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#izabelle this one's for you
lasth3aven · 15 days ago
what if YOUR favourite frontman was ken doll smooth?
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lasth3aven · 26 days ago
anyways iz bullied awsten in his tumblr dms so bad that he started to become a little fruit
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skyaches-aa · 11 months ago
Tag drop ft. primary muses pt. 2
* izabel / come away little lamb come away to the slaughter !
* interaction / izabel !
* oleta / she knows exactly what is beautiful because no one has yet told her she is wrong !
* interaction / oleta !
* tamlen / your humanity is the largest burn you will bear !
* interaction / tamlen !
* timothy / scream when captured arch your back let this whole town hear your knuckles crack !
* interaction / timothy !
* totakeke / you'd sing just for the love of it &. the joy it would bring !
* interaction / totakeke !
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tymki · a year ago
Okay so
An obscure line I added in at the last minute where Katie briefly confused Chara for a goose in Kindness Chapter 1... lead to some interesting art on my discord earlier on. XD
Tumblr media
Meet Goosra, everyone XD This one was by @izabelle-reblogs-n-posts​
Tumblr media
This one was by @saintbirmacat​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These were all done by @emerald-mint​
Tumblr media
... This was ALSO done by @emerald-mint​ but the less we talk about this spawn of satan the better.
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fatemetz · 6 hours ago
Patiala Style Suits | Festive Mood Is On
Festivals are all about food, fun, and fashion. Festival means the time for shopping. Lehenga, Saree, Salwar Kameez, Anarkali all are getting ordinary over time. Something unique and fancy style is what we need now. What to do? Indian Patiala Style Suits can be a solution. It is unique. It has a festive vibe which adds fun to the outfit. No need to go to India to buy one cause Deshi Besh has the latest collection of branded Patiala Style Suits in its online shop. Probably, the below ideas will be helpful to choose one.   
Tumblr media
Patiyala Suit For Party Wear   
When there is a festival, there will be a party. Party means dazzle, sparkle, glam, and some fashionable items of clothing. A Patiala Suit can be the part of glam. It has unique designs, bright colors, exactly the things are needed to rock a party. The Dhoti style pant gives a little movement and fun to the dress. It can be easily worn on any occasion and season. 
Fashionable Festivals With Designer Patiala Suits
Designer items are always on the top of the list for every fashionista. It will be great to add another designer item to the closet. Don't you agree? Designer dresses are unique and exclusive. Designer Patiala Style Suit from the famous brand "Izabelle Liete" can be the next designer piece for your wardrobe. As designer items are limited, it will be smart to grab one ASAP.
Western Vibe With Patiala Salwar 
Girls these days feel comfortable with western style outfits. It will be extra fancy and stunning to have a fashion fusion with western style and Indian style. A set of Patiala Salwar and Crop top will be the trendiest outfit that you have in your closet. Isn't it? It will give a bold and bright look. This set is too flexible that girls can wear it from work to any occasional party.
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plasma-jane · 8 days ago
Hi there, I know you've been in the process of updating all your links and I think I read somewhere that they'd all been updated. So I just wanted to let you know that some of them are down for me: King and Queen, AG mod, Aubrey Hair, Aurora Hair, Bloodbound I & II, Eternal Thirst Hair, Izabel piercings, subtle stubble, Skeleton Crew, Theresa Hair, and Colorblock Crew. I checked the other ones and they were good. I love your work and thank you for such pretty cc. Sorry if you knew this already.
Hey, thank you for letting me know about this. I'm actually still in the process of reuploading everything but I can't find some of the older files anymore so if a particular download hasn't been fixed by now it's most likely because I no longer have the files for it. I'm sorry about that, I can't promise that all my links will be fixed but I will do my best to update them if I can. The AG mod update has been fixed just now and I was also able to find the King and Queen hairs. They will be available again soon! As for the rest, it might help to check out the currently unavailable links again in a week. I'm working on a few projects right now so it might take a while for me to fix them but if I come across any more of my old CC, I will reupload it for sure. Thank you for your patience and I'm glad that you like my work. :)
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fionas-fav-finds · 11 days ago
Check out this listing I just added to my Poshmark closet: PrAna | Black Cherry Izabel Esly Crossback Tankini.
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salemmi · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
→Hi friends. It’s Theodora, and this is my second muse, Salem Izabel Luna . Salem is from San Antonio, Texas and is the owner of Perspehone’s Garden Flower Truck.  Salem is based off of Eve from Lucifer, Sutton from The Bold Type and Lyn from Vida   You can find her bio here, and you can contact me on discord theodora🧚🏽#9151 or through ims for plotting!
a few quick facts about Salem can be found under the cut
Salem was born on a hippie commune in San Antonio, Texas. 
She was originally born Izabella Marie Luna.
Was engaged to Levi Allison, but ran off to live in Saint Claire because she knew she wouldn’t be happy, as she is gay. 
She changed her name to Salem  when she left Levi, not wanting to be found. 
She’s very into fashion, and does a lot of vintage thrifting to fill her closet. 
She chose willow terrace so she could plant her own garden with vegetables and fruit and flowers and live a quiet life with her husky, Selene. 
She’s gay, and though she’s sure her open minded parents would accept it, she’s ashamed to crawl back to them and tell them she failed at what would’ve been an easy life, a seemingly happy marriage. So she keeps her distance, limits them to phone calls. She knows one day she’ll have to tell them. 
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in-my-crazy-dream · a month ago
It is the end of the world. If you go outside, it appears deserted. The wooden telephone poles are knocked over and hang over parts of the sidewalk. A girl named Izabelle (Izzy for short) is walking through a suburban neighborhood in the mountains. She is on edge, hears a noise, and runs into the nearest house for shelter. Inside the house she finds a man resembling Prince Charming and Mr. Collins (1995 Pride and Prejudice). He is handsome enough, but there is something off about him. Izzy apologizes for entering his house. She didn't realize it was occupied. She tries to leave, but Mr. Charming stops her.
"My love, you've come back!" he says while blocking the exit.
Izzy doesn't say anything. There's a threatening air about this man. He doesn't seem to be thinking clearly. Mr. Charming grabs Izzy by the arm and leads her into the nearby bedroom. He locks the door behind him.
"I thought you'd never come back, darling. I'm so happy to have you home. Things have really gotten into disrepair while you've been gone, but that doesn't matter right now. I'm just happy you're home."
Izzy tries to think of a way to explain that she has never met this man in her life and that she needs to leave, but the man's grip on her arm is exceptionally tight and there's a crazy look in his eyes. She decides to say nothing and wait for her opportunity to escape.
Weeks go by and Mr. Charming never lets Izzy out of his sight. He meticulously locks every door. He forces her to clean the house. He forces her into his bed. She patiently waits for a chance to escape this deranged man.
One day, Mr. Charming suddenly passes out in the middle of an afternoon. Izzy knows this is her only chance to escape. She pries the security bar off the sliding door, runs into the backyard, and scrambles up the 10 foot rock wall. Just as she reaches the top of it, Mr. Charming comes running out the backdoor.
"My love! Don't go! I'm sure we'll have a child soon! You just need to give me a little more time. Please come down! You'll hurt yourself!"
Izzy looks at the man with pity in her eyes and jumps over the wall into the neighbor's yard. She returns to the street and runs for her life. She hides herself in dip in the mountains nearby until she can devise a plan to get further from these suburbs and the dangers that lie within.
A few days go by, and she hears Mr. Charming's voice resonating with joy in the distance. Izzy pries herself from her hiding place and returns to the back wall to investigate. When she arrives, she finds Mr. Charming showing his new victim around. A young, blonde woman has entered the house seeking refuge. She looks up at the wall near where Izzy is hiding with sadness in her eyes. Izzy peeks over the wall to look at the woman. Her eyes meet those of Mr. Charming's next victim, and her heart breaks as recognition reaches them. His next victim is her sister.
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nightwishesworld · a month ago
Night Light
The glow of the moon was faint, yet still predominantly illuminated the night sky. Sitting down upon the grassy hills can really put your world into a new perspective, gazing up into the night sky. Despite the moon’s hazy presence and frigid temperatures, Izabel is persistent enough to wait outside on the cold ground to watch as the transparent clouds roll by to reveal distant stars. From her perspective, she can easily spot each beautiful constellation, seeming to waltz throughout the sky. The breeze blew through her hair, tousling her blonde mane behind her. The aroma of the tall grasses was an intoxicating perfume and the starry night above was a painting more sublime than any man could create. The clarity above became reflected in Izabel's mind.
Upon the grass, there is snow, much like sprinkled sugar over cake. The frigid air has a way of keeping us in the moment, wicking away body heat faster than it is replaced. It's one of those days when normal clothes aren't enough when they feel thinner than they are. Still, she sits in nothing more than her leggings, sweatshirt-covered tanktop, and bare feet fighting against the goosebumps taking over every square inch of skin they can.
The constancy was shattered by a subtle sound behind her. The barest rustle of steps almost lost in the howling wind did not go unnoticed by the woman. From the pattern of footsteps, she could tell it was either Bela or Alcina walking up behind her, and it wouldn't make sense for it to be Bela, not at this hour. It had to be Alcina.
The vampire stopped to stand directly behind her and wrapping a nearby blanket tightly around Izabel's shivering body. Now she was certain it was her dear Alcina, the smell of her floral perfume gave it away. "I've been looking for you everywhere. Darling, you're freezing!"
It was only now that Izabel realized just how cold it was tonight. Her body was visibly shaking and the feeling in her hands was long lost to playing with the damp grass. She shrugged her shoulders and pulled the blanket closer to her body. "I got so lost in my own head I didn't even realize. How long have I been out here?"
"I'm not sure. At least an hour, though knowing you it's probably been longer."
“I just wanted to look at the stars, Alci. I’m sorry I gave you such a scare.”
“You can look at the stars from the balcony, where it’s safe.”
Izabel grimaced. “I’m tired of sitting in the castle. That’s all I ever do. I just wanted to sit in the grass for a little while; a change of scenery. Plus, the light from inside obstructs the sky.” She turned her attention back up to the night sky. Stars shone all around like pearls wrapped in black velvet. “You can’t see this inside.”
“Do you have any idea how exposed you right now? What if something else got to you before I did?”
Izabel rolled her eyes. "It's not that late, Alcina."
“It’s almost midnight!”
Shock spreads across her face. "Oh, I'm sorry Alci. I had no idea."
Alcina sighed. "It's quite alright, dear. When you didn't join me in bed at 11like usual I just assumed you fell asleep in the library. When I didn't find you there, I started looking in your other hiding spots, and then I still couldn't find you. Then I thought you might have gone down to the stables for something, and then I saw you here. I know you like your privacy dear, but when I couldn't find you this late at night I just-"
Izabel quickly turned and stood to embrace the vampire, even if she was only at thigh-height. "Hey, it's ok. I know you're just trying to protect me. I'm sorry I scared you."
Alcina looked down at her with a relieved smile. The last thing she wanted was to come off as intrusive. She cupped her partner's face in her hand and squeezed her cheek. "Don't fret about it, darling. Come inside, the stars will be here tomorrow night I promise. It's much too cold for you to be out here all by yourself." Her worry stems more from prowling creatures than the cold. If it were her sitting out in the dark by herself that's one thing; her power is unmatched compared to the pitiful creatures lurking about the forest edges. Izabel however, was rather helpless. Despite the woman's (sometimes foolish) bravery, her strength was nothing compared to the supernatural entities hiding just beyond the brush. It was a very real reminder of how fragile the human body is. How breakable Izabel is. Alcina could never live with herself if something happened to her precious human.
Izabel frowned up at the vampire. It seems she wasn't the only one getting lost in her own head tonight. "I'll come in a little bit; I promise."
Alcina pouted and made no move to retreat back to the castle. "You shouldn't be out here alone. Dangerous beasts roam freely in the night."
Izabel knew this, of course. It had been engraved into her brain since she was a little girl. People foolish enough to wander away from the village lights were often never heard from again. It always baffled her, even as a kid, how indifferent everyone was about it. "Sit with me then. Keep me company. I'll even share the blanket with you."
The vampire looked as though she was weighing her options before giving a defeated sigh. "Only for a few minutes." The matriarch concedes.
Izabel's eyes shine brighter than the stars above as she is picked up and placed carefully between Alcina's legs, bringing her knees up to shield her. The short woman nestled herself comfortable against her vampire's surprisingly taut midsection.
They sat in comfortable silence for a while, Alcina petting Izabel's hair, before she spoke up. "I'll never understand your fascination with the night. Nothing ever changes; it's always the same moon and stars. There's nothing new."
"There doesn't have to be. The night is fascinating enough just as it is. With all the different constellations and phases of the moon, it's ethereally magnificent. Personally, I think it does change, it's just so vast that we can't tell. When I was a kid I used to...nevermind, it's stupid."
Alcina bent down and kissed the top of her head. "Go on."
"I used to think that each star represented someone that had passed on. That every animal, person, or anything living was given a star for their families to look up at when they got sad. How dumb is that?"
"I think it's sweet, actually. No one really knows what happens to us beyond the grave, for all we know you could be right." Izabel looked up at Alcina with eyes that resembled a puppy. It actually took the matriarch back a bid as she's never seen the woman look so...vulnerable. "You think so?" "It's possible. I suppose in a way I hope you're right. A star would hardly provide me comfort after you pass, but it would be better than nothing. Knowing you're up there happy, not having a care in the world, not in any pain or emotional distress. That would be enough for me to get by."
Izabel snuggles deeper into the vampire and kisses the top of her gloved hand before wrapping it around herself. "I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, Alci. You've got a long time before you have to think about that."
Time passes differently for me, my sweet.
Alcina pushes her thoughts aside for the time being and gently scoops Izabel up in her arms and brings her up for a kiss before placing her down on her lap. "I love you. Do you know that?"
Izabel couldn't help but chuckle. "I do; you tell me every day."
"Good." Alcina hugs her higher against her body.
A comfortable silence washes over the women. It would be easy for Izabel to drift off like this. Alcina's fingers drew random shapes and designs across her midsection as they both kept their gazes up to the sky. She wasn't sure if it was the twinkling stars or Alcina's fingers keeping her conscious. They weren't sexual touches, more of an innocent way for Alcina to keep herself grounded amidst her spiraling thoughts. She needed to feel Izabel against her to know for certain she was there and she was safe. They were safe. Sometimes Izabel needed the same from her.
The world felt at peace here in each other's embrace. Nothing this retched world threw at them could do any harm; no hunters, supernatural predators, or even mortality could touch them. Even if it was just in this small moment amongst the stars. The constellations, who'd witnessed centuries and millennia just the same, watched over this tiny moment.
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nothingbuthaikyuu · a month ago
Waking Up with Strawberry Skies
Reader: F Character: Shōyō Hinata Rating: G Summary: You usually got up before Hinata in the morning to check on your baby girl and get her started on her day. Now at nine months old, she was becoming curious about the world around her and growing so big. You got her ready for the morning and eventually your husband joins to spend the morning together.  Warning: Fluff, Babies Ask Box: Open | Commission Me! | Join me on Patreon 
Tumblr media
Another sunny day in Brazil, another day in the tiny slice of paradise that you and Hinata shared together. You usually got up before him to check in on your daughter because was usually up at the crack of dawn. 
Izabel was nine months old, she was starting to become interested in the world around her. Her favourite place to explore was her father’s gym bag when he came home, but thankfully she had just woken up and wasn’t looking for trouble. 
You heard the sound of her noises in the other room and quietly got up. You leaned over to your husband and kissed him on the cheek. He felt warm from sleep, you smiled against your kiss before you moved away to go check up on your daughter. 
You found her in her crib sitting up, her big curious eyes were blinking around the room. She was rocking a little back and forth like she wanted to stand up, she had been standing on her own with support on the hardwood floor but not quite on the squishy surface of her bed. 
  “Good morning, baby.” You smiled as you closed your robe and went over to her. You picked her up out of her crib and held her over your shoulder. Your rubbed her clothed back as you walked out of her room and to the kitchen, “Today’s a special day, we’re going to go to the doctor.” You placed her in her high chair, “Isn’t that fun, mi amor?”
You had been trying to talk to your baby in multiple languages, you thought it would be better for her development to be able to talk to every member of her father from her aunt on Hianta’s side to her uncle on your side. To your grandfather to Hianta’s former teammates. She was quite a multicultural girl at only nine months old. 
You put her in the high chair by the table, securing the plastic table across her and putting a bib with an elephant on it around her neck. She looked like a spitting imagine of her father, a shock of orange hair was the most surprising feature.
She babbled a little bit as you went to the cupboard to get the jar of banana baby food, she had been eating it like crazy as of late. You often joked to your husband that she’ll be taller than him. 
The soft sunlight streamed into the kitchen window, a soft morning breeze moved the thin curtains. The smell of fresh spring hung in the air as you grabbed the small baby spoon and walked back to the table. You sat down and leaned over to stat feeding her. 
  “You’re going so big, Izzy.” You smiled, “Such a big girl. I love you so much.” Even though your daughter was born before you and Hinata could get married. She was more than happy to attend the wedding and start crying when you said your vows. Just like her father, she was the star of the show. 
You started to feed her, she happily babbled. Getting the mushy food all over her face as you tried to get as much into her mouth as possible. She happily ate, you and Hinata tried it once and thought it was terrible. But it seemed good enough for your baby. 
The floorboards creaked as you heard your husband, Hinata enter the kitchen. He yawned loudly and stretched his arms above his head, which rode up his shirt and exposed a slight tanned line of his stomach. 
"Tu és o meu amor." He said as he wrapped his arms around you and whispered softly in your ear, “You are my love.”
You shivered a little bit as you continued to try and feed your daughter more of the mushy banana flavoured baby food. She happily ate as your husband kissed your on the cheek. 
  “Good morning, my love.” You looked up and kissed your husband on the lips before he pulled away to go grab his morning protein shake. 
He yawned loudly and walked over to the blender to get water, bananas, milk and powder to start the day, “Good morning, baby. Aishiteru.”
  “Te amo.” You chuckled as you grabbed a paper towel off the table and wiped Izabel’s face clean of the baby food she was very much enjoying. You gave your husband a quick look before you watched your daughter slap her hands against the plastic table of the high chair. 
You knew your baby was going to be speaking three languages by the time she started school, Spanish, Japanese and English. You and your husband bounced between all three. 
Hinata made some toast and held it in his mouth while he held onto the blender and turned it on. He poured his shake into a cup, you never understood how he was able to handle it, even the chocolate one. It tasted like wet saw dust to you. He grabbed one of bananas off the counter and went to the table. He leaned over and kissed your daughter on the cheek, “Is today her check up?”
  “Yep, nine month check up. She’s growing so fast.” You chuckled as you started to eat your cereal. It was really a surprise how much your daughter was growing, she was already a far cry from the newborn peanut she once was, “What about you, big guy?”
  “Practice, season starts next month. We’re starting on the beach, playing some practice games to drum up excitement for the season.” Hinata replied as he started to drink at his shake. He reached out and touched your hand lovingly. He trailed his fingers across the inside of your wrist, moving up till he reached your shoulder then your neck and then finally your cheek where he planted a soft kiss on your lips.
Izabel made a slight squeal noises that babies did when they were excited which made you chuckle against the kiss. When you pulled away you looked at your orange haired daughter and said, “Yes, Izzy?’
She opened and closed her mouth like she was trying to say words, but instead insistent babbling came out. Hinata put his glass down and got up to pick her up out of the high chair, he sat back down with his young daughter in his lap and kissed her cheeks until she squealed happily. 
He went back to drinking his shake as he looked at you every so often, you were both looking at your daughter as she babbled away. Another sunny day in Brazil, another day with your family. 
  “Te amo.” He smiled.
You leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, “Te amo, Shōyō. My love.” 
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unusual-ly · a month ago
💍 + Zebelle? 👀 (I really hope that is in the future for them)
I honestly don’t have one fixed outcome for Zebelle, I can see them going so many different ways, the one consistency is that they’ll always at least be on good terms, so this is one possibility of many
If Zeke and Izabelle got married, it’d be a pretty lowkey wedding cuz Izabelle’s not a fan of big, frilly, extravagant events and whatever, but she’d be surprisingly smiley for her and Zeke would be teasing her non-stop for it. She might - might - tear up just a little bit during their first dance (Bonzo is DJ-ing, as per her request) and deny it. Her burying her face in Zeke’s shirt is totally not to hide the tears, she swears. “You dare tell anyone I’m crying right now and I will divorce you.” “Sure you will~”
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justacod-ish-fan · a month ago
Tfw when it's 1:54 AM but you want to write stuff.
Basically I wanted to make a gift for one of my partners and Izzy is dating their character ssssooo...
Trigger warnings as per usual:
Cursing,Blood,Izzy being gay,Rose causing it,drug use.
Rose belongs to @mini-creator btw! Check them out they're cool and I love them.
Izzy had finally been attending anger management therapy after her..outburst. She walked through the halls in her lieutenant uniform with her head held high,trying to hide any pain from her currently expressionless face.
Truth be told,Izzy was miserable. Felix wouldn't talk to her at all,Rudolph was no where to be found and Jack..
Well the retarded deer was still alive.
"Maybe your problem is you know Felix is never going to trust you again? Or maybe the fact--" "I don't need an over grown furball telling me where I fucked up,But thank you." Izzy almost growled,remaining calm. Jack followed her anyways,a coy grin on his face. "Maybe..It's not even work related. It's that little German lady they captured isn't it?"
Izzy's anger management was about to be useless if the furball didn't shut up. "No..She's..Exquisite,But I don't think She'd be valuable to me as an asset--"
"I'm saying you want to kiss her. It has nothing to do with your so called 'Job',Izzy." Jack finally laughed. Izzy turned around,trying to stay calm. "Look,I don't expect you to understand because you have the braincells of a jellyfish,But it's completely work related. The tiny german is just a prisoner. Nothing more,nothing less." Izzy said before storming off,Her cheeks turning yellow.
She went all the way to where the prisoner im question was being held to see if she was ok or if she needed anything just to find she was asleep. "...Jeg kommer til å angre på dette." She muttered as she picked the girl up,walking back to her quarters with silence.
"Fucking germans and their adorable everything.." Izzy muttered to herself as she walked into her room,setting the girl in her bed and covering her up with her blanket. "She shouldn't even be in here.." Izzy heard her mother's voice say,her words dripping with venom. "Well..She doesn't deserve the cold cell. Besides,She'll like it better in here." Izzy said calmly,taking off her coat to reveal her dirty black tanktop and fresh scars.
"Izabelle melsova agapov,I did not raise you to be a--"
"You died when I was seven. You didn't raise Jasper or I very long." Izzy interrupted,pulling her hair out of her bun and ruffling it so it fell comfortably on her shoulders before she pulled her bowl out of her dresser drawer. "Besides,It's not like I'm going to sleep with her." Izzy said as she packed it,lighting a match and setting the horrible smelling concoction ablaze.
The girl woke up coughing,rubbing her eyes with her sweater sleeve. "It smells horrible in here..Vhat are you smoking? It's hurting mien lungs.." she yawned. Izzy thought back to what she told her mother literally ten minutes ago and realized she lied big time.
Izzy put the bowl out,exhaling the horrible substance. "Don't worry about it." She murmured before getting up,walking towards her bathroom to take a shower as she'd been reccomended after the incident.
When she got out,She was full fledged expecting the girl to be gone; a figment of her imagination,but She was sitting indian style on the comfortable side of Izzy's bed reading about "gardening? Ich expected somezhing scarier from a soviet lieutenan..t.." she stopped as she saw the soaking mess that was Izzy. "What? I used to go to Canada to vist my cousins alot and their dad had a green thumb." Izzy explained as she sat next to the small German. "My name's Izabelle by the way,but you can call me Izzy." She said,feeling her stress and worries melt away the longer she was with the german. "I'm Rose." The german said,continuing to read.
Izzy's high was coming down and she was beginning to get tired. She wrapped her arms around Rose nonchalantly before pulling her into her chest,beginning to pass out. "Can Ich get comfortable first?" Rose asked,Izzy opening her arms to let her get comfortable first before holding her again and going to sleep.
Lemme write fluff ok?--
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justacod-ish-fan · a month ago
Hi I'm Alastair and you're reading yet another codz fic. *shitty bisney logo*
Warnings: Violence,drug mention,Trauma,amnesia mention. This is short btw.
Felix woke up cold and wet,laying down in a snow bank. He got up,feeling the cold nip at his skin as he started to shuffle towards the woods he remembered so well before he stopped.
Where was his mother? Where was his father? Where were Jack and Lily? Surely Izzy sent more letters from norway..Right? His raccoon skin hat was too big..
His soaked clothing continued to slow him down as He tiredly began to shuffle again;his ears ringing and his vision going white...
"BOY!" He woke up to a heavy Norwegian accent screaming. He looked around,feeling warmth surround him. "...Felix I found you half alive under icy water. You've most likely got frost bite or hyperthermia-"
"Who's Felix?" He asked,looking at the strangely familiar one eyed man. He looked shocked at this before turning to a red eyed woman with a green uniform,Beginning to yell.
Was She Felix? He couldn't remember much but he thought she looked alot like his cousin Izzy..only old. He looked around,seeing his father's cabin..He was confused now.
He got up,taking the blanket around him to go to his room as the lady and man fought,slinking off to his room.
There was a mess in there,looking like someone was looking for him..or something. Either way,He needed clothes. He slipped on a folded set of slightly damp clothes,walking back into the room as the man and lady while pulling gloves over his unusually scarred hands. "Can you two stop screaming?" He asked,pulling damp photos out of his pockets.
He froze.
There was pictures of him with a red eyed man,a deer and the very same lady currently trying to defuse the situation between her and the man..but there was a green eyed blonde as well. "Cthulu,Felix clearly isn't in his right state of mind. All questioning him will do is confuse him." The lady snarled.
The man,or..Cthulu,turned around to him. "Felix,Do you remember anything?" He asked in a gruff voice. Felix..? "I uh..Am I Felix?"
"Dammit Izabelle,He's got amnesia now!" He snapped,grabbing Felix by the upper arms and hoisting him up to show a squid like appearance under human skin. "I'll fix it." Izabelle snarled in return.
That was two weeks ago.
Felix got out of his bedroom,his clothes still matching the ones he was supposedly found in that faithful day. He began to walk past multiple Russians,Norwegians and prisoners,seeking out the only person he trusted; Izzy.
He dipped into her office,the smell of lavender and chlorine still floating around. Her office was clean with pinkish tones resembling blood splatters on her carpet and walls. "Any luck on finding that german doctor? You said he'd help me remember what happened." Felix said in a disappointed voice.
"I know what I said,But he's been off our radars since he got Belinski." Izzy growled. Felix sat down in her chair,sighing in a exaggerated manner. "Maybe you shouldn't've given him something?"
Izzy stood up,her pupils dilated. "Go sit in your room until I sent someone to get you food." She growled,That same confusing mix of rage and sadness prominent on her face as she growled at him.
Felix's amber eyes met Izzy's crimson ones,confusion and child like rage in his while hers seemed to be shrinking. "NOW!" She roared,Felix running out of her office. Izzy sat down and pulled out a bowl,stuffing some stolen marijuana into it. "Leave him alone." She growled into the room,a nun with a broken back standing next to Jasper.
"It's your fault for throwing him at me,Isabelle dear." The condescending tone her mother always used when speaking to her slipping from the nuns lips.
Izzy rolled her eyes and began to burn the herb,inhaling the smoke it created and exhaling the disgusting smell back into the air. "You need to stop,Mom. Dad killed you;not me." She growled as her worries drifted out of her mind,Izzy's mind itself returning to a state of peace.
She almost felt bad..But Felix wasn't ready for the truth. Not yet.
Bleh lemme be I'm tired now-
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twerkcaboodle · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi all! You can find our Izabelle Outfit at the main store for this week's Fifty Linden Friday. We're offering the whole fatpack for only 50L! Rigged for Maitreya Lara and Belleza Freya.
The fatpack includes a full texture-changing HUD to change the color of the skirt, the sweater, and the turtleneck.
Have a good one!
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justacod-ish-fan · a month ago
What’s some of Rudolph’s interactions with the others? Or some of the things he say?
Oc owners will be mentioned at the end.
Felix has a nice taste in ladies,Ja?
I zhink you should avoid zhe apothican lady. I watched her do something terrible to someone she called "Fam-ie-lee"..Whatever zhe word is.
I am not a skip?
Keep calling mich skipper and I'm going to call you rascal.
Zhat's hot.
Do you also hate Squids?
I zhink maybe you need to stop and relax for five plucking minutes.
Oh great. You're not dead.
Don't vou have to a girlfriend to not sexually please because you are a puss-
Ich zhinks you should chop off your hair if you're just going to put zhe shit up in a bun anyway.
Heey--Oh ok--
Still hairier zhen a bear,Aren't you?
Deer are stupid,especially zhat one.
Vou can do better zhen a cannibal zhat skips leg day.
I zhink your children are sick.
Don't hit mich,I have alcohol in mien back pocket.
Feral blonde and tiny boyfriend. Funny.
Your girlfriend is scary af keep her away from me please-
Your dad is RICHTOFEN?!
I zhink your brother is in love with Dempsey's child ngl. (Rudolph being dumb)
You're even scarier zhen Izabelle!
Oc owners:
Rose-- @mini-creator
Lumi,Jared and Milla-- @thatonerandomgirl1
Sinclair,Frances and Siegfried-- @perkah0lic
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dandylion240 · a month ago
For Remy Reagan 42. How would one react if the other was to die
Tumblr media
Oh wow I hadn’t expedted a questiong for Remy. It’s been a while since I was in his save. He and Izabel have had a tumultious history but in the end they have always been able to work things out. Communication was something they learned early in their relationship from the many denied proposals to arguments about having kids and how to raise them. I can see that even in death they would at first find themself in an argument. Then tears. Holding each other until the moment they had to say goodbye to each other. A tender kiss of farewell and a promise that they’d see each other again.
Thank you for the ask!
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justacod-ish-fan · 2 months ago
So I may have came to the realization that if you were to see Primis Rose and Primis Royce (genderbent Primis Rose), you won’t be able to tell who is who until you hear their voices-
Izzy would be so confused while Izabel is just "Which one of you helps me out with my cooking?-"
I love this fact
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doubleattitude · 2 months ago
Radix Dance Convention, Las Vegas, NV: RESULTS
High Scores by Age:
Rookie Solo
1st: Mila Renae-’Soldier’
1st: Melina Blitz-’The Poet Creature’
2nd: Aliya Yen-’Loyal, Brave & True’
3rd: Sebastian Mancini-’Guerrerio’
4th: Dylan Reuss-’Lost Boy’
5th: Bella Mendez-’Pump’
6th: Emma Acosta-’Lip Gloss’
7th: Lexi Yeackle-’I Will Wait’
8th: Kaiya Carrillo-’Love Shack’
8th: Rylan Farrales-’Stand In The Light’
9th: Enslee Moore-’Ooh Child’
10th: Olivia Caylor-’Queen Bee’
Mini Solo
1st: Kinley Cunningham-’Glam’
2nd: Fiona Wu-’Red Dust’
3rd: Joy Line-’Broken Dreams’
3rd: Carrigan Paylor-’Orange Colored Sky’
3rd: Karyna Majeroni-’Pistolet’
3rd: Keelyn Jones-’Slowly Fading’
3rd: Fiona Sartain-’The Way You Move’
4th: Starr Castro-’Bang Bang’
4th: Peyton Szuberla-’Glacier’
4th: Addison Price-’We Will Not Give In’
5th: Madelyn Murphy-’Desierto’
5th: Roxie Onellion-’Drifting Down’
6th: Esprit Frank-’Grains’
6th: Claire Gestring-’On The Mast of Faith’
7th: Tiara Sherman-’Cielo’
7th: Jenna Le-’Matters to Me’
7th: Cerys Cogswell-’Pure Imagination’
8th: Jacob Barrow-’Shifting’
8th: Aurora Brady-’Hit The Road Jack’
8th: Cha Cha Shen-’Here I Come’
8th: Alyssa Mastroianni-’Crippled Bird’
8th: Leah Munson-’Copy Cat’
8th: Claire Hansen-’By The Roses’
8th: Peyton Nowacki-’Angels to Fly’
9th: Annabella Atkinson-’The Dutch Girl’
9th: Eden Hawkins-’Shadow’
9th: Olive O’Connell-’Live Like Legends’
9th: Ella King-’Like A River’
9th: Tatum Brady-’Fall Creek’
9th: Oliviana Mancini-’At Peace’
10th: Leighton Brandt-’Legs’
10th: Annie Carlson-’Young’
Junior Solo
1st: Kylie Kaminsky-’The Offering’
2nd: Brooke Toro-’As The Dust Settles’
2nd: Coltrane Vodicka-’Moon River’
2nd: Alita Kneeland-’Spine
2nd: Makaia Roux-’Unbound’
3rd: Alexis Mayer-’Vivid
4th: Emmy Claire Kaiden-’Eyesore’
4th: Naia Parker-’Lit’
5th: Bella Kidder-’Feeling Good’
5th: Hope Edwards-’Gravity’
5th: Lucy Cavender-’Material Girl’
5th: Isabelle Zorrilla-’Orion’
5th: Kira Chan-’Pump’
5th: Kendyl Fay-’To Build A Home’
5th: Aaliyah Dixon-’Toxic’
6th: Mackenzie Kleveno-’Lost It To Trying’
6th: Taytum Ruckle-’Perfect Lie’
6th: Anabel Alexander-’Plans We Made’
7th: Victoria Johnson-’Genius’
7th: Aedyn Bekker-’New York State of Mind’
7th: Brianna Gorksi-’Night Sky’
8th: Kendall Jundt-’Awakening’
8th:Lexi Godwin-’Debut’
8th: Casey Cheung-’I Remember’
8th: Ava Hill-’Shallow’
9th: Izzy Wadington-’Final Solution’
9th: Jovie Leigh Ugerio-’Ring Them Bells’
10th: Madison De Dios-’On My Mind’
10th: Clare Loftus-’Restless Night’
10th: Delaney Bojorquez-’Tessellate’
Teen Solo
1st: Ashur Taylor-’Relax’
2nd: Cydney Heard-’Black Mourning’
2nd: Gianna Mojonnier-’Inside Outside’
2nd: Olivia Magni-’Moonlight Sonata’
2nd: Coco Saul-’Transportin’
3rd: Jadyn Saigusa-’Wonderlust’
3rd: Emily Madden-’Vibeology’
3rd: Calli Perryman-’Still Running’
3rd: Michelle Cheng-’Sinking’
3rd: Georgia Ehrlich-’On My Mind’
3rd: Tyler Chiyuto-’Llarona’
3rd: Blanche Arnold-’How To Be Your Own Person’
3rd: Ava Lynn-’Everything’s Alright’
3rd: Addison Middleton-’Dark Dissonance’
4th: Charlotte Cogan-’You’
4th: Hailey Meyers-’Standing Still’
4th: Isiah Bowens-’Miss You’
4th: Avery Hall-’If I Think’
4th: Luke Barrett-’Eden’
4th: Emma Donnelly-’Departure’
4th: Ava Kendall-’Always On My Mind’
5th: Zuzu Duchon-’Twelfth of Never’
5th: Angelika Edejer-’Toxic Thoughts’
5th: Riley Platenberg-’Talking Points’
5th: Annabelle Mang-’One Small Step’
5th: Sabine Nehls-’No Regrets’
5th: Ella Montano-’Lonely’
5th: Natalie Bowen-’I Think I’m Alone Now’
5th: Cade Clark-’I Can’t Move’
5th: Berlynn Gonzalez-’Hero’
5th: Courtney Chiu-’Fever’
5th: Drew Rosen-’Exhalation’
5th: Rachel Polizzotto-’Entrapment’
5th: Raven Alanes-’Confusion’
5th: Mikaella Lopez-’Blues-y’
5th: Izzy Howard-’Amen’
6th: Sophia Oppegard-’You Can’t Leave’
6th: Elle O’Donnell-’Slowly’
6th: Lily Godwin-’Ode to Divorce’
6th: Aubrie Stoehr-’Now I Cry’
6th: Sofia Mah-’Life’
6th: Mia Ibach-’Koladi Ola’
6th: Piper Rovsek-’Innate Abstraction’
6th: Sakura Amano-’I Love You’
6th: Sophia Albornoz-’Even When It Hurts’
6th: Sammi Chung-’eight’
6th: Ella Sheppard-’Do You’
6th: Ally Cheung-’Cut The World’
6th: Kate Seleno-’Curtain Call’
6th: Kayla Harrison-’Crumbling’
7th: Kennedy Blazek-’Zilla’
7th: Libby Haye-’Work Song’
7th: Katelyn Neasham-’Touch’
7th: Sebastian Hsu-Kwan-’Scat’
7th: Lauren Pond-’Satellite Heart’
7th: Aleyna Laba-’Playdoh’
7th: Linda Diaz-’Paper Moon’
7th: Maya Krajicek-’Idea for Strings’
7th: Kennie Shen-’Feeling Good’
7th: Jenna Tarry-’Down The Line’
7th: Ava Thorp-’Blue Notebook’
7th: Emma Hellenkamp-’Blackbird’
7th: Felix Fulton-’A Dream I Can’t Forget’
8th: Dempsey Foxson-’Vain’
8th: Carys Ashby-’The Empress’
8th: Angelica Keamy-’Research’
8th: Melina Gurich-’Net Works’
8th: Raina Wu-’Looking In’
8th: Alexis Olson-’Just Say That’
8th: Gabi D’Ambra-’In For the Kill’
8th: Piper Camm-’Drones’
8th: Scotlynn Potter-’Cinematic Plea for an End’
8th: Ava Saremaslani-’Canvas’
9th: Maile Cochran-’Tesselate’
9th: Jera Linkins-’Put Your Records On’
9th: Kayla Seitel-’Monster’
9th: Alexis Ahn-’Brighter Days’
9th: Brayden Owens-’Tux’
10th: Addyson Smith-’Ecdysis’
10th: Presslie Novits-’Let Me Entertain You’
10th: Siena Riga-’Naked’
10th: Mandy Boaz-’Pink’
10th: Brooklyn Piano-’Solitary’
10th: Destiny Harris-’Up’
Senior Solo
1st: Alex Shulman-’In System’
1st: Ella Horan-’Silk’
2nd: Jade Bucci-’Sacrifice’
3rd: Alexis Weldner-’Release’
3rd: Jemoni Powe-’Second Thought’
4th: Brianna Sanchez-’Stolen’
4th: Charlotte Foldes-’You Forget Everything’
5th: Izzy Burton-’Gimme’
6th: Mallory McKenna-’I’m Lonely’
6th: Julian Menendez-’Note to Self’
6th: Kennedy Barry-’The Distance Between’
7th: Makaila Teagle-’Breathe Into Me’
7th: Vanessa Valenzuela-’Poem About Death’
7th: Bailey Holt-’Rose Water’
8th: Emmy Cheung-’Nostos’
8th: Alex Andrada-’Still In Love’
9th: Nina Sawaya-’All I Wanted’
9th: Lauren Polizzotto-’Distant Echos’
9th: Reese Willis-’Godspeed’
9th: Hannah Averbuck-’Got2BReal’
9th: Savannah Laughton-’Nostalgia’
10th: Izabel Hurtado-’Film Credits’
10th: Aleialanee Ponce De Leon-’Mirrored Heart’
10th: Megan Chie-’You’
Rookie Duo/Trio
1st: Studio Fusion-’Kansas City’
1st: Danceology-’Time of My Life’
2nd: Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’Tomorrow’
3rd: Notion Dance Concepts-’MILK $’
Mini Duo/Trio
1st: Mather Dance Company-’Respect’
2nd: Murrieta Dance Project-’Midnight Train’
3rd: Studio X-’Vogue’
3rd: Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’We Are’
Junior Duo/Trio
1st: Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’And So It Is’
2nd: Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’Inception’
3rd: Danceology-’Celloopa’
3rd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Everything Is In Line’
Teen Duo/Trio
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Make Me High’
2nd: Danceology-’Busy Signal’
3rd: Danceology-’Smile In The Rain’
Senior Duo/Trio
1st: Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’Refuse’
2nd: Studio Kin-’The Night We Met’
3rd: Studio Kin-’Never Love Again’
Rookie Group
1st: Danceology-’Ladies Room’
2nd: Mather Dance Company-’Fabulous’
3rd: Danceology-’Kingdom’
Mini Group
1st: Mather Dance Company-’Hot Stuff’
2nd: Danceology-’Happy’
3rd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Searching For...’
Junior Group
1st: Orange County Performing Arts Academy-’Wind It Up’
2nd: Danceology-’Give Yourself In’
2nd: The Rock Center for Dance-’Over The Edge’
3rd: Orange County Performing Arts Academy-’Sing Sing Sing’
Teen Group
1st: Danceology-’Dream of Dreaming’
2nd: The Rock Center for Dance-’Heavenly Bodies’
3rd: West Coast School of the Arts-’All Coming Back’
Senior Group
1st: Mather Dance Company-’We The Soldiers’
2nd: Mather Dance Company-’For All We Know’
3rd: Studio Fusion-’Coconut’
3rd: Academy of Nevada Ballet Theatre-’Those That Follow’
Open Group
1st: Community Dance Training-’The Place You Left’
Rookie Line
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Inanna’
2nd: The Rock Center for Dance-’Suite Tea’
3rd: Studio Kin-’SK Crew’
Mini Line
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’6 Out of Six’
2nd: Motion State Studios-’Sisters’
3rd: Danceology-’Time Passing’
Junior Line
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’All Good People’
2nd: Danceology-’Just Got Paid’
3rd: Danceology-’Backbone’
Teen Line
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Cadance’
1st: Danceology-’My Hands Are Always Cold’
2nd: The Rock Center for Dance-’Hey!’
3rd: The Rock Center for Dance-’Dark Winter’
3rd: Studio Kin-’Hustle’
Senior Line
1st: Mather Dance Company-’Prisoner’
1st: Mather Dance Company-’Voice of God’
2nd: Danceology-’It’s Weezy’
3rd: Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’I’m The Hero’
Mini Extended Line
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Settle Down’
2nd: Danceology-’Ballroom Blitz’
3rd: The Rock Center for Dance-’Jump Jump!’
3rd: Danceology-’Mary Poppins’
Junior Extended Line
1st: Evoke Dance Movement-’Hold Your Own’
2nd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Better Than Ever’
3rd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Purse First’
Teen Extended Line
1st: Danceology-’Not Today Satan’
2nd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Adios’
3rd: Danceology-’Cha Cha Heels’
Senior Extended Line
1st: Danceology-’Above Below’
2nd: Danceology-’Burn Up The Dance’
3rd: Danceology-’Night Thirst’
Mini Production
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Mambo Baby’
Junior Production
1st: Danceology-’Rich Girl’
2nd: Danceology-’Blind Faith’
3rd: Danceology-’Level Up’
High Scores by Performance Division:
Rookie Jazz
1st: Danceology-’Ladies Room’ 2nd: Mather Dance Company-’Fabulous’ 3rd: Studio Kin-’Look Out Weekend’
Rookie Ballet
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Suite Tea’
Rookie Hip-Hop
1st: Studio Kin-’SK Crew’
Rookie Contemporary
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Inanna’ 2nd: Danceology-’Kingdom’
Rookie Lyrical
1st: Notion Dance Concepts-’Firework’
Mini Jazz
1st: Motion State Studios-’Sisters’ 2nd: Mather Dance Company-’Hot Stuff’ 3rd: Danceology-’Ballroom Blitz’
Mini Ballet
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’The Invitation’ 2nd: Danceology-’Scarf Dance’ 3rd: Danceology-’Polinaise’
Mini Hip-Hop
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Jump Jump!’ 2nd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Get Up’ 3rd: Studio Kin-’Pure Water’
Mini Tap
1st: Danceology-’Happy’ 2nd: Danceology-’Luck be A Lady’ 3rd: Danceology-’Word Up’
Mini Contemporary
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’6 Out of Six’ 2nd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Searching For...’ 3rd: Danceology-’Time Passing’ 3rd: Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’Fading Images’
Mini Lyrical
1st: Mather Dance Company-’Roar’ 2nd: Elite Dance and Performing Arts Center-’Beautiful Thing’ 3rd: Studio Kin-’Lighthouse’
Mini Musical Theatre
1st: Danceology-’Mary Poppins’ 2nd: Studio Kin-’Mean & Green’
Mini Ballroom
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Mambo Baby’ 2nd: Danceology-’Favorite Things’
Mini Specialty
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Settle Down’ 2nd: The Rock Center for Dance-’Salient’ 3rd: Evoke Dance Movement-’I Think I Love You’
Junior Jazz
1st: Danceology-’Rich Girl’ 2nd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Purse First’ 3rd: Orange County Performing Arts Academy-’Wind It Up’
Junior Ballet
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Over The Edge’ 2nd: Danceology-’Paquita’ 3rd: Danceology-’Passarinjo’
Junior Hip-Hop
1st: Danceology-’Level Up’ 2nd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Lose Control’
Junior Tap
1st: Danceology-’Just Got Paid’
Junior Contemporary
1st: Danceology-’Blind Faith’ 2nd: The Rock Center for Dance-’All Good People’ 3rd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Hold Your Own’
Junior Lyrical
1st: Mather Dance Company-’Anything Worth Holding’ 2nd: Mather Dance Company-’Salvation’ 3rd: Elite Dance and Performing Arts Center-’You Will Be Found’
Junior Musical Theatre
1st: Danceology-’Black Friday Fiasco’ 2nd: Elite Dance and Performing Arts Center-’Nicest Kids In Town’
Junior Specialty
1st: Evoke Dance Movement-’Better Than Ever’ 2nd: Danceology-’Backbone’ 2nd: Danceology-’Give Yourself In’ 3rd: Orange County Performing Arts Academy-’Sing Sing Sing’
Teen Jazz
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Shadow Work’ 1st: Orange County Performing Arts Academy-’Boom Pow’ 2nd: Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’Feeling Super Down’ 3rd: Murrieta Dance Project-’Sweet Melody’
Teen Ballet
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Dark Winter’
Teen Hip-Hop
1st: Studio Kin-’Hustle’ 2nd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Diva’ 3rd: Studio Kin-’All That Matters’
Teen Tap
1st: Danceology-’Mr. Blue Sky’
Teen Contemporary
1st: Danceology-’My Hands Are Always Cold’ 2nd: The Rock Center for Dance-’Hey!’ 3rd: The Rock Center for Dance-’Heavenly Bodies’
Teen Lyrical
1st: West Coast School of the Arts-’All Coming Back’ 2nd: Mather Dance Company-’Overdose’ 3rd: Mather Dance Company-’Out of Hiding’
Teen Musical Theatre
1st: Danceology-’Not Today Satan’ 2nd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Singular Sensation’ 3rd: Elite Dance and Performing Arts Center-’Footloose’
Teen Ballroom
1st: Danceology-’Cha Cha Heels’ 2nd: The Rock Center for Dance-’Movimento’
Teen Specialty
1st: The Rock Center for Dance-’Cadance’ 2nd: Danceology-’Dream of Dreaming’ 3rd: Danceology-’Passage’
Senior Jazz
1st: Mather Dance Company-’Prisoner’ 2nd: Danceology-’Night Thirst’ 3rd: West Coast School of the Arts-’How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?’
Senior Hip-Hop
1st: Danceology-’It’s Weezy’
Senior Contemporary
1st: Mather Dance Company-’We The Soldiers’ 2nd: Academy of Nevada Ballet Theatre-’Those That Follow’ 3rd: Danceology-’Above Below’ 3rd: Studio Fusion-’Weight of Silence’
Senior Lyrical
1st: Mather Dance Company-’Voice of God’ 2nd: Mather Dance Company-’For All We Know’
Senior Specialty
1st: Studio Fusion-’Coconut’ 2nd: Evoke Dance Movement-’Terrified’
Senior Ballroom
1st: Danceology-’Burn Up The Dance’
Best of Radix:
The Rock Center for Dance-’Inanna’
Danceology-’Ladies Room’
Mather Dance Company-’Fabulous’
Studio Kin-’SK Crew’
Notion Dance Concepts-’Firework’
The Rock Center for Dance-’6 Out of Six’
Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’Fading Images’
Evoke Dance Movement-’Searching For...’
Mather Dance Company-’Hot Stuff’
Motion State Studios-’Sisters’
Evoke Dance Movement-’Hold Your Own’
The Rock Center for Dance-’All Good People’
Danceology-’Rich Girl’
Orange County Performing Arts Academy-’Wind It Up’
Mather Dance Company-’Anything Worth Holding’
Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’Hey Hi Hello’
Motion State Studios-’Always, Forever’
 Murrieta Dance Project-’Luminous’
Academy of Nevada Ballet Theater-’The Great Realization’
Danceology-’Not Today Satan’
The Rock Center for Dance-’Hey!’
West Coast School of the Arts-’All Coming Back’
Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’The Need for One Another’
Studio Kin-’Hustle’
Murrieta Dance Project-’Memories’
Elite Dance and Performing Arts Center-’Change’
Mather Dance Company-’Overdose’
Orange County Performing Arts Academy-’No Ordinary Love’
Evoke Dance Movement-’Adios’
Mather Dance Company-’We The Soldiers’
Evoke Dance Movement-’Terrified’
Murrieta Dance Project-’Echos’
Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’I’m The Hero’
Danceology-’Above Below’
Academy of Nevada Ballet Theatre-’Those That Follow’
Studio Fusion-’Coconut’
West Coast School of the Arts-’How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?’
Studio Standout:
Studio Kin-’Hustle’
Mather Dance Company-’We The Soldiers’
Evoke Dance Movement-’Adios’
Elite Dance and Performing Arts Center-’Change’
Danceology-’Not Today Satan’
Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts-’I’m The Hero’
The Rock Center for Dance-’Hey!’
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