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#james barnes fic
spideyhexx · 2 hours ago
moments of affection; b.b.
a/n: this is entirely self indulgent because i feel like blah and im in my feels. also want to say here, even though this is not nsfw, it's still 18+
be sure to let me know what you think! reblogs, comments, and likes are appreciated :)
more writing!
summary; three different moments of affection between you and bucky.
bucky barnes x reader
WARNINGS: a little suggestive at the end but still sfw. alpine. cute bucky. established relationship. work drama.
word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
“Oh you won’t believe what went down today,” you announce as soon as you walk through the door and into Bucky’s apartment.
He’s on the couch with Alpine cuddled into his side and he reaches over to pause the show he was watching.
He chuckles at your statement asks, “was it crazier than the other day?”
“WAY crazier, so you remember Hannah right? The new girl that’s working at the front desk? The one that I despise?”
“I remember you told me she always smells like skittles,” Bucky recounts and you nod your head at him.
Hurriedly, you untie your shoelaces and kick off your shoes. You slide your feet underneath yourself as you sit next to Bucky.
“Yes, her! Well she had a fucking meltdown and screamed at my boss during our busiest hour. The cops came and everything.”
“Mmhm, she felt like she wasn’t being treated right because she kept being told to not cut her nails on the desk.” Alpine stretches her paw onto Bucky’s leg and you giggle at her, leaning over him to rub her head.
“Cut her nails on the desk? That’s what it was over.”
Bucky did not think his first conversation with you when he got back from his mission would be about Hannah, the girl you despise, but he is not complaining.
The way your face lights up as you tell him a story is something he always looks forward to.
“Yeah, ridiculous, isn’t it? The cops didn’t really do much, they just stood there and said ‘calm down’ but it did not calm anyone down. Eventually, my boss just said she should pack up and leave.”
Bucky knows you’re still speaking and he is listening, but his mind wanders off into how pretty you look. Your hair is a mess and he wonders when you’ll make a comment about it and try to fix it.
Every time a new thing comes to mind, your eyes light up. He watches as your eyes glance down at Alpine when you take a breath.
“Bucky?” He breaks out of his trance to find you smiling at him.
“Hm?” You scoot over closer to him and lean your head against his shoulder, his arm instinctively wrapping around you.
“Do my rants annoy you?”
“No, I love them. Now, tell did customers react to Hannah’s outburst?”
If there was anything Bucky hates more than his therapy appointments, it’s the doctor. He had been meaning to schedule a check up appointment for some time, but always hesitated.
After a long talk with you and sharing your similar feelings on the doctor visits, he made an appointment.
Now, he sits in the waiting room, his foot tapping and his eyes cast on the floor, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. It doesn’t help that the room is crowded.
No one is looking at him, but he feels like he’s got a spotlight on him. Add onto that the dreary and dull gray walls and the light hum that the lights give off.
You sit in the chair across from him and study his movements. Your gaze does not leave him.
The hope is that he will look up at you but he is determined to keep his stare on the carpet. You feel bad for him.
The nurse told him that you wouldn’t be able to accompany him when he gets called in and that seemed to accelerate his nerves.
“James Barnes?”
A nurse calls his name out and his head shoots up, finally locking eyes with you. He stands and brushes his hands against his pants.
Before he could get past you, you grab his hand. It’s sweaty, like you expected but he still squeezes your hand.
A sigh escapes his mouth when you place a kiss on his knuckles.
You can’t help yourself but kiss his hand a few more times before pulling away.
He’s trying not to smile, but as soon as you do, Bucky can’t suppress the grin on his face. He mouths ‘thank you’ and releases your hand, taking one last glance at you before following the nurse.
The only light illuminating Bucky’s kitchen at this very moment was your laptop on the counter as you type away.
You wish you could join him on the couch, but you need to get work done and sitting next to him would just result with you in his lap.
It isn’t long before you lose your focus watch as Bucky stands up to stretch.
Only a shirt and his boxers cover him but when he stretches his arms up, you can see a little bit of his back. It sends a rush of heat all over your body and as he turns his head, you snap your focus back to your work.
A deep chuckle rings through your ears.
“I can go to another room if I’m too distracting,” Bucky teases as he makes his way into the kitchen. He pours himself some water, a smirk stuck onto his face.
“It’s not my fault that you’re so handsome,” you say and he chuckles again, moving to stand behind you. Bucky leans his hands onto the counter, his lips right by your ear. He kisses beneath your earlobe.
“Bucky…” you trail off as he takes your earlobe into his mouth and sucks lightly on it. It tickles you and you laugh, feeling him begin to smile as well.
"What? I'm just loving my girl," he mumbles, leaning his head down to place kisses on your neck.
His mouth moves leisurely, the obscene noises of his mouth do nothing to ease your growing pleasure.
Your head falls back against his shoulder, giving him more access to your neck, but he pulls away.
“Are my lips too chapped?” You turn your head to look at him, raising an eyebrow.
“What? No, they’re perfect, just keep-”
His mouth his back on you, this time his movements are more aggressive.
He sucks at a spot under your jaw that never fails to make you whimper for him. One of his hands finds its way to your hip, squeezing it, then drifting to grip your thigh.
“Maybe you should take a break, doll.” You close your laptop as soon as the words leave his lips.
You spin around and pull him by his collar closer to you.
His lips brush against yours, the taste of him already so intriguing. You don’t know why you’re hesitating, but Bucky seems to notice and he smirks.
“You gonna do it, or what?” His words sink into you. One more tug of his collar and his lips are locked on yours.
Bucky laughs, but it’s muffled through the kiss. Without another thought, you bite gently onto his bottom lip. His hands falter against you and he angles his head to kiss you deeper.
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metalbuckaroo · 12 hours ago
Don't Worry About It
Summary: When your mom asks you to relieve the babysitter; you weren't expecting it to be a different one than usual.
Warnings: cursing
AU: Babysitter!Bucky x Reader
AN: To clarify, both are of age, I'm thinking mid 20s. Requests and asks always open! Feedback and reblogs are appreciated.
Gif not mine
Tumblr media
"Can you please just-" Your mom took a deep breath from the other end of the phone. "Go to the house and relieve the babysitter, please? I'll be home in an hour at the most."
"Yes, I'm locking up now. Don't worry about it." You said as you pulled the glass door of your work closed. "Thank you, I will pay you back when I get home."
When you walked into your mom's house it was quiet, meaning your kid brother Toby had already went to bed.
Making your way to the kitchen, you heard heavy footsteps coming down the hallway; not looking up from your phone as you texted your mom.
"I'm sorry it's so late. My mom got stuck at the office and I just g-" You stopped when you saw a pair of boots instead of the flats the usual baby sitter wore.
Looking up, you're eyes were met with bright blue ones, a timid smile playing on the brunette's lips as he stuffed his left hand in the pocket of his jeans. "It's fine. He fell asleep early."
"You're... not Mallory." You noted, the much taller man pressing his lips together and shaking his head lightly. "I'm, uh, Bucky." He reached his right hand out to shake yours gently.
You gave him a light smile before clearing your throat and tearing away from his gaze. "Anyways, Bucky, sorry for making you stay so late. Last minute change to my mom's schedule." You said breathing a laugh, digging in your wallet.
"I'm guessing it's 140?" You asked, glancing up at him. He gave a quiet 'yeah' and nodded as you continued to dig in your wallet for his payment.
"Shit- I only have 120 on me." You cursed, grabbing your bag to search for any loose change. "That's fine." Bucky shrugged, shoving his other hand in his pocket.
You shook your head. "No, no it isn't. I don't like owing people money." You exhaled, scraping up another three dollars. "I can go to the ATM?"
He shook his head and cleared his throat lightly, chewing on the inside of his cheek as he contemplated what he was going to say. "Just, uh- let me take you out for coffee and we'll call it even."
You narrowed your eyes at him, footsteps padding down the hall. "You're not leaving already, are you?" Toby said from the doorway, rubbing his eye. "Toby, its already 11pm. I'm sure he wants to get home." You sighed, leaning to look behind Bucky as Toby walked to stand beside him.
"Did he show you his cool arm?" He beamed, a wide smile nearly hiding the tired look in his eyes. Bucky's cheeks tinted red at your brothers question. "No, he didn't. Now, go back to bed."
Toby tugged at Bucky's left elbow, making him chuckle nervously at the young boy. "You gotta show her, Bucky. It's so cool, she'll love it and you can take her on a date. Then you can come over all the ti-"
"Toby, bed. Now."
His lips turned down in a frown, Bucky's cheeks burning red from being put on the spot. "Sorry about him, and for being late." You started searching through your purse again. "And also being short on the mon- fuck."
You jerked your hand out of the bag when your finger scratched across a paper clip. "You ok?" Bucky stepped forward, reaching his hands out towards yours.
Your eyes caught the gleam of his left hand for just a second, before he tucked it out of sight behind his back. "Yeah, just never listened to my mom about leaving paper clips in my bag." You said breathing a laugh.
"Here." He reached his right hand toward the stack of napkins on the counter and grabbed one, holding it to your finger. "Thanks."
"Don't worry about it." He kept his eyes on your finger, not wanting to look directly at you in hopes you hadn't noticed him trying so hard to hide his hand.
"Saturday good with you?"
Bucky's eyes went wide as he looked at you. "What?" He said, shocked. "The date. To call it even."
Another tint of pink washed over his cheeks and he nodded with a light smile. "Yeah, perfect."
"Great." You smiled. "Well, it's just a scratch, and I'm sure you're very ready to go home. Ten hours of Toby can be exhausting."
He breathed a laugh and shrugged as he followed you to the front door. "He definitely has a lot of energy. It was fun though."
"Has an imagination for days." You pulled the door open and Bucky walked out onto the porch, turning to look at you once he was at the bottom of the stairs.
"I'm filling in for Mallory for her two week vacation, so... See you tomorrow?"
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endorspeaches · 17 hours ago
warnings: none just some fluff
pairing: bucky x reader
summary: You realize you have fallen in love with your best friend.
A/N: I’m a music addict. Every time I write a fic I’m usually listening to a song on a loop that helps feed the aesthetic. I will be adding each song to my fics <3
Listen with: Like the Movies -Laufey
Tumblr media
I almost didn’t realize I was falling in love with Bucky. I had run every mission with him. After the missions we were inseparable. Every moment we could we spent it in each other’s company. It wasn’t until one day that Sam asked what was going on with Bucky and me. Sam joked with me always, but something in his voice made me really stop and look. I was in love with my best friend.
“I love him Sam,” you uttered.
“I know, my question wasn't that but have you guys talked about it?” Sam asked.
“I don’t think either of us has stopped to realize it I guess.” You reply.
Your mind began to wander. Does he love me back? Does he even know I love him?
“What if he…” you begin to say.
“No don’t do that. Matter of fact go ask him. Don’t ask that question you know neither of us knows the answer to.” He interrupts you.
You sigh, “You make it sound so easy.”
There is a knock at your door.
“Door’s open!” You shout across your room.
Bucky lets himself in. You’re laying across your bed doodling in an old notebook.
“Hey doll, what are you up to?” He asks as he sits on the edge of your bed.
“I was waiting for you so I started doodling.” You sit up and place the notebook on his lap
“I love when you doodle,” Bucky says as he looks at your notebook
“Bucky. Um, I wanna ask you something but please don’t make it weird.” You stumble over your words.
“What is it?” He is now looking straight at you.
“Umm, damn uh, this is harder than I thought. I’m in love with you.” You get up from the bed.
Silence fills the room. You look over at Bucky. You can see him have this look on his face. His eyes meet with yours. He sees the look of worry on your face. He gets up off the bed and meets you where you stand.
He takes a hold of your hands. “ Oh Y/N, I love you. I'm sorry I kept you waiting for a response. I thought I would've been the first to say it out loud.”
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comfortbucky · 18 hours ago
true north: chapter 2
summary: the reader was a pararescue along with sam and riley and was engaged to riley. what happens when she gets roped into the world of captain america? or when she meets bucky barnes? this chapter takes place during ca:ws and will closely follow the canon mcu timeline.
pairing: bucky x fem!reader
warnings: canon level violence, mentions of torture, being held captive, mentions of blood, an old scar, trauma, ptsd, things of that nature
A/N: THE BRIDGE FIGHT SCENE. guys i really hope i did it justice y’all LMAO 🤣 i deadass had to stop watching ca:ws every 10 seconds to make sure i was getting every detail but also i'm not good at writing action scenes so pls bear with me
bucky does make an appearance as the winter soldier hehe
also just a disclaimer: i know little to nothing about the air force and tried my best to do some research but mistakes are bound to be made so don’t pay too much attention to those 😅
and as always i would love to hear any feedback, comments, or suggestions u guys have!!!!!!!!🥰
word count: 4100
series masterlist!
Taking a sip from his sweet tea, Sam locked his eyes on Agent Sitwell walking out of the building in front of him.
“We got eyes on Sitwell,” Y/N spoke into her earpiece as Sam kept his sight on the target.
“Copy that, the car is around the corner to the right, 2 spaces down,” Steve replied.
“I got a clear view of him too,” Nat said, lining her sniper up. “Nice tie.” Y/N and Sam watched as the man, who Sitwell was talking to, started to walk away. Sam pulled out his phone to engage in the next step of the plan. Y/N watched as Agent Sitwell dismissed his bodyguards and answered his phone.
“Yes, sir?”
“Agent Sitwell, how was lunch? I hear the crab cakes here are delicious.” Sam saw Y/N smile from the corner of his eye as he spoke.
“Who is this?”
“The good-looking guy in the sunglasses, your 10 o’clock,” Y/N chuckled as Agent Sitwell looked up in the opposite direction of where she and Sam were seated. Sam rolled his eyes as he provided further instruction. “Your other 10 o’clock.” Agent Sitwell turned, finally making eye contact with the pair. “There you go.” Sam and Y/N held up their drinks to greet Sitwell’s gaze.
“What do you want?”
“You’re gonna go around the corner to your right. There's a gray car 2 spaces down. We're gonna take a ride.”
"And why would I do that?"
"Because that tie looks really expensive," As Sam spoke, Sitwell's eyes looked down at his chest to see a bright red sniper dot on his tie. Sam continued, "and I'd hate to mess it up." Sitwell's eyes darted around, trying to find the source of the sniper scope to no avail. Realizing he had no choice, he started down the street as Sam and Y/N followed closely behind.
Tumblr media
"Feels weird being suited up again," Y/N said, adjusting the straps on her harness. The pair were perched on the ledge of a building opposite to the one Steve and Natasha had brought Sitwell to. Sam flashed her a grin.
"Feels right to me," he turned his attention to the roof of the building in front of him. "Still fits like a glove."
The two saw their cue to engage as Sitwell was kicked off the rooftop and falling towards the street. Sam jumped off the ledge, his wings unfolding, as he darted towards the falling body. Y/N followed suit, her stomach doing a flip as her feet left the edge, identical to the feeling she used to get on roller coasters. A huge smile grew on her face. She didn't realize how badly she had missed being airborne. Since she had come back from serving overseas, she hadn't experienced anything that felt quite as right as this. Suddenly, Y/N had a feeling that it wasn't chance that brought Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff to Sam's door.
Sam grabbed the collar of Sitwell's jacket and flew straight up, dropping the agent onto the roof. Y/N followed close behind Sam as they made their landing. Their wings folded back into place as they turned around to face Steve and Natasha.
Y/N glanced over to Sam and grinned. "Like riding a bike."
The four surrounded Sitwell as he remained on the ground, holding one of his hands up in defense.
Sitwell quickly blurted out, "Zola's algorithm is a program," he paused. "For choosing Insight's targets."
"What targets?" Steve questioned.
"You!" Sitwell threw his hand in Steve's direction. "A TV anchor in Cairo, the other Secretary of Defense, a high school valedictorian in Iowa City," he paused before continuing. "Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, anyone who's a threat to HYDRA." Natasha quickly looked to Steve before looking back at Sitwell. "Now, or in the future." Y/N and Sam shared a confused look with each other.
Steve paused. "In the future? How could it know?" Sitwell began to laugh as he went on.
"How could it not?" He began to stand up. "The 21st century is a digital book. Zola taught HYDRA how to read it. Your bank records, medical histories, voting patterns, emails, phone calls, your damn SAT scores!" Sitwell kept his eyes on Steve. "Zola's algorithm evaluates people's past to predict their future."
"And what then?" Steve remained his eye contact as Sitwell's face dropped. He looked down as a sudden wave of regret washed over him, realizing what he'd revealed.
"Oh my god. Pierce is gonna kill me." Sitwell took a step back, causing Sam to grab his jacket collar. Y/N took a defensive step forward, blocking off an exit pathway for Sitwell.
"What then?" Steve demanded.
Sitwell paused, realizing since he had already given up most of the information, he might as well offer the rest. "Then the Insight helicarriers scratch people off the list. A few million at a time." Steve stared at Sitwell, absorbing the information he had just been told before speaking.
"We need to start moving," he glared at Sitwell. "And you're coming with us."
Tumblr media
Sam and Steve sat in the driver and passenger seats of the car, respectively, as Natasha, Y/N, and Agent Sitwell were seated in the back.
Sitwell spoke up, "HYDRA doesn't like leaks."
"Then why don't you try sticking a cork in it?" Sam shot back.
Natasha leaned forward towards Steve. "Insight's launching in 16 hours. We're cutting it a little bit close here."
"I know," Steve replied as Natasha sat back in her seat. "We'll use him to bypass the DNA scans and access the helicarriers directly." Sitwell shot forward in his seat.
"What? Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea." Before Steve could reply to Sitwell, a loud thud from the roof of the car interrupted him. Y/N flinched as the window next to Sitwell was punched by a metal arm. Her eyes widened as the arm grabbed Sitwell from his seat next to her and threw him off the overpass. Both she and Natasha caught a glimpse of a gun out the window before gunshots went off coming from the roof of the car.
Natasha quickly moved to the front of the car onto Steve's lap as Y/N shifted to the right side of the car, where Natasha had been sitting, attempting to shield herself by crouching down and putting her arms over her head. More gunshots went off, this time coming from the front of the car, almost hitting Steve and Sam in the head. They both managed to duck as Steve pulled the emergency brake lever, throwing the unknown figure from the roof of the car and onto the road in front of them.
The figure, in all black except for his metal arm, managed a 3-point landing and slid down the road, the fingers from his metal arm creating sparks as he dug his hand in the road to stabilize himself. He slowly stood up, facing Sam's car, his eyes covered by black goggles and the lower half of his face hidden behind a black mask. His long hair also worked to hide his face. Before Natasha could attempt to shoot him, a large jeep slammed into the back of the car, causing her to drop her gun and pushing them forward.
Sam, both hands on the wheel, attempted to steer out of the way as the masked figure jumped up onto the roof of the car. The back window shattered and Y/N put her arms up to shield herself from the broken glass. Sam slammed his foot on the brake while Natasha scrambled to grab her gun.
Suddenly, the front window was punched through and the steering wheel was ripped out of Sam's hands.
Natasha managed to grab her gun and shot at the roof as the figure jumped from the roof of their car to the hood of the jeep behind them. Y/N turned around to look behind her and could see the jeep getting ready to hit their car again. She leaned forward between the front seats of the car.
“They’re gonna hit us from behind again!” She yelled as she tried to figure out their next steps. Steve was already one step ahead of her.
“Grab onto Sam!” Y/N looked at Steve and nodded. She climbed to the front of the car and wrapped an arm around Sam, sitting on his lap. Before she could make a witty remark about what Riley's reaction to their positioning would be, the jeep slammed into the back of their car again, sending it swerving out of control.
"Hang on!" Steve secured his shield on his forearm before grabbing hold of Natasha and Sam. Sam wrapped one arm around Steve and the other around Y/N. Steve used the momentum of the car starting to flip over, to bust down the passenger side door. The four of them landed on the road, the car door breaking their fall. As the door slid down the road from the force of impact, Sam and Y/N rolled off and onto the road, standing up quickly to analyze the situation. Steve and Natasha got up quickly from the car door to defend themselves.
The jeep had come to a stop and the masked figure jumped off the roof to grab a grenade launcher from his associate. He fired it in the direction of Steve and Natasha, Steve pushing her out of the way as he covered himself with his shield. The force of it was so great it sent him, and his shield, flying over the bridge and into a bus.
Meanwhile, Y/N, Natasha, and Sam were taking cover from the masked figure and the rest of the attackers open-fired on them. Natasha was able to fire back with her gun, drawing the attention of the attackers and the masked figure. Y/N and Sam kept hidden behind cars trying to formulate a plan.
"They're distracted right now," Sam said pulling a knife from his pocket. He looked at Y/N. "We can sneak up on them when their backs are turned." She nodded. A loud blast went off, and Y/N stole a quick glance, peering over the car she was hiding behind. The masked figure shot another grenade at Natasha. She managed to dodge it and run behind a car. Another grenade was shot at her and Y/N watched as Natasha jumped off the bridge to avoid getting hit.
"It looks like they're after Steve and Natasha," Y/N began as she continued to watch the situation unfold. "I think metal arm dude is going after her and the rest of them are looking for Steve." She turned to Sam. "Guess there are perks to not being an Avenger after all."
The two saw the masked figure jump over the bridge as a couple others used cable cords to rappel down. Sam and Y/N quietly made their way over to two men who hadn't secured their ropes yet. Sam landed a kick to one of the men's knees, causing the man to turn and face him, before punching him across the face and swiping his knife up the man's body. He grabbed the man's gun before kicking him off the bridge.
The second man turned to face Y/N, upon seeing his partner fall off the bridge. She smirked before kicking him across his face and snatching the machine gun from his hands. The man attempted to punch her, but she quickly dodged it and used the butt of the gun to push him over the edge.
She looked over at Sam and smiled, "God I missed this."
They looked over the bridge to see several men shooting at Steve, using his shield to protect himself. Sam and Y/N began shooting at the men attacking Steve, allowing him to take cover behind a car.
As Steve looked up at them, Sam shouted out to him. "Go! We got this!"
The two of them managed to finish off the rest of the attackers before going to retrieve their flight suits. Flying in the direction that Steve and Natasha ran off towards, Y/N and Sam were able to see from above the now, maskless figure, standing a couple feet in front of Steve.
Steve stared at the man in front of him. He stood frozen in place as he realized he was looking at his childhood friend, who he thought was dead, standing before him. "Bucky?"
"Who the hell is Bucky?" The man brought his gun to aim at Steve.
Sam swooped down and kicked the man, knocking him down. Y/N flew down to grab the man's metal arm and started to fly up, taking him with her. He was able to stand his ground and yank her arm, slamming Y/N to the ground. She groaned before lifting her head to look at the man Steve called "Bucky." Although they made eye contact for a split second, Y/N managed to see a lost, confused look in his eyes.
The man quickly turned around, ready to try and shoot Steve again when a grenade missile was sent flying towards him. Steve turned to see Natasha holding a grenade launcher and turned back around to see that Bucky had vanished.
The sound of sirens grew louder as black vans and police cars surrounded the four of them. Men in tactical gear with guns pointed at them ran towards them. As Natasha, Sam, and Y/N were handcuffed and stuffed in the back of a van, Rumlow barked orders at Steve.
"Drop the shield, Cap! Get on your knees!" Steve did as he was told, staring at the ground in front of him, attempting to process what had just happened.
Tumblr media
"It was him." Steve kept his stare on the floor. "He looked right at me like he didn't even know me." Y/N sat quietly next to Steve, listening.
"How's that even possible? It was, like, 70 years ago." Sam replied.
"Zola." Steve paused to think. "Bucky's whole unit was captured in '43. Zola experimented on him." Steve finally looked up to meet Natasha's eyes. "Whatever he did helped Bucky survive the fall. They must have found him and..."
Natasha cut him off. "None of that's your fault, Steve." Her voice trailed off at the end and Y/N could tell that Natasha was losing a lot of blood from the bullet wound in her shoulder. Steve shifted his view towards the floor again before speaking softly.
"Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky."
Y/N moved her handcuffed hands to rest on top of Steve's and gave them a squeeze. He turned to look at her to see her offering a soft smile.
"We're gonna figure this out. Whatever it is."
Steve gave a small smile back to Y/N before she removed her hands from his. Natasha tilted her head back, eyes squinting in pain. Sam observed her wound and spoke up.
"We need to get a doctor here. If we don't put pressure on that wound, she's gonna bleed out here in the truck." Sam jumped back in his seat as one of the guards took out a stun baton, pointing it in his direction. The guard then turned to hit the guard sitting beside them with the baton and kicked them across the face, effectively knocking them out. Everyone stared in shock as the guard removed their helmet, only to reveal Maria Hill sitting before them.
"Ah. That thing was squeezing my brain." She paused to move her hair out of her face before looking at Sam and Y/N. "Who are they?"
Steve was about to speak up before Maria cut him off, grabbing her Mouse Hole to start cutting into the floor of the van. "Actually we don't have time for introductions, we gotta get moving. Don't want to keep him waiting."
Tumblr media
The four of them emerged from the car and followed Maria into a secure facility. A man jogged down the dimly lit hallway toward them as Maria reported off to him.
"GSW. She's lost at least a pint."
"Maybe two." Sam added. The man motioned them to follow him.
"Let me take her."
"She'll want to see him first." Maria's statement causing Steve and Natasha to share confused looks with each other. They continued to follow Maria down a series of hallways. Upon approaching a clear, plastic curtain, Maria slowly pulled it back. Steve and Natasha's eyes widened in shock to see Nick Fury, who had they had previously seen die from a heart attack, alive and well in a hospital bed.
"About damn time." Fury paused, looking at Y/N and Sam. "Who the hell are they?"
"They're with me," Steve turned to smile at the pair before turning his attention back to Fury. "We can trust them. This is Sam Wilson and Y/N L/N." Y/N gave a slight wave and Sam folded his arms. Fury sighed.
"Fine, but give me a reason not to trust either of you, and you'll both be dead before you know it."
Tumblr media
Y/N and Sam stood and watched as Steve, Natasha, Maria, and Fury discussed the issue at hand.
"We have to stop the launch," Natasha stated, before turning to look at Steve.
"I don't think the Council's accepting my calls anymore," Fury spun the briefcase in front of him, opening it to reveal 3 targeting blades.
Sam leaned over to get a better look before asking, "What's that?"
Maria turned her computer to show graphics of the helicarriers on the screen. "Once the helicarriers reach 3,000 feet, they'll triangulate with Insight satellites, becoming fully weaponized."
Fury continued, "We need to breach those carriers and replace their targeting blades with our own."
"One or two won't cut it," Maria clarified. "We need to link all three carriers for this to work because if even one of those ships remains operational, a whole lot of people are gonna die."
Fury ended their explanation by stating, "We have to assume everyone aboard those carriers is HYDRA. We have to get past them, insert these server blades. And maybe, just maybe we can salvage what's left-"
Steve cut him off. "We're not salvaging anything." Fury looked up to meet Steve's eyes. "We're not just taking down the carriers, Nick. We're taking down S.H.I.E.L.D."
Fury defended himself. "S.H.I.E.L.D. had nothing to do with this."
"You gave me this mission. This is how it ends." Steve argued back. "S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been compromised. You said so yourself. HYDRA grew right under your nose and nobody noticed."
"Why do you think we're meeting in this cave? I noticed."
"How many paid the price before you did?" Y/N felt her admiration for Steve grow in that moment. She had always admired Captain America, but this was a side to him that the public didn't see. He was staying true to his beliefs, always looking out to do what was right. Even if that meant going against someone he admired and respected, against everything he knew. Fury broke away from Steve's stare and looked down.
"Look, I didn't know about Barnes."
"Even if you had, would you have told me?" Fury looked up as Steve continued. "Or would you have compartmentalized that, too? S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA, it all goes."
"He's right." Fury turned to face Maria at the sound of her voice. She gave him a soft nod. Fury looked at Natasha who stared at him silently. He then looked up at Sam and Y/N.
"Don't look at me. I do what he does, just slower." Y/N chuckled at Sam's statement.
"And I do what he does," Y/N pointing to Sam. "Just faster." She teased. Fury looked to Steve again.
"Well..." Fury took one last glance at Maria as she gave him a comforting look. He sat back in his seat and sighed. "It looks like you're giving the orders now, Captain."
Tumblr media
After the meeting, Maria took Fury to get some rest, doctor's orders, and Natasha went to get a blood transfusion. Steve had excused himself after reviewing the plan to get some air. Y/N and Sam were left sitting at the table.
"I can't imagine how Steve must be feeling." Y/N fiddled with her hands as Sam looked at her. "I mean, imagine seeing Riley again but he's not really Riley, just a completely different person." A wave of silence washed over the two before Sam spoke up.
“If the part that made Riley, Riley, was gone,” Sam paused to collect his thoughts. “Then he’s gone for good.” Y/N didn’t know how to respond, so she didn’t.
The pair sat in silence for a little bit until they went to find Steve, realizing it had been a while since he had left. They found him standing outside, staring off into the distance, deep in thought. Sam walked ahead of Y/N to speak to Steve.
"He's gonna be there, you know."
"I know." Steve kept his gaze focused on the view.
"Look, whoever he used to be and the guy he is now,” Sam took a breath. “I don't think he's the kind you save. He's the kind you stop." Y/N suddenly remembered the look she had seen in Bucky’s eyes. She knew that look, she’d experienced something similar herself.
“I don’t know if I can do that.”
“Well, he might not give you a choice. He doesn’t know you.”
“You’re wrong Sam.” The men turned their heads towards Y/N as she continued to speak. “Everyone deserves to be saved. You’re the one who taught me that.” Sam sighed as Steve looked at them both with a curious look on his face. Y/N turned to Steve to explain.
“During one of our first rescue ops with the EXO-7 Falcon suits, I was flying over a forest when a sharpshooter managed to hit my pack in a vulnerable spot. I managed to land in a random forest, but unfortunately, it was near an uncover HYDRA base, one that wasn't known to S.H.I.E.L.D." Y/N crossed her arms, looked down at the ground and sighed before continuing. "The technology they used to make our suits was something HYDRA couldn't quite crack, so they took me captive to see if I would reveal anything useful to them."
Sam reached out to place a comforting hand on her shoulder. Y/N looked up at him and gave a soft smile, before returning her attention to the ground. "Of course I kept my mouth shut, but even if I wanted to tell them anything, I couldn't. The Air Force just told us how to fly them, nothing else. So HYDRA did what HYDRA does best." Steve had a feeling he already knew what to expect but continued to watch and listen to her. "They roughed me up pretty good," Y/N said as she lifted up her shirt, just enough, to reveal a long scar on the side of her abdomen. "Something to remember them by." She pulled down her shirt and let out a soft chuckle. Her eyes shifted up to meet Steve’s, him silently encouraging her to continue. "I was there for about a month before Sam and Riley managed to find me. We ended up losing a couple of teammates along the way. For months, I felt so much guilt, like it was my fault that I ended up in that situation and that I didn't deserve to have made it out."
Y/N smiled at Sam. "But Sam and Riley were the ones who helped me get through it all. Reminded me that I was a victim and deserved to be saved. That what happened to me wasn't my fault." She turned to face the two men. "Bucky, in some way that we don't know yet, is being held captive right now. He's doing things he clearly wouldn't normally do." Her eyes focused on Sam's. "He deserves a chance to be saved, Sam." Sam let out a sigh before nodding. Steve gave Y/N a hug, whispering a thank you in her ear, before pulling away to face the two of them.
"Let's gear up. It's time."
"You gonna wear that?" Sam asked, looking at Steve’s civilian clothes.
"No. If you're gonna fight a war, you gotta wear a uniform."
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rebeccccccaaa · 19 hours ago
ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍᴇ ʀɪɢʜᴛ _____________________
ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀ’s!ʙᴇsᴛ!ғʀɪᴇɴᴅ!ʙᴜᴄᴋʏ ʙᴀʀɴᴇs ᴀᴜ
sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: You and Buck have always been close growing up but you two soon learn that the line that separates friendly and flirting is a lot thinner than you think.
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: fluff, slight angst bc u got a shit bf, big bro vibes from bucky, smut duh [18+ minors dni (slight praise but also slight degradation, marking, belly bulge, squirting, fem!rec oral, unprotected sex, plz be safe irl, slight choking, pet names: darling&princess, i think that’s it lmk plz)]
ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ’s ɴᴏᴛᴇs: hey assholes i'm back for the time being lol. I have a few ideas and fics I'm currently writing right now so do not fret.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You knew this was a horrible idea. 
It’s Saturday night and you and your boyfriend were back in another night club after being kicked out from one just hours before. Daniel had gotten too drunk, as he always does, causing you to kindly ask the bartender to cut him off. Daniel didn’t take that too lightly resulting in a gnarly swing at the poor guy just doing his job. 
Security threw you out and Daniel called an Uber to go where you thought was going to be your apartment but twenty minutes later you pulled up to another club practically on the other side of town. You yelled at Daniel but he pushed aside stumbling inside for yet even more drinks and mistakes waiting for him inside. 
You sat at the bar simply drinking some water and snacking on some peanuts keeping your eye on your garbage boyfriend. You're constantly checking the time on your phone, annoyed with every passing minute. It was 2 am and you just wanted to go home and sleep. You were even debating texting your brother Steve hoping you could just crash at his place not too far from where you were but it would be incredibly irresponsible to just leave Daniel in the state he’s in. 
So you waited and waited and waited. Your eyelids felt heavy and your energy was just completely drained. You were basically a zombie. It wasn’t until a guy approached your half asleep body that you felt a sense of alert. Daniel was shit-faced so you were practically defenseless. 
“Hey,” the guy shouted over the music.
“Sorry, I’m not interested. My boyfriend’s-” you quickly said, only to be cut off.
“Don’t worry. I’m not gonna hit on you. I’ve got a boyfriend of my own,” he chuckled, making you breathe out in relief. 
“Sorry,” you cringed at yourself. 
“It’s alright; but uh, I hate to be the one to tell you this. You might want to check with your boyfriend,” he said sympathetically. 
You pushed your way through the crowd scanning every face in search of Daniel. What did he do? Is he hurt? Did he get in trouble again? Is he getting arrested? Where is he-
“Daniel?” you said eyes tearing up a bit. 
His arms were wrapped around another girl’s waist as he kissed her the way he kissed you. She practically moaned as their tongues slobbered disgustingly with each other. Their hips grinding against each other proactively as if you weren’t even there. Sadness turned to anger, and anger turned to rage, gripping Daniel’s short hairs and pulling his head away from whoever this girl was. 
“What the fuck?” the girl complained, her eyes completely bloodshot. 
“Did he tell you that he was here with his girlfriend tonight?” you're sad with gritted teeth. Daniel stumbled around still unable to register what the hell was happening. 
“Oh my god, you forreal?” she said.
“Who fucking cares? She’s a prude anyway. I got more action with you than I did her in the past, what, six months?” Daniel slurred. 
“You know what, you’re a fucking prick, dude. She deserves so much better than you; I bet your dick is small anyway,” the girl said.
“Fuck you too bitch,” Daniel spit. 
“I can’t believe you,” you said. 
“Oh, whoop-dee-doo, big fucking surprise. Babe, you’re a prude. Can’t you see it? I don’t know why I’m wasting my time with you anymore,” he practically puked out the words without any second thought. 
“Fine, then I hope you enjoy the rest of your night, you fucking asshole,” you stormed away holding in the tears; he wasn’t worth it. 
Almost three am and you just dumped your cheating lowlife boyfriend on the other side of town. Steve wasn’t answering his phone and you even wanna be near the club anymore. Walking speedily staring at your screen desperate to call an Uber home, you bumped harshly into a hard chest falling to the ground on your bum. 
“Fucking hell, I’m so sorry, darling,” the man said helping you up by your elbows.
“It’s ok. I wasn’t looking- Bucky?” 
“Oh, hey kid. What are you doing? It’s like three in the morning and you don’t live anywhere near here,” Bucky said, crossing his arms. 
“Daniel got himself kicked from the one by our apartment and Ubered here instead.”
“So where’s Daniel?” Bucky scowled; he’s always hated that guy, so did Steve.
“Probably fucking some other chick in the bathroom,” your voice cracked. 
“It’s nothing; I just want to go home,” you cried.
“Hey, it’s ok; it’s ok. Do you wanna crash at me and Steve’s? He’s gone for the weekend with Peggy; you can stay in his room at least for the night,” Bucky offered; so that’s why Steve’s not answering his phone. 
“I don’t wanna intrude on your night. I can just call an Uber, it’s fine.”
“No, it’s not. Steve’ll kill me if he found out I left his baby sis alone in the streets of New York at three in the morning. It’s not a problem, we were just bar hopping and I stopped drinking ages ago.”
“Are you sure, Buck?”
“Of course,” he smiled warmly at you. 
“Hey, Nat!”
“What’s up?” a beautiful redhead approached you both.
“Gonna head home ; don’t do anything stupid,” he chuckled. 
“You too,” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, “Catch you Monday?” 
“You’re stupid. I’ll see ya,” Bucky laughed before grabbing your hand and headed towards his apartment. 
“Thanks again, Buck. For letting me stay here tonight,” you said once you entered his apartment. 
It had been a while since you hung out at your brother’s apartment but nothing’s changed. Typical men and their inability to change even a throw pillow. You set your small bag on the couch before Bucky led you to Steve’s room. There were pictures of you and him posing at Steve’s graduation; and later your own. Pictures of Steve and Bucky at a theme park, during a bar-be-que for Steve’s birthday. So many memories that Steve held onto in his room. 
“Time really flies doesn’t it?” Bucky said, slightly startling you.
“Sorry,” he chuckled.
“No, you’re fine. But you’re right. Feels all these pictures were taken yesterday,” you reminisced. 
“I got you some clothes if you need to change; I’ll give you privacy,” Bucky said, slipping from the room briskly. 
You sat on the bed frustrated with everything. Your body was so drained from being up so early in the night, to the fight with Daniel. The past couple months with him were so awful. He was just so mean to you all the time and you didn’t know what you did wrong. Where did it go wrong? When did things shift?
"Is everything ok, darling?" Bucky asked quietly, knocking on the door when you hadn't come out after a while.
"What did I do wrong? I thought he loved me," you choked out. 
Bucky sighed as he walked over to the bed sitting beside you before engulfing you in a warm hug. You cried into his shoulder and Bucky couldn't help the anger that bubbled inside him for your excuse of a boyfriend Daniel. He never got along with the guy and now he finally has a reason to knock his teeth in.
"You didn't do anything, I know it. That prick wouldn't know love if it hit him in the face. It's his loss. You deserve so much better than that asshole. Look at me, you're so beautiful and funny and fucking adorable; any guy who can't see how perfect you are, is a dense piece of shit." 
"James," you whispered. 
His words made your heart skip and your stomach flutter. But Bucky’s always had that effect on you. Even growing up. You weren’t going to sit there and pretend that hearing his words hadn't had a deeper effect than they would’ve coming from Daniel. Sometimes you wondered what being with Bucky would be like. You’re not the first to admit how handsome Bucky was and growing up you did have quite the crush on your brother’s best friend.  
You don't know what it was, whether it was the alcohol still swimming through your veins, or just feeling so vulnerable being in Bucky's arms but you wanted him badly. You needed him, needed to feel something again. And you knew he could give it to you. You pressed your lips to his and in an instant his hands dropped to your hips pulling you impossibly close against his body. Your hands went to the back of his head as you kissed him messily. Your noses bumped and teeth clashed but it was the best kiss you’ve ever had. 
“Fuck, your brother’s gonna kill me,” Bucky mumbled, almost to himself, as he slowly laid you down on your back.
Bucky’s hands trailed up your thighs, squeezing the soft flesh every now and then as he continued kissing you passionately. Your own hands couldn’t help but tug at his shirt desperately. When he did so, your breath was completely taken away. It had been years since you’d seen Bucky without a shirt. 
Not only had he been quite skinny just like your brother back then, but not long after leaving for college with Steve he was in a bike accident that left him with ghastly scars and burns along his left arm and shoulder. Since then, it’s fair to say Bucky never really ever took his shirt off. It had taken years just for him to remove the glove he’d always wear to cover the scars on his hand.
“You’ve gotten so strong, James,” you grinned, reaching out to brush the flexed muscles running down his front. 
He simply stared at you with an anticipating and anxious expression on his face, waiting for you to state the obvious. When you didn’t, when you pulled his head down to kiss him once again, he almost cried. Bucky hadn’t been with a woman in so long, afraid of this very moment. He knew at that moment, there was no one quite like you. 
Bucky fell in love. 
“Let me take care of you, darling. You’ve been so good to me,” Bucky whispered huskily in your ear as he trailed his hand under your own shirt brushing his fingertips along the underside of your breast.
His lips pressed softly against your hot skin along your neck before standing up between your legs at the end of the bed. He pulled your shirt off then played cheekily with the straps of your bra that you still had on. You smiled back at him with the same playful stare, reaching behind you to unclasp the material. 
You could see the way Bucky’s eyes darken and his pupils widened as he stared in awe at your naked chest. Your skin bursted into chills under his hungry gaze even though you felt like you were burning up. Bucky leaned forward kissing down the valley of your breasts, nipping once in a while playfully before laying you back down. He shimmied you out of your bottoms easily, kneeling on the ground leaving you completely bare before him. 
“You are absolutely stunning, princess,” Bucky whispered, running his hands up your thighs slowly. 
“Bucky, please. I need you,” you whimpered. 
“Don’t worry, darling. I promise I’m gonna take good care of you,” he smirked devilishly. 
He pushed your knees open, eyeing the arousal that glistened between your thighs. He brought his fingers up to you slowly rubbing your slick around before finally pushing a thick and long finger past your folds. Your body shuddered solely at the foreign but pleasurable feeling, already moaning softly. 
Bucky’s cock strained through pants upon hearing your beautiful moans; they were like music to his ears. He couldn’t help the way his hips would buck into the mattress in a desperate attempt to relieve some pain from his erection. Soon after he pulled his fingers from you slowly only to thrust them further in you, curling his fingers just right. 
He brought his mouth down to you, wrapping his lips around your clit sucking harshly. You gasped and your back arched, overwhelmed with pleasure Bucky was giving you with just his mouth and fingers. All the times that you’d given yourself to your ex, he had never made you feel this good before, feel this full; let alone with his fingers. Bucky was taking his time with you solely for your own pleasure and it made your heart swoon. 
Your legs trapped Bucky’s head between your thighs, squeezing as he continued to eat you out like a starved man. Your hands went to his hair pulling on his dark locks causing Bucky to moan deeply against you. You were so close to a release; your legs shaking violently and your stomach tightening. 
“Come on, princess. Want you to come all over my face. Can you do that for me, darling?”
“Be a good girl and make a mess,” Bucky teased.
His fingers moved faster as he swirled his tongue around and over your clit just as quickly. You were becoming overwhelmed and that coil bursted in the pit of your stomach. You pushed Bucky’s face from you, shrieking with pure pleasure; Bucky’s kept the rapid pace with fingers as you fell over the edge.
“Fucking hell, that was so hot, princess,” Bucky said standing up; his fingers, arm, his chest was covered in your arousal. 
“Did I do that?” your voice trembled. 
“Because of me,” Bucky winked playfully.
“I didn’t know I could do that,” you let your head fall back on the bed as you briefly caught your breath.
Bucky grabbed his shirt that he discarded not long ago and quickly wiped his chest and arm before discarding his pants and boxers. He nearly moaned at the feeling when he finally freed his dick from the restraining garments. His hand instantly wrapped around the base before pumping himself a few times. 
You brought yourself onto your elbows momentarily ogling at the sight of Bucky completely bare before you. Your mouth practically watered at the sight. Bucky crawled over you kissing you deeply and messily; but perfectly. He pulled away and you both had goofy smiles on your faces before bursting into a fit of giggles, Bucky’s head burying into the crook of your neck.
“You’re so goddamn adorable, princess,” Bucky’s voice was muffled. 
“Bucky,” you whined. 
You couldn’t resist squirming underneath the burly man. Although, you’ve just had what was probably the best orgasm you’ve ever had, you wanted more. You needed more; you needed Bucky. 
“I got you, darling. I got you.” 
Bucky wanted to tease you more, make you beg, but he was just as desperate to feel you as you were. He propped himself up on his elbows kissing you one last time before reaching between your bodies and lining his dick with your entrance. Both you and Bucky moaned simultaneously as he stretched you out; curses spilling from his lips as incoherent moans fell from yours. 
“So fucking tight, princess. Squeezing my cock just right, aren’t ya?” he whispered.
“Fuck, I feel so full,” you whimpered.
Bucky began to slowly move his hips in and out of you deliciously. He quickly picked up the pace, jetting his hips rapidly making your moans louder. Bucky sat up on his knees and gripped your waist surely to leave bruises in your wake. This new angle surprised you and you couldn’t help the squeals and moans that left your mouth. You chanted Bucky's name like a prayer; as if it was the only word you knew. 
Bucky watched you carefully, your face contorting with pure euphoric pleasure. He couldn’t help notice the small bump in your lower belly and without a second thought, he grabbed your hands pressing them firmly over your tummy. 
“You feel how deep I am, darling? Fucking poking through,” Bucky grunted. 
“Shit! Oh, it feels so good,” you moaned. 
“That’s right, no one’s ever gonna fuck you this good again. This pussy’s mine now,” Bucky growled. 
He took one of his hands and wrapped it around your throat squeezing the sides gently but firm at the same time. Your eyes rolled back and you moaned even louder, confident that the neighbors were sure to complain in the morning. Feeling Bucky’s hand around your neck was so exhilarating; you and Daniel had never ever experimented with anything beyond a pair of handcuffs, and that particular night went horribly. 
You like being choked by Bucky. 
“Fucking slut; you like this, don’t ya?” he came down to whisper huskily against your lips. 
“Mh-hm,” you moaned with a devilish grin, your bottom lip resting between your teeth before your eyes rolled back again. 
“Such a fucking beauty you are.”
Bucky hips snapped in and out and he knew it wouldn’t be long until he needed to release.
“God, I’m close, princess,” he growled. 
His hand moved to rest on the back of your neck to pull you up so you straddled his thighs and your chest was flushed against his. Your sensitive and hardened nipples brushed against his slightly sweaty skin causing you to shudder in pleasure. Bucky’s lips attached themselves to your skin along your collar bones sucking harshly leaving purple marks all along.
Your legs shook once again as they did before and soon enough with an arched back and shout of Bucky’s name you came all over his cock. Overwhelmed with your sex, Bucky bit harshly on your shoulder in a poor attempt to muffled the loud groans and moans he elicited. Feeling your velvety walls squeeze tightly around him pushed him over the edge, coating your walls with hot ribbons on cum. 
He fell forward almost crushing you but you were too tired to complain. Bucky continued to pepper soft kisses all over your skin whispering how good you were to him, how beautiful you looked. Just absolutely showering with compliments. You felt him slowly getting off you, probably afraid he was crushing you, but you didn’t want him to leave just yet. 
“Don’t,” you whispered, wrapping your arms tightly around his body. 
“I don’t want to crush you, darling.”
“You’re not.”
Bucky chuckled before settling completely above you, careful not to make you uncomfortable. Hardly any time went by when he felt the even and soft puffs of air hitting his skin, sure that you had fallen asleep. He picked himself up and with major guilt for his best friend, picked you up from the bed and walked you to his own room. 
After he was sure you stayed sound asleep, Bucky grabbed a clean pair of boxers and hurried himself to Steve’s room again. He collected all the discarded clothes and the dirty sheets and tossed them in the washing machine to clean right away. 
He hadn’t meant to fuck his best friend’s little sister, let alone in his own room, on his own bed, but it all happened so fast. 
He went back to his room letting the clothes do it’s thing, and quickly grabbed his phone. He messaged Steve, telling him that when he got back for his weekend with Peggy, he really needed to talk to him. 
Tonight made Bucky realize how much he loved you. Growing up, you two had always been close. But he doesn’t know when he stopped being friendly and instead began flirting. Bucky wanted to be with you; he knew it now more than ever. 
Bucky watched your gorgeous sleeping form on his bed. He smiled to himself before opening the window; the sun already rising and those beautiful golden rays seeped through the glass window, making you look angelic. He crawled into bed cuddling flushed against your naked body. He chuckled softly when you realized he’d returned, wiggling even further into his arms. 
“I love you, Bucky,” you mumbled. 
“I love you, too, darling.”
And he really, and truly did love you. As did you love him. 
ᴛᴀɢʟɪsᴛ: (For all my work)
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wxnda-maximxff · 21 hours ago
Strawberry Pancakes // Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for a while. He proposed, they got engaged, but have yet to marry. While also juggling raising a teenager together as Hunter reaches the age of 16 now. All the while struggling with adjusting to their new lives in Long Island, balancing careers. Meanwhile, Lily struggles with the new found fame of being the fiancé of The White Wolf; and handling the tabloids critiques on her life and gossip columns digging up any information they can on her. While trying to maintain a low profile; and handle her life as it is. And becoming parents. Lily for the second time, while Bucky, well, this is his first attempt at a biological child. All the while a new threat from their past rises up once again, blind siding the family. Bringing forward old hatchets that had been buried, and putting their relationship at risk once more.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any original Marvel characters! All canon plots and canon characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. This is an original work. You may not publish it anywhere else
STATUS: Unedited
NOTES: Takes place after endgame. I have elected to ignore Tony's death and Steve's leaving. Did not happen. Quick Reminder! My works are only published here, AO3 and on Wattpad, thank you.
Chapter Five: The One With Her Uncle
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2286
    Carter Evanson was the one constant in Lily's life outside of her family. He was with her from the moment she filed for divorce with Scott, to when she wanted primary custody, all the way to when she wanted full custody. Then she utilized him once again with Hunter's adoption paperwork. Finally, however, she needed him to work those magic family law skills and get the adoption paperwork filed now more than ever.
"Did you know Scott was moving?" Lily asked, glancing behind her at Hunter from the front seat.
"I hadn't spoken with him since Christmas last year," Hunter sighed, sliding his phone into his pocket, "I'm just as shocked as you are, mom."
"That's alright, buddy," Bucky replied, sending a wary look towards Lily, "Mom and I just need all of the information."
The rest of the car ride to Carter's office in upper Manhattan was silent. No one knew what to say. The entire day had been a complete blur for all of them. Then, finally, this morning, Lily woke up and was excited to pick out a wedding dress to marry her fiance wearing. Now she was on her way to her lawyer's office so that she and Bucky could finally make it legal that Hunter was his son.
"Don't tell anyone about what is going on," Lily reminded as the three stepped into the foyer of the law firm, "The last thing I need is this spreading through the PTA right to Priya."
Hunter nodded and gripped his mom's hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Lily knew this was tough on Hunter. Scott has done nothing but make the boy's life a living hell with a new bomb being dropped every other day. It didn't help that Scott seemed to have some sort of vendetta against his ex-wife, despite him being the reason they separated in the first place. It wasn't Lily's fault that Hunter resented his father. It was Scotts.
Lily always tried to be the firm front of her family. She wanted to show everyone that despite the hell they've been through, they were able to come out the other end happy. But it was hard sometimes, especially when Scott got involved in her life again. He always seemed to barge in whenever everything was finally going smoothly. Then, in classic Scott fashion, he threw Lily for a loop anytime he spoke.
Lily slid her other hand into Bucky's as the three stood in the elevator, waiting to get to Carter's floor. She remembered the nights when she and Bucky would camp out in the living room with Hunter when he was thirteen. She was pregnant and preferred sleeping in the living room since it was cooler than their room. Joey would curl up at their feet and snore softly as the three fell asleep to some cheesy rom-com movie.
Those were the times Lily found she was the happiest, when it was just her tiny family away from the outside world. She would watch Bucky and Hunter curl into one another, Bucky's flesh hand stroking the boy's blonde hair as they fell asleep. She would always get up before everyone and make pancakes and wake them up with the scent. When she was pregnant, she had an aversion to blueberries, so she'd make herself oatmeal and watch her boys devour an entire stack of pancakes.
"We're sleeping in the living room tonight," Lily whispered, glancing up at the two boys she loved more than anything, "You two, me, and Stella. We can watch movies and relax. Just like the three of us did at the old house."
"That sounds nice, mom," Hunter whispered, pursing his lips into a smile as the elevator door opened, "Now. Shall we?"
"Let's go make you a Barnes," Bucky smiled, wrapping his arm around Lily's waist and walking forward towards the office.
Three hours. After three hours of Hunter explaining to Carter why there was no chance in hell he wants to be Scott's son anymore legally, the paperwork was filed. Meaning that Hunter was officially Bucky Barnes's son in the eyes of the law. Carter also took the liberty of officially changing Lily's last name in the eyes of the law to Barnes. So when the three left the office, all of them were truly a part of the Barnes family.
Lily no longer had the name Osborne attached to her name. Hunter was free of the Harvey surname. And Bucky had the family he longed for since he was a young kid in the '40s. There was nothing that Scott could do to change what was done. He was no longer Hunter's father, which meant Lily had plans to make sure everyone knew just who the Barnes family was.
"So I guess it's not weird that I call you dad anymore," Hunter weakly smiled as he slid into the car, "Oh my god does this mean I'm Stella's full brother now? Can we take it back?"
"Oh, do not start that," Lily laughed as she buckled herself into the passenger seat, "You love her."
"She's five. She's gross," Hunter grinned, sliding his phone from his pocket, "Why would I ever want to be fully related to a child."
"You weren't an angel at five either, mister," Lily chuckled, shaking her head and sending a text to Rose saying they were on their way, "I distinctly remembering you wetting the bed almost every other day."
Both Bucky and Hunter let out identical laughs as the former started the car. Lily let out a relaxed sigh as she leaned back in her seat, sniffling slightly. She hadn't stopped crying the entire three hours they were with Carter, and she was optimistic that her eyes looked huge. Bucky had barely kept it together as Hunter pleaded with Carter to get everything in immediately, and how he couldn't bear another second of having the name Harvey attached to him. Despite the trauma Hunter has faced, he was a well-spoken and driven person, especially when it came to his father.
"How do you think he'll react when he finds out?" Hunter blurted out as the three sat at a traffic light.
Lily pursed her lips and glanced over her shoulder back at her son. He was fiddling with the hem of his shirt, a tall-tell sign that something was on his mind. Lily and Bucky compiled a list of both Stella and Hunter's ticks and how they acted when something bothered them. Along with that, they worked out strategies that worked best for each reaction to help their children the best that they could.
"He has no choice," Bucky stated, "He signed the papers. He agreed. You're my son, Hunter. If he contacts you in any way, shape or form, you tell me. Your mother may be scary, but as far as I'm concerned, that's my fight."
Lily watched Bucky intently as he spoke. Beside her sat the man who went up against a titan while being calm, cool, and collected. He fought against an entire army of aliens and didn't break his composure. Bucky was the man who was brainwashed and used as a weapon but managed to keep his calm exterior while in hiding. But whenever it involved Scott, or any harm towards Lily, Hunter, or Stella, he became frustrated and outwardly ticked off. She only ever really heard him raise his voice when Hunter did something completely offside or Scott spoke with Lily.
"He's right," Lily nodded, reaching her hand over and squeezing Bucky's shoulder, "Scott isn't your father. He never really was, you know this. If he contacts you, we'll let Carter know."
The car fell silent once again as the family drove towards Rose's apartment building. The only noise that filled the void of noise was metal gripping leather. Lily knew that Bucky was on edge. He knew that Scott would try to contact Hunter before anyone else. Especially after pulling a stunt like moving in down the street and attempting to be a father in a way.
Over the years, Bucky grew angrier and angrier at the way Scott was. Especially with his treatment of Hunter. At night, he would cry to Lily about how he would have given anything in his life to have a biological son like Hunter, how he longed to have a child like him. He would tell Lily stories of how back in the '40s, Bucky would babysit the young boys in his neighbourhood with his sisters. Or how he dreamed of having a large "all-American" family.
So, when Lily told him that she was pregnant, she swore his head would explode.
Lily nibbled on her bottom lip as she stared at the two lines on the five sticks laid in front of her. Each was positive. There was no questioning it; Lily was pregnant. She and Bucky were going to have a child. Hunter was going to have another sibling other than Laila. One that he'd get to see every day, not just at scheduled times with Mary. He was going to have a little brother or a little sister or a sibling in between.
Lily was going to have a child with the love of her life. She was going to give him the family that he wanted so badly. It would be difficult for them to figure out, being two working adults already with a pre-teen son, but Lily knew the child would be loved beyond words. She was going to have a baby.
"Hey, doll, what're you doing in here so long?" Bucky chuckled as he pushed open their shared bathroom door.
Lily pursed her lips as tears brimmed her eyes. Doubt shadowed her mind as she thought of the worst-case scenarios. What if he didn't want a kid with her? What if he thought it was too soon? What if he left her? Lily felt her stomach churn and face go pale as thoughts raced through her head. Her fingers gripped the surface of the counter before she decided to rip the bandaid off and tell him.
"I'm pregnant," Lily whispered, turning around to face the man that joined her, "I'm...I'm pregnant."
Lily waited for his outburst. She half expected him to turn and walk out of the bathroom altogether. She figured he would completely disappear from her life or just ignore her. But that wasn't the reaction she got. Instead, Lily found herself being held so tightly she thought her spine might crack.
"We're having a baby," Bucky whispered into the girl's shoulder, peppering it with kisses after each word, "We're gonna have a baby."
Lily felt the tears fall from her hazel eyes as she wrapped her arms around Bucky's neck. He wasn't mad. He wasn't upset. He was happy. The blonde let out a choked sob as she buried her face in his hair, inhaling the intoxicating scent of him. She was having his baby. They were going to have a baby, the two of them. After everything they had faced, Lily never thought she would see the day she'd tell him that she was going to be having his child. She never even thought she'd have another child after Hunter. But there she stood.
"Stella," Lily whispered into the girl's ear, "Guess what we did today?"
"Leave me," the five-year-old pouted as she looked down at her mother, squirming in her arms, "All alone!"
"That's a bit dramatic, Stell," Bucky chuckled as he locked his arm around his fiance's waist, "We made Hunter your full brother. You're both Barnes."
"Bleh!" Stella gagged, rolling her head back dramatically.
Lily laughed and shook her head, dropping her daughter down onto the floor before turning her attention towards Sam and her sister. The four stood for a few beats in silence, appreciating the relaxing feeling that fell over them. There was nothing that Scott could do to mess up what was done. Lily and Bucky were Hunter's legal parents. Scott had signed the papers, and it was a done deal. Hunter was a Barnes, no questions asked.
"Hopefully, they grow out of this phase," Lily chuckled as she turned to look at Hunter and Stella teasing each other, "Not sure I'll be able to handle it."
"I still hate that I'm your full sister so. Not sure if they will." Rose teased before embracing her sister.
"Congrats, cyborg," Sam chuckled as he and Bucky hugged, "You've got two kids now."
"I've always had two kids, Sam. Now it's just in paper."
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barnestuff · a day ago
out of the ordinary
Tumblr media
summary bucky comes back home after a fight.
pairing biker!bucky barnes x reader
warnings bikers, gangs, blood, bruises and scars, implied violence, worry, so much fluff, a tiny bit of angst, implied smut at the end.
a/n I hope everyone is doing well! not my gif
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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
“Bucky, are you okay?” you asked with a worried voice the moment he entered the kitchen. His long hair was messy and his lips were bleeding. He took his leather jacket off as you quickly walked to him. Your hands went to his bruised cheeks. His beautiful face was filled with purple and red bruises, scars and blood. Your thumbs softly rubbed his cheeks as he smiled at you.
“It's okay, baby. I'm fine.” he said, his voice low, and took your hands to his lips, kissing your knuckles. You shook your head and wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. His heart shattered when he heard you sniffle. He sighed and touched your chin, lifting your face, making you look at his eyes.
The way your beautiful eyes looked at him with concern rather than love made him hate himself. He hated that he was the reason behind your eyes shining with tears.
Yes, you were far from an ordinary couple. You had a pretty simple life, a decent job, good friends, an apartment full of plants. Your neighbours would love you, you were kind and nice to everyone around you, it was your nature. You would bring light to everywhere you go.
Bucky was a biker gang leader. He had been in the bikers world since he was a kid, because of his father. His job was far from ordinary. Bucky was used to having blood stained knuckles. Before he met you, he was used to cleaning his own wounds. He was used to being alone. He was the opposite of you. He had no idea why you chose him.
He had no idea why you chose him, but he was beyond thankful. He would simply be lost without you. You were the light in his life. Maybe he didn’t deserve you but he was ready to become a better man for you.
“It’s just...I’m… I’m just worried about you, Bucky. This whole gang thing is dange-” he interrupted you with a soft kiss on your lips. You tasted blood on his soft lips but the way he kissed you was sweet, the kiss was filled with love. You broke the kiss to look at his eyes.
“Doll, it doesn’t matter. I could never leave you, no matter what. You know that I can’t leave the gang, but I promise to do my best to come back to you everyday, I promise.” he whispered, pressing his forehead to yours. Bucky always knew what to do and say when you get anxious about his job. He knew you.
“I love you so much, James.”
“I love you too, pretty girl. Now, I am wondering what is in the oven because it smells like heaven in here.” he said with a grin on his face, making you roll your eyes.
“Apple pie.” you smiled and his eyes lit up immediately, you knew that it was his favorite. You shook your head slowly and said:
“We have to get you cleaned up first, baby. No apple pie until I clean your wounds.” you said and he smirked.
“But I want to thank my girl and take care of her first, doll.”
His hands on your waist lifted you up and your legs wrapped around his waist almost like a reflex. He started kissing you and put you on the counter gently.
“Bucky!” you squealed as he peppered kisses all over your neck.
“Let me thank you, pretty girl.”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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doyoufancyathought · a day ago
Through The Utility Closet Part 3: Get Tested
Tumblr media
Y/N had never been a fan of hospitals. In fact, she had gone above and beyond in her efforts to avoid going to them. She thought she could probably count all of her hospital visits on her fingers. Thankfully, she was a fairly healthy individual, so it wasn't hard for her to stay out of the Emergency room. They were too sterile, too clean, and everyone was always bustling and grumping around, and poking and prodding all the time. Y/N knew that the hospital wasn't supposed to be an enjoyable place to spend time, but she definitely was of the opinion that steps could be made to make it at least comfortable. Or hospitable, if you'll excuse the joke.
Still, she was in a new dimension, apparently, and so exceptions must be made when it comes to personal dislikes against institutions. She wanted to get home, after all, and this was a necessary step. In order for these scientists to send her back home, they must figure out where exactly she is from, otherwise they could end up sending her to a completely wrong place or time or what have you, and that would just be a disaster.
Once she was up on the exam table, Y/N did her best to appear friendly to the business-like nurse. She was quick and efficient as she hooked Y/N up to at least different machines, and tied a rubber band around her upper arm. For a moment, Y/N was worried that these strangers might be shooting her full of drugs, but then she remembered that this was simply routine for drawing blood. She hoped that medical procedures weren't too different in this world from her own.
Y/N was relieved when the nurse brought in a tray of empty vials and begin to explain what she was doing.
"I'm going to draw some blood so we can do some tests. I'll also need a hair sample, and I'm going to do a saliva swab as well, just so we can take a look at your DNA. How's that sound?"
The nurse smiled. "I promise you'll barely feel a thing. The swab will be oral, same as checking for strep."
The nurse did her tests, and then let a few scientists in lab coats in. They pulled up chairs in front of the exam table and introduced themselves, although Y/N forgot their names as soon as she heard them.
"Okay, so I guess the first question is for you to introduce yourself and where you're from."
"My name is Y/N Y/L/N, and I'm from (hometown) in (country). I was working at one of my jobs when I fell through an inter dimensional portal and ended up here."
"Good start. Can you tell me about the planetary system from your home world?"
"I guess so." Y/N thought about it for a second, trying to remember those astronomy lessons from many years ago. "Earth is the third planet from the Sun, which is the centre of the system. Then there's Mercury, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, and I think I'm missing some. I can't remember the order, sorry, I've never been good at planets."
"That's all right. Can you tell me how many days in a year?"
"And how old are you?"
"And how old do people usually live to be?"
"Uh, I don't know. Maybe anywhere from 70 to 90 years?" Should have paid for attention in stats class.
"How big are spiders in your world?"
"Some of them are super tiny, like you can barely see them. And then some of them are huge, like a dinner plate."
"I see. And how big are chickens?"
"How big are chicken? I know it's a weird question, but some worlds have gigantic chickens that actually prey on humans."
"Thats, um, disturbing. But my chickens are normal size? Like small enough to fit in an oven."
"Ok, well that's good. "
There where more questions like this, some about history and some about geography and flora and fauna. When they were all done, the scientists discussed for a minute by themselves.
"Okay, well, from what we can tell, your world is incredibly similar to our own, with the major differences likely being social development. You say you don't have the Avengers in your world?"
"No, we don't have any superheroes or superpowers at all. I wish, though."
"Yeah, that makes sense. How much do you know about inter-dimensional portals?"
"Absolutely nothing."
"Ok, well that's fair, it's a tough subject. So pretty much, each dimension has kind of bridges to reach out to other dimensions. When two bridges line up, there's a chance for people or things to cross over."
"Okay, that makes sense I guess."
"A lot of the time, these bridges go unnoticed. Some dimensions are connected permanently, some are connected cyclicly, and some are connected for less than a second at a time, which makes them extra hard to track. You with me so far?"
Y/N nodded.
"Don't worry if you don't get it. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that we might have a hard time tracking down your world."
"Okay, but how long do you think it'll take? How long does it normally take?"
The scientists shifted uncomfortably. "Well that's the thing. There is an infinite amount of universes you could be from, and it'll take a while to narrow it down to just the most likely. From there, we would have to figure out what kind of bridges they all have, and figure out how to predict it, and then figure out a way to send you back."
"Oh, that does sound complicated. So like a month?"
They glanced at each other. "We've never done this before, and we've never sent anyone back through a bridge."
"Two months?"
"Maybe a year."
"I said, maybe a year?"
"I'm going to be here for a year."
"Maybe, like I said we've never done this before so we can't really give you an idea of how long it will take."
"Oh my God."
"We're very sorry. We'll give you some space."
The scientists left, and the nurse from before came back in and started unhooking Y/N from the monitors.
"We've run all the tests we need to, dear. Do you have any questions?"
"I have so many questions, I don't even know where to begin."
"That's understandable. We'll have your results back in a few hours, and that'll help the scientists get a head start on where you're from. I've got your clothes here, if you step through that door you'll be able to change in privacy."
Y/N nodded and jumped off of the table, gathering her clothes in her rooms and she quickly walked across the cold floor to the changing room. She pulled on her work clothes, which consisted of jeans and a black t-shirt, but opted to leave the apron and baseball cap off. There was no need to wear them here. Y/N put her shoes back on, simple canvas slip-ons, and reflected on what she had just learned. Here are the facts.
1. She had magically teleported through a door.
2. She was now stuck in a world that apparently had superheroes.
3. The superheroes had no idea how to get her back, or how long it would take to figure it out.
4. She was stuck.
Now, a normal person might cry when they considered this situation. But, Y/N was not a normal person. She had the fun meal-deal of anxiety and depression, and at this moment, she thanked her ill little brain for causing her to overthink every little scenario so she would be prepared for the worst to happen. Of course, none of those thoughts covered time and dimension travel, but they had covered a sudden zombie apocalypse, so it was just a matter of adjusting the survival strategy. Find shelter, find friends, and fight to live.
So far, Y/N had maybe found friends. The Avengers seemed like a friendly bunch, if oddly beautiful, and Sam had offered his basement as shelter. Now, all she had to do was figure out the day to day stuff. Get a job, live a life, and get back to her world.
So she stepped out of the changing room back into the hallway, and say the Avengers gathered around. They all turned to her as the door closed behind her.
"And what did you find out from the scientists, Y/N?" Vision asked.
"Well, they tried explaining how inter-dimensional portals work. That went way over my head. But basically, I'm gonna be stuck here for a while until they can figure out where I'm from and figure out how to get me back. So, I guess I'm going to need to find a job or something pretty quick."
Tony shook his head and stepped to the front of the group. "That won't be necessary. I'm loaded, and I'll make sure you're set up to not need anything."
"Because I want to? You just flew through outer space into a whole new world, and you're worried about getting a job? Come on, live a little! You look like you work too hard. What work do you do?"
"At which job?"
"Well how many do you have?"
"Holy moly."
Y/N shrugged. "I get bored."
"So you work?"
"Beats sitting around on my ass."
"Fair point. Well anyways, enjoy the vacation for now, and in the future if you still want a job, we'll have to figure out the proper documents. For now, enjoy your vacation! I'm loaded, and this is the perfect opportunity to share, okay?"
"If you really want to, I mean, I don't mind working."
"Clearly, you have three jobs. Psycho. But no, I don't mind. In fact, I would be offended if you didn't accept my offer."
"Okay, well, then, thanks!"
"No problem. I already gave Sam a credit card for you, so you can go shopping on your way to his house. You do know how to work a credit card, right?"
Y/N grinned. "Yes, Tony, I know how to work a credit card. My world apparently isn't that different from this one, just a few small differences I guess."
"Good. Alright, well, roll out, team."
The Avengers dissipated until it was just Sam, Steve, and James standing around with Y/N.
"So you're still coming with us, right?" Sam asked.
Y/N shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so. If you don't mind, of course."
"Not at all. It'll be nice having a girl in the house, for once."
The group of four started walking down the long hallway.
"So do you just collect strays, Sam?" Y/N asked, curious of why he was so eager to offer his spare room to a total stranger.
Before he could answer, Steve cut in. "Yeah, I mean, why else did you think we lived with him?"
"I don't know. I thought maybe you were in a band, or really good gym buddies, or maybe even a throuple."
Sam choked on a laugh, but Bucky and Steve looked confused. "What's a throuple?" James asked.
"It's like a couple, but instead of it being two people, it's three." Y/N explained.
"And you thought?" Steve almost looked offended.
"Look, sorry, I don't know what's normal for you here, and I didn't want to assume it was all platonic!"
Sam was dying laughing. "You thought -" he had to lean on a wall to keep standing upright. "Man, we're just good friends, and these two have absolutely no credit, so it's hard for them to find places to stay."
"Ah. I guess being a superhero might not pay well."
"Well, I mean there are other reasons too, but yeah let's go with that." Steve didn't exactly want to jump this poor girl with the fact that he was also over 100 years old and had been frozen for a while. She had enough to worry about.
Y/N didn't pursue the other reasons, because they had finally exited the building and she was looking around, comparing this new world to her own. It was dark out, because it was night. She looked down the street and saw a McDonalds sign, which made her smile. At least she could have her chicky nugs if things got too tough. Turns out this world was just like hers, just with a bit of a different history. A lot more violence, hence the need for superheroes.
They got into the car, and Sam drove them to a mall, where they spent an hour and a half hopping around to different stores to get stuff. Y/N got used to spending someone else's money, and she definitely took advantage of the three guys following her around who offered, nay, insisted on carrying her bags. However, she insisted on going into the drugstore alone so she could collect toiletries.
She grabbed a cart (and honestly who uses a cart in a drugstore unless you have serious money to spend) and spent about 45 minutes going up and down most of the aisles to find what she needed. Luckily, the products were exactly the same as she was used to, so it was only a matter of finding exactly what she needed.
When Y/N finally walked out, she spotted her new companions sitting down on one of those middle-of-the-mall benches that are intended for senior citizens and mothers with rowdy children and men waiting for women to finish their shopping.
"Got everything you need?" Sam asked as he stood up and stretched.
"Alright, let's head home. You feel like pizza for dinner?"
"What's pizza?" Y/N deadpanned, and the three guys looked shocked.
"You don't know what pizza is?" Steve asked.
"Nope, never heard that word before in my life."
"Why would I joke about it?"
"You've never had pizza before." James reiterated.
"Nope. What is it?"
"No, you gotta experience it." Sam smiled and started walking back the way they had come.
Steve and James were perfect gentleman, and oddly strong as well, but Y/N again did not complain when they grabbed her bags from the drugstore. She opened doors for them as they went out to the parking lot.
Once they were back in the car, Sam got on his phone and ordered pizza that would be delivered right as they got home, provided traffic cooperated. Y/N spent the drive looking out the window at all the lights and people she saw, and didn't pay much attention to the conversation the guys were having. Nothing looked too out of the ordinary, except for the whole superhero thing.
Once they got to Sam's house, a tidy little bungalow in a quiet neighbourhood, they unloaded the car and headed inside. Steve and James ran downstairs to put Y/N's bags in her room, while Sam gave her a tour.
As they were walking down a hallway, Y/N stopped to look at family pictures hanging on the wall.
"Is this your family?" She asked.
"Yeah, that's my sister and her two boys. They've grown a lot since that picture was taken though."
"They look like lots of fun."
"They're a handful, that's for sure."
"And these are your parents?"
"Yeah," Sam said quietly. "They passed a few years ago, that's the last picture we ever took of them both together."
"Oh I'm so sorry." Sam shook his head as Y/N reached out to touch his arm. "They have really kind eyes." She said, her gaze returning to the picture.
"They were the kindest people I've ever known." Sam said, and just then, the doorbell rang. "Sounds like the pizzas here."
Y/N could hear the two boys thundering back up the stairs as she followed Sam to the front door. She expected that he would need help carrying all the food in.
She was right. The delivery driver had to go back to his car to get a second load of pizza. Y/N brought the first load into the kitchen and got a few plates down from the cupboard.
"Oh, good, you found the plates!" Sam said as he walked into the kitchen a few minutes later.
"Yeah, lucky guess."
They set the table in silence as Steve and James washed up, and then they sat down for dinner.
Sam decided he wanted to know more about Y/N. "So, Y/N, tell us a little bit about yourself."
"Ok, well," Y/N hated this questions, because how do you boil yourself down to just a few facts? She just wished people would ask direct questions, because she could answer questions if they were clear. She hated vagueness. "I'm 22, I still live, or lived, with my parents. I like dogs. My favourite colour is yellow. I have three jobs, as a nanny, in retail, and also at a Bubble Tea shop in my hometown. What else do you want to know?"
"Well that's a lot. Why do you have three jobs?" Steve asked.
Y/N shrugged, having to explain her workaholic tendencies twice in a day. "I get bored. And I like working, keeps life interesting."
"I'll bet. What do you do for fun?"
"I read a lot. And I like to go to the lake. And crochet."
"What kind of books do you read?" Steve asked.
"It depends. Sometimes fantasy, sometimes mystery. I read a lot of those cheap drugstore romances."
"Wait, you crochet?" Sam asked. "What are you, a grandma?"
"Like a crazy, chaotic grandma, kinda. I drink a lot of tea and wear a lot of sweaters, sorry for being comfy!"
They went back and forth for a few minutes. "How do you like the pizza?" Sam asked.
"Well," Y/N waggled her head back and forth, debating how to break the ruse. "Not the best I've ever had, but it's close."
"Wait, you've had pizza before?"
"You said before though-"
"And you believed me?Rookie move, gentlemen."
"Why would you trick us?" They weren't mad, just a little confused. And amused. James hadn't really said much since they sat down for dinner, but he grinned and chuckled at the confused looks on his friends faces.
Y/N shrugged. "Gotta keep you guys on your toes, yaknow?" They all laughed. "But hey, tell me more about you guys. You're super soldiers? What does that even mean?"
Sam and Steve took turns explaining who they were, and how the Avengers came to be. They didn't touch too much on James, who excused himself fairly into the evening. He was a little shy and quiet around newcomers, apparently, but Y/N wasn't bothered. She had bigger things to worry about than someone being shy around her.
When the talking turned to yawns, Sam offered to show Y/N to her room. He took her down the stairs into the basement, which opened up into a spacious rec room. There was a massive TV and a pool table. Down a short hallway were the two previously spare rooms, both of which were now occupied by strays that Sam had picked up. The only bathroom was unfortunately across the basement, but Y/N didn't foresee any problems with that.
Sam explained how every room had it's own colours for sheets and towels and stuff, and Y/N was very impressed with how domestically organized he was turning out to be.
Sam went back upstairs, and Y/N took a few minutes to settle in. She would unpack and run her new clothes through the laundry tomorrow, but for now all she wanted was a hot shower and a good long nights sleep.
She went into the bathroom, and saw that James had already made space for her stuff in the shower caddy, on the towel rack, and in the medicine cabinet above the sink. With a smile on her face, she put her few new belongings in those empty spaces, then drug herself through the shower and fell into her bed, exhausted.
Before her eyes closed, Y/N considered what had happened to her today. In a new dimension, living with three strange yet wonderful men, something that would be sure to give her mother a heart attack. And yet, she was excited for the morning to come. Part of her hoped that when she opened her eyes again, she would wake up in her home world, and she would be surrounded by people she knew and recognized. That's what a normal person would hope for in this situation, right?
But as I've told you before, Y/N is no normal person, and the other part of her was wishing that when she woke up, she would still be here, in Sam's house. She wanted to opportunity to explore, so see what else was out there. Maybe she'd discover a new life, a new chance to be the person she had wished to be but never got the chance. Whatever happened, she knew that tomorrow would be full questions, and hopefully a few answers. She hoped, anyways.
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doyoufancyathought · a day ago
Through The Utility Closet Part 2: An Unexpected Visitor
Tumblr media
Y/N looked up from where she had landed on the floor. There was a table of open mouthed individuals, and one very confused presenter, looking down on her. Whoops, this is something she'd have to text her best friend about when she got home.
"I'm so sorry," Y/N stood up and dusted off her apron. "I had no idea there was a second door in the closet, and I couldn't find the light switch, and-"
And she was cut off. "Where did you come from?" The presenter asked.
Y/N motioned to the closet she had just spilled out of. "The storage room?"
"That's a coat closet. And we don't even keep coats in it. How long have you been hiding in there?"
"I'm so sorry," Y/N started to back up, not liking the route her evening had taken. "I swear I wasn't hiding, I was just in the room to put a box on the shelf, I was only in there for a minute, I swear."
He looked confused, as did the people seated around the table. "We've been here for 20 minutes, and there's no way you snuck past us carrying a box."
"Oh, there must be a different door that I came through, then. I'm so sorry, I'll be going now."
"Wait a minute," the man walked over and blocked her from getting back into the closet. "This is my coat closet, and I want to investigate where you came from. Rogers, come here please."
A hulking blonde man stood up from the opposite side of the table and started walking towards our heroine. He said a quiet "Hi, 'scuse me." and maneuvered past her and joined the other man in the room.
"Tony, there's no other door, just the one right here." The blond man said.
I suppose it's important to establish that it's not normal to have secondary doors to coat closets unless you live in a haunted Victorian home full of ghosts that have already plotted 63 different ways to kill you by Tuesday.
"I know, Steve!"
"Then where did she come from?"
"I don't know! She certainly didn't sneak in since we've been here!"
The two men in the closet bickered back and forth for a few minutes. Meanwhile, Y/N turned to the room full of strangers who were observing both her and the argument in the closet in equal amounts. She caught the eye of a massive brunet, and gave him the classic smile given to those you wish to scootch past in the grocery store. He looked away, and a man who I could have sworn had just had a red complexion rose from his chair to stand beside Y/N.
"I do apologize for our manners. My name is Vision, what's yours?"
"I'm Y/N."
"Lovely name. And where are you from, Y/N?"
This gave her pause. She assumed that she was from the same place as they were, the town they were all in at this very moment.
"I'm from here?"
"And where exactly do you think here is?"
"What, you think this door teleported me? I'm in (hometown) of course, same as you!" Y/N chuckled as she looked around the room. She caught the rest of the group exchanging looks, and sighed. "Right?"
Vision gently patted her shoulder. "I'm so sorry to be the one to tell you this, dear, but you're not in (hometown) anymore. You're in New York."
Y/N looked between Vision and the others. "What? That's crazy! I'm not - there's no way. You guys are crazy." Y/N looked over her shoulder to see the two men in the closet peering out at the rest of the room. "Did you find the other door? I really should get back to work, and I'm sure you all should get back to your meeting."
They shook their heads and moved out of the closet, although it was a battle between who entered the doorway first.
"I'll find it, and I'll be on my way." Y/N charged back into the closet, and crossed the foot and a half wide floor with one step. Surely she'd be better at finding a mysteriously elusive door than two men, right? She ran her fingers over the walls, looking for a hinge or a handle or even a bump to indicate an opening of any kind. She'd even pull an Alice in Wonderland and crawl on her hands and knees through a hole in the wall if she must.
Still, no luck. The wall was as smooth as a baby's bottom, which were usually quite smooth. So, Y/N returned to the boardroom with her arms crossed.
"Alright, this joke is very funny, but I'm really ready to go back to work now!"
"We're not pulling a prank here, I promise, we're just as surprised as you are."
"Seriously? Who paid you to do this? I don't know anyone who could pay you to pull this off. Who did it?"
"Seriously, lady, there's no joke here. We're not pranking you."
"Then," Y/N paused and licked her lips. "Hey, man, where did you say we are?"
Vision told her that she was in New York now. It was too much. Between the heat and the stress and the exhaustion, Y/N's brain couldn't take it any longer. Steve barely had time to leap back over the table and catch her in his arms before she crumbled to the floor.
When Y/N woke up, she was still in the boardroom, laid out on the floor, surrounded by good looking strangers. Weirdly, her life was looking better than it usually did.
"What happened?"
"You fainted, dear." A man with a goatee spoke up. "Don't worry, you weren't out for very long. I'm a doctor, by the way. Doctor Stephen Strange."
"That's, well," Y/N searched for a better word to describe her situation. "Strange." The man frowned down at her. "Not you, I'm sorry, just, I don't faint, I'm not really the damsel in distress type. Where am I?"
"This again?!?!" Y/N recognized the man from before, Tony. "You're in New York! Where did you come from?"
"I came from work, in (hometown). I don't just wear this apron around for fun, you know!" Y/N gestured to her apron, which conveniently had the company logo on it. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. "So, I'm in New York. And I came out of your coat closet. And before that, I was at my job in (hometown), just going about my day. How did I get here?"
"Well," the man called Vision came back into the room. "I'm not quite sure, but if I had to guess, which I don't do often, you've just come through an inter-dimensional portal."
"A what now?"
"An inter-dimensional portal. You've travelled through space, clearly, possibly time as well, and I would guess you've also travelled across different planes of reality since you seem to have no comprehension of who we are. Thus, you've crossed into a different dimension that the one you usually reside in."
"That totally makes sense."
"Oh, really?" The blond giant from earlier asked.
"No, absolutely not. That did not make sense at all, Vision. I thought portals only existed in sci-fi, like Star Trek or stuff like that!" Y/N was, indeed, very confused.
"I think the science might be a little beyond your understanding, dear." Vision said. "But it appears to me that your storage cupboard was a doorway to this universe, to this reality. Sometimes these things just pop up, you know."
Y/N looked at Vision. "No, I don't know that these things just pop up! Pretty sure I would have heard about it on the news." Everyone sat for a moment, pondering their next steps. "So does anyone have any ideas on how to get me back to my world?" Y/N looked around hopefully.
The group of people around her all looked at each other, and Tony, Vision, and Dr. Strange looked thoughtful.
"I think that between the three of us we can probably figure out how to get you home." Dr. Strange finally said.
"And how long will that take? Like a couple of hours maybe?" Y/N asked from the floor.
"Uh, no." Tony stood up and started clearing off a whiteboard. "Inter-dimensional portals cannot be figured out in just a few hours, strange lady. It'll take a few days, at best. You got somewhere to stay?"
"Tony, she's not going to have anywhere to stay, she's not from here." Steve explained.
"She can stay with us!" a dark man with a buzz cut offered. "I've got a spare room in the basement still, she can stay there until we figure out how to get her home. I'm Sam, by the way."
"Hi Sam, I'm Y/N. You don't have to take me in, I can just stay in a shelter if there's one nearby."
"Hang on, I'm calling Fury." Tony dialled a phone, and pointed at me while it was ringing. "You're not staying in a shelter."
"No, it's fine, I'm sure it won't be too bad."
"They're terrible, you're not staying at a shelter, you're coming with me." Sam said.
"And why would I stay with you? I don't know who you are, why should I trust you more than some homeless shelter?" Y/N was standing now, and crossed her arms.
"We're the Avengers! You can trust us."
"I don't think you understand how little that means to me. Who are you?"
"The Avengers."
"And what is the Avengers? Sounds like either a league of superheroes or a terrible pop group."
"We're superheroes."
"Oh shit really?" Y/N blushed. "You're superheroes, for real?"
The group around the table nodded.
"So who's got the laser eyes?"
The group looked mildly confused, because none of them had laser eyes, but fortunately they didn't have a chance to answer, because Fury answered the phone, and Tony set it to speaker.
"What can I help you with, Stark?"
"Well, see, here's the situation. We're just sitting here, having our meeting, and the closet door pops open and this girl comes flying out onto the floor."
"Okay, so you have a spy, you know what to do with that."
"I'm not done yet. We thought she was a spy, but we've come to the conclusion that she actually just came through an inter-dimensional portal."
"So you have an alien in your conference room?"
"She's not an alien, Mr. Fury." Vision interjected. "I've scanned her, and she seems to be perfectly human."
Y/N frowned. She didn't like the thought of being scanned without consent. And how could Vision tell that she was human anyways? And did this guy think she was an alien? Were aliens common in this world?
The man on the other end of the phone sighed. "Is she there?"
"Yeah, she's been here the whole time. You're on speaker." Tony responded.
"I'd like to speak to her."
"Talk away, she's right here."
"Hello, what's your name?"
"I'm Y/n." she said, moving closer to the phone.
"Hi, well welcome to Earth. I'm Nick Fury, director of SHIELD. Welcome to Earth."
"Thanks, but I'm already from Earth, I don't really need a welcome."
"Ok, we'll brush past that for now. Have they explained the inter-dimension portals to you yet?"
"They tried, but if I'm being honest that's a little bit out of my league."
"Fair enough. You're in good hands there; we have the best scientists in the world at those labs. As you might imagine, it's not really an exact science, these portals, so it might take our team a while to figure out how to get you home."
"So are you guys like the men in black? Do you have that movie here?"
"Yeah, we have that movie here. I'm guessing that your world is very very similar to ours, so we're going to be taking you down to one of our labs and running a few tests so we can better determine where you're from. In the mean time, I'll let the Avengers take care of you, they don't have any other pressing matters at this time, and just in case you're a violent alien, they're best equipped to deal with you going rogue."
"Uh, well, I guess that sounds good. I promise I'm not an alien though."
"We'll see about that." Fury hung up and I looked around the room.
"I should make introductions, pardon my manners." Vision stood up from his seat (he kinda seemed to float, but maybe he was just hella graceful).
"This is Steven Rogers, you might hear him referred to as Captain America." The blond man who had earlier joined Tony in a closet gave a quick wave and a smile. He seemed very friendly.
"This is James Barnes, he's very quiet, so don't take offence if he doesn't say much to you. He means no harm." Vision pointed to the brunet I had locked eyes with earlier, and he gave a small smile, but didn't wave.
"This is Sam Wilson, as you know. He, Steve, and James all live together in Sam's house, and I suppose you'll be joining them. I'd offer you our couch, but my wife Wanda and I," here he pointed to a lovely brunette woman seated beside him. "are in the middle of renovations, and I'm sure a spare bedroom would be more comfortable for you than a dusty couch."
Y/N nodded. She was going to have a bit of trouble keeping track of everyone's names.
"This is Bruce Banner, this is Natasha Romanoff, Scott Lang, Clint Barton, Stephen Strange, Tony Stark, and of course, I am Vision." They all waved as their names were said.
"Wait, what's your last name?"
"I don't have one, dear. I'm a computer."
"Oh?" Y/N was shocked, understandably so.
"We don't have that in my world."
"Yes, it's uncommon here as well. Are you ready to go do some tests?"
"Um, I guess so. Nice to meet you all."
Vision and Y/N walked out of the meeting room and started down the hallway.
Tony decided to pick up from where they left off. "So as I was saying,"
"Tony!" Steve yelled at him. "What are you doing?"
"Getting back to the meeting we were having?"
"We just had a girl pop through a portal in our closet, and you want to go back to the meeting?"
"Um, yeah. Vision's got her."
"Aren't you curious?"
"Not really."
"The first time something pops out of a portal and doesn't try to kill us, and you're not interested?" Sam asked.
"Yeah, why?"
"Dude, you're crazy. I'm going down to the lab to watch the tests." Scott jumped up from his seat and started making his way to the door.
"Yeah, me too." Steve and Sam stood up, and Bucky followed suit.
Soon enough, the whole team was exiting the conference room and following the path that Y/N and Vision had taken down to the labs. Tony eventually decided to follow them, because he didn't want to be alone.
They got down to the labs, and found Vision waiting in the hallway.
"They sent her to get changed," Vision explained as the team assembled. "If she's staying here for a while, we're going to have to get her some more clothes. I'm sure she doesn't want to stay in her work clothes the entire time."
"Yeah, I'll get Pepper to make arrangements." Tony said.
After a few minutes, Y/N stepped out of a room just off the hallway. She was wearing grey shorts and a black tank top, and nothing on her feet. She frowned as her bare feet hit the cold tile floor.
"Ugh, so cold. Alright, let's figure out where I'm from."
A nurse came and got her, and led her into another room just off the hallway. There was an observation window, and the team gathered around to watch the tests. They watched her as she jumped up on the table, and smiled at the nurse as she began to hook up wires and prep for a blood draw. Soon they would figure out just who this unexpected visitor was.
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doyoufancyathought · a day ago
Through The Utility Closet Part 1: The Adventure Begins
Tumblr media
Hey, welcome to the shitshow! I’ve decided that my first fic back should be one that crosses space-time boundaries, because why bother writing if you’re not writing about something you have no idea about? 
So please, enjoy this disastrous masterpiece that is like Narnia, but Avengers. I have no idea the direction this will be taking, but I can assure you that the path will be nothing short of wonderful. ~J.H.
Y/N was not having a great day. She was hot, tired, and hungry, and it was only 7 o'clock in the evening, which meant that she had at least 2 more hours to work before she could think about going home. She had already been on her feet for 9 hours, which was one of the joys about working multiple jobs.
Before she could think about further complaints, Y/N's boss rounded the corner. She was a sweet lady, and Y/N would do just about anything to help her out.
"Y/N! Here, take this box to the back room, please."
Y/N took the cardboard box, which was overflowing with odd and ends you might find in a small restaurant. "Which back room, the one we normally put stuff in? I don't know if there's enough shelf space. I haven't gotten a chance to clear it out much."
Y/N's boss thought for a moment. "You're right, that needs to be cleared out. Put it in the other one for now. There should be shelves along the wall."
As Y/N walked off with her arms full, she blew out her lips. She hated the other storage room; for some reason, it always gave her weird vibes. She wasn't one to believe in ~vibes~, but she did believe is just normal vibes, and the ones around this room were not normal. Not bad, like not haunted or anything, but just weird.
Still, it was her job to be brave, and if she could stare down an angry soccer mom, she could face the weird storage closet.
Y/N made her way down the narrow hallway, and instead of turned right at the end like she usually would to put something into storage, she turned left. She sandwiched the box precariously between her hip and the doorframe, and managed to get the door open with just some mild wiggling.
Unfortunately, the light switch was nowhere to be found on the wall, but Y/N didn't even bother yelling for help. Her boss was probably busy helping customers or sorting out paperwork, and besides, who really needs to see in the dark? Y/N would simply leave the door open, and find the shelving by the light spilling into the room from the hallway.
It went well, until the box was on the shelf and the door slammed shut behind Y/N. Did she panic? A little bit. No one likes being shut in weird storage closets in the dark. That kinda the stuff of nightmares. But, like any good customer service professional, Y/N kept her cool and assumed it was a joke.
"Hey, real funny joke, man." Y/N assumed her bosses brother, who tended to be a jokester, had closed the door on her once he realized he'd be shutting her in the dark. "Open the door, dude, come on! I can't see a thing!"
There was no response.
Did I mention that Y/N was already not having a great evening? Well this, instead of making her more sad, only turned her negative emotions into anger. It was fair, I'll admit, because I would also be incredibly angry if someone locked me in a dark room after 9 hours of working. Some things just aren't funny when you're tired and aching from ankle to jaw.
Y/N sighed and put her hands out in front of her and slowly shuffled back the way she thought she had come. Weird how we navigate with light, but when the light goes out, we're completely lost. But anyways.
It was taking forever for Y/N to shuffle towards the door, but that's bound to happen when you're taking super tiny baby steps so you don't accidentally bump into a horror of the night. Finally, she reached the wall and groped along it to find the door handle so she could get back to work. She had already planned out exactly what she was going to unleash as a verbal assault on her trickster, whenever she found them. It was quite scathing, I assure you. She eventually found the door knob, and twisted and pulled on it, trying to get the damn door to open. She cursed this old building, and these old doors, and the cheap old landlord who refused to get anything updated or fixed unless his social standing depended on it. She pulled and yanked and threw her whole body weight against it until finally, it popped open.
Being that physics are still physics no matter the time or dimension, our lovely Y/N simply flew through the now open door, and landed on a corporately carpeted conference room floor.
Now, I know what you're thinking. Shouldn't that door have led back into the hallway of Y/N's job? Shouldn't that door open into the room, rather than swing into the hallway? Or, rather, conference room?
All very valid questions I assure you. But, as you will come to understand in a few more paragraphs, this is not an ordinary door.
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uprootbasic · a day ago
Bucky x pregnant little reader 🤍 she goes into labor and has a home birth🤍 a lot of fluff
absolutely smitten
pairing: daddy!Bucky x little!Reader
warnings: fluff! mentions of childbirth!
a/n: thank you for the request, and I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
you were in a world of pain.
you knew that the baby could be coming any day now, and you were prepared. you had the tub ready, your midwife on speed dial, as well as the nursery that had been prepared by Bucky last week.
everything was done, and ready, but you weren't. when you'd woken up that morning to intense pains shooting across your stomach, you were scared. you'd tapped a snoring Bucky on the forehead, and called his name.
"dada." you said, and he immediately opened his eyes. you explained what was happening, and Bucky calmed you down, saying nothing was wrong with the baby, you were just going into labor. the next few hours were a rush, getting the medical team to your floor of the compound, and keeping you calm through contractions.
eventually, it came time to push, and Bucky helped you sit in the bath with your back pressed to his chest. he held your hands in his as he encouraged you to push as hard as you can, while breathing with you in between contractions. eventually, you were told that the midwife could see the baby's head, and you pushed even harder, Bucky cheering you on from behind you.
a cry pierced the air, and you were then met with overwhelming love as your baby was laid on your chest for the first time. your little brain and your big brain fought for dominance, and you ended up somewhere in the middle. you turned as best as you could, and showed her off to Bucky proudly.
"look dada, it's Becca," you whispered, disregarding the tears pouring down your face. Bucky was crying too, his eyes locked on his daughter. he brought his metal hand up and placed it on your cheek, pulling your head against his.
"yeah, baby it is." he whispered, kissing your tear soaked skin. "it's Becca. you did such a good job, baby girl. I'm so fucking proud of you baby. so proud." he praised, and you blushed, your hands cradling Becca closer to your body as she settled down.
she gazed up at you, and you looked at her in awe. "I bet that hurt," you said, looking at her. "you're okay now." you said, and Becca just continued to gaze. "here, I kiss it better." you said, and planted a kiss on one of her little cheeks. "there, no more pain." you said, settling back against Bucky, who unbeknownst to you, was sobbing seeing the interaction between his baby girls.
Tumblr media
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buck-buck-boose · a day ago
I’ll Love You ‘Til I Die
Summary: In which Lottie Green makes a vow to James Buchanan Barnes in her childhood. Against all odds, she kept that vow.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OFC
Warnings: very very very mild suggestiveness?
Word Count: 2.2k
Author‘s Note: Another one! Please let me know what you guys think!
Chapter Three: The Birthday
August 25, 1930
Lottie rose with the sun on the morning of her tenth birthday, a thrill of excitement jolting through her body to wake her up. Before she left her room, she pulled on her newest flour sack dress, with its blue and white floral design, puff sleeves, and rounded collar. Clad in her dress, with her feet squeezed into her Mary Janes, she stepped out of her room and into the main room of the apartment.
She was met with a view of her mother and father sitting side by side at the table, her mother’s head resting on her father’s shoulder. It was a scene that Lottie rarely saw— she was usually the last one awake in the house, so her father was usually headed off to work by the time she came into the kitchen.
“Good morning Ma, good morning Pa,” she greeted, coming up behind each of them to kiss them on their cheeks.
“Well good morning Lottie-Love, aren’t you the early bird this morning? Your Pa and I made you some milk toast; the pot of milk on the stove should still be hot,” her mother turned to look at her, smiling at her fondly.
“Thanks Ma, thanks Pa!” Lottie grinned, scooping some toast pieces from a plate and into a bowl and pouring some hot milk from the stove over them. She relished in the sweetness of the cinnamon and sugar; it was a treat that she rarely got to experience.
“You know, Lottie, I’ve been picking up extra shifts at the restaurant and working real hard recently. I wanted to treat you to a real nice birthday, so I’ve got somethin’ for you,” her father said, pulling a package from beneath his chair.
At the sight of the brown paper package, tears began to prick in Lottie’s eyes. She’d never expected a present from her parents on her birthday; they’d stressed the importance of maintaining financial stability because of the depression. She accepted the package from her father, tearing the paper carefully. Inside was a box, where a pair of white t-strap Mary Janes were nestled. The oncoming tears were now trickling down her cheeks; she’d endured so many blisters in silence because of her old Mary Janes, these new shoes were big enough to fit her feet comfortably.
She enveloped both of her parents in a hug, whispering “Thank you,” over and over again. Her parents grinned at her and ruffled her hair, “I also have a dollar for you to spend at Coney Island, Lottie-Love,” her mother said, pulling some quarters from her pocket. Lottie gratefully accepted the coins and changed into her new shoes.
Lottie prepared to meet up with Steve and Bucky, grabbing a wicker basket in which she placed some bread and cheese. Before she left, she grabbed Bucky’s handkerchief from her sewing kit. The past couple of days, she’d been begging her mother to teach her how to embroider; she wanted to show her gratitude for Bucky’s kindness by decorating his handkerchief for him. The handkerchief was freshly washed and adorned with a clumsily stitched floral pattern— a replica of the pattern on the side of his mother’s tea cup. In the corner, she’d carefully stitched the monogram “J.B.B.” It was done in a deep green thread to complement the light pinks used for the floral pattern.
She realized that the new decorations on the handkerchief may seem a bit feminine, but she figured that Bucky would appreciate having a little piece of home in his pocket. Regardless of how he acted, he obviously loved his mother deeply, so he would appreciate having something to remind him of her.
“I’ll be seein’ ya at supper!” Lottie called as she walked out of the apartment, wicker basket in hand and new shoes on her feet. The four blocks to Bucky’s apartment was a quick trip; upon her arrival, she found Steve and Bucky on the stone steps in front of the tenement, waiting for her.
“There’s the birthday girl! Happy birthday Little Lottie!” Bucky crowed standing up to ruffle her hair. Steve joined to two of them, giving her a kind smile and a heartfelt “Happy birthday, Lottie.”
Lottie grinned back in thanks, and turned sharply to lead them towards the trolley station while calling over her shoulder, “Come on boys, what are we waiting for?” Together, they walked a few blocks down to the closest subway station, where they boarded the subway that would take them to Coney Island.
On the half hour subway ride, Bucky explained the various attractions and rollercoasters. The Cyclone intrigued Lottie, but when she glanced at Steve, she noticed his face taking on a green hue at the mention of the rollercoaster. Most of all, Lottie was excited for the beach; she’d been to the beach before, but she was younger then. She hadn’t put a woolen bathing suit on underneath her dress, as she found it too heavy to be comfortable; she still planned on wading in the water at least.
“You know, they say the Cyclone is the steepest wooden coaster in the world,” Bucky commented, giving Lottie a look, “you game, Little Lottie?”
Lottie took the offer into consideration, mulling over the idea. She’d never really been on a rollercoaster, she’d only seen them from a distance; she did enjoy adrenaline rushes, though. She supposed that if Bucky was brave enough for it, she could be too. “Alright, I’m game,” she nodded.
Steve let out a sick sort of groan, “I hope that doesn’t mean I have to go with you two. I think I’ll just stay back and watch.” Lottie’s heart broke a little for him— she didn’t want him to feel left out from all the fun. “That should be fine, Steve, then we can walk along the boardwalk and wade in the water!”
When the subway pulled into the station, Lottie and the boys stepped onto the platform and ascended the stairs, leading to the sidewalk outside. A line spanned from the subway exit to the entrance of Coney Island, crammed full of other New Yorkers seeking a final summer Saturday before the beginning of school. She immediately changed her train of thought, not wanting to linger on the impending doom of school.
“Well I think it’s a good idea we got here this early, I remember one time my Pa and I had to wait for hours because the line wrapped around the next block,” Bucky observed as they shuffled along with the crowd. The trio passed the time playing “I spy” and whispering different observations about strangers in line.
“See those boys up there? I recognize ‘em from school. Always sayin’ they come here just for the steeplechase; there’s these funny jets that blow air up girls’ skirts and they like to watch ‘em. Imagine payin’ a nickel admission just to look at some underthings,” Bucky shook his head and Steve made a sound of disgust, “Always knew they were bad eggs.”
Lottie simply cocked her head in confusion, “Seems like a waste of money to me, seeing as they could get the same thing for free just walkin’ past the ladies’ section in Macy’s.”
Bucky let out a guffaw at that, “It’s not exactly the same, kid. Guys our age can just be real greaseballs, believe me.”
Lottie felt as if there was something she wasn’t getting but she shrugged it off; she would revisit this conversation later on. She was more focused on their close proximity to the entrance of Coney Island.
The three of them paid their nickel admissions fees and strolled into the park; Lottie was in between the two boys, gazing at the beach and towards Luna Park, where the coasters were. Bucky turned to her, “C’mon, let’s grab a locker to put your basket in— we’re going on the coasters first.”
The three of them explored all the attractions that Luna Park had to offer. When it came time to ride the Cyclone, Bucky threw his arm around his shoulders, “I know it looks scary, but I promise it’ll be alright, okay Little Lottie?” She simply nodded and struggled to figure out what to do with herself; this was the first time he’d ever really shown physical affection, albeit a very brotherly form. She sighed inwardly at that— brotherly. Nothing more, nothing less.
The Cyclone turned out to be her favorite ride in Luna Park; although it made her stomach drop, the adrenaline rush sent her into fits of giggles. They only went on once, since they wanted to save their money and didn’t want to leave Steve waiting.
The mid-day sun was beating down on them by the time they wandered down the boardwalk. Bucky and Steve went to town in a couple frankfurters while Lottie sipped on her lemon soda.
Lottie consumed the rest of her soda then disposed of the cup, turning to the boys, “Are you two ready to go to the beach? I’ve got some nice fixin’s for a picnic.”
“Well Little Lottie, you know the best way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach. Lead the way!” Bucky threw an exaggerated wink her way and she laughed, rolling her eyes. “Buck, we all know the best way to your heart would be through your head ‘cause it’s practically empty—you’d go straight through. But you’re always stuffing your face with anything you can find,” Steve scoffed.
Lottie led the two of them back to their locker, grabbing her wicker basket. They walked towards the beach, weaving in and out of the crowds. Once they found a fairly empty spot, the trio sat down and divvied up the bread and cheese that she’d packed.
“So how’s your birthday been so far?” Steve questioned, nudging her shoulder. “I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Probably the best one yet,” Lottie grinned, popping some cheese in her mouth.
“Well now seems like a good time for gifts, yeah? I’ll get us started,” Bucky announced, pulling out a small package. She really hadn’t been expected gifts at all, so she was left blushing and flustered. Inside the package was a chain with a gold pendant, roughly the size of a dime. At its center was a little green gem, glinting in the sun.
“My Ma was getting all excited over your birthday, sayin’ stuff about girls becoming women and needin’ proper jewelry and all that. I saw this at the rummage sale and it just reminded me of you ‘cause your last name’s Green. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a pretty penny or anything, pretty sure it’s just brass and green glass,” Bucky shrugged, trying to come off as nonchalant. Lottie didn’t try to keep up a cool appearance and threw her arms around him, squeezing.
“All a gal ever really needs is brass and green glass. Thank you, Bucky,” she said earnestly.
“Aw c’mon Buck, you really had to pull that? Now my gift’s gonna be lame in comparison,” Steve jokingly sighed, pulling out his own package, handing it to Lottie. Inside was a little leather-bound book, full of lined pages with dates on them. “I thought you’d enjoy a journal. Just to write your thoughts down on, or to even practice your new art skills on,” he explained.
Lottie smiled down fondly at its pages and gave Steve a fierce hug, “I love it, thank you Steve.”
“Oh, before I forget,” Lottie started, reaching into the bottom of the basket, “I have something of yours, Bucky.”
She grabbed his handkerchief and handed it to him, his eyes widening. “Did you do this?” He asked, a look of fondness taking over his features as he looked down at the floral pattern she’d recreated.
“I just thought it would be a nice favor ‘cause you let me borrow it,” she shrugged, looking down at the sand. This time she was the one who had to feign nonchalance.
“This is just aces, Little Lottie!” Bucky grinned at her, pulling her into a bear hug and a signature ruffle of her hair. She teasingly shoved him off to fix her dress and her hair, “Maybe next time try to thank me in a more civil way,” she chided, sticking her tongue out at him. He simply barked out a laugh and carefully folded the handkerchief, putting it in his pocket.
They all gazed at the horizon, enjoying a moment of amiable silence. Lottie broke the silence, albeit regretfully, “I think I gotta get home. Ma’s gonna be wanting me home for supper soon.” The boys nodded and they all got to their feet, ridding their clothes of sand.
The subway ride home was all quiet murmurs and soft laughter; the children too tired for rowdy behavior. They parted ways in front of the Barnes’ tenement, and Lottie gave both Steve and Bucky hugs goodbye, thanking them profusely for a wonderful birthday.
That night, as had become her routine, she gazed at her little treasures, especially the new addition to her collection. The necklace found a home in the mason jar along with her lucky penny, both winking at her by candlelight. She whispered her vow, soft and sure,
“James Buchanan Barnes, I’ll love you ‘til I die.”
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Little Witch chapter 1 part 1
The moon hung heavy in the sky that night. Swollen with light, beaming down onto the dark roof of the temple, and casting strips of white through the many windows and deepening the shadows within.
The Grand Witch stands in the very center of a circle of dark wooden pews huddle with only a few who could attend.Among her flock, she recounts the current events of the coven. Her dark wood podium in the center of the great hall. Long silver robes swishing back and forth from her dark arms as she spoke.
Every month we’d all come together in prayer. Tonight her lordship is making a grand spectacle for her followers.
It was the meeting of the summer solstice where witch and warlock alike would be present for the yearly festivities. And yet the hall is almost empty.
The congregation this year was sparse and our numbers have been beginning to dwindle from the recent attacks.
Neighboring villages were recruiting witch hunters in droves to clear out the Black Forest.
But, for as many of us they’ve exterminated we were able to put a heaping dent in their numbers.
The grand witch never wavered during the bloodiest days. Even now her voice boomed against the walls for as little as 50 witches in attendance.
Yet with so few to hear her speak, she made us feel invincible, and the commanding eulogy she gave was uplifting to all. Every word was the breath that fueled our fire. It’s made what was to come somewhat bearable. The sweet fruit to accompany the bitter poison some had to swallow.
She lifted her hands to the ceiling, chanting out to the great spirits for guidance in this trying time.
We all followed suit and gave our own prayers before finishing as one to end it. “So mote it be!!”
The last words to hear before the few rows of witches lowered their hands and began to exit, save for myself and a few others.
We were to meet with the council in regards to our fate.
Those called upon by the council in a group were guilty of low level crimes against the coven.
On the odd occasion there were more heinous sins to have been committed against Witch kind, the council would have lured them in during the early hours of the meeting and made a grave example of them.
It was down to myself and two others, shuffling to the center of the stage to receive judgement. The click of our heels echoing against the hard wooden steps.
Standing to attention we awaited for her grace to saunter towards us. Her long robes swishing along with her.
“M’ladies” She greeted
“Mistress” we echoed back.
She glided along the floor as she neared the first witch.
“Lady Maximoff” she called to her.
“Mistress” Witch Maximoff calls back.
She stands before her and pulls a piece of paper from her sleeve to recount its contents.
“you have been called before the council and your peers, for the crime of illegal communications.”
Her eyes left the paper to gaze upon the witch on trial.
“You were found attempting to pierce the delicate veil of life and speaking with an unnamed spirit last evening. How do you plead?”
She swallowed one moment before answering “guilty, mistress.”
Grand witch Ramonda nodded along before continuing. “And why is it that?”
One of the councilors scoffed from behind her.
An arrogant young witch referred to as counselor Danvers.
She was quick with the whip when handing out punishments. She was only left to make her own trouble when a guilty party was found to be rather irritating.
“She already admitted guilt to the crime. I don’t see why we should concern ourselves on the ‘why’ ” Danvers shook her head as she spoke. Her short blonde hair frizzing over her forehead.
The grand witch lifted her hand to keep Danvers from speaking out again. “The reason the rules are broken is important to take into consideration for one's punishment. We are nothing if not flexible.”
Lowering her hand, she turned back to Lady Maximoff. “My dear, why did you break your vows and open your home to unknown spirits?”
Witch Maximoff lifted her head to look at her grace’s Ebony face. “I was seeking guidance to find something that I had lost. Something of extensive value to me. I suppose at this point I had become desperate”
Her grace’s lips curve into a subtle smile. “I see, we all wish for things long since left behind. But you know to beware of foreign spirits, the answers they give aren’t always true”
“Yes, mistress”
“If it is spiritual advice you seek, it is best to have the guidance of the council. Lest we conjure something we cannot get rid of”
“Mistress Romanda, Really?” Danvers spat out again “you are far too forgiving.”
“It's her decision to make, is it not? ” the second counselor; counselor Potts; finally speaks up. Somewhat cold, yet still warmer than that of her fellow counselor. Counselor Potts often lays quiet during these types of deliberations.
“As it is, and will be for many years to come” she turns have to witch maximoff “you have broken the rules quite selfishly and you will have to be punished justly”
Maximoff nods back “yes, mistress.”
“You are to cease all magic for the next six cycles, unless instructed by the coven. Is that understood?”
“Yes, Mistress.” Maximoff answered.
“Good” With her work finished with witch Maximoff, her grace made her way down the line to the second witch standing trial.
“Lady Romanoff” she turned towards the scarlet beauty dressed in black.
“Mistress” Witch Romanoff's voice was sultry. Speaking always with a thick air of confidence.
“I believe you already know why you were brought before the council.” She stated with a glimmer of amusement in her eyes.
The Second the words meet the air, witch Romanoff’s lips pull up into a smirk.
“Yes mistress”
“And what pray tell, did you do this time, my dear?”
Ramonda asked, a hint of laughter dripping from her voice.
Romanoff slips out a slight chuckle before giving her answer.
“Why don’t you ask counselor Danvers?”
Romanda waves off Romanoff’s last statement.
“We’ve already heard the counselor's statement on the matter. We wish to hear yours”
Another breathy chuckle slides past her lips before speaking.
“Counselor Danvers caught me trying to make high level explosives.”
A lump of air catches in my throat at the brashness of her words.
Making illegal magical weapons is considered a much higher offense, and yet she stands at your side as if she deserves only a slap on the wrist.
Romanoff slips a side glance in my direction, having noticed my little outburst. Her eyes stray only for a second before returning her to gaze to our grand witch.
Nearly laughing, Ramonda asked again.
“Why in the maker's name, were you crafting explosives?”
Counselor Danvers began to fidget where she stood. No doubt the level of familiarity between the grand witch and witch Romanoff, was putting a bad taste in her mouth.
“It had come to my attention, mistress, that our main defenses were somewhat lacking. The protection methods being only that of cloaking shields, but behind it is a line of small bouncing fairy bombs. Our military seems to have certainly hit a rut since I left.”
The grand witch’s eyebrows were slightly raised.
“What do you think these high level explosives would have done for our line of defense?” How her Grace was not fuming at this insult to our military, I cannot fathom.
“I felt it needed to pack more of a punch with a blast that would face away from the main encampment, especially if the witch hunters were to grow in numbers…” her hand cuts the counselor short of explanation.
“She was crafting high grade Eldritch plates in her own home. If done incorrectly they would have decimated her house and the surrounding wood.” Counselor Danvers was nearly gritting her teeth as she spoke.
“And she will be punished justly.” Grand Witch loudly replied.
She turns back to lady Romanoff, and addresses her for her judgement.
“You have been charged for the crime of manufacturing high-grade weapons without council permission, how do you plead?” Her voice booms across the great hall.
“Guilty, mistress” Romanoff replied, her sultry tone covering the amusement in her voice.
“Then as punishment for your crime, all contraband is to be confiscated and any magic you wish to conduct must be permitted only by the council until further notice, is that understood?”
“Yes, Mistress.” Witch Romanoff smirked. She didn’t seem too threatened by being at the mercy of the council. I can only guess as the source of her cocky demeanor.
With her business finished, mistress Ramonda finally moves on to me, the final witch to be judged.
Grand witch Ramonda stands mere inches away, her eyes meeting mine through the black lace of my veil.
She always seems so much taller up close.
“Good evening, little witch” her voice was sweet, like dark honey. She was always kind to me, and clearly pitied my position.
“Good evening, mistress” I replied, holding onto what little composure I could.
“And I trust you know why you have been called upon by the council?”
“Yes mistress..”
She looks at me earnestly, urging me to continue.
“I..I have been unable to secure a suitable familiar for some time now” I have to force the air out of my lungs just to get the words out. At first it was simply just an inconvenience, but now it was just an embarrassment. A black smudge of ink on an otherwise perfect record.
“Still your nerves, little witch. Unlike the others before us, you have committed no wrong doings.” She purred. It was always in her nature to have a more open heart. Ever since I’d first found issues with securing a familiar she’s taken it upon herself to be a comfort for me. Now it only felt like pity, and the warmth of her words could no longer kill the chill of jealousy I’d feel when looking upon those who got to have familiars by their side.
Even now just looking at the black mass dozing at the back of the hall made you blood boil. Her majesty’s black panther could often be found not far from his master.
Yet, her excellence has always held a soft heart. If she was anything, she was understanding.
“I know mistress” is the only answer I could muster.
“This is an issue that should be easily remedied, but it is worrying all the same. A familiar is a critical component in Witch culture. Such bonds are created well into a witch’s teens, yet with each passing year you fail to obtain this.”
I can feel counselor Danvers glaring down at me as her majesty spoke. Ever the stickler for perfection, she has grown rather distasteful of me.
Ever too eager to voice her opinion, she is the next to speak.
“This May be a sign that her handle of the craft is weak. I do not believe that she has shown the level of skill required of the members of this coven”
I can feel my throat start to constrict at her words.
She had little right to make that kind acquisition.
The lengths I have gone to unsure of the future of this coven have consumed my life. I would lay myself upon the Plutonian flames hell for this fucking coven and I will be damned within them before I am removed from it.
“She has shown great skill in her craft. It is understandable that this is a serious matter but it will not lead to her dismissal from this coven. Is that clear counselor”
She barely hides her scowl as she replies “yes mistress.”
Our mistress looks back at me, this time not with pity but with pain. “The council has reached a decision on your situation. I trust you are aware of the battles this coven has faced in the months leading to this meeting. I trust that you are aware of how many of us have fallen in the wake of these growing attacks. I trust..” she blinks a bit, as if she’s biting back on her words. I swear her eyes almost looked wet, as if she was fighting back a tear.
“I trust you no the risks many of us take to come together for this coven and pray for better days to come”
“I do mistress” I whispered, letting my mind drift a little farther away from this meeting.
Everyday was a risk. Everytime I crossed the threshold of my home I was taking a risk.
To say my life, if not my own soul, wasn’t worth selling to the lowest of demons; just for the sake of this fucking coven; was a gross understatement.
But whether I take those risks would never be my decision in the end. If her grace decided that I was not to lift a finger, then dormant I shall stay. Her word is the law of this coven.
Counselor Potts reaches over to lay her hand on my shoulder. She sees the anger heating up in my cheeks. Gentle yet strict she was always an ally of mine. Yet, no matter how sweetly she says this it will hurt all the same.
“Have you found any success in obtaining a familiar?” She asked
“...No.” I whispered back
“I hear only what everyone else hears. There are never any words to be heard from any animal that has been brought before me.”
The grand witch nods alongside counselor Potts. A look of pity barely visible in the grand witch’s eyes.
“My dear, I understand your situation is upsetting...I take no pleasure in what I am to say next”
“Mistress, please” I can feel the tears break past the lower lids of my eyes.
“I assure you it is in your best interest, my dear.” She stated, sadness now visible on her face.
“At this time, it is far too dangerous for a witch to conduct one's craft alone. Too many of us have been lost in the many attacks these last few months. It is for your safety that…” he takes a sharp inhale of air before continuing. “That you are suspended from all coven activity and are instructed to stay within the perimeter of your home, until further notice from the council or myself. Is that understood'' her last words wrang across the deafened room. All tongues had been held tightly during this deliberation, this silence made her words feel even more damning.
I cannot believe what I am hearing.
My body begins to shake as I lose control of myself.
“Please do not be upset” counselor Pott’s voice is like a pin hitting the floor. Her grip on my shoulder tightly, helping to steel my nerves.
“I am certain that many of the witches within the congregation would be more than happy to aid in your search for a familiar” he hand finally slips from my arm after one final squeeze. “You are not alone in this darkness, little witch. Remember that”
I nod along her words helping to soothe the sting of shame “thank you, counselor.”
The Grand witch raises her to the 3 of us on trial.
“This meeting is adjourned. Let the maker be with all of you tonight on your journey home.”
“And also with you” We reply in unison.
We begin to shuffle towards the main door and out into the autumn cold.
I straggle behind them as they retrieve their familiars. A large hawk perches itself on Romanoff’s shoulder, and a silvery-gray horse nuzzles up to Maximoff. They were both so beautiful that I couldn't help but grimace at the sight.
This missing piece, this hole inside my chest feels so much bigger at times like this .
I walk faster past them before the heaviness in the air can crush my lungs. I can hear them whispering to each other, I swear I could hear my name fall past their lips.
I don’t want their pity and I won’t take it.
I pull my lace veil farther down to keep the wind from taking it as I trek farther away from our house of worship.
The walk home feels so much longer knowing I can’t return. Maybe I’m simply dragging my feet, but I am anything but eager to go home.
But I must look for something good. Surely, sleep will ease some of my worries. If not sleep then I’d sooner dip my head in the blackest tar to block out the light of dawn, if only to refuse the new day to come.
For now I will retire to the soft abyss of my bed and drown in the comfort of my warm blanket.
My dreams will be void of color and life. As barren as the dry womb of the oldest of hags. I will see nothing, hear nothing and feel only numbness.
The walk home is a blur of time with a melodic crunch of stone underfoot.
Soon I am met with the worn wood of my front door.
Sliding in the key and twisting to hear that telltale pop of the lock being undone. Finally, I am home.
‘To bed’ I think ‘There is nothing this night has left for me, I want only to rest.’
And that is all that came. A night or restless sleep with no thought of the next morning.
No visions of today, tomorrow, or any day that has already been.
Chapter 1 Part 2
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blood. It painted the walls, stained the ceilings, coated the floors.
The room seemed to buzz. Shaking in perfect clarity as he fed. And fed. And fed.
He tore the once-living breathing corpse to shreds instinctively. Craving every last drop of rich blood it could offer him.
The body still twitched slightly and he groaned. Surely, this was perfection. This was why they turned him.
For the kill.
The warm metallic liquid tasted so much sweeter the more he drank. His already heightened senses sharpening further with every morsel of the delicacy he consumed.
He did not care much for decorum. Blood spilt down his chin, staining his dress shirt, his trousers and even his shoes.
This time he doubted it would come out. It was a shame really, these had fit him perfectly after all, do you know how hard that is to come by?
Finally, he had bled the bodiless limb dry and he tossed it rather unceremoniously onto the rather alarming pile of dismembered bodies.
Then, in the blood that had dribbled down his chin, he drew a red star on the wall, with the words ‘Hail Hydra’ written underneath it, in a language all of their own creation.
It drove the cops mad trying to decipher it. Code analysts from all over the world had been called to New Orleans to deal with this mysterious and seemingly uncatchable serial killer.
He wouldn't bet on them figuring it out.
He would move on soon. That was what his handler had said before pumping him full of something.
“It makes you strong.”
That was all he knew about the miracle drug. It made him...act and say without thought or care. Made him kill without remorse.
Made him strong.
Though it also had some undesirable effects. His mind played many tricks in him, overactive as it was. The latest one still haunted him.
Bucky. Bucky. Bucky.
That man had been so sure. Convinced beyond all doubt.
It struck a chord within him. The name that is. Reminded him of smoggy streets and honking cars and cursing dock workers. Of cramped apartments and rumbling stomachs and sick children. Of shivering and sobbing and death and pain.
Blood. He needed more. Craved more. Wanted more.
Of girls in sweet dresses. Of lips stained red and curved upwards in radiant smiles. Of music and dances and stolen kisses in coatrooms.
He could sense someone nearby. A heartbeat. Singular. It would not sate him for long.
Of burning drinks. Of cigarette smoke. Of playing cards.
The girl could not see him. A shame really. He needed a hunt. Needed the thrill of a chase.
Of being blown in dark alleys. Eyes darkened by pleasure and hands fisted in perfectly styled hair.
He would lose her soon. The bright lights of The French Quarter growing steadily larger as the approached. He lengthens his stride somewhat.
Of his first taste of a girl. A woman really. So different from what he imagined, all salt and no sugar. He lost interest soon after.
He could reach out and grab her now. Turn her to face him, watch the fear flit across her features as he drained her.
Of a trail of broken hearts. Of whispers giving chase down packed streets. Of an infamous smile.
She had stopped and was rifling through her bag. She found nothing but kept going. So did he.
Of friendship. Loyalty. Of broken promises and childish wishes.
His hand caught her shoulder. Spinning her to face him.
Of dreams. Of hope. Of life.
The pain was instantaneous. A stake was buried deep in his chest. It just barely grazed his heart. The miss was accidental, he presumed.
Of normalcy. Of worry.
He groaned as a dagger was thrust into his neck whilst his assailant whispered hurriedly. He was lifted off his feet and dropped. The blackness that had been plaguing his soul for so long finally engulfed him.
The name reminded him of humanity long since lost.
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Tee’s Fic Recs 💞
I’m so excited to celebrate reaching 1.5k. This is part one of my celebration, check out more here! The past year has been so tough for everyone. I fell into a pretty bad place, but reading these and escaping, even if just for a few minutes, has lessened the load a little bit. In turn, I began writing again, began feeling inspired again and get to practice a hobby I love, that I fell out of for a long time, again.
I wanted to share some of my favorite fics of the past year to celebrate because I know I wouldn’t be here writing again without them. Thank you to all these wonderful creators, please show them all the love they deserve. Please heed to the warnings each fic holds, your media consumption is your responsibility.
I’m 21, I read 18+ fics and follow 18+ blogs. I tried to tag the 18+ blogs, if I mistagged your blog or have an incorrect warning please let me know so I can properly warn! Your comfort is more important than anything!
Bucky Barnes 
marriage story  by @sunmoonandbucky [AN 18+ BLOG]- “fake marrying bucky was only supposed to be a means to an end.” [a+++++ one of my favorite pieces! i go back and read this when i’m sad] 
spilled wine by @/sunmoonandbucky - royalty au!!!!!!!!! [i love love love this au so fucking sweet]
promise by @barnestuff - “bucky promised to come back.” [10/10 derin writes some of the BEST fluff & i love seeing her name on my dash with new fics] 
flight risk & no control  by @wkemeup - “bucky becomes a flight risk after a failed mission and is put in lockup under steve’s orders. even though bucky won’t say a word of what happened, you camp outside the door to his cell so he knows he isn’t alone. [ummmmmmm? these are both so beautiful, heart breaking, and touching that they easily became some of my favorites] 
little lion man by @/wkemeup - “sent on an assignment back to 1943, you encounter a drastically different version of the man you know.” [this easily became a favorite. it’s written beautifully and had me tearing up at parts.] 
drunk on you by @/wkemeup AGAIN - “bucky has always been nervous around you. when he’s tasked with caring for you after a night of heavy drinking and suddenly you’re kissing him, bucky doesn’t know what to do. you couldn’t possibly want him sober, right? [soft bucky has my whole HEART. insecure bucky & soft makes for an emotional masterpiece i love it] [honestly just check out their entire blog obviously i have an addiction]
dirty paws & wet kisses by @sunshineandaisies - bucky, reader and reader’s dog. [absolutely so CUTE! just brings so much happiness to my heart.] 
good morning kisses by @houseravenclaws - “bucky forgets to kiss his wife good morning.” [my heart. my heart. this is so sweet and an absolute fav of mine.] 
never again by @/houseravenclaws - “natasha likes to touch bucky’s dog tags and bucky, well, he just wants to know why his favorite girl isn’t talking to him.” [a fic that makes your heart ache in the best way. so well done and so sweet.] 
tell me the truth by @bwhitewolfbarnes - “bucky finds himself overhearing your conversation with his younger self, and he hates the way it makes him ache. he needs to know what is real.” [oh man. oh man. my hearted ACHED reading this but it was so so worth it because this is beautiful] 
lollipop, know you better, her hand, say yes ALL by @itsapeterthing - a few fics featuring 30s/40s bucky. her 40s bucky is written so well and is my absolute favorite! reader & bucky’s dynamic is just a++++
all the signs i don’t read by @buckys-black-dress - “your (secret) relationship with bucky takes a turn when it comes to physical touch, you’ve decided you’ve had enough of him making you feel like this. will he be able to fix it, or will you two have to part ways and grieve in silence?” [this HURT in the best possible way. the kind of hurt where your chest aches but you just want more] 
familiar by @winter-james - “you run into a familiar face while searching for the infinity stones.” [read it. just read it! it’s so good i have no words] 
salt, sugar and viruses by @babyboibucky [AN 18+ BLOG] - “you’ve been secretly making coffee for bucky at the office.” [my heart! i adore this fic, it is so sweet] 
dreamland by @blissfullybarnes [AN 18+ BLOG.] - “what’s worse, having someone comfort you after a nightmare, or having the same person comfort you from a dream you know will never be reality?” [had me hooked from the first paragraph. such a good mini series.] 
take me to the seaside (for my health) by @babycap- “bucky barnes is many things to you: friend, coworker, pain in your ass. when you get sick on a mission, he takes on another role—overbearing caretaker.” [you guys KNOW i live for sweet bucky and this? THIS? the sweetest. has my heart] 
housesitting [i’m tagging this as 18+ because the second part is smutty] by @emwritesstuff - “housesitting for steve rogers has many perks. The man has the comfiest bed you’ve ever slept in; his coffee machine is top tier; and he also pays for every single streaming service you could think of, because he doesn’t wanna miss anything. you can hardly see how bucky barnes stumbling into his apartment at 3 am with multiple wounds is one of them. but i guess it might be?” [actually one of the first bucky fics i read. actually may be the reason bucky crawled his way into my heart? thank u for this fic] 
wherever you stray, i’ll follow by @wnterwidows - “when steve goes to bring back the mind stone he doesn’t come back to bucky but brings back someone else — you, the love of his life before the war.” [actually so sweet! there are small details that just pull this story together so nicely and make it such a lovely piece to read. one of my favs]
right there by @bitsandbobsandstuff - “love stories aren’t always grand, sweeping epics. sometimes they come soft and slow, made up of a million different things, and you may not even recognize what you have until it’s right there in front of you. this is one of those stories.” [i loooooove it. i love it! so calming?? absolute comfort fic]
NSFW - sam + bucky [ALL 18+ MINORS DNI W/ THESE FICS]
clandestine & harmony by @bucksfucks - neighbor bucky! neighbor bucky! helps his neighbor with her cheating husband [so hot. so good. el’s neighbor bucky has my entire soul] 
peaches by @buckycuddlebuddy - “what they were doing was was love. forbidden, not-society-friendly, but love.” [dadbestfriend!bucky dadbestfriend!bucky age gaps are my kryptonite in 18+ fics and this just hits all the right spots] 
sweet as sugar by @onceuponabarnes - “reader gets stood up for dinner by her father and dadsbestfriend!bucky is there to make sure she’s okay.” [so hot. so good. hits all the right places. wish i had a bucky when my dad left.]
sweet creature by @samingtonwilson - “sam is in love with the girl at the front desk of the va, but he has the ability to help. so he will.” [omggggg sam!!! sammmmmm!!!!! my whole heart sweet and smut took my heart]
Other People  
Loki Odinson 
aftermath by @lowkeyorloki - “loki always hated weakness. because of this, you try to remain strong - even after being kidnapped.” [you guys know i love soft things and that extends to soft loki. this is so so good] 
Sam Wilson
star-spangle partner by @thighs-of-betrayal-blog - “You are Sam’s partner, in more ways than one, and you’ll always be there for him.” [eeeee this had me smiling so hard!! sam is so sweet and written so well here]
Spencer Reid
work wife by @differentkettleoffishalltogether - “spencer can’t help but feel a little jealous when it seems like his best friend is interested in someone else” [spencer reid is the love of my life and all i want is friends to lovers with him]
doodles by @reidsnose - “reader doodles on her hands a lot and spencer has to give into the temptation of coloring it in.” [this is so sweet oh my god i just… i need it in my life.]
nose taps by @/reidsnose - “the newest member of the bau develops a cute secret language with the resident genius.” [bau presentation night is all i never knew i needed in life.]
James Potter
i don’t like you by @quillsanddaydreams "james and the reader do not like each other. not even one bit.” [oh i just love james potter and i loved this dynamic. such a good read!]
what great men say by @/quillsanddaydreams - “what does being friends with james and eventually falling for him entail?” [yesyeysyes give me all the friends to lovers]
wildest dreams by @nancybycrs - “james potter has fallen in love with a girl who fears the end of their exhilarating and euphoric relationship.” [can u tell i’m a james potter simp? i love seeing him infatuated with the reader]
no denial by @slythxn - “is it too late for lily to finally tell james how she feels? why deny the feelings one is obviously feeling?” [love triangles make my heart race and are one of my favorite fics to read]
Harry Styles
curious gazes by @erodasfishtacos - “ceo!harry four times harry has been spotted by employees being very unlike his demeanor at work.” [give me all the harry being an asshole to the world and a softie to his girls]
sledgehammer by @stylesmessiah - “you join harry styles’ band, not knowing how much romantic confusion would come with it.” [this made me wish i knew how to play drums and that i was in h.s band. ugh love]
masterpiece by @harryforvogue - “rude art student and shy girl.” [art student harry? check. slow burn? check. dream life? yes. the title says it all, this is a masterpiece.]
y/n pretends to be harry’s girl by @jawllines - THIS is a harry fic i go back and reread when i’m sad
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imsebastiansta-n · a day ago
Falling - Part 4
Tumblr media
Warnings; very badly written smut; 18+ please!! 1 swear, and a mildly sad bucky bc of his shoulder scars; also 1 pic of said scars ☹️✨
Word count; 1320 ⭐️
Tip Jar 🌸
Requests are open 🌟
A/N thank you for 480 followers!! 🍄
The kiss was full of tongue, and teeth smashing. Bucky pulled away, both of you trying to catch your breath but neither one of you wanting to stop.
He leant in again, peppering soft kisses down your jawline towards your neck. He stops briefly as if he is contemplating on what to do next, when you feel him smirk as he sucks and nips softly, leaving behind a bruise.
“Bucky!” you tried to scold him, but it came out as a soft moan instead which went right to his pants.
“Sorry, babydoll. I had to mark what is mine.” He said breathlessly.
He laid you down gently and straddled you. Peppering soft kiss down your chest, going slow to make sure you wanted this and that you knew you can change your mind at any time.
He gripped the bottom of your dress and looked at you for permission, as you nodded. “Words, baby. Use your words.” He urged, as you complied. “Take it off, Bucky.”
Grinning, he lifted your dress over your head and looked at you in awe as he chucked it to the other side of your room. “Babydoll you are perfect.”
His words made you blush, “thank you.” You breathed as you ran your fingers through his hair, pulling softly earning a growl that went straight to your core.
Feeling his lips delicately placing kisses all over your chest made you crazy. The butterflies flapping like crazy in your stomach, the feeling almost making you dizzy. He looped his in your bra straps, looking at you again for your permission as you nodded.
He reached around your back and unclipped it, pulling your arms out and chucking it where your dress was. He wasted no time in wrapping his lips around your pebbling nipple, swirling his tongue, and using his other hand to caress and gently squeeze the other one.
“Bucky, please.” You begged, as he looked at you and smirked. Changing to give your other nipple some much needed attention, your hips involuntary buck, meeting his and causing him to hiss at the friction.
He placed gentle kisses down your stomach, stopping when he got to the waistband of your panties. He looked you again, as you got up to lean on your elbows to watch him, you nodded. Lifting your hips to help him remove them. He spread your legs, so you were exposed to him. Licking his lips, he went to go down when you stopped him. “W-wait. Bucky, wait.” You grabbed his hair gently to pull him up, his eyebrows turning into a frown.
“Are you okay? Do you want to stop?” he asked, worried he did something you weren’t comfortable with. You shook your head, “no, no. its not that, it’s just...” you sighed, embarrassed. “No one has ever gone down on me before.” You hide your face in your hands as he chuckled slightly, coming back up to remove them.
“Hey it’s okay, doll. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We don’t have to do that right now if you don’t want to, we can leave it for another time.” He comforted you, making you feel better as you nodded and laid him down, straddling him.
“I think you’re wearing too many clothes, Professor.” You smirked as you went for his belt buckle, looking at him to ask for his permission, he grinned nodding his head. He lifted his hips to help you get rid of his jeans as you saw the tent in his boxers, causing your mouth to water.
Grinding against his hard length with your wet core, Bucky could feel your wetness seep through his boxers, which made him throb more. You giggled as you felt his hard length twitch under you, which made you stop as you watched him to finish inside you.
You leant forward, gripping the bottom of his shirt about to lift it when panic rose in Buckys stomach. “W-wait. No, please. I-its not a pretty site. Trust me.” He gently pulled your hands from his shirt as tears pricked his eyes, causing you to frown.
“Baby, it’s not going to scare me off. I promise. I’m not her. I’m not gonna run, I’m staying until you tell me to go.” You soothed him, as he took a couple of deep breaths and nodded slowly. “Are you sure? I want you to be one hundred percent sure, not until you’re ready.” You said stern, but soft. He nodded, “I’m ready.”
You gripped his shirt again, this time taking it slow, going at Bucky’s pace. He heart felt like it was pounding through his rib cage as his shirt went higher, and higher. Until it was completely off, he closed his eyes. Terrified of your reaction, a few tears silently fell from his eyes.
Tumblr media
He felt you lean forward, what he didn’t expect to feel was your soft lips placing delicate kisses to the scars were the metal met his flesh.
You gently placed your hand on Bucky’s cheek, using your thumb to wipe away his tears as he opened his eyes. “You’re beautiful, Bucky.” You soothed, smiling softly at him. “Absolutely perfect.”
You leant forward, catching his lips with yours as you grinded against him. “Let me make love to you, baby.” You whispered, as you looked into his eyes and saw as the blue in them had almost been taken over with black.
He nodded and helped you to remove his boxers, chucking them somewhere in your room. Straddling him again, you grabbed his cock and pumped it a few times, causing Bucky to moan slightly.
“You ready?” you asked him as you used his cock to tease your clit slightly. “I’m ready, doll.” He answered, choking slightly as you sunk down on his length slowly. He was a lot bigger than you’ve had before, thickness wise anyway.  
You stayed still for a few seconds, letting yourself adjust to his size. You gently ran your nails up his abs, and over his chest, making Bucky go crazy over your touch. “C-can you move? You’re so fucking tight.” He choked again as you accidently squeezed him.
You lifted your hips and began to gently ride him. Soft moans and groans echoed throughout your whole bedroom; pants of air were being breathed. Bucky couldn’t help but look up at you, watching as you fell apart on top of him.
He felt himself getting close, and he could tell you were too, as you kept involuntarily squeezing him.
“Doll, I’m so close.” He moaned against your neck, as he peppered kisses over it. “Me too. Let go, I’ve got you.” You whispered into his ear, which triggered him his orgasm, and in turn triggered yours.
You rode out both your highs when Bucky gently placed his hands on your bum, letting you know to stop. You fell forward onto his chest, both of you panting and gasping for air. Bucky slowly pulled himself out of you, both of you hissing at the sensitivity, and the feeling of both your juices sliding down both your thighs. You laid back down on his chest and cuddled into him.
“Thank you.” He whispered into your hair as he placed a kiss to the top of your head. You looked up at him, confused, “for what?”
“For being you, for not running away when you saw how much of a mess I am.” He chuckled, sadly. “Bucky, nothing will make me run away. And you’re not a mess, you’re so beautiful.” You leant down and pecked his nose, giggling at how he blushed.
You rolled off him and laid down as he got up. He walked into your bathroom and grabbed a wet cloth to clean you both up.
Once you both were clean, he climbed back into bed with you, and you curled up in his arms, and soon you were both lulled into a peaceful sleep.
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pisss-offf-ghostt · a day ago
Broken Dreams
Part 3
Tumblr media
Pairing- Bucky Barnes x F! reader (Y/N)
Word Count-  1646
Warnings- canon typical violence, angst, language
Summary- Y/N is a top notch agent that left SHIELD years ago on not so great of terms. Now she is forced to go back and face the past, including a blue-eyed someone she used to call her best friend.
A/N- Here’s an angsty little something I cooked up to vent. Based loosely on some real life issue and events. I truly wrote this for myself to help deal with things. It’s a five part mini series.Let me know if you’d like to be added to the tags
Tumblr media
Crouching, you braced yourself for the pounce that your opponent was about to release in an effort to take you down. The beefy bastard across from you was a brute force on the mat, but you were tired of him winning every sparring match. 
Today, you were taking this son a bitch down. 
As he sprung to come at you, you spun to the side and grabbed his bicep to propel yourself onto his back and grab hold of his neck from behind with your arm. Hanging from his neck in an effort to use your weight to take him down, you suddenly felt the world begin to spin as the beast of a man began to turn in circles. As he picked up momentum, you could feel your grip on his neck slipping and the next thing you knew you were flying through the air, then collided with a nearby wall. 
Catching your breath, you slowly stood up to see the man had flung you with centrifugal force into  a wall about 10 feet away from the sparring mat. You gathered the little bit that remained of your pride and walked back to the group of onlookers standing around the arena. 
Once you rejoined the group, which was already watching the next match, you heard a woman’s voice behind you, “You had the right idea, but you've got to use your legs for a move like that.”
Turning around, you saw that Natasha was standing behind you.
“I was trying to use my weight to take him down. If I held on with my legs, it wouldn’t have been as strong on his neck,” you explained.
“Actually if you hold your legs low enough you can gain more force on the neck by crunching down. And you have more security and won’t get shot off into a wall,” she countered.
“Got it. Thank you.”
“No problem,” she smirked and then walked away.
At the end of sparring practice, you gathered your stuff and began walking towards the exit of the gym when you were greeted by familiar blue eyes. Leaning sideways against a door frame was Bucky, who was popping cashews in his mouth as he grinned at you. 
“Are you ever not eating?” you greeted him.
“I’m a growing boy,” he frowned at you. “You give my regards to that wall?”
“Ugh, you saw that?” you asked as he nodded in return. “Wait, how long have you been here?”
“Long enough to see you fly through the air and hit that wall.”
“Don’t you have more important Avengers business to attend to than watch sparring training? You know, some damsel in distress or global crisis?” you scoffed.
“I’m not terribly interested in damsels. Gotta see how my best girl is doing,” he smiled at you.
Since your initial meeting at the teambuilding lecture, you and Bucky had grown quite close. It began with your second encounter with him at the firing range where he showed you a better way to grip your firearm, which you found to be quite effective. He then offered to coach you weekly with different weapons. From there, you two had started texting and hanging out outside of work related events and trainings. 
From the start, it was easy when the two of you were together. Conversations flowed, time passed, it was always comfortable with Bucky. He had quickly become your closest friend at SHIELD and always had your back. 
“Seriously, why are you here?” you pressed.
“I have a mission coming up next week,” he started.
“Ok, how long are you going to be gone? You need me to take care of Alpine?” you asked, curious as to why he would show up to tell you something he usually texted.
“Nat’s going to take care of Alpine. I’m here because I wanted to ask if you’d care to join the team on this mission?”
“R-really? You know this would be my first special mission,” you reminded him.
“Yeah I know. But Steve and I will both be there and I think you’re ready. That’s why I specifically asked for you to be part of this,” he said nonchalantly.
“You asked for me? Specifically?” you questioned in disbelief.
“Yeah. You’re by far one of the most resourceful recruits in there and I honestly think you’ve been ready for some time,” he explained. “So whatcha think? You want to go get some bad guys?”
“Yes! Oh my gosh Bucky, thank you,” you exclaimed as you threw your arms around his neck in an appreciative hug. “This means so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“Sure thing, doll,” he said back as he returned the hug.
2029 (Present)-
Several weeks had passed and you were getting acquainted with your new position and teams. Your mom was progressively doing better and better. Overall you had started to find your own swing to life at the Avengers tower again. It was still nothing like the joy and comfort you had once known with the sHIELD family, but for now it was enough.
Interactions between you and Bucky were kept to a minimum. Most days you didn’t see him and if you needed to communicate for any reason, e-mail was your savior. On the occasions where you did have to interact in person, your talks were short and kept strictly to business.
Then one night while you were sitting in your office finishing a report you heard a soft knock at your door.
“It’s open,” you called, not looking up from your laptop.
“You always did go above and beyond to get a job done,” the familiar voice said and broke you away from your typing.
“What are you doing here Bucky?”
“I came to see how you’re doing.”
“At 11:30 on a Wednesday night? Bullshit,” you asserted. 
“I am technically your boss and if I see someone working this late, I kind of have a moral obligation to check on them,” he defended.
You stared at him, not buying his excuse, waiting for more.
“I also need your help,” he continued.
“Here it is,” you sighed.
“Here what is?” 
“The fuckening,” you told him.
“Wh-what is the fuckening?” He inquired.
“Everything had been running too good, for too long. This is the point where everything starts to turn to shit. It's the fuckening,” you explained. 
He simply stared back at you, confused.
“What is it you need my help with?” you asked.
“I need you to run a job with me. And before you sa—“
“Before you say no, just hear me out. Please,” he begged. 
Unsure of where this was heading, you leaned back in your chair and folded your arms across your chest. “Fine, tell me about the job and why you need me.”
“Ok, so you know about the Flag Smashers?” He started.
“I’ve read the reports.”
“Well they have a new operative and they’re stronger than before. We need someone to get on the inside with them. Someone experienced and unknown to them,” he explained.
“You want me to infiltrate the Flag Smashers. Why? Don’t you have some top notch recruit that is itching to have their big break?” you postulated.
“I have tons of agents and recruits. None as good as you.”
“You’re so full of shit,” you spit at him.
“What are you talking about? You’re one of the best agents I’ve ever worked with and you know it,” he told you, raising his voice in frustration.
“If I’m so great, then why?”
“Why what?”
“Why didn’t I get that promotion years ago?” you questioned in a raised voice to counter his.
“Not this again,” Bucky sighed and rolled his head away.
“This again? How about this still!” you snarled, exasperated by his dismissal of your feelings. “Do you not understand how much that hurt me? How you stripped me of my dream?”
“How many times do we have to go through this? I’ve told you time and time again, the decision was made with the best interest of the team. It had nothing to do with your ability, how much you are appreciated here, or the relationship between you and I,” he argued.
“That’s such a load of crap and you know it. I can’t believe you’re still spouting that same story after all this time.”
“I’m saying it after all this time because it’s true. You’re one of the best agents we have ever had and your ability to strategize is unparalleled,” Bucky retorted.
“Then what the fuck? If I’m so special, why was I passed up? And what did you expect me to do? Just stick around and watch everyone get their dream job, but me?” you croaked on the verge of tears.
“You’re a spoiled brat, you know that. You got everything while you were here and it was never enough. Then the one time you don’t get your way, you run half away across the world and abandon all that you know in some sort of tantrum,” he spat at you. 
“Fucking finally. That’s the most truthful thing you’ve said to me in a long time. Tell me Buck, what else do you think of my actions?” you prodded, cocking your head sideways and giving him a glare that dared him to speak more truth. 
Clenching his fists as he sighed, Bucky opened his mouth then closed it again before saying anything. You watched as he then tightened his jaw, causing a muscle to twitch as it always did when he was flustered or on edge. “Y/N, are you going to help with this Flag Smashers case or not?” he asked with clenched teeth.
“Send me the file and I’ll look it over. I’ll let you know in the morning,” you said, resigned to end the conversation. 
“Fine,” he sighed, then left your office, closing the door behind him. 
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barnestuff · 2 days ago
soft spot
Tumblr media
summary bucky always has a soft spot for his girl.
pairing biker!bucky x reader
warnings biker!bucky, brief implied violence and blood, fluff, pet names.
a/n have a nice day/night <3 not my gif
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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky would avoid letting his guard down as much as possible. Concessions and forgiveness would never help you in bikers world and he knew that better than anyone. He was known to be tough and strict, and he was keeping up with the reputation most of the time.
“You take care of him.” he said to Steve, still looking at the man, laying on the floor in his own blood. Steve nodded slowly and Bucky walked away, ignoring his blood stained knuckles.
Tough and strict.
Except when he was around you.
You and Bucky were as different as you could be. You were the nicest person he has ever met. You were polite to everyone, even to him, a gang leader. You were always gentle with him. You would never pressure him or hurt him. You really cared about him. You were simply just good while Bucky was just, well, Bucky.
“You are sure that this is safe, right, Bucky?” you looked at him with a worried frown between your eyebrows and he chuckled. He was going to give you a ride to work with his bike since your car was under repair. You were wearing the blue helmet he bought especially for you and the sight was making his heart swell.
“Sweetheart, I would never let anything happen to you, you know that. I would never put you in danger.” he said and kissed you.
Yes, it was difficult at first, you were far from an ordinary couple but the challenge only made Bucky love you even more.
Maybe it was just you being different from him but Bucky couldn’t help developing a soft spot for you.
You were already asleep when he came home after midnight. He usually came home early but today he had more complicated things to do. He quickly regretted not coming home earlier when he saw you curled up on the couch, sleeping while some sitcom was playing on the tv. He knew that you were waiting for him, worrying that he wouldn't come back.
He walked up to the couch and smiled at you softly. He slowly lifted you up in bridal style, giving you a kiss on the forehead. He walked to the bedroom, careful not to wake you up. He put you on the bed slowly and put a blanket over you. He kissed your cheek and took off his leather jacket. He was trying to take his shirt off when he heard your voice.
“Bucky?” He quickly turned around to look at you. You were on your elbows, looking at him with sleepy eyes. His eyes softened when he saw your sleepy and confused state, you were looking adorable with your messy hair and puffy eyes.
“Hey, baby.” he whispered, smiling and quickly changed into shorts and a t-shirt. You watched him as he changed and he laid down next to you. He pulled you to his chest gently and kissed your hair, smelling your shampoo.
“I’m sorry. I tried to make it home earlier but I had things to do.” he apologised, feeling guilty about the fact that you fell asleep on the couch, waiting for him.
“It’s okay.” you mumbled sleepily and he knew that it was okay. He couldn’t express how thankful he was for you. You understood him, knew him, loved him and he was beyond happy for it. He knew that it was all going to be okay as long as you were with him.
“I love you so much.” he whispered but still, it wasn’t enough to express how much you meant to him, words were useless when it came to you.
“I love you too, Bucky.”
It wasn’t that bad to have a soft spot. In fact, it was the best thing that ever happened to Bucky Barnes.
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hford0311 · 2 days ago
Sick Doll (Bucky x reader)
*Pre-WWII Bucky; where the reader gets sick, and Bucky takes care of her*
Bucky knew the signs of an illness from being around Steve so much growing up. Between what started as the running nose and sneezing turning into the coughing fits with phlegm, the fever, and your chills, he recognized the phenomena. He wouldn't allow you to leave the bed let alone the apartment.
"Bucky," you whined as he laid you down in the bed. Then, the piles of blankets landed on you. New York was already cold during November, but it was worse when ill. "This really isn't-" another coughing fit cut you off. It truly was a miracle that he hadn't got sick from you yet. "Yes, it is necessary, doll. I want you to get better." He softly kissed your forehead and tucked the blankets closer to you. "I'll be back after work." He gently told you. You nodded along, understanding. "Don't you leave this bed either, Mrs. Y/n Barnes." He slightly chuckled. You smiled up at him, "Yes, Mr. Barnes." He kissed your cheek before he left for his long day.
Bucky pulled a chair close to your side of the bed when he came back. Bucky hated to wake you, but he did it by rubbing your arm under all the blankets. You groaned when you initially woke. "Wake up for me, doll," he stated and pulled his arm away as you stretched and looked at him disappointingly.
"I brought you soup," he smiled and lifted the bowl it was in for you to see. You sat up and attempted to get out of the bed. "No, bed. I'm going to feed you," he told you and scooted closer. You noticed his appearance then, "Bucky, you haven't even bathed yet." You said, seeing the dirt and grime over his face and arms. "I didn't want the soup to cold. Now let me feed you." You rolled your eyes at his stubbornness. He lifted a spoon full of the soup in front of you, and you allowed him to feed you the entire bowl of soup. He softly smiled and pressed the back of his hand to your forehead. "Still warm," he said with slight disappointment. You tried the shiver right after he removed his hand, but your body refused. He repeated another reoccurring symptom you had in his mind. Bucky was debating to bring you to the doctor at that second. "I'm going to prep a bath for you," he stated and went to other room in the apartment. Bucky hoped that the hot water would do you good for the next day. If not, he may just have to bring you to the doctor.
He carried you bridal-style into the bathroom. If you hadn't been sick, you would have had more enjoyment while in the bathroom with your husband. You wanted to enjoy Bucky trying to make you feel beautiful as he cleaned you, but you continued to sneeze or cough during it. It almost made you more miserable when thinking of the small number of times the pair of you shared the bath in the past. When you were finished and dressed, he carried you back to bed before taking his own bath. You were grateful to feel his warmth not long afterwards in the bed.
The next morning, there was a turn for the worst. The coughing fits had increased and led you to get sick in the bowl not far from the bed. Bucky quickly work and got ready to take you to the doctor. He dressed you and him in the warmest clothes in preparation for the weather outside the apartment. "Alright, my love, we're going to get you to a doctor to make you feel better." He stated as the two of you started walking to find a taxi to get you the hospital.
Bucky was anxious during your appointment. His leg bounced and nervously scanned the waiting room. The clock's hands couldn't tick any slower in his mind. Bucky was started to regret not bringing you earlier when you went you first started to get sick. He thought of all the things he could have done differently. One of the nurses walked to where Bucky was sitting, "Mr. Barnes, you can see your wife now." Bucky took a deep breath and followed the nurse. The nurse explained your condition outside of your room to Bucky. An overnight stay with experimental medications for phenomena  and see what happens after that. She allowed him in the room after that.
"Hey, Buck," you weakly smiled from the hospital bed. You watched him quickly walk over to the bed and kiss your forehead. "Did they tell you what they planned to do for me?" You weakly asked. "As long as they help you get better, right Y/n," he nodded and gently put your hair behind your ear.  You slightly nodded and started to say something before you were cut off by your coughing. "All you have to worry about is getting better," Bucky told you. You rolled your eyes at him and slightly laughed, "You're so cheesy, Bucky Barnes, but I do love you." He chuckled back at you and kissed your forehead. You gave him a small glare. "I love you too. Plus, there's more coming for you when you get better, Mrs. Barnes." Bucky winked and stood up from the bed. "I'll take you up on that, Mr. Barnes," you smirked as he started to walk out of the hospital room.
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