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#izuku midoria x reader
river-fics · 2 hours ago
Names- Bakugou Katsuki
A/n: I'm getting tired and I got work tomorrow. Love ya'll
Summary: Izuku calls you the wrong name and you take a leap.
Warning: Angst and some fluff :(: Mentions of injury
Tumblr media
11:42. That's the exact time your husband comes stumbling into your shared apartment. The smell of alcohol reeks, taking over all his senses. He knows you hate when he comes home late, especially drunk. Yet, here he is, struggling to stand upright.
You sigh heavily, getting up from the couch. You wraps your arms around him, using your strength to carry him to the bed. You drop him onto the mattress, too frustrated to do anything else. You quickly shuffle away, heading back to the living room.
"Thank you... Ochako.." You freeze at the familiar name. You feel your stomach drop at the idea that he was with her wasted. "I love you...Och..." He doesn't finish his sentence before falling asleep. You force yourself to exit the room. You barely have time to shut the door before breaking down. You crumble onto the floor, the ring he gave you tightening on your finger. You're so aware of that diamond incrusted ring, it's unbearable. You end up twisting it off and throwing it across the room, hearing it slide against the hardwood floor.
You spend the next hour silently packing a small bag to take to Momo's. You texted her at the ungodly hour of 2am, luckily she takes night shifts.
You take a look at the bedroom door, imagining your husband dreaming of another girl. It shatters your heart, but you should have known.
You take the few steps out the apartment, keeping your head held high. You shut the door, locking it. You place the lock under the placemat and walk away.
Izuku awakens with a killer headache. Of course he does, he was out drinking. Thankfully, today is his day off. So, he can spend it recovering and sleeping next to his lovely wife. He turns over, reaching for her. He's met with the cold surface of the mattress. It's weird to him, you'd usually be sleeping in.
He assumes you got up early to make breakfast since he was in no shape to do so. He musters up his strength and exits the bedroom. He's doesn't smell eggs being cooked or fresh toast. No, it smells and feels empty. It's colder than usual, you hate the cold. In fact, everything is how it usually is. Untouched by you.
He checks his phone, making sure you didn't leave a message for him. The only text he's gotten is a large paragraph from Bakugou. He skims it, unable to really put together sentences. All he can make out is 'unworthy' 'heart-broken' 'pathetic' and 'cheater'. Bakugou has called him many insults but never a cheater. He forces himself to reread the whole paragraph. By the time he finishes it his heart is in his throat.
Another name.
You stare at the folder in front of you, Momo's hand on yours. Bakugou is in the corner of the office, watching like a hawk. His presence is burning behind your head, knowing all he wants to do is blow up Izuku.
"Honey, are you sure?" Momo asks gently. You quickly wipe away a stray tear, nodding.
This isn't the first time Izuku has called you the wrong name. It was evident that he had feelings for the brunette, but you thought he loved you more. Now, you aren't so sure. You can't spend the rest of your life loving a man who can't decide even after a wedding.
"I can't stay anymore." You try your best not to cry again, you've done that too much already. You sign the documents, shoving towards the stranger. He picks it up and exits the office. You lean back in the chair, watching as the papers leave with a sliver of your heart.
"Fuckin' idiot didn't deserve you." Bakugou mutters. "I'll take your word." You hum.
You watch from afar as Bakugou struggles with his tie. He was never good at getting dressed up for parties. You have to admit, the suit fits him way too well. You walk over, stepping in front of him. You swat his hands away from the mangled tie, quickly redoing it for him. You remember doing this for Izuku many times, the memorized movements come naturally to you. You pat his chest, calmingly. "I didn't need help." He stares into the mirror, checking your work. "I'm sure you didn't. I just wanted to be a nuisance." You agree. There's a pause where you turn to leave his bathroom. Momo and Shoto in the other room. "Thank you." It's soft, almost above a whisper. You glance over your shoulder, giving him a smile. "Why? You could have done it yourself." You tease. This earns you a semi-grin from him.
The gala is in a large ballroom. Your heels click on the marble floors. There's pillars lined with gold, touching the ceiling. The food is on silver platters on a banquet table. It's gorgeous, it reminds you of a castle.
The music is classic, really bringing the kingdom vibe together. You only wish you brought a prince with you.
You make your rounds, saying hello to other pro-heroes. You barely know most of them, having to ask for their names. It's irritating to say the least.
You stop at the outskirts of the dancing area, watching the couples slow dance. Some going all out and waltzing. You envy how graceful they all look.
A warm gust of wind hits your side and you already know who it is, "Evening, Bakugou." You don't even look at him. "I think they're making fools of themselves." He comments. You hum, noting his opinion. You two remain quiet, uncertain of what to say. "I took a few dance classes." He admits. You nearly choke on the air you inhale, snapping to face him. He's wearing his signature smirk, liking your reaction. "No way. You hate dancing!" You nudge him playfully. "No, I hate dancing with people I hardly know. If a random girl asked me to dance I'd laugh in her face." He chuckles. You've never seen him so at ease. His shoulders aren't tensed and his eyes aren't wide like usual. "I see. Remind me not to ask you to dance." You joke. He raises an eyebrow before holding out his hand. You give him a confused look before placing yours on top of his. "I wouldn't mind waltzing with you." He mumbles. Somehow, this sends your heart into a frenzy.
He guides you closer to his chest, wrapping his free arm around your waist. He straightens the arm holding your hand. "Just follow my lead." He whispers into your ear. You nod, looking down at his feet. You assumably do the opposite of what he does, before he lets go of your waist and uses his pointer finger to lift your face. "You don't need to look down." He returns his arm back to its place.
It takes you a while and even then you still can't figure it out. You expect him to get frustrated and yell, but he's understanding. So, when you almost give up, he lifts you up. He places your feet onto of his, moving you with him. It makes the movements easier and neat. Although, it's embarrassing, he strikes conversation. He refuses to let you acknowledge the crowd. He keeps you focused, laughing. Even when you slip off his shoes, he plays it off. Even when his feet are sore, he keeps going. Just to see your excitement when he twirls with you. Just to take in your features this close. So he can imagine kissing your lips as the spread into a grin.
You're drenched in sweat, blood, and tears. All because this one villain won't go down. You're barely holding on, using everything you have to wear out the villain. You have a variety of cuts and bruises littered around your body, soon to be infected by the grime they're covered in.
"Anyone available for backup?" You yell into your com. There's static, then a voice. "I'm almost there with Kacchan!" Izuku's voice rings out. You're given a speck of hope, keeping you moving. Just a little longer and you'll be able to rest.
You keep dodging the villain's attacks, hiding behind rubble and then peeking out to attack. You're running on no energy, your body can't take much more. Soon, you'll be a sitting duck. "Where are you?" You shout. There's no answer. Not even a crackle from the coms. You're alone.
It only takes a minute longer before your legs give you. Your quirk no longer works for exhaustion. You lean against a large boulder, knowing damn well that villain is going to make his way towards you. You're a goner.
"Y/H/N!" A rough voice calls out. You squint your eyes open to see Bakugou standing over you. You can't help but beam at him. You end up coughing up a lung for it, but at least he's here. "Alright, it's ok. I'm here." He lowers his voice. You let your eyes close, leaning your head against his arm. "You'll be ok." He wipes a stand of hair stuck to your forehead away. "I know. I'll be okay with you." You slip unconscious after that sentence.
You were discharged from the hospital after three weeks of recovery. You healed fast, not needing physical therapy. But you're off duty for a month longer.
You decide to spend your first day in your apartment, only getting up for emergencies. It's lonely, but relaxing.
Until, there's a knock at your door. You hobble over to your door, unlocking it and pulling it open. Bakugou is standing at your door, his fists clenched. You'd invite him in, but he's already marching past you. You don't recall seeing him visit you in the hospital. You're offended he never showed.
"Y/n, I need to tell you this and I need you to not hate me afterwards." He says in one breath. You lean against your wall, signaling him to continue. "You need to quit being a pro-hero." He blurts out. Now you understand why he asked you not to hate him. He's asking you to do something you can't do. "No." You respond coldly. "Please. I'll pay for everything you need. I'll get you a great paying job if you want work. But you have to quit!" At this point he's pleading. Like he's facing death in the face and asking him to return his lover. "Bakugou, I'm not quitting. Look, it get that I got pretty banged up, but almost every pro has." You defend. You refuse to let him force you out of your job. You're saving people, you're making the cry better. "No, banged up is a few cuts and bruises. You were hanging on by a thread! You were freezing cold in my arms!" He raises his voice. You roll your eyes, not getting his point. "Okay? Didn't Izuku have to carry your lifeless body out from a collapsed building? You were pronounced dead for three minutes!" You make your voice louder than his, wanting to be heard. "That's why I'm making you quit." He finalizes. You get up from against the wall, limping towards the couch. "No, you aren't. If you even touch my job I'll slice your hand off." You threaten. "PLEASE! I CAN'T WATCH YOU DIE! WHEN I HELD YOU I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONE! I CAN'T LET YOU DO THIS!" You watch as he falls apart in front of you. You seal your mouth shut. "I love you too much to.. to see you like that.." He huffs out. His breathing is shallow, like he can't get enough air. You can't move towards him, so you motion him over. He wanders towards you, wondering what you'll do next. You simply open your arms and pull him into your chest. You remain like that for hours.
Izuku almost misses you as you run past him. You're in a bathing suit, drenched. He came to the beach to relax, he never expected to see you.
"Y/n!" Your name feels wrong on his tongue, but he can't help but yearn for you. You stop in your tracks, shifting to look at him. You give him a big wave before a large figure picks you up. He knows those signature spikes. Bakugou's arms are around you, with a child on his shoulders. The child is a mix of you and Bakugou. He can just see it.
It's enough for him to know he's got to leave. He shouldn't have expected a second chance. Not when you've got Bakugou's name.
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katsuki-goodness · 9 hours ago
'You Make My Heart Beat' Part 3 - Deku x Reader
Summary: Your friendship grew but then, he disappeared with the words that came out of his lips being, "Please, stay safe".
Tumblr media
How many years has it been since you last cut your hair? One. Only one if you can recall. When was the last time you saw your best friend as he walked you inside the dorms to UA? About 3 years. He had gone missing for that many years. No one knows what happened to him, not even his mother who was the last to see him that very night. You had been contacted in the morning by her and she sounded very worried, alarming you right away when she asked if you had see Izuku or if he was with you. He was not. The last memory of him was him telling you to stay safe.
At that time, yes, it was worrisome but it was your best friend who was gone, disappeared. Even when you got the called from Izuku's mother, you were standing around the living area that morning with your classmates before class, when they heard you mutter out, "Izuku is not with you?". They all stayed silent with everyone looking at each other.
You quickly went over to his dorm room, searching for him. You wanted to make sure he was there, that he was okay and what you had been feeling before was not a warning sign.
Even knocking on the door didn't bring him out. You tried the handle and it was unlocked, pushing through it but it was empty. No one was here. Some of his figures were still here, and it looked like he recently had been here as his books were stacked all across his desk. Even the covers on his bed were moved a bit as if someone had been sitting there. It had caught you off guard but did it really? You saw it coming, or more like you felt it in your gut. You knew something was wrong, you knew he was acting strange but you couldn't figure it out. It wasn't obvious but his mannerisms, those were much obvious to anyone who talked to him.
You blamed yourself because he was hurting and you didn't take the chance to ask, but you had asked. You asked him but you were quickly put at ease even when you felt like it wasn't true. At the same time, you didn't know the circumstances would get this far.
It clearly wasn't your fault but you continued to blame yourself. You could have done more to help him, made sure he got home, and even offered him out to eat at least. Anything to get him from feeling alone.
No matter how much you thought about Izuku, it wasn't going to bring him back. You held onto the thought that he was alive, that nothing happened to him, but as your daily routine of patrolling the city had been extended because of a hero who had an emergency and had gone home, you had encountered something. Someone suspiciously looking around the area then a massive explosion erupted. A few characters had jumped down from the top of a building, a few villains thought it was a good idea to cause a ruckus this early in the morning. You had quickly run to where the explosion had detonated but it had occurred to you that these villains were some you haven't seen before, or even seen any type of report, to begin with.
”Oh, a hero, ” One had spoken, their hooded face was still slightly visible but nothing that indicated who he was. It was hard to tell and even when their smile was visible to you at this distance. He had moved a few steps forward, slowly grabbing at his hood and showing his face. No matter how much you had prepared or not, regardless, the strike of pain you had felt in your chest was unbearable. You had no room to cry, no movement in your body that could get you out of this situation. Even if you wanted to, you are a hero, and you have sworn to protect the people of this city and any other person of this world, but how could you right now.
“Izu..” His face contorted in disgust, and it was notable now the scar he had on his cheek. Those things weren’t the only thing different from him, his clothing and the way his eyes had stared back at you, pain and sorrow, and even hate.
“It’s still funny to hear that name almost come out of your mouth... Y/n.” His eyes narrowed your direction, sending chills down your spine as he motioned his goons to split with just one hand motion. He got closer, his arms opening up as if he was lightly praying but he wasn’t looking up. He looked at you with a mischievous smile as if wondering. “Kaachan looked exactly like you.” A chuckle came out of his lips, but you refused to move, clearly out of fear. Reality had quickly set and you couldn’t turn anything back.
“Izuku... what happened,” You asked in a quivering tone and replied to you, not before he puffed in annoyance towards you.
“Can we please get rid of that name? It rings in my ears each time I hear it.” Now he was right in front of you and you quickly tried taking a step back but he caught your arms, gripping them lightly as he spun you in place. His hands had moved down to yours, intertwining with them and staring back with that same smile as before. “Don’t want you falling, do you?” His speaking patterns, his voice, his now sweet face had become distorted in your memories. It wasn’t him. Someone had to be messing with you. He couldn’t be standing here in front of you looking like he killed someone.
You quickly shook off his grip and he quickly let go. “What happened to you, Izuku!” He was becoming more unpleased with you. He. Had clearly told you to stop calling him Izuku. He didn’t want to be involved with his past anymore, especially the people who fooled him, thinking this world would be changed.
“I’ve told you not to call me by that name.”
“Then tell me what happened! Why are you here talking nonsense!? Your mom was so broken, worried for you, looking for you because she thought someone had kidnapped you. She started to blame herself for letting you go back to UA, and it hurt me too, Izuku! My best friend was suddenly gone after he told me to stay safe and what was I suppose to think then, huh?!” Your tears had begun to drip down, staining your cheeks and making the bags under your eyes, bright red. “Y-you couldn’t have become..” His straight face had given you the answer without really doing much aside from smile softly to your reaction of utter disbelief.
“It’s crazy how much time can really change someone, especially when that person was supposed to be the one you cared for.” You had widened your eyes slightly, looking confused.
“I had always cared-“
“As much as I want to continue the back and forth games, I have no time for you right now. I seriously did not have it in my plans to deal with another hero, and that includes my beloved, Y/n.” With one last villainous smile, he had quickly taken off, but you had started to run. You ran after him but you couldn’t catch up at all. He was faster than before, smarter, and calculative but it didn’t take away how much it broke you to see him like this. He was getting away again, your hand stretching out to reach him but as quickly as he came, he had disappeared. 
At that moment, you couldn’t help but stop and cry.
“He was standing right in front of me, do you guys not understand?! He was so close that I could reach out and touch him!” You explained so frantically that Shouto was lightly putting his hands in front of him to calm you down but he couldn’t even get near you. You would pull away, walk around as if desperate. You were desperate but the thoughts ran through your body as if it was waiting to explode. You were scared and in pain. Katsuki had been staring back at you, silently trying to figure out what to do to help you. Was there really anything to help you at this moment?
"Y/n, please, take it easy. Worrying won't do anything good for you," Shouto had told you but you just threw your hand through your hair, inhaling and letting it out in a long breath.
"What can I do aside from worry?" You asked him, your eyes were looking down at the floor, the red carpet of Endeavor's office, somehow reflecting the color of Izuku's eyes even if it was his usual green eyes that stared back at you. No matter how painful it felt to remember, you couldn't forget. He needs help and you were determined to do something about it.
No one had responded to your previous question, lingering in the air as you began to walk out of the room. "Are you really planning to go out there looking for him?" Katsuki's question did make you look back, the seriousness in your eyes telling everything he needed to know. "Then, for once, let us help you."
"Thank you, Katsuki." His hum was light as he responded but he quickly took action, ordering Shouto to call his father and some of the pro heroes to help in search of the kid. Almight also deserved to know, is what Katsuki had said to you before walking off in opposite directions to hunt down the green hair boi, not knowing that he had completely disappeared again. So many hours had passed and no sign of him. He knew that you would come looking for him again. He knew you and he knew he was that important to you because he has known you for many years. You never failed to tell him how important he was, and that included his saddest moments.
Y/N: "Have you seen any trace of any villains? I haven't been able to find any activity regarding disturbances."
Bakugou: "Where ever that fucker hid, he must have pulled back the villains too. He seems to be operating a small group of people."
Shouto: "How about the outside area?"
Iida: "Nothing out here that I can report. I have been running around the areas where villains are most likely to appear for good measure but it seems like they had retreated here too."
Even with bigger cover of the city, using radios to contact each other, no one was able to find him. How the hell was he able to hide so effectively when someone should have found them at this point? You bit your lip out of frustration, not realizing that your lip began to bleed from the nerves building inside you.
The only way you will be able to find him would be to think like Izuku. He is a smart kid, tactful, and very quick to react. If anything, he must have pulled back when he saw you. It would mean he had ample time to hide the people who are working for him.
You had enough after hours of searching, taking breaks, and asking for help, you decided to call it day and search again tomorrow. It was almost 11 and you had passed your working hours today so you went back to the agency to report back all that had happened today. Everyone else did the same, exhausted from the amount of walking and ground covered.
"Are you sure you'll be okay, Y/n?" Todoroki had asked you before you had left. You assured him that you were, confident enough that you will be able to see him, or at least, find him again in no time. Todoroki had given you a really odd expression but you had brushed it off and said your goodbyes.
You were finally home, your feet sore and your head full of mush from thinking and worrying for Izuku. No matter how much time had passed, you couldn't shake off the thought of seeing Izuku back to the way he was. He was gentle, weird, so out there, but just shy and had the issue of shuttering a lot. He was so strong and you had no idea how much you had admired your friend up until now. A smile spread across your face, the now distant memories fading away as you walked into your room and into the bathroom to shower before heading to bed. You dried your hair, sighing loudly and throwing yourself onto the bed to finally relax before having to search again for your friend.
You had realized something though. It was a bit odd to have come into your house with it being clean and your bed made when you hadn't had the time to do so. The covers were up to your neck as you wiggled a bit in place and realized...
Someone had been there.
Someone was in here in your home, unless they had left once you had entered the house, and you were too afraid to even look around the room. You had felt someone here. If you pretended to go to sleep, maybe you can catch them by surprise and take them down. But your heart was racing. You were afraid of who it was, and something told you it was him. It had to be.
"Don't sleep on me just yet, Y/n-chan~" Your body had begun to shake, flinching almost, as your now trembling hands lifted you up slowly, trying to keep yourself composed. Your eyes trailed to him with his eyes looking straight into yours as if he has been analyzing you. They moved around, landing on what seems to be a bat right next to your bed. Depending on the quirk of the person, sometimes you couldn’t protect yourself and you were one of them. Your quirk was more from “the shadows” type of deal and it made it hard to use it in front of other people for training, or even villains without a proper distance. But Izuku was the one in front of you and you couldn’t help but feel fear, and no matter what, you couldn’t stop seeing him as your old friend.
His walk becoming more confident as he came to you, his now then messy hair looking bizarre. His hand-covered glove touching your cheek as he sat down next to you on the bed but his eyes didn’t look at you anymore. He made sure they were looking at your hands and not letting them move anywhere near a potential weapon. He held your hands in his, squeezing them lightly and smiling softly.
“I can not get over how beautiful you still are, Y/n-chan.” He complimented you, his grip tightening and his smile becoming sickening, painful to even look at. His ears are sharper now, and his eyes were still reflecting evil intent. You sat there in fear as he got up again, taking the bat into his hands and tossed it aside. “It's better to keep distractions at a distance, no?”
Panic set in. Your hands shook, your eyes looked around for a place to escape, but he knew your every move. You tried getting out of bed but he put his hands on your shoulders, sitting you back down with the same smile from before. "Hey, it's almost your bedtime, how about we talk a little before then?"
You instinctively shook your head and his expression changed. It looked in pain but he made sure to change it quickly. "I thought after all these years you would have loved to hear about me?"
"No. N-no! I did! I do!"
"Then, let's talk." It fell silent, his eyes tracing the features on your face as yours looked down at your hands, fidgeting them around, but as you thought more to yourself, you realized he shouldn't be here.
"You wanted to talk to me... didn't you, Izuku?" Your question came out as a soft whisper. He didn't acknowledge it so you continued. "I've missed you. Where did you go?"
He was silent for a while. Somehow, his old self was now visible to you, his eyes softening and his hands grabbing yours again, this time with gentleness. "I came to see you, multiple times. After all, you were the only one who really cared for me."
"But why. Why are you with the villains? We could have helped you, or-"
"NO!" You flinched to his sudden outburst and he quickly composed himself. "I-i... I don't want your pity."
"Well, I wanna-"
"Y/n?" Someone yelled out your name, knocking on the door of your house, echoing from the silence between you and Izuku. He looked angry, irritated that he got up and walked to your window. He swiftly opened it and without another glance or stare, he jumped out quickly, with no chance to even say his name. You had gotten up to see the outside of your window empty. He was quick, you knew that, but he disappeared faster than a shadow. You were just getting comfortable and now, he is gone again, and who knows if you'll ever see him again.
"Hey, I was knocking a few times, I'm sorry I woke you up, but it's an emergency." It was Kirishima who was alone but he was suited up for some reason, making you wonder that the reason he came over was to inform you about Izuku.
"No, it's fine. I was just getting to bed. What is that you needed?" You weren't positive if it was a good idea to say anything about your old friend coming into your room late at night, or if you should keep it to yourself. It's not like it wasn't important information but you were scared that they will catch him. You started to worry about his safety when you, in reality, probably shouldn't.
"We have spotted some villains wondering the streets down your street and we assumed Izuku had been close. Have you heard anything?"
Maybe you should say something now. You mustered up the courage to say yes. You didn't explain why he was here, but you told him that as soon as he had knocked on the door, he had disappeared. He will tell the others but you didn't care because to you, it's the way to help your friend. Talking to him today showed you he was there, still the same Izuku. You wanted him back.
You lost him before, you're not planning to lose him again. After all, you loved him too much to let him go.
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togasbetch · a day ago
i wanna talk to you guys so bad. fill my asks with weird bnha head cannons or just say something :))
also, what should i do in honor of 100 followers? matchups? what are we feelin?
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izu6ku · a day ago
#𖤐 𝐌𝐀𝐊𝐄 𝐎𝐔𝐓 | 𝘪𝘻𝘶𝘬𝘶 𝘮𝘪𝘥𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘺𝘢
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# a/n: yk i rlly want to kiss izuku 🧍🏾‍♀️
Tumblr media
plush pillows move beneath you when you shifted on the bed, pushing izuku back up against your bed frame. your hand finds the nape of his neck, fingers creeping their way into his curls as you pull him into a kiss. eyes fluttering shut, izuku’s soft lips moved against yours, a soft, airy moan coming from him when your fingers massaged his scalp gently. both of your hearts skipped beats as a burning hot passion wracked between you two, the feeling of being so incredibly close was intoxicating in the best way possible.
the tip of izuku’s tongue teased your bottom lip, tracing the plump skin so lightly that had you been any more lost in him, you would’ve never notice the action. you part your lips slightly, allowing his tongue to slip through and meet with yours. warmth rushes through you as your tongues worked with each other, exploring each other as neither your tongue nor his ever once battled for a drop of dominance. his hands wrapped around your waist, pulling you even closer to him, removing any gaps of space between your bodies. you gasp and shiver, arching into him as izuku’s hands slipped under the cotton fabric of your shirt and traced his fingers up and down the line of your back, the feeling so gentle yet so sensual.
your lips were wet by the time you pulled away, a string of saliva left between your lips in wake of the kiss. heavy pants filled the space around you as you looked into izuku’s lidded eyes, emerald orbs searching yours before a soft smile tugged at the boy’s lips. he gave you one last gentle kiss before pulling you close, arms wrapping around your back as he buried his face into the side of your neck.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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other-fan00 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With a S/O who is childish.
Tumblr media
🎳 — Note: There are no warnings. All quiet until the end.
🎳 — Request: Anything? Sure? Izuku, Todoroki and Bakugo with their lover who is childish?
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya
Adorable couple? Adorable couple. Whenever you throw a tantrum he tells you, "you're adorable."
He doesn't know why, but he discovered that your immature personality is his weakness.
He treats you like he's literally carrying a child at the time. You are his baby and he treats you like a baby.
A side of malice of him, forces him to tell you nicknames so tender but so embarrassing just to see your reaction.
He lets you do the same thing but even he says you're not going to feel the same, because he literally enjoys it as if his life depended on it doing it in public.
He's behind you like you're a 5-year-old. I mean, it's like "have you already ate?", "you're going to get sick if you do that," "be careful, and other words like that.
Katsuki Bakugo
To him, one part of him hates this because with his personality it is difficult to treat you /the other part of him loves to annoy you and to be able to put nicknames pampered by this reason.
Beware, but he is the only one who can opine/annoy you in a loving way for this personality.
He believes that because you are like that he has every right to treat you like a baby and no one will convince him otherwise.
His dissquations with you are as silly as he can think of, he loves to see you throwing tantrums and stews.
Ok, he doesn't tell you anything, he loves to see you being as childish as you can. He just follows the game.
He probably spoils you more. You're like that kind of human being who should irritate him but for some reason became his favorite whim.
Shouto Todoroki
At first he doesn't understand it, he just says "yes, my baby" to everything.
This guy loves nicknames that have to do with making you look small: my baby, my little angel, tiny iceflake, he changes the nickname every week.
He begins to create whims for you that you didn't even know you could have, and he pleases you.
For some reason, when they go out on the street he takes your hand and says "it's so you don't get lost", even if it's near the school, he holds your hand.
It's funny that even in the hallways of the school he does, in itself, he loves to hold your hand and now you gave him an excuse to do it.
When you walk away from him it's as if you saw his overprotective side, he looks at you in the distance like you're a porcelain doll on the edge of the table. He's adorable, he even asks you how you were away from him those minutes.
Tumblr media
© 2021 other-fan | all rights reserved and please do not repost, modify or claim as your own.
Tumblr media
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hiii!! im here to make a male student match-up for your 100 follower event. i use she/her pronouns and i am straight. I am trust-worthy, supportive, and loyal. i can be violent if someone does something bad to me and i like to help people cause that makes me happy. I like to collect stamps and books. what i look for in a partner is Honesty and for them to love me as much as i love them and to treat me as an equal. my love language is acts of service and i am an infj.
tysm, and congrats on the milestone!!
Thank you! I chose for you:
Izuku Midoryia!
Tumblr media
Since you wanted a partner who is honest, loyal, and lovable, this matches Izuku perfectly! He's very sweet and supportive, he would be there by your side through anything!
Why They Love You
He loves you for how protective you are! He thinks it's amazing how you love to help people and that it makes you happy! He always talks about how adorable you look when you're focused on organizing your stamp collection.
Date Headcanons
He always wants to take you to see the new All Might figures or something including heroes! It always made you smile to see how excited he got, he was so surprised when you agreed to go with him and didn't make fun of him for it!
You convinced him to start stamp collecting with you! While he didn't understand it, he still gave it his best shot! You would laugh at how concentrated he would get, gently placing down different stamps. He went on and on about how he's amazed you're able to do it!
He always tries to surprise you! He usually gets flowers or your favorite food to bring back to you! While it may not be a huge date, he still wants to make sure you have a good time and honestly a good day all around!
General Headcanons
He always wants to show you his hero journal! Anytime you ask about it, he goes completely nerd! He tells you about all the different types of quirks, the new heroes, new villains, everything really. You might already know that information but you still let him ramble on because you see how happy it makes him.
You guys try to plan one night once a week! A night where you both stay at home and relax. It allows you to calm down after a stressful week and be able to talk to each other. You guys will talk about your days, what happened, the good, the bad, and all of the weird.
For his birthday you got him the new All Might figure! You saw the boy cry he was that happy! It warmed your heart to see how happy he was! Then when it was your birthday, he always tries to get you new stamps or books! He always wanted to make sure he got the best for you, even though you would of loved it no matter what!
Songs That Remind Me of You Both
Closer by Chainsmokers
You Are The Reason by Calum Scott
They Don't Know About Us by One Direction
I hope you have a great day!
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nights-legacy · 3 days ago
Outed by a Mutter - Midoriya
Tumblr media
First time trying to hold their hand. Does it go right or wrong?
MHA Masterlist
+Izuku has a lot of things going through his mind at once. So any things that most people would be lost if they looked inside. One thing that was a constant was Y/N. How much he cared for them and how much he just wanted to hold their hand.
Tumblr media
I cuddled back into the pillows on Izuku’s bed with a book while he was on the floor at his desk. I looked over my book, watching him amused while he muttered about whatever he was working on. I giggled as he chewed on his pen while he muttered. You could almost see the words fluttering around her head.
“If the villain has civilians cornered in a very dangerous area, what is the proper response to the situation?” He said out loud.
“You still haven’t finished All Might’s tactical assignment?” I asked. He went quiet and blushed. I laughed as he looked over at me embarrassed.
“Nooo.” He finally said. He slumped. “I have been distracted with training lately. I need to harder on myself too actually do the class work too.” He berated himself. He looked like a kicked puppy. I internally cooed.
“I can help make sure you do your work? Maybe?” I offered.
“I would like that, L/N. Very much.” I smiled but gave him a look. “What?”
“I told you, you could call me by my first name, Izu.” He blushed more.
“Oh right. Sorry, Y/N.” He chuckled. I went back to reading while he turned back to his work. It was another half hour passed and my eyes were going heavy. I marked my place, placed my book on the shelf of the headboard, and rubbed my eyes. I shook my head and rolled onto my back. I stretched and yawned.
“I’m going to take a nap, Izu, okay?” Izuku broke out of his study trance and looked over at me.
“Wha? Oh okay, that’s fine. Rest well.” He smiled before turning back to his book. I cuddled into the pillow, breathing in deep. Izuku’s scent filled my nose, relaxing me even more. It wasn’t long until I feel asleep.
Izuku’s POV
I finally finished my work for All Might’s class after about another hour or so. I set my pencil down and tucked the work away before stretching my arms up over my head. My back popped and I relaxed. I turned to look at Y/N. I froze and felt my face heat up at the sight of them.
“Oh, um, oh lord.” I stuttered. Y/N was cuddled up with my pillows. They had one pulled into their chest and they hair was flared out across the one under their head. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.
“Mm mmm.” I heard them make a noise before I saw them visibly shiver. I hopped up and grabbed a blanket, gently placing it over her. My fingers brushed against their hair and I glanced up at it. I went to brush my fingers through but pulled it back.
“You haven’t even held their hand yet, don’t go being weird. You don’t know how she feels on physical contact.” I berated myself. I looked down at her in my bed. “But they’re literally asleep in your bed. That has to mean something.” I went to touch her cheek but pulled my hand back again.
I backed away from the bed and steeled myself. I sat down on my chair and just observed them. The way they nuzzles into the pillow, the way the little snores escape their lips, and every little thing. I got up again and knelt by the bed next to them.
“You need to start with holding her hand. That is a good place to start then you can work your way up, at her pace of course.” I said to myself. I got up and started to walk around the room, dimming the lights and making plans.
I was woken up by the sound of pacing and muttering. I silently groaned and stretched out my curled legs. I opened my eyes to see the lights were dimmed and a figure pacing from one end of the room to the other. I smiled as I watched him.
“Why can’t you just do this one thing? It’s so simple. You just reach out and hold their hand.” He muttered. He groaned. “But what if they’re not ready for that and you scare them off or just make everything awkward. Maybe I should just let them take the lead. Yeah that’s what I’ll do!”
“Oh lord.” I giggled quietly.
“But is there anything that I can do to make them more comfortable with me? Be more encouraging? Compliment them more maybe? Oh, I don’t know!” He plopped down on the bed next to me. I bit my lip trying not to spook him. I closed my eyes and faked waking up. “Oh crap!”
“Hey Izu…” I yawned.
“Oh sorry,L/…Y/N. Did I wake you up?” He asked worried. I shook my head and stretched my arms out over my head.
“No, no you didn’t. How long have I been asleep?” I actually looked around for an indication of time this time. I saw the sun setting outside.
“About an hour and a half I think. I’m not really sure what time you feel asleep so I cannot be sure.” I nodded in understanding. I sat up and crossed my legs.
“Did you get your homework done?” I quipped. He rolled his eyes and smiled.
“Yes I did.” I laughed and pulled out my laptop.
“Want to watch a movie until I have to go back to my room?” I asked. He nodded enthusiastically. We sat back against the wall and picked a movie. Another 20 minutes passed and I had to keep a straight face every time Izu looked or moved his hand towards mine before backing out. “I’ll be right back, I need to use the rest room.”
“Okay.” He paused the movie and went. When I got back he was muttering again. I rolled my eyes and walked past him. I don’t think he realized I was back because he made no move to acknowledge me. I sat down next to him.
“Am I reading this right? They seem to be acting a close. Maybe now’s the time to do it…” He started mutter incoherently under his breath. I chuckled before looking down at his hands in his lap. I reached out and took his while leaning into his side. He immediately shut up.
“Izuku?” I asked playfully. His gaze slowly moved to our combined hands. I bit my lip, waiting for the big reaction. His gaze then moved up to meet mine. It seemed like his mind caught up with the situation.
“Holy crap.” He whispered before a big smiled grew on his face. He looked back down at our hands. He tightened his grip and brought it up to hold our hands against his chest. He brought his knees up and basically cuddled into me. I couldn’t help but giggle at his antics.
“You’re so cute.” I said. He blushed while giving me a playful glare.
“I was wanting to do this so bad but I didn’t want to overstep.” He said while closing his eyes.
“I know.” His eyes shot open. He looked at me in confusion.
“Muttering.” I said without hesitation. He blanched before a grumpy look overtook his face. “You were muttering about it when I woke up and when I came back. So it was hard for me not to know.” I brushed hair out of his face with my free hand.
“I’m sorry.” He grumbled.
“Don’t apologize.” I said. “You did nothing wrong. I’ve wanted to hold your hand for a long time too. I didn’t know how to go about it either so I guess it took a while on both our parts.” His eyes sparkled as he looked at me. His thumb started to rub cricks in my hand.
“I’m glad.” He whispered.
“How about we get back to the movie, yeah?” I asked. He nodded. He reached forward and pressed play. From the way he was holding my hand, he wasn’t planning on letting go anytime soon.
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erenscumdumpster · 4 days ago
You’re Pretty :)
BakugoxBlackFemReader + TodorokixBlackFemReader + MidoriyaxBlackFemReader
rating: sfw (mentions of nsfw)
warnings: tooth aching fluff
i’ve been busy writing something for eren that has ended up being longer than i expected so i’ll give yall this for the time being.
there’s a trend on tik tok where you call your boyfriend pretty so we’re going to do it with our MHA boyfriends okay? let’s goooo
Tumblr media
it was night by the time katsuki came home. he had been out patrolling all day. nothing eventful happened and you knew he’d be in a sour mood because of that. you were cooking dinner and setting up the table when you heard his keys rustling at the door of your apartment.
you were dressed in these short black shorts and one of his old all might shirts from his middle school days. these were his favourite pieces of clothing so you knew he’d be at least happy about that.
you peered down the hall as the door opened and shut behind him.
he saw your little head poke out from the corner as he took off his shoes. he was in desperate need of a shower. walking around all day in the sweltering heat was a killer. not to mention i to would’ve been optimal time for him to use his quirk on someone, anyone, but it looked like all the villains were too busy on an island somewhere to wreak havoc on the city.
he left his hero costume in front of the door even after you’d lecture him time and time again about leaving his shit in the entrances of the apartment.
“hi lover” you sang as you walked back to the dinner table. you sat his plate down and moved so that yours was in front of his. you poured yourself some wine knowing he’d grab himself a beer from the fridge before even greeting you.
you turned around to see him do just that. he walked to you as he popped the can open. his hand wrapped around your lower back as he landed a fat kiss on your cheek. your nose scrunched up as you got a whiff of his scent.
“you smell so much sweeter today” it was almost sickly at how sugary he smelt. he scoffed as he took a swig of the bitter alcohol.
“yeah, i was sweating like a fucking pig out there. it was so boring today” he groaned before looking at you. he stepped back, kept you at arms length as he looked you over.
“fuck, you look like a wet dream” he mumbled lowly with a smirk decorating his lips. his vermillion eyes were heavy with mischievousness. his hand dipped lower to rest just under the swell of the ass. he gripped the jiggly cheek and slapped his hand over it. you inhaled a breath as he did it again.
“i do?” you asked, acting aloof. he rolled his eyes and moved his hand up to your curls. they were a bit frizzy today since you decided to strip them of built up product.
he gripped them in his large hands and pulled you back. he took another gulp of the beer until his mouth was full. you knew where this was going. you shut your mouth and shook your head.
he looked at you weirdly before yanking it back more. you let out a yelp and he took advantage of the opportunity to baby bird you the beer from his mouth to yours. you grimaced as you swallowed the now warm liquid.
“i didn’t want to drink beer asshole” you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and he laughed at your reaction.
it was the kind of laughter that made him tip his head back, adams apple bobbing as the laugh echoed throughout the living room. his mouth always opened wide whenever he laughed, he was so exaggerated you swear.
you couldn’t help but smile up at him.
“you’re so pretty” you said happily and wrapped your arms around his torso.
you were surprised at the whiplash he gave himself as he looked down at you.
“p-pretty?” he asked, his voice going slightly higher.
“so pretty” you pulled him to you and his hands dropped. he shook his spiky hair in between his fingers and scoffed.
“‘m not pretty, do i look like a girl to you shithead?” you rolled your eyes and placed your chin on his chest. his hand came to rest on your face, squishing your nose. you could see himno between the he spaces of his fingers.
“you don’t have to be a girl to be pretty. guys can be pretty, anyone can” you’d shrugged. he shook his head and drank more of his beer. he squeezed your face before pulling his hand away.
“what about me is pretty?” he asked, not convinced you were being sincere. he didn’t know why he wanted to know, it was just a thing and he was rolling with it.
“i noticed your prettiness right now after you laughed. it’s so loud that it fills up the room. i like seeing you laugh, makes me warm inside” you grab onto his cheek and pinch it.
“stop that” he whines and tries to push my hand away. he doesn’t do it strong to be successful because you know he likes to be smothered by you. it’s his favourite pass time.
“my pwetty suki” you cooed in your baby voice, knowing it would irritate him.
“ah, don’t start with me” he moved away and sat in his seat. he grabbed your wrist so that you were sitting on his lap.
“feed me shitty woman” you blinked at him and he winked at you.
“i take it back, you’re not pretty” he faked crying until you punched him in the chest.
“alright princess, take it down a notch” he warned you of your behaviour. you looked into his eyes until an idea popped into your head.
“your eyes are big so if i were to put on some of my lashes onto you you’d look even prettier katsu” he shook his head and took ahold of your wrists. he brought them towards his chest so that your face was a few inches away.
“there’s no way in hell i’m letting you do that shit”
not even two hours later was he sitting down on the floor in front of your long wall mirror. he stared at his reflection as he looked over your work on his face.
you didn’t do much, just a little set of fake strip lashes, maybe some eyeliner. nothing too drastic for Lord Explosion.
he agreed with you when he saw the end product, he was pretty.
Tumblr media
the sun woke you up first thing in the morning. you didn’t know if you were grateful for the weather or if you were irritated for not being able to get some extra shut eye. you worked late last night and all you wanted to do was lay in bed with todoroki and be lazy.
you let out a yawn and snuggled closer into his bare chest. he was knocked out by the time you came home so you just undressed and got into bed with him. you found it endearing that even then you ended up wrapped around him. his arm was thrown over your shoulder.
the light was casted on his face just right and it accentuated the structure of it. sometimes you liked to admire him, his different eye colour had always attracted you even though he hated it.
he used to be shy when it came to making eye contact with you because of it. he didn’t want you to think he was weird for the different eye colour. especially when yours were such a pretty shade of lavendar.
he also kept his hair all up in his face because of his scar. time and time again you’d have to push it back so you could appreciate his good looks but he would often push your hands away.
when he was asleep like this it was the only chance you got to memorize his face.
you moved so that your head was on the pillow beside him. his mouth hung a bit open and you could here his little sighs as he breathed in and out.
his lashes lay flat against his cheek and you wanted to kiss his eyelids. he made you want to smother him in kisses till he pushed you off.
your fingertip danced on his creamy white skin. you traced the outline of his red scar. it then fell to his lips where you outlined his cupid’s bow. you quickly pulled back as his nose scrunched up. he moved so that his head was now facing you. his silver hair was now in his face, blocking your view.
you neared him so that you were like an inch away from his face. you liked to be near him. being wrapped around him like a koala. you liked his presence. it felt comforting be around him.
your nose brushes against each other’s and you combed your fingers through his hair. you pushed it back behind his ear before letting it rest on his face.
“how much longer you gonna keep staring sweetheart” your eyes widened as his slowly blinked open.
“who said i was staring?” you tried to cover for yourself but it was too late. his sleepy eyes were half lidded as they looked at you.
he tightened his arm around you and brought you closer into his body. you lifted your leg so that it was resting on his waist.
you were wearing his shirt and panties while he was in his briefs.
“i could feel it” he answered simply and you chuckled.
“i can’t help it” you pouted and placed a kiss on his nose. his cheeks were a slight pink colour and you did it again on his cheek. his face scrunched up and you did it again, this time on his cheek bone.
“stop it” he laughed. his voice was always raspy in the morning but something about his laugh as it vibrated against you made your heart swoon. you swiped your thumb across the shell of his ear and played with the flimsy muscle.
“you’re so pretty sho” you sighed and his eyebrows furrowed. you have him compliments from time to time but it was never....’pretty’.
“pretty?” he asked and you nodded. you brushed your nose against his.
“very pretty bubs” you watched the blush spread across his cheeks and you giggled.
“‘m not....pretty” he shook his head and his eyes casted down between you two. you tipped his head back up to make eye contact and it took everything in him to keep from breaking it.
“yes you are, so pretty my sho” you smiled and his heart skipped a beat. his hand widened its stance on your lower back and his fingers clutched onto the shirt on your body.
“you always do this” he mumbles and ducks down to take ahold of your mouth. his thin lips brushed against your bigger ones and he sighed against them.
“do what?” you asked in between the kiss. it was innocent enough, no tongue poking out, no hurried hands.
“make me blush” you smiled into the kiss and pulled him ontop of you so that his body was in between your legs.
he rested his arm beside your head and continued the kiss. your legs were wrapped around his hips securely.
“i can’t help it, it’s too fun”
Tumblr media
you knew he was pretty long before you two started dating. you couldn’t pin point what exactly was pretty about him, it was more of a combination of it all. his eyes were pretty, you liked how they shined with admiration whenever he’d look at you. his hair was pretty, the mess of curls that rested on his forehead resembled yours. you’d often teach him how to properly take care of his hair because that poor boy didn’t know the difference between a 2 in 1 dandruff shampoo and shea moisture products.
his freckles were pretty too, you liked how they were sprinkled over his nose and some were larger than the others. his lips were pretty too, they were always a soft shade of pink and you liked to kiss them whenever you took notice.
even his scars were pretty. you knew he didn’t think so, he was often insecure about the stretch marks on his arms and legs that he got from working out. he didn’t hate the scars on his hands from when he would break his bones to control his quirk. but you knew it bothered him whenever you’d hold hands and your thumb would brush across the top of his palms.
everything about midoriya was pretty and you felt like he should be aware of his attractiveness.
today he was at your apartment, he came by earlier to help you with a project that you for your economics class.
right now the both of you were taking a break. your head was hurting after hearing him lecture you on free trade and neoliberal economics.
you were in the kitchen making yourself a sushi bake when you felt his arms wrap around your middle. you smiled to yourself as he rested his chin on your shoulder and watched you chop up some salmon.
“watchu doinnn?” he asked sweetly into your ear and you giggled as you felt the wisps of his hair tickle your cheek.
“i’m cooking for the both of us, what are you doing? shouldn’t you be finishing up my project?” you asked and he laughed.
“you know i haven’t done that kind of work since i graduated” you rolled your eyes and pushed the chopped salmon to the side of your board.
“doesn’t mean you can’t lend a helping hand” he scoffed and placed a kiss next to your ear.
“i’ve practically done all the work baby, you have to put some effort in it too” you sighed and pulled away from his embrace. you walked over for to the sink to wash your hands.
his grabby hands turn you around as you dry yours on the kitchen towel. you looked up at him as he wore his goofy smile on his face.
you wrapped your arms around his neck and he bumped his nose against yours lovingly. his lips brushed against yours and you smiled.
“you’re pretty” you mumble and he freezes. he pulls away to look into your eyes and blinks. the words are slowly registering his mind before he speaks after a minute.
“i’m w-what” it wasnt often that izuku would still stutter. he left that mannerism back in high school and it would only come up if he got flustered.
“i said you’re pretty” your hand came up to his head and you pushed his hair back. it was messier than usual today and you made a mental note to put some treatment in it later on.
“i-i..” he was at a loss for words. in the past he’s been called cute, handsome by his mom, one time there was even a mention of sexy, but—but pretty? that’s a first. it was like he was short circuiting. he didn’t know what to do with himself.
you couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction and he as even more confused. we’re you pranking him? where was the camera?
he looked around confused but he couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.
“you’re my pretty boy” his mouth was dry was that sentence left your mouth.
he could feel his ears getting hot and the blush begin to creep up his neck. you knew it wouldn’t be long till his whole face was cherry red.
“i’m pretty?” he asked and his eyes were shining with an emotion you’ve often seen before. you bit your lip as your hand slowly creeped down his chest and settled on his abdomen.
“very pretty” you nodded and he felt like his knees were about to give out. this wasn’t fair, why did it make him feel this way? is this what you felt whenever he called you pretty?
you stood up on your tippy toes and his hands tightened on your waist. with the hand still on his neck you brought him down to your level.
“so pretty izu” you cooed into his ear and his breathing got uneven. he moved a hand behind you to clutch the counter. your fingers tugged on the waistband of his sweats and played with the edge of his briefs.
“don’t tease me” his voice cracked and you smirked to yourself. he was like putty in your hands.
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izuku-simpdoriya · 4 days ago
♡ Welcome Home ♡
Tumblr media
❧ Summery: Feeling unsure about their life after graduating from UA, Y/n leaves Japan to sort themselves out, only telling Todoroki so that no one would worry about where they’ve gone. A year later they find themselves back home just in time for new years, and are invited by Todoroki to his new years party. They’re excited to see all their friends again, but there’s one person in particular they must see first.
❧ A/N: I don’t know why I struggled so hard with this fic, but it’s safe to say that I’m pretty proud of it now. I put it through some intense revision and now it feels a lot more real. Also, I tried my best, but I don’t know much about new years traditions in Japan. I did a bit of research, but this mostly goes off what I know about American traditions. Hopefully it doesn’t break immersion too much.
❧ Warning: Light angst, crying Izuku(yes that needs a warning. It made me so sad to write that part), descriptions of anxiety
❧ Word count: 4,421
Tumblr media
It had been a year since you left Japan.  A year since you left behind your friends, your promising hero career. A year since you left your entire life behind without so much as a word. The only person you told was Shoto Todoroki, because you knew he wouldn't stop you. 
The thing was, you had seen hell while studying at UA. Horrible things that a kid should never have to experience. It made you question if you even wanted to be a hero anymore. That was always the goal, since you were young and your quirk first manifested. But after everything you'd witnessed, you wondered if hero work was right for you. You knew that you could always help others in different ways. It's not like you had to be a hero in order to make some impact on society. 
So you left to try and figure yourself out. And you barely told a soul. You knew it was bad. But you also knew that if you told the others, they'd convince you to stay. They'd convince you to become a hero like the rest of them. And you didn't need that. You needed to figure this out on your own. You needed to make your own decision.
But somebody needed to know that you were leaving. Otherwise they'd think you'd just gone missing. So you told Shoto because you knew he'd respect your decision enough to not try and change your mind. He wasn't happy about it, but he didn't argue, either. 
And so a year later, when it was time to come back, he was who you contacted. You met up at a café and just talked. He asked question after question about your leave, but you assured him you'd tell him everything later. For now, you just wanted to catch up. 
You asked him if there was any way everyone from your old class could get together. You knew that they were all busy working as sidekicks, trying their best to work their way towards full hero status. So you knew it'd be hard. But, as it turned out, Shoto was having a new years party in a few days. What perfect timing. 
That's what brought you to Shoto's home that night. The party was a lot bigger than you expected. Not only had your class been there, the members of class B had also been there. Along with them, you recognized many of your old teachers, other pro heroes, old students from other schools, and even some faces you didn't know. 
The new faces made you realize that you must've missed so much in your year away. You almost felt left behind.
You had been so excited in the days leading up. But now that you were actually here, you were terrified. What if they hated you for leaving without a goodbye? What if they never wanted to see you again? Shoto tried to reassure that it was quite the opposite, but you were still worried. 
There was one person you were worried most about over the others. The one you were stalking the party in search for. You kept the hood of your sweater up in order to hide your identity as your eyes scanned the crowd for him. All you wanted to see right now was that messy head of green hair that you always loved. 
Izuku Midoriya had been your best friend at UA. He was the one you were closest with and the one that you had the hardest time parting with. As excited as you were to see everyone else, you want to spend time with him first. You wanted some alone time with him, just a short moment of reprieve before you inevitably had to show yourself to the others.
Speaking of which, there he was, sitting off to the side. He wasn't mingling with anyone. Just sitting on his own, staring at the floor. You felt bad seeing him like that. He looked so sad.
You hoped that you'd make him feel better, not worse. You had it stuck in your head that the moment he saw you, he’d get angry at you for leaving. If that happened, you wouldn’t know what you’d do. All you wanted was to see that perfect smile again.
You carefully peeled away from the crowd, hoping not to get noticed and have anyone question who you were. Izuku didn't notice you until you were standing right beside him. Your back hit the wall and then you were sliding down until you were seated as well. His head raised curiously, staring at the side of your hood as you sat. You pulled the hood back a bit, looked up at him, and his eyes widened.
"What's the matter, green bean? You look a little down."
Izuku blinked dumbly at you. Then his fists rubbed at his eyes, as if he thought he were hallucinating you and the only way to get the vision out of his eyes was to rub it out. But when those forest green eyes opened and you still sat there, that’s when he started to tear up.
“Y/n? Is it really you?” He asked, voice wavering.
“In the flesh, Izuku. It’s good to see-”
The rest of your sentence was muffled against his shoulder as he pulled you in for a tight hug. You could feel his balled up fists pressing against your back, pulling you impossibly closer. It was like he thought, if he let you go even a little, you would disappear from his grasp.
“Izuku,” You mumbled into his sweater, though it didn’t grab his attention like you had hoped. You felt something warm and wet fall down onto your shoulder. You swore you felt you heart break when you realized it was tears. You wanted to say something to make him feel better, but words escaped you in the moment.
You just let him cry into your shoulder, holding him while his body shook. Your hand drew gentle circles in between his shoulder blades, just like he always liked when he needed comfort and you were, without fail, there to give it. 
When he started to calm down, his shaking body pulled away so he could look at you again. His hands grabbed your shoulders and his eyes flickered over every part of you, drinking in every inch of you that he could. You were reluctant to let him go completely, so you settled on cupping his face gingerly in the both of your hands. You swiped away any tears that fell from his pretty eyes.
“Why are you over here all alone, Izu?”
“I don’t want to be here, really,” He mumbled, sad eyes looking to the ground, “I only came because Shoto really wanted me to."
"You used to love gatherings like this. What’s wrong, Izuku?" You ask, brushing some of the hair from his face.
"I don’t really like them anymore. Nothing's felt the same since you left."
That time you definitely heard your heart shatter. Your mouth opened and closed, wracking your brain for the right words to say. But what could you possibly say to that?
Izuku saved you the trouble of coming up with something, though, speaking again without much of a delay.
“Wait," Izuku started, eyebrows furrowing at you, "How did you know about this party? Does someone else know that you’re back?” 
"Shoto does. I told him when I flew back in."
Izuku looked crushed. Whatever was left of your heart at this point crumbled.
"Please don't be upset! I didn’t tell anyone else because I wanted it to be a surprise."
"Oh..." he looked away, his eyes meeting the floor again, "Well I'm certainly surprised."
"Good surprised or bad surprised?"
You were hesitant to ask, but you needed to know.
Izuku's gaze slowly found yours again, and the corners of his lips gently tugged upwards.
"Good surprised, of course."
You let out a breath you didn’t realize you had been holding.
"It's good to see you too, Izuku. Really good. I missed you a lot."
"I missed you too. I... Honestly, I cant believe this is happening. Some part of me thought that I may never see you again."
You wanted to tell him that he should know you better than that. But then again, knowing you better than anyone else still didn't help him predict that you would just disappear the way that you did.
Suddenly you felt unable to look him in the eye. You instead settled your gaze on your fingers as you wiped away at silent tears that continued to fall down Izuku’s face. Your thumb traced his freckles as if trying to recall each one from memory, making sure each one was still in its proper place.
After a moment of just that, the only sound being the soft music and the chatter of the room, Izuku’s face fell again. The movement of his sad features made your eyes draw up to his as more tears welled up inside them.
"Why?" He asked, his voice small, "Why did you leave?"
Every time you swear to yourself that it won’t get worse, it does.
This man really knows how to tug at your heartstrings and tear them in two. Though, you supposed it wouldn’t have had the same effect if you didn’t care for him as much as you did.
You glanced out at the rest of the party and frowned. Slowly you pulled your hands away from his face. You swore his face followed your movements, not quite ready to have your touch leave him.
"Would you like to go somewhere more quiet and talk about this?" You asked. You wanted to be completely alone with him, especially if you were going to agree to finally confess to why you left. Not to mention you stuck out like a sore thumb over here. The longer you lingered on the floor by the wall like this, the more likely it would be for someone to come by and notice you.
He slowly nodded. You stood, holding your hand out to help him up. You were startled by the strength of him as he grabbed your outstretched hand and hoisted himself up. It was as if he somehow got even stronger in the year that you were away. Meanwhile it felt like you had only gotten weaker, in more ways then just physically.
You pushed that thought away for now and lead Izuku to the front door. It didn’t escape you how he didn’t let go of your hand, but you didn’t comment on it because you didn’t want him to, either.
When you reached the door, you opened it as discreetly as you could, though you know at this point you had a few pairs of eyes on you. Once you slipped through the door and into the outside world, you let go of Izuku’s hand and sat down on the front step. Izuku sat beside you, though it was hesitant. You could tell he was still trying to process what was happening. You could practically see the gears turning in his head.
You really couldn’t blame him, though. You weren’t really being fair to him, were you? Leaving without so much as a word, only to return a year later in the same way. Just showing up and thinking you could worm yourself back into his life. What were you even thinking? He must hate you.
Before your thoughts could spiral too much, Izuku finally looked over at you. You turned your head to do the same and found that his eyes were so bright, his smile soft.
"I hope you don’t mistake my silence for anger. I really am happy to see you I... I’m just confused."
It’s like he could read your mind.
“I don’t blame you. I haven’t been a very good friend to you, I’m so sorry... I was going to wait until I saw everyone to talk about this but I feel like you deserve to know now.”
“Take your time,” He said. Always so sweet. Always so understanding.
‘I don’t deserve him...’
You looked out over the city horizon and let out a shaky sigh. You were finding it hard to speak all of a sudden, like your throat was closing in on itself in a last attempt at keeping this secret. As if, somehow, not telling him and risking him being upset with you was better then telling him all of your crushing doubts and finally getting them off your chest.
Your breath hitched as you struggled to catch it. Your body began to shake, though you couldn’t tell if it was from your fear, or from the wintery night air surrounding you. Not like it mattered. If anything, it was both, because the anxiety only served to make you feel colder, like an icy grip around your heart.
Your eyes watered. You felt a familiar welling up of emotions banging up against your chest, threatening to break free from the dam that kept you sane. Just one more push, one more nudge, and you would’ve been sent careening off the edge into nothing.
But just before you could feel that final nudge, Izuku’s warm hand wrapped around your own. You jolted, frightened by the sudden touch. You felt him start to pull back, maybe regretting his decision to grab you, but you quickly closed your fingers around his own. That little bit of warmth... that was enough to keep you grounded for now.
You cleared your throat and spoke slowly as you tried to find the right words.
“To be honest, Izu... I was terrified of where my life was headed. I needed some time to think about it. I knew if I had told you then you would’ve just changed my mind and convinced me to stay. But I didn’t need that. I needed to figure things out on my own."
Izuku considered your words, face only screwing up further into confusion.
"Figure things out? What do you mean? Why were you scared?"
You took a deep breath. To be honest, you weren't really sure how Izuku would take this. The logical part of you knew that he would understand. However, the fearful part that had happily taken the reigns today insisted that he would think you were stupid for wanting to leave behind your heroic dreams so easily.
What Is it that they say? Just rip it off like a band-aid, right?
"I wasn't sure if I really wanted to be a hero anymore."
Izuku blinked at the side of your face. In response to his silence, you glanced through your peripheral vision at him. 
You weren't sure if you had just spoken too fast or if he was expressing confusion to what you had said. You decided to take another deep breath and speak more clearly just in case.
"I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a hero. After everything we'd seen... I just wasn't sure if I could do it anymore."
Izuku looked surprised, but not to the extent that you thought he'd be. In fact, he looked more concerned more than anything.
"Well..." he started, "What did you decide?"
"To be honest, I don't even know what I would do other than be a hero. Trust me, I had plenty of time to think about it. But I had prepared my whole life to be a hero. Trained and studied for years to get into UA. Then trained and studied even harder for more years after that. I guess I was a little one-track minded in that aspect. I didn't even think to consider what would happen if I failed."
“I don’t think any of us did. But... it worked out, right?” He asked, giving you a smile. Like he was trying to convince you that it did work out for you, in the end. It even seemed as if the very tone of his voice was giving you a tiny, hopeful nudge.
It made you grimace. You felt like he was doing exactly what you thought he would. The exact reason why you didn’t tell him any of this in the first place. He was trying to change your mind in any way he could. Knowing that you had been right, you were happy that you had decided to make up your mind on your own.
Or, maybe you were just overthinking it.
“For most of us it did,” You concluded. Izuku flinched a little at your cold tone.
“But still,” you continued, “Life just doesn’t feel the same. Mediocre, almost. Nothing’s happening. I’m not making any grand progress in my life, like all of you are. I feel left behind.”
“Figuring out what you want to do in life is progress on it’s own, isn’t it?”
“I guess. But it doesn’t feel like it.”
Silence over took you. You could tell Izuku was on the edge of his seat, hoping for a definite answer to his question. “What did you decide?”
“It took a while but.... I figured that I could always try again. And if it doesn’t work out then... I guess I’ll have to try something else.”
Izuku grinned from ear to ear. You could tell by the sparkle in his eyes that he was going to do everything in his power to make sure you love becoming a hero, just like he did.
"That's great! I'm sure you'll love it. You could even be my sidekick once I become pro, if you wanted."  Then, he stopped himself, seemingly unhappy with what he just said, "Er, not that I think you should just be a sidekick. You could be my partner instead. M-my hero partner, that is!"
You decided to ignore his ramblings to spare him from any more embarrassment.
"Your sidekick? Just like old times, hm?"
A small chuckle bubbled out past Izuku’s lips, and you smiled for the first time since you reunited with him. Hearing his laugh again... that felt like progress.
"What? No way! It was definitely the other way around."
You scoffed, rolling your eyes. Izuku could tell by the smile on your lips that you didn't mean it in an aggressive way, though.
"Whatever you say, Izuku. But we all know that you were always the leader. Even back in our first year you lead us more than anyone else. You just have a way of bringing people together."
Izuku's cheeks tinted pink. A small, contented smile graced his lips.
"Thanks, Y/n. That means a lot, coming from you."
You both fell into silence. Not a weird, uncomfortable silence that you might find yourself in with someone else from time to time. One where you felt like you should be forcing yourself to speak just to fill the in the quietness. It had never been like that with Izuku. You always felt so comfortable with him. So comfortable that even his silence felt relaxing.
It warmed your iced over heart that you were already falling back into the way it used to be.
“Where did you go?” Izuku asked after a moment of this peaceful silence. There was no urgency in his voice this time. Just pure curiosity.
“I went to America to stay with my mom. It had been a while since I last saw her. Maybe I should visit more often.”
“Maybe I could come with you next time?” Izuku said, before realizing what he was saying, “I-I mean, if that’s okay! It’s just, I’ve never been to America before. A-And the way you used to talk about your mom, she seems like such a nice lady and-!”
With a laugh, you squeeze his hand. You hoped that it would reassure him, but it seemed to only fluster him more. 
It’d been a year, but this was without a doubt the same old Izuku that you knew and loved.
“I’d love if you came with me next time, Izu. My mother would love you.”
“O-oh? Thanks...” His hand slipped from yours so that he could hold it tightly in his lap instead. You missed the warmth that it provided, but you couldn’t bring yourself to protest.
From then, conversation went smoothly. It was almost like you’d never left, chatting about whatever came to mind. 
You weren’t sure how much time had passed before you could hear fireworks in the distance, and you realized that midnight was approaching soon. 
You looked over at Izuku as he rambled on about his life in the past year. You couldn’t help the admiration that came across your face as you watched him. The way the wind tousled his green curls made him look majestic. And the way the moonlight reflected in his eyes accentuated the passion that he held inside them. As you watched him, his hands waving animatedly as he got lost in speaking with you, you couldn’t stop your heartbeat from rising. And you knew that this time it was different than the anxious heartrate you had earlier.
At this point, it was nearly undeniable. You had feelings for your long time friend Izuku Midoriya. 
While you were gone, you had a lot of time to think. Not just about your future in heroism, but about everything. It was impossible to keep your mind from wandering to Izuku when you felt the loneliness become to much. At first you thought the feelings were just longing for a companion. But then you realized that you were yearning for more than just the comforting words of a friend. You were yearning for the way he would hold your hands when you needed comfort. The way he’d pull you close against his chest and whisper sweet words when the world became too much. The way he’d press a firm kiss to the top of your head to soothe all of your troubles.
Izuku had gotten quite touchy after a while of knowing him, and clearly it had effected you a lot more than you thought. The saying goes that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it makes the rest of you lonely. You could say that you learned that the hard way.
You could hear the inhabitants of the party inside start to count down from ten together. Izuku, hearing the voices as well, slowly quieted down. His wide eyes blinked at you, glistening under the moonlight.
“Already midnight? How long have we been out here?”
“I’m not sure,” You replied, smiling at the way his lips puckered in a soft pout.
Unable to help yourself, you scooted a little closer to Izuku. His cheeks were a little flushed as your thigh bumped into his, though you couldn’t tell if it was because of the cold, or because of the closeness.
When the countdown reached five, you brought your hand to his cheek. Your palm just barely touched his soft, freckled skin. His cheeks were so cute, not quite grown out of his baby face.
Izuku began to ask what you were doing but he froze when you started pulling his face towards yours. You pressed your lips to his other cheek just as the countdown reached zero. 
"Happy new years, Izuku. Thank you for welcoming me back so kindly."
He wished that he could ask what you meant by that, but he was too occupied by the harsh beating of his heart to think properly.
"Happy new years, Y/n!" He squeaked out instead.
Just then the front door opened and your entire body tensed. You pulled away from Izuku. Your eyes cast down, praying that whoever opened the door wouldn't notice you just yet. You were a little hard to miss, being the only other person outside with Izuku, but maybe you would end up lucky and not get questioned.
"There you are, bro!" Eijiro Kirishima’s boisterous voice spoke. Your heart ached. You had missed that optimistic voice, "I've been looking for you everywhere. You missed the countdown." 
The longer he spoke, the slower his words became, becoming aware of the other presence sitting beside Izuku. You felt his eyes staring confusion into the side of your face, so you slowly turned around to face him.
His ruby eyes widened as they met yours. 
That grabbed the attention of the people nearby the front door. Specifically, Denki Kaminari, Kyoka Jirou, and Hanta Sero all whipped their heads around at the sound of your name. You heard Denki's voice parrot Eijiro, calling for you. Before long, nearly everyone from your class was pushing against each other at the door to see if it were true.
"Hi guys..." You said, glancing at Izuku. The green haired boy was watching with amusement, laughing quietly to himself.
"Um... surprise?" You added with a shrug. It wasn't exactly how you thought this would go, but at least they weren't driving you away with pitchforks like you had imagined. 
You started to laugh too when Eijiro hoisted you up and into his arms. Tears prickled the corners of his eyes and you urged him not to cry. He told you he couldn't help it, nuzzling his cheek against the top of your head.
Eijiro turned and lead you inside, gesturing for Izuku to follow. Izuku did so, closing the door behind him. He watched as your friends gathered around, giving you hugs and asking you a million questions at once. You looked a little overwhelmed, but happy nonetheless. Relieved, more like.
He remembered what you had said before. "Thank you for welcoming me back so kindly." Were you worried that everyone would be upset with you?
Clearly, it was the opposite. He knew that everyone in the class had missed you. He knew that even Katsuki and Shoto- who often didn't express their emotions that well, or even downright avoided them at times- had shared in those feelings. When Shoto had informed them all that you had left, it felt like a small piece of them did too. Everyone in your class had been so close with one another. And with one of their own gone, there was nothing but an empty spot in their hearts left behind.
But now you were back. And whether you decided to stay a hero, or if you wanted to try something else, Izuku pledged that he'd do everything in his power to keep you here. To keep you home, where you belonged.
You made your friend group whole again. And you made him feel whole, too.
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B.K/I.M- save the bunny
𝕤𝕦𝕞𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕪: What are you supposed to do when you’re dead friend is suddenly standing before you?  𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤: cursing, someone getting hit, mention of murder? 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕔𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕥: 2008 𝕒/𝕟: not my best work but o well....yeah also there’ll probably be part 2 to this
Tumblr media
This wasn't how Bakugou wanted his Friday night to turn out. He was supposed to come how to a quiet place. Silence and tranquillity enveloping him as he let himself fall onto the plush cushions of his couch. Maybe there would be a warm meal waiting for him if he was lucky. He could finally let his worn-out muscles take a break from the constant stress they're under.
Something must have gone wrong somewhere. Or else he wouldn't be here, standing before a mocking bunny mask. Floppy fabric ears and blood-stained cheeks staring back at him. The sewn-on grin seems to scream 'punch me'.
"What the fuck are you doing here?" he snarls. He grits his teeth while trying to keep his explosions at bay.
The bunny simply tilts their head as they stay silent. Their long limbs seem to move spiderlike as their body turns. Bakugou's eyes following their movement.
No. Shit. Fuck. The bunny tilts his head towards the other side as they snag a photo frame from the coffee table. Pointy fingers glide over the glass, lingering on a specific person in the picture.
Bile starts to rise in Bakugou's throat. Its acidic bitterness only seems to light the fire to his aggression even more.
"Who the fuck are you?". It's useless, he knows. Like hell, a villain like 'The Bunny' will just give up their identity. The silence is killing Bakugou. His nerves on edge and his muscles rippling as he struggles to constrain himself.
He lifts his hands, an explosion already blooming out of his palm. He is ready to blast whoever this might be into bits.
"That's no way to treat your friends," a distorted voice says. Great, so this bastard can speak. Bakugou opens his mouth, about to yell their ears of but a simple word shuts him up.
"Kacchan.". His hand drops to his side his mouth hangs agape. He had dreamed of this moment. Fantasised about the moment he could apologize and hug his friend. He had planned out exactly what he would say. What he'd do, how he'd act. But this wasn't in the plan.
The bunny's pointy fingers come up to its face before ripping the mask off. A mop of green hair springs out from underneath. "Cat caught your tongue?" he asks mockingly before running those same fingers through his hair.
"How..". Bakugou's throat fails on him. His voice stops working. Is he crying? He wants to tell himself he's not but he's honestly not sure anymore. Knees buckling underneath him yet he still manages to keep himself standing up.
"How am I still alive?" Izuku finishes for him. He casts the mask aside, throwing it on the floor before letting his body fall onto the couch, the same couch Bakugou planned to rest on. He lazily drapes his arms over the top of it.
The casualness of his movements mocks Bakugou. As if he isn't Japan's most wanted criminal sitting on Japan's number one hero's couch.
"Everyone always asks that, you know?" he says he glances down at the picture frames he's still holding. "It's getting old.". He lazily runs his finger over the glass.
"You died. I buried you. Inko fucking mourned you, she still does," Bakugou says. His voice wavers and he hates himself for it. He's showing weakness.
"You'd be surprised how easy it is to fake a death," Izuku says.
Bakugou's red eyes bore into his green ones. A silence hangs between them. It feels almost surreal to Bakugou. His mind hasn't caught up to the fact that his friend, or rather ex-friend, is sitting before him and isn't six feet underground.
While Bakugou's movements are ragged and forced, Izuku almost seems comical. His body has seemed to adapt to his villainous life. A theatrical elegance laced into his movements.
"I don't see you as a friend anymore," he breaks out. Izuku's eyes grow for a second and so does his smile. He straightens his back as he silently urges Bakugou on to speak.
"I buried my friend," he says. "You're not him. You might think you're him but you're not. He isn't this pathetic." He grits his teeth before lifting his hands again, getting ready to swing at him. Izuku quickly jumps up from the couch.
His eyes glint in mischief as he takes in the sight before him. "Oh, looks like you still haven't dealt with your anger, Kacchan.".
The nickname sets him off. He storms towards the green-haired man, fists raised and palms crackling from explosions. That is until he hears a familiar sound.
Both of them look towards the front door. Bakugou's face slacks with shock while Izuku's lights up with excitement. This isn't supposed to happen. Why is this happening?
Izuku quickly moves the kick his mask underneath the couch before he places the picture frame back. Bakugou eyes linger on the picture for a second. It's one of the three of you. Bakugou squished in between you and Izuku, his fingers raised behind both of your head to give you bunny ears. Oh, if he could just turn back time.
"'Suki?" you call out. Bakugou fears for his life, or rather, yours. Who knows what the crazed psychopath standing before him will do. "I thought I'd swing by and-".
Your words stop as you walk into the living room. The bags in your hands drop. Soup spills out of the containers you so meticulous packed. Bright orange curry stains the spotless carpet beneath it. The hot liquid splashes up against your leg, most likely burning your skin though you don't care.
You try to speak, mouthing opening and closing like a fish. This must be a dream, one of those horrible nightmares Kirishima often gets. That is until a familiar wobbly voice reaches your ears.
"Hi, bunny," Izuku says. Within a second, he has closed the space between you. Your arms wrap around him instinctively. It's an awkward hold. You used to be able to rest your chin on his head. Now, his muscled body towers over yours.
"Y-You're...You're dead," you whisper against his chest while nuzzling your cheek into him. His body heat seems to bring you a type of peace you haven't known of in years.
"I know, I know," he says while running his hands over your back. Sobs break out of your chest as your emotions seem to flow over. Salty rivers running past your burning cheeks and dripping into Izuku's musky hoodie.
Your body shakes as you grab onto Izuku, painfully so. You're sure you're going to leave bruises on his sickly pale skin yet you can't bring yourself to care. The aching in your chest that you've suppressed for years finally seems to boil over.
Hot and heavy emotions spill into your mind. You aren't sure if the salty taste in your mouth is from biting your lip until blood gushes out of it or the tears streaming down uncontrollably. You're sure that you look like a mess. Tears and snot dripping down your chin.
Instead of trying to see through your tear-blurred vision, you burry your face further into your friend's chest.
He's dead or at least supposed to be. You buried him, cried at his funeral and went through grief for him.
Yet here he is, in the flesh. His voice still sounds the same. He still smells the same. But he is not the same boy you knew years ago. His smile isn't the same. And his scarred hands sure aren't the same. Everything about him is the same, yet slightly different, giving you a mental whiplash.
"You have some fucking explaining to do," Bakugou says. His voice breaks you out of your trance. You pull away from Izuku, your body immediately screaming in protest. You look up at him. It feels strange, you used to be at least a head taller than him
"How the fuck are you still alive?". Bakugou doesn't have time for nicknames or formality. Not when he knows that the man standing before him has the blood of at least a hundred on his hands.
Izuku steps away from you, unwinding his arms from your body. Bakugou quickly strides over and pulls you away from the offending man. He pushes you behind him while one hand still grips onto your arm. You want to ask him what the fuck he's doing but Izuku starts talking before you can.
"It's a long story," he says. "Can't tell you everything but, long story short, I had to fake my death. Some guys were after me but it's all fixed now!". The vagueness mixed with his eerie smile only makes him look more like a psychopath.
"All fixed? All-fucking-fixed?". Boiling anger rising to Bakugou's head, clouding his thinking. He taking quick steps up to his ex-friend. Izuku doesn't even flinch when Bakugou grabs onto his neck tightly. "You left. Fucking made us think you're dead and you think you can just come in and say that everything is fixed?".
Spit flies out of his mouth and lands on Izuku's cheek, a shiver of disgust running over his spine at the feeling. Yet the green-haired man can't stop the excitement from bubbling up at seeing his friend so rilled up.
"Bakugou, Jesus fuck, calm down," you say. This situation should probably feel more serious than it is. Yet the shock still evident in your body and the adrenaline clouding your mind makes you unable to properly process it all.
"Like hell, I'll calm down!". Bakugou finally lets go of Izuku's throat. A set of cough falls out of the green-haired man's throat. He smirks as he glances down at the aggressive blond.
"Come on, Kacchan, we shouldn't do this in front of our little bunny," Izuku says with a smirk. The gears finally seem to click in his mind. Suddenly, the bunny mask, the name, the costume, it all makes sense.
"You sick fuck!" Bakugou yells before landing a hit square on Izuku's jaw. He stumbles back a bit, taken aback at Bakugou's sudden outburst. The blond takes the opportunity to land another punch right on his nose.
A wet crunch sounds through the room. You cringe as you feel bile rise in your throat from the sound. "Izuku!" you yell out as you try to get to your friend or ex-friend, you're not sure.
Bakugou stops you thought, his arms wrapping around your body and spinning you away from the green-haired freak. You pound your hand on his arms pleading with him to let you go but your ministrations do nothing to the number one hero.
Izuku laughs as he wipes away the blood dripping from his nose, tainting the grimy grey of his hoodie with it. "You're gonna regret that, Kacchan," he says. Bakugou doesn't even give him the light of day as he makes his way out of his apartment with light speed
Your throat grows dry and painful as you plead Bakugou to let you. To let you go to him. "It's okay, he's gone," Bakugou says.
You shake your head violently as you claw at his back, trying to get his arms to loosen their hold. "I need to see him. I gotta-I gotta see him. Suki, please!". The hoarseness of your voice shoots painful stabs into Bakugou's heart.
But he doesn't let his mind linger too long, running down the stairs two steps at a time. All he can focus on is getting you away from that creep before he can touch you again.
"Please, I can't leave him again," you sob out. Bakugou simply lays on hand on the back of your head, pulling you even closer to him. Thankfully he doesn't see Izuku following behind him.
"Please, not again," you say before your voice bursts out in sobs again. Fuck, how much Bakugou wants to blast that fuckers skull in. He's sure his friends at the police force wouldn't mind turning a blind eye for him. But that'll have to wait until later. Now he needs to focus on keeping you safe, safe from him.
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basicmyherowhore · 5 days ago
Stranger With Your Face [3]
Multiple Yandere! MHA x Reader
Tumblr media
[0] [1] [2]
Summary: Steps towards the future are being taken. Izuku and Katsuki spend time with you and we’ll as each other as they prepare for what’s coming next. The more time they spend with you, the farther they find themselves falling.
Pairings: Various Mha x Reader, Bakugou x Reader, Midoriya x Reader.
Warnings: mentions of amnesia, small traces of Yandere/obsessive behavior.
Notes: I ended up focusing on the Izuku x Reader x Katsuki aspect of this series for this part and I like how it came out. It’s very fluffy and i think it sets a good tone for the reader bc this is where she starts to begin trusting in these two (which will come back to haunt her later ;) ) This is also a bit longer than the other parts so I hope you enjoy the extended reading experience :)
When Izuku said he would have his bags packed by the next day he wasn’t kidding. He stayed with you until you fell asleep then left the hospital with vigor in his step. He returned to the small apartment that he lived in by himself to gather the things he thought he would need while staying with you at Kacchan’s.
He packed fairly light, just the essentials. Clean clothes, his hygiene products, his hero costume and support items. While he was digging through his closet to find his favorite hoodie he stumbled upon something he hadn’t seen in a long time. His high school year book.
Just the sight of it made his heart feel heavy. Because of the circumstances surrounding your disappearance the school included two pages dedicated solely to you. When class 3A originally discovered the page there wasn’t a single student without tears in their eyes. He could still feel the sting in his eyes even all these years later, even after knowing that you were back. Waves of despair washed over him.
Then suddenly the sadness he felt shifted to feelings of rage. He could only imagine all the things you had been through within the seven years you were gone. Though he wishes you remembered so that they could identify and punish the villains that harmed you, a part of him was thankful that you didn’t remember. He could only imagine the suffering you would go through living with the haunting memories.
He grabbed the book and tossed it into his duffel bag. Maybe he’d show it to you, but then again maybe he wouldn’t.
He finished packing the rest of his things then got into bed hoping to get a decent night’s sleep. He planned to head over to Kacchan’s early in the morning.
Katsuki is already started to regret his decision. When shitty Deku was knocking on his door at 6 a.m. that was strike one. When useless Deku made himself comfortable in Katsuki’s apartment the second he entered, that was strike two. Now that fucking Deku was sorting through his pantry, searching for something to eat, he was dancing on the line of strike three.
The blonde rubs his temples hoping to alleviate some of the pain blooming in his head. He has stress headaches often, but none of them were ever this strong. He huffs as he looks up at the shit nerd munching on one of his protein bars. They make eye contact and Deku swallows quickly, getting ready to speak.
“This is a two bedroom condo right?” He asks before taking another bite.
“Yeah, what about it?” Katsuki crosses his arms, the idea of kicking this loser out becoming more appealing by the second.
“Well, when Y/N comes to stay it would make sense for her to take the other bedroom, so I guess that means I’m taking the couch.”
“I thought that was obvious.” He rolls his eyes, snatching a protein bar for himself. He opens the wrapper and is about to take a bite when a thought occurs to him. “Does she know?” Deku pauses too.
“Oh. I forgot to tell her.” The freckled face dunce rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. “After you left some doctors came to check up on her and run more tests. It must’ve just slipped my mind with the busyness of things.”
“Fucking idiot.” Katsuki growls, growing more annoyed by his counterpart’s conducive nature to fuck things up. He takes a deep breath and considers the current state of things. “No, maybe this it better.”
“What do you mean?” A dark brow is quirked at the blonde.
“If she doesn’t know where she’s going then she won’t be able to tell anyone where she’ll be.” A smirk appears on Katsuki’s normally scowling face.
“I still don’t follow.” Izuku frowns at the odd look on Katsuki’s face.
“If you were a villain and someone that you captured managed to escape, what would you do?” Katsuki proposes the theoretical situation to explain it to Deku in a way he’d understand best.
“I would either go into hiding or look for the escapee to keep them silent and recapture them.” Deku answers after a moment of thought, hand holding his chin as if he was considering many things at once.
“Exactly. And if you know your escapee would most likely wind up in a hospital, wouldn’t you find a way to infiltrate the medical staff? Disguised and whatnot, getting your escapee to trust you enough to tell them where they’re going after they’re discharged. When they’ll be alone...and vulnerable-“ Katsuki can see the realization dawn on Deku’s dumb face.
“Oh! So in case one of her captors has infiltrated the hospital, she won’t tell them where she’ll actually be. That’s really smart Kacchan.” He beams at Katsuki who rolls his eyes again. “But what if she isn’t comfortable or gets upset once she figures out we lied to her?”
“We’ll just explain to her that it’s for her own good. She’ll get used to us and everything will be fine.” He quickly brushes Deku’s concerns away. “Enough dicking around, I have to go to my agency and you’re supposed to be back at the hospital with Y/N.”
Deku nods his head and cleans up whatever mess he made while looking for food. They both exit Katsuki’s condo at the same time, heading to the parking garage where Deku’s car was parked in the visitor’s spot.
“I’ll probably stop by the hospital after work, see you later.” Katsuki calls across the lot before climbing into his car and pulling off, not waiting for a response from the other man. He wants to get this work day done and over with.
Back at the hospital, you were sitting in the armchair that stood next to the window. With your legs drawn to your chest and your head resting on your knee you look so small. In a daze you stare out at the world just out of your reach, watching as cars drove in and out of the parking lot, pulling onto the busy road and going elsewhere. It felt like everyone had somewhere to go or something to do. And here you are, just sitting around waiting for something to happen. Waiting for anything to happen.
It seems like your silent prayer is answered when there’s a knock at the door. A moment later a familiar bush of green hair catches your eye as Izuku steps into the room. You can’t help the unconscious smile that graces your lips at the sight of someone to keep you company.
“Hi Y/N! How are you today?” He smiles a kind smile, making you feel warm on the inside.
“Mentally or physically?” You joke to mostly yourself, before sighing. “I don’t hurt anywhere. I feel perfectly fine so I don’t know why I have to sit around and wait two more days to leave.” If you could see yourself you would know that you looked like a small child pouting about being bored. Izuku couldn’t help but find it incredibly cute. He takes a seat on your empty bed that sits across from the window.
“The doctors just want to make sure that there is no residual or underlying damage.” He gives you a sympathetic look. “I know you’re getting a little stir crazy but we still have no idea what your body has gone through. We just want to be prepared.” You slump further into yourself at his words. You know he’s right but you don’t want to admit it.
Izuku watches as your mood continues to darken and he quickly feels his own attitude starting to slip too. He remembers something that causes him to perk up. “Wait right here.” He jumps up and is out the door before you can respond with ‘Where else can I go?’
You wait patiently for him to return, staring at the door until you heard footsteps nearing. You turn your head to make it seem as though you weren’t watching the door the entire time he was gone. You look over to see him with both arms behind his back. Your brow quirks at him.
“Here hold out your hand.” He instructs you and you listen, holding out your palm for him to place something in your outstretched hand. You look down to see a...candy bar? He sees the confusion written on your face. “During our time at U.A. you loved sweets. Every day at lunch you would eat some kind of cake and you had your own cabinet full of treats in the dorms.”
You open the wrapper, not noticing how Izuku watched your every move. With a bit of hesitation you take a bite of the bar and as it’s sugary taste coats your tongue, your eyes light up with joy.
“Mmm!” You can’t help but voice your enjoyment of the sweet, the airy moan making Izuku blush furiously. “-is delicious, ‘Zuku!” You cheer with a mouth full, causing your words to come out a bit slurred. It’s all too cute for Izuku to handle, he had to turn away from you to contain himself. He mumbles his ‘you're welcome’ facing the opposite direction.
You finish the candy bar in record time, licking the melted chocolate from your finger tips. Izuku staring at you in a daze goes unnoticed by you as you unknowingly suck your fingers in such an alluring way. You turn back to him once your satisfied with the cleanliness of your hands.
“That was really yummy, thanks again.” And you smile a smile so beautiful that Izuku is stunned. For a moment you looked like the girl he knew seven years ago...He shakes himself out of his stupor before he embarrasses himself.
“You’re welcome, I just wanted to cheer you up. I’ll get you something sweet whenever you want, all you have to do is ask.” Though it seems like a simple promise, you have no idea how serious this promise is to Izuku. He will never let you down.
You give a small smile and nod before moving on to something else. “So what do we do now to pass the time?” You ask, feeling boredom edging back into your system.
“What do you want to do?” Izuku answers your question with a question, wanting to do whatever would make you the happiest. You hesitate for a moment, having a request that you were unsure you wanted to voice.
“Can...can you tell me stories about what it was like in U.A.?” A huge grin blooms on his face at your request.
By the time Katuski gets off of work that night he’s tired. He’s tired but the thought of seeing you gives him energy. He stops at his condo before going to the hospital. He takes a quick shower before changing into his civilian clothes, wanting to be fresh and draw little attention with his visit to you.
As he drives down the road leaving his condo he happens to notice a little flower shop on the corner. Though he’s never given flowers directly to a girl before he figured you would appreciate the gesture. He gets a bouquet and gently places them on his front seat, then continues on to the hospital.
It’s later in the day so visiting hours are almost over. Lucky for him that with his hero status he has more wiggle room in situations like this. And honestly who’s gonna kick out the number two pro hero?
Walking down the hall that leads to your room he can see the faint glow from underneath the door. With it he can also hear the sound of your melodious laughter. He smiles at the sound without even noticing.
Katsuki knocks once before opening the door to find you sitting next to a happy looking Deku. While he was a bit annoyed that the shitty bastard was able to have so much time with you, he was happy you had someone to keep you company.
“Katsuki.” You acknowledge him with a small smile, making his heart skip a beat or two. He quickly hides his warm face by pushing the bouquet of flowers towards you.
“Here.” Katsuki mutters. You take the flowers from his hands in awe, staring at the delicate blossoms in front of you.
“These are beautiful.” You coo, still swept up in the beauty of the flowers. The gentle smell that floated into your nose had you sighing in delight.
“They were your favorite.” Katsuki scratched the back of his head, embarrassed for admitting that remember such a small detail from so long ago. He awkwardly takes a seat in the chair by the window. You surprise him by grabbing his wrist gently and looking him in the eye.
“Thank you.” You give him a genuine, full on smile, and all at once it feels like the world is caving in on Katsuki.
How did he live seven years of his life without you in it?
“Tch, it was nothing.” He scoffs, ignoring the fact that his skin feels cold without your warmth. “What were you two talking about before I got here?” Katsuki changes the subject.
“Oh! Izuku was telling me stories about U.A.” You look over at Izuku as if you were looking for a conformation. The green haired man nods his head with a small smile.
“Yeah? Any about me?” Katsuki is able to fall back into his confident role without a struggle, smirking as you bob your head up and down.
“Yeah actually. Izuku tells me that you won the sports festival during our first year.” You start, inflating Katsuki’s ego without knowing. “But you had to be physically restrained?” Suddenly the growing bubble that was Katsuki’s ego popped.
“Physically restrained? That’s a goddamn overstatement if I ever heard one.” He growled, feeling embarrassed in front of you once more.
“Izuku even showed me the picture!” There’s a wicked glint in your eye that Katsuki catches onto. You’re teasing him on purpose.
“I still won, didn’t I?” He gloats, acting as if your words didn’t mess with him. “That loser broke like 6 of his bones and didn’t even place.”
“Kacchan!” Izuku gasps, feigning anger as he glares playfully at the other man. You can’t help but burst into a fit of giggles, finding the way that the two interacted hilarious. You laugh so hard that your cheeks flush and your smiling uncontrollably.
Once again you cause both men to freeze. Their hearts beating so loud that they think everyone else in the room can hear it. Both of them feel their faces heating up and turn away from you so that you can’t see. They feel like some love struck idiots.
How could you be so- so intoxicating?
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sushiirxghts · 5 days ago
Midoriya Drabble 1.0
In which reader is mean to themselves.
Trigger warning: Self-Hate/Insecurity.
His smooth skin. The cute freckles dusting his cheeks. His innocent smile and determined eyebrows. His dark, fluffy, green hair, with eyes to match.
His eyes.
They sparkle with such intensity, such determination. He knows who he wants to be, he knows he has the ability to be that version of him.
He is perfection.
You are nothing like him. You’ll procrastinate, wasting the seconds away. Thinking, why am I like this? Why did I ever think I had the potential to be do this, to be a hero.
You hate him.
You hate him because you want to be like him. You want to be smiled upon, trusted, and loved. You want his confidence and his perseverance.
You want to be him. You want his life, his body, his mind, his quirk, his talents. You want everything he is.
You want him. You want to be his, you want his love. His affection. You want late night cuddle sessions. Sneaking between dorm rooms. Movie nights with the rest of his friends.
What do you even try for?
Why do you even try?
In the end, you’ll never be like him.
You are nothing.
He is perfection.
All words are purely fictional. You are 100% beautiful and amazing. You can do whatever you put your mind too. You’ll achieve your dreams. You are talented. You are loved.
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izu6ku · 5 days ago
#𖤐𝐁𝐈𝐌𝐁𝐎! | 𝘪𝘻𝘶𝘬𝘶 𝘮𝘪𝘥𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘺𝘢
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# summary: izuku loves to fuck his bimbo gf.
# tags: hot fucking sex, reader is a bimbo (duh), i’m only going off the stereotype, fem!reader, mean+dom!deku, spitting, slapping (spanking?) but in the hot way, fingering
# a/n: i fucking died for nine days and i’m back with this 😽
Tumblr media
the term ‘bimbo’ was perfect to describe you. there was no other perfect word izuku could even think of to describe you, because you fit the stereotype so well. you wore skimpy clothing, covered head to toe in the color pink and never once hesitating to show your bouncing tits and plump ass to the world. makeup caked your face, and you almost never went a day without your big, fluttery lashes and signature pink lipgloss that sparkled in the sun light.
you were everything a bimbo was, not to mention so, so incredibly stupid, and god, did izuku love his pretty little idiot of a girlfriend. it was no secret that you loved him too, always following around like a lost puppy and holding his arm tight like you were nothing but an accessory, but he could be so mean to you.
but could you blame him?
you were just so dumb, he couldn’t help but have his own fun with you; pinching you in public places and laughing as tears pricked at your eyes from the pain, slapping his hand over your ass hard whenever you bent over just to see it jiggle and ignoring the way you pouted your glossy lips and batted your pretty eyes when you were so needy for him. he was so mean!
“izu..!” you mewled, the cold air hitting your pussy as izuku kept your legs spread out open with his hand. a pathetic moan fell from your lips as he spat on your clit, rubbing his spit around your swollen bud. “give me one good reason why i should fuck you.” he spoke, before parting your folds to spit on your tight hole, watching as it clenched around nothing. a harsh slap landed on your thigh. “answer me, baby.”
“be–because..” the sensation of just his fingers on your cunt already had you a whining mess underneath him. your head tossed back as he stuck a finger into your pussy, chuckling lightly as he fingered you. “my stupid little slut, can’t even answer a simple question?” he asked slapping your sensitive bud with his other hand. you groan as he pulled his fingers out of you, watching as he shifted positions on the bed to align his tip with your hole.
izuku was so mean to you, but you didn’t mind in these moments when he fucked your sloppy pussy with no mercy, loving the way hearts practically formed in your eyes as he fucked your brains out. incoherent babbles fell from your glossy lips, eyes rolling to the back of your head and a lovesick grin tugging at your mouth as the tip of his cock pulsed and rammed against the sweet spot inside you.
izuku groaned, watching his shaft disappear balls deep into your fucked out cunt as you clenched and came around him. “such a dumb little whore for me.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yandereaffections · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh baby he can definitely do that, like all the time especially after hero training your weight won't be anything to him.
Deku likes to be the one you rely on like this, not to mention it means getting your arms wrapped around him basically in any position he carries you in, close and loving
Yes this also means he will give you piggy back rides anytime and everywhere, take advantage of it while he has the time before hero work takes his attention
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basicmyherowhore · 6 days ago
Stranger With Your Face [2]
Multiple Yandere! MHA x Reader
Tumblr media
[0] [1] [3]
Summary: Your first visitor has arrived at the hospital to see you. Bakugou Katsuki, a man of few expressions and even fewer words. At least, in your experience.
Pairings: Various MHA characters x Reader
Warnings: Angst, amnesia, swearing, beginning of Yandere behavior.
Notes: Okay so I finally got to dip into the Yandere bits of this story but I still want to take it slow. In the next chapter I’m either going to introduce another character into the future “Yandere Reverse Harem” or I’m going to build upon the already existing Deku x Reader x Bakugou that’s in its early stages. We’ll see what I end up deciding to do. Heck I might even do both...
You watch as Izuku sweat drops. His face develops a stressed expression and without even knowing the reason, you feel as though you should be feeling the same way. A deep sigh falls from his lips as he takes a stand from the hospital bed.
“I guess I spoke too soon.” He gives you a mirthless laugh as he takes a step towards the door. “I’ll handle this to the best of my ability.”
As he shuts the door behind him you can practically hear the heavy footsteps that are crashing down on the floor of the hallway. They pause only for a moment before they continue at a faster pace than before. The walls aren’t very thick so it’s pretty easy for you to hear exactly what’s going on beyond the closed door.
“You’re here with her?” You hear the same angry voice from before snark at Izuku. You gulp at the sound of it, whoever it was seemed to hold some type of grudge against the green haired man.
“Kacchan, please lower your voice. L/N and many other patients are recovering on this floor and I’m sure your yelling is disturbing them.” Izuku attempts to coax the other man into quieting down, using his gentle tone.
“Fuck off, I’ll lower my voice when I want to.” The other man, Kacchan(?), growls in response. However, his next sentence is spoken more softly than before. “She awake?”
“She is. But Kacchan you should know something before you go in there.” You can’t hear what Izuku says after that, but whatever it was must not have made Kacchan very happy.
“What do you mean!?” He voices his shock very suddenly, causing you to jump after you began trying to listen harder so you could hear Izuku’s whispers. Izuku hushes him again. The hallway falls silent once more. A few moments pass before you hear the scrape of the door opening. Izuku enters first. A blonde man only a bit bigger than him follows.
You take the opportunity to observe this man before anything else takes place. His hair sticks out in many directions and while it seems very disorderly it looks to have its own pattern. He’s dressed in a eye catching getup, orange and black material covering most of his body. Knowing that Izuku was a hero, you make the assumption that this man must be a hero too. Finally your eyes focus in on his face.
Dark crimson eyes stare back at you, boring into you as if you were a specimen meant for him to examine. His face was blank for the most part, but you could see the quirk of his brow that revealed his distress. He’s scared.
“Y/N, this is Bakugou Katsuki. He was one of our classmates at U.A.-“ Izuku begins to explain only to get cut off by Bakugou’s sudden movement. His body lunges forward, before you could even react you feel his arms surrounding you. A small gasp falls from your lips. “Kacchan!”
“You really don’t remember?” You hear him rasp into your ear. “You don’t remember anything? Them...?Us...? You...?”
You feel guilt tug at you once again. These are men who had grieved over your loss. Now seven years later when they were well on their way to moving on, you come back. Not only that, but you have the audacity to come back wrong. You’re not the same girl from all those years ago. You’re incomplete. You’re missing pieces. You’re...damaged.
“ ‘m sorry.” Is all you manage to get out, not making eye contact with either man. Instead you look at your hands, watch as they twitch and twiddle. Anxiously you pull your bottom lip into your mouth to chew on, feeling the gazes of both men lingering on you.
“Fuck.” Bakugou sighs as he pulls away, shaking his head and standing once more. He seems unsure of what he wants to do next. He glances back and forth between the door and you. His holds his stare at the door longer than he looks at you. As he steps towards it, it seems like he’s made up his mind. He stops next to Izuku, without even turning to look at him, Bakugou speaks. “I wanna be the first one to know when she gets out of here.”
Izuku nods once but says nothing more. You can only watch as Bakugou continues out the door. He pauses once more with his hand on the door knob. His red eyes meet yours as he turns back to look at you.
“I looked up to you. You were the baddest bitch that I knew.” He gives you a sad half smile, without knowing much about the man you could tell it was rare for his character. “I...You were one of the few people I could tolerate. I wanted to-“ He freezes, stopping the words from leaving his lips.
“Never mind. You’ll be seeing a lot of me from here on out, so don’t act so shy.” That moment of softness from Bakugou ended as quickly as it appeared. You nod at him with a small smile. “And you call me Katsuki. Not Bakugou or that stupid nickname that shit nerd gave me.” He grunts.
You give a little laugh as Izuku rolls his eyes at Katsuki, missing how both men’s eyes glaze over at the sound. Shaking his head as if to clear his mind, Bakugo turns and exits the room, shutting the door gently behind him.
Bakugou stood outside your room for a moment, wanting to bask in your living presence for just a bit longer. He later walked away from the hospital with a heavy heart. He was barely able to keep himself from slipping and letting all those words fall out. How could he confess his 10 year long crush to a girl who doesn’t even remember him? Not to mention the fact that when you went missing, he was one of the students that took it the hardest. Looking at you again after all this time, it put this burning feeling in his chest. Like if he left you now you’d vanish once again. He doesn’t want to admit it but Bakugou is afraid.
So later that night he finds himself with his messenger app open and that damn Deku’s contact in front of him. He begins texting him for the first time in a long time.
B: Where is she going to be after they discharge her from the hospital?
M: The police are planning on lodging her in a hotel until they make progress with the investigation.
B: A ducking hotel? Are you serious? There’s no security there, she’d be a sitting duck.
B: Fucking*
M: I’m not too fond of the idea either, but I’m not sure what other options we have :/
B: So I’m gonna make a suggestion, don’t get what I’m trying to say twisted because it doesn’t mean I like you
B: What if she stayed with one of us? Whenever one has to go into work, the other stays with her to keep her safe. Between the two of us I know we could keep her much safer than any squad of shitty policemen.
M: Kacchan!
M: That’s a great idea! =D I can’t believe I didn’t think about that...
M: But wouldn’t it be a lot of work to switch her from place to place each time one of us has to go into work?
B: You’re really pulling my leg here
B: Fine. I guess for the time being we can become...
M: Say it :DD
B: roommates.
M: oh HELL YEAH! This is gonna be great!
B: Don’t forget that I’m only doing this for Y/N. You piss me off I won’t hesitate to blow your ass up.
M: No worries Kacchan! Everything will be fine ;) Y/N is scheduled to be discharged in three days. I’ll have my bags packed and ready by tomorrow so that we can start getting things ready.
B: great
M: I’ll text you later, Y/N needs me!
Bakugou lets his phone flop down onto his chest, unable to smother down that feeling of jealousy at that last text. He remembers a time when he was one of the only people you could depend on. He remembers a time when you had a smile dedicated just to him.
All of that was gone now...
But Bakugou is determined to get it back.
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yandereaffections · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not only are you in a dimensional mix up but now there's two of the most softest yet brutal yanderes on your ass trying to take the place as merely your best friend to knock the other out of the way
Honestly these two boys would get along fairly well language barrier and all if it wasn't for the rivalry, they're both geeks who idolize heroes and who keep notes on anything they're interested in, which in this case happens to be you and eachother. One day they'll find each others writing on the other, in a different language or not it's quite obvious it's accumulated information on them.
Peter has a advantage, the only main one is that Deku doesn't speak English all too well, simply managing to get you away from him would leave him in Queens looking for someone to explain where everything is or just simply to ask if they've seen you, maybe he'll find someone but it won't be much of a help.
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yandereaffections · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You have a soft boy and a loud boy, it's basically like a bro friendship but smothering, possessive and obsessive. Kirishima seems like he carries much of the relationship on his shoulders with how energetic he is to get his two baby's on a activity with him but it's actually more or less deku, letting Kiri be the one to hype you up and fall into his plans to have you two spend more time together
These two reflect off eachother a lot by the way, big warning if you upset one of them there's no way you'll get the others safety to hide behind. Usually it's out of jealousy that there will be turmoil in the relationship, you probably took to much time dedicated to someone else, on the bright side it's a easy fix
Simply bring the red and green head infront of you, cupping their face and placing quick kisses on their cheeks reminding them just how tight your bonds are together. It's not a fix all but they'll let it go for now, both melting at your so genuine showing of love.
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iidasman · 6 days ago
✧*•.:*.• how bakugō and midoriya would react to you doing a tiktok dance in front of them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
requested?: no.
warnings: swearing, and bakugō being a huge dick 🤬
word count: 242
Tumblr media
bakugō would cover you up immediately.
you were doing a dance you found on tiktok, without knowing that bakugō was watching you around the corner.
you took a few minutes to go over the dance, not wanting to forget any small movements.
'just gon' be a h*e.."
you were doing really well, actually! there isn't a lot to say other than once the ending came around, bakugō immediately ran towards you.
"that's enough of that bullshit."
"baku-? where the hell did you come from-!!? i was doing something!!"
mocking you playfully, katsuki gently threw you on the bed, "you couldn't have waited for me? that shit looked pretty fun, ngl."
bakugō def knows about the weird older dudes on the internet, so anything to draw their eyes off of you was enough for him to be content. not that he'd say that out loud, ofc.
Tumblr media
midoriya wouldn't interfere, but he'd ask you to tag him in your caption </3.
"c'mon, izu!! will you do this dance with me?"
not knowing what he was getting himself into, he agreed pretty quickly. you hadn't introduced izuku to your tiktok account yet, and with this popular trend going around, what could be a better timing!
"so, um.. what dance is this, [name]? or did you just want me to be in the back-"
'i'm getting ripped tonight! rip that—'
oh. it was that dance.. izuku trusts you with his life, no doubt! he just doesn't trust some people on tiktok. so he danced with you to draw some attention towards him, instead.
'i'm goin' in tonight! she like to—'
you're the biggest couple on tiktok and nobody excluding bakugō is complaining bc you're both adorable.
Tumblr media
all posts on this blog beling to © iidasman 2021 .
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