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#it is paul's birthday my dudes ^_^ <3
tealseer11 days ago
Ok, Top Five: Chips, hot drinks, holidays, childhood toys and uhhh 5 folks that would be in ur dream blunt rotation (can be fictional or real, alive or dead, if you dont smoke any thing just imagine ur passing around those party blowers with the curl that uncurls)
wheeee!! ty 馃挅
top 5 chips
baked lays I would put in sandwiches as a kid and currently munching so
crunchy cheetos 馃
if it's just a normal potato chip I prefer it to be kettle cooked whatever the flavor
freeze dried apple chips!!! curve ball
Salt and vinegar liker
Top 5 hot drinks
Hot chocolate ofc :3
coffee person
I live in the desert and usually just do hot cocoa in the winter so actually I don't do hot drinks often hm so we'll do top 3 here and I'll say I love the smell of my mom's citrus black tea she does everyday even tho I didn't inherit her love of drinking tea lol
Top 5 holidays
Halloween looove costumes
I like 4th of July as a midsummer celebration not the nationalism
Easter my mom is always rly good about treating my sister and I to a lil basket of goodies 馃槉 it was gardening stuff this year
I'm very how do you say bland american with no faith holidays just consumer lol so I'll cheat and say my birthday >:)
Top 5 childhood toys oh.. oh no.. you've activated my trap card
A lil obsessed with bratz dolls during their heyday I still mourn the fact I brought my entire collection over to a neighbor's house to play and said "I'll come back and get them later :-)" and never did 馃ズ
My sister and I shared and played with a few collections of things but I was looking into furryville recently bc the construction on these things was fantastic and simple itty bitty teddy bears 鈾ワ笍 pictured here is our collection I still have
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3. formatting broke but omg.. omg I was obsessed with Webkinz I still have those too I wish I could access my account but I wonder if it got terminated for inactivity but there were like a good couple years in elementary school where everyone was bringing their Webkinz to class
4. Tamagotchi I rember crying when mine died during a move lol
5. Honorable mention time bc hooboy we had sizable Barbie and Polly pocket collections but during the era of pp when they were small dolls w rubber clothes not the compacts. Littlest. Pet. Shop. Soo many bobbleheads. Micropets?? Mightybeanz and TechDeck Dudes lol I could go on and on..
And finally Top 5 dream blunt rotation which I'll preface with saying ~personally~ prefer a bong or a pipe lmao but we can still have party blowers too
I wanna be rly corny and just say I wanna smoke with my friends bc that's The Truth babey but hmm the funny answer would be like Joan of Arc just to see how she'd react but she might get anxious so
I feel like Pearl Splatoon definitely smokes the universe equivalent seaweed or something she and my inkling would pressure Marina into taking her first hit
Miss Pauling Needs A Break I Take It Upon Myself To Smoke Her Out
The two dudes who made that alt j parody song while eating rice crackers
the girl reading this :)
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smalltragedy3 months ago
Tumblr media
* justice smith, demi man + he/they | you know gabriel de leon, right? they鈥檙e twenty three, and they鈥檝e lived in irving for, like, six years? well, their spotify wrapped says they listened to 1984 (infinite jest) by the used like, a million times this year, which makes sense 鈥榗ause they鈥檝e got that whole waking up in a body as heavy as the dead, emotions always on the verge of spilling over - you laugh before the punch lands, the belief that every encounter you have will be the last thing going on. i just checked and their birthday is october 31st, so they鈥檙e a scorpio, which is unsurprising, all things considered. ( james, 21, est, they/them )聽
hllo this is my second child i think theyre p grand n i love them a lot. as always pls like if u鈥檇 like to plot i鈥檇 lov to interact with everybody
mini playlist.
ghosting ;; mother mother / roam the room ;; citizen / art of doubt ;; metric / thnks fr th mmrs ;; fall out boy / heart in a cage ;; the strokes / where is my mind? ;; the pixies / flowers grow out of my grave ;; dead man鈥檚 bones / 1984 (infinite jest) ;; the used / blister in the sun ;; the violent femmes.
full name: gabriel de leon.
nickname(s): gabe.
birthday: october 31st, 1997.
zodiac: scorpio sun, scorpio moon, gemini ascending.
mbti & temperament: esfp & improvisor / sanguine.
label: the icarian.
hometown: belleville, new jersey.
sexuality: homosexual.
it鈥檚 only rly ever been gabe n his mom n the little new jersey suburbs that r always the same no matter where they go. they dn鈥檛 speak abt fathers or brothers or spain or anywhere other than the now, and how its constantly changing bt oddly the same.
his mom鈥檚 name is sonia n we love her. she worked a lot as a single mom n p much hs done everything on her own ever since leaving spain.
they dn鈥檛 talk abt spain bt we cn talk abt spain n hw sonia hd grown up partially there n partially in the states n hw she鈥檇 originally planned to live there forever bt the man she鈥檇 fallen in love with ws involved in some. high class dangerous shit n it ws safer fr them to part even if tht involved leaving everything she knew n loved <3
bt its like. ok. bc she hd gabe <3 n they dnt talk abt it so it practically nvr happened. n she tries her best as a mom n usually tht is enough.
they moved around a lot just bc sonia is a very. flighty person. anxious bt nvr seems tht way is just always. tense. gabe didnt think she ws capable of relaxing fr. a rly long time.
she wld commute 2 nyc every morning n after school gabe wld climb onto the train n by the time he got 2 her place of work she鈥檇 be just getting off n they鈥檇 get a slice of pizza n sometimes they鈥檇 go somewhere like central park or coney island (just fr the novelty) bt most of the time they just got back on the train home w/ gabe either doing homework or napping on her shoulder.
when gabe got a little older he鈥檇 sometimes skip school n take the train after sonia had already gone so he cld spend the day in nyc. he liked learning bt didnt rly like school. he nvr properly fit in bc of the amt of times they鈥檇 move so it felt like nowhere ws. right fr him.
got rly involved in. the punk scene as a young unsupervised teenager n tht led 2 a lot of like. shitty stick n pokes bt also a love of. very loud angry music n a sense of justice tht he held tightly in his fists. got mouthy towards bullies whether at school or in the scenes he involved himself in n started getting into a lot of fights bc of it.
during this, sonia ended up dating n marrying gabe鈥檚 stepdad who he calls craig sometimes bt i dnt think thats his name i wont lie to u guys. its partially a joke n partially purposeful disrespect bc gabriel does not trust a single man bt like. man.聽鈥榗raig鈥 is just an accountant. he鈥檚 fine he鈥檚 a good dude. they once bonded over like. the mets.
violence tw // anyways. when gabriel ws 16 he got into a super super bad fight tht ended rly. terribly n like listen. nobody died bt it ws just. it got blown up very out of proportion n gabe might鈥檝e gotten expelled even tho he wsnt even the one who started it bt thts okay.聽鈥榗raig鈥, or paul, suggested tht maybe. a change of scenery wld b good fr gabe n b4 they knew it they were. moving to paul-robert鈥檚 hometown of irving, north carolina. violence end of tw //
he wld鈥檝e complained more bt. fr sonia鈥檚 sake gabe kept it 2 himself. it made her happy 2 see them all get along anyways n like. idk he cld put forth tht little effort <3
bt honestly like. he didnt rly get into too many fights once they moved down here n even tho sometimes he ws like. ommgg. i hate this town .. its so washed up .. he still made friends n like. the only thing tht changed ws tht it ws a lil harder fr him 2 acquire illegal substances.聽
anyways. currently he hs a tattoo apprenticeship n is a professional piercer n like. he plays guitar n writes songs bt thts more of a hobby rn than anything else. mostly focused on paying his rent at port apartments bc as much as he. loves his mom he does not want 2 live with her forever <3 n thts okay!聽
personality & facts.
overall xtremely passionate person like god. feels emotions so intensely. every time he opens his mouth n talks abt an interest of theirs its just very like. u listen n ur like oh. gained 2 inspiration. thanks.
clings onto his friends p tightly bc he like. nvr rly stayed in one place fr super super long in new jersey so he nvr made very long term friends n now hes like. very clingy HLKDSHLKFSHLKDG also hates to b alone. subtle desperation behind interactions with ppl he rly wld like to be friends with.
like dnt get me wrong hes gotten into. sm fights bt thts mostly bc he cannot keep his mouth shut n he also cnt stand douchebags he like. always wants to tear them down prob bc he ws a victim of bullying. n u know what. we support him. otherwise he loves ppl bt esp if they hv similar interests 2 him.
like golden retriever who bites kind of. intensely loyal but at the same time is very skeptical. things tht good things do not last very long even though they鈥檝e been doing already fr the last few years.聽
also bit of a nerd. they were nvr rly a big fan of school bt theres smth abt a good superhero comic tht draws their attention more than like. any english class evr. bt seven soldiers of victory? classic. big dc fan.
uh. very into like. hardcore music. hardcore rock. punk. if its loud n angry they r into it like so so much. hs sm tattoos is like. super covered in them its partially bc they work at a tattoo shop n partially bc they do not know hw to manage their money well.
ooohh u know what theyre. kinda moody i wont lie to u. very defensive like they dnt evr wna talk abt their past. has experienced Things n they do not wish to discuss them. will usually like. deflect frm conversations he doesnt wna hv.
in tune with nature. loves fkn taking walks. hangs out in the woods by abernathy creek n lilac ridge bc nobody rly goes there n its just. nice
tries not 2 take anything super seriously 2 the point where when he does take smth seriously its a little scary bc theyre super intense abt it. forcibly optimistic even tho on the inside he feels like a total pessimist. lots of. deep down insecurities tht he projects by attaching himself p firmly onto others. >.>
so so so energetic. can never stay still. always hs to be moving around. restless like tht. probably got it frm his mom. overly protective over the ppl he loves. probably got it frm his mom as well.
goes onto Tangents bt also divert frm those tangents n is generally all over the place.
always cold n always looks tired n like he hsnt slept in a thousand years n u know what. sometimes he just does not sleep.
oooohh theyre a vegan. totally into animal rights. devious little demi man beyond that .. loves horror n the paranormal n believes in like. every cryptic. will debate u on it.
erm not. the kindest 2 themself theyre a bit self destructive. impulsive. drives very fast n parties super hard. said i will hv my effy stonem moment. u dont hv to gabe.聽
bt ya! luvs oranges n reds n is maybe a short king. hs an eyebrow piercing n like. a lip ring i wont fk around here he IS living his best emo life in 2021. a little outdated on the trends bt thats okay. probably will tell u hes frm new jersey. its a personality trait. smokes the shittiest cigarettes ever.
wanted plots.
just ghosting along ,, dnt even exist 2 me ,, ;; god. firstly just the vast amt of ppl tht gabe hs like. spoken to romantically n then dropped suddenly. n then maybe like. one tht actually Hurt bt they cnt avoid each other bt theyre actively pretending each other doesnt exist n its. hurtful bc it ws like. actually smth nice bt <3 ykno FKLFSDHG
hey hey heyy c鈥檓aahn i鈥檓 just a little guy ;; n this is the vast amt of ppl tht gabe hs probably. pissed off n hs either fought or been on the verge of fighting just. unable 2 resist a good bicker-turned-duel.
just blistering in the sun ;; they cld b close friends bt also they cld also not b bt just ppl who. indulge in bad impulsive decisions with gabe. general bad influences on each other鈥檚 health n just. no good! party hard bt at what cost.聽
n also ;; like ... rly solid good friendships ... flings n maybe an exe or two tht either ended on good terms or just. horrendous, ppl they鈥檝e distanced frm, ppl also frm up north, piercing customers, bt not tattoo customers bc im p sure they鈥檇 get fired if they were just tattoo鈥檌ng ppl willy nilly, etc.聽
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donkey-hyuck3 months ago
鈥 about me tag!
** rules: fill in the info, then tag people you want to know better
tagged by: @meraki-mark @marklyxxi @puppywritings ty all!!馃挆
tagging: @fruityutas @neo-shitty @labelneo @jaeminscoffee @lucas-wongs @jenoluck @navyhyuck @jeongvision @jenojam @lebrookestore (idk who has and hasn鈥檛 done this)
name/nickname: vy!
gender: female
star sign: leo/virgo cusp
height: 5鈥3 (160cm)
time: 5:39 p.m.
birthday: august 23
favorite band: kpop- nct, gfriend, offonoff does this count?; western- panic!at the disco, pentatonix. probably missing some people :/
favorite solo artist: kpop- junny, george, paul (roy, sam) kim the kim elites, dean, crush, zico, iu; western- giveon, chris brown, bryson tiller, rihanna, sam smith, khalid, mario, jeremy zucker, troye sivan. also probably missing some people
song stuck in my head: let me love you; mario
last movie i watched: lilo and stitch hahaa but currently watching aristocats i鈥檓 on my disney shit
last tv show i watched: wizards of waverly place and rugrats and drank&josh
when i created this blog: some time in march 2019 (it鈥檚 almost been 2 years馃槼)
last thing i googled: 鈥榮ong name ideas鈥 DUDE IDEK
other blogs: admin of @dreamlab-nct
go i get asks: sometimes but it鈥檚 honestly mostly mooties
following: too many
followers: 467 (i鈥檓 close to 500 omg馃槼)
why i chose my url: just came to me on a whim tbh + i thought there was a good ring to it馃し鈥嶁檧锔
average hours of sleep: like 6-7
lucky number: 23
instruments: violin and a lil ukulele/piano
what i鈥檓 wearing: champion sweatpants, nike tie dye socks, cropped & ribbed halter top, oversized sweater it鈥檚 from the men鈥檚 section but whatever
dream trip: GREECE!!! maldives and bora bora (as well as seoul and japan)
favorite food: idk :/ but i might be going vegan soon!
nationality: american
favorite song: WAY TOO MANY
top 3 fictional universes: harry potter fo sho! the outsiders馃槼 and uhhh idk what else lmao
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dearniall4 months ago
name ten people that make you smile
ok wait im gonna name like tumblr mutuals and not just people bc like this way they will actually see it lol also if this reads like a 13 year old wishing their friend happy birthday on instagram stories, mind your business. this got uhhhhh long so sorry
@goodyears miss sophie how and when did you become actually one of my best friends fjhdhd our facetimes and movie dates honestly keep me going there is no one i would rather rant to about literally everything idek if you are on here enough anymore to see this but dude you,,,,,,,,,,, genuinely are such a cool person im so lucky to know you!!! please go to prom with me my parents kicked me out 馃ズ馃尮
@thechampagnelovers cami!!! my wife!!! psychotic but also my favorite person!! your texts are the funniest shit i have ever read fhdhjshchd you are the only reason i even open this app anymore just to see the back shit crazy diana opinions you鈥檙e a legend and everything i want to be AND a tutor all in one te quiero te adoro te amo mi amor
@essercipertuttienonperse emma 馃ズ boo 馃ズ the sweetest person i鈥檓 so glad i know you and you just want what is best for everyone!! ily and talking to you in 4 different languages (or like 2.5 whatever) brings me so much joy!! ur so sweet ily
@quelsentiment E!!! omg you are so talented and seeing your edits and reading your fics makes me :))) i鈥檓 so happy we became friends!! just very glad to know you!!
@liamisthesun omg sarah you鈥檙e just such a ray of sunshine seeing you on this app please!! whenever you tag me in something my heart grows 3 sizes i just think you鈥檙e so great 馃挅 also i genuinely appreciate that u respond to my tag posts and egg me on fjdjhdhd you also are just amazing damn ily
@tomlinsno maria!! you鈥檙e such a sweetheart and your stories are so much fun and when you described my voice dude i still think about it it was so soft and sweet!!!! you have such good intentions and ily,
@heyangels gillian!! you鈥檙e so sweet and i LOVE your edits!! happy you came back and that we had jusyvdhdhdhd the funniest convo about nicknames i鈥檓 still waiting for one tho 馃憖馃憖
@cloudslou cade, i have feelings for u 鉂わ笍 idk i just. love you i can鈥檛 say much other than that we predict the future together and you鈥檙e one of the most talented people i know and i love talking to you AND i have feelings for you 馃槝
@mullingar tee is the funniest person on here and on twitter and i hope it snows just for her 鉂わ笍 i so appreciate that you just deal w my dm鈥檚 and seeing your comments on paul and niall are Jufjfhdh but also Yeah You鈥檙e Right. i forget anything else i was gonna say bc i got distracted thinking about Tee鈥檚 cursed posts but yeah amazing ily
@shadasjeremy / @robertsbarbie this counts as one bc this is the same person 鉂わ笍 ok who else would fuel my rants about where a fox goes on a triangle other than you two tho??? i don鈥檛 think EITHER of you cares about One Direction (lillie mae almost does) but in the end i鈥檓 so glad both of you are here and Must Contradict every opinion i have. you have some really fucking bad takes but you also have some good ones !!! ily both 馃ズ
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eggyukhei5 months ago
HELLOO! OH GOD i can't believe dumblr didn't even send across ONE of my ask like bro u okay? is everything okay at home? WHAT IS THIS YOU ARE IMPOSING UPON US KDNSJKNJK omg okay so i used to waveboard when i was like...11? 12? like on the og ripstik ones and i think a little before quarantine i like rediscovered my long lost love for it and i was like OMG!! I DID THIS! BEFORE I FIRST FRACTURED MYSELF! in conclusion i was just too excited to try it out again (bc adults can totally go on things
[ 2 missing messages here QWQ ]
i just sent you 2 asks going into detail about me when i was 11 vs. me when i am 20 now aND THERE IS NO CHANGE IM DISAPPOINTED BUT NOT SURPRISED PLS GROW UP JOY BUT IM SORRY I BORED YOU W THAT BUT HOW ARE YOUUU djbckjsjk i re watched that episode and even mark was like ??? like ten my dude even MARK KNOWS WHAT TO DO HERE hdbhsbd i'm kidding but that episode just hurts to watch now lolol aah taeyong is a whole mood sometimes esp in that escape room episode when he randomly began eating chocolate
he just spoke to my soul a lil extra on that one hsbajs and aespa debuted!! and netizens arent taking it well from what i've seen? i mean when are they ever satisfied but i just still don't get the concept help me and yeah the virtual members are the virtual versions of the actual members? they're used for the fans to "do something they cant do irl w the members" I DONT UNDERSTAND THERES JUST SO MANY WAYS THIS CAN GO and yeah omg the music shows went on like it was nothing 0.0
SERIOUSLY WOULDNT HAVE BEEN SURPRISED IF YOU BLOCKED ME WHEN I SAID EGGS ARENT MY FAVE also idk if i told you this but when i saw your url my mind when straight to jenn im? like her brand and stuff? omg i used to watch her so much jsdhjsaj my childhood and ooo nah bro your memory is good bc i don't think i've told you this yet. ok so i kinda played a lot of hockey, floorball, skating (you cant play skating rip) and like just the general obligatory stuff for the most part of it
but when it came to being on actual teams iwas very invested in horseback riding (miss my horsegirl phase where did it go), basketball and throwball! the latter 2 i had to cut down on because of my injuries :''') (if u think i am a klutz solely based off pf these ask ur not wrong ok i am) but what about you?? were you into sports? OH DUDE NIGELLA LAWSON IS REALLY SOMETHING she's kinda intimidating too tbh sjdhbha and i think she was a guest on masterchef a few times but they get so many of those
OH WAIT i just realised you might have been talking about masterchef us i only watched the australian one hehehe BUT YOU WATCHED GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF!! AAAH I WATCH SO MUCH OF IT NOW TOO BSHBH and i think people in my family like to make baked goods? they're just all under the guise of being busy sjdjkd so they're only into eating now heh and omg wait there are more nct world episodes coming out? is it even nct world or is it smth else? i saw a few of them in this photo booth? IM SO CONFUSED
SO NICE AND CREAMY BUT IT TASTES LIKE...THAT. WHY W H Y WHYYYYYYYY its going to take a fair bit of convincing BUT I AM DOWN also what cool ingredients you say 馃憖 HUAHAHAHAHAH THE ARTHUR AND DW REF I LOVE IT SO MUCH it'll probably apply for me too oop AND THE DW MEMES THAT I SEE OH GOD andomg aah i didn't watch that show what was it abouuttt WYLAN I MISS HIM SO MUCH I MISS THE ENTIRE PLOT BUT I HAVE SIMPLY NOT READ AT ALL TK IM SO SORRY I WILL START VERY SLOWLY DBHASDJ
YES CORGIS ARE VV FLUFFY AND I SAW AN ESP CHONKY ONE IT WAS THE CUTEST I MIGHT AS WELL HAVE FALLEN OFF MY BOARD BY JUST LOOKING AT IT LIKE SOME MOVIE SCENE AND MY FINGER IS SO MUCH BETTER!! THANK YOU!! i'm just being dramatic 锔.锔 OOOO YAAYY I HOPE U HAD FUN ON YOUR CALL and omg did you stream? how did it go if you did?? OH DUDE MY BRAIN JUST FORGOT EVERY ANIMAL EVER JDJEHA i am very bare minimum just gimme doggies and i'll be vv happy and also very attached to horses (horse girl remember hsdsjd)
HEY OMG BUT JKAHFJAHDFKJFHDFSAF DUMBLR鈥橲 ONE BRAINCELL WENT HOME EARLY THAT DAY LMAO BUT YOU USED TO WAVEBOARD THAT IS SO FREAKING COOL OMG?????? IDEK HOW PEOPLE BALANCED ON THOSE THINGS THATS LIKE A NEXT LEVEL SKILL IMO LIKE. STRAIGHT UP LEGEND!!! that鈥檚 awesome omg i hope you get to keep.... ripping it????? wtf uhhh nvm i meant i hope you get a chance to waveboard during the holidays LMAO BUT RIP THE TWO MESSAGES RIGHT AFTER THE VERY FIRST DIDN鈥橳 GET SENT AHH TRAGIC :( BUT I WILL SAY THAT I TOTALLY FEEL IT THAT I TOO FEEL LIKE A LOT OF ME HASNT CHANGED SINCE THEN KSKSK BUT U KNOW WHAT FROM WHAT I SEE, OUR 11 YO SELVES WERE PRETTY RAD ANYWAYS!! BUT UR 20 WTF JKFHKDAJFHASF IDK WHY BUT I THOUGHT U WERE OLDER THAN ME BUT WE鈥橰E THE SAME AGE :OOOOO i think it鈥檚 because you said you teach and i guess i just have 0 experience with ta鈥檚 so all the teachers i鈥檝e seen were like 28+ but like i didn鈥檛 think u were that old either LOL OKAY SO I THOUGHT U WERE LIKE 22 OR SOMETHING BASICALLY BUT ANYWAYS PLEASE EVEN IF THE MESSAGES WENT THRU I WOULDN鈥橳 HAVE BEEN BORED DW!!! ok also side tangent do u ever ironically speak like a koreaboo because i do sometimes and since we鈥檙e both 20 does that make us CHINGUS UUWUWUUWUWU HAHAHAHAH OH GOD LEMME CRINGE A LIL BIT HOLD UP
OKOK ANYWAYS I AM GOOD I HOPE YOU鈥橵E BEEN GOOD!!! just desperately trying to catch up on lectures that are crucial but i skipped rip kjadhdkjfhsf but!!! i finished a code this morning and finally figured something out and emailed the file to my teacher bc it was late but at least correct now i think hhahaha!! so a semi-dub :) BUT YEAAAA OMG TFW WE REALLY PUT MARK AS THE BARE MINIMUM OH MY GOD IM CRYINGKLDFLDSFA BUT YESSSS TAEYONG鈥橲 BRAIN >>> HE SAID A CHANCE TO EAT GOOD?? I NEVER MISS IT!!!
but OMG YEAH I ACTUALLY SAW AESPA鈥橲 DEBUT MV! i think the concept is that like there are games like second life etc. which are virtual reality games and you can create your own character and have a virtual life? and also from what i鈥檝e seen they鈥檒l have an app that fans can download and interact with the members, and maybe instead of like how kpop idols post selfies every so often, they can do stuff with the avatars? maybe we鈥檒l be able to create our own avatar and take pics w them or something but that鈥檚 just my guess! but i actually really like the concept, i think it鈥檚 cool to see sm really trying to do things that we haven鈥檛 really seen and i really liked the song!!! it felt like. very sm??? LOL idk i am just an sm hoe, i feel like i enjoy most of the stuff they put out but i also felt that black mamba was a song i could totally hear nct or exo doing BUT YEAH I DIGRESS AND OMG YEAH but i think it鈥檚 cool that sk has their shit together where they can regulate that stuff and people actually comply to the rules... on the other hand, the us is full of people who dont give a fuck!!! >:o
HAHAHAAH i wouldn鈥檛 block u for not liking eggs as much as me...... just secretly judge you really hard for being tasteless :) KSKSKSKKSK JKJKJKJ OKAY BUT WOW OUR MINDS...????? DUDE LITERALLY JENN IM WAS/IS THE ONLY FASHION YOUTUBER IVE WATCHED SINCE LIKE 2012 WTF ?? AND YEAH I THOUGHT ABT EGGIE WHEN MAKING THIS BLOG NAME BC I THOUGHT IT SOUNDED CUTE AND BC SHE INTENDED IT AS A PLAY ON WORDS LIKE BABY IN KOREAN IS ALSO PRONOUNCED THAT WAY? BUT I WAS LIKE IMA USE IT BC EGG SUPREMACY LOL BUT IM FLATTERED FOR YOU TO SAY MY MEMORY IS GOOD AND I CANT WAIT TO PROVE U WRONG LMFAO but anyways U ARE SO COOL WHAT THE FUCKKKK U DID 2 HOCKEY TYPE SPORTS AND YOU SKATED AND DID HORSEBACK RIDING??? HOLY SHIT!!!! + more ball sports.... dude i am in AWE!! ur literally a baller!!!!! all of those sound so fun omg OWO but HAHAH DW I AM KLUTZ TOO :) ooh i sprained my ankle in 6th grade on the edge of the sidewalk when i tripped while running to turn in PILES of late work at like 5pm bc my teacher was still at school LOL but i only play tennis!!! i wish i learned more stuff when i was younger like volleyball or something but alas..... i was (still am) lazy as fuck :) BUT REALLY HAHAHA omg i do enjoy some good roasts on cooking shows tho OWO
HAHA yissss i have only watched the masterchef us episodes so a lot of gordon ramsay and aaron sanchez and several cringey scripts here and there!!! BUT YEAH gbbo is such a comfort watch for me, i love it!!! i鈥檝e only watched the seasons with mel/sue as the hosts and paul/mary as the judges though because i couldn鈥檛 bear watching it without them LOL but yes SUCH A SWEET (pun not intended... KEK) SHOW UWU but 鈥渢hey're only into eating now鈥 HAHAHAH ME TOO THOUGHHHH BUT DUDE TBH IDEK WHAT IS GOING ON W NCT CONTENT ANYMORE HAHAHAH I CAN鈥橳 BELIEVE I鈥橫 GONNA SAY THAT IT鈥橲 TOO MUCH BUT LIKE??????? EVEN I CANNOT FIT ALL OF THEIR CONTENT INTO MY PROCRASTINATION SCHEDULE LMFAOA IT鈥橲 JUST SO MUCH
bro i am CRYINGGGG WDYMMM MAYO TASTES GOOD KAJFHAKSJFHADF!!!! US EGGS JUST BUILT DIFFERENT I GUESS BUT LIKE IT鈥橲 THE GLUE OF THE SANDWICH. JUST A THIN LAYER CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING LIKE IT KEEPS THE BREAD NOT DRY AND PROVIDES ADDED SALT N SAVORY-NESS??? OK I DIGRESS but OOH i think spicy mayo (just add sriracha) is a classic for dipping, i haven鈥檛 tried other flavors since i鈥檓 basic af and am good with classic mayo LOL but i think pesto would be good, or spinach + garlic! BUT HHAHAH YES OMG do u ever think like. 鈥渄amn WAS i actually super annoying as a kid鈥 LOL BECAUSE THE DW REFS FEELING A LIL TOO REAL SOMETIMES HAHAHHHAHAAH BUT YESS I LOVE MEMES WITH OLD SHOWS :^)))) damn kids these days MISSING OUT ON QUALITY SHOWS!! BUT OMG fetch with ruff ruffman was like the kids version of amazing race, if you鈥檝e seen that! if not, they basically just gent sent cool places to solve things, if i remember correctly! anyways my cocky ass of a 8 year old totally felt like my brain was big enough for the show LOL BUT DW ABOUT NOT READING CK DW BROOOOO IT IS WORTH THE WAIT AND WE GOT LIVES TO GET TO UNFORTUNATELY :( but i am sure the wait will just make it even better once you finally get to read it :)
FDSFJKSLF YEAHH people who actually finish pokemon games??? BUILT DIFFERENT QWQ but omg do you play mobile games rn???? :ooooooo AND YAY OMG IM GLAD THE DS CAME BACK HAHAH!! BUT HOW MANY 1D POSTERS AND 2009 BDAY CARDS DID YOU HAVE JHFAKDSJHA yeah it鈥檚 a shame that break is so short, i guess i鈥檒l just have to wait til after finals to become ultra sedentary qwq omg i hope you get a well-deserved break soon too!!!!!
JDFJHAJSHF OMG THE CHONK IS TOO STRONG IT MADE YOU FALL OFF LOOL but is ur finger all better now? i hope it is!!!! but yee we had a bunch of fun hehe!! i didn鈥檛 stream yet but we watched the star wars holiday special LOOOL and then the next night we watched camp rock and ep. 1 of cowboy bebop!!! but omg yess doggos and horses are super awesome :) i鈥檝e only ridden a horse once but i鈥檇 love to go again!!
KFHAKSDJHFF OMG DID I BAIT YOU JAKJHADAKJDH I LIKE CORGIS BUT MY FAV DOGGOS ARE ACTUALLY SAMOYEDS UWU i鈥檝e also been really loving bernese mountain dogs recently hahaha!!! and chonky chihuahuas!! but i also like wolves and cheetahs and cats!!! like omg have you seen munchkin cats???? they鈥檙e like weiner dogs. but cats LOOOL I LOVE EM!! OOH ALSO MANTA RAYS!!! BIG N MAJESTIC LIKE BIG BIRDS OF THE SEA!!!!!! like i wanted to become a marine biologist bc i love marine life but like bio is not the move for me LOL BUT HAHAHAHAH NAH BRO IM FORREAL!! ANDROID IS... C O O L :) KKSKSKS you guys have a bigger screen i think??? and a better camera??? so dubs!!!
but JHDSJKHS i鈥檓 glad you rested up and i hope you were able to catch up on your work!!!!!! IT鈥橲 FRIDAY AND NOW THE WEEKEND IS HERE YAYYY!! I HOPE IT GOES SWIMMINGLY :)
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meanwhile-on-spn5 months ago
Season 1 Ep. 3 - Dead in the Water
Previously on Supernatural: Three friends try to recreate Stand by Me.
鈥淵ou promised me he wasn鈥檛 coming!鈥 Lucas whined in a way that would be embarrassing if his friends saw. Of course she couldn鈥檛 keep a promise when it came to her new boyfriend.聽 He hadn鈥檛 been around very long, yet Paul was always inviting himself over and invading their lives.聽聽
鈥淟ucas, he wanted to come. Paul just wants to celebrate your birthday with you.鈥澛 His mother said, placing a lock of hair behind her ear and crossing her arms.聽 This wasn鈥檛 a good sign, the pose normally meant she was getting angry. 鈥淗e even brought a gift for you.鈥
He rolled his eyes and turned to leave the kitchen.
鈥淗e鈥檚 not welcome.聽 I鈥檓 going back upstairs.鈥澛 He could hear his friends laughing and didn鈥檛 want to miss out on the matches.聽 He walked quickly to the front hall and turned to head for the stairs.聽聽
鈥淐ome back down for cake soon!鈥澛 His mom yelled after him.聽 He kept walking, heading for the stairs by the front door, nearly bumping into someone.聽 He looked up to see an older man wearing his normal crusty plaid shirt, baseball cap, and dad jeans. Lucas made to walk past Paul, but the man awkwardly moved in front, blocking his way again.
鈥淗appy Birthday dude!鈥 Paul said through a large smile.聽 He went to hug Lucas, but when he took a step back, Paul paused, then took something out of his coat pocket instead. 鈥淗ere take this, I鈥檓 going to go see if I can help your mom with the cake.鈥澛 He pushed a small wrapped box into Lucas鈥檚 arms. Than with the stupid whistling that he always does, he stomps into the kitchen.
The package in his hands was lumpy and wrapped poorly with weird bulges in the paper and a store-bought bow perched in the middle. He scowled at it, a present from Paul was bound to be bad, probably stupid baseball jersey.
Lucas nodded, then ran upstairs not bothering to look at the package.聽 He heard his friends making weird noises from down the hall. It sounded as if they were mimicking the sounds of explosions and gunfire around mouthfuls of snacks.聽
鈥淟ucas!聽 Finally you鈥檙e back!聽 You mentioned you liked this band, but I didn鈥檛 know you had so many concert posters. Aren鈥檛 these guys like super old?鈥澛 His friend Artie said, smirking, as he pointed at a poster on the wall.聽 There was a collection of 70s and 80s style posters in an array of colors. They all had one similarity and that was a zeppelin flying across the poster with a band name written across the top.
鈥淐ome on, man they鈥檙e a great band!鈥 He exclaimed, only sounding slightly defensive.聽 Lucas dropped the gift in the pile on his desk, with the rest and walked over to sit next to Artie on the floor.聽
鈥淚 guess.聽 My dad plays their tape in the car all the time.聽 It gets annoying after awhile.鈥澛 Artie replied, crossing his arms. He was focused on the tv, controller in his hands, twisting this way and that as if it controlled his character better.
鈥淚t's such dad music.鈥 Elijah said it like it was a slur. Elijah liked to think he invented good taste, which always made him fun to rile up. He made it easy too, all you had to do was say that Tarantino was a hack.
鈥淭hey are a classic! Way more well known than your EDM DJs.鈥 Lucas snapped back watching at Alijah鈥檚 face got slightly red and his playing started to slip.
鈥淲hen did you start listening to them?鈥澛 Sid asked, controller in his hands, twisting this way and that as if it controlled his character better.
Lucas smiles watching as Sid landed a hit on Elijah鈥檚 character, 鈥淎round the time when we moved.聽 A friend introduced me to them.聽 All I can say is Zeppelin Rules.鈥
The room goes silent as the boys all look at Lucas.
鈥淎lright then, David just destroyed Sid, you sub鈥 in Lucas.聽 I bet you can鈥檛 beat him!鈥 Elijah smiled, flicking his moppy hair out of his eyes.
鈥淵eah right, did you forget this is my game?鈥澛 Lucas smiled and grabbed the controller from Sid.
A few minutes later David was yelling and cursing his luck.聽 Just as he was asking for a re-match, they heard a voice yelling from down the hall.
鈥淜ids, Food is ready!鈥 His mother called from the kitchen.
鈥淥ne minute mom.鈥 Lucas replied by starting up a new round to kick David鈥檚 butt again.
鈥淐ome on Lucas! If you don鈥檛 come now you won鈥檛 have time to open your gifts!鈥 His mother called.
鈥淏etter hurry before I eat all the cake!鈥 Lucas rolled his eyes, Paul was trying to be funny again. His friends however, began to shift, getting up to head into the other room.
鈥淐ake sounds good to me!鈥 Sid said, happily jumping up and heading for the door. David sighed.
鈥淔ine but I want a re-match before I leave!鈥 He said, pointing the controller at Lucas.聽
鈥淐oming mom!鈥
As the sun started to set, Lucas was sitting at the mahogany table surrounded by wrapping paper, crumb covered plates, and his excited friends. He was inspecting the back of the game David had given him, when his mom placed a lumpy package in front of him.
鈥淒on鈥檛 forget this one!鈥澛 She said looking expectantly at him, She turned and smiled back at Paul. once she was close enough, Paul had his hand around her waist, with a big dumb smile on his face. Gross.
Lucas hadn鈥檛 forgotten, he was just more excited to open his friends鈥 gifts. They got him things he actually wanted like new games.聽 He also wasn鈥檛 expecting much from Paul, it was probably going to be something he didn't want but it would impress him mom. Like, a book on submarines in world war one or underwear, sensible and boring.聽
He heard his friends mumbling to each other as he unwrapped the camo-print gift.聽 Inside was a crushed brown rectangular package.聽 He quickly shook it and felt the weight shift, but it didn鈥檛 make a noise. It was too big for a game and two small for a nice sketchbook.聽 As he opened the box he sighed, seeing the contents were clothing, sensible and boring.
He was about to give a fake thank you, ready to throw the half open package into his closet, but then he saw the logo.聽 Blue, Gold and orange faded together to make up the illustration of a fleet of zeppelins flying through the sky. Emblazoned over the top of design was United States Tour 鈥77 Led Zeppelin. It was faded and cracked, from years of it being washed, dried, folded and loved.
Paul had given him a Led Zeppelin t-shirt. He pulled out of the paper and could feel something more solid wrapped in the faded fabric.聽 Slowly unfolding the shirt he found a CD copy of their first album. Lucas stared down at the gift, at a loss for words.
鈥淚 hope you don't mind鈥 Paul actually sounded slightly nervous, 鈥渢he shirt being too big. It's original. I got it at my first concert.鈥澛 Lucas just stared at him, he still had his stupid hand around his mom. Still had that stupid hat and flannel shirt on. Still whistled his stupid tunes. Now though, he seemed so different. Like a man he never met before, like a man that he could see driving around in a muscle car, shooting guns and zig zagging across the country.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e giving this to me?鈥 This shirt had to be worth hundreds of dollars.
鈥淥f course, it鈥檚 your birthday.鈥 Paul said like it was absolutely nothing, His mom was beaming at the man. She looked so happy and Lucas couldn't really remember the last time he saw his mom like that. She didn't like to talk about it but he honestly didn't remember much before they moved. Just that she felt like they had to. To many bad memories back in Lake Manitoc. 鈥淎nd I know how much you like them.鈥 Paul continues pulling Lucas out of his thoughts.
Looking back at the shirt a massive smile grew on Luca鈥檚 face.聽 Maybe this guy wasn鈥檛 so bad after all.
Can we talk about how incredibly dark this episode was. like out body count practically doubled in this one episode alone.
Onscreen Body Count: 10
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leagueofawesomedudes6 months ago
2020 LOAD Week 7 Preview
Alright boys, we鈥檙e friggen back. I sat at my computer watching a rant-filled groupme conversation as I flipped back and forth between the 37 tabs of the historical data LOAD spreadsheet when I came to the decision 6 weeks is long enough. No longer will you be deprived of my majestic, dare I say, God-like pen to paper fantasy football previews. That鈥檚 right, pucker up your buttholes and be ready to masturbate with your tears of joy, laughter, and distraught as I destroy each and every one of you. No Browns talk, no putting it lightly, no bullshit.
Before I start, TJ we appreciate your commissioning efforts in the 2020 season. This is not in spite, I just really missed the preview articles and is my push to somehow keep them around.
And now back to your regularly scheduled cheek spreading unadulterated fun.
聽鈥淛ared, wait for this sick drop鈥 The Injured Reserve (1-5) vs.
鈥淏urg, I think these guys actually want to fuck me鈥 Can鈥檛 Guard Mike (3-3)
If Jon鈥檚 not ferociously defeating the CoCo (Covid19) or nervously giggling as the Squad guys make questionable sexual advances on him, he鈥檚 putting together a solid team. I mean you can鈥檛 knock a guy with a 3-3 record when you鈥檝e scored the most points in the LOAD. Buuut I鈥檓 going to anyway. Suck it Jon. Casey鈥檚 still recovering from drafting Joe Mixon in the first-round last year but I will say has elevated his strive for the playoffs. He even did a trade! Good job man someone had to respond to Dom eventually. Your participation in the Groupme on game days (mostly Monday nights) is welcomed and if you ever schedule a tee time at 7am that doesn鈥檛 also require a 2 hour commute I鈥檓 totally down. Unless Doug鈥檚 there I鈥檓 all set on my 401k. Unfortunately for Casey, Jon is returning Michael Thomas after his teammate altercation (HideYoWifeInNawlins?) and looks to earn a playoff spot the old-fashioned way with his record.
Jon > Cholly
聽鈥淭he Snowman鈥 SheDiggsMyCobb (0-6) vs.
鈥淲hy鈥檚 the Snowman doing all my coke鈥 Pelting Coopers (4-2)
Bennett as much as I appreciate you on my side of the Kicker argument your record is almost making me want you on the other side. We鈥檝e all seen the 鈥渉istorical鈥 data showing where you stand but you do realize you have to get W鈥檚 or you fall behind right? This is what you get for recklessly abandoning your strong stance on a roster full of white players only housing 4 on the roster? And to think we all depended on you. Dom I have to say we all enjoy you a lot more without the bullshit time advantage our previous waiver wire system afforded you. The FAAB system has given us all new found time and sleep on our hands but unfortunately for you has also opened the door to the testing facility every other Wednesday. No one blames you with the LA puh and that hair of yours. Speaking of trade rapes, no one talks enough about the Hunt for Edelman straight up during a tough Browns opener and an extremely intoxicated Chad. Well done sir, whether ethical or not, well done. Bennett stays as defeated as his meat on page 113 of XNXX and counting, and takes the L.
Salami > Benito
鈥淲hat鈥檇 you say you use to slow balding? 聽My friend was wondering鈥 Dj Play Moore Drake (2-4) vs.
鈥淏ro check it it鈥檚 River, like Rocky River, where I live, get it?!?!鈥 jared donovan鈥檚 team
聽Man, I鈥檝e seen few people more confident than Paul heading into the season. He had the mock drafts, the magazines, the insiders, hell even Reddit! And yet here we are. You all thought I was trade raped but yet here. we. are. Our loving Paul with the closest thing to an unbreakable spirit, almost broken. I do think there鈥檚 potential for a rebound this year, but Jared is totally trying now and never was before last year so it won鈥檛 happen this week. New house, new puppy, same Jared. Guy throws a moving party on my birthday weekend of all weekends. Just when you think Jared can鈥檛 surprise you any more, he gives me an entire day to show off how fucking big I am in front of all my friends. No ladies, your boyfriend is still not bigger than me. 聽Thanks again dude it was the highlight of my 2020. Jared somehow gets one of the top QB鈥檚 in the league AND Darius Slayton for a rookie QB potentially on the rise and he鈥檚 in a spot to continue to do some damage in the LOAD. Paul, you鈥檙e going to need one of Jared鈥檚 3 hour long showers to recover from this beatdown.
Jerry > Pav
聽鈥淚鈥檓 not triggered but CEH鈥檚 game was undisputedly the 1st game of the year鈥 2 Younghoes 1 Kupp (4-2) vs.
鈥淲ait I don鈥檛 have Wentz anymore?鈥 Under the Influwentz (2-4)
A Mr. Douglas Yeckley is the latest to join the fianc茅 gang and I personally can鈥檛 wait until I hit my annual quota of 1 face to face hang out at the Secret Santa to congratulate him in person. I鈥檓 still trying to figure out if he checks his email more than the groupme and actually knows he鈥檚 the second-best fantasy manager in the LOAD. Yahoo favors the autodraft, can鈥檛 wait to see how he does without it next year :) Sam, Sam, Sam. Trying to determine how I feel about writing this on your birthday. I can hate on your dedication to Fantasy as much as I want, but gosh darnit do I have to respect it. Especially with Ashley calling all of your shots this year. We all know she鈥檚 been the brains behind this operation this year. Just wait bud, that spreads into all decisions you make real soon. The old 鈥渨ell her lease is up so it makes sense鈥 is how it alllll starts my friend. Won鈥檛 be long until that hair of yours starts to look like mine and Pauls. And just because I always root against you, I鈥檓 sticking to my guns.
Fur > Sammy
聽鈥淵ou said she鈥檚 18? Nah too old for me鈥 Street Charks (3-3) vs.
Dad (6-0)
Battle of the daddys. Chad out on the streets, and Shawn in the burb life. I鈥檝e been sitting here trying to determine which one of their kids has a better chance of coming out with a bomber on. History repeats itself so I think we have the answer. It鈥檚 not often I鈥檓 called a trend setter, but this may be the start. Shawn needs to watch out as Chad鈥檚 newly shaved arms not only make him look more jacked, aerodynamic when he fights, but it also packs an extra punch in fantasy. Shawn鈥檚 the only remaining undefeated team left, but I feel the walls are closing in on him with some injuries to the roster. Even as he鈥檚 reading this Chad鈥檚 defending Shawn in his head, and giggling as he hears聽鈥淩ight Shawn?鈥 鈥淣o, left Shawn鈥. Just hoping I can get one random, witty comment from Shawn in the groupme from this and I鈥檒l feel accomplished. You鈥檙e upset of the week boys, you heard it here first.
Wardog > Carothers
聽***Game of Ze Week***
鈥淚t鈥檚 actually classified as hair-thinning, that鈥檚 all鈥 Kickers & Defense (4-2) vs.
鈥淥h yeah? Well my friends all tell me I鈥檓 the best commish they鈥檝e ever had鈥 Tony Time (3-3)
聽If you thought I was going through all of this trouble to write this and not putting myself as the game of the week you鈥檙e dumber than Malik. And with that, I鈥檒l lead into a fan favorite, story time:
It鈥檚 a brisk Fall morning amidst a global pandemic but more importantly, fantasy season. The squad members have begun to wake and start their days. It鈥檚 Friday, so Solden has already been trying to get the troops going as Chad frantically thinks of things to talk about. A small tickle from his mustache causes Tony to slowly open his eyes, taking in a deep breath as Petey licks his face. It鈥檚 a calm 8:45, so he still has time to drink his coffee outside before starting his day. As he scrolls among the 37 groupme notifications he figures, why not download the Yahoo app and see what鈥檚 going on. Notifications? Hmm I wonder what that could be. His eyes widen. Mouth drops. Sweat begins to pour as The Darth Vader coffee mug slips from his grasp. *Justin Herbert 鈥 Questionable (ribs)* *Dionte Johnson 鈥 Out (back)*
*Clyde Edwards-Helaire 聽鈥 Questionable (Ankle)*. This can鈥檛 be he says. I rallied them all yesterday it mustn鈥檛 be! These trades were fool proof! He frantically sprints over to the computer as Petey sits next to his empty food bowl. 鈥淎t a time like this?!? Not now Petey!!!鈥 He repeats in his head chant-like 鈥淭he spreadsheet will have the answers, the spreadsheet will have the answers鈥 as he frantically logs in. No鈥 聽 No it can鈥檛 be鈥. He had it saved to the desktop he鈥檇 just edited it the night before for 9 hours! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!
鈥淭j wake up鈥 He jumps. He checks his mustache to make sure it鈥檚 still there. It was just a dream. And all is right in the world again.
Solden > Tj
聽聽What鈥檚 that Jon? I can鈥檛 hear you with Trumps dick in your mouth. Boom Roasted.
Tj is your full-time job as a Commissioner or at Park Place? Boom Roasted.
Dom a 3 is still a 3 in LA we all see the snaps. Boom Roasted.
Shawn locked yourself out of your house lately? Boom Roasted.
Sam when鈥檚 the coronavirus peak coming? Boom Roasted.
Jared it鈥檚 going away right after the election, right? Boom Roasted.
Doug I鈥檓 not talking about work at Secret Santa. Boom Roasted.
Chad a 3 is still a 3 in Lakewood we all see the snaps. Boom Roasted.
Casey I miss driving you to O鈥橞leness. Boom Roasted.
Paul I鈥檓 writing this while I鈥檓 working from home at home. Boom Roasted. 聽
Bennett I鈥檓 writing this while I鈥檓 working from home at home. Boom Roasted.
Malik you鈥檙e an idiot and can鈥檛 read this. Boom Roasted.聽聽
Damn that felt good. Until next time boys. Solden out.
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lingchung-gratitude7 months ago
Sep 5, 2020
I am grateful for...
Urban, my ex. Today is his birthday. We were friends throughout university, dated for 3 years post university, and broke up ten years ago. Today is Urban鈥檚 birthday. We no longer talk, but I am the Ling today because of Urban. To this day, when I鈥檓 stuck, I ask myself,聽鈥渨hat would Urban do鈥. He helped me morph into the person that I am today. He taught me empathy, big picture thinking and living humourously and lightly. Not all relationships are meant to last forever. But once in a while, you come across relationships that leave indelible marks in your life, ones that you will always look back at fondly. Happy Birthday Urban!聽
Camping meal prep. I spent the morning meal planning and labeling my camping meals. I feel more organized and now know what I need to buy and make over the next week or so. I鈥檓 also making use of this opportunity to finish my older frozen foods. Although I鈥檓 doing more of the heavy lifting for this camping trip, Paul has been a great camping partner. He鈥檚 eager to help and hunt down whatever we are missing. I gave him a list and he is happy to execute. He said to me,聽鈥淚 always like a list鈥 - such a dude.
Tumblr media
Boltune earbuds and the 30-month warranty. This is a $60 pair of earbuds, a third the price of Apple AirPods with longer warranty coverage. I am happy with the sound quality. I鈥檓 glad I didn鈥檛 opt for the brand names. I鈥檓 not fussy about sound quality, I really can鈥檛 tell the difference. Using high-end things is often a waste of money for someone like me. I鈥檓 grateful for my generally inexpensive taste, saves me money.
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sweetcron8 months ago
i probably went too hard on all these of my summer classes just finished and i was like yeahahhHhhahah
11. what you have for breakfast on an average day?
totally depends where i am and how much time i have, but typically ill have yogurt & something small but sweet so i dont go insane
12. name of your favorite playlist?
god right now my favorite is handle without care, which is just stupid songs im into right now
13. lanyard or key ring?
lanyard, except i always get it caught on shit so typically i just throw my keys in my bag anyway
14. favorite non-chocolate candy?
oooo hard one, my initial thought was sour gummy worms, but probably... either that or sour skittles. oh but fuck lemon & black licorice jelly beans excited to have 0 followers & 0 friends tomorrow
15. favorite book you read as a school assignment?
percy jackson was dope. im trying to come up with another that i even read and frankly cannot
16. most comfortable position to sit in?
honestly i just sit like a fool all the time, but i like to be very reclined and almost horizontal, if im forced to sit more upright i like crosslegged or with my leg(s) pulled up to my chest
17. most frequently worn pair of shoes?
depends on the season or length of time, recently it鈥檚 been my black high top vans, usually it鈥檚 my docs. for a long time it was black converse.
18. ideal weather?
i like when it鈥檚 a little sunny, kind of overcast, but a little cold, like enough to wear layers but not suffer
19. sleeping position?
on my side, curled up, ideally holding pam(ela indestructable underworld), my adorable stuffed sloth
20. preferred place to write (i.e., in a note book, on your laptop, sketchpad, post-it notes, etc.)?
depends on what it is, but I have a planner sort of thing i really like for planning, a sketchbook/painting sort of notebook for more emotional shit and then my twitter that nobody follows and is private for really emotional shit
21. obsession from childhood?
i loved making like..dirt, water, and grass mixtures in an empty gatorade bottle. apparently this is not a common experience.
22. role model?
everyone to an extent, but also nobody. but to pin down a specific person, probably my therapist lol
23. strange habits?
i keep listening to shiny from moana? also i keep wanting to change my hair.
24. favorite crystal?
oh god, i love opal, but i dont know. most are pretty but some are awful. it depends, and id have to look at a million pictures for any resemblance of a legitimate answer
25. first song you remember hearing?
that鈥檚 so hard um. i dont remember very early but i do remember hearing crush, crush, crush by paramore and thinking ew crushes are gross even though i had a crush on a dumbass at the time, and welcome to the black parade and crying
26. favorite activity to do in warm weather?
warm, probably a concert but past that, walking around, going to thrift stores or record shops.聽
27. favorite activity to do in cold weather?
a concert, again but past that going home, or getting a warm drink
28. five songs to describe you?
oh LORD!!!!! this is hard, but i did my best
1. caught in the middle - paramore
2. grow - muna
3. cool for cats - squeeze
4. cut my lip - twenty one pilots
5. tubthumping - chumbawumba
29. best way to bond with you?
share music with me, be vulnerable and share what is going on with you
30. places that you find sacred?
being in trees and being alone listening to music that means a lot to me loudly
31. what outfit do you wear to kick ass and take names?
i have a mustardy yellow shirt that鈥檚 got vertical lines that are raised from the shirt, and then a flared leg jumpsuit sort of thing that鈥檚 like plaid, with black and white and grey. then docs, and yeah i love that outfit. adore it. even better with a jean jacket with fleece lining.
32. top five favorite vines?
also so hard but after doing this i think im gonna throw up from laughing so hard
1.聽dancing puppet
2. get outta your mind
3. cat
5. krispy kreme
33. most used phrase in your phone?
that鈥檚 a great question, probably me asking people what to do with my hair
34. advertisements you have stuck in your head?
none currently, but always聽鈥渕eat, it鈥檚 what鈥檚 for dinner鈥
35. average time you fall asleep?
depends, but usually 10ish
36. what is the first meme you remember ever seeing?
probably some rage meme like brian or whatever
37. suitcase or duffel bag?
depends on what im doing, but usually duffel.
38. lemonade or tea?
arnold palmer babie!! but it depends, usually i鈥檇 say tea, i really like lemon ginger (especially pukka but its expensive)
39. lemon cake or lemon meringue pie?
i dont know if i鈥檝e had lemon meringue pie, but lemon cake sounds better i think
40. weirdest thing to ever happen at your school?
i remembered this and it is entertaining, in middle school (i was...prolly 14? 13?) someone said聽鈥渟omeone likes uuuu鈥 to me and i was like. 鈥......k鈥 and they were like.....聽鈥渋t鈥檚 a giiiiiiirl鈥 and i again, was like聽鈥.......k鈥 and so literally, i fucking spent the rest of the class being like, hm! apparently i dont care. and thats how i realized that idc about gender when it comes to liking someone lol
41. last person you texted?
max, @laetan鈥. follow him if u dont i love him
42. jacket pockets or pants pockets?
women鈥檚 pant pockets are cursed. jacket pockets enlighten me, especially when there鈥檚 one normal and then one like, on top of that pocket but the entrance is horizontal. that鈥檚 my favorite.
43. hoodie, leather jacket, cardigan, jean jacket or bomber jacket?
all? but let鈥檚 rank them聽
1. jean jacket, my absolute fav, i have like 5 jean jackets and it鈥檚 bad. i always want more
2. hoodie, with a jean jacket is even better, but COMFY!!!!
3. leather jacket, look like a badass with one piece of clothing!!
4. bomber jacket, dont have a lot but always make me feel cool
5. cardigan, makes me feel like an old lady, but also really comfy idk. even the worst is amazing
44. favorite scent for soap?
i love lemon, but any fruit is good. or like, vanilla
45. which genre: sci-fi, fantasy or superhero?
sci-fi usually....fantasy is usually too much and superhero is usually annoying. unless it鈥檚 spiderman. i adore spiderman
46. most comfortable outfit to sleep in?
oversized soft t shirt and like, soft shorts/boxer things
47. favorite type of cheese?
GOAT CHEESE!!! also sharp cheddar and pepperjack
48. if you were a fruit, what kind would you be?
pear. i feel like i鈥檓 not talked about a lot but people like me and nobody despises me??
49. what saying or quote do you live by?
i really like聽鈥測ou can start over each day鈥 and聽鈥渙nly skeleton bones remain鈥 (FUCKING CLIKKIE)
50. what made you laugh the hardest you ever have?
i feel like ive cried laughing so hard, or almost thrown up, but i dont know why, and that鈥檚 almost better
51. current stresses?
just general body things, appointments, school in the fall, graduating, etc
52. favorite font?
it depends on what im doing, but i love my own handwriting, i like times new roman, hate arial with a PASSION!!!!! brawler is nice but doesn鈥檛 bold well. handwriting fonts are cool too
53. what is the current state of your hands?
left hand鈥檚 nails is in silver glitter and right hand鈥檚 nails are blue/purple glitter. perpetual hangnails. still a hint of a scar from cutting my hand on a razor, and remnants of blisters from rowing
54. what did you learn from your first job?
that you can be kind and see change without changing the entire world, and that men are creepy as shit
55. favorite fairy tale?
i dont think i have one? max probably has a good one that i鈥檇 love. new ask game send me ur favorite fairy tales and ill read them and review them
56. favorite tradition?
my mom makes me a half birthday cake every year, it鈥檚 really cute and idk why it warms my heart
57. the three biggest struggles you鈥檝e overcome?
fuck dude, umm this is hard and also a lot
1. my extreme self hatred!!
2. my extreme concern for other people鈥檚 thoughts, just honestly like dressing and listening to whatever and not really caring, ill always care, just not as bad as i did
3. letting go of things and trying to grow because of pain rather than viewing it as a waste of time
58. four talents you鈥檙e proud of having?
uhhhhhghaghhaghdshaghdhsaghadshg i dont know this is hard
1. finding dope ass socks at thrift stores
2. thinking creatively and trying to make something stranger than others like it
3. i can draw p well???? i guess? i designed my tattoo does that count
4. winning contests. i won like, 10 last year? like wtf
59. if you were a video game character, what would your catchphrase be?
recently it would be life鈥檚 a sham and then ur wow, in reference to life鈥檚 a bitch and then you die and also shamwow. so that. or just constantly referring to things as bad boys, like. dishes.
60. if you were a character in an anime, what kind of anime would you want it to be?
there鈥檚 different kinds? but ummmm i dont know, i dont want to google anime types. can i say like a miyazaki movie and be done with it
61. favorite line you heard from a book/movie/tv show/etc.?
i dont know, can i do a song? bc i really like I鈥檓 alive in spite of me recently, also like this graffiti that i say that said 33 might mason men couldn鈥檛 put me back together again
62. seven characters you relate to?
oh boy, i asked my gf for help on some
1. nick miller from new girl
2. peter b. parker from into the spiderverse
3. dean mccoppin from iron giant for some reason
4. emile from ratatouille聽
5. a mix of ben and leslie from parks and rec
6. a weird mix of chris and ron from parks and rec
7. rodrick from diary of a wimpy kid
63. five songs that would play in your club?
1. come down by anderson paak
2. send me on my way by rusted root
3. doses and mimosas by cherub
4. replay by iyaz
5. rap snitch knishes by mf doom
64. favorite website from your childhood?
65. any permanent scars?
yeaaa got a lot, most prominent are on my legs, partially just stretch marks, and then the one on my forehead from when i got stitches
66. favorite flower(s)?
i love carnations, marigolds, roses, but really anything, fuck
67. good luck charms?
i don鈥檛 have any, i used to wear a bracelet my gf gave me but it broke. *insert gif of me trying to remember when it broke and if that鈥檚 when everything went to shit*
68. worst flavor of any food or drink you鈥檝e ever tried?
centipede jelly bean. worst thing ive ever had. it wouldn鈥檛 go away for a day even with eating other things and drinking water and chewing strong gum. horrible
69. a fun fact that you don鈥檛 know how you learned?
i have no idea. truly
70. left or right handed?
i am right handed
71. least favorite pattern?
houndstooth, i really don鈥檛 like it for some reason
72. worst subject?
i am oh so bad at writing, it鈥檚 really hard for me. but honestly recently every subject is horrible.
73. favorite weird flavor combo?
this was mentioned before, but black licorice and lemon. i鈥檝e only had it with jelly beans, so maybe it鈥檚 not as good in other formats
74. at what pain level out of ten (1 through 10) do you have to be at before you take an advil or ibuprofen?
depends on what it is, if i think a migraine is coming then i take it pretty low, maybe a 4, otherwise i can deal with it up to like a 6 or 7, unless i鈥檓 needing to focus
75. when did you lose your first tooth?
i dont know when, but i do remember where. i was at a drive through bank in a rental car with my parents and brother in oregon, and i put the tooth in the lid of a plastic water bottle.
76. what鈥檚 your favorite potato food (i.e. tater tots, baked potatoes, fries, chips, etc.)?
jalepeno potato chips are soooo good but, honestly, tots are the best. mashed potatoes are good too
77. best plant to grow on a windowsill?
depends on the direction it鈥檚 facing and climate, but i鈥檓 growing some ivy right now and it鈥檚 so pretty and cool. also a christmas cactus that my great great great grandma or something like that started and has been passed down!!!! and a ..... leafy boy
78. coffee from a gas station or sushi from a grocery store?
absolutely coffee from a gas station, i dont trust sushi
79. which looks better, your school id photo or your driver鈥檚 license photo?
my school id because i鈥檓 smiling. i look stoned or dead in my id.
80. earth tones or jewel tones?
i didn鈥檛 entirely know what this meant, so i googled both and went oooooooo to jewel tones so. jewel tones.
81. fireflies or lightning bugs?
i say both, i don鈥檛 know which i say more frequently because i live where there aren鈥檛 ....... lightning bugs. ore fireflies. whichever. lol
82. pc or console?
i dont game much, but i like my psp a lot, or like a joystick sort of sitchhhh
83. writing or drawing?
84. podcasts or talk radio?
podcasts, i don鈥檛 listen to much of either
84. barbie or polly pocket?
can i throw in a third variable of bratz?
85. fairy tales or mythology?
either, but probably mythology
86. cookies or cupcakes?
depends on the kind, but i love frosting and cupcakes are fun, so cupcakes.
87. your greatest fear?
that i will lose everyone i love or push them away? eeeee
88. your greatest wish?
to be content and hopefully other people are content alongside me
89. who would you put before everyone else?
honestly my gf, max, and steph. and my mom. yeyeeeee
90. luckiest mistake?
oh god we could go deep or not. probably not. so like, buying pamela, my stuffed sloth
91. boxes or bags?
depends on the situation, but bags are fun, can put patches on them, plastic bags are boring and boxes are useful, help organize or carry lots of things
92. lamps, overhead lights, sunlight or fairy lights?
sunlight absolutely, i love it. i then would say lamps are better than fairy lights which are better than overhead lights. fuck overhead lights
93. nicknames?
for me? okay lets GO. delly, delly boi, dell, d, glen, glenjamin, glenny, yenaled. there鈥檚 a lot of weird/gross ones that i dont want to share.
94. favorite season?
fall in theory, summer in stability.
95. favorite app on your phone?
wasn鈥檛 this already asked? CAUGHTCHA
96. desktop background?
switches between 3 pictures around colorado that my gf took
97. how many phone numbers do you have memorized?
98. favorite historical era?
good question, i honestly don鈥檛 know. can i say the 80s or 90s? if not like, before racism existed. yeah
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strawberries-n-sugar8 months ago
Tumblr media
Sound Waves pt 2
Summary: Tom accidentally overheard something he shouldn't have from your room only for things to become more awkward the next day聽
Author: I have decided to make this a plus size reader, I am not plus sized so please don鈥檛 be upset with me, I鈥檓 not sure if I want Tom and reader to be a couple or not, let me know if you ship it.You guys didn鈥檛 ask but I thought you may be interested, thankyou for your feedback <3 @tomsfish鈥 @sherlockfan4life鈥
鈥淭om, Tom wait up!鈥 Someone calls out to Tom as he is wrapping up for the day and coming down the hall towards his room.聽鈥淵es?鈥 Tom answers the unfamiliar voice.聽
鈥淗old up,鈥 the owner jogs up to him,聽鈥淗ave you seen Y/N?鈥澛犫淚 saw her earlier today at breakfast, pardon me but, do i know you?鈥 This boy was obviously no older than 17,聽鈥淗ow do you know Y/N?鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 my mom, I鈥檓 Logan,鈥 he offers Tom a handshake and Tom accepts after picking up his chin from the floor.聽鈥淵es, of course, you look just like your mother much taller though鈥
鈥淚 get that a lot, can you help me find her?鈥
鈥淵es, you may want to suggest to your mother to hang something-how old are you, Logan?鈥澛犫16, I just got my license so I drove over. Check it,鈥 he flashes his new license card with pride.聽
鈥淐ongratulations,鈥 Tom chuckles.聽鈥淭ell mom what?鈥澛
Tom considers for a moment if saying it would be appropriate or not,聽鈥渢ell her that she may want to put something on the door handle, she will understand,鈥 Tom smiles,聽鈥淚鈥檓 concerned for her privacy. Tom turned to walk faster ahead, that was safe to say, right?聽
鈥淚 understand that too, what happened?鈥 Logan asks curiously and catches up to him.聽鈥淒id you walk in on something?鈥
鈥淣o, no, I didn鈥檛 walk in on anything鈥
鈥淪o you were eavesdropping?鈥
鈥淣o. I simply overheard what I believe was meant to be a moment of privacy for your mother, that is all. I won鈥檛 say anything else. I respect your mum and it wasn鈥檛 for me to hear,鈥 Tom made clear as they walked around looking for you.
鈥淲hat did you hear?鈥 Logan presses on but Tom didn鈥檛 answer.聽鈥淲as it hot?鈥澛
鈥淭hat is your mum,鈥 Tom scolds him only to be laughed at,聽鈥淎lright, was it just her?鈥
鈥淚 believe so,鈥 Tom lets slip on accident, stopping and squeezing his eyes closed and biting his knuckles at what he just let slip to the boy.聽
鈥淥O~ I know what you heard,鈥 a wide smirk fills your son鈥檚 face,聽鈥渢hat鈥檚 why dad got pissed鈥澛
鈥淚s that who she was on the phone with?鈥 Tom asked before he could think it over.聽
鈥淵eah, why?鈥
Tom shoved his hands into his pockets and kept walking, this wasn鈥檛 his business, he shouldn鈥檛 even know,聽鈥淛ust tell your mum the walls are thin...鈥
鈥淢hm, maybe~鈥澛
鈥淲hy wouldn鈥檛 you? You want others to hear her private moments?鈥
鈥淚 couldn鈥檛 care less about that, but you鈥檙e flustered and it is hilarious,鈥 he laughs at Tom.聽鈥淚s that her?鈥 He asked as they enter the hotel ball room where food was out and you were pacing with a cupcake at hand and waiting on Logan to message you about how his driving test went because he promised he would and he hadn鈥檛. Your mind was going to the worst thoughts as you worried.聽鈥淵es, don鈥檛 you recognize your own mum?鈥澛
He shrugs,聽鈥淚 haven鈥檛 seen her in a while and she has just gotten a bit more uhm,鈥 he tries to gesture that you had gained weight.
鈥淢ore what? How long?鈥 Tom asks curiously and tilts his head, glancing between you and your son.聽鈥淛ust more,鈥 Logan looks you up and down from the doorway they stood at, tilting his head sideways to look at your behind.聽鈥淟ogan, be respectful. How long has it been since you last saw her?鈥 He shrugs,聽鈥渓ost count after four years鈥澛犫淭hat is terrible......鈥
鈥淭om,鈥 you glance over and wave when you notice him and start walking over.聽
鈥淲hat do I聽 do dude?鈥 Logan freezes.聽鈥淗ug her and say hello I suppose,鈥 Tom gave what he thought was the best answer as you notice who is standing beside you.聽
鈥淟ogan!鈥 You run over and squeeze him, kissing his face and holding his face. You had long forgotten your fallen half of a red velvet cupcake and didn鈥檛 care about the icing on your fingers.聽鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 you laugh realizing and wipe his face with the napkin you had.聽鈥淟ook at you,鈥 you step back and wipe your own face because you felt icing around your lips.聽鈥淚 missed you, I didn鈥檛 know you were coming. Did you pass?鈥 You ask him excitedly and punch his arm,聽鈥淭ext me next time I was scared to death鈥
鈥淵eah, I drove myself....,鈥 he smiles awkwardly but it softens when you rub his arm and kiss his cheek.聽鈥淚 am so proud of you but-....does Paul know you鈥檙e here?鈥
鈥淣o....I didn鈥檛 tell him because I wanted to see you.....I told him I was with Rebecca....鈥澛
You nod,聽鈥淵ou should go, but thankyou so much baby,鈥 you kiss his cheek and the two touch foreheads for a long moment.聽鈥淚 love you so much, you know that?鈥 He nods.聽鈥淚 want you to keep texting me and calling, please. I want to know what you have going on, alright?鈥 Again, the boy nods. You give him a kiss and he pulls you closer into him,聽鈥淵ou look different....鈥澛犫淵eah...I is babygirl?鈥澛犫淏ad,鈥 he laughs,聽鈥淩eally Logan Christopher y/l/n...she never calls or anything and she won鈥檛 respond to me鈥澛犫淪he is good, but I鈥檓 not happy with her right now鈥澛犫淲hy?鈥澛犫淪ince I got my license dad is forcing me to drive her to the mall and making me look after her while she buys bras鈥
Your eyes widen and you cover your mouth,聽鈥淪he is wearing bras now? She has boobies?鈥澛犫淜ill me,鈥 Logan mumbles and Tom who was still standing there silently tries not to laugh.聽鈥淒o you have any pictures of her? Please,鈥 you plead and he nods showing you a selfie that he and his sister took together.聽鈥淥h Megan, Tom, this is my daughter,鈥 you finally realize that he was still standing there and beckon him to come look by pulling his hand.聽鈥淪he is beautiful,鈥 Tom smiles noticing how she was your spitting image.聽
鈥淲ell, I have to go so I can get back before dad figures out where I am. I had to see you and I wanted to see how you were doing, and oh! Tom, Megan鈥檚 birthday is next week and she is obsessed with you, may I get an autograph?鈥澛
鈥淗ow about a video of your mum and I?鈥澛犫淒ude, she would flip, seriously?鈥澛犫淥fcourse,鈥 he smiles and stands beside you as Logan steps back to record.聽
鈥淗ello,鈥 Tom smiles and waves at the camera,聽鈥淵our mum and I just wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays, you are a lovely and very lucky young lady she and your brother care about you very much鈥澛犫淚 love you baby, please text me? Something,鈥 you both blow her a kiss.聽
鈥淭hanks, it was nice meeting you! Bye, mom!鈥 Logan waves running off.聽
聽鈥淭om, thankyou so much for that鈥澛
鈥淚 wanted to, it was nothing. Logan is quite a character,鈥 he chuckles.
鈥淵es, he always has been鈥
鈥淚 am sorry about the comment he made in regards to-鈥澛犫淣o, it鈥檚 alright. I understand it just took him by surprise. I was a lot smaller then,鈥 you laugh, you had found comfort in foods and sweets with all that had happened in the past five years.聽鈥淗onestly, I like this me though. I am so much more confident in myself,鈥 you say honestly.聽
鈥淚 am very happy to hear that,鈥 he smiles handing you another cupcake.聽鈥測ou dropped yours. I didn鈥檛 know you had children鈥
鈥淥h, thankyou and yes I have three鈥
鈥淚s Rebecca the other?鈥澛犫淵es, she is the eldest. She and Logan were planned but Megan came as a surprise, after that I promised myself three was plenty,鈥 you laugh,聽鈥淚 love them so much鈥澛
鈥淚 can see that, Y/N鈥
鈥淚 think I need to tell you something. I want to clarify that I was not purposefully listening in but I overheard you this morning,鈥 he chews his lip.
鈥淥h my gosh,鈥 you hide your face that is now the same color as your cupcake,聽鈥淭om, I am so beyond sorry鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 be,鈥 he smiles a little, glancing at you and as if possible you grow redder.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 glad it was you and noone else鈥
鈥淎s am I, I could lend you a sock,鈥 you both laugh.
鈥淭hankyou, but, it will never happen again....鈥
鈥淪omething is bothering you....鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚- the cupcake reminds me I will be missing another one of their birthdays.....鈥
鈥淢ay I have Logan鈥檚 number please?鈥
鈥淪ure?鈥 you write it on a napkin
鈥淭hankyou,鈥 his mind was already scheming聽
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jimblejamblewriting10 months ago
Romeo and... Cullen?! (Part 17.) | Jacob Black X Reader
Summary: It鈥檚 your聽birthday!聽
Warnings: it gets hella steamy towards the end (well, as steamy as I could write so compared to others pretty tame but I鈥檓 not the best at writing this thing)
Pairing: Jacob Black X Reader
Word Count: 2,670
Note: yeah i know shocker that I鈥檓 here lol. So basically, my flight is really early to meet my mom so I鈥檓 staying up so I don鈥檛 miss my bus to the airport and I just happened to be writing cause it actively keeps me awake (y鈥檃ll Imma about to sleep on this plane but we couldn鈥檛 risk missing a flight so tiredt we will be). Enjoy this is very much all in between the end of Eclipse and beginning of Breaking Dawn. I鈥檒l catch you all after vacation, I will be online on mobile to answer questions or do little things but just won鈥檛 have any story after this till I get back. See you guys later, I love you all for supporting this story so much seriously.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15聽| Part 16
Tumblr media
Billy wheeled into Jacob鈥檚 room around 11pm to see you slumped over in the chair, your hand touching Jacob. You jumped at the touch of Billy鈥檚 hand on your shoulder.
鈥淚t鈥檚 late, (Y/N). You should get some rest, I prepped Rachel and Rebecca鈥檚 room. I don鈥檛 think Jake has much space right now.鈥
You looked over to the bed, Jacob had to be on his back so the bones set properly and he was definitely taking up most of the room. 鈥淏ut what if he鈥檚 still in pain?鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 asleep. Jake is strong, you need to rest too.鈥
You mumbled an okay and followed Billy out of Jake鈥檚 room. The minute you landed on one of the beds you passed out. You woke up a few hours later and headed to Sam鈥檚 house while Jacob was still asleep.
鈥淗ow is he?鈥 Emily asked.
You sat down at the breakfast table, taking the cereal box from Seth to pour some for your breakfast.
鈥淪till sleeping. It鈥檒l be two weeks, and then you should keep him off patrol for another one week.鈥
鈥淭hree weeks to heal? I thought he was supposed to heal faster.鈥
鈥淭hat is faster, Paul. Carlisle said a normal human would take six weeks, minimum鈥 Jake? You鈥檙e supposed to be at home.鈥
You looked to see your boyfriend in the doorway. Jake walked in like he wasn鈥檛 howling in pain the night before. Jacob sat down, wincing slightly.
鈥淚 got hungry.鈥
You instinctively placed a hand on his forearm.
鈥淪o how exactly do you do that, (Y/N)?鈥 Paul asked, watching as Jacob instantly stopped wincing, only slight discomfort on his face.
You shrugged. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know. I didn鈥檛 even realize it was something I could do till Carlisle said it.鈥
鈥淗e said your brothers use it?鈥
鈥淵eah, Ed and Jas get very overwhelmed sometimes in rooms with lots of people. Too many thoughts, too many emotions. I鈥檓 usually always next to them to help them cope, guess all these years I was calming them. Jake, what does it feel like?鈥
鈥淟ike an overall numbing almost. Not just the pain, everything鈥檚 slightly lower. Eyes aren鈥檛 as sharp, food tastes kinda dull. Can鈥檛 smell shit right now.鈥
鈥淲oah, (Y/N). I wanna try.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not a toy, Embry.鈥 You rolled your eyes and placed a hand on Embry鈥檚 arm anyway.
鈥淒ude, my whole body feels numb.鈥 Embry took a bite of bacon. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e right, less flavor.鈥
You entertained the rest of the pack with your powers. Any touch longer than ten seconds and they felt all their senses go slightly. Even Emily participated. Leah sat back in her chair after it was her turn.
鈥淐an you spot control it?鈥
鈥淥nly dull one thing at a time?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not sure. I could probably if I worked on it. Edward used to only be able to read one mind at time, now he hears a whole room.鈥
Jacob removed your hand from his forearm. 鈥淚 kinda want to actually taste the breakfast sandwich. I鈥檒l take the pain.鈥
鈥淯gh, your dad and brothers are here, (Y/N).鈥 Paul gagged.
鈥淚 thought you guys were starting to get along.鈥
鈥淣o, your dad鈥檚 great just the scent鈥檚 a little strong in the morning. Especially over breakfast.鈥
Carlisle and your brothers came into the house, the looser treaty made life a whole lot easier. Your brothers stayed near the door but were actually being civil with the pack. Carlisle was just there to check on Jacob鈥檚 healing. Emmett threw you a blood bag laughing as the pack looked disgusted while you struggled to drink it.
鈥淚s it really that bad?鈥 Jasper asked.
鈥淛as, it tastes like nothing really but then just aftertaste.鈥
鈥淣ow you know how I feel, babe,鈥 Jacob said. 鈥淵ou were making the food mildly unbearable.鈥
鈥淛ake, food always tastes like that. Unless it鈥檚 bad, that鈥檚 just straight aftertaste.鈥
鈥淔ood doesn鈥檛 taste like that.鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 right, girl, food isn鈥檛 supposed to taste like that. Not sure what you鈥檝e been eating all your life,鈥 Leah said.
鈥淔or the record, blood doesn鈥檛 taste like that either,鈥 Edward said.
Jacob yelped as Carlisle did one of his tests and your hand immediately flew to his chest. Jacob looked at you wide-eyed.
鈥淧ain鈥檚 completely gone, more than last time鈥 I can actually smell this time.鈥
Your surprise at Jacob鈥檚 yelp at sent you into a hyperfocus on accident. You were so concerned with his pain that your power immediately concentrated as best it could onto just his injuries. You pulled your hand away quickly.
鈥(Y/N)?鈥 your dad asked you.
鈥淲as that how you feel all the time?鈥 you asked Edward, knowing he could read your thoughts.
鈥淵eah, pretty much.鈥
You placed your hand on Jacob鈥檚 chest focusing on his ribs and taking away pain. As you did, you felt all your senses get a lot clearer. You grabbed the blood bag on the table, careful not to break your concentration. You drank a bit. The taste was actually bearable, dare you say actually really good. You took a bite of the biscuits Emily made. Normally they were delicious but you realized how much taste you were actually missing.
And then you smelled something overwhelming sweet. It was so sweet your mouth watered a bit. Like all the best scents you loved as human back in San Francisco. Edward chuckled slightly hearing your thoughts. You looked over at Jacob.
鈥淟a Tua Cantante makes so much more sense now.鈥
鈥淭ua Cantante?鈥 Leah and Seth asked, confused.
鈥淏lood singer,鈥 Paul explained. 鈥淵ou guys missed a couple things before you phased. Vampire mate, yada yada, best smelling blood ever irresistible pull, yada, Jacob鈥檚 hers, (Y/N) can鈥檛 smell it. Pretty much it.鈥 聽
You turned to your brothers, very excited. 鈥淵ou never said it smelled like our old lives.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 how it gets you. I鈥檓 actually kind of amazed at your control,鈥 Jasper said.
鈥淚 think it鈥檚 the imprint? The human part of me?鈥
You frowned as your hand left Jacob when you turned to look at your brothers, everything had faded again. You placed your hand back and was overwhelmed with the sweet scents once again. Jacob looked down at you and kissed your forehead.
鈥淵ou can smell my blood now?鈥
鈥淚 can smell everything now. And no offense to everyone but all of you kind of smell.鈥
鈥淚s it bad?鈥 Emmet chuckled. 鈥淲ho鈥檚 worse, wolves or us?鈥
鈥淢mm, neither鈥檚 bad. But definitely distinct鈥 oh this is so weird. You know the last time I think I could smell this well was when you first bit me.鈥
鈥淏ut why now?鈥 Carlisle asked.
鈥淚鈥檓 not sure, I was just focused on Jacob鈥檚 pain and鈥︹
Everyone looked as you and Edward started laughing hysterically.
鈥淚鈥檝e been using my own powers on myself all these years. That鈥檚 why I had your self-control, dad. I鈥檝e been dulling my own senses. I鈥檝e never had to concentrate it before.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e gonna have to learn to control it, Jacob won鈥檛 be in pain forever for you to concentrate on.鈥
You gently took your hand away and felt the cloud of your power dull your whole body once again.
Your siblings all jumped on your bed at once, sending you high into the air. 鈥淗APPY BIRTHDAY!鈥
鈥淢mmm? Why are we celebrating? I thought we stopped doing birthdays every year.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not even a century yet, for you we keep doing birthdays,鈥 Edward said.
Alice handed you a Polaroid of you asleep with a birthday hat on. You were starting to think they were enjoying messing with you because you were the youngest and recently the slowest and weakest.
鈥淚鈥檓 starting to wish I couldn鈥檛 sleep if it allows you to mess with me like this.鈥
鈥淥h hush. We鈥檝e got a whole day for you,鈥 Alice said.
鈥淪o when we say the whole day?鈥
鈥淭he whole day,鈥 Rosalie started. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e with us for breakfast, Bella and your human friends want you for lunch, the wolves get you for dinner.鈥
鈥淥h, good.鈥
You came down the stairs with your siblings to a stack of birthday pancakes made by your mother. As you ate, presents were slowly shoved towards you one by one. A hairpin with the family crest from Carlisle and Esme. New shoes that you were expected to wear that day from Rosalie. A new outfit from Alice, also expected to wear that day. Some new records from Jasper and custom-covered books from Emmett. Edward handed you a box of stuff from San Francisco.
鈥淭hank you guys, seriously. Thank you!鈥
You were pulled into your bathroom by Rosalie and Alice before you could fully process what was happening. They made you up, in a mix of your style and their style. You had to admit getting pampered by your sisters was kind of nice. All you had to do was sit on a fluffy chair, sipping on a blood bag, at your vanity while they dolled you all the way up.
Emmett and Jasper rearranged the living room to turn it into a giant concert hall. You had fun with your family dancing and singing to music from each of when they were human, everyone making fun of Carlisle鈥檚 music the most. Edward even played the piano for a few pieces. When Bella, Jessica, and Angela showed up, you forced them to sing a couple songs before leaving with them.
Upon getting to La Push beach you realized why Alice and Rose put on the waterproof makeup and crazy amounts of setting spray. The best part about a summer birthday in Forks was the fact that the weather was finally warm enough to hang out at the beach properly. Jessica brought an extra surfboard for you and her to surf while Angela and Bella talked on the sand.
鈥淛ess, you ever thought about doing competitions?鈥 you asked her as you both headed back in to grab the paddle boards from Bella鈥檚 truck.
鈥淐ompetitions? Never really crossed my mind.鈥
鈥淵ou should. You鈥檙e crazy good, seriously.鈥
鈥淭hanks, (Y/N). Ange, Bells, come on waves won鈥檛 wait forever.鈥
Bella and Angela reluctantly got up and sat on the boards while you and Jessica paddled away. Eventually you were all hungry for lunch and headed to the best diner in town. You were enjoying lunch with them, especially since they were headed off to college. Leah and Seth strolled into the diner. You threw a fry at Seth that he caught in his mouth.
鈥淭ime to go already? You guys are gonna have me worn out by the end of the day.鈥
鈥淲e鈥檙e not gonna be the ones to have you worn out tonight.鈥
鈥淥h my God, SETH!鈥 You pushed your friend as you walked out with Seth and Leah.
When you got to the res, you noticed most of the guys outside Emily鈥檚 playing soccer. You joined up in the game, siding with Paul and Jared. You wanted to help Emily cook but she insisted that it was your birthday dinner so you should stay out of it. You watched movies on the couch with the pack, looking at the door every five minutes or so.
鈥淛ake doesn鈥檛 get you till after dinner,鈥 Embry said.
鈥淚鈥檓 no鈥斺
鈥淵ou keep looking at the door, you鈥檙e looking for Jake don鈥檛 even try to deny it.鈥
鈥淥k fine. But Rose said I was with the pack for dinner.鈥
鈥淵eah,鈥 Leah answered you, smiling. 鈥淧ack for dinner, Jacob after.鈥 聽
Jacob came strolling in at the very end of dinner. You quickly got up from the table and ran over to him. Now that he was fully healed, Jacob was able to lift you no problem. He kissed you, said his hi鈥檚 and goodbye鈥檚 to the pack and took you back to his place.
You said a brief hi to Billy who wished you 鈥楬appy Birthday鈥 while Jacob grabbed a couple things he had left in the house before following him to the garage.
You almost didn鈥檛 recognize the garage if it wasn鈥檛 for the fact that it was right next to Jacob鈥檚 house. Everything but the car was gone, probably around the back or very neatly hidden from you. The floor was covered in blankets and pillows, and there were even small lights hung up.
鈥淛acob,鈥 you whispered in awe looking at the transformed garage.
He smiled, taking your hand and walking into the garage. You didn鈥檛 even pay attention to the remote Jacob had in his hand until he pressed a button on it and slow music started to play. You recognized the piece upon hearing three notes.
鈥淚t鈥檚 my song.鈥
鈥淵our brother was kind enough to record it for me.鈥
About three decades ago, when you were still struggling to cope with the loss of your family Edward had written you a piano piece to help you cope. Four movements and your favorite was movement three, 鈥淭he Lightness of (Y/N)鈥. It was slower than all the other movements but written in a style that made it sound lively and happier. It was how Edward saw you at the time, his bubbly little sister that was dealing with a lot on the inside and moving slightly behind the rest of the world.
鈥淲ill the lady spare me a dance?鈥
You rested your head on Jacob鈥檚 chest as the two of you swayed around the middle of the garage. The music slowly came to an end and the two of you stopped dancing.
While Jacob closed the garage door so he could set up the movie projector, you sat in the car changing into pajamas and using the car mirrors to see so you could wipe off the makeup Alice and Rose put on you. Your pajamas were just Jacob鈥檚 clothes.
A sleepover in the garage was one of the best ways to end a birthday for you. You and Jake watched (Y/F/M), both of you constantly stealing glances at each other during the whole time.
At one point, Jacob caught you looking and leaned in to kiss you. Jacob was resting on his hands, leaning over you, looking into your eyes. The stare was so intense you almost wanted to look away.
Jacob鈥檚 sudden kiss to your neck caught you off guard, causing you to gasp. You were so caught off guard that your powers had dropped for a second and very briefly you were aware of every sense. You brought Jacob鈥檚 lips back to yours. You could feel him holding back, knowing you weren鈥檛 fully vampire anymore. You pulled on Jacob鈥檚 t-shirt, bringing his body closer to yours.
鈥淛ake,鈥 you muttered against his lips. 鈥淧lease.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to hurt you, I don鈥檛 know how human you are.鈥
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to hold back with me.鈥
Jake began to drop his guard. You focused as much of your energy as you could to feel the shield of your powers over you. You felt it like a whole body cover. Slowly, as Jacob kissed each part of your body you focused on removing that cover and making it stay gone.
As he made it back to your lips, you were overwhelmed with senses. Jacob grunted slightly as you used all your strength and flipped the two of you. You understood Edward so much now when it came to Bella. Everything about Jacob鈥檚 scent invited you in and you wanted everything to do with him. He sat up and removed his shirt. While Alice鈥檚 powers were somewhat invasive, you guess you could thank her for dressing you even down to your underwear for your birthday.
鈥淢mm hmm, red鈥檚 definitely your color.鈥
Jacob鈥檚 hands traced over wherever red cloth touched your upper body. He could look at you all day in just a bra and his sweatpants. As Jacob鈥檚 heartbeat faster with each glance at you, the scent of his blood grew even stronger. You had no desire to drink his blood but it was becoming more and more overwhelming, you found it hard to control yourself. Jacob gripped your hips as you kissed down his jaw and neck.
鈥淛ake, do you have a condom?鈥
Jacob reached into the small toiletries bag that had held the makeup remover wipes for you. Neither one of you noticed the movie was coming to an end.
(Part 18)...
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willykappymarnsmatts10 months ago
Badass Strawberry Shortcake
HC by my bestie @dallasstarscallmeplease
Tumblr media
-High School Au!
-Auston calls the reader Strawberry Shortcake because freshman year she dyed her hair red.
-the red is well gone but the name sticks.
-鈥淪trawberry Shortcake!!鈥 Is the first thing she hears when she gets to class.
-Auston mutters the theme song behind her in class.
-He found out when her birthday was and got a couple of friends of her to cover her locker in strawberries.
-When someone else calls her Strawberry Shortcake, she says only Auston is allowed to.(She鈥檒l never admit it to Auston himself.)
-Reader plays hockey but only a few people know because she doesn鈥檛 really like talking about it.
-She uses hockey as her outlet and it helps improve her game.
-She鈥檚 close to making 100 goals.
-last game she hits 99.
-The reader has a game one Thursday
-She鈥檚 at school hype because it鈥檚 the one she鈥檚 been waiting for and they don鈥檛 have school the next day.
-鈥淒id you find good strawberries this morning?鈥
-鈥淲ell duh.鈥
-The strawberry shortcake jokes don鈥檛 bother her all morning and all afternoon.
-Last class of the day she鈥檚 sitting with her friends in the library.
-They鈥檙e talking about what to do after the game.
-鈥淪trawberry Shortcake watches Hockey?鈥
-鈥淵es when I鈥檓 not tending to my Strawberry garden.鈥
-The bell ringing and the reader is the first one out.
-One of the reader鈥檚 friends asking Auston if he wanted to go.
-鈥(Reader) will be there. You can make your move.鈥
-Auston says yes because he knows he鈥檚 seeing the true woman he likes.
-Reader is in the locker room getting hyped for the game.
-The reader lip-synching the song playing on the speaker.
-Her and her teammate having snaps of them goofing around.
-鈥淭onight鈥檚 the night! You鈥檙e totally going to get it (Reader鈥檚 name)!鈥
-Reader getting her team hype.
-Them coming out for warmups.
-Reader getting in the zone for warmups.
-The reader is skating by the glass when he sees her.
-鈥淚s that Strawberry Shortcake?!!鈥-breaks across the ice.
-鈥渙h shit鈥(That one scene from Thor Ragnarok)
-The reader falls on her face.
-Reader getting up from the ice and continuing her warmups.
-鈥淚s that the guy?鈥-Teammate #2
-鈥淵es. That would be him.鈥
-鈥淵ou鈥檙e right he is cute. You two would have beautiful children.鈥漈eammate#2
-鈥淣ow only if she would tell him.鈥-Teammate #3
-鈥淚鈥檇 rather die than confess to the dude who鈥檚 been calling me Strawberry fucking Shortcake that I want to date him. Beside he doesn鈥檛 feel the same way.鈥
-Reader not knowing Auston has been staring the whole time.
-The game starting and the reader is kicking ass taking names.
-She makes her 100th goal.
-Auston cheering. 鈥淭HATS MY GIRL鈥
-Beginning of the 3rd, a girl from the other team starts chirping her.
-鈥淚s that your man? He can do so much better. Maybe I can give him a try after.鈥
-The reader starts to get mad but she hides it.
-鈥淚 mean it鈥檚 only fair. I gave your man a try last week.鈥-Reader
-The other girl and the reader drop their gloves and start fighting.
-鈥淕od damn it (reader)!鈥-Friend
-鈥淜ick her ass Strawberry Shortcake!!鈥
-Reader throws the other girl on the ice.
-Auston taking a small snap of the reader throwing the other girl. Caption: imma marry her(or whatever a good caption is)
-The reader turning around and waving from the penalty box holding a towel to her nose.
-Auston shocked because he鈥檚 used to the reader being so calm.
-Auston finding it hot seeing the reader with a bloody nose and kicking another girl鈥檚 ass.
-The game ends with the reader鈥檚 team winning.
-Reader being the last one out of the locker room.
-Reader laying down on the floor.
-鈥淗ey gotta get up.鈥-teammate
-鈥淢y crush saw me fall on my face and kick a girl鈥檚 ass....I鈥檓 processing.鈥
-鈥淗e鈥檚 outside the locker room that鈥檚 why you have to get up.鈥
-The reader doesn鈥檛 change.
-Auston waiting outside the locker room for her.
-鈥淪o does the famous kick ass strawberry shortcake take photos?鈥
-Her head reaches his shoulder so they have a adorable height difference.
-His arm is around her waist and doesn鈥檛 move it.
-The reader says she鈥檚 staying late so she can work on her goals.
-Auston says he鈥檒l stay with her.
-The reader and Auston having a 1 on 1.
-鈥淪top cheating!鈥
-鈥淚鈥檓 not cheating, I鈥檓 just fast.鈥
-The reader and Auston bumping into each other.
-鈥淚鈥檓 about to throw you!鈥
-鈥淪trawberry Shortcake, I鈥檓 pretty sure I can throw you into another universe.鈥
-鈥淭hen do it!鈥
-Auston pulling the reader in by the waist and keeping a firm grip.
-鈥淏een ready Matthews.鈥
-鈥淕otta close your eyes for full effect.鈥
-Reader complies
-She kisses back instantly.
-Matthews pulling away for air.
-鈥淵eah you threw me alright.鈥
-Auston starting to pull away but she pulls him back by the wrist.
-鈥淒id I say it was a bad throw?鈥
-Auston smirking and coming back.
-They go get pizza late at night and the rest is history.
-When the librarian finds out they鈥檙e dating, she goes and collects her winnings during class time.
-鈥淗ello Paul, I believe you have something of mine.鈥
-The students confused at first.
-Paul sighing and handing her cash.
-鈥淭hank you Strawberry Shortcake. I can buy fancy groceries tonight.鈥 And she leaves the room.
-The reader rolling her eyes as the class laughs.
-鈥淪o how many people owe her money?鈥-Reader
-鈥淭he whole 3rd floor.鈥-Paul
-You hear the librarian down the hall: 鈥淲here鈥檚 my cash, you science twat?鈥
-鈥淩ita,how many times have I told you not to call me that?鈥- science teacher
-鈥淚 think she may be quitting after today.鈥-Reader.
-鈥淒on鈥檛 give her the idea. Now back to work.鈥-Paul
-鈥淚 will be going by Science Twat and nothing else.鈥-Reader telling her friends at her locker.
-鈥淚 about died when Ms.Thomas told him that.鈥-Friend #1
-鈥淚 want to be her when I grow up.鈥-Friend #2
-鈥淚 told her that one time and she got me out of math. Best day of my life.鈥-Reader
-鈥淚 thought the best day of your life was when Auston kissed you.鈥-Friend #1
-鈥淥r when you found out you got into (dream school).鈥-Friend #2
-鈥淥r when your mom checked you out early.鈥-Friend #1
-鈥淥r when-鈥
-鈥淚 get it. Ive had a lot of best days.鈥-Reader
-鈥淏ut it鈥檚 definitely when I kissed you right?鈥-Auston appearing behind her.
-鈥淚 got checked out early for a hockey tournament. But you got me pizza afterward.鈥-Reader
-鈥淪top grabbing my ass like your life depends on it.鈥-Reader
-鈥淢y life does depend on it and the butt must be touched.鈥-Auston
-Them hugging again.
-鈥淭ext me when you get home.鈥濔煡梆煡
-鈥淔or the Cup!鈥濔煋岺E GRABS HER BUTT馃搷
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