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marvelswh0re · 51 minutes ago
Seeing Red // Bucky Barnes
This is a repost because I’m testing a theory on whether Tumblr is hiding my smut or not lol. This isn’t very good but I tried. Anyway, here you go. And I’m tagging @sidepartskinnyjeans​ in this because it reminded me of the Bucky x Reader date in her fic (which you should definitely go read because I said so.) 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2177
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it.) Fingering. Car sex oops. Slight exhibitionism kind of? Swearing. Implied cockwarming.
Summary: Reader and Bucky go on a date. Reader has a little problem. There’s a change of plans, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down...
Tumblr media
“Wanda-fucking-Maximoff, where is my leather jacket?” You yelled, voice echoing through the apartment. At first, there was silence, until you heard a giggle emanating from your best friend's (and roommates) bedroom.
“Definitely not hanging in my closet.”
Rolling your eyes, you opened Wanda’s door and rifled through her closet until you found what you were looking for. Running your hand over the smooth, black leather, you slid the jacket on and untucked your hair from the collar with a swipe of your hand. 
“Does this work?” You asked, gesturing to your outfit as you turned to your friend.
“If I’m being honest with you, Y/N, you need a more daring dress. Something tight-fitting, maybe with a plunging neckline. A shirt and jeans isn’t going to cut it if you want Bucky to fuck you tonight.”
“Oh my— Wanda! We’ve had sex before! Besides, that is not what this is about!”
“It should be.” Wanda disappeared into the closet you’d just left and came back a moment later with a dress, if it could be called that. A scrap of deep scarlet silk with slits up the sides and plunging neckline (as promised) stared back at you from the coathanger. And though it’s not something you’d usually wear, you knew that it would drive Bucky absolutely insane. So, with a cheeky grin, you took it and practically skipped back to your own room to put it on. 
Pulling it up over the curve of your ass and looping the straps over your shoulders, you turned to the mirror on the wall. It was then that you realised you had a problem. Because of how tight the dress was, the lines of your panties and the outline of your bra showed through the silk, plain as day. 
“Wanda!” I called out, but before I could say anything else, Wanda poked her head into my room.
“If you’re going to complain about being able to see your underwear through the dress, don’t start. Just take them off.”
“Trust me, you’re not supposed to wear anything underneath.”
An hour later, wearing absolutely nothing under a questionably reliable dress, you were sitting in the passenger seat of Bucky’s car as you sped through the city traffic. The rumbling of the engine was getting to you and, much to your embarrassment, it was turning you on. Well, that and Bucky looking purely sinful in a black button-up that clung to the muscles in his arms. And the fact that veins in his hand rippled every time he shifted gears. And to make things worse, you could feel a dampness beginning to form between your legs. Pressing your thighs together to provide both some kind of friction and protection against marking the dress, you stayed quiet and tried to think about something else. Anything that wouldn’t turn you on further.
“You okay, doll?” Bucky asked, noticing your silence and the way you kept shifting in the seat.
“Hm? Yeah, I’m good,” you replied hastily, clenching your thighs together a little harder. You almost swore when Bucky’s hand rested on your upper thigh, his thumb grazing back and forth over the smooth skin. And although the gesture was purely innocent in nature, it didn’t help your current situation
His hand stayed there for the rest of the drive and, even though you tried your hardest to stop it, there was a damp spot on the dress beneath you. Your cheeks flushed red when the car pulled up to the valet outside a beautiful restaurant. 
Bucky flashed you a smile before reaching for the door handle, but you hand shot out and gripped his arm.
“Bucky, wait.”
“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” 
Your cheeks warmed as you blushed harder; you weren’t exactly sure how to tell him. 
“I’m not wearing any underwear,” you blurted out, realising it was not the best way to start after the words had already left your mouth.
“I don’t mind.” Bucky’s lips lifted into a cheeky smirk, looking you up and down once, then twice, wetting his lips. Your breath hitched in your throat.
“I know you don’t mind, but…” Unable to stand the silence in the car, you just had to come out and say it.
“Well, on the drive here, I got turned on and well, things that happen when I get turned on happened and now I’ve made a mess of the dress.” You held your breath once you’d finished, watching Bucky, nervous for his reaction. You’d never been more embarrassed in your entire life. Bucky cocked an eyebrow, momentarily confused, until his eyes widened slightly and you knew he finally understood. Starting the car again, he pulled away from the curb and drove around the back where the parking lot was. Pulling into a spot furthest away from the restaurant, and any other cars, he turned the car off and faced you.
“Did I get you all hot and bothered, princess?” He leaned across the centre console, his face hovering inches in front of your own, and undid your seatbelt. Biting your lip, you nodded in response. Bucky closed the distance between you and pressed mouth to yours, swiping his tongue across your bottom lip. You opened for him, sighing as his tongue swept in to claim you. Tantalising you. 
While you were distracted by his mouth, you almost didn’t notice his hand sliding up your thigh, slipping underneath the dress.
“Is this okay?” Bucky asked, breathless, pulling away from the kiss, albeit reluctantly. 
Your head fell back against the headrest as Bucky’s knuckle brushed against the sensitive skin of your clit, two of his fingers gliding through the wetness, collecting it and using it as lubricant to slide those fingers inside of you. You let out a breathy moan as his fingers curled, hitting that perfect spot inside of you before pulling out and pushing back in. Bucky set a slow pace, it was almost torturous, and you bucked your hips to get him to go deeper.
Some small part of you was embarrassed that you’d stained the dress and that you were currently being fingered in a parking lot, but the rest of you was screaming go, go, go. 
“Faster.” You hadn’t meant to say it, it just slipped out. Bucky chuckled darkly to himself before obeying your wishes. Your hands gripped the edge of the seat as his fingers slid in and out of you, a familiar coil starting to form in your stomach, tightening with every pump of his fingers.
“Fuck, doll, you’re so beautiful like this,” Bucky muttered, his voice low and husky, full of lust, making your toes curl. 
Wanting to give him some sort of reprieve, you reached across and palmed him through his pants, feeling how hard he was. Fiddling with his belt, you managed to get it undone with one hand. Tugging his fly open, you slipped your hand into his boxers. Wrapping your hand around the base of his cock, you pumped him a few times, smiling to yourself when he let out a low moan, subconsciously bucking his hips. It was only when you ran your thumb over the tip that he let a gravelly groan and pulled his fingers out of you. 
Grabbing you by the waist, he helped you climb over the centre console, satisfied when you were straddling his lap. He reclined his seat a little so you weren’t in such a cramped position. Shrugging off your leather jacket, you tossed it into the back seat and got comfortable. Your core settled over the bulge in Bucky’s pants and you grinded softly, needing the friction.
“My God, princess, you’re so fucking wet for me, I can feel you soaking through my pants.”
“Sorry,” you muttered sheepishly, heat creeping up your neck.
Bucky’s hand snaked around your throat as he leaned in close, pressing a sloppy kiss to your jaw, then one beneath your ear.
“Don’t you dare apologise,” he ground out, kissing you on the mouth, his tongue battling with yours again. “I love that I have this effect on you.” 
Bucky accentuated his words by rubbing his thumb in tight circles on your clit. You jolted at the sudden contact, but your hands reached down to tug the waistband of his boxers down. You needed him inside you. Now.
His cock, now free of its confines, was dripping with pre-cum. You ran your thumb around the tip before lining him up with your entrance.
“Can I?” You asked, pumping a few times in preparation, even though you were practically dripping.
“Fuck’s sake, doll, yes.” Bucky’s hands gripped your hips and lowered you onto him. The two of you let out a moan as he filled you. The pleasant pain was something you could never get tired of.
“Ride me.” It was a demand you weren’t about to ignore. 
You had to go slowly at first, lifting yourself up then lowering yourself back down again, moans slipping from your lips; as thick and sweet as honey. You sped up a little, letting yourself slip down faster so that he bottomed out deeper with each go around. Because you were in the car and there wasn’t much room, you swapped from bouncing on him to undulating your hips back and forth while he was sheathed inside you.
“Fuck,” Bucky groaned, hands guiding your hips, making you move faster. It wasn’t until you started bouncing on his cock again that you felt that coil tightening and tightening and tightening. And when Bucky started thrusting up into you in time with your movements, you knew you weren’t going to last much longer.
Bucky’s hand found its way around your throat again, squeezing softly, and you let out a loud moan as he slammed into you particularly harshly.
“Buck,” you whined. “I’m close.”
“I know, doll. I can feel it. But keep going, come on. Ride me all the way, like a good girl.”
His words were spurring you on so, one hand braced on his chest and the other on the seat, you switched between bouncing and rolling your hips in an endless cycle. Your breath coming out in pants, fogging up the windows, Bucky’s relentless thrusting was too much.
You cried out as you came, the tightness in your stomach unravelling, but Bucky didn’t stop. He fucked you through it, even as you collapsed against him, breathing hard, as your body shook. With a few more thrusts, Bucky reached his own orgasm, and you moaned with him as you felt his cum fill you with warmth.
As the two of you came down from your highs, Bucky ran his hands up and down your back, fingers catching in the silk. 
“You’re such a good girl for me,” he whispered into your neck, placing a few kisses there.
When your breathing returned to normal and your heart stopped racing, you mentally prepared yourself to move and get off him. You tried, but you were so spent that every part of you trembled.
“It’s okay, sweetheart. Stay here, it’s nice.”
Too tired to argue, you rested your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes. You must’ve dozed off because when you opened your eyes, you were in Bucky’s bed and he was using a warm, damp towel to clean up the mess between your legs.
Bucky helped you to the bathroom when you asked as your legs still trembled slightly, and when you came out you grabbed your phone from your bag to shoot Wanda a quick text. Even though it was almost midnight, you knew she’d answer.
You: At B’s, can I keep this dress and buy you a new one?
Seconds later, Wanda’s response appeared on the screen.
Wanda: Yes. He fucked you, didn’t he?
You: I will neither confirm nor deny.
Wanda: Haha, I told you so.
Turning your phone off, you turned to where Bucky was on the bed. His shirt was off, hair messy, and he was gazing at you.
“Come here, doll,” he said, holding out his arms for you. 
“Hang on.” You quickly went back into the bathroom and took the dress off, dumping it in the corner of the room, and pulled on Bucky’s button-up, adjusting it so it covered your ass. Going back out into the bedroom, you slid beneath the covers and curled up next to Bucky. He grabbed one of your legs at the knee and hiked it up, pulling it over him. Your core pressed against him and he sighed, turning to you with lust-addled eyes.
“You were so good to me tonight,” he whispered, reaching over to turn off the lamp. “And I love it when you’re on top.”
“But tomorrow I am going to fuck you so hard.”
You bit your lip, already thinking about it.
“Well can you feed me before you turn me on this time?”
Bucky scoffed, no doubt rolling his eyes in the darkness. “Oh sure, because that was totally my fault.”
“It was. And also, we need to buy Wanda a new dress.”
Am I going to hell for this? Probably. See y’all there.
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marvelswh0re · an hour ago
If you think I wouldn't slide the lyrics to 'I Am A Girl Like You' from Barbie: The Princess And The Pauper under Bucky's door and force him to sing it with me when we watch the movie together you're fucking incorrect.
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marvelswh0re · 2 hours ago
Nothing Fucks With My Baby // Bucky Barnes
Inspired by the song ‘NWFMB’ by Hozier (because I’m a slut for the Bog King.) This was actually really fun to write so I hope you guys enjoy!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1844
Warnings: Blood. Violence. Trauma. Angst. Firearms. Winter Soldier Bucky but not really. 
Summary: Bucky has to become The Winter Soldier for a mission, but Reader assures him everything is going to be okay. It isn’t, but it turns out sort-of not terrible in the end??
(This gif makes me absolutely FERAL and it’s the Bucky vibe we get in this oneshot)
Tumblr media
The ground beneath your feet thrummed with the beat of the music as you sidled across the floor, Bucky a looming warmth at your back, matching your pace. The thudding of your boots upon the floorboards was enough to turn heads, a wave of silence descended upon the converted warehouse. Strobe lights and red-and-blue LED’s flashed across the space from riggings secured to the ceiling.
It may have looked like a fun club, the scent of cheap spirits in the air, but you knew better. It was a front, what you and Bucky were here wasn’t aboveground. 
The dress you wore, raven black and so tight you were almost afraid to breathe, warmed the top-half of your thighs but not much else. But Bucky, with his almost harness-like leather combat vest with its latches and buckles, was like a guard dog, hovering so closely behind you that you could feel his arm brush across your back. It was comfort you knew you shouldn’t be taking the liberty of leaning into; not here, at least.
Casting a quick glance over your shoulder, your gaze met Bucky’s and you dipped your chin in an almost imperceptible nod. To anybody else, it would’ve looked like a handler making sure her prize stayed in line. But to the two of you… 
“We just have to pretend,” you whispered, brushing Bucky’s hair back from his face. You didn’t want to do this, reverting him back to his Hydra days just to get a few files, but he had insisted. And though you hated the idea of Bucky sinking back into that persona, even if it was only for an hour or two, it had to be done.
“If anybody touches you, I swear, I’ll一”
“一do nothing.” You finished for him, pressing a kiss to his soft lips. 
“I hate this, too, but nobody is going to touch me. And if they do, I’ll take care of it because if you lash out, they’ll know, and that’s the last thing we need.”
Bucky nodded to himself, looking defeated, but you cupped his chin in your palms. 
“We’ve got to go soon,” you whispered, pressing your forehead to his, knowing what you had to do.
“Okay. Okay.” You didn’t realise until a minute or so later that he was preparing himself for what was to come. “Put it on, I’m ready.”
Pulling the harness from the case一 that was the only word for it一 was torture for both you and Bucky. It wasn’t tight and restricting like the original one that Hydra operatives had forced him to to wear, the buckles and latches were just for show, but you could see the fear in Bucky’s eyes as you approached with it in your arms. 
“It’s okay, Buck,” you cooed, pressing a kiss to the back of his neck as you helped him slip his arms into the sleeves. It slid on like a jacket, zipping up at the front, but once the buckles were all connected the zip practically disappeared.
“We’re just pretending,” you whispered as your nimble fingers worked at the latches and buckles, securing them across his chest. It pained you to see him wearing it, recalling the number of times Bucky had woken up from a nightmare, clawing at his chest and screaming ‘get it off, get it off.’
Once the two of you were ready, you slipped your hand into his metal one; tracing the individual plates of titanium, feeling it hum and whir beneath your touch.
“Remember that, no matter what is said tonight, you are everything to me. I am yours. Always.” Pressing one last kiss to Bucky’s lips, you tucked the mask into place and pulled away, watching his expression change; eyes darkening and lips tilting into that macabre scowl. And the two of you stepped out into the night.
Beneath the warehouse, in a poorly-lit excuse for a conference room, you sat across the table from the most rodent-like man you’d ever seen. Alarick Heathridge. With his upturned nose and scarily small teeth and thin lips, the sight of him almost made you shiver.
“You’re a pretty one, aren’t you?” He mused, voice thick with shameless lust as his gaze dragged from your heeled boots, up your legs (pausing for a moment at the exposed flesh of your thighs), over your chest, before finally meeting your eyes.
“Are you sure the two of you don’t come as a package deal? I’ll cut a good deal.”
Perched in Bucky’s lap, with one leg crossed over another, you swallowed. Bucky’s hands were chained to the armrests of the velvet-upholstered chair, Alarick wasn’t so stupid to let a living weapon sit unrestrained, but Bucky wanted nothing more than to put his hand on your thigh. It took everything within him to grit his teeth and ignore the snivelling man’s attempt at advances.
“Do you have the files I requested?” Your voice was a sultry purr, playing into Alarick’s silly fantasy, knowing he’d be more pliant if you seemed open and available to him.
“Of course, darling, I never fail to deliver.” Alarick motioned for one of the suited men guarding the door. The guard produced a silver case from a false panel in the wall, sitting on the table with a soft thud. Alarick keyed in a code then flicked the latch, opening the case and turning it to face you. Inside the case were three folders, each marked with the Hydra insignia. 
Feeling Bucky tense beneath you, you casually lifted a hand and brought it to the back of his neck, twirling your fingers in the soft, wispy hairs there; no more than a woman playing with what she owned. But as you delved into the security questions you and Tony had rehearsed for days, just in case Alarick was bluffing, you traced four words on the back of Bucky’s neck. Over and over.
I… Am… Yours… Always…
Alarick passed the questions and you reached forward, leaning a little so your cleavage was on show, and grabbed the files from the case. Quickly flicking through, trying to seem bored, you knew they were exactly what you’d asked for. Sighing through your nose, you stood from Bucky’s lap. The hardest part of this mission beckoned; walking away from Bucky.
“A trade’s a trade,” you hummed, almost grimacing when Alarick stuck his hand out for you to shake. His palm was uncomfortably clammy as your hands locked, shaking once. Even when you pulled away, it was like you could still feel the stain of his filth on your skin. Pulling a slip of paper from your bra, you handed it to the snivelling man.
“Those are his trigger words, I hope you know Russian. If not… Well, good luck.”
You were at the door that led to the staircase up to the warehouse. The plan was to leave Bucky behind, get out onto the street, and meet up with Tony, Steve, and Nat in the abandoned office building across the street. There, you’d wait for Alarick to get drunk enough to want to leave, with Bucky in chains and in tow. Nat had already secured an electromagnetic pulsation device to the bottom of Alarick’s SUV and it would only take the press of a button to stop the car in its tracks, allowing for the extraction of the super soldier. 
Quick. Easy. 
But that all went to hell when Alarick’s hand cupped your ass, ushering you away from the exit and towards an archway that led into some kind of living room. He didn’t get very far, though. Moving too quickly for him to react, you reached for one of the guards guns, wrenching it free. You slammed the butt of the gun down on Alarick’s head and he dropped like a stone, blood oozing from a deep gash. The other guard had the nerve to pull his gun on you, but found a bullet between his eyes. 
“Doll!” Bucky’s shouted warning wasn’t fast enough as the other guard's hands slammed down on your shoulders, pulling you backwards so harshly that you stumbled and fell, hitting your head on the tile floor. The gun skittered out of your reach, sliding to a stop at Bucky’s feet. But he couldn’t get his hands free to grab it; the damn chains were vibranium. Spots danced in your vision and you ground as the guard grabbed you by the throat, pulling you up only to push you again; this time slamming you against the wall. Warmth trickled down your face and slipped over your lips, the bitter tang of blood met your tongue. The pain hadn’t quite registered yet so you were able to bring your elbow up, cracking it across the guards nose. 
When he stumbled back, you followed through with a kick to his groin. Something clattered across the tile and you looked down; Bucky had kicked the gun back over to you. Quickly, you plucked it from the ground and fired two shots through the guards chest just as he was running at you. He collapsed, crimson spilling from him in a pool. 
“We’ve got to go.” You rifled through Alarick’s pockets to find the key to Bucky’s restraints, then scrambled to free the super soldier. At this point, adrenaline was still coursing through your system; probably the only reason you were still moving. But when the chains fell away, the pain finally hit you. 
As though your body knew that, now Bucky was out of his chains, you were safe, he could help you. Clutching tightly to the case, your knees hit the ground and you grimaced. You must’ve blacked out because one moment you were on the floor and the next you were in Bucky’s arms and the night air was pressing cool kisses against your cheeks. Blood caked one side of your face, making your skin itch, but your arms were tucked against Bucky’s chest and you couldn’t move to scratch.
“Buck?” Your voice was hoarse, as though you’d swallowed a spoonful of glass, but Bucky shushed you.
“Don’t speak, just close your eyes. I’m getting you out of here.”
You don’t remember much of the drive home except Steve and Bucky talking in hushed tones.
“She’s going to be fine, Bucky.” Steve placed a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder, but Bucky shrugged it off, turning his head slightly to look down at you. Your head rested on his shoulder, a single tear rolling down your cheek as you dipped in and out of consciousness. Bucky wiped it away and wrapped his arm around you, before turning back to Steve.
“She killed them. That slimy bastard put his hands on her, he was going to一” Bucky grunted in frustration, almost gagging at how the situation could’ve gone down. Alarick would’ve made him watch, just because he could.
Bucky spoke in soft tones so as not to disturb you, but Tony felt the weight of his words all the same.
“Never again. You ever need something like that done again, you do it yourself.”
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bvccy · 6 hours ago
Nothing to Despair | 21. On which my ruins rest
PAIRING: Soft!Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader
SYNOPSIS: Bucky and a girl he never met before have to go undercover as married on a mission to Europe. He feels alienated in the modern world, while she goes through life alone and abandoned. Maybe they can find a new home in each other, but she’s not easily convinced.
CHAPTER NOTES: More smut, some dark!Bucky, bondage (handcuffs), sweet dirty talk, lingerie kink, fingering, a bit of petplay (kitten!reader), frottage, breeding kink, creampie, and cockwarming. Actually very tender lovemaking and, in spite of appearances, fully consensual. I know I've been spamming you with porn these chapters 😂 Thank you for all your comments and support! 💖 Beta-read by @offcast-plus1​ <3
Tumblr media
Lyde was not so dear to Antimachus, nor Bittis so loved by her Philetas, as you, my wife, clinging to my heart, worthy of a happier, not truer husband. You’re the support on which my ruins rest, if I’m still anyone, it’s all your gift. — Ovid, Tristia, His Wife: Her Immortality
They went out for a late lunch, and took their time with a two-course meal, dessert, drinks. Sweetened by pastries and hot tea, and softened toward him of her own will, Bucky had never felt more at ease around her, more comfortable and happy and at home, and he could see her turning shy every time she looked at him and saw how lovingly he looked at her, with his big dumb smile and crinkled eyes. Had anyone else looked at her like that before? He hoped not.
Thanks to a confusion with their orders, they got into conversation with another couple sitting next to them, and after they switched the plates between their tables, they introduced themselves. The elderly pair were vacationing Britons, Cecil and Pippa Monday. They went on a cruise every once in a while, or on some camping trip or mountain climbing or some other great adventure. Cecil was a jovial type, completely grey and a bit fat, and in spite of some joint pain, and growing hard of hearing in one ear, and having to keep track of a host of different pills to take, he seemed happier than anyone they'd met in a long time. Pippa was a little different — though equally grey and plump, she had a tough, imperial air, her swollen wrists and digits tastefully bejewelled, holding the cutlery very precisely in her manicured fingers, and smelling finely of perfume.
The girl eyed Bucky warily as he introduced them — caught on the spot, he used the same identities as from the mission, because that's what their passports said and it was the cautious thing to do. She could note a frown of sadness as he used the names, in all their bitter history, but she reached out and held his hand, and the warm smile he gave as he turned to look at her made up for it.
They went out for a walk afterwards, all four together, strolling on the decks. Mr. Monday taking pictures, Pippa posing now and then. Although she was, at times, commanding, the two got along uniquely well, and whether from getting used to each other over the years or just their natures fitting together in the right way, they seemed steady as a rock. They walked ahead, slowly, with Bucky and his wife behind, and as the girl looked at them waddling along, holding hands like schoolchildren, talking and supporting and admiring each other with every little chat or evening plan or snapping of a picture, something in her heart began to ache. Why couldn't she have that? How come it could happen to other people and not her? Could it happen to her? Just as she struggled with the ugly fear, she felt Bucky's warm hand caress her back.
He trailed his palm up and down her stiff length of spine, to remind himself that she was there and his and he was right by her side, as he watched the snowy lovebirds up ahead. Thanks to the rotten mission and their circumstances, he'd been robbed of the opportunity to introduce them as Mr. and Mrs. Barnes for the first time. And now, he could just about hear as the Mondays — a well-meaning and wholesome pair — speculated with a bit of pity and concern about them. It hadn't escaped their notice how the names stuck in Bucky's throat, and how nervous his girl became, and now they thought they were —
"Going through something awful…"
"Must be."
"Probably divorce or the like."
"They're a bit too young for that."
"Well, you know, my dear. These days…"
— and he hated their pity, the suspicion that anything was wrong, and even the ghost of the thought of her abandoning him filled Bucky with cold anger.
From the corner of his eye, he caught her looking up at him, and so he let his face relax as he looked down and hummed in question. She shook her head but kept inspecting the lines of his face with worry. The hand trailed up her back to hold her neck and the other one came, hard and cold and gloved but gentler than anything, to brush some wind-swept tendrils from her face. Moments like these, when she seemed to have genuine concern for him, always overflowed his heart with love, and like a reflex he asked — heard his own voice whisper, rather — if everything was alright, and this time he didn't call her "doll" or "darling" but he used her name — more than her name: a littler version of it, the natural pet name that was hers.
It almost didn't register in her head when he said it, but as she caught up with what she heard, her eyes widened and she shivered under a rushing of hot blood. He'd never called her anything like that, nobody had, not since her friends at university — except, of course, her mother. It wasn't special, but it was so rarely used it had a deeper air of intimacy. She smiled instinctively and bit her lip at the little tenderness he put in saying it, and seeing her reaction, his face bloomed into a grin.
"Yes, I'm alright," she whispered back through a shy smile. "Are you?"
He stopped their walk, and held her face, and leaned down to kiss her cheek. "Never better." He raised his face from her before she could kiss back, so instead she turned her head and reached the hand that held her shoulder, and so kissed that instead.
The Mondays felt them stop, somehow, and stopped as well to look at them. Perhaps this somewhat allayed their more sombre speculations.
After they were done with their sight-seeing, Bucky thought it might be safer if they bought some takeaway for dinner rather than go out again, and the girl didn't argue. They were back in their suite in the early evening, when the sky was still pink and all the nearby rooms were empty.
He stowed the food they bought in the little fridge, then poured himself a drink while he watched. She moved gingerly, taking her clothes off and folding them too, while her husband sat in an armchair and sipped his whiskey. The girl acted as if he wasn't there, and though it might not have been her intention, it incited him even more. She was down to her lingerie when he told her to stop.
"Stay like this for a while, honey," he said, getting up and starting to take his own clothes off while he fixed her with his eyes. His wife straightened up but didn't move away, waiting for him by the desk and watching, rather bravely for her, as he hurriedly undressed. "Take just the slip off, now," he husked once he was down to his briefs, and pulled those off as well.
She obeyed quietly, seeming almost curious, but still let her hair fall to cover her, as there was no bra underneath. Bucky walked to her, slowly, and rested a hand on her hip, the other brushing her hair away so he could admire her more. He seemed almost pleased, but then he thought of something, and with a smirk asked her one more thing:
"Why don't you put your carnelians on? They look so nice on you."
She eyed him warily and parted her lips, almost ready to argue, before she decided against it. Slipping out of his hands, the girl went to the jewellery box and uncoiled the necklace from there. She didn't like the way he licked his lips and bit the fleshy lower one as she put it on, and as it slipped around her neck, she couldn't help but wryly quip:
"If you like them so much, maybe you should be wearing them."
"You're so mean to me," Bucky laughed, low and a little breathless from the sight. "Why are you always mean to me?"
He didn't seem upset, in spite of how his question was somewhat justified, so she jokingly replied, "It's how I express affection."
"Well then," he chuckled, stepping closer, "I'm madly in love with you too." Her smile died a little, and she looked back down just when he reached and grabbed her again, his hands cradling her hips pulling her gently forward. "You know I am… I wasn't joking," he whispered and kissed the top of her head, expecting some resistance because he knew she didn't like to hear it, even though he still didn't understand why. She stood stiffly in front of him and looked downward with no focus, and let him pull her deeper in the room, then to their bedroom, and shut the lights. "You were so sweet earlier," he murmured as he softly felt her waist. "What happened?"
"Too much… I reached my limit, I guess," she shrugged, and didn't have to specify what exactly was too much, because by now, though he couldn't name it either, he knew.
"Just relax."
"Easy for you to say."
"And let me take care of you."
"I don't want it."
"We talked about this. What did I tell you about wanting?" he growled, coiling the metal fingers around her neck in a loose hold and making her, finally, look at him. "You don't have to want, you just have to take it."
"Who's being mean now?"
Bucky sighed and searched her face, mellowing only a little. "Guess this is how I express affection."
She gave him a spiteful glance, daring him to squeeze harder, but she couldn't hold it long because his other hand moved to pull her panties off. She immediately grabbed his wrist, but it did nothing to stop him, and Bucky inched the garment off first one hip, then the other, until they were low enough to fall away. Holding the girl still with the metal arm, Bucky looked down at her, his dream come true in living flesh. Her chest peeked out from beneath her hair, the red gems sat like bloodstains on her skin, and that soft feminine triangle between her legs was framed beautifully by the garter straps. He was hard in seconds, his manhood pointing at what it wanted, and he felt her squirm and clutch the metal wrist trying to get away — probably more out of habit than anything else.
"Haven't you had enough?" she hissed.
Bucky dragged his gaze up her body and asked with a smirk, "Does it look like I've had enough?"
He pulled her to him by the jaw and tilted her head up for a kiss pure and gentle, and all the warmer for it, because underneath, her body rubbed against his, her chest to his, and his member up the length of her abdomen. His flesh hand kneaded her hips and moved to her lower back to pull her closer.
"How about I treat you nice tonight?" Bucky asked once his lips left her, so close he spoke right against them.
"I think we have a different idea of what that means," she muttered, looking at his chin to avoid the chill of his eyes.
"I know you want to be let go, darling," he sighed, pressing one short kiss into her upper lip, "but it's not good for you."
"Not good?!" she bit back, outraged enough to look up at him.
"You need to see that it's alright to be made love to. You need to trust me with that."
Her body was unmoving against his, but he still felt her bristle through the rasping of her tone. "I don't need anything. I don't need you. I was fine before."
Bucky's jaw tightened. It hurt every time she said it, it never got easier to hear her talk like that, but he reminded himself that he knew where she was coming from. He'd thought the same thoughts and felt the same feelings. He wasn't all that different, which made it easier, made her dearer to him than anyone in spite of these times when she sunk her little fangs in the hand he extended.
"You think you were, cause you'd been that way so long. Cause no one ever thought to take care of you before. Am I right?" He searched her eyes and was met with only a frown and an even harder glare. "But you don't have to go through life alone, doll. It's ok to need other people."
"Touching. Got that one from your shrink?"
It was sometimes easy to forget that she was Hydra.
Bucky's hand tightened ever so slightly around her neck as he thought back to how open and loving she'd been that morning, when he'd just asked her to be a prop for his self-pleasure. And now, at the mere suggestion of him pleasing her, she bit back with everything she knew could hurt him. She wasn't as subtle as she thought.
"Lay down on the bed," he growled. "On your front."
That got her eyes to widen slightly. When he released her she hesitated for a second, but slowly complied, climbing in bed as she was and making herself into a tight straight line with her forehead in the pillows, her eyes closed, her arms curled beneath her. She stayed still in waiting for him, and only jumped a little when she felt Bucky grab her foot: he had the handcuffs now, and secured her legs together at the ankles.
"What are you doing?" she fearfully asked, bracing herself on the bed on two tense arms to stare at him.
"Be a good wife and do as you're told, honey."
She slowly laid back down and waited. Soon enough, Bucky got in behind her and moved them both to lay on their side, his naked skin burning down her back, from his breath at the nape of her neck all the way down to her legs. He slipped his metal arm beneath the pillows while his flesh one rested on her hip. The girl inhaled sharply, then breathed it out slow and deep, and didn't fuss. He was breaking her in and she knew it, but it was hard to find the energy to fight back when there was no escape. His hand moved gently across her skin, more in teasing than in shyness, and then it moved forward and lower. She gripped it and tried, uselessly, to scratch across his skin, but it did nothing to stop him — worse, he seemed to like it.
"That's it, kitten, sink your claws in me…" She felt his member brush up against her thigh, just lightly, before he started thrusting against her skin, while in front his fingers pet the surface of her mound. "What a fierce kitty I've found," he moaned in her ear, and chuckled when she squirmed in his embrace and sunk her nails in harder. "Vicious little stray that nobody else wanted, isn't that right?"
His wife sunk her head forward, away from his whispers and hot breath and the deeply hurtful way he framed her life. She grit her teeth in useless anger and tried to ignore him, though she could think of a thousand biting things to say, while her feet shifted the little distance they could in discomfort, rattling the handcuffs. Bucky threw one leg over them to quiet her down.
"Yes, nobody wants a kitty that bites and scratches, do they? That doesn't want to be pet," he cooed, and felt her hand relent on his wrist, falling limply down while his fingers threaded from the top of her womanhood down to where he felt her dampening with each long, slow caress. "But you know what, honey?" he rasped into her skin, grinning with real gladness as he thrusted in broader arches against her thighs while his fingers teased her front. "I'm grateful nobody's wanted you before."
She jerked her elbow back at hearing that, managing to hit his ribs with one clumsy thrust. "That isn't true, you bastard," she gritted out.
"Ooh?" asked Bucky in a sing-song voice, surprised at her outburst of emotion. He should've guessed that hitting her pride would work. "Is that so?"
"Yes." She settled back down in his embrace and let him cuddle her again, feeling his member burn and throb against her skin while his fingers went back to their slow, maddening work. "I've been proposed to three times. Just always said no."
"Well… Glad I wasn't number four then," Bucky grinned, his smile tight and bright, hiding behind it the same homicidal instinct that had ended Hamelin — these men weren't a threat anymore (and he didn't know who they were anyway).
"You didn't exactly give me much of a choice," she muttered, turning to glare over her shoulder at him. "Look at you, you're not even sorry."
"Not one bit," he said, tilting his head and leaning down to her. She closed her eyes and let him do it, taking one teasingly light kiss after another while he pulled her against his front ever tighter, using her again to pleasure himself. His fingers had caused her to relax and open up a bit, but the way he kissed her — seemingly quick and chaste but so playful and desirous — made her pulse like nothing else. Bucky parted from her with a moan and whispered, "Can you part your legs a bit, sweetheart?"
She looked into his eyes and did so, too afraid to ask what he wanted to do. He held her gaze and lifted his hand from her, moving it behind to manoeuvre his hard hot manhood right between her thighs, and left it there. Her lips parted in surprise and he drank in the sight, grey eyes focused on her kiss-swollen mouth open in wonder while he eased her legs back together, and started thrusting. The tip of him peeked out from just below her mound, above the edges of her stockings, then was dragged back in when he pulled away, then out again. Once she understood, she tightened her legs even more, squeezing his length against her soft skin. Bucky's head fell forward one unguarded second in a hungry moan, before he opened his eyes and looked back down at her, tight and trapped and timid, but excited — he could feel how much right on the skin around his member. He felt how wet he made her, how she pulsed and her hips tilted — poor thing, he'd teased her enough, she needed a little something too. He moved from the heat of her thighs and swollen lips out into the cold of the room, while she got damper all around and kept squeezing him, using him to please herself as he used her. Her head rested heavily on the pillows, tilted slightly back into his chest, eyes closed while she bit her lip and Bucky kissed her shoulder. His hand stayed on her hip to guide her movements, but his eyes were focused on her arching chest.
"Look at those tight little peaks, darling," he purred, "and I haven't even touched you there." She winced and tried to curl back into him, but didn't even have time to bring her hands up to cover herself before he brought a finger up to tease her — just up and down the surface of one breast, at first, then lingering to touch the hardened peak so lightly she almost didn't feel it, but a deeper part of her did. "I love how sensitive you are," he whispered in her ear, his fingers playing with her while he thrust faster and pressed his front against her for a little longer every time. "Everything is too much, isn't it? After long years of nothing." He bent and leaned down to press a kiss to her tip, and didn't mind her bringing her arm up to push him away — he stayed right there and kissed it again, the gentleness making up for the rough way he was moving between her legs. "I know what that's like, sweetheart," he murmured. "It's like that for me too. Or was, before you."
She groaned under his attentions and shifted away from his lips, though it was no use. He followed her body and kept kissing, lapping now and then while he looked into her eyes, stopping to sigh from a particularly pleasurable thrust, then calm himself down and start again with kisses as light and tender as the ones he gave her mouth. It made her burn inside and out, and she tried to focus on the thought of what, in spite of her discomfort, this might have meant for him. If she was going to be good, which she wanted to be, she knew she had to let him get what he wanted — even if getting meant giving. And he gave without considering that she didn't know what to do with it, where to place these new unusual feelings and the growing knowledge that he was pleasured, happy, pleased, because of her.
Thinking back to their first time, her hips canted back into him on instinct — he noticed, and nibbled at her skin just slightly with a smirk and an approving moan — and she could finally allow herself to be flattered that she'd made him spill within minutes. It felt as much her conquest over him, as his; her vanity was satisfied. She had never imagined she could do that to a man, certainly not to one as big and brutal and rugged as he, who seemed to move through the world as if he owned it — because, with his excessive strength and skills, he probably could — and underneath the storm of feelings he was teasing out of her, a small battle raged between the hope that he wanted her, and the fear that he was lying.
"I need to be inside you again," he said with urgency. "Are you gonna let me?"
She looked back at him and almost paused in motions as she felt him throb and tremble, his skin sticking to her back and his breath coming out harsh and fast. His eyes looked pained and begging, and she couldn't say no, but she wouldn't say yes either, so she nodded. Bucky smirked and bit his lip as he looked over her flushed face, and in the warm and husky voice he got when he felt loving, asked:
"You want it before or… after?"
"B— first one." Why did I say that.
"Before?" he said with a bright, incredulous grin. Bucky got up from behind her and kneeled on the bed, lifting her legs and tilting them to the side together, holding them in the crook of his metal elbow while he placed himself where he wanted to be. She clung to the bedsheets but allowed him to move her around, keeping her eyes on his and not to what he was doing. "You want to finish with me inside a'you, doll?" he asked in a teasingly low voice.
He was more than ready to slip into her, and she'd been ready for the longest time, the tops of her stockings ruined with wet, so it was easy for him to join with his little wife. Her eyes closed as the feeling of it — not too painful, but discomforting enough to feel right — and her head fell back lazily, making room for Bucky to lean in and kiss her neck while he slowly settled in place. His hand fell by her side to brace himself and trap her in, instinctively afraid that she would move away — not that she could run anywhere, he'd made sure of it on purpose — and between being held up like that, and kissed, and taken, the same old overwhelming feeling came and all her promises of patience and duty fell apart.
"You don't have to hide," he cooed once he saw her cover her face with her hands and tilt away, as far as she could from him. "You don't have to be shy around your husband."
His gentle pleas turned into moans the deeper he went, then into whimpers of her name, and praises of how good she was, how warm, how soft, how perfect as his arms tightened around her, and then her name again, her pet name, and how she was his, only his, finally his. It didn't take long for her to undo him this time either, especially since she was a bit more relaxed and opened up, and though Bucky tried to thrust less deeply, less quickly than he wanted, he was at the very edge of his restraint. He wanted to see her face, but she was turned away and had covered her eyes with one hand, biting the thumb of the other, neck arched with the strain of pulling away from him. Her hips were pliant, docile, tamed — he could do whatever he wanted with that part of her, but he wanted everything. His arm stretched along her legs to push them closer, tighter, with him still inside and aching, while above he stretched to kiss the length of her from clavicle to cheekbone. He whispered her name against her blushing skin, and pleaded, and against her mutter of moans and whimpers asked:
"Tell me you love me." She winced as if struck and her every muscle froze, mouth going limp and losing its grip on her finger, hand slipping from her eyes, but inside he felt her throbbing. She seemed to be considering it. "You don't have to mean it…" he bargained, and the thought pained him so much he couldn't look at her. Bucky's head rested on her chest, where he could be with the cage that held her spirit and closed his eyes against it, forgetting everything else. "Please, doll…"
"I can't," she gasped, heaving pained breaths now that he'd settled inside her, as deep as he could reach and almost deeper, and refused to move or let her get away.
"You don't?"
"I can't say it."
He sighed into her skin, his anger at her turning very quickly into anger at himself, disappointment, the bitterness of failure, and after swallowing the lump in his throat, Bucky moved back off her. He held her by the hip, bending the legs tighter into her body with his metal arm so that he could see all of her: from the curled up little feet trapped in the handcuffs, up the lovely limbs in sheer black stockings that ended at her thighs — stained and very, very damp — and her derriere framed by the garters that dug into her flesh, and the point where he stretched and entered her. The scent of his wife was sweet and feminine and a bit salty and threaded with what was left of her perfume, and the sound of her once he started moving deep, hard, unforgiving — how she moaned and whined and could barely form the words to beg — that was what finally undid him. He grit his teeth and took in her body as he used it, then settled deeply, spilling all he had, and stayed there. Bucky didn't allow himself to moan or whimper or say any other useless thing, not anymore. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, careful not to grip her too tightly or press her legs down harder, though she winced and tried to wriggle from his grasp. He kept himself in her through his softening while he put a bit of pressure with his hand just on the other side, on her lower stomach. As he started moving his hand slightly, he felt one hot paw press against his hip.
"What are you doing?" she whined.
Bucky tilted his head back down to look at her, licking his lips at the wrecked sight of his girl, flushed and tousled and panting, her hand timidly touching his skin, eyes just slightly teary and burning into his while she tried very hard not to look at the sweaty rest of him. He gently leaned in and caged her in his arms, still mindful of her legs and the point where they were joined, and looked through the damp strands of hair that fell in his eyes to lowly growl:
"Sit still. Need to open you up, want it to take."
Her eyes widened — in fear? disgust? despair? — but she laid back down and let him. She tried to settle a bit more comfortably, but still huffed in frustration at being used, plugged up. He was hot inside of her, and though she was already burning from the friction, he warmed her up even more. With his eyes fixed on hers he started moving his hand again, palm flat and heavy, pleasuring her from inside and out. And when he found a spot that caused a shudder through her whole body, her look of apprehension melted into something new. He grinned and started focusing on it, moving his hips — because she made him harden again already — and finally she gave him the moans he wanted: loud and surprised and pained. And she looked up at him with such a large and open gaze, so sad, so pleading, as if she finally felt wanted and understood what it meant.
Breath by panting breath, she fell apart under his hand. Bucky felt her shudder then relax, saw her legs tensing in the rhythm of her moans while deep inside she pulsed and squeezed his length into another weak orgasm. Slivers of him were just beginning to seep from where he entered her, but there wasn't enough room for much of it to escape. Her own hand came up to cover her mouth in a limp attempt to stop herself from being louder, but it was useless. Her head tilted back, tangling her loose hair more, and she closed her eyes dreamily. Bucky gave her that pause while he just looked at her, almost forgetting about the furnace that encased him, but then she winced and said his name.
"Let me go… Bucky, let me go," she whispered, looking back up at him. It took him a second to realise what she was talking about. "My legs are starting to hurt."
He felt so good in her that he hesitated, then wanted to kick himself for it. You really are a piece of work, Barnes. Wordlessly, he nodded and slipped himself from her, then slowly laid her legs back down on the bed before going to the nightstand where the keys were. He unlocked the handcuffs and took a moment to massage her ankles and cold feet, but she didn't seem too much in pain. The stockings were ruined, but it didn't matter. Without her asking, he unclasped her garter belt and peeled the lingerie off her, then went up to undo the necklace as well. She laid quietly in bed and let him take everything off her, keeping her gaze on his face and waiting for him to look back — when he did, he could only hold it briefly, and she wondered if the ache she saw there was because of her, or… Of course it is, it always is. As soon as Bucky was done, she turned on her side and curled up while he went to put away her ruined garments and the jewels, and get a cloth to clean them both up.
He almost didn't want to go back to bed with her when he was done, but for once she actually asked for him. She didn't seem upset with the mess he'd made of her, or her aches or bruises. She stretched out her hand, pulled him in, and laid her head on his chest.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @golden-ghost @themaskismyface @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @ximaginx @ahahafudge @vikingqueen28 @ihavemanyhusbandfandoms @alexmercer-reginaldpeters @lianadare18 @frietiemeloen @ovoftbieber @gloomybrieyxb @learisa @offcast-plus1 @humongouswinnerduckmuffin​ @sailorsammyy @irespostthingsiwanttoseelater​ @mandybug39 @fiositivity​ @caitdjarin​ @millennial-teenybopper​ @ficklemcselfish​ @panickingqueer​ @chipilerendi​ @caramelcandescence​ @general-bunny @ssa-steverogers​ @witches-of-discovery-a​ @bluemoon-icecream​ @sugarplum1996​ @lo-manburg​ @priscilastyles​ @sugarpunch-princess​
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you're never alone: intro (working title)
hiiii !!!!!! ladies and gents i am attempting (for the first time) to write a story !!! here is a sneak peek !!!! pls feel free to leave replies and let me know how i'm doing and what u think :)
summary: the reader was a pararescue along with sam and riley and was engaged to riley. the series will follow the canon events of the captain america movies (ca:ws and ca:cw) as well as (hopefully if i make it this far) get to the events of tfatws! this one is going to be a slow buckle up....
pairing: bucky x fem!reader
warnings: none!
A/N: this is going to follow the canon tl super closely, and we are starting with (one of the best marvel movies there i said it) ca:ws! also this is just the beginning of chap 1 to begin to introduce the character of the not much new happens...... :D also bucky is not going to be in this for a hot minute so when i mean slow burn i mean SLOW BURN
also for the series, i'm probably going to skip over the non-cap parts of the captain america movies,,,, so....
again, pls feel free to lmk what u think and any suggestions or comments u have hehe :) and it can be about literally anything like even formatting!!!!!!! i am new to all of this but excited to learn hehe <3
“Look who it is, the running man.” Sam looked up at Steve as he made his way to a table to organize pamphlets. Steve was about to reply when a voice shouted down the hall.
“Hey, Sam! Great session today!”
Sam and Steve turned their heads towards the voice approaching them.
“My only complaint is the snacks, you need better ones.” Y/N flashed a grin to Sam as she took a bite of a stale cookie, only to have the rest of it crumble in her hands.
“See!” Y/N said, her voice muffled as she tried to prevent crumbs from falling out of her mouth. “What good is it for me to come here only to end up with this?” She stretched her hands out to show Sam the remaining crumbs before tossing them out in a nearby trash can.
“Oh, I don’t know. The therapy? Healing?” Sam crossed his arms as Y/N let out a laugh and turned to introduce herself to the blonde man standing next to her.
“Hey- oh my god! You’re Captain America!”
Steve chuckled and extended his hand out for her to shake.
“Please, call me Steve.”
“Y/N.” Y/N shook his hand, eyes wide, and slowly turned to Sam.
“Are you friends with Captain America? When- How did I not know this?”
Sam smirked.
“I thought I was your only friend Samuel, I’m proud of you.”
Sam’s face immediately fell as Y/N and Steve shared a laugh.
“Well, I have errands to run, but it was an absolute honor to meet you Cap- Steve.” Y/N turned to smile at Steve. He returned the smile and watched as she walked away.
Y/N turned around and continued to walk backward as she yelled out to Sam.
“I’ll see you later Sam! Remember The Bachelor starts at 8 and please bring anything but those stale cookies!”
Sam and Steve chuckled as Y/N disappeared through the doors of the VA, signing off with a wave before turning the corner.
"Speaking of your session, caught the last few minutes, it’s pretty intense.” Steve leaned against the wall, as Sam started to organize the messy stack of pamphlets.
“Yeah, brother. We all got the same problems.” Sam continued to keep his eyes on the task in front of him as Steve watched.
“Guilt, regret.” Sam continued and looked up at Steve with a look in his eyes that Steve was familiar with. Loss.
“You lose someone?”
“My wingman, Riley. Flying a night mission. Standard PJ rescue op. Nothing me, him, and Y/N hadn’t done 1,000 times before. ‘Til an RPG knocked Riley’s dumbass out of the sky. Nothing we could do. It’s like we were up there just to watch.” Steve raised his eyebrows upon hearing Y/N mentioned.
“I’m sorry.”
“After that, I had a really hard time finding a reason for being over there, you know? Same thing for Y/N, maybe even worse. She was engaged to Riley, had the whole damn wedding planned out in a notebook. He was the last thing keeping her over there after everything she went through.”
Steve was shocked to learn a little about Y/N’s backstory. He never would have suspected that such a confident person like her to have gone through such a tragedy. He could tell by the look in Sam’s eyes that there was probably more to it, but couldn’t go further into it out of respect to her.
“But you’re happy now, back in the world? Both of you?”
Sam turned side to side to look at the empty hallway they stood in. “The number of people giving me orders is down to about zero.” He chuckled. “So, hell yeah. And I don't want to speak for Y/N, but I'm really proud of her recovery so far. She’s made a lot progress.” He paused as he looked at Steve. “Are you thinking about getting out?”
Steve stared at the ground.
“No.” He paused. “I don’t know.” He returned his eye contact with Sam. “To be honest, I don’t know what I would do with myself if I did.”
“Ultimate fighting?” Steve chuckled at Sam’s comment. “Just a great idea off the top of my head.” Sam smiled as he continued. “Seriously, you could do whatever you want to do. What makes you happy?”
Steve paused, hearing a question he hadn’t thought about in years.
“I don’t know.”
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marvelswh0re · 10 hours ago
Me on my way to read filthy smut on my lunch break, right next to my coworkers:
Tumblr media
It do be risky business.....
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halsmultibitch · 12 hours ago
You and Me Against the World
(Bucky Barnes x reader)
Tumblr media
summary: Bucky and the reader navigate their relationship while in a worldwide mission that brings up past memories
wc: 2,056
a/n: I’m so so very excited to share with you all @ilovefandoms102 and I’s new series! This will be a rewrite of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier show with our own unique ideas and twists. I hope you all love it!! Also if you would like to be on the permanent Taglist you can ask either one of us.
Parts in bold italics are flashbacks!
Some people say you’re better off alone, I’m starting to think they were right…
I am one of the most feared creatures on planet Earth. I am not from this world, no one, not even myself knew where I came from. The only thing I was sure of was that I was shipped to America from Russia.
Paul and Darlene Wilson adopted me into their family when I was only 6 months old. I had two siblings, Sarah and Sam. I didn’t start showing my powers until I was 5 when Sarah wouldn’t give me back my favorite Barbie.
From then on, I was the outcast of our town. Kids made fun of me, parents didn’t want their children near me.
I was alone…
I felt it even more when Sarah left for college and Sam went into the Air Force.
With them gone, I became a masked vigilante known as гадюка. I took down people that had no good intentions which is what led Nick Furry recruiting me for SHIELD.
Some time later, I was tasked by Steve to find The Winter Soldier. This is where things got complicated.
When I infiltrated where he was being held, he had some of his memories. I talked to him for a long while, and kept going back even though I was supposed to capture him.
I fell in love with him, and I couldn’t let the government have him. I helped Bucky escape, from there, we went on the run from HYDRA and SHIELD.
After the events between Captain America and Iron Man, Bucky was sent off to Wakanda to heal.
I was once again alone…
I was reunited with Bucky during the war with Thanos, only to have him ripped from me along with my brother, I had never felt such sadness. All my frustration through the years spilled out of me, the power inside me going off like a grenade.
They locked me in a cell for a month until I could get myself under control.
Five long years went by, I had tried to spend more time with my sister and nephews, but Bucky clouded my mind every single day. What was left of the Avengers and I was able to undo the snap, bringing back every single person lost.
I finally had the two most important men back in my life.
Bucky and I shared an apartment in downtown Brooklyn, although with how things had been going it felt like I lived alone. Buck may live with me, but mentally, he’s nowhere near me.
I felt more lost than ever in our relationship from the years I had known him…loved him.
I wished more than ever to have my friends, my family back. I missed them more than ever, and I won’t lie, it’s been difficult to move on.
No matter how much I’ve tried over the past 8 months, Bucky still refused to open up to me. It wasn’t like I could tell my brother anything either since Bucky wouldn’t take his calls. I hadn’t talked to Sam in a few months, I felt terrible about it, but I really just didn’t even know where to begin. I wanted to tell him everything.
The definition of relationship was completely different between Bucky and I. He was still in the 40’s mindset, while I was in the 21st century. In his time, women didn’t ask questions, and they didn’t do what Bucky calls “playing doctor”.
“I’m sorry I want to know what’s going on with my boyfriend!” I shouted, my face turning more red by the second.
“I didn’t ask for you to play doctor and try to open up my mind y/n!” Bucky shouted back.
“I’m not HYDRA James!” I screeched, a glass behind him breaking. I had lost control for a moment.
“I love you, I’m trying to help you! You can’t stay closed off from me, it’s going to ruin us.” I continued, tears rolling down my cheeks as I held his bearded ones between my hands.
“I need my girlfriend, I need you to stop playing doctor.” he said bluntly, pushing my hands away. He walked past me, slamming the door to our room shut.
After that night, I slept alone.
Bucky had recurring nightmares that he refused to talk about. Of course I was there to calm him down, but when I tried to ask him about it, he shut down.
I was in our bed when my enhanced hearing picked up on his elevating heart rate. I jumped out of bed, running into the living room where he had nothing but a sheet on the floor. I started shaking his shoulders immediately.
“Bucky? James, wake up, you're having a bad dream baby.” I said, putting his hands on my cheeks so he felt my presence.
It took some time before his eyes shot open, his hands tightened before they dropped. He sat up, panting and sweating. Bucky laid his head on my shoulder, my hands soothing as I caressed him. This was the first time we had been this close to each other in months, and I couldn’t deny the feeling of happiness it gave me.
“You alright?” I asked gently.
“Mhm, just hold me.” he whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist to pull me closer.
“I’m here baby, I’m here.” I assured, laying a gentle kiss on his jaw.
Bucky’s therapist had asked me to sit in on their session today...without telling him. I knew this was going to be a bad idea because he wouldn’t even talk to me. The look of fury in his eyes when he came into her office honestly made my heart hurt.
He was so adamant about shutting me out, and the doc saw that as she looked between us. Bucky sat beside me, winding his arm around to the back of the couch. It was the first show of affection he had willingly shown me in months.
“So, Mr. Barnes, are you still having nightmares?” Dr.Raynor asked.
“No.” Bucky deadpanned, casting a glance at me from the corner of his eye.
“We’ve been doing this long enough, I can tell when you’re lying, did something happen since the last time we spoke?” She asked again.
“No.” Bucky repeated.
You’re a civilian now, and with your history, the government needs to know that you’re not gonna…It’s a condition of your pardon. So, tell me about your most recent nightmare.” She tried again.
“I didn’t have one.” Bucky huffed, crossing one of his legs over the other.
Dr. Raynor slapped her notebook on her knee.
“Oh, come on. You’re gonna do the notebook thing? It’s passive aggressive.” Bucky protested, leaning forward a bit.
“You don’t talk, I write.” She shrugged.
I looked over at him, begging him with my eyes to say something. He stared into them for a moment before turning back to his therapist.
“Fine, ok...I crossed a name off the list of my amends yesterday. Don’t worry. I used all your three rules. Senator Atwood, she was a HYDRA pawn for years...Helped her get into office when I was the Winter Soldier, and after HYDRA disbanded, she continued to abuse the power I gave her.” Bucky explained.
I couldn’t lie about the pang in my heart that he told me nothing about this.
“So, you did it all right, but it didn’t help with the nightmares.” She assumed, looking at both of us.
“Well, like I said, I didn’t have any.” Bucky said again.
“James…” I sighed, crossing my arms over my chest.
“Look…you’re gonna have to open up and understand that some people really do want to help you and they can be trusted.” Dr.Raynor advised.
“I trust girlfriend.” Bucky scoffed.
“Yeah? Give me your phone.” She demanded.
Bucky fished in his pocket, taking out his ancient flip phone and tossing it to her.
“You don’t have ten numbers on this thing, and you’ve been ignoring the texts from Sam...I am the only person you have called this week.” She sighed.
My head shot over to look at Bucky fully, I knew it. I knew he had been ignoring my brother. He had promised me over and over that he would talk to Sam, so now I knew he was lying to me this whole time. Bucky looked at me, a look someone has when they know they’ve been caught.
“Baby-” he tried, but I shook my head at him.
“You’re a hundred years old, you have no history, no family…” Dr.Raynor began, but Bucky kept interrupting.
“Are you lashing out at me, Doc because that’s really unprofessional? When did that start? Yelling at your clients?” Bucky taunted, which only made Dr. Raynor pull out the infamous notebook.
“The notebook. That’s great.” Bucky sassed, if I wasn’t completely pissed at him, I would have giggled a bit.
After a minute, Bucky finally broke.
“All right, give me a break, I’m trying, okay? This isn’t…This is new for me. I didn’t have a moment to deal with anything, you know?I had a little…calm in Wakanda with y/n and other than that, I just went from one fight to another for 90 years.” Bucky confessed, his eyes casting down at the ground almost embarrassed.
“So, now that you’ve stopped fighting, what do you want?” I asked, genuinely curious.
“” Bucky replied.
“That is utter bullshit.” Dr.Raynor blurted.
“You’re a terrible shrink.” Bucky said.
“I was an excellent soldier, so I saw a lot of dead bodies, and I know how that can shut you down. And if you are alone, that is the quietest, most personal hell a person can endure.” Dr.Raynor elaborated on her statement, but Bucky still shook his head as if he was in disbelief.
“Look, I know that you have been through a lot, but you’ve got your mind back, you are being pardoned, and you have a very lovely girlfriend.” She said nonchalantly.
I stomped out of the office, Bucky right on my tail.
“Sweetheart please! I’m sorry ok?!” Bucky called, catching up enough to grab my elbow.
“You have been keeping me in the dark for far too long James! I can’t do this anymore!” I shouted, shoving his arm away. I turned and continued the walk to the car, but Bucky grabbed me again.
“I didn’t tell you about the amends to protect you, everything I did was for you.” Bucky explained, his blue eyes staring deep into mine.
“Because I’m the most feared assassin in the world and the government would love any chance to arrest me?” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.
“No-well-partially yes, but I don’t need you caught up in my mess.” Bucky stammered, now walking with me to our shared vehicle.
I stopped on my side, turning to block the door. He always opened it for me, so I knew I could trap him for a few more minutes.
“I love you James, and I am willing to do anything and everything for you, you know that. You damn well know that I will do anything for you.” I professed, grabbing a hold of his jacket.
“This is something I have to do on my own, my love, yes you know what you see in my head, but you weren’t don’t know everything, and you don’t know what a monster I was.” he said quietly.
“Baby, we’ve talked about this. You are not a monster, what you had no control of. I don’t hold any of that against you, and I never will.” I assured, bringing him closer to me.
We wrapped our arms around each other, taking in the other’s scent. I loved nothing more than being in his arms, they were so warm, and comforting. I tilted my head back, and he leaned the rest of the way and laid a gentle kiss on my lips.
I wanted to cry from the feeling of relief it brought me. I was so scared our relationship was done, but now I knew it was going to become stronger than ever. My hands fell to his cheeks, rubbing the scruff that I had grown to love.
“I love you,” he whispered.
“I love you too,” I whispered back
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I love Bucky x reader fics, but some of ya’ll need to realise my man is as strong as Steve rogers for the same reason as Steve rogers! It’s not just the metal arm that strong Jesus.
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likeahorribledream · 13 hours ago
The One That Got Away
Chapter 3: One True Love
Summary: Bucky and Charlie bond over their mutual love for litterature, opening a little bit more of themselves to the other.
Word Count: 5.7k
TW: Fluff, so much fluff.
Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Bucky and Charlie could have stayed on the phone for hours without getting bored or tired but Charlie’s mom needed to use the phone and made her hang-up after an hour of them talking.
Bucky seemed better than when she left him that afternoon but she was still worried about him. She wondered if he had told Steve yet, or if he was waiting until it was official. He clearly wasn’t taking the news very well and Steve would only be excited, hoping he would get drafted too when the moment came.
Charlie spent the rest of her night thinking about Bucky and what she could do to help him. From what the soldiers had said, they still had two months before they would start drafting men and she was determined to make the most of it.
She woke up the next day feeling a little bit anxious and nervous for her friend. Charlie had a habit of taking on other people’s problems and making them her own. Friends and family had told her on multiple occasions to be careful, that it wasn’t her responsibility to help the whole world but that was who Charlie was, at least she was trying to do something to help.
It was Thursday, and on Thursdays Charlie would be in the back office working on updating all the patients’ files that hadn’t been updated throughout the week for a lack of time. She was thankful for that, her thoughts being anywhere but at work. She had asked the woman who took her place at the front desk to let her know if Steve came in at some point during the day.
She spent the whole morning listening to music on the radio while slowly working her way through the files that had piled up during the week. Most people hated updating the files but Charlie loved it. It allowed her to catch up on the patients, sometimes wondering what had happened to them and it was a lot more relaxing than being with the patients. As much as she loved being with them, she needed some time alone from time to time. A small break from all the action.
When noon came around, Charlie had just finished updating a file and thought it was the perfect time for a break. She took the time to clean up her desk, knowing that if she didn’t do it now she would put it off until the end of the day and then curse herself for it. After making sure that everything that was done was put away, she walked out of the small office and closed the door behind her, locking it.
She went to the break room to get her lunch, walking in she saw that most nurses and doctors were sitting down at the large table and there weren’t any seat left for her. She grabbed her brown paper bag containing her lunch and decided to go eat outside, it was a nice sunny day might as well enjoy it, she thought.
When she walked outside, it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to how bright the sun was shining. The office where she had been all morning didn’t have any windows and she had gotten used to the darkness. After blinking a few times to get her eyes into focus, she noticed a familiar face waiting for her in front of the clinic.
She panicked. Was something wrong? Did she forget that they had made plans?
Bucky, seeing her confusion, smiled and approached her.
‘’I hope you don’t mind. I thought we could eat together again today.’’ He smiled, shyly.
Charlie felt relief wash over her and allowed herself to smile back.
‘’I would love to.’’ She grinned.
She took a moment to look him over. He looked a lot better than he did yesterday, his eyes had that spark she loved so much again.
‘’D’you want to go back to the diner?’’ He asked, no specific plans in mind.
Charlie looked at the diner across the street and then looked down to the sad little paper bag she was holding, a soggy sandwich waiting for her at the bottom of it.
‘’Sounds a lot better than the lunch I was about to have. Just give me a minute, I’ll go put it back.’’ She raised her hand that was holding the bag and gave it a sad look.
Bucky laughed and nodded, letting her know he would be waiting right here.
Charlie made her way inside, all the way to the back to the break room and put her lunch back. She’ll just save it for tomorrow. She quickly made her way back outside, this time her eyes getting used to the light a lot quicker and she smiled at Bucky.
‘’Let’s go.’’ She said, walking towards Bucky.
She had almost reached the street to cross, no cars in sight when she felt a hand grab her wrist and slowly pull her back. She turned her head to look at the hand holding her and stepped back. She was confused as to why Bucky had held her back, it had been safe to cross the street.
‘’Is everything ok?’’ She looked at him, concerned. He was frowning and looked nervous.
He was biting his lower lip, just like Charlie did when she was nervous. He pulled gently on her arm, bringing her closer to him while walking towards her, closing the distance between them. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and hugged tightly, just like he had done yesterday.
It only took a second before Charlie realized what was happening, wrapping her arms around his waist and hugging him right back. Bucky was taller than her and she loved the height difference when they hugged.
She let her head rest on his chest, waiting until he let go before stepping back and looking at him.
‘’Feeling better?’’ A small smile forming on her lips, seeing the red flush his cheeks.
Bucky hadn’t planned on hugging her. Being close to her reminded him of the hug they had shared yesterday before she had to go back to work and how calming it had been. He wanted, and needed, to feel the calm again. Without even thinking about it he had grabbed her and before he knew it she was snuggled tightly in his arms.
He felt a lot more calm but he was also embarrassed by what he had just done. He wasn’t really the hugging type, especially not with people he barely knew but there was something about Charlie that made him want to be vulnerable. Like he could bare his soul to her and she would heal every little piece that needed healing.
He looked at her for a few seconds, still not over what he had just done and blushed. She looked at him with such warmth and concern that his embarrassment quickly dissipated.
‘’A lot better.’’
He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and together, they crossed the street to their new favourite spot.
The next day, exactly at noon, Bucky was waiting for her again. This time he had brought his own little paper bag and together they sad on the grass under a tree to hide in the shade.
They spent the entire lunch time talking, sharing some of their lunch with the other.
After the whole Wednesday incident, they had gotten closer. The only person he trusted when he felt vulnerable was Steve and now Charlie had seen him in a very vulnerable moment and the way she reacted to it just made him trust her more.
Charlie quickly learned that once Bucky liked you, he really liked to touch. He was hugging her a lot more often, when they were walking he had one of his arms wrapped around her shoulders, whenever she had to walk in front of him he often had his hand on the small of her back, letting her know he was still there.
At first, it made her blush a lot. She wasn’t used to that kind of attention from men. She quickly learned to love it, looking forward to his hugs. She found herself leaning into him automatically when they were walking, almost he sync with the movement of his arm being wrapped around her.
It was crazy to think that in as little as 48 hours they had gotten so close. It was just so easy for them to be comfortable with one another.
They had finished their lunch, Charlie was picking up their leftovers to throw them in the garbage can out front. She walked back to Bucky and sat next to him.
‘’You should come over tonight.’’ She said, turning her heard to look at him. ‘’I want to show you my book collection.’’
Bucky nodded.
‘’Books, uh? Count me in.’’ He grinned. ‘’What time is your shift over? Should I just meet you back here and then we can walk together?’’
‘’That’s perfect. I’m usually done around 4. If I’m not outside you can come in, it shouldn’t go past that. That’s when the night shift starts.’’
Bucky stood up, holding out both his hands in front of her. She put her hands in his and let him help her get up. She used her hands to straighten up her dress, sitting on the grass with it hadn’t been a really good idea.
‘’I’ll be here at 4, then.’’
It was time for her to go back to work, Bucky walked to her and hugged her, once again. He was still a little bit hesitant, so far it hadn’t looked like it was bothering her but he promised himself that if there was any sign from her that he was making her uncomfortable, he would stop immediately. Little did he know that he didn’t have to worry, Charlie loved his hugs as much as he loved hers.
‘’I’ll see you later, James.’’
‘’See you later, Lily.’’ He watched her walk back inside and made his way home.
After her lunch break, Charlie made her way to the back office and finished the work she had started the day before. It was a slow day and there were enough girls to cover the front, nurse Jones suggesting to Charlie that she could continue updating the files if she wanted. An offer that she gladly accepted, needing the calm. Plus it was Friday and she loved Fridays because it meant that she would leave work earlier than the rest of the week. It was shaping up to be a good day.
The last 3 hours of her shift went by painfully slow. She kept looking at the clock on the wall in front of her, every time she thought 10 minutes had gone by she would look up to realize that it had barely been 2 minutes since the last time she looked. She was excited to show Bucky all of her books and spend time with him which made working feel like a nuisance.
Looking up only to notice it had barely been 5 minutes since the last time she checked, she let a groan escaped her lips and she fell back into her chair. She covered her face with both her hands and sighed. She usually didn’t mind being at work, but today was not the case. She got up and walked over to the wall, bringing her chair with her. She climbed on it and grabbed the clock that had been driving her crazy. Stepping back, she placed the clocked face down on the ground and walked to her desk with her chair, moving it to its original place and sitting down.
‘’Okay Charlie. You need to focus now.’’ She told herself, out lout, as if it would help.
It strangely did. The rest of the afternoon went by a lot faster. The first few minutes after taking down the clock, she had the urge to walk over to it and look at the time but fought against it and finally won. She focused on her work, never bothering to look up again, until she heard a small knock on her door. Taking her attention away from her files and to the door, she told them to come in.
She was surprised to see the man in charge of the night shift looking back at her once the door had opened.
‘’Miss Mathews, your shift ended 10 minutes ago. What are you still doing here?’’ He looked amused.
Charlie jumped up from her chair, panicked.
‘’Is it really 4:10 already?’’
The man only nodded as an answer and couldn’t help but chuckle, seeing Charlie trying to rush and clean up the desk. Being called by one of the night nurses, he wished her a good weekend and left.
Charlie had never cleared up her desk as quickly as she did that afternoon. She grabbed her bag and her jacket and rushed to the front of the clinic, hoping Bucky would be late and that she hadn’t made him wait. Unfortunately for her, Bucky had been on time. Even a little bit early. He patiently waited for her, sitting on a chair in the waiting area and reading whatever book they had left out on the small table for patients while they waited.
When she noticed him sitting patiently, engrossed in what he was reading, she softly cursed under her breath and rushed to him.
‘’James! I’m so sorry, I lost track of time. Which is ironic because after coming back from our lunch I thought the afternoon would never end, I even took down the clock from the wall because I felt like it kept nagging me on how slowly time passed and then suddenly it was 10 past 4 and I am late I am so, so, sorry.’’ She rambled on, not even taking a second to breathe in between sentences.
Bucky looked up at her and put down the book he had been holding. He stood up, listening to Charlie, a small smile on his lips. He chuckled and grabbed her by the shoulders to break her from her trance.
‘’Charlie..’’ He tried to cut her off, but she kept going. ‘’Lily!!!’’ He said a little bit louder.
Her eyes found his quickly at her nickname, finally making her stop apologizing. When she finally looked at him he smiled at her.
‘’Hi.’’ He said. She smiled at him. ‘’It’s fine, don’t worry about it. It’s Friday, we have all the time in the world.’’
She felt a wave of embarrassment rushing through her, finally realizing at how insane she must have sounded. She blushed and looked down.
‘’Sorry.’’ She whispered.
Bucky started laughing. ‘’Please, stop apologizing, it’s okay.’’
Still holding her by the shoulders, he slowly pulled her towards him and hugged her. He felt her relax against him and then felt her arms wrapping around him, hugging him back. Always waiting for Bucky to be the first to let go, she stepped back when she felt him loosen his hold on her.
‘’Let’s go.’’ She turned around to walk out.
She waved goodbye to her coworkers, wishing them a great weekend and smiling at everyone. Bucky walked in front of her to open the door and held it open for her, following behind once she was outside. He wrapped one of his arms around her shoulders and they started making their way to her house. They walked in a comfortable silence, enjoying the sun and watching kids running around the streets, coming back from school.
With her house in sight, Bucky turned his head towards Charlie and looked down at her.
‘’Won’t your parents mind me coming over?’’ His question made Charlie look up at him.
She shrugged. ‘’They aren’t going to be home for a few more hours.’’
Getting closer to her front door, Charlie started going through her purse, looking for her keys. After a few seconds of fumbling around, she finally felt them under her fingers and grabbed them, bringing them to the locks. Opening the door she walked inside, stepping aside to let Bucky walk in and then closed the door behind him.
Bucky had seen her house, at least the outside, on multiple occasions when he walked her home with Steve. It was a gorgeous house, clearly her parents had money and lots of it. But now, being inside, he felt so out of place.
His family wasn’t what you would call poor but they were far from being rich. They would have enough money for necessities but not a cent left for ‘’extras’’ as his mom called luxuries. Bucky found a few odd jobs, working here and there to make money. He gave most of his paychecks to his mom, keeping just a little bit aside for when he wanted to go out or buy presents for his family members.
Standing in Charlie’s house, Bucky felt like he didn’t belong in here. The house was even more beautiful inside and it looked even bigger, somehow, than when he was standing outside. He looked around, looking almost nervous. As if someone would know he wasn’t supposed to be there and come kick him out.
Charlie took off her shoes, Bucky doing the same thing shortly after.
‘’Welcome to my home.’’ She said with a warm smile.
He finally turned his attention back to her, her smile making him feel better. There was something about her that made him feel... special. The way she would look at him, smile at him or cheer him on whenever he was doing something he didn’t think he could. Charlie made him feel like he was worthy of anything, even a house like this. Clearly, she had the means to be looking down on him and his entire family. Like every other rich families did with people like him, but she never did. She was kind to everybody, never looking down on anyone. She always made everybody feel like they were important and worthy of her time. He thought she had one of the most beautiful hearts he had seen, even better than Steve’s and he didn’t think such a thing was possible.
Charlie gave Bucky a quick tour, walking around, pointing at rooms. After finishing their ‘’tour’’, Charlie guided them upstairs to her room. When she opened the door to let him in, Bucky was surprised to see what was in front of him.
Her room was big, huge compared to his that he had to share with one of his siblings, and it was extremely neat. Her bed was made, not a single wrinkle could be seen on her covers. An entire wall was covered in book shelves, but clearly they weren’t enough because there were small piles of books on the floor and even those piles were neatly stacked near the shelves.
‘’I knew you liked to read but this...’’ He waved his hand around, gesturing towards her book collection ‘’This is insane.’’ Charlie laughed.
‘’I know, I know. It’s a problem’’ She laughed once more. ‘’I just...’’ She paused, thinking for a few seconds and blushed. ‘’I just love to escape reality sometimes.’’
He nodded, agreeing with her. He must admit, if he had the kind of money her parents did, his room would probably look very similar to hers. He looked around a little, curious. He walked over to her desk, the one she used to get ready every morning. Her hairbrush, hair ties, hair pins were all placed neatly in front of the mirror along with her makeup. What surprised him was the amount of jewellery she owned, especially necklaces. There must have been 10 different ones placed on small hooks, and yet ever since he had met her he always saw her with the same one.
He turned towards her, pointing at all the necklaces and raising an eyebrow, curiously.
‘’You have all these necklaces, but you always wear the same one.’’ He then pointed at the necklace she was wearing. She nodded and he let his hand fall back next to his body. ‘’Why?’’ He asked.
Charlie chewed on her bottom lip and her hand reached up to touch her necklace, she looked nervous.
‘’If I tell you, promise you won’t laugh at me.’’ She says while sitting down on the edge of her bed.
‘’I would never laugh at you. I promise.’’ He was even more curious.
He grabbed the chair from her desk and brought it closer to her bed, sitting in front of her.
‘’My grandmother gave me this necklace when I was 10 years old.’’ She started.
Her necklace was made of silver, a thin chain was holding a small heart locket. The locket lying between both her collarbones. She raised a hand to it and smiled.
‘’She had one very similar that I had always loved, ever since I was a little girl. She said that my grandfather gave it to her when they started dating. I think it was on their second date. He said that the moment he had laid eyes on her he knew she was going to be his wife. When he gave it to her, he opened the locket and inside one of the halves was a picture of him and the other half was empty. He told her that she was meant to put her picture on the other side and this way they would always be together, near her heart, even when they weren’t.’’
‘’They were so in love.’’ She continued, not really looking at Bucky. Just remembering the moment her grandmother had given her the necklace, a sad smile formed on her lips. Charlie opened her own locket.
One half was empty and the other one had a picture of herself.
‘’She gave this one to me, saying that when I meet the man I was going to marry, the love of my life, I’ll be able to put his picture in it with mine, that way he’ll always be close to my heart like the love of her life was close to hers.’’ She took a small pause, snapping the heart shut. ‘’My grandfather died the next year and she followed soon after. Broken heart syndrome the doctor told us. She literally couldn’t live without him.’’
She was smiling but a few tears fell down her cheeks. It had been almost 15 years but she still missed them every single day. Bucky quickly reached up and wiped away her tears.
‘’My parents got married because it was a good business move for both their families. They get along fine but they aren’t in love. Not the way my grandparents were and I don’t want that. I want to marry someone because we love each other and can’t live without one another, not because it’s the ‘’right’’ thing to do. I wear the necklace every day to remind myself, but mostly remind my parents, that I won’t settle for less. They have been pushing me for years to marry any guy that can ‘’provide’’ for me so I can be a dutiful housewife.’’
Bucky chuckled, knowing full well that wasn’t going to happen. She was too independent and she loved her job too much to give it all up for some guy and spend all her days at home, by herself, cleaning and cooking.
‘’Like that’s ever gonna happen.’’ Charlie snorted, as if she could read his mind.
‘’That’s a beautiful story.’’ He smiled at her. ‘’Whoever ends up in the other half is going to be a very lucky man, and he better treat you right because it’ll be my pleasure to hurt him if he doesn’t.’’
She laughed at the threat.
‘’What? It’s true.’’
‘’Oh, I know. That’s why I laughed. Because I know you will be more than happy to remind him about that.’’
‘’Damn right.’’ Bucky smiled and winked.
Charlie shook her head, rolling her eyes as if she was annoyed but the big smile on her face proved differently.
They looked at each other, smiling for what felt like hours but in reality was just a minute. Both subconsciously hoping that Bucky would be her other half but never willingly admitting it to themselves.
They finally broke eye contact and Bucky got up, walking over to her book shelves. He looked the books over, glancing at them. He turned around to look at Charlie who had gotten up short after and was now standing behind him, raising an eyebrow and smirking at her.
‘’Are they in alphabetical order?’’ He teased.
Charlie nodded and chewed on her bottom lip a few seconds before adding ‘’And sorted by genre.’’
‘’Amazing.’’ Bucky said, turning back to the books and starting at the far left to make his way through the alphabets and genres.
After a few minute he gasped.
‘’Is that a first edition of The Hobbit?’’ He looked at her with wild eyes.
‘’Yes!’’ She said, excitedly.
‘’It’s such a good book, isn’t it? I used to have a first edition copy, too. I brought it with me everywhere I went and I ended up losing it.’’ He pouted at the memory of the heartbreak he felt when he realized he had lost one of his favourite books.
Charlie mimicked his pout, sympathizing with him. ‘’I’m sorry James.’’
She reached out and squeezed his shoulder in her hand, trying to comfort him.
‘’It’s okay.’’ Bucky said dramatically ‘’I’ve grieved. I still miss it, but I try to not think about it. It hurts too much, you know?’’ Wiping a tear that isn’t there.
‘’I understand.’’ She nodded, being just as dramatic as he was being.
They looked at each other, completely serious before starting to laugh like they had just told the most hilarious joke of all times.
‘’Dork.’’ She said, sticking out her tongue at him once they had calmed down.
‘’Takes one to know one, sweetheart.’’ He smirked and looked at the books again, missing the way Charlie blushed at the new nickname.
‘’You’re welcome to borrow whichever ones you like.’’ Noticing how Bucky was eyeing some of them. ‘’I haven’t read them all yet, but I really don’t mind if you want to bring some home with you. As long as you don’t keep them from me forever.’’ She laughed.
He smiled and pointed at a book. ‘’Could I borrow this one? I’ve been wanting to read it forever but never found it anywhere.’’
‘’I know! The reviews were so good, everyone jumped on it. I went to every book store I could think of to find it. There were only a few copies left and I never saw it for sell again. I haven’t read it yet, it was the next one on my list but you can definitely borrow it. I’ll just read it after you bring it back.’’ She smiled, not even hesitating to let him be the one to read it first.
He felt bad to be taking it from her, even if it was just for a couple of weeks. He shook his head, a shy smile on his face.
‘’No, no. It’s okay. You should be the one to read it first. I’ll look for something else.’’
‘’Nonsense. Take it. I have plenty more to keep me busy.’’
He almost melted right where he stood. The way she was looking at him, as if just the thought of making him happy by borrowing the book was more than enough to make her happy made his heart flutter. Hesitating for a few seconds, he grabbed the book in question and turned around to completely face her.
‘’Actually, I have a better idea.’’
She looked at him surprised and curious, following him with her eyes. He walked over to her bed and sat down, his back against her headboard, rearranging all her pillows and decorative cushions in a way that almost made it look like he had just made himself a cocoon made out of her pillows.
‘’What are you doing?’’ She laughed.
He grinned at her and patted the spot next to him.
‘’Come over here. We’ll read it together.’’
Charlie swore that in that moment her heart skipped a few beats and she tried to not think about what that meant. Without hesitating she made her way to her bed and sat down next to Bucky.
‘’How are we doing this?’’ She asked.
‘’Maybe I can read it to you? That way we’ll be following at the same time.’’
Again, her heart skipped a few more beats and with how close they were sitting and she sincerely hoped Bucky hadn’t noticed. Not trusting her voice in this moment, she simply nodded.
Bucky couldn’t have noticed, he was too busy focusing on the way his heartbeat had sped up when she agreed to sit next to him and let him read to her. He acted before thinking, mad at himself for doing so. Something he found himself doing a lot when he was around Charlie. He didn’t know what took over him but the idea popped into his mind and before he could stop himself, it was too late and he was already on her bed. He couldn’t understand why he was acting this way with her, he just hoped she wouldn’t think he was being too weird and that it wouldn’t make her want to stop hanging out with him. He feared that some day he’d cross the line between friendly and cute to clingy and annoying, scaring her away in the process.
He reached his arm around her, bringing her closer to him so he could hold the book for the both of them.
When she felt how close he was, she felt heat creep up on her cheeks and she was thankful that he was too busy getting comfortable to notice it.
Charlie sat down a little lower on her bed so that Bucky didn’t have to hold up the arm that was around her. Soon enough, he started reading to her and after a few pages Charlie thought that his voice was the best sound she had ever heard and that she would never get tired of hearing it.
By the end of chapter 2, Charlie had readjusted herself, feeling how Bucky’s body was already tiring from their position. She had gotten impossibly closer to him, the back of her head was now resting under his collarbone. His arm that had previously been around her shoulder was now around her middle, resting on her stomach. Her arm was resting on top his, playing with the hem of his sleeve.
Too engrossed in the story, and each other, neither Charlie or Bucky heard the front door open and close downstairs.
Her parents were home and were surprised to find a pair of shoes that clearly weren’t Charlie’s next to the front door. They stopped moving, listening to see if they could figure out where she was. The only sound in the house was coming from her room. A man’s voice. A voice they soon recognized to be Bucky’s. They listened for a few more minutes, trying to figure out what was being said and finally understanding that he was reading something to her.
They moved to the living room and slowly closed the door behind them, trying not to make a sound. Charlie’s mom looked panicked while her dad looked angry.
‘’That’s the boy she’s been spending all of her time with?’’ He hissed. ‘’I thought she was with the Rogers boy!’’
Her mom glared at her dad.
‘’Lower your voice before they hear you.’’ She hissed back. ‘’I thought it was the Rogers boy, this is news to me, too.’’
Charlie’s dad started pacing, shaking his head.
‘’This.’’ He waved in the general direction of Charlie’s room. ‘’Cannot happen. Steve Rogers wasn’t a threat but Barnes has a reputation. He can get any single girl he wants, not one of them being able to resist him. Every single person in this town knows how he is.’’ He was so angry, his skin looked almost purple.
Her mom wasn’t in a better shape.
It would have been easy to mistake their anger for concern, anyone who could have been listening in could have sympathized with her parents. They were concerned that their daughter could possibly get her heartbroken. Then, her dad spoke again.
‘’My daughter isn’t going to fall in love with some...’’ He trailed off, looking for the perfect word to describe Bucky. ‘’low-class bastard.’’ He added with disgust.
And there it was. Her parents weren’t concern with her well-being, they weren’t worried about her possibly getting hurt or having her heart broken. No. They were concerned that their daughter might be falling in love with a man they didn’t approve of. A man that couldn’t provide for her, that couldn’t bring anything to their family. Marriage had nothing to do with love, marriage was a business transaction. They needed to gain something out of it and love wasn’t something they were interested in.
They had noticed how their daughter seemed happier, chipper even. She was barely even home and she was always in a good mood. They thought it was because she had found a new friend in Steve but now they understood what it really was. James Buchanan Barnes was corrupting their daughter, ruining any chance for them to make her marry a man of their choice.
They stared at each other in silence, the faint sound of Bucky’s voice reaching the living room then the sound of laughter filled the house. Charlie’s laugh. It made her parents cringe.
‘’We need to put a stop to this.’’ Her mom whispered angrily.
‘’We are going to do everything we can, darling.’’ Her dad got even more angry when Charlie laughed again. ‘’There is no way in hell I’m letting Barnes anywhere near our daughter. I don’t give a damn about how she feels.’’
Her dad stopped for a minute, thinking.
‘’I’ll make it so that she won’t have a choice but to listen to what we want.’’ He smirked. ‘’It’s going to be us or him.’’
An ultimatum. Her family or her best friend. Either way, Charlie’s heart was about to be broken and her parents couldn’t wait to see it all happen.
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met4no1a · 16 hours ago
𝗟𝗜𝗔𝗥 — one; 1.
Tumblr media
summary: they were both caught in different fairy tales, sebastian was sure of it. yet he wanted to convince y/n of their true love by saying that perhaps she was afraid of such a beautiful and mysterious feeling; that perhaps she was frightened by the vision of a serious relationship with a hollywood star; that perhaps her mind was playing tricks on her by constantly telling her that she would not meet his expectations. sebastian could have had many girls, and the fact that the plan to rebuild his image involved the involvement of a beautiful, unsuspecting woman must have meant something. either sebastian should take off his rose–coloured glasses or y/n should invest in some good contact lenses.
pairing: sebastian stan x female!reader.
warnings: few cuss words. brief mentions of oral (m receving).
— fuck. — he sighed, unconsciously thrusting his hips upwards as the woman present in his apartment gave his penis a tender kiss. — baby, hurry up.
the representative of the fair sex looked at the actor from under her long lashes to smile coquettishly at him and let her slender fingers slide slowly along his hard member. who would have thought that a weekly visit to the club would end with her finding such a treasure? sarah was, after all, a woman of average beauty; she didn't stand out from the crowd in any way. one might be tempted to say that under normal circumstances, sebastian would have mistaken her for a salesgirl from the corner shop or the yoga instructor next door. exactly – under normal circumstances.
the actor was drunk and, above all, horny. any common sense, he lacked in large quantities anyway, took a back seat to his penis, which brutally filled every empty space in his boxers. someone like him couldn't stand such an unpleasant feeling, could he?
— don't tease. — he growled in dissatisfaction as his chosen one's tongue moved slowly along his penis. he couldn't spend too much time with her. he had a meeting with a manager who would love to cut his penis with a pair of blunt scissors if she only found out about his morning bedtime adventures. he had promised her two days ago that this was the last time he would ever take a girl to bed. he had done it five times since.
sarah obediently pushed the hard member between her mouth and sucked on the tip to give the actor immediate relief from suffering. the poor woman had no idea that in a few minutes the same man would inflict much more pain to her.
— don't stop. — he said softly as the first notes of a recently popular song rang out from his phone. scarlett. — good girl.
he waited a few seconds to casually slide his finger across the surface of the phone to take the call from the person he owed his entire career to. it was johansson who saw him first; something that set him apart from the rest of the men who showed up for the casting that day. almost immediately she invited him to her office and then miraculously asked her boss for permission to sign a contract with him. there was something special about him, even if she couldn't put it into words at the time. now she would without a problem. he was mean and cunning.
— sebastian, i hope you haven't forgotten about our meeting. — she muttered, sipping the still–hot coffee that was supposed to magically calm her nerves. another scandal with her ward who promised to mend his ways. another crying girl ready to go on tv to accuse him of being an asshole. if sebastian hadn't been her main source of income, scarlett would have dumped him long ago.
— oh, how could i forget, boss? — he asked with audible sarcasm, closing his eyes in pleasure. oh, sarah definitely wasn't a virgin. — you keep reminding me of that.
— i remind you of a lot of other things too, but you don't seem to hear it.
sebastian just sighed in response, pressing the red receiver and refocusing on the pleasure his whole body was feeling. not for long. sarah's head was quickly pressed against his abdomen, and salty cum filled her mouth without warning.
— it was wonderful, but it's time for you to go. — he murmured, turning his attention for a split second to his lover, who wiped her full lips with the back of her hand in surprise, as if to get rid of the remnants of the actor's gift. — sophie, right? samantha? sarah? never mind, you have to go now.
— b–but ...
— i'm in a hurry. — he added with a forced smile and got up from the comfortable bed to hurriedly search for his boxers, which he had left lying around last night. — i have an appointment in... 30 minutes.
the woman, confused by the whole situation, shamefacedly covered herself with the bedspread to hide her naked body, which had heard many compliments from the actor's lips a few hours ago. a lot of questions flitted through her mind – had she done something wrong? was she just a plaything? is this a joke?
— i get the impression you're deaf. — he finally sighed and threw the red bra in her direction. there was no point in handing over the rest of the underwear; it was just going to be thrown away. — let me repeat everything again. slowly. you have to get out. now.
sarah slipped a tight dress over her body and left the actor's apartment with tears in her eyes. as she did so, she didn't forget to give him the final gift – a slap right on the cheek.
— it was nice to meet you! — he walked away, completely ignoring the fact that he had hurt another girl. if someone were to count his victims, he would surely be hailed as the greatest seducer in new york's history. he got away with everything, however, because he spent an enormous amount of money on maintaining his image. he earned a lot and he lost a lot.
for sebastian, sex was like mathematics. all he had to do was add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and pray not to multiply.
when he walked into his favorite cafe, he was ten minutes late to meet with his manager. his phone vibrated incessantly in the back pocket of his black jeans, not allowing him to forget about it for even a split second, but the actor seemed to ignore it perfectly. tiredly, he adjusted his sunglasses, which had fallen dangerously off his nose, earning him recognition and priceless minutes posing for photos. he loved his fans, he really did. thanks to them he was able to pay his rent, but sometimes he felt like signing out of life. at least for a day, to give up his job and become an ordinary man. in moments of doubt, however, he remembered the luxury, and the will to change his life was pushed off into the unknown.
something, or rather someone, caught his attention. a woman in a yellow apron walked silently in front of him with a tray full of plates and sweets, almost giving him a spot on his snow–white t–shirt. he wanted to let out a bunch of curses under his breath, inform the employee in front of the counter of his dissatisfaction with the service, but he froze on the spot when the object of his interest bent over one of the tables and unconsciously showed him her thighs uncovered by any material. at this gesture the actor only smiled and licked his lower lip in response.
— oh, it's you again! — he suddenly heard and turned his head towards the counter, behind which a woman he knew was smiling at him. she was younger than him. he concluded this on his third visit to the premises, when he noticed the transcripts of lectures on ancient history beside the cash register, and a small jar filled with coins. it was to pay for the next semester at the university. — the usual?
— yes, yes. — he replied as his eyes searched for the woman he could no longer see. she was gone, and so was his interest in the whole café. — do you have a new employee?
— how did you know that? — she asked as she prepared his drink according to the instructions she already knew by heart. she didn't even look away from the coffee machine for a moment. — mr. smith told you? i swear he can't keep a secret!
sebastian laughed at the student's indignant voice and shook his head in pity. she was so lovely that in another incarnation he might have treated her like a little sister.
— i just saw her a second ago. — he explained quickly, so as not to cause trouble for the owner of the establishment in the form of an unhappy employee. chloe, for that was the name of the girl who served him, had always had a tendency to argue about silly things.
— ah, i forgot about that. y/n used to be a waitress. we don't have enough hands to work with. kim sprained her ankle again, and margaret refuses to give out orders because she says her hands shake too much. what a liar! she just doesn't want to run into her ex–boyfriend. she broke up with him two months ago...
the student's monolog seemed to fall in one of sebastian's ears and out the other as the silhouette of the new employee reappeared before his eyes. y/n scurried around in front of the counter, trying to understand what the excited chloe was saying to her. her hair framed a slender face, and a smile graced the raspberry–colored lips that the actor could picture on more than one part of his body.
— you can pick up your order now.
the voice of a true angel. or perhaps the devil? it seemed to be filled with irritation, to say the least, and perhaps a hint of anger. sebastian, however, ignored it, as he did poor scarlett. he certainly wouldn't get away with it, but he couldn't care less in the current situation. another target was right in front of him. how could he miss such an opportunity?
— ah, sorry. i was lost in your eyes. — he replied, giving the clerk his practiced smile. many women were willing to give any money for this gesture directed at them. y/n was certainly no different. after all, stan was the embodiment of all the desires of the fair sex. he was an adon in a sea of average models and actors. a true god.
— then i hope you will find your way out.
— i'd rather find a way out with you.
— i think you are old enough to do it yourself. — she said and pressed a cup into his hand. — you are making our job difficult.
— so maybe we'll meet after work?
y/n sighed in annoyance and tried to restrain herself from spilling the ice–cold coffee on the leather jacket of the man standing in front of her. who did he think he was? did he really have to give her a hard time on the very first day, which didn't start well anyway?
— you can meet the exit door.
with those words, she turned on her heel and made her way back down the hall to serve the new customers, and sebastian couldn't help but glance at the clerk's butt, which he thought was bouncing up and down with every step the woman took. pure perfection.
— she's having a bad day. — chloe said, trying to justify her new co–worker. — the customer spilled coffee on her by accident.
stan nodded and smiled softly. oh, how he would love to brighten her day. preferably in her apartment, on a comfortable bed. or maybe in the bathroom? the kitchen didn't sound bad either.
Tumblr media
— you have to stop sleeping with every woman you meet! that's another one, sebastian!
— i don't understand all the confusion. — he muttered, placing his half–finished coffee on the long table that almost filled the entire room. behind the glass wall, he could see the rest of the agency's employees casually watching the meeting in the conference room. as their gazes crossed stan's, they turned their heads in confusion and returned to their tasks. — i'm not doing anything wrong. if it were forbidden, god would create me differently.
scarlett snorted indignantly. what had she done to deserve such torture? perhaps in a previous life she had betrayed the king and stolen his life, and now she had to deal with a spoiled idol who couldn't admit his mistake? or perhaps she was the only one who could last longer than 20 minutes in a closed room without wanting to hang him by his shoelaces?
— you've got a lot of nerve, stan. do you want to ruin your career?
silence filled the room.
— i'm asking you a question, damn it! do you want to ruin your career?
— no. — he finally replied, like a child caught in the act. — i don't want to.
— so start thinking with your head, not your penis! one more scandal and the media will hate you. it's hard to control all this now. the bosses want you to find a girlfriend.
— this is absurd! i'm not going to get a girlfriend because management doesn't like my lifestyle.
— management doesn't like a lot of things, sebastian. your bedside excesses are just one of them.
scarlett finally sat down in one of the chairs and handed him a stack of photos. each of them featured a woman known in the industry – a model here, an actress there, a singer elsewhere. it gave him a headache.
— pick one of them. the media needs to know that you have changed; that the wonderful sebastian stan no longer drags women to bed.
— you're kidding.
— no! you need to take responsibility for all of this. i'm tired of saving your ass every time.
stan clenched his jaw and stared out of the corner of his eye at the photos being thrown at him. he didn't want to do this. his head had barely turned to the folder. he didn't want to, but he had to. his dream of becoming an actor couldn't just become a soap bubble because he couldn't control his very eccentric lifestyle.
he burst out laughing when he saw his ex–girlfriend who he broke up with because of a bad relationship.
— how can i choose one of them. they all hate me. with mutuality anyway.
— i do not care! you created the problem so you have to solve it!
sebastian closed his eyelids for a moment, as if to make it easier to imagine the solution to the whole matter. he had to become a real sherlock holms to solve the puzzle scarlett had put in his way like an obstacle. how was he supposed to get out of this whole mess without giving up his daily meetings with women?
— what if i find someone outside the industry?
— how? are you going to put an ad in the paper?
— stop being so ironic, scarlett.
— management should be pleased. we'll be able to announce that these are all just rumors because you've been in a happy relationship for a long time, but you chose not to share that information with the world because you value your private life. but where are you going to get a girl, sebastian? i doubt anyone will want you.
— don't worry about it, i already have a perfect candidate.
Tumblr media
general taglist: @lxdyred, @mysweetlittledesire;
sebastian stan taglist: @missroro, @justreadingficsdontmindme;
liar taglist: @intothesoul.
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wicked-mind · 17 hours ago
Summary: The team is watching a documentary about the avengers and its centered on Bucky, his girlfriend, and you.
Word Count: 5.2k
Warnings: Swearing, someone gets their nose broken, tiny bits of drinking, angst?
Note: This may be confusing and a little messy, but I liked the idea so here we are! Not beta’d, any mistakes are my own.
As always, any likes, comments, and/or reblogs are deeply appreciated! I love that shit (:
All Writings Masterlist
Italics are for parts of the documentary.
*gifs not mine
Tumblr media
“Shut up!” Sam said, flinging himself onto the couch with a bowl of popcorn in his hand, “It’s starting!”
The whole team was sitting in front of the movie theater sized screen to watch the show. It was a two hour long documentary on the ‘Life of the Avengers’ that Tony had arranged to build a good relationship with the public to show that the avengers were just normal people also. It had taken two weeks of constant filming around the facility.
“I’m so happy they started filming when Y/N punched Barnes’ ex.” Clint snickered, “I’ve been dying to see it. Too bad she’s off on a mission so she can’t relive it herself.” You were off on a solo mission to do some recon which happened to be the night the premier was.
Bucky sat in a chair off to the side away from everybody, grumbling something under his breath at Clint’s comment. “I think that was on purpose.” Natasha said as she sat next to Steve, passing him a bottle of beer.
“We are about to give you a look into the lives of the Avengers in this two hour premiere. Get ready for drama, secrets, and an inside look of the lives of the Avengers!”
The show started with Tony at the gala, talking to the camera as he walked around through the crowds of people, “We try to host charity events once a month.” Tony said to the camera with a smile, “This one is for the Brooklyn Movement Center.”
The cameras floated around the gala, focusing on the avengers. The footage was mostly of them interacted with the crowd but then it deadpanned over on you who stood at the bar with Natasha, eyeing everybody at the gala. The two of you weren’t really ones to put yourself “out there” but instead liked to sit back in the corner to be able to watch everybody. Natasha wore a white dress that made her red hair and blue eyes pop while you wore a long black dress that sparkled anytime you moved when the light caught you. You look over at the other end and rolled your eyes with a groan.
“What?” Natasha asks before her eyes moved to who you were looking at, “Oh.” It was Makayla, Bucky’s girlfriend who you hated with a passion. To put it nicely… Makayla was a manipulative bitch with no soul, “Just try to ignore her. Tony will kill us both if you start a problem at his charity event in front of the cameras.”
You look over at Natasha, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m on my best behavior.” You reply with a sarcastic smile before bringing your whiskey and coke up to your lips, taking a small sip hoping it’d calm your nerves. And it would’ve, if Makayla and her friend didn’t open their big stupid mouths.
“You’ve got him wrapped around your finger.” Makayla’s friend, you think her name was Amy, said with a giggle.
Makayla smiles, “Oh I know. So easy too. Anything I want, I get. He’s like an abused puppy eager to please. Now I get to come over whenever I want and come to these fancy parties.”
“Have you two… you know?” Amy asks curiously.
Makayla smiled and shook her head, “God no. He may be hot and give me everything I want but he’s still a murderer. What if we are in the middle of it and he goes all Winter Soldier?”
Natasha grabbed onto your arm as she saw you tense. She could practically see the steam coming out of your ears, “Don’t. Just let it go.” She warns in a low voice.
You roll your shoulders as you try to calm yourself down, looking up at the ceiling and counting the lights to try to focus on anything else except Makayla and Amy. You and Bucky were partners, have been for a long time, practically best friends until Makayla came along and somehow managed to be digging a trench through your partnership with Bucky.
“Besides, I would’ve picked Steve but he’s unavailable.” Mickey said, glaring over to Natasha.
“Okay, I’m team cause a scene now.” Natasha said to you, putting her drink down on the bar.
You look over at Natasha and smile for a moment, “Nah, Steve will be mad if his best girl is the one to ruin the party.” You told her, “I got this.” You say, giving Nat one last smile before walking over to stand beside Mickey and Amy, “Hi, ladies. Having fun?”
Amy’s eyes widened at the sight of you. She has heard all about you from Makayla and nothing but the bad things. Makayla puts her drink down and folds her arms as she turns to you, “Of course. What do you want?”
You kept a smile on your face, tilting your head slightly at Makayla, “Well, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation,” You say, standing up straight and taking a step towards her, “But I didn’t even have to try to listen to you bad mouth Bucky with that loud mouth of yours.”
Makayla smirks and rolls her eyes at you, “Right. I don’t know if James told you, but he talked to Steve about getting a new partner so you two won’t be spending much time together anymore.” She snaps back at you, “I wonder where he got the idea from.”
Her words made you frown and anger grow in your system. You could hear Natasha let out an ‘oh shit’ from across the bar where you were before. You took another step towards Makayla, staring her down with fists clenched at your sides, “You’re lying. Bucky would never ask for a new partner. You don’t even really know him.” You told her. This, you thought, was true. He wouldn’t do that. He was practically your best friend other than Natasha and you didn’t think anything would separate you, especially some stupid girlfriend.
“Oh yeah? Then why do Sam and James look so snug over there?” Makayla replies, nodding over towards Bucky who was laughing with Sam, “I don’t like you two hanging out so much, especially those undercover missions. You’re probably eye fucking him the whole time.”
You look over to see Bucky with Sam, picking up small bits of conversation about an upcoming mission together. That was when your anger reached its peak and the moment you turned back to see Makayla chuckling with that bitch-ass smirk on her face, you landed a punch right to her nose. Makayla stumbled back for a moment before calling you a bitch rather loudly and throwing her drink at you. You caught the glass with ease but the liquid still splashed on your face. You lick the alcohol from your lips before smiling over at her, “That was a bad choice.” You say, starting to approach her again but in a moments flash, Bucky was between the two of you looking at Makayla.
“You alright, doll?” Bucky asks, looking at Makayla who now decided to start the waterworks and whimpering. He turned to you with anger in his eyes, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”
Your jaw clenched for a moment at Bucky’s anger towards you, taking a step towards him as you stared him down, “Teaching your bitch what happens when she isn’t leashed.” You reply, your voice like venom, “What does it matter to you anymore? We aren’t partners. We don’t have anything to talk about.” You say before turning on your heels and walking towards the elevator to go back to your room. Natasha was right on your heels, glaring at Bucky, Makayla, and Amy as she passed by.
As excited as everybody was to see the punch you landed to Bucky’s now ex girlfriend, it was dead silent. Everybody was sending glances over to Bucky who was staring at the screen with his mouth parted. Makayla had broken up with him not long after he told her the documentary was going to air, but he never knew what was said between you two. He had believed Makayla when she said you had punched her unprovoked and it was even more reason of him to ask for a new partner other than you. Bucky felt a tinge of pain in his chest, realizing that everything you told him about Makayla was true. She was an awful person, using him and he didn’t believe a word you said because he thought he had found love. He sniffled slightly and avoided eye contact with the rest of the team as he stared at the screen.
You sat in a room alone in front of the camera, your arms folded and your face having that expression that said ‘I am so done with this bullshit.’ You sigh and shake your head at the camera, “I don’t want to talk about it.” You said into the camera before getting up and leaving out of view, ripping off the microphone from your collar and leaving it on the couch.
Steve was glancing down at Natasha with a look that said ‘you knew about that and didn’t tell me’ to which Natasha shrugged and focused her eyes back on the screen.
The show proceeded to show the rest of the night at the gala, Tony announcing how much they raised for the charity proudly. Then it showed the next morning, everybody sitting at a long table enjoying their breakfast. Bucky was at one end of the table beside Sam and you were at the other by Natasha. Bucky was glaring over at you and he ate his pancakes, obviously still angry at you for punching his girlfriend. Sometimes you would look up and meet his glare, sending a look that could kill over at him.
“Okay, so since we are all here I think we should have a family meeting.” Tony says after clearing his throat, “Given what happened last night,” He shot a look over to you to which you just rolled your eyes and sat back in your chair with your arms folded, “We are going to rearrange partnerships a little bit. Sam is going to work with Barnes and Y/N will be working with Natasha.”
“Thank god.” You mutter out.
“Yeah, thank god.” Bucky scoffs back at you.
“Really, Barnes? I have half a mind to kick your ass for being so stupid.” You hiss out at him, Natasha grabbing your arm to try and calm you down.
“Hey! Not at family breakfast!” Tony says, slamming his hand on the table, “And not in front of… you know..” He said, motioning towards the cameras.
“This was your stupid idea, Tony! You wanted to give them an inside look at the Avengers, well here it is.” You look over at one of the cameras and smile, “We bicker, fight, and sometimes, someone is dumb enough to not see they’re making a big mistake.” You eyed over at Bucky before standing up and leaving the room.
“I got it.” Natasha said, standing up and running after you.
“God, what happened? You two were two peas in a pod.” Sam says shaking his head.
“She punched Makayla.” Bucky grumbles out, stabbing his pancakes repeatedly with his fork.
“What?! Is that what happened last night? Where was I?” Sam asks with wide eyes.
Steve sighs, “You were flaunting yourself in front of the camera, showing them redwing.”
“Dammit!” Sam said with a chuckle, “I would want to see that one.”
The camera switched to Tony and Sam sitting on the same couch for their small interview about the events, “Well, she’s right. We are just like any other family. We eat together, train together, live together and sometimes we do bicker.” Tony said with a shrug.
Sam nods and chuckles, “And sometimes one of us punch our partner’s girlfriend. It happens.”
The camera switched again to show everybody doing their morning workouts and training. You were wrestling with Natasha while Bucky and Steve stood in the boxing ring sparring. Tony was doing a voice over about the type of equipment used to train. Sam came up to the camera, flexing his muscles, “Yeah, gotta make sure we stay in tip top shape.”
“Camera hog.” Natasha said over to Sam with a laugh.
Sam shrugs before flexing his arms again, “I was just giving the people what they want to see. When you look this good, it’s hard not to steal the spotlight.”
The camera switched to you walking down the hallway after training, running into Bucky. You glared at him and tried to push past him but he stood like a brick wall, his angry eyes on your face, “Move, Barnes.”
“No.” Bucky said down to you, “Not until you explain why you punched Makayla unprovoked.”
“Unprovoked? That’s what she told you?” You hiss out at him, folding your arms across your chest, “Boy, was she right- she has you wrapped around her finger.”
“You’re saying you have a reason? You broke her goddamn nose!” Bucky yelled down at you.
Your nose twitched in anger, “And if you don’t move, you’ll have a matching one.” You threaten before pushing yourself past him, “Besides, we aren’t partners anymore. I don’t have to tell you shit.” You say back to him before disappearing through your bedroom door.
This time it was Bucky sat alone on the couch, a sour look on his face that clearly stated he didn’t want to do any of this, “I don’t know what her problem is.” He said simply.
The next few scenes were uneventful. You and Natasha were off on a mission for a few days and the rest of the team was doing their normal routines. There were clips of Bucky and Makayla, who had a bandage across her bruised nose, hanging out and also clips of Tony and Bruce working in the lab on some new technology. This was how things usually were at the Avengers facility, working, training, and just hanging around in the spare time.
Then the camera was shaking as whoever was behind the camera was running behind Steve, Bucky, and Tony towards the landing zone for one of the quinjets. The door to the jet opened and Natasha came out holding you propped up to her side.
“What happened?!” Tony asks, looping your other arm over his shoulder to help take the pressure off of Natasha, “You two weren’t supposed to engage, just recon.”
“Yeah well, there was a sniper watching us too.” Nat said, keeping a steady pace towards the medical bay. You were bleeding from your left shoulder, a hole in your tactical suite where the blood leaked from, “Y/N got the sniper though, after they got her.”
Bucky and Steve trailed close behind Tony, you, and Natasha as they walked you to the medical bay, helping you sit on one of the beds while doctors came around you to assess your wound.
Bucky had a look of concern covering his features with the smallest bit of guilt as he stared at you. If you were still his partner, maybe this wouldn’t have happened and he felt guilty about that. He took a few steps towards you, “Are you alright?”
You close your eyes, taking deep breaths as the doctors prodded at your wound. Hearing Bucky’s voice made you open your eyes to meet his concerned and guilt ridden stare, but you were still obviously mad, “Get out, Barnes.”
“What?” Bucky asks shocked before a more stern look came over his features, “I’m not leaving. All I asked is if you were al-“
“That’s not your concern anymore.” You hissed out at him, cutting him off, “Natasha’s my partner. Steve and Tony are here. It’s not your concern. Get. Out.”
Steve gave Bucky a look and walked him out of the medical bay, “Look, Buck. I’m sorry but the doctors have to work and you being in there isn’t helping.”
Bucky crosses his arm, his expression angry, “I don’t get what her problem is. This was supposed to make it easier, switching partners was supposed to make less problems. I was just asking if she’s okay.”
“She’s mad.” Steve said, placing a hand on his shoulder, “Just give her some space.” He said before walking back into the medical bay to go over the failed mission with you and Natasha while the doctors took care of you.
The scene changed to you sitting on the couch with Natasha, “It’s all fine. Patched up, giving some pain killers, all better.” You say as you pulled your sleeve up to show the patched bullet hole. Natasha nodded with a smile, “Nothing us badass girls can’t handle. Bullets can’t stop us.” She paused and slowly looked over to you, “And apparently neither can annoying girlfriends.”
You sigh and roll your eyes, “You’d figure getting shot would be more important than the fact I punched Makayla. I’m never living that down.”
“Nope.” Natasha says with a smile and nudges your good shoulder.
“Wow, she was really mad at you.” Sam said over to Bucky during the commercial break, “Correction, is still really mad at you.” That was true. Bucky and you hadn’t really talked at all since the documentary ended their filming. You two avoided each other like water and oil.
Bucky was sitting further slumped in his chair, half embarrassed for being so rude to you when you were right all along. He glared over at Sam, “I was just trying to make sure she was okay.” He replied.
“You know, I think this is the first time a documentary wasn’t focused on me.” Tony said with a grin.
The show came back after a short recap which happened to show you punching Makayla again. It was midway into the second week of their filming with only a few days left. It showed everybody going throughout the day, of course Sam was taking up most of the time flirting with the camera which made everybody in the background roll their eyes. The team had gone through their different suits and the accessories that went along with it. Then it came to a scene where Makayla and Bucky were curled up on the couch watching a movie. Her nose was less bruised but she was still flaunting the bandage on the bridge of it.
You and Natasha walk into the room, seeing the two on your couch. You watched Makayla glare at you before giving Bucky a sloppy, wet kiss, “Let’s go, Nat. That’s so disgusting I think I’m going to throw up. So gross.” You said, loud enough to earn a glare from Bucky before you and Natasha walked out onto the darkened patio. The camera was zoomed in on you two from inside the facility.
“Are you okay?” Natasha asked as she sat on one of the patio chairs next to you.
“Oh my god!” Natasha said, scrambling to her feet, “Where’s the remote?!”
“What’s wrong?” Steve asks with an eyebrow raised as he watched Natasha scramble around trying to figure out who had the remote.
“We didn’t know they were still filming us right here. It’s a very private conversation!” Natasha said as she scrambled toward Sam who tucked the remote beneath him.
“Nothings private now, it’s out there for the whole world to see.” Sam said with a grin.
Natasha glared at him, “Not this.”
“Why not?” Bucky asks, his interest perked on what was about to be said on the tv between you and Natasha.
Natasha looked at Bucky wide eyed, forgetting he was here also, “Bucky, you can’t watch this. Please just-“ Sam turned the volume up louder on the tv, “Shhh! We are trying to watch!” He said, pushing Natasha back into her seat beside Steve.
“I’m fine, Nat.” You sighed, propping your legs up on the patio table in the front of you two as Natasha handed you a beer
“Riiiggghhhttt…. Okay. Let’s just pretend everything’s fine.” Natasha said giving you a knowing look.
“What’s that look for?” You ask with an eyebrow raised.
“What look? I don’t have a look.” Natasha replied innocently with a smile.
“That is your ‘I’m the all seeing knower of everything’ look.” You said with a sigh, “Just spit it out, Nat.”
“I think you’re in love with Bucky.” Natasha stated simply with a shrug of her shoulders.
That made you spit out the beer you had taken a sip of and look over at her with wide eyes, “What?!”
Natasha shrugs as if it was the most simple thing in the world, “You heard me! I was the same way with Steve. We were partners for so many years, having each other’s backs. Then he kissed Sharon, which I found out, which is why I punched him a little harder than I should’ve during the whole thing in Berlin.”
“I didn’t punch him, I punched his girlfriend.” You clarify.
“Oh please,” Natasha said rolling her eyes, “You’re like me. Loyal to a fault to those you love which is why you punched Makayla. It’s okay to be in love with him, I can see it clear as day so no need to lie about it.”
You chewed on your lip as you listened to Natasha before shaking your head, “I’m not saying it.”
Natasha smiles over at you, “Don’t worry, you don’t have to. I can see it all over your face.” She took a sip of beer, “I know I’m right.”
Natasha covers her face as the scene ended, hiding from all the eyes that were directly on her, “I told you it was private! She’s going to kill me.”
“Well, watch out for her right hook or you’ll end up like Bucky’s ex.” Sam said with a chuckle.
Bucky was just staring at the tv screen, his mouth parted in shock. You didn’t exactly say you loved him but you didn’t say that you didn’t either. No wonder you were so mad at him, and not just for him being a dick to you after everything with Makayla. His eyes flickered over to Natasha who was still hiding behind her hands, trying to search her for answers. Did you still like him? This was filmed over six months ago and maybe all that had faded. You couldn’t even stand to be in the same room as him even after Makayla broke up with him. He wished more than anything you were here right now so he could apologize and talk it out with you. Truth was, Bucky had fallen in love with you after your third mission together but it felt wrong to change the relationship you two already had which is why he got with Makayla. Mostly a distraction, but he did really like her. But all of that was out of his brain now that he knew you were once in love with him.
Natasha looked down at her phone when it buzzed, a message from you. You must’ve been watching from wherever you were on the mission.
You: I’m going to kill you.
Nat: I didn’t know!
You: Please tell me he wasn’t watching.
Nat: Okay. He wasn’t watching.
You: Liar.
Natasha looked up from her phone to see Bucky staring at her which made her quickly advert her gaze back to the tv. A few scenes had passed while everybody processed the shock from the private conversation you and Natasha had that wasn’t supposed to be on the show. Natasha silently thanked whatever god there was that the show as almost over.
The closing scenes were pretty uneventful. Tony was doing a voiceover as it had a montage from the two hour premiere put together. When the credits rolled, everybody silently looked over at each other.
“Well, I thought it was great!” Sam said, breaking the silence with a smile.
“Could’ve focused on other things besides the whole Barnes, Makayla, and Y/N triangle, but it was good.” Tony remarks.
“She’s going to kill me.” Natasha said with a groan.
Steve sighs and rubs Natasha’s back, “Let’s just be happy there’s no cameras to film the aftermath.” He said, trying to uplift her spirits.
You wouldn’t be back for another week, and during that week, Bucky processed everything from the documentary. He watched the scene on youtube at least a dozen times of you and Natasha’s private conversation outside, “Fuckin’ idiot.” He would mumble to himself each time after watching it. He couldn’t believe he was so blind when it came to Makayla and her manipulative ways to the point of ruining the friendship you had with him. He hoped he could salvage it because the longer he sat with his thoughts, the more he realized he was still in love with you.
When you returned, you immediately went to your room to avoid everybody and their questions that you knew they would have. More importantly, you were avoiding Bucky. As much as you wanted to hear his apologies and saying you were right about Makayla, you weren’t ready to have the conversation about what you and Natasha had talked about. You tried to get over your crush, especially after the documentary was filmed. You avoided Bucky, staying away from him as much as possible except when you were forced to have team discussions. But the more you saw him, the more you realized Natasha was right. You did like Bucky, even more than like, which is why you had to stay away from him.
Thanks to your mission, your internal clock was all screwed up from being halfway across the world which meant you found yourself in the kitchen at two in the morning making yourself some pancakes. You were humming softly to yourself when you heard his voice.
“Hey… Can we talk?” Bucky asks, keeping a good amount of distance between the two of you. He knew you were avoiding him and he tried to give you space, but he needed to apologize and get everything off his chest. It was eating him alive.
You scooped the two pancakes onto your plate and turned off the griddle, turning to face him, “I… Uhm, well I just made food and I’d like to eat them before they get cold. Can we do this later?” You ask as you buttered the cakes and put syrup on them. You pick up the plate and try to walk past Bucky, not meeting his eyes.
Bucky grabbed your plate swiftly and set it down on the counter, “Please, Y/N. We need to talk.” he said more sternly although you could hear the pleading in his voice.
You let out a deep sigh and fold your arms, “Fine, what do you want to talk about?” You ask as you finally met his eyes.
Bucky sighs when you met his eyes, seeing all the hurt behind them even though you were trying your best to not show it. He could always read you like a book, you two had been partners for a long time after all and he wondered how he didn’t realize how you felt about him before, “I watched the documentary… I’m sorry for not trusting you about Makayla. You were protecting me and I was a dick.”
You nod slowly as you listened to him, “Yeah, you were.” You say to him, “But it’s fine. Now if you don’t mind, my pancakes are getting cold.”
Bucky watched you pick up your plate again but stood in your way, snatching them from you again and holding them away, “Y/N, please. Talk to me. More than just a few words.” He watched as you folded your arms again, knowing that meant you were done with the conversation which meant he was going to have to do the talking, “I saw what you and Nat said outside.”
“Oh god.” You breathe out, unfolding your arms to cover your face, “I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Well, I do.” Bucky said, placing the plate back on the counter. His eyes never left your face, even when you covered it with your hands to hide from him. He reached out to you and gently took your wrists, prying your hands away from your face, “Is it true?”
You stare up at him, not tearing your wrists from his grasp. It had been so long since the two of you had talked and being this close that it was a little overwhelming, “It was true.” You whisper out to him, “I was in love with you.”
“Was?” Bucky asks softly, feeling his insides start to turn uncomfortably at your words as his heart hurt, “You’re not anymore?”
You look away from him for a moment, “I don’t know, Bucky. I don’t know who you are anymore or who we are. We have avoided each other for months, barely talking to each other. I don’t know how I feel.” You say honestly as your eyes found his hurt ones again.
“I want to know you again, doll.” Bucky said, releasing your wrists to move his hands up to cup your cheeks, not allowing you to look away from him, “Please. I like you. More than like you.” He confessed, “And hearing you, well you didn’t really say it, but it was something I’ve longed to hear for so long.”
You stare up into Bucky’s gorgeous blue eyes, feeling yourself be hypnotized by the way he was looking at you. There was nothing but honesty reflected in his eyes toward you, “I don’t know..” You repeated softly, just above a whisper.
Bucky nodded slowly, looking down at the floor for a moment before meeting your eyes again. His hands didn’t move from your face, still wanting to relish in the feeling of touching you and talking to you but he wasn’t giving up so easily, “Please. Just let me take you out for dinner. We can get to know each other again.” He watched the hesitancy in your eyes, “Please. I’ll be punishing myself forever if I just let this slip away.”
You sigh and slowly nod after a few moments of silence, “Okay. Dinner.” You tell him, watching the relief fill his features, “But if you take me anywhere you took Makayla, I’m going to break your nose.”
Bucky let out a breathy chuckle and relaxed a little, “Thank you.” He whispers before leaving a soft kiss to your forehead, “I’m so sorry about everything.” He told you before releasing your face from his hands and taking a step away.
You half smile up to him, “You’re going to show me just how sorry you are with an expensive bottle of wine and Italian food.” You tell him, picking up your pancakes again, “And a few more apologies wouldn’t hurt. I like to hear I was right.” You say over your shoulder as you make your way back to your room.
Bucky chuckles and watches you go. He made a vow to himself right then that he would do anything to make up for what a jerk he was to you when he was with Makayla and switching partners after she manipulated him to do so. He had so many things to make up for when it came to you and he was going to start right now.
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overwhelmedsupernova · 17 hours ago
What about a dark! violent bucky that wants reader to be his girlfriend? But things just don't go well, if you know what I mean 😈
Just Love Me
╔═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╗
First off, thank you for your request! I also want to say that requests are open, even though it might take some time for them, but it makes me happy! Anyway, here you go!
Summary: reader tries to tell Bucky he's just not the boy she loves. And that hurts, a lot... for both.
Words: 2667.
Warnings: violence descriptions, verbal violence, implied noncon, ripped clothing, anxiety, lot of angst, maybe reader being a little bit naive, past implied somnophilia, language. Only +18, minors do not read. If you do not feel safe with this, please don't read.
I appreciate a lot feedbacks, so please tell my what you think about this, reblog or like. <3 Also, thank you so much for 150 followers. I'm happy with that, it makes me happy that people enjoy my writing! <3.
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Tumblr media
It was all that simple. You worked at Stark Industries as a simple worker, no big deal, but you also met the avengers from time to time. You had noticed early on that the newcomer, whose name was Bucky, seemed completely out of place. It probably wasn't like that in the eyes of others, especially those of his best friend, Steve: the weeks went by, but you didn't think his situation was improving. He had terrible dark circles and you knew what it was like to have a bad period, although judging from what he had been through and what you read in the papers, his was much more than a bad or long period. It was a whole life wasted, or rather, spent being someone else.
He must have been terrible, and no matter how terrible he had done, you basically couldn't feel the same contempt or terror that others did. If you had gone back in time, you probably would have slapped yourself on the head before allowing you to shyly approach him with a coffee. It was there that it all began.
And it was so beautiful. You didn't see Bucky at all as a lover or someone who could stand by your side like that, but it melted your heart to know how your friendship was slowly bringing him to the surface and getting some oxygen. You were so happy about it, he deserved it. And Bucky on the other hand, was amazed: he didn't think he'd ever get a second chance. Because that was what it was in his eyes, a second chance for him, a new life with you.
He tried to make you understand by bringing you your favorite hot drink every morning at work, or by specifically choosing movies at the cinema to make you relax a little and get away from all the stress that was gripping you: for him they were all dates, and it seemed to confirm the way in which you dressed. God, you were so pretty, so gorgeous in that dress of yours. It had that color that simply gave you and made your skin stand out even more, and especially that look of yours.
Bucky simply loved your eyes, he loved that purity and at the same time the awareness of an established career woman moving forward. You were admirable, and Bucky grew more and more impatient with it. But he still remembered how to treat girls, he had never really forgotten: he simply thought that all that repertoire of niceties and compliments would no longer serve him. This has changed, and all with you.
It was the turn of the cinema on Friday night, and you brought a new dress. A few weeks earlier you had even confronted him before buying it: it was a choice between a more classic dress, with narrow straps that made your shoulders and breasts stand out a lot, and a simple red dress that is wider and longer. Bucky recommended the first one, pointing out how it makes your shapes perfect. That was his first flirting gamble, what you had actually mistaken for a simple game. And that was one of your many mistakes with Bucky Barnes.
You happily smiled at him as you paid for your share of popcorn and soda, at which he frowned slightly. You shouldn't have paid at all, in fact he would have even preferred you to stop working: your job was exaggeratedly stressful for a beautiful lady like you. Bucky didn't like it, but then a thought flashed through his head and he suddenly calmed down. After all, there was still little. Only a little and you would have been officially his after all this series of dates. Not that Bucky didn't love them, oh at all, but... he wanted something more. He wanted to feel you under him, he wanted to hear the same low moans you made while touching yourself, the same ones he heard when he stood outside the window watching you. He wanted to taste you best when awake, and not asleep from sleeping pills. He wanted to do so many things to that beautiful body of yours.
"Here we go?" you asked shyly, and then follow him like a puppy to the right room of the cinema. You found that funny and beautiful movie. Bucky didn't care, he thought he already had the best movie of his life right in front of him, and it was your beautiful sight. You had captured his heart, and now he would have captured you.
You got sick for some reason that night and Bucky insistently offered to stay home with you. You didn't find this necessary at all, but having your best friend make you hot tea to relieve the pain was always better than being alone in your bed and moaning in pain, wasn't it? That was how it all began.
"Listen, I should... uhm... talk to you." Bucky murmured in embarrassment shortly after you took a sip from your cup. You were already feeling those cramps getting milder and in that moment you mentally thanked him for the idea of ​​tea, but all your gratitude was then replaced by curiosity. Bucky hardly ever had any news.
Your gaze suddenly brightened, and you immediately set your shoulders straight, almost as if at attention. Bucky liked that movement, but only because it still accentuated your cleavage. God, you were such a mockery of him. But he couldn't get excited, no, he was declaring himself. Finally. But he was convinced that everything would be fine.
"I have a person who, well, is always in my head. I always think about her, and I would like to find a way to-"
"Who is she?" you asked almost screaming with excitement and climbing over the table, then calmed down and sat down. You giggled softly and your face burned with embarrassment, but it was fucking news! Did Bucky like anyone? How long had he been hiding it from you? Your mind was traveling through so many of those frontiers, that you forgot how naive you really could be at times.
"That's the point." Bucky said, slightly irritated. He wanted to make a speech about how he found you gorgeous when you shyly offered him that coffee, about how you helped him get his life back. About how he wanted to make you his wife. But it didn't matter, the emotion on your face made him so happy. You also knew deep down.
You slowly stopped giggling, watching his face turn more and more into a joyful one. There, you heard an alarm bell. You felt a knot in your stomach and suddenly his throat went dry, despite all the tea he had drunk. Bucky noticed the look on your face, and that's when the first red flag went up.
In short, it was not possible. He lived for you, fuck, he would kill for you. It was not possible that you did not love him. You had to love him, he wanted you so much. No, maybe you had been making fun of him all this time? Oh, it wasn't possible. You were so sweet, caring, sensitive. He knew you through and through, except for your body, although there would be time for that.
You slowly got up, still feeling that knot that was now upsetting you more and more and your happy expression has definitely fallen. "Bucky... who is she?" you asked again, one last safe place. That you would never have achieved.
"It is you." he simply murmured. It was as if that knot had suddenly burst, releasing an extraordinary amount of anxiety in your veins that went straight to your brain. You swallowed loudly, trying to keep the situation under control. Where did you go wrong? Were you wrong?
"Bucky..." you muttered softly, trying to reason. That move was completely wrong and Bucky didn't want to hear from you. He wasn't right anymore, he had already made his choice of him a long time ago. You got up from your chair and tried to start a speech that was worth it, that didn't hurt.
"Sit down."
You immediately fell silent at his tone. It was stiff, severe, icy. For the first time in your life, you were afraid. Fear of him, fear of your own home, of those eyes that not even an hour ago were looking at you so sweetly. Now they were completely aggressive and his jaw was stiff with anger.
With a slight shake in your hands, you slowly tried to sit down. You also briefly thought about running for the door, but you had to calm that anxiety. It was that and nothing more, while Bucky was Bucky. There was no way he was going to hurt you.
"Look, I'm sorry but I... I don't feel this for you. I love you, but how I love a friend. Bucky, you really are a special person and I'm sure you'll find someone, but it's not me." you soon realized how these words had pierced him like ice blades, one by one. But it was not a simple speech and you wanted to be clear. Bucky continued to watch you as he put his hands together and played a little with his thumbs, but you knew better. He had done so only once, when a mission went wrong and they lost the lives of civilians. It was a bad week, but for that, you thought there would be more than a week.
You saw his jaw twitch and a small smile adorn his face. But that scared you: his expression was totally illegible. And that anguish only increased.
He sighed heavily, then rubbed his hands and stood up, as if nothing had happened. He took the cup from your hands and put it in the sink, then turned to you. It was the same expression of a few hours ago, of the cinema, of all those innocent releases. You looked at him with a frown and a fear that you could no longer hide.
"Do you still have those pains? This time maybe we can try some massage." he said simply. You got up with extraordinary slowness and your legs were shaking slightly.
"Bucky... were you listening to me?" you asked hesitantly, and your voice was extraordinarily thin.
You saw his lips twitch slightly and his fists close, until his knuckles turned white. "Yes, honey. The point is, I don't think you listened to me instead." his voice became even stiffer and sterner than that command before.
You moved the chair only to get away from her figure, which now did nothing but increase the tremor in his hands. You knew something was terribly wrong, and her next sentence confirmed it.
"You are that person, and I never asked you if you wanted to be by my side or not. Because you will just be there. You are mine."
Bucky was perhaps having a dark moment, perhaps the soldier had taken control. Your brain created every possible scenario to justify the man before your eyes, but that calculating and lucid look said it best. Without further ado, you darted to the front door right in front of the living room. You mentally thanked yourself for taking off your heels as soon as you arrived. You only had time to remove the first chain from the door that two strong arms firmly grabbed your waist, only to have your back slam directly on the table.
The air was thrown out of your lungs and tears pooled in your eyes from the pain. But the anxiety, that did the even dirtier job of making you tremble uncontrollably. You had lost control of your body and you kept your eyes wide open on the figure of Bucky imposing itself on yours.
"I did every fucking thing to make you realize how much I loved you. You know, how it worked in my day? Maybe it was my fault, maybe I didn't explain myself well enough," he started mumbling things that didn't make any sense to you. , but you didn't notice when you felt the hand on your shoulder pads. You started screaming, only to get a slap.
You were briefly silent, hearing only the sound of the cloth being ripped from your body. Did Bucky, the same man you know, slap you? You already felt a bruise forming on that same spot. But that wasn't enough to stop you, even though your fight was pathetic against him.
"I did everything for you, the way you liked it, because I love you. I loved you from the fucking moment you offered me that coffee, I loved you when you worried about me and when you told me to take care of me!" he began to scream furiously, ending with your dress now reduced to a rag.
You desperately started sobbing and looking at him pitifully, hoping your Bucky would return. But instead of him there was a furious and violent man. It wasn't Bucky.
"I tried to make you understand," he came dangerously close to your face, letting locks of hair fall on your forehead, "but maybe times have changed and I'm still out of place. Maybe, I should do like today? make you mine and fuck you now? "
Your fight stopped abruptly and an expression of pure shock, succeeded by that of terror, accumulated on your face.
"Bucky, please, I was wrong. I was wrong, please, let's start over, please-" you started begging him, but all he did was shake his head and giggle at your little inner struggle.
"Let's start over now baby, can't you see? Let's start over, and this time I won't have a fucking no for an answer." he whispered slowly in your ear as his hands reached first your bra and then your panties. Your last defense barriers, go.
You screamed one last time, and unexpectedly managed to kick him straight in the ribs. You didn't care about your complete nudity, you knew he expected you worse if he caught you again. Bucky dodged briefly, surprised by the attack. Your still trembling body headed for the door and you almost succeeded. That anguish pressed you that everything would be bad, if not worse, but your mind was screaming freedom.
Maybe, in retrospect, you should have given up first. You felt a firm grip on your hair and the air was slammed out of your lungs again as Bucky slammed you right on the door. He had an arrogant smile adorning his face.
Wait, was this bastard enjoying your miserable fight?
His once reassuring smile now only made you tremble even more and scream in fear. You wanted to have felt that fear right away, but it was too late. His lips collided roughly on yours and Bucky managed to bite them several times as punishment. When you refused to cooperate, it was enough for him to put his vibranium hand right around your neck, and squeeze it tightly. You were asking for oxygen again and fighting desperately against him, already seeing black dots in your vision.
Meanwhile, you obscenities noticed how his other hand touched places he was not allowed to touch, which he had never been able to touch. And now he was savoring them so well with tight bruises, one after the other.
"If you don't cooperate, then you can also faint. I can do everything even without your cooperation, after all I've already done it." that sentence made your stomach turn and the bile rise.
"O-Okay." you nodded weakly and his throat was scraping more and more. He let you go, only to catch you in another cruel kiss and not get your breath away. Bucky managed to take everything he had dreamed of: his second chance with you. He was sure you would love him, with some little teaching.
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cevansbish · 20 hours ago
does anyone have good wattpad or tumblr storys about bucky barnes that aren’t full of cringy stuff 😩😩😩😩😩
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sebastiianstxn · a day ago
angels like you ☆ bucky barnes prologue
Tumblr media
↳ after almost losing his girl, bucky spends every second by her side, even if she doesn't remember anything..even if she doesn't remember him.
warnings: angst. wordcount: 500. a/n: really needed to write something else instead of dad!bucky. Taglist is open. this is set after tfatws.
masterlist - next
Tumblr media
bucky can't remember if the name had ever popped up on his screen before, he's almost certain this blue haired soldier never once called him before– voice so soft he can barely hear it, tired and afraid and through the phone, bucky can feel the energy his girls best friend and partner is giving off. 
"Can you sit down?"
His stomach flips, the air being punched out of his lungs. He knew it the moment Jessie rudely awakened him from his sleep, phone buzzing wildly on his nightstand, illuminating the bedroom in a soft blue hue. 
No, Jessie never called and neither did his girl for the last four days. Unanswered calls and texts, never something back, not a sign of life coming back. He knew. 
"It's bad." 
Bucky's never been on his feet faster in his life, is sure he put his shirt on wrong and in a hurry left, shared apartment left unlocked. His name written on possible speed tickets– to his luck, the streets were near empty in the dark of the night. Parked his cat in the nearest spot he could find, never bothered to lock it behind him.
Bucky pushes himself through the small group of nurses walking down the corridor, happily ending their shift. He mumbles a sorry, not batting an single eye. 
It's late, the building is almost abandoned. Bucky's never been here before, doesn't know left from right, never walked through one of these halls and yet he beelines to where he needs to be. Where he feels he should be.
"Excuse me sir, can I help you?" 
bucky's pulled back by the female voice behind the desk and his boots squeak against the floor as he sharply turns around. Welcomed by a warm smile, it fades at the sight of the vibranium hand nearly leaving a dent in the wood underneath it "Mr barnes–" 
"y/n barnes, I'm looking for y/n barnes." 
With a nod, the nurse averts her gaze to the screen in front of her, fingers typing away on the keys of her keyboard. 
"She's in surgery right now sir, you can't see her right now but you can wait at the end of the hall." 
"Surgery– what, how is she doing, is she okay?" 
His voice is desperate with a hint of hope but the sympathetic smile on the young nurse her face burns that spark down 
"I can't tell you anything more Mr Barnes, this is all I know." 
"You have to know something, you work here– what's in the damn computer?" 
"Sir, your wife has been brought in three hours ago, been in surgery for two." The nurse states calmly, too calm for Bucky's likings "I'll keep you updated if I get more information–" 
His grip on the desk gets tighter, bucky bites the inside of his cheek, drawing blood as he tastes the stale taste. 
"Is she going to make it, that's all I need to know." 
"Sir, they're doing everything they can." 
Tumblr media
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unclesqwee · a day ago
Mutual Therapy
Okay, it's official people. We have a title! BIG thanks to @krymson182 for the fantastic suggestion of 'Mutual Therapy'. It fits perfectly and I absolutely love it!!
Anyway - I hope this chapter isn't trash.
Tumblr media
"Just give it some thought."
Those words wrapped themselves around her brain for the past few days. She was constantly thinking about the possibility of joining their investigation but then rejecting the idea.
She was lying on her sofa with her legs over the back and head hanging from the seat. She's been here since she called the office for a week off - which was 2 hours ago, switching positions now and again. Yeah, it was sudden, but it's been a long time coming. Work had become so suffocating since the blip, and it was starting to become illegal for all the time she had for holidays.
Y/N looked at her watch and groaned while she moved into a sitting position. She got up from her sofa slowly, walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge door, and got the leftover pasta. The re-usable wrap was tossed on the island, and the tray swiftly shoved into a lukewarm oven. Y/N looked around her apartment and sighed; she hated how clinical it was. No touch of personality or quirks, only some family photos and a plant or two. Maybe that's what I could do during this week off? She thought to herself. She pushed off from the bench and walked over to a stereo in the corner of the living room. Her phone lit up on the bar as the Bluetooth connected to the stereo, and 'One of These Nights' by the Eagles started playing. Her hands went up to begin air-guitaring with the riff at the beginning.
"Ooh, someone to be kind to in between the dark and the light." She sang and moved around the room.
"I've been searching for the daughter of the Devil himself. I've been searching for an angel in white." She sings as the air guitar continues.
As she was dancing or walking with style? There was a sudden knock at the door, and the song changed to 'Rebel Yell' by Billy Idol. Y/N continued to hum as she walked towards the door and opened it to see the two men she really didn't want to perceive at the moment.
As Billy was singing in the background, Sam waved slightly with a slight smile on his face.
"Hey. Just thought we would check-in."
Y/N's eyes switched between the two men. "What do you guys want?"
Sam gulped slightly. "We were in the neighbourhood and thought we'd come to visit you."
Bucky huffed, and Sam elbowed him in the side.
"Isn't that right, Bucky?" Asked Sam with a tense tone.
Y/N sighed. "Do you guys want to come in?" She asked.
"Sure." Replied Sam.
Y/N moved out of the way and shut the door accordingly after both men were inside. The next song came on, and she reached over to turn down the volume on her phone. She looked back to see the two men standing awkwardly in her living room. Her right eyebrow lifted in amusement, and she put her hand out to gesture towards the chairs.
"You guys want to sit down?"
Sam and Bucky looked at each other and nodded in unison as they sat down on the couch. Y/N moved to sit in the one lounge chairs across from them.
"I love Carole King." Stated Sam as he tapped his knee with his hand awkwardly.
Y/N nodded in agreement. "So - what's up?"
Bucky took a deep breath as he sat back on the couch and scratched the side of his face slightly.
"Bucky said that he hadn't seen you at work." Stated Sam.
"Yeah, I took some time off."
Sam made an 'O' shape with his mouth and nodded. "That explains that then."
"Sorry I hadn't called. I've just been thinking about it."
Sam put his hand out and shook it. "No, it's fine. It's a big decision - no need to rush!"
Y/N smiled slightly.
Bucky looked around the apartment as the two spoke awkwardly. He felt a nudge in his side and looked over in Sam's direction. Sam was looking at him with this crazy look in his eyes.
"Why the hell are you looking at me like that."
Sam furrowed his eyebrows and coughed as he gestured his head towards Y/N's direction. He rolled his eyes slightly.
"Sam was wondering if you wanted to go on a 'test-drive' per se."
Y/N was trying not to smile at the awkwardness between the two. "I don't know."
"It won't be much! Just some drills and other stuff." Said Sam.
"I haven't been out on the field in years." Y/N sunk into her seat slightly.
"That's fine! We can just run through some basics - but it's up to you."
Y/N nodded, and then the timer on the oven went off. She looked over and got up. "Sorry, just a second."
Sam nodded, and Bucky just looked as she walked off. Y/N got the leftovers from the oven and set the pan on a wooden cutting board on the kitchen island. She got some plates out from the top cupboard with a stool. She placed them next to the board and continued to get utensils and cups.
"You guys want some?" She asked towards the two men sitting on her sofa.
"Uh- sure." Sam got up and dragged Bucky with him. They both stood to the side as she was plating.
"Is that enough, or would you like more?" She asked.
"Oh, that's plenty - thank you." Replied Sam and smiled at her.
Y/N smiled back, "What about you, Bucky?"
Bucky nodded, "Perfect, thanks."
"You guys want water, juice, beer?"
"A beer would be great." Said Sam, and Bucky nodded in unison.
"Sure. You guys can sit anywhere." Replied Y/N as she stuck her head into the fridge.
Bucky and Sam sat down at the small table in the kitchen corner next to the windows. Y/N came back with two beers and a glass of water and placed them in their spots as she sat down.
"You guys should have started - you didn't have to wait for me."
"Happy to wait. Thank you for your hospitality." Said Sam.
"No issue, it's better to eat with others than by yourself." She replied.
There they were, the three of them sitting and eating together. All awkwardness had dissipated, and the casual conversation continued throughout the meal with comments about Y/N's cooking.
The eating had finished for quite some time now; Sam and Y/N were laughing at a joke that was told a few seconds earlier. Bucky sat in his chair, smiling to himself.
"Do you guys want another beer?" She asked.
"Oh no, it's okay. Thank you, though." Replied Sam.
Bucky nodded, "I'm good too."
Y/N smiled. "Okay - I'll just wash these plates."
As she was getting up, Bucky stood up and collected the plates. "It's alright. I'll do them."
"Oh no-"
"It's okay." He said with a smile as he walked towards the sink with all three plates and empty glasses in his hands.
"Th-thank you." Y/N sat back down slowly.
There was a break for silence.
"I'm sorry for bombarding you a couple of days ago." Said Sam.
Y/N looked in his direction.
"I was just so desperate for answers."
"It's fine, I understand." She replied with a slight smile.
They both sat there for a second, looking out of the windows.
"I think I'll take you up on that 'test drive'." Said Y/N.
She nodded and crossed her legs. "Yeah, it may be good for me." Said Y/N as she played with the ring on her index finger.
Sam smiled, and as Bucky was washing the last dish, a small smile crept onto his face.
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avenging-fandoms · a day ago
🎀 For soft hours: Bucky has been trying to confess his feelings for the reader many times and she doesn’t really understand his hints, even though the feeling is mutual. So after some time he has had enough of failing and kinda just explodes with the feeling and basically just shouts his confession at her 🎀
Tumblr media
you nursed your drink in your hand as you watched all of your friends dance together, smiling with your body leaned up against the bar, waving at steve who awkwardly danced with a girl he had just met.
“what’re you doing over here by yourself?” bucky asked and leaned on the bar next to you, the bottom of his stomach peeking out as you smiled at him.
“just enjoying watching everyone. why are you over here with me and not with them?” you ask and bucky smiled, finishing his beer. bucky looked at you up and down before you turned back to him and he smiled at you. "hm?"
"i'd much rather spend my time with you than with them" bucky said and you chuckled, shaking your head. "come dance" you cock your eyebrow and look at bucky, shaking your head. "scared?"
"oh, alright barnes. show me your old man dance moves" you took his extended hand and followed him to the dance floor. he held your hips and and swayed, and your jaw dropped slightly as he smiled. “not bad for a 106 old man”
“you think i’m old?” bucky dipped you and pressed his nose against yours, making your laugh. “show me what you got, agent yln”
“i think i’m gonna head home. long day fighting bad guys takes it out of you” you smile and pat his chest, bucky grabbing your hand before you were out of reach.
"do you want a ride home?" bucky offered and you smiled, nodding. bucky's stomach began to swarm with butterflies as your fingers interlocked with his. bucky opened your door and you thanked him, bucky closing it and heading over to the driver's side.
it was a quiet ride except for the late night radio host playing soft sleepy music. "isn't that a bit dangerous? what if someone was tired driving home from work, heard this, and fell asleep at the wheel?" you scrunched your eyebrows and bucky smiled, chuckling softly.
"i think you should call them and give them a piece of your mind, yn" bucky teased and you laughed as he pulled into your driveway. you grabbed the door handle and bucky stopped you, jogging to your door and opening it for you. "i can open my own door, buck. you're not stuck in the 40s"
"yeah, thank god for that" bucky sighed as you two walked up to your door. you looked at him confused and he stuffed his gloved hands in his pockets. "what?"
"you don't miss the 40s? back in the military, two arms, girls falling all over you?" you chuckle and he gives a side smile, shaking his head softly.
"the 40s didn't have you" bucky said lowly and you looked at him, your face feeling hot as you gulped. "and two arms would be nice again" you both laugh and you look down, taking his hands out of his pockets.
finger by finger you pulled the gloves off his hands. bucky watched you closely and you stuffed the gloves in your pockets. your finger traced the vibranium, bucky looking at you with hooded eyes. "do you like hiding it? your secret identity?" you joke but bucky wasn't laughing. "sorry, i shouldn't have-"
"i like you, yn. i don't know if you're ignoring the hints or.. or you don't like me back. but i needed to tell you before i drove steve crazy with hearing about you" your eyes shot to his, your smile growing with every word. "i really like you"
"hopefully i don't get fired for this" you breathed and held his face as you kissed him, bucky's body curving into yours as he deepened the kiss. your lips molded perfectly with his, and he sighed softly into your mouth.
"i've waited so long for a kiss like that" bucky pulled away for a quick minute before kissing you again. "perfect goodnight kiss" he smiled and you pulled away, looking up at him.
"do you have to go so soon? i uh.. i'd like to tell you about my crush on you but why i couldn't do anything about it" you grabbed your keys and bucky nodded, kissing your head.
you and bucky stayed up until the morning sun peeked through your curtains, and you both crashed on your couch. you laid out on the couch with bucky in between your legs, his head on your stomach with his arms wrapped around your leg.
you opened your eyes to check things out, taking a picture of bucky and smiling before falling asleep again, your fingers in bucky's hair.
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I apologize for the hiatus. I’ve been trying to write but my brain comes up empty. I really do hope updates come soon. Thank you all for being so patient. 🖤
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becca-e-barnes · a day ago
What if Bucky and the reader are in a relationship and he finds out he’s really into being a pleasure dom and wants to try it with the reader? 👀
Pleasure Dom Bucky, yes please 😩 you just know that mf would take such good care of you after a long stressful week. Honestly, this one took me a hot minute to write because I had to do some research for it lmao, I hope it’s okay!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 5.6k
Summary: You have a terribly long week at work so Bucky helps you relax
Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap it pls), PleasureDom!Bucky, sub reader, pet names, praise kink, degradation, size kink, breeding kink, multiple orgasms, forced orgasm, oral (f receiving), somnophilia (done with consent established previously), daddy kink, the dog tags make an appearance, mention of safe words, overstimulation, lil voyeurism (watching yourselves in a mirror), light humiliation
Minors, do not interact
What had started out as a week with very little in your calendar soon turned into an absolute killer. You weren’t quite sure how your time got filled up so quickly, wall to wall meetings scheduled into your diary, leaving you hardly any time to even breathe. The meetings themselves weren’t even the worst part, the worst was knowing that after your work day had officially ended, you had endless catching up to do for your other projects and then all the planning for the meetings the following day. Your sleep was limited, as was Bucky’s. He hated going to bed without you, tossing and turning in the sheets for hours until you eventually gave in and joined him. As the week went on you found yourself only getting more and more stressed. By Friday you were almost ready to lie in bed and not move all weekend, just hoping Monday wouldn’t bring more of the same torture.
When 5pm on Friday rolled around, Bucky was standing waiting at the door to your study, adamant that your laptop would be switched off and hidden from you all weekend, along with your work mobile. You huffed out a little tired laugh, rubbing your sleepy eyes as you surrendered your gadgets, not even wanting to put up a fight, just glad to see the back of such an awful week. Bucky had let you choose a takeout to order from, keen to get some real food in you before making sure you got a good long rest to combat those dark circles forming under your eyes. Within 20 minutes of finishing dinner, your sleepy eyes became too heavy to hold open. Bucky hated seeing you so worn out, scooping you up in his arms and carrying you to bed, thankful that you had changed into your pyjamas before the food had arrived so he wouldn’t have to disturb you too much. His heart melted at the sight of you clinging to his thin cotton pyjama top, craving the comfort his body afforded you even when you were sleeping.
But God, waking up the next morning, he was reminded of exactly how much comfort your body afforded him. Your hair was fanned out on the pillow gently, your face looking so relaxed compared to how it had been all week, long eyelashes casting shadows on your cheeks in the early morning sunlight. Your little snores were still deep but fuck, the sight of you in only his shirt and a thin pair of panties had him harder than he could’ve believed possible without being touched. Suddenly, the room felt stiflingly hot, his whole body itching to touch you, to make you forget all about that terrible week, fucking all thoughts from your head until you couldn’t think of anything never mind work. He put it down to the fact that he had hardly so much as kissed you goodnight all week, his body going into overdrive from the pent up longing and frustration.
He couldn’t help how he noticed everything about your body this morning, the way your nipples pebbled quickly when he slipped his cool metal hand under your shirt to gently grab at your breasts, doing his very best to contain his satisfaction at the way you tried to lean into his touch. He also didn’t miss how your body responded when he ran one flesh finger over your clothed core, a little groan falling from your parted lips when he added a little extra pressure to your clit. He loved how your body was just so intoxicating, always ready to take him. After a few more teasing glides across your core he pulled your panties to the side, finding your body was reacting to him nicely, wetness beginning to drip from your needy hole. Without thinking, he shuffled down the bed, his tongue poked out, lapping gently at the sweet nectar he had drew from your body. He was so hard now it almost hurt, noticing how even in your sleep, the wetness between your legs only grew. Tiny whimpers fell from your lips as he pressed a metal finger to your entrance, sliding in with ease, tongue lapping gently at your clit.
“So delicious toots, takin’ me so well.” He whispered, knowing you couldn’t hear him but still needing to tell you. Your hands grasped at the sheets, fingers gently bunching them, stirring from your sleep but not quite conscious yet. Your walls were fluttering around the single digit, your high not far away.
“Christ, Bucky.” You whined, eyelids flickering open, trying to adjust to the brightness of the room and make sense of the overwhelming sensations between your legs at the same time. “What are you doing?”
“Havin’ a little breakfast babydoll, jus’ let me take care of you. Wanna make you feel good all day, okay? You aren’t leavin’ this bed.” His voice was so low and seductive, lips latching back onto your clit and his finger curling inside you. You could only nod, whining as the pleasure became too much, keening against his face to ride your orgasm out against his tongue. “Tha’s it toots, gimme more. Good girl.” He encouraged, working his finger even faster, prolonging your high for as long as possible. God he got off on this, your needy moans nearly too much for him to handle. But no matter how much precum leaked from his swollen tip, no matter how badly he needed to cum, so long as you were getting off, his pleasure was only an afterthought to him.
“Well good morning to you too.” You huffed out a little laugh as his finger eventually slid out of you.
“Sorry baby, couldn’t resist.” He smirked, wiping his now glistening chin with the back of his flesh hand.
“No complaints here Buck, it was better waking up to that than an inbox full of emails.” You chuckled, stroking his hair lovingly.
“It had better be, if you’d rather have the emails I’d be offended.” He laughed softly stroking the inside of your thigh with his flesh thumb. “But if you talk about work anymore I’ll have to gag you.” His voice was light and teasing.
“Maybe some other time Buck.” You chuckled, running a hand gently through his messy bed head, your high ebbing pleasantly away as your feet hit the plush carpet of your bedroom.
“Ah ah ah toots, what did I tell you? You aren’t leavin’ this bed today. Gotta make you feel good til you can’t think of anything but me.” He reached out, grabbing your legs to pull you back onto the bed, lips latched onto the soft meat of your thighs, fingernails digging into your flesh gently as he kissed you, a fire burning fiercely behind his eyes once more. God he meant it. You really weren’t going to get a minute’s rest today.
“I was thinkin’ babydoll, how many meetings did you have yesterday?” He asked thoughtfully in between sloppy kisses to the sensitive skin of your thighs
“Eight honey, why?” You managed to choke out.
“Wanna give you that many orgasms.” He stated bluntly as if it was the most normal request in the world. You knew very often Bucky got as much pleasure from making you cum as he got from cumming himself but this suggestion was something else. His lips on your thighs felt amazing, the little dusting of stubble burning as his face drifted up the inside of your legs, his eyes never leaving yours
“There’s no way I can handle eight.” You whispered, losing yourself slightly to the pleasure of his mouth on your sensitive skin.
“Course you can little slut, that’s one down, only seven to go. That’ll keep you nice and busy won’t it? By the time I’m done, work will be the last thing on your mind.” He made it sound so easy, so lovely, like it was absolutely manageable, enjoyable even, but you knew better than to dream of gentle orgasms, soft touches and sweet kisses. You knew that when Bucky got into the mindset that everything he did was entirely for your pleasure, it was all about tearing you orgasms from your trembling body in the quickest succession possible, one barely ending before the next began. This was the first time he had ever suggested such an intense session. His kisses got sloppier, his wet mouth making you groan as it connected with you core once more, panties pushed to the side. Fuck, his tongue felt incredible, broad, firm strokes over the entire length of your dripping sex. You pressed your lips together to stifle your noises, your hands sinking into the soft, dark hair on Bucky’s head to pull his face closer to where you needed him most.
“If you’re holdin’ those pretty noises back toots, I’ll add another orgasm on as punishment.” He quipped, mouth creating a seal around your clit before sucking hard to pull the filthiest moan from you he had ever heard. He was in his element, hard and needy and damn near ready to hump the bed beneath him for some relief but determined to absolutely wreck you before he could even think of his own pleasure. Without saying much more, he slid two metal fingers into you, admiring how they slipped in with so little resistance.
“That’s it, oh God you take me so well. Know exactly what your body needs baby, need to be fucked like a whore don’t ya? Gonna make sure you can’t even think straight by the time I’m done with ya.” He was almost growling in between little kitten licks to your clit, fingers plunging in and out of you, rubbing your silky walls perfectly.
“Bucky, more, fuck.” You hissed out, grinding your hips against his hand. The vibrations from the little laugh he let out in response felt amazing.
“God doll, you’re not gonna be begging for more by the time I’m done with you. Gonna have you begging me to stop. But since you were a good girl this week, I’m sure I could play nice for now.” He laughed, lips and tongue crashing against your clit, fingers working faster and his eyes trained on your face as he tore another orgasm from your body. You groaned out, rutting against his face, your juices soaking his fingers and tongue as you rode out your high, panting and whimpering deliciously for him.
“Good girl honey, did so well. Want you to ride me now, yeah? Want that little body on top of me. You just gotta use me to make yourself feel good doll, don’t even worry bout makin’ me cum. Want as many of those pretty moans as you can give me before your legs give out.” His filthy plans had you whimpering, knowing that when your legs turned to jelly from too many orgasms, that didn’t mean you’d be stopping. It just meant he would take over. You did as he asked, hopping up onto your knees while Bucky undressed himself, giving his proud, hard cock a few lazy pumps watching you remove your pyjamas. You positioned yourself above him, his metal hand lined his cock up with your soaked, already abused hole. Sinking down onto his length tore groans from both of you, Bucky’s flesh hand gripping your waist to stop himself from pushing you the whole way down too quickly.
“Tightest fuckin’ pussy, you feel so good for daddy. God kitten, this pussy is so hungry isn’t it? Needs me, I can feel it. You need daddy’s cock to make you feel good? Gonna take such good care of you.” He was losing himself in the feeling of your silky walls gripping him, wetter than he could ever remember you being before. But god, you had six more orgasms ahead of you, how on Earth was he gonna make it if you got any wetter? The thick drag of his bare cock inside you was almost more than you could take as you pulled yourself back up his length again, sinking down quickly until he was entirely seated inside you.
“So so big daddy, I can’t.” You wailed, the sloppy sounds coming from your pussy fuelling you to keep going regardless.
“Yes you can angel, doin’ so well for daddy. So tight around me, can hardly move. Nothin’ feels as good as you do. Fuckin’ live to be buried in this little pussy, you know that?” His filthy pants had you rolling your hips faster against him, not really fucking him, more grinding your pelvis against his with his length fully seated inside you. It was such a different sensation to being fucked, it just made you feel endlessly full, the thickness of Bucky’s cock stuffing you, the head nestled deliciously against that sweet spot inside you. Every little grind of your hips had him nudging that spot inside you, making your eyes roll back and your head flop to the side. And Bucky was absolutely obsessed. He couldn’t find it in himself to tear his eyes away from you, not knowing whether he wanted to watch how your breasts jiggled as you moved, watch down at the mess you were making where your bodies were joined or watch the look of sheer pleasure on your face. He loved seeing you take what you needed from him, knowing that he was still in control but letting you use his body to satisfy yourself.
“So deep ‘nside you toots, bet you can feel me in here.” He pressed his metal hand to your lower tummy, the coolness making you gasp. Everything felt like it was too much but the grind alone wasn’t enough to tear your building orgasm from you and of course Bucky knew that.
“Tell me what you need, tell me and I’ll give it to you.” Bucky whispered softly, lips dusting chaste kisses on your shoulders, flesh arm wrapped up your back, helping you move against him.
“Fingers daddy, on my clit.” You pleaded, eyes squeezed shut and your mouth hanging open slightly.
“Magic word toots?” He teased with a little laugh, flesh fingers dancing over your clit torturously.
“Metal ones daddy, please.” Your whine would have been mortifying under any other circumstances but right now, you didn’t care. Bucky raised an eyebrow at your little request, secretly thrilled that you got so much pleasure from his metal digits.
“Filthy girl.” He whispered, replacing his flesh hand with his metal one, rubbing between your bodies in harsh circles. The cool fingers felt even better, the ridges in the unrelenting metal only added to the sensations threatening to consume your body. It didn’t take long for you to feel yourself tightening, Bucky’s movements never even faltering as you hit your peak.
“That’s it, cum for me, good girl, hump Daddy’s big cock. Know how much you need this, know you love daddy fillin’ you up.” His eyes were completely trained on your face, loving how it screwed up in response to the words he mumbled in the quiet, early morning air. Your gasps didn’t stop as your high started to subside, mainly because his fingers didn’t stop. You tried your best to pull away, becoming far too sensitive very quickly but Bucky’s flesh hand on your hip held you in place.
“Want another one out of you before I let you move.” He whispered, fingers only speeding up against your overstimulated bundle of nerves.
“Can’t take it daddy, it’s too much!” You sobbed, face buried into the crook of his neck as your body twitched around him, another peak fast approaching. You knew you could’ve said your safe word if you needed to but deep down you knew you could handle it.
“I know you want it angel, c’mon, stop holdin’ back.” He growled, rubbing you even faster, dragging you screaming into yet another orgasm. You couldn’t help but bite down on his flesh shoulder as you came, your body shuddering, wet nectar dripping out of you and down over his balls.
“Oh fuck, soakin’ me, you know that? Pussy is drippin’ everywhere. Such a wet little slut for daddy, aren’t ya cupcake? Such a good girl.” Bucky’s praise only made your walls flutter even more, pulling a growl from his throat. Before you even got a chance to register what was going on, Bucky had you flipped over, ass in the air, face down on the bed with his cock still inside you.
“Can’t wait anymore toots, need this.” He grunted, fucking into you recklessly. You could’ve screamed from the overstimulation, body trembling, walls still trying to milk Bucky’s thick cock. Again, your last orgasm didn’t even get a chance to ebb away before you were being worked towards another one. Your back arched into the bed of its own accord, letting Bucky fuck deeper into you. Your whimpers mingled with Bucky’s grunts, sounds of skin slapping on skin filling the house.
“Pussy’s still clenchin’ me so tight, you’ve no idea how good you make me feel. Body’s always so ready for me.” Bucky was almost growling, his own need almost entirely taking over, eager to cum so he could get back to focusing on giving you as much pleasure as you could handle.
“Thank daddy for fuckin’ you. Thank me for givin’ you my cock raw like this.” He groaned, fingers drifting between your thighs to play with your swollen bud once more.
God, this was humiliating and you were loving every single second.
“Thank you daddy! Love your cock so much, think about nothing else. Love how you fuck me, love how big it feels, love your cum, just need more daddy please.” Your words were only broken by little gasps, Bucky fucking into you harder than you even thought possible.
“Tha’s it, God yes, takin’ me like a good girl, my best girl. Little pussy so hungry for daddy’s cum. That never changes, does it honey? Should just keep you plugged and full of me all the time. Only thing that could keep your needy cunt happy, isn’t it? Just a little cum whore. Gonna give you a load now baby, okay? Keep that little face pressed to the bed and ass up, want it all drippin’ as deep ‘nside you as it can get. Don’t want a single drop spillin’.” Sometimes you wonder where Bucky possibly learned to talk so dirty but right now you didn’t care, teetering on the brink of a fifth orgasm as you lowered yourself the way he wanted, his cock nudging your cervix in this new position.
“So deep daddy,” you whimpered, muffled slightly by the thick duvet as he pounded into you. His fingers rolling perfectly against your clit was enough to tear you apart, your body shaking, fingers squeezing the sheets as you rode out the electric feeling shooting the whole way through your body. That was all it took to drag Bucky over the edge too, not able to hold back with how your walls were tightening around him, milking every drop of cum into your body.
“So tight toots, can’t even move.” He groaned, stilling his movements to stay pressed right at the deepest point inside you. The warm feeling of his cum exploding into you was almost more than you could handle, knowing every drop had to stay there to keep Bucky happy. His fingers didn’t stop moving against your clit though, tearing as many aftershocks from your over worked body as you could muster.
“Bet there’s so much cum in you now.” He whispered proudly, kissing down your spine despite the thin sheen of sweat, slowly pulling out and humming appreciatively when there wasn’t even the slightest indication of the mess he had made inside you. You felt absolutely boneless, knowing you were over the half way mark but still nowhere near finished yet.
“Three left honey, how ya feeling?” He cooed softly, taking a second to stroke your hair and dote on you. His cock hadn’t softened at all but it rarely ever did after only cumming once during such an intense session.
“Feel good Buck, sensitive.” You whispered, flopping onto the bed with your eyes closed, sucking in deep breaths to steady yourself.
“Think you can take some more for me?” He asked quietly, placing tiny kisses to your shoulders and neck. You could do nothing but hum contentedly, letting him give you as much affection as he wanted.
“Need you to use your words sweetheart. Didn’t make you, dumb already, did I?” He chuckled, making you open your eyes to see that dashing smile
“Want more daddy, I can take it.” You nodded gently, noticing how his smile only widened at your eagerness.
“I’m so in love with you, ya know that?” He beamed, giving you a gentle kiss that was all teeth and tight lips, his smile still so evident on his face. “Won’t mind though if you need to stop. Want you to enjoy this babydoll.”
“No Buck, I can keep going. But we can cuddle afterwards, yeah?” You asked, placing a little tired kiss to his knuckles of his flesh hand.
“Oh honey, when we’re done here, we can do whatever you like. This weekend’s about you, jus’ wanna make you feel good.” He agreed, heart aching at the sight of you looking so beautifully fucked out and still asking him for more.
“Thank you daddy.” You smiled lazily, knowing it would get him right back in the mood to fuck you relentlessly through the final three.
Bucky groaned hearing the title fall from your lips again when he was least expecting it, cock bobbing deliciously in agreement.
“Fuck princess, you’re gonna be the death of me you know that?” He laughed, metal hand falling to grip his aching cock. “Jus’ you lie there angel, lemme do the work this time.” You sure weren’t going to argue, pressing your head back on the soft pillows as Bucky positioned you how he wanted you, slotting neatly between your spread thighs. Despite how kinky Bucky was, missionary was still one of his all time favourite positions. It was simple, comfortable, uncomplicated and he loved being able to see your face contort as he takes you apart, not to mention the perfect bounce of your tits when he slams into you. Bucky lined up with your soaked pussy, taking the time to make sure none of his seed from the last round had spilled from your core. Once he was satisfied that it was only your own juices that were coating your thighs, he pressed in, revelling in the gasp you let out.
“So warm and wet babydoll.” He hissed, head thrown back as he set a decent pace, thrusting in and out with his metal hand pressed to your lower tummy. “Swear I can feel myself in here, just so deep ‘nside you, aren’t I?” You couldn’t really believe how your body was still craving him, still needing more even though you were so fucked out already. You couldn’t even find it in yourself to reply, almost every coherent thought having been fucked from your head. The soft clinking of metal had you opening your eyes. But when did you close them? You had no idea, and far less did you care upon seeing Bucky hovering on top of you, his dog tags swinging in front of your face. Somewhere deep inside your brain you registered that he must’ve pulled them from the nightstand when your eyes had been shut but there was something about them that just made the sex that little bit better. He knew how much you loved them too, smirking down at you as he continued his leisurely thrusts.
“Like what you see?” His voice was deep and seductive, close to only being a low rumble. His abs rippled with every push into your tight heat, little grunts slipping past his lips occasionally, a light flush on his cheeks from arousal. What was there to not like about Bucky Barnes? You could only nod, trying to press your hips closer to his pelvis, wanting to pull him deeper than even should have been possible.
“God, you can’t get enough can you? My cock that addictive honey?” He teased, flesh fingers toying with your clit. You cried out quietly at the feeling, not understanding how you could possibly still need more. Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you reached up, taking those jingling dog tags in your mouth, lips wrapping neatly around the chain. Bucky thought once more that he might cum then and there, just at the sight of your little pretty mouth enveloping his tags, the metallic taste covering your tongue.
“Need your slutty mouth filled too baby? Should’ve said somethin’, coulda had my fingers ‘nstead. But maybe you couldn’t tell me? Can’t get any words out now, can you? Daddy’s cock knocked all thoughts out of that little head, hm? That’s okay angel, daddy doesn’t need you to think, jus’ need you to cum. Think you can do that for me?” Your legs were shaking but you nodded you head regardless. As Bucky had been talking, he had dialled everything up a notch, fucking you faster, rubbing you in tighter circles, everything just felt incredible, your orgasm so close once more.
“Ah, daddy, please.” You pleaded, absolutely no idea what you were even pleading for anymore other than release. Bucky chuckled lowly from somewhere deep in his chest before giving you what you had begged for, pressing a little harder on your clit, rubbing in the same tights circles, dragging you through a painfully intense orgasm. Your teeth bit down on the hard metal in your mouth, trying to stifle the screams and whines that fell from you as every single vein in your body throbbed, desire washing through you violently. Bucky was completely and utterly obsessed with you, coaching you through your high with the same filthy grunts and promises that you had learned to expect from him.
As your high subsided, Bucky didn’t slow, if anything he just fucked you faster, not chasing his own release yet but loving how you looked like you had been fucked absolutely senseless, eyes rolling back, head crooked to the side, fingernails digging into his flesh, dog tags still in your mouth.
“You’re a fuckin’ picture like this doll, so beautiful for me. Can’t believe you’re all mine.” His thrusts had your tits bouncing back and forth, jiggling even more as you squirmed, trying to move away from him given how painfully overstimulated you were becoming. You screamed and yelled as his fingers picked up speed, slipping around from the insane amount of slick that had dripped from your hole.
“Come on little whore, cum for daddy, give it to me. Silly little slut can’t do anything but cum, can you? So fuckin’ good at it, no thoughts left in that pretty head of yours, daddy fucked them all out didn’t he? Love seein’ you like this, greedy pussy takin’ everything I give it. You’re an angel, you know that? My angel. Body’s always so ready for me.” Bucky’s voice was deep, strangled and needy, working you as fast as he could. Your legs couldn’t hold still as he pounded you, metal hand still pressing on your tummy so you could feel his cock even deeper inside you. It was all too fucking much, that ball of need inside you exploding once more making you scream, thrashing around under his huge body. Your rhythmic squeezing had him groaning, screwing his face up, unable to hide how good it felt.
“Last one princess, you ready?” Bucky asked softly, pulling out to give you a second. Christ, you looked wrecked but in the best way possible. His dog tags slipped from your mouth, spit trailing down your chin that you wiped away with the back of your hand.
“You sure you can take another? Need a colour toots.” Bucky probed gently, stroking your cheek lovingly, pushing your hair away from your sweaty face.
“Green daddy, just one more. I can take it.” You nodded weakly, fawning over the little gentle kiss Bucky pressed to your forehead.
“That’s my good girl.” He soothed. “I’ll make it quick, promise.” With that he hopped off the bed. You couldn’t really find it in yourself to care about why he had got up, taking the time to catch your breath and steady yourself but when he came back empty handed, you couldn’t help but be a little confused.
“Gonna move you toots,” he hummed quietly, shifting you onto your hands and knees at the side of the bed and that’s when you realised what he had been doing. Bucky had pulled one of the wardrobe doors open, specifically the door with the full length mirror, leaving it at an angle so you could see yourself from where you sat on the bed.
“Want you to watch yourself, see how pretty you look when you cum for me.” He groaned, harder than he could ever remember being in his life before. You whimpered even just at the thought, letting him slip inside you then pull your back flush to his chest. His whole body felt like it was surrounding you, probably because it was. His firm chest felt so comforting against you, both of his arms supporting your bare frame, casing you in against him. He pulled your hair out of the way, making sure he was able to kiss your neck and shoulders before beginning to piston his hips, fucking into you at a punishing pace. You were so glad he was holding you up, knowing if he took his arms away, you would be left to crumple onto the sheets. Your moans were so lewd you surprised yourself at how keen you were to just keep taking his cock. You knew you would feel empty without him inside you after such a long session but the emptiness might even be a blessing after this insane amount of stimulation.
“Look at yourself baby, you just came seven times for me and you’re still keen to go again. Still gonna give me ‘nother one. Cause you’re the best girl, aren’t you? So so good for daddy. Jus’ lettin’ me take and take from your body. You feel that mess sweetheart? You’re fuckin’ soaked right down to your knees, toots. All my cum from earlier drippin’ out of you. Don’t worry, got ‘nother nice big load to fill you with. Gotta give my best girl what she needs.” You hadn’t even noticed the sticky wetness between your thighs, the change in position letting it all seep out of you. You whined, high and needy as his fingers ghosted through the wetness, landing on your clit. His movements were smooth and methodical, rubbing you at the exact pace he knew you liked. He didn’t want to drag this out any more and he wasn’t even sure that he could last any longer.
“Cum for me babydoll, one last time. That’s it, good girl, hump daddy’s fingers. Excellent baby, doin’ so well for me, ‘m so proud of you, you know that? So so proud.” You felt your body clench harder than you had even thought possible, a strangled cry being torn from Bucky’s throat, his seed spilling so deep inside you.
“Ah, holy shit, can’t stop cummin’.” He panted against your neck, your head flung back onto his shoulder as the most intense high of your life took over. Your whole body was alight with pleasure and yet everything still felt so intimate in this position. Your bodies just felt connected in a way that you couldn’t even describe. Maybe you were just delirious with pleasure but it didn’t even really matter, chants of Bucky’s name falling from your lips like a prayer. Your pussy throbbed, aching and abused but not relenting in the slightest, if anything it only clenched harder around Bucky, milking every single drop of cum from him.
You practically collapsed onto the bed together, chests heaving, both spent and sweaty from the most exhausting morning of you life.
“Christ.” You whispered with a little content laugh, words not even connecting in your brain to form a coherent sentence.
“I agree.” Bucky laughed softly, pulling you practically on top of him, needing to feel you close and take care of you. “How ya feelin’?” He asked quietly, kissing your forehead and playing with your hair, being as delicate with you as possible.
“ ‘m good.” You hummed, giving him a little nod, taking in all the adoration he was offering.
“How bout a little nap, hm? You’re exhausted sweet pea. Then I’ll make us some lunch, yeah?” Bucky suggested, losing his mind when you snuggled yourself even closer to his body. You could only nod and give him a little smile, his fingers carding through your hair ever so gently. The hammering in Bucky’s chest was returning to a more natural thud, comforting you even more, your eyes closing of their own accord.
“My best girl.” He whispered, pressing more gentle kisses to your fragile body, little compliments and praises breaking the silence, lulling you into the best sleep of your life.
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