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#it’s cringey but I am also hilarious so suck it
fuckthebassist · 5 days ago
trying out Tumblr humor/gen z memes on my coworkers who are a decade older than me is like setting off a grenade
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newproletarians · 3 months ago
I feel like I am giving my own brain a noogie a lot of the time. Or, maybe, putting it in a headlock. Squeezing it from the inside. I feel like I am pinching my own brain, trying to get it to do different things, constantly. Does that make sense? 
Is that normal? Do you feel the same way, other person reading this? For the sake of your comfort, and potentially entertainment, I want to be completely candid—I feel like this a fucking LOT. I don’t usually realize it, either. And look. I have this deep-seated knowledge that the average person on Earth is having a really shitty time. I think that’s the norm. We’re all gonna die, we’re all gonna suffer. If you aren’t dying, and you aren’t life-sucking, then what you’re in is very cool, very unusual, and very temporary. Some of us end up lucky enough to be dicking around on a Tumblr blog with loads of benefactors all around them. So I don’t like to complain. Or, fuck that. I should complain. Complaining is good. But I don’t like to be disappointed when life is not perfect, because it rarely is. So there’s that. I just notice it sometimes, like having tense shoulders (which I also have). I’ll be hanging out putting up a shirt in the closet, and realize I’ve been keeping my shoulders... more up? More up than they need to be. That’s the thing. It’s a subconscious tenseness that comes back again and again. That’s what’s going on in my brain. New paragraph.
So what do I care about this? It’s just a thing that happens. Big deal. Move on. Well, that’s the thing. I don’t know if it is a thing that happens. If it is, and it’s totally fine, then I’d love to just get on with my life. If it’s bad I want to stop, because it’s uncomfy and I think there’s a better life out there for me. I’m doing it now, even.
I think i thas something to do with this words part of my brain. This hyper-analytical, mostly-useless part of my brain that sucks at doing anything. The same part of my brain that, when I used to play baseball, would absolutely micromanage the fuck out of every aspect of my form in everything I did. It’s criticism. It’s toxic. God, do people criticize their kids and siblings. What a cycle of suckage. I would be thinking to myself, in the batter’s box, “think of the ball like a thing you need to hit DOWN with the bat.” That would work for a while, and then it would stop, and I’d come up with a new thing. That shit doesn’t work. That’s when the verbal, limited part of your brain tryies to use it’s own verbage to move you forward as a being. You know what I’m saying? That’s you words-brain, which isn’t good for much, actually. Silence is gold. You know what I’m saying?
Your words-brain is the best conduit we have of information from person to person (asterisk), but that information is ridiculously low-quality. Low res. It’s like... not that many pixels? I guess I don’t need more analogies. It’s fucking weak. Language is weak. It weakly approximates things, and we need a whole lot of other shit to adequately communicate anything (like gestures, context, etc.). When I talk, a lot of the time, I’m fixated on the words. I’m thinking about the language we’re using. it’s why, why I text someone, I automatically absorb their texting style and throw it right back at them. It’s probably also why, when I listen to a song, I am often thinking about it in abstract terms, subconsciously reverse-engineering the song to the writer. Unsuccessfully and inaccurately much of the time, for sure. I don’t want to seem like some dude who thinks he is just reverse engineering songs as he goes through life. That would be pretty cringey. But that’s the spirit. It’s there. It’s the sizing up of life experiences, thinking of things in the absolute most transactional, bit-by-bit ways. It’s seeing someone throw a ball well and thinking, “I should make sure my arm goes up like his when I throw,” or seeing a happy couple and thinking, “I should hold myself like this person to optimize life enjoyment.” It’s honestly pretty weird, but also interesting. Why would I look at things that way? This fixation on the mechanics of things is what makes a great builder of things, which I certainly aspire to be. I want to build great relationships, music, videos, animations, whatever. I don’t want to be guarded anymore, how I am. I want to just put myself out there. 
And that brings us back to the beginning, somehow. I’m so used to being so hard on myself. So hard on everything around me. There’s this feeling, and it feels like pinching my brain. I am working really hard just to be good enough. For who? For what? Good questions, for sure. I don’t know. I do know that I have the urge to throw this blog away again. I just want to start fresh. I don’t want this stupid shit plaguing my memory. I don’t want to have this shitty blog where I just puked my thoughts out and made little puke piles that were shaped OK enough for me to feel smart. I want to have a cool blog. A smart person blog. Maybe I can talk a little about what I want. Maybe this is too negative. There’s some relation between this head-pinching feeling, this inward-spiraling of writing, and this hyperanalyticality. Man, seeing Phoebe Bridgers on Instagram and Twitter makes me dislike myself. I feel like I’m not cool enough to hang out with her. God. I wanna be cool.
I’m remembering writing in a journal when I was 17. I felt so similarly. I remember I was writing about feeling jealous of my brothers, and how it felt like everything came easily to them, and they always got better treatment, and yadda yadda yadda, and I was just full spiraling into a non-spiral-bound notebook. Comp book. If it were spiral bound, it’d maybe make a kinda beautiful song lyric. Maybe it’s better that it wasn’t. I got bitter. I’m just realizing I got bitter. I think I’ve known, but damn! I was really the not-bitter guy and it was awesome. I wonder why. Anyway. We’ll come back around to it. Maybe.
I was writing about my brothers, and I wrote out “I JUST WANT TO BE BEAUTIFUL.” At the time it felt so bad! I felt like it was the craziest thing I ever did. Writing that. Isn’t that funny? I felt like i was being a huge weirdo, and it’s because I had oppressed myself into semi-normalcy (which is also just regular socialization I guess?) and wasn’t thinking about my feelings at all. Now I’m 23 going on 24, and guess what? The feelings are still there. Basically all the same ones. The difference is that I have the tools to deal with them now. It’s cool to relate to yourself. Damn. That is a hilarious thing to say that I didn’t think I would find funny or novel. It feels good to relate to one’s self. It feels like my dragon to slay. 
This relates back to the main point. Brain pinch. Getting out of this stupid brain-words mode. words-brain. Whatever. Left brain. Heady stuff. The dragon to slay here is this overwhelming issue of me being weird. I think that’s the fundamental question. It’s ok. I’ll say it. I’m weird. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think some people genuinely reach that self-aware age, look in a mirror, and go, “score. I’m normal.” Some people just think the right thoughts. I’ve definitely played on both teams in the weird vs. normal wars. I tend to side with normies, because, let’s face it, those other guys aren’t always the people you wanna get down with. The oppressive monolith of normalcy that presses ever forward, bullying that which gets in its way, is pretty reliable. A fear of being weird is healthy, I think. Being too weird is bad. Lol. I’m so far off point. I’m really distracted, worried, bored, and somehow procrastinating all at once. I thought life would be different. That’s part of it. I thought by now I’d know what I wanted to do. I thought I’d have more mature relationships with the people in my family. I thought I’d have more friends, not less. I thought that I’d finally be one of those people you see at the airport and think, “that person looks cool. Instead, I feel like I have less of an idea of what I want to do with my life than ever. I also feel like the kind of person I would avoid. I feel like my relationships with my family members have gotten to a better place, but I’m worried that it only got here because of pity they have for me. I thought I would have an army of cool friends rn, but I don’t. I thought I’d have money, but I don’t. I thought I’d have my shit together, and look at me now, I most certainly do not. 
I may not be writing something good right now. I don’t think that’s what this blog is about. I think it’s about me shitting my brain out, but with words. It’s important for me to take big brain shits! I have to take brain shits! Or else I have a bunch of shit in my brain! Is that what an artist is? I don’t think so. I think artists, like, care about art.
Well that’s a relief. So these posts don’t have to be good. They SHOULD be shitty. They are literally shit. I’m gonna have a beer.
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feral-pixie · 4 months ago
You fucking know what your one recent post reminded me of this but its been bugging me for a while now. I am very very tired of tumblr being proud of having bullied John Green off this platform. I have little to no opinion on him as a person but like this wasn't even in any way people doing any specific criticism or such, if a politician gets called out on opinions and leaves then sure fine whatever, but this was legit just "he's cringey so let's relentlessly bully him" (not to mention that he was mostly cringey because he committed the horrible crime of writing for teen girls and being popular).
If someone leaves a platform because everyone's being weird and they don't like it sure that you can be proud of. Madonna having an official tumblr that gets about 30-50 notes on a post, that we can be proud of, it's hilarious and very tumblr. It's also hilarious that until that incident you actually could edit posts because it is a sign of the poor management of this website, that's hysterical and crazy.
But acting like bullying a popular person off a website more or less randomly is funny and therefore something to collectively be proud of? Sorry I am not on board with that and I am not gonna act proud of that as a community, people can fuck right off with that.
This also goes hand in hand with acting like bullying is justified and character building sometimes and that's where you can tell that some people on this website just want an excuse to be horrible and mean to people for their own entertainment and will use cringe culture or cancel culture to justify it.
i know i know it’s terrible and while it was building (i was there for the dark magic) i was very much annoyed by the whole thing. i remember that one post that was like eeeh he makes us wee girls uncomfortable because he’s heeere, he’s like that creeepy uncle that won’t leave you alone at family gatherings ://// even though he was just existing, here on tumblr, and spreading fucking positivity. huge side eye. and when the edited post first made rounds he actually responded to it by saying that the way it implied that sucking cock is a bad (homophobic?) thing was really shitty and if anyone felt like they were disgusting (??) because of it they should know that there is actually nothing wrong with them. and i thought that was really sweet. john green is good people.
but also *hides behind my hands* after all this time *whispers* i also think it’s kinda funny
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ohoshi · 6 months ago
lmaoooo at us writing anna karenina to each other (yes i read all your tags and i love it)
i loved all the memes you put in your message hehe and i would put some too but TUMBLR WON'T LET ME (bc i'm anonymous 😭 ). once i reveal who i am in 2 weeks i will send you all the jaemin gifs and memes!!
ok my fav nana first: i actually kinda dont like aegyo but i find it so funny how the dreamies pretend to throw up and look away from him whenever he does it HAHA. i think the most recent time dreamies were on weekly idol, jaemin was doing the ottoke song and then he was like "i cant see the lyrics" and the dreamies died laughing but he was like what happened 😂 and in the same episode at the end he called eunhyuk by the wrong name and the dreamies were on the floor laughing but also like "omg did i really just witness that" and it was hilarious (and nana actually turned red aww)!! but the compilations on youtube of jaemin complaining for 8 min straight are also funny! and how he's not rly competitive unless he wants to be, so he just makes his members happy (like during nct dream in wonderland when he gave up one of his snacks to get one that renjun wanted 🥺 im soft) also, i too am a basic bitch who is whipped for his "ice cream" part in boom and "let's roll" in ridin lmaoooo
now mark! i totally agree i love his panicked gay moments HAHAHA and whenever he gets flustered or embarrassed it's actually the cutest thing ever!! i think one of my fav moments is the nct127 video (N'-88 vlog to be specific) where theyre in japan buying something and he's like "oh ONLY CASH?!" it's so funny. i also agree that i love marks dancing (tho maybe i'm just biased, but the boy can rap, sing, dance, AND is good looking) but i think his dancing/stage presence has improved a lot esp since he got to be in superm and work with so many different kinds of performers/dancers!! like i feel like the 90s love dance practice kinda shows how he's improved (also, i love the nct dance video where he is dancing to simon says)
lastly jaehyun: i love his aura, he seems like he has such a calming presence (unbothered king) like in his nct127 relay vlogs! and there was one video where nct127 had the waiter pick two members who looked the least funny from their pictures, and they would have to pay for the meal...he picked jaehyun/mark and mark was so shook at the check but jaehyun was just calmly like okay let's go i'll pay for it 🥺 but of course ALSO he's such a good performer and his voice is princely...i can't wait for his drama that's coming out next year too?! i'll prob be wrecked but like i'm here for it ahahah
this was really so long but i hope you enjoyed reading it hehehehe, i love how we are just writing so many words fangirling about these 3 men 💀
gafsdghda can’t wait for you to reveal yourself i am already so excited!! 😽
me neither personally i hate aegyo i wish they would stop doing it bc it just..... looks bad.... and makes me cringe... hard.. SO I RELATE TO DREAMIES A LOT even tho nana’s aegyo is not TOO bad  🤷 (still bad tho, actually the only idol whose aegyo doesn’t suck is jungwoo i think?? it somehow comes naturally to him as a person)  I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT GSDFAHGFDA omg nana was SO EMBARRASSED i lowkey felt bad but it made me laugh so much.. and OMG THANKS FOR REMINDING ME i wanted to point that i love how he’s not at all competitive bc same lmao and how caring he is for his members<3333333 so precious 🥺🥺🥺 how is he not everyone’s bias?????? handsome, cute, adorable, caring, funny, quirky and drinks a lot of coffe? what a perfect guy how do i take him all to myself
omg i see what you mean because i noticed the same thing!!! (which is not surprising for me bc i’m a dancer myself so i always pay attention to these things shgdafhda just like i noticed that nana performing riding before maw and after maw is so!! different!! he literally does it better now, his body alignments are better and his moves are very well executed hasjdha i am so proud to see my boy improving 🤧 i guess being in maw really benefited him) i love superm so much and i love that mark is in it bc no one does it better than him let’s be honest 😏 glad he can benefit from it, to work with great idols such as taemin, baekhyun and kai is an honor, but mark is so great you can’t really say that he’s so much younger and less experienced than them
UNBOTHERED KING damn right he is i love that for him hgsadh yk what i also love when it comes to jaehyun? the i like me better cover. everything about it. i prefer to listen to his version rather than the og version.... and don’t even get me started on the video... in my version of heaven all i’m doing is watching that video and listening to that song adjghsjdg  oh right his drama!!! i’m so excited!! i watched jaemin’s drama too and i..... yk shit’s gonna get real when i call him jaemin instead of nana  ok don’t kill me for this but i-- didn’t like it..... i mean it was entertaining to say the least but it was so cringey gdhafgdaf nana’s character was kinda sweet but also kinda boring bc most of the time he’s just :| so that was boring ahsdfhgas at least we got some nana bf material so that’s cute i guess,,, anyways,,, i hope jaehyun’s drama is better!!! let me know have you seen nana’s drama and also what you thought of it?
i enjoy reading your asks so much<33 thank u
Tumblr media
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takaraphoenix · 10 months ago
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 4
1. Favorite character of this season?
Spike. I loved him as the villain in seasons prior, but this is the start of slowly turning good Spike and especially this whacky in-between phase is such a delight. He's clearly not good, but he still involuntarily helps some. Also, lots of tied up Spike, which is a nice visual (sue me).
I love his dynamic with Willow, it's weird. I loooved when he was living with Giles, I adore the snark that goes on between those two, the banter is delightful. Him living with Xander was so much fun. I just really enjoy his journey and season 4 in particular is such a wild ride there.
2. Outstanding minor character (positive or negative)?
HARMONY KENDALL. I love Harmony. I think Harm is an underrated character. Honestly, I mean I am going beyond season 4 here but – she stays herself? She is a vampire, but she is still Harmony. If anything, becoming a vampire actually improved her. Everyone loses their soul and turns into careless killers, she learns self-help books, gets out of an abusive relationship and learns her own worth. Especially under this universe's premise of what vampires are supposed to be and what the bite is supposed to do to a human, I find her character development absolutely fascinating!
3. Favorite character dynamic?
It really is Spike and Giles. What they have is so peculiar, it is peak snarky banter, it is so much fun to watch. In a season I overall didn't like much because of the military nonsense, this was an utter delight and one of the things that still made me love it in a way.
4. Favorite canon romantic ship?
And look, I will not be that easily baited with canon gays generally, but... these two? They were the first lesbians I got to see on screen as a child. The first. They shaped me fundamentally, they mean so much to me on a much deeper level for that because they really were the first time I saw that a girl can like a girl, that a girl doesn't have to like a guy.
Willow's storyline means so much to me, because you can taste the heteronormativity in her early upbringing, everything about her – including Xander and Oz – makes perfect sense to me, as a lesbian who grew up in a heteronormative world. And the gentle, curious manner in which she came out and how she fell in love with Tara, the way those two just... came together, it means so much to me because it meant so much to me growing up.
5. Least favorite canon romantic ship?
Honestly, Riley and Buffy. I just... I care a negative amount about this and considering the fandom discussion is always Buffy/Angel vs Buffy/Spike, I gather the majority of fandom doesn't quite care either. It's just... so boring and plain most of the time? And actively not my cup of tea the rest of the time – when he goes full Good Military Soldier Boi.
6. Favorite episode?
The favorite episode this season was 04x09 Something Blue – it is just... whacky and fun and it gave me my first Spuffy aesthetic. But in a fun way. I really love this episode, there is no evil to fight, just a spell gone wrong with hilarious outcomes.
7. Least favorite episode?
So I have this rating system, where I rate every individual episode something from 1 – really forgettable or really cringey – to 5 – outstandingly favorite episode. Season 1 had one episode in it that was a 1 for me, season 2 had three such episodes, season 3 had four, but season 4 actually has ten of them so that's a bit too much to list them all. There just are too many episodes I didn't enjoy in this season and it greatly links to the fact that I hate the overarching villain of this season – usually the 1 rated episodes end up being dumb filler episodes.
So... I guess the worst offender is the one where they make Oz, of all characters, cheat and then have the morally offended Willow, who had cheated first. I mean, her cheating on Oz does certainly not justify that he cheats on her, but the hypocrisy of it was still very over the top. I really hate that this is how they ended that relationship and that this is how they write Oz out of the show, by making him cheat on her because the animalistic draw is too strong. What a load of crap that was.
8. Favorite Monster Of The Week?
The Gentlemen were delightfully creepy and weird one-off villains who gave their episode such a different flare, it is one of my favorites definitely and they are some of my favorite Buffy villains.
9. Least favorite Monster Of The Week?
I do think another weakness of this season is it's lack of good Monsters Of The Week.
I mean, seriously, this is the season where a bitch demon roommate is trying to steal Buffy's soul? A Poltergeist triggered by Riley/Buffy fucking too much, I mean seriously? A barkeeper who turns people into Neanderthals with beer... And that's not mentioning the awkward Thanksgiving episode where they have a moral dilemma over whether or not the vengeful native American warrior spirit ought to be killed or not because he kinda has a point you know. There aren't many one-off monsters in this season and the majority of them are... not impressive, really.
But I guess if I'd have to pick one, it'd be the “Buffy's sexuality is bad!” episode then. Aka, Buffy and Riley fuck so much that they awaken a Poltergeist, indirectly shaming Buffy once again for her sexuality. Which. Not a good look, you know. Also, just really weird concept there.
10. Rate the overarching villain!
Sucks. Seriously. Every villain is somehow engaging or has something about them that makes them interesting, but the Initiative? It's just the military with its blind, obedient soldier boys who don't question jackshit, which really does account for 50% of the trouble in this season. Walsh could have been a great villain but she was offed barely after being revealed to be a bad guy and then her version of Frankenstein's monster becomes to actual endgame villain and literally nothing about Adam is interesting or appealing or engaging. He ponders philosophical questions, but not in a manner that has you trying to hash them out alongside him, it is awkward and tedious to watch.
Bonus: Other thoughts?
It's just an overall relatively awkward... adjustment phase. I understand that. Seasons 1 to 3 were the high school phase with set roles for everyone. Seasons 5 to 7 are the adult phases. And season 4 is that figuring yourself out season – Giles is without a job, not sure if he is still a watcher, Willow comes to terms with being a lesbian, Oz leaves to figure out the wolf inside of him, Xander goes from job to job not knowing where he fits in, Buffy struggles with where she wants to land in life, Spike is somewhere in the middle between helpful and villain. But if everyone including the overarching plot are 'somewhere in the middle', the entire thing becomes... muddled and awkward.
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spaceorphan18 · 10 months ago
Kurt Hummel Solos Ranked
Ever since I finished the Kurt Hummel Meta Series - Finding Kurt Hummel - I’ve been wanting to talk about the music a bit.  Well, here we go.  I have four different categories -- Solos, Duets, Small Groups Numbers, and Large Group Numbers, and I’m starting off with Solos.  
Kurt didn’t have a ton of solos on the show, but that made them special when we did get one.  Kurt’s solos are usually integral to his story line, and usually hold a great deal of emotion one way or an other.  And while not all of them are 100% tied to his own plot - I think they all show bits and pieces of his character.  
As a note - there are a few songs on here that may not initially be counted as a solo, but I’m doing so anyway -- either there’s a studio version with just his voice, or the tiny bit of someone else singing I’m kind of ignoring.  For this discussion, I’m counting them as solos. 
There are two songs, however, that I should mention first -- two short solos that didn’t have a studio release -- 
1. Pink Houses (Laryngitis, 1x18)
Tumblr media
I still find this number quite hilarious.  Kurt’s attempt at emulating his dad, and therefore singing John Mellencamp, to seem more ‘masculine’ is not only a great comedic spot, but shows us really what the opposite of who Kurt is.  While, clearly, not a great song for Kurt -- we do at least get to hear Chris’s low register for once, and get a rare moment when we get to see Chris be actually comedic during a musical number -- something that didn’t happen all that often because Kurt’s musical numbers were usually serious in nature and involves a lot of crying.  It’s not a great performance - but it’s a damn entertaining one. 
2. Music of the Night (Choke, 3x18)
Tumblr media
Another non-studio release for what is an extended comedic moment.  Kurt’s right - his rendition of this is pretty bland, and you can tell he’s not putting forth his best effort.  There’s clearly no emotional connection to the song that is a hallmark of his songs, especially his solos.  That said - the scene itself is pretty entertainingly comedic -- from his ridiculous choreography, to Tina’s bored version of Christine, to the massive amount of candles on stage.  The scene is a lot of fun - even if it’s not meant to be a serious performance. 
So, with those out of the way.... 
Kurt Hummel’s Solos Ranked: 
I should preface this with, these are, obviously, my own objective opinion.  While I am taking into account performances and effectiveness of the song, at the end of the day, these are my own opinions, and everyone will have their own version of the list.  
17. I’ll Remember (Goodbye, 3x22)
Tumblr media
I don’t think that there are any bad Kurt solos.  There are ones that I don’t think work all that well, and this is one of them.  First off is the fact that I’m not a big fan of the song, originally done by Madonna.  While the song does fit the moment lyrically, and I do buy Kurt singing it, the song itself isn’t that great.  The performance is fine. Despite all the tears and wistful looks, it’s a bit standard of a performance that doesn’t lend itself to being all that memorable.  Also, there’s the fact that this song is dedicated to all the men in the room.  Ug, Glee your plot points suck sometimes. 
16. Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina (Special Education, 2x09)
Tumblr media
This is the first of a few songs on the list that are technically sung by two people, but this has a Kurt-only studio version, so it’s here as a solo.  Kurt does relatively well vocally with this song.  But it’s clear that it’s not his song at all.  This is a Rachel song, which is made clearer as they sing it side by side as a comparison.  While Kurt sings it technically and proficiently fine, he doesn’t embody the song the way Rachel does in the scene.  (And that’s fine - the point is that it doesn’t fit him correctly.)  Kurt is a little stiff and uncomfortable with this song, with a sense of emotion that doesn’t quite connect.  And while fine for the scene that they’re doing - it lands this one low on my list. 
15. I’m Still Here (Bash, 5x15)
Tumblr media
This is Kurt’s last solo of the series, and, unfortunately, the only representative of season 5 (and 6), which is why it really pains me to put it so low on the list, but, also unfortunately, there are a lot of issues with it.  First of all, at this point in the series, while old Diva Broadway numbers were his bread and butter - he had been growing past them, and while the song choice works for the story (mostly), the selection feels a little tired.  Vocally, he’s proficient enough, though it lacks some of the grittiness and understanding of, say, an actual old school Broadway Diva.  (I can see Rachel Berry singing this when she’s 80 a la Elaine Stritch.)  The choreography is a little weird at times - but they did let Chris do the choreography of this one nearly by himself, and it shows a little.  
One weird nitpick I have about this number is actually a production thing -- it’s clear that in the close ups Chris is doing better acting and giving more of an effort than he’s doing in the wide shots.  It’s a weird thing to notice but between that and the tepid performance in general, it brings this one way down on the list for me. 
14. Some People (Funeral, 2x21)
Tumblr media
This one is a huge step above the others on the list, as the rest of this list is really a bunch of fantastic performances.  Chris really brings it in this one (and fun fact, he helped do the choreography on this one), as Kurt’s energy is high and all of his moves here are quintessential Kurt classics.  It’s like all of standard Kurt Hummel in one song, especially since it’s a classic old diva Broadway standard.  While I don’t have any complaints about the performance, the reason it’s so low is for two reasons.  The first one is the context -- it’s for an audition for a solo and not directly connected to any meaningful Kurt storyline.  And secondly - it’s just not a favorite song of mine.  But, Kurt at least gets to have a peppy and physically entertaining solo, which doesn’t happen very often, so it is worth a watch. 
13. You Are The Sunshine of My Life
Tumblr media
Honestly, the only reason this as low as it is, is because I’m not a huge fan of this song.  There’s actually a lot of great things going on here.  For one, this is a really sweet performance for Kurt as he sings a sentimental song for his dad.  The choreography is silly, but it’s intentionally childlike as little Kurt came up with this with his dad.  Kurt sounds really good when he’s in his lower register (I actually love his lower register - which isn’t complimented enough).  And one thing I really like from second half of the series Kurt is that he’s less choreographed Broadway style and more reflective of the quirky weirdo that he is.  And this performance is exactly that. 
12. A House is Not a Home (Home, 1x16)
Tumblr media
This is an interesting one, because there are a lot of great things going on here that bring it up the list, but a few things that very much drag it down.  First of all -- it’s the first showcase in the show of something I don’t see Chris get much credit for (outside the fandom bubble).  The fact that he’s able to act while sing.  It’s a difficult thing that Chris does masterfully here -- it’s not easy to make a solo next to a piano visually enticing but he really sells it.  Anyway - the way Kurt’s emotion bleeds through the song is perfect, it’s not too overt or too subdued.  And we really feel everything Kurt is feeling in this moment.  It feels real, in a way that isn’t apparent in a lot of the other characters when they sing songs (coughrachelcough).  This song is a fantastic reflection of Kurt’s emotional stance, and fits into the story wonderfully. 
Bringing it down... first of all, technically, Finn sings a verse of this.  And while I don’t consider this at all a duet (duets, I feel, are sung together), it’s still there, and still a glaring ear-sore.  (Sorry Cory.)  It sticks out like a sore thumb that Finn’s voice is not suited for this material, and while I see what they were doing with the story, it’s cringey when it gets there.  The other thing about this song is that it’s kind of uncomfortable to watch.  Kurt sells all of his emotion, but it’s focus point is an unrequited love, and the discomfort on Finn’s face, as well as a few others, makes it not an easy watch.  Still -- overall, this is a great number and a fantastic performance. 
11. I’m The Greatest Star (I Am Unicorn, 3x02)
Tumblr media
This is kind of an interesting one to talk about because there are a lot of conflicting things going on.  It’s one helluva performance, it’s a terrible interpretation of the song, and it’s not a great choice of audition song for West Side Story (all of which was the point), but that doesn’t mean I don’t agree with Coach Beiste, that Kurt made the song his prison bitch.  If nothing else -- this really showcases just how talented Kurt is -- not only can he act while he’s singing, he has other talents as well, such as climbing scaffolding and using sai swords.  The comedic/tragic element of this song, for me, is the fact that Kurt’s trying to show off everything he’s able to do in one song -- and in effect, while being an incredible spectacle, kind of backfires for him.  (If he had done this one for his NYADA audition - I would have bought Carmen Tibideaux’s remarks.) I think this is often an underrated Kurt solo due to the high level of proficiency that’s needed to pull this off -- but it’s also not the best Kurt has to offer.
10. Bring Him Home (Diva, 4x13)
Tumblr media
This is another one of those Kurt/Rachel comparison numbers that I count as a solo because there’s Kurt-only studio version and because it’s not really sung together but side by side.  What I really love about this number is that subtle delicacy that Kurt brings to the number.  It’s sung with a restrained emotion that’s perfect for the number that is a pleasure to listen to when compared to the over-emoting mess that Rachel is doing next to it.  The other fascinating thing I’m learning, as I do this list, is that there’s a sense of maturity about Kurt’s voice that I’m finding in the later seasons - which is really neat to listen for. My only real reason it’s as low on the list as it is - is because there’s the song holds no real weight for Kurt’s story.  I kind of wish the Midnight Madness song had not been the popular number of the year thanks to Les Mis, but something more meaningful to their friendship - but ah well, for Kurt, it’s still masterfully done. 
9. Le Jazz Hot (Duets, 2x04)
Tumblr media
This is a fun number that really showcases Kurt’s talents and ability.  I really love the moment at the end when he sings his entire range.  Like I’m The Greatest Star and Some People, it’s a showoff number, but I think more so than those other two, Kurt really brings it extra in this one as the choreography and costume additions are incredibly inspired.  It’s not his greatest vocal solo, or the most meaningful, which is why it’s a little lower on the list, but it’s quite entertaining to see Kurt push in so much on himself, especially when forced to do so by the story, and thus makes it a memorable solo. 
8. I Want to Hold Your Hand (Grilled Cheesus, 2x03)
Tumblr media
I believe with this one we’re getting into the iconic Kurt-solo territory.  The show already knew that Chris was a great pretty crier, and that was used to great affect in this entire episode.  The one really great thing that Kurt (and Chris in his acting) does is not over emote.  He sings songs with great emotion, but it’s usually controlled and right under the surface, making it incredible compelling.  (By contrast - Rachel is always over-emoting, and always giving the same kind of over emoting that feels bland the more you see it.)  The fascinating thing is that Kurt draws you into his world and his pain with song, and while he’s not doing much but standing there, he is letting you get a glimpse of what is behind the guarded shield he uses so much.  This is why Kurt solos are special, because they’re rare, and a rare glimpse of what’s going on in a character who blocks himself off so much from the outside world -- especially in the early years.  While I just happen to like the other solos on the list more, I believe this is one of the best performances on the show. 
7. Defying Gravity (Wheels, 1x09)
Tumblr media
So.  This is the last of the side-by-side comparisons that I have on the solo list.  And I want to start by saying that vocally, even minus the intentionally botched note, it’s not very good.  Honestly - go listen to the season 5 version, and you hear how much better a vocalist Chris became, and it’s really a treat to hear him grow into his voice.  And I do think Rachel won this competition.  However...  there is something magical about this performance.  First of all, the song is deeply resonant for Kurt (and for Chris) and that comes through clearly in the song.  He embodies the emotion of the song in a way that Rachel (and I’ll argue Lea) doesn’t.  The lyrics are meaningful, and are acted out superbly.  And on top of that is a layer where Kurt is debating with himself as to whether or not he’s going to throw the song.  The vocals might not be there, but the acting is, and the emotion is, and on that alone brings this song so high on the list.  This is a character defining song if there ever was one.  
6. Blackbird (Original Song, 2x16)
Tumblr media
Do yourself a favor - go on Netflix and watch this one, the youtube version cuts off Kurt’s head, which really is a disservice to the song and the performance, but it’s the only link I could find. 
First of all, I’m biased, because I really love this song.  Kurt sings it beautifully, too, which helps.  But really -- I think it’s an incredible story element on multiple levels.  Kurt’s singing a eulogy for a dead bird, which is bizarre when written out.  But this moment is perfect.  It’s a moment where Kurt’s restrained emotion is channeled beautifully through song, and we see, again, an element of Kurt himself, who has been caged throughout the whole Dalton arc.  So, it’s not only about the death of Pavarotti, but about the death of Kurt trying to be something he’s not - and the freedom that comes with allowing yourself to be you.  
On top of that, it’s a pivotal moment in the Klaine story, where Blaine finally gets to see the raw emotion of who Kurt is, and realizes he’s in love with him.  The fact that this song is so multilayered on top of a great and beautiful performance is really what makes it one of my favorites.  
5. I Have Nothing (Dance With Somebody, 3x17)
Tumblr media
This might be the most controversial choice on this list, but I’ll stand by it because it is one of my favorites.  Yes, Kurt is straining to get to some of those high notes, vocally it’s a bit raw and forced.  But my god, it’s one of the most stunning displays of emotion that he ever gets to do.  Not only is this song about him, and the type of person he is, it’s also about love, and how Kurt expresses love.  
Like so many of his best performances, there are a lot of layers going on here.  Not only does it have the emotional intensity that A House is Not a Home did, but it has a razor sharp, singular focus that the other song lacks.  Kurt is expressing himself, the best way that he can, to communicate to Blaine -- and the two of them have an unspoken dialogue during the song, which is really incredible.  (The acting chops for both Chris and Darren here are really remarkable.)  It is the most romantic performance on the list, and one of my favorite moments on the show. 
4. The Boy Next Door (Choke, 3x18)
Tumblr media
Believe it or not, this is one time I’d actually recommend the studio recording over the show performance.  Despite lacking the Gold Lame Pants of Infamy, the studio version really showcases just how amazing this performance is.  But anyway - unlike Carmen Tibideaux, who clearly doesn’t know our Kurt Hummel, there is nothing surface level about this performance.  And unlike I’m The Greatest Star - this isn’t Kurt trying to shove everything he can do into one performance, it’s showcasing who he is as a person and a performer.  Vocally, it’s fantastic, and I’m glad the later seasons allow Kurt to do more songs settled in lower registers - as that part of his vocal range is really quite beautiful.  Visually, this is Kurt emulating a bit of Hugh Jackman while retaining some of his own, unique elements.  This performance is truly special because it’s a time when Kurt realizes that it’s okay for him to be himself, and lets that shine through song. 
3. Rose’s Turn (Laryngitis, 1x18)
Tumblr media
Kurt’s first real big solo in the show, and it’s absolutely stunning.  The fascinating thing about this one is, again, just how much is going on here.  Kurt slowly gets to unravel, shaking off the expectations that he thinks society is putting on him, and blossoming into who he really is.  This song is perfect for him as a character in this moment.  While the vocals are a little shaky at times (I’m noticing that a lot about season 1 Kurt) the performance is not.  We never really get to see Kurt be angry and gritty through song again, but I’m glad we do have this moment to show how it would go.  I love everything this number chooses to be, and everything that it says about Kurt, which is why I feel it’s one of his best numbers. 
2. Being Alive (Swan Song, 4x09)
Tumblr media
There is something kind of magical about this song.  And this is the reason that I find it tragic we don’t get an emotionally powerful song from Kurt after this point.  (Though - after this point, we don’t get a long going individual Kurt arc either, so I suppose it makes sense.)  But here’s the thing about this song... It is Kurt going inside himself, and reflecting on all the pain and heartache that his life has given him, and all the struggles he’s had in the change from child to adult, and almost unknowingly, as the song continues on, getting lost on that emotion as he reflects.  It’s very hard for, I believe, for a musical number such as this to work on TV -- that relies on more action and visuals than other mediums.  But as I’ve stated in all of these other entries -- Kurt (and Chris, really) is the master of reflecting all these different, conflicting emotions on his face, and making it visually compelling, even if it’s one person in a room, and nothing else going on.  The emotion, the complexity, the story is all there in a performance much more mature than anything that had come before it.  This is really one of the most beautiful and richly developed performances on the show, and truly one of the best that Kurt has to offer. 
1. As If We Never Said Goodbye (Born This Way, 2x18)
Tumblr media
I debated for a while which would take the top spot, and what I kept coming back around to was that while Being Alive is the most technically proficient, and deeply profound of Kurt’s solos... As If We Never Said Goodbye is the epitome Kurt’s character and story all wrapped up in one.  It is his most iconic solo, and for a reason.  It’s all of the emotion, vulnerability, and deeply layered story telling we get so often from Kurt Solos.  It perfectly describes the journey this character has been on and where it’s going, as well as just being a fantastic performative piece.  It’s helped by the fact that the show allows the whole five minute song to be sung, where we get to follow Kurt as he moves from one stage of his life to the next, again another song about coming out of his shell to reveal his true identity and what is buried in his heart.  This song is why I love the character, and why I love his story.  The fact that it’s subtle and refined, but having so many layers if you’re willing to look.  It’s beautiful and imperfectly perfect, just like Kurt Hummel.  
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bostoneris · a year ago
TL;DR - Eris lists most of the YouTube channels she subscribes to and tries to remember how the fuck she began following them.
I would recommend each and every one of the YouTube channels I follow - I don't give a fuck if I shouldn't like iDubbz's old stuff or still love Ethan and Hila Klein, shush - but I have no earthly idea how I began following some of the channels I follow. And the reasons I do remember are embarrassingly lame.
Ethan Klein? A good friend of mine who I knew cuz we dated after meeting on Tinder, of course, LOL, is a casual fan of his and showed me that video This Guy Is Gonna Steal My Girl which was when Ethan and Hila watched that shirtless dude who inexplicably climbed buildings. I've been watching them ever since and sometimes the highlights from the H3H3 podcast. I'm a masochist who actually watched that fucking insane reaction video with the woman who eats live animals on camera. It's a trainwreck. He has all the drama. Look at the thing with Keemstar. How the fuck do I know who Keemstar is or care? 99% of what I watch are film critics who have nothing to do with YouTube drama, how the f
And then of course iDubbz by extension, because they did a few collabs. Yes, Ian is possibly racist and homophobic but he played that up (by which I mean shamelessly uses the n-word) because he's a white cis straight comedian who gives zero fucks, and also keeps trying to catch ground squirrels for some reason, which is just...I don't even know. I just rewatched that video from a few years ago when he made Ethan climb down a storm drain for some rotisserie chicken and I just love him okay? (I laughed so loud!) Ian kinda disappeared except the ground squirrel thing, which is fine.
What was I saying? Oh, right. There's this deaf and disabled YouTuber I love called Jessica Kellgren, who is probably the direct polar opposite. She's very sweet and soft spoken and I learned a lot about deafness and chronic disabilities and being a lesbian and a Quaker and stuff and she's just great! And I have no fucking idea how I began following her. I think because I was watching this video that some other gay YouTuber was in? Rowan Ellis? How did I begin following Rowan Ellis? What the how...
Of course to also go direct opposite from iDubbz, but just as sarcastic, you have Contrapoints - Natalie Wynn - a transgender leftist YouTuber who is as hilarious as she is intelligent. Also there's hbomberguy, Philosophy Tube, and my queen Lindsay Ellis aka Nostalgia Chick. I am pretty sure I began following hbomberguy because he titled a video - my favorite video of his - Sherlock is Garbage and This is Why. Of course my watching Lindsay Ellis goes way back to her origins on Channel Awesome in 2009, then known as That Guy With the Glasses. But if I'm pretty sure hbomberguy caught my attention because of a video name - and then I only learned about Philosophy Tube and Contrapoints from looking up stuff about hbomberguy - unaware I had yet another close friend who I have dated who really liked all of them but I can't remember if it's because he just knew Lindsay Ellis, or....
And also I can tell you how I - and the Internet as a whole, sorry Quinton - found out about Quinton Reviews. That guy with the glasses, Doug Walker? Well there was this shitstorm on Twitter where he got basically #metood - (though he didn't personally do any sexual abusing and just plain, ya know, abusing, Doug helped hide some sketchy shit) - and Quinton was one of those people who had a hot take on it, and...
Oh right also btw I don't know how on earth I began following them but I think something dumb had just happened on Doctor Who, but I started watching Council of Geeks - which is a channel by yet another cool transgender YouTuber who you can learn a thing or two from...
And of course there's, like, Patrick Wilhems and like, SkipIntro, and a bunch of other video essay people? And then you have to follow that famous trio of must-follow World of Warcraft YouTubers- Nixxiom, Nobel, and Crendor.
And also The Game Theorists but then stop watching him because Matpat is a hack.
But you always check out Wisecrack's updates and have them, like, notified to you on your phone.
Along with the Internet Comment Etiquette guy.
And of course Some More News with ex-Cracked member Cody Johnston, and Small Beans which was started by Michael Swaim but you don't actually listen to his podcasts but you still subscribe because you used to religiously watch Cracked before they fired everyone.
But honestly you're really only on YouTube for Red Letter Media.
What's kinda funny is...I think I know how I ended up following most of these channels. And that's Recommendations.
Recommendations uses what's trending or bases its recommendations on your YouTube history- I know people hate it but I kinda love it. How the fuck else did I end up following the horror critic Ryan Hollinger? How did this happen??
Anyway, I haven't mentioned the biggies like HISHE or Screen Rant or Screen Junkies but those folks are on that hellsite too and I like Honest Trailers and Pitch Meeting, and the latter is how I found Ryan George.
But FUCK WatchMojo, because my mother was in a documentary in the 1990s that I didn't know about until I watched a WatchMojo video of "most controversial documentaries." True story!
I almost forgot I Hate Everything, Your Movies Suck, and Ralph the Movie Maker, a trifecta so iconic that they made a podcast called the Sardonicast.
(May my enemies never find this cringey Tumblr post and friends find fun content to watch.)
This is all Jeff Bezos' fault, because before I got an Amazon Firestick, I had no comfy way to watch all this shit on my television.
Throw in Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden.
Oh and of course the one, the only, love of my life (not really, may he never find this) introduced me to Red Letter Media, and unfortunately the words parasocial relationship, which leads you to a very interesting video by Strucci.
Don't forget Full Fat Videos or Folding Ideas.
Or those weirdos at SuperCarlinBrothers who I actually kinda want to punch and don't know why I still subscribe to them or Matpat since I don't actually watch them??
Add some of VideoGameDunkey and the internet historian Whang as well as the Internet Historian.
And those major oldschool players over at Rooster Teeth and College Humor.
First We Feast is fun because they interview celebrities over hot wings.
Bellular Gaming gives you all the World of Warcraft news.
LegalEagle is, well, a lawyer I found because he posted a reaction video to the Reynolds vs Reynolds episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
The Take is a good video essay channel.
The VFX guys at the Corridor Crew are fun.
Another old YouTube vet who is still crushing it is Jenna Marbles.
Oh ya know who else is good? Kakio interviews WoW roleplayers...poorly.
Jenny Nicholson is a Star Wars icon.
Kilian Experience is on there for making fun of WoW...
Lessons from the Screenplay is good. (It's what it says on the tin.)
Overly Sarcastic Productions is really educational on old myths and writing tropes.
The Princess and the Scrivener are pretty good (more lgbtq youtubers), and so is Zebra Corner, the guys with the bad Boston accents who show you what an honest car commercial is really like.
I have no idea how this happened but there is also this transgender youtuber named Jammidodger you could watch.
The guy at Cosmonaut Variety Hour is funny. I also have no idea how I found him either.
So is Maggie Mae Fish, who I knew from Cracked. There's also Allison Pregler from Movie Nights - everyone should know Allison Pregler, aka Obscuras Lupa back in the TGWTG days.
I am pretty sure all these channels were at some point from my Recommendations.
That's not all of them, but Bunny Ears belong to Macauly Culkin (yes that Macauly Culkin) and he's friends with the Red Letter Media guys.
The Helpful Vancouver Vet teaches you how to properly squish your cat.
And sorry everybody else, but Grable424 is the best fanvidder on the Internet.
Obviously I haven't seen everything by these channels, nor do I still watch what some of them post. The only ones I consistently have a mighty need to watch all their content are Cody Johnston's Some More News and anything by Red Letter Media, ContraPoints, Philosophy Tube, Lindsay Ellis or Internet Comment Etiquette. And I usually watch Wisecrack. Like I said, Cracked was my jam before they laid everybody off, and I use H3H3 to keep tabs on mainstream YouTube bullshit that I never knew or bothered knowing about.
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hallaevak · a year ago
skam thoughts
hi ok i’m bored n sick so i’m here to give my (maybe unpopular? idk) thoughts on skam + remakes. i have seen most* remakes, but i’ll mention if i have not seen a particular season or not
first off: basic opinions (favorite remakes, favorite characters, etc)
fav jonas/eva remake:
- skam nl (kes/isa) - isa is, in my opinion, the most relatable eva remake. she’s so sassy and lovable! in general i’m not the biggest fan of the season 1 plot, but i think all jonas/eva pairings, chemistry wise, have been phenomenal. isa/kes are just a little bit more impressive in my opinion.
fav noorhelm remake
- this will be of no shock, as this is quite a popular opinion, but wtfock (senne and zoë). most william remakes kind of suck, and the general character dynamic between noora and william is not something i like. i enjoy the plot but a lot of williams are just...ew. i’m interesting in skam españa interpretation (nora and alejandro) but i can’t fully judge their season until it’s over. zoë is such a wonderful character and senne is actually not a dick! i sobbed when they broke up in s3.
fav evak remake
- i’m tied. either skam france/wtfock. i love the (for some reason controversial) dynamic between sander and robbe. i also love elu, like the basic bitch i am. elliott demaury OWNS me.
fav youssana remake
- honestly, i kind of didn’t like any of them (that are released). there’s only two out there, druck and skam france, and i didn’t like any. i’m sorrryyyy i just love sana bakkoush and no one could ever be better than her. oof! disclaimer i have not watched all of amira’s season/druck s4. i wasn’t personally interested but the acting was phenomenal.
alright now to remake-specific comments.
SKAM, the original, the og, love of my life, scandi legend that started this obsession
- honestly one of the best teen shows i’ve ever seen. the development of characters is so prominent. the acting, for mostly amateur teenagers, is mind blowing. maybe american shows just suck? but i’m absolutely in love with every character. they show such realistic stories and i applaud the skam team + actors for portraying their stories so well.
- the one comment i have is the noorhelm relationship. i just? i don’t like it. when i first watched skam i loved it. noora was hilarious (still think that) and the perfect independent woman model. i also liked william. i just wished they showed more of his vulnerability because his kind of static character is not doing it for me. he doesn’t show any evolution or change. idk, he’s still a wet fish in my eyes. obv this has no shade to the actors, thomas hayes is lovely. his character? not so much. i could write a whole essay on how flawed and dislikable william is.
now, the first remake: skam france
skam france, oui oui baguettes this remake really tickles my fancy
- as someone who kind of understands french, i really do like this remake. i have some issues with s1 and s2 but overall it is a solid remake. being the first, it makes sense for the seasons to seems little unoriginal. i still love emma and manon but their characters aren’t very authentic.
- s3 is where they really nailed it. elu’s immense popularity is only a testament to how truly wonderful the season is. the acting, the characters, slight changes in plot. i loved it. a lot.
- i wasnt impressed by s4 but it might just be my extreme love for iman meskini. no one could ever replace her.
- BUT S5. OH BOY. ROBIN. MY BABY. he is such a good actor and i love arthur he MUST be protected! i love that his shame is not romantically related. also as someone who is interested in deaf culture wow! i’m impressed by the research done by skam france. not only is his the first original season but it is excellently executed. noee is my mother i love her.
druck, likely the most liked remake to which i do not disagree with that statement
- druck is legendary. i really appreciate the small changes in plot and character dynamics that create an identity for each remake and druck is so so good at doing that. mia’s season is lovely and so is matteo’s, as well as the other two. i did not finish amira’s season as wtfock s3 started and i was a little too invested in that haha but i liked what i saw. the mia/noora drama annoyed me but it was okay. i saw it in the way how we all beg for evak/elu/nicotino/etc content in later seasons but then complain when noorhelm/jonas and eva content occur in later seasons, which is weird at best or just fetishization of gay couples at worst. take ur pick. i like it when previous plot lines kind of intertwine into the current ones as it shows that people’s shakes are not temporary and have immense effects on others (which is the point of skam, right?
skam italia, the controversial remake that said bye and then uno-reversed itself (thanks netflix)
- a lot of people don’t like skam italia. it’s understandable, as the actress for sana is not a woc or muslim. however, it is slightly understandable (but not defendable, i was way too disappointed when i found this out) given italy and it’s cultural background. it astonished me that they could even produce an isak remake due to their pretty strong religious beliefs. italy is very much roman catholic, and gay marriage isn’t even legal there (this is the only skam where gay marriage is not legalized). so i give them major props to facing potential backlash in producing s2/marti’s season. it makes sense for there to not be a muslim/woc actress because of the demographics in italy. ww1 and ww2 really spun a number on italy’s race, as many jews and romas as well as pretty much any non-italian ethnicity were kicked out. this creates barriers especially when it comes to hiring a woc actress. skam italia is already breaking barriers when it came to controversial topics (literally all of skam would be controversial in italy’s alt-right view, it seems). tl;dr: kudos for being able to produce a pro-gay show but shame for not being able to hire a woc actess.
- i loved marti’s season as was a fan of the other two seasons. they’re well produced and beautiful and more dramatic than the other skams imo! the soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous.
skam austin, the american cousin no one seems to like that really lives up to the american stereotype
- ok. when i first saw austin/the fact that they made an american remake, i hated it. disgusting. i hâte america as it is. it was cringey, the acting was bad (i’m sorry i’m sorry), and it got rid of the charm that skam had.
- when i watched it a second time around, i changed my mind. i think grace’s season redeemed it a lil bit. it’s living proof that skam remakes must be watched twice or more to fully formulate an opinion. it’s still cringey but i mean, it’s very accurate to american culture. i’m ashamed to say that i, an american, have said many phrases that austin has used.
- skam austin isn’t THAT bad as people make it out to be. i think americans esp are uncomfortable with a skam from their own culture, myself included. and it’s fine to not vibe with it and prefer other skam remakes. i think the actors are okay, better when i saw it the second time, and the editing/music/videography is beautiful (ofc julie andem is a part of it). people give it crap for being american.
skam nl, may she rest in peace or pull an italia and 180 us
- man i was so depressed when i heard that lucas vdh was not getting his season. lucas is downright one of my favorite isak remakes and his story would’ve been so interesting.
- besides that, skam italia has one of the best eva seasons. it is my favorite and is usually a lot of others favorites as well. isa is just so relatable. liv’s season is also incredibly well produced. i didn’t hate noah! it was a miracle come true. he redeemed the william character if only for one remake.
- my one comment/critic isn’t even that serious. it’s just? dutch? it sounds so...weird. i’m a stupid american but i cracked up at things that were definitely NOT jokes because of the language. i’m sorry netherlands/holland i do not mean to laugh.
skam españa, also controversial for good reasons but also conflictingly good
- alright folks. i am confused with skam españa. i don’t know if i love it or like it.
- hear me out. we all know of the controversy with the panphobic comment that nora made. it was stupid and uncalled for and really disrespected the whole pan community of viewers. now, not many people are pan but for a show where an original character (even bech næsheim, love of my life) is canonically pan? it was kind of a slap to the face.
- besides the comment i loved cris’ season. it was refreshing to get an isak season where it was a she, one, and where isak was not living with his eskild but instead had a family. it was also beautifully shot and i love irene with my entire heart.
- that said, i liked eva’s season. nora’s season is interesting. maybe it’s because it’s the first i’ve watched multiple seasons live (españa and france) and have no attention span and is more interested in skam france s5? idk. the clips aren’t really doing it for me. i love the viri clips but the nora clips are eh. she just seems genuine? idk. i also hate miquel get his ugly ass out of here. i can’t fully analyze the season until it’s over but i’m not really interested in it. i also don’t like the noorhelm plot or dynamic at all so that may be it.
wtfock, or another controversial remake that imo shouldn’t be controversial
- wow. i love wtfock. s1 was rocky and i wasn’t sure of how it would be. s2 SLAPPED ME THRU THE ROOF. god i love senne de smet so much. zoë is actually redeemable??? and oh my god milan is my favorite eskild like please adopt me.
- season 3 was the first one i watched live. i arrived to the skam scene late so i didn’t get to experience march madness aka 5 live skams at once and i wish i did. but wow. willem ds and willem h really are one of the main reasons why wtfock s3 did so well. they’re amazing actors with incredibly chemistry.
- the controversy that imo should be controversy: the gay bashing scene. i was surprised at the backlash. people were upset over the fact that they showed such...intense events without immediate remediation. it’s understandable to be mad but? they were criticizing things that had no correlation with the scene, like the willems’ acting or the music picked. it was very wild. they also did a lot of bitching about how lgbt people should see gay bashing because it’ll bring back bad memories and that skam was for the gays only and should cater for only lgbt people. which i heavily disagree with. 1) gay bashing in media is so prevalent and downright important. things can’t be fluffy gay all the time. this happens in real life and does such a great complement to noor’s comment about how no one cares that robbe is gay because it’s 2019. THAT. IS. SO. IMPORTANT. it’s so so important to realize that despite the strides made for lgbt people, gay bashing and violent homophobia. still. exist. also. i would like to direct you to these examples of gay bashing where no one blinked an eye : queer as folk, where s1 justin gets bashed in at his prom and has difficulties drawing; s2 (i think? may be s1) skam españa where lucas rubio gets bashed; skam s4 where even and isak encounter a homophobic dick; these examples are endless. the one thing that miffed me the most was that many critics acted as if they were forced to watch wtfock and therefore criticize its every move. like no? you have a choice? no one is forcing you. quite the opposite! wtfock is geoblocked! you’re actually forcing yourself because you’re taking the time to find illicit resources in order to watch it! alright man i’m done with this rant. many also criticized the writing of the show. it was shaky but watching it a 2nd time, where all clips were released, was so much better when it came to clarity. many ‘poor writing choices’ made sense in the larger picture. again another example that you should watch skam remakes twice to understand the big picture.
- tl;dr wtfock is lovely and should not be criticized for one wrong move.
thank u for hearing me out. i have strong opinions but a frail heart. pls be nice!
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