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#its the stages of grief
aced-tae · 19 days ago
If Taemin was an important part of who you were growing up and who you are currently and you have no idea who you are or are going to be without him clap your hands
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emmiewtf · 26 days ago
TBH the SK8 Dub feels like SUCH a fever dream?? Like a whole AU on itself. Matcha Blossom are flirting, AGGRESSIVELY, TOGETHER. Japanese Reki: "I'm not good enough for Langa..." Dub Reki: "I thought YOU were DIFFERENT!" (They made it sound even more like a break up, somehow? My god.) Japanese Langa: "...her?" (He's so confused.) Dub Langa: "WHAT GIRL." I could go on and on but I'm just crying. WHO are those people. I don't even wanna know how Shadow sounds like, I'm laughing as much as it is.
literally WHAT!! is going on!! the entire tone of the characters and show is different the english script writer out here freestyling😭😭 like we got "hot spring healing sounds like what old guys do" to "hot springs are a boomer thing" and then reki's "im scared" during the fight is "youre freakin me out man!" i feel like im having a stroke why'd they change it sm the sub dialogue is right there --- ALSO SINCE U MENTIONED SHADOW they have him do two completely different voices when he's at S vs at the flower shop and flower shop voice sounds like a teenage boy it vibe checked me
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stuck-inmyemophase · 2 months ago
I've never experienced the heartbreaking "this really good fanfiction is incomplete and was last updated a year ago" because I know better than to read incomplete fics without checking the date but,,,, apparently I do not know better
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softboyghostbur · 2 months ago
yes i turned down my zoom class for tubbos stream
yeah imma fail psychology but thats okay
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sapphiko · 2 months ago
See originally, unpopular opinion, I thought that either tommy or tubbo dying wouldn't happen or shouldn't happen bc they already did death with wilbur and story wise it's just not sexy to reuse plot twists but i now actually do think that wilburs and tommys deaths are equally fulfilling
Because with Wilbur, everyone witnessed it, they all knew exactly when and why and how it happened so therefore there was no need to discuss it and get over feelings for it. Wilbur went out with a bang. That was the experience.
But Tommy? Tommy died in the hands of his abuser in a room that held everything he could ever fear. No one saw his death or just any of the events that lead up to it, they don't know, and that's the glory of it, because we get to witness people's reactions.
Tommy's death is something so entirely human, you know, because there's no pause button for death.
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tanukisses · 2 months ago
i think its amazing that we can all be on the same site and have such different experiences. youre telling me people come online and DONT see the howl x willy wonka amv every 20 minutes? cringe
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