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#it’s night
eulersfeverdream · 12 minutes ago
Want to write.
Pull up writing.
Try to write.
Tumblr media
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stcries · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
he’s just sitting there,  eating his favorite meal   (  miso soup with sweet potatoes.  )   but it’s LOADED with chili peppers,  not to mention a few carolina reapers    . . .    but is he reacting to the spicyness ??   not in the slightest.
he’s just chowing down on them like potato chips,  someone stop him.
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so-excuse-my-tantrum · 32 minutes ago
tagged by @likeinfinitysigns and @surrealised to post 4 songs i’ve had on repeat! thank u!!
tagging @askmydoppelganger @friendlyreminder @s0livagant @filthyjanuary and @awstenknight
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lachrymosestorm · an hour ago
I feel like I have every typical tik.tok song that people use in my head right now. 
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pulsar-1919 · an hour ago
Finally watching justice society world war II
Spoilers, but I'm probably the last person to watch it so
Art style is interesting
Magical artefacts - spear of destiny?
Nice run down of eveyone, pity Alan isn't here tho
Oh hi steve
Diana!! She looks fantastic gwan girl
I've seen the barry and iris scene before and it's cute. One of the better barry characterisations I've seen lately. He's not a wally/barry hybrid
Except for the green eyes?
Their relationship being secret sucks ass tho who the fuck came up with that
Why is his shirt so tight lmao
Barry's mask is ugly. Pointed chinstrap aint it
Accidental time travel! Or is it?
Wonder woman kicking ass is good, but would be better with the movie theme music. Has someone edited that yet? I hope so
The way she just plucks him up and holds him like he weighs nothing ajdksksk
I'll never get tired of slow mo flash bullet dodging scenes
Oh jay knows about the speed force
Dinah's design is really nice
Jay learning stuff from barry
What's up with Barry's speed
'Cool? That's nifty'
Sudden proposal 'is this happening?'
Everyone day?? Damn boy
Two years? America weren't involved that early though right?
Steve's gonna die isn't he
'What do our scientists think' yes good I like that
When did barry learn Clark's identity?
Ah different earth. That explains it
Did they even have the multiverse theory in the 40s?
I know the atlantians are advanced and all but it really throws off the aesthetic of the film
Oh jesus nazi aquaman took me by surprise. Even if he's being mind controlled.
Oh Barry doesn't know about the speed force yet. This is more like it, Jay being a mentor
Aw I just noticed Barry is shorter than both Jay and Diana
Oh okay so we're just protecting the US now. Fuck everyone in europe i guess
Ah, the kraken
Yeah the atlantians are really throwing off the 40s vines
Per usual, hawkman dies. I don't really care for him tbh
The black canary/hawkman thing is...unexpected? But they seem to just be friends so okay
Carter came across as much more gentle than...every other version of him I've seen
So I guess we've completely forgotten about Hitler
'Sorry, I'm an american. We don't do surrender' I can't put my finger on why, but that line? I hate it
This aquaman - wonder woman fight is similar to flashpoint
Gosh Dinah's hair is amazing
Steve introducing himself as wonder woman's boyfriend is very nice. Although it comes after his army rank
I love how Barry is just confused for like 90% of the movie but he's just trying his best to be helpful
'I'll be fine' yeah I don't think so sweetie
We really just fridged two male characters huh? That's new
Oh Steve's death kinda hurts fuck
He couldn't even put the ring on her finger before he died, fuck :(
Ah a ring for Iris!
Nazis just completely fogotten about in a world war two film
Justice league formation!!
Ugh why'd you have to add the 'american way' to it?
I do love some westallen/newsflash
Oh Matt Bomer voiced Barry? And Darren Chris was Clark? Cool
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antimonarchy · 2 hours ago
olivia rodrigo needs to put sour out right now because my brain cannot take another day of the same three songs on repeat
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angeleyesbyabba · 2 hours ago
when my mum would visit me as a child we would meet in her parents house and because I was a repressed angry little thing and my nana had an old-fashioned stereo with a whole host of cassettes, I’d sit on the floor of f the living room with these huge headphones plugged in and I’d listen to every cassette she had. all this to say of course that I have an elderly lady’s taste in music (although it did introduce me to KD Lang, so yay!), but that was such a distinct place in time for me, sitting on that floor listening to cassette after cassette. Not sure if it was safe, exactly, but I think it lent me a lot of comfort. the child version of sticking your earphones in on public transport so no one talks to you.
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pixelateddragonet · 2 hours ago
*Goes into a zoom meeting full of ~20 loud gay 13-19 year olds (that I'm semi-responsible for wrangling) while already overstimulated & sensitive to loud noises*
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sothischickshe · 2 hours ago
I have so much shit I have to do tomo morning 😭😭😭 pls no batshit plot twists that make my head explode pls pls pls I beg 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏📀📀📀📀
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corvid-420 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sunday Service!
5pm PST (in just over two hours)
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reginaofdoctorwho · 3 hours ago
u ever wake up from a dream and immediately feel grief for the characters in it?
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iambecomeyourvillain · 3 hours ago
okay but guys-
@st3llitsa @brekkercookie @grishaverse-wraith @bookavert @clubofthestarlesssaint @advictedtohim
Kaz and Nikolai both are m.i.a.
what if..
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