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#is it too obvious
lovemails · an hour ago
i don’t think domi will die, at least not while suffering in the same way she was her entire life, and not from a decision that wasn’t even completely hers but i don’t *how* will she survive
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before-you-are-gone · 7 hours ago
OH i tried a new hand brace(?) (idk, its mostly just a big fingerless glove gjfgk) recently (that should also heal wounds) while drawing, and it feels really good...oh maybe i can make more drawings often with it...
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azazledazzle · 7 hours ago
highkey underrated thing about John is that he's lowkey a nerd. like,,,hear me out. he's legendary for his hunting, and it's not just the kickass stuff. Sam and Dean didn't know anyone who could track and see patterns like their dad until MIT Ash grabbed a laptop. and John learned it all by himself. in the beginning he had no connections, no idea where to start. he was a mechanic. his background as a marine helped with practical skills, sure, but he dove into the world of hunting and compiled one of thee best journals, tracked one of thee most powerful demons before said demon's plan even picked up. and he did it all with two kids! on the road! after losing his wife! he has insane drive and is a quick learner. he's such a fucking capricorn (hc).
i just,,,maybe it's because John and Dean get compared so much that this stands out to me, idk. they are similar in a lot of ways, but what's also true and important is that John was always more of a loner -- he had to be. and it's partly because of that that John is intellectual (?) in a way Dean really isn't. Dean could be, if not for Sam, if not for the way things go, but he isn't. John is so fucking smart, he's just also a complete dumbass.
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interstellarinterloping · 10 hours ago
He is still filled with rage but it becomes something he must consider and overcome
skfhgfdfgh omg yeah!!! and like, he probably considers isolating himself to deal with it on his own at first, i like to think taniks naturally gravitates towards wanting to overcome things on his own, but eventually learns and realizes that he doesn’t have to deal with it by his lonesome. 
like, ok, i like the idea that for the first time in either of his lives, he gets a chance at having a decent (or at least better) support system that’s not going to try and drag him down when he’s got the chance to rise up among others. like he gets a whole new path to explore. it’s not going to be easier than the other one he forged, but taniks is also naturally a hard ass who’s very determined and will NOT be brought down easily by the challenges presented to him lmao.
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elytrance · 10 hours ago
calling it the uk meetup is literally tommorow
Tumblr media
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peppermintspider · 12 hours ago
When I was little I didn’t understand the point in gendered things (still don’t), so my little 6 year old brain decided that the reason why things like shampoo and clothes are gendered is because they dictate your gender. So little me thought that if a boy were to wear "girls" clothing for enough time then he’d become a girl. I can’t really tell if this idea is from a worse or better timeline.
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girlwithsword · 15 hours ago
i hate myself for this but i want a destiel sticker or pin thats low key enough that only folks who are in the desticule will get it - i dont want ppl who are Aware to notice, only fellow sufferers - recommendations?
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galaxy-creationz · 17 hours ago
Seeing your usually unemotional comfort character smiling is actually something that can be so personal
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sweetlyjaem · 18 hours ago
i think i might have a thing for thicc lips :>
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i-dreamed-i-had-a-son · 21 hours ago
Ok just processed that like...we see Loki using magic in the trailers?? Like people have been getting concerned about how weak Loki has seemed in the action in the past two episodes and I was one of them but we literally have footage of him absolutely OWNING TVA soldiers and we all forgot???
I think that happened because we've kind of gotten hung up on how underwhelming the action scenes came off and how they make Loki seem like he's not a skilled fighter, but they all make sense if you think about it. His apparent "lack" of fighting ability when confronting Sylvie makes sense when we notice that Loki was only fighting defensively; he didn't want to hurt the people she was using (even his captor, who he checks on to make sure she's still alive--probably out of both sympathy and self-preservation, as he wouldn't want to be blamed for her death). Someone else on here pointed that out, and I totally buy it. It also makes sense that Loki would be unlikely to use his full strength so soon in that conflict, as he could tell he wasn't in mortal danger. By fighting conservatively and seeming weaker than he actually is, he ensures that Sylvie will underestimate him if they ever fight directly themselves; he's also able to use the drawn-out conflict to learn about Sylvie's strategy, both fighting and otherwise, which gives him a picture of who he is interacting with and how he should do so.
When in the TVA, Loki is similarly strategic with how he uses his strength. Before he knows what he's up against, in the courtroom scene, Loki initially does try to use his magic to get himself out of there. Now I didn't enjoy how the scene was handled, as it did definitely contribute to the feeling of him being weak, but it was evidence that Loki, y'know, remembers he has abilities? He wasn't just going to let the TVA manhandle him. But when he found out his magic wouldn't work in the TVA--and discovered what they were capable of doing to him--of course he was only going to put up a half-hearted fight in the courtroom. He wanted to avoid getting killed, which clearly they were willing to do, so he dialed it back and let them take him where they wanted him to go. That gave him time to figure out his approach and get a better idea of what they wanted with him.
He continued doing this with Mobius, playing himself off as less physically capable and less intelligent as a cover while actually determining the limits of his environment. For example, by doing things that forced Mobius to use the transportation device, he learns about its limits. This is information he needed to have when he discreetly stole it from Mobius--which he was only able to do because Mobius didn't think he was a physical threat--to enable himself to utilize it most effectively later.
But when Loki has something he actually wants? He is more than capable of getting it. When his guard comes into the room he's trapped in, he is able to get the better of her fairly quickly, even without his magic, and transfers his transportation collar to her--and, though this was mostly just because he was feeling vindictive, he does learn more about the limits of the transportation device by..."testing" repeatedly on her. Then he promptly escapes and gets to the head office, where he learns even more about the TVA and those who work in it. That's hardly something that anyone had expected of him, as Mobius is clearly very alarmed when he hears of his escape. But Loki just goes back to the room and is waiting, free of all his restraints, but otherwise not aggressive. He knows it's important to keep Mobius from feeling threatened, so he stays mostly still and allows himself a moment of vulnerability--not too difficult as he genuinely is feeling a mess at the moment, since he now knows he really can't go home and he's just been freshly traumatized. Getting to talk openly probably isn't the worst thing for him, but it's also a strategic ploy to direct Mobius' attention to where he wants it to be. Loki wants Mobius to notice how open and genuine he seems, making Loki less of a threat in his mind; what he doesn't want Mobius to notice is that Loki has managed to remove many of the factors that could be used to keep him in check: he is no longer uninformed about the TVA and its capabilities, and he is much more physically mobile. This, in reality, makes Loki much more of a threat. But, by playing himself off as relatively harmless and willing to work with the TVA, Loki succeeds--Mobius does not restrain him again, and tells him about why he's being kept there, bringing him fully into the loop.
In other words, when Loki doesn't have anyone to fool (or anyone he needs to avoid injuring), he clearly shows how competent he is. He's perfectly capable of utilizing his magic, but he doesn't want to harm innocent bystanders, and often, showing off what he can do would put him at a strategic disadvantage. But if Loki is fighting for his life, he has no motivation to hold back. That looks like what we're gonna see in the coming episodes, now that he's escaped the TVA; we know they'll be hunting him, and who knows what else he'll be going up against now that he's gone through Sylvie's portal. So I think we can be optimistic for what's to come--we have literally seen parts of it, and it looks really good--and maybe we can also be a little less frustrated with what's come before.
#marvel#loki#loki series#loki series spoilers#meta#and again i think there are ways that they could have made this a bit more obvious#bc to be honest i do feel at times like i'm going out on really long limbs to try to justify the series' somewhat clunky handling at points#honestly reminding me a bit of the whole secret fourth episode of sherlock season four lol 😂😂#but i think it's way too early to call and my main point is that we've forgotten that we've literally seen better things coming#a lot of the criticism it's getting seems unduly harsh especially given that these things will be at least somewhat addressed later#and maybe i am just defensive because i really want to like this series??? but i really do think we need to give it more time#and maybe think a little bit more about why things are being done the way they are. i don't think my explanation is entirely unreasonable#so let's give it a chance and maybe i actually won't seem like i've just been in denial by the end of this whole saga#maybe i'll be right lol 😂 but we have to wait and see. so like i guess i'm just saying don't judge it too harshly#bc we all collectively forgot that we've literally seen some of the things we've been worried about get fixed#anyway that was a lot of repetitive thoughts...sometimes i don't know what i'm saying ok?? ok?? anyway#my meta posts#quality meta seal of approval#not to hype my own post up i just put that on all meta posts so that i can find them#kay can i just catch my breath for a second
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mt-words · 21 hours ago
Ok, but imprisoning Technoblade was one of the smartest thigs Quackity has done in relation to him. It fixes most of the problems with the Butcher Army, and other than a few oversights it makes sense.
Let’s think about it from Quackity’s perspective. He goes into the Las Nevadas plan intending to create a government with a lot of power over the server. He wants a place where he can belong and thinks he needs control to not have it torn away again.
Obviously the first move is to take the guy who destroyed L’manburg twice out of play.
How? By killing him? That would have the same affect as the Butcher Army, if he managed it Techno’s retaliation would probably destroy the very nation he was trying to protect. But there was another way to take down powerhouses on the server that had proven very effective. After all, Dream had been trapped in Pandora’s vault for six months, if there was a way out from the inside he would have found it by now.
I’ve seen some posts about how it was a mistake to trap two of the most powerful players on the server in the vault together, but what are they going to do? The guards literally get a text alert if either of them breaks a block, and if they get past the walls there’s a lake of lava outside. Quackity and Sam have no reason to doubt the security of the prison. As long as Techno is inside with no tools it’s safe to assume he’ll stay that way without outside help.
With outside help? There have been disturbances at the prison before and nothing has come close to leaving a dent. Philza would be the main concern here. Quackity did see Niki and Ranboo at Techno’s place but from his perspective they might like Techno but not enough to risk Dream escaping. They both helped imprison him in the first place.
I don’t know if anyone has canonically seen Philza fight, his role on Doomsday was to stay out of range and bombard everyone with withers. Sam is confident though, I’m not sure how canon it was but while the Badlands tried to gain favor with the Greater SMP after Nov 16th he challenged Dream to a duel with absolute confidence that he could win because of his resources. He lost, but still. He also has Bad and Ant for backup. if neccessary there's also Quackity and the rest of Las Nevadas to help in an open confrontation.
There are two flaws here. The first is that Philza isn’t the only one who cares about Techno enough to try to help him. The second is that Techno wouldn’t have entered the prison without some plan to get out.
Other than these oversights though it really isn’t Quackity's worst plan.
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