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#its the worst
soft-galaxies · 6 hours ago
personal top 3 john sheridan moments
(as of mid-season 5 anyway)
a tie between jumping into the pit in z’ha’dum and & his big “now get the hell out of our galaxy!” speech
almost getting assassinated while sniffing an orange
trying to use a tiny fire extinguisher on a mystical alien transdimensional energy barrier 
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acorncharm · 6 hours ago
guess who has a FUCKING headache AGAIN
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eldesperadont · 6 hours ago
if Jay retains against Finlay (and Taguchi) then i want him to defend the NEVER belt against Taichi. They don’t need a logical storyline, their slimy sleazy bastard aura should just gravitate them towards each other like some black holes or whatever, let them fight and be awful and insufferable and flirt with- and kill each other and make everyone that enjoys it (me) think “god i can’t fucking stand these two i love them so much”
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potato-dragons · 7 hours ago
Anyone that says "uh huh their jobs out there. Everyone is hiring. Your just not trying hard enough" bs seriously needs to get punch in the throat. It's as simple as that.
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unanthropic · 7 hours ago
hwatever baby hanako going to put him in my mouth for safekeeping
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skully-bones · 8 hours ago
i finally went through w/ the straight across bangs and i literally cant describe it as anything other than shookening
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sammywlw · 8 hours ago
ok literally the moc storyline is so unsatisfying like it doesnt add shit to the story or the characters like the moc doesnt even really change dean like he was already violent and angry and was getting more so as the seasons progressed anyways like the moc just intensified these things but it really didn’t change dean much and like he never even dealt w/ these issues? like its just so dumb like if i wanted to see dean angry and breaking shit/hurting someone i could go to almost any season lmao
what wouldve actually been interesting tho is if sam’s demon killing powers resurfaced and he killed abaddon!! ive seen some other ppl talk about this and i love it so much like we know from ruby in s4 that sam didn’t need to be drinking the demon blood in order to use his powers so it stands to reason that they never went away and his powers are just like super fucking repressed ig but like killing the extra-bad and powerful demon that can’t be killed w/ the demon knife?? literally the perfect time to bring the powers back!! it makes so much more sense! literally the writers just hate to see a hot girl winning 
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dilf-kaito · 8 hours ago
he literally has a yellow vest like bill cipher
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lookwhatyoumademedo · 10 hours ago
look i know the first verse of cardigan doesn't directly describe betty, much less one single outfit of hers but i can't help but think of it that way and i'm just.... vintage tee, high heels, sequins, black lipstick, AND a cardigan? betty, girl,
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cherrythebomb · 11 hours ago
Wanna have a cool animal crossing discord but last time i made a discord it ended up being toxic and having a 30 year old manchild manipulative pedo in it lmfao as well as some other people just being downright awful. ://
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i got excited this morning cause i thought we were going to a bookstore but then it didnt work and we ended up going to the book section of goodwill for half an hour and then had to leave and they didnt even have any philosophy books and im just really sad now
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