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#is heat up my already heated apartment
rougeminded · a month ago
So, apparently, I've been paying the gas company for two years at this apartment, for absolutely nothing. Because they ONLY service my heating, nothing else. .. and my apartment is ALWAYS HOT even in winter because it's on the 3rd floor and heated by the lower apartments. ... so.. that explains the low, monthly bill, but at the same time, this has annoyed me. A lot. Why am i paying for something i barely use?
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eforest · 8 months ago
also hi <3
#first real vent post in a while here girls i'm goign 2 try to talk abt smth here directly again <3#ok so basically i live in a little cabin right n i only have solar power#n i have yet to get better solar panels that'll work for when theres no sun like now#but no one wants to sell a normal amt like all the companies r like well a minimum of 10 + we will install them n i only need 2-4 depending#on whether i replace my less good ones#n they can't install it here bc they only do house set ups n well this obvi isnt tht#and well it is um biting me in the ass hard now#i have no light past 7-7:30 n no heating n its getting cold as all hell <3#n now there wont be sun for over a week still n my batteries are running low#so I'm also getting anxious abt my fridge bc if i run out of power most of my food will go bad n i spent money on tht which will jst abt#kill me internally bc i'm still very poor n living on like 20% of minimum wage bc of the government being like tht <3#n that's a thing for slightly less than 2 more years where i'll get like 75% of minimum wage so i can actually move into an apartment maybe#but um yea everything rly sucks rn n i'm rly stressed out abt this#i'm already only using my powerbanks for my phone n tht#n i dont use my lights n instead use a flashlight or candles#but now i also ran out of candles which rly sucks too bc i cant get more until tuesday#n i have a small generator but that cant be on constantly like it's purely for like appliances like a lawnmower or a vacuum etc#n i'll try to start using it for my heater for like half an hour or so a day or smth before it gets dark#but my family got pissed at me bc i asked them for advice n because i dont know how to unplug my fridge n plug it into my generator instead#bc my stepfather installed it weirdly nd like even if i did i couldnt just leave my generator on nonstop but theyre still making it out as#my fault n that i just dont want to solve it etc and well i wld like to death <3#i dont have like the double glass windows so it gets rly cold thru there inside which sucks bc it's like between 14-17 degrees inside#like constantly now n my body doesnt like do the thing where it heats itself so im rly struggling w that#ya all in all it's like waiting till i can finally find solar panels somewhere tht work w like daylight rather than jst sunlight too which#wont be for a while n hmm im stressed out bc i dont have anywhere else 2 stay either <3#v anxious abt my food going bad esp#bc i cant afford 2 jst waste half the food i bought#at least my stove n hot water still work bc thts w gas but hm fuck <33 also my lighter is running empty too n i dont have matches so aa#bc i need tht for candles n if my like water heater thing goes out bc i need to change my gas cylinder for it which will orobably be soon#moss.exe
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tsumooo · 40 minutes ago
Your name
Character: Miya Atsumu x AFAB reader
Genre: NSFW, smut Warnings: a little bit of voyeurism, masturbation, hand jobs, dirty talking, subby tsumu and dom reader
a/n: me nervous to post this? more likely than you think. yes childhood friends to lovers is my CRACK and will be seen on this blog often lmao. reader has a vagina but no pronouns used🐈  - MINORS DO NOT INTERACT!
Summary: You shouldn’t be here thinking about him like this, picturing him like that, squeezing your legs together as the seam of your tight jeans presses against your crotch providing little relief. You should slowly make your way back to the door, quietly open it again and slam it loudly, announcing your arrival as if you had never heard a thing. You should.
Slamming the car door shut, you wince as a cold breeze kisses your cheeks. The weather had taken a turn, no longer an inviting warmth but a biting chill that told you autumn was well on its way. Pulling your coat closer to your chest, you squint as you look up toward the apartment building.
Miya Atsumu has been your best friend for as long as you could remember. You had been neighbours growing up. After quickly befriending the Miya twins you spent the large majority of your time with them all the way up to adulthood. Even now, aged 23, you had somehow managed to be only a 15 minute drive from Atsumu.
Of course you were close with Osamu too, but you’d always gravitated more toward Atsumu. It started when you witnessed Osamu break something and blame his brother - his mama had almost believed him too, because Samu was good at putting on an act in front of adults in a way Tsumu wasn’t. So you decided to take the blame instead, not wanting to upset Osamu too.
After that, Tsumu got pretty clingy with you. As you grew closer he told you his secret worries about Osamu being the ‘better twin’, to which you had frowned and grabbed his hand. ‘Well, you’re my favourite twin Tsumu’
The rest is history. And now you’re here, standing outside his apartment door with his spare key in hand. You weren’t sure if he was back from practice yet, he’d just told you to let yourself in and get the game night set up ahead of time, so you push the key into the lock and turn it.
It didn’t feel invasive as you entered Atsumus’ place. You’d been there so many times now it felt like a home from home for you in some ways. You had spare clothes here, a spare toothbrush, a guest bedroom, even a favourite mug. Atsumu had insisted you litter it with your belongings cause ‘you’d always be there anyway’ and that he ‘doesn’t know why ya even payin’ rent at yer own place anymore’.
As you undo the buttons of your coat you slide your shoes off and step aside to bend down and straighten them up. Doing this, you notice that Atsumus shoes are already there. So he is home, you think to yourself. But the apartment is quiet.
You make your way down the hallway to the end of the apartment where the main bedroom is, passing the bathroom to your left. You peer in and note that it’s still a little steamy, the heat still lingering. He had come home and showered, where is he now?
A noise cuts through the silence permeating the apartment. A creak. Actually now that you focus on it, the noise is continuous. Creak creak creak. As you slowly walk toward the bedroom, avoiding putting too much weight on either of your feet, you hear it.
A gasp. No, more like a drawn out hiss followed by a breathless groan. The sound zips through your body and rests in your stomach, making your mouth fall open slightly. You can’t move your body, knowing you shouldn’t be listening - it’s a violation of his privacy. But you want to hear more, maybe it wasn’t what you thought and-
‘Fuck,’ Atsumu groans, drawing the word out and following it with a hum. Arousal pulses between your legs as an image of your best friend touching himself with his head tilted back in pleasure paints itself freely in your mind even as you try to will it away.
Of course you knew Atsumu was attractive. He’s gorgeous, and frustrating, and your best friend. You shouldn’t be here thinking about him like this, picturing him like that, squeezing your legs together as the seam of your tight jeans presses against your crotch providing little relief. You should slowly make your way back to the door, quietly open it again and slam it loudly, announcing your arrival as if you had never heard a thing. You should.
But you can’t, because as you shakily let out a breath and step backwards, Atsumu let’s out a moan. Your name.
He moans your name unabashedly. It’s so dirty and needy, he sounds frustrated and wanting. He does it so freely that you know for sure now he has no idea you’re there.
Suddenly, the looming weight of always putting aside your attraction to him and overlooking intimate moments to maintain your friendship causes some kind of thread inside you to snap. You desperately want to hear him call your name that way again, you want to know what he looks like when he does it.
Steeling your resolve, your hand shakes on the door handle. You slowly push down on it and press forward, the bedroom coming into view. Fortunately it doesn’t squeak or cause a disturbance, and god do you feel grateful for it.
‘Tsumu is leant back against the beds headboard, pillow behind his shoulders and upper body bare. You can tell his skin is still a little damp from the shower, as is his hair which is sticking a little to his forehead. His head is tipped back with his eyes closed, a small frown between his brows and mouth hanging open in a silent ‘o’. His cheeks are blushed and as he breathes heavily you follow the movement of his chest, noticing that the colour has travelled down his neck. Your eyes move to his torso and land on the trail of hair below his belly button, leading down toward his pubic hair. He’s wearing loose charcoal sweatpants, they’ve been pushed down only slightly so he can get a hand on his cock.
You stand dumbly in the doorway while he moves his closed fist up and down languidly. From where you are you can see him tighten it at the tip and loosen as he pushes back down. It’s almost as if he’s teasing himself. He brings his fist back up, this time twisting his wrist as he rolls his thumb over his tip. ‘Ah, shit’ he gasps, his hips stutter and he pushes his feet into the mattress, fucking up into his hand. ‘Ahhh,’ his voice trembles ‘y/n, fuck’.
‘That feel good?’ You murmur, fingernails digging into the wood of the doorframe, trying to ignore the cold press of your now wet panties against your pussy.
‘Y-yes’ he groans, his eyes slowly opening and landing on you, ‘shit it feels so- HOLY SHIT!’
The mood drops and you realise you had spoken out loud. Atsumu frantically grabs the pillow from behind his head to cover himself. Embarrassment washes over the two of you as you stare in silence, unblinking.
A few long minutes pass before ‘Tsumu clears his throat, looking at everything in the room but you. ‘Were ya… were ya watching me touch myself?’
‘Were you touching yourself to the thought of me?’ You shoot back defensively and he grimaces, ‘touché’
At that you feel a smile pulling at the corners of your mouth and you can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. Atsumu is turning even pinker than you thought possible, now pouting. ‘Ya don’t have to laugh at me yknow!’
‘I’m not laughing at you I promise!’ You sniff, wiping the corners of your eyes. ‘Just at this whole situation’
‘Oh, ya mean the fact that you’re still standing there laughin’ while I’m sat here still hard as a rock instead of, a dunno, leaving so I can get rid of it!’ He fumes, but you can tell he isn’t angry. He’s just embarrassed and you can’t say you blame him. But you want to reassure him that he has nothing to be embarrassed about - and he doesn’t have to do this by himself, either.
You don’t leave, you take a step forward toward him and pause to gauge his reaction. His eyes widen but he doesn’t grow anxious or tell you to leave, not even after you’re standing right beside his bed. You could reach out now and touch his bare shoulder, so you do, and you press down lightly watching it grow pale under the pressure before returning to a light pink.
‘Y-y/n, what are ya doing?’ He asks quietly.
‘What was I doing to you?’ You inquire, ignoring his question. Your head tilts to meet his gaze, ‘tell me’.
He breathes in heavily through his nose before answering ‘you were fuckin’ me’. As you process what he’s said he takes his bottom lip between his teeth nervously.
‘Fucking you?’ you repeat, tracing your finger from his shoulder up his neck to his mouth, gently pulling his bottom lip out. He shivers.
‘Riding me,’ he clarifies to you. ‘You were riding me an’ a wasn’t allowed to touch ya. You wouldn’t let me cum yet, was annoyin’’
A small huff of laughter bubbles out of you again, you’re the one that was imagining it. You could’ve cum whenever you wanted, you think to yourself.
‘But you liked it,’ you voice your thoughts with an amused smile. ‘You liked that a wouldn’t let you cum, didn’t ya? Bet ya didn’t really wanna cum yet, cause ya wanted me to keep fuckin’ you, eh Tsumu?’
As you’re talking you notice movement under the pillow he’d used to shield himself with. He’s staring up at you, your finger still in his mouth, and he looks completely mystified by you. ‘Wanted to be good for ya, want ma cock buried in ya for as long as you’ll let me’ he admits quietly, ‘please’.
The mattress dips as you press your knee onto the bed, climbing up and crawling to sit next to him. Maintaining eye contact, you take the pillow and throw it to the end of the room so he’s no longer hiding from you. You look to his cock and can’t help but admire it.
He’s bigger than average with good girth, curving a little upwards toward his stomach. You clench your legs together just thinking about him inside you.
But first, you lean over him and guide him with a hand cupping his jaw, bringing your lips together in a slow kiss. You pull back a little and kiss him again when he chases after you. His mouth opens against your own, groaning as your tongues meet softly, gliding against each other. Distracted by you, Atsumu doesn’t notice your hand inching toward his cock.
When you wrap your hand around his fist, he moans loudly, sucking on your tongue. When you pull away a second time he looks ready to complain so you quickly hush him. ‘Be good f’me and close your eyes Tsumu, hm? Can ya do that for me?’
‘Yeah, yes. Yes’ he trips over his words as he squeezes his eyes shut and waits. You pull his fist away from his cock so only you are touching him, wrapping your fingers around his length. You watch his body closely as you begin moving your hand up and down, making sure to tighten at the tip as you had watched him do before. All the while Atsumu is cursing under his breath, wanting to watch you but not wanting to disobey you.
With his eyes screwed shut all he can feel is you. Your free hand has moved to his hair, your nails gently caressing his scalp and sending tingles down his neck. Unable to see you, he jumps at the feeling of your lips on his neck, kissing up and along his jaw to the sensitive spot behind his ear. ‘God, you feel so good Tsumu’ you moan and he whimpers.
Fuck fuck fuck he thinks. What are you doing to him?
‘How’s my pussy feel baby?’ You tighten the hand in his hair only slightly and he almost cums then and there.
‘S’good!’ He grunts, getting closer and closer to finishing. His eyes remain shut but he’s not restraining his body anymore, his hips jolt and he kicks his legs out with his toes curled.
‘Fuck, feels so good, so fucking good. Shit I love your pussy, you’ve ruined sex f’me I’ll never be able to cum again without thinking about you, aah’ he babbles, letting every thought that comes to his head spill out as he frantically fucks your hand. You’ve never been so turned on in your life.
‘Wanna hear you say my name ‘Tsumu’ you plead with him, the authoritative role you’d played for him slipping a little. You continue desperately, ‘cmon baby, be a good boy and say my name when you cum, tell everyone who’s fuckin’ you’
‘Y/n’ he breathes, gritting his teeth and grabbing at the bedsheet beneath him. His hips begin to shake and you tighten your fist.
‘Y/n! Y/n, fuck, oh fuck! Cumming!’ He cries out, his hand shooting out to hold your forearm as he rides his orgasm, his cum covering your closed fist and landing on his toned stomach.
You lie together catching your breath as you go back to massaging his head. You don’t know what this means for you both but you cannot bring yourself to regret it. ‘God you’re amazing,’ you smile as you press a kiss to his temple. ‘I feel fucked out an’ a didn’t even cum’.
That makes Atsumu roll his head, resting on your shoulder while he turns his chin up at you with a boyish grin. It erases the anxiety that was beginning to build in your stomach. ‘Y’wanna sit on ma face?’
‘What? Want some more of this life changing pussy?’ you tease, poking your fingers into his sides. He flinches and yelps, twisting away from you growing defensive. ‘That was ma dick talkin’ alright! Sides’ a haven’t even really fucked you yet’.
You scoot up behind him and put your arm over his waist, his back pressed against your chest. ‘Yet hmm?’
He makes a noise of affirmation, pressing back into you. ‘Yea, yet. Gotta take ya on a date first right?’
‘Right’ you say in agreement, heart softening at how your answer makes his shoulders relax. He had been nervous after all. ‘Ne, Tsumu?’
‘Let’s go wash up’.
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lady-bakuhoe · 46 minutes ago
Awake | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here is a part two to my fic Sleeping. You don’t really need to read that part to read this one, but it dives straight in so you might want to👀
Warnings: 18+, PWP, non/dub-con, somnophilia, degradation, slight coercion, perv!Bakugou, spit, slapping, creampie.
Word Count: 4.2k
Tumblr media
He fucking deserved this, showing more willpower and restraint than any sane man could your entire relationship. And your body was so eager and willing, the little coos that left your trembling lips as he thrust his fingers inside your tightness. The way you’d subtly shift your hips as though you were trying to pull him deeper, it was almost as though you weren’t even asleep and you were just trying to seduce him. Maybe you knew exactly what he was doing and this was all for show, yet another way to rile him up and leave him with a raging hard-on at the end of the night.
But not this time, this time it would be completely different. He wasn’t going to allow you to tease him the entire evening and then press a lingering kiss on his lips as you say goodnight, leaving him standing outside your apartment with a clenched jaw and blue balls.
Bakugou fisted his large cock, giving himself a teasing tug as he ran his thumb against the tip, gathering the pearl of pre-cum that oozed out as he reached up to stroke it against your parted mouth. Watching the silvery liquid coat your lips as he stroked against them before slowly slipping the digit inside you. A quiet groan leaving his throat when he felt how warm and wet it was, imagining those pretty lips wrapped around his cock as he fucked into your mouth. Thinking about the way you’d struggle to breathe as you gagged on his sheer size. If he knew he could control himself he’d test the theory right now, watching tears spill down your cheeks and drool dribble down your chin as he suffocated you on his pubes.
“Fuck,” Bakugou groaned, his eyes rolling back as he lost himself in the fantasy, rutting his hips forward as his balls pressed against your pretty cunt. The sight of his cock against your abdomen showed him just how deep he would be inside you, the length nearing your belly button. You didn’t even look as though you’d be able to take him, but you would.
You owed him.
Slipping his thumb from your mouth as he dragged your lower lip down with the motion, watching it bounce back into place as he moved to wrap a large palm back around his cock. Slapping it against your abdomen before easing his hips back to drag the thick, swollen cockhead through your outer labia. His vermilion eyes focused on the way your lower lips spread for him, as though inviting him inside. Your essence coating his tip as he focused his attention on your clit, pressing down on it with his cock as he listened to your breathless moans.
Really he’d be doing you a favour too, he could already tell you wanted this, you were soaked after all. And those moments that you’d spent together on dates, the little touches you’d place on his muscular arms, on his thighs. You made it no secret that you were just as enamoured by him, why else would you continue sending him so many suggestive signals.
Oh, you definitely wanted this.
“You’re so fuckin’ wet,” Bakugou murmured, dragging the tip of his cock through your wetness, feeling it catch against your tight entrance before continuing lower, pressing it between the swell of your ass, “I know you want me, princess.”
Moving his cock back up as he let the underside split your folds open, resting his cock between them snugly as he let out a low groan at the heat radiating from your core. You were so fucking pretty it was unreal, he wanted every single part of you, to claim you as his own. No one else would be able to compare once he was done with you, and you’d never need anyone else again.
His touch became bolder as you were still yet to wake up, seeing just how far he could take it before you rouse out of slumber. Calloused palms grabbing your breasts through your shirt and eyes rolling at the realisation that you weren’t wearing a bra. You’d fucking planned this all along, hadn’t you? You were trying to tease him. His thumb brushed against your soft nipple through the thin fabric, watching as it began to pebble at his ministrations, rising to a stiff peak as he mimicked the action on the other side. Growling as he reached up to tweak both through the shirt before reaching down to the hem to tug it up and over your chest.
The way your perfect tits spilt out from beneath the fabric made him jerk his hips against yours erratically, pushing his cock against your mound. Your body reacting to his touch, even in slumber, as your hips arched off the bed and pressed you into him harder. The sinful noise that left your lips had his cock throbbing painfully, the thick veins protruding from his length as fresh pre continued to drip from his tip and mingle with your essence. You were drenched and he hadn’t even put the tip in.
Bakugou’s eyes focused on the way your pretty breasts seemed to sit perfectly against your chest, only ever seeing them from the tight tops you wore or the lewd, suggestive photographs you’d send to further rile him up. Ensuring he’d be spending the rest of his evening fucking himself in a fist at the sight of you, rushing off into a secluded alley or public restroom whilst on patrol to jerk himself stupid to the thought of you when you’d send him messages during his shifts. Messages you told him were to make his day go quicker, but he knew better. He knew you were doing it to be a fucking tease, you were so good at it after all. Especially when you wore his official merchandise. Catching the green and orange accents against the lacy black lingerie as you stuck your hips out seductively for the camera, giving him those ‘fuck me’ eyes, and oh he would.
Leaning forward Bakugou tentatively licked the flat of his tongue against one of your stiff peaks, feeling the way you trembled beneath him as he copied the movement on the other breast. His eyes focused on the blissful expression on your face as he risked wrapping his lips around the nub, sucking it into his mouth as his teeth latched onto the soft mound. His cheeks hollowed as he began to suck your tit, his hand pinching and tweaking the neglected nipple as he listened to more of the soft breaths that left your parted lips. Salving his tongue against your skin where he had bit to soothe the skin before pulling back with a ‘pop’, deliberately blowing cool air against it as it mixed with his saliva. The motion causing goosebumps to appear against your skin before moving to give the other breast the same attention. His cock continuing to drag through your lower lips, feeling your slick beginning to coat his thighs and crotch, sticking to his neatly trimmed pubic hair as he humped you like a horny virgin.
“Look at you, soakin’ my fuckin’ cock and I haven’t even put the tip in.” Bakugou spoke against your skin, moving a large palm to your thigh to pull it up and over his own, resting it against his hip as he pushed his cockhead back through your silky folds, dragging it between them until he felt the head catch your entrance, “You’re fuckin’ gagging for it.”
Bakugou had to grasp every minuscule bit of restraint he had in his body to stop himself from pushing into your tight cunt with one harsh thrust, your inner walls fluttering around his swollen cockhead perfectly as they tried desperately to suck more of him inside. He was a fucking saint being nice like this, thinking about your pain before his incessant need. Not wanting to hurt you because he was a good fucking guy. Pulling away from your chest as he angled your body against him, pushing more of his thick girth inside your trembling body, feeling the way you squeezed around him as he stretched you out. How were you so fucking tight?  
“Fuck, princess.” Bakugou growled, “Your greedy little cunt is sucking me in, hah.”
Bakugou exercised restraint as he gave soft, subtle thrusts into your aching cunt. His fingers pressing into the curve of your hips as his gaze flickered between your face and his cock splitting you apart. Groaning as he continued pushing himself forward, feeling your body begin to resist his entrance as he tried to change the angle. Barely halfway inside as he hit some sort of barrier.
“You want it, don’tcha?” Bakugou’s chest rumbled with a groan as he felt your cunt clench around him at his words, the action causing his eyes to snap up to your face in surprise, thinking that he’d woke you up. A smirk gracing his lips when he noted you were still very much asleep, “Want me to split your sexy little body apart on my cock.”
Bakugou swore under his breath as he managed to push more of his pulsating cock inside your silky walls, cherishing the sensation as he reached over your body to grab his cell phone. Flicking it onto the camera as he angled it towards where your bodies were connected, setting it to record as he began giving short, sharp thrusts inside you.
“You takin’ it, baby?” Bakugou rasped, inching more of himself inside your tight cunt. Wondering how the fuck you’d managed to almost take his entire cock, “Suckin’ me into that sloppy little pussy.”
Bakugou paused for a second to cherish the feeling of his cock completely buried inside your spongy walls. Angling the camera to show the trimmed hair at the base of his cock pressed snugly against your clit. Running his hand over your abdomen as he tried to feel his cock inside you, pressing against your pelvis as he throbbed at the sensation.
God, you were made to take his fat fucking cock.
He snapped his hips against you languidly, moving the camera up to film the way your breasts bounced with each harsh movement, a large palm tweaking your nipple before he moved the camera towards your peaceful face. Still fast asleep as drool trailed down your chin, your nose scrunching each time he forced his cock back inside you.
“Look at her, even asleep she’s such a fuckin’ slut.” Bakugou murmured to the camera, wrapping a palm around your neck and squeezing gently before trailing it along your sternum, following the line of your body until the camera focused back on your full pussy, “All fuckin’ mine.”
Bakugou ended the recording and moved to take a few close up photographs of his cock splitting your cunt apart. Your folds glistening with your slick as he took a close up of your chest before dropping the cell phone back on your bedside table. His hands found purchase on your hips as he set a slow, even pace. Dragging his thick cock from your velvety depths, just the tip keeping you stretched out before plunging back inside. Every time he drove himself forward he heard more sinful meals leaving your parted lips, even in slumber trying to goad him on.
You really were asking for it, just look at you. The restraint he once had now long gone with the way your body hungrily sucked him back in with each sharp thrust, your chest heaving as your slick continued to dribble out of your needy hole. His pace increased as he leaned forward, hovering his body over yours as his hands splayed on either side of your head.
“You like that, don’t you dirty girl? My dirty fuckin’ girl.” Bakugou sucked in a breath at the way your body adjusted to him, feeling your tight heat around him as he fucked you into the shape of his cock.
“Tight, fuckin’, cunt.” Each word was pronounced by a thrust of his hips. A harsh movement against your body ripped you from your slumber, your body jolting awake as your eyes snapped open. Catching sight of Bakugou’s larger body looking over your own, an ache in your core as you looked down to see your bodies connected as one.
A gasp leaving your lips as he felt your thighs instinctively closing around his hips, squeezing tightly as your hands came up to push him away. Your palms pressing against his pecs as he caught your wrists, catching sight of Bakugou’s body above your own as you let out a shrill scream. The action causing your cunt to clench around him almost painfully as you tried to move away from his grip. The realisation that he was buried deep inside you a complete surprise as you tried to struggle against him. Bakugou groaned at the movement, feeling you trying to milk his cock as he slapped a palm over your mouth and nose squeezing tight as he looked down at you menacingly. Stilling his thrusts as he buried himself inside you to the hilt. Your body still thrashing beneath him as he lay his heavy mass on top of you to restrain you.
“Oi, fuckin’ stop.” He snarled, his palm tightening against your face as you felt the tips of his fingers digging into your cheeks. Wide eyes staring up at him in shock as you noted how full you felt. His chest pressed against your own as his warm breath fanned your face, “Don’t even try and act like you didn’t want it.”
Wide eyes stared up at him in shock as you felt tears begin to clump in your lashes, your lower body aching at the intrusion as he stretched you out to his size. You hadn’t seen him, but you knew he was big from all those moments where you’d ‘accidentally’ brushed against his crotch. You’d lost count of the number of times you’d tried to tease Bakugou just to get a rise out of him, and it worked every single time. He was always so easy to rile up, so desperate. All it would take was a brush of your breasts against his muscular arms or a subtle hand in the back pocket of his jeans and you’d have him like putty in your hands. Bakugou liked to think he was in complete control of this relationship, but he was wrong.
However, you’d never once imagined that he would do this. Your virtually naked body is now on full display for him as you felt his cock throb inside you. An ache forming in your abdomen as he ceased his movements, wondering how many times he’d done this to you before or whether this was the first? It had to be, there was no way he’d do this to you and you wouldn’t feel the after-effects. An ache between your thighs where he’d split you open, this had to have been his breaking point.
“Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?” Bakugou snarled, moving his hand from your face as you gulped in air, your back arching off the bed as it began to fill your lungs before Bakugou moved his grip to your neck. Holding gently as he pushed his fingers against the sides menacingly, “How patient I’ve been waiting for you to be ready?”
Bakugou tightened his grip, cutting off your oxygen supply once more as he ground himself against your mound, the stimulation to your clit causing your inner walls to flutter around him. Gazing up at him with half-lidded eyes as you let out an airy gasp.
“And here you are fuckin’ dripping on my cock.” Bakugou groaned as he gave a teasing thrust, feeling the way you pulled him back in, “You want it, don’t lie.”
Unsheathing himself from your dripping sex as he hoisted your body towards him as though you weighed nothing, pulling you onto his lap as he angled your body how he saw fit. Roughly handling you as he wrapped a palm around his soaked cock, feeling it slip back inside your abused hole with ease. Your cries now turning into sinful moans as you felt the way his cock stretched you out.
Bakugou began a brutal pace, his chiselled hips brushing the bottom of your thighs as he fucked himself into your tight cunt, his hands holding beneath your knees as he pressed your legs up towards your chest. Your ass angled off the bed as he thrust inside your wet heat, lewd sounds filling the room to show just how much his thick cock had stretched your tight hole.
“God, fuckin’ look at you.” Bakugou snarled, his balls slapping against your ass with each harsh thrust, “You fuckin’ love it, don’t you?”
You bit down on your lower lip, feeling the coil in your abdomen tightening at his sharp movements, your hands moving to his wrists as you tried to ground yourself, your mind still hazy with sleep as he continued rutting himself into your aching cunt. It was too much to take in, his scent captivating as humidity filled your bedroom.
“Bet you were just pretending to be asleep so I’d fuck you.” Bakugou pressed, pouting his lips together as he spat down into your mouth. The warm liquid hitting the back of your throat as you spluttered around it, trying to move your face but his grip against you was much too strong. The noise only seeming to goad him on as he kept fucking into your tight heat, sweat making his hair stick to his brow.
“Oi, I’m fuckin’ talkin’ to you.” He growled, moving a hand back to slap your cheek, the prickling sensation making you groan as the pain slowly morphed to pleasure, “Too busy laying there and takin’ it like the whore you are.”
Your cunt clenched at his degradation, your eyes rolling as he continued using your body how he saw fit. His touch bruising as he moved his grip back to your legs, almost folding you in on yourself as he pushed you into a mating press. Moving his body so he was poised on his haunches, giving him more ease to drive his hips forward.
“You think about me fuckin’ your pussy?” Bakugou snarled, spit spraying from his lips and trickling against your skin, the words making your cunt clench.
“Yes,” You gasped, feeling his tip bruising your cervix with each pronounced thrust.
“Oh yeah?” Bakugou smirked, tightening his grip on your legs, “This was your plan all along, wasn’t it?”
You gasped when you felt him move a hand to slap your bouncing breast, the skin tingling as he repeated the motion, “You knew exactly what you were doing.”
Sure, you’d probably been a bit of a tease, trying to rile him up at any opportunity. The feeling of knowing that someone like Bakugou Katsuki wanted you was a massive ego boost, especially when he could have any woman he wanted. But you hadn’t expected the teasing touches and illicit selfies to turn into this. The actions all fueled your confidence as he tried to fight his urges, but there was only so long he could continue to be a saint.
“How many times have you touched your sloppy pussy thinkin’ about this, hah?” Bakugou pushed, his hand gripping onto your cheeks and pushing them together as your mouth opened, “You fingerin’ yourself stupid to the thought of me?”
“Yes,” You hissed, your cunt aching from his erratic movements as he continued plowing into your depths.
“Bet it was nowhere as near as my fuckin’ cock, was it?” You shook your head in agreement, your fingers had barely been able to touch the soft spot inside you.
“You got any toys?” He pressed, his eyes drifting to your bedside table where he expected them to be.
“No” You shook your head.
“Just those tiny little fingers huh?” He smirked with pride, his hips stuttering at the realisation that you were kept tight just for him.
“How does my cock feel?” Bakugou’s body hovered over you, his eyes boring into your own as he continued to ruthlessly pound your cunt. Your inner walls begin to tremble in the telltale signs of your climax.
“Good-” You whined out between choked sobs, tears spilling down your cheeks and leaving heavy mascara lines in their wake, “So good-”
“Yeah?” Bakugou smirked, grabbing one of your bouncing breasts as he palmed it roughly, making your inner walls clamp down on him hard, “Fuck, you cummin’ for me, princess?”
“Yes,” You hissed, your toes curling as your body began to convulse, feeling your inner walls trembling as you came around him, squeezing down on him hard as your body began to shudder.
“Oh, fuck yeah.” Bakugou howled, his hand moving down to spank your ass, cherishing the way your cunt milked his cock. Riding out your orgasm as he continued his pace, “My filthy fuckin’ girl.”
You felt fresh tears pooling in your eyes and streaming down your cheeks, soaking the pillow as he continued plowing into you, palms pressed on either side of your head as he bent you in half. Smashing his lips to yours in a messy kiss that was all tongue and teeth as he pumped his hard cock inside your quivering walls.
“I can’t, Katsuki,” You spluttered, feeling your legs begin to go numb from the uncomfortable position, “S’too much.”
“Yes you can,” Bakugou cooed uncharacteristicly, peppering kisses against your wet lips, “You’re doin’ so well, such a good girl for me.”
Your neck craning to try and follow his lips when he pulled away, eager for more praise as Bakugou continued to use your body how he saw fit. The motion making him laugh at how needy you were for him.
“I should drug you and do this to you all the fuckin’ time, take it whenever I want.” Bakugou grunted, feelin you clamp down on his cock at the suggestion.
“No.” You pouted childishly, feeling the familiar sensation in your abdomen already increasing again.
“No? That’s not what your body is sayin’, sweetheart.” Bakugou rolled his hips, changing the angle as he greedily searched for his own end, “Your pretty little pussys beggin’ me to fill her up.”
You continued to warble out broken sentences, trying to form any coherent thoughts but all you felt was the searing pleasure that flowed through you.
“At least your pussys fucking honest,” Bakugou continued, “Listen to it takin’ me so well.”
The lewd sounds continued to fill the room as your essence dribbled down your ass and onto the bed, staining your fresh sheets. Bakugou’s thrusts becoming sloppier as he neared his own climax.
“You love it, don’t you?” He questioned, his thumb moving to your clit as he pressed messy circles against the sensitive nub, twisting it beneath his calloused pad as he worked you towards another release, “Just let go, princess. I know you want to. Don’t lie-“
“Suki, please—” You cried out for him, your overstimulated body shaking beneath him as another intense orgasm ripped through you. White spots blanketing your vision as your mouth parted in a constant whine, the shrill noise filling the room as Bakugou fucked you through your second orgasm.
“Holy shit,” He called out, watching the way you convulsed beneath him in the aftermath of your second release. His thumb unrelenting against your clit as you tried to angle your body away from his touch, the pleasure too intense as your lower half throbbed around him, “You messy fuckin’ bitch.”
You tried to move a hand to his wrist to stop his abuse on your clit, the position making it difficult to grab him as your nails clawed at his thick thighs, leaving crescent shaped moons in their wake as he focused his attention back on his own climax. Moving his large palm to your ankles as he pushed your legs straight together, holding them up as he continued rocking himself into you.
“Gonna fill you up” He pressed, “Wanna watch my cum seepin’ out of this tight little pussy.”
“Katsuki.” Your inner walls continued to clench around him in the throes of your bliss, your legs trembling from the position as Bakugou arched his back, focusing the power of his thrusts straight into your tight cunt.
“Fuck,” He snarled, spilling his seed into your pulsing cunt with a grunt. Continuing his pace as he rode out his climax, fucking his cum deeper inside your heat with each roll of his hips. Slowing his pace to a gentle rut as he came down from his high, his lips pressing kisses against your calf.
“Good fuckin’ girl.” His grip still tight on your ankles as he slowly pulled his softening cock from your stretched pussy, slapping the underside of it against your puffy lips as he watched the way you tried to wriggle out of his grip when the tip brushed your sensitive clit.
“Look at the fuckin’ mess you made, princess” Bakugou groaned as he looked down at the stained sheets, most of it your slick that had leaked from your pussy as it glistened against his cock, silvery lines still connecting his length to your dripping folds.
Your quivering walls slowly pushing his cum out of your abused hole, vermilion eyes watching as it trickled down towards your puckered asshole. A feeble mewl leaving your lips as his thick fingers moved down to catch it, deliberately pressing against your tight rim as you wriggled in his grasp. A laugh leaving his lips as he dragged his seed back along your sex as he pushed it back inside your tightness, keeping you stuffed with his release. Unable to resist spanking your ass as he watched your body react, pushing it out just for him to push it back in again.
“Katsuki,” You whined, “You didn’t wear a condom.”
“Don’t need a condom, baby.” Bakugou smirked, his fingers plunging back inside your hole as he watched your eyes roll back, a low moan leaving your lips; “You’re mine.”
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acacia-digi · 3 hours ago
Fire on Fire - b. barnes
Tumblr media
Warnings: blood, violence, death, not so nice Bucky
I have to say I expected a lot of things, but not this. From the very start, I knew this was a bad idea, but while we were on the plane to Europe, Bucky and I were studying the material provided by Sam. Somewhere along the line, after reading the documents ten times and calling with Sam for at least an hour, Bucky decided that we had no lead. We lost the Flag Smashers, didn’t know where they were, and we weren’t even close to finding out where the serum’s coming from. Therefore, he had this great idea to break out a criminal from the prison. And not just any criminal, the worst one. The most dangerous. The smartest one. Helmut Zemo.
I never met him, but I was cautious, because I know he was the one who broke up Avengers all those years ago. Planting a seed of doubt that grew and tear apart a team we thought was indestructible. He was the one who singlehandedly manipulated everybody and destroyed the Winter Soldier program, killing the remaining Winter Soldiers.  I tried to reason with Bucky, but his mind was made up already. “Tony will understand. Everybody will understand and once this is over, he will go back to prison,” with that the debate was over and I felt smaller than ever before. Why do I always feel so pathetic around him?
If somebody told me yesterday, that I would be sitting in front of Zemo, on his private jet, on the way to Madripoor, I would laugh. But here I was, having the same suspicion in my eyes, just like Sam, who was livid, when he met up with us. Us meaning me, Bucky and Zemo. Everything went according to plan for Bucky and after a heated debate, Sam agreed, knowing that without Zemo they were far from solving this mystery around super-soldier serum.
“I must say, you look well, James. Certainly, better than last time I saw you,” Zemo said nonchalantly while sipping his champagne. “Looks like getting your life and memories together helped you a lot.”
“Not that my life is any of your business,” said Bucky calmly, but there was an edge to his tone. He was rigidly sitting in the seat and I could tell, he was tensed and annoyed by the presence of Zemo, or Baron Zemo.
“Of course, no,” Zemo said quickly. “Just pointing it out. By the way, have you replaced your partner?” he looked at me with curiosity in his eyes. Until now, I was successful in avoiding contact with the man. “Because last time, you were running around with Captain Rogers, no?”
“Oh, he will join us. But you better hope it’s after you return to prison,” smiled Sam sarcastically at Zemo, when he noticed the tick in the man’s eye. He knew Steve Rogers was his biggest enemy and threat. Not Bucky, not Sam, but Steve Rogers. Because years ago, he was fucking with his family and he almost lost his best friend again. All because of Zemo. And Steve Rogers never forgets those who try and jeopardize those he loves the most.
“I didn’t mean anything by it,” Zemo put both hands up in surrender and looked at me again. “Just wanted you to introduce me if we are to work together. I believe we’ve never met. My name is Helmut Zemo,” he held out his hand and it took me a while to accept it, but I did, while curtly introducing myself.
“Okay, enough of the necessities,” said Bucky in an irritated tone. “What is the plan?”
“Well, you two,” Zemo jerked his head in mine and Bucky’s direction. “have to stay incognito. They would recognize the faces of two Avengers, especially your James.”
“What about me? Won’t they recognize me?” Sam asked curiously, while Zemo smiled and pulled out a cellphone.
“Not necessary. You will become the one and only Conrad Mack, an African rake, also known as the Smiling Tiger,” with that, Zemo handed confused looking Sam the phone.
“Oh shit, he does look like me,” he showed the photo of a man, who was the exact replica of the shocked Avenger sitting in front of me. Minus a few pounds and an outfit, I have never seen on Sam Wilson.
“Nice,” mumbled Bucky and with each minute looked more and more annoyed. Irritated by the whole situation. Well, it was his idea.
“We will need the help from a woman named Selby. Once we get to her, it will be your time to shine,” he looked at me with intense eyes. “She won’t talk without persuasion. We get the information, and we get out of there.”
I sighed heavily. “She will know. People know when I use my powers on them. They know they are acting against their will. And what then? She will send people to kill us, and everybody will know why we are in Madripoor.”
“We will deal with that when the time’s come,” the nonchalant voice and his unbothered face were starting to make me as irritated as Bucky was.
“You better don’t do anything stupid, Zemo,” warned him Bucky in a tight voice, and it looked like he wanted to say more, but a loud ringtone was heard in the small space. For a second, all four of us looked at each other, until I realized it’s my phone. Dread crept into my bones the moment I saw who called me.
“It’s Tony,” I almost whined. “Why is he calling me, it wasn’t my idea.”
“Calm down, just pick up the phone and put him on a speaker. We are here and we are a team,” Sam’s reassuring didn’t help, but it was better than nothing. So, I picked up and stayed silent. My voice was hidden somewhere deep in my vocal cord and refused to show up. Just like I wanted to hide in the deepest pit of this earth. Crawl there and drown in my own shame. How could I do that to Tony?
“Well, hello, kid. I know you’re there. I can hear the pounding of your heart over here,” there was mocking in Tony’s voice, but I knew he was angry. At least a little bit. “What did I tell you, sweetheart? You are the voice of the reason in that little gang you have going on. And the first thing you do? You break out Helmut Zemo out of a prison.”
I had to take a deep breath, otherwise, I would surely pass out from the stress. I was looking at Sam and Bucky for any sort of help. They promised help. “My voice was not being heard,” I said quietly and looked at Bucky, whose intense eyes were on me the whole time. He scared me a little bit, when he looked at me like this, because his face was so unreadable, and I never knew what was happening inside his mind. Maybe it’s better when he is ignoring me.
“Oh, and where are the other two marauders?” asked Tony.
“Right here and just for the information. They met me and Zemo was already with them. But that doesn’t matter. I didn’t like it at first, still don’t, but he can help, and this thing can be over before more people get hurt,” said Sam and at the end of his last sentence was almost breathless.
“That’s right. He knows about super-soldiers and the serum more than anyone else. With him, we can finish this. We had no leads and now we do,” Bucky was enthusiastically leaning forward so Tony would hear him better.
“Barnes, I hate the fact that I would do a similar thing. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t stupid and reckless. Where are you heading, right now?”
“Madripoor,” answered Sam and spit the word as if it was a curse.
“Nice. Also, I felt obligated to tell you, that after Zemo’s escape, some people turned their eyes on you, so be careful. I will do what I can over here.”
“Thank you, Tony,” I mumbled quietly, still a little ashamed.
“Oh, come one, kid. You didn’t think I was really angry at you, did you?” he laughed, and I rolled my eyes. “I just wanted to see you sweat a little for not telling me beforehand. By the way, Shadow peed in my lab again.”
“My God. I’m sorry Tony.”
“No, that’s fine. We had a conversation, I tried to reason with her and explain that she is being a very bad girl. Then Morgan ran in, stole Shadow and the conversation was over,” I could imagine him walking back and forth in his lab at that very moment. "Haven't seen them in a couple of hours."
“That dog pees everywhere,” cut in Sam and laughed at the look I threw at him.
“Not true, she never peed in my room or my bed,” said Bucky nonchalantly.
That captured Sam’s attention. “What was she doing in your bed, man?”
Bucky shrugged his shoulders and looked at me for a second. “Scaring away bad dreams. She’s good at it. Good for cuddles, a great listener too. Doesn’t talk back as much as you do,” that made Sam roll his eyes.
“That she is,” I smiled at the thought of my big baby.
“Who is Shadow,” asked suddenly Zemo and I could hear a groaning coming from Tony after hearing Zemo’s voice.   ________
Safe to say, I was not used to being alone with Bucky Barnes and every single cell in my body was somehow reacting to his presence. But this was not the time for my overreactions, not while Sam and Zemo were in one of many bars in Madripoor, and we were waiting nearby, cover by hoods and shadows of the buildings.
“Are you okay?” asked Bucky suddenly and from underneath the hood thrown over his head I could see his eyes watching me.
“Yeah, why?” I mumbled and straightened awkwardly.
“You look a little pale.”
“Yeah, no. I’m fine,” I waved my hand and turned away from him a little, so he won’t see the light blush on my cheeks.
“Maybe you should have stayed on the plane,” it caught me off guard, making me blink at him as if he grew another head. Did he say that?
“It’s dangerous,” he shrugged his shoulders and my jaw almost fell to the floor.
“Most missions are,” I mumbled, flabbergasted by his statement. Some would say it’s cute he cares about my wellbeing, but to me, it sounded as if I was not good enough, strong enough. It sounded patronizing. “Don’t know what your problem is with this one.”
I should have been quiet. His sharp eyes bored into me, and I almost took a step back instinctively. “I don’t have a problem,” he spat, and it looked like he wanted to say more. Way more. What have I ever done to this man?
Before I could have said something else, Bucky’s phone beeped. “Let’s go,” he grunted, and without waiting for me, slipped into the alleyway and broke the heavy chain on the backdoor to the bar. Through a maze of hallways, while Bucky looked at his phone, we got to a certain door. Bucky tapped on them two times before Zemo opened them with a sly smile on his face.
“Time to shine, sweetheart,” he said when I walked through the door. A woman with short blonde hair and an angry expression was sitting on a couch with Sam behind her and a couple of men laying unconsciously on the floor.
“Well, look who it is. The Winter Soldier himself,” she said with a smile, but her scowl was still present.
“There’s no Winter Soldier, anymore,” if it was possible, Bucky’s face furrowed even more than it already was, while he stood next to the couch, looking at the woman.
“I’ve heard,” she mumbled in a venomous tone.
“You ready?” asked Sam and looked at me with a little bit of concern.
“Yes,” I nodded and walked closer to the woman, who glared at me when I was right in front of her.
When she wanted to stand up, Sam took her shoulders and pulled her back. “If I, were you, I would relax,” he said to her and nodded at me to come closer. I reached out both of my hands and touched her temples. I could feel the energy flowing from the tips of my fingers and watched as her eyes became distant almost immediately. When I was this close to a person, when I was touching them and they were calm, it was easier to use my power. It was faster and I didn’t have to use as much energy.
“Is the super-soldier serum in Madripoor?” asked Zemo, who came closer, after he watched the woman, Selby and her new reactions with fascination.
“Yes,” she said in a tight voice. I felt her struggling, fighting against the grip I had on her mind, but it was useless.
“Who created it?”
“Doctor Nagel,” she said without hesitation.
“Where do we find him?” asked Sam and looked at me for a second, before he looked back at Selby.
This time she really didn’t want to answer. The information we were looking for was a secret she needed to keep to herself. A secret that could get her killed and she knew it. I put more pressure on her mind. “Answer,” I ordered.
“In the docks. Container 4261,” as soon as I pulled away, the look of utter terror crossed the woman’s face. “No,” she whispered and put her hand on her mouth as if she could take back every information, she gave us.
“Thank you, Selby,” said Zemo, and before any of us could protest, or stop his next action, he pulled out a gun and shot Selby straight in the face, to her right eye. Her body fell back against the couch cushions, making Sam jump back. I, on the other hand, could immediately feel a splash of liquid on my face. Her blood.
“What the hell?” yelped Sam, and Bucky was already wrestling the gun out of Zemo’s hand.
“She would alert others,” Zemo tried to reason with them, but Bucky only showed him harder against the wall.
“You alright?” asked Sam and touched my arm.
“Yes,” I gulped and tried to fight off the need to throw up. There was a dead woman right in front of me and I had her blood on my face. “Yes,” I repeated.
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angelicyoongie · 9 hours ago
hold me tight
Tumblr media
✗ requested by anon for my 1.2k follower event, and based off prompt C45. → pairing: otter hybrid!yoongi x human f!reader → genre: fluff → word count: 3k → warnings: none. → summary: it was perhaps too easy to fall in love with your hybrid neighbour turned friend, especially when he seems to have a knack for fixing all the things other people can’t.
Tumblr media
You wrinkle your nose as you stir the boiling porridge, the unmistakable scent of ocean filling your apartment. You’ve cracked open the window in the kitchen in a desperate attempt to air it out, but the musty summer heat only seems to make the smell worse. Soft murmurs and your air conditioner spluttering on and off is the only thing keeping you company as you try not to gag at the heavy smell, and you let out a relieved sigh when you can finally reduce the heat to a simmer.
You resist the urge to turn around as you hear Yoongi’s low swears, the AC rattling loudly as he attempts to wrestle it back into working. It’s the third time in the last week it’s been dying on you, and the maintenance staff in your dorm obviously doesn’t know how to fix it properly. So, you’ve enlisted Yoongi’s help instead. It’s not the first time, and it probably won’t be the last that you beg your neighbour turned friend for help – not when he’s so good at fixing whatever he gets his hands on. You don’t think you’ll ever quite get over the fact that he managed to fix your broken computer by simply turning it around, giving it a few harsh knocks at the back and then booting it up. The old thing was truly only a hair away from going in the trash by how it kept randomly turning off and freezing up, but after Yoongi touched it, it was like it was back to brand new. You’re still not entirely convinced that Yoongi isn’t some sort of wizard – his hybrid genes aside.
“There we go,” You can hear the pleased smile in his voice as the AC seems to finally give in to Yoongi’s tinkering, the sound of cold air rushing into your apartment making you all too aware of the hair plastered to your nape.
You deem the porridge ready enough, making sure to top up Yoongi’s bowl as much as possible as he stores away his tools. The dish barely manages to touch your little kitchen table before Yoongi appears, a grin on his face as he takes his seat, fingers already reaching out for the spoon you placed next to it. You settle down across from him, your own (significantly smaller) portion in front of you as you see Yoongi’s eyes light up at the familiar smell.
“Abalone?” He asks, and you swear it’s just the oppressive heat that makes your chest feel a little tight, and not the excitement colouring Yoongi’s voice.
“Yeah,” You say, “I have to pay you back somehow.”
You raise your eyebrows in challenge as Yoongi’s eyes narrow, the everlasting argument between the two of you still going strong. The problem is this – you don’t like feeling like you owe people, and Yoongi doesn’t want anything in return for his help. So, even though you don’t feel like it’s enough, you’ve taken to making Yoongi food whenever he ends up having to fix something for you. Thankfully even Yoongi can’t say no to home cooked meals, and if you consider the bottles of wine you like to bring over to his apartment every now and again as small repayments, then that’s nobody’s business but your own. Certainly not Yoongi’s.
“Eat up before it goes cold,” You knock your knee against his under the table, feeling your cheeks heat up as Yoongi bumps his leg into yours in retaliation. Okay, so maybe you have a slight crush, but who can really blame you? You can’t help the way your heart feels impossibly full as Yoongi digs into the steaming porridge, his small black ears twitching happily at the taste. You smile into your bowl, stirring the abalone around as you wait for it to cool. You’re not the biggest fan of seafood, but you’re willing to sacrifice your taste buds every now and again if it means you’ll get to hear Yoongi’s low content grunts as he eats.
You hadn’t even realized that Yoongi was a hybrid for the first month you lived here, his ears small enough to be concealed by the mess of his dark hair, and his tail always tucked away until one day when it suddenly wasn’t. You didn’t know him well enough to ask his species back then, but after an hour of searching online you had managed to figure it out yourself. Otter. It was then that you learned about otter hybrids’ affinity for shellfish and seafood, and you kept that in mind when Yoongi had offered to help you with a jammed window you had been complaining loudly about over the phone the night before (­– that was also when you learned just how thin your walls are). You always found Yoongi to be handsome and polite as you greeted each other in the hallway, but your crush didn’t truly settle in your chest until you watched him pout cutely as he struggled with your window, his pale lean muscles straining under his t-shirt as he finally managed to pull it shut. Your fate had pretty much been sealed the moment it closed, and while you had hoped your crush would eventually fade, it didn’t. So now you’re here, six months later and cheeks flaming at the smallest of touches from Yoongi.
You busy yourself with eating, ignoring your fluttering heart as you slowly make a dent in your bowl. You glance up as you go to take another bite, only to find Yoongi eyes locked on your hand and following the motion as you bring the spoon up to your lips. His gaze trails after your fingers as you eat, and as you bring the spoon up for the fourth time, you murmur out a soft, “Are you okay?”
Yoongi blinks, eyes suddenly snapping from your hand to your face at the sound of your voice. The otter hybrid lightly shakes his head as he rubs the back of his neck, an embarrassed grimace on his face as he says, “I’m fine, just a bit tired.”
You hum, watching him expectedly as you wait for him to continue.
"My AC has been busted for a week and I couldn’t fix it,” He grumbles cutely, lips pouting slightly at the admission, “They need to replace the whole unit but since everyone is booked because of the heat wave, it’ll probably take another week before they'll get around to it.”
“That explains the eye bags,” You nod, earning yourself a light kick in the shin and a half-hearted glare from across the table. You just thought Yoongi looked more tired than usual because the end of the semester was getting to him and he was staying up for too long, not because he just couldn’t sleep at all.
“Why didn’t you say anything? You could’ve just crashed here,” You frown. Well, not that your cooling system has been working properly either, but it would’ve been better than living in the sauna your apartments often became in the early summer heat.
“Didn’t want to be a bother,” Yoongi grumbles, shoving another spoonful of porridge into his mouth.
“You’re not,” You lean back in your seat, eyeing the otter hybrid warily and keeping your tone light – casual – as you say, “You can stay here if you want? I mean the AC is only working because of you, and I know you have a packed day tomorrow. You need all the sleep you can get, right?”
You hold your breath as Yoongi tilts his head to consider it, his dark eyes unreadable as he taps a finger against the table top. His round ears twitch as his eyes jump to your hands for a moment, Yoongi offering you a shrug as he agrees, “I guess I could take the couch.”
“You probably shouldn’t do that unless you want to break your back,” You wince. You can still feel the phantom pain from when you crashed on your beat up couch after a night out.
“Well, it’s better than the floor,” Yoongi snorts.
You swallow thickly, making sure the gentle smile on your face doesn’t falter as you say, “I mean, you can share the bed with me? It’s big enough for the both of us and it’s the closest to the unit. At least you know you’re guaranteed a good night’s sleep?”
You regret your words immediately when the otter hybrid’s eyes widens, pink lips parting in surprise at your offer. You bite down on your tongue, suddenly feeling a bit deceitful. It’s not the first time you’ve shared you bed with friends, but it’s the first time you’ve liked one of them. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all–
“Yeah, alright,” Yoongi nods, face neutral as he resumes eating his food. Yoongi’s quick agreement leaves your mind reeling, and you can only stare, feeling your heart pound in your chest at the knowledge that you’ll be sharing a bed with Yoongi, you’ll be sleeping with Yoongi–
“Can I have some more abalone?” You nearly flip the table in your rush to grab his bowl.  
Tumblr media
“You alright?” You sigh as Yoongi flips over for the twentieth time in the past five minutes, the bed dipping and moving as he struggles to get comfortable. You move your gaze from the dark ceiling to Yoongi’s profile, turning your head to the side as you watch him flop over on his back with a huff.
“I didn’t catch that,” You say as the otter hybrid grumbles something under his breath, too low for you to hear.
“I–” Yoongi clears his throat, sounding adorably shy as he digs his hands into the duvet and says, “I can’t sleep without holding something.”
You squeeze your eyes shut for a moment, taking a deep breath to avoid cooing at him. God, he’s too cute. “Like a pillow or a plushie or something?” You ask into the darkness, mentally trying to locate where you put your childhood teddy bear in case he wants it.
“Or– uh, a hand,” Yoongi bashfully murmurs, "It’s my otter instincts. We need to hold something or someone when we sleep so that we don’t separate and drift off. Logically it doesn’t apply to us hybrids, but it’s still wired into my brain that I can’t fall asleep without something grounding me.”
You would like to blame your words on the heat stroke you surely must've suffered in your scalding apartment, but the truth is that it’s just your filter failing in the presence of Yoongi. ”You can hold my hand if you want?” You blurt out.
“Really?” You quickly extract your hand from underneath the duvet at the hint of hopefulness in Yoongi’s voice, presenting it to him silently. You feel like you should say something, anything, that would reassure the both of you that it’s just a friendly thing to do, but Yoongi’s slender fingers wrap around yours before you can even begin to formulate a word. Your heart goes wild as the otter hybrid slots his fingers between yours with a content noise.
“Thank you,” Yoongi turns on his side, facing you as he gets himself comfortable. You hum in return, not trusting your voice as he brings your intertwined hands closer to his body. You don’t know how long you lie there, staring up at the dark ceiling as you try to calm the butterflies trashing in your stomach.
You’re so hyper aware of the tingling sensation in your fingers from where Yoongi’s hand is wrapped around yours that you don’t think you’ll ever be able to fall asleep, but after a while, the low whirr of the air conditioner slowly begins to make your eyes feel heavy. Your eyes flutter shut just as you feel the otter hybrid move your clasped hands, something soft brushing over your fingers as warm breath hits your skin.
“Y/n,” Yoongi whispers your name so softly, so fondly, you’re sure you must’ve already fallen asleep. You suck in a small breath as you feel the softness grazing the back of your hand, the unmistakable feeling of lips lingering on your skin as Yoongi murmurs, “I think I like you too much.”
It’s like your world shifts off its axis as the words really sink in. The sudden excitement that shoots through your body makes you feel so happy you almost think you’re going to throw up, your brain scrambling to catch up to what’s going on as it fights off the sleep tugging at its edges. Yoongi likes you back. He likes you too! You know you should probably deal with this in the morning – Yoongi confessed only after he thought you were asleep after all, but your feelings are climbing up your throat, desperate to let him know it’s not one-sided.
“I like you too,” You murmur.
Yoongi stiffens at the sound of your voice, croaking out a pained, ”You’re awake?”
You ignore the slight tremble in your hand as you squeeze his fingers reassuringly, trying to keep your voice steady as you say, “Yeah. I can pretend like this never happened if you want, I just .. wanted to let you know that it’s mutual.”
”No! I–” Yoongi clears his throat, “I don’t want you to do that, I just didn’t think you would hear me.”
“Why? Have you made a habit of confessing to me when I’m asleep?” You tease. You just wanted to attempt to lighten the mood despite the building panic you’re feeling from Yoongi’s reaction, but the otter hybrid’s prolonged silence makes you twist around in shock, your eyes finding his in the dark.
“Wait, really?” You choke.
You’ve only fallen asleep around Yoongi a handful of times, all of them during your movie nights when you were too exhausted to make it through whatever you were watching. But the last time that happened was almost two months ago.
“It’s easier,” Yoongi sighs, his small ears flattening, “Less chance of getting rejected and messing something up.”
“Yoongi,” You murmur, “You’re not getting rejected.”
“You say that now, but I’m a hybrid. I have instincts, I’m not normal, Y/n.”
“I never liked you because you were normal, Yoongi. I like you because you’re you. I’m sure there are things I don’t know about you yet, but I would like to learn if you’d let me. Do you really think I would be willingly making abalone porridge if I didn’t have to? The smell lingers for days!” Your pout earns you a snort from Yoongi, the otter hybrid inching closer to you on the bed.
“Are you sure?”
“I am,” You smile. You glance down at your intertwined hands, an idea springing to mind. “What if we make a deal? If you take me out on a date and keep fixing my things whenever they inevitably break, you can hold my hand whenever you want to.”
“No, that sounds unfair,” Yoongi huffs.
”What, why?” You splutter.
You barely register the otter hybrid moving closer until his face is right in front of yours, his breath caressing your skin as he says, ”It’s not a very balanced agreement. One date and for unlimited hand holding? That’s not a good deal for you.”
“Well, I asked for you to fix things too,” You sulk.
“Ask for more,” Yoongi urges, gently untangling your hands to brush his fingers through your hair.
“I don’t know,” You can’t really think when the otter hybrid is touching you, your mind wiped blank.
”Hmm, I have an idea,” Yoongi moves his hand to your cheek, softly cupping your face as leans in. He goes slowly to give you time to pull away, but you keep still, not even moving a muscle. There’s no way you’re moving away from him.
The first touch of his lips is careful, Yoongi’s mouth only brushing against yours before he pulls back. You whine softly as the otter hybrid holds you back from chasing after him, Yoongi grinning as he says, “You have to ask for it.”
The smug expression makes you momentarily entertain the thought of kicking him in the shin like he did earlier, but you want this too much to sabotage yourself. You want Yoongi too much.
“Fine,” You groan, “I want at least one date and infinite kisses in exchange for unlimited hand holding.” You expect the otter hybrid to tease you, to torture you a bit and drag it out, but instead he catches you by surprise as he only mutters out a quick deal before crashing his lips against yours, slotting your mouths together.
There’s the faint taste of mint as Yoongi’s tongue dips into your mouth. He hovers over you on the bed, elbow supporting his weight as his hand drifts from your cheek to the back of your head to deepen the kiss. You wrap your arms around his neck, drawing him flush against your body. You’re still struggling to believe that any of this is real, but the added weight and feel of the otter hybrid’s chest firmly pressed against yours definitely helps. You whimper as Yoongi breaks the kiss to tug at your lower lip, teeth leaving a delicious sting in the soft flesh as he releases it. He soothes it with a soft peck, pulling back just enough for you to meet his heavy gaze. You inhale deeply, replacing the air that Yoongi stole out of your lungs as you run your fingers through the silky hair at his nape. Yoongi leans into your touch, a pleased sound rumbling softly in his throat.
“Let me know if you ever want to make another deal, you seem very .. enthusiastic, to uphold your end of it,” You grin.
“Well,” Yoongi drawls, a smirk tugging at his lips as he leans back down, “I’ve been told I’m very responsible.”  
Tumblr media
a/n: wanting their hands held: otter hybrid!yoongi 🤝 irl yoongi   man i’m rusty after not writing for nearly six weeks, but this was a good warm up! i really hope to get more of these requested drabble prompts out soon. Please leave a comment/reblog/like if you enjoyed!  (also, sorry anon i know you asked for mild nsfw but it was just too soft skdjsk) ~ Click here for the 1.2 follower event masterlist! If you enjoy my stories, you can support me here! 💖
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darklydeliciousdesires · 9 hours ago
Mouths, Utterly Incredible.
Thor oral drabble is here! I hope you guys like it, my broken down, over-stressed brain cannot judge whether it is even remotely arousing or not xD 
Tumblr media
Tagging the Real Housewives of Asgard xD 
Eating pussy, cunnilingus, going down, tonguing, whatever you want to call it, your boyfriend? He loves it. And yes, Thor is an absolute champion at indulging you with his mouth.  
He literally cannot get enough of you, the feel of your womanhood against his tongue, your scent, your taste, the way he loves to knead your boobs or squeeze your thighs within his big hands while his tongue licks the most divine warmth through you. He craves it all.  
He also loves to surprise you by burying his mouth between your legs whenever he can, too, often without it being a precursor to anything else. He’ll come along, crouch at your feet, remove your undies and feast. Once done, he’ll smile and let you continue with your day. It’s almost as if he doesn’t even do it for you any longer, but for him, how much he loves it. You? You’re his candy, you suppose. Not that you mind one bit.  
A perfect instance of this is when he finds you relaxing on the cushioned comfort of your window seat, curled up reading a book as the sun streams through the window, the scent from the many flowers you planted out in the garden filtering in through the open window, the fragrant blooms adding to the relaxed atmosphere.  
“Can I help you?” Raising an eyebrow at him over the pages of your book, you succeed in making Thor smile as he grabs your sweats, pulling them, your underwear and socks off, kneeling before you, taking in the beauty of your sex.  
“Yes, my love. You can lie back and enjoy yourself.” Of course, you know that this is exactly what will happen, Thor nearing his face to you, kissing your navel, his mouth descending slowly, the heat of his lips pressing lower, and lower, until...
“Ahh!” You gasp, the tip of his tongue teasing your slit, a tentative lick that makes you tingle instantly, his big hands pushing your thighs further apart, opening you up more to his adoring gaze as well as the ministrations of what can always be constituted as an eager tongue. Eagerness is not yet within the realms of his repertoire, though, still gently exploring you with the softest of touches, your slit bathed with warm delicacy.
You shift a little beneath him, vying for more purchase, Thor chuckling. “Patience.” You’re not sure how you’re meant to have any of that at all, knowing how proficient he is with his mouth. He knows exactly what he’s doing, escalating you in this way, your soft skin skimmed with fluttery licks until you begin to feel yourself clenching and growing wet with want, your tight little hole becoming dewy.  
“Ahh, there it is.” Flattening his tongue against your opening, he greedily tastes what he’s worked to evoke, like a bear dipping his mouth to a sweet honey pot. He drags it through your folds, tasting you keenly as you buck a little against his mouth, gasping at the sudden contact. That firm lick has you glimmering already, the warm flush of pleasure creeping through you, like vines growing and curling around your insides, flowers starting to bloom.
Your hands fist in his hair as he begins circling your clit, swirling licks making you pant, your tiny bundle swelling, his hot breaths adding to the stimulation as watches you write for him, sucking on you, his hands gripping your thighs. He’s more than the god of thunder to you. He’s also the god of ruining you with his mouth. 
He loves watching you lose control because of him, like right now as pleasure glimmers through you, hot circles being administered with relentless gusto, your pussy becoming tight and wet as he drives the need from you strongly.
He works your little bud back and forth with focused, unrelenting licks, his fingers pulling you open like a flower to make it stand out more, circling around and around as your legs quiver so much, it’s as if you have a chill. Whatever ice you feel, though, it’s chased by the pure fire his mouth conjures within.  
His beard adds delicious friction and contrast to the wet heat of his tongue dragging through your slick, sucking, kissing, licking, absolutely devouring your pussy, your hips rising as you undulate against each lick.  
The vacuum of his lips around your clit sends little shocks shooting up your spine as you pant and mewl, his fingertips leaving crescents upon your hips as he holds you steady, groaning gutturally around the mouthful of your cunt he sucks upon with ardent urgency.  
“Oh, Thor!” Your voice breaks as he goes back to flicking licks over your clit, increasing the pressure, panting against your soaking folds as your slick coats his hungry tongue.  
“Come on, my beauty. Cum for me.” Sparks skitter through you as each lick transports you further to your bliss, Thor eating you to your ruin with every ravenous stroke, groaning around you, sucking, flicking, moaning as he feels you further dampen his mouth. “Yes, that’s it. Come on.” He further encourages as you begin to cry out, yanking his hair and writhing, your body a mess as you shake, rushing towards it, almost...
There it is, the release that has you flying through a sky exploding with constellations, somewhere up in the deepest of space just like where your lover came from, your entire body glowing with the thrum of exquisiteness. You’re breathless and light headed, Thor tucking you back into your clothes, grinning and kissing your forehead before leaving you in peace.
“Enjoy your book.”
Enjoy your book? After that, you’re not sure if you even remember how to read!  
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marshieee · 10 hours ago
We just changed
Tumblr media
Timeskip osamu x fem! Reader
Warning⚠️: angst
A chance to be with you again, my love has never changed.
Do i still love you?, i want my love to change.
Tumblr media
It’s been two weeks since osamu encountered you, the way you look never left his mind. He’s glad that you’re doing well and it seems like he doesn’t have to worry anymore.
He was at the bar currently with atsumu, it was hard inviting him since atsumu still hates his guts but he eventually accepted his invitation. Now here they are sitting quietly, osamu offered that he’ll pay so atsumu can order whatever he wants.
“I met y/n”
He knows atsumu is mad at him but he has the right to know that he met y/n since they’ve been very close ever since.
“Well if she already told you about it then—“
“She didn’t”
Atsumu chugged down his drink and ordered another one, atsumu was frustrated out if all people he has to hear it from his cheating brother.
“Maybe because she still thinks that since you’re my brother and she didn’t want another heated argument to combust again hahaha...”
He hates it how you’re still so considerate, like you can be selfish sometimes you know?
“So? What happened?”
“Nothing really she looks fine, it looks like she moved on”
“Good for her”
“And i tried talking to her”
Atsumu scoffed, like what would they even talk about? Cheating?
“Oh yeah? Did you?”
And then they went silent, atsumu glances at his brother, he admits that he is worried about osamu’s well being since he’s one of the people who can see through osamu’s facade and he can tell that osamu is struggling right now, trying to show that he’s ok.
Sure he still can’t forgive him for breaking your heart in the most disgusting way but like you said osamu is still his brother.
“What are you gonna do anyways?”
“I wanted to apologize...she deserves an apology, i won’t ask her to forgive me but i just want to at least say sorry”
Atsumu knows that osamu was being serious, he just looked at osamu and then focused on his drink again. Osamu was sad as he lowkey expected for atsumu to at least answer but hey he understands him, atsumu slammed his glass on the table making osamu turn to look at him.
“Then apologize”
Meanwhile you were at the shopping district AGAIN to buy whatever attracts you well you could say you’re impulsive buying today.
You got a couple of things already not sure if you can even use it. Walking down the busy street something caught your eye.
“Aj do you know her?”
You just noticed she wasn’t alone, aj smiled at him and grabbed the bag he was holding.
“Yep she’s my friend”
“Oh? Is that so? Well i have to get going then, I’ll see you tomorrow”
They waved each other goodbye as the guy started to walk away, aj sighed.
“Good thing he can read the room”
“Were you...”
“Hmmm? On a date? Well i really didn’t consider it one but i think so”
“If you don’t mind me asking who was that guy”
“Just some guy from work actually i didn’t know him but he just suddenly introduced himself and asked if he could treat me for lunch”
“Why did you agree all of a sudden?”
“Well it’s free food! Food tastes great when it’s free don’t you think?”
“Ah well yeah”
You can’t believe that the two of you were having a normal conversation, aj is like a woman oozing with confidence someone who knows what they have and what they’re capable of doing, the ones you’ll get shy when you talk to them. It’s not like you have no confidence in you or whatever but aj has this something in her that can both attract you and intimidate you at the same time.
“You know we should catch up! Teru has been telling me about you”
“Hmmm how bout we grab some coffee then?”
“That would be great”
“Then how about we go there? A friend of mine told me they have an amazing menu”
You two went to a cafe, it wasn’t packed and it was just small but it has a great ambiance with a good aesthetic. You two ordered your drinks and sat down.
“So how are you?”
“I’m doing great! I got a apartment near from where i work so i don’t have to take the bus or subway, and i got a new job!”
“That’s great! May i know what’s your new job?”
You looked around and then gestured aj to come closer.
“I’m lev haiba’s manager”
She looked at you and then laughed a little. You took this as her not believing you just like iwaizumi.
“I’m telling the truth!”
“I believe you I believe you”
“But you were laughing”
“No it’s just that i know lev”
You were shocked, just how many does this girl knows? She even knows lev and by looking at her reaction she looks totally cool to that fact.
She sipped her coffee and smiled at you.
“Well you could say me and his sister had a history”
“With alisa?”
“Like THE alisa?”
“Uh huh the alisa haiba herself”
You looked at her as she happily sipped her coffee, confused you almost asked her what kind of history is she talking about.
You two sat there in silence the only noise that you can hear is from people who are chatting inside the cafe. And without a single beat the words smoothly fell out of your mouth.
“I met osamu”
She looks at you and got the hint that she’s waiting for you to continue. You gulped and took a deep breath.
“He asked if we can talk”
“That’s expected, what did you do?”
“I— ran away.”
“Am i wrong?”
Aj shooked her head and smiled at you.
“No you’re not, it’s quite understandable why you did that”
You bit your lips and stared at your coffee. Something doesn’t sit right with you and you don’t like that, didn’t you move on already? So that means you’re ok talking to him right? Why?
“Do you still like him?”
“Do you still have feelings for osamu?”
You cursed yourself ‘answer dammit’, you just looked at her unable to move your lips and answer her question.
“...i don’t know”
Do you still like him? Love him? Was it really that hard to get over a 6 years of relationship? Well apparently. All those nights where you question yourself, all those days you said you’re already okay turns out you’re not.
You thought you were but you’re not.
“Were you expecting a closure?”
Yes, yes you were. You knew that sooner or later closure or a proper talk would be appropriate for the two of you.
“were you?”
“What would you ask if you two had the chance to talk?”
Aj paused for a moment and looked at you, she can already sense the thousands of meanings and thoughts behind that one word.
“Then that means you haven’t moved on yet”
“What do you mean?”
“Do you still question yourself thinking that you’re not enough?”
“Darling, why do you even think that you’re not enough? Don’t you have the confidence to say “I am enough and he wasted it”? The fact that he cheated on you still haunts you and makes you look down on yourself”
And that hits the spot, bulls eye. This confirms that you are in denial about things, is it really that hard to move on?
“I think you should talk to him, clear your thoughts, ask questions, get some answers. This way you may get the peace of mind that you’ve been wanting....that you’ve been trying to get”
You look down at your again, suddenly taking an interest in the steam that’s coming off of it. She’s right you need to talk to him, to be completely honest you’ve been wanting to talk to him since the day of that fight but as times went by you became scared. Scared of what?
His reasons, his answer.
What if his answers wasn’t the ones you were expecting? What if you were really not enough?
“Don’t push yourself”
You looked at aj who was staring directly at you, she was serious yet still gentle with her words.
“Talk to him if you’re ready to talk, don’t push yourself to far just for the sake of closure”
She finally gave you a smile.
“Take all the time that you need y/n, closures are not that easy”
“How do you know?”
Aj gave you a surprise look before looking down at her coffee, smiling a little.
“You could say that i knew it in a hard way...”
You just stared at her, it was the first time you saw her wearing that kind of expression. Aj look up to you and smiled again.
“That’s all that i can say to you y/n, it’s up to you if you want to talk to osamu or not”
You just nodded, you’ve made up your mind, you know what to do. A sudden thought came across your mind, immediately beaming at aj.
“How are you and teru?”
Aj coughed her coffee upon hearing your words, now this is amusing. Resting your face on both of your hands, you waited for her answer. Aj was flustered and panicking a little as she was trying to answer your questions.
“W-We’re good, doing good...why are you asking?”
“Eh? Just good?”
“....w-well— yeah just good...haha”
You pouted, no way in hell are you going to be satisfied with that answer.
“What re your thoughts about teru?”
And in a second aj smiled.
“He’s a nice person, caring in his own silly way, a very thoughtful man, he always understands and i really like that. He knows how to treat a woman, a real gentleman indeed. He loves to make his customers smile and have a good time which is by the way is cute and-“
Aj looked at you as she noticed that she’s been talking too much already. While you on the other hand was smiling ear to ear.
“Go on, and?”
“T-that’s all...i think”
As much as you want to see cute flustered aj, you’re just gonna stop teasing. It’s not your place to butt in whatever they have at the moment, you have to deal with yourself for now.
You immediately grabbed your phone.
Osamu already let his workers go home early and volunteered to clean the shop. It’s been awhile since he got a good time for himself in his empty shop. As he was cleaning the tables his phone chimes at the counter.
He didn’t mind it at first and just continued cleaning the tables. When was finished he went and checked to see who texted him, only for him to your name displayed on his screen. Furiously wiping his hands on his apron, and then immediately grabbing his phone.
Mentally preparing himself he opened your message
Tumblr media
You closed your eyes after turning your phone off.
Maybe this time self care, self worth and self love would be the first priority. To achieve that a clear mind is needed.
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jock-man-spence-redux · 19 hours ago
Hi there---I would love to be transformed from a 30-something white collar chub to a 20 something super obese blue collar chav type. I do not want to forget my current life, but I just want to be the poor obese stupid bottom slut I know I am. I want to have to work hard for a living, and yet instead of muscles I just get softer and flabbier with each passing day, with a tiny dick. The kind of guy people laugh at. Thank you
Are you sure that you’re ready for this life of hard work. Because life will be so much more difficult for you being even larger and forced to worn hard for a living. But you get what you ask for. In fact. I think that this would be a great time to add another member to team of our farmhouse. I can only imagine that you have made this request having see just how utterly disgusting and hard Max’s life has turned out. But losing you job one morning and riding home you come across that same job fair that he did. Picking up garbage for a living wasn’t the best but I was honest and hard work. And with all the other guys there you felt right at home not even caring about your appearance anymore. Hell nothing could be as bad as max and Sam right !! Haha wrong. It’s going to be a rapid change for you my dear friend. But you’re going to get everything you asked for and then some. As soon as you put on the work vest for your new blue collar job a shock goes through your body. That little chubby belly you have start to rapidly grow. Sending you backwards into a chair as your weight climbs from a 230 quickly passing 250. Your feet begin to push against the sides of your shoes as your feet begin to expand and lengthen. I would say you get taller but that’d be a lie. In fact with that rapidly growing gut you’ll find yours slouched forward more making you shorter. You feet soon break free of their confines as they reach new lengths. And then the smell comes as bo literally emits from your body making you smell like a dumb and the sweat soon soaks through all your clothing like you just got out of a pool. Everything is slippery and from now on when you walk you’ll have wet shoes from all the sweat in them. Dripping as you walk around throughout the day from heat and filth. You gut continues to grow and you’re now at 315 and still growing. So much so that you stand abs hold your gut regretting your wish already but your hands are just pushed further and further apart as your reach your final permanent weight of 350. Feet resting as massive 15 eee. You waddle to the nearest mirror and find that vest joe fire you like a glove. But you said you wanted you life to be hard. To work hard. So all those years of college will have to be forgotten. Making you extremely dumb. You’ll remember your previous life. But that’s before you got so stupid that you couldn’t even read. Do math. Form Together sentences. You’re still smart than max though. When people look at you their going to see the smaller brother of max. And you’re only smaller because of size. Your dick so tiny now that everyone that sees it will make fun of you. And you’re life is everything you ever wished it could be. Now the problem for you is finding a place to live. But that’s the hard life you wanted right ?
Tumblr media
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the-blind-assassin-12 · 20 hours ago
Last, Next, and POV… but i wanna know Javi’s POV when he saw me her on that bed in the jacket
THANKS FOR SENDING THESE!! You know what you want and you ask for it and gosh darn it, good for you. All three of these come from various parts of Leather & Smoke- I'm fucking around with the timelines in a weird way with that one so I do not have any context for you as to when these things will pop up (well none that I can disclose anyway. someone get me a CONFIDENTIAL stamp!) ANYWAY here's a bunch of Javi:
LAST — the most recently written two sentences of my current project:
There was only one thing that could get in the way of completely and fully reveling in the news of your assignment, and damn it if that one thing wasn’t waiting for you when you got home, leaning against the waist-high brick wall that separated your unit from your neighbor’s. Shit, Javi, how’d you...what’d you do, blow every fucking red light?
NEXT — the next line. meaning i will finish the sentence I’m on and write a new one, which you’ll get:
His arms were around you, that was all that you knew. There was a deafening blast, a flash of white hot heat licking at your legs as the floor rumbled beneath your feet, and then you were crashing to the ground, shielded by as much of his body as he could cover you with.
POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective: Javi seeing Reader wearing his leather jacket- UNDER THE CUT BECAUSE ITS A LITTLE ZESTY- it's also going to end up in the actual story, so forgive me for cutting it off where I did:
Normally, the aggressively bright neons mounted outside the bar across the street from his apartment annoyed the shit out of him. He had been meaning to look for some thicker curtains to block out the light, but sleeping on the couch, or more recently at your place, had been easier. Despite having lived there for a solid six months, Javier had still not gotten around to shopping for window dressings.
Thank fuck I didn’t.
That was the only coherent thought that went through his head as he walked back into the bedroom to find you wearing nothing but his leather jacket. Golden orange light splashed over you, warming your skin and shedding shadows over your body as you toyed with the zipper, sliding it up and down the track with near torturous intention. You hadn’t found a way to kill him yet, but he was sure that you were going to be the death of him.
And that was absolutely fine as far as he was concerned.
“Hi, Javi.” As soon as you said his name it was over. A slew of swears tumbled from his lips that he wasn’t aware of stringing together, some in English, some in Spanish, and likely some unintelligible sounds that belonged to neither language judging by the little laugh that slipped from your smug smile.
He felt a groan devolve into a growl in the back of his throat as the tip of your tongue poked between your lips. It was still jarring how easily you could override the calm, cool, uninterested facade that the rest of the world seemed content to accept, how swiftly you were able to strip him of his own bullshit. Room temperature tap water sloshed out of the glasses that he held and onto his knuckles to push those thoughts away and remind him that he was holding the crystal tumblers in the first place, and it was a fucking miracle that he hadn’t let them both fall crashing to the floor at the sight of you.
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kawaistory · a day ago
Howks"Keigo Takami" || A meeting on a moonlit night
Tumblr media
My English is not my mother tongue, so I apologize for any spelling mistakes
On a quiet moonlit night, Hawks was sitting on top of a building doing his usual patrols, looking around the city and loving how quiet and peaceful it was, but his peace was disturbed when he saw you on top of the building opposite him walking barefoot confidently and happily on the edge of the building, in a short white dress And the gentle breeze caressed every strand of your long hair, you were dancing and singing, a soft smile on your pretty face, he smiled in turn, but his smile turned to panic when you bent forward to fall down, Hawks was ready to jump with wings ready to fly to rescue you quickly, but there you are Uncovering your wings, flying high in the starry sky, you were right in front of the moon, and your wings were spread out, making the sight breathtaking. Touching every corner of your body, you rose many times and allowed yourself to fall many times, you were laughing at yourself and yet you were also very happy, you were already bored in your tiny apartment with air conditioning Broken, so the best thing to eliminate boredom and heat is to play on such a beautiful and cold night, Hawks was watching you with shining eyes and what did he do? He joined you upside down as you fell again with your eyes closed and with that smile on your face, you sensed someone opened your eyes to find a red-winged man smiling “Having fun?” You gasped quickly, opened your wings and flew up, trying to escape from him but he is a quick hero for that He could easily catch up with you, "Wait, Dragon."
You were confused by your situation and felt the heat invade your face so you tried to cover your face with your hands, to the point that your face was so red that Hawkes was obvious, you said, "I have to go home," Hawks looked dissatisfied, so he called at least your number and at this moment a few clouds passed and covered the moonlight that He was lighting up the pitch-black sky, you took advantage of the darkness to try to escape from him, but here he is again one step ahead of you, letting you run away this time, but he made one of his feathers follow you, and you went back to your small apartment and you watched him in that sky alone, you thought he was just another pervert trying to get close to you and sighed, But what he really wanted was just a casual conversation or something, he went back to the building he was originally in happily so he might pass by your apartment tomorrow to say hello.
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nakamotocore · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jeno was staring woundedly at you—for one second, two seconds.
he used to be your ex, and silently you gnaw your inner cheek with contempt filling your ears as his eyes travelled up and down your body—clearly checking you out. how dare he look at you. what is he trying to play at?
slowly and carefully, you move your gaze elsewhere—a pretty smile playing at your lips the moment donghyuck came in and slid his arm right around your waist. cue the rigid jaw and narrowed slits—satisfaction filled your heart at the sight of jealousy filling his own. it was obvious he didn't like the way attention was spilling out at every corner to moment you decided to dress-up like a complete doll.
his eyes flitted back and forth, a scowl already pulling his lips apart. "haechan," he suddenly calls out, and your heart immediately stops beating in response. haechan looks up at the sound of his name, and you feel the grown man shake like a leaf before pulling away from you deliberately.
you watch with a growing dread as donghyuck leaves the room rather sheepishly, the judas of your entire act plunging a stab of betrayal directly in your back.
"what were you trying to do?" jeno's eyes were cloudy, dark—as dark the leather jacket he decided to don on for renjun's birthday party tonight.
hesistantly, you swallow in your throat to gather up some courage, and you looked defiantly at your former lover—running your fingers desperately between the fabric of your dress.
"why is it any of your buisness?" you shot back as he struts towards you, his features absolutely clean of any expressions whatsoever. you hated that stupid look, but a tingling sense of excitement was already prickling delightfully on your skin—and he daringly approached a little closer even after you told him two weeks ago to stay six feet away. "why are you dressed like this?"
jeno's eyebrows furrow as he corners you right at the wall, a cocky air accompanying his tone. "you just want my attention? you're really that desperate?" the infantalizing mockery in his voice sent a rush of heat burning your ears and neck—and eyes seeing red, you pushed right at his huge shoulders.
"no one asked you to look you fucking asshole—" you spat as the tears threaten to fall, your arms stretched out trying to shove him away. he grabs your wrists and leans even closer, already sensing the change in your tone. "but you wanted me to look." he says softly, eyes condensed into a gentle flicker. he takes in the sight of your trembling lips, feeling your pulse beat a little faster. "you wanted me to look at you, right?"
"no," you whisper back—suddenly wishing he'd look away. your cheeks were already inflamed, burning as he refused to break his gaze—and jeno leaned in without thinking, his mouth immediately crushing into yours without a pause. "take that back," he breathes as he started pressing his lips against your neck, desperate and needful.
"take that back—you don't mean it," he pants, and you let a tear fall.
"what if i do?" you teased, smiling through the pooling blur.
"you don't." jeno smirks, and you grin back at last—contended to be in his arms once again.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
authour's note ☆ₓ˚. ୭ ˚━━ ahhh hi!! this had been in my drafts for so long, hopefully this little drabble was okay haha. do tell me what you think of it; be it in the tags if you wish to reblog or even in the comment section! thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful day! ♡ *p.s-now that i've read it back, the ending was a bit shitty sorry TwT
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tumbledfreckles · a day ago
If you feel like it - Jily with a dramatic apology :)
Part two V!!!! Love you my darling.
Part One is here
"I'm sorry."
The words were a balm, a soothe to the ache of anxiety that still hummed in her soul.
"I'm sorry for being an idiot."
Lips on her pulse point imprinted the apology into her skin. Hands in her hair angled her head to give him better access to the spots he knew produced an emotion she couldn’t name. 
"I'm sorry for being an extremely stupid,  thoughtless idiot."
Mouth moving against hers, with softness, with confidence,  kiss after kiss. Body pressed against hers, heat flooding lower, an ache of a different kind. 
"I'm sorry for getting involved."
Teeth on her bottom lip, dragging it down, allowing his tongue to ask, to invite, hers to play. Hands slipping under clothes, sliding across skin, flesh searing against flesh.  
"I'm sorry for using my fists, instead of my words, or at least, my wand."
Knee between her thighs, dragging them apart. Fingers cupping her bottom, lifting and propping until she was trapped between the wall, and him, feet off the ground now, legs around his waist. Trapped, yet she didn't want to leave. 
"I'm sorry I worried you."
Lips again. Mouth again. Teeth again. Kiss, suck, bite. Endless repeats. Hands. Fingers. Gripping, clenching. Her head swam. Her body tingled. He was everywhere.
"Let me make it up to you." 
"I think," Lily gasped as his hips thrust against hers in the most exquisite way, "you already are." 
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the-firebird69 · a day ago
I did highlight my birthday and they are trying to use it to apprehend me the empire is and others and it is disgusting and they are repulsively stupid and they will pay for it as they are but it is also more importantly about independence day and that is coming up and they would be very angry if they lost Philadelphia and Boston and Washington DC where they declared independence from and those particular locations are very huge with regards to revolutionary war and it's deep meaning in parallel meaning is versus my people and they're trying to declare their independence and they wrote the document in order to State it and had us assisted writing it to also further inspire their own towards hatred towards us and they say that we can't touch Philadelphia Boston Washington DC and a few other spots in New England because of this and we fail to see why of no we understand you think that it'll be psychologically effective for you if we do no you think that if they're there it's effective for you but my point is if it's not there it's more effective and you try harder and my point is I don't want it to be there because we need to heat you up and people need to see and hear it so I'm going to order that we go after Philadelphia and go after it hard and we are up there already taking it apart and it's a center of commerce as well as former capital
Zues Hera
He's right too I think prior to July 4th is a good time to attack that place and take it out and other places and be done with it because they are the most obnoxious people I've ever heard and will keep that ball rolling and it's used as fuel and they ignore everything else when it's happening so we're going to go ahead and proceed and pull Philadelphia apart and we're going to go ahead and proceed and raise the occasion here Godzilla male and raise the Kraken Florida and we're going to get the legs and in the process we'll destroy everything on the east coast and upper Midwest that is satanists
Thor Freya Zeus Hera Olympus
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ddrmp · a day ago
NSFW, Minors DNI, smut
Dream Demon 47
(Sorry it's been over a week since I last poked this smut thing. Stuff has settled down now, so I have time to give my pet some sweet thoughts again. This is a bit longer, to make up for lost time.)
Escaping was actually rather easy, as it had always been designed that you could stretch out to swing the back of the box open. As long as there were no hands forcing it closed, that is...
As you stood from the box, the hundreds of tiny tentacles slipped from your body, leaving a slippery coating covering all of your flesh. Pushing your hair back over your head, you could already feel the ooze being absorbed into your body, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed. The ache in your pussy was strong, having been left on edge filled with that bumpy dick without it actually fucking away. You felt so empty, like you hadn't been touched for weeks.
In front of you was the chuckling knobbly cocked demon sitting on a wide couch, legs apart and his hips pushed forward as he lent back casually, arms running cross the top of the cushions. His skin was a deep red, and his body was heavier and larger than Baal's. To his side on the couch sat a mostly naked doppelganger of you. Mostly naked, as there was a metallic chastity belt wrapped around her hips and groin.
She was looking with slightly glazed eyes intently at his cock, and moved herself over so she could reach out and start stroking it. One hand went massage and tug at the heavy smooth balls, with the other grabbed the shaft. Her fingers slid over the bumps, reached the top then gripped around it just under the head as best she could pulled the skin downwards and upwards gently to start pleasuring it.
"Please sir, you don't have to do this. I'll make you cum. Please just take this off and fuck me, please." You could hear a desperate whine to the clone, and wanted to scold such pathetic begging. The clone glanced at you a few times, whimpered a little while grinding her hips around, then started sucking on the cock head.
"Hey slut, kneel in front of me and beg me to fuck you and I will." The demon sneered at you. His hand rested lightly on the doppel’s head and pushed it down, sinking his cock deeper into that throat with ease. You could hear the slurps and moans from the slightly flailing doppel.
"No," you say defiantly. The doppel moaned loudly and scrabbled to pull it's mouth off the dick.
"Kneel bitch, or be punished." The demon twisted his fingers into the doppel’s hair and pulled her up, his dick popping free with a gasp from her lips.
"Fuck you," you snarl back, as you approach him. "I'm going to ride that slab of meat until my cunt is satisfied."
The doppelganger, eyes half lidded, breathlessly whispers "Please, kneel, please."
Pushing them away you climb up onto the demons lap put his cock to your dribbling pussy lips. Slick from saliva, and quickly coated in your hot dripping wetness, it slides inside you easily. He doesn't resist, and just grins at you.
The empty ache you'd been feeling became an intense itchiness, a heated need to fuck hard. Lifting your hips you feel the bumps rub against your sensitive spots, and before you reached just keeping the head side you involuntarily spasm and slam back down again.
The doppel was pushed onto its back, legs splayed and thrusting its hips into the air, matching your rhythm. "Please," it begged again, "Stop and he might forgive us."
Ignoring the whining you pick up the pace, riding this cock as heavy and hard as you could. Leaning into his large chest you slam the hunk of bubbled dick meat into yourself hungrily. He looked almost ready to cum, and his increased heavy breathing in your ear was pushing you closer to a glorious orgasm.
Panting audibly, all you could think of is how good this dick felt inside you. Hitting deep and hard with every thrust. Right as you could feel your vision dimming and a heat flowing from the back of your clit the demon wrapped his left hand around both your wrists, lifting your arms up so high he pulled you off his dick.
Gasping both at how easily he lifted you up with one hand, and the ruined orgasm twitching painfully through your cunt up into your brain.
He laughs into your face as your hips buckle, craving just one more stroke, just one more touch. Your eyes were glazed over, barely able to think. He'd turned you from dominant to toy in the blink of an eye.
"You couldn't help yourself. Such a pathetic slut. Didn't even matter whose cock it was, you just wanted to fuck something. You even warned yourself." His words mocked you, but instead of hurting they just reminded you of how much of a cock hungry whore you were. Your clit kept throbbing with your heartbeat. "You, you can go now." He waved away the doppelganger, who stumbled away in a daze. He reached behind the couch and pulled up a new chastity belt. Wrapping it around you, he locked it and dropped you onto the couch beside him.
Still stunned, and with a burning pussy that needed to be touched more than ever now it was sealed away, you turn to face where the demon was looking. There was the box you'd come out of, sitting on the ground.
Realization dawned too late, as you watched yourself stand up from the box and wipe back her hair to look at you both. This new doppelganger was you, from not too long ago. This demon was manipulating time. Your painful arousal took control from you though, as you looked at his dick. You needed to be fucking it somehow, your mouth would do. You might even be able to save yourself. Grabbing it as best you could you started trying to distract him. The bumps against your fingers sent shivers down to your groin in remembering how good they felt inside you.
"Please sir, you don't have to do this. I'll make you cum. Please just take this off and fuck me, please." You were begging. Your cunt was begging. Your absolute need to be fucked like a sex toy was begging. Hearing it come from your own lips just turned you on more, you were such a little slut. Glancing over at your new doppelganger you could feel how out of control you always were. Grinding your hips against your tight metal cunt cage you could feel yourself squeezing and clenching in anguish for not obeying him at the start. Leaning over you take the cock head into your mouth as a last ditch to distract him from what happens next. Also, you seriously just wanted to have this cock back inside you your hunger was so great.
"Hey slut, kneel in front of me and beg me to fuck you and I will." The snarl of his voice, just above your head, melted your mind for a moment. In that second you felt his hand against the back of your head and suddenly you had his dick shoved down your throat. Your eyes rolled up in your head and you didn’t even hear the clone’s response as your hands gripped at the front of your cage trying to desperately touch your itching cunt. Realizing you were about to make a terrible mistake, you tried to pull yourself up, but his hand on your head didn’t let you move at all. You moaned around his cock, feeling it twitch and swell inside your mouth. He was enjoying playing with you like this.
"Kneel bitch, or be punished." As he growled this at your clone, the demon twisted his fingers into your hair and pulled you up, his dick popping free with a gasp from your lips.
"Fuck you," you hear the doppel snarl back, walking closer. "I'm going to ride that slab of meat until my cunt is satisfied."
In a daze, your pussy feeling like it has been twitching on the edge of orgasm since even before you left the cage, you try to look at the doppelganger and tell her to kneel. Instead they put a hand to your shoulder and push you away so that you fall to your back on the wide couch. You look up and see her shove herself onto the dick, while the demon looks down at you and smiles for a moment, before turning his attention to the cock hungry woman aggressively riding his dick.
Watching this, you find yourself putting a hand to your lips to bite a knuckle while the other hand scratches at the chastity belt. Your hips are thrusting upwards in time with the doppel fucking herself onto the cock, and being such a pathetic toy you could feel the heat of an orgasm building while unable to even touch yourself.
Panting in time with the copy, your movements became less controlled and more jerky. Your hips would move from side to side as they thrusted, and you could feel your arousal running down from behind the cage to drip off your butt cheeks and onto the couch. Watching your doppel get fucked while you were locked away like this was messing with your head and your mind was making it feel like the dick was still thrusting inside you.
Right when you felt even your imagination would make you cum, and properly give you that aching release, you saw the clone grabbed and lifted. A hand from the demon idly waved in your direction, "You, you can go now." 
With nothing for you mind to try to cling to, the sensation stopped and you felt the orgasm fade back to heightened arousal. You almost wanted to howl, the throbbing of blood pounding through your cunt was ringing so loudly in your ears. Your clit was occasionally brushing against the metal of the chastity belt, just enough sensation to know how engorged it was, but not enough to help you cum.
Sitting up groggily, you take a moment to consider what you should do next.
Do you A go in search of Baal (orgasm denial, praise), or B stay to try and satisfy the Time Demon (tentacles).
Player chose B
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lxvebun · a day ago
Time of the month
Tumblr media
Dabi x reader on their period
A/n im pretty sure everything is still gender neutral but do let me know if i slipped up somewhere! English is not my first language so im sorry for any mistakes<33
Cw: reader is in pain, period cramps,mention of tears, Dabi calls you babydoll,doll and bunny. Not proofread!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dabi already left early in the morning, which is nothing new the league probably needed him, but still you wish he was there to hold you. The cramps were really bad today you could barely sit up without it getting worse but you knew you had to get work done today so much to your dismay, you got out of bed and started with your day.
Its noon and you hoped that the cramps would have eased a bit, but if anything, they got worse. You got some work done, but after feeling incredibly faint you decided it was best to just lay down for a while. You tried distracting yourself with your favorite show. Unfortunately it didn't work.
Dabi was beyond annoyed that he had to leave so early in the morning. Usually, the league only needs him at night, but he got called in for a meeting. He much rather stayed in bed, holding you, the love of his life, in his arms. Entering the apartment, he could tell something was off. Most of the time you're already up by noon and are relaxing or working in the living room. Maybe you're in the kitchen? Nope weird. After getting himself a drink, his eyes fell on the garbage can. Pad wrappers....OH, that explains a lot!
"Im in the bedroom!"
You must have heard him come in
Entering the bedroom He could feel his heart shatter at your teary eyes. He hates seeing you in pain. He made his way over to your side of the bed and cupped your face in one of his hands, his thumb wiping away your tears
"Jeez babydoll why didn't you call or text me i could have gotten home sooner"
"Didn't want to bother you"
"Come on bunny, we have talked about this, if you need me, you call me. No matter how big or small it is in your opinion. You call me"
"But i-"
Doll, next time you will call me." He says, finality in his tone. You know there was no point in arguing
"Il call you"
After that, Dabi crawled into bed with you and pulled your back against his chest. His hands slipped under your shirt and on to your belly and slowly he started heating up his hands.
"You know you're dating a human heating pad right, doll,? let me know if it gets to hot."
You just hummed. The cramps easing under his warm hands. Now that he was home, holding you in his arms, you could finally get some rest.
Tumblr media
I love you take care of yourself honeys!
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spencersweater · a day ago
hi! you said you wanted ralvez prompts, what about luke being overprotective and being like a mother hen almost when spencer gets sick?? like just all worried about him and spencer just being like "luke it was just a cough" lol
Fever Dream
Ralvez one shot
Hope this meets your expectations :)! Thank you for the prompt!
“Luke, 100.4 is not a fever! It only counts as a fever if it’s higher than that- and don’t bring up my cough! I’m fine!” He frowned as Luke used a forceful hand to keep him laying down on the bed, however he was careful not to be too harsh and hurt Spencer. “Luke Alvez I am not against breaking up with you if you don’t let me get out of this bed I am not-“ Spencer broke out into a coughing fit, unable to finish his of course teasing sentence, he would never actually break up with Luke over this.
“Querido, I’m not having this attitude today, you are burning up and you couldn’t even finish threatening me because you started coughing.” He leaned down and kissed his forehead, “you’re going to stay in bed and let me take care of you and that’s final.” Luke turned to the pile of boxes he had yet to unpack from his move to Spencer’s apartment, he rummaged through one of them while also keeping a watch on Spencer, making sure he didn’t try to get up. When he saw the younger try to sneak away, he whistled and Roxy jumped up on the bed, laying down ontop of the genius, keeping him there. “Wow, weaponizing our child against us, I can’t believe you.” But Spencer couldn’t really complain, he loved Roxy and how her fur felt under his hands, it was calming..and also nice to know that not all dogs hated him.
Luke smiled when he found what he was looking for, he pulled out an otter stuffed animal and Spencer just looked at him confused. Sure, he had ones of his own, most of them were weighted to help soothe him when he got overstimulated, overs had a certain texture that was good for stimming, but he never saw Luke have one, not that he cared, he just didn’t understand why he was bringing it out now. “You’ll see bello, just stay there.” He returned a few minutes later with the stuffed animal in his hands, and Spencer could swear he smelled lavender. “I got this for you a while back and then forgot to give it to you, its a lavender scented stuffed animal you can heat up.” He placed the warm animal on Spencer’s chest “I thought it could help soothe you, or at the very least smell good.”
Finally, Spencer decided to stop fighting. “Thank you Luke, I love it.” He laid back, closing his eyes for a brief moment before looking back at his boyfriend. “I guess I am sick..” to that, Luke smiled “I know genio, nice that you can admit it though, I’ll go make some tea for your throat.” He ruffled his hair and walked off. When Luke returned Spencer was cuddled up with Roxy, the warm stuffed animal between them, heating them both. “Hey.” He spoke softly incase Spencer was asleep, but when he saw him extended a hand out for the mug Luke chuckled and gave it too him before moving in next to him, pulling Spencer close to his chest. “Luke..” he whined softly “I don’t wanna get you sick, Roxy can’t take care of us both..” Luke laughed at that and kissed his head “You won’t get me sick, I’m too strong for that, you love my muscles remember?” Spencer opened his mouth to comment on how grossly incorrect that was, how no matter the physical strength you couldn’t protect yourself from getting sick when you put yourself this close to an already sick person, but he didn’t have the words, and instead his mind traveled to Luke’s muscles..yes he did like those, he liked them a lot. “Mhm fine, you can stay...” he finished the last few sips of his tea before laying the empty cup on the bed, groaning with disgust when Roxy began licking it, trying to taste whatever Spencer had been drinking. He loved Roxy, just not her dog slobber. With the cup out of his hands Spencer cuddled into Luke’s chest, sighing in delight when Luke wrapped his arms around his small frame. “I was thinking bello, we’d watch some dr who and order from your favorite take out, then I could give you a massage..” he whispered into his ear to which Spencer chuckled and spoke, “That sounds like a dream.”
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