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#it went ok i think
01111001-01101111 · 2 years ago
i start school monday! i’ve also been applying to more jobs because fuuuck working at [REDACTED] ........ i had an interview today! 
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terminallydepraved · 4 years ago
Finished my quiz 😔 time to wait for my partner to finish so we can plan for the oral final
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tessfromthenorthside · 5 years ago
me: *goes to social gathering* me: *has bad anxiety but somehow makes it through the night and it gets better* me: wow I think that went ok it was kind of fun? my brain: nah bitch time2die.jpg everyone thinks you're annoying, no one wanted you there, your other best friend likes it better when it's just the two of you because you act weird in group settings you know what nvm she's questioning your friendship she doesn't like you at all soz gurl me: *will over analyze the whole night for a week*
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bleakprincess · 6 years ago
I had my first job interview today and I was terrified 😎
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piromantic · 6 years ago
pangolining replied to your post “schugs answered to your video “oh no it’s me singing don’t listen to...”
Why is your midterm so late in the day?
I have no idea, but I was falling asleep during it and it was terrible
8:15 - 10: 15 pm for all 700+ students taking physics - maybe there were so many that they had to make it really late so there would be enough rooms open for it?
I've never had a college exam after like 8 pm though, so idk
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filmnoirsbian · 3 hours ago
No bc please I have a complex lore base in my series planned and like specifically I'm trying to set out to make representation that isn't weak as shit. So I have a concept that fucks and characters that slap. I'm sitting on a piece of hot fire that I want to change the world but ONE THING that keeps me up at night is that in the lore I wrote all the way back when I was 16, a really crucial power designation is an Alpha and I have yet to find a better alternative but everyday I'm like I have to because fans are freaks and will create a sub genre of omegaverse cp of my fucking characters. Get over yourselves 🗣📣‼❗Before I become the next SE HINTON. I'm gay but I WILL say slurs!!!
Insert white lady freaking out.gif
Bjork gif too for good mea6
I got u
Tumblr media
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himbo-beel · 14 hours ago
Mammon: Bro come take your laundry out I need to do mine
Belphie: Its 1 am why are you doing laundry
Mammon: It’s the only time no one’s using the machines!
Belphie: Well it’s not mine
Mammon: Oh... proceed with the sleeping
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Remembering the DRK 30-50 quests makes me wonder what if Fray, or rather the concept of Esteem, exist for Sayo/Yasu in Umineko?
I mean, if we're talking about his edginess, Kanon already fits the bill (JP Fray is more of a Big Sad tho instead of edgy, so I guess it's her Clairvaux side instead for this version?). But if we're talking about self-care, that's a different story.
As much as I hope it helps her to have someone like Fray/Esteem, I could see how that would backfire instead. Maybe the early years before her promise with Battler was a thing, it would help. But after that? And after the whole gender dysphoria and the revelation of her birth's circumstance? I can imagine her self-hatred runs too deep it would ended up with her having more internal conflict (and this is assuming her Kanon and Beatrice personality don't exist). Sure, Fray can say "It's alright, they still love you for who you are, see?", but I doubt Sayo would have an easy time believeing that. Probably thinking it's more like she's lying to herself with that self-reassurance.
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auspicium · a day ago
good afternoon i cannot believe i have to say this in the year of our lord 2021 but jesus fuck if you are white don’t fucking cosplay oliver banks
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trans-hoverfish · a day ago
Tumblr media
my dumb of ass children are fighting again
[image description: a waist-up drawing of berkeley and cto yu from subnautica. berkeley is a light-skinned man with brown eyes and hair, and purple dyed strands of hair on one side. he's wearing a gray and orange diving suit. cto yu has dark tan skin, very light blue, almost white, hair with blue dyed strands. she has brown eyes and is wearing the same type of diving suit as berkeley. they stand facing each other, berkeley's hands on his sides and cto yu with one outstretched towards him. she appears to be saying something to him with a sarcastic expression, and berkeley stares back with a frustrated expression. the background is white. /end id.]
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theatrebookwillow · a day ago
Sometimes I think my parents have a clue about my well-being regarding school and then my mom says something like “You had late assignments this quarter? But why???”.
Mom I’m sorry to inform you but I literally have not been doing well this year.
Or like she was talking about how “some kids must really be struggling with online school” and I went “yeah it’s really hard” and she went. “No, I mean the people who are really struggling with it.”
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dreamnovak · a day ago
hi sorry but it has been a Day and right now i’m just thinking a lot about that post I saw once that was like “sam would take jack to a REAL store to buy REAL NEW clothes because he DESERVES them 😤😤😤” in response to a headcanon about jack’s wardrobe consisting of hand-me-downs from the winchesters and a variety of wacky goodwill shirts and I just. for a show that hinges on two guys who live on the road, in their car, just trying their best to do good in the world with virtually no means....this fandom can be alarmingly classist
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Will I ever love a tv relationship as much as I loved Joan and Sherlock in elementary? It obviously helps that they were *the* two main characters and focus but so many shows (especially when trying to establish a romantic relationship) make you question if these people even like each other or if really they are just there because the TV writers say they have intense feelings.
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