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#its a . joke a meme. pls
innocentbeing · a month ago
isnt it so interesting how ciel wants to fight with his brother for the title, manor, and everything. like he WANTS to do that, thats why he let the servants go, thats why blavat didnt tell the police which way the went when they escaped. he is giving his little brother the chance to take it all back..
but like when it comes to elIZABETH there is like no option there. he just took her back. that was the first thing he fking did. like “we can fight over all the other stuff but this one is mine ok. you cant have her. its not a debate. she is mine”  SHUDHS LMAOO /shot
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trash-insectoid · 3 months ago
The only reason Tobirama wasn't cancelled like Hiruzen is because the boy is too goddamn hot
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mrsjadecurtiss · 3 months ago
Hey guys, please be careful how you joke about theon's castration, it can be in very bad taste because it was a cruel and traumatic act inflicted on him (and sometimes also carries other bad undertones)... think about if you would make the same joke if this happened to someone irl
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echo-leech · 4 months ago
Jsyk, i was really hoping ted was canonically (at least, game canon i suppose) a baby boomer but unfortunately he missed the deadline for being born by a few years
That said, Gorrister and Benny are def (probably? I mean game canon just says theyre older than ted, and ted only missed it by like, 2-4 years) baby boomers and while that is funny, its not as funny as ted being a boomer
You may wondering, what abt ellen? I haven't a damn clue lmao. There seems to be inconsistencies between the game (which has her birthdate, i just cant remember what it is lmao) and the manual book thing, which says that Ted's the youngest
Anyways i just think its sad i cant ride the whole boomer meme joke train or whatever and laugh in the face–
Could AM be considered a boomer
DAMN hes not but im gonna go ahead and say he is anyway just so i can laugh at him
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duskholland · 5 months ago
Hey Hannah! Just fyi I don't believe "Meet Your Match" is on your masterlist. Unless I'm totally skipping over it, I don't see it on there. That fic was 👌👌👌 and I just wanted to make sure you knew.
+ also what is a German Shower Party? idk what that is lol
it’s linked under my mob masterlist !! so it’s not with the other oneshots but it is on there. it’s just a bit hidden haha -- but here’s the link if anyone wants to read it :’) thank you for liking it !!! it’s a personal fave.
the german shower party ...... lmao. a german shower party is an orgy in a shower (...we /think/...). but the link in my bio is a tom reference hfkdjf. basically, when tom was in berlin, he recorded a vodcast with his dad. it’s on patreon. in it, tom tells a story about how the landlord for the house he was staying at in germany had one rule--and that was to not have any german shower parties. so tom kinda jokes around with that, and says he’s had loads of shower parties. it’s funny bc a german shower party is an orgy in a shower. so... the german shower party in my bio is an ode to tom’s steamy shower orgy :’))))
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let-djaqsayfuck · 6 months ago
tucks hot his only flaw is that he’s catholic
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unironicduncanstan · 6 months ago
🤡 real talk... i dont consider myself to ship dundie but with every passing day im realizing how much of the hate and mockery over the years has boiled down to just rly blatant fatphobia and how Weird it is that every other character, no matter how much of a joke they are written as, no matter how hard their canon is to tolerate, Eventually gets a decent amount of serious stans, EXCEPT the fat ones. they get some, especially now but. to most other ppl theyve all been designated fandom punching bags. owen Won season 1 and its taken what feels like Forever to shine a real unironic spotlight on him or nowen as a real concept. idk lads im not saying its evil to not vibe with these characters honestly freshtv doesnt write them with a lot of respect in the first place which makes it harder im just saying some of the jokes and memes are a little meanspirited and im personally retiring this as a crackship cuz it seems like a lot of ppl are trying to branch out lately and care abt the underrepresented characters and i think itd be rly fun and charming actually to just respect the fat confident girl and not act like it is so ridiculously funny to imagine someone fat and annoying tee em could EVER get the cool punk boyfriend bc itd be a weird contrast or w/e. like hey guess what chris mclean impregnated a mutant plant! dundie is honestly a bit more realistic in comparison,
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my-rosegold-soul · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Why did a friend post this on IG...I’ve never felt more called out but also seen in my life lmaoo
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