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anabel--lee · a day ago
It's been more than a week since the release of the last chapter of SNK, but I'm still disappointed in it and I think that the ending of the manga is just a fucking shame. Mr. Isayama seems to hate his characters. Sorry not sorry
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angelhartsblog · a day ago
Please don't.
This is so disrespectful to the author.
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What is a satisfying ending, anyway?
With so many people in the world and so many opinions, it is impossible for everyone to like the same story endings.
Even with a different ending there are probably again tons of people who then won't like that ending and so on...
This is the author's ending. It is his story. Respect that.
If you want a different ending, you can always resort to fanfiction.
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misxntropia · a day ago
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misxntropia · a day ago
The manga is finished. This manga gave me everything 4 years ago, it came at the best and worst moment in my life and gave me everything. I just want to thank Isayama for this beautiful, cruel, interesting and tragic story, I loved the final chapter, it's realistic and heartbreakin. It ended, but we just have the choice to move forward❤️
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angel-in-reverie · 2 days ago
I haven't moved on from the ending yet.
There's something I noticed while I was re-reading Chapter 1. You can see that there's an "x" mark on the tree where Eren was sleeping and then the last chapter shows that place became his grave.
Besides the "See you later, Eren" line, this has piqued my curiosity. Idk if this doesn't seem too trivial but I think this is some insane foreshadowing levels from Isayama.
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smol-ackerman · 2 days ago
I really want Isayama to write a sitcom type thingy revolving around Falco, Gabi and Levi where Gabi always fucks shit up and gets in trouble and Falco and Levi rush to her aid
I need it for therapy, Yams. Plz do it.
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riafury · 2 days ago
If you trash the AOT series because you didn't like the ending because you thought "it could've been better" or "this should've happened", let's see you write a manga that's as successful or moreso than AOT 🤔 what's stopping you?
Remember you aren't the creators and you shouldn't get so caught up in yours or other's theories on what should happen at the end.
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lindos124 · 5 days ago
My thoughts on the end
So, where do I begin...?
In a previous post, I said what SnK brought me and why it’ll stay a precious manga to me no matter the ending.
Unfortunately, before I can bury myself on denial and say “S4 does not exists, the manga was actually cancelled”, there’s some things I need to get off my chest.
1) The Genocide
Armin thanking Eren for being a mass-murderer, no matter your interpretation (whether is a thanking Eren for the intention, but does not approves his actions or is actually thanking Eren for the murder of 80% of mankind), it’s sending the following message : Genocide is cool, it’ll solve your problems.
Actually, the Rumbling did not save Paradis, it just did two things : set the remains of the world in a war against Paradis, and doomed SnK’s Earth.
The war is pretty clear : no nation will ever try to talk to Paradis after that, the Alliance on their boat is just chasing a dream made definitely impossible.
Imagine :
Ruler : So, you want us to make peace with the nation that supported the Genocide ?
Armin : Yes...?
Ruler : Go fuck yourself, kid.
For the “doomed” part, friendly reminder : a planet needs a stable ecosystem to be liveable for the species on it. Translation : with most of the forests destroyed, the ground burnt, and even the oceans damaged, and animal and insect species exterminated by millions, how is this world supposed to ever recover from the wounds Eren did ? It over, there is no story after that, just ten nations fighting until their citizens all dies from the brutal climate change.
And before I hear “Climate change is maybe not a thing in this worl...” Isayama thought about it, Willy, during his speech, use it as an argument.
So, Armin thanking Eren for all of that, just lol. Worse, others characters crying over his work and praising him as a saviour, validating what he did is just... horrible to read.
2) Eren
I don’t think it’ll surprise you, but I never liked Eren. Too passive, too “Disney Princess” material for me, and when he started to act by himself, it ended on a carnage, so...
But with this chapter, I definitely see Eren as a coward, he stays on the path (lol) Ymir made for him (I’ll come back to that), and do not tries anything.
Because it’s easy to put the blame on Mikasa’s shoulders, Eren, but you could tell her your feelings too ! If he’d talked to Mikasa, all this disaster could have been prevented !
And all the reasons he gives to Armin are just unbelievable, they seem taken from both sides of the debates everyone had about Eren. To me, it just give reason to one option : Eren is mentally ill. We’re talking about a guy who coldblooded killed two men (I DON’T CARE about what they were doing, that is not the point !) when he was 9.
3) Ymir
Easily THE problem of ALL SnK.
Ymir was the center of most of my theory, and I was quite right about one thing, she is the Mastermind.
But I was wrong about her goal, and her situation.
I thought during a long time that Ymir was seeking for a way out, that she wanted to escape the Paths. 
Turns out I was completely wrong, the Paths were not Ymir’s prison, but her Kingdom. And Ymir was not seeking freedom, but to see something more precise : the future where she can see Mikasa killing Eren in order to, in a twisted way, dealing with her “love” for Fritz I.
Not only, that associate the word “love” with the slavery relationship Ymir had with Fritz, and I can only hope that Isayama just failed to explain that it’s not normal, but that destroy absolutely every aspect of the story !
Because Ymir is basically a gamer who just want to see ONE (1) ending in particular of her narrative game before going to bed.
So, all the death, the destruction and the pain mankind suffered because of the Titans existed during 2000 years just because a little girl couldn’t stop herself. And I’m sure that Ymir could erase the Titans from the start : the Parasite is dead off-screen, but Ymir was still here when Eren died, implying, at least for me, that Ymir just decided it was time to stop.
The Scout’s deaths against the Titans had no meaning, they did not fight fate, they followed it, their death were just a script already planned by a crazy goddess.
Eren is just a puppet, just like everyone. And that’s the most horrible, all of that was just the entertainment/twisted therapy of a girl from 2000 years ago.
There’s my thoughts on SnK, have a great day.
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tindreams · 5 days ago
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"We're the only ones who can kill Eren!"
Legit goosebumps every time I see these two Ackermans fighting together.
Attack on Titan manga just ended and I'm happy with how Mikasa and Levi's characters evolved. Although it's bittersweet, my heart is still full. I hope Isayama-san writes more short stories soon! It was such a cliffhanger.
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Hi! I'm going to give my 2 cents on the ending of aot because I mentally cannot process this yet. Cool? Cool.
So, I think the main objective was the idea of breaking cycles. Eren becoming this monster, the villain, 'the angle hiding behind devil' s mask' in order to make armin the hero and set the eldians free from the curse of ymir.
He set up the events to break e the cycle of eldians being oppressed by the maryleans because of their ability to turn into titans. Now no one has titan powers.
The curse itself was broken my mikasa. Both mikasa and ymir fritz have an unconditional love for their chosen people. Ymir fritz for the king and mikasa for eren. Ymir was not able to free herself from the love she held for the king and ultimately it trapped her in eternal suffering. Mikasa was able to overcome that and eventually kill Eren-ending the curse. Breaking a cycle of enslaved love.
Even though there is still suffering and fighting and pain and hardship and war and misery- we as humans are bound to repeating history and cycles. I think isayama makes a good point of it. Even though there was a common enemy, threatening all of humanity, murdering 80% of the population-immediately afterwards the people left behind fought amongst themselves. A cycle of fear and distrust of the unknown.
As humans we are inherinately flawed. We are selfish and cruel and miserable and petty and broken and hurt: we hurt ourselves and others. But it doesn't mean we cannot accomplish greatness and do good things. Take Armin as an example: he storms through thee crowd like in season 1 and declares that he has killed Eren putting a stop to all this madness. Doing so he accomplished 2 things.
1. Frees mikasa from guilt and burden from having killed Eren allowing her to leave in silence and grieve.
2. The respect he commands in the scene puts a stop to the bickering and fear within the marlayean army-at least for the time being.
Here, armin takes a diplomatic approach to breaking the cycle. Not only does he help break the cycles he helps reconstruct it-'it' being the image of eldians. Not as monsters or titans. Eren and mikasa got rid of them. But as human. As plain ordinary humans with hopes and dreams and wishes and lives to live.
Isayama uses levi to break the cycle of guilt and duty. From the get go, levi devotes himself to the cause-'dedicate yor heart'. And he does just that. He pours all his energy and efforts into fighting and surviving and trying to win to desperately against the titan only to see his comrade die.
All to start the cycles of guilt and burden all over again with every death of every comrade.
After Erwin does, levi focuses on one thing and in one thjgb alone-liking the beat titan. Killing zeke. Getting rid of the anomaly in the plan that killed most of the scouts, making his his best friend-hange- half blind and killing the man that gave him a reason to live.
Every death and sacrifice weighs down so heavily on him that he thinks of nothing else other than redeeming himself and making sure their efforts did not go to waste. That loosing the people he cared about was for thee greater good, that there was a reason he was no longer able to see the people he loved so deeply and cared about for so, so long. When levi finally sees all the scouts in the vision, he asks them if they were watching. If he saw that their efforts did no go to waste. That he could finally honor them and gives them the success they deserved after fighting for so long.
So he salutes and dedicated his heart to the people he has loved and lost-to his humanity: breaking the toxic cycle of guilt and duty that most likely has been plaguing him for years.
I think it's important to see here how freedom is such an enticing and construed idea. We fall into cycles and rhythms either morally good or bad. Freedom seems to reside in a realm beyond our underattind of good and bad. Freedom is release. Free, from guilt, burden, unrequited love, duty, pain, responsibility.
In the end it was bittersweet, a lot of us have grown up along side this story, fallen off and then back on again. A wild cycle of out own. Discovering more of ourselves and morals, how we veiw ourselves and the socirt we live in. How we've becaisme more critical of the media we consume and how we are more conscientious of our actions.
Never truly free, but always fighting. Within ourselves, for ourselves and for others.
A cycle as long as human kind has existed.
So eh, here are my thoughts, feel free to re blog and add your own, critique and evaluate even more I'd love to read it. This is juts something I've typed up really quick because ✨thoughts✨ and ✨brain juices flowing✨. I would like to see other people's ideas as well, personally I loved the ending. You may not. Perfectly fine. Just remember to be respectful and grateful that we've had the opportunity to live and read this masterpiece as it has been coming out for the past 11 years. And with that, thank you isayama for all your hard work💙
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dinoart · 6 days ago
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Thank you Isayama!
Can't say I 100% enjoyed chapter 139, but I loved the whole AoT so much. It is a meaningful part of my life, been watching it since 6 years ago and it feels so surreal that it has come to an end (unless...) Thank you Isayama-sama for making such an incredible story!
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hikari-iru · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— #ThankYouIsayama
Dear Hajime Isayama..
⚜ ⚜ ♚ ⚜ ⚜
Today is the end of Attack on Titan journey. Today will be remembered as the end of a story from the boy who sought freedom. After eleven years seven months; he, finally, is free.
I joined this fandom on May 2018. I had just graduated from high school back then. Now I'm already on my 6th semester in the college. I couldn't believe that the day when I have to write this will come so early—yes, I wish I could enjoy your story longer—and earlier.
I couldn't recall what things that exactly interest me to read your work—and keep going with the pain you give through your story, but if I have to say one, I'll say that it's probably because of the complexities in your story: when the characters have the urge to survive.
I learned a lot from this story—seriously, even though all of them hurt me so much. The more I read, the more I realize how this world is cruel, yet so beautiful. People come and go, like how you create few characters that will interest us and kill them in the next few chapters.
Therefore, we need to keep moving forward. I've no regret on reading your story, despite of how few things disappoint me so much. I indeed realize that 'perfect work' never exists. I'm satisfied with the ending you give—well, I thought you would give us the darkest one.
I meet amazing people after I read your story. I get many moral value from the story. Some nice discussion, some drama (this one quite exhausts me), some great fanworks, and so on. Thus are another reasons why I've no regret on it. I'm growing up with the pain I endure.
Dear Hajime Isayama..
Congratulation on finishing this magnificent story. You've done your best. Thank you for dedicating your heart through every stroke you drew, every lines you wrote, and every characters you created. Thank you, for inspiring us.
I couldn't promise you that I'll pass this story to the next generation (thanks to the pain), but I ensure you that this story will remain in my heart. I'm glad to be the part of Attack on Titan journey. If you're interested on creating another story, I'll gladly try to read it.
Once again, thank you for creating this amazing story, Isayama-sensei! Stay healthy!!❤
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foxydivaxx · 6 days ago
You know what makes Chapter 139 even more stupid and hilarious? Didn’t Isayama criticise the ending of Game of Thrones and called it trash?
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atlas-ix · 6 days ago
Isayama appreciation post
Tumblr media
The amount of hate I’ve seen in the last two days that has been directed towards AOT and Hajime Isayama is insane. I knew the community was toxic AF, but holy shit.
Anyways, just wanted to say that Hajime Isayama made one of the best manga in modern history and, it doesn’t matter whether you like the ending or not this manga will go down in history as one of the best out there. So if you don’t like the ending it’s fine, BUT STOP SENDING HATE TO THE MANGAKA.
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emwithnoplan · 6 days ago
I know what’s waiting across the sea now. It’s our enemies.
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narutosidebitch · 6 days ago
Man, Isayama better do those intervies quick to answer some unanswered questions cause people are seething. Some people are losing it. Like damn bro, calm down. Its okay to not like the ending but some of yall are going way to extreme because of it.
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