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#it was after my time w disney channel i’m old
itsaaudraw · 9 days ago
Did you hear that the creator of Phineas and Ferb confirmed that Perry is an asexual?
i did, but he’s literally a platypus so it’s not like. a huge feat to me. now if it was one of the human characters 🤔
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art-xdeco · 25 days ago
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memorylang · a month ago
Easter: Redwoods, Light | #52 | April 2021
I write from Vegas, having returned after spending most of this spring in Reno. Life has been well. I feel adjusted to being back in the States a year. Every so often, objects and settings still remind me of last year’s evacuation from Mongolia. I still have the interest I’d had in trying to improve the lives of those around me. I still plan to return to Mongolia as soon as pandemic conditions permit.
This month’s blog story reminds me of cycles. Attending a virtual Open Mic Night at the conclusion to this month's “Culture of Creativity Workshops” featuring overseas alumni, I felt called to tell our folks there about this very blog story that I hadn't yet finished. A fellow participant suggested my theme of cycles. I'd spoken of how events that happen throughout time, how our feelings come and go. So here it is—My Easter 2O2I tales of cycles, light and renewal!
Back to Vegas
I returned to Vegas tasked by my father to continue to sort my belongings, tend to the yard and help my older brother and his girlfriend clean the kitchen since their recent move back to the house. Early in March, I’d visited the house with my siblings, and I’d intended originally to spend Holy Week here, too. But my college parish had many functions, including a friend’s baptism, Knights’ service events and opportunities for me to continue to help with the recordings of Sunday Proclamations of the Word. Palm Sunday’s and Good Friday’s were special highlights. Anyway, I'd opted to stay in Reno for Lent’s remainder into Easter’s first weeks.
Easter in Reno
Being in Reno for most of this April instead of in Vegas like last year, I enjoyed seeing trees blossom. A highlight of this Easter season has been its many serendipitous moments. This is also noteworthy because I'd listened to the "Tao of Pooh,” which noted spontaneity as among the good spiritual life’s fruits. A spiritual director had told me something similar not long before I'd graduated college.
Days before Easter Sunday itself (U.S. Year 2, Week 5; April 2–8, 2O2I), I enjoyed getting the opportunity to lector at that Mass. It was a small Mass, but I felt glad to be in person for the greatest celebration of the Christian year since all had shut down last year. Later this Easter Octave, I’d gotten to both lector and serve at a family's confirmation Mass. That too felt lovely.
Serendipity hadn’t stopped there! I’d caught up with an ol’ friend at Rancho San Rafael Park not far from the Uni and later biked with another friend at North Valleys Regional. My bike itself I’d bought from a rummage sale the day before on an unexpected adventure in a U-Haul truck to help our student coordinators collect furniture in the morning after they’d asked whoever could help. Thus, that Wednesday night they’d requested help, Thursday morning I’d joined them to Gardnerville and the rectory, and Friday night I was biking with a friend. The last time I recall riding in a U-Haul was over a dozen years ago when I was 11, my family moved from Indiana to Vegas.
My youngest sister has also been encouraging me to practice my licensed driving by borrowing her vehicle to and from our parish. I’d visited so often that staff offered me a key to simplify visits to my "home away from home away from home." I’d felt touched because I could go on walks around our pretty campus without worrying about getting locked out when I was alone. The flexibility gave me peace recently on my U.S. Year 2, Week 8 (April 23–29, 2O2I), when midday I’d needed to drop by my Honors College alma mater’s office to help print a letter I’d written to graduating seniors for our Honors Alumni Task Force.
Also at church, I’d gotten to participate in a few of our Alpha sessions hosted by a diaconate candidate whom I’d interviewed back in 2OI8 on my diocesan public relations internship. I'd heard about Alpha first back in Mongolia from a kind Evangelical Mongol. Anyway, the diaconate candidate, student coordinators and Alpha participants have been great conversation partners.
Beyond these, our pastor had driven me to my first Pfizer vaccine dose, lent me films and advised my reading! On one occasion, he even let me bring Holy Communion to a friend of mine. Such activities have kept me from feeling too distressed amid research writing and revisions. Parish support has made my “happy contentment” quest kinder.
Redwoods National and State Parks
This year’s Easter Octave concluded for me with another trip with my national parks friends (U.S. Year 2, Week 6; April 9–I5, 2O2I). This trip, I’d anticipated especially. As a young lad in Indiana, I’d felt mesmerized by the photos of massively tall California trees noted in our science textbooks. Thus, from an early age, Redwoods imprinted themselves in me.
At these national and state parks, epic scenery of old-growth forests, mountainous hills and valleys beside the coast astounded me. I hadn’t seen the Pacific Ocean since January 2O2O when I’d flown back to Mongolia from Vegas via San Francisco. I felt surprised by how many months had passed since my last overseas adventure.
At the loop completing the Tall Trees Grove trail, I found a special place. My peers had gone ahead while I stayed behind to take photos, record videos and capture audio. I hadn’t expected to find at the trail’s end a creek filled with still other trees—vast ones, like those that I’d seen in subtropical Asia but different.
I basked in these trees. While taking photos, I also discovered my phone has a virtual reality setting. I tried it out, remembering undergrad extra credit VR photography projects. I’d wanted to journal at least something.
“Daniel!” my peers called from some distance down the path. I couldn’t see them, but their voices echoed well enough. I called back something to the effect of, “I’m here!” I still wanted to get a good fill of this park. Here’s what I journaled:
[11:45 a.m.] Redwood, National Park, end of Tall Tree Grove along the creek zone is this phenomenal section of mossy trees with winding branches. Here I discovered my VR. [A woman paused, passing me, “You must be Daniel.”] 19IO–I96O, so many of these trees that used to be across Humboldt, Eureka, Arcata were cut down. The smells… the scents, the mosses, the ferns, the light. Beyond.
Mid-journaling, I paused because a mid-aged woman who was passing by smiled and acknowledged that I must be the "Daniel" she'd overheard about. I smiled yes and reveled in the gorgeousness that surrounded us. She affirmed and mused how this park’s name should be changed like, “Redwoods and Other Trees and Lose-Your-Brother-in-the-Forest National Park.” She added how in the early half of last century, these very types of trees once blanketed far more Northern California, across the very counties through which my friends and I traveled to get here.
I later journaled again after sprinting much of the uphill trail back to my friends. We then saw the “Lady Bird” Johnson trail, then a confluence of the Klamath River and Pacific Ocean (where there were seals!) and finally Trillium Falls. I’d written this about the final hike:
So hypnotic. [...] Dodona’s Grove* vibes from the Trillium hike after the Falls. Whispers from God. Endlessness.
*The Grove of Dodona is a prophetic forest from “The Hidden Oracle,” a book to which I’d listened amid the pandemic by an author I used to read in junior high and high school, Rick Riordan. While I wasn’t a huge fan of where he’d taken “The Heroes of Olympus” series’ finale, I'd often admired his picturesque locales.
My peers and I left the park by 6:45 p.m. The view from the road on which we departed reminded me of the bamboo forest in 安吉 Ānjí near 杭州 Hángzhōu. I’d seen it in 2OI7 during my first summer overseas and have rarely found comparable places.
Of Redwoods, I journaled too of how gleeful I’d felt to have hugged so many trees. A friend had complimented my writing when he mentioned that I don’t need to take so many photos. I added how photos help me remember what to write. I'll probably share my Redwoods photoset in May.
A carpet of moist, fallen leaves along the paved trails had reminded me of a Sunday morning path that my dad would take my siblings and me through for years at Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, Ind.
Spring Retreat: Recognizing God’s Light
Beyond Redwoods, I'd stayed behind in Reno chiefly to participate in my college parish's Spring Retreat. This spring the student coordinators held it in Gardnerville, the same location where I'd enjoyed it my senior spring. However, I'd had to leave early from it that year. It was my first and only of the eight semesterly retreats from which I'd left early.
That year, I'd left in order to co-emcee the Diocesan Youth Rally 2OI9. To my surprise, the youngest member on this year’s student coordinator team was likely at that same event when she was a high school student. Similarities like these gladdened me.
I felt renewed. This year’s theme, "Light in the Darkness" (Spring 2O2I), reminded me of "Ignite the Light," (Spring 2OI8), the year after my mother died. This time, however, I’d had more years to reflect and feel greater peace. Similarly, I've felt more peace being back in the States even though I'd prefer to be abroad. God’s light shines every day, in every moment of every person. I can see it.
Writing of seeing things, I’d also seen "WandaVision" and "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" while up in Reno. I’d reconnected too with a Disney-loving college friend to get more Disney+ watchlist ideas. I’d seriously enjoyed the “Into the Unknown: Making Frozen II” docuseries. Both she and my college pastor led me to witness iconic performances by Julie Andrews in both "The Sound of Music" and "Mary Poppins."
April felt refreshing for a more challenging reason as well. Much of the month had featured on many channels coverage from the trial over the killing of George Floyd. I imagined that this would be a trial that my generation remembers for years.
I’d watched live various testimonies and even the closing arguments. Then, on that Tuesday, April 2O, 2O2I, afternoon, our nation heard the verdict—My pastor called it among the fastest traveling news.
I've been on the Social Justice Task Force of the American Psychological Association’s Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality since last summer. Our Task Force had come together in response to the killing of George Floyd and subsequent renewed pushes across our nation for social justice.
Our task force has been meeting every other Tuesday night, after weekly fed Zoom fatigue. Our meeting that Tuesday fell on the night of the guilty verdict. But, this justice felt cathartic only somewhat. More shootings filled the media. Our task was far from over.
Still, I’d another reason to celebrate. That Tuesday marked my last advocacy meeting on behalf of the National Peace Corps Association to offices of Nevada’s lawmakers this March–April. All told, I’d coordinated and met virtually with offices of the U.S. Congresspeople Horsford, Titus and Lee as well as Senator Rosen. And Representative Titus herself attended our meeting! She was very kind. So, I felt relieved to have finished those duties for now.
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Next month (May) begins Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. I've decided to tell a #StopAsianHate story. Given America's centuries of racism toward Asians, I don't enjoy the subject. But, I’d had an experience on my Week 5I (Feb. 19–25, 2O2I). It reminded me the importance of continuing to tell stories so that we can promote diversity and inclusion.
I was on one of my Reno walks that cold winter. As usual, I'd pass by the local elementary school. I'd paused to check my phone. The time was while children were at recess. They played opposite a chain-link fence a few yards down a hill from where I stood.
At first, I didn't think that the kids were talking to me. So, I paid them little attention. Then their voices sounded closer, in greater numbers.
I hadn't decided whether to acknowledge the children but decided to finish my walk. My walk brought me along the fence. From my right periphery, I saw a clump of children gathering, following. They certainly addressed me.
I heard what sounded like slurs against Asians that I won't repeat here but also questions that I will repeat here.
The kids asked if I was homeless, whether I'm an orphan, whether I speak English. I reflected on these. I was wearing a big scarf from Mongolia, a hefty hand-me-down winter coat and wide, secondhand jeans, frayed at my ankles. But I hadn't spoken a word to the kids.
Their questions themselves weren't offensive. Yet, the children’s tones reminded me of the mocking ones I'd heard in middle school when boys made fun of me for caring more about good grades than getting girlfriends. (Little did the boys know, girls I liked tended toward good grades.)
Anyway, these kids seemed to have negative implications behind positive responses to their questions. This upset me. After all, homelessness, being an orphan and not knowing English are not inherently bad things. For, often, people do not choose to go without a home, parents or American English. So why might these children ask these degradingly?
I felt perturbed by the realization that these children would find pleasure in mocking people who they suspect are without homes, parents or English skills. Yet, from this, I felt a glimmer of solidarity. I'd heard directed toward me what seemed unkind speech. This may help me relate to Asians who hear slurs, to those without homes, to those without parents and to those perhaps struggling with English.
My parents tend to insist too that I buy new clothes, though. Given our world's rampant consumerism, I find second-hand ones quite fine. "Form follows function." I wish that more folks would appreciate hand-me-downs and thrifting.
Curiously, as I continued past this chain-link fence, a somewhat pudgy boy of color asked with a wide grin for money for Taco Bell. Truthfully, I didn't have money on me. I calmly answered the questions, not pausing from my walk. I guessed the kids dismissed the homeless guess/joke. I noticed thankfully that they wore face masks. We’re still in a pandemic, after all.
The boy's questions made me wonder about his family life. True, he could have been joking. But I remembered, many of the boys who'd picked on me in middle school had been living in a neighborhood that many people called not a “good” part of town.
In light of the visibility that Black Lives Matter has had in the past year, I've tried to grow more aware of how cruel predominantly White societies can be toward Black, indigenous and other peoples of color. I recalled learning when I was little that, often those who bully had been bullied themselves. Sociology interests me.
Thus, when these playground children said potentially questionable things to me, I wasn't sure whether to intervene about the slurs or micro-aggressions or what I'd say.
As I neared the fence’s edge to complete my pass by the school, I overheard a girl's or maybe a woman's voice call the kids to stop wasting their free time. I'm glad that someone spoke up. Compassion is the answer, especially in light of hurtful things.
I’m still unsure whether my general silence was helpful or problematic. But the experience caused me to think. For, children learn fast. Innocence is invaluable. My generation's problems and those of that above ours replicate in youths the longer we fail to act.
I’m glad that folks are speaking up these days in hopes to #StopAsianHate. Social justice mustn't sleep.
Language Six
On April 2O2I’s last day, I hit my 365-day streak on Duolingo!
Over the past year, I’d focused on Latin, Spanish and Chinese. Having finished every lesson and level Duolingo had for Latin, I started dabbling in German. While I’ve no intention to extensively pursue German (yet, at least), I’ve enjoyed how its lessons help me see from where many non-Latin roots reach English.
I’ve been dipping into my Germanic heritage on Dad’s side again lately. This began about when I’d seen “The Sound of Music” then reconnected with my distant relative who’s researched more of our shared Austrian and Volga German forefathers and mothers. Turns out that my relative had personally written to and received a postcard from the real Maria von Trapp!
I've grown to like more German language. "The Sound of Music" and how Spotify has Disney soundtracks in German help. Besides listening to vocalists like Namika, I’ve also gotten into LEA, Manuel Straube, Julia Scheeser and even Willemijn Verkaik! This is probably just a phase, but it’s certainly fun.
Every language I’ve sought to learn has at least one Spotify playlist. For recent films I’ve seen, like "Mary Poppins" and "Mary Poppins Returns," I’ve cherry-picked tracks in German, Spanish and English. Though I don’t catch most words, I like to consider translators’ decision-making.
Summer Fun
I get my second Pfizer dose on Cinco de Mayo. By then, I hope to have channeled my Julie Andrews-inspired service of making things better than how I've found them. Later that vaccine week, on Mother’s Day, I’ll return to Reno with Tita and Papa.
May 14 will celebrate the Baccalaureate Mass of lovely student coordinators and friends from undergrad. Then comes the 2Ist birthday of my youngest sister and will also mark when I’m fully inoculated, May 19! Pentecost comes May 23. Then will be May 3O, the wedding of two of my undergrad coworkers, including a fraternity brother. We'll have a mini staff and fraternal reunion!
After that, I look forward most to a Seattle trip at my 24th birthday. National parks friends and I are flying up to see Olympic National Park. It’ll be my first time to see further into the Pacific Northwest than Ashland, Ore. My younger (not youngest) sister got a job in Seattle, so I’ll be surfing her couch for part of my visit. Super stoked to reconnect with friends from high school, college and Peace Corps in the city! Even my married friends with whom I'd spent New Year's Eve the past couple years plan to visit me there.
This April my siblings and I reviewed our first scholarship applications for a Foundation that we’d founded to honor our late mother, who was Chinese. So, with next month and the fourth anniversary of her passing, I’ll share Foundation experiences, I think. Along with those, graduations and celebrations await!
You can read more from me here at :)
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uwuwriting · 5 months ago
De-aging w/Bakugou, Hawks and Kaminari
Request: hiiii, love your writing ❤️
can you do a “de-aging quirk with bakugou, hawks and kaminari?” 🥺
Okay I loved writing the first de-aging fic so yeah. They are all just too cute okay??? It’s not my fault I love them all!!!💖💖💖
masterlist II rules
warnings: fluff, some angst on Hawk’s part
Bakugou Katsuki 
Tumblr media
-Poor you.
-I’m so sorry you have to watch over him. 
-You were chillin in your dorm when Kirishima came pounding on your door, almost breaking it down. 
-You swear you felt the walls rattle. 
- “Y/N thank the gods! We have a problem. You see Bakubro and I were on patrol and everything was going fine but then this guy came out of an alley and-” 
-You lost track of what he was saying when you caught sight of the mop of spiky ash blonde locks glaring at you from behind his legs. 
-You and the toddler stared at each other for a solid five minutes before Kiri realized that you weren’t paying attention to him. 
-Snapping his fingers in front of your eyes, he motioned down to the kid, letting out a sigh as the huff the toddler let out. 
- “… creature is your lovely boyfriend! And as the dotting girlfriend you are the rest of the bakusquad has decided to leave the honors of babysitting to you. Congrats.” 
-He gently pushed the mini Bakugou into your room and was out of sight in no time, leaving you alone with the glaring four year old. 
-You had to  admit he was pretty cute, his baby fat hadn’t gone away giving him squishy cheeks that you really wanted to touch.
-On second thought he might bite your hand off if you even dared go near his personal space so you refrained from reaching down. 
- “Um...I’m Y/n-” 
- “I don’t care.” 
-The attitude oml. 
-It was…. A difficult afternoon to say the least. 
-It took you a solid two hours to get him to actually listen to you and move from his spot in the middle of your room and another hour to get him to do something with you. 
-Most of the time he had a frown on his face, although at times you could see the edges of his lips quirk upwards but he always caught you staring with a fond smile of your own. 
-That only resulted in a huff and that small grin being replaced by an even deeper frown. 
-He does warm up to you a tinnie tiny bit. 
-The Bakusquad decided to throw a movie night in Mina’s room since they finally agreed to help you with baby Katsuki. 
-They picked a Disney movie and made popcorn. 
-Everything was perfect except for the fact that Bakugou wouldn’t go near any of them. 
-Instead he remained next to you with his arms crossed. 
-He would only answer to your questions. 
-In general you were the only one baby BAkugou would talk to and it made the rest fo the squad salty. 
-Mina and Kaminari were whining half the time cuz he is a cute baby and why won’t he let them hug him. 
-Sero passed out at some point so he didn’t give much feedback. 
-Kirishima just wiggled his eyebrows at you saying something along the lines that even as a baby Katsuki still favors you over anyone else. 
-Bedtime was a nightmare. 
-He didn’t like the shirt you gave him even though it was his!
-He kept saying that it wasn’t an All Might shirt and he only wore the BEST T SHIRTS SINCE HE IS THE BEST.
-Somehow you get him to fall asleep but you can’t even cuddle him. 
-He is such a messy sleeper that you have been kicked in the ribs three times in the past fifteen minutes, so you just sleep on the floor next to him. 
-The next morning you find yourself underneath the heavy comforter of Katsuki’s bed, your boyfriend’s hand draped around your waist as his face is buried in your neck. 
-You don’t feel like getting up just yet and tbh, having Katsuki’s warmth is one of the best things a girl could ask for. 
“I know you are awake.” 
“I was trying to cuddle my fully grown boyfriend.” 
“We ain’t never speaking of this again, you hear me?”
Hawks/Takami Keigo 
Tumblr media
-No one brought him home. 
-He stumbled into your shared apartment, knocking a vase over in the process clutching his chest before collapsing to the floor. 
-He gave you a goddamn heart attack. 
-You thought he was hurt, that he was bleeding out but by the time you reached his side you were met with a pile of clothes. 
-Your husband had been disintegrated. 
-Let’s get an F in the chat. 
-You were frozen in shock as you stared at his hero costume, tears already building in your eyes as you grasped his jacket to your chest. 
-Then something started moving underneath his black shirt and you riled back, afraid of what could be waiting to jump at you. 
-Your heart almost came out of your mouth when a set of amber eyes met your tiny fists holding the fabric close to the boy’s body as he stared at you in utter fear. 
-It took you both a fat minute to get your wits about you, the mini Keigo puffing out his wings in what could be only interpreted as defense. 
-He didn’t look intimidating at all, the fluffiness of his tiny red wings made you want to squish him even more. 
-You made to take a step towards him but he flinched away, backing himself up and resting on the far wall of your apartment’s doorway a slight tremble wracking through his small body as he continued to watch you like a hawk *pun intended*. 
-Raising your hands in surrender, you gave him a small smile before asking if it was okay to go near him. 
- “It’s okay Keigo I won’t hurt you I promise.” 
-At the sound of his name he perked up a bit and with a tiny nod he let you come closer, the wariness in his eyes still present. 
-Taking a good look at him he didn’t appear a day over four. 
-Plush baby cheeks and bright amber eyes, thin arms and really slender fingers paired with a set of puffed little red wings. 
-Taking his little fist in yours, you coaxed him into relaxing his fingers giving him soft smiles and words of reassurance as you pulled him from under the pile of clothes and into your arms. 
-At first he was really stiff and you were half expecting him to thrash around in an attempt to escape your hug but he didn’t. 
-Instead he relaxed in your embrace, nuzzling into your neck as his fingers grasped the feather that hung around your neck.
-Giving him a kiss on his forehead, you gently got up and made your way to your bedroom, picking out an outfit that wouldn’t be that big on him. 
-Once he was dressed you carried him to the living room, asking him small questions in order to understand what had happened. 
-When he wouldn’t answer anything though you just turned on the TV, switching to the news channel in hopes of finding your answers there. 
-Just as the reporter began talking about the incident, Keigo’s stomach growled making the poor kid curl into himself in shame. 
- “You hungry big guy? How about some chicken nuggets.” 
-The yes followed by an excited chirp was the first time you heard him speak since he turned and it made your heart squeeze in your chest. 
-Keigo had shared his past with you; you knew about his family life prior to the hero commission and seeing him acting so shy and closed off, which was nothing compared to the grown up version of Keigo, made you almost burst into tears. 
-Picking him up agai, you kissed his cheek and made your way to the kitchen. 
-Much to your dismay he was back to normal right before bed, the clothes that you had lent him now stretching tightly over his muscles.
“So…. um …. Hi?”
“I want a mini Keigo.” 
“I can do that.” 
Kaminari Denki
Tumblr media
-Ha you weren’t even the one babysitting him. 
-You just happen to run into Mina and Sero who were trying to calm down a five year old that LOOKED like your boyfriend. 
-The kid was crying as small sparks left his fingertips, Mina and Sero frantically looking back and forth for any sort of distraction to get him to stop wailing. 
-You were ready to do a 180 and leave the room when Mina spotted you and shoved you towards the toddler. 
-It did break your heart seeing a baby cry like that but judging by the other two “adults” in the room you didn’t want to get involved. 
- “Mina the hell?” 
- “He likes you more than us!” 
- “Yeah! He likes you when he is a teenager, he will like you as a baby!” 
-Wait ….what.
-Once you were in front of him they both bolted out of the room, faint yells for Bakugou and Kirishima echoing through the halls as they pounded towards the common room. 
-Mini Denki did stop crying once he saw you but you could still see the remnants of tears that threatened to spill from his eyes. 
-Then his lips started to quiver and now it was your turn to panic. 
-But unlike the other two idiots you had a few brain cells left so you simply leaned down to his height and cooed at him. 
- “Shh hey it’s just me. See? It’s just Y/N, Mini Denki, everything is gonna be alright.” 
-I swear you saw his eyes droop at the sound of your voice. 
-Now after that initial encounter he was attached to your hip. 
-Soon enough he grew out of his shell and wouldn’t shy away from your classmates as they came to take a look at the situation. 
-He was laughing and running around the common room like there was no tomorrow, always grabbing your leg once he was done chasing Kirishima. 
-As much as a cute baby he is, he is a nightmare to take care of. 
-He might like hanging around you but that doesn’t mean he will listen to you. 
-In a single hour he had managed to enrage Bakugou to the point of accidental quirk activation, get Todoroki into a new conspiracy theory, make Midoriya malfunction and Mineta getting tied up. 
-You don’t know how he managed to do all that in an hour. 
-You and the rest of the Bakusquad were desperately trying to calm Bakugou down and get a hold of the little blond devil. 
-In the end you managed to catch him when he accidentally used his quirk and short circuited. 
-He saw a spider crawling next to him and electrocuted both himself and the spider.
-He was in his dumb phase for the rest or the afternoon so everyone relaxed a bit. 
-When it was time for bed, the whole Bakusquad *yes Bakugou included* had a sleepover in Denki’s room.
-You all took turns trying to put him to sleep up to the moment a large cloud erupted from underneath your boyfriend and suddenly he is standing there at his full height, clothes being a little too tight on him now. 
-This idiot I swear to god you questioned your whole ass relationship from this dumb action, started posing and saying what a scandalizing position this must be for all of you. 
-Sero tapped him to the ceiling and the rest of you watched Coco like humans with an actual brain. 
“You liked having baby me around huh?”
 “No, no I did not.”
“You want me babies now?”
“Not in this life time.”    
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eggyukhei · 6 months ago
1) HELLOOO OMG WHY DO I FEEL LIKE ITS BEEN WEEKS MONTHS SINCE I LAST SENT ASKS SJKDJKS ANYWAY IM HERE I HOPE UR WEEKEND WAS GOOD also i think im gonna start numbering my asks? i think? if i dont forget what number the previous one was rip my short term memory is garbage props to u for actually figuring em out cuz they just get incoherent once tumblr gets moody and doesnt send em thru :/ YEESS I THINK KNOWING HOW TO WAVEBOARD WAS MY BIGGEST FLEX THROUGHOUT 2011-15 HAHAHA MY LIMITED SKILLSET
HJKAJHFSF not @ how you sent this in on monday and i am responding on friday.... KHFAAFS ALSO IT’S A BIG ONE I’M SORRY I’M THE REASON YOU NEVER HAVE THE TIME TO READ LMFLAFFAOFD
2) DBCBDJ waveboard during the holidays? we get like one week break for christmas here rip and i've got huge exams all throughout jan till march/april and knowing how much i procrastinate we're gonna be struggling till the evening before! that's college for ya! AND ITS MY SECOND TIME HURTING MYSELF ON THE WAVEBOARD SO IT MAKES MY HOUSEHOLD VIEW IT AS SOME ILL OMEN (OR MAYBE IM THE ILL OMEN EEE) BCHDBHBD YES IM 20 YOURE 20 TOO OMG OK WHY IS THAT SO COOL
3)no dude omg its super confusing for people when i tell them i teach...outside of college? and theyre always like huh okay so totally understandable!! but me..a 28 year old...HAHAHAHAHA NOOO and  ALSO ALSO when's your birthday? mine's on april 4th! and YEAH THE KOREABOO TALKING YESSSWE'RE 00 LINE CHINGUS THAT'S SO DAEBAK OR WTV OK I WANNA FLING MYSELF AWAY HSBDHBHD ayee thats awesome hoping your prof lets u go heheh AND OMG did you watch the 90s love mv?? HYUCK AND TEN'S HIGHNOTE AAAAAH
4) I THOUGHT THE HOCKEY CONCEPT WAS SO COOL AND THE MV WAS SO FUN AS WELL BFISEFJE IT JUST CAME OUT AND IM FAILING TO CONSOLIDATE MY THOUGHTS BUT ALL IN ALL YEAH WE LOVE IT HERE DHBHDISJD ohoho yeah aespa's debut was pretty cool i agreee and idk if you know this but sm did say you'll get to do things with the avatar you cant do with the actual idol? AND HONESTLY THATS SO SM OF THEM YOURE RIGHT ON THAT ONE and i really liked the song too! NINGNINGS VOICE >>>> THAT WAS SOME HIGH NOTE AND OMG
5) I THINK SHE'S JISUNG'S AGE? AAAH and i read the news and apparently sk is reporting 300 odd cases a day? it's still lesser than like SO MANY countries but still its kinda scary and omg ARE U DOING GOOD THE US IS KINDA OUT OF CONTROL DHCBHD SAJ dude we're really out here on that 3 braincell wavelength with even watching the same youtubers! I WAS OBSESSED WITH WATCHING HER CASUAL VLOGS EVEN what other youtubers did you watch? hfbdjfhn i'm not cool i wasn't the best at those sports tbh
6) BRO YOU PLAY TENNIS? MAJOR RESPECT THATS LIKE THE SCARIEST SPORT EVER THOSE TENNIS BALLS HIT THE FACE HARD AND THE ARM CONTROL OMG I COULD NEVER and i was so scared of masterchef us growing up gordon ramsay DID NOT HESITATE!!! if he ever sees me i'm defo going to be his no. 1 idiot sandwich rip and yesss tgbbo is THE BEST WITH THEM IN IT and pls tell me i wasn't the only one doing some REALLY REALLY bad impressions of their accents (its addictive!) NDJVDN YEAH NCT REALLY DO BE THOSE WEEKLY
7) UPLOADERS "like and subscribe luvs xoxo - 23 men" also sorry to deviate but i read somewhere that they're adding more members to aespa? female nct is it? SM'S GONNA START HOLDING INTERNAL AWARD SHOWS VERY SOON AT THIS RATE like school superlatives omg BRO I THINK AN ASK THERE GOT CUT BUT NVM DUMBLR CUT OFF ALL MY ASKS ONCE YOU CANT HURT ME ANYMORE ok why are we on two ends of the spectrum here lmao I ACTUALLY LOVE DRY BREAD I EAT IT JUST LIKE THAT HEEEEHH my friends even went as far to say
8?)that i deserve a special place in hell for liking it but omg the description tho tk + mayo is an A++ combo hdbwsnd i don't know how soon i'll be trying those flavors because my anti-mayo tenacity has been holding up better than ever lately hehehe but noted!! DUDE YES THAT IS SO REAL BUT LOOKING BACK I DONT REGRET BEING ANNOYING AT ALL BEING THE YOUNGEST HAD ITS PERKS DSDOLDJ omg was it like a mystery show? my cocky ass of a 20 year old will probably think the same and be proved wrong lmao dw
9) THE MORE I PROCRASTINATE THE MORE DISTANT THE IDEA OF SITTING DOWN TO READ SEEMS (and my profs thrashing my arguments doesnt help lmao) and ngl its been a while since i've asked smn if they got games on their phone the way i've grown up to do a full 180 rip :( but do you play mobile games? PLS REC ME SO I CAN WASTE MY TIME EVEN MORE shbhjsd i think i had a 1d poster from every era(?) do they just use that in kpop rip I WAS IN DEEP INTO THAT FANDOM IVE FORGOTTEN WHAT HAVING A BIGGER TIME GAP
10) FEELS LIKE NJNSDJ LOWKEY THANKFUL FOR HAVING LIKE A 3 AND A HALF HR GAP BETWEEN SK TO KEEP UP WITH THE CBS BUT US TIME OH GOD I CANT JSDJSJJ my finger is much better! i wish i was in school theres barely any writing material in college i cant even sit out of it NOT TO SOUND OLD BUT I MISS SCHOOL NURSES AND EXPLOITING THE SITUATION WHEN I GOT INJURED EVERYTIME HAHAH and ooooo omg camp rock is always a good re watch those disney movies :') im glad you had fun! ngl some horses can be real moody
11) and leave people with really scarring memories so i'm glad you wanna go again LOL OH DUDEE BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOGS ARE THE REAL DEAL SO FLUFFY FDBFUIEI AND CHIHUAHUAHS TOO SO TINY and SAMOYEDS LOOK SO REGAL AAAH omg manta rays aren't they like HUGE? MUNCHKIN CATS ARE THE ABOLUTE CUTEST EVERYTIME I SEE PICTURES OF THEM WITH THEIR HUGE EYES AAAAH BUT EVEN PERSIAN CATS?? THEYRE HUGE TOO I LOVE EM djsknj yeah 2 benefits we love that but i only switched to android supremacy after getting a oneplus
12?) help i forgot where i left off but i think i was talking about my previous android and n e ways that sucked i have a better one now heh BUT APPLE DOESNT HAVE A BACK BUTTON AND  GROWING UP THAT WAS A DEALBREAKER FOR ME my weekend went super well! i baked and procrastinated even more LOL but i hope you have a great monday (if thats possible at all MONDAYS ARE THE WORST) BUT REALLY IF YOU SEE THIS WHEN YOUR MONDAY IS OVER PROPS TO U IM SUPER PROUD AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD WEEK
Hihiii this is a bit later but my phone says my Tumblr got updated????? UHH??? WHY DO I STILL HAVE THE 500 CHARACTER LIMIT THEN IM GOING TO THROW HANDS
JKHADDFHJDSAHF bro ur MIND with the numbering????? GALAXY BRAINNNN i got every message!!!! LOL DW BRO I GOTCHU even if some messages are missing they’re rarely ever incoherent :) DUDE HONESTLY THAT IS SO VALID, WAVEBOARDING IS A HUGEEEE FLEX!!! but omg ONLY 1 WEEK AJHFJKADFH!!! :((((((( gosh damn dude i hella hope that it’s an amazing week ahhh!!!!!! only one week is a mega rip though QWQ so from jan thru those months you don’t have any good breaks?????? but KJFHFKJADFKJHFASF your parents are about to make you wear those marshmallow helmets n other gear bruh LIKE THIS
Tumblr media
HAHAH YES SAME AGE CHINGUS OWO!! also the fact that ur 20 and teaching also feels like something u can flex. it’s like intimidating you know, ur like “aw shit this person can teach. that’s baller” o////o HAHAH but my bday is feb 21!!!! SO IM UR UNNIE BREH HAHHAHAHA and yeah i hope my professor goes ez on me too QWQ i missed a lot of lectures and i think he tells the class things he will dock points for but i don’t know any of em LMAO but oh well!!! i will beg for extra credit assignments if i have to TTuTT AND YESSS 90S LOVE WAS SO GOOD OMG!!!! hockey player au...... im mf sweating O////O JHFKJDSAFH like knock me out !!!! AND YESSS THEIR HIGH NOTE EEE!!!! ALSO RETURN OF TEN KINDA RAPPING KKJHDSJF!!!! unless he rapped in wayv stuff, idr but either way him rapping is so sentimental of 7th sense i love it uwu BUT YEAH BRO THE HOCKEY PLAYER OUTFITS??? THATS U BRUH THATS UR SQUAD
bruh bet the 1 thing we can do with the aespa avatars that we can’t do with the actual members will be taking a pic with them like a snapchat filter or something skfjhjhd but i’ll keep the expectations low so if it’s better than that, it’s a pleasant surprise :^) BUT YESSSS NINGNING AND WINTER ARE MY FAVS!!!! BUT YEAH they’re 00-02 line which is so wild!!!! it’s funny because like jisung doesn’t feel as old as ningning to me LMFAOAJFAFKNAF but also i think they’ll add more members? i saw something where their lyrics include a word “KWANGYA” which is like speculated to be the first letters of each member’s name, like K/W/N/G are there so far and also i saw KWANGYA in the lyrics for 90s love too so SPOOOP maybe it’s not other members but def something sm is brewing imo! but yeah second waves of covid happening everywhere is a fat rip :((((( GAH !! i’m just glad i’m in cali instead of like. mf TEXAS LMAO at least i feel like cali cares more about stuff like this and believe that covid is real!!!!
BRUH YES and u know what. THOSE 3 BRAINCELLS ARE ALL WE NEED!!!! omg my fav vids by jenn im were prob her monthly faves!!! OH AND SHE INTRODUCED ME TO LIKE GRUNGY SOFT LOOKS AND LIKE EDGY SHOES LOL AND BASICALLY MADE ME SUPER INTO THICC SOLED BOOTS AND SHIT LIKE THAT but my point is i was in love w doc martens mary janes 8065 since i watched her and i have never owned a pair of shoes more “out-there” than white sneakers UNTIL THIS YEAR AND MY BFF BOUGHT ME THOSE SHOES AND!!!! I HAVEN’T GOTTEN TO WEAR THEM YET BUT I HAVE EM!!! IM CHANNELING MY INNER JENN IM!!! OK I DIGRESS ON THAT HAHAHA
ooh other yt channels i watched, let’s see... there was cryaotic who did gameplay but he turned out to be a huge POS so i stopped watching him!!! hmm the people who i actually watch more than once in my subs are anthpo (meme vids), berd (memey short animations), buzzfeed unsolved + worth it, nigahiga, wongfu, sideways (video essays), jacksfilms (memes) for a while, you suck at cooking, and i started watching kaiti yoo and ur mom ashley (fashion)! also at some point when i was like 14 i watched dan and phil xD
NAHHH BRUV knowing how to play those sports already is sick af!!!!!! and REALLY??? TENNIS ISN’T SCARY I SWEAR KJHFKJSFD!!! the ball is so smol!!! it’s a smol bean!! like when you practice enough eventually you can watch the ball closely and see it coming and where to move quickly. i feel like soccer and american football are worse like imagine being a GOALIE?? or getting TACKLED???? WILD!! but JHFKJAHDAS i guess i am desensitized to seeing gordon at this point LOLOL my bro and i used to watch kitchen nightmares so masterchef is tamer than that imo HAHAH but YESSSSS every time i got on a gbbo binge, the accents start coming out jkdhfjakdhf!!! HAHAHAA YESS nct aren’t just idols at this point, they really are youtubers in a sense now hahaha
omg @ how the adding more members to aespa thing i addressed already like OUR MINDS??? CONNECTED BRUUHHH BUT YEAH FEMALE NCT??? IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!! BUT OMG THEY TOTALLY SHOULD HAHAHAHA i wanna see how they interact w each other and such :pp BUT I DONT THINK ONE OF UR ASKS GOT CUT THIS TIME AYEEEE!! but okok. i mean. like fresh bread, when it’s just baked or like soft af milk bread, then FUCK YEA no condiments etc. needed. HOWEVER are you saying like dry bread from the fridge????? or like has been sitting for a day??? like legitimately DRY BREAD????? bro. is this a dealbreaker? HAHAHKJHDADKJAH ur friends onto something.... JKJKJKJKJ HEHEHEEH maybe ur just built different bruh. geez HAHAH BUT YES ME N MAYO? OTP!!!!!! it’s okay if you never wanna try mayo again bruh, i’ll love it enough for the both of us :) BUT YES HAHAHAHA THE YOUNGEST SIBLING PRIVILEGE IS TOO GOOD TO REGRET!!! BUT JHDFKJDASHFSAF FETCH WITH RUFF RUFFMAN WAS V MUCH A KIDS SHOW NOT A MYSTERY SHOW HAHAHA okay wiki better explains it than me as a reality game show where kids face challenges and that sounds p accurate haha!! LMAOOOO we have that “hella big heads as kids” solidarity LMAOO
BRO I FEEL YOUUU THE PROCRASTINATION IS ALSO STRONG OVER KLDADHF BUT UR TEACHERS?? >:O the audacity!!! i wish i could “no u” them for u QWQ but OMG BRO YES i have the games to up ur procrastination skills  W O OKAY so a couple are neko atsume and travel frog!!!! so both are really chill and those games you look at once and leave for a few hours and then check back! neko atsume is like you buy toys and food for cats to come to your backyard, you exit the app when you set it out and then come back after a while and then you can take pics of any cats there and when they leave they give you money to buy more food and toys and the cycle continues!!!! so it’s not an app you leave open and play forever LOL and travel frog (tabikaeru?? the entire app is japanese and has no eng translations yet LOL) is similar but it’s just a single frog where you pack its bag with food, a luck charm, and items, and then it goes on a trip and sends you pics, and you check the app once every 3 hours to collect clovers (currency) and give gifts to any visitors!!!! you might need a guide to understand some stuff though since it’s all japanese but it’s SO cute!!!! and i also play “dear my cat” which is basically neko atsume on steroids but you can waste SERIOUS time on this because you can watch ads to get more gold/hearts and gems, and you can expand the island your cats live on, and all the cats have personalities and look different, and they interact with the environment and each other, and you can put stuff like cute hats on em, AND YEAH I HAVE WASTED A LOT OF TIME!!!! oh and i play mr love queens choice sometimes which is a gacha game with 4 hot anime men LMAO AND YOU PLAY AS THE MAIN CHARACTER AND BASICALLY YOU CAN PULL FOR SPECIAL CARDS AND ANYWAYS I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY VICTOR IS MY FAV. HE’S A CEO AND HE’S TSUNDERE BUT ALSO A SWEETHEART AND HIS JAPANESE VOICE IS SO GOOD AND HE COOKSSSSS WTFFF ANYWAYS LOOK
Tumblr media
WHAT A MAN BRUH. WHAT A MAN!!!!! REAL DUDES COULD NEVER!!!! KSDLKSDJSALKDSJAKDAD!!!!! YUKHEI??? DON’T KNOW HIM HAHAHAHAHA!! BUT YEAH I DIGRESS ON THESE GAMES :^) DAMN A POSTER FOR EVERY 1D ERA???? COMMITTED OMG!!! BUT BROO UR MIND?? UR RIGHT i think era is just in kpop...... WILD KJHFKJAF!!! omg only a 3.5 hr time gap with sk, nice!!!!! most of the time over here things come out at 2am HAHAHHAA BUT OMG SPEAKING OF CBS ARE YOU INTO KAI FROM EXO BECAUSE THE PREVIEWS OF THE SONGS OF HIS MINI ALBUM SOUND SO GOOD KJAHFDJKDAHF!!! YAY glad ur finger is getting better quickly!! WAIT OMG “barely any writing material in college” WAIT WDYM DO U WRITE TOO OR ARE YOU REFERRING TO WRITING STUFF FOR SCHOOL OR??? KJFHKADH!! OKAY ALSO THE FACT THAT YOU EXPLOITED UR INJURIES KJFAHFJFHFAS I RESPECT IT HAHAHAH MORE NERVE THAN I EVER HAD!! but yeah omg camp rock and old disney movies seem even funnier now than when i was a kid!!!! guess the single braincell IS getting a lil more swole :o
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tinycaprisun · 7 months ago
✨twenty questions✨
i was tagged by @freshlysqueezedmox !!! thanks summer i always get good and in my feelings when someone’s tags me in things 🧡
1. what do you prefer to be called name-wise?
uh, liz is cool but really u can call me anything, like i’ll respond to bastard if u yell it loud enough
2. when is your birthday?
february 29th & yes i am not joking i was born on leap year and my day of birth only exists once every 4 years
3. where do you live?
in super mega ultra hell. is that meme already dead bc idk i like the verbiage of it lmao- no but for real i live in missouri, and there isn’t much to do other than stare at a giant hunk of curved metal and eat barbecue that the locals tell u is the best thing since sliced bread & maybe it is i just don’t like it myself ahaha
4. three (3) things you are doing right now?
aside from answering this? well listening to 9 to 5 by dolly parton bc yeehaw, petting my cat who’s curled up on my foot, and slowly waiting for the day to end
5. four (4) fandoms that have peaked your interest?
oh god there r too many to count but as of rn? probs wrestling, buzzfeed unsolved, rupaul’s drag race & just drag in general, and achievement hunter
6. how has the pandemic been treating you?
um... if you would like the honest answer, not great... i lost my job in august so i haven’t been employed for a few months now. my dad hasn’t been making the money he used to so i’ve started helping paying the bills w/ the funds i had saved for going back to college from when i did have that job. sort of become a recluse again, where i almost never leave the house outside of small trips to the store or the literal once in a blue moon going and social distantly see a friend. it’s basically the life i lived in early 2019 while i’m very lonely all the time while trying to solve the problems of my family as the same time? whatever who cares i’m moving on
7. a song you can’t stop listening to right now?
oddly enough, ‘positions’ by ariana grande! i don’t listen to her all that often but for some reason this song really stuck to me! i especially like the versions of it where it’s slowed down and had reverb!
8. recommend a movie?
this might be out of left field, but ‘motocrossed’! it’s one of those disney channel original movies that i grew up with and it’s still pretty good to this day! the movie’s about (and this is in the words of the legendary nakeyjakey) girls pretending to be boys so they can ride dirt bikes
9. how old are you?
10. school, university, occupation, other? 
as i said before i am now unemployed. and before that i did try to go to university once but failed out of all my classes due to never going to them because i couldn’t force myself to get out of bed. i want to go back to school so fucking bad for secondary education physics as a practical career. but recently i’ve been teasing the idea of becoming a ring announcer because my voice was build to shout really loud, but who knows, u know?
11. do you prefer heat or cold?
cold 100% bc i cannot function in environments above 75° (fahrenheit). like it can be -7° outside and i’ll be pleased as punch but as soon as it gets up there in temp? i melt like a popsicle
12. name one fact others may not know about you.
i used to be a gymnast! did all the flipping and the balance beam stuff & maybe thinking abt doing it again. idk i just want to do a backflip and have cool muscles
13. are you shy?
it kinda depends? i can be the most loud and unabashed son of a bitch if i want to, but sometimes i do get into my own head and go silent and nervous.
14. preferred pronouns
she/her and they/them! and they r not “preferred”, they r my pronouns! :D
15. biggest pet peeve?
okay this isn’t as profound or interesting as summer’s was, but people who scrape their forks against their teeth! it is one the worst sounds known to man and it hurts my already messed up ears
16. what is your favorite “dere” type? 
tsundere? i think? sure, i’ll go with that
17. rate your life from 1-10, 1 being crappy, 10 being the best it could be. 
5, and this calvin and hobbes comic explains why
Tumblr media
18. what is your main blog?
this. she’s been through a lot and i feel sorry for her honestly
19. list your side blogs and what they’re used for. 
i used to have separate blogs a LONG time ago for art and writing, but as it turns out i’m shit at both so they got deleted and this is all i have now
20. is there something people need to know about you before becoming friends? 
if we aren’t counting the fact that i’m an asshole, i would say that i have the worst tendency to delete messages i send after a while. basically my brain goes into panic mode if someone isn’t responding back thinking “ur annoying them, they don’t want to talk to u. u should delete what u sent because u should have never of said anything in the first place! only speak when spoken to!” u know, the usual.
certified and honorary cowboys i’m tagging: @orangechuckiet @darbs @yellow----daisy @trent-heel-beretta and anyone else who would like to participate i realize this is over a day old, soz for bothering y’all
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seltzerstudies · 7 months ago
ten questions!
i was tagged by the lovely @rylie-studies!! thank you sm for tagging me!! ilysm! sorry this is so late, i’ve been trying to think of good answers to your wonderful questions!
Rules: Answer the questions, then tag ten people with ten other questions of your own.
#1: What are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming school (both high school and university level) year?
for the upcoming school year, i’m most looking forward to my environmental science class and the upcoming volleyball season. our school has needed to move around our schedule so a lot of things that i usually really love won’t be possible (in person scrim practices, hanging out in the spanish teacher’s room, etc.). i am really glad that sports w/ protective measures have been deemed safe enough. 
#2: If you could choose to live in any country in the world, which one would it be and why?
ooh this is such a tough one. i’ve always wanted to live abroad and i think i would really love to live in several different places throughout my life, but if i had to pick one, i think i would live in switzerland. my family and i went on an italy-switzerland summer trip a few years ago and while i loved staying in milan, the alpine scenery really called to me. 
#3: What’s a book that resonates with you the most and you’ll read it as many times as you possibly can?
i have two answers for this question actually! a book that resonates with me the most is The Traveling Cat Chronicles by Arikawa Hiro. i cried so much while reading it and it really affected me. a book i will read as many times as i can is Howl’s Moving Castle. i can travel to ingary a thousand times and each time i will find something new i hadn’t even noticed. the reason i have two answers is that when i read books that resonate with me, i don’t tend to read them over and over again; i usually prefer to keep those initial feelings i had untouched, especially because i remember plotlines pretty well. the books i read over and over again usually have sentimental value and while they probably won’t win any pulitzer prizes, they mean so much to me. 
#4: What do you usually do before you sleep at night?
honestly, i don’t really have much of a routine before sleeping. i try to take melatonin regularly as well as lysine supplements and drink water with both pills. reading is also important to me because it allows me to relax without needing too much light (i have some fairy lights on my headboard that have adjustable intensities!). i always make sure i set my alarm for the next day too!
#5: If you got the chance to converse with your ten year old self, what’s one thing that you would say to them?
you don’t have to have everything figured out yet. take your time and relish being a kid. you’ll figure things out. 
#6: If there weren’t any expectations or pressures given to you, what would you want your life to look like in the future? What job will you have? Where will you live?
no expectations and pressures, including my own? that’s the dream baby. as of right now, i think i would buy a little house in the middle of a clearing in the woods and grow a small garden that i’d use to run a little stand at the end of my driveway. for my job, i want to be financially stable and able to leave work at work without being too disinterested in my career. i also have a dog and two cats and a healthy relationship with myself.
#7: What’s a song that seems timeless to you and it always feels like you’re listening to it for the first time every time?
see the day by the altogether, lyrics by brian david gilbert
#8: What’s the first show that you can remember ever binge watching?
the first show i can remember actually committing to binge watching was brooklyn nine nine. i watched five seasons in about three weeks the summer after my freshman year of hs to cope with my boyfriend breaking up with me. that show was such a huge comfort to me at that time and i was so glad to have watched it then. 
#9: Did you watch Disney Channel when you were young? If so, what was your favorite show and why? Or, if you didn’t watch Disney Channel, what was your favorite show as a kid?
yeah i did! phineas and ferb was definitely one of my favorites just because each episode would be different, and there was always at least one storyline that was super compelling. i still have the perry the platypus tshirt my dad made me for christmas one year. 
#10: Choose a random line from your favorite song of all time/the song that you’re currently obsessed with if you can’t pick one.
“show a little faith, there’s magic in the night” ~ thunder road, bruce springsteen
my questions for those tagged!
What was the first animal you remember being obsessed with as a child? Do you still love them?
Do you prefer writing your notes by hand or typing them out? Why?
What’s a book that everyone loves/is a classic that you didn’t like?
Do you like spicy food?
What’s your relationship with plants? Green thumb or admiring from afar?
Are you addicted to the internet? 
Name a movie that is technically really bad, but you love it with all your heart. Why do you like it?
What Pokémon type(s) would you be?
What is something you learned recently that you had no idea about?
Favorite summertime drink?
i tag @mysti @starsandwriting @nuwandastudies @motivatedstingray @blueinkked @meganstudiesss! no pressure of course (it took me three months to do these haha)!
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swipestories · 11 months ago
Cody, 24, Houston
I remember landing on Cody’s profile on tinder. This is early 20s so you would actually go on a date before sex was even mentioned. Courtship was involved. Cody was beautiful - fit, tall, blue eyed. He was the exotic white guy every 14 year old South Asian girl growing up in the diaspora inspires to date from learning about relationship from the Disney Channel.
We decided to meet at Hay Merchant in Montrose. I felt safe enough to give him my address for a ride. Cody didn’t have much of a personality aside from his geological excavations for shell that made him remotely interesting. Dreading the conversation, I continued to dive deep into my cider. I couldn’t stop staring at him and being mesmerized by everything he was that I wasn’t - white, male, stable, secure, and as I was forming these presumptions in my head, he whipped out a device and began to prick his finger. As the blood became visible, my nipples perked and I was infatuated with his disability. “I’m diabetic, sorry I gotta do this,” he said. Giving off my maternal cool vibes, I replied “No you’re good, it’s cool. Are you ready to get out of here?” I couldn’t contain it. I was incredibly turned on by learning that he was in some way not as perfect as I perceived but damaged.
With our drinks still full, he threw some cash on the table and we walked back to his car. His arm lay on my lower back, a secret g spot that still makes me wet til this day if touched.
It was close to midnight and I lived w a roommate at the time. We tip toed in, entered my room, shut the lights and began to passionately kiss. My lips followed his tongue and I began to suck it the deeper he inserted it. Now getting impatient, I began to strip him of his dorky khakis and golf shirt. I wore a wrap dress that he unwrapped, walking his fingers across my navel to the ties to undo them.
Note - at this time I had read a lot of Simone de Beavoir and was not keen on giving blow jobs. He didn’t protest. His mouth made his way on my hips and soon why lie between them. I hesitated, embarrassed when he looked at me. To shy to show him that I was enjoying it. Looking back at it, I was one annoying young adult too trapped in my own head.
I remembered when he inserted himself in me, like a splash of water hitting your face in the morning. The sudden jolt. As he repeated himself inside me, I took the finger he pricked and put it in my mouth. To him, this was weird, to me, it was a sudden turn on and a reminder of his imperfection.
I flipped him over, sat myself on top and took Cody for a stride. This time, he put his finger back in my mouth as I motioned back and forth. He then moved the finger on my clit and massaged it until I gushed all over his torso. This action made code rise in a 90 degree angle, one hand on my shoulder, the other grabbing my ass and he hugged me as he came what seemed like a pent up release after a while.
We laid their afterward, relaxing our heart beats. His alarm went off to do a retest and we locked eyes.
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fuzziekins · a year ago
6. What made you realize your current labels fit you?
if it’s ok i’m gonna combine this with question 10, which is when did you realize you weren’t cishet, since when i think about it i usually group the two ideas together. And because it’s a long story and i have no idea how the hell to shorten it i’ll have it under the cut.
So my current label i use is demi-whatromantic asexual [with a slight aesthetic preference toward females]. I include the aesthetic attraction in brackets because sometimes i use it and sometimes i don’t, and maybe that’s because my label in general makes attraction confusing to me or because i’m just plain obsessed with Elsa from Frozen. But because that’s a lot to explain, i usually just say i’m ace or queer. Even if people still don’t know or understand asexuality, sometimes saying i’m queer is just enough to get the point across without needing to go into a needlessly detailed explanation. And while i know everyone has their own personal feelings about queer, as a label or as a word, i like the inclusivity of it. It’s enough for people to know i’m not straight, but it also leaves the door open if people want to know more. There was no specific moment that made me realize queer can fit my just as much as demi-whatromantic asexual; just the occasional tagged queer content on tumblr and the reassurance of some posts that the community has reclaimed the word and whatever each individual’s relationship or feelings are to that word, it’s perfectly ok and valid. I’m allowed to use that word for myself if i see fit. The rest of my label is slightly different.
I figured out first that i was asexual. Except i didn’t realize it until maybe 6 or 7 years after first even seeing the word. I saw it for the first time here on tumblr with the most basic description and i just thought, ‘ok that sounds like it could be me.’ But ultimately i decided it was a problem for future me because i had school to worry about. And even after that it took some times to realize that’s what specifically fit me. And i can’t just say that i had this light bulb moment where i looked up more details about asexuality and knew it was right for me, because that feels like it negates all the steps it took to get there.
After my dad passed, art became a sore topic for me to the point where i couldn’t even enjoy it for myself. But being a creative person, i had to do something. So i put my focus into writing, specifically roleplaying, which is something i hadn’t done since college. And honestly, i wish it didn’t take that to make it the first step because i know had i been able to realize any of this sooner and gotten the chance to tell my dad, he would have been more than accepting and i really hate that’s a moment i missed out with him. Anyway, i happened on a roleplay group kind of my accident but it gave me the chance to not only revisit a couple of OC’s i created back in high school, but also create new ones. The first LGBT+ one didn’t come around for me until a year later; before then the characters i made were straight because i didn’t think much or know better. But the more i roleplayed with these characters, the more i got to explore. When i created more characters i really got to think, ok does this person have a preference?; can i imagine this character eventually in a relationship?; is it ok i just automatically think this character is a lesbian? And the first thing with that, that really hit me, was with the first OC i ever created. My online friend and i were plotting, trying to figure out which of our characters might be friends. And she had just created one similar to one of my characters. Another online friend, he shared a birthday website as kind of a joke and kind of inspiration to help with relations; there was a date compatibility thing or something on the site. It turned out to be funny because some of the characters with pre-existing relations based on that were totally accurate and others were way off. But with two specific characters my friend and i were looking at, the site said they’d make a great couple. And at that time, that particular OC of mine had gone from being hetero to simply open-minded, since she never thought of relationships before and i never particularly saw one for her. But as soon as we read that, it clicked. And not only did the plots and inspiration start coming, but it led to so much character development for my OC. A character i created in high school to basically be a one-dimensional bookworm who was now not only questioning her newfound friendship but her sexuality. And as i wrote her discovering that, i noticed i was putting some of my own tendencies into her - her awkwardness and the way she reacted to certain topics, for example. My friend commented my character was probably ace in addition to realizing she was a lesbian. I didn’t think much of it then, but that was kind of the first piece.
The second piece came in the form of the show The Bold Type. Admittedly the show hasn’t been as good since its first season, but that’s beside the point. But from the first episode we’re introduced to this one character, Kat, and in her interactions with another character you could feel the chemistry between them. And part of her arc for that first season was coming to terms with her feelings for that woman and realizing she wasn’t straight. And for me, someone who was only a few years older than her 20something year old character, that was something i didn’t know i needed to see. I’m naive, childlike, and oblivious. Even if i had known anyone who wasn’t straight up until then, i wouldn’t have noticed or asked anything. But seeing that on screen, someone in my age group who actually didn’t know who she was and was starting to figure something out about herself, it gave me permission to question. Even if that question was, why the hell am i enjoying this so much?
But what really did it for me was the show Andi Mack on Disney Channel. It was one of the few shows i actually enjoyed at the current time on Disney Channel, even though by all accounts i should’ve been done with all that ages ago [except i’m a disnerd]. And after the first season ended and season two was rapidly approaching, the big question and anticipation was in the form of a character’s coming out. Fans have been picking up that one of the characters may have been gay and were waiting for confirmation. And that confirmation came in the season two premiere. And, if memory serves, there was a reason why it was met with acclaim the way it was. The scene in question involved two characters, Buffy and Cyrus, sitting at the diner. And there was that slow build up, just knowing that Cyrus needed to tell Buffy something. And when she asked if he liked another boy, Jonah, Cyrus nodded sadly and said “I feel weird. Different.” Ultimately, she ended up promising him in the most comforting and encouraging way, “you’ve always been weird. But you’re no different.” 
And for me, even as an adult, hearing those words just made everything click. I had no idea how much it meant to hear that. I always knew i was different from other kids growing up. I was treated different. I knew i was weird. And for the most part, i accepted that. But i didn’t understand what made me so different. At that point, i had the faintest basic knowledge of a few different sexualities courtesy of creating OC’s. Only one of them, at that current point, had identified as ace by choice. And suddenly i looked deeper into the meaning of asexuality. And just about everything about it fit for me. Why i didn’t experience attraction the ‘normal’ why. A potential reason why i never had the powerful urge to date or why i pushed the idea to the side so much. It even explained my childlike nature; i’m a kid at heart, but knowing that a “stereotypical” ace is someone who is naive, childlike, etc, it made sense why that was such a huge factor in my personality. Because i was a stereotypical ace. I told one of my best friends about a month later, and then i think 3 or 4 months after that, i posted on my Instagram about being ace. It’s felt right ever since.
Sometimes i do get specific and say i’m a s-x repulsed ace, because the topic really makes me that uncomfortable. But even if i don’t use it out loud all the time i know, as far as the asexual umbrella goes, that’s exactly specifically what fits me. So since hearing “you’ve always been weird, but you’re no different” and learning the full definition of asexuality, that’s what made me realize that fits me.
As far as my romantic orientation goes, it’s more of a grey area and sometimes i still struggle with it. While i’ve openly identified as asexual officially for two and a half years, i’ve had my romantic label for maybe no more than 6 months. When i read that asexuals can be anything from heteromantic to gay to bi to aro...basically anything...originally it felt like there were so many possibilities open. It made me feel good to know that i could basically be anything. But it also made me terrified because how the hell was i supposed to know? Now that i knew my asexuality basically screwed up my attraction to begin with, i also had to admit that it took a lot for me to get close to people to begin with. And, even more so, since my dad passed, the wall i already had up became bigger and stronger. I felt for a time like i lost a lot of support during that dark period and the last thing i wanted to do was let new people, or anyone in.
The obvious answer was that i was probably, if anything, demiromantic. Because if it took so much for me to open up to actual friends in the first place, to get close with them and develop a friendly bond, how much more time, effort, and energy would it take to get close to someone romantically? I thought about using that label for a little bit, but it didn’t fit. And, as someone who feels her emotions so strongly, powerfully, and, to a point, near uncontrollably, i questioned what the hell could be wrong with me that i couldn’t knowingly feel a basic romantic attraction? Aromantic was probably much more accurate, but from what i recall reading online, it’s also perfectly normal for anyone who is aspec to feel broken or like there’s something wrong with them because they’re missing something so “important”. And especially when i already hated so much about myself, finally feeling comfortable with myself about one thing - my asexuality - and knowing that it was right for me and that there wasn’t anything wrong with me about that, the last thing i wanted was to put myself down and feel more shame about who i was. 
I think it was sometime last last year, in 2019, that i first started seeing the word quoiromantic pop up. I think it was on one of the LGBT+ blogs i follow, or maybe an asexual or aromantic specific one. And another word for quoiromantic is whatromantic, since quoi means what. What is romantic attraction? What’s the difference between that, aesthetic attraction, and sexual attraction? What makes someone know they feel that specific attraction? And as someone who naturally asks “what?” or “what’s that?” albeit jokingly, it felt plausible. And it felt like a reasonable explanation for why i really didn’t know anything for sure. Because, even when i tried to think back to when i was in school, did i ever really feel attraction? Was it so faint i didn’t even recognize it? Was i mixing it up with maybe platonic attraction? I had no fricking clue. Simply saying “what” summed it up so simply for me.
I don’t include anything gender related in my label. As far as i know, i’m cis. My body is female and, to my knowledge, i’m comfortable enough that i don’t think i need to identify as anything else, save for really not being comfortable in dresses or heels. But if someone called me dude instead? I don’t care. I use dude as a term for everyone regardless of gender (unless someone tells me otherwise for the sake of their personal comfort). My gender doesn’t feel like something that needs to be changed or defined, unlike my sexual and romantic orientations.
When i saw my whole label together, i think about it, and i connect all the dots, it makes sense for me. Sure, i could simply say whatromantic asexual and leave it at that. But whether it’s platonically or maybe it really does have the faintest connection to romantic attraction and it’s so faint and confusing i wouldn’t know it if it slapped me across the face, keeping demi felt right. Quoi- or whatromantic, to my current still-baby LGBT+ knowledge, is generally seen as a microlabel. It’s something under the aromantic umbrella that is so super specific that a lot of people wouldn’t understand why it needs to exist. It exists to bring a sense of comfort. And that’s exactly what it does for me. It’s the main romantic label for me while demi serves as the microlabel. And ultimately, as someone who has the overwhelming need to always explain themself, i want to have a label that encompasses everything. Even if i don’t always explain my identity or simply say i’m queer, i want to know the details for my sake. 
And i think ultimately, the more i say it to myself in my head, and think of all the ways i may have to explain it to people, the more i know it fits me. 
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regular-nessian-trash · a year ago
It’s Vegas, Baby - Chapter II
Summary: Nesta goes out to the store and so does Cassian. Classic Nesta, she thinks he’s stalking her. Trust me it’s more interesting than it sounds lol(I hope)
Word Count: 2k
A/N: I'm back on my grind yall *sunglasses emoji*
Feyby- Feyre(its supposed to be like feyre and baby put together cause shes the baby of the family)
Nestella- Nesta(its supposed to be nesta and nutella. u will learn more later;)
Tiny Ancient One- Amren(kinda self explanatory)
Mor Boobiez Plz- Mor(idk i just thought it was funny lol)
"I'm home!" Nesta calls out to Feyre. She can smell pizza and instantly strides towards the kitchen, where she finds Feyre with a large cheese pizza still in the box, half-eaten.
"Finally! I was beginning to wonder if you and Cassian finally acknowledged the sexual tension between yourselves and fucked."
"Feyre! That is not appropriate to say at all! Cassian and I are barely colleagues, we will never be anything so stop with your meddling!" Nesta replied, trying to will down a bright red blush. Feyre and her boyfriend, Rhys, had this insane idea that she and Cassian were made for each other, it didn't help that Cassian was constantly flirting with her either.
"We're back!" Mor and Amren had just gotten home from some party, with Mor holding Duchess, their shared Chinese Crested Dog. When the four of them bought a penthouse together Feyre and Mor wanted a dog, and Nesta and Amren didn't. After begging and pleading with her sister and friend to please give him away after they adopted him they finally decided to just lock her, Amren, and Duchess in a room together. They all became friends, and they found out that Duchess was, in fact, a boy. They had been calling him Duchess for too long, though, so when they called him Duke he wouldn't reply so the name just stuck. When the rest of their inner circle found out-"the rest" being Cassian, Azriel, and Rhys- they didn't stop teasing them for days. In their defense, he had a very small you-know-what and he was a very ladylike boy.
"Bring my baby boy to me! Oh I wove you so much you wittle cutie pie!" Feyre was letting Duchess lick her face, making Nesta gag. Sure she loved the dog, but seriously, he licks his butt.
"Ugh, Mor, your cousin is working me to the bone! And he won't stop trying to push me and Cassian together! He thinks he can push us together just cause we “have hella sexual tension”! Also, I was thinking about this last night, Rhys is dating Feyre and if I'm Feyres sister and he's Cassians brother, that's literally incest!"
"You know they aren't actually brothers, right? They're just best friends." Mor replied, trying not to laugh at Nesta's flustered expression. She put down Duchess and reached for a slice of pizza. Everyone knew that it was just a matter of time before Nesta and Cassian got together. Nesta and Mor were the only single people in the house, not including Duchess. And Mor was just recently dumped so she was in a big love life meddling mood. Amren was dating some guy named Varian, and Feyre... Well, let's just say that it's a miracle that she's here right now and not out getting nailed by Rhys.
"I know that, but still. They refer to themselves as brothers."  
"So you're saying that if they didn't call themselves brothers you would have sex with Cassian! I knew it!"
"No, Feyre, I am not saying that! Besides, he flirts with everyone so even if I was into him- which I am not - we probably wouldn't become a thing."
"Keyword being probably." Mor says with a smirk.
"Enough of all this bickering, I'm hungry and bored so someone turn on the T.V. while I make some popcorn." Amren quickly breaks them up before Nesta tears off someone's head.
Cassian pulled up at the townhouse he shared with his brothers. All the lights were turned off which meant that Az was sleeping, or not home. The former was more likely because Az usually got pizza on his rest nights and there were three cold slices of meat lovers pizza left. Cassian was so hungry, he ended up eating them cold. He fought back a moan at how delicious the pizza was. He would never understand how Nesta was able to be a vegetarian. Shit. He had been such a dick to Nesta earlier. She was genuinely concerned about him and he had just pushed her away.
Cassian pulled out his phone and checked instagram. Mor had posted a photo of her and Amren with their dog, Duchess, at a party. He didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at the fact that a misgendered dog had a better social life than he did.
“Ugh, Feyre, Tomas and his little gang showed up at work last night.” Nesta and Feyre were chilling in the kitchen, the latter making a breakfast spread that would put Disney Channel moms to shame. Amren and Mor were nursing killer hangovers, so Feyre made sure to bang around a ton in the kitchen.
“Again? A-fucking-gain? Nuthin new, nuthin changed? Same old shit. Same old fuckin shit.” Feyre replied, forgetting that Nesta had no idea what that reference meant.
“I told them to leave and that I almost had the money to pay them back, but Tomas just slapped my ass and said ‘sEe YoU oN yOuR nExT sHiFt’ then he got up and left.”
“You do realize that we could end all of this by just telling Rhys? I know you have this whole thing about your pride and shit, but we could tell Rhys and he could pay off all your debts to him.”
“Feyre, I appreciate it, but I need to fight my own battles. I got myself into this mess, so I sure as hell can get myself out of it. Plus, I don’t like the idea of feeling like I owe my current employer money.”
“Okay, can we yell about Nesta's issues at some time other than 6am? Also, is that bacon I smell?” Mor walked in holding her head and wearing one of Nesta's sweatshirts with some leggings.
“Yes, fattie. And it’s like, 10:30.” Feyre slapped Mor's hand away from a stack of pancakes cooling on the countertop.
“And I do not have any issues, Mor. I’m not the one that went partying with a dog last night.”
“Nesta, that is exactly the reason why you have issues. If you went partying with Duchess, maybe you would loosen up a bit. God knows you need it.”
“Brat.” Nesta threw a piece of toast at Mor's head.
“Thanks! Hey, Feyre, pass the butter.” Feyre slid the butter across the counter and cursed loudly when it just slid on the floor at Mor's feet. Facedown.
“Really, Feyre?” Nesta said in an exasperated tone.
“I’m sorry! I thought she would catch it!”
“That was our last stick of butter, you absolute dingbat!” Nesta sighed and picked up the keys to her car.
“Where are you going?” Mor asked, ever the worried friend thinking she had caused a family feud.
“To the store. We need more milk and eggs anyways. Tell me if you guys are gonna go out while I’m gone.” Nesta walked out the door of their spacious apartment and made her way over to the elevator, pressing the ground level button. She stormed over to her car, got in, and slammed the door shut. On her way to the store, she noticed that one of the local book stores was having a sale. She tried to ignore the voice in her head telling her that she had piles of unread books in her room, and all over the other communal areas of the apartment. She would just pop in after picking up the groceries. No big deal. She could restrain herself. Maybe.
Cassian woke up and made his way down the stairs towards the kitchen at 10am.
Hey sorry don’t be mad but here’s the shopping list. I had to go out.
“Unbelievable.” Cassian sighed and picked up the piece of paper attached to Azriel's little note and crumpled it up. Then he uncrumpled it because he remembered he needed to see what it said. Cassian walked up to his room and threw on a sweatshirt, some slip-on vans, and grabbed his keys. He couldn’t remember why they decided to share groceries. He wanted to in the beginning, but now that he woke up without any food in the house because his brothers had eaten all of it he was thinking or re-evaluating that decision. Cassian slid into his car and made his way to the store.
When Nesta pulled up at the store she checked her phone and saw that Feyre had sent her a text while she was driving.
Feyby*: heyyyyyyyyy nes can you pleeeeeeeeeease get me some chocolate while you’re out :)?
Nestella*: k. anything else? im walking in now by the way
Feyby: nope! thank you love you! :)
Nestella: love you too
Nesta made her way towards the dairy aisle and picked up some 2% milk, a pack of four sticks of butter, and eggs. She quickly walked over to the candy aisle and began studying all her options, she took candy selecting very seriously.
Cassian walked into the store and quickly picked up all the stuff on the list. Once he got to the last few items written he realized he wanted ice-cream for a movie night with the boys. He walked over to the dairy aisle and picked up a tub of cookies n’ cream right when Nesta Archeron stormed past him towards the candy aisle. He followed her because, well, he wanted to talk to her. But he needed to act like he wasn't stalking her cause she might yell at him.
“Mother Above, Cassian! You scared the shit out of me don’t you dare do that ever again!”
Oh well.
“How did you not hear me coming? Are you really that focused on chocolate?”
“I’m selecting some chocolate for Feyre, and she is very picky so I was focused on reading what the ingredients were in each bar.” She seemed to have recovered from the scare because she just grabbed a random chocolate bar and stormed past him.
“Obviously you don’t care that much if you’re willing to just grab a random bar and walk away!” Cassian yelled at Nesta. Some other shoppers began to stare at him so he quickly said “Don’t worry, we work together. I know her, I’m not some random creep haha.” That just got him more strange looks though so he just made his way towards self-checkout and paid for the items and skirted outta there.
Nesta was so embarrassed while walking away from Cassian. People were staring at her! Ugh, Cassian needs to learn to not yell in public places. She walked over to her car after checking out and loaded her groceries into the boot. She needed a black iced coffee stat. Nesta began the quick drive to one of the local coffee shops and once she arrived she quickly sent the girls a text letting them know where she was.
Nestella: hey bitches im getting coffee you hoes want anything
Feyby: i want a mocha frappe pleeease              
Tiny Ancient One*: just get me a black americano girl
Mor Boobiez Plz*: i wanna iced coffee with whipped cream and caramel
Nestella: okay for everyone except Mor cause wtf that's not even an item on the menu
Mor Boobiez Plz: it is i swear! just ask them for it they did it when i asked!
Nestella: fine
“What can I get for you?” The guy working the register asked in a very monotone voice.
“One black iced coffee, one black americano, one mocha frappe, and one iced coffee with whipped cream and caramel sauce.”
“We don’t do that last one-” Nesta gave him a withering glare and he immediately changed his mind on what he was about to say.
“Those will be ready soon ma’am. Can I get a name for the order?”
“Nesta. Thank you.” Nesta walked over to the opposite side of the counter to wait while their coffee was being prepared.
“That was quite impressive the way you scared him into doing what you wanted him to, Sweetheart.”
“Cassian! Are you stalking me? Go away.”
“I’m not stalking you, I’m just here to get some coffee.” He smirked at her and picked up a latte that was set down beside him. He took a sip and looked Nesta up and down before smirking and saying “Hot.” he winked at her and left before she could yell at him. If he was being honest the coffee was actually the perfect temperature, but he just loved getting under Nesta Archerons skin.    
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