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#its just sooooo delicious
bakatenshii · 3 months ago
porn fiend shiggy who lets you call him your boyfriend but he doesnt hesitate to tell you where you rank amongst his waifus, fav porn stars, and best girls (dead last). but puppy love, heart eyes you takes it as youre still above other real humans in his life which is good enough. the absolute dedication you have to learning their voices and doing it in bed only for shigaraki to smack you like "don't taint them." he'll tell you you'd be the bitch added to an anime for sex and has no worthy to the plot. that its a "good thing" you have "anime tits." porn fiend bf shiggy who calls you his hole and you're like "thats a weird way to say gf" and he's just like "shut up before i fuck a chick with a better costume than you at the next anime con."
I wish I had something to add but I really truly don’t, my brain is fried from the sheer amount of times I’ve reread this and fact that he lets you call him your boyfriend, puts up with you in the end, is just so romantic to me. it has me so so soft hhh PORN FIEND SHIGGY & HIS ABSOLUTELY LOVESICK 3D GIRL IS MY FAV TROPE AND I’LL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP REEEEEEEEEE
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capricethebrat · 6 months ago
Larusso drinks Dom Perignon like it’s water, the bougie fucking bitch
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friend anon here!
I hope you got to go swimming! sorry I haven't been super consistent, I've been taking a semi-break from social media lol. I've just been swimming at the YMCA for like exercise but I have a lifeguard job at an outdoor pool at a summer camp so I'm really excited for that to start & to be able to go swimming with the kids! its a small pool and the camp is for disabled folks so there's a lot more interaction than some other pools I've worked at where the guard chair is just up & away from everyone
I did do my cooking today! and I just did dishes, but it wasn't too bad because I had the new marina album to accompany me lol. I would love some sort of pie recipe to try! it sounds delicious
it was really nice being able to bike to work! I don't think I would have minded driving near my school as much, but I'm from northern NJ and the roads are just horrible. I hate driving on them though biking is worse. NJ drivers are hands down the worst. they talk a lot of shit about PA drivers and stuff but the truth is PA drivers are normal and NJ drivers are maniacs who need to get everywhere as quickly as possible for no real reason and get mad when other people obey traffic laws.
I'm glad you can go on a vacation this year!! my whole extended family is renting a house by the beach later this summer and I'm really excited, it's the first time we've done something like this since before the recession lol. it's going to be real weird being on a vacation where the only purpose is just to like,, relax? I'm hoping I'll get to reading some books that have been on my tbr since forever
weather this weekend was really crappy where I live, we'll see if it gets any better during the week, though I'm enjoying the break from the heat. I hope you have a wonderful monday!!
I did get to swim, thank you bestie!!!! I haven’t been to the pool in sooooo long, I’m so excited to get to go again!!! There’s just nothing like swimming outside on a super hot day ☀️🌊
Your camp job sounds amazing!! What’s the age group of the campers? I hope you love it!!
Good for you for doing your dishes!!! Also I haven’t listened to the new MARINA album yet- do you like it??? Also I’ll find a good pie recipe and leave it on my blog for you!!! I just have to hunt down my pie crust link 👀
Sjsksjsj dying at your driver descriptions 🤣
Your beach trip sounds like it’s going to be soooooo much fun!!! I also haven’t had a trip just to relax in a while- it’s going to be so nice to just hang out with my family and enjoy the weather! Also the giant TBR list is very relatable lol
I’m sorry your weather was crappy- I hope it gets better soon!! It’s been extremely hot where I am, but I don’t mind because at least I can go to the pool!
I hope you also have a wonderful day my darling!! 💕
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housamo-side-blog-2 · 2 days ago
{Dorm Room}
it is a starry night in your dorm room,your headlights shined the notebook that is sitting on your desk, as you write your thoughts on the notebook.
“Dear Diary” 
“Today is a another wonderful day here in Tokyo, Yesterday i went with Ryota to buy some rainbow buns from Ebisu”s shop, offcourse i have to accompany Ryota to Nagoya, since he isn’t familiar with it, which offcourse i will delighted to, And........ i notice this about Ryota, Everytime he wears something, 
He gets cuter and cuter whenever i see him in different clothings, i mean he’s cute and all,but how the heck does someone like that exists, man Im really lucky to have met him. 
 {Salomon Appears} 
Lil Salomon:  Goooooooood Evening master , oh, what is that you’re writing on ?
Harumo:  Its my diary, im just writing about Ryota and other stuff. 
Lil Salomon:  OOOOHHHHHH!, Can i read it pls? 
Lil Salomon:  Yeah!, here i go, 
Your floating buttler skims the contents of your secret thoughts, however. 
Lil Salomon:   Wait a second!, There’s not a single page that is all about me. how could you do this to me master,you’re so cruel. 
Harumo:  Salomon, you’re literally with me 24/7, and you already know what i think about you. 
Lil Salomon:  And what is that? 
Harumo:   That you are my favorite and most adorable, butler and friend that i have. 
Lil Salomon:   Ohhhhhhhh!, Masterrrrr! 
Lil Salomon after hearing those words,floats around,full of emotion and almost to the brink of crying tears of joy. 
Harumo:  Why are you crying? 
Lil Salomon:  How could i not cry from those words Master, hmph, 
Harumo:  Well, thats what i think about you, Anyway, it getting late, I’ll finish this part tomorrow,  ..
You strecthed yourself to relieve yourself of any fatigue and began to get sleepy as you yown with tiredness, 
Harumo:  Welp, Im going to sleep, Night Lil Salomon, 
Lil Salomon:  Goodnight Master! 
You pull your blankets over you, Lil Salomon sleeps on your side and dreamt away, While your diary, rests on top of your study table unclosed, Leaving exposed thoughts out of the open for anyone to read it, 
{End Scene}
{The next day} 
{Dorm Room} 
Morning has now, brought light to Tokyo, as everyone wakes up,go out, and work, students on the other hand. 
You sleep soundly as though you’re immersed in your own dream. Unaware your classmates are already inside your room, to wake you up, since you always tend to do all nighters. 
Shiro:   *Sigh*, Harumo should really fix their sleep schedule, if they keep pulling all nighters,it could damage their health. 
Kengo:   Hey partner! , WAKE, THE HELL,, UP ! 
As Kengo scream to your hear, you wake up in shock and nearly had a heart attack. 
Shiro:   Finally, good work Kengo. 
Ryota:   Morning Harumo ! 
Harumo:   Uhm.,,, why are you guys in my room? 
Moritaka:   Classes are about to start my friend. And you’re always late waking up.
Shiro:  We’ll wait outside for you. 
You rush to the bathroom to fix yourself and brushed your teeth, Unaware of one person stumbling upon your opened notebook. 
Ryota:   Why is my name there? 
Ryota,whom is unaware of the contents,fully unaware that its your diary he’s reading the first sentence of it. 
Ryota:   Oh yeah, we did went to Nagoya, Ebisu’s rainbow buns were sooooo delicious. 
Harumo:  Okay, im r- Ryota! 
Ryota:   Ahh!, Don’t scare me like that ! 
Harumo:  Why are you reading my diary then? 
Again,Ryota is unaware,he’s actually reading his friend’s personal diary. 
Ryota:   Wait,.....WHAT!......IM SORRY, IM SORRY, IM SORRY ! ....All right I’ll be out bye ! 
Ashamed of himself, he ranned outside in a panic. 
Kengo: Whoah, Ryota what happened to you? 
Ryota:  Guys, i did something really shameful. 
Moritaka:   Do tell us Ryota, im sure its not that bad. 
Ryota:   I just read Harumo’s diary. 
Moritaka:   O,,,oh,,,i see,, 
Shiro:   Reading other’s people diary, is shameful Ryota. 
Ryota: I Know, im sorry, i didn’t know, it was them, Plus my name was written on it so i got curious. 
Kengo:   And, what did you read?
Ryota:   Just the part where me and Harumo went to Nagoya to get some of Ebisu’s famous Rainbow was delicious. 
Harumo:  Okay guys, im ready.! 
Kengo:  Finally, lets go
Ryota:  Harumo.. im really sorry for reading your diary without your permission, i should have known better. 
Harumo:   Thats okay, im sure you didn’t read all of it. { Hopefully not the part about him being cuter and cuter} 
Ryota:   Really?!, Yey!!, I only read half of it, But whats about the part of me being cute? 
Shiro:  Harumo don’t run or you’l trip. 
Ryota:   {I wonder if its the part of me being cute in every clothing part}
Face covered in embarrasment, you ran in a panic, thinking about what will Ryota thinks of him being called cute and all. And that, they continue their day in embarrasment. 
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butchcommunist · 25 days ago
I'm not a huge fan of Israel's politics always but all this anti-Israel stuff in the past week or so... I'm just wondering, what do you all think will happen to Israeli Jews if Israel just... seizes to exist or whatever it is you're all hoping for? Antisemitism in the surrounding Arab countries is RAMPANT. Again, I dislike a lot of Israel's politics, but I feel like people fail to consider the why. Israel reacts quickly and severely to threats because the entire rest of the world HATES jews.
The practical answer is likely that they go somewhere else, perhaps returning to the NYC or London or other place that is the only home many of them have ever actually known rather than continuing to tear into what, even if we agree with the historical and religious arguments that it is Jewish land, has at least ALSO been the home of Palestinian Arabs for a longer time than any human being has been alive.
I could make exactly the same argument for creating some new black American country in any other region and displacing the indigenous people through ethnic cleansing. This question is actually of great interest to me, because I think that there are perhaps no two people who truly share a story like the Jewish diaspora and the African American diaspora, or at least as I understand the stories, as an African American, to be extremely similar. I cannot think of any other groups who are more TRULY a people without a land- black Americans aren't Americans in any form except by having been born here as is evidenced by the fact that we regularly experience extrajudicial murder here, we are landless in a way that members of other black diasporas simply can't understand, because we are without even a Haitian, or a black Cuban history, like the concept of landlessness is one that I understand and that sooooo many other African Americans have understood! And it has in fact resulted in campaigns to do exactly that which I'm opposing in the case of Israel- to say, I come from here (in the event that you could trace that- most black Americans who are descendants of slaves obviously could not, and neither could almost anyone else because a percentage of shared genetic markers in a certain region says nothing about where YOU as an individual are "from" in a meaningful way) and I'm going to come back even if it means displacing everyone who's been here living lives and families for generations.
Israel reacts in the way that it does out of self interest- there is no question of what would happen to Israel without the support of the US, and like literally any state in existence it defends its right to continue to exist. Any state will do the same, whether defending against a "terrorist" group, or an invader, or a popularly supported militia group, etc. That's not the question and never has been. But to say that Israel "reacts" when it has on many occasions engaged first in acts of war and ethnic cleansing and when the whole project from the outside was reliant on ethnic cleansing is absurd to me. I don't know the answer to global antisemitism, and I don't know the answer to global antiblackness- I do know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can justify ethnic cleansing to me. That is something I oppose on principal, no matter the cause. This isn't about not liking Jewish people- I have marveled in awe at the ability of Jewish people to do what my own people couldn't do and pass down generations of knowledge and culture and traditions and the reasons for them, I think their traditions of skepticism and atheism are dope as shit and fascinating, I think they make delicious food, I think it is so fantastic for them to be around as a people no matter how many tried to just kill them off in a way that really connects with me as an LGBT person who sees myself as the descendant of people who could have chosen to just live I secret forever and didn't, there are so many wonderful things about Jewish people but nothing justifies ethnic cleansing to me. The why of ethnic cleansing will never garner more of my attention than the ongoing ethnic cleansing.
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prolet-kult · a month ago
Has Tofurky stepped up its game?
Hello all! After getting a surplus of bread and buns and being realistic with my thought, "I can't eat this many PB&Js and egg salad..." I broke down and bought Tofurky.
Before I went vegetarian, sandwiches were one of my favorite foods, but I remember trying Tofurky a few times (probably around 10-12 years ago?) and thinking it was sooooo gross-tasting and not a suitable substitute. So I kicked it!
Well, I bit the bullet and decided to go for it again to try to use up this bread. I noticed new branding, new flavors, thought I'd give it a try. I purchased the Smoked Ham Style and the Roast Beef Style and I am BLOWN AWAY. SO DELICIOUS!!!
So I'm here to ask.... has anything changed? What are your guys' favorite styles of Tofurky lunch"meat"? What's a killer sandwich combo using Tofurky? (I swear I don't work for Tofurky, just wondering if my memory has deceived me or if my tastebuds have changed)!
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bentylershook · a month ago
Has Tofurky stepped up its game?
Hello all! After getting a surplus of bread and buns and being realistic with my thought, "I can't eat this many PB&Js and egg salad..." I broke down and bought Tofurky.
Before I went vegetarian, sandwiches were one of my favorite foods, but I remember trying Tofurky a few times (probably around 10-12 years ago?) and thinking it was sooooo gross-tasting and not a suitable substitute. So I kicked it!
Well, I bit the bullet and decided to go for it again to try to use up this bread. I noticed new branding, new flavors, thought I'd give it a try. I purchased the Smoked Ham Style and the Roast Beef Style and I am BLOWN AWAY. SO DELICIOUS!!!
So I'm here to ask.... has anything changed? What are your guys' favorite styles of Tofurky lunch"meat"? What's a killer sandwich combo using Tofurky? (I swear I don't work for Tofurky, just wondering if my memory has deceived me or if my tastebuds have changed)!
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meltwonu · a month ago
jesus christ. that vernon drabble you just posted was so fucking good like .. the switching between the appointment with joshua and the ✨ sexy time ✨ with vernon was insanely creative and gave me whiplash (the good kind) !! i love love love the dynamic between the reader and vernon like one second shes his pretty little kitty and the next shes calling topping him with a cock ring????? AND WHEN SHE CALLED HIM A DESPERATE PUP queen shit only omfg sorry for rambling but i truly adore this concept!
+ “hi hina!!! that last vn drabble was probably my favorite one from the hybrid series? the dynamic was fun not just with vn and reader but the subtle tension between them AND yoonhong is delicious hehe” 
+ “queen... i am begging... for a second part to the vernon drabble... where joshua catches them fucking before a counseling session... and joins in... *slides you a 20 dollar bill* its for my mental health PLEASE”
(grouped for vernon and Joshua thirst over that drabble 🤣) 
thank you guys so much! I really liked that one too, I wanted to try something different so I'm glad yall liked it! i’m gonna start experimenting with other au’s   after this cycle of drabbles 💕 hehe but I have a few more hybrid fics I wanna bust out in this cycle of hybrid fics sooooo 👀 might have to do a lil sequel to this one hehehehehe 
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travelingtheusa · 2 months ago
2021 Apr 12 (Mon) – We ran a bunch of errands today.  We had to get fuel for the truck and pet food. PetCo did not have Sheba’s food so we stopped at The Fresh Market to get her food and some food items for us.  The store turned out to be small and didn’t have everything we wanted.  So, we had to stop at Kroger to get cat food and the rest of the food we wanted. Lunch was at the Blue Plate Café. I thought the pot roast was chewy but Paul enjoyed the meal.  When we returned to the campground, Paul finished up the wallpaper in the bedroom. It looks very good.  Now I need a different covering on the window treatment. And, so, it starts.  Lol.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2021 Apr 11 (Sun) – We watched church services on Facebook. Afterward, we drove to Camping World to return a part Paul was not able to use in setting up the cell phone booster. We drove around trying to find a place to have lunch but we couldn’t find any place open and wound up just returning to the campground.  Paul got to work tearing off the old wallpaper in the bedroom and putting up the new paper.  It’s looking good.
2021 Apr 10 (Sat) – Bonnie is doing better.  The galliprant seems to be working for her.  She is still weak on her right side but she’s hardly limping.  We just have to be careful not to get her off balance and make sure she goes slowly up and down the stairs.  Old age sucks – for dogs as well as humans.
     A fierce thunderstorm rolled through early this morning.  We had storms last night from about 8 to 11 p.m. accompanied by the usual tornado warnings.  The storm this morning was so strong that one lightning boom literally lifted me out of the bed.  When the lightning flashed, you could see it through your closed lids.  Sheba must have been going crazy!
     My sister, Susan, is having surgery on her knee and asked if I could come stay for a week or two to help her out.  So I called my cancer doctor to reschedule my PET scan.  I was going to go home May 1 to May 12.  Now it looks like I’ll be flying back on May 16 and staying through Memorial Day.  Susan’s surgery is set for May 17.
     We got aggravated with not being able to get online to check out campsites.  We decided to buy a cell booster and drove to Camping World in Olive Branch in Mississippi (just across the border) to buy a King cell phone booster antenna.  It was $499!  Ugh.  We also picked up two camp chairs since ours are starting to fall apart.  
     Lunch was going to be at the Brass Door Irish Pub in Memphis.  After paying for 3 hours parking in Memphis, we walked a couple of blocks to the restaurant only to find it has been closed for the last year.  We then walked back toward the truck and stopped to eat at the Blue Plate Café Downtown. That was closed indefinitely. Next door was the River Time Café. It was a tiny deli but had a robust menu.  We both got sandwiches with potato salad.  We had to sit outside at one of two tables.  The proprietor said she was not allowed to have people in her shop.  While sitting outside waiting for her to bring out our meal (it’s down south and the wait was very long), an older man came stumbling by and started talking to us.  He was very difficult to understand but we understood that he was drunk and had come to get something to eat to soak the booze up.  At first, I thought he was going to panhandle but he just wanted to talk.  Then he went into the café and picked up his pre-ordered meal.  Finally, our sandwiches came out.  They were delicious.  The owner also gave us a free banana nut muffin because we waited patiently for so long.  That was nice.
 2021 Apr 9 (Fri) – We drove to the vet this morning to drop Bonnie off.  She is getting a test today to see if she has Cushings Disease.  She has had increased thirst, difficulty walking with a weakness on her right side (especially the back leg), and it seems like she has to pee more often.  Could be age related.  It might not. They will give her a shot of cortisol and check her blood at 8 a.m., noon, and 4 p.m.  If she makes more cortisol then she’s got the disease.  If she doesn’t make more cortisol, then she doesn’t have Cushings.  We have our fingers crossed.
     After dropping her off (we had to wait outside for someone to come get her – they’re not letting anyone inside), we went to the Blue Plate Café for breakfast.  It was a cute little place, bright and inviting.  The food was very good, too.  
     Next stop was at Lowe’s.  Paul peeled the wall covering off in the bedroom.  It’s been coming off almost from the day we bought the camper. Now we are looking for a new wallpaper. We found a pattern we like.  We’ll see how it looks.
     We made a quick stop at the Fresh Market.  I am out of Vitamin C and looking for more.  We thought it was a health food type store but it was just a regular supermarket.  I picked up a few items but no vitamins.
     When we got back to the campground, we drove over to the Chucalissa Village in the park.  It is an area where Choctaw tribes lived there hundreds of years ago.  There is a mound and a replica house built on the site. A small museum tells the story of the area, both of the park itself and of the inhabitants who lived here.  The old site was actually discovered by CCC workers who were building a pool for the first all Negro park in the state. It is now run by the University of Memphis.
Tumblr media
     At 4:45 p.m. we drove back into town to get Bonnie.  The vet came out to talk to us.  She said the test was negative.  Bonnie does not have Cushings Disease.  She couldn’t see any reason for her leg problems and surmised that it is arthritis.  She told us to continue with the Galliprant and bring her back if things get worse.
     We found something very fascinating.  It is a Smart Mart.  It’s like a new version of the automat.  You pull up, touch a screen, shop for different grocery items, pay and your items are given to you in a big drawer.  There was a delivery truck there filling up the mart when we stopped.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 2021 Apr 8 (Thu) – We wanted to go to the Cotton Museum but it was closed due to the pandemic.  We then drove to the National Ornamental Metal Museum.  Although their website said they opened at 10 a.m., they were closed with a sign out front saying they open at 11 a.m.  So we drove around Memphis for an hour.  Saw Beale Street (Home of the Blues) in its quiet state; i.e. with no partymakers at night.  Paul says they are trying to be like New Orleans.  I don’t think so.  New Orleans is different.  It is the place for jazz music.  Memphis is blues music.  The city is confusing with lots of closed off streets for renovations or construction. As you get further outside the city, the buildings are old, dilapidated, spray painted with graffiti.  Many homes have bars on the windows and doors.
Tumblr media
     We tried to go to the Mississippi River Museum but it wasn’t where Trip Advisor said it should be.  We stopped at the Visitors Center and were told they moved the museum to Mud Island and it has been closed for the past year and a half.  We went back to the Metal Museum and they were open. The most delightful part of the tour was the exhibit by international artists.  They took a 155mm steel bar and made all kinds of things from it.  It was fascinating to see how imaginative people can be.
Tumblr media
     After the Metal Museum, we drove to the post office and dropped off all the envelopes we prepared.  Then we went to the Bass Pro Shops Giant Pyramid for lunch at Uncle Bucks Restaurant. They have rooms up on the second and third level.  So the store is also a hotel.  Paul bought a flannel shirt.  We looked for new camp chairs but couldn’t find what we wanted.
     On the way back to the campground, we stopped at Kroger Supermarket and picked up some groceries.  The camp host told us that the campground will be full this weekend. Although many RVs have come in, it is not full.  Either he can’t count or some of the campsites are not usable.  Whatever.
2021 Apr 7 (Wed) – We spent the day working on the mass mailing for SMART.  There were 32 duplicate addresses and 32 companies that did not have envelopes.  I typed labels for the missing companies and stuck them over the duplicate addresses.  Saved a lot of work (Paul’s suggestion).  We finished folding the letters, inserting them in the envelopes, and putting the return address labels and stamps on all the envelopes.  We just have to deliver them to the post office.
     The vet called this morning.  Bonnie’s liver enzymes are high.  She thinks Bonnie might have Cushings Disease.  We will drop her off at the vet on Friday so they can do some tests. In the meantime, Bonnie is having a very difficult time walking.  She fights getting up if she doesn’t have to.  We have resorted to using the special stairs we bought for our last dog to help her get in and out of the trailer easier.  It seems to be helping Bonnie.
      We packed up the trailer today and Paul drove over to the dump station to empty the tanks. I sat at the campsite with Bonnie because she was in too bad shape.  It took him 20 minutes then he was back and we got all hooked up again.  Good for another week.
 2021 Apr 6 (Tue) – We took Bonnie to the vet this morning.  We had to sit outside while they took her inside. The vet called on the phone and we talked about Bonnie’s history and issues.  She didn’t find anything obvious wrong with her foot.  Thinks it might be arthritis.  She took blood and will call us tomorrow.
      We left the vet and went looking for a fast food place for lunch. We stopped at a Burger King. There were six cars on line in front of us but were still on line for over half an hour.  It was the slowest fast food joint I’ve ever been to!  The junior whoppers were small and the fries were not even warm.  At least Bonnie enjoyed her burger.
     We went back to Office Depot to pick up the copies.  The service – again! – was so damn slow.  When the clerk finally waited on me, she asked if I had gotten an email saying the project was ready.  I replied that it was agreed upon yesterday that I would be back today.  With a sigh, she went to search on the shelves.  After about 5 minutes, she found my print job.
     When we got back to the campground, Bonnie’s back leg was giving out on her.  She could barely walk and kept sitting down and refusing to move any further.  I called the vet to ask if she had examined Bonnie’s other legs or just her hurt foot.  After some discussion, the vet said we’d wait to see what the bloodwork shows. The results should be back tomorrow.
     I took the mailing list I got from the Muster Master (who got it from the Chamber of Commerce in Shawnee, Oklahoma) and struggled through printing 360 envelopes.  Our printer is not a high capacity printer.  It took me hours to get them all printed.  The program kept shutting down and I would have to restart it.  In the meantime, Paul started folding the letters to insert in the envelopes.
 2021 Apr 5 (Mon) – The cell service at this campground is sooooo bad!  Even my phone isn’t working right and often drops to 3G with one bar.  It drops calls like crazy.  Getting on anything beyond standard email with the laptop is almost impossible.  Twelve days of this will be maddening.
     We drove to CVS to get Paul’s first COVID-19 shot.  On the way, we got an email saying his appointment had been cancelled.  We decided to just go in anyway and play dumb.  It worked.  Old people and technology is a recognized disability.  Lol.
     After the drugstore, we drove to Olive Garden to get lunch.  It appeared that they were repairing fire damage. Nothing to eat there.  We then tried another restaurant but it looked too high class.  We stopped at Seasons 52 Grill, which looked moderate from the outside but once we got inside – va, va, va, voom!  Very expensive.  We spent over $100.  Oh, well, what’s money for except to spend?  The lunch was excellent.
     We drove over to the Agricenter to look at the campground.  We will be going there after the rally in Arkansas and wanted to check out the best entry point.  It has a large campground but the spaces are a little too close.  Oh, well. It will be home for Paul when I fly back to New York next month.
      We stopped at Office Depot to drop of letters for copying.  I volunteered to be the Administrative Chairperson for the SMART 2021 National Muster.  One of my jobs is soliciting donations.  So I drafted a letter and attachment, got approval, then brought it to Office Depot to make 365 copies of each one.  I also gave them copies of return address labels to make up.  I don’t if it’s a “down south” thing, but the service was so frickin’ slow.  We were there almost an hour just to drop off the originals.  I said I’d be back tomorrow to pick up the copies.
     Bonnie has been favoring her front, right paw.  She started limping on it yesterday so I called a vet today and made an appointment to bring her in tomorrow.  The paw got worse over the day and now you can see her paw is swollen.  Hope they can figure out what’s wrong and fix it.
 2021 Apr 4 (Sun - Easter) – We managed to dial into the church service this morning.  It’s nice to be able to share the service with our congregation back home.
     I walked around the campground today.  Most the campsites are empty.  A lot of campers left today.  I would have thought they’d stay for the weekend.  Guess I was wrong.  We stayed in today.  Paul repaired the AC and we did the laundry.  It was a very nice day.  The trees are a brilliant green and the buds are in full bloom.  The sky was an incredible blue and the temperature reached the high 60s.  It was a beautiful Easter day.  We got to skype with both Travis and Miranda.  That make the day perfect!
 2021 Apr 3 (Sat) – We wasted 20 minutes this morning trying to get the Sunday service streaming on the iPad before we realized it was Saturday. Lol.  There are not nearly as many RVs in the campground as I thought there would be.  Over half left today.  I have never seen so many tiny trailers in the campground at a time.  There’s a teardrop trailer, an A-Line pyramid shaped camper, a Scottie, a couple of tiny trailers, and several tents.  
     The day was pleasant.  It started out cold in the 40s but warmed to the mid-60s.  The sky was clear and a brilliant blue and there was hardly any wind. There was a terrible odor in the air. At first, we thought it was the smell of campers dumping their tanks but it lingered too long.  There must be a waste plant somewhere nearby.  
 2021 Apr 2 (Fri) – Sure was glad we had that electric blanket on last night!  We are under a freeze warning for a few days.  We drove back down to Southaven, MS to get dog food at Petco and cat food at Kroger.  Picked up some people food, too, while we were at it.  Stopped at Southaven RV Super Center where Paul was able to buy a replacement for a broken part in the AC.  Not that we need AC right now, but (hopefully) soon.  It also operates the heat pump, which we DO need right now.  We have been keeping warm enough with the fireplace, the furnace, and a small electric heater.  On the way back, we spotted a pup up on the side of the highway. We stopped and shooed it away. Down the embankment, the mama dog and two other pups were skittering around.  They were clearly unowned canines.  We were glad we could chase the pup off the roadway and keep it from getting run over.
     We stopped at Memphis BBQ for lunch.  The meal was not that good.  Paul’s pulled pork was bland and my burnt tips were dry.  The restaurant was very busy and service was understandably slow.  
     The day turned out to be nice although the temperature never got out of the 50s.  The skies were clear and deep blue.  We’ve been watching RVs come in all day.  This is a holiday weekend and the campground is going to be full.
 2021 Apr 1 (Thu) – We packed up and left Fulton, MS at 10 a.m. It was 135 miles to Memphis, TN. We are staying in the T.O. Fuller State Park Campground.  There are lots of woods around and plenty to see in Memphis.  The sites have a good amount of space between them.  The roads and campsites are asphalt.  We have electric and water hookups.  We will have to go dump after a week because there is no sewer hookup and we won’t be able to last 12 days without filling the tanks.
Tumblr media
     It got real cold last night and we pulled out the electric blanket. Imagine!  Needing the electric blanket down south in April.  We watched the Holy Thursday service from our church streaming on Facebook.  We also facetimed with Paul’s sister, Joan, about our cruise to Australia in January.
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fiendishpal · 2 months ago
hii fiend!!! i literally adore your art its so pretty and it- it just- *inhales* *exha-*💞💖✨💞💖✨💞🙏🛐🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️anyways so- bcz u guided me to the osaaka ship and now im in love w it couldya please offer me some fic recommendations? ok, i just love ur art ur one of ny faves lov u have an amazingly sweet and beautiful day!!! :D
sure thing!!
i’ll put them by category here (i also have some art for some of them, i’ll post them when i’ve got the time)
i’ve put a star ★ beside fics that i’ve read a bunch of times hahaha!
(fics that i think you should read first. mostly canon-compliant. so these are post-timeskip. after their meeting at the black jackals vs adlers game. these really won’t make any sense if you’re anime-only, sorry.)
stay with me go places by sparksandsalt ★
this fic. THIS FIC!!!!! this started everything for me!!! this is the reason why i started shipping osaaka!!!! the way they handled the characters is sooooo!!! *chef’s kiss* they really stick true to the characters' voices and the care they put into characterizations is impeccable. i also love bokuto and akaashi’s relationship here!! they’re so in each other’s lives that bokuto ends up exposing akaashi’s feelings indirectly and accidentally lmao and also atsumu and osamu’s relationship is so funny and hilarious. they are like how brothers are, atsumu showing his support but also clowning osamu in the process
this fic single-handedly fueled me to create so much osaaka content.
i dont know how many times i’ve read this tbh
wait by sanguinedawns
i love the yearning in this fic. the longing and the waiting and the expectation there. they’re trying to be subtle about their feelings for each other but they’re seen at the end but at 4k it’s narrated so smoothly. i love mutually pining idiots.
in the afternoon by yamaboto
this is so!!! i love this so much!! at 1k we see osamu yearning for akaashi once again. i love how they write this short scene. i could really picture the afternoon light coming in through the traditional panel doors and how the light must feel on your skin. 
take what we love inside by yamaboto
this is an established relationship osaaka and how they got together. in the afternoon (the fic above) is a snippet of how warm the writer could put words together. and it really is so sweet there’s a scene where they slow dance and it’s the best. i also love the simple fact that they put in how osamu cannot let anybody go hungry hhaha  
we’re in au territory
(the setting is not canon-compliant)
sleeping with the enemy by billionairevolleyboysclub ★ 
the setting is in 2013 haikyu volleyball circuit. meaning they’re still in highschool and are still playing volleyball and they just happen to chance upon each other at interhigh.
 i love how sweet osamu is and how he got his crush on akaashi. and it’s lovely how they wrote the budding of a highschool relationship!! and their take on how osamu and akaashi handle ldr??? it’s delicious. dont let the fake/pretend relationship tag fool you this is very cute i love them so much!! i guess the ‘no drama’ aspect is what i like about this a lot bc osamu’s a pretty straightforward guy esp i guess back in highschool. also the second-hand embarrassment is real lmao
welcome in by risquetendencies ★
in this setting osamu’s still the owner of onigiri miya but the au aspect of this is that they haven’t met before. so basically a meet-cute.
and man  oh mannnnn the tension written here is good food. osamu is written so obviously into akaashi (i mean who wouldn’t) and akaashi is affected by this greatly and it is!!! wow!! i just love how smooth osamu is here and how flustered akaashi gets bc “omg a hot guy likes me????” (yes akaashi, this hot guys thinks you’re a sexy piece of ass please believe it)
 akaashi in a gay panic is literally the best thing. 
blood brothers by billionairevolleyboysclub (18+)
miya twins are vampires and akaashi has a thing for fangs. that in and of itself is enough reason for you to read this. i also love how the writer puts a distinction between atsumu and osamu on how they interact with/ feed on akaashi.
like the dawn by eggsan
this fic is actually inspired by my royalty au but im not putting this here bc of that. i really like how the writer introduced their story. i remember telling someone that the atmosphere of how they write is like the voice of a soft-spoken maiden hahaha it's lovely!! think light academia aesthetic. i also love how i get the doki-dokis when osamu, who is essentially a stranger, gets close to akaashi. i can feel akaashi's excitement and trepidation.
forgive the sea, follow the tide by KyryeDuBarie (18+)★
i love the fresh twist that they did here on the classic mermaid/pirate au. the twist being akaashi is actually a pearl diver and at the same time being vaguely hinted as a mermaid hhahaha. osamu's a pirate that got shipwrecked and got washed up on akaashi's shores that akaashi, of course, saved. 
there's a bunch of cool things that happened too that i cannot disclose bc that'll ruin the thrill of reading this. the plot is solid and the romance between osamu and akaashi is gradual but so so sweeeeet!! i highly recommend this!! but better clear up your schedule bc this hefty boy comes in at a whopping 40k!!!!
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missguomeiyun · 2 months ago
❆ SEATTLE (ep3): dinner @ Noi
Our 1st meal in Seattle~
Noi Thai Cuisine, located at: 1303 1st Ave.
Tumblr media
The interior was VERY dark! We quickly realized that Noi was more like a pub/lounge type of place. They are family-friendly; however, the atmosphere screamed date night or catch-up sesh with friends type of place.
Tumblr media
Got a table by the window, facing The Harbour Steps.
Tumblr media
Loved these lights!
Tumblr media
Let’s take a look at the dinner menu (we happened to just miss the happy hr menu).
Tumblr media
oooooOOh interesting.
I know the menu text is too small for you to actually read, but I still included them here so you can get a sense of how ‘fancy’ they are haha the pictures are all coloured & the menu paper is nice & glossy.
Tumblr media
They have a very good description of what each dish is underneath the name of the dish.
Tumblr media
Honestly, the menu was more like a food magazine than a menu :P
Tumblr media
Look at that curry photo
Tumblr media
Menu continues. ..
Tumblr media
If you can’t tell by now, they are a fusion Thai restaurant.
Tumblr media
*me thinking: “where is the pad thai?” *
Tumblr media
Ahh. .. finally entering the noodle/rice section.
Tumblr media
This is probably the section that was most familiar to me.
Tumblr media
Noi also offers a number of vegetarian dishes.
We ordered our food & it came out pretty fast, despite the place being very busy!
Tumblr media
The appetizer sampler~ Not gonna lie, DL & I were both intrigued by the ‘egg shell presentation’ lol but we also wanted to try other appetizers so the sampler was the best option. Let’s take a look at each part individually.
Tumblr media
A. Crab wontons. Super crispy & filled with *real* crab meat (& cream cheese). The filling was creamy but had thin bits of crab meat.
Tumblr media
B. Thai-style shrimp cakes. I’m a loyal fish cake girl so this shrimp cake . .. I was quite indifferent abut it. I was imagining something like the shrimp-stuffed bell peppers or eggplants that you could get at dimsum, where the shrimp is bouncy. But this fell short of that- there was a mushiness to it bcos the shrimp paste was made into some sort of paste/batter, rather than a primarily-shrimp paste. Does that make sense? Anyway, I though it’d be pure shrimp but it wasn’t, & I felt a little cheated.
Tumblr media
C. Crispy taro rolls. This was better than expected. I thought it only had taro inside but it had some shrimp or prawn mixed in it as well!
Tumblr media
D. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo. (Negligible) hint of spiciness from the tom yum bisque with deep fried prawn (bits) & tobiko. Sooooo sooo creamy mixed with crunchy & ‘popping’ textures. This was very satisfying from a textural perspective.
Of the 4 items, my order of preference: C > D > A > B.
Honestly opinion about the 4 items in general. .. I didn’t really get much “Thai” flavour in any of the 4 items :S I feel like these things could be ordered from any western restaurant, especially with more & more western pub/lounge places offering Asian-inspired appetizers/flavours. Wonderful presentation but altogether, not bad, but not great. I would recommend getting the Cock-A-Doodle-Doo on its own if you were to come here. It is different & I think it’s worth a try!
Tumblr media
Original Tom Kah Gai. “This soup feature chicken, straw mushroom caps, lemongrass, spring onions, cilantro and enticing taste of galangal roots infused with coconut milk.” (copied directly from website)
From our personal Thai cuisine experiences, we have not seen/heard of this milky soup, so we decided to try it. The appearance looked so creamy & harmless, but this soup actually had quite a sharp flavour to it! Nevermind the ingredients used (nothing spectacular about it) but the soup was like WOWWW! Very citrus-y & strong lemongrass flavour will hit you first, & then it fades, & that’s when the subtle coconut flavour comes out. I really liked it!
Tumblr media
Clay Pot Crab with Glass Noodles. (they say glass noodles but it’s the thin clear vermicelli noodles that you often find in spring rolls, aka cellophane noodles, not the stuff you use for japchae)
“A century old Thai favorite dish includes a combination of spiced crab, bacon, ginger, cilantro, white pepper on top of stir-fried glass noodle with our delicious homemade sauce.” The sauce was too zesty-spicy for me, so I actually didn’t eat the noodles with the sauce, but others might like it. I wasn’t a big fan of this dish; flavour was good (but did not scream “Thai” to me.. . honestly, it was just like a stir-fry that one could make at home using soy sauce + fish sauce), & abundant crab meat (more than I had expected!)... the biggest concern was the noodles =/ it was stiff! You know when you cook noodles sometimes & then it cools .. . & then it becomes dry & takes the form of the bowl? Well, this was like that. The noodles weren’t loose; it was stuck together. You literally needed to CUT a section out bcos using fork/chopsticks to take some was nearly impossible (you’d be taking out all the noodles with you). I was disappointed by this.. .
So yeah. .. ummm .. lol not the best 1st meal. However, the soup was very delicious & enjoyable!
Fun fact: they are a popular stopover spot for Thai Airways crew!
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ithebookhoarder · 2 months ago
We don’t have to talk (Javier Peña x AFAB!Reader)
Description: Inspired by that scene at the end of S2xE3 (we all know the one)... Javi seeks the comfort of your embrace after witnessing Carillo’s drastic tactics trying to find Pablo Escobar. 
A/N: Sooooo, I haven’t written smut before, so please bear with me and my likely terrible attempt. Also, as it is smut, reminder I don’t condone minors reading this, so keep on scrolling angels ;) 
Warnings: Swearing, smut, references to injuries, references to drugs, alcohol and smoking. References to violence, my bad attempts at translating Spanish (Let me know if I missed anything)
Tumblr media
“Javi, what-?“
You’d barely even opened your eyes when you felt his lips pressed ferociously against yours, cutting you off mid-sentence. 
Even in your just-woken haze, your body seemed to be fully aware of your partner’s presence as his hands crawled across you, as if trying to feel as much of your body as possible beneath your tank top and sleep shorts.
This wasn’t the first time Javi had ambushed you when he’d got home. Hell, you’d done the same often enough, both of you knowing when the other needed to simply forget their day at work at the DEA. 
But tonight felt different. There was something manic about Javi as he woke you from your sleep. He seemed almost possessed, saying nothing in greeting or to lure you to him, as he often did. 
No. Instead, he let his actions speak for him as he manouevered you under his body and pressed himself against you in the time it had taken for you to even open your eyes.  
“Javi,” you gasped, taking a breath as he released your lips and began to press feverish kisses down the arch of your neck. His moustache created a familiar friction that sent a warmth straight to your core, which you guessed was his aim. He’d always known exactly how to pleasure you, to tease and taunt you until you were lost in a haze of desire. “Javi, baby, talk to me.” 
“Y/N,” he groaned in response. “Ssh. Let me take care of you, hermosa.”
“Javi… what time is it?”
“Late,” was his reply, gazing up at you so that you had no choice but to stare into the depths of his warm chocolate eyes. 
Something inside of you made you groan as you maintained eye contact, watching as he trailed his way down your body, taking time to savour each place he kissed. And when he began to peel up your shirt… well, you couldn’t be blamed for the moan that escaped you. Nor, the way you arched into him. 
It took all your self control to refuse to surrender so quickly. To try and realise what felt so wrong about this whole scenario. 
“What happened?” 
Your words hung in the air, causing him to still for just a moment, but that was all you needed to know you’d been right. Something had happened after you’d left him with Carillo to bring in Escobar’s spotters. 
“I… please… I don’t want to talk about it. I can’t.”
Your heart skipped a beat at the pain in your lover’s voice, at the gut wrenching agony and uncertainty that made him look… haunted. 
“Ok, ok,” you soothed, reaching up to brush your hands through his hair. You loved how soft it felt almost as much as the way it always made him moan. 
If he didn’t want to talk, then you wouldn’t force him. Not now, anyway. These things always had a way of coming out and knowing Javi, he’d be more open to the prospect come morning. For now, though? Now, he needed to forget. To feel safe. To feel secure and loved in a city that had taken so much away from him. 
He was so different from the optimistic agent you’d met years ago. 
“We don’t need to talk. Just promise me you’re ok?”
Javi nodded. “I’m ok.” 
With one last silent examination of his trembling body, you allowed yourself to believe him and to melt back into his touch. He wasn’t injured, not that you could see, so any wounds were emotional and mental… wounds that could wait till the morning to be addressed. 
Sunlight always had a way of banishing the demons of the night. Just as your touch had a way of soothing Javi better than any drug or alcohol. 
“I need you.”
You smiled, wrapping your leg around his waist and pressing him closer. “Then have me.” 
Like that, something was unleashed within him. A frenzy that had you moaning and writhing beneath him in mere minutes as he began to tear the clothes from your body. It was like he couldn’t get enough of you, enough to see and touch. 
You were quick to try and return the favour, reaching for his belt. “Javi,” you whined as he pushed your hands away. “You’re wearing too many clothes.” 
He clearly didn’t think so. Not when he was too busy reaching up to squeeze your newly bared breast in his hand. 
Oh, fuck. He was going to take his sweet ass time tonight. You knew then and there. He was going to wait until you were begging and groaning before finally giving in to what you wanted - what you both needed. 
“Sssh, Carino,” he purred, gently tugging at your nipple and grinning as you reacted. “Let me take care of you first.” 
Well, who were you to deny the man what he wanted? Not every person on the planet was so blessed as you were, to have Javier Peña in their lives and as their lover. It was almost like flipping off destiny to ignore the opportunity presented to you, to squander the honour being bestowed upon you. 
Still, a part of you knew it was wrong to ignore the larger issues at play and allow Javi to use you and your pleasure as some kind of distraction, like drinking his way through a bottle of whiskey or smoking a pack of cigarettes. At least this method of coping wasn’t exactly harmful for him… not physically, anyway. But you were sure as hell not about to allow him to ignore this in the morning, shoving whatever was worrying him aside. 
It was like your mother used to say, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar. 
Yeah, it still sounded odd even now, but you at least understood the principle; Javi would talk when he felt ready, and for that he needed to forget for now. He needed to lose himself and feel safe enough to open up to you. Pressing the issue now when he was vulnerable would only push him away and then you’d never get the chance. He’d simply clam up and bury himself in work until you finally dropped it. 
You’d much rather he buried himself in you instead. 
“Yes, querida.”
Your mouth opened, but you were only able to groan as you felt his touch, leaving a burning trail of desire across your body. Javi had rendered you speechless, knowing exactly how to make you writhe beneath him. “Oh my god.” 
You felt rather than saw him chuckle to himself. “Not God, honey, only me.” 
Either way you felt divine as his hands held you firmly in place, his torturous mouth sucking, kissing, and teasing its way down your sternum. The route was a slow one, drawn out when you reacted particularly loudly to his efforts. Clearly, Javi was determined to set his own pace tonight, to ensure his pleasure through your own. 
It was the best kind of agony.
A hand clutched at his soft hair, trying and failing to guide him to where you most wanted him, feeling the soft graze of his moustache against your inner thigh. Javi simply tutted in response, gently nipping the skin before soothing the sting with his tongue, knowing it would only infuriate you more. 
Thankfully, your whines were finally rewarded as you felt him turn his head a few moments later, his eyes locking with yours as he pressed his mouth against your entrance. It was the kiss of a starving man, devouring you as your back arched at the sensation of his tongue delving inside of you. There was no greater feeling in all the world… well, except when it was replaced with your other favourite part of Javi, which you prayed it would be soon.  
“Javi, mi amor.”
“I know, baby. I’ve got you.” 
His assurances did nothing to soothe the growing need inside of you, cresting higher with every second under his sinful touch. As it was, you feared for the neighbours on the other side of the wall when Javi thrust his fingers inside of you, causing you to cry out in surprise and delight. 
Oh, you were never going to be able to look Mrs Dela-Vega in the eyes again. You could almost see her crossing herself the next time she passed you on the stairs. 
Still, you were too drunk on desire to care, as Javi began to stroke inside of you, stretching you out deliciously as he added a second finger. The motion combined with his tongue caressing your clit sent you sky rocketing, knowing you weren’t going to last much longer. 
His own moans only made it worse as you felt something inside of you coil tighter, before you plummeted headfirst over the edge. The fact he didn’t stop until you were almost begging, made your core ache, sending wave after wave of pleasure through you as he helped you ride out the orgasm. 
In fact, part of you suspected he was tempted to keep you like that, pinned beneath him, groaning and sobbing with pleasure as he sent you convulsing over and over again. 
However, you were relieved when he instead chose to pull back and surge upwards to press his lips against yours. The shift in position meant that his hardness pressed directly against your throbbing core, causing you both to groan at the sensation. You knew he had to feel your heat, even through his straining jeans. The way his hips snapped forward in response was clue enough as he pressed himself tightly against you. 
It was almost too much, and yet, not enough as he lowered himself completely against you. 
“You feel that, hermosa?” Javi growled, rolling his hips again. His breath was hot against your neck as he spoke almost directly in to your ear. “Feel how hard you make me? How much I want to bury myself inside that glorious pussy of yours?” 
“Fuck, yes, Javi. Do it. Please, fuck me.” 
“Are you sure, baby?”
He almost sounded nervous, a sound that made your heart ache as you pulled his lips to yours. You hoped he could feel your eagerness as much as he could hear it. 
“I need you, mi amor.” Your hands snaked downwards, palming at the bulge between you until you heard his gasp. “I just need you. You can use me however you need. I promise.” 
That was all he wanted to hear. In a mere instant, Javi had turned feral as he reached down and all but tore off his jeans, kicking them to the floor in his haste. His underwear was quick to follow, allowing his proud member to spring free as he grabbed your legs, tugging you towards him. 
You barely had time to focus as he lined himself up with your entrance, the familiar look of desperation clear. It was the same look he always gave you when he thrust himself inside of you. Whether it was in a closet at work, or in the comfort of your own home, you still felt the same giddy rush as he filled you up, stretching you deliciously around him. 
You gasped as he groaned. Your eyes rolled back as you relished in the sensation for the brief moment he granted you, before he decided to move. 
“Fuck. Hermosa,” Javi moaned, setting an unrelenting pace, pulling out and pounding back into you until you couldn’t remember your own name. “You feel so good.”
Your free hand gripped the sheets.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you chanted as your partner ruined every other man for you. He moved his free hand down to your clit, rubbing in time with his strokes until you felt yourself on the edge again. 
It never did take very long with Javi. 
“Cum for me,” he said, bringing his forehead down to yours, “I need to see your beautiful face as you cum.”
And cum for him, you did. Hard. 
In fact, by the time Javi came, you were covered in a sheen of sweat, hair falling into your eyes. Your fingernails were digging into his back, searching for something to ground yourself with as Javi thrust into you one last time, coming deep inside of you. 
The next few minutes were a blur as you came back down from the high rushing through you and your trembling body. 
Vaguely, you realised Javi had gone to get a washcloth to tidy up with, as he returned to you a moment later. He always was affectionate with you, even after fucking you hard enough that you were unable to walk properly for a few days. Tonight was no different, as he proceeded to wipe both of you clean, peppering kisses against your face as he told you how much he loved you. How great you were. How lucky he was to have you. 
You couldn’t help but agree, a soft smile tugging at the corner of your mouth as Javi finally settled back down beside you.  
You then laid there, head on his chest, finger gently tracing all of the scars and moles that were dotted around his torso. His arm was around you, and you could physically feel some of the stress melt away from the room as you both lay there, listening to the sounds of the night echoing through the open bedroom window. 
The sound of cars, cicadas, and the night breeze rustling in the trees was all the lullaby you needed as you felt exhaustion creeping up on you both. 
However, you knew Javi too well to think he would simply fall asleep. Not when whatever had inspired his performance tonight was still on his mind… or so the still visible frown on his face suggested. 
“Javi,” you whispered softly, hoping he would listen. “I don’t know what tonight was about, but … I love you, ok? And you’re a good person. A great one, who is kind and brave and everything I could ever want in a partner… whatever happened today won’t change that. I promise.”
 A soft sigh escaped Javi as he glanced down at you. His expression was clear, even in the dim light of the room. There was still pain there, lingering in his big brown eyes, but there was also hope too - hope that you were right. That there was still a shot at redemption for him outside of this crazy world of Escobar, Sicarios, and darkness. 
“As long as I still have you in my life, then I have a shot at that being true, mi vida… I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you… I don’t want a life without you in it. You’re the only thing that makes sense anymore. The only thing that’s good.”
“Well, as flattering as that is to hear, relax. Javi. I’m not going anywhere, Peña. Not now. Not ever.” Your tone was firm, and you knew he’d heard you when he nodded. Just once, but that was all it took. Everything else could wait until morning. “And Javi?”
He smiled. “Yes?”
“If you do ever happen to feel unsure about that, then please, feel free to use me again to remind you as many times as you like, however you like.” 
Javi’s laughter was soft as he chuckled, leaning down to kiss you once more. “It’s a deal.” 
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frank-ieros-knuckles · 2 months ago
4-3-2- fuck you! Listen up y'all this shit is ironic. Striders beats are best suited to trolls hooked on phonics! Karkalicious definition makes terezi loco. He wants to know the secrets that she can't taste in my photo. Dyin just to know the flavor I ain't doin her no favors! No reasons why I tease her flush just comes an goes like seasons! I'm karkalicious (so delicious) no I don't do kismesis an if you read any fanfic a all that shit is fictitious! I blow kisses (mwah) don't matter were just moirails trolls be linen down the veil for a chance to fill a pail so delicious (super sweet) so delicious (fuckin adorabloodthirsty) so delicious (even Egbert wants a piece of me) I'm karkalicious l-l-l-like candy candy! Karkalicious def. karkalicious def. god dammit doc scratch stop fucking with m mic! Karkalicious definition makes the shippers crazy! Nepeta always squealing cutsey pet names like karkitty I'm the k to the a r k the a the t and a majority of pairings had better include me! I'm karkalicious (so delicious) my body stays vicious all the Highblood feelin nervous cause I'm doin some fitness. Zahhaks my witness *whistle* bet that ship curls nepeta a tail and hell be needing all the towels cause imma make him sweat pails. So delicious (super sweet) so delicious (fuckin adorabloodthirsty) so delicious (even Egbert wants a piece of me) I'm karkalicious- now you nooksuckers better hold the fuck up! Check it out. Baby baby baby if you really want me. Honey get some patience maybe then you'll get a taste ill be tasty tasty. I'll be laced with Lacey. It'll make you crazy. T to the a to the s t e y fuckin tasty (x 2) d to the e to the l i c o u s d to the e to the to the lemme just spell it out for ya! All the time I turn around trolls gather round always sniffing at me tryin to guess the color of my blood. I'm just tryin to say now I ain't tryin to round up any drama little fucker I just don't want you to know. And I guess in coming off as a little insecure though I keep on repeating how the secrets fucking awesome but I'm tryin to tell its a secret that I just don't wanna tell (terezi says I smell delicious) so delicious no I don't do kismesis and if you read any fanfics all that shit is fictitious. I blow kisses (mwah)don't matter if we're just moirails trolls be linen down the veil for a chance to fill a pail. 4-3-2-fuck you my body stays vicious zahhaks been feeling nervous cause I got down to business nepeta s my witness (meow) ill even let her first ship sail just watch that kitten be the first in line to fill a pail. So delicious (Eridan see) so delicious (you can't trust me) so delicious (ill help you be) I'm karkalicious l-l-like candy candy! So delicious (aye aye ate aye) (x 3) she says my blood is like candy candy! T to the a to the s t e y fucking tasty (x 3) t to the a to the to the d to the e to the l i o u s (x 3) now wait just a motherfucking I seriously have to spell this shit to the very end of the song? I mean whoever wrote the original never had access to spell check I guess cause t-a-s-t-e-y does not spell tasty! Was this vergie douchemuffin illiterate or something!? What do you mean human rap artists are the only ones brave enough to write their own grammatical train wrecks an call it music!? What the fuck is will smith even doing!? He doesn't throw down sick fires anymore!? Fuck this shit I quit. (If you have anymore requests go ahead)
sooooo fucking true
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sweetestlamb · 2 months ago
No Limits
Summary: Today's episode but minus the lies and with extra sexual tension but it gets resolved, somewhat.
Author's note: Today's episode called me a 🤡 too so in between writing my update for BMTL I wrote this drabble to ease my pain I love that the show keeps teasing us I really do it's delicious but I just wanted them to kiss sooooo badly today so here we go! I could keep going if people like 👀👀👀
P.s. Can an Italian tell me what exactly Vinny said to her in episode 3? Netflix says it was stupid idiot but that's stupida idiota and that doesn't sound like what he said to her in the clip. Help a writer out 🥺
She doesn't know if her father would be proud of her, or what she's been doing after turning away from Babel and reforming into a "good guy", it's borderline sanctimonious to consider herself a hero when she had spent most of the night torturing people. The ominous sound of toxic gas flooding the car still swooshes in her head, there was a moment when she'd truly considered going through with it.
Committing murder.
And he hadn't moved a single muscle to stop her, hadn't even uttered her name to pull her back in on the straight and narrow path to righteousness. In the end that had been enough to stop her, he trusted her enough to make the right decision. Every fiber of her being wanted to snuff out their lives the same way they had done to those innocent suffering families, but it was a line she couldn't return from. She should save it for a special occasion, they weren't worth tainting her soul. But there was someone else who was, Babo.
When the opportunity came, she wouldn't hesitate. Her father would have to look away because she wouldn't be stopping that time.
Before she realizes it they are outside her house, her late father's house and he's telling her good night. She'd ran out of excuses to keep sleeping at his apartment. Wanting to see him first thing when she woke up wasn't a reason she could say out loud to him, at least not sober. She was no longer scared of bumps in the night, being alone seemed more terrifying now.
"Drink with me." She whispers instead, falling back on a tried and true plan. They have become regular drinking buddies, using alcohol to cope and detach from the heinous things they see and do daily.
He looks over at her, wistful and searching before nodding solemnly. He unbuckles his belt and slides out of the car, though it is marginal she can see the hesitation in his movement and the night catches up with her. The blood is soaked into the pristine white of his collar, she recalls the hollow feeling in her chest when he didn't answer her calls and she was left with her torturous imagination. His possible death making desperate tears fall despite promising herself she wouldn't cry again.
She makes her way to the bathroom as soon as she enters the eerily quiet space, noticing the way Vincenzo peeks around the corner always on guard and she's thankful for his presence. With him, she's safe.
Pulling open her medicine cabinet she collects packets of gauze, a small bottle of antiseptic alcohol and a bandage, holding the small bundle in her arms before walking back to the living room. She finds him staring at the embarrassing photos of herself that her father had hung on the walls, she couldn't bring herself to take them down. There was so little of her father left.
"Don't let the hair fool you, I was still a heartbreaker back then. I had boys chasing after me." She lies with a smile and when he turns to look at her with those huge eyes she pauses mid step, his eyes survey her face in a distracting sweep before he smirks and walks away.
Maybe summer has come early, that would explain the sudden overwhelming heat that curls around her.
Shaking herself from her daze she calls out to him, "Hey! Come here before you bleed to death. I don't want the mafia coming after me."
The look on his face is his patent I'm going to refuse because I'm a pouty baby look and she intercepts it as she has become custom to doing, grabbing his hand and yanking him over to the kitchen table. For someone so intelligent he still hasn't learned that his refusals are futile around her.
"I'm fine. It's a shallow wound, it'll stop on its own." He argues and she wonders how many other times he has simply left a wound to fester and painfully heal on its own, was that his penance?
She shakes her head, "Why suffer when I can help you? Stop being so stubborn you're reminding me of a certain patient who you love scolding." He grows chillingly still at her words, and again a thought tingles in her mind that there's something she's missing but she presses it aside and pushes him down into the seat.
He doesn't put up a fight, going a little too easily.
"Open your shirt."
He stares at a point on the wall across the room, not responding to her command at all at first and then he looks up at her with dark eyes. She swallows deeply, raising a single brow.
When he continues to look at her without obeying her instructions she grows impatient, repeating herself, "Come on open your shirt I need to clean the wound."
Still he doesn't react and she carelessly tosses the supplies on the table, reaching out with steady fingers to unbutton his starched white shirt. He discarded the jacket earlier, so there are less layers obstructing her way. His face is unreadable as she grabs the smooth button and slips it through the hole, she gets two buttons undone before reaching the center of his chest and as if jolting back to life he suddenly grabs her hand halting her movement.
She stares at him in question, hands still on the button before he sighs at her, "I can do it myself." There's a tightness in his jaw that she can't explain and she has to stomp out the desire to run a finger across that sharp jawline.
"Okay. You do it."
Looking away she tries to give him some space but the sounds of him undressing capture her full attention and she feels her eyes shifting back captivated by the fluid motion of those dangerous hands. Knowing what they are capable of does nothing to douse the fire under her skin. Frustratedly he has a thin white shirt under the dress shirt and she can only faintly see his toned body through the material. She stares harder willing herself to develop x-ray vision, unfortunately those powers do no manifest.
"Surely I don't need to get shirtless right?" He inquires with a smug air and she glares at him, they've been playing this game for a while now. Longer than two adults should be as far as she's concerned.
In lieu of responding she picks up a fluffy cotton ball and saturates it in alcohol before dabbing at the blood on the nape of his neck, as she swipes higher he hisses at the sting and she remembers what her father would do for her when she was young and had scraped her knee. Leaning over his shoulder she puckers her lips and blows, cooling the burn.
She continues this until the cotton is soaked from the dried blood and alcohol and blowing one final time she draws back, this time she feels smugness simmering in her belly. His eyes are blown and pointedly looking away from her, she notices his tight knuckle grip on the seat of the chair as well.
"I'm all done." She announces moving away walking to the small garbage in the corner of the room. His breaths are loud in the quiet of the room, her heart echoes in tandem. Taking a deep breath she speaks without turning around, "You remember where the clothes are right? Get changed so we can drink."
She moves to the fridge to take out the platters of food they had purchased at the market earlier and the bottles of makgeolli, it was that kind of night.
He looks soft and harmless when he comes back out in a large knit sweater, without gel his hair flops across his smooth forehead and she's still not used to this sight, there's a level of domesticity that she's never had with another person. A man.
"I'll go change too." She whispers sidestepping around him, her hands brushing against his.
It's easy to get lost in their escape, slamming back gulp after gulp of the strong cloudy rice wine until her thoughts start to blur and she doesn't know what she's saying out loud and what's only privy to her brain.
When she hears herself monologuing her thoughts as she had ran into his arms in the underpass all she can do is scream internally, she can blame the alcohol but only for lowering her inhibitions really, it hadn't manifested the thoughts.
He looks stricken and oddly amused by her musings until she tells him to get up. That smile is wiped clean off his handsome face.
"I need to test it. Come on stand up." His reluctance is noted but unable to deny her once more he stands, a long suffering look on his face.
She tells him her plan, it sounds crazy even to her but for some reason he doesn't refuse or question her at all. Agreeing to all her stipulations and she's not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially not an Italian stallion.
Ten seconds.
That should be enough to hold her over tonight after he leaves her alone. If she can't lay beside him she needs a tiny piece of him.
Taking a running start she dashes across the small distance, slamming into his hard chest enjoying the juxtaposition of his solid body through the soft sweater. He smells amazing, even without his clothes that expensive cologne still lingers on his skin and she nuzzles into his shoulder. Curling her arm around his body she drags him tighter against her chest, her nipples pebbling with the close contact.
It's been longer than ten seconds and she knows she should stop.
But she really really doesn't want to.
Twisting onto his other side she prepares to let go, already regretting it but her sober thoughts are now pushing to the surface and she realizes what this looks like. Peering up at his face she expects to see that unreadable face again, he's annoyingly good at hiding his true emotions it makes her second this all the time.
Her insides churn when she sees the very face she expected. So she detaches and takes a step back prepared to dismiss this whole ordeal, the words denying her feelings for him already on her tongue when the biting sound of wood scraping against the floor fills the room. Jumping a little at the noise she glances over to the direction of the sound and sees his hands holding the chair in a punishing grip. He immediately releases the object at her glance but it's too late, she's already connected the pieces.
"You're holding back." She confidently states stepping back into the space she'd only just abandoned.
She doesn't ask why, that much is all too obvious.
I didn't want you to get hurt.
Being with him will put her in danger she's seen enough mafia movies to know that friends and love ones are always the first to be taken as leverage. So he'd decided all on his own that this, couldn't be and she was better off without him.
"Stupid idiot." She tries her best to repeat those explosive words with the same emphasis he's used when he had spat her in face not too long ago, watching with satisfaction as surprise shrouds his face as the Italian glides off her tongue. She'd been practicing for a while now, mostly curses words.
Fanculo, was still a favorite. What a fun way to say fuck.
She doesn't give him a chance to question her sudden switch in languages, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and pulling him closer, even more so than the hug they'd just shared.
"We're supposed to share everything, even passion." She boldly declares watching with fascination as he still tries to hold on to his semblance of control, the chair squeaks loudly under his hold and she lunges forward putting them both out of their misery.
It feels like coming home.
If your home was a sauna built on an active volcano.
Unlike their hug earlier this time there's no hesitation as soon as her lips touch his liquor moist ones he's already opening up and devouring her tongue. His immediate response makes her hungry for more, peeling his lips open with her teeth she sucks the remnants of the wine from his mouth, eagerly lapping and searching for more. He grunts at the rough treatment but doesn't back off, rather he sinks those capable hands into the depths of her hair caressing her scalp as he tugs at her head, tilting her to the right and moving instantly to the left slotting them even closer together.
The sound of their kissing is messy and loud, echoing in the still of the night.
She breaks apart with sloppy pop, gasping for air and his flushed red face greets her looking every bit as wrecked as she feels.
"Already regretting it?" He teases with an edge that's a bit too real and she yanks him forward, pressing him down into the chair and crawling onto his lap, legs straddling his thighs and their cores meeting through torturous layers. She's burning hot and moist where he's aching hard and rigid.
"Regretting waiting this long." She replies in a clear challenge waiting to see what he'll do.
"We shouldn't do this, partners is enough. You're already in enough danger as is, if they find out that we're..."
He trails off unable to finish the sentence but his clenched jaw speaks volumes. She chuckles coyly from her spot in his lap.
"What? What are we doing? What do you wish we were doing Mr. Vincenzo Cassano? Fucking? " She grinds down into his groin simultaneously and instantly he grips her hips, halting her movement with a bruising hold.
"You're playing with fire." He warns her, she can hear the metallic click of his ever present lighter at his words.
She should be scared of him, he was a world apart from what she was used to even when she'd been working with Babel, manipulation and bribery those things she could do without batting an eye but murder and torture? She'd had never done anything like this before, never. Not until this Italian Korean enigma had walked into her life and shaken it up like a margarita in a mixer. Was she making the right decision? She had no idea, right and wrong had become blurred a long time ago for her. All she knew was that the idea of not kissing him for another second made her want to pull her own hair out.
"I trust you not to burn me up. Too badly."
His eyes flash dangerously at her words and this time he's the one to initiate this kiss, cupping her head gently and dragging her into a sweeter embrace, a simmering heat now licking at her skin. She moans softly as he slips a wet tongue into her mouth, stroking at her back before pushing his hands up the back of her shirt, his hands are sweltering hot on her naked skin and she arches at the rough touch. They kiss languidly breaking apart only to come back together, each kiss wetter and more mind numbing than the last. With soft suckles to her bottom lip he pulls away, she stares at his soft smile as she chases after his retreating lips. Not ready to stop yet. She won't be ready for a long time.
He glowers at her and she waits impatiently for his next move, with strong arms he lowers her onto the table dishes clanging as he shoves them to the side laying her down like she's his last meal. She expels a loud breath allowing herself to be placed on the table, gasping as he stands looming over her.
"I'm the one in the mafia so why am I terrified of you?" He whispers too honestly, looking devastated as he stares at her helplessly all too ready to bolt.
"You don't want to get hurt."
He stares at her with liquid eyes emotions all but spilled across his face, with a whimper he closes the distance between them once more with her guiding hand on his back, this time they meet in the middle surrendering to the flames.
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hunterxfics · 3 months ago
Aah so I’m very rusty but Campika is too perfect so I had to write something for you guys! This is from your Disney World trip and I hope you like it!! 
“Here you go, one Dole Whip!” the server handed you the dessert, its delicious swirls piled higher than you’d ever seen before. 
“Thank you,” you smiled, setting the ice cream down so you could grab your wallet, “and thanks for giving us so much!”
“Of course. I hope you and your boyfriend enjoy it!”
“We will,” Kurapika said warmly, tapping his card on the machine half a second before you could place yours. Your boyfriend gave you a teasing grin as he did so. You always wanted to treat each other, and he was getting payback for your last date when you excused yourself to the restroom only to return after having paid the check. 
You sighed dramatically as you left the stand and Kurapika just laughed. He knew better than anyone that you couldn’t even pretend to be upset with him. You took a spoonful of the ice cream, savouring the burst of sugar on your tongue. As you scooped some up for your boyfriend, you suddenly remembered, “You don’t even like sweet things, I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this if you don’t end up liking it.”
Kurapika hummed, shaking his head, “That’s not true, dear.”
“Huh?” you’d been dating for long enough to know that sweets weren’t really your boyfriend’s favourite, and you knew he would never lie to you, even over something as small as this. 
“You said I don’t like sweet things, but I happen to like you quite a lot.”
You nearly stopped in your tracks. Kurapika giggled at the cheesy line, his dark skin shining as he blushed. Feeling a similar blush heat up your own face, you burst out laughing, “You’re actually such a flirt, you know that?”
“Only with you,” Kurapika said softly, taking your free hand and pressing a gentle kiss to your knuckles. You pulled him closer for a quick kiss that he happily returned. After reluctantly pulling away, Kurapika gestured at the ice cream in your hand, just beginning to melt, “Now I was supposed to try some of that, wasn’t I?”
You smiled, picking up the spoon and offering him a bite. He took the spoonful and you watched his thoughtful expression, trying to gauge his reaction. After a moment, a smile crept upon his lips, “I didn’t know it would be so… tangy.”
“Yeah! It’s super refreshing, right?”
Kurapika nodded enthusiastically, eyes bright. Your heart fluttered with affection seeing how adorable your boyfriend was. 
The two of you kept walking around Disney World, Kurapika frequently leaning over you, silently requesting another bite of the treat to which you happily obliged. Soon you found yourself scraping up the last of the ice cream for your boyfriend; he ended up having half the cup! You were delighted that Kurapika liked it, and more than that, you loved how comfortable he was to not just share your food, but have you feed it to him. You chuckled to yourself, happy with how far the two of you had come since you first met. It felt like forever since those early days when you were always bashful with each other and so very aware of the crushes that had your hearts racing every time you would so much as look at each other. 
Kurapika must have noticed you get lost in thought, and he nudged you, “Is everything alright, darling?”
“Everything’s perfect, babe.” You noticed you felt a bit tired from all the walking, though, “Hm, wanna sit over by that tree?” 
“That sounds lovely.” 
The two of you walked over to a large tree with lush leaves and sat in the shade it offered. The thick grass was soft as you sat down, and closing your eyes, you took a deep breath, savouring everything around you. Suddenly, you felt a strong arm wrap gently across your shoulders. When you opened your eyes, Kurapika was smiling at you. That gorgeous, unguarded smile that was just for you. “What are you thinking about?”
“Everything is just so beautiful. So… perfect.”
The arm around you tightened, pulling you closer, “You’re right.”
When you looked at your boyfriend, you saw his eyes were fixed only on you. 
“Kurapikaaa,” you buried your face into his shoulder, trying to hide the scarlet you felt flush your entire face. Once you felt more composed, you pulled back to look at your boyfriend. He was still looking at you, but now his deep brown eyes were serious, as if he was cataloguing every detail about you. “Um, Kurapika? Are you okay?”
In an instant, your boyfriend’s eyes filled with tenderness, “I am. I just. I meant it just now. Everything is beautiful and perfect—because of you. Because you’re beautiful and perfect. Cam, I love you. I love you so much.”
You felt a familiar tug at your chest, a feeling so strong that it ached. “I love you too, Kurapika.”
Your words made Kurapika’s face completely light up, and while you wanted to savour that look of pure happiness and love, you also knew that you needed to kiss him as much as you needed air. Besides, you knew it was far from the last time he would look at you like that. 
Tumblr media
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motley-bitch · 3 months ago
Can I get a fluffy 90’s Duff x female reader fic where Duff is dating a figure skater who’s on the United States Olympic figure skating team and he’s her hype man?
I’ve done this as a headcannon as it’s easier and I think it’s kinda cute. 💝
When you’re training he’s be there
No matter how cold he feels he’ll be watching you Hollering your name.
You get blisters because of the skates (which are very painful) he helps you to look after them and gives you a lot of foot massages
He says that you two can have a shit tonne of sex because that’s technically exercise
When the whole Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan mess happened in 1994 the whole of the skating world was shocked.
Of course you were scared because at the time no one know who did it.
Duff was there to hold you and tell you that everything will be ok.
When he sees the costume that you have to wear for the olympics he Completely rails you was hard as fuck
You won a silver medal for your incredible performance to princes ‘when doves cry’
Duff was so proud of his girl, he actually started to cry when he saw how happy you were
Many cuddles and kisses later he and the band take you out for a delicious meal at the rainbow.
Due to you not having to train for a while after the Olympics, you can go and eat all the food in the world.
You and duff begin to have the conversation about your future together, marriage, children, etc.
You both decide that you want to get married before you begin to try for a baby
It’s not that you have to be married to have children, it’ll just be easier in both your opinions.
However life has its own plans.
About 3 months after you decided that this was your plan, you began to feel a lil sick
You discover that you are expecting a baby!
You aren’t afraid to tell duff as you are both prepared for it.
You were correct, he was very excited 🥰
7 months later you gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who you named David after the legendary David Bowie.
Ahhh I’m dying this is sooooo cute!
This wasn’t how it was supposed to go but I hope you like it lovie 🥰💖
Tags: @novemberslashhx @blueforthecrue
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weekendsabo · 4 months ago
Journal - Tuesday, December 4th, 2018
What a weird night last night. It wasn’t so much weird as it was I was sober. I wanted to drink so bad, but I did good. I did get to the point where I just wanted to be home and not talk to anyone. I was J&T and N&S and just didn’t have the energy to talk to them. It was great seeing Eric and Tony. They have a show on the 19th that I’ll go too. Hangout with the folks till the show so I don’t have to come all the way home, but I don’t know what happened. Maybe I was looking forward to seeing Luna that I just made me not want to be there. Then the ride home I was just bummed. Thoughts of killing myself started popping up and that hasn’t happened in a long time. I was even thinking about hoe I would do it and how I could do it and not have my family find me. It was bad. I’m fine now, but maybe it was cause I wanted to drink so bad it just and not having one just ruined it. It cause I should have just stayed home. The Quacks were cool, and Beemaster as well, but I think its only cause I was sober. If I couldn’t have brought the week it would have be better.
Cont on 10/28
So I have Ty down for dinner on Friday. Probably Melca as well. Once I hear from James and Tsvet then I can figure if I need to invite someone else. I still want to invite her. I would say something like: Hey, I don’t mean to bug you, but I’m having a couple friends over for dinner on Friday and I was wondering if you want to join us. I’m making pierogies and I can make some vegan ones no problemo. I invited James and Tsvet, but I haven’t heard back, but I’m thinking around 7pm for dinner and possibly we’ll play some board games. Let me know! Something like that. maybe soy something along the lines of I really hope you can make it.
Cont on 10/26
I realized on the way home from work today that I still have like half the year to fill out this month. Right no I have 158 days left to fill in 17 days. Still doing good at 6 a day technically 7 if you count the day I have to write. I got this! Left overs are delicious. I sliced up some potatoes with jalapenos and roasted them up and its delicious! It’s almost like a weird form of Irish nachos! Plus the actually tortilla chops. It’s great. And I did good and didn’t over eat today. Maybe intermittent fasting is the way to go. I get to binge eat but its no a couple times a day. Like usual. Who would have thought potatoes on potatoes would be so good! I want to do like a roasted pepper hummus I could always so garlic, but I feel that’s easy. or maybe I’ll just do one. I just don’t know. Well, I asked her (Luna). Lets see if she replies. Probably won’t. I do not have my hopes up. It’s whatever. I want to say that I wont care and just move on but I know if I see her and she i s excited to see I will gall right back into it.
Cont on 10/25
Well, she replied. Which is cool. Hopefully this all works out! I think it will. Worst comes to worst it’ll be Ty and Melca and just J&T can’t make it, I will invite some more people. I’m excited. It would be so cool to play that show. I’ll make a group message tomorrow morning and see if its something that can actually happen. James and Tsvet cannot make. I wish I would have known about Vivian’s party cause I would much rather do that. But with out drinking it would be tough. I would do alright though. Just have to be more open like I am after a few drinks. Loosen up, I can be just as fun sober. I know I can. But it would be so nice to spend some time with her. I think I would. If Ty happens to ail by Friday. I’ll hit up James and see if he wouldn’t mind seeing if I would go to the party. Either way. This month is shaping up to be a good one. Minus the bear. Tera Melos Saturday. Hola Mons Monday. I’ll probably skip the Guitar thing. Wait. That’s a different week i think? Then maybe I’ll play a show with BTU on the 21st
Cont on 10/24
I’m dedicated to getting a home gym. I will get an exercise bike and weights and just work out everyday. After the New Year. I’ll get Neal back to the gym. I’ll have it be my bike day? or do pull ups and other things I can’t do at home. I just can’t wait to lose this weight. 209 this morning. Well see what its at tomorrow. I did good. I don’t know how much I ate, but I feel it was under 1500 for sure. I should be under 209 tomorrow. I will eat breakfast and no lunch. Then the same dinner, but just one potato tomorrow. I should definitely be under 200 by NYE. Just take it easy. I’ll make the quinua salad for lunch next week with some fresh veggies. Dinner will be I don’t know, but it will be healthy. Gotta take it easy on the pizza for sure. Once a month type thing. Its just sooooo good. I’ll do a double batch the sauce and freeze some. Maybe I’ll do a meat but with the ground meat I have. Maybe. I don’t know. I do know I should have been better with writing in this. It may take longer than this month to finish it, but no matter where I’m at I will start a new planner after new years.
Cont on 10/23
I wonder if I can make stuffed bell peppers with tofu/mushrooms/veggies. I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes. I feel it needs a fat. Maybe use coconut oil? I will start my sour dough starter next week for sure. If I start it when I said I would I would be swimming in sour dough bread. I kind of hope Luna doesn’t make it, then I don’t have to do it all vegan. I’ll do a cheesy periogi with bacon and onion sauce, and if its just the three of us I’ll invite Lil’B and Austin and Faith tomorrow and see if they are down. I wouldn’t mind at all if they come over. I’m just kidding. I do hope Luna will make it and crash here. Fridge need to be cleaned. I’ll clean the bathroom and do some laundry tomorrow. I really need to start writing neater to be able to read this later. Laying down and writing just doesn’t work.  Puck up the living room and dining room and that’ll be good. I wish I could easily wash this blanket just in case. I need to clean out this laptop and fix this stupid virus. I may bet this bear off. Maybe I do like it. And my hair is looking good as well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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