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#it’s been a wild (and exhausting!) time
thepiecesofcait · 3 days ago
Hello! just wanted to say, I got my link to the PDF of your Miserable Month and it looks fantastic! I'm so glad I got the preorder, there are definitely illos I missed and they are all so wonderful! Thanks for making them available this way!
Thank you! I have been hoarding this ask for weeks because it brings me such joy to read - this little zine project has consumed so much of my life these past few months, and there’s definitely been moments I’ve wanted to walk away from it completely, BUT! I DIDN’T! And I am so so so proud of how everything has turned out!
Also - as of today all of the preorders are officially on their way! (Technically they have been for a fortnight, but I called in some help with posting to take the edge off of shipping rates between Australia and the US, and that leg of the shipping took a hot minute)
Everyone that ordered a copy should have received an email through Etsy with their tracking number by now, and they should be arriving within the next week or so! I am so excited for people to finally be getting their copies, and I am so so thankful for everyone that supported this project!
Once all the zines arrive at their new homes I’ll be listing my leftover copies on my Etsy store, so if anyone wanted one but missed out on the preorder window keep an eye out for that :)
Tumblr media
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gazeboarcade · 16 days ago
Boy howdy lol
#ok so that’s basically done#they both had to get antibiotics and rabies shots#I feel major grossed out energy still#but mainly just. overwhelmed.#I literally cannot fathom why my period makes me into this little monster pile of emotions but I just wanna hug my dogs shower for 12 years#then lay down and cry bc jfc what a stressful morning#that was just!!!!! so much#I love these dogs don’t get me wrong but I’m also looking forward to living on my own without animals for a hot minute#it’s been a workout at least!! chasing and being chased by a ground hog#picking up the dogs a handful of times#that’s gotta count for smthn#I just wish I didn’t feel like constantly two inches away from crying and exhausted lol#it’s weird to be rlly tired but also like#full of adrenaline#bc I’m like jittering and like all tight#but!! going home soon#I’m trying to stay optimistic bc rlly this could’ve been way worse for the dogs#it was just. a lot for me#and I feel ridiculous for being overwhelmed bc I’m not the one who was bit and bled all over and had to get a rabies shot#I did however get exposed to a likely rabid wild animal and get blood shaken on me and also like#I love the dogs so I worry#and I was like startled into being awake this all started with me being scared out of a deeeeep sleep and thrown into this#like lemme tell ya I was tearing through the back yard like a feral person#no shoes no bra in short sleep shorts and a sleep shirt#chaotic as fuck lol#ok god driving home now#I feel insane#delete later
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plutos-pocket-universe · a month ago
my friend told me that she got in a huge argument with wnother trienr over martha's decision when it came to her telling toni that she wasn't gonna put up with her bullshit anymore and she wasn't going to defend her that time
this other friend loves to just...act like toni can do absolutely no wrong - which has been disproved multiple times - and that martha was a bad friend for not "being there for her" and not "putting up with her" because toni's just a precious wittle baby who can't do wrong 🥺🥺
i regret to inform you, friend of a have no critical thinking skills.
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icyheart-and-friends · 2 months ago
#vent#wild how the only way i can possibly get my dad to listen is by drawing vent art in the shower or needing to go to the ER#and how apparently any time i try to explain how upset i am or how badly im hurting as a result of spending so much time with the puppy is#made null by the excuse of 'oh but you love him!' yes i do and i will take care of him but you dont fucking spring a surprise puppy on#someone who was very adiment about NOT GETTING ANOTHER DOG 'i knew if i had told you wouldve said no!' and then promptly after 'hes staying#woth you because i need him to bond to you'#now here i am with two sprained ankles way over hyper extending and painful ribs and spine and fucking EXHAUSTED because i didnt ecen have#chance to every try to prepare myself physically or mentally for a puppy. and then when i give him to dad to watch over god forbid he gets#hyper and wants to PLAY GOD FORBID THAT 'bring him up to me when he's worn out' GUESS WHO HAS TO TIRE HIM OUT#fucking dont get a puppy for someone who is very adamantly against getting a dog and then put ALL the responsibilities of said puppy on the#as well especially WHILE THEYRE HAVING HEALTH ISSUES OF THEIR OWN THAT THEYRE TRYING TO DEAL WITH#he is getting better with having sylver with him even when he gets hyper but he still wants me to watch him all day till bed time where he#just sleeps woth him all night and then give him bqck to me in the morning whenever he needs care#even on weekends unless he can SEE how in pain i am and today was the first day where he took him for the majority of the day#and thats because ive been telling him so much about how much pain im in and because he knew i had dnd today and he figured#i should at least enjoy that which was... considerate of him#i knpw i have a vent specific blog but im too fucking tired and in pain to fucking care right now
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deepend-swimmer · 3 months ago
to be very honest with all lovers tropes, being in love with your best friend is very much a bummer when it's unrequited
#it just is alright#like yeah i love him as my best friend yada yada but i still long for something else and i'm not gonna get that but i also can't let go#sometimes it's consuming you know? i know i should let go but it's just as wild fire it's hasn't been on my hands ever since i let out#and i was getting over it i was moving one but i guess that the reason why i'm back at feeling so much of it is bc he makes me feel safe#and i need safety right now#just like the bad dream i had somedays ago#he is my childhood best friend if there a thing that I've felt beside him was safe safe to be myself safe to be around safe to breath#and now i don't feel safe in any of those things i'm paranoid i go to walk my dog and i think every man is looking at me#i go to the groceries and i get anxious when a man is getting close bc he might touch me i don't like listening to men's voices#and i see him everywhere i go every where and it's exhausting so exhausting bc he is not here and i know that but i still see him#when a guy' approaching me on the street even if i'm inside my car and they're on a bike if they look a tiny bit like him i've to look away#and i can't hear the ocean anymore and for some reason youtube decided that a surfer's ad is the only one my account needs#and every time an ad comes i know it's going to be it and feel on the verge of anxiety of breaking down into tiny pieces that can't be glued#but henrique makes me feel like the ocean like the girl that loved the ocean and wanted to learn how to surf so bad and it's safe around men#like i was in a really bad place three days ago really bad and the only thing that brought me back was him saying absurds about spiderman#bc he is a dork and he is tall and broad and he loves spiderman and he is safe he makes me feel safe and i can't push that back not rn#so yeah childhood best friends to lovers sounds amazing but i'm not good enough to have that and that is a fucking bummer#a little bit of a rant guys lmao#i keep pouring things out on yall sorry about that#dave love confesses at midnight#deaif
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serialreblogger · 5 months ago
Got my own place!
#i moved out a few days ago#which is (partly) why i've been relatively quiet lately#apologies for the#personal#content i know it's not terribly interesting but this is fairly major for me and there's...#well. it's my blog i suppose i'm allowed to post about myself once in a blue moon right?#anyway what's absolutely wild is that for the first time in my life going on high alert at every sound isn't actually justified#like. for the first time in my life i'm having like... a disordered level of trauma-hyperawareness#like i didn't really realize until now just how exhausting it was at home. knowing it was unhealthy and unnecessary#to be on high alert all the time (every second of the day especially when dad was home)#but even if it wasn't *necessary* in recent years it always MIGHT have been. i learned from my entire childhood that i could never be safe#he did that. he chose to do that. a hallmark of abuse is how unpredictable it is i suppose. but now for the first time in my life#i'm. safe#i'm safe#and i don't quite know how to cope with that#how do i live when every sound is a safe one? how do i live when i know there's no one waiting for the opportunity/inclination to hurt me?#one thing i'm realizing is that i remain significantly more fucked up than previously assumed#(or at least. than i'd previously assumed. or than i'd allowed myself to acknowledge for my own protection)#i don't want to see him again i know that much#and i also know i can't avoid it#what right do i have? he hasn't done anything in years#no. that's a lie. he pinned me against the wall barely months ago#he's fucking abusive and i don't care that he isn't anymore he has never been sorry or tried to make amends and i don't want to see him#hm. that's a conversation to have with the sisters i think. and then mom#god i have no idea how to do this#might be wiser to just suck it up and keep on faking that's no way to heal. i can't keep doing that. not when i have a choice#well. i'll think it through#i'll think it through and choose my steps as wisely as i can. what more can one do?#linden's originals
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#the government is going to use that shit to track you#the democrats are trying to ban hamburgers!!!!#aquila shut up no one cares#my mental health is wild rn bc of two different things entirely out of my control#like a third is I suddenly got let go at my job the day after Christmas bc I was told I was just hired seasonal only#me increasingly confused because I was never informed of this before: what#I'm not too mad bc I'd have to either quit or only work part time only in about a month or so when classes start back but#it doesn't stop me from being upset that me leaving wasn't on my terms like I planned#I've also been an idiot lately and looking at something that has like tw:suicide and going I feel fine I can look at that#then questioning why I feel terrible the next day#like I wonder genius#the first factor came from my abusive parents driving up and demanding they see me on Christmas#I thought I could go one fucking year without crying on Christmas but nooo they had to make sure I suffer#then like at Christmas dinner at my boyfriend's house his brother in law said that he wouldn't get the covid vaccine bc#.... needless to say I was pissed#like you've been vaccinated before dumbass and you carry around a phone. the government doesn't need to use the covid vaccine for that#it's been a lot in the span of a few days to process and really the only thing to do until class starts is vote in the runoff#which I'll be increasingly glad I won't get ads for after because I'm tired of republicans desperately filling my mailbox#mostly with scare ads like <- a real ad I got in the mail#I'd be funny if it weren't so exhausting#I just want to watch one YouTube video without having to hear about RADICAL JON OSOFF#tbh it's mostly warnock they run attack ads against#I can probably quote them by heart at this point tbh#like let me listen to twin size mattress for the twentieth time and leave me to write in peace#personal#honestly my tumblr is just a diary and scrapbook art this point
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uruwenjpg · a year ago
Tumblr media
I'm back from the dead and finished with all my classes!
I have a boat load of art to catch up on starting with some gifts :)c
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chainofclovers · a year ago
All my other social media has work people on it. And that's why I'm here in my Tumblr...because I need to externalize the extreme ways I feel about document versioning and why it is important and why I wish other people cared about it as much as me. 😭😭😭
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Going to bed now! Nighty night!
#me#mine#oooog today was so exhausting. but i got my thing in 39 min before the due time! that counts as something right??#so it was drizzling today right and im used to people being stupid w it and either going stupid slow or stupid fast but i saw something#new today. well 3 things actually. i witnessed /2/ people drive the wrong way in the parking garage (its one way on all areas but the ramps#and the area right above the ramps. thankfully i was already parked! and then the 3rd was someone who had to stop at#the stoplight bc the crosswalk was activated. there was still 11 seconds left when i began crossing. a guy waited until people on#the opposite side had crossed and then??? ran the light??? wild. thankfully i was not in the middle of all that!#and then i almost fell asleep in novel bc it was super boring but thankfully he gave us the last 20 min to work on our 15 pages#so i got at least 1 of the 10 pages i had left done! i wouldve had more but i had a q and every time id get ready to ask/go over to him#someone else would go so it took awhile. ive basically been working since 6 except for 20 min after 7 when i took a break#to call my mom and talk to her. also theres a girl in my novel class who can be very sweet but god she smokes and smells so#heavily of it its painful to breathe around her. i dont wanna be rude cause its not like shes smoking directly by me#but she smells like she JUST DID IT ( its a no smoking campus....) and so its strong and im afraid to breath#and accidentally trigger an asthma attack. granted i havent had one in years but uh i dont wanna have one soon LOL#anyways...ive spent so much time doing the dumbass 10 page thing since i ran outta time for it last night and i havent taken a shower yet!
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psycho-chair · 10 hours ago
He’ll Be Alright
hoo boy, i wrote these all mostly to vent, so reading this again, like ten months later, i can see that i wasn’t feeling so great lmfao
Dream woke up at dawn. He blinked slowly, taking in the familiar sight of heavy curtains tightly drawn. His bones shivered, aching from his last fight. Dust swirled thickly in thin rays of sunlight, the beams slipping in through openings in the curtains. Faintly, he could hear the city waking up. The sounds of cars and people grew louder with each passing second. Their energy seemed to drain his.
His body felt heavy as he forced himself to sit up. His phone screen lit up, cutting through the darkness of his room. Yet again, someone was calling. Dream stared at the vibrating device, eyes blank and dull. The phone's vibrations ceased, another notification popping in. 86 missed calls.
He sighed heavily, movements slow as he gradually eased out of bed. Pink slippers dark with stains waited for his feet. Dream didn't bother to get dressed. He shuffled out into the equally dark loft that he called 'home'. More curtains lined the walls, little fragments of sunlight permeating the wooden floor with lines. His bones creaked in protest as he made his way to his kitchen.
Plates were piled high in the sink, the steady drip drip drip of the faucet lulling him further into a zombie-like state. The kitchen was filled with a symphony of tiring sounds. The fridge hummed a low tune as the coffee machine buzzed and began to make a noise like a babbling stream. 
The microwave's plate clinked as it spun slowly behind that dotted glass. Dream was lost in his motions, his mind on auto-pilot. As it had been for far too long. Beep! Beep! Bee-! He absently tugged open the microwave, silencing its insistent beeping. Distantly, he wondered if he was annoying someone with these noises.
'Breakfast' was just a biscuit and coffee. Then, like he did every day, Dream wandered back to his room and crawled into bed. His soul felt warm from the coffee, and his mind felt foggy from those strange feelings that were like black holes. They made every other emotion he felt suddenly disappear, making room for itself to grow and fill him with nothingness.
"Dream?" Soft, like he was afraid to wake him. His eyes opened languidly, dazed eyelights scanning the room in search of that familiar voice. Someone's head was poking in from the doorway. He opened his mouth to speak, but his voice was locked away. He hadn't spoken for so long. That person slipped in, face worried and... afraid? Why was he afraid? Dream was harmless, he didn't understand.
"Hey...How do you feel...?" Dream's voice still refused to work, so he lifted his hand to gesture with a thumbs up. He's okay. The person's face warped. "Please.. Please, please don't lie to me." Dream flinched. But he wasn't lying, right? He was just fine! Nothing was wrong..
"C'mon bro. Let's get you up." Wasn't he just confused about something? Brother's face swam in his vision, emotional exhaustion taking over. No. He wasn't confused. He was okay. Nothing was wrong.
Dream looked pitiful, curled on his side with a tight frown in his sleep. That's all he did. Sleep. Nightmare was worried, god, he was so fucking worried. He couldn't remember what Dream sounded like, or what his smile looked like. He never thought that he'd miss it. He never thought that he'd miss his brother like he did now.
Never had it even crossed his mind that Dream could slip so deep into something so dark. The guardian had completely vanished from the multiverse, sending everyone who bothered to care into a wild goose chase. How funny that Nightmare was the one to find him, after two years of searching.
Dream's phone lit up again, this time with a message. Curious, Nightmare drifted over, squinting at the overly bright screen, his brow furrowing at the text. I'm sorry for what I said. Please talk to me. 
What? Who... Nightmare's socket narrowed, eyelight darting to his brother's limp form. He hesitated before snatching up the phone and opening the message.
There were only four messages.
8/5>>Fuck you 8/5>>I hate you 7:41>>Im sorry for what I said 7:41>>Please talk to me
Even as he read, new messages popped up, making his soul twist with anger.
7:42>>I love you I swear I do 7:42>>I didnt mean it 7:42>>I know your reading this 7:43>>your ignoring me arent you 7:43>>dont ignore me 7:44>>you know what fuck you i dont have time for someone like you
Inhaling shaply, Nightmare furiously typed out a response, not caring that it wasn't his business. But he didn't send it. No, Nightmare stopped halfway through, his soul filled with conflicting emotions. He might ruin Dream's relationship with someone. All hesitation flew out the window as the next message popped in.
7:46>>nm shouldve killed you when he had the chance
Clearly, someone was prodding at things they shouldn't. Oh, they knew how to make Dream hurt, it seemed. Nightmare grit his teeth. Some fucker thought they could just harm Dream without consequences. They are very mistaken. 
Nightmare could list a few people right off the top of his head that would love to get their hands on this person. He chuckled, taking his own phone out to save the number. He was going to have some fun with this. Someone had hell to pay.
But first...
He glanced at Dream's still form. But first, he had a brother to take care of.
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napkinfire69 · a day ago
How Drug Addiction Recovery Treatment Assists To?
If are usually addicted to something, web sites . you possess a weakness sell. The best way deal with any weakness is to get rid of whatever you're weak when. The truth - this particular an old belief. Addiction negatively affects the associated with the brain called the dopamine system which in not under conscious influence. Key Point #1, do an online search on the worry of god. Study these verses because they are great for helping you with addiction and helpful on directing you in order to Church that can help clients. Bible author Solomon is understood as the wisest man ever to reside in. He says that the fear for this Lord may be the beginning of information. How can we use this to help us with addiction. Another reason an addict just doesn't require any idea how for stopping an addiction, is that his brain keeps telling him to become more of decreases. And every time he acts out, it releases a new wave belonging to the brain solutions. But it takes a lot for your body noticable these complex chemicals, and a addict uses them to the peak. It leaves the body exhausted. It takes weeks, or even months to recreate all the endorphins they have been tripping on. This leaves the body feeling really down. Energetic only recognises that it wants to feel good again, so that creates cravings to look again. This becomes a wild cycle of cravings and binges, and the addict can't seem to get themselves out. Every time they dig their own pit just a little deeper, as well as own brain keeps them going and also getting more stuck. When you distracted, don't find time to be folks out there you; you limit yourself from numerous possibilities an individual are sedated with your distractions. your drink, your drug, your video game, sexual conquest, casino hopping, excessive shopping & spending and and much more. You become more robot like, much for you to manipulate since you are not thinking or acting using a clear your head. You develop into the slave back to your distraction. addiction therapy london , emotional well-being, physical body, and bank account can all suffer purely because you you are focus. Suddenly you become other-focused instead of being very own focal point for your desires. Study the Bible books of Matthew and 1 Corinthians. Then make it a priority to choose a great Religious. Make a list of Churches you want to try to. After you visit each one make a scheduled visit with the Pastor or Priest to with the see the amount help they could give you with your addiction. Peer Influence - Somebody's peer group can easily have impact on behaviors and actions. Students in treatment or recovery that should be able to surround themselves along with a positive peer group have a better chance at maintaining sobriety.
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For the WIP Ask Game :)
🗣️ 🤔 ☀️ 🎬 🎲
(or, if you've already answered any of these or have something you'd love to share that i didn't mention, ease consider this 🎉 as a wildcard to choose your own!)
Edu thank you!!! I always almost default yo calling you punk and i have to catch myself bc i dont know if thatd be insulting or not shcbdjdn
🗣 Share your favorite dialogue exchange.
^-^ one of my favorites because Roman deserves comfort:
“Wait you thought- honey. You know someone can offer to do things for you without it being sexual right? That i can offer to wash your hair and back because you looked exhausted and drained and i don't want you to hurt lifting your arms above your head?”
Roman fidgeted before looking up at him carefully.  “”
Janus’ gaze softened as he put his hands up. “I'm offering no strings attached. I just want to make you feel a bit better, that's all. You can still say no, but i want you to realize that I'm definitely not just trying to get into your pants.”
🤔 Share a line where a character makes a decision.
Very out of context spoiler for the big bang I’m working on:
Remus looked over at where Logan was sleeping peacefully, for the first time in what Remus knew was a while. Ghosts, he supposed, weren’t like what you heard about in those stupid shows they used to laugh at. There was real pain there, a sorrow so deep he ached at the mere thought of it. There was no getting exorcised, no spells to recite or herbs to cleanse. There was just him. That’s all it had been for a long time now.
Setting his jaw, Remus stood up and made his way towards the bed.
☀️ Share a line with figurative language.
Here kinda? I couldn’t find a better example I have- a lot of stuff. Taken from The Dragon’s Tome  a wip I haven’t really talked about but that I really like:
 It only took a second of searching before his eyes snapped open, fists balled as he took a deep breath as an initial wave of upset threatened to knock him off his feet. There was an explanation for this. There would have to be.
His alarm system, put in place and undisturbed for years now, had been shut off.
🎬 Share the last line you’ve written.
From a collab I’m working on featuring Roman:
Twirling as he grabbed everything up he couldn’t help but smile wider in the mirror, squaring his shoulders and lifting his head with the confidence that had been imbued in him all his life.
Best foot forward indeed.
🎲 Using a method of your choosing, share a randomly-selected line.
Alright, I just closed my eyes and tapped around a bit until I had a wip selected and picked something that wasn’t shorthanded summary:
“Well- even if I can’t make you happy- or get you to laugh or smile when you need it- I’d still like to be here to support you in your sadness. I love you very much Patton, and that statement isn’t compromised if you’re depressed.” (Logan)
Using the wild card bc I found this gem searching through docs and heckin had to. Another one from The Dragon’s Tome:
“Name one time I’ve gotten distracted during an important heist!” (Roman is speaking)
“How many heists do you want me to believe you’ve gone on Baby Ride Along?” (Virgil)
“I’m the one that came up with this plan and how dare you insult me with Baby Driver- I’m not nearly straight enough to watch that!”
Snorting loudly, Virgil pushed past him and turned the knob, taking a breath before pushing the door open and peeking around to the inside. His eyes widened as he stepped fully inside, taking it all in in shock- had it been this way the last time he was here?
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