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#it 2017
theoniprince · a minute ago
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[Well, Spaghetti Man, what are we doin’ today?]
I drew this as a little thank-you gift for @rosegoldeddie who offered me to answer some questions about myself and the IT fandom. I really enjoyed it. You can read this FAQ here (this doodle is attached at the end):
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currently thinking about the parallels between Eddie and Bev and Ben and Richie don’t hmu
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raccoon-island · 3 hours ago
And now, a list of fictional/headcanon relationships I compare my partner and I to way too much:
Cecil and Carlos (WTNV)
Gregg and Angus (NITW)
Launchpad and Darkwing (Ducktales 2017)
Mirio and Tamaki (BNHA)
Present Mic and Aizawa (BNHA)
Bakugo and Kirishima (BNHA)
Taako and Kravitz (TAZ Balance)
Moxie and Millie (Helluva Boss)
Terry and Korvo (Solar Opposites)
José and Panchito (Three Caballeros)
Aubrey and Dani (TAZ Amnesty)
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unstableunstraight · 3 hours ago
My friend made this a while ago after an inside joke we had
And I now have a few IT peoples following me so
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tehri · 6 hours ago
Meanwhile in Sweden
Me: What's in the news today?
News: some fucker dug up a redlisted protected plant, an arctic violet, in your home-county. coincidentally, that was THE LAST FUCKING ONE of that kind in your home-county, and the plant only grows in 5 places in Sweden and is SEVERELY endangered. oh yeah, this was also in a GRAVE-FIELD FROM THE IRON AGE which is ALSO PROTECTED BY LAW.
Me: ... *looks up place-name*
Me: oh for fuck's sake of course it's in [name of suburb/town by my hometown]
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manta-moony · 15 hours ago
I don’t ship them but wheooo I would read a whole 100,000 word fanfic of Richie and Stanley being best friends
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Everytime someone makes an Eddie Kasprak playlist and includes ”I just died in your arms” by Cutting Crew, I lose ten (10) years off my lifeline
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deadlight-loser · 16 hours ago
Pennywise 2017: young virgin who has probably had a wet dream about being intimate with a woman
Pennywise 1990: middle aged chainsmoker who has smashed more coochie than you’ve had hot meals
Tell me I’m wrong
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dhanoj · 16 hours ago
Fuck Ducktales should not have ended this quickly. Seemed like they expected a fourth season too with the whole Don thing not being wrapped up.
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vikos-nerd-world · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Oh Lily, she's perfect! Look how small she is...All the waiting was worth it."
"Yes sister, certainly."
"Oooh...I'm glad I got to see you before I go search for Del..when I come back with you, she'll absolutely love you too.."
"What was that?"
"Nothing lily.."
"...Happy Mothers day, mom"
Happy late mothers day! I wanted to do something different and oc related for mothers day since it was kinda sad for me. The picture is Vevina's mom, Viola, holding the newly hatched Vevina. Their first and only interaction to say the least, only having a day together. Vevina has this picture next to them in their room and looks at it every day, though they don't really understand why. Lily also takes mother's day off and spends it with Vevina, going out and doing things they never get to do normally, Lily being the closest thing they have to a mother figure.
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rstella17 · 17 hours ago
Un muy feliz día a todas las mamás bonitas de todo México y Latinoamérica!!!
Este video lo hice exactamente hace 1 año, ahora quisiera que ustedes lo vean, son todos mis destacados favoritos
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blackfliesinbluesugar · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Goldie kinda ends up being The Therapist in fics, doesn't she?
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butchlet-rights · 19 hours ago
i think that if the only way you talk about people in the lgbt community involves those acronyms with the L in the middle you desperately need to make some fucking gay friends in the real world. like not just 'go outside n sit in the grass' bc yes thats very cottagecore of you n all n you should take breaks from social media but god damn. you should not need a 'space' where you're surrounded by ppl who have the exact same gender sexuality and whatever mobai metric
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