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#it would have been so funny
goofo · 10 hours ago
oh my god i was about to bring up tea on a band but i realized none of you know who anyone involved in the situation is except for a/cacia b/rinley EDIT: if y’all are curious i put it in the tags lmao
#basically she was trying to start a band so they had her befriend another band in the label while they were working on putting her band#together so that their fans would listen to their band but the funny part is is that the original band was an industry plant#anyway they had her date one of the band members but she was 15/16 at the time and they were having her date a guy who was publicly 19#but me and the girls who were y’know ‘in’ as they say#we knew that he was actually 25 but we ignored it because we were also 15#and thought it was cool that we were being paid attention to by older guys#but here’s the kicker that guy was dating a girl who is sweet i love her still she’s a great person#so he’d been dating the same girl since high school and we all knew her but their label wouldn’t let him post about her#because that would one give away his real age and two be bad for their reputation apparently#anyway i was just thinking about this because that girl and him are actually married now and i’m rewatching house and just happened to have#watched the episode she was in because she was one of the patients on house once lmaooo#oh also they’re married now#crazy times#the random shit i know#also another member of that band is a major music producer who pretended to be 16 in the height of this band’s success but me and the girls#knew his real name obviously so we were able to do a shit ton of research on him because of that and it turned out he was like 30 at thetime#like i said crazy times
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valenhell · 21 hours ago
From the studio that brought you “I can’t find good Byler fics in the ao3 tag”, comes:
"The Definitive Byler fic rec list"
Literally no one asked for this but because I spent the majority of last year (...and 2019, and 2018...) reading byler fics and coping with life, I thought I’d make a list of some of my absolute favorites. 
The other day I was basically starving for some byler fics and the angel @magicalfairy provided me with some of her faves so I thought I’d do the same, because I love reading, and I love all of these fics and I appreciate their writers💗 And fic writers in general, come on!
- This is a mix of long works and one-shots/short stories. - Everything is mostly fluff with a tad of angst and a lot of internalized homophobia conflict.  - Every fic is completed, except for the ones I mention that they are not. - I try my best to lay out the stories in a way that I won’t spoil you the plot but also warning you of some stuff you might don’t like. Either way, all of these fics are correctly tagged by their respective authors/owners, so read at your own risk. For better understanding, in between brackets I denote Rating, Words and quantity of Chapters. - I feel like I should clarify, none of these are narrated in the singular first person. None of that “And I told him...”, no. 
Long fics
a dream always the same (T, 99k, 35 chapters) What happened in those few weeks between the Battle of Starcourt and the Byers leaving Hawkins. Literally a satisfying and very needed fill in of season three, with a good dose of Mike’s thoughts and conflict. Mike’s characterization is specially amazing in this one. The writing style is amazing and I know the author put everything into making it historically accurate, and it was really sweet. You probably read it, it’s by the amazing sevensided here on Tumblr🧡
Spring Break (T, 120k, 14/15 chapters) The slowburn of my dreams. Lots of internalized conflict and conflict with each other. Conflict within the Party (uhh kind of), conflict with Mike and Will. Byers family has moved and the kids are visiting! Chaos. Characterization is on point. Yeah, I know it’s unfinished, but the fourteenth chapter actually serves as a pretty nice ending. 
This is where it starts (M, 148.8k, 24 chapters) Aged up characters. The Party is in college and Will disappears again, but now it’s different. Mike knows he didn’t vanish from thin air, and the discovery he and the Party end up making is pretty insane. Mystery solving/fantasy/third dimension, throw in a bit of D&D and Mike realizing some shit, and you get this marvelous fic. It’s a breath of fresh air. The world building is definitely one of the elements that stands out the most, because it’s very nicely described, it sounds like a dream and it’s completely immersive. Absolute gem of a fic. 
there’s a Starman waiting in the sky (M, 30.6k, 8 chapters) Do I need to say anything? Will is out there living his best life and Mike realizes that wow, umm, maybe his best friend looks a bit too nice with that costume... and wait, is he getting horny? It’s actually really fun and sexy.
The Evening Speaks (T, 23k, 7 chapters) In where Mike is a late-night college radio host and Will is the art student that stays up till late to catch up with Wheeler on the Mic. They flirt through songs y’all, this one is really sweet. 
heads or tails? (E, 24k, 3 chapters) Aged up characters. I know most people don’t enjoy sex in fics and with specific characters but this one is insanely well written. It’s a slowburn that commits to the tension and with every word you are grasping and anticipating their next move. I think you can find the author here on Tumblr as you-said-yes🧡
The Man of Average (M, 56.7k, 5/? chapters) Aged up characters. No but you don’t understand, the writing here is absolute gourmet. The story is exciting as well, it’s super interesting. Weirdly enough, for being very aged up characters, they are well characterized but they don’t feel like teenagers. They are naturally Mike and Will. The author really captured Mike and Will’s essence. I know, it’s unfinished and it’s updated very rarely, but this is the typical fic you can’t believe someone just posted on the internet for free. I will say though, I think it’s definitely not for everyone. Read at your own risk.
Heartstrings (E, 82.8k, 24/? chapters) Aged up characters. By the same author of The Man of Average. A collection of memories, the road to Mike and Will’s happy ever after. And fucking hell!!!!! You’ll cry and get angry, you’ll cheer for them, then you’ll want to crash their faces together because god dammit you love each other!!! But yeah, same thing here. The writing and the way the story is laid out as a nonlinear narrative is brilliant. And I also think this is one of the best Will versions I’ve read. The author might as well be the og creator of this two characters tbh. You can find the author here as mylesimeblr🧡
Sinners behind the walls (T, 1.5k, 1/1) And because I can’t stop recommending this author, a little thing of Mike tormenting himself but also being too deeply committed to Will. 
The Red Envelope series (T/E, 167K, two completed works) Something happens that Will thought was impossible and from there, pure drama and romance. Anything by this author has the potential to become your absolute favorite fic, but this series in particular is amazing. I doubt that any of you haven’t read this, but it doesn’t hurt to put it in this list. I’m pretty sure the author is serendipitous-magic on Tumblr🧡
A New Fight series (T, 91k, two completed works, one WIP) And finally the Star Wars AU that we all needed. But this isn’t your typical “Mike is Han”, “Will is Leia” and “El is Luke”, it’s way more interesting than that, and the author has appropriated the Star Wars world like no other. I’ll admit I’m not a 100% fluent in SW lore but this is amazing to me either way. This author is also on Tumblr, tea-for-one-please🧡
- Yes, most of these are (if not all), in a way, canon compliant/canonverse/canon continuation into fanon. (In a way)
One-shots and short stories
Sundae for Two, Please (G, 4.8k) Steve being the supportive friend and older brother these kids collectively need. (not Jonathan erasure, we love him). Steve is very sweet himself, and this little cute thing through his POV is gorgeous. Yes, it’s byler.
Backstage (T, 10k, 2/2) Jonathan, you forgot to mention to Will how hot your new band’s guitarist is, dude. Now he’s hyperventilating and weirdly flirting with him in the corner. Background Stonathan because why not.
102 Peach Street (G, 3.8k) Established relationship, but not only that, they are married :’’))) PURE fluff. Extreme fluffiness. Diabetes. 
sweatshirts and bottled up feelings (T, 3.2k) Or, Mike thinks that the sweatshirt Will wears looks insanely good on him. And kitchens are for lovers. 
kiss it better (T, 16.3k) Basically one of the best character studies of a few precise moments of Mike and Will’s relationship and feelings. 
will wonders ever cease (T, 11.3k) #i ship will and happiness. Omfg what a beautiful piece of fanfic. Will centric, this kid really deserves all the good in the world.
The Calm After the Storm (T, 1.6k) Tooth rotting fluff, boyfriends in love. Boyfriends being lazy, cuddling, love words, kisses. Boys loving each other’s company... Basically, Mike and Will in their element. What more can you ask for?
neither of us ready to let go (T, 4.8k) That scene from season three, but a bit of a fix it. 
Still in love (G, 1k) Domestic, married life au fluff. Y’all, I’m a sucker for established Byler, even if I can’t find many fics with it. But this is very sweet. It takes place in 2020, but I don’t think there are any mentions of the COVID-19 crisis that I remember.
I Nver Find Out ‘Til I’m Head Over Heels (G, 12.5K) Classic 5+1 fic. If you haven’t read it, where have you been? This is your moment. In where Mike keeps inviting Will to the school dances and Will thinks it’s just a joke until he realizes it’s not. 
Before You’re Gone (T, 5.9k) Will is leaving Hawkins and Mike thinks this is a great moment for a confession. This one I discovered last friday, thank you friend @magicalfairy 💗
You’re weird Wheeler (M, 4.5k) Mike unintentionally starts a tradition of going to each other to talk about their sexual encounters just after they finish. Will keeps getting more explicit with the details he shares, and he makes his best friend interested. This one is really fun y’all.
Out-Of-Town Friends (N/R, 4.6K) It’s not rated. I haven’t re- read it but I’d say it would probably fall in a T rating. So cute!! Will has new friends and sneaks off every friday and the Party doesn’t know where he is going, so Mike decides to follow him and is surprised. 
Snowed Under (G, 1.3k) By the same author of The New Fight series. Mike is spending christmas by himself in college because a snowstorm hits Chicago and Nancy can’t drive to see him, but then he has a surprise visitor. Ahhh just a lil sweet holiday fic. Super cute. 
you love me anyway series (T, 7.1k, three completed works) Literally just the cutest thing ever. Established Byler. Will loves to take pictures and he loves taking pictures of Mike. It’s adorable. 
you wanna be friends forever (i can think of something better) (T, 9k) This one is so amazing. So. Amazing. From Will’s POV, my kid deserves the world and he gets it. 
okay not to be okay (T, 4.9k) Mike is a bit sad but then everything is okay. 
can’t hold out forever (G, 18.4k) Y’all!!!!! 5+1 sweetness. Mike has been falling in love since kindergarten. And it’s long af, you’ll enjoy it. 
even if it takes forever (G, 1.3k) College short AU, they miss each other, they love each other, they promise all to each other. It is sappy y’all.
clear as day (N/R, 18.4K, 4 chapters) It’s not rated, but I’d say it falls in the T category. Strangers to friends to lovers. And also, everyone is pretty gay; we have our dynamic trio Mike, Max and El as disaster lesbians (and gay). Will works at the library and he is also gay. Lucas and Dustin and Will are the best friends we needed. It’s very sweet and the Party is kind of formed here!
I went overboard with the one-shots, so you must have realized how much I love long one-shots and I favor them over long works lmao but they are all amazing!!! If it’s on this list, I probably read it at 2 am, sobbing in my bed. So. Hope you enjoy it☺️🧡
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firelxdykatara · a day ago
hey so is this fandom ready to admit yet that robyn was second only to tyrian on the list of people responsible for getting clover killed, or are y’all still busy pretending 7x12 was well-written and robyn wasn’t an idiot for agreeing with a serial killer and escalating the conflict which allowed him to escape and cause the plane to crash?
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very ooc of tumblr to not eat up even one of my asks
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elaineettariel · 2 days ago
the biggest crime in the entire grishaverse is that we got like. two sentences of interaction between aleksander and ulla
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adriartts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
more fauns idk thinkin about alternate formal greetings to a handshake i guess
#fauns#this been in my drafts forever i dont Like it but i dont hate it either#its mostly just anatomy practice/wanted to draw tattoos/wanted to draw some fauns/worldbuilding bit#and this gesture i realize now IS rlly similar to a handshake but IDK#cause like. its formal. so its not gonna be like#like most fauns would greet friends or family with like a head bonk like what goats n cats do ya know HAKSHSJSKSJS#or just.. .. . a hug. like it doesnt HAVE to be different#but for a Formal Greeting idk. theres not a Ton of options??????#and i played around with the idea of this greeting having a formal version where its basically just#u clasp arms n then let go and thats ur hello. and then also having a more friendly version where its like#like u know how Bros do that hand clasp then hug each other type thing. like that except less dudebro vibes n more just. hug ur friends#like a natural kind of evolution from a formal greeting between people to a friendly one used in a casual setting#but... idk. idk i mean i COULD do that still i suppose thats not bad. now that i think about it#and theyre also not mutually exclusive#i also just rlly like the idea of fauns greeting each other by bonking their foreheads against one another too cause thats funny to me#like u know all the tenderness and intimacy of a forehead touch?? yeah that but make it a game#GOT DAMN now im thinkin about baby fauns with tiny little horns bonking each others heads together and getting yelled at by their families#i live fauns. like just as a concept theyre so cute and i think theyre the fantasy creature i got the most like. lore on#nightlings are a close second. ... then mermaids but i dont have NEARLY as much on them#speaking of im thinkin of splitting merfolk into two types like. one thats cartilaginous like a shark or ray#and one thats an actual bony fish with rayed fins and.. . bones. but what do you CALL those. like specific types of merfolk#like youve got the one thats like sharks and youve got the one thats a bony fish. how do you title them#like fauns vs ipotanes vs satyrs but theyre all ungulates. whats a version if that with mermaids. girl help#this isnt even rhetorical i need Ideas
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peepo · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
#ok one last post#i wish my mom would see all the complaining i do about her sometimes#but like with her shed probably beat me half to death or kick me out so like i can’t do that#it’s kind of funny like i keep wishing she hit me more because only ONE TIME she made me bleed. she’s hurt me woth slaps and belt whippings#but only one time she hit my face so hard and so repeatedly it made my nose bleed. i wish she’d do it more!#physical abuse hurts less and is easier to explain than emotional abuse you’ve had to deal with your whole life. i wish she died as well as#my sexually abusive step dad numerous time.#s. him more but i genuinely think about how happy i would be without her in my life. i’d cry and maybe kill myself because now i have no 1#to live for but like... at least it would be most of my issues solved! plus i didn’t kill myself whdn someone else died but IG he didn’t#have as much of an impact on me as a woman who’s been here my whole life. yet i still think about sawyer more than#my grandfather and my friends sister and everyone else and i just wish i could trade in my life for his. he actually had something going &#i’m just a waste of space do nothing accomplish nothing idiot who has no family to feel guilty for#i wish i were dead i wish i weee dead i wish i wew dead i wish i were dead#sorry but i genuinely do and i can’t deal with it anymore. i won’t do anything but it hurts so much and k can’t#i can’t. i canr. i can’t do this i just want out of here and o know if i took all my pills i wouldn’t overdose and just be sent for more#FUCKING bills at the ficking hospital because they want me to be indebt to them for my entire life#i hate it i hate myself i hate my life there’s good things but the bad outweighs the good i have to deal with the bad everyday and wake up#to it and cook for it and do it’s taxes and work and cleaning and resumes and job applications#i have to take cate of its cat and make sure to not step on any toes and cry silently so that it doesn’t feel responsible#it’s very painful. goodnight. my head hurts.
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gilkohuke · 4 days ago
So... Just got messages by someone telling me to block them back because I'm weird and creepy and to not reblog anything they post because they don't want "cringe hetalians"....
Big ouch, already struggle with how I view myself so that really ruined my night and it's likely gonna haunt me for awhile, but ..
Was that what it's like to be Blocklist worthy?
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tetsurouandushigirl · 6 days ago
it's been nine hours and i'm still not over it. unbelievable. ignore me if you already read these tags from my other post. or ignore me in general i am just saying hi to the void that is my blog
Tumblr media
OKAY but listen. he got up came back with his pupper and was like "amaya did i hear you have a dog?" (my dogs were barking earlier in the meeting) so i got my dog and we introduced our puppers and made them wave at each other and then when my dogs went away to bark at a noise he was talking to his dog like "oh do you hear that boy? what's that?"
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rosy-sunflower · 6 days ago
Oh my god I think I figured it out. For the first time in my life I’m actually sure of what I want to do??
Graphic fashion designer or something along those lines. I have so much to offer creative/artistic wise. Known to have a unique view of fashion. I don’t know why it took this long but I have never felt so sure? Also want to learn more about the sustainable side of fashion.
Why did this not click in my head??? ?????
This mercury in Gemini is already on fucking crack
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glass-highways · 6 days ago
ya know with twitter and facebook talking about possibly letting trump back onto their sites, i’m still kinda sad that trump never made a tumblr
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italian-shitstorm · 6 days ago
Just kinda random after how badly I ran my own session this past weekend... But i was running out of npcs so i used my regular ocs
My players met Freddie and Cass and i made freddie so gnc and used their they/them pronouns. One of my players was like wow cass is a stick in the mud (even tho she was struggling to keep freddie under control and not drunk) and my players got so confused I think they kept calling Freddie him. Which isnt bad!! Tbh freddie would have been so happy that they confused everyone.
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