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#ise (oc)
isecubeart · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[IMAGE ID: A drawing of three air genasi in three separate boxes. They all have white hair, light green eyes, and blue skin, with white freckles. There are clouds surrounding their hair.
The first has his hair tied up into a bun. He's wearing a button-down, cream-colored shirt, with brown pants. He has a dark blue robe and is holding a light wooden wand. The background is a sunrise.
The second has short hair and is wearing fighting amour. He has a sword clad to his hip, and a golden pendant. He's holding his hands up, holding sigils like he's about to cast a spell. The background is the night sky, with a full moon overhead.
The third is wearing a dark cloak made of feathers. She has the same cream button-down and brown pants as the first. Her hair is tied into a braid. She's holding an ax over her shoulder. The background is a sunset.
Below is the same image, split into three separate images, for up-close viewing. END ID]
I've been thinking about Georgie (middle) and his siblings too much <3
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asknarashikari · 17 hours ago
Future minific time: Ise hopping into dragon form to help his Rider friends
Kick his ass Ise <3
“Ise, are you sure about this?” Eiji asked urgently. “We’ve got cameras all around us... if you do this, there’s no turning back...”
“It’s the only way,” Ise gritted his teeth, looking at the magic-user that the pair were up against, while they were surrounded on all sides by the press that the arrogant villain had called up. “My dragon form would resist his spells easily...”
“What are you two talking about there?” growled the Wiseman knockoff, keeping them chained up with his Bind spell. “You know that your fancy SIU tech is no match for my magic. Just surrender to me so I can kill you mercifully.”
“Uh, yeah, no thanks,” Ise retorted at him, his eyes flashing golden, snarling to bare his lengthening teeth.
“What-” The magician gasped.  
Ise’s form started to change, his body straining against the chains keeping him bound as it shifted from human to draconid. He went on all fours as his hands and feet transformed into claws.The chains snapped when Ise’s wings sprung forth from his back, ripping his shirt to shreds in the process. Ise roared, electricity arching off his spine, his mane already standing on end from the static. 
The wizard froze in his tracks, unable to believe what he was seeing. “A... A dragon?” the villain stuttered. “No one told me the SIU had a dragon!” he yelled in outrage. 
“I’m not with the SIU, you dumb magician,” Ise growled, as he unleashed a bolt of lightning at him, sending him flying several blocks and forcing him out of his transformation.
Eiji nearly fell over as the spell keeping him chained broke, and he only barely caught himself on one of Ise’s draconian legs. “I can’t believe you actually transformed in front of everyone like that... Now everyone knows what you are...”
Ise snorted and pointed his snout at the reporters. Eiji glanced in their direction, then blinked when he saw their befuddled, bewildered and disappointed faces. “You fried their cameras, didn’t you?
Ise gave him a toothy, dragon grin and a thumbs up.
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asknarashikari · 17 hours ago
A minific of Ise and Luna? It can be how you envision their first meeting or them playing together or whatever you want!
I’ll do something a little bit like the former. Just with a twist ;))
“You chose him too, didn’t you?” asked the little girl, smiling at him toothily. “That’s why Touma can use your power.”
“I guess you can say that,” he said. “It was more like... he chose me. In spite of what I did to him.”
“That’s Touma for you.” The girl told him. “But... what are you going to do now? Thanks to him, your soul is about to be reborn...”
“Yes, it is.” He said, knowingly, sounding far older than what his appearance belied. “I can choose what I become in the next life...” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “I think... when I do get reborn, I would want to be close to him somehow. And all his friends... I’d like to meet them too. Even that weird one who talks sad all the time.”
“You mean Kento,” the girl said softly. “He loves Touma so much but he’s so scared of losing him,” she said. “And he’s willing to do anything to protect him.”
“Oh,” said the boy. “I don’t want him to be sad anymore, too.” The boy’s body started faintly glowing, and he looked at his hands in awe. “Maybe... when I’m reborn.... I could make them happy somehow.”
The girl smiled at him. “I think you definitely have a shot at doing that,” she said cheerfully.
The light surrounding the little boy became brighter and brighter, until he was barely visible through it. The girl didn’t even bat an eyelash and instead grinned even wider. “I think you’re about to find out if you could do it.”
“I hope I can!” The boy laughed, and then he vanished in a cloud of sparkles. 
And then, that very night, unbeknownst to the swordsmen who were sleeping under that very roof, a Wonder Ride Book opened of its own accord, and a great light burst forth from it, producing a single giant egg before it shut just as abruptly.
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asknarashikari · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sorry, something happened with your original ask and I had to delete it, @askrikkaiandhyotei​
Anyways, here it is
Mei had to admit that cooking wasn’t exactly her strong suit.
When she lived alone, she almost always had her meals out, or got takeaway or something ready-to-eat at the convenience store. The most she could do was heat up a retort pouch of curry in boiling water, or fry up some eggs in a pan.
Living with the others changed all that.
Touma, upon finding out how his girlfriend had lived, took it upon himself to teach her how to make proper meals, chiding her about how eating pre-processed junk all the time would do her no good, and how much cheaper it is to eat one’s own cooking anyway. Rintaro and Kento also lent a hand, having learnt to fend for themselves in the Swords of Logos, but Touma was the one who painstakingly taught her everything from holding a knife properly to deep-frying tempura.
And, thankfully, it paid off. Mei was pretty confident in her cooking skills now, and all the better because her three partners were usually far too exhausted from their constant battles and training to eat, let alone cook.
“Hmm, what do you say, Ise? What do you think Mama should make for your fathers?”
“Mrrp?” the dragon chirped in confusion. Ise, being a dragon, didn’t really need his meals cooked, but he always accompanied his Mama in the kitchen when she was cooking. “Soba?” he suggested. (It’d been his new favorite word as of late.)
“Hmm... that’s a good idea. Something nice and cold would be quite refreshing...” 
She went to the cupboard to retrieve the dried soba noodles, as well as the condiments for the dipping sauce. It was just a simple matter of boiling the noodles in some water, mixing and heating the condiments in a saucepan, setting those aside in the fridge to cool, then slicing up the scallions and nori to serve it with. 
Then she set about making Ise’s dinner, which was just some leftover rice from lunch and some chopped up raw salmon mixed into it. It was a little disgusting with the heads and all, but Mei endured it as Ise looked at his bowl eagerly.
Mei was washing up her pots when the front door open and her swordsmen walked in, looking worse for wear. Ise jumped up from where he was napping on the couch to demand cuddles from his dads, which they were more than happy to do. “Welcome home, you three,” Mei said, shutting the water and wiping her hands off.. 
“We’re home, Mei,” Touma sighed as he bent down to kiss her, Kento and Rintaro following suit. 
“I’ll have dinner ready in a sec, I made zaru soba tonight.”
“Thanks, Mei...” Kento said gratefully as the three boys took their place at the table. “Geez, I’m starving...”
Mei served up their dinner, dividing the soba and sauce into four plates and bowls respectively, then served them up along with Ise’s dinner. She put the nori, scallions and some wasabi on a separate plate for them to share.
“This looks good, Mei,” Rintaro praised her. Mei couldn’t help but preen with pride even though she didn’t really do much.
“Itadakimasu.” The four said together, Ise joining in with his own dragon-version of the phrase, before digging in. 
“So, how was your day, you three?” Mei asked, slurping up her noodles.
“Oh... Daishinji-san had us running all over the place, and...”
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asknarashikari · 3 days ago
Minific of Ise getting his cuddles?
“Come here, little one,” said Daddy, holding his arms out to him, kneeling so he could climb into them easily.
Ise let out a happy coo as Daddy wrapped his arms around him and lifted him up, a gentle hand caressing through his mane. It left a trail of soft snow through his hair, which was refreshing in the warmth of the summer heat. 
“Do you like that, hmm?” Daddy asked. “It’s a good thing Daddy’s powers come in handy in times like this, huh?”
“Mrrp,” Ise sighed, curling into his Daddy’s shoulders. “Daddy’s so cool... like the fridge...”
“Well, that’s a new one,” Daddy chuckled, going over to the couch and sitting on it, still cuddling him. “But as long as Ise’s happy, I don’t mind.”
Ise crooned, nuzzling his Daddy who softly laughed, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he smiled.
“Mama! Mama! You’re home!”
“Hello, my darling,” Mama greeted, putting her bag down and wrapping her arms around Ise. Ise clung to her shoulders and wrapped his tail around her torso, making her giggle. “I just got home and you’re already asking for cuddles?”
“Uh-huh. I missed Mama,” Ise replied bluntly, rubbing his head against Mama. 
She laughed softly and pat his mane. Ise caught a whiff of the hand lotion she used- since it was autumn, the one she used smelled like that orange-brown pie she made for his fathers the other day. Sweet, with a hint of something woodsy and spicy.
“Aw, I missed my little Ise too,” she cooed at him, kissing his snout, making Ise shiver with pleasure. “Let’s go wait for your daddies, okay? They should come home from the Northern Base soon.” She laughed as Ise pouted at her. “And of course, I’ll give you more cuddles while we wait- but we also have to make dinner first. What do you say?”
“Okay, Mama.” Ise said as Mama put him down. Ise trotted into the kitchen after her, fully intent on getting his cuddles as soon as Mama finished cooking.
“Ise, time for bed,” Tou-chan called, already sitting cross-legged by his nest, leaning over the bookshelf. “Do you want me to read Kento-kun to you tonight?”
“Yes, please,” Ise replied, hopping up onto his bed with the eponymous plush toy in tow. Instead of curling up in his nest, though, he plopped himself in the space his Tou-chan’s legs made, his head on his Tou-chan’s chest.
Tou-chan laughed and wrapped an arm around him. “You’re cold, aren’t you? That’s why you want to cuddle with me?”
“Tou-chan is warm,” Ise defended himself. “Like Ototsuo’s special oven.”
“You’ve been sleeping inside the forge again?” Tou-chan laughed. “No wonder Daishinji-san’s been complaining about not being able to work...”
Ise pouted. “But it’s soooo coooold...” he said. “I hate winter...” he complained, frowning at his window. A snowstorm was raging outside, making it super cold, and the Northern Base wasn’t much better, being where it was. 
“Well, if it’s not winter, how can Tou-chan warm you up then?” he said. “You like Tou-chan’s cuddles, right?” Ise nodded. “Then you should love winter, because Tou-chan can cuddle you more.”
Ise mulled this over for a moment. “Okay, Tou-chan.” Tou-chan beamed at his reply. “Now, can we read Kento-kun?”
“Alright, alright, let me just get the book...”
“I-Ise? Is that you?” Papa sniffled miserably, wiping his nose as he tried to sit up in bed. He threw the used tissue out, then tried to grope around for the tissue box he was using.
Ise hopped up onto the bed, nudging the tissue box closer to Papa’s hand. “Thank you, Ise.” Kento took another tissue and sneezed into it.
“Papa okay?” Ise asked, tilting his head at him.
“Oh, Papa is okay. Just the usual spring allergies,” Papa replied, laying back down on bed. “Nothing a bit of rest and some medicine couldn’t fix.”
Ise cooed, crawling to the vacant side of the bed and laying down next to his Papa, nudging his hand with his snout. His Papa, ever sharp, rolled over and threw an arm over Ise, allowing him to curl up into him and nuzzle his chest. Ise made sure not to tickle his nose, so Papa wouldn’t sneeze some more.
“Hmmm... my sweet baby,” Papa whispered, sleepily. “You being here already makes me feel better.” Ise cooed happily as Papa brushed through his mane. “But Papa is really tired... D’you wanna nap with Papa?”
“Okay, Papa.” Ise curled up more into his Papa, who sighed contentedly, still brushing through his mane. 
Before Ise had known it, he had drifted off to sleep in his Papa’s arms, his Papa soon following him into a pleasant, peaceful slumber.
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asknarashikari · 4 days ago
It’s father day in Japan now… so a minific of the folks at northern base celebrating it with Sora and Ise?
Ah... I remember that last year’s Father’s Day fic was the last fic I posted before I went AWOL on everyone 
Don’t worry I’m not planning to do that anytime soon again haha 
The swordsmen tiredly trudged back to the command room, despite the early hour. They had just finished a gruelling confrontation with Solomon at the wee hours of the morning, and even though they had prevailed, it had been very exhausting due to the extremely early hour. They all swore that the Master was resorting to such tactics to tire them out when he realized he couldn’t just overpower them, not with Touma wielding Xross Saber now.
“I’m wiped,” groaned Ryo, barely even able to carry his sword on his back. “I just want to go back home and lie in bed all day-”
The door to the command room opened, and Sora and Ise flew out of them like a hurricane, rushing at their dads who were caught unawares and were thus sent to the floor as their sons jumped on them.
“Father!” Sora bowled Ryo over with a huge hug.
“Oof, Sora!” Ryo grunted as he fell over, making sure that he got the brunt of the fall.
The three younger swordsmen had their hands full with Ise, who refused to get up from on top of them, showering them with affectionate licks and nuzzles. They couldn’t help but start laughing with all the ticklish gestures. 
“Ise, sto-haha!” Touma giggled madly when Ise covered his face dragon kisses.
“What’s gotten into you?” Kento asked, snorting as Ise’s mane tickled his neck.
“Ise, let us up-” Rintaro begged, shrieking when he got his fair share of tickles.
“Sora!” Haruka reprimanded, following after her son, Mei close on her heels. “You shouldn’t do that to your father, he might’ve been tired or hurt from the fight!”
“It’s okay, I’m fine...” Ryo waved off, rubbing Sora’s head absently, then paused and looked at his wife. “Wait... what are you doing here, Haruka?”
Haruka shook her head in exasperation. “Oh, Ryo,” she sighed. “You forgot what today was, didn’t you?”
“Wait... what today was?” Kento asked, frowning in confusion.
“You guys forgot too, didn’t you?” Mei giggled, gathering Ise into her arms. “Then again... you guys flew out of the house so fast...”
“Ah, of course,” Tetsuo suddenly said, looking down at the four of them. “It would be the first for these three, wouldn’t it?”
“The first- ooooooh, now I get it,” Ren said. 
“It’s Father’s Day, don’t you re-mem-ber?” Mei laughed, poking her three boyfriends’ noses for emphasis.
“Ooooooh,” the four dads said in unison, their eyes widening in understanding, and looking at their sons who grinned toothily at them. 
“Well, anyways, we got some breakfast ready for you guys,” Haruka said with a smile. “You know must be all exhausted after that fight, so we made sure to make lots of food!”
“Oh yeah! I’m starving!” Ren, ever excitable, rushed into the room ahead of everyone else. “Oh look at this spread! Hell yeah!” Tetsuo rolled his eyes, but followed the ninja in with a fond smile on his lips.
Ryo huffed as he stood up, carrying a clingy Sora in his arms. “Thanks, dear.” He kissed his wife’s forehead as they entered the room as well, leaving the polycule and their dragon baby in the hallway.
“Our first Father’s Day, huh...?” Rintaro said absently, running his fingers through Ise’s mane. 
“I never thought I’d be able to have that...” admitted Kento softly. “Because... you know...” he trailed off.
“Well... we’re here, aren’t we?” said Touma softly. “And we have this little one too...”
Ise chirped at his fathers, and Mei smiled at them. “Let’s go join everyone, shall we?” she asked, pulling Ise off his fathers so they can get up. “We might not be able to get the eclairs...”
“Eclairs?!” The boys exclaimed together, smiling like fools as they rushed inside for the treat. 
“Mrrp?” Ise looked up at his mother, who just chuckled with a shake of her head.
“Your dads really are something huh, Ise? But that’s why we love them, right?”
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asknarashikari · 5 days ago
Headcanon idea: Ise has Touma’s floof, Rintaro’s white hair, Kento’s eyes… and Mei’s easily pick up able body
Yup just throw him over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes
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asknarashikari · 5 days ago
Minific idea: due to unknown cause, anything that Touma reads from the book will be brought into real world (kinda like Inkheart but minus trapping people or objects into the book world).
What is Inkheart lmao
But I get what you mean. And it’s certainly possibly now... I mean he has these creation powers now... what if they just... went a bit out of control
“Uh... Touma... what happened here, exactly?” Tetsuo asked, looking around the bookstore... or rather, what used to be the bookstore.
Somehow, the tiny building had turned into a castle overnight. He had peered outside, and indeed the castle was sitting on the same plot of land the store had been. There was a crowd gathered outside, gaping at the fortress that appeared out of nowhere and replaced the quaint little bookshop that the neighborhood kids frequented.
Touma sighed, looking deeply uncomfortable in his new outfit. Instead of his usual button down, suit and bell bottom slacks, he wore garb reminiscent of bards in medieval-themed games. “Looks like I may have slightly overdone it with Xross Saber...” he admitted.
“...What does that have to do with anything?” the blacksmith questioned in confusion.
“Well...” Mei, dressed in a lady’s court attire, pulled the shawl around her shoulders closer, covering the deep neckline of her dress, sighed. “Y’know how it has the ability to create stuff and all?”
“Touma has been using it to create costumes for the stories he tells Ise,” Rintaro said, awkwardly hobbling about in his knight’s armor. “And he may have gone a bit overboard.”
“...You’re joking right.” Tetsuo deadpanned. “You didn’t just tell me you used your Seiken for role-playing and accidentally made your house in the middle of Tokyo into a castle.”
“Well... that’s not all that happened.” Kento grumped, wearing attire fit for a prince, including a jewel-encrusted circlet around his head. “He was reading Kento-kun...”
Tetsuo blinked. “Wait. So you...” Kento nodded grimly. “How did you turn back, then?”
“The same way as in the story- he got a kiss from the pretty princess,” Touma explained, pointing at Mei. “But now, how do we turn everything else back...?”
Tetsuo gave him a look, then turned on his heel and marched away. “You’re on your own, pal. I don’t help people who use their Seiken for such childish things.”
Touma cried out in horror as he went through the Book Gate, “Wait, Daishinji-san! Don’t gooooooo!!!”
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asknarashikari · 6 days ago
How powerful would Ise and Sora doing puppy dog eyes together be?
The Swords of Logos will fall to its collective knees faster than Master Logos ever did
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asknarashikari · 6 days ago
Minific of Kento and Ise training together?
Training a dragon to use lightning was easier said than done, Kento realized when Ise looked up at him in confusion, clearly not understanding what Kento had just asked him to do. 
Kento sighed, thinking for a moment. “Alright Ise, watch me okay?” He picked up his Seiken and pointing at the practice targets he set up. “See those? Let’s pretend they’re enemies, so we have to zap them. So, use your lightning like this...”
Ikazuchi glowed in his hand, sparks dancing across the blade and running up to his fingers, arching all around him like a halo. It gathered around his free hand as he raised it, and with a flick of his wrist, he unleashed all the stored energy, sending lightning across the room to hit one of the targets.
Ise clapped as the last sparks of electricity dissipated, leaving behind only the charred training dummy behind. “Papa beat the enemy!” he chirped happily. 
“Yes, he did,” Kento said, patting his head. “Now, it’s Ise’s turn to try.”
“Okay, Papa...” Ise said, turning to look at the targets thoughtfully. He reared up, his mane starting to stand on end as tendrils of electricity ran up and down his crest. As the buzz grew to a crescendo, Ise unleashed the pent up power with a loud, booming clap of thunder that made Kento duck instinctively, covering his ears.
“Unbelievable...” Kento whispered, gaping at the remnants of the targets he set up, reduced to smithereens by the huge bolt of lightning Ise conjured. 
“Did I do good, Papa?” Ise asked, raising his head at his father. 
“You did great,” Kento whispered in awe. We might have a genius on our hands here... and if he ends up wielding Ikazuchi too... he’ll be unstoppable... Kento thought, filled with pride for his son. 
“Good job, Ise... ow!” He tried to ruffle Ise’s mane, only to get zapped by the remnants of static clinging to the dragon’s head. He fell on his back from the unexpected shock. “Ugh...”
“Papa?” Ise looked over his fallen father, golden-brown eyes wide with confusion.
“I’m okay Ise... I think...” Kento groaned ruefully. Okay, so we may have some things to work on after all... like how to not accidentally zap people after he just used his lightning...
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asknarashikari · 8 days ago
Cute minific idea: Bath time with Ise and Rintaro!
I swear I tried not to imagine Rintaro in the tub naked while I did this. Keyword being tried. (Damn you, Takaya, for that shirtless photo of yours...)
“Ugh, it’s so hooooot,” groaned Touma, lying on the bed like a starfish, wearing only a singlet and his underpants. He stared up at his AC, willing it to produce more cool air, but even at its highest setting it failed to cool the overheated Rider adequately.
“Where’s Rintaro? I need my ice cuddles,” Touma whined to the other two who were dressing for bed. Like him, both were dressed in lightweight clothes because of the heat, Mei wearing an almost gossamer nightgown and Kento wearing a tee and shorts.
“He’s still in the bath,” Mei said. “You know him and his baths, he would probably live in the water if he could,” she added fondly.
“And Ise’s in there with him too,” Kento sighed with a shake of his head. He looked up at the clock hanging in the corner of the room thoughtfully. “Y’know, maybe we should check on them... it’s been a while since they were in there...”
Touma huffed. “Okay,” he agreed, getting up reluctantly and following Kento out of the bedroom. 
The moment they entered the hallway, they were blasted by the heat, sweat already collecting on their brow as they made the short trip to the bathroom. Kento rapped his knuckles on the door twice. “Rin? You two okay in there?”
A beat, then two passed, and no response. Touma and Kento looked at each other, already knowing what to expect. Kento reached for the door and slid it open. 
As they had surmised, Rintaro and Ise were still soaking in the tub, the baby dragon sitting in his Daddy’s lap and leaning against his chest. Both were already fast asleep, light snores coming from them both.
“Good grief,” Kento sighed, rolling his eyes. “Mei, come in here for a bit, please!” he called.
“Coming!” Soon Mei arrived at the scene, and she rolled her eyes at what she walked in on. “Ah, it happened again, huh?” 
Mei grabbed a towel hanging from the nearby rack and hung it on her shoulder as she retrieved Ise. She set him on the edge of the tub for a moment before wrapping the towel around him. “I’ll put Ise down in his bed. Take care of him for me?”
“Of course,” Touma said, stepping forward to kiss his dragon baby good night. Kento did the same thing, before Mei set off for Ise’s room. “Now, for this guy...”
By now, Kento and Touma had pretty much figured out a system that served to get Rintaro out of the tub as efficiently as possible. After draining the water away, Kento and Touma heaved Rintaro out- one holding him under his arms, the other grabbing his legs, then set him down on the shower stool, leaning against the tub. One of them set to rub his head with a towel, while the other worked on drying the rest of him and somehow coaxing his clothes on. 
As usual, like clockwork, Rintaro started to stir when Kento tried to put his arms through his button-down pajama shirt. “Kento... Touma...” he blinked blearily. “I can do it myself now, thanks...” 
“Okay,” Kento said, the two of them letting him dress himself the rest of the way, albeit quite slowly with how sleepy he still was. (Not that they minded how sluggish he was, with the view they were getting.)
After Rintaro was done dressing himself, they went back to the bedroom where Mei was already waiting for them in bed. Rintaro climbed in with her. Kento paused at the door to shut the lights, while predictably, Touma soon joined them, snuggling up to the other Rider. Kento climbed in behind Touma. 
“Ahhh... so cold....” Touma groaned in relief. “My ice lion merman...”
Rintaro laughed sleepily, and simply wrapped his arms around his lover. “Good night, everyone.”
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asknarashikari · 9 days ago
Funny minific idea: Ise does puppy dragon eyes with Sora
With Sora, huh? Hmm, this may be a bit difficult to do... let’s see
Happens when they’re a little older. No specific time frame really, but not that far off in the future. I’d say Sora is about middle school age (12-15)
“I’m sorry Ise, but I have to do my homework, see?” Sora apologized, pointing to several sheets full of maths that he had to do over the weekend. “I can’t play with you right now...”
“B-But you’re only here for today!” Ise pouted at him. “Then you’re not coming over again until two weeks...” the little dragon complained. 
“I know Ise,” he tried to soothe the younger. “If I could avoid doing homework I’d do it. It’s sucky anyway. But Father will be mad if I don’t do it.”
Ise’s dragon ears drooped, his golden eyes going all glassy, and Sora groaned as he realized what Ise was trying to do. “Oh no, Ise, you know I can’t say no to your puppy-dragon eyes...” He turned away from the dragon, trying to resist.
“But Sora-nii!” Ise cried, adding a mighty pout and a long, petulant whine.
Sora peeked at Ise, who still had the dragon-puppy eyes fixed on him, and the boy felt his resolve crumbling away the longer he gazed at it. Finally, after a long few minutes of agonizing, he sighed and pushed aside his homework. “Alright. You win,” he surrendered, and Ise cheered delightedly. “What do you want to play, Ise?”
Later that night
“Sora? It’s late, you should head up to bed,” Ryo told his son, who was still at the dining table as the clock read half past ten. He looked over his shoulder to see what Sora was working on. “You’re not done with your homework? I thought you were gonna do it while you babysat Ise today.”
“I meant to,” Sora sighed, rubbing his eyes sleepily. “But he got me with the dragon-puppy eyes and I didn’t get any of it done at all...”
Ryo chuckled heartily. “Ah, that explains it.” He shook his head. “That little guy sure has you wrapped around his finger, eh?”
“Father, no offense, but saying no to Ise once he pulls out the dragon-puppy eyes is virtually impossible.”
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asknarashikari · 11 days ago
What is Ise’s favorite thing to do with Uncle Ren-Ren?
You'd think it was something chaotic because of Ren being a chaotic ninja gremlin, but no. He just likes napping with his Uncle Ren-ren, though the spots they end up being found in are... well, let's just say they're often found up in the rafters lol
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asknarashikari · 12 days ago
Part 2 of Ise’s puppy dog eyes: Ren uses them this time to calm down a pissed off Tetsuo
Oh no, what did the ninja gremlin do now XD
“Wah! Please don’t kill me Daishinji-san!!!”
“Get back here you gremlin!” 
Everyone looked up from what they were doing to see Ren bursting out of the forge in a hurry, Tetsuo close on his heels. “How many times do I have to tell you not to mess with my stuff?!”
“It’s your fault to begin with!” Ren retorted, “You shouldn’t have taken my sweets away!”
“You were eating too much of them to begin with!”
“What are those two fighting about this time?” sighed Touma in exasperation. 
“Ah... it seems like Daishinji-san confiscated Ren’s stash of candy,” Kento replied with a shake of his head. “So Ren probably went through his stuff to get them back...”
“...He couldn’t just buy more?” Mei asked. 
Ren turned to Mei with a pout. “It’s not just that, Mei! I was planning to share them with Ise...” 
“Ah, but Ren, you do know Ise is not allowed to have so much sweets, right?” Rintaro reminded the younger swordsman sternly.
“I know, I know! I just give him a bit at a time!” Ren stated. “But the one Daishinji-san has is the last of the one I still have and the store I buy it from told me they aren’t getting stock in for a few weeks and Ise is already zapping me for more!” the ninja said in single breath.
“Wait, what?” Kento asked. “You mean that’s why Ise’s been...” He and his fellow parents looked up towards the moody toddler sitting at the couch, pouting mightily.
At the sound of his name, the dragon looked up a little, then saw the bag of sweets in Ren’s hand. His eyes lit up instantly, his wings unfurling as he flew at his surrogate uncle with the force of a hurricane. “Uncle Ren-Ren! More hearts please!”
“Oh no he’s not, Ise,” Tetsuo said, grabbing the sweets from Ren’s hand. “Your uncle Ren-ren is in big trouble...”
Ise looked up at Tetsuo with the patented, perfected dragon puppy eyes. “But Ototsuo... my candy...”
The four swordsmen and the editor watched in amusement as Tetsuo’s eye momentarily twitched from the nickname, and he trembled as he tried to resist the baby dragon. 
After a long moment, he slumped over and sighed, “Alright... you win, Ise.” He handed the baggie of sweets back to the smug ninja who was ruffling the top of Ise’s head. “This isn’t over, you little gremlin,” he told Ren, before stalking off to brood in his workshop once more, the door slamming shut behind him.
“Good job, Ise,” cheered Ren, reaching into the baggie to give him a few of the gummy hearts before popping some into his own mouth. 
“Mrrp!” Ise chirped happily as he gobbled up the treats.
“Wow... who knew Daishinji-san was weak to Ise too.” Touma said, blinking after the blacksmith in shock.
“I told you, no one can resist the dragon puppy eyes,” Mei insisted.
“Oi, you two...” Rintaro said exasperatedly, “You should really stop doing that to Daishinji-san...” 
“Never,” said the cheeky swordsman, his sweet dragon nephew chirping obliviously in agreement.
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asknarashikari · 12 days ago
Cute minific idea: Mei convinces Rintaro to do the “Lion King” thing with Ise
“...I beg your pardon?” Rintaro asked, confused and incredulous. “What do you mean I should do the ‘Lion King’ thing with our son?”
“He means the thing at the start of the movie,” Kento told him. “The one when the baboon lifted the lion cub in front of everyone on the tall rock?”
“Oh. But... what for?” Rintaro questioned, still adorably oblivious. 
“Because it’ll be super cute with you and Ise,” Mei said as if it should be obvious. “And besides, aren’t you the actual Lion King? Wouldn’t that make our son like Simba too?”
“Uh, Mei, I don’t think that’s how it works...” Touma said, face-faulting. 
“I think you mean my King Lion Daisenki form?” Rintaro questioned.
“Yes, yes, whatever.” Mei said dismissively, causing the water swordsman to stutter. “Point is, it’d be super cute if you did that to Ise, wouldn’t you?”
Rintaro blinked at her in bewilderment, then turned to his dragon son who was quietly playing with his plush hedgehog doll. “Well, what do you think about it? Do you want to do want Mama says?”
Ise gave his parents an equally adorable and befuddled look. “Oh, just come with me...” Mei sighed.
Mei grabbed Rintaro’s hand, leading him up the stairs with Ise in her other arm. When they reached the landing on top where the two staircases met, right in front of the doorway leading into the base’s sacred sanctum, she handed Ise of to his Daddy with a flourish. “Well now. Go on.”
“A-Alright then...” Rintaro said, raising Ise over his head. The dragon baby momentarily looked confused, but started giggling as he looked down on his Papa and Tou-chan, waving at them toothily.
“Uh... Mei... isn’t this a bit awkward to do with just us watching...?” Kento asked her, waving back at Ise with an amused smile.
And then, as if on cue, the other three swordsmen arrived, frog-marching Yuri between them, the Swordsman of Light having once again gotten lost in the city in the search for food. Their severe lecturing (Ryo and Tetsuo) and heckling (Ren) died as they stared up at Rintaro holding up Ise over the balcony exactly like in the movie.
“...Rintaro? What are you doing up there?” Ryo asked, looking close to bursting into laughter.
“Uh...” Touma started to say. “This isn’t what it looks like?” he tried to offer in explanation.
“Oh, no, it’s exactly what it looks like,” Ren said mischievously as he took out his phone. A few taps later, an African chant started to come out of the tiny speakers and everyone started chuckling, save for Yuri who tilted his head in confusion.
“...What is going on? I am confused,” said the sword-man as everyone around him started trying (and failing) to sing the English parts.
“Don’t you get it man?” Tetsuo said, shaking his head as the music changed. “It’s the Circle~!” he sang.
“The Circle of Liiiiiiiiife!”
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asknarashikari · 12 days ago
What is Ise’s favorite thing to do with each of his parents, and his favorite thing that they do all together?
Touma: story time before bed
Rintaro: soaking in the tub (they hog the bathroom lmao)
Kento: practicing their lightning powers
Mei: going (window-)shopping
Everyone: Cuddling! All the cuddles~
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asknarashikari · 12 days ago
Cute idea: Ise sees his papa having a nightmare, so he goes over to cuddle him
Aw, he totally would do that. He has some kind of empathy powers toward for people he’s close with (remember, dragons are weird) so he can somewhat sense it when his Papa is troubled by nightmares. 
Kento usually tries to deal with it himself somehow, like going out of the bedroom to make himself some tea or something, but Ise’s usually already up to greet him at the door. Kento just sighs and he lets Ise in and gets back into bed with Ise nuzzling up to him. He doesn’t have anymore nightmares after that :))
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