her for her last birthday.
"Ally, honey, mommy has to go get some more books and since Sophie isn't around you will have to come with me okay?” you said softly to your daughter.
“But mommy I’m playing with my toys” she replied complaining
“I know baby, but-“ you were answering when you heard the doorbell ring, a sign that someone had just entered the shop.
Looking up you noticed a really good-looking guy. He was probably in his thirties. He had short dark hair, a light beard and cerulean eyes that immediately enchanted you.
When he smiled at you your heart flustered. You haven’t dated anyone since Allison’s father. Well, you have tried to date but apparently, the guys you’ve gone on dates to didn’t want to date a twenty-eight years old single mum of a little girl.
He began to approach the counter as he looked around the bookstore. You decorated it very simple to make every customer feel comfortable.
“Hi, can I help you with something?” you said smiling as he started rubbing the back of his neck.
“Hey doll, I know it's a weird request but by any chance do you have the first version of The Hobbit?” he answered with a soft chuckle.
“You mean the 1937’s version?” you asked giggling. God, he could have listened to you laughing all day.
“Yeah...never mind doll it was stupid. I just wanted to read it again” he said ready to turn around and leave when you noticed his metal arm and immediately somethings snapped in your head.
“Again?...wait you are James Barnes, right?” you asked hoping to thank who brought your parents back.
You noticed a bit of fear and sadness in his eyes. You knew about his past as the winter soldier but you also knew that he was not himself but under the control of Hydra.
“Yes, that’s me but please call me Bucky.” he said and you could see a bit of saddens in his eyes. He was afraid that you recognize him for his past and not for what he was trying to become.
“Oh, ok then Bucky, I'm Y/n and I wanted to thank you, you and the Avengers brought back my parents. Without them I probably would never have been able to keep the bookstore open and take care of my daughter at the same time." you said looking at your daughter who meanwhile got up and was approaching Bucky.
"Can I make a drawing on your chalk? Maybe it'll heal faster." the little girl said referring to Bucky's metal arm.
"It's not a chalk honey, but of course you can. What's your name baby?" he said, lowering himself to the child's height to look her in the eye.
"My name is Allison, it is the middle name of my aunt Leila, she is the only one who helped my mommy while I was in her belly." she said starting to draw on the man's arm.
Bucky looked at you as confirmation of what he thought was true. Allison's father hadn't been there for you during your pregnancy. You showed him a small smile and he immediately wondered with what courage a person would be able to leave you while you were carrying his baby. He has known you for a few minutes and he already knew that you would do anything for Allison and the people you love. He found himself thinking about what it would be like to be among them and have the possibility to spend most of his time with you and your daughter.
As Ally finished her drawing you picked her up breaking eye contact with Bucky.
"I'm sorry I couldn't help you find what you were looking for." you said going to take the keys of the shop with Allison in your arms.
"Don't worry I'm sure you'll help me next time. Do you think it'll be okay if I come next week so you can suggest to me some books from this century?" he said with a hopeful smile and a little chuckle.
"Yeah, I would like to be able to help you and spend some time with you to know you better. You intrigue me, James. Until next time." you said and you went to your car leaving him dazed there looking at you with a beaming smile. That was the truth he intrigued you, you wanted to know more about him and his history and who knows what it would lead to.
As he had promised he returned the following weeks for some book recommendations. You began to talk more than about books, you talked about your life, your passions and your dreams. It didn't take long to turn these meetings into real dates. That's how you and Bucky started dating.
Eight months later there had been the unexpected proposal. You were getting married next May and couldn't be happier than now. 
Here's how you found yourself on a warm September evening coming home after a long day at work to find Bucky putting Allison to bed. They didn't hear you come in, too caught up in the story Bucky was reading to your daughter. You stood on the door jamb to keep out of sight and to wait for Bucky to finish his story.
" ... and they lived happily ever after. The end." Bucky finished reading the story and then put the book back on the small pink nightstand next to the bed.
"Bucky can I ask you something?" Ally said with her little voice.
"Anything little doll." he said as he tucked the blanket on her bed.
"Even if you are not, can I call you dad?" she said with a big smile. 
"Don't tell mommy, but I just need her signature to officially become your dad." he said and your eyes widened. He wanted to adopt Ally. Well of course you talked about that, but you confirmed that that was a long process and you needed to be married first.
"Really? So you'll be my daddy?" she said and you could hear the excitement in her voice.
"Yes, I'll be your daddy little doll. Now go to sleep or dad will sell all of your toys. Love you." he said starting to walking out of the room.
"Are you adopting Ally?" you said as he walked out the door to the kitchen.
"Oh my god doll you scared me!” he said turning to face you “I uhm I wanted to ask it to you on our anniversary, you know to make it special, but yeah I want Ally to be officially my daughter.” he said with the biggest smile on his face. You could hear the agitation in his voice. You more than anyone knew that start a family and live a normal life was his biggest dream. 
So you kissed him. You didn't say anything, you didn’t have to. You just kissed him showing him all of your love, all your gratitude for him to be in your life. 
“I love you so much." you said while he took you in his arms tying your legs around his waist and resumed kissing you.
"I love you too doll. From now it'll be me, you and Ally. Always and forever" he said sitting on the sofa with you on his lap and giving you one last kiss on the forehead.
"Well actually babe I think you'll have to add another small bean in nine months"
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Friends! Writers! I promise I will be reading and reblogging your work again soon! I am visiting my grandmother this weekend so I may be less active. Forgive me!
I am so excited to see your works in progress!!
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when-i-was-your-angel · 9 hours ago
A Favor
James “Bucky” Barnes x Reader
5,584 words
Y/N, the Avengers resident seamstress, tailors a suit for Bucky. She cashes in her favor.
NSFW: Virginity Loss, Virginity Loss as a favor, Minor Alcohol Use, Lingerie, Fingering, Oral female receiving, oral male receiving, facefucking, deepthroating, praise kink, missionary, Bucky’s metal arm, curvy reader, minor insecure reader, body worship, hickeys, angst, fluff, smut, hurt comfort ending.
Tumblr media
   Six months ago Bucky Barnes needed help. He couldn’t find a suit that fit right around his arm and having one tailored by a stranger was too uncomfortable. So, he approached Y/N. As the team’s resident seamstress, he had grown used to Y/N’s gentle hands and soft touches while she worked on various aspects of his tactical gear. This was different, though. This wasn’t work. This was a favor. Friends do favors. Bucky didn’t have friends. Especially not really pretty soft-spoken friends. But, Stark insisted he have a nice suit for some gala, so he asked.     
     Y/N had immediately accepted, saying it was no problem. It really wasn’t. Tailoring was her job after all. His suit ended up looking phenomenal and Bucky got quite a few compliments, making sure to tell everyone who designed his sleek black suit. Bucky offered to pay her but she refused. Bucky insisted on doing something to pay her back. They ended up agreeing that he owed her a favor.
       Over the time she was tailoring him, they grew close. Y/N and Bucky were unlikely friends, but they quickly became the best of them. Bucky would bring her lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when he had nightmares he’d call her and they’d talk for hours, he brought her coffee in the mornings, and she brought him freshly made gloves every time he tore his open. They were just perfect for each other. Best friends and nothing more.
    Now, six months past the gala, Y/N has decided to cash in her favor. She’s pacing her small apartment. Her faded blue jeans hugged her hips as she walked and her blouse was unbuttoned slightly more than what would be considered professional. It was seven in the evening, Y/N had just arrived home from work. She had made plans with Bucky a week ago and he would be arriving any minute. She was in the middle of pouring herself a glass of wine when a knock came at the door. Y/N rushed over to it, smoothed her hair down, and opened the door.
    Bucky looked amazing. Dressed in dark jeans and that black fucking tee shirt. He had on his leather jacket and glove, but she knew he would take those off once inside.
    “Come in.” Y/N moved aside to allow him access and he smiled, taking his jacket off and putting it on her coat rack. His hair had grown out slightly, no longer trimmed close to the scalp. The realization made Y/N squeeze her thighs together in anticipation.
    “You want anything to drink?” Y/N asked, retreating to her kitchen to fetch her abandoned glass of white wine.
    “Water would be nice.” Bucky sat on her couch, waiting for her to return. Y/N made him a glass of water just how he liked it. Cool water from the fridge with no ice. He always said the cold hurt his teeth, but she knew he hated the way the cold glass felt on his metal hand.
    Y/N returned to the couch, sitting on the opposite end and tucking her legs underneath herself. She offered him his glass of water which he took with a muttered thank you.
    “So, what’s this about?” Bucky asked, taking a sip of his water. His left arm was draped around the back of the couch, his right arm in his lap holding his water. He had his left leg half-crossed over his right. He looked good. Casual. Like he belonged in the space.
    “I wanted to cash in my favor.” Y/N couldn’t look at him. Her eyes were glued to her hands in her lap. “For tailoring your suit.”
    “What, six months of the pleasure of my company wasn’t enough?” Bucky gave her a smile to try and lighten the mood but when he saw the look on her face he quickly grew serious.
    “What’s up, doll? Talk to me.” Bucky leaned forward and set a hand on her knee. Y/N looked down at his hand, then at his stark blue eyes, and took a large gulp of her wine.
    “Ok. So uh… the thing is... “ Y/N mumbled and trailed off, nervous beyond all belief.
    “Do you need money? Is Stark not paying you enough?” After she shook her head, Bucky spoke again. “What is it then?”
    “I- I need you to have sex with me.” Y/N said, looking up to meet his eyes. Bucky’s face was completely neutral. Not neutral- frozen, Y/N realized.
    “I know it’s totally unfair to ask this of you but please, just listen.” Bucky gave her a barely perceptible nod.
    “When I was in high school, I did everything right. I didn’t date, I didn’t party, I studied. That’s it. Then college came around and I couldn’t let loose like I wanted to. Studying and working was just too ingrained in me. So, I’ve never…” She trailed off, hoping Bucky would understand.
     “Never what?” With anyone else, Y/N would’ve thought they were messing with her. But Bucky had said it himself, he couldn’t lie to her. His face was genuine.
     “Never had sex, Buck.” Y/N looked down at her hands, picking at her fingernails.
     “You mean you’re a-”
     “And you want me to-”
     “There’s no one I trust more than you.” Y/N met his eyes and saw the internal battle in them. He wanted to be there for her, but he didn’t trust himself. He eventually broke the thick silence to ask her a question.
     “But, you’re twenty-two. How have you never had sex?” Bucky brought a hand to rest on his jaw, looking like he was solving a puzzle.
     “I’ve gotten close. My ex-boyfriend he uh- he tried a few times. But it never felt right. It felt gross and I was so nervous I wanted to puke. After I wouldn’t put out, he dumped me.” Y/N tucked her knees under his chin, curling into herself.
     “Matt?” She nodded. “I knew he was a scumbag.” Bucky sat forward and took his head in his hands, running his hands through his hair.
     “Why does it have to be me, again?” Bucky asked, still staring at the floor.
     “Because I trust you more than anyone else. Because I know you won’t let things get weird between us.” Bucky looked up at her and smirked.
     “I hoped my charming nature might’ve played into it a bit.” He gave Y/N his signature shit-talking grin. She rolled her eyes and kicked him lightly. After a few seconds the air turned heavy between them.
     “You don’t have to. I won’t be mad or anything. I just-” She sighed. “I don’t want it to be some one night stand with a guy I’ve never met. I know it’s stupid but I-”
     “It’s not stupid. I understand.” Bucky turned to face her and took her hand in his.
     “You trust me?” He asked, his blue eyes piercing her hazel ones.
     “Yes.” She answered honestly.
     “Ok? Does that mean yes?” Bucky laughed softly at that.
     “Yeah, yeah. You’ve convinced me. Let me go freshen up, hm?” Y/N gave him a smile and a nod. “Be right back, doll.” Bucky stood up with a disbelieving shake of his head and walked to Y/N’s bathroom.
     Y/N took a deep breath and threw her hand to her face. She could feel the heat on her cheeks, searing her hand. She reached for her wine, forgotten on the coffee table, and downed the rest of the glass. God knows she needed liquid courage.
    Bucky returned and Y/N only stared at him as he approached. Her eyes wide in anticipation. Bucky stopped inches in front of her and offered his hand.
    “I ain’t taking you on the couch, doll.” Bucky said in his smooth voice. The words combined with the tone had her clenching her thighs, something that didn’t go unnoticed. He gave a small smirk as she took his hand and let him lead her to her bedroom. Once inside the room, he motioned for her to sit on the bed and she did so. He kneeled in front of her and took her hands in his.
    “You sure about this, sweetheart?” Bucky was incredibly kind in his words, making sure she was positive.
    “You’re only making me more sure, Buck.” Y/N smiled at him and couldn’t help her eyes glancing down at his lips. They were so close to hers. She looked back to his eyes and saw that they were on her lips.
    “Can I kiss you?” His voice was quiet and low as his breath fanned across her lips. She nodded and brought a hand to his jaw as he leaned in. The first kiss they shared was short. Barely three seconds. But when Bucky pulled away and saw her eyes half-closed and pupils blown wide, he went back for more. Their lips crashed together and all Y/N could think about was how soft he was. The pink lips on hers felt like pillows, the hands on her knees felt like clouds. His hands travelled her denim-clad thighs and reached her round hips. Bucky gave an experimental squeeze, eliciting a moan from Y/N. Bucky smiled into the kiss.
    Y/N ran her hands into his hair, tugging lightly on the strands. Bucky groaned and pulled away slightly, only to move his lips to her neck. He left small love bites, soothing the bruised flesh with his tongue. Y/N whimpered and gasped as he worked.
    “Sensitive there, doll?” Bucky whispered against her skin. She could only nod, lost in him. He chuckled and pulled away, tugging at her shirt in silent question. She leaned back and pulled her shirt over her head, revealing baby blue lingerie. A laced corset accentuated her full breasts. There were lacy straps descending into her jeans, leaving just enough to the imagination. Bucky’s eyes travelled her form greedily. His hands came to rest on her waist, thumbs caressing the thin fabric.
    “Christ, Y/N. You’re gonna kill me.” Bucky pushed his lips into hers again letting his hands roam her figure freely now.
    “You next.” Y/N said between kisses as she pulled on his shirt. Bucky separated from her to pull his black tee shirt off.
    “Don’t expect anything lacy, doll.” Bucky gave her a minute to catch a breath. Her eyes roamed his form. She brought her hands to his chest and let her fingernails scratch over his abs gently. Bucky gave a low groan in his throat and covered her hands with his.
    “Baby… Don’t start something you’re not going to finish.” Bucky met her eyes to gauge her reaction.
    “Who says I’m not going to finish? I fully plan on finishing.” Y/N gave him a smirk and scratched her hands on his chest again.
    “Fuck, you asked for it.” Bucky groaned and pounced on her. Her back hit the bed and he leaned over her, caging her between his arms. She arched her hips into his and felt his erection even through both of their jeans.
    “Too many layers. Need to- need to feel you.” Y/N spoke between kisses. Bucky nodded and started kissing her neck again, trailing his tongue down the exposed skin. He left open mouthed kisses on her stomach through the lace of her lingerie. He popped the button on her jeans and pulled the zipper down, slowly dragging the denim down her thighs. Once they were off her long legs, he saw the continuance of her lingerie.
   Baby blue garters were strapped to her thighs, connected to crotchless panties. Glistening folds peaked out from behind the lacy material. He let out a sigh at the sight. Bucky tripped trying to rid himself of his own jeans, making Y/N giggle. His eyes snapped back to hers, amusement dancing in the blue.
   “What’s so funny, babydoll?” He crawled over her again, his black boxers the only thing left restraining his aching cock. She looked up at him with a ditzy smile on her face.
   “You’re a super soldier and you’re a-” Her words were cut off by a moan as Bucky’s right hand swiped through her folds, gathering her wetness on his fingers.
   “What was that, doll? You were saying?” He smirked at her as his fingers toyed with her clit. She only whined and moved her hips, rutting against his hand. Bucky looked down at her heat then back to her face, lost in pleasure.
   “Shit, baby. You fucking my hand?” Y/N nodded as a red blush came to her cheeks. Bucky leaned in to kiss her neck some more, letting her get herself off on his hand. She whimpered something he couldn’t quite hear.
   “Hm?” He pulled away from her neck, a goofy smile on his face, feeling drunk on her skin.
   “Said more, Buck. Please.” Her eyes opened to meet his, pleading want showing in the hazel hue. Bucky smiled and nodded, kissing down her body once again. Seeing where he was going, Y/N spoke.
   “You don’t have to- oh. Oh.” Her hands flew to the sheets as Bucky’s tongue slipped through her folds. Bucky sat up and pulled her hands to his hair, encouraging her to pull on it. He returned to her cunt and lapped at her clit. Y/N shivered underneath his touch. All the things he was doing were new experiences for her and Bucky was making sure they were all amazing. His tongue moved down to her hole, prodding at the entrance gently. He hooked her thighs over his shoulders and brought a thumb to her clit, rubbing small circles.
   “Bucky…” Various expletives and combinations of his name fell from Y/N’s lips as Bucky worked. “Bucky, your fingers. Please.” Y/N’s light gasp filled the air. Bucky nodded against her and brought his flesh hand up to tease her slit. Y/N caught the hand in her own and shook her head.
   “I want…” She trailed off, the embarrassment too much.
   “Want what, doll?” Bucky left small kisses on her thighs in reassurance.
   “I want the metal one.” Bucky’s eyes went wide at her words.
   “You- you want this? This turns you on?” He held up his hand, black and gold shimmering in the dull light of her bedroom. He had a look of pure confusion on his face. His hand was not something to be used here, with her. It was hard and cold and unforgiving, all things she was not. “Are you sure-”
   Bucky’s words were cut off as Y/N took his metal hand and lifted his index finger to her mouth, wrapping her swollen lips around it. She took the finger into the base, letting the tip hit the back of her throat. She coated it with her saliva and as she pulled it away there was a trail of wetness leading to her mouth.
   “Fuck… Christ, Y/N. You’re gonna give me a heart attack.” He pulled his metal finger from her grip and brought it to her heat, teasing the entrance with the first knuckle. She shivered and arched her back into his touch, trying to get more of him inside her. He slowly pushed the black and gold finger in, curling it experimentally. Y/N let out a pornographic moan when his finger brushed one particular spot. Bucky smirked.
    “Found you.”
    He brought his lips back to her clit, alternating between short licks and sucking the bud into his mouth. His finger maintained a steady pulse, hitting her G-spot with every movement. He could feel her clenching around his finger, her pussy pulling him in further.
   “You gonna cum, baby?” Bucky asked quickly, not wanting to take his mouth from her sweetness for any elongated time.
   “Yes, Bucky, Please, I’m so close.” She gripped his hair, pulling on it as she had imagined doing earlier.
   “Cum for me, doll. Cum all over my fucking metal hand.” The gentle vibrations of Bucky’s voice and the reminder of what exactly was making her feel so good sent her careening over the edge, holding onto his hair to keep her grounded in her body.
   “Bucky! Fuck, yes. Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop.” Her hips moved against his face, prolonging her orgasm. Bucky moaned into her center, enjoying the view of a beautiful girl in blue lingerie riding his face. When her hips stilled and her breath slowed, Bucky pulled away, his face covered in her slick. A blush came over her face at the sight.
   “You embarrassed?” Bucky asked her, coming to crawl over her again. She nodded briefly.
  “Don’t be. C’mere, baby. Taste yourself. Fucking delicious.” He pulled her to him by the neckline of her corset, crashing their lips together. She licked at his lips and he moaned at the feeling. Y/N pulled away and looked up at him with her swollen lips and darkened eyes. Bucky knew she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. He pulled the straps of the garters away from her body and let them snap back against her soft skin.
   “This needs to go.” Y/N hummed in agreement and looked at him mischievously. She hooked her leg under his and flipped them so he was on his back. His eyes widened in wonder and confusion, silently asking for an explanation.
   “Of course.”
   Y/N climbed off him and began pulling the various straps off her body. Slowly and teasingly, she became more exposed to him. Bucky palmed himself through his boxers as he watched, letting out small gasps every time a new segment of skin was unveiled. When she had taken the garters off, the only thing left was the corset. She reached behind her to unclip the buttons and let the garment fall to the ground. Bucky’s mouth dropped open as her breasts were finally revealed. She brought her arms to cover her chest, embarrassed. His gaze darkened and he reached his hands out, beckoning her to him. She climbed into his lap and his hands came to rest on the small of her back. He took her hands and guided them away from her chest.
   “Baby, shit, why’re you hiding these?” Bucky’s hands ghosted around the sides of her heavy breasts.
   “I don’t like them.” Y/N admitted honestly. Bucky’s eyes went wide and his mouth dropped in disbelief.
   “Y/N, believe me when I say, these are the best damn tits I’ve ever seen. Fucking beautiful.” Bucky leaned forward and captured a nipple in his mouth, circling his tongue around the nub. Y/N gasped as his metal hand came up to the other nipple, the contrast between his hot, soft, wet, mouth and his cold, hard, hand making her head spin.
  He pulled away from her to admire his handiwork. Red bruises on and surrounding her nipples.
  “Why don’t you like them?” He looked up to meet her eyes, a softness in them she didn’t get to see often.
  “The stretch marks…” Y/N looked down at her hands. Bucky pulled her chin up with his finger, forcing her to meet his eyes.
  “Baby. Do you realize who you’re talking to? Look.” He guided her hand to his left shoulder, shivering as her fingers ran over the scarred flesh.
  “I could give a shit less what scars you have. It just proves you’re strong. That you fought a battle and came out the other side. You’re beautiful.” Bucky raised himself up to press a kiss to her lips. Y/N smiled and shook her head, a blush covering her face. Bucky didn’t know how to convince her.
  “Let me prove it to you.” Y/N looked down at him. Bucky looked at her with earnest eyes. “Let me show you how beautiful you are.” Y/N was shocked at his gentleness. She had expected him to just have sex with her. She hadn’t predicted this level of intimacy. It was surprisingly… nice.
   “Ok.” Y/N said simply.
   “Ok? Gonna need something a little more enthusiastic than that, sweetheart.” Bucky’s words were teasing but she knew he was yet again making sure she was okay with this.
   Y/N threw her head back dramatically and exclaimed: “Take me! Take me and have your savage way with me!” Bucky roared with laughter and flipped her onto her back, kissing her lips gently.
   “That’ll do, doll.” Bucky kissed her neck gently and stood up.
   “Wait- what’re you doing?” Y/N asked. Bucky turned back to look at her, a bashful expression on his face.
   “I uh- I need a condom, doll. Unless you want a little me running around here.” Y/N let out a light laugh at the image. But something about the idea of a kid with Bucky’s eyes and her smile made her heart ache.
   “I mean, I’m on birth control. And I’m clean…” Bucky looks down at his hands. There was something more intimate about what she was asking him to do.
   “Yeah, me too. The serum it uh, keeps us from getting any diseases. STDs included. Lucky me, right?” Bucky gave a dry laugh and started walking back towards the bed. They were both suddenly a bit nervous. Y/N stood and took his hand, turning him so he was sitting on the edge of the bed. When she got on her knees in front of him, Bucky held out a hand to stop her.
   “You don’t need to-” Y/N gripped him through his boxers.
   “This is a learning experience right? Teach me how to do this too. For-” She took an uneasy pause. “For whoever comes next. Can’t be giving my first BJ to a stranger.” Bucky looked saddened by that. Whatever glimmer of emotion she thought she saw disappeared and he quickly reverted back to his normal self.
   “Yeah. Wouldn’t want that, hm?” Y/N looked up at him expectantly. Her eyes went from his boxers and back to his eyes.
   “Oh- right.” Bucky lifted his hips off the bed and slid his boxers off. His cock was at half-mast but was still shockingly large. Y/N’s eyes went wide. Gone were the nerves of a second ago. This was no longer present day Bucky, this was 40’s Bucky with all the swagger and charisma of a dashing young military sergeant.
    “Like what you see, doll?” Y/N rolled her eyes and looked up at him, awaiting instruction.
    “Ok, first, you’re gonna spit on your hand. Then start stroking.” Y/N obeyed. Bucky let out a loud hiss when her lubed hand touched his bare cock for the first time. She moved her hand up and down his shaft, twisting it slightly like she had seen in porn.
    “Fuck, sweetie. Just like that. Now, uh, lick the tip.” Bucky was already out of breath and Y/N decided she loved this. Loved seeing him come apart for her. Y/N leaned forward and placed an open mouthed kiss on the red tip. Bucky’s hips jutted into her mouth as he moaned.
    “Shit, sorry. Dunno what’s gotten into me.” Bucky looked down at her. Her eyes were half-closed, her lips were red and swollen, her neck was covered in marks that he had left… He knew exactly what had gotten into him. He just didn’t have the nerve to say it. It was times like these that Bucky Barnes really wished he could get drunk.
    Y/N kept stroking his cock as she pulled away to speak.
   “It’s okay. It was kind of hot.” She looked at him from under her thick eyelashes.
   “Yeah? You want me to do it again?” Bucky asked hesitantly.
   “Please.” Y/N replied.
   Bucky groaned and brought his hips a little closer to the edge of the bed.
   “You’re going to let me know if it gets too much at any time, alright?” Y/N nodded.
   “Open your mouth, doll.” Y/N did, opening as wide as she could to prepare for his girth. Bucky slid his cock into her mouth. “Breathe through- shit. Breathe through your nose, sweetheart. Relax your throat.” Y/N tried her best to obey his commands, sitting back on her heels to allow him to take full control. Bucky brought a hand to the back of her head, gathering her hair before starting to gently thrust into her mouth.
   “Fuck, baby. Feels so fucking good.” He looked down to see her staring up at him but the biggest shock was her hand between her thighs.
   “Are you- shit, are you touching yourself, doll?” She batted her eyelashes as if to say “What does it look like?” and he chuckled.
   “You look so good like this, baby. On your knees for me. Sucking- shit- sucking my cock like you were born to do it.” Bucky’s filthy words drew a moan from Y/N, sending vibrations through his cock. “Fuck! Oh- baby. Oh, god. This is gonna end a lot sooner than I’d like if we don’t stop.” Y/N made no move to pull away from him, continuing to let him fuck her throat.
   “Oh, is that what you want, hm? Want me to cum down that pretty throat of yours?” Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed as another moan escaped her. A shiver ran through Bucky’s body but he tapped her on the cheek. “Nuh-uh, babydoll. Wanna see those eyes. Those fucking eyes.” Y/N batted her eyelashes and moaned again. Bucky pulled out of her mouth suddenly. She pouted at him.
   “Doll- if I hadn’t stopped, I wouldn’t get to fuck you. That’s the whole point, right?” Bucky took her hand and pulled her to standing so he could kiss her. He pulled away so he could see her eyes flutter open, dizzy on him. “Those fucking eyes.” Bucky said with a smirk before picking her up and setting on the bed. She wrapped her legs around his waist and shivered when she felt his hot length on her thigh. Bucky looked at her one last time.
   “You sure, doll? I want this too, but I’ll go home with some major fucking blue balls if you’ve changed your mind.” Y/N threw her head back and laughed. Bucky only watched her, a soft smile coming across his face. How had he never noticed how beautiful her laugh was before?
   “I’m sure, Buck.” Y/N arched upwards to press a kiss to his lips.
   “Alright, then. What the lady wants…” Bucky reached between them and gripped his cock. He slid it through her folds a few times, gathering her wetness. Then he slowly pushed inside her with a loud groan from each of them. Bucky watched her face to gauge her reaction. A mix of pain and discomfort was painted on her features and it killed him. He hated hurting her but this is what she asked for. He continued pushing into her, inch by inch, trying to control his hips and keep from rutting into her. After a minute of tortuously slow moving, he bottomed out. A few tears had escaped Y/N’s eyes and he leaned down to kiss them off her cheek. Slowly, the look of pain disappeared from Y/N’s face.
   “Yeah, doll?”
   “Please, move.”
   That was all it took to shatter his resolve. Bucky pulled out as much as she allowed him to, her pussy gripping him like a vice. He thrusted back into her warm depths, sighing at how well she took him.
   “So fucking tight, doll. Feels fucking heavenly.” Bucky’s fists tensed in the sheets beside her when she clenched around him.
   “Shit- oh. Someone has a praise kink.” Bucky muttered under his breath. Y/N nodded in desperation to hear him talk again.
   “You want me to keep talking? You like it when I talk to you, baby? Tell you how good you feel? How well you’re taking my cock?” Y/N shivered and her walls tightened around him.
   “Fuck, baby. You keep that up I’m not gonna last long.” Bucky propped himself up on his metal arm and reached his flesh one between their bodies, sticky with sweat. He rubbed gently at her clit as he thrusted, trying to time the rhythms together. Y/N cried out in pleasure, the sound music to Bucky’s ears.
   “Are you gonna cum, doll? Be a good girl and cum on my cock, yeah? Bet you look so fucking pretty when you cum for me.” Bucky kissed her neck sloppily, biting slightly on her pulse point. Bucky’s words and the new sensation sent her over the edge. Y/N’s hands gripped her pillow as Bucky sat back to look at her. She was beautiful as she came undone on his cock. She looked majestic. Holy. Like a goddess he’d get on his knees and pray to or a queen he’d serve until his dying breath.
   “Bucky, oh- baby. Just like- Oh-” Y/N shivered as her orgasm wrecked her, every thrust of Bucky’s hips prolonging the sensation. Bucky took in her post-orgasmic state.
   She was a mess. Her tits were sweaty and shiny as they bounced in the dull light of her bedroom. Her neck was covered in a smattering or bruises. She seemed to notice his gaze because she reached for him, pulling his face down to hers and kissing him roughly. She looked down to where their bodies met. Bucky’s eyes followed her own and he moaned in absolute delight at the scene. He closed his eyes quickly out of reflex. Protect himself. Protect Y/N. Don’t lose control. Y/N placed a gentle kiss on his nose and his eyes snapped open to meet hers.
   “Let go.” That simple sentence gave Bucky a gentle push over the edge and then he was falling. Not a hard fall with an ending that would leave him mentally unstable and minus an arm, but more of a pleasant roller coaster drop. He felt safe in her arms as he let go, shooting ropes of white cum inside her.
   “Y/N- fucking hell. Baby- So fucking good.” Bucky was very vocal as his hips slowed to a stop. His cock twitched from the oversensitivity. He knew he’d have to pull out eventually, but he wasn’t in any hurry. She was wet and warm and inviting and the world outside her bedroom was cold and cruel and unforgiving. Bucky knew he’d stay there forever if she let him.
   But that’s not what he was here for. Not for life, not even for the night. Just for an hour. Just until she’d had her cherry popped and she’d send him on his way like some kind of sick business deal. With great effort, Bucky convinced his body to pull from her soft depths, smearing cum and slick down her thighs. He stood and began gathering his clothes.
   “What- what’re you doing?” Bucky looked back at Y/N. She had her knees tucked into her chest and was staring up at him with those fucking eyes.
   “I’m leaving.” Y/N’s eyes drooped at his words.
   Bucky pulled on his boxers and elected to get changed out of her view- the harsh stare on his back was getting to be too much. He had his hand on the doorknob when she spoke.
   “Please- please don’t go.” This time when Bucky looked at Y/N, her eyes were rimmed with tears. He dropped his clothes and ran to her, cradling her face.
   “Why’re you crying, babydoll? What’s wrong?” His eyes sought hers, trying to understand what was happening behind them.
   “You were going to leave.” Y/N’s tears hadn’t fallen yet. She was always so strong. Bucky wished he knew how to make her feel safe enough to be weak.
   “I figured you’d want me to.” His thumb stroked her cheek.
   “No. I- I want you to stay. Please stay.” Y/N’s hands reached up and wrapped around his wrists, keeping them in place.
   “Then I’ll stay. I’ll stay, doll. Just please- don’t cry.” Bucky kissed her forehead and pulled her into his chest. If he felt a small wet spot growing where her head lay, he didn’t say anything.
   Eventually she pulled away from him. Y/N’s eyes met his and Bucky knew then- he was wrecked. Utterly, completely, wrecked.
   “Will you sleep with me?” She asked. He understood she meant sleep next to her in bed. Keep her warm with his touch and keep her mind calm with his presence. He nodded and she unravelled herself from his arms. She stood and tucked herself into her warm covers, beckoning for him to join her. Her body was naked still, but he didn’t care. Preferred it, actually. Not for any perverted reason. He had missed the feeling of warm flesh on his own. A body that wasn’t about to die underneath him. It was...nice.
  Bucky crawled into bed beside her, exposing his right side for her to cuddle into if she wished. She did. She laid her head on his shoulder and ran a hand up and down his stomach, tracing invisible patterns.
   “Thank you.” She said.
   After a while, her breath evened out. He watched her back rise and fall. He knew he had to leave in the morning- but for now he’d allow himself to indulge in the simple pleasures of the smell of her shampoo and the way her heart beat in time with his.  
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belleinhell · 10 hours ago
Genesis- Chapter 11
Tumblr media
Genesis’ POV:
We arrived at Louisiana, and to where Sam was with his family. “How do we get it off the truck?” I rolled my eyes at James’ dramatics as he lifted the weight with his metal arm.
“You're welcome.”
“Show off.” I scoffed immediately burning when he winked at me and distracted myself by placing the briefcase on top of the vehicle.
“Just dropping this off. You can sign for it and I'll go. I called in a favor from the Wakandans.” He stated monotonously. How fucking dramatic, before Sam could respond the sound of a pipe bursting filled the air.
“Sam!” A woman. Sarah. Oh my gosh she’s pretty. May god save me, Sam tried fixing the pipe. Tried. James rolled his eyes and moved to Sam.
“Hi!” I breathed out to Sarah, she smiled at me and returned the greeting. Seriously? Now your game goes to shit? Fuck you Genesis.
I looked at James who stopped Sam “Hold on, hold on. You gotta go up” he stated before fixing the pipe.
“Why didn't you use the metal arm?” Sam questioned looking at James making me laugh.
“Well... I don't always think of it immediately. I'm right-handed.” Sam chuckled “So, this is the boat, huh? This is it. It's nice. You want any help?”
“Yeah.” I turned to Sarah while James and Sam looked at me.
Okay see be simple Genesis. “I'm Genesis.” I introduced myself. I already knew her name, oh well.
“Ah. Sarah.” She introduced herself making me smile.
“’s a really pretty name.” I complimented making her smile wide. Baby steps. She put a hand on my shoulder and walked away, I turned around to look at Sam who was ready to kill me and James who was…I really stopped reading his expressions, they’re weird.
The day went by with a lot of work on the boat, alternating between the engine and external work, I was pretty relaxed.
“James put that down.” I called out from my place on the dock with Sarah looking at James who was practicing defense with the scraper making him roll his eyes at me, I gave a scoff before turning to Sarah and… talking to her.
“Think Karli's gonna throw in the towel?” James questioned as we passed the buckets of water to be discarded.
“I think she's gonna double down.”
“Any idea how to stop her?” I questioned him.
“I got Joaquin working on something.”
“Well, Zemo says there's only one way.” I sighed out at his statement.
“Gotta catch our flights tomorrow. Get a hotel room for the night. Crash, you know?” James taunted hiding a smirk.
“You're just gonna set me up like that, huh?” yes.
“I don't wanna make it weird for your family.” I started
“Just stay here. The people in this town are the most welcoming people in the world. They don't care if you wear small T-shirts or if you have six toes or if your mom's your aunt.” I laughed at him while James chuckled.
“Okay, I get it. I mean, you know, the people are nice.” He finally admitted.
“But don't flirt with my sister.” Sam pointed at me with raised eyebrows as I downed my drink.
“'Cause if you do, I'll have Carlos cut you up, feed you to fish.” Well that was nice of him to say.
“Okay.” I quickly muttered.
“Samuel we can take the couch relax.” I reassured the man, homeboy went berserk on sleeping places “James do you have a problem?” wrong question, before he could answer “he’ll suck it up, go sleep, we got to catch a flight tomorrow.” I stated pushing him away into his room.
“I can-” I gestured to the floor, taking out my phone and texting Spencer and Penelope.
“Genesis, get your stubborn ass up here.” he ordered, I looked up at him from my place on the floor. Now or never sis, take it.
I moved up to the couch, ignoring the free space and got on top of him and laid down. “Hi” he whispered looking down at me, I laughed at him “you’re comfortable” he commented.
“Yeah” I breathed out “thank you” I looked up at him again.
“For what?”
“Just…the past few days have been hard, thank you for staying.” I explained and closed my eyes when I felt his fingers get tangled in my hair.
“You’re talking like I was gonna leave, Sleep Genesis, I’ll be right here when you wake up.” he assured, it felt so good to love someone, to be loved by someone again, it felt good knowing I had a constant someone. I closed my eyes focusing on his breathing, it wasn’t long before the exhaustion of working got to me and I passed out to a dreamless sleep. “Goodnight, Bucky…”
3rd Person’s POV:
The freedom and Peacefulness James Buchanan Barnes felt looking at the girl in his arms was indescribable, a few days ago this would’ve been a far-fetched dream he had, but now…seeing the woman he loved peacefully laying on top of him, clutching onto his dog tags made his heart melt.
He wanted this.
He wanted her.
He wanted them.
With that thought he entered a dreamless sleep, for the first time…in a very long time. He was home.
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fictionalmemoirs · 11 hours ago
Buckyvision Part 2: An Unideal Life
Summary: In this reality, you and Sam have a relationship too close for Bucky’s liking and he can’t do anything about it.
Pairings: Captain America!Sam Wilson x You
Warnings: swearing, gun violence
A/N: Sorry if I missed adding you to the tags! Let me know
Word Count: 3.3k
Heads up!:  @ironmansuucks  @fanofalltheficsx  @intothesoul  @ladifrickinda  @reichelhache  @austynparksandpizza  @ihavemanyhusbandfandoms  @thesneakylittleminx  @bluemoon-icecream  @mizz-kraziii  @stolenxkissess @kennedywxlsh  @fragile-heartt  @pistachoz  @acciosiriusblack @galaxysweets @xkonpinkx @i-just-like-fanfics​
Tumblr media
From being surrounded by a scarlet energy, Bucky was suddenly transported into an alleyway in the middle of the day.
“Bucky, this way,” a gruff voice whispered from behind. As Bucky looked back, he saw Sam entering an unmarked building. Automatically, switching into Winter Solider mode, Bucky stealthily followed Sam.
“What’s going on?” Bucky whispered as he and Sam ran up a staircase. He wanted to get some idea of what was going on, so he didn’t get blindsided.
“We’re following, Y/N remember? Torres said she had popped up on his radar around here. We literally just talked about this,” Sam answered, annoyed.
“Right, right,” Bucky took note then shot back, “You know it’s just when you talk, it’s hard to listen. Your voice is not pleasing to the ears at all.”
“You didn’t have to come you know,”
“Sure I did, you’re hopeless without me and you don’t even have Y/N,”
“Just be quiet and stay out of the way,” Sam rolled his eyes and put his hand up to silence Bucky. Bucky didn’t say anything as they approached the door with roof access. Sam looked at Bucky. Bucky in turn nodded to signal that he was ready. Sam slowly and quietly reached for the door handle and turned it.
“Why are you moving like a turtle?” Bucky furrowed his forehead.
“I don’t want her to see or hear us. Element of surprise remember?” Sam shook his head in disbelief, “You really don’t listen,”
“But it’s Y/N, why do we want to surprise her?” Bucky asked in confusion. For the whole time, he thought that you were maybe kidnapped, and they were on the way to rescue you.
“Did you hit your head or something?” Sam let go of the door and turned to Bucky almost fuming.
“Uhh…” Bucky hesitated to answer, “Just remind me?”
“Seriously?” Sam snapped.
“Just remind me,” Bucky repeated getting frustrated himself.
Sam huffed, “You know what? No, just stay behind.”
“Just tell me,” Bucky grunted, but Sam ignored him and went on the roof quietly. Bucky let out a frustrated sigh and followed him silently. In the distance of the rooftop, Bucky saw you and his jaw dropped. You had shorter than usual hair, and wore a red skintight suit while holding a large sniper rifle. You had one foot on the edge of the building as you stared into the distance looking for your mark. It was all very femme fatale, and he was all for it.
“Oh man,” Bucky sighed dreamily as he admired you from afar. He hadn’t seen you like this before and it stirred something inside him. You were very competent as a fighter, but you had a very class clown energy usually. You loved throwing out quips to the bad guys which was still entertaining but seeing you glare…man, it was enough to get Bucky’s heart pounding. He imagined looking up at you from some bed as you pushed him down forcefully and and got on top. Bucky’s cheeks burned.
“She looks hot,” Bucky continued his comment, “Wow…this is really doing it for me,”
“Are you fucking serious?” Sam whispered aggressively.
“What? Don’t deny it. Y/N looks really good in that suit and with the hair. I mean…I’d let her scratch me while we’r—”
“Stop right there. Don’t finish that sentence,” Sam interrupted, “First of all, she looks great, you don’t have to tell me that. But second, don’t talk about my girlfriend li—”
“GIRLFRIEND?!” Bucky cried out in shock, “Since when?”
“Be quiet!” Sam hissed. It was already too late though because you had already noticed them. Sam knew this. You quickly aimed your large sniper rifle knowing that the two would take a while before getting to you. Sam threw his shield at you hoping to stop your assassination attempt while Bucky ran towards you. You simply put up a forcefield to protect yourself from the shield then grabbed the handgun from your thigh. You shot at Bucky to slow him down. He raised his metal hand to block the bullets and continued to run towards you. At this point, Sam had begun to run towards you as well. Becoming impatient, you formed another force field and pushed both of them to the side of the building. As Bucky and Sam were propelled sideways, Bucky quickly grabbed the edge of the building with his metal hand while grabbing Sam with his flesh hand.
“You should’ve just stayed behind!” Sam yelled at him.
“Yeah, and how would you have survived this?” Bucky grunted while swinging Sam side to side.
“I have wings, dumbass,”
Before Sam could do anything, Bucky roared and flung Sam back up onto the rooftop. As Bucky pulled himself up, he heard a gunshot noise and Sam shout,
Bucky breathed in and out and pulled himself up quickly. As he got on top of the roof, he saw Sam trying to negotiate with you.
“It’s me, Y/N. It’s Sam. Remember me? I’m your boyfriend and we love each other very much so please snap out of it,”
“That’s not going to work,” Bucky told him while studying you. You slowly moved your gaze from Sam to Bucky while keeping a serious face. Your eyes traveled from the top of his head to his feet and then back up. You then raised an eyebrow at him. This sent a small chill down his spine. Jeez what was it about you right now? Was it the haircut or the way you looked at him?
“What do you suggest we do then?” Sam retorted, “This is how Steve got through to you,”
Bucky began to piece things together. You were brainwashed by HYDRA or something and turned into their personal weapon. It made sense as to why Sam and Torres were keeping a close eye on you and how popping up on the radar made them want to move quickly. It also made sense that the element of surprise was important.
“How many times have you tried bringing her back using her memories and how many times has it worked?” Bucky inquired. Sam didn’t say anything and looked away in shame. It was true that Sam tried this many times before and got no response. Bucky on the other hand didn’t mean for his question to be an attack on Sam, he just really wanted to know. Based on Sam’s response, however, Bucky deduced that the memory recall strategy hadn’t worked very well. This meant one of two things: 1) The memories of Sam and you weren’t strong enough to get you to snap out of it or 2) You weren’t brainwashed the same way he was. There was something else that was controlling you. 
Bucky needed to test a few things. He grabbed Sam’s shield and threw it to you. At the same time, Bucky dashed forward. He needed some hand-to-hand combat time with you. The original Bucky from this universe might have already known, but he still needed to piece the whole puzzle out. This time, you didn’t dodge the shield, but you actually caught it. Damn, that was hot too. As Bucky lunged forward, you flipped backwards and threw the shield at him. He caught it but his eyes never left you. You were never this graceful before. Had you always been catlike in this universe or was it something else? Before Bucky could do anything else, you had jumped off the building.
“NO!” he darted forward and reached out for you. As he extended his grasp, Bucky’s flesh fingers barely brushed against the sleeve of your suit. Meanwhile, his metal arm bumped against the edge of the rooftop an stopped him from falling off. He watched as your body gracefully fell down the building. Suddenly he saw a white winged figure come up from behind you. Sam had grabbed you from behind and lifted you high up in the air. His hands were wrapped around your biceps.
“Y/N, this isn’t you!” Sam shouted in your ear as his grip around you tightened. You tried to wriggle out of his hands, but you weren’t in a position to get any leverage. From below, Bucky watched as you both struggled mid-air. He began searching his pockets for anything that could help. On his right pocket was something that felt like a dart. As Bucky pulled it out, he saw that it was something that resembled a tranquilizer dart. At least this universe’s Bucky was somewhat prepared. He began to feel around his body for a dart gun or something. After a while, he finally found something that could be used. Unfortunately, it already seemed like you had already broken free from Sam and were freefalling.
You surrounded yourself with a force field to protect your body when landing. As the you reached the rooftop, your force field created a crater on top of the building. The force field absorbed the much of the impact and allowed you to land unscathed. You looked around for any sign of the other person but was surprised when you saw the rooftop completely empty. You quietly grabbed the sniper rifle you had left behind and strutted towards the exit. As you opened the door, your eyes met the gaze of the Winter Soldier standing on the other side. Before you could react, he had plunged the dart into your left arm. You pushed yourself backwards and began to run away. As you ran however your head began to feel fuzzy and your legs felt weak.
Bucky watched as you tried to run away. You didn’t get too far before collapsing on the ground. Bucky slowly approached you examined your body. Everything seemed normal but as he cupped your neck with his human hand, he felt a small, unnatural bump. Bucky carefully adjusted you to see the back of your neck more. Luckily, your short hair allowed for easy access and viewing. He saw the unnatural and long bump on the back of your neck. It was evident to him that something was inserted into your neck. It was possible that the device connected all the way to your brain, so he hesitated to pull it out completely. Bucky picked you up and went to go find Sam to resolve the problem.
Your eyes slowly opened to see Bucky sitting in the corner of your hospital room. His eyes were closed and arms crossed. He was probably waiting a long while for you to wake up, you figured. After telling Bucky that you and Sam were dating, he had cut off contact with you guys. It was surprising and totally unexpected. So, when you saw Bucky, you felt some relief.
“Hey,” you weakly called to him. This however was enough for Bucky to hear as his eyes snapped open and he turned to you.
“Hey,” he stood up and pulled his chair towards your bed, “How are you feeling?”
“Like I was hit by a train…What happened?” you asked him. Bucky placed his clasped hands onto the hospital bed and leaned forward.
“From what I heard, you got kidnapped and brainwashed into being an assassin.” He gave you a small smile that made your insides feel warm. Tears welled up in your eyes. It had been so long since you last saw him, and it felt like forever since he smiled at you.
“It’s all Sam’s fault. You shouldn’t have picked him,” Bucky casually said, but you knew he was joking this time, so you let out a weak laugh. Bucky continued, “I fixed it though so no need to worry. Also, if you really wanted to know what being a brainwashed assassin felt like, you should’ve just asked me.”
“I’m glad you’re not upset anymore,” you told him.
Bucky inhaled deeply and let out a sharp exhale while leaning back in his chair. He pursed his lips and contemplated the next words that would come out of his mouth. He couldn’t really say anything about being upset because this wasn’t his life. Maybe in this life, he was madly in love with you but didn’t have the courage to say anything. He was slow and lost you to Sam. If Bucky considered the situation, which he had while waiting for you to wake up, he would’ve probably been really upset too. After all, he was initially upset when you two had fought and you moved out. He pretended he didn’t care to protect himself, but he was deeply wounded. He was pretty devastated when he returned to the apartment to find your room empty. The nice part about your departure was that he didn’t have to see you at all. It was all very out of sight, out of mind. In this life, he was probably working with you and Sam and being a third wheel on missions probably felt shitty.
“Well…I don’t know about that,” was all Bucky said to preserve the pride of the original Bucky of this reality.
“Please James,” you pouted while reaching for his hand. Bucky allowed you to hold his hand and stroke it gently with your thumb. You pleaded, “Let it go…I’m happy, Sam’s happy… you should be happy for us,”
“I like your new haircut,” Bucky changed the subject.
“He’s going to propose soon,” you suddenly said. You were not his Y/N. This life that he was currently in wasn’t his so he couldn’t take anything that happened personally. But even with that being said, your sudden news felt like a stab in the chest. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Sam or that Sam was a bad person, but he supposed that if you were going to be with anyone…he wanted it to be him. This of course was a new sentiment and maybe he developed it after spending a whole day with a version of you that was his wife and the mother of his children. Or maybe this was the feelings of the Bucky who usually inhabited this reality. Did any of those Buckys reside in him while he was there? Did they stay unconscious or were they transported to his life?
“And how do you know that?” Bucky asked while trying to sound casual.
“I saw the ring box in our apartment while I was cleaning,” you divulged while smiling goofily. Your demeanor and personality had completely changed after taking out that device, Bucky noticed. Your glare and silence had been replaced by a sunnier disposition. He preferred it this way. No matter how hot he found your assassin side, he preferred an affectionate and talkative you any day.
“Wow, he’s shit at hiding things too.” Bucky mumbled, “Are you sure you want to be with this guy?”
“I missed you,” you then expressed while tightening your grip on his hand. Bucky inhaled deeply and felt a buzz in his chest. These were words that would affect him even in his own reality. When you had first called for him to help out with Wanda he was in total shock. Of all the people you could’ve called, it was him. However, when you saw him, you were all business. Because of your formality, Bucky decided to keep a wall up and hardened his heart. But the words you had just uttered were probably the ones he wanted to hear from the you in his own reality the most. This almost felt therapeutic to him.
“I…” he paused for a moment then said sincerely, “I missed you too,”
You smiled and gave Bucky’s hand a light squeeze of affection,
“How have you been then?” you asked him.
“Terrible,” he answered honestly although he didn’t know if it was true for this Bucky.
“Well, you could always come back to working with us,” you suggested.
“And watch you guys be gross and cutesy with each other during missions? No thanks, I’d rather gouge out my eyes.”
“Dramatic as usual,” you slapped his hand, “Sam and I are very professional and would never do that.”
Bucky snorted then gave a smirk in disbelief. You opened your mouth to comment when the door slammed open as Sam rushed in with a bag of food in his hand. He dropped the food bag and shoved Bucky against the wall as he approached your bed. He cupped your face and quickly kissed you. It was a pretty long kiss Bucky thought. Sam then pulled away and scanned your face for any other injuries. You assured him that everything was okay while rubbing his arms. You cupped Sam’s neck and pulled him towards you for a short kiss before pressing your forehead against his.
“I love you,” you told Sam.
“I love you too,” he replied.
Bucky unconsciously clenched his fists and jaw. He felt almost disgusted seeing Sam shower you with affection. All he could do however was look away.
“I’m so sorry this happened. I promise it won’t happen again,” Sam kissed your forehead.
“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. I’m fine.”
“I love you,” Sam said again.
“I love you,” you smiled at him. Bucky rolled his eyes and quietly gagged. Knowing he couldn’t take any more of this saccharine display of emotions, Bucky began to leave.
“Bucky wait,” you called out to him, “Please don’t go.”
“Don’t worry, I’m gonna just stand outside. I don’t want to get in the way of your reunion,” he explained.
“Okay,” you smiled and watched him leave.
Bucky tried to keep his word and stood outside. He leaned against the wall across from your room. There was a little window that showed you and Sam. You two looked at each other with affection and it was sickeningly sweet. It was official: this reality sucked. Bucky didn’t want to pretend any more that he was okay and that this pained emotion was inherited from the Bucky of this reality. This sucked. Again, Sam was a great guy and probably a great partner so it wasn’t technically bad but it wasn’t ideal. He kept reminding himself that Sam was a good guy and good partner for you. However, when he watched Sam kiss you and hold you, Bucky’s blood began boiling. He didn’t know why….okay he knew why…he was jealous but who could blame him? You were his wife! Okay you weren’t in this reality, but you were in a different life! Bucky ran his fingers through his hair and lightly slammed his head against the wall. Why didn’t this Bucky tell you how he felt a lot sooner? Why’d he drop the ball? Bucky at this point totally understood why this reality’s Bucky cut contact. It felt terrible to be constantly reminded of your mistake. Just then, a flash of red from the corner caught Bucky’s eye. As he looked, he saw the same scarlet energy that moved him from the first world to this. The energy looked like a large crack on the wall almost. As a nurse passed him, Bucky stopped her,
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but uhm, do you see that red light?” he asked her. She looked around the hallway then shook her head.
“No? Okay, thanks, I should probably go see a doctor soon,” he gestured for her to leave. So he was the only one who saw Wanda’s whatever. For a moment Bucky just stood and waited. Maybe someone would come out this time. However, the longer he waited, the smaller the crack became. Bucky gave you and Sam one more look. Sam had moved onto the bed and spooned you. Bucky inhaled and exhaled sharply. Fuck this reality. He walked towards the crack and the world around him disappeared again.
Part 1
Part 3
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succulentsargentbarnes · 13 hours ago
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐀𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟐 - 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐀𝐫𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬
series masterlist | moodboard
Wattpad link to story!
previous part here!
pairing: bucky barnes x black o/c
summary: bucky finds himself back to the cafe, and Peyton finds Bucky's bruises a little strange.
word count: 2,481
─── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
The night was young, and Peyton's tightly clad red dress was to show for it. She and her best friend Jenna had decided they were way overdue for a girl's night out. Tonight, they were headed to The Locale—their favorite tavern. And there, they often ended up drinking too many lemon drops and dancing with the bartenders to the fifties hop.
Jenna groaned, trying her best to keep up with Peyton as her heels repeatedly got trapped in between the grated New York sidewalks, which kept sucking her stilettos up like a sinkhole.
"Whose genius idea was it to put holes into the ground? Just brilliant,' Jenna grumbled, forcefully pulling her red bottoms from out of the small hole. "Don't they know a ladies got to strut?" Her British accent was showing light.
Peyton snorted, lending her elbow to Jenna for support. "I don't know if they take the New York heel crisis into consideration, besides I told you flats tonight." She smirked.
Jenna smacked Peyton's butt, causing Peyton to burst into a fit of laughter. Turning away from Jenna to avoid any further smacks, Peyton caressed her sore bottom.
"Jenny!" Peyton gasped, still laughing slightly.
"Peyton!" Jenna mocked. Attempting to slap her best friend's ass again, but she was too slow as Peyton had maneuvered and shielded her bottom once more. "One, not all of us have the perfect wardrobe where our dresses match our shoes.' Jenna eyed Peyton's silk ruby red dress and loafers to compliment. "And two, you know you liked it."
"One, these are the only shoes I have that match this dress, and two, I didn't like it—I loved it." Peyton winked, biting her bottom lip. "Besides, since when doesn't my artist of a friend have an amazing wardrobe."
Jenna snickered, running her blue-stained hands through her dark bone straight hair that Peyton could only dream of having. "I'm a painter, not a fashion designer—most of the time, I just wear  an oversized tee and overalls."
"Still better than anything I got," Peyton muttered.
"Peyton," Jenna opened the door of the tavern, allowing Peyton to step inside first. "When's the last time you've gotten laid?" She asked.
Peyton cackled thunderously, slapping her cold hand over her exposed knee. Causing an older couple to shoot her a repulsed look from their table. "Mhm, since John. which was"
"Years ago.' Jenna said. "We're getting you laid."
"Not interested in a relationship Jen,' Peyton expressed, taking a seat in one of the highchairs at the bar. "the only thing I'm interested in is building my business back up."
Jenna sat beside her, waving down one of the three bartenders that were working diligently. Paul, Jenna's favorite bartender with gorgeous grey eyes and an intoxicating smile, walked over to hand them both a menu.
"Hey Paul, we'll do our usual,' said Jenna. "Two lemon drops—emphasis on the lemon. And the fire-roasted calamari for me, vegan loaded nachos for this catch right here." She winked, pointing to Peyton, who sat utterly unaware, scrolling through the infuriating text messages she was exchanging with her brother Preston.
Paul leaned his head back; his large hand rested on his chest as he convulsed with laughter."I'll get right on it, ladies." He snapped his fingers in their direction, turning on his heels.
Jenna snapped hers back, playing along. "Paul's hot." She said.
"Paul is hot, just not for me," Peyton mumbled under her breath, her thumbs working tirelessly against her keyboard.
"Why not?"
"Okay, Jenny, even if I did want to give love a chance, it would need some substance, and I just don't see that from some random ass bartender named Paul." Peyton sighed, tossing her phone aside and giving the bridge of her nose a pinch.
Jenna nodded at Paul as he placed their drinks in front of them—quickly refocusing on Peyton, whose head rested in her hand. "I get that. You don't want just a lay," Jenna exhaled, her entire face scrunching up as she coughed slightly. "Tangier than usual." She pointed to their drinks.
Peyton snorted lightly. "I can see that."
"So, Preston still pissed at you?"
Peyton laughed while aggressively pinching her eyebrows together with her fingers. "When is he never? That prude,' said Peyton, smacking her lips. "But yes—yes, he is."
"He's your older brother, so I get that," Jenna spoke, gently wiping the corners of her mouth with a napkin.
Peyton stabbed her fork into the pile of vegetables that coated her nachos. "By five damn minutes! He thinks he knows better,' Peyton grumbled, her mouth full of food. "But I'm the one working my ass off—I'm making five and spending ten, and he still thinks I should sell to those stuck-up, haven't worked for shit, daddies bank account Whalbrothers he works for."
"Pey,' Jenna said softly, using her fair hand to gently stroke the back of Peyton's mahogany hand, which made a tight fist, clutching her knife so hard as if it would run away from her. "I told you I could help."
"Nope." Peyton stuck her bottom lip out, shaking her head vigorously. "You're my best friend Jenny, and I love you. But I'm not taking your money."
Jenna crossed her arms over her chest, falling back into the high-top chair. "You've been taking my money since high school. What's the difference now?"
Peyton sighed, wiping her hands over her face, careful to avoid her mascara and lipstick. "It's not lunch money anymore, Jenny." Peyton looked down at her palm, picking at the callus on its inside. "And we're adults—it's too much."
"Jenna. Drop it."
Jenna threw her hands up. "Consider it dropped."
It was early in the morning, and the cafe would be open for business in just a few moments. Mr. Jefferies sat outside—newspaper in hand, waving at some young twenty-something as she walked by. Peyton didn't like to leave him waiting outside, so naturally, she opened the door and led him inside.
"Good Morning, Mr. Jefferies." Peyton smiled, sweeping the last bit of the floor.
"Mornin', Miss.Davis—wonderful weather out there." He said with a closed-lip smile, his old eyes crinkling in the corner.
"It sure is. Your first round of matcha?"
"Nothin' else like it."
"You know it," Peyton smirked.
Walking behind the display case and gathering the ingredients to make Mr. Jeffries matcha, Peyton couldn't help but allow her mind to wonder where Bucky was. His regular arrival and stare time of 9:32 a.m. had passed. And she was starting to believe she scared him off the other day because the man was strategically always on time.
As she stirred the green matcha powder into the frothed milk, Peyton tapped her feet against the wooden floor, hoping he'd walk through those doors. She'd be devastated if she lost another customer due to her peskiness.
Finishing the drink, Peyton swirled it into a cup. She drizzled the remaining frothed milk on top before walking it over to Mr. Jefferies. His eyes twinkled, seeing her bringing his drink toward him. Excepting it, he clasped her hand in his, along with the money he owed.
"He'll come, don't ya' worry." Mr.Jefferies patted Peyton's hand lightly.
Peyton stopped, taken aback. "What?" She chuckled lightly, sticking her hands into her aprons front pocket.
"James," Mr. Jefferies took a sip of his drink. "Or Bucky as they call em'. Says he's a war vet—looks too young if you're askin' me." He shrugged, taking another sip.
"Wait.' Peyton paused, slipping into the seat beside him. "You've talked to him before. When?"
Mr.Jefferies let out a small and husky laugh. "I talk to the boy all the time. You'd know that if you weren't back there cookin' and stressin' all the time." He nudged Peyton.
Peyton smiled. "You know I have to,' she paused, biting the inside of her lip. " I just assumed he didn't speak to anyone."
"Nice fella', real quiet. But nice," said Mr. Jefferies. "Keep talking to em' he'll come around."
Peyton stood up from the chair, nodding her head slowly. "Will do."
"Just don't let em' replace me."
Head held down and turning on her heels, Peyton heard the all too familiar ringing of the doorbell. She watched as Bucky slid inside the cafe. He walked right past her, not before shooting Mr.Jefferies a small smile—into which he got one in return. At the same time, Peyton got a thumbs up from the older man.
"Okay," Peyton mumbled to herself.
Strolling towards Bucky's table. Peyton took out her notepad and clicked her pen in an attempt to make her appear more attentive even though she knew his order like the back of her hand.
Bucky cleared his throats, scratching the back of his head. "A coffee, black,"
"—No sugar, no cream, coming right up." She finished his words, jotting her name down instead of the order.
"And the cinnamon roll," Bucky added, his blue eyes peering up at her from under the brim of his hat.
Peyton paused. Her pen stuck to the pad of paper. She couldn't believe he had willingly ordered something other than his coffee. Smiling too brightly, she nodded.
"One ordinary coffee and one not so ordinary cinnamon roll coming up," Peyton said, shooting fake guns with her fingers at him.
Tumblr media
Bucky let a tiny grin appear on his face as he held his hands up to protect himself from her fake gunshots.
Walking through the kitchen's swinging doors, Peyton bounced on her heels. She grabbed the most delicious-looking cinnamon roll she could find, tossing it on a clean plate. She sat it along with the coffee mug on a tray, bringing it out to Bucky, who had Alpine in his lap once again.
"Is that my cat or yours?" Peyton teased, sitting his order down carefully in front of him.
Bucky gave a gruff chuckle, his lips slowly turning upward at the corner of his mouth. "He's yours—just fascinated by em'. That's all."
Peyton picked at her sore callus on her palm. "Well, have at it. Let me know when you're ready for a fill-up." Biting her lip, she walked away, leaving Alpine and Bucky behind.
"Thanks. Truly." Bucky said.
Peyton gave him a weak smile and nod, shooting Alpine another warm glance before leaving them alone.
Bucky sank back into his chair, allowing Alpine to wrap himself around his neck. Bucky lifted the mug taking a sip. From beyond the cup, he could see Peyton outside giving money from her tip jar to a homeless man before she began watering the few scattered plants and flowering vines that lined the outside of the cafe. Bucky loved people watching, not only because, according to Sam, he had a staring problem. But it was a way for him to read people—his therapist suggested to him repeatedly that he needed to meet people. But this way, he felt he was meeting people.
Peyton had a scattered brain from what he saw— always taking on too many tasks at a time. So much so, he noticed she'd often forget things and pace back and forth to remember them. Bucky found himself laughing beneath his breath when she would walk back and forth, mumbling to herself, snapping her fingers until she finally recalled her task. But he also found she was kind. Taking it upon herself to help wherever she could, even if it meant listening to the same war story Mr. Jefferies told constantly. She'd do it, and with the same adoring smile—her gaze never once leaving him.
And that, other than his guilt, was what kept him coming back. Besides Wakanda, the cafe seemed to be the only place he could find peace. It was quiet for the most part unless Charlie and Peyton's laughs were filling the walls. The smell of baked goods and coffee beans relaxed him. Even the antique decorations—everything about the cafe reminded him of his life before the winter soldier. He felt safe like no one would hurt him here.
And Bucky couldn't believe it, but he liked it here.
Finishing the chores Peyton had given herself, she had come around the cafe checking on her guests. First, making rounds with the young couple that sat by the small overstuffed bookshelf, being giddy with one another.
"Everything good here?" She smiled, placing her hand on the edge of their table, patting it. F
"All good." The young man thumbs up, still holding his boyfriend's hand.
Peyton gave the couple a toothy smile. "Great—lemme know if you need anything."
Walking from the couple's table, Peyton slowed her pace, picking at her chipped nail polish. It was strange for her. She had finally spoken to Bucky, and now she wasn't sure what to say or if she should say anything.
She stopped at the edge of Bucky's table, playing with the hem of her apron as his blue eyes looked up at her. Peyton meekly opened up her mouth. "All set?" Her voice had a nervous tremor as her eyes were glued to the half-empty coffee mug.
"Yes.' Bucky fumbled with the button of his leather jacket. "At least I think so."
"I can come back," Peyton said, quickly dropping the plate back in front of him.
"No," Bucky paused, rubbing his gloved hands over his bruised cheek. "It's fine. Truly."
Peyton picked the plate up once more, her apron brushing against the ends of the table. "Okay." She said with a soft smile.
Turning on her heels, she couldn't help but register the purple bruising on bucky's cheek. Not to mention the large gash that sat just above his eye. Glancing over her shoulder, she gave his injuries one more look.
"I can get you some ice if you need.' Peyton gave Bucky space but was close enough where only he could hear their conversation."For the bruise." She motioned to her cheek.
Bucky's eyebrows furrowed together as he quickly snapped his head toward Peyton. "What?"
"I just noticed your bruise. If you need any help, let me know."
Walking away, Peyton kept her head down, not before pausing her trek to the kitchen. Taking a chance, she looked over her shoulder once more, as this would probably be the last time she'd see Bucky today.
"Maybe you should lay off the bar fights; I can't use all my ice on you." She smirked, pushing through the kitchen doors.
Bucky sat up from his seat, pulling out his wallet he had recently bought. He was sitting his money down on the table and chuckling as he stood up. Shaking his head with a tiny dumb grin on his face, Bucky bid the cafe goodbye for today. He laughed to himself almost halfway down the block because only if Peyton knew how he had gotten those bruises.
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bemine-bucky · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
**gif not mine! credit to the owner**
So, I couldn't help myself. This is a continuation of my previous Bucky fic Insomnia because I just really enjoyed the dynamic between Bucky and the reader. I had a lot of fun writing this part and I love building things up between the two of them. If you guys like this or are interested in seeing more - please let me know! I love talking with people and hearing their ideas and such.
Much love xo.
Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 2079
Warnings: cursing, struggles with mental illness, mentions of sex (nothing entirely explicit but better safe than sorry), alcohol use, and really poorly written jokes lmao
Fingers threaded into hair.
Hot, opened-mouth kisses marking every surface of your neck.
Nails trailing down his back leaving raised, red lines in their wake.
“Oh my god,” you groaned as you let your head fall back and continued to rock your hips into the man in front of you.
Strong hands tighten their hold on your hips, sure to leave purplish-blue bruises for the morning.
“C’mon, baby,” he grunted, face buried in your neck as he helped your body to grind against his, “I got you. Let go, fuck, let go for me.”
A pair of slender fingers snapped in front of your line of sight, tearing you from your daydream and bringing you harshly back to reality.
“Hmm, what was that?” You blinked a few times before you turned your attention to the redhead who you, apparently, had been having a conversation with.
“Are you serious?” She laughed, “I’ve been talking for the past 10 minutes! I looked over and you had that far off, glossy look in your eyes. Not to mention you’re bleeding.”
A hand found its way to your lower lip and you realized she was right. You had been so lost in wet dreamland that you chewed a layer of skin off of your lip. You hoped she didn’t notice the heat rising in your face as you cleared your throat, grabbing a tissue from the coffee table.
“Sorry,” you muttered, pressing the tissue against your injured lip, “guess I got lost in thought.”
“Is it one of those flashbacks again?” She asked kindly, facial expression softening.
You nodded quickly, knowing fully well that the statement was a lie. Your gaze drifted over the woman’s shoulder to the subject of your previous thoughts. It would be easier to explain the common occurrence of your PTSD than it would be to explain that you were reminiscing on the hot, steamy, passionate sex you had the night before.
Bucky was situated across the room, leaning against the counter as he talked to Rogers and Wilson. The unfortunately tight, black, short-sleeve t-shirt he was wearing left nothing to the imagination. It accentuated every muscle of the body you had gotten to know so intimately not more than 10 hours ago. His muscular arms were crossed at his chest and he was sporting his signature scowl. Everything about the sight sent a shiver down your spine. You finally had a taste and you wanted more.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Your friend’s voice gained your attention once more.
A small smile found its way to your lips as you met her gaze again. Apart from Bucky, Nat had always been a good trauma buddy of yours. From the beginning she had been someone you felt like you could confide in and someone who would understand your troubles. Sometimes you wondered if a requirement of joining the avengers was to have a fucked up, tragic backstory.
“I’m okay, Nat.” You reassured, “Just got lost in my head again.”
“Whatever you say. Maybe the party tonight will help you get your mind off of things,” She mused as she pushed herself from the couch to stand up. She paused briefly before she turned to you again, “you are coming, right?”
“Yeah,” you snorted, “Tony actually threatened me if I didn’t go this time, so, I guess I have to.”
After the last party you skipped out on, Tony cornered you in the hallway and gave you quite the interrogation. Then he went on a spiel about how staying in your room all day and all night was bad for you and that if he didn’t know better he would think you weren’t appreciative of what he’d done for you and blah, blah, blah. Tony really was a good person underneath all that hair gel. All he wanted was to help you break out of your shell and give you the family he knew you were lacking. That didn’t mean he couldn’t be a pushy asshole.
“Good, I’ll see you there. I’m sure Barnes will too.” A devilish grin painted her lips as she watched your jaw drop. Before you had a chance to say anything she was off down the hallway.
Fuckin’ Natasha.
A pile of clothes littered your bed as you slipped another dress over your form. Not once in your life had you ever been concerned about what you were wearing or what you looked like, but there was something about tonight that made you want to turn heads. Your eyes raked down your figure as you twisted from side to side, admiring the way the black dress hugged your body in all the right places. Not to mention the thigh high slit in the dress showed off probably the only body part you weren’t self-conscious about. Tony, being the theatrical and over the top man he was, once said that you shouldn’t show up to his parties if you weren’t dressed to court a royal or to bring a man to his knees. Guess you were shooting for the latter.
As you put the finishing touches on your look for the evening, you felt that familiar heavy feeling settling into your chest. Your body always had a tendency to go into fight or flight mode when you became too familiar with anything or anyone. It felt like every fiber in your body was screaming for you to retreat into sweats and stay in your room, to not allow yourself this opportunity to enjoy the people you’d grown so close to. You know what happens when you let people in.
Grief, trauma, coping - it made it really difficult to live a “normal” life. Everyday tasks are daunting, it can be next to impossible to have intimate friendships or relationships, and not to mention the intrusive thoughts that infect your mind on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Here you were, the happiest you’d been in years. You were finally in a place where you felt loved, comfortable, safe - and yet your mind was trying to self-sabotage again.
You took a moment to close your eyes and take several deep breaths. When you opened your eyes you locked eyes with your reflection in the mirror and made a pact with the girl staring back at you. The intrusive thoughts and self-doubt couldn’t continue to have a hold over you anymore. You gave yourself a small smirk and nod as you made the decision to throw caution to the wind and give the party a try. What’s the worst that could happen?
Come to find out, the worst that could happen would be your competitive nature overcoming the rational, thinking part of your brain; which in turn would lead you to enter in a drinking contest. Thankfully a small portion of your pink, smooth brain was still functional enough to tell you when you’d reached your limit. Now you sat comfortably on the couch, legs tucked underneath you as you joyfully watched your friends argue.
“Dr. Banner, my friend, you are one of the most intelligent people I know. However, you are wrong.” Thor stated simply as he finished the rest of his drink.
“Thor, for the last time, water is not wet!” Bruce retorted, throwing his hands up in frustration.
You let out a loud snort before thinking, “Oh yeah, water. I should drink some water.”
Your feet planted themselves on the floor and slipped back into your pair of shoes. As you made your way to the kitchen you were pleasantly surprised by your balance and coordination, considering how much alcohol you’d consumed. Seems that drinking with Thor has done wonders for your tolerance.
While you were busy searching the refrigerator for a bottle of water, you were also oblivious to the soft sound of footsteps coming into the kitchen. After retrieving the beverage, you closed the door and turned to leave. Instead, you turned right into the chest of a figure that was definitely not there a moment ago. You yelped as you clutched a hand over your chest dramatically, your face filled with horror as though you’d just come face to face with the grim reaper.
“Jesus Christ, Barnes!” you scolded.
Bucky was holding his abdomen as he leaned back, consumed with laughter at your reaction. You huffed and wanted to be offended, but he looked so damn cute laughing that you couldn’t help but join him. You pushed his chest playfully and grumped as you hopped up to sit on the counter, opening the water to gulp about half of it down. Bucky couldn’t help but grin at your pouty state as he finished up his laughing fit.
“My apologies, sweets. Didn’t realize I’d be makin’ ya scream twice in one day.” He teased, grinning even wider as he did so.
Your jaw dropped at the comment, quickly looking around to make sure no one else was in the kitchen to hear what he had said. After seeing that the coast was clear you kicked your foot at him out of annoyance, only for his metal hand to catch it smoothly. The two of you locked eyes, motionless for a moment before he moved closer, sliding his hand from your ankle to your thigh. In the moment, you damned yourself for choosing this particular dress. The closer he got, the faster your breathing became. The contrast between his cold embrace and your flushed, warm skin sent a shiver down your spine. Abandoning the water bottle, you ran your hands up his abdomen and chest until they rested on his shoulders. Following a small nudge from his knee, you parted your legs to allow him space to stand between them. The heat in your face at an all time high as he pressed his flesh hand to your cheek.
“Haven’t been able to stop thinkin’ about you.” Bucky whispered as he stroked the apple of your cheek with his thumb. Each word that left his lips had you feeling way more intoxicated than any liquor you’d had all night.
As quickly as it started, his touch was gone and his back was turned as he opened the fridge. Before you had a chance to open your mouth to ask what the hell just happened, Tony was entering into the kitchen.
“Well, well, well. Surprised to see you here, Annie.” Tony beamed as he laid eyes on you.
Yes, Tony had nicknamed you after little orphan Annie. Yes, he also referred to himself lovingly as Daddy Warbucks. Yes, any person in their right mind would probably be offended, but you were just fucked up enough that you found it kind of hilarious.
“Wish I could say that it’s a pleasure, Tony.” You grumped back, upset that you’d been cockblocked and by Tony no less.
“Never lose that spunk, kid.” Tony winked as he turned to see Bucky retreating from the fridge with a beer in hand. “Inspector Gadget! Good to see you too.”
As much as you didn’t want to encourage him, you couldn’t help but laugh. Much to your dismay, Bucky simply raised his bottle to Tony as if to say “cheers” and padded out of the kitchen.
“He has such a way with words.” Tony teased as you rolled your eyes.
A sigh left your lips as you slipped off the counter and back onto the floor, muttering a “goodnight” before leaving the kitchen and heading back to your room. Although you wanted nothing more than to find Bucky and finish what he had started in the kitchen, you came to the conclusion that you were probably too drunk and definitely too tired.
Back in the comfort of your bedroom, you went about your normal nighttime routine. As you exited the bathroom, you couldn’t help but notice a piece of paper that had been slipped beneath your door. Grabbing the paper from the floor and plopping back onto your soft mattress, you opened it to read the note that was scribbled in black ink.
Never got the chance to tell you how gorgeous you looked tonight. Gotta say, I’m a big fan of that dress.
Sweet dreams.
- B.
When you finished the note, it felt as though you were floating on cloud 9. Even when you laid your head down and tried to welcome sleep, Bucky’s words were still replaying in your head over and over again - like they were lyrics to your new favorite song.
Turns out you were down for Bucky Barnes, and you were down bad.
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whoreforbuckybarnes · 19 hours ago
The morning after
pairing: Bucky x reader
themes: fluff
warnings: none
word count: 1106
a/n: this is how I imagine would be waking up next to Bucky :)
Tumblr media
The bright light of the sun shoves between the cracks of the shutter and they illuminate your face. You mumble and turn your back to the window.
Suddenly all the memories of last night fill your head.
You and Bucky had a date and it ended up at your place, in your bedroom.
You open your eyes and you see him. The same man that, the night before, fucked you like there's no tomorrow, he's now sleeping like an angel.
You find yourself admiring him. His lips are parted, letting out little breaths that fan your face. They are rosy now, but you remember exactly how last night they were red and swollen. His cheeks are covered by a pointy beard, probably recently shaved.
Your hand moves to his face and your thumb is writing small circles on it. It passes from his cheek to his lips and the desire to want to kiss him increases more and more.
Suddenly he sighs and stretches a bit. His blue eyes open and they let you get lost in them. They watch all the features on your face and then they land on yours.
"Did I wake you up?" you say, thinking you bothered him with your hand.
The sides of his mouth rise a little. "It's okay," he says. He straightens on your bed and puts his arm around you. You curl up on his naked chest and he gives you a kiss on the forehead.
"Last night, it was wonderful," he starts to speak, still with a sleepy voice, staring at the ceiling.
It was indeed wonderful. After a picnic at his favorite spot in the city, you drove at your place, where you immediately tied your legs around his hips. The desire of having him in you was unstoppable.
"Yeah, it was," you agree with him, closing your eyes and canceling, as far as possible, the distance between you two.
You feel at peace in his arms, like you never felt. He hugs you like he has the need to protect you from everything in the world. His metal arm is cold in contrast to your warm skin covered only by the blanket.
You're both naked under the sheets, but you don't mind. Next to him all your insecurities are erased. You know that he doesn't love you for your body, he loves you as you are.
Because you're cheerful, you're kind, you put yourself after anyone else. He loves you like there's no one else around him. He would conquer the world and he would break down every obstacle just for you to be safe.
But you just need to be in his arms to feel safe. You don’t need great gestures of love to understand that Bucky is the right man for you.
“You want some breakfast?” you ask Bucky, breaking the silence created in the room. You refuse to leave your personal safe place, but you can’t stay in bed all day.
“I wanna stay here, with you, forever,” he says instead, holding you tighter to his chest. While his metal arm is around you, his flesh one is under his head.
You chuckle at him, breathing in his cologne from yesterday.
When you first smell it, it was the night before, when he was on top of you making you feel in heaven.
He sighs and turns to his side facing you. You do the same. He has a smirk on his face, but you can’t really tell what’s on his mind.
He’s always so cryptic and nobody can ever guess what’s he’s thinking. People say he has a ‘staring problem’ and you noticed it too. But this time he was smiling while looking into your eyes.
“What are you thinking?” you ask, without the hope of receiving an answer. He never does actually, since he hates when people try as much as possible to enter his mind and his little world. He always says that it’s too messy and everyone but him could get lost.
He tries to keep it clean and tidy, but it’s not simple at all. Once he gets rid of one memory, here comes another worse. But that is your job, right? Help him sort his mind so that he can have beautiful memories to think about any time he wants.
Today something changes.
“I’m thinking of you,” he replies in a rough and calm voice. His eyes glow at the sight of you smiling.
“And why is that?” you ask again, curious to know the answer. Knowing that someone is thinking of you in a beautiful way, it’s something you never noticed would be such a serotonin carrier. You never felt such a feeling.
“I’m watching you and I’m thinking about how crazy you are to love a man like me,” Bucky finally admits. His words carry sadness and a bit of pity.
Your smile disappears and you become more serious. “Don’t you ever think of that again! I love you no matter what. I don’t care what’s in your mind, I don’t care about the past. It wasn’t your fault and you need to understand that. I only care about us, now. About our present and our future,” you say in response, but you don’t leave his side. You’re looking directly into his eyes as you pour all your love for him.
Bucky raises an eyebrow. “Our future?” he asks. You shot the words without even thinking. But it doesn’t mean they’re not in you subconscious, does it?
And it is true. You see him in your future. You see yourselves living together, like an old couple sitting in the front porch. He would surely outlive you, but you would have a beautiful life together. You would help him with his past, while he would make your future amazing.
“Yes, our future.”
Bucky’s smile lights up his face. You do the same, but suddenly he puts his hand behind your head and kisses you. You kiss him back, still smiling from the words and thoughts you exchanged.
The kiss is long, but pure. He puts his hand on your waist pulling your body on his. Your skins touch and you feel warm wherever they glance. With a pop, your lips separate and their sides rise up, revealing Bucky’s cheekbones and his little wrinkles on the sides of his eyes.
Suddenly, you feel colder when he moves away. You complaint when he gets out of bed. But he reassures you immediately.
“Stay there, I'm gonna make you some breakfast.”
You smile at yourself thinking about the two of you waking up like this every day.
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belleinhell · 19 hours ago
Genesis- Chapter 9
Tumblr media
warnings: blood, John Walker, slight breakdown.
“Walker...” Genesis spoke up as followed the man to a warehouse.
“You guys should see a medic, you don't look so good.” He suggested to the trio, Genesis knew what was going to happen, and she was scared.
“Stop, Walker.” She stopped him from his pacing.
“What? You saw what happened. You know what I had to do. I killed him because I had to! He killed Lemar!”
“He didn't kill Lemar, John.”
“Don't go down that road. Believe me, it doesn't end well.” James tried to reason with him.
“I'm not like you.” John sneered.
“Listen, it was the heat of the battle. Okay? If you explain what happened, they may consider your record. We don't want anyone else to get hurt. John... You gotta give me the shield, man.” That sentence changed his perspective on the trio.
“Oh, so that's what this is. You almost got me.” He laughed sarcastically.
“You made a mistake.” Genesis tried to stop him, stop what was going to happen.
“You don't wanna do this.” He gave a final warning.
“Yeah, we do.”
Genesis’ POV:
He was now obsessed and convinced he was Captain America, and no one could stop him. Every time I saw the bloody shield, it fucking hurt.
One by one, Sam, Bucky and I came at him, trying to get the shield away from him, it was supposed to a symbol of protection, not fucking murder, I don’t blame Walker, not completely anyways.
He was now a super soldier.
It wasn’t long before he pinned be to the ground with my wings out, he started putting force on my injured bicep, keeping my arms apart, I wouldn’t be able to use it unless my hands we’re together. cried out it pain, that wasn’t nearly as painful as when he pulled on my wings, tears leaking down my cheeks from the pain, oh joy his signature is shoving the shield to decapitate a person. Cool.
I could breathe again when Sam knocked him off of me and James came to my aid and I immediately pulled in my wings with pain
“James I can’t use my powers.” I rushed out fanatically when I couldn’t use the force
“Nes, look at me, I need you to calm down okay? You’re hurt.” and his voice made me immediately stop trashing when I realized when I’m in too much pain, my powers would slow down.
I was too weak from not using my powers constantly after 5 years, great my dumbass couldn’t move now. But I could try to use my powers enough to restraint walker for the boys to get the shield. And that would hurt like a bitch.
From my place in James’ arms I pushed my arm out the last of obsidian force coming out, it was more than enough to stop walker, and it did he couldn’t move.
“Bucky…Go” I mumbled loud enough for him to hear and understand. Ah fuck I called him Bucky, weak me? You’re a dumb bitch.
With every blast of energy, I lost more and more of my strength, it hurt a lot holding it long enough for the boys to take the shield from walker, but it worked.
Oh wait…it worked.
I could still feel the dry blood which flowed down my nose the more I pushed myself, somewhere along the way, I managed to stand up on my feel, except now I collapsed out of exhaustion.
I could feel heavy footsteps coming towards me, if it was walker, I’m going to lose my shit.
“Genesis? Nes? Hey, stay with me, don’t close your eyes okay? I’ve got you, c’mon Doll, I’ve got you.” James called out, picking me up, yeah that felt great, I’m just going to rest my eyes.
Did he just kiss my head?
3rd Person’s POV:
James Barnes’ eyes widened when he felt the girl go limp in his arms, he looked down to hear soft snores coming out he immediately relaxed and chuckled.
“You know, you could save the world?” Sam Wilson spoke up from beside him as they walked out making him look at the tanned man in confusion “if you could just tell her how you feel” that made James look down at her to see if she could hear them, when he was sure she couldn’t hear them he spoke up.
“I know, I know except we don’t really have the greatest track record in friendship to randomly tell her that I like her.” he argued with slight tint in his cheek.
“Listen man, she’s been through a lot, both of you have, just suck it up and be happy for once.” he advised walking forwards leaving the couple with the man confused as ever as to his course of action.
When they finally reached their destination, he put her down and immediately grabbed supplies to he could patch up her bleeding wound, both men worked, Sam with stitching the cut, while James wrapped the bandage.
“Good Job, doc McStuffins.” Genesis piped up making the man jump in fear and fall to the ground as she laughed.
“No, nope my bad.” she clutched her stomach in pain.
“Moron.” he muttered making her slap his metal arm.
“The GRC is conducting raids to try and find Karli, but so far they've only found her followers. They've searched this camp, and just like the last camp, nothing. She's gone. We'll never find her.” Sam shared the information with disappointment.
“Optimism, great look on you Birdie.” Genesis waved her hand at the man who entered to room with another soldier.
“Jesus Gen, are you okay?” Sam rushed to her side.
“yeah yeah, you guys did a good job patching me up, and the little nap I took was enough to regain my powers.” she waved it off “Hi, I’m Genesis.” she introduced to the stranger in the room.
“Joaquin Torres.” he shook her hand “Hey, you got your sleeve back.” he looked at James who simply walked out.
“Are you off to take care of Zemo?” Sam questioned after him as the Lieutenant also called out sarcastically, Genesis looked at Sam who nodded so she took off after the super soldier
“Shouldn’t you be resting?” he asked her when she caught up with him
“Do you know where he is?” she ignored his question and asked her own question making him sigh and nod, knowing she wasn’t going to back down and started the car making their way to Sokovia.
Genesis’s POV:
It was awfully silent, I hated it because it made me think, I didn’t know how to stop thinking.
I couldn’t stop thinking of the people I failed, I couldn’t save.
Images of people I’ve failed flipped through my mind and before I knew it tears rolled down, I broke down more times than I should and I hated that I couldn’t stop it.
3rd person’s POV:
James Barnes looked at the girl, concerned with the silence lingering In the car and immediately stopped the car to the side when he saw the silent tears flowing down her face, he got out and rushed to her side pulling her out to the side walk and crashed his body with hers, he now knew what she needed, he now knew all he wanted was to be there for her, he knew how hard the day was, she broke multiple times, both physically and mentally. All he wanted was for her to be okay.
“Nes?” he whispered gaining her attention “Nes, hey.” he called out after a moment of holding her and immediately sitting her down and crouching in front of her and wiped her tears with the sleeve of his dark shirt.
The pain he felt, the way his heart dropped when she grabbed his hands desperately finding something hold on to was hard to explain, even for him.
Finally coming in terms that he loved her, it was harder for him to collect himself while she was falling apart.
“Nes, I’m here, I’m here, I’m right here.” he repeated as tightened his grip on her hands seeing her need for him.
“b- bu- Bucky…” she stuttered, making him frown
“Doll, I need you to tell me what’s on your mind? Let me help you.” he pleaded one hand holding on to hers and the other caressing her temple.
“I couldn’t save them.” she mumbled, his hand moved to the back of her head and pulled her face closer to his, and rested her forehead on her.
“Genesis, what happened to Lemar-” she immediately pulled away and looked at him.
“It’s not just Lemar, it’s that man Walker killed, it’s Walker, Tony, Nat, all the victims who I couldn’t save, I couldn’t even save Pietro!” she yelled and James immediately shushed her.
“Genesis, look at me.” she hesitantly looked at him “listen to me, you’re a hero, you saved millions of people, you took down serial killers, but you can’t save everyone, you can try, but you’re only still human.” he stated sternly.
“Then why does it hurt every time?” she whimpered, James just shook his head and pulled her against him again, before he could stop himself he kissed her hair, which immediately calmed her.
“You care.” she pointed laughing through tears forcing a chuckle out of him.
“Of course I do.” She was taken by surprise with the response she received making her smile even more.
“Ready?” He asked nodding towards the road, she returned the gesture, and he moved and sat on the driver’s seat.
Genesis let the Exhaustion take over she took James’ metal arm and played with his fingers, at first he tensed at the contact but relaxed when he saw her drifting to sleep playing with his hand making him softly smile at the brunette.
Genesis’ POV:
I was gonna bite the head off the person who woke me up. Oh shit. Zemo, yeah okay. I groaned and opened my eyes to see James hovering over me with an amused smile.
So what? When I sleep? I sleep.
“How are you feeling?” he questioned as we walked towards where zemo was…
Ah crap, I broke down in front of him, again. “I’m sorry about earlier.” I apologized, although I didn’t really mean it cause it felt good having him there but he might’ve hated it so…did he just slap my head? “What was that for?” I cradled my head looking at him like he’s crazy…well he did admit that he was.
“stop apologizing for being human.” he stopped turning me around and looked at me, nope I should not have realized I loved him, it just makes looking at him harder, I nodded with my head down and continued walking towards Zemo.
“Thought you'd be here sooner. Don't worry. I've decided I'm not going to kill you” he informed turning to us from his Family memorial.
“Imagine our relief.” James deadpanned removing the safety of the gun.
“The girl has been radicalized beyond salvation. I warned Sam, but he didn't listen to me. He's as stubborn as Steve Rogers before him. But you... They literally programmed you to kill. James, do what needs to be done. Karli has people everywhere, and there's only one way to make sure she cannot continue her mission.” Zemo continued when I spoke up.
“I appreciate the advice. But we're gonna do it our own way.” I informed him as James pointed the gun to his face.
“Yeah. I was afraid you would say that.”
That’s when James pulled the trigger, the Disappointment in Zemo’s face knowing he couldn’t join his family was sad, but then again… he kind of deserves it.
“Ladies” He greeted at the Dora who marched in taking Zemo.
“I took the liberty of crossing off my name in your book. I hold no grudges for what you thought you had to do, Goodbye, James” I wasn’t really gonna miss him.
I walked away from the group, looking around the place, it was pretty beautiful, and soon James joined me. “hey do you think we have time for another stop?”
A/N: i was so close to throwing away my laptop cause tumblr wouldn't work. after bitching about it on wattpad it actually worked lmao.
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letstalkaboutshtufff · 19 hours ago
Bucky: *takes a sip* *sigh* "I don't know what it is but they just don't make coke cola like they used too"
You: *realization* "oh my god"
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strwbrrybucky · 22 hours ago
band member
request from @sebbybuckystanbarnesstyles​ i hope you enjoy!!
summary: youre in a band and no one else knows except nat, and once bucky sees you on stage, he has to tell you how he feels.
word count: 1597
warning: smut indication, brattiness 
Tumblr media
“Nat, where did you ever hear of this band?” Steve had to ask loudly, over the crowd of people they were trying to weave in and out of. Somehow, Nat had convinced the whole team to go to this girls show, no one on the team liked the music that was about to play. She was excited to see all their reactions on their faces when the girl came out,
“I heard them on the radio, but there’s this member that can drum, play bass and sing all the same time. It’s wild!” She held onto Steve’s hand who had held of Bucky’s and Sam’s hand, like a rope so they wouldn’t loose each other.. 
“They better be good, I hate loud music.” Sam grumbled next to Bucky. he was looking everywhere but the empty stage that had the musical equipment already set up, waiting for the band to hit the stage. Steve held onto Nat, making sure she didn’t get trampled over by the other guests in the crowd. It had been a long time since Bucky had been to a concert, so he was hoping that he would enjoy himself as long as Sam didn’t complain to much.
“We just got here, bird brain. Chill out.” Bucky smacked Sam on the arm slightly, and Sam being dramatic, held his arm and said a soft ‘ow’, earning an eyeroll from Bucky and a chuckle from Steve.
The crowd was getting amped as soon as the lights went down, earning a scowl from Sam who was already sitting down, not wanting to pay any attention further. Nat would not be quiet about this band, and somehow Bucky had caught on that something else was up about it, but he didn’t pry like he should’ve.
First came the drummer, who started some random beat for the guitarist who came out next and then a bassist. They started to tune their instruments for a few seconds before the lights went off and the crowd went wild. It must’ve been a good minute until a spot light was on the mic, no one there.
It wasn’t until this girl started singing and rising up from the floor was when Bucky knew who it was instantly. He looked over at Nat who was cheering and smiling, meeting Bucky’s eyes for a second and shrugging. Steve looked between Nat and the girl on stage and then Bucky, mouth wide and then the girl again.
“Wait a minute!” the girl came all the way and leveled out before pausing, eyes meeting Bucky’s for a split second, a smile spread across her face.
“Is that y/n?!” Sam shot out of his seat and grabbed Bucky’s shoulders looking at you on the stage before you started singing, louder this time into the microphone. Bucky should’ve known, after hearing you sing all the time in the showers in the gym back at the tower, he should’ve known you were a singer but you never led on for a second you were in a band.
The cheers of the crowd and them singing along to your song made you smile, but seeing the team and Bucky in particular made you smile even more. You were so happy Nat was able to pull the team away from the tower for your performance, you and your band mates had worked so hard getting this venue and creating songs together that you promised Nat you would put on a show for them.
You kept your eye contact on Bucky most of the time, as he swayed to the music and admired you as the light shown down on you, illuminating your features and the angelic voice being carried to his ears. Steve, Sam and him were shell shocked, not even considering you could be in a band.
A couple hours later, the show ended and you had met your team backstage. Nat ran up to you and hugged you tightly, talking on and on about how that was an amazing performance, that you did so well. She put an arm around your shoulders and laughed.
“The boys were shocked, Sam didn’t even want to come but shot out of his seat as soon as he saw you.” Sam apologized profusely but you shrugged it off, saying that it was okay.
“Yeah, y/n, that was an amazing performance. I’m proud of you!” Steve brought you into hug, ruffling your hair as he pulled away. You beamed at your friends and their support, feeling like you could perform forever.
Bucky looked over at you and smiled, “That was really good, really shocked me.” he nervously chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, looking down. You chuckled and went to hug him, his body stiffening before relaxing and hugging you back tightly.
You let go, seeing something in Bucky’s eyes looking at him before pulling him away and telling your friends they can help themselves to any refreshments. You pulled him into your small dressing room, locking the door behind you so no one could barge in uncalled for.
“Okay Bucky, what’s going on?” He looked away and shrugged, not knowing how he could tell you that he fell more in love with you seeing you up on the stage. You two had this unspoken feeling between the two of you, but always being out on missions and your band practice, you were never able to talk about it. You know he feels it too, and you were going to get it out of him one way or anything. He leaned back on the couch, his arms looking so good against the tight black short sleeved shirt he was wearing. Working out really payed off for him.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He looked anywhere but you, scared that if you looked into his eyes, you would know all his secrets. You shook your head, not liking the answer he gave you. 
“Okay, Barnes. I know there is something going on with you, with us. Are you going to deny it and I have to say it?” He shrugged and looked at you, watching you stand there with your hands on your hips, walking closer to Bucky. His breathing hitched when you got toe to toe with him, your small height barely reaching his collarbones. You rested your hands on his biceps, squeezing them softly.
He looked down at you, your beautiful eyes looking up at you, your plump lip gloss covered lips calling for his lips, but he refused. You trailed a finger down his chest, tracing patterns along his abdomen. He felt himself going slightly hard at your delicate touch, something about you drove him wild. All those secret touches under the table, faint hand touching, cheek kisses, those damned skirts you chose to wear around him all the time before you went out for band practice. It drove him absolutely mad, but he refused to make a move until he knew where you stood.
“I know you feel it, Barnes.” He said softly under her breath, looking back up at him through your eyelashes, hands finding their way around his neck, his hands hovering over your hips. He breathed out, holding back from taking you right there on the couch, friends right outside in the hallway. The thought was sinful, turning him on even more.
“I don’t feel a thing, doll.” You smiled at the nickname, knowing you were close to cracking him. You decided to tease him a bit, pulling away and walking back over to the table, jumping onto it and sitting down, crossing your ankles and sitting back, Your thighs were exposed due to the skirt you were wearing, and you were only in a sports bra to cool down from the heat from the lights on stage.
“You’re going to make me say it, huh?” he cocked his head to the side, crossing his arms. He knew you were a brat, but he wasn’t sure how far you’d go. You shrugged and opened a water bottle, taking a sip.
“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Depends on how bad you want me, and how bad you wanna say it, Barnes.” You kept using his last name, hopeful to make him give in, and say it,
“Goddamn it, y/n.” He sighed as he watched you pull your skirt up higher, showing more and more skin on your thigh. He pushed himself off the couch and started to make his way towards you before you held up a hand.
“Nuh uh, no touching. I suggest you say it or I will strip and not let you touch me.” He let out an exasperated sigh, running his hands through his hair. You shirked as you watched him frustrated. At this point he couldn’t hide the bulge in his jeans and you could easily see it.
He walked back and forth before he turned to you and opened his lips letting the words come out.
“I love you, y/n. I have for so damn long I can’t even remember when these feelings started,” he rubbed his clamy hands down on his jeans, nervous that maybe this wasn’t what you meant. “You’re so beautiful, I look at you and see a goddess roaming this earth and I just want to take you and make you the happiest person on the planet.” He walked closer to you and shrugged his shoulders, annoyed.
“Happy?” You smiled and nodded, a sigh escaping his lips as all the nerves left his body.
“Come here, Barnes.” 
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Jealousy looks good on you
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
Warnings: jealousy, indications of a fight, mentions of alcohol, language (starting under the line)
A/N: my first post and a pretty long intro/context kind of thing, my writing has gotten a bit rusty over the years but I hope you still enjoy. Feel free to leave feedback. And also, no in any form means no, remember that.
Bucky has never been one to be jealous, considering the fact that he used to be quite the heartthrob himself back in the good ol' days, bringing a girl home every so often and making ladies' boyfriends upset as a hobby.
Even after all those horrible years of torture and fighting, he still knew that he was a relatively handsome man, and after spending a lot of time in therapy and around the Wilson family, he slowly started to find himself again, unleashing his happy and charming side bit by bit. Yet James has kept his distance from relationships. Partly because dating now was not the same as it was in the 40s, but mainly because he was scared to let someone into his heart again. Over the past few years, pre and post Blip, Steve and Sam have been the only people close to him, and although he now felt more comfortable in his own skin again, Bucky was still bothered by insecurities and the last dark bits of his past which occupied his mind. The fear of letting someone into his world, that still consisted of fighting, frequent nightmares and rash decisions, made the choice to just not date pretty easy. It has been going well for a long time, the former soldier had no one to worry about but himself (and Sam, depending on the situation, but he would never tell him that).
That was, until he met you. You have come into his life seemingly out of nowhere and within just a few months you had managed to crack the hard shell Bucky had built to protect himself (or others, he couldn't tell). He didn't know that he, after everything he's been through, could feel so much love for a person. He would even dare to say that you were the best thing that has happened to him in a long time. James has found some sort of home in your presence, which scared him but equally made him feel at ease. He had a soft spot for you, you made him happy. A feeling he hasn't felt in years and he swore to himself that he would try his best to never give you a reason to leave.
The moment he thought would ruin his oath came sooner than expected. It was hot outside but you and Bucky still decided to go out for a few drinks at a bar, wanting to celebrate your move in after nine happy months of being together. To you, the past year has been like a dream. The pair of you clicked almost instantly the day you met and after only a few months of coffee dates and movie nights, you found yourself in a healthy relationship. He has opened up to you about his past shortly after, which made your bond even stronger. You considered yourself lucky to have found a man like James, a gentleman through and through. Even though he had his rough moments, something you really admired was the laid-back side of him. It made the whole relationship even more pleasant as you barely ever found a reason to argue about. Nothing ever seemed to faze him, not even when other men approached you, a few of them making you uncomfortable (but you would never tell him), having more in mind than just a friendly little chat. You sometimes wondered if he never noticed or if he just didn't care, but in the end you always shrugged it off, assuming that he trusted you a lot and knew that you would handle it. At least that is what you thought. Little did you know that Bucky always noticed, each and every guy, but usually tried to remain calm, not wanting to cause a scene or make you mad. He was proud that he has been successful. Successful until now.
Everything about him makes him mad. His curly black hair, his toothy grin, the way he stands so close to you, everything about this man makes Bucky's blood boil the longer he stares at the two of you chatting near the bar. He has left you by yourself for a few minutes because he had to use the restroom and now that he's back he finds himself in the one situation he has dreaded the most since you two have become a couple. His blue eyes flicker between you and the young man, a stern look on his face.
You don't notice your boyfriend glaring at the two of you, too focused on the guy's miserable attempt to flirt with you. It seems he had one too many drinks already, slurring his words as he tries to crack a cheesy joke that doesn't even make sense. An amused giggle escapes your mouth, shaking your head as you barely heard anything he said due to the loud chatter around them. "Who taught you that this would be the way to land women?", you ask, a grin on your lips as you take another sip from your drink. "They seriously need to reconsider their methods." The man, who has introduced himself as Leo earlier, chuckles. "Well, at least I got a grin out of you. And also, you are still talking to me, so I must have done something right." You look at him, tilting your head a little. "I guess you did. But I still need to disappoint you." Leo examines your face, raising an eyebrow. "How?" You put your glass on the counter, giving him a small smile. "I'm not interested." The young man's eyes go big and he theatrically puts his hand over his heart. "Ouch, princess. That really hurt." You rolled your eyes, grinning. "I mean it." Now it is Leo who rolls his eyes, followed by a sigh. "I bet you do. But why not give me a chance? I'm pretty sure after a date or two you would realise how awesome I actually am and that we would make a pretty great couple." He looks at you with puppy eyes, grabbing your hand. "What do you think?" You laugh a little, almost feeling bad for having to tell him that you are taken. You wiggle your hand out of his grasp before answering. "Listen, you seem like a nice guy and I'm sure many ladies out there would love to go out with you, but I can't and also don't want to." The man stares at you, seemingly not understanding. "Why not?"
"Because she said so." The both of you turn to look at Bucky who now stands right next to you, his eyes not leaving Leo. The super soldier has had enough the moment this guy touched your hand, which is why he decided that now is a good time to interrupt your little chat. "And you are...?", Leo asks slowly, just as taken aback by his sudden appearance as you. "Her boyfriend." You glance back and forth between Leo and your partner, staying quiet but still surprised that he is interfering for once. Leo narrows his eyes, eyeing Bucky who significantly tenses up, clenching his teeth. "You sure? Aren't you a little too old for her?" That comment was a fatal mistake. Bucky has the man pushed against the bar counter before you could even do or say something. A gasp leaves your lips and some people around you look at them strangely. "Now listen here kiddo, if you wanna get home with your whole body intact, you stay the fuck away from my girlfriend!" he growls, his left hand grabbing the young man's collar tighter. It is only then that Leo notices that it is not a humane hand who is holding him, but a metal one. Fear starts to spread through his body, his legs now trembling as he opens and closes his mouth, no words coming out. "Bucky." you said calmly, carefully placing a hand on his right upper arm. You get no reaction. "Buck?" Still nothing, he keeps glaring at Leo whose face turns paler with every passing second. "James!" you called him again, more firmly this time. That did the trick. Your boyfriend glances at you before letting go of the poor guy who hurries away the second he removed his hand from his shirt.
You examine Bucky's face silently. He looks at you, ignoring the few people who are still staring at him, an unpleasant feeling in his stomach. This is it, he thinks, now I have fucked up our whole relationship because of some dumb shit like this. To his surprise, your lips form a small smile, followed by you putting money on the counter and grabbing is hand. "Come." He follows you outside, quietly walking beside you as you wander through the night. You are the one to break the silence. "He didn't do anything." The super soldier scoffs. "He grabbed your hand. And he didn't leave you alone. And I am not going to talk about the nickname." You chuckle lightly. "Jealousy looks good on you, you know? At least once in a while." You can't hold back the grin. Bucky looks at you, confused. "I thought you would hate it?" You shake your head. "Only if it's excessive, or if you had broken his bones. But this was basically nothing, if we ignore the palpable moment. And it shows me that you care." Relief floods through your boyfriends body and he gives your hand a soft squeeze. "Of course I care, I always do. I'm just trying my best to not let it become a habit." You smile lightly, looking at him before giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I know, and that is good." you mumble before yawning. Bucky glances at you, feeling grateful to have you in his life. He lets go of your hand, putting his arm around your shoulder. You instantly snuggle his side, wrapping one arm around his waist, both of you happily walking back to your new home.
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