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#it is once again
dreambowl · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
really missing my relaxing spring picnics… i went to my favorite park almost every weekend just to read and relax, sometimes M would tag along and it was wonderful.
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brasskier · 41 minutes ago
An update (06/23/21):
I haven't forgotten about this fandom, I swear. Things are starting to even out finally. I go on vacation next month, and I might need to get my wisdom teeth out soon, so I'll be playing catch-up at work for most of the rest of the month. So I'll probably start trying to work on content, or at least hanging around on tumblr again, towards the end of July/beginning of August.
If anyone has any thoughts about the type of content you want me to prioritize (BTHB, other fics, art, prompts, etc) once I'm back, feel free to drop an ask on or off anon. I probably won't be able to go back to quite the same volume even once I'm back, so knowing what y'all are most excited to see will definitely be helpful.
I miss you guys, and I still lurk/browse AO3 when I get the chance. I'm excited to get back into things soon.
- Scott (Brasskier)
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friendshapedcastiel · an hour ago
a bit of stanford dean please 🥺
They talk the way they take long drives on the weekends they spend together. It’s always raw (his voice, the way they call it a “date”) He likes Cassie’s college, the campus kittens there and the pleased smiles she shoots to him whenever he kisses her forehead. There’s good coffee and cell service. Cassie calls him sweetheart.
She is moving out in less than a month, now.
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toofemmetofunction · an hour ago
My partner is the actual sweetest....after spending the day with me she came back from work to surprise me with my favorite bubble tea, dinner she made me, monochromatic adorable desserts (strawberry puff candy and a mini strawberry shortcake...because thats my favorite flavor + color and it reminded her of me...), and cuddled me to sleep since ive been an insomniac and having night terrors for weeks gonna CRY. She's so steadfastly present and loving and i've never known what that felt like before. She was saying the kindest things as she put me to sleep and showered me in kisses, she was being so kind to ME but talking about how happy and grateful she was to be here with me....i don't know how i could possibly deserve all the care and time and affection she shows me, but i want to love and support her just as much forever.
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spohkh · an hour ago
like yes i understand and somewhat agree w ur arguments that love simon and love victor is gay content for straight people but consider this: theyre cute and theyre fun 
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ungaloslovebite · an hour ago
hey i’m sorry all that discourse happened to you. you didn’t deserve that for trying to extend a kind hand, especially not from someone who’s a serially shitty person that refuses to own up to their shit just so they can get attention. i hope you’re doing well, dear.
Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. As long as I don't think about her, I'm fine, thank you. I just hope she's well whatever she's up to right now.
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tiucoz · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you find your long-lost son but he’s so small you briefly wonder if he’s okay (aka that unholy family AU) 
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in-superbloom · an hour ago
any of the harry potters (but specifically the prisoner of azkaban… it’s my favourite <3) for the movie ask !!
hai there maddie, thank you for sending this 🥺🥰
never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece
excuse me that's my favorite too !!!!! 🥺 i love any hp movie & i'll defend all of them, but this one !! don't know what's up with it, bc i can't pinpoint what exactly makes me love it more than the rest, but it has always been my fav ever since i first watched it 🥺 our introduction to lupin & sirius <3 angsty & rebel harry <3 the aunt marjorie scene <3 buckbeak <3 have i mentioned lupin <3 that scene™ of our golden trio in the snow after scaring off draco's ass <3 i honestly could go on all day lmao
ask me about film 🌟
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isfjmel-phleg · an hour ago
I don’t know if the spider currently lying with its legs clustered together on the bottom of my bathtub is dead or just having an existential crisis after the ordeal of being trapped in the shower with me.
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brosforatari800 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
i tried to draw devil cookie doing the air fryer meme but my pc shut off in the middle of me writing the text
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babieweeb · an hour ago
ya so i decided to watch a movie!! dude this girl is not suppose to be going into placed LIKE AHHHHHHHHHHH
so you wanna watch a movie instead of chat with your wife…ok fine just leave me i’ll be fine
dramatic exit
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tortilla-of-courage · an hour ago
wait hold on i know i just posted this pic but
Tumblr media that the training sword??? why does he have the training sword on hm?? you cant get to this minigame before getting Fi??  i? ?  uh????
it can’t be nintendo wanting to hide the goddess sword - it’s in every other shot of the trailer - so why is it.. that... here... 
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wormstacheangel · an hour ago
Unpopular opinion: I don't like Mary. It sounds bad, but I liked her character better when she was dead. I really think she's a bad parent and that the fandom just ignores that because she's a badass woman. Like, I watched supernatural since season 10, but I only joined Tumblr after Nov 5th, so I was really surprised to see that all the fandom loves her because neither me nor my partner liked her xd
Hello! Thanks for sharing!
send me your unpopular spn opinions or headcanons
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stunfiskz · an hour ago
so im not 100% confident in this but like. am i the only one who.. rlly does not like it when ppl try to make canonically romantic relationships on the dsmp platonic. like outside of kinda beeduo since i can see the apprehension towards making romantic fan content of characters played by minors, but with everything else it just feels rlly.... :/. like if the ccs werent comfortable making their characters in relationships they wouldnt make their characters be in relationships! so whenever ppl make like karlnapity or awesamponk or puffychu platonic it just feels.. weird to me. esp since how many queer relationships the dsmp has, with the only straight relationships being like. md and girl dream and wilbur and sally, which are all pretty much universally seen as fully canon and romantic throughout the fandom. idk it just. it bothers me whenever i see it
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