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#its kinda whats happening
thetinsoldier1992 · 12 hours ago
Big fan of like video games/tv shows that change up their title screens/opening and ending credits slightly over the course of the story based off plot's like oh FUCK a character who just died is MISSING from the TITLE SCREEN now!!!!!!!!!! Holy SHIT!!!!!!!!!;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#i see it in lots of rpg maker games and renpy games#probably just cause i play lots of those lol#also because dynamic title screens fuck hard and small indie devs have good taste#although sometimes in rpg maker games because of the multiple save slots you can have some funky things happen#like on occasion the engine doesnt know what to do when you have one save where everyone's fuckinh DEAD and one were everyones fine#so the title screen doesnt know which version of itself to use and it kinda swaps between to two for a hot minute#but ive only ever seen that happen like once so its fine lol#i hear 7scarlet has something kinda like this like over time the title screen whispers change to like 'help me' and shit#that rules i havent played that game but i want to purely because of the title screen#i hear its one of the weaker vita otomes but i dont care lol i think at this point you may have noticed#but wether something is good or well written is less important to me than whether something does something technically or structurally weird#must a piece of media be 'good?' is it not enough to be experimental bullshit. weird as hell?#a few anime do this a bit. i remember angel beats ending kinda played around with adding and removing characters a lot#i remember the sayonara zetsubou sensei openings did some WILD shit too like especially all the versions of ringo mogire beam#theres probably more anime that does this and i think lots of prestige tv plays around with this a bit too#but i uh. have a bad habit of watching exactly 4 episodes of a tv show. enjoying it a lot. wanting to watch more. and then never doing it#my own folly...................
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mcprincessdiaries · 3 days ago
u know i think the reason i struggle to come up with ideas for ffxiv is bc theres already an extensive chain of events so its harder to squeeze stuff in. with splatoon it was super easy cause theres hardly any established timeline i could be like "what if x and x do y" and put it wherever u know?
anyways this is to say im thinking abt werewolf au and while its def something separate idk if it would happen before or after shb because the general ideas turning in my head are kinda similar to the shit bo goes through then. also itd definitely have something to do with voidsent and maybe an ascian cause why not lol
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love4hobi · 4 days ago
its so hard to feel motivated to gif these days 💔💔💔
#negative#like#im just never gonna be one of those people who can gif super fast#and so with tumblr being so dead its just hard to make gifs if i know they wont do well by the time i post them#like i dont gif just for notes but i kinda do like if notes dont matter why even post the gifs just keep them on your computer#like everyone hopes their gifs will do well and thats ok theres nothing shallow about that#but so when i try to take the extra time to really make them look as good as possible it sucks that for all the extra time i take im losing#the possibility of getting more notes? if that makes sense?#it just feels like why bother i guess#like why bother trying to make them look better if the person who posted faster will get more notes#but then also on the rare occasion i do post fast other people often still get more notes than me bc i dont even know like that#really kinda hurts when it happens cus im like </3 what am i doing wrong like when i literally dont know what i couldve done better#but then if youre not putting effort into your gifs and just making them to post fast then whats the point of that either you know....#ugh#i sound so annoying im sorry but i needed to get this out i dont have anyone to talk to about it irl n stuff so yea#and ive been feeling really sad about not having been able to gif anything from sowoozoo like i was looking forward to it so much but#things just didnt work out#i mean i still could but like i said lol.... its hard to feel motivated when everythings already been giffed hours ago
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butch-cas · 4 days ago
its actually so easy to watch spn blind and not be spoiled for shit just bc everything that happens in the show is so batshit insane its basically impossible to follow without actually watching, and even then..
#like yeah I know the end I know how cas dies but like that's not what I'm talking about#like I'm watching s15 for the first time and I had no real idea how the plot went outside of 'god is the main villain'#like actually watching it I understand what's going on and I'm gaining my own understanding slowly#It's just kinda fun#it IS good to have warnings about shit that happens like.... the fucking homophobic hate crimes in one of the s15 episodes?????#so I'll be watching out for that but like what I mean isn't who dies and who lives#(BC I REALLY WOULD HAVE LIKED TO HAVE KNOWN HOW MARY DIED A HEAD OF TIME THAT MADE ME SO UPSET)#but like what actually goes on and how the plot develope#also the fucking lamp scene..... like ???? when I watched that too I was like THAT WAS THE CONTEXT ???#fucking the fact that after dean has his gay little dream he watches garth dancing with his wife like ok we get it you want to live in#domestic bliss with your sexy lamp angel husband WE GET IT#ok but also genuinely what does the lamp symbolize for real tho#like if its not a longing that dean has what does it mean ?? like .#if we want to take it at face value its like a lamp is a light so a guiding light a warmth .#u know ??#but then you have the rest of the context of the dream#and its kinda funny bc when i had seen gifs of him dancing with the lamp I always thought it was somewhere within the micheal arc#bc of the suit! bc dean's body dressed in an old fashioned suit like some 30s b&w movie star was associated with micheal as far as i knew#so like you can think about that...#but then also the fact that he was dancing with garth whose life dean has wanted and envies and at the end of the episode he says 'i always#Thought I could be a good dancer' basically meaning I always thought I might be good at a life like that#he wants to dance that dance !#and then all this is happening while garth is trying to help him with a problem he's never had to acknowledge before....#the layers lads.....#Anyway....#c#spnlb
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iamnotmereally · 6 days ago
Hey. You are not a burden. You are an amazing person! I know these past few days have been hard but you gotta keep going. Take a social media break if you need to. Take a few days for yourself. Forget about exams and drawings and stuff. Just do something that makes you happy. Seeing you on my dash always brings a smile on my face, but I need you to take care of yourself <3
(PS: Vienna by Billy Joel always helps when I feel like shit, so maybe it'll help you too)
Hey... thank you.. I really need to start studying though so I cant drop that.. but I will try to do the rest :)
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g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e · 7 days ago
a possible term- sympathetic dissonance
its like cognitive dissonance, but about your instinctive sympathy towards something where thats maybe not so warranted. examples include: accidentally hitting a stuffed animal, killing a cute videogame creature for sustenance, the hypotheticals where youd have to kill the zombified corpse of a beloved friend, etc.
in none of these are you actually being unwarrantedly cruel, but it looks like you are to your hindbrain, so you feel bad about it.
#was thinking about how i may rewatch wrtvs boneworks vods in the near future#and remembered those little orb dudes you can kill where its not immediately clear if youre supposed to or not#and it turns out that while you CAN theres no reward for it and its just kinda sad#despite the fact that even in canon theyre not real. theyre very simple npc coding. they cant learn#whether or not they can 'feel' is a bigger existential question about what qualifies as feeling but#youre not like. actually harming a real living thing#that doesnt stop it from feeling fucking terrible tho#like its not morally bad to kill a videogame npc but it can really truly feel like it is at times#which is just a side effect of the fact we can enjoy games at all- its because on some level they DO feel real to us#you refer to your character as yourself. you talk to the npcs as if theyre people. you consider morals in simulated scenarios#the whole POINT of fiction is that we engage with it personally. without that noone would give a shit#even with more passive media such as tv youre still super invested in the series you like#anyways fiction affects reality etc etc#thats where most of sympathetic dissonance happens#it can happen outside of it- like damaging something cute but inanimate and feeling bad about it-#but most of it happens in fiction because fiction is inherently rife with it. heres these things you feel like are alive that arent#italked#itagged#original post#i dont really think about hypotheticals of real-life zombieness thats just a good example#since a huge part of the zombie lore is 'these look like people but arent and you need to defend yourself because they Wont Stop'#listening to the latest besties episode- the one in which russ is essentially described as a himbo and also best re game pt 2-#so zombies are on the brain. no pun intended
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