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#is that like sorta demi
m-a-n-i-a-c-h-a-e-l · a month ago
What’s it called when you only get horny when you’re with people irl that you’re gonna have sex with rather than at any random point or from pictures/chat?
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demonboyhalo · a month ago
Why do you watch and support the dsmp when it’s full of racists, anti semetists and transphobia? Why does supporting and listening to poc, Jewish and trans people matter so little to you?
I am not going to be discussing at length any individual cases or arguments about racist, transphobic, or anti-Semitic beliefs possibly held by Dream SMP content creators. Instead, this post will center on the absolute reach this Anon is making with their generalizing claim of bigotry against the cast and me. If you want threads about what the CCs have done wrong or a catalog of why they should be canceled, I'm certain you'll find them in designated critical!tags. Anon decided to choose a daily clips and memes page who has made 2 total posts tagged "discourse" to vent to?? so you're not going to get essay length debating like this often lmao (Keyword: Essay. This is a long post! Filter that tag if you don't want to see this.)
I have a dozen arguments I could give to this provocative ask, but I'm certain Dream SMP drama-centric blogs have already worded those exact arguments with far more eloquent pathos than I could muster. So, I'm going to completely deviate from the response you want me to give, and instead be laying out an issue I have with this ask that people tend not to approach Anons with :)
Give me a real human who is politically correct at all times. Sincerely, Could you? Or would you never be able to, because no matter how educated, experienced, and empathetic a person is, they make mistakes? Try and name a show, a movie, a book - any piece of mainstream media! - that is truly, truly PC. You couldn't, because mass media is created by writers/producers/directors who consciously and unconsciously hold discriminatory beliefs reinforced by the society we live. That implicit bias exists in everything they produce.
We're influenced by our surroundings, as you should be well aware, and culture IRL is far removed from the highly sanitized/filtered/curated feed you'll find on Tumblr. Racist, transphobic, anti-Semitic, and all around bigoted views are firmly rooted in our governments, our mentalities, and apparently to your ignorance, our pop culture. Since so many forms of hatred are still legal, defended, and advocated for by those in political power, no entertainment will escape those traces of bigotry you're frustrated with the Dream SMP for having.
And so you classify the cast as "full of racists, anti-Semites, and transphobia", and condemn me for "supporting" them, while I would argue it's a piece of media that tries it's hardest to be the opposite. I have no doubt bigotry will crop up with the sheer depth intolerance is baked into societal constructs, but there's only a few fandoms I have found as intolerant to discrimination as this one. It's astoundingly diverse, with more canon representation in its characters than I’ve seen in...the majority of media outside of fanon interpretations. (Admittedly, Tumblr has calmed down as a platform in recent years, so maybe you've seen horrific supporters directly influenced by Dream SMP CCs in other places. But then I'd have to ask why you've come to a Tumblr blog to guilt trip about what appears to be largely unfounded claims of discrimination in the cast.)
The DSMP is produced by a group of Twitch content creators, which means it is being acted out with millions of eyes analyzing these flawed young adults and teens trying their best to be entertaining live. However, having a platform doesn't automatically give a CC the time and mental fortitude to instantly be sensitive to every social issue. Yes, there are instances when a CC makes bigoted comments by sheer virtue of being educated by such a discriminatory world, but there's a grand total of 1 who habitually acts in a way that could match your description. He was killed off. Beyond him, it's noticeably uncommon for "problematic" conduct to occur compared to what you'd expect from Twitch/YouTube gaming culture. When anything actually offensive arises, it's 60% a bad taste joke 40% addressing a tweet from 2017 with a shit take, and both are followed by educational threads trending on Twitter to teach the CC on that topic. They're not perfect, never will be perfect, but they're not consistently pushing racist, transphobic, and anti-Semitic narratives.
You ask why I would support content made by flawed individuals who aren't PC, but every avenue of entertainment is made by flawed individuals who are far less PC than the DSMP's distinguishing progressive storytelling. All entertainment reflects society's institutional prejudices. This makes me ask, how much vitriol do you hold for the media that truly is harmful and controversial in the way that the DSMP painfully isn't? If you would have me blog about another topic, what alternative could you suggest that genuinely is more inclusive to the discriminated people you're trying to champion for? When you consider the largely sanitized, teen-friendly content of the DSMP so harsh and disgusting, what few pieces of media are left?
So, I'm not entirely sure what parts of the SMP you consider so egregious that you would label it's entire cast to the severity you did. The CCs have made mistakes, no doubt, but they also are committed to improving themselves. I understand the doubt you would have for the integrity of a field dominated by college-age white cishet guys. They have the least incentive to care about social issues, yes, but this fandom is notorious for being PC - to an overt degree even. That's not always good either, but it does mean that when a CC is remotely intolerant, their own fan base will call that shit out. Surprisingly, young adults/teens who haven't even hit their late twenties are open to change? Crazy, I know, but CCs you might have pegged as intolerable have likely grown from that ignorant mindset. When compared to big name shows or million dollar franchises, you'll realize that this audience can directly reach out and inform the creators on important issues. I watch and blog about what I do because this fandom has curated a culture within the media we watch, and the plot drives some very significant parts of itself off what we find interesting and consider okay.
Finally, I'll address that last line of your ask. Taking into account that this is a clips and memes blog...what are you basing your assumptions on? Reading my Minecraft Roleplay quotes will, shockingly, not tell you much about what intersectional issues I care about, listen to, and experience daily??? Your ask gives me such grief because you've made a sweeping claim while failing to consider that 1: I might be a member of some of those groups and 2: that my political advocacy is done IRL - not on Fandom Tumblr. I can excuse the 1st one at least; you've no real way to know I'm not white or cis, and even then, being part of a group doesn't mean you have no internalized hatred towards it. However, the 2nd point of the worst points you could have sent in an ask to me, specifically. I'd say that listening to, learning from, and supporting marginalized groups is actually something that matters a great deal to me. That's why I've had meetings with my State Representatives to lobby against discriminatory bills for the past 3 years. I've gone twice in person, and this legislative session over Zoom, since my activism group wasn't able to meet with them inside the Capitol Complex.
Overall, I have volunteered over 200 service hours educating my peers on Mental Health, Reproductive Justice, LGBTQ+ Issues, etc. and plan to continue my advocacy in higher schooling. If you're American and do want to help combat racism, transphobia, and antisemitism IRL, educate yourself on the House/Senate Bills moving forward in your State's legislative session this year. Learning about Trojan Horse legislation that can set up legal precedence for further harm to marginalized groups is infinitely more productive than starting an argument with a high schooler’s Minecraft blog. Saving yourself from the stress of awful roleplay is easy too! If you hate seeing my type of posts on your feed, block the tags you see under my other posts, and then block me. Anon, I'm just hoping you understand that sending holier-than-thou fandom discourse to kids on Tumblr is not the social justice move you think it is.
Extra in tags:
#these tags are just clarification on personal context so feel free to ignore#i could have argued with this ask in a lot of ways - but at the end of the day - i'm not a drama blog#i don't have receipts on the PC of each CC or clip threads bookmarked. i make clips and headcanons about their characters.#so i decided to argue what i do sorta-know. that being: the validity of calling the CCs racist transphobic antisemites#namely how INCREDIBLE of a reach that is - along with what a reach it is to say i'm deaf to such social prejudices considering what i do IR#please direct CC callouts and discourse to drama centric debating blogs in the critical! tags not me :thumbs up:#i won't talk to much about my advocacy bc. y'know. this is the internet. but my volunteering is with PP.#my work revolves around Reproductive Justice and EVERYTHING that entails. reproductive rights is different and far less encompassing -#- so that's why i made the distinction. (look up Reproductive Justice to know exactly the lengths it goes to)#moving on! followers of mine might remember me making a joke about being safe from questioning my gender and being confident in she/her#...god i was so fucking dumb. yall remember that bi meme? the one a bunch of bi people related to which was like#'thank goodness i figured out i'm bi! finally i'm done questioning now that i've figured my sexuality-' then BOOM. gender questioning hits!#well MY cocky ass was like 'hah! i don't even know if i'm bi or pan or demi or whatever! how on earth could i start questioning by gender -#- when i don't even know my sexuality yet! surely i have a few years. surely.'#yea nope. don't even know if i'm bi when i got hit with the ole gender fuckery. finally took my pronouns out awhile ago while i decide#you might be saying 'lyka! wdym ur a poc? haven't you made jokes about being painfully white before?'#thats bc im a lightskin latino! i got my color from my dad but me and him look nothing like our relatives - they're all much darker.#ethnically? 100% POC. but race? complicated. latin america views race differently to the states so while i say i'm white most of the time -#my mother and my fathers parents are all considered mestizo. (same reason why quackity doesn't say he's white i think)#so while my parents will nag me if i say i'm white latinos/hispanics are classified as such in the states. i'm pale as all hell -#- but did i want my skin bleached as a kid and still think about it sometimes? yup lmao. im not v dark but no one in their right mind looks#at my double last name and dark hair/eyes and say 'ah clearly this is a fellow anglo saxon' asfjkl so yea people are racist#long post#drama tw#discourse tw#negative#dream smp discourse
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cosmic-connor · 5 months ago
Hm I’ve been like excluding my aceness from a lot of my mlm centered writing but I’m realizing that’s probably an important narrative to share actually
#like I have new followers so idk who knows I don’t mention it a lot but I’m Demi#I think? possibly greyace some of the definitions overlap#point is my attraction is none attraction left male lmfao#like sometimes it’s there but I have a very specific way I navigate dating and my gayness in general and maybe I should talk about it#I mean it kinda sucks pretending it’s NOT there#like maybe actually there are other mlems who would want to hear it!#most of the demand on what kind of mlms are depicted and how aren’t from actual mlms so... maybe I should stop worrying about them#like. I’m gay. the audience is me. I make the rules#connor talks#idk I get scared sometimes bc people like to go hard with ace discourse on here for very reason... I don’t want to be involved#I just would like to sit comfortably in my identity and have words to describe it#and I’m in a weird place bc most of my friends fit comfortably into allo or ace not in between like me#I have an aroace friend who’s really more like family and she’s guided me a lot and told me I’m valid but I don’t feel ace enough#like again. that it doesn’t matter. but it kinda does to me?#it doesn’t really come up in public often but when it does I sorta get misunderstood and mocked so maybe it’s valuable to talk about#like this also overlaps with being mlm because in hs and stuff I was mostly around allo wlw and most of them were wonderful#don’t get me wrong I’m not generalizing#but there would be discussions about crushes and attraction and there came that attitude of like EW gross boys XD but like.#I’m gonna talk about boys I only like boys sorry :(#I want to be a part of this and share experiences and get to know each other but in order to do that I need to be honest#and like. even when they wanted to know what I find attractive in guys I don’t have a good answer#and they’d be like how do you now know you’ve had a bf#I usually just end up describing him as though he fit into a *type* that I’m into but I don’t have one. it was just him. I liked him.#attraction comes after and like it DOES come but it’s invasive to do bro talk like that about a single person#it’s no longer oh I think it’s hot when guys are this or do that it’s about a real specific person and yknow it doesn’t work in that context#this might be trivial but yeah I’ve felt alienated in some queer spaces as a result of this so idk it might not be the biggest issue but#idk I’m just like a little closed up about it#especially bc some people conflate the lack of attraction with sex repulsion which I do experience sometimes#but it’s a clear separate trauma thing#and then people want to pick my brain to be *sure* my aceness is valid and not because of trauma which. who cares. leave me alone
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simptasia · 5 months ago
it’s easy to come to the conclusion that growing up daniel was bullied and had no friends. not only because of. well. his demeanour. but also his reaction to what he thinks is desmond pranking him about time travel. his angry bitter delivery of “you’d think my ESTEEMED colleagues could think of something better than this?” paints a story. he’s angry but he also seems like he’s gonna go off somewhere and cry. so with that in mind, theresa had to be like, the only person in his corner. this naturally really endears me to her. and we know this guy started college as a real young teenager (like to graduate at 16? oof), so everybody else is way older than him. and he’s a genius. and so painfully obviously neurodivergent. he probably has no other friends and certainly no other romances. so theresa was the only one who during that time who truly cared for him, supported him, unconditionally loved him
the whole situation with daniel and theresa is really sweet and eventually deeply sad when you think about it. and i do think about it. a lot
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mochidropss · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
So I got tagged by my two friendos @solarsystemshipping and @smol-girl-shipping-the-world to use this picrew! Thanks to y’all both~ I’d like to tag @leap-loves and also @oopsallselfship if they had never done this picrew thing already! Also tagging anyone that would like to do this too! ❤️
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windlion · a year ago
One of the things with reading fic is having it slapped upside your head how very NON universal the human experience is.  The whole “Some of you fuckers have so much serotonin”  but like, across the board.  Exhibit B, Thirst: Fic: An attractive character appears!  Look at those jeans they’re wearing, I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring, ooh baby, wanna get with ya’~
Me: Is . . . is this what normal people think???
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grassberry639 · 10 minutes ago
20-25 :)
hi pie <3
20) three songs that remind you of the person who sends this one
1. hold me tight or don't // fob
2. ingtybhtdwy (:
3. come what may gcv!
ksjgfskfjgh don't kill me but. I've come to associate tujhe dekha to with you as well lmao
21) three songs of your childhood
im not sure what constitutes childhood exactly so im just gonna assume when i was too tiny to consciously listen to music of my choice?! either way wow this is hard kjdjshjhff
1. deewana hua badal from kashmir ki kali (sigh i was obsessed with this song. i even used to roleplay it with my sister in hindsight i probably had a tiny little crush on both sharmila tagore and asha bhosle)
2. baro asha but like all rabindra sangeet in general:') (being forced to learn them for school in class 1 with no working knowledge of bengali scarred me but i will always have love for them)
3. the mukunda mukunda song from dashavatharam
22) three songs you listen to when you’re sad
1. anyone // demi lovato (honestly ive just been looping this for when i feel sad since i found it. everything else just...idk it's sorta become my go to sad song)
2. my immortal // evanscence
3. northern downpour (the brittany butler version because it's just better and almost magical and i dont listen to p!atd anymore anyway)
23. three songs that never fail to get you pumped up
1. a head full of dreams // coldplay (just coldplay in general tbh)
2. dance apocalyptic // janelle monae
3. halo/walking on sunshine gcv
24. three favourite old songs
1. aaj phir jeene ka tamana hai
2. ajeeb dasta hai yeh
3. chaahe koi mujhe jungle kahe
25. three favourite songs of 2017 okay pretty sure i exclusively listened to interchangeable indie shit + the high school musical soundtrack that year
i think it was also the year i made my first playlist on yt so im just gonna reference that (:
why is everything from either 2016 or 2018 i totally blocked that year out oops
1. pool // paramore
2. reasons // beth crowley
3. devil on my shoulder // faith marie
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croissantcookie-simp · 6 days ago
DNI and stuff (ignore this if you want, posts are down below if your on my actual page)
Hello there! I'm croissantcookie-simp, or you can call me fuvd. Either way I'll still respond. Anyways..
Pronouns: All! I don't mind any, she/her, he/him, they/them, xe/xem, I honestly don't care what pronouns you use.
Orientation/Sexuality: Abroromantic
Gender: Demi-girl
I am a minor. Please don't do anything.. Uhhh... Uncomfortable.
DNI (do not interact) if you..
- Are LGBTphobic, or any other kind of LGBTphobic. (transphobe, homophobe, etc) my posts are not straight ships so idk what your doing here.
- If you are racist, no, just.. no, don't. Don't use the N slur either.
- If you do 18+ stuff, like I said, I'm a minor.
- super straights, get out please.
- MAPs/pedophiles, go away too.
Fandoms I'm in
- Tankmen (I have a brainrot of tankmen what do you expect)
- Eddsworld (kinda sorta, I left for a little bit because all of that shipping self-inserts drama)
- Cookie Run (puzzle world, ovenbreak, and kingdom.)
My phobias, just in case.
- Cynophobia (phobia of dogs ;-;)
- somewhat of ophidiophobia (phobia of snakes)
anyways, thats it for now!! goodbye-
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moonstone27ls · 12 days ago
Amphibia thoughts
Warning maybe spoiler?.... Maybe yes I saw the leaked eps, not sorry cause well I’d do it even if Steven Universe had that habit 8B. I’m human and I can’t be perfect, I’ll still watch it whenever premieres and I’ll always endorse it. 
But anyway just mostly have one question.... this is a Disney show 8B..... while some villians are given more of a detailed background. Lately they also like to go “oh they’re not evil”, etc etc. So my question to fans... do you think King Andrias is completely evil or that we’re gonna get a background that also excuses his behavior (or explains it) like how we see with Sasha and all the other antagonists (shows, movies, etc can’t give a lot of examples off mind).
Second question and I want opinion those who’ve seen his painting in that slumber party ep.... whom do you think those friends were? Are they ancestors to the sorta clans? (I assume frogs and toads 8B) I know some people quickly theorized that Sprig’s mother was one of his friends.... but unless she’s revealed later to be some almost demi-goddess or slow aging frog I kinda doubt it considering how old Andrias is.... how many of you think she’s at least an ancestor to the Plantar family considering her color patterns.  I would give guesses to the toad but he doesn’t look specifically related to anyone even Grime. My guess he’s a clan ancestor
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generally-grievous · 14 days ago
Have any headcanons of Grievous with an S/O who is a actual demi-god ? :D
He can actually relate to that sorta! He was considered a demigod on Kalee. But if they're an ACTUAL demigod with powers and the like, I don't see him being all that freaked out?? I mean, his job is to hunt space wizards with glowstick swords, he's fought zombies I mean, he's seen A Lot
But! He would try to keep them safe from his superiors. A demigod in the hands of the Sith is great for destroying the Republic, but he sort of loves them and really doesn't want his S/O's power to be exploited. He would also protect them from the Jedi for the same reason. The last thing he wants is for his enemies to discover his S/O and use them against him
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rayshippouuchiha · 21 days ago
(1/2) Ohhh now I got this idea for Ichigo landing in the midst of the Destruction of Uzushio. This man sees kids and civilians being slaughtered and right away goes 'the fuck no you aren't'. In the end, as he stands there covered in their enemies blood, eyes gold and grin maddened, all Uzumaki just sorta side-eye each other and immediately go 'oh yeah were keeping him'. The other villages go mad trying to figure out where this SS-Rank monster came from, and the only thing the Uzumaki
(2/2) are willing to say is that obviously he just had a blond parent, don't be rude.
Uzumaki take one look at a orange headed demi-god with 0 fucks to give and are all collectively like “Yeah obviously he’s one of ours. Where the fuck else do you think he came from?”
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randomestfandoms-ocs · 28 days ago
kind of an odd one but how would Noah and Willow get along? ( keeping in mind he and Ror get together in s2 but if Jess and she didn't date it might be sooner but also not bc shes avoidant and hes demi lol) Idk i just feel like with WIllow being so nice but also having mental illness herself she and Noah ( who's on the rumor mill for a bit after coming to town bc like he's just done a stint in a psychiatry center) who is also sorta Generally Nice and the anti Dean would make an interesting dyn?
ooh I think they’d get along really well!!  First and foremost, Willow would absolutely shut down any/all rumours about Noah (and since Babette is her mom and Patti is her godmother, the rumours end very quickly once she asks them to stop) and wouldn’t hesitate to kick anyone out of Luke’s if they started gossiping about him!
but also, Willow would definitely go out of her way to make Noah feel welcome in town!  She would probably assign herself to be his tour guide (or at least offer, like she does with Jess) and would very eagerly drag him along to hang out with Lane and/or Jess and encourage him to go out for the hockey team and invite him to check out any of the millions of clubs she’s in!  She’s never moved or been the new kid so she doesn’t know exactly what she’s going through, but she does know what it’s like to feel like you don’t fit in/don’t belong and she wouldn’t want him to ever feel that way!!!
And on the other hand, I think that Noah would absolutely be super supportive of Willow learning to establish boundaries, and would try to get through to her that she is allowed to feel mad/upset/hurt and she doesn’t have to pretend to be okay all the time!  
I’m not sure exactly how anything would play out with Rory since she and Jess never date in Willow’s fic but at the same time the Rory-Willow-Jess mess is crucial to Willow’s growth (it’s what leads to “you can be nice without being a doormat”), so I won’t go into that at all, but yeah I definitely think they could be good friends!
also Willow would absolutely fight Dean, and literally any Doose, for him!
Send me one of your ocs and one of mine, and I’ll tell you how I think they’d get along
Tumblr media
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aries-writes-shit · a month ago
I'm gonna be completely honest here; Likely going to info dump/ramble excessively, high possibility of it including personal issues, fair warning.
To put it as simply as I can:
Romantic or platonic is fine
I am demi-pan(or omni)romantic, not looking to have biological kids for personal reasons also honestly I don't know how much gender would affect my attraction. I just find people pretty and am vibin. Usually I just say I am of the ace/bi spectrum.
I identify as female, going by she/they, gender neutral pronouns I just think should be normalized as a default when you don't explicitly know and even then be respectful.
I've driven myself into excessive isolation leading to being easily overwhelmed even if it's given certain tasks as I am forgetful and need explicit instructions as I believe I'm a visual learner but to be more specific things need to be explicitly spelled out for me a majority of the time. It's often a tedious process as well as me getting overwhelmed when put on the spot even if it's saying what I want to eat or even retrieving the food myself even in my own home.
But I need excessive time in retreating to isolation which consists me usually pacing around the kitchen, specific I know but even in other environments like hotels I often pace the kitchen space even if it's very small, and indulging myself in maladaptive daydreaming fueled by music to which I normally speak/mumble out loud, do random stuff with my hands animatedly which I don't always do when actually indulging in conversation with others, or just dancing late at night with my highly inconsistent and likely unhealthy sleep schedule of which I am nocturnal at this point. I do also sing a bit though I need another voice to go off of in feeling more comfortable in harmonizing with others.
I find interest in psychological subjects which I love to share with others if I hopefully am no bother so it's a mutually exchanged topic others can indulge in as well. Also I am a sucker for depth in stories tied to characters, development, details no matter if it's very small or if it is significant to the story or it's characters themselves.
I also am iffy about exchange of material items, though I do love specific silverware, cups, trays, the occasional jewelry (I favor rings or bracelets I guess? Necklaces sorta) if it means something to a close individual, and other small trinkets for me to admire or put to use.
My love language is quality time but what I love most is unapologetic, unfiltered, mutual conversation. With my tendency to overshare a lot of things despite my insecurities and hesitance I don't just want a listener. I want them to be invested as well. I myself do often put myself in the listener role though and am referred to as one's local counselor sometimes.
Very much radiating the burnt out gifted kid and mommy/daddy issues vibe because I've had enough trauma and damaged self worth from it but it's mostly inflicted upon myself rather than from others or in being inthe bystander/observing role or in being neglected. I grew up praised and spoiled really, even now referred to as such in my family, but in the present it overwhelms me and if anything I'd rather not do anything for others and them do nothing for me and in dismissing my existence.
Honestly I've developed a toxic mentality against myself, even being aggressive in trying to validate or dismiss issues involving myself alone.
I've made progress including ditching a habit of mine I've had all my life through sheer power of will and have stopped excessively apologizing for laughing as I find it annoying to some extent, though not as much anymore which is good. Though I will apologize for laughing when by myself and when breaking down in tears I end up having a personal therapy session in uncertainty about turning to someone else even though I am very open about my issues. I have no problem sharing information, I just overthink how it's recieved or if it's dismissed and insignificant so why try? Of course I'm also a hypocrite and validate others, trying to do so for myself gradually though it can be hard and becomes an aggressive battle mentally.
But yeah I usually put myself in the supporting role for others including friends and family even though I myself am the youngest to some extent.
I try to encourage a space of comfort and validation for others and as emotionally assertive or reassuring/validating I can be, often turning heartfelt though significantly more blunt and assertive, I also have crackhead energy sometimes to be honest. Often with strange mental conversations or comments spewing out, a significant questioning being related to society. People confuse, frighten, or entertain me a majority of the time.
Anyways yeah to put it simply (and sorry to go on a long tangent and apologies if I contradicted myself or if I sounded repetitive);
Chaotic individual of the ace/bi spectrum that is highly emotional with abandonment issues, familial trauma, high insecurities related to my mere existence, and I obviously ramble a l o t.
A (not so) few other details; compared to some of the giants I am a small marshmallow (not too fluffy but kinda-) standing at around 5'2" with an internal inferno of emotions I currently withhold inside me and instead giggling excessively or spilling tears when I get emotional. Or aggressively cussing but that's usually by myself, but I am a bit clumsy and forgetful overall. Also my sleep schedule is a total mess of which I may have previously mentioned and I have significant words and phrases taking up the majority of my vocabulary I put to use in writing or conversing. Also I can get significantly fired up about topics related to terrible parenting, terrible people in general, unnecessary gendered stereotypes and objects for no reason what so ever, and in validating others. Also I am a forgetful mess as I've stated I believe two other times. I can forget a topic entirely midsentence or go on tangents about unrelated topics while having originally interrupted myself. Also last minute note/s, I wear glasses and often joke about being blind as hell and needing my access to sight. And regarding what I wear I typically avoid branded material cuz of my unreasonable insecurities, and I go for more subtle things of black/blue but I do have other options. I just mainly go for subtle/reserved in appearance that's comfortable for me and I typically wear jeans and just- sneakers or crocs for the indoors. Also I can imagine the slight possibility of me snagging tops from my partner if they didn't mind, an example of me wearing other's things typically being my dad's shirts on occasion and the rare item of my mom's originally or my older sister.
Yep definitely went off, sorry if this is overwhelming or if it includes a ton of unnecessary details :')
Don't stress yourself especially at my expense please—
Sorry it took so long, heres your match!
Oh no, look the old man adopted another kid /s
This man raised two boys on his own, hes so ready to help you if you become overwhelmed
Learns what you order so you dont have to talk to the cashier if you dont want to
If you need to pace, he will step back and let you do your thing
Checking in occasionally to make sure your alright
Will definitely try and make you have a healthy sleep schedule
Will definitely listen to you rant about any topic you start to rant about
Its healthy to get things like that off your chest
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houseofhimbos · a month ago
Ye she's gonna be some weird ass squid/sea monster thing that has spines all over, which have paralytic poison in them
Also kinda considering a demi god au where she's the kid of Lempo
I just like Lempo lmao-
But then her appearance doesn't really change, just the fact that she has her parents power and this bitch don't know how to control em, despite her godly parents best attempts to help her out
Buut one thing that does happen is that when she experience love, her hair turns to flames
They don't harm her, it's sorta like disney Hade's hair, but they do cause rather awkward situations
I am rambling alot today-
[vibrates with excitement] HOLY SHIT THAT FUCKS, GO OFF
dfskdfjsldkfj flame hair when experiencing love... is it any type of love, or just romantic love? because i assume her parents would be roasting marshmallows on her head at home if she loved them lmao (does it burn ‘hotter’ the more intense the feelings? can she change the color? is it purely aesthetic?)
i don’t mind rambling! as you can probably tell, i’m a big rambler too lmao, you’re in good company. i actually love getting to hear about things ppl are passionate about, and it’s clear you’ve got a lot of love for this [props my head up on my hands]
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kiwis-romantic-bardner · a month ago
Do you have any kiwi headcannons?
Many! But here's a few!
Kiwi is autistic/ has adhd like me! Singing and dancing is a stim for them!
They are canonically nonbinary and i hc that they use she/he/they pronouns! That's why i switch up what i use a lot!
Kiwi is aro/ace! But on the demi spectrum! So they dont usually feel much towards people when it comes to that sort of relationship but Kiwi loves everyone unconditionally just as they are!
Kiwi has always been alone, even when they have lots of friends to talk to, it's hard for them to feel comfortable enough around people to just open up and be themselves.
They can't cook super well (but im teaching her because i love to cook and kiwi wants to learn so she can impress me :> )
Kiwi loves everything ever forever but that's just canon.
Kiwi likes a lot of simple things! Stuff that most people would consider childish, but Kiwi just likes them because they're fun to do!
Kiwi likes gardening! They love planting flowers everywhere.
They love drawing and making things! (Even if they aren't the best at it, as long as they have fun that's all they care about)
Kiwi is around 30 years old (fun fact! Kiwi and Miriam didn't have canon birthdays until i sent an ask to the creator! :> So i got them birthdays! :D Kiwis birthday is December 18th and Miriam's is October 30th)
Kiwi is scared of the dark? A little? But they're really brave so you wouldn't know
Chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs ♡
Kiwi loves candy and has a big sweet tooth. They like citrusy stuff a lot and basically anything that's colorful and fun!
Sometimes it's hard to get her to eat her vegetables, even though they're the type to always scold people to eat healthy, they'll just sorta poke at their broccoli and greens.
Kiwi goes ham on holidays and loves festivals and music and celebrations.
Kiwi loves hugs and cuddles and sleepovers and just BEING with people
They follow me around like a puppy all the time because they're lonely and i make them feel safe
He really doesn't like dishonest or false people. If you want to be good friends with Kiwi simply tell the truth and be yourself!
Until Kiwi knows you well enough, they'll keep a mask of sorts on pretending to be happy/polite. Once you get closer, he lets her weirder side out :D
They're pretty open with Miriam and me :> >:^>
Nsfw hc below, minors don't look!
Kiwi hasn't had much experience eith partners in that way because they've never really felt the need to. <w<;;; until I showed up
Kiwi had lovely bits! You don't get to know what i hc them as because thats between us uwu♡ but still! Kiwi's whole self is just lovely
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overbearingstruggles · a month ago
honestly (and really only being anonymous for the spite of idk if i should be or not) in regards to the ask about lisa / feeling bad (replying to them i’m not them!) , i’m especially not sure if this isn’t smth that they decided on or not because i’ve always sorta felt like they simultaneously had a volatile relationship (mostly because every album even back to party scene had songs that followed similar tones that you could really basically correspond to them constantly) and quite possibly after ATL got big, had an open one? because it’s always been apparent to me that lisa ran a tight ship— unless they were touring (i mean we’ve all heard the groupie rumors and watched demi and taylex unfold). but this could also just be because my parents have had one my entire life + it looked similar. idek!
i feel bad though because i cannot find it in me to feel bad for lisa because.... i’ve never really heard a single good thing about her from anyone until like the newer fan base started coming in. for like every “good” lisa story i’ve heard at least 10 bad ones 😅
There are so many Lisex questions I have that I'll never have the answer to and my dumbass will be 80 wondering what the dynamics of their relationship was from 17-25? 26? Whenever the blatant settle down was. Your parents had an open relationship? Very interested to hear any parallels you can draw between watching that and Lisex. It's funny because we've all kinda had this vibe that Lisa would never condone that, but who fucking knows what unspoken understanding they had. He always went home to her.
Her relationship with fans has been pretty rocky even after all this time so I understand that.
Also, whatever makes you comfortable re: to anon or not. I try to use discretion on if I should publicly post asks when they're off anon just because idk if anyone comes here - an informal gossip blog lol - and expects everything to be posted.
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luciferpens · a month ago
Tumblr media
Describe your character in a few words.
Intelligent, creative, and eccentric
What do you know about your character that they don’t know yet?
That he’s building up a relationship that he has no idea how much will change his life. He has never cared much for relationships but this one -- will be different. 
What are your character’s major flaws?
That he has a hard time trusting or thinking he is actually wanted. That people can be trusted. 
Who would your character give their life for?
Dory. Basically no one else. 
What is your character’s greatest asset?
His memory. He can basically -- never forget. (this isn’t totally true, but he remembers a LOT)
What would completely break your character?
Dory dying. The library burning down. 
How does the image your character tries to project differ from the image they actually project?
Kai tries to project the image of indifference and non-judgemental attitude. He’s pretty good on the judgemental part, but he actually does care a lot and about a lot of things..... but he doesn’t want people to know that or about what. 
What is your character afraid of?
Forgetting things. It’s bad. He’s worried if he starts forgetting things then his powers are waning and that makes him lose sleep at night. 
Where would your character fall on a politeness/rudeness scale?
Hes’ like a 8 if 10 is super polite. Since his home is in the middle of the library -- he sorta always has to be ‘on’ if he walks out of his front door and into the library, ready to help at any given moment no matter what. So he’s learned to always be super polite. If you get him when he’s calm and not in that sort of situation he can be bit more brash.
If your character could choose a different identity, who would they pick?
Maybe Apollo? Is that strange? To want to see what its like to be a god, to be his father? He wants to understand why the gods would let their children suffer.
In what or whom is your character’s greatest faith in?
Books. Knowledge. He has little faith in humans themselves, when you read as much history as he does you come to realize humans are -- well not the best. He also has faith in dogs. 
What was the best thing in your character’s life?
Adopting Dory and taking over the Library. He adores both. 
What was the worst thing in your character’s life?
He refuses to talk about it. But some of the homes he was placed in as a kid/teen in the system. 
What is a favorite flavor or smell of your character?
Flavor: He likes lemon a lot. Smell: Old books
What seemingly insignificant memories stuck with your character?
The look on a kid’s face when he pointed out a deer hopping around in the yard when he was 10. Kid had never seen an animal before, (the child was 5) and he was AMAZED. 
What is your character’s secret wish?
To find a deep, real love with someone else. Someone that understands him. 
What is your character’s greatest achievement?
Raising Dory! He’s very proud of her.
What is your character’s deepest regret?
Not adopting more of the kids he suspected of being demigods.
What is your character reluctant to tell people?
He’s PRETTY sure he knows whats in those books that he can’t open. He’ll tell you he has no idea though. 
What makes this character angry? What calms them?
People talking about limiting knowledge or burning books. It will infuriate him.  To calm him down, give him hot chocolate. 
What wakes your character up in the middle of the night?
People in the library really needing help. Something wakes him up. 
Describe your character’s family.
Dory - His adoptive daughter. She was another kid in the system and he realized she was a demi-god. He hated seeing her suffer and adopted her, bringing her to Icaria.  Apollo  Sibs - He loves all his siblings, they’re clever, strange and wonderful people. It makes him so happy to have a big family now. 
Name your character’s favourite person and why.
Dory - I  mean? It’s his daughter
How would a friend or close relative describe your character?
He’s insanely smart and clever about things. He seems to always be a step ahead but its clear its because he’s just read so much and has figured out how things work. He’s a kind guy who just wants to help.
How does your character feel about sex?
Uhhhh he’s a bit shy about sex. He likes it but he’s shy. Be gentle with him at first. 
How does your character feel about romantic relationships?
He really wants a serious relationship, but he’s not desperate for it. He thinks romantic relationships are a beautiful thing. 
If your character had to live in utter seclusion, what six items would they bring?
He wants to know where in seclusion? Can he choose? He’d choose the library. 
What is your character’s most noticeable trait and most noticeable physical feature?
His memory and his hair, its always well styled
How does your character feel about work?
He lives where he works; so he very much enjoys his job 99.9% of the time! Only .1% does he want a break and want to get away from the place for a while. 
Write one headcanon.
Kai has a reoccurring dream about this man; he can’t ever see his face but he knows his feel. He knows that this man is going to be very important in his life one day but he’s not totally sure how. The only thing he knows is that the man has brown hair and green eyes. That’s it. 
Write one additional thing about your character.
Kai doesn’t like to sleep.
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demilaurelfanfics · 2 months ago
𝓓𝓮𝓶𝓲 𝓛𝓪𝓾𝓻𝓮𝓵
Tumblr media
A/N: So this is technically me. So if we were rp-ing, and I'm being myself. Look no further cuz-! Yeah. But! Some things will be changed due toooooo reasons.
Name: Bebe Laurel
Nickname(s): Demi
Age: 24
Gender/Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Date of Birth: 02.14. 1996
Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom.
Ethnicity/Species: Half Korean; Half American; 1/4 Latina
Occupation/Job: Singer
World/Universe: Non-Fandom
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 148 lbs (67.1317 kg)
Body Type: Mesomorphic
Skin Tone: Light tan
Facial Shape: Diamond
Eye Color: Light blue and sorta grey.
Hair Style: depends
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars?: Has three hoop earrings on her ear
Personality: Charismatic, Compassionate, Daring, Independent, Practical, Realistic, Sweet, Kind, Ambiverted, Supportive, Secretive
Greatest Fear/Phobia: Thanatophobia
Parents: N/A
Siblings?: N/A
Significant Other/Crush: At the moment, no one.
Enemies/Rivals: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh- Kate- (In Phantom)
Pets: Warrior, my pet pomeranian!
Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Painting, Doing Archery, Playing video games
Habits: Saying "Like" always in sentences.
Health: N/A
Upper Body Strength: 7/10
Lower Body Strength: 9/10
Overall Strength: 8/10
Hand to Hand Combat: 8/10
Weaponry Combat: 10/10
Emotions: 7/10Calmness: 6/10
Recklessness: 9/10
Speed: 5/10
Reflexes: 7/10
Agility: 7/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Obedience: 5/10
-Back story (Short clip)-
You always gotta do better. What else can I do? This is me. Even if I try, it will never be enough for you. Can you please understand that this is it? What else do I have to do to prove to you? Nothing will go right for me. I always fail.
Credit to @CriticalCritiques on DeviantArt for the template!
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ao3feed-naruto · 2 months ago
read it on the AO3 at
by spideywhiteys
Fuu is the happy one. The one that tries to get along with everyone. That’s exactly how she ended up in this situation; at a sleepover and half-way through a round of truth or dare. She likes to mix it up, because truths aren’t too bad when she honestly doesn’t have much to hide — not even a crush or something equally embarrassing, never even been in a relationship — and dares are fun. They make her seem fun.
Words: 1051, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Series: Part 65 of 365 Days of Naruto AUs
Fandoms: Naruto
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen
Characters: Fuu (Naruto), Karin (Naruto), Sai (Naruto)
Relationships: Fuu & Karin
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - High School, sleepover, Truth or Dare, just kids fooling around, fuu is a ray of sunshine, demi or aro fuu, not really specified explicitly but it’s sorta there, karin is a good bro, Sai is a pizza boy lmao
read it on the AO3 at
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this-cat-is-dea · 2 months ago
ace din, what are your thoughts
ive never seriously thought about din’s sexuality, tbqh. i think it’s plausible he could be ace or maybe even demi, but that could be me projecting some of myself onto him (albeit i am still trying to figure my own shit out).
the only sorta love interest (tho opinions vary) he had was with omera, and we didn’t see much of that. there were those unaccounted weeks (idk how long it takes to fix a village) where they got close enough for her to feel comfortable to put her hands on his helmet, and for din to not react negatively like he did with paz or IG. even then, there are asexual people in relationships, so who’s to say he thought of her sexually?
im gonna go off on a tangent if i continue, and i’m not sure if i’m making any sort of sense. this is making me want to rewatch the show tho to form an actual opinion, but yeah i can see din being asexual or possibly demi.
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