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#james barnes smut
spideyhexx · an hour ago
moments of affection; b.b.
a/n: this is entirely self indulgent because i feel like blah and im in my feels. also want to say here, even though this is not nsfw, it's still 18+
be sure to let me know what you think! reblogs, comments, and likes are appreciated :)
more writing!
summary; three different moments of affection between you and bucky.
bucky barnes x reader
WARNINGS: a little suggestive at the end but still sfw. alpine. cute bucky. established relationship. work drama.
word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
“Oh you won’t believe what went down today,” you announce as soon as you walk through the door and into Bucky’s apartment.
He’s on the couch with Alpine cuddled into his side and he reaches over to pause the show he was watching.
He chuckles at your statement asks, “was it crazier than the other day?”
“WAY crazier, so you remember Hannah right? The new girl that’s working at the front desk? The one that I despise?”
“I remember you told me she always smells like skittles,” Bucky recounts and you nod your head at him.
Hurriedly, you untie your shoelaces and kick off your shoes. You slide your feet underneath yourself as you sit next to Bucky.
“Yes, her! Well she had a fucking meltdown and screamed at my boss during our busiest hour. The cops came and everything.”
“Mmhm, she felt like she wasn’t being treated right because she kept being told to not cut her nails on the desk.” Alpine stretches her paw onto Bucky’s leg and you giggle at her, leaning over him to rub her head.
“Cut her nails on the desk? That’s what it was over.”
Bucky did not think his first conversation with you when he got back from his mission would be about Hannah, the girl you despise, but he is not complaining.
The way your face lights up as you tell him a story is something he always looks forward to.
“Yeah, ridiculous, isn’t it? The cops didn’t really do much, they just stood there and said ‘calm down’ but it did not calm anyone down. Eventually, my boss just said she should pack up and leave.”
Bucky knows you’re still speaking and he is listening, but his mind wanders off into how pretty you look. Your hair is a mess and he wonders when you’ll make a comment about it and try to fix it.
Every time a new thing comes to mind, your eyes light up. He watches as your eyes glance down at Alpine when you take a breath.
“Bucky?” He breaks out of his trance to find you smiling at him.
“Hm?” You scoot over closer to him and lean your head against his shoulder, his arm instinctively wrapping around you.
“Do my rants annoy you?”
“No, I love them. Now, tell did customers react to Hannah’s outburst?”
If there was anything Bucky hates more than his therapy appointments, it’s the doctor. He had been meaning to schedule a check up appointment for some time, but always hesitated.
After a long talk with you and sharing your similar feelings on the doctor visits, he made an appointment.
Now, he sits in the waiting room, his foot tapping and his eyes cast on the floor, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. It doesn’t help that the room is crowded.
No one is looking at him, but he feels like he’s got a spotlight on him. Add onto that the dreary and dull gray walls and the light hum that the lights give off.
You sit in the chair across from him and study his movements. Your gaze does not leave him.
The hope is that he will look up at you but he is determined to keep his stare on the carpet. You feel bad for him.
The nurse told him that you wouldn’t be able to accompany him when he gets called in and that seemed to accelerate his nerves.
“James Barnes?”
A nurse calls his name out and his head shoots up, finally locking eyes with you. He stands and brushes his hands against his pants.
Before he could get past you, you grab his hand. It’s sweaty, like you expected but he still squeezes your hand.
A sigh escapes his mouth when you place a kiss on his knuckles.
You can’t help yourself but kiss his hand a few more times before pulling away.
He’s trying not to smile, but as soon as you do, Bucky can’t suppress the grin on his face. He mouths ‘thank you’ and releases your hand, taking one last glance at you before following the nurse.
The only light illuminating Bucky’s kitchen at this very moment was your laptop on the counter as you type away.
You wish you could join him on the couch, but you need to get work done and sitting next to him would just result with you in his lap.
It isn’t long before you lose your focus watch as Bucky stands up to stretch.
Only a shirt and his boxers cover him but when he stretches his arms up, you can see a little bit of his back. It sends a rush of heat all over your body and as he turns his head, you snap your focus back to your work.
A deep chuckle rings through your ears.
“I can go to another room if I’m too distracting,” Bucky teases as he makes his way into the kitchen. He pours himself some water, a smirk stuck onto his face.
“It’s not my fault that you’re so handsome,” you say and he chuckles again, moving to stand behind you. Bucky leans his hands onto the counter, his lips right by your ear. He kisses beneath your earlobe.
“Bucky…” you trail off as he takes your earlobe into his mouth and sucks lightly on it. It tickles you and you laugh, feeling him begin to smile as well.
"What? I'm just loving my girl," he mumbles, leaning his head down to place kisses on your neck.
His mouth moves leisurely, the obscene noises of his mouth do nothing to ease your growing pleasure.
Your head falls back against his shoulder, giving him more access to your neck, but he pulls away.
“Are my lips too chapped?” You turn your head to look at him, raising an eyebrow.
“What? No, they’re perfect, just keep-”
His mouth his back on you, this time his movements are more aggressive.
He sucks at a spot under your jaw that never fails to make you whimper for him. One of his hands finds its way to your hip, squeezing it, then drifting to grip your thigh.
“Maybe you should take a break, doll.” You close your laptop as soon as the words leave his lips.
You spin around and pull him by his collar closer to you.
His lips brush against yours, the taste of him already so intriguing. You don’t know why you’re hesitating, but Bucky seems to notice and he smirks.
“You gonna do it, or what?” His words sink into you. One more tug of his collar and his lips are locked on yours.
Bucky laughs, but it’s muffled through the kiss. Without another thought, you bite gently onto his bottom lip. His hands falter against you and he angles his head to kiss you deeper.
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marvelswh0re · 12 hours ago
Spent the entire service hoping that Loki or Bucky would walk in. Those priest!a.u fics were all flooding back and oh my fucking hell.
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marvelswh0re · 14 hours ago
Is it bad that I'm sitting in Church right now (my friend dragged me along 😬) and thinking about getting absolutely railed by Loki and Bucky??
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jhenes-blog · 15 hours ago
i'm a believer (got a fever running through my bones) by voxofthevoid
Everyone knows Captain America is an alpha. His tragic romance with Howard Stark is as popular a topic for movies and academic papers as his exploits in the war. Sure, Stark never said a word, and he clearly moved on, given that Tony Stark is currently alive. But even now, people like to gossip in hushed whispers about how sad it is that Howard Stark passed away a mere two years before they found the good Captain in the ice.
Bucky gets it, alright? Alpha/omega is the norm. Matches sanctioned by god or whatever bullshit your conservative Christian sect of the day likes to ramble about. It’s the twenty-first century, and the world still runs on a maddening policy of straight until proven otherwise. Thing is, Bucky has most certainly proven otherwise and has been doing so since he was a wee alpha panting after some knothead or the other because being queer didn’t magically make him any less stupid than your average horny teenager.
Bucky’s an alpha, Bucky likes alphas, and he’d love nothing more than to climb Steve Rogers like a goddamn monkey bar.
Steve meets Bucky on a flaming helicarrier. It’s not the most romantic first meeting, what with the Nazis and the bullet wounds, but they make it work
Relationship: James "Bucky" Barnes/ Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Captain America Steve Rogers/Modern Bucky Barnes, SHIELD Agent Bucky Barnes, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha Steve Rogers, Alpha Bucky Barnes, Developing Relationship, Fluff and Smut, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Knotting, Semi-Public Sex, Butt Plugs, Marathon Sex, Dominance and Submission, Spanking, Mild S&M, Mating Cycles/In Heat
Words: 16 742 words
Chapters: 1/1
Rating: Explicit
Category: M/M
Characters: James Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers
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buchanansdoll · 17 hours ago
polaroids | bucky barnes
(short drabble)
warning || nsfw!
Tumblr media
bucky’s thumb invading your mouth, pretty plump lips surrounding the base of his finger and cheeks hollowing since his beautiful girl is so needy.
mascara running down your blushed face because of the tears produced by those glossy eyes; the pleasure denial being overwhelming for your body.
bucky couldn’t believe it. nothing he’d ever seen before was as angelical as the sight he had the privilege to observe— to keep in his memory for ever.
since the day he met you, this feeling— this need to keep you close in any possible way accompanied him, made him always want to touch you. to feel you.
in this moment you felt admired by him— like a true work of the god’s being shown for the first time to someone. all the insecurities were blown away by his blue eyes holding this adoring gaze.
you were on your knees for him and he would always be on his knees for you— for the most stunning human he ever crossed paths with. as you looked up at him, sucking his thumb, the rest of his big and warm hand cupped your soft face— caressing it like this moment could be the last one.
this sublime sight was something he needed to keep with him forever and he knew just how to do it. his vibranium arm reached for the night stand, touching around to find the black polaroid camera you used to chase alpine with so you could take cute photographs with the grumpy cat.
he found the black device and positioned it just above your pretty face, capturing the entrancing view of you kneeling for him in your favorite lace bra and your sweet mouth sucking his thumb.
ever since that picture was taken, the polaroid found a permanent home in his wallet, remembering him of how lucky he was to have you sleeping next to him every night.
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rebeccccccaaa · 18 hours ago
ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍᴇ ʀɪɢʜᴛ _____________________
ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀ’s!ʙᴇsᴛ!ғʀɪᴇɴᴅ!ʙᴜᴄᴋʏ ʙᴀʀɴᴇs ᴀᴜ
sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: You and Buck have always been close growing up but you two soon learn that the line that separates friendly and flirting is a lot thinner than you think.
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: fluff, slight angst bc u got a shit bf, big bro vibes from bucky, smut duh [18+ minors dni (slight praise but also slight degradation, marking, belly bulge, squirting, fem!rec oral, unprotected sex, plz be safe irl, slight choking, pet names: darling&princess, i think that’s it lmk plz)]
ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ’s ɴᴏᴛᴇs: hey assholes i'm back for the time being lol. I have a few ideas and fics I'm currently writing right now so do not fret.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You knew this was a horrible idea. 
It’s Saturday night and you and your boyfriend were back in another night club after being kicked out from one just hours before. Daniel had gotten too drunk, as he always does, causing you to kindly ask the bartender to cut him off. Daniel didn’t take that too lightly resulting in a gnarly swing at the poor guy just doing his job. 
Security threw you out and Daniel called an Uber to go where you thought was going to be your apartment but twenty minutes later you pulled up to another club practically on the other side of town. You yelled at Daniel but he pushed aside stumbling inside for yet even more drinks and mistakes waiting for him inside. 
You sat at the bar simply drinking some water and snacking on some peanuts keeping your eye on your garbage boyfriend. You're constantly checking the time on your phone, annoyed with every passing minute. It was 2 am and you just wanted to go home and sleep. You were even debating texting your brother Steve hoping you could just crash at his place not too far from where you were but it would be incredibly irresponsible to just leave Daniel in the state he’s in. 
So you waited and waited and waited. Your eyelids felt heavy and your energy was just completely drained. You were basically a zombie. It wasn’t until a guy approached your half asleep body that you felt a sense of alert. Daniel was shit-faced so you were practically defenseless. 
“Hey,” the guy shouted over the music.
“Sorry, I’m not interested. My boyfriend’s-” you quickly said, only to be cut off.
“Don’t worry. I’m not gonna hit on you. I’ve got a boyfriend of my own,” he chuckled, making you breathe out in relief. 
“Sorry,” you cringed at yourself. 
“It’s alright; but uh, I hate to be the one to tell you this. You might want to check with your boyfriend,” he said sympathetically. 
You pushed your way through the crowd scanning every face in search of Daniel. What did he do? Is he hurt? Did he get in trouble again? Is he getting arrested? Where is he-
“Daniel?” you said eyes tearing up a bit. 
His arms were wrapped around another girl’s waist as he kissed her the way he kissed you. She practically moaned as their tongues slobbered disgustingly with each other. Their hips grinding against each other proactively as if you weren’t even there. Sadness turned to anger, and anger turned to rage, gripping Daniel’s short hairs and pulling his head away from whoever this girl was. 
“What the fuck?” the girl complained, her eyes completely bloodshot. 
“Did he tell you that he was here with his girlfriend tonight?” you're sad with gritted teeth. Daniel stumbled around still unable to register what the hell was happening. 
“Oh my god, you forreal?” she said.
“Who fucking cares? She’s a prude anyway. I got more action with you than I did her in the past, what, six months?” Daniel slurred. 
“You know what, you’re a fucking prick, dude. She deserves so much better than you; I bet your dick is small anyway,” the girl said.
“Fuck you too bitch,” Daniel spit. 
“I can’t believe you,” you said. 
“Oh, whoop-dee-doo, big fucking surprise. Babe, you’re a prude. Can’t you see it? I don’t know why I’m wasting my time with you anymore,” he practically puked out the words without any second thought. 
“Fine, then I hope you enjoy the rest of your night, you fucking asshole,” you stormed away holding in the tears; he wasn’t worth it. 
Almost three am and you just dumped your cheating lowlife boyfriend on the other side of town. Steve wasn’t answering his phone and you even wanna be near the club anymore. Walking speedily staring at your screen desperate to call an Uber home, you bumped harshly into a hard chest falling to the ground on your bum. 
“Fucking hell, I’m so sorry, darling,” the man said helping you up by your elbows.
“It’s ok. I wasn’t looking- Bucky?” 
“Oh, hey kid. What are you doing? It’s like three in the morning and you don’t live anywhere near here,” Bucky said, crossing his arms. 
“Daniel got himself kicked from the one by our apartment and Ubered here instead.”
“So where’s Daniel?” Bucky scowled; he’s always hated that guy, so did Steve.
“Probably fucking some other chick in the bathroom,” your voice cracked. 
“It’s nothing; I just want to go home,” you cried.
“Hey, it’s ok; it’s ok. Do you wanna crash at me and Steve’s? He’s gone for the weekend with Peggy; you can stay in his room at least for the night,” Bucky offered; so that’s why Steve’s not answering his phone. 
“I don’t wanna intrude on your night. I can just call an Uber, it’s fine.”
“No, it’s not. Steve’ll kill me if he found out I left his baby sis alone in the streets of New York at three in the morning. It’s not a problem, we were just bar hopping and I stopped drinking ages ago.”
“Are you sure, Buck?”
“Of course,” he smiled warmly at you. 
“Hey, Nat!”
“What’s up?” a beautiful redhead approached you both.
“Gonna head home ; don’t do anything stupid,” he chuckled. 
“You too,” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, “Catch you Monday?” 
“You’re stupid. I’ll see ya,” Bucky laughed before grabbing your hand and headed towards his apartment. 
“Thanks again, Buck. For letting me stay here tonight,” you said once you entered his apartment. 
It had been a while since you hung out at your brother’s apartment but nothing’s changed. Typical men and their inability to change even a throw pillow. You set your small bag on the couch before Bucky led you to Steve’s room. There were pictures of you and him posing at Steve’s graduation; and later your own. Pictures of Steve and Bucky at a theme park, during a bar-be-que for Steve’s birthday. So many memories that Steve held onto in his room. 
“Time really flies doesn’t it?” Bucky said, slightly startling you.
“Sorry,” he chuckled.
“No, you’re fine. But you’re right. Feels all these pictures were taken yesterday,” you reminisced. 
“I got you some clothes if you need to change; I’ll give you privacy,” Bucky said, slipping from the room briskly. 
You sat on the bed frustrated with everything. Your body was so drained from being up so early in the night, to the fight with Daniel. The past couple months with him were so awful. He was just so mean to you all the time and you didn’t know what you did wrong. Where did it go wrong? When did things shift?
"Is everything ok, darling?" Bucky asked quietly, knocking on the door when you hadn't come out after a while.
"What did I do wrong? I thought he loved me," you choked out. 
Bucky sighed as he walked over to the bed sitting beside you before engulfing you in a warm hug. You cried into his shoulder and Bucky couldn't help the anger that bubbled inside him for your excuse of a boyfriend Daniel. He never got along with the guy and now he finally has a reason to knock his teeth in.
"You didn't do anything, I know it. That prick wouldn't know love if it hit him in the face. It's his loss. You deserve so much better than that asshole. Look at me, you're so beautiful and funny and fucking adorable; any guy who can't see how perfect you are, is a dense piece of shit." 
"James," you whispered. 
His words made your heart skip and your stomach flutter. But Bucky’s always had that effect on you. Even growing up. You weren’t going to sit there and pretend that hearing his words hadn't had a deeper effect than they would’ve coming from Daniel. Sometimes you wondered what being with Bucky would be like. You’re not the first to admit how handsome Bucky was and growing up you did have quite the crush on your brother’s best friend.  
You don't know what it was, whether it was the alcohol still swimming through your veins, or just feeling so vulnerable being in Bucky's arms but you wanted him badly. You needed him, needed to feel something again. And you knew he could give it to you. You pressed your lips to his and in an instant his hands dropped to your hips pulling you impossibly close against his body. Your hands went to the back of his head as you kissed him messily. Your noses bumped and teeth clashed but it was the best kiss you’ve ever had. 
“Fuck, your brother’s gonna kill me,” Bucky mumbled, almost to himself, as he slowly laid you down on your back.
Bucky’s hands trailed up your thighs, squeezing the soft flesh every now and then as he continued kissing you passionately. Your own hands couldn’t help but tug at his shirt desperately. When he did so, your breath was completely taken away. It had been years since you’d seen Bucky without a shirt. 
Not only had he been quite skinny just like your brother back then, but not long after leaving for college with Steve he was in a bike accident that left him with ghastly scars and burns along his left arm and shoulder. Since then, it’s fair to say Bucky never really ever took his shirt off. It had taken years just for him to remove the glove he’d always wear to cover the scars on his hand.
“You’ve gotten so strong, James,” you grinned, reaching out to brush the flexed muscles running down his front. 
He simply stared at you with an anticipating and anxious expression on his face, waiting for you to state the obvious. When you didn’t, when you pulled his head down to kiss him once again, he almost cried. Bucky hadn’t been with a woman in so long, afraid of this very moment. He knew at that moment, there was no one quite like you. 
Bucky fell in love. 
“Let me take care of you, darling. You’ve been so good to me,” Bucky whispered huskily in your ear as he trailed his hand under your own shirt brushing his fingertips along the underside of your breast.
His lips pressed softly against your hot skin along your neck before standing up between your legs at the end of the bed. He pulled your shirt off then played cheekily with the straps of your bra that you still had on. You smiled back at him with the same playful stare, reaching behind you to unclasp the material. 
You could see the way Bucky’s eyes darken and his pupils widened as he stared in awe at your naked chest. Your skin bursted into chills under his hungry gaze even though you felt like you were burning up. Bucky leaned forward kissing down the valley of your breasts, nipping once in a while playfully before laying you back down. He shimmied you out of your bottoms easily, kneeling on the ground leaving you completely bare before him. 
“You are absolutely stunning, princess,” Bucky whispered, running his hands up your thighs slowly. 
“Bucky, please. I need you,” you whimpered. 
“Don’t worry, darling. I promise I’m gonna take good care of you,” he smirked devilishly. 
He pushed your knees open, eyeing the arousal that glistened between your thighs. He brought his fingers up to you slowly rubbing your slick around before finally pushing a thick and long finger past your folds. Your body shuddered solely at the foreign but pleasurable feeling, already moaning softly. 
Bucky’s cock strained through pants upon hearing your beautiful moans; they were like music to his ears. He couldn’t help the way his hips would buck into the mattress in a desperate attempt to relieve some pain from his erection. Soon after he pulled his fingers from you slowly only to thrust them further in you, curling his fingers just right. 
He brought his mouth down to you, wrapping his lips around your clit sucking harshly. You gasped and your back arched, overwhelmed with pleasure Bucky was giving you with just his mouth and fingers. All the times that you’d given yourself to your ex, he had never made you feel this good before, feel this full; let alone with his fingers. Bucky was taking his time with you solely for your own pleasure and it made your heart swoon. 
Your legs trapped Bucky’s head between your thighs, squeezing as he continued to eat you out like a starved man. Your hands went to his hair pulling on his dark locks causing Bucky to moan deeply against you. You were so close to a release; your legs shaking violently and your stomach tightening. 
“Come on, princess. Want you to come all over my face. Can you do that for me, darling?”
“Be a good girl and make a mess,” Bucky teased.
His fingers moved faster as he swirled his tongue around and over your clit just as quickly. You were becoming overwhelmed and that coil bursted in the pit of your stomach. You pushed Bucky’s face from you, shrieking with pure pleasure; Bucky’s kept the rapid pace with fingers as you fell over the edge.
“Fucking hell, that was so hot, princess,” Bucky said standing up; his fingers, arm, his chest was covered in your arousal. 
“Did I do that?” your voice trembled. 
“Because of me,” Bucky winked playfully.
“I didn’t know I could do that,” you let your head fall back on the bed as you briefly caught your breath.
Bucky grabbed his shirt that he discarded not long ago and quickly wiped his chest and arm before discarding his pants and boxers. He nearly moaned at the feeling when he finally freed his dick from the restraining garments. His hand instantly wrapped around the base before pumping himself a few times. 
You brought yourself onto your elbows momentarily ogling at the sight of Bucky completely bare before you. Your mouth practically watered at the sight. Bucky crawled over you kissing you deeply and messily; but perfectly. He pulled away and you both had goofy smiles on your faces before bursting into a fit of giggles, Bucky’s head burying into the crook of your neck.
“You’re so goddamn adorable, princess,” Bucky’s voice was muffled. 
“Bucky,” you whined. 
You couldn’t resist squirming underneath the burly man. Although, you’ve just had what was probably the best orgasm you’ve ever had, you wanted more. You needed more; you needed Bucky. 
“I got you, darling. I got you.” 
Bucky wanted to tease you more, make you beg, but he was just as desperate to feel you as you were. He propped himself up on his elbows kissing you one last time before reaching between your bodies and lining his dick with your entrance. Both you and Bucky moaned simultaneously as he stretched you out; curses spilling from his lips as incoherent moans fell from yours. 
“So fucking tight, princess. Squeezing my cock just right, aren’t ya?” he whispered.
“Fuck, I feel so full,” you whimpered.
Bucky began to slowly move his hips in and out of you deliciously. He quickly picked up the pace, jetting his hips rapidly making your moans louder. Bucky sat up on his knees and gripped your waist surely to leave bruises in your wake. This new angle surprised you and you couldn’t help the squeals and moans that left your mouth. You chanted Bucky's name like a prayer; as if it was the only word you knew. 
Bucky watched you carefully, your face contorting with pure euphoric pleasure. He couldn’t help notice the small bump in your lower belly and without a second thought, he grabbed your hands pressing them firmly over your tummy. 
“You feel how deep I am, darling? Fucking poking through,” Bucky grunted. 
“Shit! Oh, it feels so good,” you moaned. 
“That’s right, no one’s ever gonna fuck you this good again. This pussy’s mine now,” Bucky growled. 
He took one of his hands and wrapped it around your throat squeezing the sides gently but firm at the same time. Your eyes rolled back and you moaned even louder, confident that the neighbors were sure to complain in the morning. Feeling Bucky’s hand around your neck was so exhilarating; you and Daniel had never ever experimented with anything beyond a pair of handcuffs, and that particular night went horribly. 
You like being choked by Bucky. 
“Fucking slut; you like this, don’t ya?” he came down to whisper huskily against your lips. 
“Mh-hm,” you moaned with a devilish grin, your bottom lip resting between your teeth before your eyes rolled back again. 
“Such a fucking beauty you are.”
Bucky hips snapped in and out and he knew it wouldn’t be long until he needed to release.
“God, I’m close, princess,” he growled. 
His hand moved to rest on the back of your neck to pull you up so you straddled his thighs and your chest was flushed against his. Your sensitive and hardened nipples brushed against his slightly sweaty skin causing you to shudder in pleasure. Bucky’s lips attached themselves to your skin along your collar bones sucking harshly leaving purple marks all along.
Your legs shook once again as they did before and soon enough with an arched back and shout of Bucky’s name you came all over his cock. Overwhelmed with your sex, Bucky bit harshly on your shoulder in a poor attempt to muffled the loud groans and moans he elicited. Feeling your velvety walls squeeze tightly around him pushed him over the edge, coating your walls with hot ribbons on cum. 
He fell forward almost crushing you but you were too tired to complain. Bucky continued to pepper soft kisses all over your skin whispering how good you were to him, how beautiful you looked. Just absolutely showering with compliments. You felt him slowly getting off you, probably afraid he was crushing you, but you didn’t want him to leave just yet. 
“Don’t,” you whispered, wrapping your arms tightly around his body. 
“I don’t want to crush you, darling.”
“You’re not.”
Bucky chuckled before settling completely above you, careful not to make you uncomfortable. Hardly any time went by when he felt the even and soft puffs of air hitting his skin, sure that you had fallen asleep. He picked himself up and with major guilt for his best friend, picked you up from the bed and walked you to his own room. 
After he was sure you stayed sound asleep, Bucky grabbed a clean pair of boxers and hurried himself to Steve’s room again. He collected all the discarded clothes and the dirty sheets and tossed them in the washing machine to clean right away. 
He hadn’t meant to fuck his best friend’s little sister, let alone in his own room, on his own bed, but it all happened so fast. 
He went back to his room letting the clothes do it’s thing, and quickly grabbed his phone. He messaged Steve, telling him that when he got back for his weekend with Peggy, he really needed to talk to him. 
Tonight made Bucky realize how much he loved you. Growing up, you two had always been close. But he doesn’t know when he stopped being friendly and instead began flirting. Bucky wanted to be with you; he knew it now more than ever. 
Bucky watched your gorgeous sleeping form on his bed. He smiled to himself before opening the window; the sun already rising and those beautiful golden rays seeped through the glass window, making you look angelic. He crawled into bed cuddling flushed against your naked body. He chuckled softly when you realized he’d returned, wiggling even further into his arms. 
“I love you, Bucky,” you mumbled. 
“I love you, too, darling.”
And he really, and truly did love you. As did you love him. 
ᴛᴀɢʟɪsᴛ: (For all my work)
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marvelswh0re · a day ago
Spot The Difference // Bucky Barnes
Here’s some random smut that I wrote a few days ago but never posted because... I don’t know why, to be honest. Anyway, enjoy!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2491
Warnings: NSFW. Smut. Unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it.) Pet names (princess, gorgeous, etc.) Sergeant kink?? Fingering. Oral (F! receiving.) Swearing. Orgasms. Bondage (Bucky uses his belt to bind Reader’s hands.) Praise kink.
Summary: Peter sets up a little harmless prank and, well, he finds out something he didn’t want to find out.
When Peter Parker walked into your bedroom one morning, a stupid grin on his face, you were instantly worried.
“What did you do, Webslinger?” You closed your laptop mid-episode, cutting your quality time with Chandler and Monica short. 
“Come with me.” Peter tried to speak normally, but failed to hold back a snicker. Despite everything within you telling you that this was a bad idea, you followed him into the kitchen. You paused.
Leaning casually against the fridge was Bucky Barnes. And beside him, arms braced against the counter, was… also Bucky Barnes?
“One of these is the real deal,” Peter said, gesturing to the two identical men. “And one is Loki.”
“This is cruel. He’s my best friend, do you know how bad I’ll feel if I get it wrong?” As you said this, you fought the smirk that threatened to appear on your lips.
“Then don’t get it wrong.” Peter folded his arms, glancing from you to the two Bucky’s. Shoving him as you passed, you stood before them both. Pacing back and forth, so as not to give yourself away too quickly, you stopped before the Bucky leaning against the fridge. Your fingers drifted to the buttons of his shirt, working quickly to undo them and slide his shirt off. Running a hand up his arm, you peered over his shoulder, gazing down at the bare, untouched skin of his back. 
Smiling to yourself, you swivelled toward the man leaning against the counter. He looked a little pissed, but mostly smug. He knew where you were going with this, too.
“That’s the real Bucky.” 
Immediately, Peter groaned.
“Seriously? How’d you guess?”
“I’m curious, too.” Loki said from behind you, back in his own skin, picking his shirt up off the floor.
Without speaking, you grabbed the hem of Bucky’s shirt, and he didn’t resist when you pulled it over his head. Grabbing his shoulders, you turned him around so Loki and Peter could see his back; the red, scratched-up skin.
“This one’s my Bucky.” Smirking, you handed Bucky his shirt and bathed in the glorious shock upon Peter’s face, and the vaguely impressed expression on Loki’s.
That afternoon, you were in the middle of rewiring the mainframe of one of Tony’s old suits that he’d let you borrow and tinker with when the music you were blasting throughout the lab stopped. Glancing over your shoulder, you smiled when you saw Bucky standing in the doorway. His hair was damp, dripping occasionally onto the sleeves of his white shirt.
“Hey, doll,” he muttered as he approached, slipping his hands around your waist as you turned back to your work.
“How’s your back?” You asked, tightening a loose screw, your tongue between your teeth, pressing yourself back against Bucky ever-so-slightly. Just enough to tease. The long sigh that slipped from his lips told you you were doing a good job of it.
“Fine.” You could hear the smirk in his voice. “Are you nearly done with all this?”
“Why?” You stood, turning to face him, one of your hands drifting up the expanse of his chest. “In a hurry, Sergeant?”
Bucky stilled, breath hitching as his eyes darkened. His gaze flicked from your eyes down to your lips, and you spared him the decision as you gripped the collar of his shirt with both hands and pulled him down to you. When his lips met yours, heavy and lustful, you almost moaned right then and there. It was hard to get enough of him; it felt like you could never touch him or kiss him or love him enough. You wanted all of him, now.
Bucky’s hands tightened on your hips before one of them slid shamelessly up your shirt and under your bra, cupping your breast. You sighed against his lips, pulling back briefly and tilting your head back. He took this opportunity to place hurried kisses along the side of your neck, sucking slightly.
“Bucky,” you gasped, your hand going straight to his hair, holding on as though he were a lifeline. You kissed him again, harder this time, and his tongue swept in to claim your own. He lifted you onto the edge of the table, sweeping your tools aside without a second thought, and stood between your legs. The hardness of him beneath his jeans pressed against your core and he groaned, a low sound that originated from deep in his throat. 
Pulling him closer, you kissed along his jaw and down towards his sweet spot; right below his ear. While he palmed your breast, you shuffled as close to him as you could, grinding against him.
You still weren't touching him enough. 
Fumbling blindly with the hem of his shirt, your smugness from this morning replaced by desperation, Bucky had to assist you in the removal of his shirt. 
“I love it when you’re like this,” he murmured against the skin of your collarbone as the hand that had palmed your breast drifted down beneath the waistband of your leggings and into your underwear. His fingers circled your clit lazily, opposite to the intensity of the desire that thrummed through your blood, and you let your head fall back as a moan slipped past your lips.
“Like what?” You asked breathlessly, shifting your hips so his fingers pressed a little harder. Your mouth opened in a silent moan as he slipped two fingers inside of you, curling gently.
Your fingers grasped the hair at the nape of his neck, but loosened as he suddenly pulled his fingers out of you. Your head snapped up, brows furrowed, as you looked at him. Though the sight of him bringing his fingers to his mouth, sucking the wetness off them, sucking you off them, was nothing short of erotic, you were a little annoyed. “Bucky?”
He simply helped you fix your clothes and scooped you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, and walked you to the door of the lab, towards the elevator.
“I didn’t want JARVIS to get a front row seat.” He whispered, pressing a soft, tantalising kiss to the hollow of your throat. “Only I get to see you like this.”
“Yes, sir,” you muttered jokingly, but the look he gave you was enough to make your cheeks flush bright red and your toes curl in anticipation. The walk to his room was swift, and you spent the whole time hoping, praying, that you wouldn’t run into anybody. Now that Peter knew about the two of you, it was only so long before everybody in the tower knew.
You wanted to enjoy some quality time with Bucky while you still could, without everybody watching you like hawks.
When the door to Bucky’s room was shut and locked behind you, everything escalated so quickly you could barely concentrate. Your top was suddenly on the floor and Bucky’s hands were on you again, wasting no time in helping you out of your leggings, giving your ass a shameless squeeze as he worked.
Laying you down on the bed, he hooked his fingers through the waistband of your underwear and pulled them down, smirking at the wetness he found waiting for him. Bucky placed wet, open-mouthed kisses along the insides of your thighs; the anticipation was killing you. Arching your back off the bed, you tried to shuffle closer to him, to get him closer to where you wanted him to be.
“Do you want something, doll?” He asked. Asshole.
“Mhm,” you nodded, taking your bottom lip between your teeth.
“What do you say?” His metal hand slid up the bare expanse of your stomach, goosebumps rising in its wake, and you whimpered as his thumb flicked your nipple. 
Oh, you wanted to be a brat so bad. 
“Please,” your voice was a soft whine as his metal hand stroked down your ribs, making you shiver.
“Please what?” Bucky muttered against the skin of your thigh, eliciting a small moan from the back of your throat.
“Please, Sergeant.”
“Good girl.” Bucky wasted no time after that, rewarding you by pressing his tongue to your throbbing core, and licking a long stripe up it. Your head fell back against the pillows as your eyes fluttered closed. A low moan escaped your throat as he continued, swirling his tongue and dipping it inside you. Your back arched off the bed as he slipped two fingers inside you, moving his tongue to focus more on your clit as he pumped his fingers.
You looked down at him and almost groaned when you found his gaze locked on you, staring up at you with such intensity from between your legs while he pleasured you. 
“You like that, darling?” He asked, pulling away, leaving his fingers inside you but moving up so his face hovered above your own. 
“Yes, Sergeant.”
Bucky pressed a greedy, feverish kiss to the underside of your jaw at the some moment he curled his fingers inside you. Groaning, your hands gripped his shoulders as the coil in your stomach tightened. You were close; the whimpers that slipped from between your lips made Bucky’s cock twitch within the confines of his pants. 
As you arched your back off the bed, pressing your pare chest flush against him, your breaths coming out in rapid, harsh pants, Bucky smirked. And he pulled away. His fingers slipped out of you and you whined, making Bucky’s smirk morph into a grin.
Though your legs were trembling from your almost-orgasm, you sat up on the bed.
“What are you一”
Your mouth fell open as you saw what he was doing. Gaze never leaving yours, Bucky slowly pulled his belt out of the loops on his jeans.
“Hold out your hands,” he growled, his pupils almost completely dilated. Without a second thought, you thrust your hands toward him. You trusted him, and the thought of what was to come was making you giddy. Pressing your thighs together, you tried to ease some of the aching in your core. You’d never admit it out loud, but you’d never been so desperate for anybody in your life. Bucky didn’t even have to be doing anything particularly enticing, but you sometimes found yourself turned on after the simplest thing. His morning voice is particularly raspy one morning? Soaked. He’s practicing his dagger-weilding? You’re gone. And as Bucky gently wound the belt around your wrists, you were absolutely melting. Despite the eager lust in his eyes, he took care to make sure the leather wasn’t too harsh on your skin.
“Is this okay?” He asked as he laid you back down on the bed, lifting your bound hands and pressing them into the cushions above your head. You nodded excitedly, unable to contain your smile.
“Use your words, gorgeous,” he murmured, leaving a trail of kisses along the underside of your jaw, down your neck, between the valley of your breast, taking extra care in circling his tongue around your hardened nipples, before making his way back up again. 
“God, yes,” you gasped, fighting the urge to loop your bound hands around his neck and hold him there forever. You watched him get up and kick off his jeans, your chest rising and falling as you breathed deeply. You were hungry for him at this point, and seeing the outline of his cock straining against his undershorts had your thighs squeezing together, core tightening around nothing. For a moment, Bucky stood there with that insufferable smirk on his face, watching you squirm. 
“Sergeant, please.” You knew he loved it when you begged, so you made sure to add a little moan as you spoke. Within seconds, Bucky’s undershorts were on the floor and he was upon you; his cold vibranium hand splayed across your stomach as he used his other to guide himself through your folds and into you in one swift plunge. With the added pressure of the hand pressing down on your stomach, it was heavenly, and Bucky tilted his head back in pleasure; his low, guttural moan echoing through the room. 
No matter how many times he fucked you, you could never get used to the feel of him inside you. It was indescribable; he stretched your walls and filled you so wholly… 
Bucky pulled all the way out, then slammed back in, setting a slow but rough pace that had you arching your back. Already worked up from being edged, it didn’t take long to reach that peak again. 
“Don’t stop,” you whispered, rolling your hips to meet his deep thrusts. Moans fell from your lips, louder with each snap of Bucky’s hips, and you weren’t sure how much longer you would last. 
When Bucky ducked down to kiss you, you looped your arms over his head.
“Did I say you could move?” He murmured against your lips.
“Please, Buck, I need to touch you, need you close.” Your words were a strung of choked, incoherent mumbles as Bucky picked up the pace. Though, hearing the desperation in your voice, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you up until you were both sitting up. Bucky’s back was against the headboard and you were slotted nicely in his lap. You were pressed flush against his chest, and Bucky was muttering sinfully into the skin of your neck while he thrusted up into you, not faltering once. The new position made Bucky hit a much deeper part of you and, with every pounding thrust, you couldn’t help the whimpers and moans that forced their way up your throat.
“Fuck, baby, just like that. Feels so good.” Breathless, it was a wonder you’d managed to get the words out, but you knew that Bucky liked to be praised (after a particularly hilarious incident where you’d jokingly called Bucky a ‘good boy’ in a meeting and it had gone straight to his crotch.)
“Yeah, doll? You wanna cum?”
You cried out as he hit a particularly sensitive spot inside you, a gasped ‘yes’ lost amongst the sound. And if you thought he was being rough before, it was nothing compared to now. You could barely breathe as he pounded into you from below, and you made pathetic attempts to circle your hips to feel him as closely as possible.
You were a whimpering mess when you came, eyes rolling back into your head as your thighs shuddered, tightening around Bucky. With a few more staggered thrusts, Bucky groaned loudly as he, too, reached his release.
Breathing heavily, you nestled into Bucky’s chest, pressing sloppy kisses to his collarbone.
“Fuck, princess,” he moaned as your walls fluttered around him, still sensitive from your orgasm. With his flesh hand, he drew shapes on the bare skin of your back as your breathing returned to normal.
“Bucky?” You whispered once you’d finally sunk into the state of blissed-out calm that followed a session with him.
“Yeah?” “You know that Spider-Kid is gonna blab about us, right?”
“Oh yeah.”
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The Long Journey Home Chapter 6: We are all collateral damage in someone else’s war
Tumblr media
     Of the three of you in the place Zemo and Sam are the ones more in need of a wash and change of clothes, though that doesn’t stop Zemo from offering you first refusal. You shake your head, watching as he sets your bag down with care on one of the stuffed pieces of furniture. Both of you look expectantly at Sam, watching as he makes a little circuit of the room before claiming a barstool at the kitchen countertop.
    “I’ll wait till Bucky gets back.” He waves his hand in Zemo’s direction, “Someone needs to make sure you won’t try to pull anything.”
    If Zemo takes any offense he keeps it masked behind a pleasant expression. “I understand.” He pauses to dip his head, dropping his shoulders in a hint of a bow as he sweeps his arm out to reference the rest of the yet-to-be-explored space, “In that case – make yourselves at home.”
As always -  [ find the story on   AO3  ||  Wattpad ]
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starryhunbun · 2 days ago
CHAPTER ONE: Something isn't right
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 after the events of the battle of New York, Steve Rogers doesn't seem to get a break from the aftermath that is caused by the blue space stone
𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑'𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄 sorry for the late post, I wanted to post the first chapter on saturday but I've got an infection and was sick af. Anyway enjoy this chapter!
Tumblr media
May 17th, 2012: Washington, D.C.
On Friday, May 4, the world took a hard slap in the face. The Battle of New York revealed many dirty secrets the American government tried to hide ever since the events in Los Angeles 1995 and New Mexico 2011. Supernatural beings such as aliens are real, not just a rumor or a sci-fi story from an old comic book. Unfortunately, the people had to learn it the hard way. Overnight the world became part of something bigger- a bigger universe, beyond any imagination. No one had guessed that a crazy God who is jealous of his brother started to act out due to an inferiority complex.
The Battle of New York had taken its toll. Dead alien beings laying around the streets of Manhattan, completely destroyed buildings and people who couldn't be saved. Though conspiracy theorists finally got a long awaited answer to their questions. The Invasion caused fear, anger and trust at once. Trust for the not so mysterious group of a giant green monster, a billionaire in a flying metal suit, a costumed hero from the 40's, two deadly assassins and a literal God also known as the already mentioned brother of the crazy alien leader.
The Avengers were born.
"What kind of secrets are you trying to hide now, Fury?" With sceptical eyes and a bad feeling, Steve Rogers watches whatever the SHIELD agents are about to do.
Nearly two weeks have passed since the invasion of the chitauri. The aftermath is still causing troubles, buildings are still getting rebuilt and remains of the attack can be found in some areas. But it's getting better and people work together.
Ever since the Avengers were born, Steve Rogers decided to stay in Washington, D.C. at the so-called triskelion, one of the three main headquarters of SHIELD. To be fair, he only stays because it was Peggy Carter who originally founded the agency along with Howard Stark and Colonel Chester Phillips, his old chief of Camp Lehigh. Steve feels like he owes them, especially Peggy after missing their date and their possible life together.
Right now he is safe in an observation area, where he can see every inch of the big grey room behind thick armored glass. Walls made of solid steel make sure that whatever happens will not leave this former hulk security room. In the middle of this cold room is a pedestal with a small apparatus. Strange devices are surrounding the mysterious thing and conduct energy into it.
Though it seems like the little constellation of rusty gears and a crystal in the middle doesn't react.
After the lies Fury told them about the old plans with the tesseract, Steve couldn't help but question the actions. For all he knows this could be yet another plan to arm for a paranoid fear that something from space will attack the earth. Nick Fury, the director of the agency that prepares for supernatural things like this, stands right beside the living legend. Just like below in the newly built laboratory, there are scientists on the observation platform to keep an eye on the scene. They are mumbling highly scientific stuff now and then which a normal person wouldn't understand but at least the green lights on their monitors tell Steve that everything is alright. Nothing seems to blow up. Yet.
"No secrets, Captain", Fury promises, never taking his eye off from the strange relic that starts to light up a little. "We always treated that little thing like a paperweight. A dust collector, nothing serious. Due to the data, this thing has been in our possession since 1992."
Steve scoffs. It is hard to believe that SHIELD never tried to turn whatever that is into something more useful in the last twenty years. "And you never wondered what it could be?"
"Well, Captain. It never showed any reaction", Fury says, "Not until the tesseract was activated."
The tesseract seems to have done more damage than first suspected. It's the little details like a glowing rusty little artifact full of dust that cause fear and caution. But the fact that SHIELD is working on a strange object again that may or may not have a connection to the blue space cube worries the literal superhero.
"What's the plan?", the blond asks curiously as soon as the light grows brighter the more energy it gets.
"There is no plan. But whatever it is", Fury picks up a file and hands it over to Steve before finishing the sentence. For dramatic purposes. "It's dangerous."
The man's blue eyes scan over the paper. >WARNING< is written in bold, red letters on it. There isn't much information about the scrap metal which worries the super soldier even more. As if this thing just randomly appeared in 1992. No information on who submitted the artifact. It doesn't even have a name, just a bunch of numbers that define the constellation as >Subject C326<.
What no one expected is the burst of an enormous energy wave only to find a young girl lying unconsciously but uninjured on the floor while everyone else gets pushed away by the strong force.
The full moon is Selene's daily companion and constant reminder of the personal hell she is trapped in. Day in, day out, there is this full white circle in the night sky enhancing her magic like some sort of bad joke. Each damn night the girl spends in this world, Selene sees the celestial body. God, it is so humiliating, ignominious even. It's very existence is mocking her, showing the brunette the weakness within her.
A strict daily routine is the only concept to keep her sane. Every day Selene wakes up at 9 am, eats breakfast at 10:30 am after she goes to the grocery store nearby to get the food she wants, cleaning and digesting follows right after that. The rest of the young girl's midday routine depends on what Selene wants to do. Either a workout to keep the regular physical activity up or traveling around the world since she has nothing else to do. Who is going to stop her?
So when Selene went to bed, saying goodnight to the offensive moon after having one of her movie nights, she didn't expect to wake up in a white room.
Confused, Selene tries to get a clear mind. Did she sleep somewhere else? No, she's pretty sure she went home after visiting the store to get a new camera. Hesitantly she slowly lifts up the bed sheets and sees a strange baby blue pj in which she is mysteriously dressed in.
Soon Selene realizes that this isn't a familiar room. In fact, she's never been in a room without a single window or furniture. This looks like a cell. Almost immediately panic arises.
Where is she?
What happened?
Where did the clothes come from?
Or the most important question: who did this to her? Because as far as Selene can remember, she was trapped alone in an alternative dimension.
Something isn't right.
She can feel the blank fear in her veins, influencing her movements. It feels like every cell in her body suddenly awakens. Before Selene even realizes it, she jumps out of the bed. Her hazel eyes are trying to find a way out, an exit to flee as fast as possible. One door. Two cameras. One bed. One blanket. One pillow. That's it. The only light comes from buzzing lights on the ceiling.
Something isn't right.
Selene tries her best to keep calm. Her fast heartbeat echoes in her ears, probably too loud for it to be normal. Her chest rises at an inhuman speed. Cameras? A strange environment? Humans. But how? It's impossible.
Something isn't right.
The young girl isn't sure whether it's complete panic or even a little excitement she feels right now. To be fair she should be scared of what is coming but at the same time.. How long has it been? When was the last time Selene met a real human being? That's a stupid question. She never stopped counting the days in that damn alternative world her mother sent her to.
Someone saved her. A hero?
Whatever, everything will be fine now.
Selene has two choices. She could free herself, open the door violently and run away or she could wait and behave. Whoever freed her from this prison, they're cautious. But they probably don't know what they are dealing with.
Barefoot, Selene starts to walk around. Her mind runs at full speed. Do they think of her as an enemy or a friend? She still looks like a sixteen year old girl even after all those years of isolation. Honestly, Selene isn't sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Maybe she miscalculated. Maybe she was trapped in a different time. It could've been several years in her world but only a few months or weeks in the real one. She doesn't know. Her mother sent her to this hell before Selene was able to run more tests on it.
Instantly she stops in her movements. What if the people who saved her are her enemies? That's the only logical explanation. No one could possibly use the ascendant without her mother's blood. Which means her mom brought her back. Which also means…
Selene is not free.
This is just another prison.
She was never free.
Wait. She freezes again, doesn't dare to move. What if this is just a dream? A nightmare. A hallucination. Selene had many of those already. A side-effect of isolation and loneliness. Her heartbeat is painfully loud and strong. Not again. Tears filled her eyes. Quickly Selene squeezes them shut, causing hot tears to roll down her cheeks. Not again. She's trapped in her mind. Or still trapped in this damn dimension? Hell, she doesn't know.
She needs air. Her breath gets heavier while her hand reachs for her tightening throat trying to free it from whatever happens right now. She is running out of air. She can't breathe. The walls come closer and closer. Is she going to die? But she doesn't want to. She didn't even have the chance to live at all!
It's warm but it's cold, the burst of different body temperatures makes her dizzy. The shortness of breath drives Selene crazy. Her legs feel numb, they can't hold her weight. The weight on her shoulders. The weight of the truth that she will never be free. Soon, her knees collided with the floor, arms wrapped around her small, trembling body. After all these years, the torture hasn't ended yet.
Suddenly Selene hears a lock. The door. Her eyes widen at the sight of the only exit slowly opening. Cold sweat covers her tensed body immediately. She swallows hard but the fear in her body remains. And again the girl tries to find something- anything to flee or to protect herself against the person who is about to enter this room.
That's when she remembers. Selene scoffs. What? Why is she afraid? All her life, she's been told what immense powers she has. Powers which caused all of this. She is strong. She can protect herself. Fear is nothing but a feeling used to control her.
I can do it, Selene thinks while trying to calm her breath and her shaking hands, and even if I don't, I have to.
A man comes in, blond short hair, dressed in casual clothes. Now Selene is confused. Who the hell is that? The girl tries to feel her surroundings by concentrating on every magical spark in the air. A strange amount of power radiates from him, but it's not magical. He's no witch and he doesn't work for her mom but he's not normal either. Also to be honest, it's safe to say that her mom would be the one to come into her room, simply to emotionally abuse her even more. To laugh in Selene's face. To tell her that after all she won.
Steve sees the young girl on the floor, scared, trembling, but mostly confused. He immediately holds up his hands, signaling her that he does not want to harm her. All he sees is a kid, imprisoned against her will. When Selene jumps up and steps back until her back hits the wall, Steve couldn't help but feel bad.
"Hey, everything's alright", the blond says calmly, "I'm not here to hurt you."
But all Selene can think of is his appearance. A human. After all this time a human being is standing right in front of her. Is he real? Is he a hallucination? Usually Selene hallucinates people she knows. People who caused her misery like her mom and the rest of the coven.
Slowly the girl takes baby steps toward the unknown man. He seems familiar as if she already met him.
"Are you real?", Selene asks cautiously. Immediately she scoffs. That's a stupid question. A hallucination would lie and say yes, just like a real person would say the truth and say yes as well.
Before Steve could answer the question, realization hits her. Again, her eyes grow wide.
"Holy shit", Selene breathes out, going closer to the man, "you are Captain America."
Steve's eyebrows rose in surprise. Of course people know Captain America is back since the events in New York, but he didn't exactly expect that reaction.
"Yes. Steve Rogers."
He offers Selene his hand to shake it, also silently requesting her name in return but she never answers.
Eyes locked on the outstretched hand, the girl draws even closer to the man. With a silent question in her eyes, she looks up at the blond.
"Can I-" , Selene swallows her fear down, at least she tries, unsuccessfully. She never allowed herself to hope. Hope would make everything worse, but now? Now Selene feels the warmth of a real hand of flesh and blood. The rough skin of the man's palm on her tiny fingertips as she touches it. Probably from the War he participated in. This can't be an illusion. This can't be her sick mind trying to trick her. It's real. It has to be!
"Can I hug you?"
Steve squints his eyes, brows lifted in confusion. Fury warned him about whatever the rusty thing brought into this room. SHIELD is clueless about this girl, they even changed her clothes to make sure wherever she comes from, she's no threat, not contaminated. Of course he understands the need for wariness, but looking into the young girl's hazel eyes, all Steve can see is loneliness. All Steve can see is a broken girl. She is hurt and needs to feel safe. She needs to feel affectionate human interaction.
After hesitating for a minute, Captain America nods and opens his arms to welcome the young girl. Selene embraces the muscular body immediately, her head against his broad chest, her arms wrapped around him tightly. She can hear his heartbeat, slow and regular. It's so calming, she could fall asleep on the spot. This can't be fake. The warmth of a human being she longed for. The hygienic smell of soap mixed with a strong, manly scent. She's free.
"What is he doing?" Fury asks, watching the living legend hug the unknown prisoner on the monitor, irritated.
Natasha Romanov also known as Black Widow stands right beside the director. To be honest, she's not sure what to think about this encounter either.
"Looks like Rogers has a soft spot for children."
𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 @ginger-swag-rapunzel @kaitieskidmore1 @learning-howto-be-myselfx3
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Nothing to Despair | 22. So sweet as melancholy
PAIRING: Soft!Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader
SYNOPSIS: Bucky and a girl he never met before have to go undercover as married on a mission to Europe. He feels alienated in the modern world, while she goes through life alone and abandoned. Maybe they can find a new home in each other, but she’s not easily convinced.
CHAPTER NOTES: A bit of angst and a lot of smut. Tender lovemaking, body worship (of Bucky, because he deserves it), creampie, cockwarming (that turns into full body warming), breeding kink. Reader and Bucky are both completely soft with each other. Also, Hamelin makes a brief re-appearance! Thank you for all your comments and support 😘 Beta-read by @offcast-plus1​ 💖
Tumblr media
When I go musing all alone Thinking of diverse things fore-known. When I build castles in the air, Void of sorrow and void of fear, Pleasing myself with phantasms sweet, Methinks the time runs very fleet. All my joys to this are folly, Naught so sweet as melancholy. — Robert Burton, The Author's Abstract of Melancholy
It had been years since she sat at such a table: round and heavy, wooden, perched on one strong leg and topped with a thick pane of glass. A grandmother's table, firm and welcoming and pure. She could feel the soft steady chill of it beneath her hand, could feel the rounded edge as she moved her finger across it, and could see in its reflection the lights from across the street. There were meaner lights too, red and bloody, and a deep sort of thumping and screaming and smoke from the jazz club at the basement — how those could reach them here, she didn't know, but somehow it made sense. Hamelin sat across from her, his hand also enjoying the surface of the glass, and for once, he wasn't smoking. She was happy to see him, relieved in a way; it didn't occur to her to be surprised.
"You should tell him, you know."
"When we get there…"
"I just thought you should know," he whispered, leaning closer on the table, and she leaned in too to listen, "they're in the suitcase at the bottom, in a fake compartment."
"We have many suitcases, I don't know which one."
"Then," he sighed, sitting back in his chair, "it doesn't matter." But he didn't seem upset, or worried like he used to be.
She smiled at him and stretched her hand across the surface, stopping right next to his without touching, because having travelled the distance was consolation enough. "Will you be alright?" she asked.
He gave her a sideways glance and smiled his usual, thin smile. "I already am."
She tilted her head in chastisement, but looked at him fondly. "I miss you, you know."
"High praise indeed."
"Don't tease me."
"Oh I'm not sorry," he grinned. "It's just that the sentiment is unexpected. But in a good way."
"I wish we could have spent more time together. I regret it, the way I was," she sighed, and through it said she wished to spend more time with him even now, but the leaving was almost upon her.
"Don't worry. Everything is as it should be."
Tumblr media
She woke up with a smile. Opening her eyes, the room was dark and she could barely make out anything in front of her, all odd shapes and shadows, but slowly something came into focus. A broad pale figure on the edge of the bed: her husband, sitting with his back to her, a faint light just barely shining off the metal shoulder. The corded muscles, the deep vast scars, the waist that tapered into such an elegant silhouette — she didn't often get to see him from this side, and it made her fears and doubts about him melt away to catch him in an unguarded moment while he thought she was asleep. She lay unmoving, breathing lightly, letting Bucky forget that she was there. He wasn't facing the windows, he was facing the dark inside of the room, and he didn't seem to be looking at or doing anything. He was clearly thinking about something, head bowed but coming up every now and then. The occasional sigh cut through the silence, low and deep and long, like it came from the very bottom of his lungs. Whatever conversation he was having with himself, he didn't like it. He looked over his shoulder at one point, and finally caught her staring. What little of his face she could see suddenly changed into a bright smile.
"Hey, doll. I didn't wake you, did I?" he said in a rough whisper. She smiled and shook her head. "What is it, you want some water?" he asked, placing his knee on the bed as he turned to face her.
"No," she said and, before he could ask anything else, added "Are you alright?"
He gave her a bright grin, a bit soft from sleep, but it didn't look like himself. "Yeah, everything's fine."
She stretched out her hand to call him back to bed, and with a more sincere smile, he took it and slipped back in the sheets. His wife scooted closer and laid her head on his chest, while his arm came around her like the most natural thing.
"How long've you been up?" he asked, looking into the dark.
She ignored that and asked instead, "What were you thinking about?"
The girl gazed up and caught a guilty look on his face, eyes cast down and lacking their lustre with a line between his brows. His lips thinned, his jaw tensed, and though he tried to ease his features when he looked into her eyes and caught her staring, it was already too late. A hundred evil scenarios were galloping through her head.
"Are you thinking of getting rid of me?"
"That is what you're thinking about. Isn't it?" she said, raising herself off him with one hand braced on the bed while the other held the sheets to her chest. She hadn't been sure when she asked, but his hesitation made her certain of it. Bucky frowned and stared at her mutely, his arms limp now that she was out of them. He swallowed the knot in his throat and quietly asked, with a touch of genuine curiosity:
"Isn't that what you'd like?"
His question gave her pause, because she couldn't exactly deny it, but she knew she looked hurt, and moreover knew that he could see it. "Well… I would," she started. "I mean, I want to be free and alone again, but not because I'm not wanted." Her mouth spoke without her and she was mortified by the admission the second it was out. Maybe he won't catch on…
"You want me to want you?" Bucky asked, tilting his head, and even smirking a little.
Was there a point in denying it? Would it do her any favours at this point? Would it do him any favours? He didn't seem any more distant than usual, except when he'd seemed lost in thought, and the lovely doubt slivered in that maybe it wasn't her he was upset with.
"Of course I do," she shrugged, and felt ashamed enough by the admission to look away and miss the hopeful change in his eyes, the melting of tension, and the restraint. As if she needed an excuse for it, she added quietly "I'm a person too, after all…"
Bucky got up and moved through the small dark distance in a heartbeat to put his arms around her, and pull her to his chest, and though she still didn't look at him, he searched her face very closely as he whispered, "If it hasn't been painfully obvious by now, I want you very much." He saw her wince and sink down lower, and was afraid to ask if that was out of fear or any lingering ache, or something else. She didn't seem so much afraid of him or angry, but rather sad. At what?
"And before you ask again, no, I wasn't thinking of getting rid of you, sweetheart."
When she looked up at him, she seemed conflicted. Her little jaw was clenched, and her eyes could barely stay on one spot on his face — was she even looking, or thinking what to say? — but at least she didn't pull away from him. Bucky rubbed his hands up and down her arms, then in one upward motion went further to her neck and gently clasped her face in his hands, tilting it up toward him.
"What about me?" he asked in faint jest, but deep down he wanted to know, "You gonna return the favor?"
She thought about saying it, as she looked into his eyes. Thought of various ways to put it: a simple yes, a fervent I want you, a binding I've wanted you for a long time, or conversely the safer route of no, I don't want you, I never did, I hate you, go away. But she wasn't sure she had that left in her, after all his efforts at breaking down her walls, because for days now he'd been beating at them with kisses, and caresses, and heartfelt declarations the sort she'd never heard before, and though she'd tried to remain her old self, it was harder than ever to do.
He held her, waiting, and the longer her fears and hopes raged, the more desperately he searched her eyes, lips parting as if he wanted to add something, but what could he? She wasn't saying yes, she wasn't saying no, and she just looked —
"Sorry… I'm sorry." She wedged herself closer to him on the bed, their knees brushing together beneath the sheets, and she cupped his face with one warm hand in a gesture more loving than she usually showed. "I don't want to be mean. I really don't. It's not that I don't… l-like you, I just don't know how to be around people. Around men."
His hand came up to grab her wrist but held it there, anchoring himself to these small parts of her body and the shy admissions she afforded him. Was she sorry for not returning his feelings, or for not being able to say it? "You don't need to know how to be around men," he growled, "just me." Then, softening at the sight of her slightly more afraid and deeply, sorrowfully lonely, added "And you shouldn't be afraid to ask me for what you want. I'm not afraid to ask you."
"Even if you don't always get it?" she smiled sadly.
"Even if I don't always get it," he said, pulling her slowly closer until her lips just barely brushed his. Bucky held her gaze as his hands came down to rest on her hips. Her head tilted in quiet invitation as she watched his lips, and seconds later he relented and kissed her, as soft as an apology.
"It's alright, honey," he sighed as he rested his forehead against hers. "You don't have to say it."
"But I do, I can see how much it matters to you, and you deserve to hear it. You deserve so much better than someone like me…" She was briskly interrupted by one broad hand gripping her throat.
"Nobody talks like that about my best girl. Not even you."
Her face broke into a smile and she leaned in with another kiss, which he hungrily took. With his arms around her, he pulled them both back down. She curled up half on top of him, leg straddling his waist and arms around his shoulders, holding on tightly as she snuggled into his warm flesh. Bucky's metal hand rested on top of hers, holding her to him, while his other one petted her slowly, smoothing her hair that was ruffled from sleep.
"Saying things matters a lot to you, doesn't it?" he asked at one point.
"It does," she realised, "I guess it makes it real."
"Is it less real now?" Does that mean it's real at all?
"Yes, it is." She felt his grip get tighter with happiness, pressing her more closely to him, and she matched it by snuggling in even closer and turning her head so her lips pressed into his chest. Muffled and so close to him, she whispered "But showing matters too."
She could feel his breathing rush, and though Bucky didn't move, she found his eyes tilted toward her, hopeful and waiting and a little afraid, even abashed, as if he had no right to ask. His wife brushed her lips against his skin until she reached the centre of his chest and stayed there, pecking it with kisses, then opening her mouth for wetter, warmer ones, and every now and then she couldn't help but nip the skin in little nibbles, before her mouth settled in again, gentle and reserved and loving, like her. She heard him inhale sharply, and felt it as the chest raised beneath her, and distantly felt his arms cradling her, petting her hair from the crown of her head all down her back, but mostly she heard and felt and loved the beating of his heart just under her lips. It pulsed stronger and more frenzied the longer she stayed there, as if it tried to reach her.
Looking up, his waiting gaze burned into her, and she had the sudden overwhelming feeling of being someone — herself, or Mrs. Barnes, or just the girl he loved, she wasn't sure she liked any of them. She'd decided that she liked herself best when she wasn't there, when there was just her own love for him, unspoken, and she could lose herself in that, and forget herself by thinking only about him, focusing on him, on making him happy. She needed that distraction to feel happy, too. So her solution was to bring her hands up, and gently clasp them around his eyes.
Bucky winced and almost said something, but let her do it, tilting his head back while hot little palms covered his eyes, and her mouth went back to his skin. He could feel it more intimately now, that soft cushion of her lips but also the little places where they were dry and chapped from sleep, and the hot exhale fanning above, and the bit of wet left after the inside of her mouth just barely suckled him in. He could hear the muffled, hollow patter as skin left skin, sometimes slowly, sometimes in quick succession. His wife gave him every kind of kiss, from the most sensuous and seductive ones he'd ever dreamed of, to the fast and shallow kisses one reserved for children. He let out a deep and happy sigh, and held her tighter, head tilting up to catch the edge of a thumb and kiss it back. She was everything to him, from a carer of his wounds to a playful girlfriend, a naughty lap cat, commanding minx, perfect wife, soulmate.
"I'm very fond of this heart," she moaned after some minutes, raising her head just enough to take a break and rest her cheek against his ribcage.
"You should be," he sighed with a broad smile, "it's yours."
She chuckled and purred, finally lifting her hands from his eyes to drag them down his side with the lightest scratch. Bucky could look at her again, head bent lazily to see her nuzzle into his chest. Her eyes were closed in pleasure and her lips twisted in a tight and greedy smile.
"It sounds big and strong," she said with an immediate peck, then going up to leave a kiss in the damp dip between his collarbones, "and very brave and loving," caressing herself upward on the surface of his body so that she could reach his unshaven chin, giving it a nibble, "just like" and bracing her arms on either side of him finally reached his lips for a kiss, "my best boy."
Bucky kept his eyes on her throughout the kiss and all through her parting, his face splitting into a grin so big and bright his face hurt. "Really?" She bit her lip and shrugged at him, but her cheeks rounded with a big grin too. The tension broke when he took her in his arms and pulled her back down to the bed, himself on top of her with her face in his hands, kissing through their smiles. "I'm your best boy, doll?" he asked once he came up for breath. "Am I?"
She nodded, giggling, looking up at the lightened edges of him through the dark as she braced herself against her chest, scratching lightly up and down without thinking. Then, remembering what they'd talked about before, she decided to say it. "Yes. You are."
Bucky leaned down to kiss her cheek first, then her lips, moving slowly as he shuffled himself closer to her, and she moved to make room for him. His warm hand moved down her hip beneath the sheets, then lower and toward the inside of her leg, pulling it up and to the side so that he could lay right on top of her. They were both lazy with sleep and sensitive, his senses alight from her earlier kisses. He held her face in his hand while her long fingers caressed his neck, and while he kept his gaze firmly on her — watching for any sign of surprise, or pleasure, or pain — he slipped himself inside of her. Bucky bit his lip to contain the smirk at the sight of her eyes half-lidded, lips parted in a gasp, and that one sharp inhale that brushed her chest against his with a shiver.
He felt her melt beneath his hand, like he melted into her, and in the silence of the room, their sighs and moans with each reflexive throb sounded deviously loud. Bucky worked his way inside, and cherished the victory of conquering the full length of her by staying there, settling deeply, holding her face still for him to kiss again and again. His lips pecked hers through her open-mouthed gasps, high and feminine and just what he wanted to hear. She flexed beneath him at first, trying to move, trying to pull him closer, curling her legs around him, but he chuckled and shook his head, and she didn't complain except through a bratty pout.
"Why are you teasing me?" she whined.
"You tease me all the time," said Bucky with a smirk, moving just slightly to make his point. The girl grit her teeth and it grew into a smile, her eyes aimed vaguely at his chest and where they touched each other, his stomach firm and heavy against hers. Then he stopped, and settled just a bit more firmly on her.
"This good?" She hummed and nodded, spreading her legs, and letting her arms lay around his neck in a loose hug as she stretched beneath him, making herself comfortable. "You're so warm when you've just woken up," he whispered, curling both arms around her on the bed, holding the top of her head with one and petting her cheek with the other.
"You keep me warm," she murmured.
"Let's see if we can't get you warmer then," Bucky grinned. "Fire up that little oven."
She got his meaning right away, and though she didn't say anything, he could see in the widening of her eyes that she was as intrigued as he at the prospect. If anything, she settled down firmer on his length as she looked into his eyes. Bucky set a hand over her thigh but she kept going lower, chasing him with a little grin while he slipped down on the sheets with her. He stopped her with a metal hand over her wrists, by now over the pillow, and clasped her hip within his palm.
"Sit still…" he growled, but he was grinning as broadly as she was.
"Or else what?"
"You sure you want to know?" he asked, nuzzling into her neck.
"You're charming when you're being threatening," she whispered into his cheek, ending it with a little kiss. "Tell me."
But he didn't tell her, he just focused on the feeling of her all around him, her skin hot and tight inside, and soft and smooth above, her smell just as hot and sweet and tasting sweeter with every kiss he took. Bucky sighed against her, and she giggled, and he felt it all along his chest. The longer he stayed inside her, the more he felt her throb and wet them both, and he wasn't sure he ever wanted to leave. Slowly, he let go of her hip and moved it just between them, over her stomach, and started to feel around. He lifted his head just enough to catch the look in her eyes once he found the tip of himself just barely there, right under his hand, on the other side of her. She quieted down and bit her lip, looking up at him somewhat afraid, or abashed, or surprised, and then he began to move his hand — just slightly, just trying. Her wrists beneath his metal hand stayed still, she wasn't trying to escape, and her legs lay quietly on either side of him. They gasped almost as one once he found the perfect spot. His hand spread across the breadth of her, with his thumb right on that spot, and then he started moving it — just back and forward, as he held her down, over and over, teasing the tip of himself while wrapped in her flesh.
"Is this alright, doll?" he breathlessly asked. She nodded mutely, mouth agape and eyes captured by his. "Do you like it?" A moan and a whine tangled in her throat while she stretched, trying surreptitiously to rub herself on him, but he wouldn't let her. His arm held hers firmly to the bed and the rest of him pressed her down while he teased himself with her. "Tell me you like it," he whispered, coming lower so that only she could hear — even the room couldn't catch the words he told her, or her little gasps. "Can you do that? Can you tell me?"
"Yes," she whispered back, dazed but completely absorbed by his pleasure.
"You like it?"
"I love it."
He kissed her lips then shifted them both up the bed, carrying her with him, and let go of her arms. She hugged him closer and held on to his neck while his metal arm gripped the headboard, squeezing it harder than he could her wrists. He stayed still inside her, just using his thumb to get closer and closer to finishing, and with her throbbing and whining and wrapping her thighs tighter around him, he released within minutes. He was grateful for the headboard then. Bucky focused on squeezing the wood while he buried his face in her neck, pulling himself ever so slightly closer, moving her up the sheets with him, and let her skin absorb his moans. He felt her shiver as she realised what was happening, gasping his name and grinding against him, but she took everything. Once his breath came back to him, he brought his flesh hand up to pet her and kissed the top of her head, still slowly spilling wave after wave of fertile seed into her. Bucky felt against his cheek, more than heard, her whispering his name pleadingly, and raising his head he saw how flushed she looked, lips swollen and eyes close to tears. He bit through a lazy grin at the sight.
"Keep it there, honey," he murmured, pressing even deeper.
She whimpered long and low, and ended it with a little raise of her head to bite at his clavicle, but then she fell back down, winded from the effort. He chuckled and grabbed her hip, then brought them both up together just by the waist until she was slightly bent at the middle with him on top of her and pressing down, her back firm against the bed and his thighs supporting her weight.
"Warmer now, doll?" he asked and kissed her cheek. She replied in a moan and a tight, delicious clench. "That's right, keep it in there."
"Feels so full…" she gasped.
"It's right where it needs to be, darling," said Bucky, kissing her again and threading his fingers through her hair to calm the both of them.
Her legs settled tighter around his waist and he felt her grip and release on the inside in rhythmic throbs, and between his satisfied manhood and her flesh, they felt warmer in a way that was still new to both of them. Looking in her eyes, Bucky could see she was surprised and softened by the same thing: the joy of another body heating hers from the inside, and the sensation spreading, licking up her body, through her blood, reaching her lips and her cheeks and hands, all of it a heat that his body made and gave to her.
Soon enough, all of her was burning. It wasn't in the way of a fever or a summer day, it was more, so much more intense than the most maddening arousal. She felt the length of him inside her, felt him heating at her core, felt his pooling liquid spill, his loins fixed to hers and large, manly, rough, warming with each slow sauntering second. The warmth spread between her legs, up her thighs that stuck to his in a shared light sheen of sweat. His abdomen was pressed to hers as well, more warm skin, their chests together, fire melting inside and out. That she could feel a part of him all throughout her — not just in her womanhood, but the heat of him as deep as her heart — that she felt her body change because of what he did, what he wanted to do with her, it was beyond all hope or expectation, and in that moment there was no more fear, or doubt of self, or hatred of a hypothetical him that left in a possible future. There was only the true feeling that they were two made one.
"Kiss me," she whispered, seeming for a second surprised by herself, but he obeyed her in the very same breath. When he parted from her lips, his hand came to rest by her face, thumb petting the line of her cheekbone. She was being so good and docile, letting him use her the way she needed to be used… He wanted to never stop pampering her. "Why do you do this?"
"You know why."
"So that… t-the thing you said before?"
He nodded and hummed contentedly. "You remember, doll? Say it, if you can."
"So that you can get me pregnant?"
Fire rushed straight through his body at just that timid whisper. "Just so, darling," he husked.
His arms curled tighter around her and his hips adjusted, making sure he couldn't slip out now that he was softening, and she moved with him, happy to be held. Her hands came up to rest on his cheeks, and she sighed as she looked at him.
"Why would you want that?" she asked.
Bucky looked at her and bit his lip, holding in a thousand things he wanted to say — remembering, most of all, the times when he'd asked himself the same question: why would anyone want to have his children? Because by now he knew better than to think it's him she was scared of — and instead took his time to settle them, slowly, on their side. He held her leg around him while he made room for her, making sure to never leave her, and pulled a pillow down and above his metal arm for her to lay her head on. She seemed a bit discomforted but constantly aroused, teased by the effect his body still had on her, but once she caught her breath and was secured around his length, her tired gaze came back to his, questioning.
"You remember when I asked you about what would make you happy?" Bucky said, caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers.
"You ever found an answer?"
She bowed her head a little, bringing it just to his chin, and muttered "Not really." She had found something, but duty wasn't enough.
"I think you did, sweetheart."
His wife looked back up at him, but he wasn't saying anything else. He just smiled at her, so lightly she almost didn't catch it in the dark, and kept caressing her skin. He stayed inside her, and they fell asleep in each other's arms, waking a few hours later with the sunrise.
Tumblr media
Going out on the cruise became easier. They were closer to each other, comfortable, more trusting, even happy. Meals became a source of fun, and dessert turned into foreplay. They still didn't feel right kissing much in public, both private and possessive of everything they shared, but it only made the closing of the door a more meaningful event.
They would feed each other bits of dessert, share drinks to try the taste, and spend long hours on the deck at sunset, stopping to chat with the Mondays when they met, holding hands or hugging and leaning on each other in comfortable silence. Very often, they'd skip going out for breakfast, laying on the couch and calling for room service while they watched TV.
Tumblr media
"It's not called Sock-er, it's Football."
"So what do you call our Football then?"
"A joke. There's no ball, and you're not allowed to touch it with the foot. Call it Hand-Egg instead."
"You're such a brat sometimes. If this was back in the day, I'd spank you."
"Only if you use the metal hand."
Tumblr media
Bucky laid down on his back and she laid on his chest, her head just beneath his chin and her hands folded over him. The breakfast was half-eaten and the coffee was gone, but there was still water and orange juice on the little coffee table. They watched the game play on the TV, volume just high enough to fill the silence of the room. His hands moved slowly up and down her back, in a long and loving pet. She wore a thin nightgown with nothing underneath, and he wasn't wearing much either. When she started purring and looking longingly up at him, he stopped.
"What?" he smirked at her. "You want something?"
She didn't need to say anything, she just stretched up to kiss his chin and looked into his eyes, and within seconds, Bucky pulled his sleepwear off just enough to take his still-soft manhood in his hand, and with the other hand pulled his little wife just there, pressing it into her. She took it with a delicious sigh, then settled down just as she was before, licking her lips as a shiver ran through her.
"Good?" Bucky asked in a whisper, but he could tell she liked it from the curling of her claws into his chest and the tightening around him that was making him slowly harden.
"Very good," she groaned, "the best," and nuzzling into his neck, "the most perfect."
"Good in the superlative? Oh my," he chuckled, and kissed the top of her head.
She wasn't paying much attention to the game anymore, and neither was he, but it helped to pass the time as they melted into each other. Her twitching flexed her around him until he was a perfect fit, and from her warmth and wetness, he slowly filled out until he was firm and deep. He didn't need to thrust, and she didn't need to move, tempting though it was. They just allowed their bodies to enjoy each other, warming together and pulsing with blood and desire.
Bucky watched her laying in his arms. She was happy and trusting, and she had so much affection to give, something he never would have seen or experienced if things hadn't happened the way they did — and for the longest time, he'd feared it impossible, but she kept surprising him. The change had been slow, and in spite of how different she was around him now compared to those weeks long gone where she was cold and avoidant, she was still completely recognisable. She'd carried the loving inside her from the beginning, and he wanted to beat himself up for ever doubting it, for ever thinking her cruel or heartless.
A little while later, she started shifting on top of him.
"What is it, doll?"
"Thirsty," she whined, looking at the glass of water on the table.
"Hold on," said Bucky, wrapping both arms around her waist to keep her in place while he heaved them both up to sit on the couch. Her knees hugged his hips and her arms came up around his neck, and she kept him inside the whole way. He bent to get the glass for her, then leaned back against the couch while she drank her full.
"Thank you, darling," she said once she was done. "You want some too?"
Bucky leaned in to sip at a drop left on her lips, while he took the glass from her and moved to place it back.
"Got all I need," he smiled.
They stayed like that until he released again inside her, teased by the hot pulsing of her muscles, and with just a few small tilts, she shivered all around him with a strong and desperate clench. She relaxed, he softened again but stayed inside, and they managed to do it all over again twice more before lunchtime.
Tumblr media
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hford0311 · 2 days ago
Sick Doll (Bucky x reader)
*Pre-WWII Bucky; where the reader gets sick, and Bucky takes care of her*
Bucky knew the signs of an illness from being around Steve so much growing up. Between what started as the running nose and sneezing turning into the coughing fits with phlegm, the fever, and your chills, he recognized the phenomena. He wouldn't allow you to leave the bed let alone the apartment.
"Bucky," you whined as he laid you down in the bed. Then, the piles of blankets landed on you. New York was already cold during November, but it was worse when ill. "This really isn't-" another coughing fit cut you off. It truly was a miracle that he hadn't got sick from you yet. "Yes, it is necessary, doll. I want you to get better." He softly kissed your forehead and tucked the blankets closer to you. "I'll be back after work." He gently told you. You nodded along, understanding. "Don't you leave this bed either, Mrs. Y/n Barnes." He slightly chuckled. You smiled up at him, "Yes, Mr. Barnes." He kissed your cheek before he left for his long day.
Bucky pulled a chair close to your side of the bed when he came back. Bucky hated to wake you, but he did it by rubbing your arm under all the blankets. You groaned when you initially woke. "Wake up for me, doll," he stated and pulled his arm away as you stretched and looked at him disappointingly.
"I brought you soup," he smiled and lifted the bowl it was in for you to see. You sat up and attempted to get out of the bed. "No, bed. I'm going to feed you," he told you and scooted closer. You noticed his appearance then, "Bucky, you haven't even bathed yet." You said, seeing the dirt and grime over his face and arms. "I didn't want the soup to cold. Now let me feed you." You rolled your eyes at his stubbornness. He lifted a spoon full of the soup in front of you, and you allowed him to feed you the entire bowl of soup. He softly smiled and pressed the back of his hand to your forehead. "Still warm," he said with slight disappointment. You tried the shiver right after he removed his hand, but your body refused. He repeated another reoccurring symptom you had in his mind. Bucky was debating to bring you to the doctor at that second. "I'm going to prep a bath for you," he stated and went to other room in the apartment. Bucky hoped that the hot water would do you good for the next day. If not, he may just have to bring you to the doctor.
He carried you bridal-style into the bathroom. If you hadn't been sick, you would have had more enjoyment while in the bathroom with your husband. You wanted to enjoy Bucky trying to make you feel beautiful as he cleaned you, but you continued to sneeze or cough during it. It almost made you more miserable when thinking of the small number of times the pair of you shared the bath in the past. When you were finished and dressed, he carried you back to bed before taking his own bath. You were grateful to feel his warmth not long afterwards in the bed.
The next morning, there was a turn for the worst. The coughing fits had increased and led you to get sick in the bowl not far from the bed. Bucky quickly work and got ready to take you to the doctor. He dressed you and him in the warmest clothes in preparation for the weather outside the apartment. "Alright, my love, we're going to get you to a doctor to make you feel better." He stated as the two of you started walking to find a taxi to get you the hospital.
Bucky was anxious during your appointment. His leg bounced and nervously scanned the waiting room. The clock's hands couldn't tick any slower in his mind. Bucky was started to regret not bringing you earlier when you went you first started to get sick. He thought of all the things he could have done differently. One of the nurses walked to where Bucky was sitting, "Mr. Barnes, you can see your wife now." Bucky took a deep breath and followed the nurse. The nurse explained your condition outside of your room to Bucky. An overnight stay with experimental medications for phenomena  and see what happens after that. She allowed him in the room after that.
"Hey, Buck," you weakly smiled from the hospital bed. You watched him quickly walk over to the bed and kiss your forehead. "Did they tell you what they planned to do for me?" You weakly asked. "As long as they help you get better, right Y/n," he nodded and gently put your hair behind your ear.  You slightly nodded and started to say something before you were cut off by your coughing. "All you have to worry about is getting better," Bucky told you. You rolled your eyes at him and slightly laughed, "You're so cheesy, Bucky Barnes, but I do love you." He chuckled back at you and kissed your forehead. You gave him a small glare. "I love you too. Plus, there's more coming for you when you get better, Mrs. Barnes." Bucky winked and stood up from the bed. "I'll take you up on that, Mr. Barnes," you smirked as he started to walk out of the hospital room.
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cupcakebarnes · 2 days ago
Warnings- smut, could be considered dark, cursing, unprotected sex, 18 plus only minors dni
Pairing- Bucky x Reader
Summary- you hadn't seen him in so long, did he even remember you?
Note- Had this in my notes app for a while. Figured I'd put it to good use somewhere.
Tumblr media
You had just gotten news from Steve that Bucky was on the run, and now, so was he.
The entire way home from work your nerves were shot, fumbling your keys in your fingers to unlock the door.
Once inside you noticed a window was cracked open, something you never did due to your line of work. You inched further into the apartment, a shadowed figure sitting at the kitchen table.
All you could see was a gleam of metal and his eyes, only; his eyes didn't sparkle anymore. The gun sitting on the counter kept you on edge, making you stay a certain distance away from him as he stood.
His long strides closed the distance quickly, your heart thundering away in your chest as he stood in front of you. "Buck-"
You were cut off by his hands grabbing your face and lips smashing into yours. He still tasted the same, felt the same, only- larger.
You whimpered into his mouth when he ripped the buttons of your blouse open, your hands going to find the zipper of his pants. "Want you. Need you." He murmured against your lips.
All you could do was nod and let him lift you onto the kitchen table as you pulled and prodded at the buttons and straps of what he was wearing, your skin crawling to touch him. Feel him.
He helped the best he could, hands shaky and not able to reach all of them.
All of the leather was discarded to the floor before your skirt was bunched to your waist, panties ripped at the sides and tossed carelessly.
He tugged you closer by your thighs, leaning to catch your lips in his in a hungry, open mouthed kiss as he sheathed into you with a guttural moan.
The pleasurable burn he brought with him made you keen and tears swell, you could feel every vein and ridge of his cock against your walls. "So tight. Been waiting for me?" He groaned.
You mustered up a soft yeah before he finally started moving, his hips bumping into yours at a hungry pace; the look in his eyes feral.
"Fuck, James." You mewled, gripping the back of his hair. "Say it again." He panted, blue eyes boring into yours.
Your mouth and throat felt dry, feeling the coil already tightening in your abdomen before his warm fingers gripped your jaw. "Say it again." He growled, his thrusts picking up face. "James-"
He was relentless, driving into you as if his life depended on it. You were sure if he went any harder the table under you would break.
Your walls clenched around him and his hips stuttered, a low groan coming from his chest that added to the filthy sounds coming from you.
"Cum for me. I need you to cum for me, baby." He panted.
A tilt of his hips and you were a mewling, whimpering mess under him; clawing at metal and skin as his hips rutted into yours before they stilled, his front flush against your thighs.
His sweet, low moan filled your ears over the ringing as hot spurts of cum filled you with every twitch of his dick.
He barely caught his weight from crushing you, a sudden empty feeling when he slipped out of your walls and pressed wet kisses to you chest.
You held his face in your hands, pulling his head up so you could look at him. "I- have to go away for awhile..." He mumbled as you traced his bottom lip, not wanting him to move away from you yet. "I know."
Tears stung your eyes at the realization. This was the first time you'd fully seen him, touched him, in decades. Nearly a century.
"I'm gonna come back for you." He assured, brows furrowed and lips pressed together tightly.
"Stay with me for just one night?"
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I don't know if you are willing to do something that is part of a prompt or not. But I was wondering if you possible could write a short blurb/headcanon of how Bucky would be with a person who has really bad anxiety and bad panic attacks?? Also only if you are comfortable
Of course! I’ve had my fair share of panic attacks and anxiety. I hope this is what imagined.
I need you.
I need you. Simple. Something you text Bucky nearly every day. You need him to come to you. To calm you. He knows what makes you less anxious. Him. It took him a while to realize. Not tea, or a movie, or comfy clothes soothe you. It’s him. His presence. You text him those three words whether he’s across the state or downstairs. He comes a runnin’ every time. He comes to you, and holds you. It never fails to put you at peace.
“Bucky? I need you!” You were gasping for air. You felt there wasn’t enough filling you lungs. You were siting cross legged on your bed. Hands in your hair, pulling. Hoping it would ground you. It didn’t. He tiptoed into the room, as to not disturb you further. “Doll. It’s ok. You’re safe. I’m here.” He sat down next to you, pushed your hands from your hair, and lay your head down on his chest. You started to weep. He sat there with you. You felt so sick, so unsure. Overwhelming anxiety enveloped you in it’s evil, chilling, mind controlling cold. You were drowning. In your own mind. You could take it any more. And this is what happens. You cry on Bucky’s chest for hours.
You feel like a burden. You feel like Bucky should leave you. You don’t know what you’d do, but you figure his life would be better with out this, without you. He wouldn’t ever do that though. You’ve voiced your feelings to him many times, but he always assures you, “ I love you doll. I choose this over life without you. I’d never leave. Whatever struggles you have will never make me leave.”, he all ways gets teary when he says that. Because he can’t imagine his life without you. He needs you too.
Love you guys! 😘
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stansupremacy · 3 days ago
A few months ago I made the decision to create a blog here in tumbrl, but only a few days ago I started writing and being more active, honestly NEVER on any platform, I felt so comfortable for the likes, rebblogs and comments. You guys are amazing, the requests for one shots are open. So don't be shy and ask me for some one.
Much love, B.
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patd--phan · 3 days ago
Wanna Be Yours
Pairing: Dadsbestfriend! Bucky (mid/late 40s) x reader (in early/mid twenties)
Summary: Y/N surprises bucky on a business trip and he promises to be hers.
Warnings: SMUTTY stuff (18+ only pleasee), unprotected sex, creampie, oral sex (m receiving), riding, teasing, significant age gap, reader takes charge, “Doll/sweets/baby/sweetheart”, some cute ass shit at the beginning and end tho
WC: about 3K im sorry I was really H*rny yesterday and I was unable to do anything about it as i was stuck in the car all damn day
Note: So I was really h*rny yesterday and this happened lol I’m sorry. Loosely based on the song wanna be yours-arctic monkeys. Also this will probably be the only smut I ever write bc I don’t wanna become an 18+ blog or make anyone uncomfortable (not that 18+ blogs are bad tho lemme set that straight, most of my fav blogs are)
PS thank you for the love on my first ever fic with Peter Parker x reader, it made me so happy that ppl didn’t think I suck lol ( and i guess i lied saying i would probably never write another one shot lol)
You do NOT have my permission to repost this anywhere, I will come for u if you plagiarize ok bye
It was no secret that Bucky liked to be in charge in the bedroom, and you had absolutely no problem with that. After all, he was older and more experienced; he knew how to make your body sing. But this week you were craving something a little different. Bucky had been away on a business trip all weekend and you really missed him, not just the sex (but I mean…) but just cuddling and talking to him about your day; you were feeling clingy. You decide to text bucky even though you knew he couldn’t answer right away because he was currently in a meeting.
Y/N: I mis youu :( when will you be back tomorrow?
You just wandered around your apartment for the next 20 minutes, casually checking your phone about every 30 seconds just in case bucky was able to sneak in a text. He finally replied after 30 minutes, right as his meeting was ending at 3.
Bucky: Hey doll, I miss you too <3
Bucky: unfortunately one of the investors this morning had to push their meeting to late tomorrow afternoon, so I’m not gonna be home until very late tomorrow night :(
Y/N: dammit :(
Y/N: well good luck at the pitch meeting tomorrow, I love and miss you <3
Bucky: don’t gimme that pout I know your making doll, ill see you tonight on facetime! :)
Y/N: haha u know me so well, and yes you’ll see me tonight ;) (but I still miss u)
Bucky: I know doll I hate it too, see you tonight. Love you <3
Y/n: love you too <3
You didn’t know if you could go until late Monday without seeing bucky. As you laid on the couch smiling sadly about missing your love, an idea popped into your head. He was only two and a half hours away, and he wouldn’t be back at his hotel for another 4 hours at least. Fuck it, you were gonna go drive to his hotel and surprise him. You couldn’t be away so long, you felt super clingy this weekend and you needed to be on top of with him.
You quickly ran around your apartment, packing an overnight bag and you saw the package that arrived earlier on your floor that you completely forgot about because you couldn’t stop thinking of Bucky. You remembered its contents e(a completely evil lingerie set) and threw it in the bag with a smirk on your face.
The drive to Bucky’s hotel felt like forever and you had to remind yourself to stop speeding because you were so excited. When you finally got to his hotel, you had to convince the manager to give you a key to his room, proving that you were the man’s girlfriend with several pictures on your phone which was slightly embarrassing because in almost every picture, at least one of you was half-naked. Worth it. You thought. When you arrived in his room you quickly went into the bathroom to change into a little black dress (with a surprise underneath). Then as you were sitting on his bed waiting for him, you realized it would still be a while before he would get back, so you decided to tidy up his things, packing his clothes and organizing his suitcase. Pleased with your work, you sat back down on the bed and looked at your phone for a while. You finally got pulled out of your Instagram daze when you heard Bucky’s voice in the hallway laughing at something a coworker said. You quickly threw your phone on the dresser, straightened up you dress, and sat at the edge of the bed with a huge smile on your face, giddy to surprise him.
As he turned the doorknob he was still looking behind him talking to the man. When he finally said goodbye and turned his head around, his eyebrows raised up and his jaw dropped, which was quickly replaced with a smile even larger than yours.
“What are you doing here?” he asked, running towards you and throwing his briefcase on the floor.
He picked you up in a tight hug and you squealed, legs immediately wrapping around his waist.
“I told you you’d see me tonight!” you said, still clung to him like a koala.
“W-what?” He replied, still in shock. Letting your legs fall back to the floor.
“I just missed you too much” you shrugged.
If any human could embody “heart eyes” it was Bucky at that moment- he’s such a softie for you. He pulled your face towards him and gave you one of the most loving kisses you’ve ever had in your life. You were expecting it to be passionate and rough, but it was soft, delicate and loving, and your heart melted into a puddle. After your lips parted, you gazed into each other’s eyes before being pulled up in another tight hug. You giggled and wrapped your legs around him again.
“I guess you missed me too huh?” you laughed.
“Oh doll, you have no idea.”
You wrapped your hands in his hair, massaging his neck and he moaned loudly.
“Mm, that feels nice.” He hummed.
“You tired baby?” you asked, he seemed like he needed some TLC (and you were ready to give it to him).
“I am so exhausted.” He replied, making you frown behind his back.
You slowly slid down his body, back onto your feet again, and kept massaging his head. He looked at you lovingly before looking around his hotel room, his eyebrows pulled in confusion.
“Did you clean up in here?”
“Yep, while I was waiting for ya,” you replied, smiling.
His whole face softened.
“Oh, I really don’t deserve you doll.” Making you smile and shake your head.
“Oh yes you do.” You replied making him smile and his heart flutter in his chest.
He pulled you in for another kiss, this one with more fire and longing in it than the last one. His large hands grabbed you ass to pull you closer to him and you moaned into the kiss. You pressed your body against him even tighter and ran your hands through his hair making him moan. You could feel his pants tent start to grow against you and you smirked and moved you lips down to the side of his neck making him groan.
You pull back and look at him, hard and eyes half lidded, it turns you on so much you feel your panties dampening.
“Hey Buck?” you whisper, lips mere inches apart.
“Hmm?” he hums in response.
“I have another surprise for you.” You whisper into his ear before pulling back to look at his face.
“What’s that, doll?” he whispers.
You smirk and step away from him, noticing the confusion on his face before you pull your dress over your head and throw it onto the floor.
Bucky’s jaw drops, making you bite your lip and smirk even more. This was gonna be fun.
“Oh, fuck me,” He groans.
“Oh, I fully intend on it, Buck” you smirk.
He just groans and starts walking towards you.
“Yeah sweets?”
“Wanna be mine tonight?”
“Fuck, I’ll be yours forever doll.” He says, making you whimper. You pull him against you by his tie, pressing your bodies together.
Your lips crash and tongues swirl together fighting for dominance. Hands moving up and down each other’s bodies like animals. Bucky squeezing your ass so tight you know there’s gonna be marks.
You both pull back enough so you can shimmy off Bucky’s tie and throw it over his head before unbuttoning his shirt and peeling it off him. You then sink to your knees and undo his belt quickly before slowly unzipping his pants, kissing the outside of his member though his pants making him exhale a breath sharply.
“Fuck” he breathes out.
You don’t want to tease him too much (yet) so after another kiss, you shove his pants off and lay down on the bed, his body caging you under him.
The passionate makeout session resumes with Bucky still hard in his boxers pressing against your clothed core. You suddenly remember what you wanted and pull back from the kiss.
“Wait, no” you whisper.
Bucky pulls back, confused and nervous he did something to hurt you.
“What’s wrong?” he whispers.
You take advantage of his confusion and roll him over so you were straddling him with a smirk on your face.
Bucky moans at your actions, core pressing tight against him.
“You said you’d be mine.” You breathe over his lips. Moaning as being in charge is giving you a whole rush of feelings and confidence.
You kiss him, and he lets you dominate the kiss this time, biting his lips and grinding on him. He bucks his hips onto your and you pull back.
“Don’t worry baby, I’ll take care of you, I’ll make you feel so good.”
Bucky moans at your words as you start to kiss all the way down his body, leaving little hickies down his chest. When you get towards his boxers he thinks your gonna kiss his member or pull down his boxers, but instead you go back up his chest, licking a stripe from his belly button all the way to one of his nipples, up his neck, to his lips.
Bucky moans, loud. You give him one more kiss before deciding to stop teasing him (kinda). You quickly kiss down his chest again and then plant a few kisses on his aching cock through his boxers. He bucks his hips and is whimpering under you. Fuck, that turns you on. Your big strong boyfriend who could probably crush you with one arm, whimpering and practically begging under you. Your panties are fucking soaked and you don’t think you can deny your own pleasure too much longer. You pull down his boxers and his cock is throbbing and dripping precum.
“Shit” you moan at the sight.
You lick the precum off him and he gives a high pitched moan that goes straight to your core.
“Baby please, I- I can’t.”
“Don’t worry baby I got you.” You reply as you take his full member into your mouth, sucking lightly.
Bucky moans and bucks his hips into your mouth. You push them back down and suck a few more times before getting off of him. He looks worried for a second before you slide your panties off and straddle his cock.
“Still wanna be mine?”
“Always” he replies.
You sink down onto him, jaw dropping and eyes closing at the feeling. You don’t think you’ll ever get used to him no matter how many times he’s been inside you. You both moan as his whole cock is finally buried inside you.
“Fuck Bucky, you feel so fucking good in me.” You moan, starting to rock your hips.
“God, I’m so fucking wet for you.”
Bucky continues to give low moans as you start to ride him.
“Fuck baby, I love you like this.” He says, making you start to ride him harder, moaning at his words.
His hands come grab your hips to help you ride him faster, harder.
“Baby- shit I’m close already.” He pleads.
“All for me? Shit baby aren’t I the lucky one?” You moan.
Bucky’s grip on your hips tighten and he starts to fuck up into you. He was about to blow.
You moan loudly at the feeling. “Cum in me baby please I need it.”
After a particularly hard thrust into your wet pussy you feel him spilling inside you. He lets out one of those vulgar high pitched moans and grunts that make your brain short circuit and your eyes roll back while your pussy clenches around him. You feel yourself getting close, but you want to give him another orgasm, so you sink down on him fully and slowly ride him, hearing him whimpering and moaning. You feel him get hard in you again (thank you supersoldier serum) and you rock back and forth on him. You reach down to rub your clit, but Bucky sees it and swats your hand away, replacing it with his metal one.
“Oh fuck” you moan at the cool sensation.
You start to bounce up and down on him again, the knot in your abdomen building and heating up. You feel yourself close to being undone as you ride him and his other hand runs up your body and squeezes your nipple through your thin lace bra. You moan and feel yourself clench around him, making him moan.
“Fuck- I’m gonna c-“ you get interrupted by the white hot explosion of your orgasm. Your eyes roll back, jaw hangs open and toes curl as you feel that release knock throughout your whole body, making you shake. You let out those high pitched moans and whines that only Bucky makes you feel.
Feeling you clench around him and watching your completely fucked out face, you feel Bucky’s thick cock twitch inside of you, and you moan as you feel him release in you again. Fuck that makes you feel good. So good you can’t think or move and you start to collapse on top of Bucky, but he slightly catches you and lays you down on his chest, both breathing heavy, with his cock still inside you, cum dripping all down your legs and onto Bucky.
You can’t speak, can’t think, the pleasure totally ruining you. After what feels like forever, you feel your breathing start to return to normal, as does Bucky’s, and you feel his hand rubbing up and down your back, grounding you back to earth from wherever on cloud nine you were.
You hum as you feel yourself finally calm down.
“Holy fuck, doll” you feel him lowly whine in your ear. You can only moan lowly in response.
“Baby that was fucking amazing.”
“Mmhmm.” You hum.
“…but I think I’m gonna lose my mind if you keep clenching around me.” He chuckles.
“oh shit, sorry,” you mumble out. You try to push up off of him but the farthest you got was placing your hands on his shoulders before your body gave up on you.
“Oh my God, I can’t move” you whisper. You’re so fucked out, your body won’t respond to your brain anymore.
Bucky moans at your words and slowly rolls both of you so youre on your side facing him. He reaches down and pulls his soft cock out of your pussy, moaning when he sees a burst of cum leaking from you.
You moan at the feeling of him exiting your body. You look him in the eyes and give him a lazy smile. His eyes sparkle back at you and his hand comes up to rub your cheek.
“Mm” you hum at the feeling.
“That was fucking incredible” he says, making you smile wider.
“I’m not disagreeing” you quip.
He chuckles lightly before saying “you gotta do this more often.”
“What, surprise you on business trips?” you question.
“No” he rolls his eyes and smiles, “Well yes actually, but I was talking about you absolutely taking charge tonight.”
“Oh yeah?” you smirk.
“Fuck yeah doll, I don’t think I’ve ever cum as hard. You looked so damn sexy in charge.”
You look away from his eyes, shying at his words, but also they were giving you the confidence to look right back into his eyes and say “I agree” with a smirk.
“I love hearing those high pitched moans you make, It turns me on so much” you admit.
“You know, only you can get those noises out of me, doll” he chides. You blush and smile at him.
He chuckles and you bring his face towards yours and kiss him deeply, tongues meeting together. You both hum into the kiss as his hand rubs down the side of your body.
When you break the kiss, both of you needing a breath, he pulls your body towards him, resting your head on his chest. You hum in peace as he rubs your back.
“I love you so much Y/N” he says and you feel your heart absolutely burst in your chest.
“I love you so much too Buck,” you reply, lifting your head to peck him on the lips before placing your head back on his chest.
You lay in silence for a minute before your mind begins to wander again.
“Did you mean it?” you ask.
“Mean what, doll?”
“That you’ll be mine forever?” you ask. “I mean not just in the sexy way but that you’ll be with me forever?” you ramble out.
“God yes sweetheart, you’re the one for me.” He responds and you didn’t think your heart could explode anymore, but it just did.
You squeeze his shoulder with your hand before coming up to kiss him passionately again, almost crying at all of the love going though you.
“I promise I’m all yours forever too, Buck” you smile at him.
“Good,” he smiles back, and you rest back on his chest, eyes getting droopy.
“Night-night sweetheart.” You feel yourself smile in your sleep.
“Goodnight my love.” You reply, further cuddling into his chest. Bucky feels his heart combust in his chest. God, wasn’t he lucky to have you. He didn’t know what he did to deserve you, but he knew that he was going to assure you that you deserve the world every day for the rest of his life. He kissed the top of your head before falling into a deep sleep, content with his favorite person tight in his arms.
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the-fallen-nightmare · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairings: 1940'S Bucky Barnes x Reader/ Present Bucky Barnes x Reader.
Warnings: angst, fluff, swearing, some smut at some point.
Summary: Before the war, Bucky and Reader had the picture perfect life together. When she lost him, she thought that she would never find that kind of love again. However, someone from a different time returns to give her that love once more. Will she follow them through the unknown or come to terms that her once in a lifetime love is truly gone?
A/N: I’m sorry for the lack of updates the last month but hopefully I made up for it with this chapter. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck along!
TAGS: @overthinkinggotmedrinking @igothroughphasesalot @veralyonn @shannonleanna182 @white-wolf-buckaroo @whatawildone @jessyballet @sebby-staan @multiyfandomgirl40 @andeys-obsessions @spid3rgwen @slut-for-buck @spideyyypeter @voguekristen @justmeandmyfuckeduplife @kenziekugler22 @hoodedbirdie​
Tumblr media
February 14, 1942
My heels smacked hard against the concrete as I stormed away from the restaurant, it getting smaller and smaller the farther I got. I had been sitting inside the nice restaurant for over an hour, waiting for Bucky to meet me but he never showed. The other couples at the restaurant could practically see the anger radiate off my body when I slowly began to realize that I had been stood up.
 I stomped up the stairs towards my apartment and with a hard slam of the door, I made a beeline to the phone in its place in the kitchen, fingers working fast to dial the number I had burned into my brain. 
The anger subsided when I heard the young voice answer the phone. 
“Hi Rebecca. It’s Y/N. Is your brother home?” 
There was some rustling on the other end of the line and some voices bickering before Rebeca’s came through again. “Uh, he left a few hours ago to meet you.”
 Bless her heart; it didn’t take a genius to know that she had lied through the phone. 
“Put him on, Becks.” I demanded. 
A bit of rustling on the other end once more and when I heard the deep voice, I didn’t hold back. 
“James Buchanan Barnes, how dare you? You stood me up at the restaurant. I looked like such a fool sitting there waiting for you to show up!” 
My voice cut him off. “Don’t doll me, James. It’s Valentine's Day and you stood me up! I’m all decked out for you and you couldn’t even show up.”
 “I know, Y/N. I picked up extra hours at work and I didn’t realize we had a date tonight,” Bucky apologized. 
“It’s Valentines Day! How did you forget!?”
“Look, Y/N, I’ve had a long day and if you’re going to flip your wig I don’t want to hear it,” Bucky sighed. 
I scoffed loudly while shaking my head. “Screw you, Barnes. If you want to be alone, well you’re in luck. Your schedule opened up because I’m done. Goodbye.”
 Not bothering to hear what he had to say, I slammed the phone down. My feet were glued in place, hands shaking with anger at my side. It suddenly clicked in my brain what I said to Bucky and regret washed over me. 
Did I break up with him? 
Would he take it seriously? 
Gnawing on my bottom lip, I eyed the phone but quickly shook my head. If I called him back, he would think I wasn’t mad anymore. I needed him to realize how upset I was at him for forgetting about our date. I ignored the nagging voice in the back of my head as I headed towards my room, ready to forget this day. 
Tumblr media
There was a soft tune playing on the other side of my door which caused my tired eyes to slowly open. A groan slipped through my lips and I rolled out of bed, tying my robe around my exposed body; opting to always sleep in a tank top and underwear. 
“What on earth,” I mumbled when my feet came to a stop in my living room. 
The room had been decorated with candles, a handful of bouquets of roses, and some rose petals flooded the floor around me. What captured my eyes, however, was the man standing in the middle of it all. His hair slicked back and his best black suit clung onto his body in the best places. 
“Bucky?” I asked, sleep still heavy in my voice. 
“I let myself in with the key under the rock. I don’t know how many times I’ve told you that it’s not safe to leave a key outside,” Bucky shook his head with a smile. 
“What is all this?” 
I ignored his comment about the key. It was almost a daily discussion between the two of us. 
“After our fight earlier, I had a one-sided conversation with my ma. She made me realize what an idiot I was. I shouldn’t have stood you up tonight and I’m so sorry. Can you forgive me?” He pouted while holding up the beautiful bouquet of white roses in his hand. 
Any anger or worry I was still clutching onto faded away and my lips curled into a large smile. I extended my hand towards him, expecting to get the flowers, but Bucky fingers laced through mine and pulled me into his chest. My hands spread over the thickness of his chest and I marveled at how defined his muscles were under my touch. 
The soft tune of our favorite record played in the background as Bucky and I swayed to the music.
 “I feel underdressed,” I pointed towards my robe. 
Bucky smirked before stepping away, quickly shook out of his jacket and shirt before stepping out of his pants. He was now standing in front of me in a crisp white undershirt and a pair of his dark briefs; one of my favorites.
“How’s this, doll?” He questioned with a raised brow. 
“Much better,” I giggled. 
Our bodies melted together once again and I allowed myself to rest my cheek against his chest, feeling his heartbeat. It pounded faster than usual which silently told me that he was nervous about something.
“Something wrong?” 
Bucky brushed his lips across my forehead. “I don’t want to worry you, doll.”
“Tell me,” I urged him with a squeeze to his hips. 
We continued to dance to the slow music. 
Bucky avoided my gaze at first but eventually sighed. “My friend Sam from work got his orders this morning.”
This time, it was my heart that began to pound against my chest hearing the news. The war overseas was something that loomed over our heads, not knowing if it would come between us. We never talked about it, however, knowing that if we did one of us would not be happy. 
“Are you afraid?” I questioned. 
Bucky spun me around, bringing our bodies closer together. “A little but if I get my orders, I don’t have a choice but to go.”
 I nodded. “I know.” 
The conversion seized with Bucky dipping me low and softly pressing his lips on mine. My fingers played with the ends of his hair while we continued to kiss, enjoying the moment between us.
“I love you,” he muttered against my lips. 
“I love you too, Bucky.”
Neither of us could truly understand what was about to happen in the next few weeks, the reality that we were ignoring would slam into us and rocking our relationship to the core. 
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marvelswh0re · 3 days ago
Requests Closing Soon!
Alrighty everybody, it just hit midnight for me and I'm about to go to bed. I got more requests than I thought I would today so when I wake up in the morning, I will be closing requests. So, get in quick!! Send me your requests and I'll try to get them all done and posted within the next few days. I will then open requests again.
I love you all, and goodnight 💖
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strwbrrybucky · 3 days ago
hey! i hit 500! that’s so neat! thank you so much everyone <3 in honor of hitting 500, id to make some one-shots for you all as well as make some headcanons! feel free to choose a headcanon prompt you’d like a one-shot for or send me your own!
if you have anything specific, please reply on here or dm! <3
headcanons !!
bucky would celebrate with you, every achievement you’ve ever made, every small milestone you hit. he’d want to be right there every step of the way.
he would want to send you flowers as much as you would let him, whether he’s away on a mission, you’re at work, or he’s just on his way home. he would want to go show you how much he appreciates you. gift giving is his love language
he would show you off to everyone he knows!! at first he’d be a little shy, but the longer you two see each other and the more you connect, he wouldn’t be able to shut up about you
have a favorite food? he’d learn everything about it, test out different recipes & make the one he thinks you’d like the best, and serve it to you wherever you are in the house
forget about holding your own items. he doesn’t want you lifting a finger. and that includes opening your own door
he would make sure you have your food first in restaurants, and if you don’t, he’d wait to eat just until you get yours so you can eat together
meeting the family, he’d woo your parents/siblings/family. he would be such a charmer your gramma would pinch his cheeks and call him a “pretty boy” that would make him blush
in the bedroom, forget being dominant. maybe he’d let you switch, but most of the time he’d tease you, edge you, but make you feel so good
aftercare is essential to him. he’d run you a bubble bath, get you some warm tea, hot towel for the face. he’d wash your hair and wash your body, helping you step out the tub and dry you off. he’d dress you even and brush your hair
he’s a cuddler. forget ever being cold at night during the winter. he’s a thermonuclear heater for you
he would give his life for you. you put all the stars in the sky, you are everything to him and he would kill anyone to keep you safe.
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marvelswh0re · 4 days ago
Seeing Red // Bucky Barnes
This is a repost because I’m testing a theory on whether Tumblr is hiding my smut or not lol. This isn’t very good but I tried. Anyway, here you go. And I’m tagging @sidepartskinnyjeans​ in this because it reminded me of the Bucky x Reader date in her fic (which you should definitely go read because I said so.) 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2177
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it.) Fingering. Car sex oops. Slight exhibitionism kind of? Swearing. Implied cockwarming.
Summary: Reader and Bucky go on a date. Reader has a little problem. There’s a change of plans, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down...
Tumblr media
“Wanda-fucking-Maximoff, where is my leather jacket?” You yelled, voice echoing through the apartment. At first, there was silence, until you heard a giggle emanating from your best friend's (and roommates) bedroom.
“Definitely not hanging in my closet.”
Rolling your eyes, you opened Wanda’s door and rifled through her closet until you found what you were looking for. Running your hand over the smooth, black leather, you slid the jacket on and untucked your hair from the collar with a swipe of your hand. 
“Does this work?” You asked, gesturing to your outfit as you turned to your friend.
“If I’m being honest with you, Y/N, you need a more daring dress. Something tight-fitting, maybe with a plunging neckline. A shirt and jeans isn’t going to cut it if you want Bucky to fuck you tonight.”
“Oh my— Wanda! We’ve had sex before! Besides, that is not what this is about!”
“It should be.” Wanda disappeared into the closet you’d just left and came back a moment later with a dress, if it could be called that. A scrap of deep scarlet silk with slits up the sides and plunging neckline (as promised) stared back at you from the coathanger. And though it’s not something you’d usually wear, you knew that it would drive Bucky absolutely insane. So, with a cheeky grin, you took it and practically skipped back to your own room to put it on. 
Pulling it up over the curve of your ass and looping the straps over your shoulders, you turned to the mirror on the wall. It was then that you realised you had a problem. Because of how tight the dress was, the lines of your panties and the outline of your bra showed through the silk, plain as day. 
“Wanda!” I called out, but before I could say anything else, Wanda poked her head into my room.
“If you’re going to complain about being able to see your underwear through the dress, don’t start. Just take them off.”
“Trust me, you’re not supposed to wear anything underneath.”
An hour later, wearing absolutely nothing under a questionably reliable dress, you were sitting in the passenger seat of Bucky’s car as you sped through the city traffic. The rumbling of the engine was getting to you and, much to your embarrassment, it was turning you on. Well, that and Bucky looking purely sinful in a black button-up that clung to the muscles in his arms. And the fact that veins in his hand rippled every time he shifted gears. And to make things worse, you could feel a dampness beginning to form between your legs. Pressing your thighs together to provide both some kind of friction and protection against marking the dress, you stayed quiet and tried to think about something else. Anything that wouldn’t turn you on further.
“You okay, doll?” Bucky asked, noticing your silence and the way you kept shifting in the seat.
“Hm? Yeah, I’m good,” you replied hastily, clenching your thighs together a little harder. You almost swore when Bucky’s hand rested on your upper thigh, his thumb grazing back and forth over the smooth skin. And although the gesture was purely innocent in nature, it didn’t help your current situation
His hand stayed there for the rest of the drive and, even though you tried your hardest to stop it, there was a damp spot on the dress beneath you. Your cheeks flushed red when the car pulled up to the valet outside a beautiful restaurant. 
Bucky flashed you a smile before reaching for the door handle, but you hand shot out and gripped his arm.
“Bucky, wait.”
“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” 
Your cheeks warmed as you blushed harder; you weren’t exactly sure how to tell him. 
“I’m not wearing any underwear,” you blurted out, realising it was not the best way to start after the words had already left your mouth.
“I don’t mind.” Bucky’s lips lifted into a cheeky smirk, looking you up and down once, then twice, wetting his lips. Your breath hitched in your throat.
“I know you don’t mind, but…” Unable to stand the silence in the car, you just had to come out and say it.
“Well, on the drive here, I got turned on and well, things that happen when I get turned on happened and now I’ve made a mess of the dress.” You held your breath once you’d finished, watching Bucky, nervous for his reaction. You’d never been more embarrassed in your entire life. Bucky cocked an eyebrow, momentarily confused, until his eyes widened slightly and you knew he finally understood. Starting the car again, he pulled away from the curb and drove around the back where the parking lot was. Pulling into a spot furthest away from the restaurant, and any other cars, he turned the car off and faced you.
“Did I get you all hot and bothered, princess?” He leaned across the centre console, his face hovering inches in front of your own, and undid your seatbelt. Biting your lip, you nodded in response. Bucky closed the distance between you and pressed mouth to yours, swiping his tongue across your bottom lip. You opened for him, sighing as his tongue swept in to claim you. Tantalising you. 
While you were distracted by his mouth, you almost didn’t notice his hand sliding up your thigh, slipping underneath the dress.
“Is this okay?” Bucky asked, breathless, pulling away from the kiss, albeit reluctantly. 
Your head fell back against the headrest as Bucky’s knuckle brushed against the sensitive skin of your clit, two of his fingers gliding through the wetness, collecting it and using it as lubricant to slide those fingers inside of you. You let out a breathy moan as his fingers curled, hitting that perfect spot inside of you before pulling out and pushing back in. Bucky set a slow pace, it was almost torturous, and you bucked your hips to get him to go deeper.
Some small part of you was embarrassed that you’d stained the dress and that you were currently being fingered in a parking lot, but the rest of you was screaming go, go, go. 
“Faster.” You hadn’t meant to say it, it just slipped out. Bucky chuckled darkly to himself before obeying your wishes. Your hands gripped the edge of the seat as his fingers slid in and out of you, a familiar coil starting to form in your stomach, tightening with every pump of his fingers.
“Fuck, doll, you’re so beautiful like this,” Bucky muttered, his voice low and husky, full of lust, making your toes curl. 
Wanting to give him some sort of reprieve, you reached across and palmed him through his pants, feeling how hard he was. Fiddling with his belt, you managed to get it undone with one hand. Tugging his fly open, you slipped your hand into his boxers. Wrapping your hand around the base of his cock, you pumped him a few times, smiling to yourself when he let out a low moan, subconsciously bucking his hips. It was only when you ran your thumb over the tip that he let a gravelly groan and pulled his fingers out of you. 
Grabbing you by the waist, he helped you climb over the centre console, satisfied when you were straddling his lap. He reclined his seat a little so you weren’t in such a cramped position. Shrugging off your leather jacket, you tossed it into the back seat and got comfortable. Your core settled over the bulge in Bucky’s pants and you grinded softly, needing the friction.
“My God, princess, you’re so fucking wet for me, I can feel you soaking through my pants.”
“Sorry,” you muttered sheepishly, heat creeping up your neck.
Bucky’s hand snaked around your throat as he leaned in close, pressing a sloppy kiss to your jaw, then one beneath your ear.
“Don’t you dare apologise,” he ground out, kissing you on the mouth, his tongue battling with yours again. “I love that I have this effect on you.” 
Bucky accentuated his words by rubbing his thumb in tight circles on your clit. You jolted at the sudden contact, but your hands reached down to tug the waistband of his boxers down. You needed him inside you. Now.
His cock, now free of its confines, was dripping with pre-cum. You ran your thumb around the tip before lining him up with your entrance.
“Can I?” You asked, pumping a few times in preparation, even though you were practically dripping.
“Fuck’s sake, doll, yes.” Bucky’s hands gripped your hips and lowered you onto him. The two of you let out a moan as he filled you. The pleasant pain was something you could never get tired of.
“Ride me.” It was a demand you weren’t about to ignore. 
You had to go slowly at first, lifting yourself up then lowering yourself back down again, moans slipping from your lips; as thick and sweet as honey. You sped up a little, letting yourself slip down faster so that he bottomed out deeper with each go around. Because you were in the car and there wasn’t much room, you swapped from bouncing on him to undulating your hips back and forth while he was sheathed inside you.
“Fuck,” Bucky groaned, hands guiding your hips, making you move faster. It wasn’t until you started bouncing on his cock again that you felt that coil tightening and tightening and tightening. And when Bucky started thrusting up into you in time with your movements, you knew you weren’t going to last much longer.
Bucky’s hand found its way around your throat again, squeezing softly, and you let out a loud moan as he slammed into you particularly harshly.
“Buck,” you whined. “I’m close.”
“I know, doll. I can feel it. But keep going, come on. Ride me all the way, like a good girl.”
His words were spurring you on so, one hand braced on his chest and the other on the seat, you switched between bouncing and rolling your hips in an endless cycle. Your breath coming out in pants, fogging up the windows, Bucky’s relentless thrusting was too much.
You cried out as you came, the tightness in your stomach unravelling, but Bucky didn’t stop. He fucked you through it, even as you collapsed against him, breathing hard, as your body shook. With a few more thrusts, Bucky reached his own orgasm, and you moaned with him as you felt his cum fill you with warmth.
As the two of you came down from your highs, Bucky ran his hands up and down your back, fingers catching in the silk. 
“You’re such a good girl for me,” he whispered into your neck, placing a few kisses there.
When your breathing returned to normal and your heart stopped racing, you mentally prepared yourself to move and get off him. You tried, but you were so spent that every part of you trembled.
“It’s okay, sweetheart. Stay here, it’s nice.”
Too tired to argue, you rested your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes. You must’ve dozed off because when you opened your eyes, you were in Bucky’s bed and he was using a warm, damp towel to clean up the mess between your legs.
Bucky helped you to the bathroom when you asked as your legs still trembled slightly, and when you came out you grabbed your phone from your bag to shoot Wanda a quick text. Even though it was almost midnight, you knew she’d answer.
You: At B’s, can I keep this dress and buy you a new one?
Seconds later, Wanda’s response appeared on the screen.
Wanda: Yes. He fucked you, didn’t he?
You: I will neither confirm nor deny.
Wanda: Haha, I told you so.
Turning your phone off, you turned to where Bucky was on the bed. His shirt was off, hair messy, and he was gazing at you.
“Come here, doll,” he said, holding out his arms for you. 
“Hang on.” You quickly went back into the bathroom and took the dress off, dumping it in the corner of the room, and pulled on Bucky’s button-up, adjusting it so it covered your ass. Going back out into the bedroom, you slid beneath the covers and curled up next to Bucky. He grabbed one of your legs at the knee and hiked it up, pulling it over him. Your core pressed against him and he sighed, turning to you with lust-addled eyes.
“You were so good to me tonight,” he whispered, reaching over to turn off the lamp. “And I love it when you’re on top.”
“But tomorrow I am going to fuck you so hard.”
You bit your lip, already thinking about it.
“Well can you feed me before you turn me on this time?”
Bucky scoffed, no doubt rolling his eyes in the darkness. “Oh sure, because that was totally my fault.”
“It was. And also, we need to buy Wanda a new dress.”
Am I going to hell for this? Probably. See y’all there.
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