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gavillain · 5 hours ago
This is for both Hook and Jafar. What was your relationship like with your parents?
Hook: "My mother died when I was very young. I hardly remember her. She was a lot like me. Beautiful, daring, confident, clever. My greatest regret is that I did not get to know her better. My father was a deadbeat fugitive who abandoned me as a boy to save his own worthless skin. Maleficent recruited him for the Overtakers because of those nautical powers he got from Calypso, but he's nothing to me now."
Tumblr media
Jafar: "I was the pride and joy of my mother and father. My sister was always on their bad side, which made me look better by comparison. Father was a sniveling bootlicker who was content being a sycophant to the Sultan, and mother was a pious old fool who kept her mouth shut and her head down. Neither of them were truly worthy of their exceptional son nor did they ever really understand him."
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gavillain · 6 hours ago
Hey Jaffy! Have you done drag before?
"Aside from transforming myself into Princess Jasmine, I'm afraid I haven't. However, the idea certainly has merit..."
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inamiya · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
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Hcs for Ja'far having an s/o who was also a assassin?
Tumblr media
-He’s very hurt by this
-The last thing Ja’far would want is for his s/o to experience what he has
-Let’s them know that if they need to talk about it then he’s there
-Doesn’t change his views as he still loves them very much
-If they have scars from it then he makes sure to kiss every one
-If they have nightmares then he’s always there to hold them
-Though Ja’far knows they can fight, he’s still very protective
-He’s very grateful they were able to open up about this with him
-Love’s them no matter what they’ve done
-As long as they didn’t do anything bad to Sindria
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evildisneydorks · a day ago
You see, I don't have a single headcanon for his sexual orientation:
-On one hand I see him as a gay man, a dramatic old queen.
-In the other hand I totally see him being genuinly interested in someone who's just as power hungry and malicious as he is, regardless of gender.
So my headcanons sum up on him being either gay or pansexual, but still someone who doesn't live for the drama, he is the drama.
Now talking about gender: He's is cisgender, but you cannot convince that he wouldn't be a drag queen.
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mediadragonness · a day ago
Does anyone else cry for like the first 6 minutes of Descendants 3 because watching these kids who got out come back for other kids and try to enrich their lives makes you physically inconsolable? No? Just me, then? Alright.
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exhalcyon · a day ago
Tumblr media
If Disney really had to make a Disney villain prequel show, they should’ve given us the ‘why Jafar hates his job’ show before a Gaston backstory tbh
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hitchell-mope · a day ago
Jay: Congratulations on the engagement, Mal.
Mal: Thanks, it's just starting to hit me. I'm getting married! Thank God I don't have to die offence Jay.
Jay: There was none taken until you said "No offence".
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evildisneydorks · a day ago
Jafar: I'm not doing to well. Hades: What's wrong? Jafar: I have this headache that comes and goes. [Mozenrath and Nasira enter the room] Jafar: There it is again.
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evildisneydorks · a day ago
Mozenrath and Nasira being friends would be hilarious Jafar wouldn't stand a chance
Appart from their shared hunger for power and magical knowledge, they also have the shared hobby of annoying the living hell out of the genie. 
Jafar DREADS the day the two major annoyances of his life they met, and even bonded to make matters worse.
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I don’t know if anyone from the Disney descendants fandom is watching Loki 👀 but I kinda like to imagine that Jay has the same chaotic energy as Loki. The tricks, the lying, the arrogance and charisma overall are just top notch.
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telltaleclerk · a day ago
Ok… but where is the live action Aladdin/Old Guard crossover AU where Nicky comes across Jafar’s lamp somehow… and wakes the genie… and Jafar is trying to convince Nicky to make wishes while at the same time trying to trick him into wishing him free… but Nicky is a humble man who doesn’t want anything. He understands that things like peace on earth can only be achieved through action and not wishes… so he doesn’t want to make any wishes… but Nicky keeps letting Jafar out of the lamp, feeling bad that he’s been trapped for so long. So he travels the world and lets Jafar travel with him outside of the lamp. And after watching Nicky’s kindness and discovering that Nicky was really honest when he said he didn’t want any wishes, Jafar changes. Eventually Nicky comes to the conclusion that Jafar has changed and learned compassion so he wishes him free… but Jafar doesn’t want to leave and stays with Nicky.
Yeah. That.
Where is that? I want it.
Has anyone done this?! Or something similar?!
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bisexualkronk · 2 days ago
Owner: [brings home a Kronk]
Mozenrath: "...Ours now?"
Jafar: "Ours now"
Kronk radiates purity and common ground, it’s almost impossible to hate him.
Thus Mozenrath and Jafar accepting him.
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evildisneydorks · 2 days ago
I have 0 regrets
Has it ever happened to you that you have the perfect song for a character but the melody kinda clashes with their vibes, but that doesn't matter beacuse you are making the video anyway?
Well, that’s the story behind that thing.
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bisexualkronk · 2 days ago
Mozenrath: How did none of you hear what I just said?!
Kronk: I've been zoned out for the past two and a half hours. Sorry
Hades: I got distracted halfway through.
Jafar: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.
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